International Public Health Coalition Says Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Human Life and Health

Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS)
(March 26, 2015)

satellite_earthGoogle, Facebook, and three other companies (here, here, here, here, and here) are gearing up to provide high-speed global WiFi coverage from space within the next three to four years. This would be an ecological and public health nightmare, according to a recently-formed international coalition: the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS).

According to GUARDS, the extensive satellite networks required will endanger the ozone layer and significantly contribute to climate change. Rocket exhaust contains ozone-destroying chlorine, water vapor (a greenhouse gas), and aluminum oxide particles, which seed stratospheric clouds. Complete ozone destruction is observed in the exhaust plumes of rockets.

The New York Times (May 14, 1991, p. 4) quoted Aleksandr Dunayev of the Russian Space Agency saying “About 300 launches of the space shuttle each year would be a catastrophe and the ozone layer would be completely destroyed.”

At that time, the world averaged only 12 rocket launches per year. Maintaining a fleet of (ultimately) 4,000 satellites, each with an expected lifespan of five years, will likely involve enough yearly rocket launches to be an environmental catastrophe.

GUARDS’ second area of concern is WiFi itself. Although widely perceived as an unqualified good, WiFi operates using extremely rapid pulses of microwave radiation—the same radiation used in microwave ovens. And a parade of studies continue to be published and ignored implicating wireless technology in the die-off of forests, the demise of frogs, bats, and honey bees, the threatened extinction of the house sparrow, and damage to the DNA of the human species. It is vital to the continuation of life that large parts of the earth be spared from the incessant radiation that accompanies wireless technologies.

“The human body”, says Dr Gerard J. Hyland, of the University of Warwick, UK, “is an electrochemical instrument of exquisite sensitivity”, noting that, like a radio, it can be interfered with by incoming radiation. If a signal can operate a mechanical device, it can disturb every cell in the human body.

On February 7, 2014, the U.S. Department of Interior stated that “the electromagnetic radiation standards used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continue to be based on thermal heating, a criterion now nearly 30 years out of date and inapplicable today” in reference to guidelines governing WiFi radiation frequencies.

In 2011 the World Health Organization classified radiation emitted by cell phones, and other wireless commercial infrastructure such as WiFi and smart meters as a Class 2B possible human carcinogen, along with lead, engine exhaust, and DDT. Yet, the global WiFi projects would make this exposure ubiquitous and inescapable.

A recent letter sent by 88 organizations, representing over a million people, to the European Economic and Social Committee outlines how governments are betraying the public trust by ignoring the hazards of radio frequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation.

Studies show wireless radiation can adversely affect fetal brain development, in addition to causing double-stranded DNA breaks and causing a wide spectrum of illnesses. GUARDS believes that continuing and expanding involuntary exposure of the public to this known toxin violates the Nuremberg Code of Human Rights for non-consensual experimentation.

GUARDS is an international coalition of diverse groups that have joined together in order to stop the implementation of global WiFi from space, which threatens all life on earth.


Human Health

The 1500-page BioInitiative Report on RF/MW health effects was published in 2012. The authors are 29 scientists from ten countries.  They reviewed thousands of studies showing interference with chemical processes in the body, implicating RF/MW in a whole spectrum of alarming effects including genetic damage, cancer, immune dysfunction, neurological injury, and infertility. The report can be found at <>.

The Letter of Notice sent in February 2015 to the European Economic and Social Committee by 88 organizations regarding the betrayal of public trust in ignoring the effects of RF/MW radiation can be found at

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a committee of the World Health Organization, has classified RF radiation, including that emitted by wireless technology, as a class 2B carcinogen. <>.

British physician Erica Mallery-Blythe has an excellent report focusing on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), now estimated to affect five percent of the world’s population.

Department of Interior: “the electromagnetic radiation standards used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continue to be based on thermal heating, a criterion now nearly 30 years out of date and inapplicable today.” (


Studies show radiation from wireless technology harms the environment—both flora and fauna are affected ( and (

An October 31, 2014 presentation to the Manitoba Entomological Society, reviewing 91 studies on the effects of RF/MW radiation on honey bees, insects, birds, etc.:!topic/mobilfunk_newsletter/0RUPGTI4qQY

On ozone depletion and climate change from rocket exhaust: (

Satellite Deployment Plans

The five companies seeking to provide global WiFi radiation include:

SpaceX:    4000 satellites, 750 miles high

OneWeb:    2,400 satellites, 500-590 miles high and 

Facebook:    Satellites, drones, and lasers.

Google:    200,000 high altitude balloons (62,500 feet) (“Project Loon”)

Outernet:     Low-orbit microsatellites Receive-only service to begin in 2015, two-way WiFi in four years.

