courtorderOn December 22, 2014 author and filmmaker William Shanley filed a trillion dollar lawsuit against several dozen of the world’s most powerful corporate media outlets and figures for what he terms “a multi-year conspiracy,” to “brainwash the public into thinking a lone gunman drill known as the Sandy Hook Massacre was real, when in fact, it was a staged FEMA National Level Exercise Event that redirected government resources to terrorize the public.”

Upon filing the legal papers U.S. District Judge Jeffrey A. Meyer issued the following Standing Protective Order to shield all materials pertaining to the case from disclosure.

Shanley has not been heard from since December 30 by parties he had been in regular contact with throughout late 2014. Several individuals, including journalists and law enforcement officers, have disappeared or died under unusual circumstances in the two years since the December 2012 incident.-JFT

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219 thought on “$Trillion Sandy Hook Lawsuit Motion to File and Standing Protective Order”
  1. Well… That’s par for the course! For the US District Judge to order a Standing Protective Order for the information in this case is ludicrous! He knows they (SHH’s) have something to hide, obviously!

    I will keep Mr. Stanley in my prayers. Hope it isn’t too late!

    Keep up the good work Professor Tracy.

    1. Right: that’s exactly what it means. It is outrageous to issue a “standing protective order.” A protective order, under the rules, is available only upon a strong showing of oppression, burdensomeness, embarrassment, or the like. In this case, the Defendants did not even file a motion to ask for it. They are being “protected” from having to reveal anything that might expose the hoax.

      And it’s easy to see what this judge is going to do with the rest of this case. The public will not get one scintilla of information out of it (and, frankly, neither will Shanley).

        Assumed office February 25, 2014
        Appointed by Barack Obama

        Senator Chuck Grassley
        Questions for the Record
        Jeffrey Alker Meyer
        Nominee, U.S. District Judge for the District of Connecticut

        Question # 19 – partial answer from Jeffrey Alker Meyer:

        “Response: If confirmed to serve as a federal district judge, I would be acutely aware of the very different roles of an advocate and a judge. The role of a judge is not to assist or favor any one party but to be impartial always in finding facts and applying the law. I would reach decisions based upon allowing each of the parties a fair opportunity to present evidence and arguments.”

        1. Wonder if Holder swore him in? Probably a simple affair. Small group naked ’round the cauldron at midnight.

      2. BINGO Dino you nailed it. Usually the defense serves up a motion to dismiss and the Judges rule in their favor regardless of the opposition merits and the oppressed are denied their day in court and their voice in a call for justice are silenced. This ruling is an obvious act to protect the lies that are the basis for this huge fraud.

  2. Who will be filing the missing person report? I had concern regarding no summonses docketed, no ruling regarding the in forma pauperis motion and no ruling regarding the ECF system use request. Also a filing date was missed regarding the RICO claim.

    In all civil actions where the complaint contains a cause of action pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961–1968 the plaintiff shall file a RICO Case Statement within twenty (20) days of filing the complaint. Consistent with counsel’s obligations under Fed.R.Civ.P. 11 to make a “reasonable
    inquiry” prior to the filing of the complaint, the RICO Case Statement shall state in detail the
    following information:

    Does anyone know any of his family members? His status, as far as safe or not, needs to be investigated. With all the negative feedback that came after his filing of the Complaint, of which NO ONE had a right to interfere, my guess is that he has been kidnapped by psychiatry and that there was unwarranted help by others to make that happen.

    How can people go on and on and on about the Sandy Hook event and Second Amendment rights and then institute a smear campaign against this man who was exercising his First Amendment right to bring a grievance before the court that included public concern. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  3. Who benefits? Does he have an attorney? Who is the attorney? Since the court has sealed the evidence, and he pulls a no show, does this mean the evidence remains sealed and any further law suits with similar evidence would have no standing? Why does someone not pick up the phone, call the local police where he lives, and voice their concern for his safety and ask the police to check ? Take 6 of your friends and a camera with live streaming to his address and find out what is going on. ???????

    1. Yes, this is the problem. The evidence is being put under lock and key for the pendency of the litigation, isn’t it? And if the plaintiff is missing, well then that pendency can be a long, long time.

      1. That is the whole idea- can you imagine if somebody actually starts doing some real fact finding in discovery ? The Trillion dollars is not at stake here but rather the truth is locked up in a vault and that is what is at stake. Who cares if we ever get to trial? We just want depositions, documents and evidence that has been under lock and key of our corrupt government.

        1. In which case – Perhaps Mr. Lawsuit filer is not in the “pen” but enjoying a lifelong paid vacation somewhere warm (with an Internet connection…where he logged into his YouTube account without thinking). Nothing would surprise me….

      1. San Francisco and Sonoma County chemtrails completely covered the skies yesterday. First time I actually could see the fallout in the form of a foggy mist – not tully fog as the local media is reporting, and absolutely not the fog that usually blankets us. Unnerved today.

      2. Hey Anne B.,
        I know it is too early to tell what he died from, 46 year old people may die in their sleep all the time for all I know. I want to dig into the post shooting milieu in Isla Vista a little more and see what has arisen in the aftermath of the Eliot Rodger’s lone gunman shooting spree. I had a discussion with my husband about the dangers of thinking that all news is manufactured the other day. He has read The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America by Daniel Boorstin, and highly recommends it. But he is still more of the opinion that strange stuff happens all the time, and the elites don’t create events, more they steer public opinion in the events aftermath. He is shocked also that more people aren’t up in arms about the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal and Bill Clinton’s ties to Epstein, (21 contact numbers for Mr. Clinton and trips to pedo island apparently.), as am I. He thinks perhaps the coverage of the race car driver’s assassin girlfriend is being hyped to distract from the Epstein story which should be huge.

        I have the Boorstin on my nightstand and will read it as soon as I finish Dave Egger’s The Circle, which is very good and very frightening. I recommend this book to anyone who would like a greater understanding of the insidious nature of today’s technology and social networking.
        Sorry, you asked about chemtrails, and I digressed. Yesterday I looked at the sky and part of it looked a little weird, but mostly the skies seem way more normal here than last year, and we are getting more rain. If there is even a hint of rain, I put out my five spruce seedlings as I read that the Hopi consider the spruce tree strong rain attractors. I think of it as my own mini HAARP array, and I may be fooling myself but it usually rains! There is a scientific basis for this too apparently, something about spruce and negative ions, that I need to research. But I think its important to look for ways, even if they are very small, even if they may seem ridiculous to some, to feel that we are not always under the thumb of TPTB. I’m sorry to hear that you are looking at painted skies, I feel there is very little we can do about the chemtrails, at this time, other than try to raise awareness. (PS. I realize that my views about spruce trees and chemtrails will probably be held against me should I ever file a lawsuit against the media-industrial complex! Godspeed Mr. Shanley)

  4. I just called his number 1-860-857-2042, and got his answering machine. I told him in effect that people were worried about him and to get in touch with Tracey. Let’s see if he gets his message and responds.

  5. Well there are three scenarios. Either he is staging it, they are staging it, or they really off’d him.
    I have been thinking about that comment in the previous post regarding infowars and a source stating they deliberately leave a cookie trail for us to marvel at (and subsequently go thru with all the executions), and it occurred to me that this is entirely plausible and seems more than likely what is happening. Which is scary.

    Witthout giving them too much credit, I just can’t reconcile all the sloppiness unless its intentional. look at how deep 9/11 goes- we still have no idea what really happened. They fooled the whole world and no one got in trouble. It is unfathomable the complexity involved with pulling that off while providing a story that was basically good enough.

    Definitely something to look into. I mean, they DO spend billions on these agencies, surely there are some serious pro’s working at them…

    Wow. I can’t believe we have underestimated this much… I’ve got some work to do.

    1. Yes I hear you on the underestimation front. Over a year ago it was clear to me that they play dumb, but I am still surprised by the cleverness behind things like Paris and their photoshop work. Their edits look crude at first, but seem well thought out behind the mess

    1. The link to William Shanley’s father did not work, but here is the text. He passed away in 2005.

      The Library of Congress > THOMAS Home > Congressional Record > Search Results
      Congressional Record
      102nd Congress (1991-1992)
      Next Hit Forward Next Document New CR Search
      Prev Hit Back Prev Document HomePage
      Hit List Best Sections Daily Digest Help
      Contents Display
      Print Subscribe Share/Save
      TRIBUTE TO LLOYD T. SHANLEY (Senate – October 24, 1991)
      [Page: S15205]
      • [Begin insert]
      Mr. DODD. Mr. President, Lloyd T. Shanley, Jr., was born and raised in Harwinton, CT, on his family dairy farm. A Democrat in a town of Republicans, Lloyd developed an interest in Harwinton politics at a very early age. Today I rise to pay tribute to a man who has devoted his entire adult life to serving the Democratic Party in the town of Harwinton.
      In a career spanning 35 years, Lloyd has held the position of roadcrew supervisor, town historian, police chief, member on the town’s first Board of Finance, and the first democratic first selectman in Harwinton’s history. It is as first selectman that Lloyd will be most remembered and respected. During Lloyd’s administration, Harwinton acquired a new town hall in response to a growing town government. In short, Harwinton flourished under his hand.
      Mr. President, Lloyd T. Shanley is a man known for standing behind his beliefs. In Harwinton, people struck by his undying commitment to town service have given him the title of `town father.’ It is no wonder that individuals from both sides of the political aisle have expressed their sadness over his retirement.
      I understand that Lloyd intends to pursue his interest in the history of Harwinton. It is only fitting that a man who is so much a part of Harwinton’s history is the town historian. I look forward to the results of his work as town historian and hope that he will always play an active role in the affairs of his beloved community.
      • [End insert]

  6. “kidnapped by psychiatry” probably comes as close to the truth as we will find at this time. Would love for Jon Rappoport to weigh in on this missing person case as he is the resident authority on the whole malicious muddle known as the American Psychiatric Association.

    Many of these doctors were culpable, extending their expertise at Gitmo, standing by giving advice as prisoners were systematically tortured. “First do no harm” is an unequivocal mandate enshrined in the Hypocratic oath aimed at medical professionals.

    We watch as one by one our most bedrock institutions fall prey to globalist machinations. If one has not learned ethics by the time they reach the age of reason, I suppose they never will.

  7. “…kidnapped by psychiatry” is probably as close to the truth as we are going to get on William Shanley’s disappearance. Would love for Jon Rappoport to weigh in
    on this missing person case. He is the resident authority on the malicious muddle known as the American Psychiatric Association.

    Many of these doctors added their expertise to the illegal processes at Gitmo, standing by officiously as prisoners were systematically tortured. “First do no harm” is the unequivocAl mandate enshrined in the Hypocratic oath designated for medical professionals.

    I suppose if one has not learned ethics by the time they have reached the age of reason, they never will.

  8. American Psychiatric Association–a blight on American medicine. “…kidnapped by psychiatry” as someone puts it. Remember Gitmo and phychiatrists participation in the illegal torture of prisoners.

    “First do no harm,” the unequivocal mandate enshrined in the Hypocratic oath designated for medical professionals.

    All of our bedrock institutions are falling prey to globalist machinations.

    i suppose if one has not absorbed ethical teaching
    by the age of reason, they never will.

