“[Al Qaeda] have inspired people around the world to these really small attacks that involve only one or two people–a small number of arms that can have a devastating impact, as we have seen in France.”
Threat of “Lone Wolf” Still Keeping AG Holder Up at Night

By James F. Tracy

On CBS’s Face the Nation today Attorney General Eric Holder stated that the Obama administration will host a summit on February 18 in Washington DC to address “the root causes” of incidents such as this week’s terrorist attacks in Paris. “‘Countering violent extremism’ is what we call it–[so] we can deal with the root causes of what it is that attracts these young men to these really negative ideological groups.”

Holder told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer that the United States entered a “new phase” in the war on terror some time ago that specifically concerns “homegrown terrorism.”

The decimation of Al Qaeda has probably reduced or eliminated the ability of Al Qaeda [sic] to do the kind of thing they did on September the 11th. On the other hand, Al Qaeda affiliates in the Arabian Peninsula has [sic] moved to what they do to smaller kinds of attacks. They have inspired people around the world to these really small attacks that involve only one or two people–a small number of arms that can have a devastating impact, as we have seen in France.

Holder continues to state that “the possibility for such attacks” to occur in the US remains a distinct possibility. “It is something that we worry about all the time. It is something that we meet about all the time. It’s something that, frankly, keeps me up at night-worrying about a ‘lone wolf’ or a group of people–a very small group of people–who decide to decide to get arms on their own and do what we saw in France this week.”

Evidence suggests that Holder was a major force behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School media event. In November 2014 tens of thousands of documents turned over by Holder’s Justice Department to the House Oversight Committee revealed the Attorney General’s calculating politicization of federal law enforcement. And, as journalist Trevor Aaronson has documented, since 2001 the greatest sources of US domestic terrorism is the DOJ’s very own Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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70 thought on “Obama DOJ to Target “Root Causes of Violent Extremism””
    1. Hello Mary! What country are you from? As much as it pained me to listen to video, which I assume is what is not available to you, the wording in the article pretty much covers it all.

      Here is my take, those in power are creating these terrorist attacks to further their agendas of martial law, Holder is on record years ago stating we have to brain wash the citizens into believing it is for their own good we need to remove all their guns.

      The FBI with the advent of the new Homeland Security department, was close to their dermis, so they created a department that creates violent crime, of which they can allow, or be the heroes to stop.

      It reminds me a term used in manufacturing, there was a time when products would last a lifetime, that was not good for sales. So a new strategy was developed, manufactured obsolescence, products are actually designed to fail, so you need to buy more.

      There is a dry mustard, once sold in containers too large to use in a lifetime, solution, reduce the size and put a shelve life on that product, that never really expires.

      Had a really bad toothache, and in desperation, took a really old antibiotic, by years, until I good could obtain proper care. To my surprise, the dentist did not yell at me but was happy it brought relief and suggested I finish what I had and felt no need to prescribe a new one.

      Peace and love, have much hope the world is becoming aware to all the shenanigans!

  1. I thought he was leaving! He looms large in most of the recent staged events. I’d much rather he slept at night, stayed home during the day, and minded his own business.

    So as the vise tightens, we manufacture more enemies to justify the ever-increasing power of state control. Eric knows best. Thank God for their meddling and oppression.

    All I can say is that their owners certainly hired the most tenacious tools for their ambitions. “The people be damned” seems to be their mantra. One thing is certain, they neither care nor ask what we think. No good can come of this.

    1. lophatt, as you know they never leave – even if they leave (officially). Too much invested in these characters to let them go to waste.

      Example, rumors float that Madame Obungle may be given Madame Boxer’s seat in senate. The Obungles may have bought a hillside mansion in Palm Springs under fictitious names according to the Desert Sun. Photos were shown of this multimillion dollar extravaganza. View of golf courses as far as the eye can see. The chemtrailing over Palm Springs and surrounding areas may even stop. Perfect.

      1. Anne, your right. The Obumers bought a huge mansion here in Calif to set a residence time table just as did Hillary Clinton in New York.

        I’ll putt a million dollar bet on the table Mooshell will get either Boxer’s or Feinstein’s senate seat.

        You may know already, but your vote means NOTHING here in the Golden State of corruption.

        Calif. officially died when prop 187 was throw out by a “Federal” judge, as all laws are they don’t like, when a whooping 66% of the state voted for it,.

        PS: My last comment is in moderation(3 days to clear)

        1. I am not an American citizen so voting for scoundrels on local and federal levels were never an option. I kept my Norwegian citizenship as a security blanket just in case. Some security blanket that turned out to be.

          I find this amazing. Two days after the Parisian event, in Norway they had this special edition ready for consumption and interviews with well known European names.

          It is titled “EUROPE – What Now?”

