On this edition of Real Politik James speaks with Southern California-based independent researcher Sofia Smallstorm. She has written extensively on hidden agendas and complex events since her controversial work on 9/11.

thIn the process of researching that topic, she discovered the phenomenon of artificial clouds, geoengineering, or “chemtrails.” From this Smallstorm came to acknowledge the presence of a synthetic biology agenda in the activities that constitute everyday life.

Smallstorm’s “From Chemtrails to Pseudolife” lectures explain the relationships between synthetic biology and radiation biology. In 2013 she began researching the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The project resulted in her DVD, “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Dimensions.” The presentation offers a different take on the use of staged events to shape society as we are moved to a posthuman world. Smallstorm is a graduate of Brown University, writes a monthly newsletter, Avatar Update, and hosts a biweekly series of podcasts. Her websites are aboutthesky.com and avatarproducts.com.

Interview Highlights

In this discussion Sofia discusses transhumanism, and how the state will use biotechnology and artificial intelligence to develop a transgender and eventually genderless citizenry and workforce to serve the transnational corporate state.

Smallstorm encountered the topic of transhumanism while she was researching geoengineering.

I was aware, as many people were, of the things that Clifford Carnicom was finding in his petrie dishes–the cultures that he was creating from tissue samples from people with Morgellons Syndrome, and also people without Morgellens. These were very resilient, very hearty forms of what is not exactly eukariotic cellular material. It’s got properties of the archaea in it. He was able to put Bunsen flames on these cultures and they would not perish. He was able to through bleach and other harsh chemicals on them and they would not perish. He concluded that something was fragmenting in us, and replicating by fragmentation, which is another property of archaea prokaryotes–not our life form. We are eukariotes. And this suggested to me that we were being prepared in some way, on a sub-tissue level.

Then, I just had this dawning when I watched The Age of Transitions by Aaron Franz, which was about transhumanism, Ray Kurzweil, artificial intelligence, and how we were going to be merged with machines. This was back in 2009, and I said, “Wow, this is what they’re doing. They are cultivating us in to something that’s passed what we are now–homo sapiens.” So, I tried to talk about it but I didn’t have much to go on.

As the years unfolded I got to know more about transhumanism. I was able to do the first talk, “From Chemtrails to Pseudolife: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology.” And then I learned about piezoelectricity, and I realized that this was the real wireless electricity and it’s already in the body. The body already uses it. It has to do with crystals. It has to do with voltage created by putting frequencies on crystals, and vice versa. That sealed it for me. I knew that that’s what “they” were doing. And so I gave that second talk on radiation biology.



Sofia asserts that such technology has been introduced throughout the environment to force humanity’s eventual transition to a transhumanist world. The technology “is being used to collapse us, thereby convert us, and force us biologically to go into adaptation mode,” she notes. “If biology cannot conquer something and get rid of it, it needs to and must adapt it, because the biological imperative is to survive and reproduce. So, there’s a giant observation process underway. We are walking laboratories, as a very wise person pointed out to me. We are free, of course. They don’t have to pay for us. In fact, they bill us for their medical care and the solutions they’re offering as we capsize. The conversion process is going to result in masses of casualties, and the enfeeblement of the human race. They are going to observe who capsizes in what way, what conditions are developed by what people at what age, and so forth. Ultimately, not everybody is going to keel over. Not everybody is going to lose all of their capabilities to survive. We’re going to adapt. Some of us are going to do it very well, and these are the prototypes for the next phase of humanity, which will be machine responsive, in terms of frequencies.”

Certain aspects of culture are increasingly emblematic of a developing world where “sustainability” will be paramount, and humans will be encouraged to harvest their own energy to drive personal electronic technology. For example, a new jewelry is now being designed called “energy addicts jewelry.””We’re being called energy addicts,” Smallstorm observes.  “We’ve been trained, very successfully, to never be without out little devices that require energy–our phones and our tablets, and everything in our houses. There is a woman in Israel, Naomi Kizhner, and she has designed jewelry that actually is invasive. It has spikes on either end. These spikes are inserted through your skin into your veins, and then they draw on the flow of your blood to turn these little dials in them, which will eventually create enough kinetic energy to produce electricity. This is what I call ‘human energy harvesting.’ She asks, ‘Will we be willing to sacrifice our bodies in order to produce the energy to run our gadgets and devices?’ Human resources is getting a whole new meaning now.”