    1. My computer is throwing tantrums again; I kept rewriting comment which seemed to be deleted and finally got a popup message that the site did not have ‘certification’ Anyone know what that means?

      Oh well, we do what we can and hope for the best.

      1. Perhaps it’s just me, but in the last two months the only activities listed are things he has been subscribing to, which are all in Spanish. Prior to that, with a few in between, all activity was a year ago and more.

        I find this incongruous. Indeed, curious.

        1. Patrick, it may be time to remind ourselves that “the drill is not over”. I am reasonably certain that they are having a wonderful time monitoring everyone’s reactions to their contrivances.

          We’ve said many times that they are not “worried” in the least by any of this. They are merely charting who is awake and how they react to their antics.

          In a sense, this is a giant “middle finger”. Normally, when one asks for a protective order, you have to plead your case to the judge. I have never seen a judge do this.

          So, what does it mean? It means we will never see a piece of paper from this. “Checkmate” I’d say. I’m not hearing howls of outrage from Mr. Shanley. I’m not hearing anything. Something tells me we won’t in the future, either.

          This is probably annotated in the drill log as “Diversionary Tactic #?”. Is it ethical? Of course not. Who ya’ gonna call?

        2. 2 wks ago he responded to a comment on his “No Money System” video –

          “Hey Coward Sock-Puppet Govern C0ck Sucker Snortin’ Coke and Ballin Dirty street boys. You are a troglodyte. Does that mean you are shaped like a trapezoid… for that reason?”

          Bill is a wordsmith and possibly more

        3. Yes Peter, he does “have a way with words”. It’s the subtle understatement that captivates. I’m sure it was all duly noted in the drill log.

      2. If spanish, that could have been done by a “roommate” or what one would call it, such as the person seen in the background in one of his videos. Many people are logged into their YouTube account permanently, and anyone with access to the computer can fiddle with the account.

  9. Why does the new lawsuit against the town say the shooter killed himself “outside room 10?” This simply statement implies that many, many Newtown and state police have perjured themselves. If true, it would mean NPD’s claim of not finding the shooter until 9:51:31 a.m. is patently false. Also raised by lawyer Donald Papcsy is the issue of a missing 911 call: he states Hammond called 911 from Room 9, and that she did so *before* Barbara Halstead (whose call was allegedly the first). If Hammond really called before Halstead, where did her call go? Is it the infamous call “left off the hook recording the entire event,” that FBI allegedly study to this day to determine the shooter(‘)s’ movements? Why is this call missing from the final report? Oddly, Papcsy mis-named and misspelled the names of many people in the lawsuit; was this purposeful, so that he can later change the above troubling points if necessary, and say that they, too, are simply “mistakes?”

  10. I have not read into the protective order, but it looks like the purpose of sloppily filing the case by Shanley was to trigger this shielding of information from anyone else researching the case, as material in an ongoing trial. Alternatively, it was to proclaim the very existence of material that never existed, and thus bootstrap it into existence as a real thing under court protective order. This should be a temporary order, but if litigation can be allowed to continue indefinitely, it will be sufficient to do further harm to the truth in this case, and will support the false flag.

    1. Yes, whether it was the “intended” purpose, or not, it will certainly be used that way. From their end, the worst thing they could do would be to dismiss the suit.

      They could confine Shanley for quite some time, and if the respondents don’t move for a dismissal………..! Checkmate I’d say.

  11. I called the New London Police Dept around 9:15 am this morning and forwarded my conversation with the cop to Dr. Tracey, et al he can post it if he wants to.

  12. I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t already watched Professor Doom1’s Sandy Hook Youtube video expose which reveals the keys to understanding that this event was all a long planned drill exercise which went live to work your way over to Youtube and do so:
    Sandy Hook: Explosive Evidence Case Closed reuploaded with new Music

    Then, for a more detailed explanation watch his follow up:
    Sandy Hook CAPSTONE Drills Fully Explained! Reuploaded

  13. This will be the Year of Islam and the Democrats trial Balloon.

    As you all know by now the Obama regime has been pushing this for 6 years.
    Millions spent re-printing all the FBI, CIA, DHS manuals just to extract the words Jihad and Extremist Muslims. Muslim Brotherhood in every facet of our Govt. in highest levels.

    Every facet of Christianity attacked every years after year.

    Now, after the Paris attracts phase 2 goes in effect.

    1. Obama didn’t go to Paris because it’s against everything he stands for. He said,at the UN the Future doesn’t belong to those who insult the prophet of islam( notice lower case)

    2. He knows it’s a false flag and he disagrees with the powers that did it. (They are not all on the same page on everything)

    Every TV station is debating islam and calling it the peaceful religion.

    The Presidents of France and Germany and UK have all said this attack was not islam as obama has said isis is not a state or islam.
    Germany went even farther to destroy the 25,000 Christians protesting islam.

    Merkel of Germany said “Islam belongs to Germany”.

    President of France said islam didn’t do this attack but liars of islam..Getting it?

    As I said in another blog here, The left will use islam to control us thinking they can control it when it meets there agenda’s needs.

    So, here we go, Duke University to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer every day at 1pm. All students can just F&^k Off.
    They say ” you may see some people lying down with rugs but just ignore it” Read article

    Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Colombia, you name it will be following.

    Don’t say nothing bad about islam

    But trashing or even killing Christians is cool.

    Don’t draw pics of Mohammed. Not allowed, you will be killed.

    Art, with a fairy pissing on Jesus, allowed and WELCOMED by the left..ya know FREE Speech man….

    Fairy pissing on mohammed…Death sanctioned by left and US Govt.

    Welcome to the New Year 2015

    ps: Obama has done more illegal acts in the last 25 days than in 6 years. Get Ready

      1. I was figuratively speaking for there are many acts that desecrate Christian principles that are praised by the left but I guess you missed my entire message in your folly.

        Have Fun.

        1. tbh I do see your message but think you have buried your valid points with anti Islamic paranoia via an Hegelian overreaction on your part.
          Anti Christianity is no joke, but I think it has been tamed a bit in the last decade and now perhaps your head will be had as a conspiracy theorist first, but I guess being both can get you moved up in the line to Rome

        2. Don’t fret, it happens, this over the top thing, I do it all the time quite badly, but here is anotherway.

          Yea, let this come to pass. What Christianity needs is not the suffocating protection of the State; no, it needs fresh air, it needs persecution, and it needs…God’s protection. The State only works disaster, it wards off persecution, and it is not the medium through which God’s protection can be conducted. Above all, save Christianity from the State. By its protection it smothers Christianity to death, as a fat lady with her corpus overlies her baby. And it teaches Christianity the most disgusting bad habits, as for example, under the name of Christianity to employ the power of the police.

    1. Ric,I am tempted to place a small,tasteful ceramic Obama figure in a quart jar of piss and call it”PISS JUDAS”. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars should I charge for such a fine representation of Freedom of Speech?

      1. For anyone interested in the star of this original article: Mr. Shanley’s court record has been statutorily sealed. Perhaps because of mental health issues (?)

      1. It appears they have arrested him for “assaulting a public official – EMT”. Anything else would be speculation. Why they came to his house is anybody’s guess. At least it explains where he went.

        1. Lophatt – I couldn’t find that it was an EMT. Can you point me to that record? The statute includes peace officer (cop), EMT, firefighter, etc. The charge involves either a direct hit, throwing something, mace or other, etc.

          I was wondering if he perhaps fought back as they tried to restrain him. Perhaps a little too much New Year’s? He seemed like an angry fellow as it was.

        2. judging by the kimono he was wearing in the mug shot, it was a wild night. I wonder if trapper john and hawkeye are in there with him.

        3. Rich, It was a look. Maybe Hef was over for the New Year.

          All kidding aside, I think the fellow was a bit off his nut and seemed easily provoked. If someone wanted him out of the way – he was an easy mark.

        4. Beth, look on the link “Assault of a Public Official – EMT”. Actually, “assault” is the threat. “Battery” is when you actually touch someone. Of course I have no idea how any of this went down.

          If I had to guess (and I do), I’d say they showed up to tell him he was late for his basket weaving class and he didn’t want to go.

        5. Hi Lophatt, I was just going by the cited law – which classified assault as three different types of events…and the “throwing things” or “macing”, etc. didn’t involve touch. Yikes. My son is an EMS worker and cops will show up for the calls involving a disorderly, suicidal or ? type of call. Guess he wasn’t buying their “need to transport”. I sure would like to know the “inside skinny” on this one. Cheers!

    1. I think this is an important link. Thank you for it.

      It is now in my mind probable that this fellow was a set up from the start, and that an article like this was the point all along. The truth about Sandy Hook has been too widely suspected for our masters’ comfort, I suspect. They have to discredit it. This is a great way to do it.

      I held back in commenting about this law suit for a long time, because I suspected this was the case, but had no way of knowing for sure. Since then, I have learned something about Shanley’s background, and it is not favorable. I’m now fairly certain that this whole thing was all about making us look like morons. This article seems to prove it.

      1. The timing of all this is too perfect.
        Notice Shanley is wearing his smoking jacket (as he mentioned in the video called “William Shanley goes crazy on Professor Doom1”) in his blurred ‘head in motion’ mugshot.

        I guess he was out celebrating the launch of his No Money System and had a few too many Tequila Sunrises or he’s just a participant in a psyop.

      2. Set-up? Hardly. Anyone should have been able to figure out that Shanley was a kook from the start. A pro-se, in forma pauperis lawsuit asking for 1 Trillion in damages? Kooks file lawsuits like that all the time. Serious people don’t.

        Add to that: Even though he has no science background, he wrote a book on quantum physics (I’m sure its worthy of a place in the Crank Hall of Fame) and came up with a plan for a “moneyless” economy (although he still uses dollars to describe it) and your “kook” alarms should be sounding at full blast. Face it: “Truthers” have believed in him because they WANTED to believe in him and believe the worst of their fellow citizens.

        What with the other recent Truther disasters, it’s time for Truthers to either retire with their heads hung in shame, or get down to some serious research. By serious research, I don’t mean posting YouTubes and saying, “This don’t look right to me”, or Wolfgang Halbig going to Newtown and harassing the local United Way and the school board; I mean REAL RESEARCH. Is anyone up to it?

        1. Mr. Weber, the site I oversee is not inclined to entertain individuals such as yourself who come on board to launch ad hominem attacks and call individuals names (“Truthers”). Thus I anticipate your above comment will be your last here. As any half conscious observer is well aware, formal research and intelligence communities are prone to almost systematic error in the pursuit of certain objectives, some of which on occasion actually involve genuine knowledge production and the pursuit of truth. Their errors (and often flagrant deceptions) are typically far more injurious to the body politic than a handful of citizens attempting to exchange information and ideas en route to greater understanding.

        2. I, for one, am not offended by being called a “Truther.” It’s vastly preferable to “conspiracy theorist”!

          Not really sure what he means by “Truther disasters,” though. I see a large part of what we’ve been doing on this site as brainstorming–and there are no wrong answers in brainstorming. We throw ideas out, and, if they appear to have merit, others may test them, looking for evidence which either backs the hypothesis up or shoots it down. This is the way we arrive at the truth.

