peterkleinPolitical blogger and videographer Peter Klein joins the program to discuss his latest documentary production, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, a major collaborative effort released by Independent Media Solidarity on November 30, 2014. Founded in 2014, IMS  includes several dozen independent researchers and media producers, ten of whom contributed directly to the 2014 documentary.

With the video having been uploaded by more than two hundred YouTube and Vimeo channels since early December, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook has now received an estimated 3 million online views–this despite the fact that there has been a concerted and well-financed campaign by those closely involved in the Sandy Hook event to expunge the film from YouTube and Vimeo platforms via fraudulent claims of copyright infringement.

In 2013 Peter produced an embellished version of Sofia Smallstorm’s video presentation, Unraveling Sandy Hook in Two, Three, Four and Five Dimensions. He has also done extensive research on the unusual death of the late Michael Cravey, a 28-year-old Florida-based YouTube enthusiast and researcher who was killed by police in March 2014 under especially unusual circumstances.


In addition to independent research and video production, Peter is a talented web-tech consultant. He began the Tyranny News website in 2008 and embarked on analysis of 9/11 and the 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing. Independent Media Solidarity is presently working on a new project slated for release later in 2015.

Interview Highlights

“I really think of myself as someone who is now just enthralled with history and with politics, and I never predicted I would go in this direction–that I would be thinking the way I do now,” Klein remarks on becoming more aware of conspiracy research. “I think I was a total idiot, and it wasn’t until I was in my early thirties that I looked into this stuff and started to see it more so for what it really was. I’m not sure we can actually pinpoint what it is that we call ‘society’, and what ‘America’ really is. It certainly isn’t what it is they’re selling. It’s something else.”

Like the other IMS researchers who worked on the 2014 Sandy Hook documentary, Klein was skeptical of the Newtown shooting from very early on. “I do remember that when Sandy Hook took place, on the very evening of the event itself, I caught wind of it through the news. I don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media unless I’m working on a project, so I tend to get the news very late–whenever that is, whether it’s real news or not. With Sandy Hook … nothing seemed to make sense. They said the perp had died or was killed and his name was Ryan Lanza. Later on they changed it to Adam, and that’s a huge red flag in my opinion.”

Klein is working on several projects in addition to those headed-up by IMS. One is a humorous take on “police state America.”  “About a year ago I had an idea about a show on YouTube and my idea for a title was ‘Cop on Cops.’ It would be like a social commentary, but it would be a cop, who is actually a puppet, and his name is Officer Steve Poppet. He would go out and do ride-alongs and have interviews and do commentary as it relates to various stories in the news where cops have been shown to be a little overly aggressive, or just shooting people because they’ve made a pop-tart gun or something … Through humor I can show just how ludicrous it all is.”

Upon the recent success of WNTTASH, Klein has embarked on outreach to other advocacy and activist groups to get the message out. “I’ve shifted away from research completely to trying to bring together the best of the researchers out there, and also to reach out to other groups like the Electronic Freedom Foundation, and anybody who would be willing to align themselves with us for out ongoing efforts.”

Shortly after WNTTASH’s November 30, 2014 online release it was taken down by Vimeo, while numerous YouTube channel owners had their sites taken down after fraudulent copyright claims were filed with the video-sharing website. “This is a great kind of sub-story,” Klein observes,

and in fact this changed everything, in my opinion. We were going to produce this video and we thought the topic would be Sandy Hook and some of the related events and figures would be what we would carry forward in discussion. It turned out not to be the case. What happened is we loaded it first to Vimeo. We already knew we had problems in YouTube land. YouTube has a system in place by which they give the copyright owners of material the ability to flag material, which essentially takes it offline. The process involves the filing of a copyright claim of ownership of material that, of course, would indicate that the copyright holder is not allowing that material to be used by whoever it is they’re filing the claim against. That material’s taken down. There’s no questions asked. The material’s offline–boom.

Then there is a ten-day period where if the person who is the original uploader of the material files a counter claim, then if there is not dispute of the counter claim the material will go back up online. That’s what we’re dealing with. So we knew there was a problem if we had two hours and forty-five minutes of material. Someone’s going to have a beef or simply file a claim whether it’s their material or not and we’ll be stuck. When you file a counter claim you have to submit your real name and your real information, your address and so forth. That was something that we’re reluctant to do. I’ve come out as who I am–Peter Klein–but many in the group remain anonymous and go by their YouTube handles. That’s not because we’re not backing our work or because we don’t feel that we’re legitimate.  It’s because there’s an actual fear of retaliation.