          Translated excerpt:

          Europe – who is she? Who did she decide to be for her residents, for the world at large? This is one of the questions asked by Italian author Silvia Avallone in today’s special edition of A-Magazine. We wished to get to know Europe better and decided on a European addition. What do you prefer reading about, we asked the experts.

          Five topics emerged: The new walls, economic crisis, political extremism, refugee tidal wave and youth unemployment.

          These are important pieces of the big picture, but a reminder as well that Europe is so much more. The work on this publication made us curious about Europe anno 2015. We deliberately left Norwegian voices out as we wished to glance outside Norwegian borders.

          Europe – What Now? It is an important question we ask on the cover. The challenge has been to weigh the lightweight human side against
          heavy economic and political problems.

          Crises increase creativity and we tried to locate optimistic stories that build the continent further. We were forced to dive deep into some topics and disregard many others. We traveled abroad and spoke with people who inspired us to think new thoughts. We also invited new voices in, attempting to see Europe from Europe.

          We hope you too find inspiration and perhaps answers to who Europe is.

          (The colorful illustration with this edition shows a male face with a turban held together in front by a star. The face is a mix of Arabic and European features with blue eyes. His hands are over, but not touching, a globe surrounded by translucent, baby blue smoke.)

        2. Anne.
          All the illegal aliens here in CA vote every election. Whats the problem? That’s the Democrat’s and Obumer’s entire strategy.

          You must be one of those honest people the leftists call anything but noble and honest.

        3. Ric, the problem may be that I am a “legal alien”. My dilemma – should I refrain from paying dues on the “green card” and become illegal, but with voting privileges. Not an enticing thought, even holding one’s nose.

          I had a few more things to say about unrestrained flow of “refugees” – be it here or there – but my computer shut down as I was posting. Had a hard time getting it back up again, so in name of censorship which has begun, I shall remain on mute.

  2. The esteemed Holder is worried and losing sleep. Right on cue. So are his colleagues in UK who have this to say:

    Not to be left behind:
    Jihad Net Forum: – Norway is next terror target – A large scale terror attack is planned for Denmark and Norway by our brothers in IS and Al-Qaida

    National security forces say they know about the threat and have tonight called in extra workers. The government and police have also increased their preparedness.

  3. Holder is involved in the Boston BS as well. The SAM restrictions for the phony defendant validate this. He instituted SAM for a full year. That required certification. The document does not even have his full signature. He is more than aware that the federal court in Massachusetts is running phony criminal proceedings on the taxpayers back.

    The Writ filed with the First Circuit likely never saw a Circuit Judge. The two staff person’s that handled that matter are known by the Massachusetts DOJ to be corrupt. They know that this case manager and administrative attorney work for corrupt attorneys to block appeals. They enter phony judgments then enter fraudulent docket text stating there was a panel assignment; the fraudulent entry shows an earlier date that was not on previous dockets.

    In Tsarnaev they claimed the panel assignment was 1/2/2015. I watched the docket. The assignment was still not made at 11:22 PM on 1/2/2015 yet the next day when the Writ decision came there was a panel assignment just above the decision.

    The arrest warrant is not even valid. It was hidden from the docket and then appeared at docket # 4 in August 2013. It is dated 4/21/2013 yet the court stamp is the criminal case number with GAO which means George A. O’Toole and Judge O’Toole was not even assigned until late June 2013. They also did a fraudulent electronic order that delayed the indictiment which was hidden from the docket. Only a US District Judge can allow extended time on getting the indictment. The electronic order had US Judge Tauro named as the ordering judge but the electronic order was entered by the Magistrate’s clerk. If Tauro gave the order his clerk would have entered the order; further, Tauro was never assigned and had he given an order to extend time he would have HAND SIGNED a paper order to show the order was truly his and not a bogus electronic order that did not even make it to the master docket of the court.


    An arrest warrant has to be filed when issued. Filed per the court’s administrative procedures is defined by when entered into the electronic filing system. Hand signed and hand filed documents get the date adjusted as they need scanned into the system but they have a STAMP THAT SAYS FILED WITH THE DATE.

    Also, the appointment of the death penalty counsel is completely bogus. No legitimate appointment or appearance by either Clarke or Bruck.

    The “LoneWolf” factor is exactly why these corrupt criminals in our government are committing TREASON; they emboldened any would be radicals with their tale we call the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    I’m seeing connections to the usual casting provider for this Paris Hoax. I can find faces connected to the phony Saudi of the Boston Marathon who is actually a French model/actor who is a distributor of It Works products. Interestingly, since initially exposed he removed his It Works connection from his profile and changed how to access his Facebook.