Smallsorm also argues that the present controversy over vaccination indicates an increasingly aggressive statist orientation toward families and children. “The doctrine of parens patriae is all the way from English common law. It gave the king the obligation to look out for his subjects and protect them. And it’s being used in America, I learned several months ago, as the basis on which Child Protective Services can storm into a house and seize a child and confiscate that child, move it from its parents care, and ultimately the state owns your children. This is actual fact, the way they see it. I am now expanding the understanding of what parens patriae is, and how it will be uncloaked over the years to come. Because it’s now kind of hidden, and when I got that term it was another light bulb going off … And they’re going to eventually lay claim to our energy product, our work product, through the doctrine of parens patriae. They want to get at the stuff in our bodies.”


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27 thought on “The Coming of Transhuman Society”
  1. I’ve always believed that the ‘Law of Accelerating Returns’ was a convenient catch phrase. I firmly believe that many of the markets that sprang up in the 80’s and 90’s were really Darpa directed. Volume (in electronics and elsewhere) drives process innovation. It always amazes me in hindsight, how prescient TPTB in industry were to be able to predict how long it would take almost to the year some of the technologies we have today (and that includes technologies the general public is ignorant of). Then again how many knew who Ray Kurzweil was in the early ’80’s. And the implications of what I’m saying?

    1. Alan Watt (cutting through the matrix dot com) has stated that every major corporation is simply a front for CIA, DOD, DARPA, RAND, and that, in reality, all corporations funnel up to and are run by a mere handful of corporations at the top.

  2. [For over three decades, Ray Kurzweil has been one of the most respected and provocative advocates of the role of technology in our future. In his classic The Age of Spiritual Machines, he argued that computers would soon rival the full range of human intelligence at its best. Now he examines the next step in this inexorable evolutionary process: the union of human and machine, in which the knowledge and skills embedded in our brains will be combined with the vastly greater capacity, speed, and knowledge-sharing ability of our creations.]

    The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology
    Ray Kurzweil

  3. This dovetails well with the list of dead scientists and microbiologists that has been circulating on the web. It also may explain the “mysterious” mass animal die-offs over the past few years. A lot of those animals were of the sea-life variety. Experimentation that kills animals that are not normally seen as a human food source would tend to avoid public concern.

  4. Sophia always has something interesting to say. Why do you list her as – “since her controversial work on 9/11.” Her 9/11 Mysteries has hard cold science as its basis that even has a follow-up peer reviewed paper to prove the theory. There’s nothing controversial about her film. Wouldn’t it be better just to write, since her work on 9/11?

  5. Hey James, Did you ever come across any pictures of the MASH unit morgue Wayne claimed they used for autopsies at Sandy Hook? Has anyone stopped to think how insane it would be to set up a tent in December, and work to the wee hours of the morning in freezing temperatures? When the morgue would be warm, perfectly lit and equipped with all the latest technology, we are going to use a tent a week before winter starts. It’s so utterly ridiculous it defies all logic. If you have any pictures I would love to see the MASH unit morgue.

  6. Thank you Sophia. It is my belief that this subject is ‘It”. All other subjects discussed here are subordinate to the Transhuman agenda. Everything feeds into the future heaven on earth Kurzweil and others envision. Like Sophia said, these people work toward the destruction of the “being”, in human beings. Thank you, Dr. Tracy, for exploring this subject.

  7. I have been a contributor to the Vail Daily Newspaper for a long time. Mostly letters to the editors and i had a column for a time. The paper has a huge international readership through it’s online version. I never felt censored before, until I wrote a LTTE on Sandy Hook. The editor said he was passing on it, right after he printed a pro gun control LTTE.
    Here’s what got censored. There are many reasons to question what happened at the Sandy Hook school massacre. Why should the average person take interest in this inquiry? It’s wildly entertaining in places; even comical at times. You will be shocked by the inappropriate speech and baffled by the odd behavior of many people involved. Before you kill the messenger, ask yourself how much time you spent critically examining the news coverage? Simply watching and believing what the network news told you does not count. Think back to the weapons of mass destruction story that led us to war and a million people killed. Did you fall for it? Did you feel betrayed by the network news and your government for lying to you on such a massive scale? Did you accept the official story of Sandy Hook just like you did with the weapons of mass deception whopper of a lie? Don’t make the same mistake with Sandy Hook. All I ask is that you look up and watch the 15 minute press conference by the Medical Examiner on youtube. It will stun and baffle you.

    Let’s talk about general impressions first. During his press conference, I got the feeling Dr. Wayne Carver was no where near two dozen autopsies. Like claiming you were at Woodstock and then having to back that up with personal experiences that never happened. When people make things up as they go, there’s often “speech errors”. Things like halted grasping for your next word in a semi-stutter cadence. There’s quite a bit of this “hemming and hawing” with word fragments like “uh,uh,uh” by Carver The labored manner in which Carver speaks is sometimes more noteworthy than what he actually says.

