estulin1Investigative journalist and bestselling author Daniel Estulin is this week’s guest on Real Politik. Based in Spain, Mr. Estulin is renowned for his reportage and research on the transnational power elite, whose agendas and deliberations greatly influence the trajectory of global economic and political events. His book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (2005), is an international bestseller that has been translated into over 40 languages. He has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for this and related journalistic work.

Estulin’s research has led him to conclude that the true rulers are not elected. Rather, they effectively vet and choose those vying for public office who will carry out broader agendas beyond public view. “Many years ago,” he recalls, “when I began researching these people I came across them by chance. I asked myself a fairly simple question, ‘If presidents and prime ministers of countries don’t really have much to say in terms of real body politics, then who runs the world from behind the scenes?”

The Bilderberg Group itself dates to the immediate post-World War Two era.

It was a very important element of the oligarchical structures of the Cold War period. That in and of itself is a pretty significant factor because what it meant was that it was one of the vehicles through which private financier oligarchical interests were able to impose their policies over what were nominally sovereign governments. The biggest scandal part of this whole Bilderberg organization is that it was heavily populated by people who came out of the World War Two Nazi apparatus and who were basically cleaned up, dusted off, and deployed to become a hardcore of the Cold War anti-Soviet structures in the West.


The Bilderberg Group and similar organizations are invoked under various terms, such as “‘one world government, new world order, an all-seeing eye, a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy. But not matter how you want to spin this thing,” Estulin points out, “it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy reality. These organizations–the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove–they’re not the power centers of anything really. They’ve had an important role to play in the past, especially Bilderberger, but much less so today as its role has been diminished. Today these organizations, they’re basically conveyor belts of opportunities. The real decision making process is done at a much higher level. That said, it’s an important medium-sized organization where a lot of important decision making processes are [conducted] and passed on to higher organizations, higher entities, to where these debates are put together into a concrete policy initiative.”

There has been an almost complete news blackout of the Bilderberg Group and its meetings, thus allowing for the association to exist under the radar for much of its sixty year existence. “The media has always participated, talking about the mainstream press. They’re invited. They’re part of the Bilderberg conspiracy, Estulin argues.

When you look at the individuals and groups that attend these meetings, we see presidents, prime ministers, secretaries of state, royalty, billionaire financiers, presidents of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and so on. And, of course, among them you have the ‘fifth estate’–the New York Times, Washington Post, Le Monde, Economist, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc., and they all attend these meetings with the understanding that whatever the information, the decisions and discussions that take place at these meetings, they’re never revealed in the mainstream press’ publications. The world’s media … are just a source to legitimize a lot of these policy decisions taken by the elitists at these meetings.

Estulin also discusses recent geopolitical and economic events–the foremost being the standoff between Western countries and Russia. He argues, for example, that Vladamir Putin’s de facto opening of the “gold window” for the first time since Richard Nixon closed it in 1971 is a game changer that will eventually have major repercussions for the US petrodollar and broader political economy. “Nothing happens by accident,” in terms of volatility and the financial sector, the author observes.

A lot of the decision making takes place at these meetings. They’re discussed. They’re ironed out. Obviously not all of that stuff can be controlled. But without any doubt whatsoever, especially some of the conditions and situations that affect society in general, a lower strata of society, they’re very much discussed at these meetings.

I’ll give you one example. At this year’s Davos meeting they discussed an important issue for the rest of us, which is ‘fiscal austerity.’ Fiscal austerity is something that the media–the fifth estate–is trying to sell to us as people as something positive in a sense because in an age when the economy is spiraling out of control, fiscal responsibility, fiscal austerity is important, because allegedly the governments’ are going to be penny-pinching, watching the spending. It’s nonsense! It has nothing to do with reality. Fiscal austerity, as far as the elite is concerned, is kind of a vague term which actually refers to cutting social spending and increasing taxes. That’s what fiscal austerity means.

And the effect is that the public sector is devastated, obviously, as all assets are privatized, public workers are laid off en masse, unemployment becomes rampant, health and education disappear, taxes rise dramatically, and then currencies are devalued to make all assets cheaper for the international corporations and banks to buy up while internally causing inflation, which of course increases the costs of fuel and food. In short, this vaunted fiscal austerity which allegedly helps save money for the lower classes, implies in real body politic social destruction, as the social foundations of nations and peoples are pulled from under them. States become despotic and oppress the people who actually are revolting against austerity policies, and they have a term for that as well, which is called the “sterilization” of society.

