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6 thought on “Princeton University Pulls WiFi Safety Assurances”
  1. There should be just as much concern about allowing cellphones in schools, as studies have shown tumors right near the zone around the ear where the user habitually places the phone, and they are draining to the immune system.

  2. Of course they pulled all info down and I’m shocked it was ever posted in the first place. No one wants to know how bad the wifi is, because it’s here, never going away and we love it. Doesn’t matter if it’s slowly killing us. It’s a lot like the Japan nuclear disaster. No one really wants to know how horrible it is.

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    ??Yup, wake up and do some research, there are several countries that do not allow wireless radiation in schools. Those countries actually make public the studies that show factually it’s harmful to humans, especially little ones. ? too bad our corporate greedy sob’s don’t give a fuk about you, your children or our planet, it demands your independent, well researched and thought out critique. ?? ???

    1. “it demands your independent, well researched and thought out critique.”

      Critique the bastards know isn’t forthcoming, now that the majority has been dumbed down to remembering nothing more than ten-second sound bytes.

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