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By James F. Tracy

Major US news media have presented a grossly distorted and misleading interpretation of vaccines and their relationship to public health since early January. These  journalistic organs have suggested the recent measles outbreak in the Western US has been a crisis of monumental proportions.

This flagrant and cynical sensationalism has become a foundation for intense advocacy on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporate and regulatory cartel targeting patient informed consent—a founding principal of modern medical practice and personal freedom. Keeping in mind the close to 300 vaccine products now in the pharmaceutical industry’s pipeline,[1] closer analysis of “measles outbreak” press coverage suggests a conscious effort by corporate news media to virtually banish such notions and practices from the public mind. A news media dependent on over $1 billion in advertising dollars from big pharma must almost by necessity indulge their clients’ broader agenda.

An impartial journalistic approach to the question of vaccination and personal choice would provide equal and unprejudiced airing of “both sides,” in addition to the varied grey areas in the debate, from the corporate and statist entities flying the banner of mandatory vaccination to cautious segments of the citizenry voicing reservations toward such technology alongside the foremost prerogative of personal choice.

A LexisNexis search of US newspaper and wire service articles from December 28, 2015—the official start date of the California measles outbreak—to February 8, 2015 [2] using the search terms “measles” and “vaccination” yields 799 press releases or wire stories and 746 newspaper articles and opinion pieces. Much of this coverage predictably emphasizes the array of vaccine-friendly assumptions and pronouncements from entities abetting the pharmaceutical industry’s long-term profit-specific objectives.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is, alongside the Food and Drug Administration, the most powerful bureaucratic arm utilized by the global pharmaceutical cartel to elicit compliance with the federal vaccine schedule for children from the medical profession and broader population. Of the article sample referenced above, close to one-third (517) reference the “Centers for Disease Control” or “CDC” in their text, suggesting citation of the agency and its policies to persuasively instruct readers on vaccine efficacy and safety.

In contrast, the same body of over 1,500 press releases, news stories and editorials reference “informed consent” only three times—and when the term is used it is done so either in passing or to disparage the practice itself. For example, Arthur Caplan, a professor of medicine at New York University, warns against doctors even considering the practice of informed consent in regard to vaccines. “The science is unimpeachable,” Caplan proclaims. ” Vaccines do not cause autism; measles is dangerous and contagious; inoculating against the disease is neither pointless nor riskier than abstention.” The physician then amazingly suggests that genuine informed consent–explaining how a vaccine such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella, which can severely injure, incapacitate, or kill the child patient–must be categorically replaced by the dissemination of pharmaceutical industry propaganda and half-truths. “Those doctors who counsel otherwise – who distort what patients need to know to preserve their health or that of their children – have crossed a bright red line. They have violated a patient’s right to informed consent, which depends on accurate information.”[3]

The foremost US organization advocating the fundamental doctrine of informed consent, the National Vaccine Information Center, is referenced a paltry 22 times in the sizable article sample. And while the NVIC routinely emphasizes that it is not “anti-vaccine” and merely advocates that patients or their parents fully understand the risks associated with the industrialized, “one size fits all” immunization process, it is nevertheless framed as the official voice of “anti-vaccination.” A recent New York Times article from the data set is exemplary of this practice. “Members of the anti-vaccine movement said the public backlash had terrified many parents. ’People are now afraid they’re going to be jailed,’ said Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of the National Vaccine Information Center, a clearinghouse for resisters.”[4]

Of the 746 articles published in newspapers, 143 are editorial and opinion pieces. Almost without exception each vigorously supports wide-scale vaccination, even proposing punitive measures for those clinging to informed consent and personal choice. Such uniform opinion among newsroom management provides a clear indication of exactly how warped the overall news coverage of the “measles outbreak” has been.