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68 thought on “Tech Giants Poised to Bath Earth in Microwave Radiation”
  1. James, just reading the title of the article is enough to know how bad this idea is. When I log onto my wireless network, no less than 10 other wifi sources come in strong. What is that doing to me? No one wants to know how bad this is, just like the Japan nuclear disaster, and the gulf oil spill. Mankind’s acts of hubris have no bound, just look how many above ground nuclear bombs tests there were. I once met a genetic engineer. His arrogance was boundless. He said people are idiots for thinking genetically modified crops could hurt them. This was before I knew anything about the dangers. Somedays I feel like throwing away my computer and cell phone and never going on line again; moving to a place where no cell phone or wifi signals could be detected. And just living. Not many places like that left in America.

  2. I wish i could convince everyone in my complex to at least turn off wifi when they go to bed and when they leave to go to work. Most people use wifi at home for a several hours a day and yet leave it running 24-7. Maybe that would be roughly equivalent to going from Pall Malls with no filter to Marboro lights

  3. I use ethernet more of the time than I use my wifi. For one, it’s more bullet proof than wifi. More secure than wifi and exposure is cut down a bit. It might not matter when 10 other signals are hitting me. Who the hell knows. One time I talked to a an MD on the ski lift. When I mentioned the dangers of cell phones, he dismissed the danger with extreme disinterest. Goes back to people simply not wanting to know how bad things are. I wish cell phone were never invented. People have become completely oblivious to how intrusive cell phone are to our experience. Especially ski gondolas where you’re trapped with people in a confined space and can’t get away.

  4. Google, Facebook, and three other companies

    Facebook! Leave it to a company whose primary function is to convince former high school classmates that didn’t even know each other, that they actually had something for each other. Turn off Facebook, it is a drain on you that can only be plugged by deactivating your account.

    This global Wi-Fi is going to happen. It has to. So everybody can see… “Him” do his thing.

    1. There was an article today in Drudge that said Zuckerberg and Facebook gladly send all FB entries directly to Israeli data banks. So, when we use FB, we are being watched and listened to by our friends in NSA. It just doesn’t get much better, does it? Yet, Veterans Today proudly offers FB for comments by those who reply to their articles. Pinch me, Jesus, it just doesn’t get much better than this…..

      1. Gil, your missing Rich’s point when he says “This global Wi-Fi is going to happen. It has to. So everybody can see… “Him” do his thing”

        IMO: He’s basically talking about the End Times when The Christian’s Anti-Christ (Instead of Christ) who is the Islamic (12th Iman mahdi) and the Jews end Messiah comes on the scene.

        I’m sure I’m in big trouble now.

        I could go for days but::

        This is NOT the place for this.

        1. That’s how I took it too, Ric.

          Mat 24:15
          “Therefore when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),

          [Rev 11:3-9 NASB] 3 “And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”….7 When they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will make war with them, and overcome them and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which mystically is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. 9 Those from the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will look at their dead bodies for three and a half days, and will not permit their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb.

          How will all the world be watching these things in real time, every person “seeing” them with their eyes? Everyone in the world does not have cable TV, but with this proposal–combined with the plans to equip everyone in the 3rd world with ultra-cheap internet access devices–it becomes for the first time since these predictions were written, a real possibility.

  5. I have no wi-fi, microwave and I rarely use a cell phone. In the 8 years I have owned my flip phone I used about 10 minutes of usage.
    Now I will be exposed to this dirty toxic wave.

      1. For sure Rich, that is probably one reason not to quit!

        We seem powerless to oppose any of the ongoing madness. Perhaps there is something to this however.

        Judi Pope Koteen related from a Lakota pipe carrier.

        “The Sacred Mother is screaming for life and the meteorites will hear her cries and answer her call for help. They will hit the earth from the heavens with such force that many internal things will happen as well as external. The earth will move as a result of the impact. This will cause the sacred fire that is the source of all life to the Mother to move through her body. She is like a Great Bird within the egg, trying to crack out… “

        A major solar flare can knock out all of the satellites and basically return us the to stone age or tooth and fang. Man is helpless to avoid the karmic express we are now riding on into oblivion. Nature is the only hope to establish equilibrium at this point. I won’t be pretty however. You can’t fool mother nature. Her adjustments are very harsh.

        Once again I salute James Tracey. He could just go about his life and not undergo such scrutiny. He chose to do the honorable thing and speak out concerning the many injustices we see around us.

        1. Dublin.

          One thing I do know is Mother Earth is bigger than any man.

          This whole Global Warming/Climate change for money and control is a farce.

          If the Globalists think they can bring the Earth to the edge of destruction through induced Climate Change/Global Warming or whatever the next key phrase is and then save us for a FEE (taxes/control) they have another thing coming.

          The earth corrects and protects it’s self from little men who think they can control the weather and cause droughts and super storms.

