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Documents Reveal Officers Eschewed Non-lethal Force After Close-range Encounter with FSU Gunman

By James F. Tracy

Note: Psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross MD, referenced in the article below, will be a guest on this weekend’s edition of Real Politik.-JFT

Police and forensic reports released this week to MHB by the Tallahassee City Attorney’s Office indicate that five Florida State University and two Tallahassee police officers fired their .40 caliber handguns a total 34 times at 31-year-old FSU alum and Texas attorney Myron May on November 20, 2014. May, whose videotaped suicide note indicates he took up the mantle of mass shooter to draw attention to the plight of “targeted individuals”, was struck nine times, with five of the officers’ bullets hitting him in the rear of his pelvic area and lower extremities. Yet while the police report suggests May was shot just nine times, the autopsy indicates his body was riddled with a total of 24 bullets.

Additional documents exhibit how witnesses attested the officers were within several feet of May, opening fire after May refused to drop his .380 caliber Lorcin pistol. Responding Tallahassee and FSU police were both equipped with loaded Taser weapons, yet instead chose to dispatch May in a hail of gunfire. All seven officers were exonerated by a Grand Jury in mid-December.

“The cops kept telling him to lay down to which the man made no moves,” the signed testimony of one bystander reveals.

He kept his hands by his head, either scratching or resting them. I could not see if he still had his weapon draw[n] but upon the fifth request the cops unloaded about 15 round into him.

image-1 (2)

The Florida State University administration–overseen by powerful Florida GOP politico John Thrasher who was sworn in as FSU’s president less than two weeks before the shooting–has repeatedly refused to release its police reports and related documentation of the incident. “We will be happy to provide records once they become public,” Associate General Counsel Robyn Blank Jackson wrote in a January 9, 2015 email to MHB. “It is not possible to provide an exact date.”[1]

The Tallahassee Police Department’s forensic report indicates that May fired his .38 caliber handgun at least seven times inside and just outside the entrance of the FSU Strozier Library, injuring three bystanders. One victim, 21-year old FSU student Farham “Ronny” Ahmed, was paralyzed after a bullet hit his spine.[2] Police also recovered boxes of.22 caliber ammunition, a “Berretta” style BB gun, and a shotgun from May’s 2010 Chevrolet Equinox.

Three videos produced by May totaling over 100 minutes were also released by Tallahassee police, who worked closely with federal authorities in the case. In the videotaped statements May calmly explains his plight to the camera. “See, I am a victim of covert harassment, electronic harassment, and gang stalking. I am what’s called a targeted individual … You can find out more about what a targeted individual is simply by Googling or YouTubing the words ‘targeted individual’ or ‘gang stalking’ and you’ll see the videos and postings and articles and stuff like that, about what a targeted individual is.”

May goes on to describe in detail the various forms of aggravation and electronic harassment he had endured over the course of several months, encouraging viewers to read Harvard-educated applied science researcher Robert Duncan’s 2010 book, Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed. In this book Duncan explains the similarities between hacking into computers and individual human minds individual minds.

After explaining the technologies and techniques of electronic harassment and gang stalking, May steadily addresses and gives parting words to specific family members and friends.

May received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University in 2005 and his law degree from Texas Tech University thereafter. He was licensed to practice law by the State of Texas in 2009.

The videos and other materials May sent to several parties before his final acts were intercepted and confiscated by Postal Inspectors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Federal intelligence and government funded agencies and contractors—including many of America’s most prestigious universities—comprise a long history of mind control research that dates to World War Two. “These kinds of electromagnetic and acoustic weapons are well-described going back to the [CIA mind control] MK-ULTRA documents—very primitive like early forms of them,” psychiatrist and author of The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists Colin A. Ross explains.

They’re described in Defense Electronics magazine. They’re described in US News and World Report. There was an article a little over a decade ago describing the specific electromagnetic weapon, what the specs of the weapon were, the aircraft it was being tested in by the Air Force, the altitude of the aircraft, how far into the skin the electromagnetic energy would penetrate, who the contractor was—mainly Sandia Labs.

Ross continues,

You can find pictures of these weapons on Wikipedia easily. So they definitely exist. When you look at the documented history of CIA-military testing of hypnosis, LSD, biological weapons, chemical weapons, other interrogation chemicals on unwitting civilians massively for decades, why would we think, “Oh, it’s impossible that these weapons are being tested on unwitting civilians.”

“It’s not sensible to reach that conclusion, given the prior history of testing *all kinds* of other weapons on unwitting civilians—including radiation experiments. So, I would say that it’s perfectly realistic, possible, maybe even likely that these weird electromagnetic weapons are being beamed at civilians without their knowledge or permission. And then the people who are experiencing the effects are of course just completely written off as being nuts, completely discredited, nobody buys it, so that’s perfect cover. Now does that mean everybody’s story’s real? No way. But I don’t think zero is real either.[3]

Along these lines, rather than researching and reporting May’s case and other human rights abuses involving the potential use of such technologies, corporate media outlets have repeatedly chosen to look the other way, attributing such events to mental breakdowns and calling for gun control heightened mental health measures to curb the frequency of these and similar incidents.


[1] Robyn Blank Jackson to James Tracy, January 9, 2015.

