By James F. Tracy

On February 27 Memory Hole Blog published an article, “DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism,” an unsolicited work received from an unidentified party. Two previous posts were received by this party and posted over the past month. The most recent piece featured multiple images and somewhat humorously focused on public figures involved in the Sandy Hook School massacre and Boston Marathon bombing. While the post may have been written and submitted in good faith, some readers have helped persuade the editor that it does not fit the tone this forum seeks to foster.

For the first time in its three-year existence MHB has taken down a post. Yet recent circumstances especially suggest a route of caution should be taken in editorial practice. Over the past week the site has become a target of “trolling” due to the recent Real Politik interview of cartoonist Ben Garrison. As noted in that February 24th piece, over the course of several years Garrison has become a target of a malicious and defamatory campaign waged by anonymous trolls and apparently intended to stifle the politically-themed messages of his cartoons.

Upon deleting a handful of potentially anti-Semitic comments on the above-referenced post earlier this week, MHB‘s editor received the following message via his State of Florida employer email account. Under Chapter 119 of the Florida Statute this document is a public record and is thus shared below.

From: james von brunn []
To: James Tracy

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 11:02 PM
Subject: F–K you
This message was sent with High importance.

….you piece of shite jew shill bastard!

The author of the email uses the name, “James Von Brunn,” the perpetrator of the June 10, 2009 shooting at the US National Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Further research of her/his email address indicates that s/he posted as a MHB commenter under the name, “misterbickles,” with a calling card listing a “dummy” blog, “James Von Brunn’s” IP addess indicates the party resides in Ontario Canada.

Similar harassment has been recently experienced in other avenues. For example, over the past several months an associate of MHB has regularly produced the audio of the weekly Real Politik interview program on his Project: Liberty Defined YouTube channel. The February 22nd edition featuring the Garrison interview has been attacked with racist and anti-Semitic-themed remarks, most all of which ironically seek to portray Garrison as a racist as anti-semitic figure.

With the above in mind MHB believes that particular caution should be exercised in its editorial policy. The editor shares such news in a tradition of honesty and forthrightness. Memory Hole appreciate your continued participation, support, and understanding.


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19 thought on “Editor’s Note”
  1. James, I have long appreciated your journalistic integrity and respect and quest for truth in an even handed manner. Clearly, you have been identified as an enemy of the (not so unseen) forces behind the State. The opposition has been very clever in the practice of deception. Their diversionary methods are legion and omnipresent. If one relies on the media that simply reads from press releases for the “news”, one continues to be ignorant. We all have very intelligent friends that have unknowingly been suffering from a neurological condition known as cognitive dissonance. Thus, it is not easy to change one’s life long beliefs or distinguish truth from fiction.

    But, I for one, can depend on news and analysis to be presented fairly and accurately at the Memory Hole Blog. You have created a blog to which I can refer others, knowing that they there is a good possibility that they will see what I see using the critical thinking brain cells they have, but may need to be jump started into working again…or perhaps, for the first time.

    Thank you, Professor. I hope more educators in the world had the testicular fortitude you have demonstrated.

    By the way, James, I always wondered what those devilish Trolls looked like. Now I know. 🙂

  2. I was an avid consumer of Dr. Stan’s radio interviews from the start. My father in law (who knew Stan and Barbara well) ordered cassette tapes of the topics that interested him, and shared them with me each month. Then, the iPhone was invented, and I realized that I could download all four hours of interviews from his website, and listen to them whenever I wanted, without Bill’s selection-process–and without the couple of month time delay.

    So I heard a LOT of Stan.

    We talked on the phone many times, and around 11 years ago, when I re-read 1984, after a long hiatus, I felt like I had a special insight into what Orwell was driving at. So I called Stan to tell him, and he set up a series of broadcasts, calling me his resident Orwell expert. I was told that at least one of those shows was top of the list for a while in requests and re-broadcasts.

    He also had me on when I published books, and when I wrote about the movie Noah (he was terribly sick by then).