          What alarms me, is these fools who are spraying my beautiful skies to destroy our world and cause Eco problems who then claim they will fix it for a price/conditions.

          It makes me sick for we are ALL caught up in their Ponzi scheme.

          For when Mother Earth retaliates we are all caught up in the mess they created for Power/Profit/Control.

          What do they call it? Cause and solution? They create the problem then offer the solution for a price. Taxes and Control.

        2. -A major solar flare can knock out all of the satellites and basically return us the to stone age or tooth and fang-

          Why does it have to be the stone age? What about the 50’s? I could live with the 50’s. No satellites, no electronic ignition, or fuel injection(bummer), no facebook, google, political correctness.

          Aside from that, something tells me TPTB do not want to give up the technological control grid they are building, no matter how few of us remain. Its too late to return to the stone age, no matter how bad some of us would like it. The cat is out of the bag.

        3. Haha Rich, that was a good one!

          Why does it have to be the stone age? What about the 50’s?

          I’m hoping the Solar Storm will only knock us back to say..’68 or ”71…

      2. Rich, don’t you get the feeling that IF we could “solve” one of these major incidents AND make it stick through arrest and conviction, we’d have something big? You insist nothing matters at all, truth is a cipher and lies are accepted as American currency. I don’t believe you have made your case that ‘we’ve beat SH to death, etc etc”. In fact, you have many more questions despite your supposition that you are essentially comfortably numb and want to crack open a brew and get on with nothing once again. You insist nothing matters. I drink coffee each day with a group of retired business people and there are several who insist that Israel is our only friend and even though they are butchering Palestinians, it’s OK because they are our only friends……. how does one say murder and genocide is OK? When people have no time for the truth or the process that can lead to truth, what matters? It’s another way of saying that absorption in frivolities takes the mind away from those abhorrent truths which are so troubling…..
        Maybe we should stop medical research. Maybe we should revert back to axe chucking Neanderthals. Maybe we should forget the idea of education. Perhaps living in trees is the answer.
        The HUGE challenge before us now is “what do we do with the titanic progress gleaned by Fetzer et al? Do we just deny Fetzer has done incredible work? You remind me of Hillary Klinton as she verbiates, “oh, I am so tired, if only my Lord could help me rest”….
        I missed the jist of the question? Who needs questions when we have all these answers?

        1. Gil,
          I wish I could explain it better, but comfortably numb? No I think most people who know me would disagree heartily. And I give up trying to explain to you regarding what I meant about my previous SH comment, you apparently would prefer to keep going where I wasn’t with that statement.

          The bad news comes at us so fast anymore, it is like trying to untangle a blast of silly string while the next batch is already on its way. We can already see a new mental health meme in the Alps plane crash, just as we saw it in the Adam Lanza case, where they are going to start training teachers to single out future Adam Lanza’s in some kind of pre-crime, life ruining, stuff the kid with drugs before he hurts someone(or God forbid has an original thought) scheme.

          As for Butchered Palestinians, I hear a lot about them but never see them. I don’t even know if there was such a thing as a Palestinian before 1948. I do know one thing; they should read the history of the American Indians and become Jordanians, but they are so institutionalized, who would take them?. I also remember seeing a lot of skin and bone corpses being plowed into the ground from those WWII films they have battered me with since I was a kid.

          Should we quit medical research? No, but maybe a change in direction would help. How many pills a day is enough? I would take those sleeping pills if I could get them though; I could sleep at night rather than think about all of this garbage. Life was meant to be better than constantly dodging these attacks on truth and common sense. Nonetheless we are trapped in the whirlwind.

          Should we go back to Neanderthal life. Sure, why not. At least the evidence showed they had a strong family unit and avoided the hive that eventually overtook them. And thanks for that Hillary Clinton insult. Always a sign of a strong argument.

    1. Anne,
      Back in the day the Satellites were called C Band and emitted 1/4 of a watt and that’s why you needed a at least a 12 ft Satellite dis to get TV or Telephone reception. About the strength of a walkie Talkie. No problem.

      Then in the late 80″‘s they started launching Ku Band Sat’s that were about 2-4 watts.

      Those satellites now broadcast about 6 to 8 watts all over all of us which is VERY strong. That’s how a little flat satellite dish can receive TV programs.
      I’ve always said that is WAY too much juice to be spraying us with.

      So now that so many people have their own Routers broadcasting
      Wi-Fi inside their homes with astronomical wattage’s that ARE harmful, I can only imagine how powerful and harmful this system will be.

      There is Nowhere to hide when it’s coming from Space 22,000 miles above the earth or low orbit if they choose.

      This is where our Congress is supposed to step in instead of taking envelopes of cash.

      1. Ric
        Its all about intensity. 8 watts from a distance of 38000km(geostationary orbit) produces less than one billionth of a watt/m2 at the receiving end. A mobile phone held close to the head may produce 1watt/m2 and it has a stronger magnetic field component than more remote sources. The household router is weaker by orders of magnitude.