“If we’re not willing to permanently exile anti-vaxxers from the public square,” one opinion in the Philadelphia Daily News remarks, “we should at least make emergency provisions to do so. Anti-vaxxers should be made to understand that when there is a public-health emergency – such as a measles outbreak – they’ll be quarantined for the duration.”[5] “Those who refuse to vaccinate are wrong,” the Salt Lake Tribune argues. “They endanger themselves and those around them.”[6] “The growing anti-vaccination movement is one of the most frustrating developments of this decade,” the San Jose Mercury News similarly contends. “Some of the parents who mistrust vaccine are uneducated and have no access to pediatric counsel, but there’s no excuse for the irresponsible parents who have access to the latest science yet irrationally fear that vaccines are not safe for their children.”[7]

In an effort to console parents concerned about the very real possibility of vaccines causing autism, US government press releases and US news outlets alike reference a 1998 study authored by British physician and medical scientist Andrew Wakefield linking vaccination to Crohn’s disease and autism. “Public health officials blame a decline in parents having their kids vaccinated that began after a now-thoroughly discredited 1998 British report alleged that common early childhood vaccinations triggered autism,” the San Diego Union Tribune grouses. “Unfortunately, that discredited report continues to be cited by know-nothing celebrities and vapid New Age authors who broadly reject modern medicine. They do so even as life expectancy hits all-time highs and medical researchers make steady progress on many fronts.”[8]

The US government’s own public relations service—US Official News—likewise chimes in on Wakefield’s alleged deceit. “A 1998 article in the medical journal The Lancet caused a firestorm of controversy when it was published   and helped create the anti-vaccine movement that continues today,” one US government press release reads. “There’s only one problem–the article was later retracted by the publisher for being ‘utterly false,’ and the author, Andrew Wakefield, was found to have been paid big bucks by plaintiffs’ lawyers.”[9]

The fact that Wakefield’s 1998 findings have been upheld in 19 peer-reviewed papers he has contributed to the literature between 1998 and 2010, in addition to 28 studies from other scientists around the world [10] has been consciously overlooked by US newspaper editors and other drug industry propagandists. That this key piece of disinformation–soundly rebutted in the published research–continues to be repeated by journalists and government publicists alike suggests the hardcore disinformation tactics deployed to perpetuate the misunderstanding and unwarranted faith the majority of US families continue to place in big pharma’s immensely profitable vaccine agenda.

As direct result of this well-coordinated publicity campaign and resulting hysteria the legal right by which families may exercise informed consent is now under intense legal assault across the US. “Hearings to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions to vaccine mandates have already taken place in Washington and Oregon,” NVIC reports.

California, Maine, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont all have bills already filed or press announcements of bills about to be filed to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions. Maine, Minnesota and Texas have bills to substantially restrict philosophical/conscientious exemptions. Religious exemptions are also under attack. Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Vermont have bills filed or announced to eliminate religious exemptions, and Illinois, New Mexico and Texas have bills filed or announced to unconstitutionally restrict religious exemptions.

In addition, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia all have legislation underway to expand vaccine mandates.[11]

In light of the above one should be unsurprised at the mob-like antipathy toward “anti-vaxxers,” and how the notions of personal liberty and informed consent have been made to appear increasingly bizarre by being effectively stricken from public discourse. The population has been expertly propagandized on the issue by medical practitioners, their professional associations, and regulatory agencies tethered to the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda vis-a-vis a news media reliant on drug advertising revenue. With these observations in mind one must seriously ask themselves, In what meaningful way would a wholly scientific authoritarianism differ from what is witnessed in America today?


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36 thought on “Big Pharma’s Mass Vaccination Agenda: Propaganda Assault on Informed Consent”
    1. And let’s not ever forget that eventhough a vaccine may be rather “safe”, there is always the possibility that it has been tampered with. I remember not too many years ago when Baxter Pharmaceutical shipped a large batch of flu vaccine to a certain country, and the receiver did his job, which was to inject a dose into an animal to see its reaction. Well, the animal died so they analyzed the batch and found it had live bird flu viruses in it. That caused a concern, and other countries tested their batches and found the same live bird flu virus. If the contaminated vaccine was administered, it would have wiped out millions and millions. Google “Baxter Bird Flu” for all the details.

  1. 4 out of 5 commercials on CNN are pharmaceutical products. One would expect that with that kind of revenue dependency comes an obligation to support the industry. This, of course, is just another example of how the corporatization of the World has led to the widely accepted practice of Profit over People.

      1. It’s the same in the UK, my grand children’s rare visits to the Dr surgery with her babies..the Mother is bombarded with.. ‘They are not vaccinated you can get them done any time..”..and when she reply’s ‘ I am informed, I am researching… and still not convinced.’. she is herded into another room as if they all have the plague..!.. what kind of humanity is taking over here..?