    1. Thanks for that. It definitely explains how the court can be a movie set. And Boston courts have definitely been corrupt. I worked in one during the summer and was dumbstruck to see both active numbers running and also far more employees than necessary, some playing cards for most of the day in the basement. They obviously had been hired as clerks due to patronage. That was in the pre-computerized days, but now it is probably even easier pull off fraud. I’d go down there and have a look, but I vomit easily.

      1. Was so hoping you could report you were selected for the jury trial, and somehow managed to swallow the regurgitation until after it was over, lest a mistrial would be declared.

        But we are not fooled, there is no trial, there are no jurors, there was no crime except for those against humanity and truth.

        Pray every day for my family, friends, countrymen and the world, believe good will win over evil in the end, however many obstacles we will endure.

        Peace and love to all.

        1. I think you’re right about no trial and no jurors. The other day, news ran that they were sifting through about 1500 potential jurors and they lied that most of them were at the courthouse simultaneously. I don’t know the rules for assembling a jury pool and whether this prevarication about them all being there at once needed to be said to simulate they were trying to comply with some rule or other, with a huge crowd like that. But I guess it’s part and parcel of the exaggeration that always marked the Boston Marathon bombing to me as something foreign, because that kind of exaggeration does not sound like the local dialect of Yankee understatement. Nor does it sound quite Irish either. It’s as foreign-accented as the actor playing Dzhokhar.

          To explain: the federal courthouse is in the harbor district. The nightmare of bringing that many potential jurors in seems not really to have happened. How would they all have parked or if they didn’t park, how would they have been able to pack the airport Silver Line shuttle to get there, so that travelers would have complained. No way were there 1500 people called for jury duty in the case.

    2. I am going over everything you wrote here. It is remarkable. I consider it the sort of thing that should be checked and documented, and exposed somewhere that it has a chance of being seen by people of good will. If you are actually there documenting this, you have my deepest respect for your courage.

  4. Amazing how coordinated the NWO is. This is very similar to Dave Cameron’s ploy to squelch “nonviolent extremists”. Plus, all the traditionally white nations are facing immigrant issues, and the Muslims are being portrayed as the common enemy. Amazing how Israel always comes out smelling like a rose after they bomb children and deny Palestine its sovereignty.

    1. “Amazing how coordinated the NWO is.”

      “all the traditionally white nations are facing immigrant issues,”

      This, too, is true. The question is WHY? Until the 1960s, this was never the case. Why did the controlling elites of the Western countries suddenly impose massive immigration from alien civilizations? Why were the people of those Western countries not consulted? Why was the clash of civilizations, which would be inevitable, never presented as a topic of conversation? And how exactly is it that the strange, indeed bizarre, concept of “multiculturalism” was saturation-programmed by the media and the teachers’ colleges, as if it had always been thus and we are somehow mentally imbalanced when we began to notice what this elite social engineering was doing to us? Noticing the negative effects of the planned clash of civilizations was branded “racism.” People who liked their countries in the West, just as they had been, suddenly found themselves branded “bigots” without quite understanding that the elites had put them in a trap, and were now mocking them.

      Australia is a perfect example of this. Western to the core, suddenly it was awash in moslems, demanding all sorts of changes to accommodate their alien civilization. It is an English tradition these newcomers had to know that they were planting themselves within, but once they got there, they demanded it islamize to suit them. Andrew Bolt calls it a “gutless surrender” (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/are-we-really-all-charlie-no-no-and-shamefully-no/story-fni0ffxg-1227180871950), and that’s the best description. “Amazing how coordinated the NWO is,” indeed, because although he’s lamenting how Australia was intentionally transformed by this destructive social engineering, the same can be said of all the rest of the Western countries.

      Yet, people who have come to notice the artificiality of this nightmare are supposed to suck it up and listen to themselves being denounced as “racists” once they point out that they have been made lab rats in the smarties’ giant experiment.

      “…and the Muslims are being portrayed as the common enemy.”

      Not so amazing. It’s why the social engineers chose moslems as the third world aliens to drop into the aquarium of the Western countries. They knew it was going to inevitably create chaos–that’s why they did it. The NWO wants a World War, and Islam is the best way to do it. So they put millions of moslems into the midst of Western countries, knowing Western peoples had no familiarity with that alien civilization, and knowing how tolerant they tend to be of strangers. It would take some time, of course, but experiments always require patience.

      What’s amazing is how little backlash the moslems are actually subjected to, in fact. I’m certain this annoys the lab coats to no end. Which is why they need to really ramp up the fake events, goading on the disaffected moslem young men, and making the atrocities ever more shocking, to get the people of the West to finally show some outrage. We Westerners are just too damned tolerant and peaceable.

      “Amazing how Israel always comes out smelling like a rose after they bomb children”

      Now, that’s one I have never observed. Israel is always portrayed in the worst possible light. It’s being made a pariah. It’s being boycotted massively, and shunned everywhere one looks. You are delusional if all that bad press looks like rose-colored glasses to you.