        1. Hey Peter,
          I spend most of my life in the seat of 4400 HP diesel locomotives, some AC, some DC, at full throttle, surrounded by electronics, running distributed power locomotives by radio control with a 600 volt panel 2 feet behind my head. What do you think my chances are? Personally, I’m thinking that turning off the Wi-Fi, and refusing the smart meter are akin to going pee-pee in the ocean at this point. Give it to me straight Doc.

        2. Ric
          Say a prayer and buy a bottle of recharge, but dont eat too many, or you’ll become a toddler.

        3. Peter what? Don’t eat too many what? Were you talking to Rich?

          What I was trying to say in talking about wattage’s from satellites, which are so weak we must point a a dish directly at the satellite to receive its signal,

          Was if they put this Wi-Fi system in space to broadcast the equivalent of a home Wi-Fi Router from Space upon us all where we don’t need a home router anywhere in the world it’s going to have be very strong. Much stronger than any satellite.

          Yes, it will be about as strong as a cell tower but from space. I have no idea the kind of wattage that would take.

          Who knows what all these Radio Waves are doing to us but we’ve all been bombarded by them for our entire lives.

          Who Knows?


        4. Ric
          No I did mean you. I disrespectfully responded to your fear of strong lowfrequency fields that you are surrounded with in your working place. Recharge is adverticed by G E Griffin at freedomforce as a medicine for age reversal but even if it works there is no risk of becoming a toddler of course. Actually if one fears cancerrisk anticancer drugs would be more appropriate if they work, but its not funny to talk about.
          About the satellites. No they dont have to be as strong as routers at ground level and the available power sources dont allow it. They will remain harmless but the upward link will produce high levels locally. If the upward link uses a parabolic antenna outside, there will be lower power requirements and negligible leaks. Routers are transmitting in all directions while the upward link to sats may be highly directional. Moreover the attenuation vertically is much lower than horisontally.
          This means a router is more wasteful with power. The sats for internet will not be geostationary, but either low orbit eg at 1000km or drones at 20km. Since such nodes have to move to remain up in the sky, different sats will be involved. Perhaps the upward link will have to track the sats a little bit but that can be done without any moving parts with modern so called smart antennas.
          So the addition of global internet from outer space is no reason for fear what regards health issues. It’s the poitical side of it that may be serious. The reason for pushing these developments are both commercial and an intention of achieving regime changes no doubt.

        5. Peter,
          Just got what you were trying to tell me.

          Yes, the Up link is the danger here at ground level to send a signal back to the satellite but I think what they are proposing is different from a Geo Sat down linking to a ground sat.

          They want to have satellites emitting a Wi-Fi signal that is compatible with all of the standard protocols so any laptop or card wired computer can use it like a home Wi-Fi router, Hot Spot.

          They differently will be very low orbit (very costly unlike geo sats) and will have to blast enough wattage to give a signal the equivalence of a home router.

          Also, this same system would make satellite phones obsolete.

          Motorola proposed some thing of this same type of system in the late ’90’s but never came through.

          It was like 8 satellites positioned in low orbit all around the world where there would always be a satellite overhead in the sky available to

          I don’t know the deatails.

        6. Peter,
          Just re-read your post.

          I think your right.

          You figure they are just going to up link and this system is just to compete with cable and sat. TV providers.

          Your probably correct.

          Wi-Fi from space would be challenging at the least. Satellites would not have the power to broadcast such a signal.

  6. Cheers to all of the good people here.

    When I get a new computer, I take it to a tech and have the wifi card taken out. You can turn if off but it will still draw electromagnetic pulse

    I am cable only when it comes to internet connections.

  7. Let me preface this with the fact that I only read the title and the acronym.

    Ahem. What the hell is going on here?

    Lophat? Your rational(ization?) Would be warranted, given that we need someone to explain why ludicrous sources and laughing-stock topics (BTW, the term is BATHE) have been running rampant as of late?

    Perhaps peter can lend us his sceptical scientific hand – preferably sans the contradictory thesis vs opinion that he so cognitively weaves.

    Or is this the part where JT starts yelling at us thru a bullhorn as we wonder why our friends won’t talk to us anymore and how it suddenly feels like cass sunstein is watching over us… Taking notes…

    1. Whether or not the plan or proposal is likely to succeed, the scheme itself speaks to the psychopathic megalomania of the powers that shouldn’t be. In terms of objectives and style, Tracy is to Jones as D. Ray Griffin is to Sunstein.

      1. Oh, I like your comment GWP. You think Alex is opposite of James? hmmm…let me consider your proposition for a mo. For pure style, I pick Dr. Tracy. His thrust is measured and low-key. Alex Jones is all theater but he makes his points with exclamation darts when up against blind ignorance stalking the paved streets of American culture.