    I say all this to set up what I’m REALLY driving at: for all the familiarity I had with him, and the family connection, he always held me at arm’s length. He was very suspicious of everyone who wished to be close to his ministry–because he had seen many ministries destroyed from the inside by people the top guy entrusted with key roles, who turned out to be moles. He mentioned this on the air many times. I don’t know, because of this, if there was any way to get around his defenses. I didn’t hold it against him, because he HAD to be careful, if he was not to find everything he had build destroyed until it was too late, without his seeing what was happening.

    That’s the same dilemma James faces here. The enemies of freedom don’t like the on-line tavern/coffee shop MHB is designed to be, where a free-wheeling investigative journalism conversation can be joined by smart people who don’t believe what the Party wants us to believe, any time of day or night, from any point on the globe. What’s worse, for our masters, is that it constitutes a permanent record of the research into all the various assaults the bad guys have launched.

    Take, for example, what is even now going on at a relatively old thread: ( Anne, dino, Beth (and lately lophatt) have been doing astonishing, brand new, work in getting to the bottom of the Sandy Hook story. Really: go there, and read their conversation.

    Where else is this kind of thing being done? (If you read the thread, it gets a bit disjointed; the researchers suspect NSA shenanigans–and those may be real–but much of it is the mysterious zapping of comments into spam folder, which I suspect James detected and retrieved and posted out of sequence, later on.)

    So, I sympathize with the daunting reality people like Stan Monteith and James Tracy face. They have to tirelessly defend the integrity of the place they have built–and can’t trust bouncers hired out of the classified ads to keep the place orderly. Sometimes a tricky fellow slips through the gauntlet. They have to be suspicious, and do it all in-house. I only worry about burnout for people such as that, because it is terribly time consuming.

    Godspeed, James!

  3. Thank you for removing the unsuitable post. I am sorry to hear about the harassment, which emphasizes the need for the kind of careful and serious blog that you have created.

  4. My observation gleaned over the last few years is that attention to a website is given as the website content gains wider recognition and acceptance. There is no attention focused on websites that have little to offer, but as the website gains in literary power, ah yes!, attention comes to said website and if the site is tickling somebody the wrong way, count on this attention to be more strident and perhaps even perjorative in content. There are groups out in the ether that really resent criticism, so we can assume with safety that we have tugged on Superman’s cape the wrong way.

    1. Gil, that is a correct assessment. I don’t know if anyone has been following the drama on the Free Radio Revolution–Jeff C’s. you tube channel but the day before yesterday he announced he’s taking an extended leave of absence. He has been under unending shill and cointelpro attacks since his research pointed to the Taiwanese plane crash being a real event and not a hoax.

      This crack in the truth movement was all that was needed to send things out of control and start the divide and conquer operations. He and his supporters did straighten some things out. If you want more info on what was going on you can check out the vids on his channel. He was part of the ‘We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook’ video group. I think he is one of the best researchers at busting all these hoaxes plus he had a weekly podcast of his own and was a guest on many other roundtables. I think the emotional toll of being the truth teller when all sorts of dark forces and ignorant people get in the way becomes overwhelming. His supporters hope his taking a break will renew his energy to return. I’ve seen that name ‘misterbickles’ in comment sections of various hoax busters and not for good stuff. He’s probably in the cointel-shill group.

  5. The oligarchical police state being installed in the USA is not a traditional fascist police state. However it threatens to become one because explicit US policy supports Ukrainian Nazism. This truth is relegated to the No Truth Zone by accusing truthers who say so of supporting Russia and Putin, intimidating Americans, to make them afraid to tell the simple, obvious truth. The NY Times assigns this truth to the memory hole, just as it did the torture of Muslims during the War on Terrorism. And Fox News routinely lies about anything, so the mainstream truth consensus on both the mainstream left and right sanitizes the authorized truth of discreditable elements, until it is revealed at the appropriate time.

    The American support for Nazism is conflated with the traditional American war policy of Democratic presidents. They generally go to war in the second term of their presidency. Wilson went to world war one after campaigning in his 1916 Election that ‘HE KEPT US OUT OF WAR. Roosevelt went to world war 2 after his third term election in 1940. Truman went to the Korean war after his election, and Johnson went to the Vietnam war after his election. Bill Clinton initiated the Yugoslav war, dismembering the country after his re-election. Republican presidents are more likely to go to war in their first terms.