[2] Jeff Berlew, “FSU Student Left Paralyzed in Campus Shooting,” Tallahassee Democrat/USA Today, November 25, 2014.

[3] Colin A. Ross interview, Real Politik, Truth Frequency Radio, January 18, 2015.


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TPD Forensic Report

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  1. Looks like who ever was shooting the Winchester 40’s didn’t have his heart in his job. Looks like only four shots. Of course he may have run short on Speer’s and topped off his mag with anything he had laying around.

    1. anyone notice that the French had drones (ufo’s in some circles) hovering above all of their nuclear plants in the weeks leading up to this? the French call them drones because they were the first to uncover what they were, thus identifying them.
      nonetheless, it is significant because the rest of the world cannot comprehend what they are seeing. not to mention the entire dynamic behind the intimidation tactics from Israel/US towards non-compliant states ie, france, Norway, Holland…

  2. Well, he did get the story out, somewhat. However, the press is still stamping it down. It was almost funny watching how the reporters would frame the parts of the story that “sounded crazy”.
    I find it odd that no one who knew him has the ability to even consider the possibility that he was TI. You’d think they’d find it odd a well-adjusted individual would suddenly go violently off the deep end, AND insist he wasn’t, knew what was happening, and stick to his guns (sorry, bad choice of expression, but had to be done) to the end. On top of which, there are credible people backing up his claims, and declassified materials they can see for themselves. And yet, people would rather throw their family members to the dogs than step outside of their willful ignorance.
    The history of psychiatry in this country makes even thinking such a thing a symptom of mental illness, of course, and I mean that that was by design. Just look at the position Ewen Cameron had. For being a CIA butcher, he practically ran the whole show.

  3. Let this be the final nail in the coffin that the media, and law enforcement help cover up legit issues of human rights abuse.

    There were better articles covering it in 2008 in the NY Times and 2007 Washington Post Mind games article. Wired Magazine also did a fair amount of reporting on it. CNN covered it in 1997, but how good was it? Don’t know, but Cheryl Welsh was there to tell the truth.

    The very least the media could do is not defame the victims of these abuses, which they have been doing because the public is left with a false understanding of the underlining issues which is making it hard for victims to get help. The media reported that Aaron Alexis was delusional and that these types of things were not possible. The FBI claimed these things weren’t real, but the product of mere conspiracy theorists. There was no due process or forensic investigation to back that up, just blanket misinformation posted everywhere, seeded by false reports and FBI.
    Got video of Dr. Colin Ross plus my own psych evals and my attorneys briefs backing me up as a victim on

    Let’s please just let the truth out. The truth trumps. It is real, they shouldn’t be able to deny it and cover up every occurance of this going on. I know the why it is covered up, government and agents think they are above the law, and don’t want prosecuted for its use.

    1. Cheryl Welsh was belittled by CNN the reporter saying something, sighing, ‘how can you ever have us believe you’ after some technician had made unsuccessful emf measurements – as if the perps would have computer communication running right then.

      1. Well there is a problem with why EMF readings don’t work. Because the government simply stops broadcasting at the time of testing, and frequencies hop around to avoid detection and finally, frequencies overlay onto bands common with background noise and even common services making it hard to distinguish.

        Therefore you will have fake readings or false positives, and not detect it when the victim is getting attacked. Because of bow the surveillance system works, they know you are testing, and watch it unfold, no matter what you do..

        Also most testing equipment only detects a small fraction of the spectrum and doesn’t analyze the entire spectrum at once.

        1. Also I am not saying I confirmed what happened on the CNN interview. I have never fully read the transcript and I never saw it ..

          I am sure they were digging into it a bit, forcing her to have to explain it and herself, based on what I did read.

          Was it fair and balanced? Maybe not, maybe it didn’t truly seek to explain it or why.. Maybe they left it open, I wish I could go back and watch the or review the full story. Maybe I will look it up again.

  4. The report says that the .380 was found in his front pocket. It says he was hit from behind. The witness said he was touching (scratching) his head. Could he have had his hands up?

    They train these devils to empty the magazine. They do not shoot to disable, they shoot to kill. If he had his back to them could they not have tasered him?

    Just another notch.

    1. the article left enough ambiguity to suggest that he may have already been dead (no response to police commands) as was suggested when this first came out.

      1. My comment is a general observation. There is actually more going on here than meets the eye. Releasing information such as this conditions the public to the normalcy of blasting away at someone (anyone), in a completely disproportionate and unnecessary way.

        Cops are not supposed to execute suspects on the spot. By coupling a “response” like this to an “action” (the alleged active shooter scenario), people come to expect that all such situations will end in death.

        Expanding that, any crime committed involving a gun, will soon be an “on the spot execution”. It also conditions the Stasi to do this as well as reinforces that, not only will there be no consequence (other than paid vacation), they will be considered “heroes”.

        I don’t know if he actually died. . I continue to maintain that whether anyone dies or not is not the determiner of “real”. They have no regard for the sanctity of life and I’m quite sure that whether someone dies or not is simply a matter of convenience.

        In response to Calimom, I agree. I think anyone who may visit a shrink, especially for detailed evaluation, is at risk. These are often done at Universities under grant programs. They could easily test one’s susceptibility to hypnosis, drugs, or other devices, and enroll you in a program, with or without your knowledge.

