RossTrailblazing psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross is a guest on the January 18 Real Politik. He discusses the origins of CIA mind control, the psycho-pharmaceutical complex, the Obama administration’s recent project for mandatory mental health screenings of school children, and much more.

Dr. Ross has practiced psychiatry for over three decades. He is the author of 12 books, including Human Energy Fields: A New Science and Medicine (2009), The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists (2006), Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality Disorder by Psychiatrists (2000), and Satanic Ritual Abuse: Principles of Treatment (1995). An internationally recognized expert on dissociative identity disorder, he also oversees the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

Interview Highlights

Dr. Ross argues that the Obama administration’s efforts toward mandating mental health screenings in the nation’s public schools to prevent further mass shooting events involves treading down a dangerous road.

Screening for trying to prevent all these mass shootings and trying to prevent violence by the mentally ill and so on is kind of parallel to screening in the schools. By screening in the schools we’re not really looking for gun violence. We’re looking for ADHD, depression, mental disorders.

So, in theory it sounds great. Why would you not want to screen children for diseases? Pediatricians screen kids for all kinds of things to make sure they’re developing OK, to make sure their coordination’s alright, etc. Their weight and height are coming along OK. So why would we not want to screen routinely for mental health problems? It sounds fine. But what is it actually going to turn in to in reality? It’s going to turn in to identifying kids who then get stigmatized, separated out from the others, medicated, medicalized, and get off on a path in life where they’re mentally ill people who are not the same as everybody else, and are on all kinds of meds that are causing all kinds of side effects, for how much real benefit?”


[Note: There are frequent minor inexplicable background noises in the soundtrack that are neither being created by the host or interviewee.]

Ross argues that many of the popular psychotropic drugs have little-if-any help to those suffering from psychiatric maladies and their side effects often outweigh any potential benefit. “Basically when you add together dozens and dozens and dozens of different antidepressant studies that have been published the gap between antidepressants and placebos is pretty small. When people have to file freedom of information act requests and even file lawsuits to get all the studies that were done by drug companies that were never published … when you get all of the unpublished studies and you add all of those in, then the gap between drug and placebo basically goes to zero for at least mild and moderate depression. There’s a little room to debate in severe depression, but even in severe depression the gap between drug and placebo is pretty small. These are just the facts that are in the literature.”

Ross encountered a large number of patients recounting experiences of possible ritual sexual abuse and government mind control experimentation when he moved from Canada to Texas in 1991. “I published my first textbook on multiple personality disorder in 1989, two years before I moved to Texas,” he notes.

So when I moved to Texas in ’91, I had already published a textbook on this topic, in which the words ‘Satanic ritual abuse’ don’t appear because I had never encountered a case of somebody telling me they grew up in this cult where they were killing babies and having ceremonies and so on. And then when I moved to Texas, this wave of Satanic ritual abuse stories started.

My experience before that was [rooted in] the 1980 edition of the Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, which I used in my psychiatry training from ’81 to ’85. It was over 3,000 pages, and everything I needed to know about my exams and to be a psychiatrist was in there, which included one paragraph talking about how common incest is, with a reference to a 1955 study saying that it’s one family out of a million … It’s actually more than one family out of a hundred.

So what we had was almost a whole century of total denial of the reality of childhood sexual abuse, ritual abuse, violence, rape, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment in the workplace, pornography. All of that was completely buried under many feet of concrete of silence. The official position of psychiatry was that if somebody remember, the odds are it isn’t true because it’s only one family in a million, so it’s probably hysterical and pseudo memories.

So then we find out, against great resistance from psychiatry and by lots and lots of research that incest is going on all over the place, all the time, plus non-incest child sexual abuse. So, we went from, “It doesn’t happen. It’s not real. You can be sure,” to “It’s all over the place. It’s very common,” in just a couple of decades.

Dr. Ross’ research likewise reveals that, contrary to popular belief, the origins of modern mind control research exhibited in fictional works such as The Manchurian Candidate date to at least World War II. It was pursued not only by the US military and government agencies, but also prominent academic researchers and institutions.

This sounds like science fiction, but it’s actually fully documented. It’s not reading between the lines. It’s absolutely crystal clear and explicit in the documents. Going back to World War II, a man named G.H. Estabrooks was a psychologist at Colgate College in upstate New York, contracted with the War Department (I have a copy of the contract). He described in a textbook on hypnotism he published in the 1940s the creation of these ‘Manchurian candidates’ which he called ‘super spies,’ and conditioning that person so they had an amnesia barrier. Behind the amnesia barrier they had a newly created personality, who would be assigned the mission–whatever it might be–would carry it out, and would have total amnesia for it.