        3. Much of what you say has a certain validity, such as the fact that pro-se, in forma pauperis lawsuits for a trillion dollars are hard to take seriously. I did not, but I feel that those who did probably were looking for someone to do something to get the story some publicity. The odd thing is that all these false flags are also about public relations and the advancing of agendas.

          My problem with “serious research”, and admittedly it is a personal one, is that I do not think that is where most of the evidence is to be found. The perps have already torn down the buildings and destroyed evidence. I feel they are like film-makers who simply cart away the props after someone calls “It’s a wrap.” The best way to disprove these stories, in my opinion, has been (in some cases) to see the very evidence they hoped would convince the public, the movie they showed us, and to show where it is false on its face. It’s not too hard to point out this kind of thing, and then it comes down to this: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” This is true for Building 7 on 9/11, true for the impossible double amputee at Boston bombing, and the shooting of the Parisian policeman recently. They proffer this kind of transparent lie and the public believes because they have been told to believe, it is what authority wants in the face of impossible pictures of alleged crimes.
          It’s very easy to be a “truther” – just stop believing what they tell you.

          So the next time someone wants to engage in a stunt to widen publicity about the truth, ask yourself – who are you really trying to convince, and why are they already convinced they were lied to? I think the problem is far more stubborn than anyone imagined. It has to do with how different ones of us perceive and interpret a world mediated heavily by media and propaganda in the service of ends which are destructive for most of us, and advantageous for a few.

        4. “Brainstorming.” You pegged it perfectly, dino. Your description is perfectly apt. That’s exactly the dynamic going on here. It’s what makes it so fantastic. If Tracy had a graduate seminar, in the classroom, each semester, as productive as this one, I’m certain he’d consider himself the most successful academic in America–maybe the world. It sometimes feels to me (mostly when I’m just observing) like what the Inklings must have been like. I don’t think that’s too much of an exaggeration.

        5. Bob, I like to say that it is easier to be a critic than to make a film. I’m sorry if you find this site not to your liking. There is an obvious solution to that problem. Don’t come here.

          People are free to express their opinions and ideas as they will. Posting here doesn’t constitute an endorsement of everything said. Some are quite serious, even if I don’t necessarily agree with their conclusions. As a point of fact, they don’t need my acceptance to have ideas of their own.

          Lastly, we are not attempting to “prove” that this event was a hoax. That’s already been accomplished and, more importantly, the burden is not on us. There are many sites that seem to have a format by which someone posits an opinion and others pounce and form warring camps. The most insulting “wins”. This is not one of those.

          So, if you are one of those who enjoy competition, I invite you to turn on your TEE VEE. There is no shortage of sporting events for your viewing pleasure and “serious” commentary from the “news” channels.

      3. A quick trip to a competent lawyer’s office taking advantage of the initial visit waiver of fee would have shown Shanley that this pro se self activated lawsuit was pure balderdash. Shanley and I had a go and parted ways early on, while he somehow attracted attention from some big hitters like Fetzer and the VT apparatus. In retrospect, as Patrick says, this fella was a plant of sorts. I’ve even entertained diaphanous thoughts that Shanley just MIGHT have had this arrest fabricated by the Conn. judicial system to rectify the loss he suffered when people starting putting 2 and 2 together on him.

    2. It sure looks to me as if this guy was a plant from the get go. He sounded very reasonable and rational in the interview with Tracey and Fetzer, and now he goes completely off the rails with that bizarre Bruno Mars video rant and subsequent arrest for assault on a police officer. Right on cue the propaganda Banshees of the official narrative gloat with arrogant self assurance, holding Shanley up as a typical example of those questioning the official story. Me thinks this was all set up for this very outcome.

        1. Ann Bedichek Braden of Vermont, formerly of Connecticut with a mother in Newtown:

          ~To find the answer to that, one need only look to the words of one Ann Bedichek Braden of Connecticut, who now lives in Brattleboro, the grand poobah of the anti-gun group GunSense Vermont, the Bloomberg-supported swatch of astroturf deployed in Vermont to come after your rights, who said in an April 29 interview with the Burlington Free Press, “”(Gov. Shumlin) should help put Vermont on the map as yet another state willing to prioritize its citizens’ safety ahead of the gun lobby’s agenda.””~

          ~Braden said she’s not anti-gun or anti-hunting. She just wants to make sure that guns don’t fall into the wrong hands. The Newtown shooting hit home for Braden. Her mother, Sarah Bedichek, lives there. “I know that town. It’s a regular town with regular people,” Braden said in an interview before the vigil. “If it could happen there, it could happen in any town.”~

        2. That’s a bullseye, Wonderingaloud.

          The photo of Ann Bedichek Braden was used to create Dawn Hochsprung–who never existed.

          The article Anne found has another important connection in it: Shannon Watts. This is the name of a P.R. hack Tracy has an article about, which he ran some time ago.

        3. Annie Bedichek of California could even be related to Anne Bedichek Braden. I think Anne said the Californian’s maiden name was Anne Margaret Warren (can’t locate that at the moment and computer is deathly slow). So her husband could be Anne Bedichek Braden’s brother. Marriage to a cousin would work, too.

        4. I have become reluctant to name names since certain ones vanish while typing. The Annie in California has a husband named Robert who is an inventor and also an executive in the simulation technology industry. He is connected to the east coast through MIT and Cornell. He also lived in an east coast town not far from Newtown. The last name is not as common as Smith or Jones would be.

          Annie seems to be connected only to California, but her husband has strong ties to the east coast.

        5. Well–have just discovered that Robert’s mother is (or was) Jane Gracy Bedichek of Scarsdale, not Newport, and he does not have a sister named Ann or Anne. So, they may still be related, but not as brother and sister.

          Which means Annie Bedichek may not know her picture was used.

        6. The Green Mountain State has been invaded by gun control zealots who’ll meet strong resistance, even from Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police.

          Tiny Vermont has not seen anything like this in modern times. It will be interesting to see how well funded propaganda may sway local population and state politicians. One thing is for sure, the propagandists are not in Connecticut anymore.

        7. Anne, I think you are on to something: Robert Bedichek, brother of Ann Bedichek Braden and husband of Annie (Margaret Warren) Bedichek in California. He has the East Coast connections. And Braden (his sister?) has the direct Newtown connection. Robert and Annie would not need to be personally involved in the hoax, only known to Braden, who is.

          Did you see a picture of Robert in your sleuthing?

          If this is correct, then the hoaxsters DID have the Bedichek family album available, to pull the other pictures of “Dawn” from it. That’s why I wonder if you’ve got Robert’s picture handy. Of course, it doesn’t take much to just pass the pictures of other women off as “Dawn,” as I have seen, up close, was done with Brittany. And “George Hochsprung” need not look anything like Robert, probably doesn’t.

          I think this is the best lead we’ve ever had in this mess.

        8. I just posted a lengthy piece that proved Ann Bedichek of Vermont is a niece of Robert and Annie Bedichek in California. The Newtown mother of Vermont Ann also goes by the name of Sarah. She married Robert’s brother John who passed away in 1980. Vermont Ann is their daughter who was born in 1978 -79.

          The piece I posted vanished off the screen and may never see daylight, but I saved a copy.

        9. Excellent work, Anne! Please try and repost your piece.

          And I have had a similar experience: I found Annie and Robert Bedichek’s phone number through Spokeo–but not until I had contacted a Spokeo representative by phone, who looked the number up for me, because Spokeo just kept giving me the “pay now” screen, when I have an existing subscription. Spokeo has done this before, too–except, of course, it is not really Spokeo doing this, on my computer.

          I then called the number last night–twice–and it would not connect. I only heard silence.

          Is there a videomaker out there who will get a piece done on this? Please!!!

        10. I think we can assume that Annie in California is a willing participant in the production, due to her relationship to Anne in Vermont, as well as her PTA/school involvement. So I probably won’t get anywhere by calling her (and the first question I’d planned to ask–are you related to Ann Bedichek Braden of Vermont?–has now been answered).

          So the hoaxsters do have access to other photos of “Dawn.”

        11. I just wanted to say why this identification is so important. The picture of Annie Bedichek is not simply the picture of someone who looks like Dawn Hochsprung. It is the SAME PICTURE.

        12. dinophile – I will redo my piece today and leave out the four links, even though they tell the story too. There is a photo of Robert and Annie on the Internet before their marriage. I typed in his name and then clicked on images. The Bedichecks come from a well known Texas family with long roots.

          Jane, the Scarsdale mother of Robert, was alive at her 96th birthday last fall. She became a widow in her mid forties after having five children. In connection with the birthday her church posted a 1950’s photo of her with husband and young John, Vermont Ann’s dad. Jane has done impressive work on the family history. The widowed Newtown mother by the name of Ann, aka Sarah, remarried. There is much to learn by finding old obituaries and new wedding announcements. They do mention names during such occasions.

          While looking up Dawn I came across another wild coincidence. In this huge country with 300 + million people, how many have any of you known who lived in Rio Rancho, New Mexico? One, two, three?
          How about the Robbie Parker family and Cheryl Lafferty, Dawn’s mother. There is a Cheryl Lafferty who now shares a home with one George Hochsprung in upstate NY. More compatible age wise.

        13. Oh, wow, I am laughing in disbelief.

          Tell us more about Cheryl Lafferty and George Hochsprung! (But are you saying there really WAS a “Dawn”?)

          How could all of us Sandy Hook researchers have missed that???

          Remember, too, that a Robert C. Parker with the occult business–who I believe was Robbie’s father–was in Newtown, too.

        14. Many thanks go to Wondering Aloud who first posted this very important piece of the puzzle and to dinophile who followed up with a simple question: “How did you find this”. My lengthy piece did not post, so I’ll repost it and if that does not work, I’ll redo it.

          The Newtown mother’s name is actually Sarah, not Ann. Since both mother and daughter have the same last name, the mother was given the name Ann on Intelius by mistake. And now, going to Intelius, these two have been scrubbed, at least here at my end. They do not exist. That was fast work.

          As was suggested, perhaps an astute video maker can make something from this.

          I recommend going back to the article Professor Tracy wrote about Shannon Watts and also read the comments. Shannon and Ann have starring roles in this next SH chapter.

          Almost 600 comments to the link above. With so much resistance, how do these Bloombergers get states to vote in their favor? Vermont is worth watching, people there are very vocal about maintaining their gun laws.

          “We have a very long view on this,” Braden said. “Two years ago, there wasn’t any way any gun provision would be debated. This is a long-term campaign to really change the conversation, so we can pass legislation to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

        15. You have to print out; take screen shots; or take notes of everything you see on the web. The Dark Side is tracking our movements in real time. I noted the problem I had with Spokeo last night, but another was that about a month ago I got a whole bunch of “hits” on one person, with several addresses, in another politically sensitive matter I have been researching. Luckily, I wrote them all down, because when I went back to that page after about three minutes all that information was GONE and it has never come up again.

          That also happened early on in my Sandy Hook research, where I got over 3,646 matches for “Sandy Hook School 1958-1978” in I was unable to get through all of them. Same with “Robert Parker,” which brought up dozens of matches originally. Then, suddenly nothing came up on either of these search terms. I can relate many similar incidents.