        It’s a sad fact that many do not care if they have to execute their lab rats at the end of the experiment. Does anyone find it strange that John Holmes’ parents (if there is a John Holmes), are remarkably silent? Would you, if it were your child, be “laying low” and allowing your PhD candidate son to be disposed of by the authorities?

        In most of these cases, the victim has little, if any family ties (at least as far as we can determine). We should never ignore the underlying modeling involved in these operations. The part “not said”, may be more important than the distracting plot line.

        In this case, “promising young lawyer gets involved with conspiracy theories and loses his mind. Goes on rampage and the problem is “solved” by authorities. On the spot execution is normal in these cases”. The simplest lesson may be “who you gonna call? It better not be 9-11”.

  5. The shootings certainly are real and Myron May is certainly dead. I don’t understand why he might have been targeted in the first place. Do the monsters who initiate harassment have a particular individual in mind? Is it because they are vulnerable prey, easily dismissed in the public mind? What did Myron May do to trigger their interest, their enthusiasm for the hunt? Seems that is the starting point of any inquiry.

    Look for patterns in TIs; see if any connections surface. Of course we all know everything clandestine agenies do, yeah any government apparatus does, is in the interest of national security (she said ironically.) Endgame–gun control; necessity to increase the police state presence, especially in the educational environment?

    Just mulling over possible scenarios.

    1. My friend has a traumatic brain injury and asserts that TBI sufferers are sometimes targeted in this way. I think individuals who suffer from mental health issues, soldiers who are suffering from PTSD, young people who have experienced trauma, who may be heavily medicated, and in the foster care syste,. all might be vulnerable to this..perhaps also people who attend universities that do brain research? I don’t know if any of these apply to Myron May.

      Speaking of gun control, this sentence in this article really stood out…”Dr. David J. Schonfeld, a commission member and director of the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement, said it made no sense to restrict the commissions’ recommendations to only guns sold and possessed in Connecticut.”

      This is from today’s AP article about the Newtown school panel’s final report which should be done by Valentines day:

      The National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement has an interesting website with lots of tools for educators:

      1. Don’t you love the concern demonstrated in these constitutional-stiffing laws that follow every deep event stateside? Especially noticeable are concerns for our children, evident in armed police stationed in public schools or on college campuses. Please, let us give due regard to the psychologists who are keeping tabs on suspect students who might go rogue in the future–lol….

        Yes, we are all at risk from terrorists; And those
        are mainly the domestic terrorists who populate the D.C. beltway–aka–The Whitehouse and US Congress and their minions in outreach agencies.

        Feeling safer now???

    2. “The shootings certainly are real and Myron May is certainly dead.”….yeah, well…maybe. In light of all of the outrageous deceptions that have occurred in conjunction with the many events pursued on the Memory-Hole blog, that seems like a huge leap of faith.

      If anything, the fact that this whole absurd subject of Quote…”T.I’s” is being given as a motive to an absolutely absurdist sounding fiction sort of tilts the burden of proof on to the establishments story. And that means the whole story…not just incomplete police reports. The whole cloth story, soup to nuts, should make sense in a verifiable way, or else the rest of the tale would seem to be equally false.

      If the story doesn’t check out…which by almost any accounts it does not, then the rest of it, like so many of these apparently media generated-intelligence operations is likely a possible false reality.

      1. I agree with you, Lev, about the comment you are replying to, but it points to a larger issue, which you allude to, and that’s how we deal with fake events, and real ones that are false flags. Which seems to be MHB’s raison d’être.

        I suspect, for instance, that moslems did not murder those cartoonists, but that they WERE murdered. By agents of the state. A false flag.

        Else, they might be partying with Barbara Olson in a Deep Underground Military Base, or off planet, on Mars or the Moon. But assuming our masters have colonies off planet, who would take their offer to select between being actually killed and pretend killed and leave the life they have always known, and love? These ones are unlikely candidates, unlike Babs, the consulate creature of Mordor.

        So I suspect that they really are dead. The state kills people all the time.

        1. From Friends of Syria Blog:

          Turkish President Says the Unsayable: ‘West is Behind Charlie Hebdo False Flag Attacks’
          Posted on January 16, 2015 by friendsofsyria

          This is a very worrying development. Not because of what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, but because it signals that the ‘gloves are off’ now.

          The Mail Online has tried to obscure the impact of a potentially massive story such as this, by neutralizing its impact with the frequently used NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) device, the words “conspiracy theory”. That term, used by corporate and state-controlled media strictly as a pejorative term (and not as it was originally intended to be used), has been inserted for one purpose only: to shut down any real debate or discussion.

          Notice the Mail’s leading and intentionally obfuscation-laden headline:

          “Turkish president accuses ‘the West’ of being behind Charlie Hebdo attacks and deliberately ‘blaming Muslims’ as conspiracy theories sweep the Internet accusing Israel of orchestrating it”.

        2. Delighted with James’ response. Two things. One, very minor, my always helpful Mac “helped” me by changing “consummate” (meaning ultimate, the perfect expression of) to “consulate,” whatever that is. I’m a bad speller, so I put up with this because it is usually helpful, but if I’m not careful, my friend Mac steers me wrong.