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group is now being produced as a feature-length documentary film that will debut at film festivals with a subsequent theatrical run in late spring (preview below). A movie based on the book has been attempted twice over the past several years but ran into unforeseen difficulties whereupon the project was abandoned. The initial US producer “was scared into giving up on the project.” (See December interview with Kris Millegan, Estulin’s US book distributor.) “Then another producer came along and, basically, he was bankrupted.” Then “three-and-a-half years ago a producer in Spain, who had a big name in Spain, he was bankrupted. If you believe in conspiracies or coincidence theories, three banks called in his loans all in the same day. The loans had nothing to do with the Bilderberg documentary. Finally, we decided to put our money–over $200,000 over the past three years–for getting this out there. Right now we’re in the final stages of postproduction. We’ve traveled to 11 countries, interviewed some of the biggest experts in the world, and we’re about three three weeks away from finishing this.”

The project is still in need of about $25,000 in funding to complete postproduction. Mr. Estulin has established a site at rockethub to accept donations toward this goal.

Additional information on Estulin and his work is available at

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32 thought on “Economic Apocalypse and the Transnational Power Elite”
  1. A dreadful example of transnational power relations in the USA is the current role of Sheldon Adelson in instigating war with Iran. Adelson is a Philanthropist (as Wikipedia refers to him) with assets of nearly 40 billion dollars. He is a Zionist oligarch who recently summoned a bunch Repub presidential candidates to assure that they have the proper respect for Israeli imperialism. He supports Natanyahoo in the Israeli Election, and got the Repubs to invite him as a speaker to a servile Congress. The Senators and congressmen, with Adelson in attendance, gave the Yahoo 28 standing ovations.

    Because of Adelson’s money, they support Israeli imperialism over American imperialism. 47 Repub Senators just sent a letter to Iran undercutting American foreign policy. They prefer war to negotiations, the same group that supported the war against Iraq in 2003. And the Dems were right there beside the Repubs applauding Natanyahoo, and restricting their comments on what could be considered treason if the oligarchs didn’t support it.

    This is Democracy under the War on Terrorism. The rich can use their money to power any policy they wish, to the devastation of the American people and the people of the world. And they do so not only in the United States, but in Israel and any other country they wish. And they will continue to do so until the American people and people of the world discard their wishful thinking and fearful non-thinking, and unite against oligarchal power.

    1. You know what PO’s me off is the whole deal with Russia and America was we were to NEVER to put NATO troops in adjoining states to threaten Russia but Bush did it first in Georgia and Russia retaliated now Obama with Ukraine and now Latvia and they blame Putin and wonder why Putin is reacting…Most Americans have no clue that WE are being the aggressor. I might be wrong. I’m no expert.

      1. C’mon Pat, Lophatt, Folktruther. Educate me.

        Ain’t I right we had an agreement with Russia we would never surround them with NATO as we are doing now and this is causing the problems we don’t need.

        It’s no wonder. We don’t need this.

        1. You are indeed correct, Ric. Paul Craig Roberts has been chronicling this relentlessly for many months now. Here is a speech (two, actually) he recently gave in Moscow:

          If you go back in his archives, you will find many references to the no-NATO-on-the-borders promise, and the betrayal the breaking of it represents. America does not want peace with Russia. Our masters absolutely hated Reagan’s effort to vent the Cold War–especially the respectful way he did it, treating Gorbachev with dignity. Peace cannot be tolerated–so they ginned up 9/11 and started a whole new round of endless war. But the USAPATRIOT Act was not enough for our masters–the state of peace with Russia must be undone, too.

    2. Folktruther, you force me to delve more into the question of when America lost her moral compass. I truly believe it was with the decision to drop the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Who put it into motion is a mystery–probably the usual suspects– but it is difficult to pin down a name as movements and the ziestgeist of a historical period are murky and fluid.

      After the two bombs detonated on Hiroshima and Nagaski, the genius behind the Manattan Project, J. Robert Oppenheimer, in lament made the statement, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds,” quoting from the Indian Holy scriptures in the Bhagavad Gita. He knew the world was forever changed. Both Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein were greatly troubled by what they had a hand in realizing.