          In fact, I think the most useful picture of Dawn Hochsprung has also been removed from the web, because I remember a long ponytail in back. Am I crazy? Anyway, the one of her with short brown hair still looks like the Annie pic. I’ve saved a screen shot of it, and a screenshot of Annie’s pic, too.

        16. Interesting notes. Searching for data can be time consuming and one can find lots of “walls”. When using general search engines, I sometimes feel like I’m being redirected to tightly controlled results – due to the discombobulation of search results and difficulty with historical data going back more than a few years.

        17. dinophile, Beth and all – I did the reposting of my findings and it went poof again! It’s probably somewhere in Bluffdale, Utah with everything else vanishing from the Internet.

          I am going to give it one more chance, remove the links and leave out names which means it’ll be halfa..ed and not nearly as informative as it could be. As dinophile can attest to, censorship on the Internet has begun. Truth is lethal to the cabal. Gems can still be found if we dig deep enough and they can’t have that. Suffice it to say, the proof uncovered is crystal clear.

          A while ago I posted here my own experience on all the phases I went through to get to live in this promised land – as opposed to how easy it is today for certain factions. It went poof and is probably in my permanent file in Bluffdale.

          Wonder if this will post.

        18. I messed up: Vollmer was not the nurse. She was putatively a kindergarten teacher.

          So that fiction may have been the source of the other actor’s screw-up, who referred to Nancy Lanza as a kindergarten teacher.

          Dawn Hochsprung was the one I most wanted to find. And now we have. We need to find Nancy Lanza now. Looking among the anti-gun activists may lead to her doppelganger, too.

        19. “Bluffdale.” Aptly named.

          Maybe you can break it up into two or more posts, eh, Anne?

          And Beth, I didn’t mention the manipulation of the Rockaway County Register of Deeds website, where I was looking into the chains of title of Isgut, Lanza, et al. The “I” page in the index which I had been referring to to find the deeds suddenly disappeared, although the rest of the index remained accessible. Then, new instructions appeared for accessing the site itself, requiring me to identify myself.

          I heard my computer reboot in the middle of the night, and the next morning had a hideous virus which came disguised as a Java update and took me days to get rid of. So I was using my laptop, and it got zapped–just suddenly the screen went black. This happened twice, and I was still able to restart it. There was no power surge when this happened–the lights didn’t flicker or anything. But the third time, the laptop was finished. It no longer worked at all and I had to junk it. I do think this was due to outside manipulation, because it happened only when I was researching Sandy Hook, as well as this other politically sensitive matter I’ve mentioned.

        20. Dino – Your computer issues are beyond suspicious. I wish you had access to a computer “gee” who could investigate. Computers should only turn on in the middle of the night if a bios setting is telling it to (lots of people shaken by this) – but if yours just randomly turned on and you found a virus greeting you in the morning – that is just freaky.

          I’m wondering if your continued research to take place away from your current location — wireless cafe?

          Worried about you and Anne B.

        21. dinophile – no, I meant the portrayed mother of the alleged Dawn. Digging through I came across another piece of information I had not seen before – George Hochsprung had also worked at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Perhaps this is well known?

          The alleged Dawn’s portrayed mother is the same age as George. They now share the same address in upstate NY. What if they took these two and made Cheryl the mother and George the husband of the alleged Dawn? It is said that after Dec. 14th George never went back to work at the school in Danbury. Guess he got an early dismissal.

          Perhaps there is a training center in Rio Rancho for crisis actors. Bet you they are giggling up there in Bluffdale.

        22. The trip down the rabbit hole just gets weirder and weirder. Thank you for your research. I did a double-take when I poked around and saw a house number for the NY address for Ms. Lafferty: “666”. I ran across an article tonight that said Dawn and George were supposedly in CT, Dawn’s mother lived next door. Too much.

        23. Michael Bloomberg is looking very central to this production. I scarcely knew who he was, before.

          There were other connections: we should review them. One I just was reminded of was Scott Vollmer, who works for Bloomberg and is the son of Janet Vollmer, who played the role of school nurse.

        24. Dino- I remember this. Didn’t someone claim that the shooter actually looked like this kid, too?

        25. Bloomberg is also connected to Francine Lobis Wheeler, as Tracy discusses in an earlier post. Francine Wheeler was the personal assistant to Maureen White, DNC chair. White is married to Steven Rattner, Bloomberg’s investment banker (apparently a “convicted money launderer”).

      1. No. The woman in California (Annie Bedichek) is different from the woman who leads Gunsense in Vermont.

        Annie Bedichek was a complete surprise when I saw that picture.

        Taking Anne B’s input into consideration, I did compare the photos again. “Dawn H.” photos are clearly from a different eras, the 70s, 80s and some within the past 7 years with her daughters. Seems to be a mix of photo-shopped and few real photos, but all are old photos.

        I haven’t ruled it out that Annie B. is “Dawn H.” That said, very odd that a “look-a-like” to Sandy Hook’s deceased principal even came up when Googling the name of a Gunsense leader.

        1. Who is funding Gun Sense Vermont?

          ~MONTPELIER, Vt. — A gun-control group committed to universal background checks was the third-largest spender on lobbyists at the Vermont statehouse this quarter, outspending many of the biggest corporate interests in the Green Mountain State.
          Gun Sense Vermont President Ann Braden, a transplant from Connecticut, announced in May the group would focus on a single issue during the 2015 legislative session: universal background checks for firearms sold in the state.~

        2. Once again I compared the photo of Annie Bedichek from California with the one of Dawn Hochsprung sitting on a soda in a white sleeveless outfit. Compared the photos side by side. With a bit of photo shopping they could be the same.

          Ann Bedichek Braden in Vermont does not look like these women, but she is heavily involved in the gun issue. Why did they pick her? Because of her connections to Newtown?

          Once again we have a set of odd circumstances and three women. Two of them with different names, Annie and Dawn, on opposites sides of the country and who look very much alike. A third with almost the same name as California Annie Bedichek – one Ann Bedichek Braden (she married a Braden) living in Vermont with connections to Newtown, just like Dawn. She does not look like the other two.

          So Connecticut Dawn is dead, Vermont/Connecticut Ann Bedichek is funded by big money on gun control, and California Annie Bedichek just happen to look like Connecticut Dawn who is dead due to lack of gun control. Makes sense to me – in a way.

          “They” would do this, you know. Not the first time either. We have one Noah Pozner’s photo floating around on another continent with a different name and no explanation. Little Lily Gaubert from Louisiana, very much alive, being portrayed as alleged murder victim Allison Wyatt and one Adam Lanza, fresh from the Munster family, portrayed as a human before his demise. Psyop at it’s finest moments.

        3. It’s too strong a connection to overlook. Ann Bedichek Braden would obviously be aware of the photo online of a woman having the same name as hers. It’s a nice, earnest-looking photo; why not use it? And there is Shannon Watts, too, who knows Braden. Both of them had to be involved in the planning of the hoax. And maybe they were motivated by sincere commitment to the goal of ending gun violence, to the point that they regarded it as their moral duty to concoct this soap opera.

          Well, moral duty, along with $$$$.

          Who else among the players can we connect to these two women?

          I hope someone seizes on this information who knows how to make a good video, because one should be made precisely about the fabrication of Dawn Hochsprung. I am 100% convinced that this photo of Annie Bedichek of California is our Sandy Hook School principal.

        4. I’m wondering if it would make sense to contact the California Annie, to see if she knows her picture was used. Now, SHE would have standing to sue!

          On the other hand, there are these other photos of Dawn Hochsprung which look like the same person, so maybe Annie Bedichek provided the SH producers her family album. At least, I haven’t seen these other pictures of Annie Bedichek online. Maybe I have not looked hard enough, though.

        5. Nothing surprises me any more. It actually makes good sense to utilize the services of operatives to push agendas. A manageable group can be controlled to efficiently do the bidding of the powers that be. Internet and records data are much easier to control on the Web and otherwise (to limit searches, etc.) It makes wonderful sense.

      2. It is too curious to be a “coincidence”. We’ve said before, if they use someone’s photo without their knowledge there’s always the chance of a backlash. The connections seem to be there.

        We know that one element of this was the gun confiscation issue. I’m fairly certain that they divided this operation up into tasks. This task was part of the Bloomberg faction.

        The “modeling” went to another team. If it were just the resemblance I could say “maybe it’s chance”. But, there are too many connections. That’s how these things are done. Connections.

        Whether she is aware of the photo use or not isn’t very important. With all the publicity it’s hard to imagine she wouldn’t know. Think back on the strange behavior of her “daughters”. One of them could barely keep from bursting out laughing.

        My guess would be that some of the pictures used came from other eras. That is “safe” if you don’t have their permission. The contemporary ones would know about it. Whether for money or for being a “true believer”, some would volunteer.

        Lying is becoming as “American” as apple pie.

      3. OK, I’m going to jump in and display my ignorance here. It seems there are at least three “camps”. One is “Dawn was real”. Another is “Somebody played Dawn”. And, lastly, “Dawn was a picture”.

        The connections are fascinating. They give a good indicator of who may be behind this aspect of the drill. “Marshall” seems to be of the opinion that “Dawn was real”. I’m not sure what that means, exactly. I suppose that would mean that there was a real school and she was the real principal of it.

        We have chased the school reality issue round and round. I know what my opinion is but I’m in the minority. Obviously, if Dawn was real and they knew what she looked like, they would have to use her real image.

        On the other hand, if all aspects of it were contrived, they could have used anybody’s photo. Who would know? The only testimony I heard regarding her besides the “husband”, were the actor couple. In other words, how would we know?

        I have a somewhat different take on this. I think the school was open as a “special school”. Most probably for developmentally disabled children. There would only be a “handful”. They were probably bused in from other schools. It was not “open” to parents or visitors.

        “Dawn” may have been a “principal” there. What “Dawn” looked like is anybody’s guess. I do not believe anybody (at least adults) died there. Probably not the kids either.

        The look alike is interesting. The connections are interesting. Whether Dawn was manufactured or not is the question. I do not believe the tale of her and the “husband”. I do not believe either of the daughters.

        I have a suspicion that something unsavory was going on there with the “special kids”. I won’t get into that just now. Please try not to misunderstand what I’m saying. Whether she was real and used this as an opportunity to exit, stage left, or manufactured is worth knowing. It doesn’t change much, however.

        I certainly don’t think the gun control issue is central. It is a peripheral issue and a red herring. Now that the school is gone and the THING is coming. They can set up shop in more suitable digs, under new management.

        I think the research was great. I just think this thing is much darker. The magician is pointing to something across the room. We should be watching his other hand.

        1. Good advice, Lophatt.

          To answer your question: Dawn is only a picture, the model for which was Annie Bedichek. They put different hair on Annie, and they had access to other old photos of hers. They may even have taken Annie’s wedding picture and stuck George Hochsprung’s head on the groom’s body.

          I remember people considering whether SH was a “school for developmentally disabled kids,” as well as the picture of kids getting on a bus in the fire station parking lot. I have forgotten things I used to know, so much time has gone by, but think there was consensus the “fire station” was used for such classes, if they were held at all, the school building being no longer in use.