      “and deny Palestine its sovereignty.”

      Since there is no such thing as “Palestine,” and never has been in history, it cannot, by definition be denied “sovereignty.” Can’t blame the Jews for THAT.

      1. One road to immigration is war. If you conduct a war for choice, one of the ways you pay off your allies in the countries where you have conducted that war is to offer them immigration. Thus my childhood Orange County California now has a large Vietnamese population. Outside a church where I experienced a traumatic boot camp for First Communion, a tree stands covered in those little folded paper prayers the Buddhists have outside their temples in Japan (the only Asian country I ever visited – I imagine Vietnam had the same). If you are the former British Empire, on your way to becoming the Commonwealth, you ran down the native British male population of places like Manchester, but you still had to keep the cloth mills going. So you brought in Pakistanis. WWII in Southern California had an influx of Mexican farm labor.

        Eventually, the piper must be paid. I frankly do not find it onerous in my country, but I may change my mind after the Long War in the Mideast. I thank my lucky stars the Vietnamese did not have a revenge culture.

      2. Pat, the New War on extremism Holder’s talking about is going to be against anyone who refuses to Islam the most Peaceful religion in the world.

        If you state a true fact like: The only moderate Muslims there is are out numbered Muslims you will be on Holder’s radar.

        The left embraces Islam for they see it as way to have full control over all peoples and they get to hate on Christians for free!

        German Paper claims German People want to be slaves.

        Angela Merkel earlier stressed that “Islam belongs to Germany”

        Dresden (Germany) (AFP) – A record 25,000 people joined an anti-Islamic march in Germany on Monday, claiming their stance was vindicated by last week’s Paris jihadist attacks.

        However, the impressive turnout was dwarfed by 100,000 counter-demonstrators calling for tolerance nationwide.

        Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier stressed that “Islam belongs to Germany” and announced she would on Tuesday join a Muslim community rally in Berlin against extremism, along with most of her cabinet ministers

      3. I have a very bad feeling about this whole situation. I feel a catastrophic war coming on, one that will erase nations and ultimately usher in a world government. Normal people do not like war, which is why, at least for Americans, outrage has to be generated artificially, and then pumped up by media saturation-coverage propaganda

        “Remember the Maine,” the Hearst newspapers kept prodding–even though it was a fake event designed to justify our seizing Cuba from Spain, and the Philippines after that.

        Next up, the “war to end all wars.” No normal person wanted us to join in that moronic, pointless bloodbath in Europe, which is why Wilson ran for re-election on the platform “he kept us out of the war.” Of course, that diabolical monster mucked up the peace so thoroughly that it ensured Hitler’s rise, and thus phase II of that modern 30-years’ war. Still, Americans had to be tricked into going back into it. It took a damned lot of work to provoke Japan into attacking America, and what the hell, as long as we’re going to war with the Japs, we might as well join in the one against the Huns.

        Most Americans had no desire to go into Korea, and pretty much no one could have found Viet Nam on the map, much less explained what the fuss was all about–something about the devilish commies, perhaps.

        I think the first Gulf war would have been very unpopular if it were bigger, it lasted longer, and if it was fought by teenaged conscripts. Because who really cared if the Emir of Kuwait got his country back, anyway? And what the hell is an “Emir” anyway?

        Normal people don’t demonize people on the other side of the world, much less desire to kill them, and possibly be killed when doing so.. Normal people want to be left in peace. Which is why the hate has to be created, and the embers so easily fading, the fire has to be stoked.

        Even 9/11, successful a propaganda ploy as any ever tried, proved not to have “legs” sufficient to justify The Big One that will come next. The moslems, for the most part, annoying as they can be made to sound, don’t really show up on most normal people radar, much less inspire rage to kill them. They are a rather vague reality, even when they are seen in day to day life. They have pretty good restaurants that normal people like to frequent, and the folk who run them always seem pretty nice to their customers.

        The trick is, how to get normal people who “live and let live” as a general rule, to rise up and wish to join the abnormal people, the elite planners and social engineers crafting the New World Order, in demonizing more than a billion people defined by a religion pretty much no one in the West actually knows anything about?

        Terrify the common man, that’s how. And if the moslems won’t do the terrorizing (because they’re pretty much normal people, too, even if a bit inscrutable to most Westerners) on command, it has to be done FOR them, with them being given the “credit.”

        But it has been surprisingly difficult to get this new world war started. I’m confident our masters will think of something, though. They always do.

        I think that’s what we’re witnessing. 2015 is certain to be a very unpleasant year, if 13 and 14 were designed to lead up to it.

        1. Even 9/11, successful a propaganda ploy as any ever tried, proved not to have “legs” sufficient to justify The Big One that will come next.