        1. Ostracism is a powerful psychological tool. Next step will be to require a sign in front of your house, or maybe a yellow six pointed star on all outer garments, better yet some ink.

      2. Money. Pharma companies contribute to NPR/PBS–it’s a charitable write-off! And they “sponsor” research programs at universities, endow professorships, and make the sort of charitable contributions that get things named after them. Universities and NPR are both greedy organizations that are sure they are chronically underfunded, no matter how awash in cash they are

  2. Ultimately, once the Pavolovian habit is inculcated, people will be knocked off for various reasons using various methods. If there’s one cardinal objective to OneWorlders it’s cutting the population down by upweards of 90%. Who knows what DNA has already been pumped into us as of now? Then again, are there actually people who are not aware of this most obvious objective? The world of diversion is alive and well and is feeding us lies constantly on networks that hew to the World Zionist line. Vaccines are prime candidates for seeding of humans with deadly agents, hence we see what Obamacare is all about. Mainly, forced vaccinations that are supposed to help mankind “thrive”.

    1. Agree. I wonder what the ptb will do when all of us are no longer here to buy pharmaceuticals or to plot against. “Whoever leads the upright along an evil path will fall into their own trap, but the blameless will receive a good inheritance.” Prov. 28:10

  3. “In what meaningful way would a wholly scientific authoritarianism differ from what is witnessed in America today?” That’s obvious. A wholly scientific authoritarianism would handle the vaccine problem in a much more scientifically authoritarian way…
    * A couple of stores that provide free vaccines would be bombed, coincidentally while some major network’s reporter was filming them.
    * The mass media would immediately announce that the FBI dismantled, albeit a little too late, a nationwide terrorist network that was going to attack many more stores, the CDC headquarters, and the private residences of some prominent vaccine marketers.
    * The mass media would announce that the FBI has decapitated the anti-vaccine terror network but confesses that it has great difficulty identifying its operatives.
    * The president would announce that he has given FEMA a schedule and a budget to set up emergency concentration camps to hold up the vaccine terrorists and their sympathizers while he looks for some final solution.
    * The mass media would announce that some of “our brave troops’ returning from some terror war zone will not go home to rest, but instead will deploy to seek and neutralize vaccine terrorists and their supporters with all necessary means, exhorting citizens to stay clear of any domestic military operation.
    * FEMA would announce that it has been preventively building concentration camps and may be able to comply with the presidential desire ahead of schedule and below budget.
    * etc.

    Scientific authoritarianism is not–not yet?–being witnessed. Scientific imbecility is, the best instance arguably being the blissful ignorance by structural engineering scholars of Building 7’s criminal controlled demolition. Incidentally, Building 7’s conspiracy demonstrates this scientific imbecility’s global component, but this is another story.


  4. If fighting the anti-vaccine sentiment is so frustrating for them; why don’t they set aside some of their billions to find out what exactly is causing autism rates to skyrocket. Of course they would probably have to give the research over to public scrutiny by the scientific community. They would first have to get a law passed that says we can’t see it, but its all good and we just have to believe they found the cause. Kind of like Obamacare, and the Monsanto never did anything wrong times infinity law.

    Wouldn’t such proof restore the publics faith in big pharma? Naahhh! Just pay the govern-media and force it on them, its cheaper.

    1. Autism “benefits” the education process because more teachers for damaged children are needed. Our education system began to go bonkers around the turn of the 20th century with John Dewey. It progressed to the point where the scorned parents were told to back off, “we are teachers, we know the story” on all things germane to education. That is where we stand now. How dare we question our schools with such endeavors like home schooling? No, instead, we should be choosing the lovely for-profit Common Core brainwashing because it brings in blessed conformity to our schools so our blessed teachers don’t have to work so, so hard……have you noticed that even the valedictorians at Harvard University’s freshman classes need remedial reading, writing, and often math? Can you imagine this happening at this vaunted school of magnificence? Are you aware that from the 30’s to the 50’s, Harvard was known as Communism Central for the US?
      Pharmacy is a fat goose ripe for plucking the pockets of drug needing CVS customers. Where there are big shekels to be made, lo and behold!, a process comes from outer space and the next thing you know is we have a situation whereby 4 out of the top 6 profit makers in American industry are drug manufacturers?? Pure coincidence, for sure.