        2. lophatt- What makes you think that the gun control issue is a red herring? The SHSS has many parallels to both the Port Arthur shooting and the one in Dunblane, Scotland. Those events were definitely about gun control. The ultimate outcome of what happened in CT could easily have been very similar to what did happen in Australia and England. The legislation was written, it just didn’t pass.

          I also wanted to add my thoughts to your discussion about Dawn H. Here are some images from the SHS website.
          These photos were supposedly taken in the 2011-12 school year. There are several of Dawn in the two collections on the lower left. Obviously these have been gone over with a fine tooth comb for incriminating details, but I thought they were still worth looking at.

          These images do suggest that, at the very least, there was an actor playing Dawn. If not, then we are looking at a lot of very careful photoshopping. The man in the space suit is the former vice principal, Tony Salvatore, who left the school the summer before the shooting. He is the man mistakenly described in a Sydney Morning Herald article as having been shot in the foot, an injury that befell his replacement, Natalie Hammond. I still have that link if anyone wants to see it again.

          Interestingly, if you look at the 100 day parade collection, you will see some of the “victims”. This in spite of the fact that the kids in these photos were supposed to be first graders a year before the “event”. You can find images that look like both Allison Wyatt and Daniel Barden in the parade. You can also find the picture of a girl who was interviewed by the news media, who was said to be in the second grade during the shooting, as she should have been. She looks about a year younger in the photo.

          One has to wonder if all of these photos were contrived, and if so, how? If they were all faked, and publicly available, as they seem to be, why didn’t people in Sandy Hook question them?

        3. Lophatt – your magician comment is spot on.
          I’m of the camp that thinks some / most of these characters are made up…they are composites are other people. It would be pretty darn difficult to control loose lips if “they” used too many real people. That’s my story…for now – and I’m sticking to it.

          I think the “magician” is a force of many, directed by a few. Frightening for those of us who are awake.

        4. OK, I was afraid of that. I want to be clear that others are absolutely free to have a different opinion. I’m just talking about mine.

          As to Cristo, of course gun confiscation is an “issue”. I maintain that NONE of these contrived events have only one agenda. In my opinion, the deeper, more damaging agendas are NOT the ones most concentrate on. The “modeling” aspect is far more damaging than simple gun control.

          Having read everyone’s comments on the school, looked at the pictures, etc., I still cannot categorically state that it was closed. I know what condition it was in. I have seen the parking lot markings was well. In fact, I’ve made a point of noticing them here and I can attest that there are lots of violations of the ADA everywhere.

          I don’t have a dog in this fight. I simply think it would be easier to “sell” if the school was in use (to a degree). I have a disabled daughter and, over the years she has been made to attend classes in defunct schools. It isn’t unusual at all.

          If I’m wrong about this it’s fine with me. There is a lot of evidence of that. It simply isn’t definitive evidence. I made an issue of it once because it seems easy to prove one way or another and would certainly be helpful if true.

          This was a “drill”. Whether “real” or “imaginary” the individuals identified were “characters’. They could use “real” people, or they could completely fabricate “characters” from whole cloth. Any “character” who was real would be a knowing participant.

          I think there are others who only knew they were participating in a drill. They undoubtedly signed secrecy agreements. There is some evidence that a few are no longer among the living. That’s a pretty heady excuse for silence.

          The politicians and media are knowing accomplices. The actual readers are just that, readers. They do not deviate from what is required to retrieve a paycheck. The level above them are salesmen. Think A.C..

          If the school was absolutely closed my feeling is that the knowledge of that would extend beyond their control. Someone “up the chain” would say; “hey, what are they talking about. That place has been closed for years”. I could even be “down the chain” i.e. bus drivers and cafeteria workers.

          The general townsfolk would not know much. So, depending on your persuasion, you can think that “Dawn” was real and is either dead or in hiding. Alternately, there was no “Dawn”. Or, there was a Dawn and she looks nothing like what we’ve been shown. How would we know?

          I tend to think that this place had a use for them, other than “education”. I don’t believe the “daughters”. In fact, I don’t believe anything that has been said by any of them. The only factual information will come, if ever, from peripheral actors and non-participants.

          Lastly, pictures, documents, etc., can be easily fabricated to fit the story. They have that process in complete lockdown at the moment. They can “release” things whenever it suits them. I put no credence in it.

        1. If someone could do a photo analysis of some of the pictures of Dawn Hochsprung, we could know if there were “layers” making use of the Bedichek photo, such as is demonstrated in the photo-combining video I posted a link to.

          The kind of analysis that was done in the Obama “birth certificate,” in other words. (I don’t know how to do it, myself.)

        2. The photo of PTA Annie in front of children has this information (2:30 AM ?)

          Photo details
          Date taken 8/27/12, 2:30 AM
          Dimensions 548 x 548
          File name annie.jpg
          File size 66.23K

        3. Anne, it’s pretty obvious that this wasn’t taken at “2:30 A.M.” And, no, I don’t recall ever having seen a video of “Dawn”. If there is a connection, it would be more likely that they used a photo of “Annie” and created “Dawn”.

          Then again, it may just be a coincidence. She has “Slavic features” that are a strong genetic trait and show up quite often. Now, if we find that she is involved with “Up With People”, we’re on to something.

        4. Anne, your first link has no photo–except I think I SAW a photo when I clicked on it earlier. Now, there is just a list of names & positions held.

          I don’t see any picture of her in front of children, which you mention.


          Above is the link that Wondering Aloud posted. If you click on the small, round photo on the upper left it enlarges. You’ll see the children in the background and info on the photo.

          This link has a photo at my end (still does, I checked). She resembles the PTA Annie and lives in the same geographical region. In this photo she has longer, medium brown hair. Same mouth and smile as PTA Annie.

        6. Dawn Hochsprung is real and so was Nancy and Adam Lanza if anybody cares. Focus on other elements of this giant fraud that are more substantive. There are sooooo many more fraud indicators with teeth.

          The Wasik family is an excellent one- the father claims to have found his daughter in the fire house yet there are multiple videos of him strolling around the parking lot with hundreds of other parents. The obvious point becomes: If the hundreds of parents were walking around the fire house waiting that means the evacuation never occurred or occurred much later than 10 am right junior detectives ?

          This video is EPIC – congrats to the producer

        7. You are welcome Beth – that video is compelling and it get Joe Wasik on the hook lying through his teeth. The ramifications are heavy- he said he found his daughter at the fire department. Helicopter video and other news footage shows him hanging around by himself behind the fire house. (We even see someone at the back door with, what appears to be, a tray of cookies) – So he is proven a liar and now also we can conclude that the mass evacuation has not yet commenced right ? So where are all the kids?

          TPaulStaulserice did a compelling video of a parent , Mrs Shortt, she changes her story twice in one interview. First she said she found her kid at the fire house, then she said her husband picked up the kid at the fire house. ( I cannot find this video now)

          These are the compelling undeniable holes in the story that will eventually topple this house of cards.

        8. Yes, I saw another version of the video and became convinced that they were signaling her with the hand gestures. Just because they set the stage by saying “it’s two days later” doesn’t mean anything.

          They were there to read their parts for the drill. I especially liked the “600 students”. All these late breeders in Newtown. By the time they reach high school they’ll need a “walker zone”.

      1. Anne, I guess I don’t understand what her position does. Is there something different about Chinese or Korean students? I’ll trust your judgement on the earlobes.

        She’s enough to cause a “false positive” on a face recognition program.

        1. Her position being involved with school activities must just be a coincidence. She is in charge of networking parents of high school freshmen, the ones who’ll graduate in 2018.

          She has bigger earlobes than Dawn if you compare photos. Definitely a “false positive”

        2. Anne, yes, I see. The resemblance IS remarkable. There once was a guy who people kept confusing for me. I met him and it was like looking in the mirror. Strange.

          I’m sure you’re right. They say the ears don’t lie. Now if it had her as the school ambassador to Pakistan I’d look a little harder.

  14. Off-topic, but timely nevertheless: I am saddened not to see a post by Dr. Tracy about the Martin Luther King assassination.

    I recently (coincidentally) read “Hellhound on His Trail” by Hampton Sides, about James Earl Ray. It spun a tale exalting such investigatory acumen by the FBI, in tracking this killer through several aliases, hundreds of thousands of fingerprint records, false passports, passage through several countries, and more. Problem is, there is about as much truth in this “lone nut killer” picture as there was in the official version of the JFK assassination.

    James Douglass–who wrote “JFK: the Unspeakable”–has written a report about MLK which is on the Mary Ferrell Foundation website, about the civil case the King Family brought in 2001 against a man named Loyd Jowers. The Kings had numerous witnesses testify who were never even interviewed by the FBI in 1968, such as the owner of the Lorraine Motel, who was ordered by the feds to change MLK’s room to one much less secure; a witness who testified to a payout by a Mafioso to an entirely different person than James Early Ray; different information about the gun; cops and firefighters who had been transferred to other posts right before the assassination, in order that the target would be unprotected; and more. Army Intelligence and the FBI itself planned and executed the MLK assassination. The marksman was probably a Memphis police officer. There is no credible evidence it was the “lone nut” James Earl Ray. Douglass’s essay (accompanied by the trial transcript, which I have not yet read) is here:

    When one remembers what a powerful, vocal opponent of the Vietnam War MLK was–making him a huge threat to LBJ–and to what extent the FBI made his life a living hell, following him everywhere, bugging his room, planting false stories in the press, it would be incredible to believe the FBI was then dedicated to the noble cause of “finding MLK’s killer.” Even more disgusting is that Hampton Sides, a New York Times reporter, wrote his book in 2010, ten years after the Kings’ civil trial, yet did not report one word about those witnesses’ testimony, who were local people with real–and conflicting–observations. His book is yet more disinfo from the NYT, which I am sure heavily promoted it as “what really happened,” as it always does to ensure the people of this country never get wind of the truth.

    I recommend not only Douglass’s book about JFK, by the way, but “LBJ: Mastermind of the Kennedy Assassination” by Philip Nelson. LBJ and Hoover were very close buds, as well as close neighbors. Both were evil.

    The holiday celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday is more than an empty disappointment. It is another kind of disinfo, to direct people’s attention away from yet another evil act committed by their own government, to “celebrating his life.”

    1. “The holiday celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday is more than an empty disappointment. It is another kind of disinfo, to direct people’s attention away from yet another evil act committed by their own government, to “celebrating his life.””

      Excellent point, dino. They always co-opt their enemies, after the fact, making them the giants of our imagination and twisting the reality in the process. History is one long process of this. In our time, we have the internet, which allows us to share insights about the lies–which is a fantastic thing, for those few who use the internet for that purpose. I know that that is why I spend so much of my intellectual efforts here, at MHB. Tracy has accumulated a bunch of people like that. Very rare.

      So indeed, it’s sad that Martin King has been ripped away from where he should be, by the pre-empting machinery of the state. What’s even sadder is the complete blindness of most people that that is indeed what is going on with this thing.

        1. dinophile, that is a long story starting back in 2006 when a chemtrail forum was started by a Santa Monica resident. It attracted many enlightened individuals and soon had around 900 members. One day this man joined, coming off as someone with lots of information and just as concerned as the rest of us. All went well for a while, then little by little his attitude changed, confronting and disputing posters. Often rudely. Soon every post someone else made he was there disputing their comments, demanding proof and photos of what they described seeing all over the country, not just in California. It became ridiculous when he claimed he was watching webcams from these various locales, and he saw no chemtrails. Never mind that people actually living in these places could trust their own eyes.