          Great comment. The next ploy will have to be so absolutely offensive that stomachs will churn, and blood will boil in the common folk. As we saw when the white house occupant tried to start a war in Syria, even his own troops posted videos saying they would not fight that war. If America is to be part of the next ‘Big One”, even those who are awake to the lies will have to be jarred by this catalyzing event. It will have to literally turn neighbor against neighbor, hence Obama’s need for a civilian army.

          Our controllers know that we are all sick and tired of their crap. They know they are going to have to do something soon to get the majority on board to the point where they will enjoy seeing the dissidents hang. They are running out of time. The economy is about to go down, and its mostly their fault. It is going to take the biggest false flag of all time to put the blame on someone else.

  5. Well, the DOJ will not have to go far. Most of the home grown terrorists reside within the Beltway, and they are not necessarily comprised of young men. Perhaps the best place to start countering the “lone wolf” or “a group of people that are the root cause of violent extremism” would be in the FBI.

    “We can deal with the root causes of what it is that attracts these young men to these really negative ideological groups” by reviewing the entrance exams and training methods of the law enforcement departments across the nation.

    As he continues his quest in this “new phase” in the war on terror, perhaps Attorney General Holder should take a sober look in the mirror as he looks for “homegrown terrorism”.

    It really is closer to home that he is willing to admit publicly.

    One question Mr. Holder must answer is if he is successful in implementing a ban on “ässault rifles”, what will prevent “a very small group of people–who decide to get arms on their own and do what we saw in France this week” from using handguns?

  6. I predict that the Root Cause of Terrorism will be found to be Extremism. As commenter Lou Saboter has already Mentioned, The prime minister of Britain, Cameron, has already focused in on Non-Violent Extremists. In his speech to the UN assembly, he pointed out that Non-Violent Extremism was every bit as bad as Terrorist Violence. Especially those Extremists who argue that 9/11 was Conspiracy by American power against the American people. Non-violent Extremists, especially Conspiracy Theorists, aid and abet Terrorism, and though we are all in favor of Freedom of Expression, so obvious in the Western Free Press, we can’t abide Extremism or Terrorism.

    And if this kind of thing can be told to the world in the UN by America’s poodle, imagine what a talented professional like Obama can do with it if he decides to sink his teeth in. Things are going to get worse in the US; they cannot allow an opposition truth consensus to form which emphasizes the false flags, homicidal power conspiracies, and ideological untruths which reveal the violence and brutality necessary to maintain the monstrous class and racial inequality which is still increasing.

  7. One of Holder’s jobs is to ramp up the fear porn and/or perhaps give us a little predictive programming to ponder. We know how they like to toy with us by giving clues. So he’s afraid there might be a ‘lone’ wolf-really?? How about ‘two’ wolves-maybe ‘three’ and on and on. Aren’t we the country that had 9/11? The US has the highest intelligence budget and largest intelligence force in the world. It has intel ops in practically every country in the world. It has a vast data and surveillance system -can you say NSA– that is shared world wide with other countries. We the people are being monitored every which way from Tuesday. With that kind of ‘machine’ there would be no way they wouldn’t be in on it–unless you believe in unicorns and fairy tales.

    1. Geez Danabelle, “With that kind of ‘machine’ there would be no way they wouldn’t be in on it–unless you believe in unicorns and fairy tales.”

      I don’t believe in unicorns or fairy tales but I do believe in the Easter bunny and the keeblers elves. Does that count?

      Just teasing..

      Just the fact that all these so called “world Leaders” and the hard core leftists got together to protest terrorism is a reg flag in its self.

      While they were all marching down the streets holding hands for “Freedom” each one the countries they represent were instructing all their Secret Police to dress in civilian clothing and fade into society just as did the Nazi’s.

      Every time there is a car accident or some minor incident here in Los Angeles, all these “Persons” show up in un-marked, regular looking cars of different makes and models. No uniforms, cop lights hidden inside the front air grille.

      Yes, we have our own “Secret Police” already active here in America.
      This is completely against all know laws I know.
      I’ve seen Homeland Security driving around here in brand new Cadiilac Escalades with “POLICE” written on the doors. Who’s Police I thought?

      The irony was there was an old LAPD squad car stopped at the same light, sitting right next to the brand spanking new DHS Police car.

      I was a little taken back and they (DHS) starred me down as I walked across the street gawking at them in disbelief..

      The Federal Govt. can NOT act as a local Police force in non-Federally owned or controlled area’s but they do uncontested.

      It’s the new normal. .

      1. Obama wasn’t there because he said “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

        It’s really that simple but MSM will never report it.

  8. Does anyone have a clue as to why the US leadership refused to march in solidarity with the French as so many other national leaders did?