          The other thing is that James’ video link sort-of justifies my exo-politics reference.

          I don’t know where these people go, when they are obviously not dead, or who exactly killed them when they really ARE dead, but a patsy has been set up to take the fall. What I DO know is that the moslem world is being set up as the patsy for the next world war.

          Now, anyone who has payed attention to my writings here knows that I am not sympathetic to Islamism, or even Islam at all, so I’m not pulling punches. I think alien civilizations cannot blend, that “multiculturalism” is a false premise. America is the only place where it has come even close to working, largely because of its unique philosophical launching-pad–the philosophers the guys who rebelled against England were reading in the 18th century. It was a unique moment in time that made this place possible. But even here, it does not work: uniculturalism is the only system that can work. Everyone has to share the same civilizational principles, if we are all going to get along, whatever our backgrounds. Sometimes, it has taken many decades for people who came here, even those who looked very much like everyone already here, to become completely acculturated. The Irish are an excellent exhibit. But Irish are only “white” today because they became completely American via cultural assimilation. Irish-american catholicism is very “protestant” in character, for example. The Irish only very slowly became like the rest of the Americans.

          That is, I contention that the Lab Coats dropped millions of moslems into the midst of Western countries because they knew full well the inevitable clash of civilizations would create chaos. Moslems were unlikely to become christians, or leave behind the civilizational mind that Islam had embedded in them. “Order out of chaos,” is the esoteric mantra. The crafters of the NWO chose the moslem world as the antithesis to the thesis of the Western world because it was the most likely to generate chaos, like two chemicals blended in a test tube that are known to generate an explosive reaction. Of course, first, through the Frankfort School, and the Fabian Society, they had to break down Western cultural confidence. Then they mass-migrated millions of moslems into all the Western countries, and encouraged them not to convert to Christianity, but to retain their cultural heritage. The elites who did this, of course, have never had to live through the chaos that would result. Piers Morgan, in England, and Peter Jennings, in America, always live in pristine environments, absolutely shielded from the consequences of their social engineering.

          But what’s really weird is when the state decides to paint the “other,” in this case the new moslem population, as terrorists–by falsely attributing state-generated assaults to them–and then strut around like peacocks shouting that Islam didn’t do it!

          I find this particularly egregious. Moslems don’t do these things; sometimes nothing was even done, but when it WAS done, it is always set up so that everyone is made to know that moslems did it;i moslems get all the blame/credit, and EVERYONE “knows” it. And then, radicalized moslems feel proud about their accomplishment, and feel inspired to go on to greater feats of monstrous mayhem. But all the smarties in the MSM, and all the heads of state and their mouthpieces, insist that there are absolutely no moslem roots in the thing! Very strange.

          This, to me, is the central point. The game is to make everyone know that moslems did it (even though they didn’t), as a way of encouraging disaffected moslems to copy-cat the false flag, and then to insist that “there’s no Islam to see here.” Our masters set the moslems up, and pretend to defend their honor. What a bunch of scumbags our masters are.

        3. Patrick, while I totally agree that “chaos” is the purpose, allowing ourselves to be manipulated into directing our angst at identifiable groups certainly plays right into the abstraction.

          You are quite correct, whether it is Muslims or Mexicans, or Pakistanis, what have you, being inserted into alien lands will produce the desired effect. Those effects will then be used as excuses for practices that were planned long before the insertion.

          It isn’t the “who” it is the “what”. There is a group that seems to avoid mention. I wonder why that is.

        4. To ridicule religions to the point of causing wars is nothing new. Nor is it funny.

          What can be very amusing are jokes about different nationalities and their traits and habits. We need to laugh at ourselves more often.

          A Polack goes to the eye doctor. The bottom line of the eye chart has the letters:
          C Z Y N Q S T A S Z.
          The Optometrist asks, “Can you read this?”
          “Read it?” the Polack replies, “I know the guy.”

          In Fargo we have this scene playing out among Norwegians:
          The judge had just awarded a divorce to Lena, who had charged non-support. He said to Ole, “I have decided to give your wife $400 a month for support.” “Vell, dat’s fine, Judge,” said Ole. “And vunce in a while I’ll try to chip in a few bucks myself.”

      2. Lev, yes, the story is the medium. The details are largely unimportant. It is the “impression” that is the product. It is a lesson.

        This one is actually very well done. To anyone experiencing the effects of being a T.I., the message is “you’d better not tell anybody”. To “professionals” who may not be immediately involved with these things, if a patient presents with these symptoms, they will likely call someone who is involved for advice.

        To the public and the Stasi, overwhelming force and deadly reaction are the expectation. If it weren’t for the property damage they’d likely call in a drone strike.

      3. I admit to being flommoxed by this case. May was palready dead before he was executed on the FSU campus?
        He was alive enough to scratch his head…does that mean he was standing? Not dead? hmmm…

        In any event, it occurred to me that the whole incident was a hoax within a hoax. Perhaps the intent is to divert attention away from the university’s culpability regard their star football player, Jameis Winston, and his less-than-upright activity off the field of play.