CIA_DoctorsI have the actual correspondence of G.H. Estabrooks [communicating] with J. Edgar Hoover for three decades, inviting top-ranked FBI people to seminars on military uses of hypnosis, talking on military uses of hypnosis and the creation of super spies on military bases to military positions. I’ve got [correspondence] of him inviting other experts on mind control who are top secret cleared under CIA mind control programs to his seminars, of co-publishing with him. So there’s this whole network of relationships.

Two of the people board of the False Memory Syndrome who died in the late 1990s (which is the organization that attacks multiple personality disorder and says it’s all bogus) were Martin Orne and “Jolly” West, who were psychiatrists, cleared at top secret on MKULTRA (the CIA’s mind control program) to study dissociative states, hypnosis, and Manchurian Candidate type of stuff. They were on the board of the organization that was saying all of these civilian cases are bogus. That’s all factual.

Ross suggests that mind control programs are alive and well today. Indeed, one need look no further than the photos of inmates taken at the Abu Gharib on Guantanamo Bay prison camps to see the creation of today’s Manchurian Candidates who will likely be used in military and intelligence operations throughout the Middle East. While there are several terms that denote mind control, such as “thought reform,” “coercive persuasion,” and “brainwashing,” another less recognized one prevalent in recent news is “enhanced interrogation.”

Enhanced interrogation is just this new sanitized term for mind control-brainwashing. And so if we look at the photographs and evidence from Abu Gharib on Guantanamo Bay that’s discussed in the media and discussed before the Senate, nobody says, “Waterboarding was never done.” They’ll debate how much. Nobody says, “We never electroshocked people.” They’ll never say, “We never had people standing in painful forced positions for many, many hours.” They’ll never say, “We never used sensory deprivation or sleep deprivation.” Nobody will say, “We didn’t used sexual and religious humiliation, making people masturbate in front of female officers.” We have photographs of all this stuff. And these are all the elements of classical brainwashing-mind control. So it’s absolutely ongoing right up to the present.



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30 thought on “Psychiatry and Mind Control 101”
  1. I think Dr. Ross must be one of the saints among us. Heard him many times over the years on Dr. Stan Monteith’s shows. Suggest Dr. Tracy show guest of Beverly Eakman who wrote book, The Cloning of the American Mind, as she focuses on the control mechanisms in the public school system.

    I think there are many forms of milder “mind control” techniques operating on all of us such as something called “neuro linquistic programming.”

    “The Israelis, it turns out, have been using pornography as a cultural weapon for some time now; Jews in general for much longer, as I have pointed out in “Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma.” In addition to the incident I have already cited (CW, April 2004) when the Israelis broadcast porn over Palestinian TV stations after their invasion of Ramallah, visitors who logged on to the Palestinian Hamas homepage in 2001, according to a story reported on by, among others, the BBC, “were treated to a lot more action than they might have bargained for when they were diverted to a hard-core porn site called Hot Motel Horny Sex Sluts.” Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the leader of Hamas who was murdered by an Israeli helicopter gunship while leaving his mosque, “pointed the finger at Israeli Intelligence accusing them of ‘trying to disfigure the image of Islam and Muslims.'”

    One year earlier, the Cairo weekly Al-Arabi accused the Israelis of using Egyptian look-alike body doubles to portray popular Egyptian movie stars in pornographic films. …”


    2 Corinthians 10
    5 We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,

    “Thus the weapons of our warfare are very powerful; the evidence of truth is convincing. What opposition is made against the gospel, by the powers of sin and Satan in the hearts of men! But observe the conquest the word of God gains. The appointed means, however feeble they appear to some, will be mighty through God. And the preaching of the cross, by men of faith and prayer, has always been fatal to idolatry, impiety, and wickedness.”

    Mathew Henry bible commentary

  2. Mental health screening in public schools needs to be stopped at all costs. Given that the parameters of the screening would be based on imaginary characters like Adam Lanza, it is obvious the results would be skewed since the creators could gear the testing to simply prevent, for example, a future James Tracy, Dr. Ross, or even one of the bright thinkers here from living up to their potential through stigmatization, and hard psychotropic drugs.

  3. I think they should just peel the skin off of the top of everybody’s head and leave the naked skull bones exposed.

    This would be an advanced form of circumcision (a surgical update on an old, important, ‘necessary’ surgical procedure) and would be for ‘better health’.

    Wouldn’t it?