      Historians still question the decision to go nuclear and point out that it was more a matter of trumpeting American self-congratulating exceptionalism to show the global community who was overlord of the terrestrial domaine. That issue has never been resolved.

      There have been many days in the past seventy years that “will live in infamy.” Just pray that we will stop creating them and evolve into our “better angels”.

    1. Obama’s giving Bush a run for his money on who is the biggest warmonger.

      Over 120 US armored vehicles roll into Latvia (Russia’s Boarder), NATO flexes muscles in Europe (VIDEO) — RT News‎ – 4 hours ago
      Latvia has confirmed more than 120 armored units, including tanks, have been delivered by NATO.

      But then again, when Democrats have bombs and start wars they’re “Good Bombs” and “Good Wars”..

      The Liberal Mind is a terrible thing to waste..and understand….

  2. sure, you’re right, Ric. But one of the many discreditable things we are not told about our history is that American power tends not to keep its promises. This is not uncommon in diplomacy but still. Think of all the promises made to the Indians while stealing their homes and homeland.

    The earth’s people have not yet evolved a world governance in their interests, so their is no way to enforce laws or agreements, except by countervailing power.

    and you are quite right, the NATO creep toward Russian borders is extremely dangerous. Fortunately the Europeans are beginning to realize it and are deviating from American policy.

    1. Thanks, I knew this was true. The US violating this Treaty is bigger than a mere promise and it’s heading towards a war that only the Industrial Military Complex can appreciate.

      They are poking and poking and the Americans have no clue.

      I am so angry about this and this can only do harm.

      We don’t want American Soldiers standing on the borders of Russia.

      We have always used a proxy to play our games but this is bigger.

      So, we have open borders with a failed Narco state and we let every terrorist in who wants to do us harm and Obama has no problem sending our military to these far off countries and never even tries to protect the American people?

      Mexico is a FAILED country and a threat to our Country but it works right in to the European Elitist model.

      Flood your nation with immigrants and the take the peoples rights away when it gets out of control.

      Meanwhile they live in their guarded gated communities and will be just fine as the city burns and they clamp down on our own citizens via martial law because they caused it.

      How ‘m doing?

  3. Everybody says Obama lies…

    Well, after 6 years I’ve found 1 time he didn’t lie.

    1st…. ISIS is not Islamic
    2nd ISIS is not a state.

    This was a truth that befuddled the American People. But was 100% Truth.

    They are little bit of CIA,are a little bit of MI6, a ittle bit of Mossad, a ittle bit of The Industrial Military Complex, a little bit of Secret Societies, a little bit of Progressives and Neocons, a little bit of.. I could go on and on.

    But, Obama didn’t lie…did he? Thats how they play.

    It sounds like a song I heard a while back..haha

  4. Mr. Estulin mentions The Economist. The January 2015 cover brings to mind an anagram for Alice in Wonderland: Lo, wanna nice riddle?

    Alice is filled with curious and disturbing images if one zooms in on her figure. I spied Sandy Hook all over starting with the golden area of her puffed sleeve. Clearly shown are an ‘H E’ following a shady edge of perhaps an ‘S’. Two blood red lines extend over one prone person and one over a face with a red dot in the mouth area with possibly a gun to its right side. Mind you, these images are like the cheshire cat…you have to study it with zoom and light.

    The brown markings above this area remind me of a bird’s-eye view of the school and parking lot…a very faint dot where Adam’s car sat. A pronounced blue/green line enters the area of shootings.

    There is green lettering in her hair which reminds me of ‘Feed Your Head’ images on google. I see: S H E but the E is disconnected.
    I even see a similar facade like the World Trade Center complete with smoke and flame…more red coloring, at bottom area of her hairline.

    On the left side of her apron/dress I see faces of both children and adults and a few figures and a brick building facade nearby in the blue of her apron and even on her right arm and head bow. More red coloring below the ghostly figures on the left side of dress.

    White crosses line her tights and more figures at her masonic heel stance with reflective faces in the floor…as above so below.

    Victoria Soto had a love for pink flamingoes. Obama had a secret private Halloween party at the White House in 2009 with an Alice in Wonderland theme, complete with a few cast members of the new movie and certain military members.