        Winston is cited for petty theft, criminal rape, and a mysoginist rant at a campus center. He says, “I’m a star.” Apparently that exonerates him from the law, NCAA regulations and university codes of conduct.

        When was Thrasher brought in to oversee the blight on the reputation of a Florida school? Does it coincide with Winston’s ethical breaches? Given the new president’s political connections and large circle of powerful friends A billion dollar industry is getting some careful scrutiny — college football. The coach at Alabama gets $7,000,000 PER YEAR. That is not chicken feed. Just thinking outloud.

        Where does Myron May fit into this debacle? The catalylst to divert attention from the school’s poor handling of the Winston mess???? An ex student. The PTB have bios on everyone; they go through their files and find a candidate–turn him into a Manchurian candidate and voila! FSU gets to be the good guys, not the heavies in a new scenarios.

        As I say, it’s just a theory, another conspiracy theory.

        Signing off.

        1. Timeline of jameis winston’s misbehavior–all to date unaddresseddd by the proper authorities on and off campus.

          This is typical of the nexus between politics and money…Even something as smeeingly inoccuous as college football can be trapped in the tentacles of this power grid. Remembering that college football is now a major industry employing thousands at very good wages, it is not to be triffled with.

          Also see how FSU and prosedutors sought to cover Winston because he was so primary to their football prowess–he led team to a national championship and won the Heizman Trophy last year. Think it wasn’t
          worth a gigantic effort to protect the university’s investment By conjurindg up a hoax and reframing the storyline? I do… Politics and money = trouble.

          The young woman named in the rape case is filing a civil suit against FSU
          You go girl!

  6. Two important dates are coming up. The first is 01/20/2015, and is when James Holmes’ much delayed trial is finally scheduled to begin. He is of course the accused shooter in the Aurora Colorado shooting. His appearances thus far, with bright orange hair and crazed expression, have seemed very theatrical – and the trial will be quite a production.

    The second important date is June 1, 2015. I believe it strongly relates to the first. It is the expiration date for the Lone Wolf Provision of the Patriot Act. This unconstitutional provision, added to a temporary emergency act, has been bastardized and distorted in order to allow the US Intelligence community to ‘legally’ collect internet and phone surveillance data on anyone and every one, and requiring no foreign terror nexus.

    A parade of ‘crazy gunmen’ stories have routinely popped up for the past three years. I don’t think the bizarre shootings will slow down, but instead increase in order to pressure Congress to extend the provision, and possibly make it permanent.

  7. “Three videos produced by May totaling over 100 minutes were also released by Tallahassee police, who worked closely with federal authorities in the case.”

    Have these been uploaded anywhere yet? I’d be interested in seeing them.

    1. As far as I can tell I don’t believe they have. My understanding is these were included in the packages May sent to several acquaintance that were confiscated by the Postal Inspector in November and turned over to the Counter-Terrorism unit of FBI in Tallahassee. I intend to make a portion of his recorded statements available on Real Politik next month.

      1. “I intend to make a portion of his recorded statements available on Real Politik next month.”

        Thank you, sir. Looking forward to it.

        The interview with Dr. Ross confirms that there are different levels of psychiatric knowledge allowed, depending on where one falls within the social hierarchy. Government psychiatrists are different from their civilian counterparts. Throughout history, knowledge has always been hoarded and restrictively disseminated by the few for the purposes of managing social structure.

  8. The Turkish president Erdogan Mentioning the Unmentionable that French security was behind the Charlie massacre is worrying because massive false flags are now being conducted by other intelligence agencies in addition to the CIA. However his accusation is a positive development in a number of ways, emphasizing the credibility of false flags in the mainstream truth consensus.

    It is difficult to stigmatize the credibility of an increasing number of heads of state, Russia, Turkey, etc as crazed paranoids for fingering false flags, since they are now becoming prominently Mentioned in the international media truth consensus. This tends to take the pressure off of American truthers in academia and even journalists in the corporate media, since if heads of states legitimate the notion of false flags, it is more difficult to credibly stigmatize them in the USA.

    So increasingly, I suspect, the media effort will be to cover them up, rather than attack their truthers. This is an important step forward historically in the USA, because despotism may get much worse in the near future. The oligarchical-fascist regime in Ukraine has obviously implications for the future in the US.

    But if false flags and power conspiracies become a fixture in the American truth consensus, it will be more difficult to attack American truthers on that basis alone. Legitimating the notion among the American population will tend to protect truthers telling the truth about power conspiracies.

    1. What about in a war scenario where these heads of state officially become the enemy? Truthers who espouse the same conspiracy theories as the enemy, could be considered sympathizers of the enemy. It appears to me the truth movement is not just a burr under their saddle anymore, but rather an enemy of the state.

      1. It makes me wonder “just exactly how do our elected politicians serving in Washington really feel about our government’s running off the rails”. You’ve just been elected, go to DC for your little indoctrination session, perhaps take the trip to Israel for your little tune-up, and now you interface between your constituents and your Congressional duties. They are aware of their awful favorability ratings, surely they are aware of what is being written about them in MHB and VT, are they somehow inured to these horrendous realities? They come home to their districts, they lie their way around questions at their district jam sessions, and that’s the end of it? When do they become totally unfeeling?
        Just think how easy it would be to dissuade citizens who might put up some resistance to TPTB. A planted shill writing a short article could turn off people’s curiosities so easily for fear of their incurring grief from their would-be tormentors. Are we becoming a nation of fear mongers?