        Griffin’s analysis is cemented in fact-based research; Sunstein, conversely, must conjure theories he pulls out of a hat–a hat recognized and worn by what Trends economist Gerald Celente calls the “white shoe boys” of elite, toney ivy league persuasion. They seem easily led down the garden path to fuzzy thinking; obviously, it isn’t important what you say, in that lofty spectrum, as long as you keep talking. Nothing succeeds like success is an old truism.

        A graduate degree from Harvard will ensure future success. Could be why the country is going to hell in a handbasket without resistance.

    2. Granit, I certainly can’t explain the choice of topics. In fact, I’ve been struggling with precisely how to respond to some of them lately. I’m rather afraid that, no matter how I approach it, I’ll be misunderstood.

      Taken individually, they appear to be a non-stop assault of some sort. I tend to see them as examples of a shift of attitude and expectations of responsibility. There also appears to be some faulty “science” at work as well.

      To begin, I don’t like this either. Years ago we took for granted that our governments were vigilant and looking out for our interests and safety, at least in general. We now know that isn’t the case, and probably never was.

      Still, the expectation was to at least present the facade of responsibility and concern. I think that at least some of this is attributable to having a corporate/bankster controlled government. We are no longer “citizens”, we are “consumers” (eaters). We are expected to consume (eat) and to be silent observers.

      One should not overlook the fact that the elites would rather reduce our population considerably. These constant revelations serve to show how many avenues there are to that end. While the rich and famous build their bunkers in Uruguay and New Zealand, we eaters are left bathed in radiation and watching them provoke thermonuclear war.

      The struggle I’m having lately with commenting on the recent articles is that I’m left wondering how to respond. For any one of these topics there are fifty others that equally demand some attention. As horrible as they all may be they seem to me to be symptomatic of the general destructive, irresponsible direction we’re all being led along.

      Those of us who do not share a vision of serfdom or absorption in our futures, have problems with the overall approach of those who take it upon themselves to design our futures for us. You have probably noticed that none of these “developments” have arisen out of a public cry for them. No, they are imposed, because they are elements in a plan.

      To the fullest extent possible, I still believe that ignoring them and refusing to cooperate are the most powerful tools at our disposal. Of course, when subjects such as this come to light, it is pretty hard to ignore it if one can’t escape it.

      If we oppose new technologies that both industry and government foist upon us uninvited, how do we accomplish that? I’ve said before that going to the source of the problem for a resolution seems idiotic. If its something one must purchase, that’s easy. Don’t buy it. With this, what should the response be?

      How does one “opt out” from something like this? It is one thing to attempt to sell the public on buying a product. It is quite another to simply start beaming the product at them uninvited.

      Today I was thinking, “what if I invented a ‘Happy Gas’, and I decided to just start spraying the neighborhood with it in the hope of people liking it so much they would want to buy some?”. Would that be a problem? If so, why? Isn’t this the same thing?

      Well, ultimately, the problem is that we do not have the right to opt out. Whether it is the government, or their owners doing it to us, we are not given the opportunity to object. If we did not ask for this, on who’s behalf is it being done? On paper, don’t they work for us?

      So, for now, my comment is that I’m not nearly as concerned about the individual examples of overreach as I am about the underlying principles that allow this to happen. Whether it is irradiation, cops with machine guns, drones, wars against brown people, et al, who’s asking for any of this? I’m fairly certain it isn’t any of us. They have no legitimate authority to be doing any of it. Whatever it is, they are doing it in our names. It must be utterly rejected.

    3. Certainly the onslaught of insane topics is the result of a world gone insane. How much more can we beat Sandy Hook to death before we realize it is truly a small piece of the agenda of Global insanity. All roads lead to Rome.

      1. Sandy Hook has NOT been beaten to death. If it were, there’d be no more questions to ask, nor would there be any question all/most perps have been identified and incarcerated. The nagging mysteries of SH include “why have not some Newtown residents chosen to spill the beans regarding this event and its sequelae”? And, “why, if you come to Connecticut do you see the main newspaper totally mum on the event and why are any comments from the Courant total balderdash anyway”? This state’s SH handlers have instructed the proper people and agencies to pretend the event was totally legit and news briefs these days deal with subjects like memorials to the people involved in the event, the burgeoning monies donated to various perps from individuals and various state and federal agencies, and why guns are so nefarious. The kicker is that the huge majority of state residents are none the worse for wear when it comes to digestion of these abject lies. It’s business as usual in Connecticut, from our governor down to the average man in the street. Then again, the former governor, John Rowland, just snagged himself a nice 30 month jail term for financial irregularities related to work done in behalf of a political candidate that amounted to 35k, while the federal government spends trillions on illegal wars of aggression/imperialism and people buy the farce that terrorism could invade our marrow spaces and we’ve just got to spend vast sums of money to stay safe, you know. Down is up, up is down, and life goes on in Orwell’s America.