    It is now time for Obama to go to war, after his re-election. However he is trying to do so as much as possible with proxy militaries. This includes the Ukrainian military, ruled by the oligarch-Nazi junta. An American asset in Ukraine is Perubiy, a co-founder of the Nazi party, that the US had its name changed to Svoboda (Freedom). He led the snipers who precipitated the Maiden coup, shooting both cops and protesters, legitimating Right Sector, another Nazi group, to overthrow the Elected regime. the massacre of about a hundred persons was blamed on the overthrown regime, and the Russians. The Russians were also blamed for the shooting down of flight MH17, killing about 300 passengers, initiating the military attack on the anti-junta eastern provinces.

    It is very difficult for most Americans to understand the false flags and power conspiracies, and the ideological deception that legitimates the Nazi rise. The anti-Semitism is being fostered and led by neo-Zionist Jews. The anti-Semitism frightens the Jewish populations to support Israel, and possibly emigrate there. In Ukraine the Proclaimed ideology is anti-Semitism, since it is descended from Hitler Nazism, but the operative attack is against Russians and the Russian speaking population. In the USA, the Nazi and White movement is anti-Semitic, but is largely directed against African Americans and Muslims, as well as against Hispanic immigrants.

    The fascist attacks on Grrr Graphics and MHB is part of the general rise of fascism in the USA, legitimated by American policy. It cannot be defended against by cowering down and praying for peace. It must be fought ideologically, since it is supported by the American tolerance of violent racism. Politics is war conducted by other means, and to fight fascism it is necessary to fight racial violence, a lynch mentality. The alternative to fighting racial violence is implicitly or explicitly supporting it. In a world with weapons of mass destruction, which can be used both domestically and in foreign policy, a policy of racial violence tends to lead to self destruction.

      1. Radio…..according to some, such as the World Bank Whistleblower, that British Empire goes even further to the Vatican, which is operating in cahoots with the Rothchilds. And there is the possibility proffered by her that the Coneheads (Home Capensis) may be the brains behind them all. Hiding in the Hollows of Mother Earth, they remain mostly hidden, only venturing out to take a spin around the solar system in one of their flying saucers, from time to time. Sigh, what little we know of what’s really going on.

  6. Unfortunately, yours isn’t the first blog or alternative news website to be subjected to these tactics:

    The Double Identity of an “Anti-Semitic” Commenter ( /

    Which isn’t unlike tactics often used on reddit, at times employed by a subreddit created with the sole intent of harassing conspiracy theorists and those in alternative media, of which a moderator of some of reddit’s largest subreddits just happens to be involved with:

  7. James, I feel your pain. I posted for quite a while at another site several years ago. It was a great site and was getting a lot of interest. That’s when the “bottom fell out”.

    Trolls started attacking relentlessly. It was quite obvious that their purpose was to disrupt and stifle discussion. They were not interested in what was being said. It escalated to a point where they actually gained control of the site and closed it.

    In the background some of the posters managed to research the trolls. We had names and addresses. At the end of the day we discovered that they were working for an organization.

    It is absolutely true that, when you are making progress and things are coming to light, that’s when they come out of their holes. The obvious conclusion that, if they don’t like the material, why don’t they go elsewhere, is not what they are about.

    Stifling discussion and controlling speech is their game. There is some comfort in the knowledge that if you weren’t making a difference, you wouldn’t be getting their attention. Your efforts are appreciated and I know that it isn’t easy.

    The internet is a wonderful thing. In the “old days”, one had to subscribe to publications or research topics at the library. That was fine, but all of the material was old. There was not vehicle to respond immediately or share research and information with a broader audience.

    It was much easier for the enemies of freedom to control speech in those days, and what they didn’t control, didn’t reach that large an audience. So they are experimenting. Besides the self-styled censors, there are government and other groups who are paying people to disrupt dialog.

    The noose is tightening on what’s left of how we like to think of ourselves as a country. We are now a global oligarchy. They just haven’t announced it yet. By the time that happens it will be a fait accompli.