    It surely wouldn’t be scalping. And it might even lead to ‘better sex’, too.


    Ned Lud

  4. You certainly find interesting guests, James. I often wondered what the point of torturing prisoners was, since relevant war information is very time dependent, and long time prisoners wouldn’t have any. Apparently a major purpose is to change their personalities and ideologies. America, under Freedom Fascism, is experimenting on prisoners in the same way the Nazis did, but on mind control rather than on other bodily functions.

    So it doesn’t matter that most of prisoners in Gitmo have not been terrorists, and authority knows that they aren’t. They are suitable for experiments on psych control anyway. It has been reported that most of the inmates of the Nazi concentration camps imprisoned for subversion had nothing to do with subversion; they were more or less interned on a random basis.

  5. Good article with some excellent points.

    On another post here in Memory Hold Blog, I’d posted a long-winded note regarding my concerns for to all of the people put on anti-depressants…particularly those who are taking them for OTHER reasons (fibromyalgia pain, menopause – hot flashes, diabetic nerve pain, etc.).

    I think there are millions out there who are having brain chemistry altered needlessly.

    If I may veer off topic: My sons went to a sports physical and were asked to engage in depression screening. Another went in for pneumonia…same result. He jokingly looked at me and said, “Of course I’m feeling down – I’m feel awful!” In each case, the nurse noted “they” could decline to participate. Well, I believe “I” can too since they are the minors…

    If you have some time to poke around – some of you may wish to take a peek at the Yale Children’s Center and some of their publications. As you may know, they supposedly treated A. Lanza briefly. (Ms. Clinton also put in some time with that facility). Did anyone catch their report on Adam and his supposed lack of pharma intervention / lack of care. They’ve recommended what sounds like greater oversight of homeschooled students –and of course the monitoring of all students (like the depression screening of public school students + those visiting public health clinics) and such actions should occur “regardless of economic status” (since they had STRONGLY inferred that Lanza slipping through the cracks occurred because family was well to do and white).

    Did you take your “Soma” today?

  6. I never watch television. Actually, I an not capable of it, because I only have a tube TV, and not converter. If I wanted to watch the moron pretend to be president last night, I could not even do it. I live in Indianapolis, and would probably have watched Luck ultimately fail last Sunday–well, no, I wouldn’t have, because I’d have gone to bed–had I been capable of it.

    But I have netflix, and one of the best television shows ever created is called Foyle’s War. It is a perfect evocation of the world of World War II in England, and supposedly ended a few years ago, with the story arc of the war. So it was with fantastic amazement that (I think it was one of those ridiculous articled one amuses oneself with at the Daily Mail) I learned in passing that Foyle is back!

    Anyway, Foyle is a perfectly decent man, and the season created for him to exist within after the war (the Daily Mail mention had to do with the current one, which I won’t see for a year) tells a story about the corruption that was rapidly accumulating around the new order after that war.

    Those who find James Tracy’s mission of value should watch that show. You do not have to have television to do so. I in fact watched the whole last (available) season on my computer, too thrilled was I to wait for the discs through the mail.

    You do not need to have the whole history under your belt to appreciate what I’m saying about the season after the war has ended–but it would help. My reason for writing this is to tell you that what is being said there about corruption, essentially project paperclip (although in England), is exactly what we talk about here.

    Oh. And it’s television at its best.

    1. “television at its best” oxymoron of the day.

      Nobody said a litle truth does not slip through the boob tube.

      When the world and TV slips us a little partial truth, it is all lie.

      And don’t get me started on NetFlix. The evil of the day is sufficient thereof.

      1. To each his own, I suppose.

        For those who know nothing of this excellent work, this article reviewing the first episode of the new set of seasons is an excellent summary of what makes the whole thing so good:

        Foyle, the writer seems to feel, is far too saintly to be real, but the show pulls it off so compellingly, with such honesty and élan, that even skeptics who insist that their heroes have a touch of antihero about them, give up and enjoy the ride. Foyle is incorruptible, and when he finds that those around him, whose integrity had trusted, prove to have compromised their principles, he is pained. But that’s the way it is, and this life will always be full of that kind of disappointment.

        The show is absolutely accurate in terms of the historical backdrop, so it’s like going back in time to an England we know something about but bears no resemblance to the think that country has become.

        As for Netflix, it allows us to watch anything ever put on DVD (although I presume pornography is not offered). My daughter, for example, has seen every Hitchcock movie, every episode of The Andy Griffith Show, every thing Fred Astaire was ever in. She learned to read subtitles from an early age, because some of the best movies ever made are not in English.