          I finally made a posting three or four years ago about him being an agent provocateur and received private emails confirming that charge. I also asked the owner of the forum why he allowed this man to continue. He replied, defending the agent, confirming that he too could not be trusted.

          Agent Al went away for a month or so, then came back full steam ahead. No doubt on new instructions from his handlers. By now I had unsubscribed from the group; could still read the comments, but not post. It was tough to watch good people run over by this man and many started to leave the forum. I got to know a member living in Oregon who did not leave and still posted. A couple of years ago she suggested we try to find something on agent Al, something that we could prove and she would post it.

          For about two months we had a real good time, researching and comparing notes, co-brainstorming. The original problem was not knowing his full first name, we had his last name. Al could be Alfred, Alvin, Alfonso and so on. It was by sheer accident I came over his full first name, something I never would have guessed. After that it was clinking champagne glasses between California and Oregon. We had him. He had moved around and his last postings came from Texas, a small town pop. 120 in the middle of nowhere. When he first joined the group he lived in Arizona.

          By researching his full name and being very thorough, I found a reference to him in the Mary Ferrell archives. It was a story in a Dallas newspaper from 1965. His name, middle initial, age and occupation at the time agreed with our previous findings. He was arrested for causing mayhem with two other guys in and around Dallas. Real nasty stuff. The same archives showed that he was arrested for the same in 1967, still in Dallas. I also found a reference to his name at the James N. Mason Collection located at Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas. The material he donated was in line with his actions in Dallas.
          We had solid proof and my friend in Oregon posted it on the forum. Al did not dispute, but continued to ridicule posters. They all left, one by one. The forum is still up and now has two posters, Al in Texas and his ex wife in Arizona. It’s cheaper than calling.

        2. Wow, Anne, that is such a great story! And funny, too (the end of your email is what I mean). Except: not so funny, as we know, since it shut down your group.

          When I saw your earlier email referencing the Mary Ferrell site, I thought you meant it helped HIM. I’m glad that what you meant was that it was the source of information which exposed him, and helped all of YOU.

        3. LOL–yes, the word “out” was what confused me. I, too, wish I had written “worse” rather than “more” in my comment about the MLK holiday being “more than an empty disappointment”!

          In the meantime, I’ve decided to memorialize on this blog that I had a strange incident yesterday: a sudden lapse of consciousness or black-out. It was like a lightbulb turning off and then on again, while I was sitting at my computer. No after-effects, and no pain–but I realized in the middle of the night last night that this happened after I had posted that post above, about the MLK assassination being an inside job.

          So maybe I am a “Targeted Individual,” myself, now! Certainly, I know my computer has been, for some time. I’ve had all kinds of interference with my computer, the latest being two incidents separated by a week or more where a bar or two of orchestral music (and, the second time, a beep), suddenly blasted through my left speaker. I did not have any tabs open which would have caused that.

        4. Dino – if you have a PC, it may be a virus. Sounds like a lot of people have had this happen over the past couple of years based on some quick search I did. I ran across some helpful info (I’ll let you search it out) – of course, before making changes to your computer – you’ll want to ensure you know what you’re doing (unlike me, but I’ve been lucky with computer fixes…so far):

          Like many of us – I have posted enough “smack talk” over the years and have researched a lot of data on various topics…so I share the concerns of many when it comes to computer monitoring, etc. We are near a military base but when my family sees the dark helicopters coming by us, there’s always a joke to be made that my ride is here.

          I take some precautions on-line…but there is only so much we regular lay people can do. I just figure if they want to mess with any of us – they will and there is probably only so much we can do except try to make it difficult where we can.

          Reading over that certain reporter’s account of what was being done to her computer was certainly eye-opening. Thank goodness for the brave techies who helped her uncover what was happening to her. That poor soul must’ve had more than a few moments where she thought it couldn’t really be happening.

        5. Beth, did you neglect to include a link?

          Thanks for the info. To clarify, however, the incident which I compared to a lightbulb (off, then on) happened to my brain, not my computer!

          Wonder if this is how they “did” Breitbart. Witnesses said he was fine, then just dropped dead in the street.

        6. I’m sorry Dino…I had started to insert a link and changed my mind because the post (about what appeared to be a virus file he was deleting from the clients’ computers) was from 2013. This appears to be a common issue, however – but surely different file names these days. That’s why I suggested a Google/other search and caution. I’m having a “typo” kind of day today. My apologies.

          I’m sorry to hear about your moments lost. That is truly scary. My husband and I were just talking about the subject of targeted people last night. We live in the same county as Mr. May did (just south). The recent story on MHB got us chatting about him again.

          Scary stuff. I hope you have someone you trust who you can visit wtih.

          Everyone has their theories and doubts about such matters – but I’m inclined to be extremely suspicious of big pharma and shrinks…all of the chemicals being prescribed to people. WAY too much!

          I’ll bet most people don’t even realize what kind of drugs they are taking:

          Latest example – I saw a drug that was recently approved for use in patients who are experiencing menopause issues…it is described as a “nonhormonal treatment” for hot flashes, etc. IT IS AN ANTI-DEPRESSANT! Same is true with the drugs that have been approved for diabetic pain, fibromyalgia, etc. Anti-Depressant drugs.

          There is a huge percentage of the population taking their daily “Soma” (“Brave New World”). It scares the bajeebers out of me.

        7. Right, Beth–I am in full agreement.

          I don’t take any drugs–never have. And I am in perfect health: I eat right and get a lot of exercise.

        8. Dino:
          You’re awesome! I’m not quite as lucky – have a chronic condition and was on pain meds (lowest dose but x many years). Because I was concerned with getting “hooked” and after my usual drug was discontinued – I was put on a “mild, synthetic pain reliever with no addiction issues”. Baloney! Bad stuff. Got off of it after figuring out my condition wasn’t getting worse – NOT taking regular doses of the new stuff was making my pain increase and feel crappy. Best thing I ever did!

          Turns out – that pain med. impacts serotonin levels. It is solely marketed for pain, however. Consequently many patients are struggling to get off of this drug OR they think their condition is worsening and they graduate to bigger guns. Thanks Big Pharma!

          WHICH brings me to my prior comment: What the heck is going to happen to millions of patients who are swallowing anti-depressants being prescribed for other conditions (Pain, menopause, etc.)? Is this the reason we seem to be seeing a rise in crazier crimes? Either big pharma is having an impact or we have a serious rise in evil these days.

          I’d be curious to know what % of the population is on these drugs (adults and children). I’d then like to see that figure broken down into the % who are taking them for reasons OTHER than depression (nerve pain, fibromyalgia, menopause, etc.). Lastly, I’d like to know how much we’re ALL passively consuming via our drinking water (was news years ago – the scandal died away).

          As for targeted individuals – My thought is that these poor souls fit some profile – and many have had contact with someone with a prescription pad. Alternatively, there are the healthy and fit “troublemakers” who end up as targets for removal or the destruction of their reputation.

          Dino – we exchanged several thoughts via this blog last year (re: SHook). I remember you well + some of your background and was very impressed with you. I hope you have someone who can watch your back. We “trouble makers” have to look out for each other 🙂 You are strong, wise and good. Stay safe.

        9. Thanks, Beth. I definitely share your concerns about the addicting of America. The book “Psyched Out” by Kelly Patricia O’Meara builds a strong case for our position.

          I recently remembered this woman who used to work for me, who told me she had been on Paxil (an anti-depressant), then tried to go off it, but suffered “brain shocks.” This sounded absolutely hideous. She’d been off the drug for a few years now and was still experiencing these, as a withdrawal symptom, I believe.

        10. How come whenever I crack a joke here it goes right to print, but anything meaningful goes down to proverbial “terlet”.

  15. Some of the parents have begun to open estates and proceed with lawsuits against Newtown, the school, etc. I believe to open an estate that a certified copy of the death certificate must be attached to the original petition in order for the estate to be formally opened by the probate judge. Has anyone retrieved from the court a copy of any of the petitions to open the estates along with certified death certificates which are to be attached?

  16. Someone mentioned reading Dave Eggers’ novel “The Circle”, and on a whim I picked it up. I haven’t been able to put it down (I even set aside “The Facade for it)…85% finished, and I expect to finish tonight. Like “The Facade”, it’s deceptively simple…and very, very scary.

    Thanks for the recommend!

      1. Tertium: I’m an “immediate gratification” kind of lady…I bought the Kindle version of the book 🙂

        I think I mentioned before, I blew through this book like I haven’t for a very long time. It’s an easy read…it’s not great literature by any means, but it’s well-written and it deals with a subject that is near and dear to the hearts of readers of thos blog.

        I look forward to your comments once you’ve read a bit.

        1. Recynd: I finished. As you said, not literature, but a fun read and well written. Maybe you, CaliMom, and I should form a book club ;-).
          p.s. You would seem to have an impressive PartiRank score on this site, haha.

        2. I’m so glad you liked “The Circle”! I did; I so rarely find a real page-turner anymore, something I just can’t put down. There seems to be more “libertarian fiction” (lib-fic? Lib-lit? Liblit? Ha!) floating around, much of it Young Adult oriented, happily. Though Eggars doesn’t exactly fall into this category (I think he’s a cut-in-the-cloth Liberal Do-Gooder), he’s more apt to reach a non-libertarian audience. When I was a kid, the only libertarian-minded book I can recall reading was “Girl Who Owned a City”. Quite a subversive little tale, that one.

          I agree, my PartiRank score does seem pretty healthy these days, but I’m in no way in the Gang of 40! I think we all know who our “3 Wise Men” are (or maybe we each have our own?); our “Gang of 40” spots are reserved for those who actually KNOW something (unlike me…I just throw an opinion into the pot now and again).

          Cheers 🙂

  17. A while back someone mentioned he had never seen a video with Rick Thorne. I recall seeing one a long time ago and just so happen to find it again. The video is only two and a half minute long, and the audio is not working right at my end, but the dapper man in white with sunglasses who keeps popping up behind the guy talking is Rick Thorne according to comments under the video. Around 2:10 Rick makes a fast escape.

    The Rick Thorne described here is older and out of a job. The article is dated November 19, 2012. Less than a month later he has a temporary job at SHES. Not to be overlooked, this is a Bloomberg publication.

    ~Rick Thorne worked as a custodian in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, schools for 22 years, earning $20 an hour cleaning floors, cutting grass and setting up for assemblies in the community, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of Boston.
    In March 2011, the 5,500-student system put its custodial contract out for bid. Aramark Corp., a Philadelphia-based global food-service and facility-management company, agreed to clean the town’s seven schools for $841,000 annually, $400,000 less than the custodians’ union. Aramark offered Thorne and other members their jobs back, at $8.25 to $8.75 an hour. They declined.
    “I was like family. I knew all the kids,” said Thorne, 55, who’s still unemployed. “It’s brutal. It gets worse every day.”~

    1. Thanks Anne, for that video. Yet another person caught on video acting strangely (Mr. Cool and happily greeting someone – until caught – then ducks) + he is another “new person” who came on the SHook scene in 2012.