    One of the more outlandish things Dr. Carver implied was that no one saw two dozen dead people hauled away because his vehicles are so stealthily nondescript. That would have been more plausible if the school was located at a busy intersection and there was four directions to possibly drive away unmarked vehicles without being noticed, yet… there’s only one small road to the school. Reporters were camped out on it around the clock. Dr. Carver did not seem to actually believe the stealth vehicle story – himself. He joked about them in an almost playful manner with the press. Dr. Carver indicated he was responsible for building the ‘camouflaged hearses’ just to thwart reporters’ best attempts to identify them at any given crime scene. He seemed to get a real kick out of tricking reporters with his ‘stealth corpse haulers’ and then rubbing their faces in it… Carver teased reporters for falling for his cunning subterfuge. I can’t believe no one laughed – it was so outrageously inappropriate. It sounded like Wayne had a deep down desire to become a stand up comic and he was polishing up his act before he toured the Pocono’s night club circuit.

    How did no reporter see two dozen bodies wheeled out to the nearly invisible coroner’s vehicles? Even with Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, you could still see her rocking body entering it.

    Dr. Carver said that the victims were brought to a mobile morgue set up at the scene which he described as “this magnificent thing!”. For starters, how does anyone even think of the word “magnificent” at the scene of a mass murder? He sounded like he was high on nitrous when he said it… amused to the threshold of laughter. Why would the rough equivalent of a MASH mobile hospital unit be better than conducting sensitive scientific work in a pristine laboratory environment? Imagine taking the time to set up a morgue at the scene, when they could just drive to the real one. I have yet to see any photos or video that show the MASH unit morgue and there’s an army of reporters camped out?

    Why did the authorities find it necessary to flank Wayne Carver at the press conference with four cops? They were just props to validate Carver’s authenticity as someone officially in the know, when it became abundantly obvious he held a tenuous grip on the facts. One reporter asked Dr. Carver how many victims were boys and how many were girls? Dr. Carver’s answer stunned me. He said “I have no idea” after conducting autopsies? Maybe he slept through Human Anatomy 101. Carver was asked what caliber gun was used? Instead of saying M-16 rounds, 40 caliber bullets or cannon balls for that matter… he said “I probably know more about ballistics than most Medical Examiers” then trailed off into non-sensical gibberish. He never answered this very basic question. Carver gave the classic non-sequitur response when it became obvious he had no clue about gun caliber. After cutting slugs out of victims and weighing them, there is no way he would not know gun caliber. It only makes sense if you consider that Wayne Carver never conducted any autopsies. The next thing you might try is looking up the CT Governor’s press address where he recalled being warned about an attack. Not one reporter jumped up to ask “who warned you Governor and what did you do to stop the attacks?” How does that happen in the real world?

  8. the biological experiments revealed by Sonia is an extension of the world war to inhuman experiments conducted by German and Japanese scientists. many of the Nazi scientists were secretly imported by American power under Operation Paperclip. the US supports the current Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, who posed in a plane with a thumbs up gesture, with 731 written across the planes body. The 731 unit in world war 2 was the scientific unit conducting inhuman experiments on prisoners, as bad or worse than the Nazi experiments.

    It is not generally understood that Western scientific ideology is an anti-people power ideology. It’s historical function it to provide specific information and specialized truth to power. In the USA, this has largely been military power, and both the natural and social science has been funded largely through the Defense department. The American torture of prisoners was often supervised and theorized by psychologists, and largely supported by the professional psychology organization. American power has been influenced by the military power of both German and Japanese imperialism, and the scientific experiments and ideology tend to be an unbroken historical seam.

    Scientific ideology is a delusive ideology, like religious ideology, from which it inherited its power delusions. Isaac Newton, a fervent religious truther in addition to being a great scientist, posited that God created Scientific Laws to keep the planets and other heavenly body in their orbits. His views were incorporated in scientific ideology. Scientific Law and Order legitimated the law and order of liberal power systems, just as the notion of an Absolute God legitimate the Absolutism of feudal ideology.

    The scientific conceptual structures of the natural sciences must be incorporated in a humanistic and spiritual ideology precisely to prevent the kind of thing that Sonia is discussing. This will require a truth revolution in the 21st century.