        1. Gil,
          You missed the thrust of the question, and that was “How much more…?
          How much more will we let people tell us that all that exists can be perceived by the five senses, while at the same time telling us we can’t even believe that anymore. You bring up all the glaring anomalies of SH, but it doesn’t matter. Nixon went down for much less, why? Hillary is on the carpet for the same thing, but she will walk, why? Because the script has been written that way. Having a blog full of people find all the lies, and anomalies regarding SH, and blowing the case wide open is not in the script. Lt Vance himself could switch sides tomorrow, join MHB, say it was all a drill, do a jig on the front porch of the Newtown Bee and it wouldn’t matter unless he had approval for the script change. The press would write him out of the script for their masters in a heartbeat.

          You said it yourself. This is George Orwell’s America. So how much more can we beat Sandy Hook to death? Forever. Kennedy assassination? Forever. Pearl Harbor, the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin? Forever, unless the proper script changes are submitted and approved.
          When do we give up and stop exposing this BS? NEVER!

  8. I certainly hope this stuff does not make my own pathology worse. I suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) which the Mayo clinic considers a very serious and complicated disease. As you know, a major function of the psychological sciences is to lead the person to an Adjustment with social reality. It is obvious that not only myself but many of the commenters here are quite maladjusted.

    And were it not for my Respect for Authority, I might comment on James as well. I suspect that as American power continues to slide down the razorblade of history, those of us who are ODD persons are not going to find it easier to Adjust to society. New techniques will probably be developed to foster our Adjustment.

        1. since when has there been a reply? has there always been a reply? I’m not what you call your sophisticated computer wizard.

  9. James -Please forgive this off topic post, but I wanted to highlight an excellent video which pertains to our email correspondence one year ago re the Boston bombing. The trial is now over, yet we haven’t discussed this topic for quite a while, so I thought I’d add my comment to this unrelated post.

    You will remember that, with your permission, I sent you my copies of the Ben Thorndike photos. At the time I mistakenly thought that they were no longer available, though they now do seem to be much harder to find online. These HD photos are especially revealing because they can be enlarged to provide a very detailed picture of what was happening at the bomb site. As I wrote to you, and as I have detailed here in past comments, the interaction between the star victim, Jeff Bauman, and the “hoodie guy” Christian Williams” shown in these photos proves the fraudulent nature of the whole Boston bombing story. Here is the video from Plasma Burns that provides incontrovertible evidence of fraud:
    Why on earth should Americans sit through days of coverage of this fake “trial” when such clear evidence of fraud is available?
    All of Plasma Burns’ videos are excellent, BTW, as are Peekay Boston’s. Watch ’em all, and share!

    1. As far as the hoax trial goes, here’s what Dave McGowan posted on his Facebook page two days ago:

      “On Thursday, medical examiner Jennifer Hammers took the stand in the Tsarnaev trial. Hammers claimed, based on the supposed severity of her alleged injuries, that Krystle Campbell bled out and died very quickly on the streets of Boston. In response to a question by prosecutors, Hammers claimed, with a straight face, that “[Campbell] would have been able to survive from seconds to approximately a minute or so.” As has been their custom, defense attorneys declined to cross-examine the witness or challenge her testimony in any way. Jurors, needless to say, did not see the images below – images taken of Campbell several minutes after she had allegedly bled out and died. Defense attorneys also did not ask Hammers how it was possible that Campbell, with two intact legs, bled out in “seconds” while golden boy Jeff Bauman, with both legs supposedly blown completely off, laid on the ground completely unattended minute after minute and yet not only did not bleed out, he didn’t even lose consciousness. That’s the kind of ‘defense’ you can only get when top-gun defense attorneys are flown in.”

      His series analyzing the photographic evidence is excellent. Here’s part 1:

      1. What is utterly amazing is that those who watch their 6pm talking heads on cable think that this BMB trial is legit.
        Jerry Spence should be cloned while he’s still with us. Everybody and everything is for sale in America, including the dastardly Citizens United decision from the Supremes and the horrible Patriot Act.
        What are the recent estimates as to how long America can continue to exist as even a semblance of what it once was?

      2. Note the man in the red jacket working on the woman in black and gray. He seems to be telling the guy in the perfectly white t-shirt something urgent. My bet is– “someone actually got hurt, get me a real EMT!”