  18. -Is this the reason we seem to be seeing a rise in crazier crimes? Either big pharma is having an impact or we have a serious rise in evil these days.-

    Given the state of the world, and especially America, we are supposed to be depressed, angry, or whatever. It amazes me how Pharma and the medical community have been able to convince each person that their condition is their own fault. In most cases it is most likely not their own fault. Being made to live in a society that allows the reversal of the natural order of things is one thing. Living in a society where the reversal is legislated is quite another thing.

    The human psyche is in revolt, while at the same time locked inside a body that has been conditioned to obey the rules. The answer- pop anti-depressants, pain-killers, smoke weed, immerse yourself in sex, violence, get a hobby that becomes an addiction, work yourself to death, spend money you don’t have, buy a huge house, the list goes on. I wish I could speak from the high ground on these things, but some of the worst decisions I ever made were on anti-depressants.

    The rape of the working man, and woman’s paycheck should have brought this system crashing to the ground a long time ago. Nevertheless here we are. Making payments on our own enslavement, asking shrinks and doctors who don’t give a shit about us, for help.

  19. The flagrant deceit of the false flags and power conspiracies are conditioned by the institutionalized mendacity of mainstream history. It is the subversion of this historical untruth that was the reason for the partially repression of Carroll Quiqley’s 1300 page contemporary history TRAGEDY AND HOPE. The recent public statement of Arsenicy Yats, the premier of Ukraine installed by Washington, that Russia invaded Germany and Ukraine in world war 2, is more or less the kind of blatant untruth, the precise contrary of the reality-based truth, repeated in the history books, especially the history schoolbooks. The Proclaimed truth is precisely contrary to the reality-based truth. As Napoleon said more than 2 centuries ago, ‘history is a lie agreed upon.’

    Quigley discusses the Phoney War, although he does not call it that. Britain and France had declared war on Germany, but actually attacked the Soviet Union instead as part of the Finnish war. When the British airforce minister Kingsley Wood was questioned in Parlement as to why he did not bomb the German ammunition dumps in the Black Forest, he stated that he could not do that, or the weapons factories either, they were “private property.” Hitler’s Nazi commanding general, Alfred Jodl, testified at Nuremberg ” if we did not collapse in 1939 in the Polish campaign, (it was because) the 110 British and French divisions were held inactive against 23 German divisions.”

    Meanwhile Britain and France, while legally at war with Germany, were actually trying to attack the Soviet Union during the Finnish War. Britain sent supplies to Finland, and was prepared to send a hundred thousand troops. Britain was preparing to occupying Norway to route these troops, when Germany occupied her first. While the British and French people were told that they were fighting Germany, British and French power were actually aiding Germany to fight the Soviet Union.

    The historical lies of the period are still being repeated, especially to the young, almost a century later. This being the case, with the discreditable actions of power being sanitized in mainstream history, what is the likelihood of homicidal fantasy conspiracies,like Sandy Hook or the Marathon Bombings, being incorporated publically in American history? When even the Kennedy Assassinations are not publically acknowledged after more than a thousand books have been written on them.

    Consequently, any American or international movement directed at the American people retaking control of American power must emphasize the authorized deceit of American power historically, which can be illustrated by the power conspiracies. Since both the Republican and Democratic leaders will be immobilized by the institutionalized mendacity of American history, and the obvious and blatant fabrications institutionalized in its telling in both the learned and popular media.

    And since the media is selectively controlled from Washington, the only way the systematic fraud of the mainstream truth consensus can be made public, is through the blogs revealing the untruth. Unless they are shut down in later stages of the War on Terrorism or Extremism.

    1. I’m disappointed, Mark, that you could not shoehorn my vicious, overt racism into this comment. After all, I gave you a lovely summary of the history of Quigley’s magnum opus. Surely the good doctor’s white supremacy could thus be added to my account. Or are you not trying?

  20. I thought you hadn’t read Quigley, Patrick. I was directed to TRAGEDY AND HOPE by a quote by dachielady, who apparently is a religious anti-Semite. I still can’t find the quote. It is quite true that Quigley is a Anglo-American racist, although absent your vulgarity. But he has an extremely original mind, especially for an academic, and tells the truth. Like Malcolm X, I am for the truth no matter who tells it.

    Quigley is pained by the decline of what he calls the ‘middle class,’ what we would now call the professional-managerial class. He despises the lower middle class, what is now the Fox News and Russ Limbergher crowd. He is against sex, smoking and coffee, and says so, effectively, at length, in his final chapter, THE FUTURE IN PERSPECTIVE.

    I find it quite funny, but yet, I can understand and sympathize with his pain. His historical world is being demolished. Revolutions in political culture, which I advocate, cause real pain to real people, and I can feel it, even in the cultural Enemy.

    1. Patrick says:
      DECEMBER 13, 2014 AT 8:52 AM
      Mark, Cleon Skousen summarized the most damning sections in a slim volume called The Naked Capitalist. It was published shortly after Tragedy and Hope came out (Tragedy is 1,200 pages or so, and is not indexed for some strange reason).

      Dr Stan was given access to Quigley’s papers (he taught at Georgetown) after he died, and found a taped interview, which Stan was given permission to distribute (Radio Liberty–it’s not very expensive to get a copy). In it, Quigley bitterly references the publisher destroying the plates to the first half of the book, and the “pirate” who re-created them (it’s why those pages are printed on tinted paper) and was selling the book–Quigley was receiving no royalties. Of course, since his publisher refused to sell “official” copies he should have been grateful people were actually reading it.

      But the problem was, for him, the people who wanted to read it. Most of them were interested not in the noble dreams of the Great Progressive, Scholar. They were turned on to its existence by Skousen’s book, which in the interview Quigley is very unhappy with. These people were conservatives who despised everything Quigley represented.

      See, Tragedy was subtitled “A History of the World In Our Time,” and it was about the conspiracy to reshape human society. He later wrote a much smaller volume, The Anglo-American Establishment, which is more or less a vast list of names and connections which authenticate what he wrote about in Tragedy. He had been given access to the archives of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Tragedy was a history of their doings–but especially the doings of those who created that organization, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (The Roundtable Group), Cecil Rhodes, and Alfred Lord Milner.

      He heartily approved of this secret plot to take over the world, and wrote Tragedy not to denounce it, but to reveal it because it was so wonderful. His only complaint was that an ongoing operation so important and so excellent should not be kept a secret. The conspirators should be PROUD of what they were doing.

      Well, the book got through the publishing process without review, because Quigley was an unimpeachable member of the Academic Elite, and presumably could be trusted to keep the Establishment’s secrets. When Skousen publicized Tragedy (The Naked Capitalist sold like hotcakes), something had to be done-hence, the destruction of the plates for the first half of the book.

      As I say, Quigley was quite bitter about the whole thing. He was, after all, an impeccable foot soldier in the ranks of the Academy, and truly admired the work of the Cabal, and he was being shafted in the most unreasonable way by his own masters, when he was congratulating them with all the talent he’d spent a lifetime demonstrating. On top of that, this ignominious dumping by his heroes, the people he hated the most were the only ones who wanted to learn what he had to teach–people who joined the John Birch Society! ARGGGGH!

      dachsielady says:
      DECEMBER 13, 2014 AT 9:30 AM
      Thanks for nice summary, Patrick. Dr. Stan referred to the John Birch Society as “a great scam” in a 2013 email to me. He became very disillusioned with the JBS and called it “controlled opposition” , but I think he and G. Edward Griffen and Joel Skousen and others were sort of the charter members of the JBS when it began in 1959.

      I think it is important to get familiar with Quiqley’s two famous books.

      Don’t want to get too far off topic but Dr. Stan Monteith recognized the whole dialectic of “conservatism” verses “liberalism.” I learned so much from him, though I did not ascribe to some of his “Christian” dispensationalist and “prophecy” type radio show guests’ ideas.

      Dr. Dennis Cuddy said …
      “…Nelson Rockefeller was working with the NAZIs


      David Rockefeller was working with the Communists.”

      So Nelson, who managed the Right wing, bought Robert Welch’s candy company for 3 times its asking price and got him to be the leader of the JBS.

      The world’s ruling elite always control all sides of the conflicts and issues, so they win, and win big finanally too, even when they lose.

      The Congressional Record for Senator Oscar Callaway quote can probably be checked for its accuracy, though I do not know if there is internet access to Congressional Record going back that far.

      (Quiqley had a mistress and the royalties for his book went to her and Quiqley’s wife was rather miffed about all of this and fought it, I think, after Quiqley’s death.)

  21. Thank you Patrick and Dachsielady, I greatly appreciate your comments.
    The copy of TRAGEDY I have is 1348 pages, with an index. It supports both of your comments. Although I am shocked–shocked!–that he had a mistress after his castigating the young for sex, homosexuality, and miscegenation. But, after all, he was a bourgeois prig, and hypocrisy is a necessary adjunct of his way of life.

    But I can see why his history was semi-repressed; he punctures large holes in the traditional truth of American and Western history. His truth is relevant not only in relation to the grotesque power conspiracies delusively legitimated in the mainstream truth, but in the war&police state they are instrumental in producing.

    Chamberlain and his faction of the British ruling class was secretly supporting the German Nazis before WW 2, under the guise of being neutral, while the British population opposed fascism. Britain supported Franco in the Spanish civil war while the British population supported the republic 50+% to 9%, according to a poll in 1938.. Fascist Italy, Germany, and Portugal were providing war material to Franco while Britain, France, and the US, under the guise of Neutrality, was prevented the arming of “both sides.”

    Fascist Italy sent a hundred thousand men to fight for Franco, suffering 50 thousand casualties. All blanked out in the Western media and history.

    This makes the current narrative in Ukraine more understandable. Washington engineered an anti-Russia coup on Russia’s border, threatened to place Nato missiles there, and then accused Russia of aggression for defending itself. This kind of thing, repeated without demur in the media and learned truth, apparently has historical precedent, as Quigley makes clear.

    The oligarch-Nazi junta shot down a civilian plane, killing 300 passengers, blaming it on Russia, and the US simply stopped a report from the commission investigating it from publishing. The false flag was used to initiate the first Ukraine war against novorussia, which the junta lost badly, and Washington is now supplying and training them for war #2.

    Apparently it is quite easy to delude the population outrageously in Foreign aggression. The premier Washington has installed in Ukraine, Arsenicy Yats, recently said on tv in Germany that Russia invaded Germany and Ukraine in WW 2. The wildest inversion of the reality-based truth receives a deafening silence in the media. And this media silence and truth inversion is conveyed in the history books, as Quigley makes clear.

    t is increasingly apparent that our consciousness has been systematically deranged by power historically to make us easier to rule.