        1. When do they become totally unfeeling?

          Most likely in the womb. It is my belief that the only people who seek political office anymore(or at least those allowed to make it to any office of significance) are sociopaths, hopelessly narcissistic, or have a “for sale” of sorts on their forehead.

    2. Although it may seem to legitimize the alternative media in some ways having heads of other states question our government’s official story, I do not think that truth needs such defenders. In reality, they can be dismissed as having an agenda to discredit our leaders, because they are politicians with their own agendas.

      In turn, by association it will be implied that we are following them rather than our own leaders.

      The rational process of discovering what actually happened, in an event which is supposed to galvanize the public into some actions our government wants, or to get us to look the other way when they are engaged in massive corruption, can and should carry on whether or not someone powerful agrees. Their agreement always seems to be partial and comes with strings attached.

      When we look at a truth teller like Edward Snowden, it may be a good thing that he is out of harm’s way (for now) in Russia, but none of this implies in my view that he is now Putin’s man. Though perhaps that is how Putin sees it. I think it is just lucky for all of us that he is not widely regarded as a traitor. Surely in government circles he is. But his revelations were just so plausible and big that everyone was forced to take stock of how we had been lied to. Now we all go on with our lives, but his is altered forever. And indeed he is dependent on the protection of Putin and can be his pawn.

  9. This is off topic on this thread but informative just the same. Professor Doom1 has video explaining how Sandy Hook was a Capstone Drill that is mind blowing. Pretty much exposes how all the weird pieces fit together.

  10. Rich, that’s what I think is the danger, that espousing the same Conspiracy Theory as the Enemy is Extremism. They will then start arresting the Extremists like they are currently arresting the Whistleblowers. And a sufficiently strong opposition movement can’t be organized around civil liberties; only around class or race.

  11. There’s something completely unrelated to the topic we are discussing, but will be of tremendous interest to those who gather here each day:

    “When the skeletal remains of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore were found strapped into his Ford Explorer submerged beneath the California Aqueduct in 1998 it brought an end to one of America’s most high profile missing person cases.

    “The fact that Devore was on his way to deliver a film script that promised to explain the ‘real reason’ why the US invaded Panama, has long given rise to a slew of conspiracies surrounding the nature of his ‘accidental’ death.

    “It didn’t help that Devore’s hands were missing from the crash scene, along with the script, and that investigators could offer no plausible explanation as to how a car could leave the highway and end up in the position it was found a year after he disappeared.”

    1. The whole story has several layers. Having his hands removed, while certainly grim, is not as bizarre as finding two hands in the car that are over two hundred years old!

      That sort of activity smacks of a signature card. If I recall correctly, he was on his way home from a meeting in Las Vegas. He had phoned his wife and told her that he was very tired and might stop to get a little rest.

      We assume that it is connected to the Norriega putsch, but we really don’t know. The hands are a message. The Highway Patrol said that he went through a narrow gap in the guard rail after falling asleep. They failed to mention how he subsequently “lost” his two hands and acquired those of somebody’s ancestor.

      1. DeVore had been in Santa Fe working on a script with Marsha Mason at her ranch there. One photo in the Daily Mail article shows the guard rail. The gaps shown are not large enough for a car to go through. The CA Highway Patrol may have received their training from the same sources as CT State Troopers and Police.

        1. “The CA Highway Patrol may have received their training from the same sources as CT State Troopers and Police.”

          The joke is funny, but the pain is real. These people mock us and get away with it, knowing that they will never (this side of eternity) be held to account.

          This fellow, like Aaron Russo, apparently thought he could pull the curtain back and the Wizard of Oz would fess up and allow the world to know the nastiness he’s been up to. I always wonder about people like that. Don’t they know what happens to people who pull the curtain back?

          Noriega, in my opinion, was just as stupid. Me, if I were him, I’d have had a mini-submarine at the ready, with a private dock beneath my presidential lair, expecting my American “partners” to do exactly what they did, at any time. He should have been on a hair trigger, ready to escape invisibly, all the time.

          So here you have an Aaron Russo wannabe (didn’t he know Russo was murdered for just this exact thing?), proposing that Hollywood produce an A-list reveal of CIA corruption. Maybe they gave him a brain tumor, first.

          When I finally watched Three Days of the Condor for the first time, not all that many years ago, what struck me was the very last scene. If I had watched it closer to its original release, I would not have understood it. Robert Redford has uncovered a vast conspiracy, and has the documents to prove it. So what is his brilliant idea as to how to expose it? The very last shot shows him walking up to the New York Times building. This is a laugh out loud joke.

          It gets better. Everyone (perhaps this indicates something about my pathetic ability to attract quality friends) I have ever mentioned this howler to has missed the point entirely.

          But, my personality failings aside, I suspect that even conspiracy-savvy viewers of the film might miss the joke, too. You have to be pretty cynical to get it. There is no hope that the official media will “out” the intelligence component of the game, because it is like leaven that has by now “leavened the whole lump.”