    Alice has a strange conversation in chapter nine with the mock turtle about schools. She saves a baby from possible murder from the red queen before seeing the cheshire cat…I’ll end here.

    These people are clearly insane.

    1. It’s not for January – because the Economist is weekly; instead it’s an annual for the whole year, kind of forecasting stuff. Creepy and sinister-looking, with an obvious attempt at symbolism (nothing covert there), there are echoes of Sgt. Pepper and Monty Python. Britain is a country which relies on signifiers of membership more than the US, from the old school tie to the regimental and clan badges, with all attendant wildlife and historical references. When Kate married William, her family had to have a family heraldic crest created. This dates from pre-literate times, long before the underground anti-clerical, anti-royalist enlightenment.

      I can imagine, however, that getting rid of the Second Amendment is on some globalist agenda, which predicates membership in the club on disarming the potentially dangerous American public. I could imagine secret dealings where such a promise might be made to others. The symbolism of shutting down Boston, of all places, on Patriot’s Day weekend, when the first shots of the Revolution were fired, is not lost on those who care to examine this kind of trend.

      I can also imagine someone promising that our sovereignty should be merged in something larger. Britain has already done that to some extent with the EU. We colonists, while not members of the Commonwealth, are potentially on the list to be asked to join. The polarization is already going on against Russia, and its allies. It’s all bull of course, the ultimate goal, as there is many a slip twixt cup and lip. A Scot said that.

  5. There is no doubt that Obama lies with every breath he takes, as did Bush. But I am having stronger doubts as to how much power the president actually possesses. If one oligarch can round up all the Repub senators to undermine American foreign policy in favor of Israel foreign policy, imagine what a bunch of them could do. Washington appears controlled by an oligarchy that differ among themselves, but is united against the American people and people of the world. They don’t hesitate to kill, and political and economic leaders know it.
    The hindering of the production of the documentary mentioned in the above article is pretty standard; they lean on the money backers. The pretty honest Aussie journalist Pilger, for example, had his backer change his mind on his doc at the last minute after it was all set to go. That is why the Poitus film on Snowden-Citizen Four- was such a victory. It made other docs more likely, perhaps including the one above.

    Imagine an honest doc on Sandy Hook, for example. And a revelation of all the money contributed to this utter fraud. A fraud approved by the president, just as Bush jr approved the 911/anthrax homicides. It would increase the distrust of the American people in oligarchical American power, and this distrust is an essential beginning to developing a democratic revolutionary movement, and a change in American political culture.

    As prof Chossudovsky of Global Research argues, it would be a step forward in the necessary change in the media to enlighten and unite the American people against anti-people American power.

  6. O/T. Boston Trial. Sorry, I really don’t know where to put this.

    This video “they” came up with Proves they have Full Live video coverage of the Blast area but have never shown it.

    In this video by Fox the camera cuts rights the blast occurs to another stationary camera angle.

    I’ve watched it many time as she narrates that “He” drops the backpack. I never see him do that. Pee Kay needs to analyse this.

    Bottom line is there were stationary cameras all over the place that filmed every detail of that event. But of course, we can not view them

    1. Nevertheless, the trial for the younger brother is going on full steam with the narrative framed by the media minions. Did he or must he cop a plea to save himself from a death sentence? Reminds me of the unsettling execution of Tim McVeigh for the OK City bombing. Many were killed there; who died in Boston?
      That question cannot be answered with any credible certainty.

      When did America lose its way, bargain away its soul?

      1. Judging from the expanded versions of photos we all saw in the news of the bombing, where it is plain they are staged (especially in the videos), and from videos which show smoke bombs, I think it is provable nobody died in the marathon event. The expanded photos are available online, have been all along, but the general public has seen very cropped versions, as I am sure the jury is doing in Boston.

        The only question seems to be about the cop and the shoot-out. But several details about the alleged cop killing point to more staging, and the shoot-out is something I also have reason to have doubts.

        Why, if the original “crime” is staged must there be subsequent truth in what we cannot so easily see? Is it because it is partly obscure that we still think there must be something to the whole thing? I don’t know. It’s a psychological trick I suppose, in which even when we are forced to accept that the authorities lied through their teeth to us (as though we are little children waiting for Santa Claus), we still resist admitting we were do thoroughly fooled. Surely there is something of substance here.