  22. Shanley has not been heard from since December 30 by parties he had been in regular contact with throughout late 2014. Several individuals, including journalists and law enforcement officers, have disappeared or died under unusual circumstances in the two years since the December 2012 incident

    and….again……this demonstrates my point on the other ‘thread’ abt private individuals acting off their own ‘bat’….

    individual “players” who try to stick their necks out will, inevitably, be decapitated!

    again….i reiterate…..

    only a team of competent and experienced Private Investigators, backed up by tough, USMC/Special Forces vets can get to the bottom of this ‘con job’ called Sandy Hook and gather the necessary evidence……

    such a PI firm could also launch a law-suit….or get an appointed ‘agent’ to front for them…

    such an ‘agent’ should, ideally, be either a prominent public figure who they would be too scared to ‘take out’ or some-one with hundreds of acquaintances and friends to ‘watch their backs’….

    even then…..they should take basic, common sense precautions….

    like, for instance, “fortifying” their home/apartment with dead locks, strong, security grills on all windows, dead-bolted doors, CCTV, alarms and guard dogs (the best ‘alarm system’ in the world);

    (CCTV and alarms can now be ‘patched through’ to yr mobile ‘phone…..or….even to a web-site….which you can access from….where-ever…a public library if necessary!)

    and….having, for home defence, @ the very least, a reliable pump-action shotgun and a reliable, heavy-calibre, hi-cap, s/a pistol like, say, a Glock gen4 or one of the new Walther PPXs……

    …….oh……and……of course….being constantly armed where-ever they go…….and….always checking their car/motor vehicle before driving any-where, varying their routes and times and being on the ‘look-out’ for suspicious vehicles following them….
    (and eschew mobile ‘phones as much as possible….they’re just portable “tracking devices” for TPTB……unless you’re prepared to carry them in Faraday Bags and regularly change the IMEI and the SIM card[s]….but…..even then, they’re dodgy!)

    of course, all that’s not a 100% guarantee that they still won’t get you….but….the harder you make it for them….the less likely they are to try some-thing ‘on the fly’….most people take so little precautions that its “child’s play” for these fed(dot)gov goons to “disappear” them……

  23. Oh, wow, I am laughing in disbelief! Tell us more about Cheryl Lafferty and George Hochsprung! (But are you saying there really was a “Dawn”? I can’t quite get my mind around this!)

    Remember, too, the Robert C. Parker who I believe was Robbie’s father, who had an occult business in Sandy Hook in the 1970’s.

    1. dinophile – I posted a response a good while ago to a duplicate of this post further down. Have not seen it yet. I will keep any responses very short and to the point, although if naming names sends the post into the oblivion, it will be difficult to answer in a logical way. So I’ll try again with fewer words.

      Came across another piece of information I had not seen before – George had also worked at SHES. Perhaps this is well known? What if these two, Cheryl and George, were made mother and husband of the alleged principal? It is said that after Dec. 14th the husband never went back to work as a teacher.

      End transmission.

      1. Wow, wow, wow, Anne! I have not seen that anywhere!

        And yes, of course that is what happened.

        But did you see the dates when George worked at SHES?

        I need to put this together: the Rio Rancho stint is where George Hochsprung and Cheryl Lafferty would (or could) have become acquainted with Robbie Parker. Dawn Hochsprung is an invention based on a photo of Annie Bedichek from California. Annie is the aunt of Ann Bedichek Braden of Gunsense in Vermont. The mother of Ann Braden is Sarah Bedichek of Newtown, and Saran is now remarried since her first husband John (Robert Bedichek’s brother) died in 1980. So can we connect Sarah to Hochsprung, maybe through SHE? Do we know what Sarah does for a living?

        Yeah, sure George didn’t go back to teaching after Dec. 14: he didn’t need to live on a teacher’s salary anymore!

        1. Sarah Bedichek kept her name after marriage to James Greenwood. The wedding announcement for her daughter and new son-in-law had all the details; names, places, schools (Yale) and such. The link was in my post that went to the blue yonder

        2. My thinking was along the lines that perhaps there is a training facility for crisis actors in Rio Rancho, a fast growing city in NM with many plans in the works including a massive movie theater – a staple in new developments. The year book photo of Emilie from the school there shows a girl right out of a 1950’s ad, not at all like the photos that were presented since. The Parkers were not that long in NM before heading to Sandy Hook.

          Sarah is hard nut to crack. She is also using the name Sarah Sprague Bedichek, Sprague being her maiden name, worked at Dartmouth College and may be retired now. Her daughter was a school teacher in CT before moving to VT. They all seem to have a connection to education except for Cheryl Lafferty. Not much info on her.

        3. Some of my postings are not showing up, and other commenters seem to experience the same. I had more info to a post by dinophile, it was not that sensitive, but perhaps I came too close to something. Especially naming names and places. I should probably give up on this.

          Suffice it to say that all these characters seem to be connected through schools/education.

          The year book photo of Emilie from the NM school shows a girl right out of a 1950’s ad, not at all like the photos that were presented since.

        4. Anne B – unsure if this is the issue – but you might want to check (via personal email) with our site master of MHB to see if the comments are getting hung-up in moderation. Imbedded links will often do this. Just a thought.

        5. Yes, Anne, please do, but I hope you will try again to post to this site, so that other researchers can refer to it, too.

        6. Off topic (sorry). If you’ve not seen this – Check out the video “Alissa Parker whoring for Huffington Post” its from 2014 and some of the commentary was a bit adolescent – but still interesting and a creepy way.

          Ms. Parker said that in 11 years of marriage the Parkers moved 16 times. So, that crisis actor gig can be tough, eh? What the heck? That’s a lot of moves. I don’t think the military can even be that bad.

          Anyway, this woman is off her nut. Post-crisis event acting must not pay well enough to get believable people.

        1. Roberts Ave. Elementary School closed its doors for good in June 2009. George’s last reported job was teaching at Rogers Park Middle School in Danbury. His stint at SHES was listed before Danbury Public Schools. No dates. Or, the scriptwriters had to juggle so many “facts” among so many characters that they messed up.

          I once saw a photo of Lauren Rousseau’s room in her parents’ home. It was purple from floor to ceiling, including furnishings. The only thing not purple in that room were the window panes. Her parents were a bit upset by not being allowed to view her body.

        2. Interesting. It was Lauren’s car that was impossibly shot full of holes, too. Wonder where our li’l conspirator Lauren is now.

        3. From the Daily Mail article:
          “Mr Hochsprung also confirmed that she did run towards shooter Adam Lanza to try to subdue him – in an act of astonishing bravery.”

          How do they know this? Who saw it? Who lived to tell?

          In this article’s wedding photo, George’s upper body is huge compared to his head.

        1. I don’t know, WonderingAloud! Where did this photo come from?

          I’ve emailed it to Anne Berg, too, although I know she is away from her computer for a few days.

          All I can say is it was taken in a place which gets snow, because of the slope on the roof.

        2. Decaf?…. HaHa. I didn’t mean to come off like that..sorry.

          So Nothing then?

          I was intrigued and thought it was a real Pic of the culprits showing there real ages.

          Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids…….All Good

        3. Wondering, no offense, but–since you asked me–I don’t see any resemblance to Robbie and Alyssa Parker.

        4. The photo is from Ann Bedichek’s wedding to Dan Braden in Vermont in 2006. The two persons in the photo are sister and brother of the groom – Kathryn and Mark.

          Ann Bedichek Braden is Bloomberg’s anti gun agent in Vermont.

  24. I messed up: Janet Vollmer was not the nurse. She was putatively a kindergarten teacher.

    So she was probably the source of the script screw-up where someone referred to Nancy Lanza as a kindergarten teacher.

    “Dawn Hochsprung” was the one I most wanted to find. And now we have. We now need to find Nancy Lanza’s doppelganger. I’ll bet she’s a relative of an anti-gun activist, too. We will find her. The truth will out.

    1. Mrs. Vollmer’s son Scott went to work for Bloomberg.

      There is another “accidental” character involved with the Bloomers. Stephen Barton from Southbury (near Newtown) is an alleged Aurora shooting survivor. He just so happened to be there during a cross-country biking trip.

      After proper healing – and I quote from The Huff & Puff Post:
      “He went to work as a Policy and Outreach Assistant at Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group that is co-chaired by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He starred in an ad by the group that ran in Washington, D.C. and Colorado after the Aurora shooting.”

  25. Dino – I don’t know whether you are a TI or not but I thought I would mention a few things – having worked in the field for quite a while.

    As far as searching, if you are using google (and some others) make sure your results are not catered to you. On the google home page, go to settings on the bottom right, and turn off private search results.

    Another way to get rid of the above is to go into private browsing mode. What this does is eliminate your cache/cookies/temp files so that you appear to be a fresh slate to the site you are visiting. This comes in handy when comparing prices on multiple sites – especially travel websites that increase your price once you look at something once.

    As to your computer, make sure you are behind a router, with WPA2 on your wifi, setup with a reasonable 8 digit alpha numeric pw. Local LEO’s routinely crack wifi even with WPA2 – but the further you go past 8 digits, the longer it takes, so they give up.

    Keep everything up to date – all software and OS. If you can afford it, use a VPN. Make sure you encrypt your hard drive – I use true crypt. Use a fully encrypted email (I use and only browse and email under a “standard” user account. Use the administrator account only when necessary, ie, installation of your approved software.

    Have an active AV or anti-malware program running while you browse (I use malwarebytes). Update it automatically.

    Do not post sensitive info online. Be aware that people may be trying to “social engineer” you at all times. Any bit of info (like the year you were born in your username) can be used against you to steal your identity, etc.

    Reload your Operating System often. This is the most fool proof way to get rid of any problems and it is super easy. Pop in a windows or mac disk and 30 minutes later you have a brand new computer!

    Keep your data separate from your OS and keep it encrypted. I use a separate partition on the same disk, coupled with USB drives and cloud backups (icloud and carbonite).

    Know that if the company is American based, it is NOT secure! This means Apple, Google, Microsoft, all of them. They all have backdoors – exposed by Snowden. Same for telecommunications companies, which is why you should use a VPN – it makes it so no one but you (and whoever has hacked into your wireless) can see your data.

    Lastly, common sense browsing. You should know which sites not to go to. It’s not worth it. You can usually tell in the search results if it is going to be a bad site by reading the name of the site and description.

    Same with emails – virus’ (or is it virii?) can be stored in anything – even a small picture like a banner in an advertisement. Don’t open anything from someone you don’t know. This means you will have to expand the name sometimes.

    Your 4 digit pin on your iphone? It will be broken by local LEO in ten seconds. Oh, and icloud can – and will – be used against you by local LEO. I use it out of convenience and I don’t think they want to get me right now. Not to mention all activity not encrypted by a VPN WILL BE turned over to LEO upon request by your ISP. The minute you think you earned a free acknowledgement on the FBI’s fridge with a magnet, you need to stop being a slacker and make them work for every bit of data they want. If you think this will draw more attention to you, maybe you are right. But you made them waste a ton of time trying to get that info on you and in the future they will be less inclined knowing what they are up against. A good analogy is: are you the person who knows their rights and the law when conversing with the cops, or are you the person who leaves their door cracked so LEO walks right in?

    This is in no way comprehensive, just some basics to get you started or some goals to work towards. It is no longer a choice to protect your privacy on the net, it is a requirement. It is as imperative to your life as your home security, so please think carefully about what you post online (I need to take my own advice here) when you are not protected.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks for all the good tips, gran1t3! And, for the record, I AM conscious of the need to protect myself and take a number of steps to that end already although you have given me additional excellent ideas.

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