      1. From what I have seen of common core math problems, it seems more like the absence of math is being taught. They are creating a technological priesthood. Only the prodigy’s will know any of the real higher level math. The rest will find simple arithmetic a mystery. Have you had anyone try to make change for you if the register is broke these days? They pretty much just have to shut the store down. Better yet, hand them a five dollar bill and a quarter for a $1.25 candy bar and note the blank stare.

  5. “An impartial journalistic approach to the question of vaccination and personal choice would provide equal and unprejudiced airing of “both sides,” in addition to the varied grey areas in the debate, from the corporate and statist entities flying the banner of mandatory vaccination to cautious segments of the citizenry voicing reservations toward such technology alongside the foremost prerogative of personal choice.”

    Yea, well. That’s water long since passed under the bridge.

    But what about the Docs? The public does not trust the media–and the public being astoundingly stupid, that’s saying something. But the public still trusts their physicians, who are even more astoundingly uninformed than the public about vaccine dangers. Read this horrible case. I challenge you not to weep:

    Sure, the Docs run interference for Big Pharma at every opportunity, but the likelihood is they–for the most part–have no idea that they are defending lies. The public is indeed stupid, so the physician community feels entirely comfortable ignoring the research of their customers–even though the Doc himself has never done any such research. He just knows better because that’s what Big Pharma taught him in Med School, and he knows that the customer is a fool.

    I’d say this quote James provides from a medical honcho is a relatively rare example of medical honesty:

    “…then amazingly suggests that genuine informed consent–explaining how a vaccine such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella, which can severely injure, incapacitate, or kill the child patient–must be categorically replaced by the dissemination of pharmaceutical industry propaganda and half-truths. “Those doctors who counsel otherwise – who distort what patients need to know to preserve their health or that of their children – have crossed a bright red line. They have violated a patient’s right to informed consent, which depends on accurate information.””

    This guy knows that genuine information cannot be allowed to be disseminated. He is an enforcer, tasked stop physicians from waking up.

    Of course, this article is simply another example of the media criticism MHB exists to perform. It is a gem of the genera. James closes with the question: “In what meaningful way would a wholly scientific authoritarianism differ from what is witnessed in America today?”

    Bertrand Russell told us in the 1950s. We are arriving right on schedule.

    1. I’m not so sure that physicians are not aware they are supporting big pharma lies. I think it might be more likely they are trapped in the situation. Most probably have enormous student loan debts to pay off or fear public backlash/being labeled a quack if they oppose the group think. Not going along with the machine could mean the end of their career. Consider parallels to Galileo and the Inquisition.

      1. Do some of your own research on your medical health, and the next time you see your physician, ask some well thought out questions that might well strain his/her knowledge of said subject. You will rapidly see that most physicians get very touchy very rapidly when they are in unknown territory. Or, they will simply construct some weak answer to your questions that are obviously a sign he/she is out of his comfort zone.

        1. They hate it when you become your own person in their presence. Absolutely hate it. I’ve not had good experiences with physicians over the years, so I tend to avoid them unless absolutely necessary (see my measles story in another thread here at MH). I do try to question and control as much as I possibly can (if I am physically able) when I see any physician.

          I recall one doctor, about 15 years ago, who misdiagnosed me without much basis in fact. I’d answered “no” to each of the symptoms he presented to me regarding a disease he “thought” I had. He insisted that I had this particular disease and that I would then have to take an extremely potent medication for it. I immediately and firmly said, “No, I will not take that medication.” He looked bewildered. He replied, “If you don’t, you will die.” I said, “Well, then, I will die.”

          I was confident I didn’t have what he thought I had, but I went along with the tests involved, and but of course, I did NOT have the disease. He was absolutely dumbfounded. He could not even look me in the eye as he went over the results of the tests, shook his head, murmured something along the lines of “I thought for sure…” and beat it the hell out the exam room door as fast as he could.

          Yes, what he “thought for sure…” was that I was his new cash cow, and with a long-term illness, I could probably buy him a new boat.