  10. Hollywood warns us about every bad thing coming down the pike in movies. The Batman Forever movie with Jim Carey playing Riddler warned us about smart phones with his character’s invention. “I’m sucking up your IQ, vacuuming your cortex, feeding off your brain.”
    Edward Nygma sing-songingly taunting his boss. Edward Nygma had developed a device to beam television directly to a person’s brain. Sound familiar? I realized it was true when someone stepped off the curb right in front of my speeding chariot. His eyes were glued to the smart phone screen and he did not even glance to see if a car was coming. He just kept walking. The device was literally sucking up his IQ to the point, things like our inclination toward self preservation was vacuumed out of his brain.

    1. It only makes sense if you take people at their word such as Bill Gates and Ted Turner who would simply be overjoyed to reduce the world’s population by 90%. Gates also begin a vaccine foundation to aid the cause.

      One big question we should all ask it will this wifi penetrate the underground cities being built around the world to save the “best” people, the ones with the most money. Should the elite go underground in the event of another world wide war, can these frequencies be ramped up to extinguish those who remain up top and have no ticket to the bunker.

  11. I’m being a jerk and just doing this so hate or love me. I’m so tired of all these so called Educated persons saying they can’t understand Obama This just tripped me after a few Brew Ha Ha’s

    I saw this news article saying they just can’t understand Obama..Really?

    “Speaking at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue, the American-born Riskin said that he could not understand what was going through Obama’s mind.”

    I’m so tired of hearing Diplomats, Congress and anyone say this nonsense.

    Obama works for Bush and Valarie Jarret works for Iran. Ding Dong

    I didn’t graduate from Harvard or Yale. Have NO “Blue Blood”. I didn’t join Skull and Bones or the Universal Church at Harvard but yet I’m smarter than all of them?

    Hey, Super Rich highly educated well to do Blue Bloods who can’t seem to understand Obama, let me educate you for free at my expensive.

    This will be way too long to explain so I’ll I’ll just go quick. You all have been educated at the finest schools and have never had a real job nor will ever have too. Daddy’s interest will sustain you.

    The scum who killed Kennedy ran Bush for the 1980 election. Reagan was forced to take Bush for Vice Pres. I must go quick

    Bush’s son Marvin had his friend UK Ultra’d and he tried to assassinate Reagan just 6 months into his presidency so Bush would be the President. Bush was behind the scenes for the 8 yrs Reagan was president and sent up all the things wrong today as the NWO, DHS, Patriot Act you name it.

    When election time came our choice was a unknown Bill Clinton who was running the drugs in Arkansas for the Iran-Contra gig and we really did’t have a choice.

    Bill won, Bush never left and they tried to start homeland Security and implement the Patriot act which was written in 1996.

    Georgy got mad at Clinton and tried to oust him with Monica stain dress because he though using a democratic front as cover would work. You know, Dem’s hate war, Big Business Love Freedom, Equal Opportunity Bla Bla.

    So little Bush moved in 2001 and within 6 months had his New Pearl Harbor yadi yadi, started the eternal wars on terror which means forever, got DHS done and NSA spying done.

    Now, 2008 elections come and the Bushes and kin must continue this takeover of America and stop the Dems and MSN from criticizing the Repub’s and the wars and spying.

    So the Bushes hired Obama to calm down the critics, shut down the MSM and continue with the policies from 1980 that Bush Sr. had began.

    Obama gave all the dumb dumb’s goodies, phones, EBT cards you name it. Continued the wars and open borders like Bush wanted but this time ALL the left loved him. He was praised He was Black, a Democrat, a liberal who wanted everything the Left did. War was GOOD now. The Patriot Act was good and Spying.

    So all Dems in Congress, All the left, All the Media gave him a free pass to implement the wishes of the Bushes and the NWO.

    Now, Endless War is Good, if Obama says it is.
    Open Borders is Good, if Obama says it is.
    Bla Bla you know the rest.

    So, News to all the Dems, Liberals, Commies, ect.

    Obama is a Progressive and works for the same masters as Bush AND Bush Sr. IS his Boss..Haha

    You low info voters on the Left have have all been duped..But you don’t Care.

    I will probably get kicked off this site for this rant powered by Miller Lite

    Please feel free to fill in the blanks for I ran 40 years in 5 paragraphs.

    I hope I don’t regret this rant but at least you all will get a good laugh

    This is one reporters opinion in 5 paragraphs.
    Hey, it’s Sunday and I’m bored.

    1. Oh, by the way our choices for President in 2016 is George Bush or Bill Clinton as in 1992..

      oops I mean

      Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton.

      I got confused there for a moment…haha

    2. way to go, Ric. don’t hold it all in like that, let it out and enlighten us. People have to learn to talk in order to learn to think. I agree with much of what you say.

      1. Haha Thanks Folk.

        It was a little over the top but to the point.

        This act has been going on a long time and “they” pretend they just can’t understand..right

  12. The health aspect of this ‘nousphere’ of satellites is not a big deal.
    The upward link from the local user would be the only intensive rf-source to consider. The satellites or drones would produce negligible intensities. It would be possible to use small parabolic antennas outside and therefore the upward link could produce a much lower local intensity than concentional houshold routers, not to speak of mobile phones held close to the head.