        How anyone cannot see the greatness of Netflix would be a mystery.

        1. I’m with you, Patrick, 100% on this one. I grew up nearly TV-free (7 hours per week, max), and R-rated movies were out of the question. Fortunately, these restrictions were limited to viewing and not reading and thus developed my lifelong love of reading. However, with the advent of services like Netflix, I have discovered a whole new way to supplement my appalling lack of imagination. While it’s clear that much of what the big studios put out has a singular goal (that is, to push an agenda), the same can’t be said about film as a medium, anymore than it can be said about literature.

          I am still far less concerned about big business than I am government (even after reading “The Circle”!)…if government was completely removed, these companies wouldn’t have the power they do.

          In any case, I don’t turn my brain off when I watch TV or movies. At all. My kid doesn’t either, though I suspects sweet husband does, and he’s still plenty smart…and feisty.

          Or does Dachielady have a concern I have not considered? Maybe we SHOULD get you started? That could be a lively side-discussion :).

  7. Thank you Dr. Ross, very impressed by your work and thank you James Tracy for finding such an interesting guest. That hour flew by, and I hope you will have another interview soon and talk more with Dr. Ross about individuals like Myron May. I wanted to share this link which I found interesting, In his blog, Mr. Knowles starts out talking about UFO’s but scroll down and he suddenly talks about Navajo or Hopi children stolen in post MK-Ultra experiments for their perceived psychic powers.

    Phillip K. Dick wrote about people with esp being used as weapons in his science fiction, but I had no idea this may have been part of these programs. I have been thinking of PKD lately when I ruminate on the line between visionaries and madmen, as in the stranger than fiction story of William Shanley.

    In other news, the Trentacosta’s may soon have an empty lot next door:

    There are Interesting comments on the article, some people are beginning to wonder about the town’s seeming fondness for demolition.

  8. The mind control has been extremely effective on the American people. The business oligarchy has been highly experienced in advertising and marketing, and therefore highly skilled in manipulative deception. The major capitalist innovation of the USA has not been technical innovation, as it is usually considered, but SALESMANSHIP. The oligarchy, and their trained professionals, can sell a political candidate or ideological untruth with the same skill that they sell toilet paper or deodorant. The false flags, and what Naomi Klein has called ‘disaster capitalism,’ is the political outcome of this manipulation of the American consciousness.

    This is an historical dementia. Our consciousness has been ideologically deranged historically by power to make us easier to rule. For most of recorded history the earth’s people have been deluded by a priesthood who indoctrinated a delusive religious ideology. However with the rise of capitalism and modern Civilization, we have Progressed to the point historically where our consciousness can now be ideologically deranged by trained professionals.

  9. Bless you, daschsielady, for you have sinned. Religion is a power ideology. It legitimates Divine power overtly, and more covertly, earthly ruling power. A Transcendent religion contains a cover political subtext that induces us to obey ruling earthly power in the same we are told and taught to obey the powerful gods, or Almighty God. That is why the childish delusions of the traditional religions have endured century after century. As Edward Gibbon stated about Roman religions, the people conceive them all as being true, the philosopher as all being false, and the magistrate as all being useful.

    The power delusions of religions are so childish because they are meant to be taught to children. They Proclaim a people truth which operatively legitimate the anti-people truth of power. The Proclaimed truth of religion–we shouldn’t lie to, steal from, or kill people– is perfectly moral, and should be instilled in the political process. However, operatively, we are told to love our neighbors in order to unite them to kill, rape, exploit, and dominate those people who aren’t our neighbors.

    Just as you accept the Christian religion’s bigotry against Jews, rather than neo-Zionism, the ideology of Israel. I notice also that not one commenter approved by the heroic Brittany Maynard, fated to die a horrible death by a Loving and Merciful God, with her brain swelling up, excruciatingly, against the bones of her crainium. Currently, in California where I live, legislation is in progress to allow people to live their deaths with dignity, as we will eventually live our lives. I have no doubt that religion will oppose this, as it already has in the case of Brittany.

    1. Another well worded, yet unsolicited attack on all those that do not believe as you do. For someone who claims to have “ideas”, you seem to find it necessary to spend much of your time on the offensive. Why is it so necessary to repackage the failed ideology of the big gray beard to which you adhere?

      You speak of God as if he owes mankind something? He doesn’t owe anything. He already gave it all Mark. Actually most people probably couldn’t care less if an ailing person wants to end their life. What they don’t want is the government involved in the process. Nor do they want another message of death constantly paraded in front of their children. So I ask you, why have so many state governments made suicide illegal in the first place? Why have a law either way? Brittany could just as well scored some pills and sauntered into the afterlife in private. Its all just a show.