    Many possibilities: One is that Charlie Hebdo was an odious publication, though it was not guilty of capital crimes and its cartoonists should never have been given the death penalty by anyone.

    Who else was there? Well, Hollande asked Netanyahu not to attend. But he went and France insisted that Palestinian leader Abbas also be present, which he was. But no senior US leadership was there. What’s up with that?

    I could say many things about false flags and how it takes one perp to know one. But for now I won’t. I’m just surprised, and since I am away from my usual cold clime, I will examine this when leisure permits.

    1. You are right, again. It IS an odious publication. The spectacle of “world leaders” marching in lockstep over this contrived event makes me want to hurl.

      Allow me to point out just two quite impossible scenarios in my reality. One, leaving one’s ID in the getaway car after pulling off a “professional” assault is rather unlikely.

      Two, just happening to leave (somehow) the telephone engaged while you are describing your manifesto to your hostages is a nice touch as well.

      The timing is impeccable, as usual. Now the UK is falling in right behind France. And, wait for it, we have this announcement from Obongo’s right-hand man.

      Earlier this week we had them delivering supplies to our “enemy”, ISIS. This has to be the most “convenient” terrorist group ever known. Wherever they want to go next, they can always count on them to deliver an excuse.

      If I had to make a prediction, I’d say that the next couple of years are going to be a tough slog. They are tightening the vise. In their, not so subtle way, they are putting us on notice. They will be obeyed.

    2. It looks to me as though “Charlie Hebdo” was not only an odious publication, but the product of the intelligence agencies to provoke anti-Muslim hatred and lay the groundwork for such an “event” as just occurred. This provided the perfect set-up for the Paris “terrorist attack,” which was no doubt planned far in advance.

      We also have “Inspire,” the slick, sophisticated online magazine of triple agent and all-purpose intelligence asset Anwar Al Awlaki, which is being cited yet again as a source of inspiration (naturally), this time for the Paris attack. Yet another creation of the intelligence community.


      The Paris shooting story gets more and more bizarre as the days go by. A complex narrative with many so-called terrorist groups and a big cast of characters.The tactic now is to throw masses of detail at us via the MSM in the hope we will be so busy taking it in that we will not have time for a reality check.


        1. Very telling video Bev. They sure are getting more blatant in your face as each event rolls out, Shoot a person point blank in the head with an almost 5 inch bullet and there is not one drop of blood, not to mention the other multiple gun shots this poor unarmed cop endured.

          Remember the day when violent crimes and dead bodies were never shown on TV, as of course the precious children may be watching?

          Wouldn’t it be ironic if all the country’s leaders not participating in the arm in arm protest, declared it was the worst false flag event ever staged?

  9. So, what happened to Holder’s big, tearful goodbye announced three months ago? Why is he still there? Was that fake as well? Guess he changed his mind…

    Federale integrity = zero.

  10. Webster Tarpley thinks that the Paris attacks were staged to get back at France because the French president made somewhat pro-Putin, pro-Russia statements, to the effect that sanctions should be lifted against Russia and NATO should not engage in Ukraine – just as Norway was attacked through Brevik after they withdrew their airplanes from the attack on Libya. Conveniently, the Paris terrorist patsies ended up being killed, as is common in fake events.

    The fake terror events seem to have really ramped up recently. I suppose this is because fake events and lone-wolf killings with few victims are cost-effective in promoting the Establishment’s agenda, both internally and abroad. But I see Holder’s appearance more as a tired and shrill redoubled ad-pitch after a weak product-launch than a sign of confidence in the agenda.

    1. Check This Out.
      Paris Shooting Hoax: Kosher Grocery Raid Analyzed.

      1. Does this look like a Grocery store? Windows covered, No store ads displayed,nothing and the roll up security door is closed like in a bad neighborhood?
      2. Do cops wait outside while someone inside pushes the button to open the roll-up door?
      3. Do Cops just randomly blast a million bullets into a Grocery store with hostages?
      4. Do Terrorists just “Run” into Cops while guns are a-blazing and fall dead at front door?


        1. Ric, if you watch carefully, there is a cop behind a car and a whole gaggle of them in front at the entrance. He starts blazing away right at them. He is clearly firing blanks. There is someone seen inside who is apparently talking and doesn’t even interrupt her conversation.

          Couple that with the I.D. and the phone off the hook for the Manifesto, and you’ve got yourself a genuine false flag.

        2. I know all very strange and surreal. It does look like the cops are shooting hostages and themselves. The phone off the hook gag was SHE revisited intercom stuck on joke.

          Maybe I missed something, but didn’t the woman co-worker who entered the door code and let the terrorists in to kill everyone the same woman who claimed she and her daughter survived by hiding under a desk? (like SHE again)

          If so, why wouldn’t she have run for her life after entering the door code instead of following the terrorists in? And they wonder why we don’t buy this BS.