    The real problem is its use as a propaganda weapon. I think China/Brics will be forced to step up the infowar not only to protect themselves but also their businesspartners. Otherwise their trade partners with weak governments would be turned against them.

  13. “There are no safe levels of Radiation” former M16 British microwave scientist, Barie Trower.

    WHO came out last year and said cancer rates were to increase 70% by 2030! Good for Big Pharma, not so good for human species.

    Myron May tried to awaken the world that remote mind control using wireless satellite and over the horizon radar was torturing him and many other targeted individuals being tortured from inside their own heads remotely.. Good for NWO control, not so good for free, independent thought and actions of all.

    The Wifi Killing Fields. Awaken, alert, and inform. Stop the madness and remote control of our very souls!

    1. I am having trouble getting into any of the MHB blogs of late that I did not subscribe to. Is anyone talking about this Alps plane crash. This thing looks fishy.

      1. I would venture to suggest that the Germanwings Crash is another Hoax-fraud- diversion, or what ever you want to call it.
        Here is the bereaved Phillip Brantley, father of victim Paul Brantley, imploring all governments to oversee the mental hygiene of their commercial airline pilots:
        Here he is moments later, or perhaps earlier, laughing at the same photo-op:
        Not convinced? Then compare this footage of a real plane crash into a mountain in the 1980’s, to footage of the Germanwings crash.
        Real crash site footage:
        Germanwings crash:
        Where are the titanium engines, larger pieces of fuselage, and bodies of 150 passengers at the Germanwings crash site?

        1. -Philip Bramley, who lost his 28-year-old son Paul, said he did not want to know the motive of Andreas Lubitz, who brought down the airliner, killing all 150 people on board.-


          Brutal footage of the 80’s crash site, and definitely real as opposed to the French alps crash site with its scattered bits of metal, and burnt ground– most likely napalm. I sure would like to get that soil analyzed.

        2. I tried to stay out of this drama, you know take a conspiracy off every once in a while..haha

          This STINKS to high Heaven.

          Everything they need,
          Mental Health,
          The New Fangled locked Cabinet Door to the Pilots Cabin since 911 failed.

          They even used the old he was speeding at 430 miles an hour towards ground just like 911 Shanksville act.

          The Software then would not allow a Pilot to crash his plane in the ground and now,certainly after 911 and 15 years later, would the NEW software ever allow a pilot send his plane into a death spiral at full throttle towards the ground.

          They went in his computer just like the Malaysian Airlines Act and found he was a nut bag…

          There was mini pieces of wreckage, no bodies just pieces of meat and bones but found Both Black Boxes and the planes Logo”GermanWings”

          Nothing was left of plane, NOTHING! It hit the Mountain at the exact same speed as the WTC’s BUT….

          There was ONE piece left, Only One and it said on it..ready?…

          GermanWings…The ONLY piece that Survived…

          Just as 911, the Titanium Engines turned to dust….

          They do this just to reiterate to the masses this is feasible. See it can know…..and Mental know

          I’m being facetious

      2. I think there could be another explanation for this story.

        Remote control of airplanes has been possible since the late 1990’s, with the technology being developed, owned and controlled by Israelis. They developed this technology after some Palestinians hijacked an El Al airplane, the one flown to Uganda and subsequently taken over on the ground by the Mossad/Israeli special forces. Since then, no El Al airplanes or American planes have been hijacked, with the exception of the 911 planes, which, it appears, were actually secretly landed by intelligence and replaced by other planes or drones. The first disappeared Malaysian airliner was obviously a remote hijacking by the Israelis. The second may have been, or at least a partial one, to move its flight path from over the Crimea to over Donetsk.

        There was a rumor on the internet not long after 911 that the Germans did not want their planes remotely hijacked, so they disabled the remote technology software system on Lufthansa planes.

        So the Germanwings take-down has two different motives. One is simply a message from the Israelis that they have now the capability to remotely control German planes. The second motive is to punish Germany for being “soft” on Ukraine and giving in to the Russians and agreeing to a ceasefire.

        All this stuff about the pilot’s depression, his recent break-up with his girlfriend, and his rumored conversion to Islam is just a cover story invented after the fact by embarrassed Germany and/or NATO.

        1. -All this stuff about the pilot’s depression, his recent break-up with his girlfriend, and his rumored conversion to Islam is just a cover story invented after the fact by embarrassed Germany and/or NATO.-

          I would bet that sometime in the near future, any history of mental health treatment is going to be a scarlet letter. People will be pulled from their jobs and reassigned to someplace safe.

  14. International Public Health Coalition Says Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Human Life and Health

    Yah, but we’ll make TONS OF MONEY! Capitalists win!

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