        But there isn’t.

      2. I can’t believe you brought up Tim McVeigh from the OK City bombing.
        Perfect example.

        Timmy just says he just did it and wants to be executed.

        Just like this clowns Lawyer who starts the trial saying her client “did it” so there is no need for discovery and a trial. Really?

        AND Timmy Boy has the same kooky psychologist Sir Han Sir Han has and this Fool has the same Lawyer as all the Kooks from Aurora Colorado to whatever have.Really?

        Comical… No Lawyer walks in and says my Client is the bomber.

        Only in LA LA land, a place once know as America, a land of opportunity and freedom the world has never seen…

        I’m without words

      3. Perhaps, in our quest to find something “real” to hold onto to make sense out of all of the puffery, we are neglecting to ask if the Tsarnaev brothers were “in” on the whole thing from the start. That seems as likely as not given the scripted nature of the whole event. They’re just a couple of rubes playing their part(s).

  7. “When did America lose its way, bargain away its soul?

    Marilyn’s question deserves an answer, many answers. That is why I like this blog so much, these enormous questions are posed so casually in such an offhand way that they make you think in ways that are outside the No Truth Zone. I would argue that four historical events were decisive:

    1. Huge national military: after world war 2, in order to avoid another depression which the war cured, it was decided to maintain a huge standing army as part of the American economic system. Chalmers Johnson characterized this in his Nemesis trilogy as ‘ military Keynesism’
    using militarism to ‘prime the economic pump’ of Free Enterprise. I just reconnected with an old friend who spent his life as a chairman of his department and dean, who was a friend of Chal, and is writing me his reservations of his thesis.

    2. The military Keynesism was conducted in conjunction with the capitalist oligarchy that has ruled the US historically becoming billionaires, multi-billionaires, or aspiring billionaires. There increased money gave then increased power, allowing them, effectively, to BUY the American government. They financed the political leaders and their lobbyists helped write the laws, which were gutted in their interests.

    3. During this time, television became the major media. Al Gore, in THE ASSAULT ON REASON, maintained that it was the transition from print to the compelling and vivid images of tv that allowed the American mainstream truth tradition to become so delusional.

    4. The disintegration of the Soviet bloc. This led to the trimumphalism that America was a Superpower, and could Rule The World. It legitimated the violent racist imperialism of American history, blocking further social evolution away from its anti-people past, leading America into its current reaction.

    That’s my tentative answer, Marilyn, of how America lost its soul historically. But others may have other answers.

  8. “The Bilderburg group and similar organizations”. Who, exactly? The Elks? The Moose Lodge? From the fourth grade up, at least, mankind has been engaged in conspiracies. It’s what we do.

    There is no question but that some of them are large and evil and secretive. Keep in mind that world domination is a pretty old human concept, dating at least to the Egyptians of yore. Once they get the reins of power, these groups are pretty upfront with their desires and plans to rule the world. That part’s not so secretive.

    Like any human organization, these Bilderburgy corporate groups have to have policy which supports their mission, as well as some kind of vetting process so that new, trusted people can move up the ranks to positions of authority.

    “When you look at the individuals and groups that attend these meetings, we see …” a long list of not-losers, which is not surprising. They do have conflicting factions within their ranks, who must “iron out” their pragmatic differences. If they want to achieve their goals, they must behave rationally, or else they do run the risk of granting a license to kill to an irresponsible faction in their own group, and their chances of failure increase dramatically. To illustrate the point of irrationality, is Assad’s “group” considered a model of success?

    The author goes on to lay the groundwork for a “Hunger Games” scenario, which is a popular, scary meme that could be a goal, but by my take, is not a rational goal of these secretive, powerful institutions:

    “And the effect is that the public sector is devastated, obviously, as all assets are privatized, public workers are laid off en masse, unemployment becomes rampant, health and education disappear, taxes rise dramatically, and then currencies are devalued to make all assets cheaper for the international corporations and banks to buy up while internally causing inflation, which of course increases the costs of fuel and food.”