  8. I have followed, learned from, admired, supported, & advertised your blog for a long time. Whether they are trolls or paid shills, loyal readers w/ an opposing view, etc. remember, dear Sir…….your blog, your choices ! Open forum discussions are great for learning & I admire your lack of “dictatorship”. If differences are stated in a respectful, civil manner, we can all learn. But in the end….it is YOUR BLOG !!!

  9. James, I don’t exactly understand the troll problem. The obvious solution is simply not to post them. This may require hiring a pre-editor to moderate the posts, passing on the dubious ones to you for final editorial judgment. I for one would be happy to contribute to the cost of such help, which shouldn’t cost much. This might slightly delay some of the posting, but you tend to moderate my posts and I understand the reason for it, and, I think, so would everyone else.

    This presumes, as commenters have mentioned, you are going to be increasingly attacked if you are being effective. Of course. We are dealing with a vicious anti-people power system which, in order to maintain its power, has created a No Truth Zone, and a Memory Hole to enforce it. This has produced an American people who are historically illiterate, forgetting the past, denying the present, and ignoring the future.

    Increasingly the reality-based truth will be told only in blogs and on the internet, and this will increasingly be subjected to harassment by American power. This is just the initial onslaught.

  10. Interesting that I came across this today because just yesterday my best friend made me aware that our business FB had been trolled by someone who wrote that people should not buy our products because I don’t believe in Sandy Hook. Needless to say that I doubt some “concerned citizen” went to this trouble so I would have to say it is one of the many government trolls hunting down people. I did detach my name only because it is not fair to my friend, but make no mistake I am not going to shut up. We already know they have a naughty list which I am sure I have made but I refuse to stand down in the face of tyranny, I would rather die free than live a slave. To all the other truth tellers, stand strong!!! the heavy opposition is the throws of death this corrupt government is going through.

  11. What apparently is unrecognized by the trolls and their employers/enablers is that resistance to the corruption has now reached the Hydra-headed stage. By that I mean, if blogs like James’ is unmolested the deeper story gets told. If we begin to see the antics of the trolls–not exactly difficult to see–it just reinforces the sense that, indeed, James and his peers are on to something because the verification is in the attempts to silence it. Whatever their response, another head of resistance arises.

    So, it is lose-lose for them, long-term. I am a cautious thinker who does not jump to conclusions quickly but really try to understand the dynamic(s) at play in any situation. With that said, I can tell you my default position has, for some time, been that EVERYTHING the government says is a lie. Is that the case? No, obviously. I’m sure some farm reports are accurate. But in terms of risk-reward, you are more likely to be accurate thinking it is all lies than to default that it is all true.

    So, in terms of absolutes: There is ALWAYS an agenda we never hear about. It is NEVER about benefiting the average person. If you believe what they tell you, you will ALWAYS be the last person to have accurate information to make judgement calls that protect you, your loved ones and your property.

    So when it comes to trolls, let them fire away. It only reinforces my conviction they must be stopped, one way or another.

  12. I love the troll, too (used to have two or three!), and agree with Eric Goodhart’s assessment of the blog.

    And thanks, Patrick, for commenting on our discoveries vis-a-vis Dawn Hochsprung. Anne Berg has done additional solid research you haven’t read about yet.

    I wanted to get word out to Swansong, if he reads this blog (and I feel sure he does), to contact Anne or me, if he can. He referred to something we want to follow up on. I am at

    As for “Barry Soetoro,” he did propose something I hadn’t thought of, which is that William Podgorski’s death may also have been fake news. Probably was, now that I think of it. Just rushed to the hospital for no reason ever announced, and arrived “dead.”

    The hospitals and doctors are so deeply involved in these psy ops that it must now be required to get a medical license.

  13. The key problem is anonymity.

    The bigger lie is that people are “afraid” to speak under their own names. An individual has more to fear from being stalked by anonymous gangs of other Americans who would stifle that individual’s speech. It is frightening to me to recive the ignorant, anonymous, hate filled commentary that I get from time to time.

    A community can never get to the truth if the discussion is packed with anonymous lying. Our government is a reflection of this anonymity, poor thinking, and the subsequent generally poor policy choices.

    Barring legitimate reasons to the contrary, the human endeavor is driven by intention, and those intentions run the spectrum between good and evil. It sure seems like the evil intentions are more and more carrying the day, aided by anonymity.

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