          I may be wrong if it was different woman. Probably not…

        3. 100% PURE FAKE
          That’s all I needed. Why can’t anyone see this blatant in your face Blatant on your TV set live hoax?.
          Thanks, but I may lose all hope in humanity…

      1. Nitpicking here, but some details do not add up. The first account I read was of a dad, his 3 year old son and three others holed up in a tiny cold storage room at the Kosher market for 5 hours during the hostage taking. Now we have 30 of them.

        The friendly store manager is Michel Emsalem. Really? One by the same name is the president of this Kosher supermarket chain in France and Italy. His corporate office address is
        38 RUE BRULEFER

        Of his 10 Paris stores would he also moonlight as manager at the hostage store? I think that is a reasonable question.

        Update: A Muslim employee at the Kosher market is being hailed as a hero for protecting the shoppers in the freezer. When the Islamist gunman broke into the store, Lassana Bathily, a 24-year-old Muslim from the African country of Mali, told customers to hide in the store’s basement freezer. Closing the freezer’s doors, he told the customers to wait calmly inside while he keeps a lookout. After police raided the supermarket and killed gunman Amedy Coulibaly, the hostages emerged safely from the freezer.

        Original Post Below
        The Daily Mirror reports there were “30 Jewish shoppers” huddled in the freezer two floors below the market during the hostage siege. All were safely evacuated. The four hostages killed in the market reportedly were killed by Amedy Coulibaly when he first entered. One woman who visited the Kosher shop described its manager Michel Emsalem as a ‘kind’ and ‘patient’ man. Latifa Benjamaa, 37, said: ‘He is kind, nice and polite. He is not someone who cares about religion. I often went to shop there and I’m a Muslim,’ she said.

        Hypercacher (pronounced: [i.pɛʁ.ka.ʃɛʁ]; also Hyper Cacher or HyperCacher; translated as “Super Kosher”[1]) is a chain of kosher supermarkets in France and Italy.

        There are branches in and around Paris (Porte de Vincennes, rue de Manin, rue de l’Ourcq, La Villette, rue Bayen, rue Jean-de-la-La-Fontaine, Montreuil, Créteil, Sarcelles, Saint Gratien), as well as in Nice and Rome.[2][3] The first branch was opened in March 1992 in Montreuil, and branches have been opened regularly from that date until 2013.[4] The company’s president is Michel Emsalem.[4]

        La société HYPERCACHER, dirigée à ce jour par Michel EMSALEM, a été fondée en mars 1992. C’est donc une entreprise qui bénéficie d’une très forte ancienneté.
        Société par actions simplifiées associé unique ou société par actions simplifiées unipersonnelle au capital social de 85 499,96 EURO, elle se situe à MONTREUIL SOUS BOIS dans le département SEINE-SAINT-DENIS. Elle évolue dans le secteur d’activité Commerce d’alimentation générale (code NAF 4711B) et son siège est immatriculé auprès des greffes et tribunaux de la ville de Bobigny.

        1. Anne, so the owner of a chain of kosher markets still gets his hands dirty. That is amazing.

          Just think of the division of labor required by this. All those signs to print, blanks to order, newspaper spreads to prepare, dignitaries to assemble. Something tells me there must be a payoff in here somewhere.

        2. lophatt, not to mention 10,000 soldiers now dispatched to keep France safe and 5,000 security forces and police to guard 717 jewish schools in France. This is an operation of biblical proportions.

        1. Ric – try Cook Islands.

          I posted some information on the Kosher market today. It was in moderation for a long time and gone for now. If it does not post I will try to reword it because it should be known.

        2. I suppose if they were Muslim they would “bury them at sea”? Is that kosher (sorry, bad pun).

          We should watch for future developments to see if they were good and truly “erased”.

  11. After listening for a second time: he neglected to mention all the terrorist training camps in the US ! These were poss. created by DHS, but operated by our govmt. for sure. Sleep light, Holder, sleep light ! The nightmare you helped create is about to blow up in your face…..

  12. What a surprise! Boston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles are sites for a pilot project aimed at controlling extremists and their internet usage.

    “The latest initiative will bring law enforcement, educators, mental health and public health professionals, and religious and community leaders together in an effort to share information, according to Marc Raimondi, a Justice Department spokesman.” They forgot to mention the technology professionals, but suppose the fbi covers that.


  13. I’m thinking that the G20 last year was when the decision was made to ramp up these kinds of attacks, starting in the host country Australia with the Sydney siege…..they are looking for ways to justify more control….
    never looking at halting Multiculturalism, of course not that is the plan,
    bring ‘supposed’ terrorism inside the west, keep everyone scared….and at the same time people, don’t be racist!