          I went to another physician. It was menopause. Not terminal.

      2. You have to be smart to get through medical school, so these guys are definitely capable of understanding the truth. But they are indoctrinated into believing they are smarter than people who did not go to medical school, and thus, civilians who contradict them can safely be dismissed.

        These people have no idea, in most cases, that they are trapped in a false paradigm. They don’t even know that Big Pharma is the driver of that false world. It’s just the truth, so far as they believe. This makes them dumber than dirt, however smart they are, innately. All that potential, all that incipient brilliance, gone to waste. And for what? If you read the article, they are actively destroying people’s lives, these smarties, and they do it by declaring that the people they are ruining are too stupid to understand, that their questioning is not legitimate–that informed consent means only hearing what the smarties tell you in the doctor’s office, no more.

        What a sad waste of good minds. The Rockefellers have ruined medicine good and hard, just as they have done to so many other things. All those doctors ruining people’s lives, and not knowing it, swaggering in their arrogance, are in a way victims, too. Going to medical school means bending over for the soap, sad to say.

        1. Yes, the Stoneyfellers did such a great job with morality also, via Alfred Kinsey. What a great idea to pay a pervert, who interviews degenerates, and then generalize the results to the rest of the population. After that, they feign disapproval, and pull their support, but who cares, the message was delivered just in time for Hef to capitalize on it.

      3. Rick, you pinpoint reasons why doctors opt out of medical integrity and take the Swiss approach: “I see nothing, I hear nothing; I remain neutral on all issues.”

        That might fly in the illegitimate MSM, but history will not be so generous when dispensing judgment. The Swiss were guilty of abetting the NAZIs and profited midghtily from their mendacious willful ignorance.
        Time to bring doctors up on charges for reneging on promises emcumbent upon professionals to “do no harm.” Publisizing their names might be a good start.

        Ruined careers will not cover the cost of ruined lives of countless children and their families. We must implement a counter balance to medical criminals. A doctor without a conscience is a detriment to society.
        We give them our trust; they give us contempt.

        1. I went all thru grammar school where there were 50 kids in my class. There were also 50 kids in a second group of students in the same grade. So, there was 100 kids per grade from kindergarten to eighth grade. And we all got the measles at one time or another and not a single one of us died. Nobody died from measles, and there wasn’t any measles shot back then either. The same with the mumps. We all got the mumps and nobody died, and there was no shot for mumps. Polio shots were just starting to come out, in the form of a sugar cube. Now that disease had some serious consequences. But measles ? Or Mumps ? No big deal at all. By the time my daughter was born in 1988, all the kids were getting their measle shots early on. Guess what ? My daughter got the measles anyway. It was no big deal, she laughed her way through it as if it was nothing. Because it was, nothing.

      4. One of the very major restrictions placed on physicians’ willingness to deviate from the “accepted standards of care” is the from the standpoint of liability.The legal profession has created a very tight web of restrictions on physicians probably originating from the insurance payment mechanism following lawsuits. This protects the insurance company from payouts and allows the physicians to also have protection from patients’ legal propensities. Obviously, FDA will use these mechanisms to allow physicians to practice in this legalistic jungle and still keep boundaries on what payouts to injured patients can amount to. Physicians are not experts in all medical areas, often they have gross absence of knowledge in, say, nutrition or naturopathic treatment of disease. Allopathic medicine sticks to the synthetic created medicines for obvious reasons. The hand of the Rockefeller establishment is clearly shown in all these medically oriented pursuits. Translation? Not to be trusted…….

  6. CNN was having what amounted to a pro-vaccine rally on their News program. There was a red bar with reversed lettering saying “vaccines do not cause autism”. It was as subtle as a sledge hammer as it was there during the entire segment. It amounted to a banner ad for BIg Pharma. It was in the same colors as the red cross. My first thought was you bet they cause autism because CNN was hammering the opposite idea with such zeal.

  7. Was reading Christopher Bollyn’s critique of 9/11 when this quote jumped off the page:

    “Fabianism feeds on capitalism but excretes Communism.”