    “All” assets are being privatized? Obviously not. Public workers laid off “en masse”? Maybe in Greece, but not so evident in most of the rest of the world. “Rampant” unemployment? Certainly far too much, but there is plenty of tax revenue to support huge militaries world wide. People with nothing simply cannot be taxed. Health and education “disappearing”? Hardly. They were late in jumping on it, but “they” eventually saw to it to control the Ebola outbreak, for example. As to education, it will not disappear. The next generation has to be taught how to think for one thing. And the technology has to be maintained, for another. And if “all” currencies are devalued, then one would expect the relationship of prices for assets to be at some sort of stasois. Obviously, that is not the case, and currency markets are manipulated to serve the financial interests who hold those currencies.

    The synopsis of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” as presented in the article above simply cannot end up informing some competing group to create rational policy which would make the world a better place. However, if they should simply remove the word “True” from the title of the documentary, then the documentary could certainly tell a “Story” that would have substantial entertainment value.

    1. John Fornaro, I read over your comment twice and still cannot tease out your major thesis. You think Daniel Estulin’s summary is missing the point? You compare the Elks or the Moose Lodges with the Bilderberger/CFR/
      trilateral cabals’ maniacal romp across the known world and call it human nature?

      Ask the Americans living in their cars or tent cities to explain the economics of their plight. Or go over to Greece and inquire of those living out of garbage deposits to discuss the austerity imposed by oligarhs living the good life on their dime.

      Employment numbers owned by the state do not translate to the greater number of jobs that produce actual products or services,

      Education? That has become a dirty joke. Politicians always use that issue “in the interest of childen.” When in truth the purpose of education is to teach students critical thinking, a much ignored result in post modern America. A dumb society is a compliant society.The goal of the elite at the top of any food chain is to manage their serfs with the least amount of energy and greatest profit from serf labor.

      Hard to touch upon every point in a brief summation, but that covers major issues, IMO. Both Estulin and Doctor Tracy make their case with much aplomb. That does not surprise me. I have followed them with interest and thanks for their selfless effort over time.

      Just atempting to make sense of the senseless motives of the super class. In our banal and superficial society. we get what we deserve, as they say.

    2. Well, then, Bilderberg sounds like a Mafia “sit-down” with all the dons deciding who will be allowed to do what. You’ve reassured me that this is just normal stuff. So, who will be allowed to run the heroin in New Jersey and who will shake down the hotels for their laundry contracts?

    3. Executive summary of my thesis is in the last paragraph:

      The synopsis of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” as presented in the article above, simply cannot end up informing some competing group to create rational policy which would make the world a better place. However, if they should simply remove the word “True” from the title of the documentary, then the documentary could certainly tell a “Story” that would have substantial entertainment value.

      In fewer words: Daniel Estulin’s summary completely misses the point.

      The motives of the “super class” are by no means senseless. They may be, and probably are, in my opinion, immoral, wrong, and so forth. They are not “senseless”, in that they maintain their grip on wealth and power in a very rational fashion. I briefly discussed the general mechanism of how corporate bodies create and enact their policies.

      It is not beyond the pale to ascribe beneficial motives to the author of the article. However, the article is a “story” and it is not “true”. The author may indeed mean well; I make no judgement as to his motives. His analysis is nearly completely wrong, and I gave several examples of his faulty analysis in the article. Good policies will not be found with lousy analyis.

      Considering the “austerity program” in Greece for a bit: The austerity program in Greece was not imposed by lenders because Greece was prosperous, the tax collection policies were fairly enforced and collected, and the national borrowing was used for money making projects such that the borrowed funds were paid back on time and with interest.

      It’s unclear why the famous advice, “neither a borrower nor a lender be”, does not pertain to Greece. If the people of Greece suffer, it is because their government is as corrupt as ours, and about as equally democratic. Note that the new Greek leader promised what he could not deliver; having the Greek debt forgiven with no promise of any benefit to the lenders. If the antecedents to the austerity program cannot be agreed upon in principle, there is little need to continue that discussion. The adage, “beggars can’t be choosers” comes to mind.

      Plus, I didn’t create the Greek situation, our current education policies of mind control, nor the various Bildergburgy groups which maintain their wealth and power with complete independence from any reliance on my wishes. I do provide them with more tax income than I would were I confined in a “Hunger Games” camp. I’m thinking that Ceasar prefers the income. It’s in nobodoy’s ointerest to collapse human society.