          By the way. Why didn’t Russo know instantly when that Rockefeller revealed to him the plan, that if he exposed it on film he would not be long for this world? I’ve asked myself that question many times. Watching the movie, he sure doesn’t seem that dumb. Do people who achieve a certain degree of accomplishment cease to recognize their vulnerability to their masters, imagining themselves to actually be free?

          Sticking with the Three Days movie as the main metaphor, I have also wondered if Sydney Pollack KNEW he was telling that joke. Or if the screenwriter slipped it in, and the director had no idea.

          Or. What if. What if the writer and director both were so stupid that they thought that the NYT was really the honest and true place to deliver such data dumps?

          I think that’s possible.

          It is entirely possible that truth can emerge even when the speaker of it have no idea what they are saying.

          Just as it’s possible that really connected, CIA-connected, reporters can think they can blow up the CIA, and not be whacked for doing so.

        2. Patrick, wise words from you again. I watched Three Days of the Condor (1975) less than a month ago for the first time on my Amazon Prime Instant Videos. Did not know whether to laugh or cry at the last scene showing the NY Times building. I too wonder if people behind the movie were that naive or if it was meant to portray, for a gullible audience, the paper as a trustworthy news organ.

          The year before the movie was released we have this information about The NY Times:

          ~December 22, 1974: Perhaps the most critical assessment of the CIA up to this point, splashed across page one of The Times when it reported how they illegally targeted anti-war demonstrators and other dissident groups (including at least one member of Congress) during the Nixon administration, compiling as many as 10,000 dossiers on persons suspected of being opposed to government policies and placing them under surveillance. The story also uncovered how the agency beginning as early as the 1950’s engaged in a number of illegal crusades in order to root out foreign agents suspected of operating within the U.S.–using wiretaps, opening mail without the recipient’s knowledge, and randomly breaking into homes–activity clearly outside their jurisdiction and prohibited by law.

          Note: As a result of Seymour M. Hersh’s exclusive, Congress places the question of CIA acting as a “shadow government” on the top of their agenda including stepped up efforts to impose oversight requirements.~

          Regarding Aaron Russo, before the showing of his movie he was given all sorts of problems, such as being stopped by police on his way to a Pacifica Radio interview in Los Angeles, making him late. He was given a ticket for no good reason and his car impounded. Russo spent all he had, both financially and physically, on the movie. I met Russo and found him to be a warm and genuine person. He truly thought he could make a difference with no repercussions.

        3. Anne, that’s right, it was Santa Fe. It’s been a while. I saw something on this where the Highway Patrol replaced the guard rail after discovering the car. There was a picture of a gap, just barely wide enough for the “sleepy” to slip through (with a little help).

          As to Russo, I saw interviews of him discussing Rockefeller. I thought that was more than passing strange. He claimed that he was offered entre into their dark enterprise. He claimed to decline but they remained “friends”. I found that astonishing.

          When the Devil pays a visit and makes an offer, its usually one you should refuse with caution. Does anyone really think they sought him out because they liked his work? I’d say they wanted to make an example of him. They may have just been short on cadaver hands that week.

        4. Aaron Russo, being around Hollywood as long as he did, surely knew the workings there. He was Jewish as so many others in the industry. It’s what he saw that made him become a crusader. The Rockefellers thought he would be an easy convert to their global religion. Not so.

          It seems strange that he decided to remain on friendly terms with Nicholas Rockefeller, but that was who he was. An extremely friendly and jovial man. He was the real deal. Perhaps by remaining on friendly terms with a Rockefeller, it worked to his advantage such as getting information not available elsewhere.

        5. Anne, yes, that’s the way I read him. Something easy to forget is that they are capable of anything. He probably counted on his relationship with them to prevent harm.

          When you’re dealing with the “Mary’s Monkey” set bad things can happen. What for us is unthinkable, for them is a form of entertainment.

        6. JSSICA
          SAVITCH–FIRST FEMALE ANCHOR ON NATIONAL tv ALSO LOST HER LIFE IN WATERY CANAL IN PENNSYLVANIA IN oCTOBER, 1983, sHE WAS CONROVERSIAL IN HER CHOICE OF WHAT SUBJECTS TO EXPOSE AT A TIME WHEN American media was still buttoned down. the public not ready for full disclosure. Her rise was meteoric outpacing coporate

          Did she step on too many toes? I always wondered especially when the public was fed tales of her drug abuse after her death, which some fiends said was pure fiction.

          Another tale to ponder envolving mass media….

  12. Nothing makes sense about what allegedly happened by and to Myron May. The cops fire a hail of bullets at him that could have gone past or through May and into the library hurting or killing more innocent bystanders. Really??? May’s hands are raised near his head? Geez, where are Sharpton and Holder when you need them???

  13. Patrick,
    I agree wholeheartedly with your statement that Muslims are purposely being used by the “powers that be.” Does that mean that Islam is a “peaceful religion” and not prone to extreme violence and barbarism – NO! Much like the welfare state “black youth” are used by the same people to create violence, tension, fear and chaos – Ferguson. The evil scum that is the NOW knows exactly what they are doing, unfortunately. Multiculturalism is a tool for chaos, disorder, and ultimately, a tyrannical police state.