  14. If I had read the article from the Boston Globe that Pendantic linked to, I wouldn’t have had to predict that the War On Terrorism would morph into the War on Extremism. One could simply report the news in the media.

    Why do Americans put up with it?

  15. The cover of Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo edition shows a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad with a tear in one eye, holding a sign saying “Je Suis Charlie”. It also has the text “all is forgiven”. It will be translated to sixteen languages and three million copies printed.

  16. Charlie appears to be a false flag, but this time AGAINST the interests of Washington. it appears that its aim is to unite Europe against Muslims, away from the conflict with Russia. France would have the greatest interest in doing so, since it is being held up turning over two expensive warships to Russia, and wants to end the sanctions.

    Another indication that the French security agencies are involved is the ‘suicide’ of the chief cop investigating the Charlie case, a top cop of France. if he were suicided, the most likely source is French security, since they would be suspected least, and could get close to him. He was purported to have killed himself while writing his report of the case, which appears most unlikely. It is not known publically what happened to his report, which was probably ‘inconvenient’ for the Charlie media narrative.

    The other major indication that this was a false flag was conveniently finding the identification of the patsies in the abandoned car. This is reminiscent of finding Atta’s passport, unharmed, in the middle of the devastation of 9/11, fingering the 19 Terrorists. The attack was on a ‘leftist’ paper that was extremely racist against Muslims, so it mobilized both leftists and racists, as well as the decent but conned population, in a huge demo.

    The mobilization of European leaders must have been planned beforehand. Obama’s refusal to attend or send a high official was a sign of his displeasure with the uniting of Europe against Muslims instead of against Russia. It is now being attributed to Yemen terrorists where Washington is active militarily. Britain’s Guardian wrote an editorial arguing that Europe’s unity was against BOTH Muslims and Russia, but while this may fly in Britain, it is unlikely to in the rest of Europe.

    So this false flag, the 9/11 of Europe, may actually have a useful purpose, of ending the extremely dangerous standoff in Ukraine.

    1. -Charlie appears to be a false flag, but this time AGAINST the interests of Washington. it appears that its aim is to unite Europe against Muslims, away from the conflict with Russia. France would have the greatest interest in doing so, since it is being held up turning over two expensive warships to Russia, and wants to end the sanctions.-

      I had forgotten about those two warships. This is muy importante. It also reminds me of Putin’s speech back some time around the Sochi Olympics regarding immigration and how it was the immigrants duty to conform to Russian culture rather than the other way around. Now we have Germans marching in protest about Muslim saturation of their culture. We all know how fast things can change in Europe.

      Given our Muslim President here in America, and his “change” that everyone has had it up to here with; to whom will the American people look to for help when they have had enough? Didn’t our own President recently say that “the future does not belong to those who will slander the prophet’? This statement has got to finally wake someone up as to his true beliefs.

  17. Americans are afraid to accept the reality of false flags, like those of the Ukraine, because people tend to prefer power to truth. This is not necessarily irrational from an individual perspective, since power is often more necessary to survival than truth. Including career survival, which is why professional truthers embedded in the media and other truth institutions defer to the mendacity of power to keep their jobs.

    Although an identification with power may serve individual interests, it has been disastrous historically from a communal perspective. The identification with national power, such as American power, is why the American power system, headed by Washington publically, can routinely engage in rendition, arbitrary imprisonment, torture, and mass murder while telling the American people that it is promoting Human Rights. The Proclaimed truth is precisely contrary to the operative reality-based truth, but the American people have been conditioned to accept the former, especially in false flags and other homicidal power conspiracies.

    People want to be on the side of power rather than the side of the powerless. In the novel CATCH 22, Yossarian tells his air force buddy that he is going to drop his load of bombs before they get to the target. His buddy says, ” in that case we’d probably shoot you.” Yossarian objects, “We? We? whose side are you on? His buddy replies, ” if you are going to be shot, whose side do you expect me to be on.”

    We are all like that to varying degrees; wanting to be on the side of the executioner rather than the executed.

    So when power Proclaims that the Terrorists have done 9/11-anthrax, or Charlie, Americans are afraid to say, no, YOU have done it and blamed it on patsies. Even though the Proclaimed media narrative is absurd, and the evidence points to an obvious power conspiracy. The simple, concise, reality-based truth is Extremism, aiding and abetting Terrorism. And nobody wants to be branded as a Terrorist, or anti-American, or an Extremist.

    And this is true in every country. That is why the world is the way it is; the people are afraid to tell the reality-based truth when that truth subverts the Proclaimed truth of power.

  18. If there are any extremists they are in our government. The FBI had their COINTELPRO, the CIA had MKULTRA etc Today various agencies are running a highly illegal but very covert psychological harassment program called organized stalking. Anyone could be targeted by it for many different reasons.

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