  9. Sophia Smallstorm says: “then I learned about piezoelectricity, and I realized that this was the real wireless electricity and it’s already in the body. The body already uses it. It has to do with crystals. It has to do with voltage created by putting frequencies on crystals, and vice versa. That sealed it for me. I knew that that’s what ‘they’ were doing. And so I gave that second talk on radiation biology.”

    And that sealed it for me too. Sofia is a fantasist and there is not a shred of truth in her assertions. But she is not alone. People with a real scientific background in apropriate fields are spreading absolute nonsense about bioelectricity albeit probably on purpose to mislead while Sofia is just speculating without any scientific basis.

    1. I must submit that I am a total nincompoop when it comes to technology and appreciate those who understand and attempt to converse on its attributes or failings. Frankly getting into esoteric latinate terminology gives me a migraine.

      Along these line, it suddently occured I had heard a defining movement from eons past called the Luddite perpetrators who smashed weaving machines to protest technological advances during the English industrial revolution The name was taken from one Ned Lud or Ludd. He was not considered highly bright nor forceful but did smash up industrial property. Now the pejorative generlly refers to one who is not particularly tech savvy. But there is more to this saga than we might imagine.

      Below article is humorous, shedding light on an era lost to us as we stumble into a dangerous future.


      I enjoyed it; thought you all might like a little
      comic relief as well…..

    2. you make a meaningless assertion about what I read as a generalization from a layperson to laypersons. The research that was being done in the 60’s would devastate your claim….and that was 50+ years ago. The problem is that you’re dealing with intellectual property largely from the defense industry so how would any of us know unless we ‘were there’?

      1. The laws of physics havent changed since the 1960s. No matter what the secrecy they are still bound by them. It would be dull reading should I make a long comment about energy considerations, signal to noise ratio, size effects. Not to speak of the difficulties in controlling the hypothetical entities she speculates about. Not only laymen can be overenthusiastic about some wild hunch one gets when brain storming but laymen lack the basic understanding needed to filter.
        Those authorities who are involved in secret manipulation of the public like all sorts of misconceptions to spread and divert attention from what they really do. I suspect that part of what is going on is secret use of drugs to mimic some of the effects of hitech manipulation. This would hide the use of secret but in a sense conventional technology which is precious to those authorities for much more powerful control and surveillance as well as transhuman medical application that they deem unsuited for open disclosure.

        1. Peter,
          Are you saying that physics is over? You have it all wrapped up?
          Is the book complete? No more chapters? Sweet! Lets go to happy hour. Personally, I wouldn’t know a Planck’s distance from a Higgs Boson(fantasy? maybe, maybe not), but I don’t think a filter is needed, or wanted, when speculating on the wonders of the universe, or the dark hearts of evil men. Now, when a gorgeous woman sits down at the next table, that is the time for a filter. No sir, don’t want to be thinking out loud in that situation.

        2. Bill
          Apparently he is interested in nanotechnology.
          The existence of technologies involving small entities is not the issue.
          We all consist of naturally created small machines eg like the tiny ‘motors’ spinning in large numbers inside our cells and the rpm of which determine how much energy we produce. (One might wonder what engineering team constructed us – we ARE nanotechnological creatures!)This doesnt mean the authorities can remote control anything small sized. The laws of physics dont prevent tiny independently running processes – they do however seriously restrict the possibilities for remote controlling them. The small size is a very strongly limiting restriction. Nanotech needs to be functioning independently, like tiny robots performing medical tasks, say putting one particular type of molecule at the right type of receptor. They could circulate in the blood stream and maybe given new tasks every time they pass a certain service module somewhere along the path. The service module might be remote controlled but then it wouldnt be a microscopic object but more likely it would have an antenna at least a cm, probably bigger.

        3. -The service module might be remote controlled but then it wouldnt be a microscopic object but more likely it would have an antenna at least a cm, probably bigger.-

          HMMMM… So if the service module could be controlled, then the nanobots, could be controlled to maybe prevent certain receptors from getting messages, perhaps then interfering with the subjects free will to do certain things… like removing the service module. See, I knew you were on the team.

        4. Rich
          The service module or rfid implant can be directly connected to the nervous system. No need to rely on slow mechanical means of transport. But in order to remote control precise amounts of potent drugs on a specific locus nanobots might be of interest.
          I dont know if it’s necessary to pinpoint areas for medication but I guess it would enhance efficiency. Jose Delgado funded by the Us Navy, I think, discussed around 1970 the availability of implants for portioning out micromedication. That’s how long this has existed.

    3. Piezoelectric was the dead giveaway for me too. Immediately looked up miss shahquat and came to the same conclusion. Brown is known for its literary adepts… but fantasist is a much better description, Peter.

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