  14. So according to these reports and the media (including witness stories), crack commando Myron shot SEVEN times from his trusty Lorcin jam-o-matic. (items 7, 33-34, 57-58, 67, 84) Three shots went into Ahmed, one grazed Velez while another ricocheted off of Velez’s green Kent mountain bike, one shot lodged into Derfuss’s library book contained within a backpack, and, finally one shot went through a retreating Scott eventually embedding itself in the floor beyond the turnstiles. Even though Scott stated that he was shot while cowering under the reception desk.

    Six out of seven rounds connected with human targets. That’s 86 percent accuracy! And hitting that skinny bicycle frame – well that’s just incredible!

    On the other hand, five FSU and two TPD cops unloaded THIRTY FIVE rounds in a hail of gunfire. (items 1-6, 8-32, 35-37, 61) Twelve rounds were embedded in Myron’s body and three were floating around loose in the body bag. It is possible for rounds to be caught up in clothing. According to the autopsy report, there were 13 vital wounds and 11 superficial/non-life-threatening. The angles of several shots indicate that the police were still firing at Myron when he was prone. Although 35 rounds sounds like a lot, it averages 5 rounds per cop. This is confirmed when we consider 4 rounds of Win 40 discharged amongst the Speers.

    When combining all hits, including superficial grazing, this comes out to 69 percent accuracy for those 7 trained professionals. That’s seventeen percent worse than what Myron did. Eleven rounds were strays.

    Investigators accounted for 31 out of 42 total rounds fired. That leaves 11. Subtract three for being lodged in people/objects that left the scene, and that leaves 8. Not reported is the caliber of each “projectile” recovered. This is easily determined with a caliper and/or a jeweler’s scale. Hollow points mushroom but leave the tail intact.

    Which is more likely? Did Myron the killer shoot those people?

    Or …

    Could there have been innocent bystanders hit during the 35-round barrage?

    Seven projectiles were recovered from Starbucks alone. And three more were recovered near the shot-out window behind Myron’s last stand. Was Starbucks open? According to the campusdish website, it was listed as “24h” for the 19th, “closed” for the 20th, and open again on the 21st. So it makes sense that it was open for business at the time of the shooting and had to suspend operations to allow the investigators to do their job.

    The Lorcin magazine has a capacity of seven rounds. Myron showed up at the scene with a total of 25 rounds, which is a typical box of, say, Remington Golden Sabres. He, ***or someone else***, would have had to pull the magazine and reload by hand in order to get to the final gun configuration. According to the Tampa Bay Times, it was 120 seconds between the first 9-1-1 call and Myron lying dead on the ground. Detective Kornegay, who arrived 45 minutes later, was rightfully interested in developing latent prints to clarify this. However, nothing “of value” was found or reported after running 3 separate tests on the Lorcin. He was also rightfully dubious about the single round discharged inside the library. (see item 62 and narrative)

    The “amphetamines” found in Myron’s blood could be from ADHD prescription medications. It could also explain why he wasn’t sleeping.

    Kudos to TPD for releasing this. Shame to FSU for not. Thanks to “anon” for the autopsy report.

  15. Myron May is the second targeted African American featured on Memory Hole, both being part of the professional-managerial class. In addition, an African-American, also a lawyer, who was a CIA agent, and sued the CIA for discrimination, is currently being prosecuted for being a Whistleblower. It appears that the CIA is targeting professional class African Americans as subjects for oppression, although previously it appeared to focus on White targets. Has there been a racial change in CIA targeting, to go along with what James has suspected as an attempt to provoke a racial conflict in the USA?

    Shooting unarmed Black targets, or those who do not pose a serious threat, has been de facto legal historically in the US, and appears to have accelerated recently. This is supported by the more explicitly racist American population, including commenters on this blog, led by Patrick. The racial conflict would condition White Americans to accept a more despotic domestic power system, just as the racial targeting of Muslims would condition a more despotic foreign policy.

    The history of Carroll Quigley, TRAGEDY AND HOPE, along with the writings of Samuel Huntington and others, illustrate that the ruling Anglo-American class had a strong racial background, what I will characterize as geo-racism. Since the conventional truth tradition of the USA is increasingly reactionary, it appears to focus on becoming increasingly racist, as occurred under fascism in Germany, Italy, and now, Ukraine. The targeting of Black professionals, such as Myron May, appears to be part of this trend to legitimate an increasingly despotic power system, as the War on Terrorism morphs into the War on Extremism.

  16. File this one under “fool me once” – I am not skeptical all the time. I tend to believe what I am told, until there is a note of improbability or downright impossibility about it.

    Here’s the link. You might be interested in pursuing one more story which has a mix of plausible and dubious to it:

    The first time it was reported, a cop tweeted they had the shooting suspect in custody, but the later report was that he had gone in another room and shot himself. This throws in an element of police taking the law into their own hands, as the saying goes. It has just been announced that the injured doctor is also dead.

    The alleged shooter was a middle aged man with a family whose father’s death embroiled him in conflict with a hospital over an $8000 bill for his father’s sudden death by heart attack; his mother was allegedly a patient of the heart surgeon he murdered – after his mother had died. So here you have a stressed out family member saddled with debts after two parents have died. A hypothetical shooter or a real one? A projection of the danger posed by the public to the hospital staff – or a real event?

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