    1. Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM for short) That racket has been plain to see since the late 60s.

      Dr. Dennis Cuddy, several years ago on Dr. Stan’ show, told about a psychiatrist, who I believe stated on a national TV show, that children who present at school with a sense of right and wrong, a set of moral values, are mentally ill. The idea this psychiatrist stated, and he was the director of some very large professional association, was that if the schools are really on the ball, they will identify and “help” these children and guide them into “mental wellness.”

  10. Rich, I have studied your unsolicited attack on myself and saint Brittany, and I thank you for it. My experience is that most attacks are, indeed, unsolicited, but I happen to find sincere ones such as yours stimulating. I had thought I had made clear that I regard God as a power delusion inculcated by state power systems. But it is precisely that He has given us everything that I object to, since this includes the tumor swelling up Brittany’s brain against her cranium.

    I agree that most people don’t care if a terminally ill person eases their suffering with dignity, but you seem to regard this as a GOOD thing. People SHOULD care, and it is the lack of caring, related to the fear of death, that causes such unnecessary suffering. States induce this suffering by passing laws against suicide to maintain their power of homicide, and by exaggerating in the population the fear of death. The countering of it by saint Brittany, which you regard as MERE show, is a courageous and intelligent response to make her death meaningful. since God, in his Infinite and Loving Wisdom, denied her a life.

    I did not realize that I had to *claim* to have ideas since everyone does, including my cat. What I am, Rich, is a primitive truth revolutionary who is trying to understand and communicate the current ideological and conceptual revolution occurring in the world in the 21st century. Since the USA is mired in ideological reaction and in historical illiteracy, it is difficult for Americans to understand. Especially Educated Americans, since it subverts the learned truth of the Western tradition.

    I find the Memory Hole blog useful in seeing what Americans object to most, and also as a discipline for conveying the truth from a people’s perspective in a Simple concise way. People DO change over historical time, but this involves, in the 21st century, a truth revolution in social science conceptually similar to the scientific revolutions in the natural sciences, but even more ideologically subversive.

    1. -I agree that most people don’t care if a terminally ill person eases their suffering with dignity, but you seem to regard this as a GOOD thing. People SHOULD care, and it is the lack of caring, related to the fear of death, that causes such unnecessary suffering. States induce this suffering by passing laws against suicide to maintain their power of homicide, and by exaggerating in the population the fear of death. The countering of it by saint Brittany, which you regard as MERE show, is a courageous and intelligent response to make her death meaningful. since God, in his Infinite and Loving Wisdom, denied her a life.-

      Then let the states lift there ban on suicide, but do not give them the power to pass a law setting the rules. This would be another example of their monopoly on death. Furthermore, a fear of death can be exaggerated, but it is natural, and not solely created by the state. I can not imagine the cold soullessness of a humanity that has no fear of death. The most basic components of human morality come from it. You know as well as anyone else the success rate of the state when it comes to legislating morality. Now you expect them to legislate into people fearlessness?

  11. Rich–and I say this with all due respect–you are, ideologically, as crazy as a loon. Potty. We all are. Most of the time I don’t feel too good myself. A state power system has been EXTREMELY effective in legislating morality historically. They have legislated a perverted morality that extols and legitimates power and demeans and de-legitimates people in order to make us easier to rule.

    This is not done by passing laws, but by telling us, in the media and other truth institutions, ideological untruth. Jefferson said that he wouldn’t care who passed the laws if he could write the ballads, because we are emotionally conditioned by civil society which is largely controlled by power.

    It is not the institution of the state that is the historical problem, but the institution of the ruling gang that controls the state. The oligarchs of multi-billionaires who control the state also selectively control the media, the schools, the universities, the churches, and the other truth institutions. A government is essential to the people and therefore must be controlled by the people.

    Of course the state has to make the rules on the voluntary ending of life. Do you suppose it should give out lethal drugs to anyone who asks for it.? But the rules must serve the interests of the people, as determined by the people, not the interests of power. Saint Brittany publicized her death to bring the issue to public attention, the people’s attention. It took a great deal of courage to do so. And not one commenter on this blog, outside of myself, commended her courage. And still hasn’t.

    Because our morality has been perverted historically by power.

    1. Mark,
      being called an ideological loon by you, is by far an achievement I will cherish here at MHB beyond my wildest dreams. Its like being kicked out of Col. Kurts’ cult by Marlon Brando himself for being too crazy.

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