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15 thought on “Dissecting Corporate Media Fraud and Online Censorship”
  1. Let’s Talk About False Flags

    In an article yesterday at Veterans Today about the recent shooting in Paris:
    Gordon Duff wrote:

    “Sources indicate that the teams, including those dressed up as terrorists carrying AK47 rifles loaded with blanks, those blocking both pedestrian and automobile traffic on the street and arranging the video, actually murdered the police officer using pistols, several feet from the staged attack, only moments later.”

    The operative words in this quote are, “ärranging the video”. Yes, this was intentionally recorded on video by the perpetrators so it could be broadcast on Youtube…then censored by Youtube knowing Youtubers would re-upload the video so as to cause exactly what is happening, i.e., to cause confusion, discord and conversation among the people.

    These kinds of conversations (mostly electronically through Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. as well as Comments on blogs such as MHB and VT) are what the surveillance agencies such as DHS and NSA record. This is how they “take the pulse” of the general public in order to gauge the public’s reaction to these kinds of events. This is all part of the game they are playing.

    They did it: in Arizona at the Gabrielle Giffords Shooting, the Aurora Shooting, the Sandy Hook Shooting, the Boston Bombing, the New York Police Shooting, and now that the perpetrators have found out that the people in the US are aware of their game, they are pulling off stunts like this in Ottawa, Australia and now in Paris to gauge the public’s reactions there.

    It is not reasonable to believe that the perpetrators do not understand that the world is now electronically connected in such a way that no matter where they execute one of these hoaxes, they will be identified as a hoax. They intend these events to be identified as hoaxes. These events are part of their calculus to gauge the level of awareness of the people, and they know the people are on to their game.

    What is worrisome is now that they know their bush-league attempts have failed to generate their intended outcome (total gun control and widespread civil wars), they will up the ante and attempt something on a grander scale. Being the sociopaths they are and not knowing how to stop themselves, they have put themselves in a difficult position. They may actually have to kill a large number of innocent people. This is how (at least up until now) they have exposed themselves as the cowards they truly are.

    It is do or die time for them.

    For a thorough explanation of this social mapping of reactions of the people to these hoaxes by the perpetrators, take a few minutes and listen to Sofia Smallstorm at the Youtube video “Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook” at: .

    The pertinent portion of this video is at [1:10:09 to 1:22:30].

    1. For years Alan Watt @ Cutting through the matrix dot com has been saying that we are lab rats; the most studied species on the planet. The last thing the controllers wants is a true revolt or insurrection. Thus all of the pseudo-revolts they fund and direct in order to vent steam in the desired way and direction. Ultimately ‘gun control’ isn’t about controlling guns; it’s about controlling enough of the people to willingly relinquish their guns in the name of the safety of the new, mental health normal (a la GRFC in Scotland).

    1. This comment will have to do double duty so I can say, thank you to lophatt, and answer your question. I’m glad you liked our first effort, since there’s more to come.

      On the forum issue, I mistakenly assumed a forum could easily be put in place sufficient to meet our needs. The forum platform we had when the site launched just didn’t cut it. At this point, we’re deliberating and should have something in place later this week.

      Something to consider is whether what you have to share with myself or IMS is best kept private at least for the moment or safe to share with the wider Net. The forum will require membership to participate but will otherwise be public. Just something to ponder, as I’ve had to in recent months.

      1. That’s a cryptic comment there derrick. What are you saying exactly?

        If you are saying that the truth movement (or whatever you want to call us) should not make comments for fear of retaliation by the feds, well, this would be the first time I have heard anyone say that in earnest…

        1. It doesn’t surprise me at all that my comment was taken to mean something I didn’t intend when in fact I was actually trying to convey a more complex issue I’m dealing with currently. As people operating outside of the system and without any authority, it’s more of a challenge to achieve anything. For example, the element of surprise could be very effective but it’s hard to imagine we could ever achieve that with our common practice of immediate openness and disclosure.

          In a nutshell, I’m becoming more concerned lately that we might easily give away any bombshell findings before being able to build a strategy for using the information. In other words, keep digging, researching. But, don’t feel obligated to divulge it as a service to the truth community.

          I hope that’s a less cryptic explanation of what I was getting at.