    That piqued my curiosity…had heard of the Fabian Society but was in a quandary over origins and significance in history. Founded in 1884 in England as a movement based largely in economics, it spread in many directions and incorporated several prevailing ideologies of that era. I think we can perhaps recognize its DNA in Globalism’s philosophy. The British royal culture was adamant to preserve its imperialstic powers. Their tactics were positively Bysantine (in homage to foundations of the old Roman Empire holding out on its Eastern flank–which was predicated on “maximum effort to administrative detail”).

    Considering the ridiculous lengths NWO devotees go to that resonate in every facet of modern America, it may be essential to look at the Fabian movement in modern context. Bertrand Russell was an illuminary in the movement. And George Bernard Shaw found it worthy of membership.

    The link provides some interesting facts; just plug in today’s events and the puzzle shards merge and begin to materialize in living color, with an accent on the ‘living.’

    Thinking outloud again.

  8. This is an astute analysis, Dr. Tracy, in line with my observations on comment sections monitored heavily by professional trolls running the gamut from the not-so-bright attempting to pass themselves off as scientists to an early 30s PhD candidate from Oregon State University studying communicable diseases (found him on LinkedIn) and his friend or alter ego tag teaming to jump on comments not directed at them (Disqus) on a days old MSM article, commenting minutes after a post, and likewise a duo tag teaming on a few days old Green Med Info article. Who is watching so closely to respond in such a manner and aggressively so? Clearly, this smacks of highly organized behavior to protect the propaganda memes. Makes me think of Bill Clinton’s 2011 proposal for a US or UN body to monitor for rumors and misinformation, a virtual Ministry of Truth, and, of course, Cass Sunstein with his cognitive infiltration proposal. It’s all way way beyond Mockingbird.

    Professional trolls working the vaccine angle are being given epidemiological or scientific talking points that are specifically designed to be misdirections, at times involving the regurgitation of terminology some barely understand. Their handlers appear to be instructing them to (1) emphasize death and suffering from contagious disease in unusually emotive or graphic terms, and (2) misdirect or ignore any and all questions on efficacy and documented cases of death and disability from vaccination. Revealing their vulnerable spots, they will not engage on the First Do No Harm rule, discussion of which opens the door to a blood sacrifice for “greater good” trap. They also won’t touch the more nuanced and accurate immune system model of a distinction between cellular and humoral immunity as doing so would throw a major monkey wrench into their simplistic propaganda construct.

    Dr. Suzanne Humphries and others like her have been doing a tremendous job educating the public on the subject of vaccinations. In the nearly hour long interview she gave to Dr. Joe Mercola, she explains her research strongly supporting the view that polio and small pox were not eradicated by vaccinations. The polio deception is particularly eye opening. Dr. Tracy, please consider contacting Dr. Humphries for an interview. I encourage your readers to check out her book and / or any of the several interviews she has recently given. I don’t know her or any person connected to her. I’m merely grateful for her dedication.

    Thank you for all you do, Dr. Tracy, you are a beacon of light.

    Link to Mercola interview of Humphries:

    1. Thanks for this video, gwp, and I agree with your beacon of light comment. This blogger breaks down the ad hominem attacks against against people questioning the vaccination paradigm very well:

      I am currently at home with sick kids, and learning all I can about this issue in any spare time, as if it were a matter of life or death.

  9. There is a petition on the White House. Gov web site you can sign. It states “Prohibits any law mandating the force and requirement of vaccinations of any kind”. It needs about 80,000 more signatures by March 6th.

  10. One important correction: Arthur Caplan is NOT a professor of medicine, nor is he a physician,though he is often presented as some kind of expert in medical issues. He is actually a “medical ethicist.” If that sounds a bit obtuse, there’s good reason; a medical ethicist is basically someone with a strong background in PHILOSOPHY, who then studies not medicine, but medical issues in context of society.

    As his views on vaccination are obviously unethical, I fail to understand why he is constantly interviewed on vaccine issues–except if you search the “dollars for docs” website, you can see that he has been paid by the pharmaceutical industry.

    He was also named in a lawsuit that involved the death of an 18-year-old student named Jesse Gelsinger, who volunteered for a medical safety trial and lost his life in the process; the researchers involved had reached out to individuals like Jesse (for whom the medical procedure being studied was not even thought to offer any help for his own personal medical situation) on Caplan’s advice.

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