      Finally, I do not have aplomb nor poise. It may be thought that these are the necessary requirements for changing the world for the better, rather than sound thinking. Fortunately, we still have the first amendment for a little while longer.

      (BTW, there is no point in watching a video if the written synopsis makes little sense to the prospective viewer.)

    4. Obviously, humans conspire. Many people disagree on this. Therefore they will not be able to tell the difference between fourth graders conspiring harmlessly on the playground from brazillianaires conspiring in the boardroom for world domination. Oh well.

  9. There is another historical factor on why Americans have lost their souls, in addition to the four events that I noted below. That is religious racism.

    The more religious a person is, the more racist, as studies have shown. And America is a highly religious country. Consequently the American people have supported American power historically in its geo-policy of violent racist imperialism. This is the killing and violence against non-White people to dominate them to steal their personal and collective property and power.

    This began in the 17th century with the ethnic cleansing of American Indians and the slavery of African Americans, stealing the homes and homeland from the former, and the labor and freedom from the latter. In the 18th century a White oligarchy gained rule–The Founding Fathers– who created a government to protect their property, including slaves. In the 19th century, American power stole half of Mexico from Hispanic Indians. In the 20th, over a hundred thousands American citizens of Japanese heritage were put into concentration camps, while America bombed the Japanese people with nuclear weapons. In the 21th century, American power is killing hundreds of thousands of dark skinned Muslims to steal their oil, homes and other property and power.

    American power has been supported by the American people, largely against their personal collective interests. White workers, for example, in slave societies, have less jobs at lower pay. But the American people have been deluded to support the oppression of people because of their religious power delusions. There are a few that oppose racism precisely because of their religion, but most are like Patrick, highly racist, and are supported by most White Americans, although non-White Americans are racist as well against other minorities.

    A few days ago, a fraternity in Oklahoma on a bus was singing a song that contained the line, “you can hang a nigger from a true, but you can’t get him to sign [in the fraternity} with me.” What the media concealed was the fact that it was a Catholic fraternity, and the leader of the song was a recent graduate of Jesuit Dallas, a prep school. He said that they were taught the song, but not by who. The president of the prep school stated publically that they weren’t racist, but tried to divert the furor against birth control and abortion.

    This religious racism is routine in the USA, but covered up by the truth institutions. Jews use religion to oppress Palistinians; Protestants in the Bible Belt discriminate strongly against African Americans and Hispanics, etc. Patrick uses his religion to brand all non-Whites, and he is supported by religious commenters.

    This religious racism is an anti-people belief, since about 90% of the earth’s people are non-White. Most Americans, polls have indicated, support torture which is mostly conducted aganst non-Whites, and capital punishment, alone among most developed countries. religion tells us to Love our Neighbor, but power unites us this way to attack and brutalize those people who are not our neighbors.

    This primitive and brutal religion has perverted our souls. This religion needs to transformed into a decent respect for earthpeople. This change of political culture can only be achieved historically by a truth revolution.

  10. The usual geo-political reasons given for the use of the a-bombs,
    Marilyn, was to threaten the Soviet Union in the pre-beginnings of the Cold War. But what is usually not pointed out is that it was American policy to bomb the civilian population of both Germany and Japan previous to this, and the casualties, hundreds of thousands of civilians, were comparable.

    The Dresden fire bombing, dramatized by a Kurt Vonnegut novel, killed about a hundred thousand people. And the Tokyo fire bombing killed even more. The technical implications of the a-bombings were more ominous, but the moral implications were just a continuation of previous military policy.

    The media problem is that American historical anti-people policy has been sanitized out of the mainstream truth institutions. And, in addition, the American people have been conditioned and indoctrinated, largely without our conscious awareness, to identify with homicidal racism. The killing of hundreds of thousands of dark-skinned Muslims under the War on Terrorism is a continuation of this historical tendency.

    1. I suppose the saving grace, if you will, about atomic weaponry is that officials are afraid of the fallout, which is the perfect example of “what goes around comes around”. Not so for the fire bombings which once they have done their work allow the victors to come in without risk, and their families at home to sleep at night and eat their vegetables.

      The new era in which we live may not permit such a repeat of Dresden, Coventry, Nanking or Hiroshima. Notice I added the offenses of the other side, because that is necessary to an unbiased telling of that war.

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