  2. That was an excellent and honest interview with Mr. Klein. I really want to express my thanks to him and all the others who put their time and talents to such good use. The reaction both shows a craving on the part of the population for legitimate information, and the desperation on the part of others to keep the information quiet.

    As discussed in the interview, most of these events are “layered”. It has been my experience that few, if any, of them have a single objective. While, due to the political theater associated with the gun confiscation issue, many focus on that aspect as primary, I believe that the “modeling” component is much more sinister.

    Dr. Tracy and Mr. Klein briefly spoke of this in regard to the Scottish government’s recent assignment of “minders” for each child at age two. Such initiatives are perceived by social planners as positive and concerted efforts are being made to mold society into their image. It is an autocratic and servile image.

    On a more positive note, my personal belief is that exposure is curative in and of itself. It is much more difficult to present and maintain a fraud when everyone is wise to your tricks. The videographers perform a great service. They reach those who might not otherwise be exposed to the material. This, as Mr. Klein seems to indicate in his own story, can lead to awakenings and further exploration.

    I certainly enjoyed the video and look forward to more. Thanks so much for your artistry and your hard work.

  3. WNNTASH, is a good documentary for the “awake” or partially awake person to understand Sandy Hook.
    Ultimately I think the the real weakness with WNTTASH lies in how Joe and Jane Public will perceive it. The public still believes in Fox, CNN and BBC.

    Although the documentary offered good information and was well produced, when “Joe” hears a YouTuber with a “username” and an unpolished voice in silhouette reading his evidence of the fraud, they will be compared to Peter Jennings or Brokaw on the NEWS who told and constantly remins them the event was real.

    For the sheeple, that is a Grand Canyon sized credibility gap to cross. I have found with many people, no matter what evidence of fraud you give them, it comes down to who they trust.

    More effort is needed to educate the public on who the “Media” is and what they really do before the masses will become less brainwashed. That is a tough nut to crack

  4. As usual, I very much enjoyed this episode of Real Politik. The great work done by IMS and Peter Klein has helped bring at least one heretofore-believer of the mainstream Sandy Hook narrative to “our” side (I passed along a home-burned DVD of WNTTASH…and it was actually watched!). I hope it’s nice to know that you’re not just preaching to the choir.

    I was surprised to learn that the title, “WNTTASH”, was not directly borrowed from the book/movie, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (the book was published in 2003 and the film debuted in 2011), since Lionel Shriver’s story deals with a school massacre committed by a (very) weird kid, and his mother’s struggle to come to terms with it. I thought perhaps “WNTTASH” was a clever poke at the Sandy Hook official narrative.

    More importantly, during the interview Klein commented that some of the Sandy Hook researchers are beginning to work with advocacy groups like EFF. Coincidentally, just yesterday, I listened to a fascinating interview with James Corbett and Pearse Redmond about the TOR Project and its (oh so very direct) links with DARPA and the CIA:

    Rather than give the away the punchline, I’ll just say that (sadly) EFF specifically was discussed. Please (pretty please!) take the time to listen. The tentacles of corruption run very wide and very deep. I would exhort ALL independent and well-meaning researchers to be VERY careful with whom they choose to deal, but especially those of you who have become trusted sources of information for the rest of us.

    A personal and heartfelt thank you to all the Sandy Hook researchers who have labored in the trenches, on this project, and on their own YouTube channels and blogs as well. I have been following the work of many of you from the start, and I have watched you do the work and take the risks that many of us can’t or won’t do. Like Peter, I, too, woke up in my middle age and had to relearn everything I thought I knew. Over the past several years, I have worked tirelessly to do just that. “Conspiracy theorist” is a title I wear with pride.

      1. It’s funny because its quite possible other members of the group were hip to the WNTTA-Kevin film. If they thought the title idea was a poke at that they never bothered to clue me in. I still like the title.

        You may have caught that I was just rattling off names of groups and actually referred to EFF as “electronic freedom foundation” when its really “electronic frontier foundation.” Just by chance, within a day or two of this interview I came across a release on the EFF site announcing their partnership with the Omidyar Network. That flipped my view of EFF in an instant as anything Omidyar does is clearly for the interests of the ruling class.

        On the positive side, they helped me to see Glenn Greenwald for what he really is; a darling gatekeeper. Thankfully, Matt Taibi pulled his ass out of there before getting in too deep. So, it seems I may have learned the lesson you were pointing me to from a slightly different direction.

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