wolfgangIn a December 29, 2014 interview former Florida State Trooper and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig condemned the lawsuits filed by William Shanley against major media outlets and press lords concerning the Sandy Hook massacre event. “I just don’t understand what’s driving them and what’s motivating them,” Halbig remarks. “This is not the way to seek the truth.”

Yet shortly after receiving notification of the lawsuit on December 25 Shanley claims Halbig sent him a glowing email, praising him for taking such action. “I am truly proud of you and your efforts,” he told Shanley. “You are a very talented man something I could could [sic] have never done myself. Stay the course because I am coming in a lawsuit from another direction.”

On December 30 Halbig instructed his webmaster to send Shanley formal notification instructing the filmmaker and author not to use “Sandy Hook Justice”, a moniker used by Halbig, in any further activities.

“I have refused to return phone calls to Shanley,” Halbig tells YouTube researcher “Professor Doom1.” “I have refused to Skype him back. I have not communicated with [James] Fetzer. I have refused to return phone calls, so he’s starting to call me names … I have not and I will not have anything to do with what they’re doing. It is not good for seeking the truth at this time.”


Halbig further expresses his dismay that his name is even mentioned in the lawsuit. “They’re using my name in the filings as an expert witness. I have not granted that. I have not given them permission to use my name. I don’t want to be part of it. Let me ask you this,” he continues, “when somebody doesn’t return your phone calls or Skype what does that mean to you after about a month? I even sent an email response, ‘Do Not File the lawsuits.’ The attorneys have written him and said, ‘Do not file the lawsuits.'”

Professor Doom also approached Jim Fetzer to inquire on Shanley’s actions. At the time of the impromptu interviewed Fetzer was not privy to Halbig’s remarks. In the exchange Fetzer defends Shanley. “I think you are just drawing inferences that aren’t in evidence,” Fetzer remarks to Doom.

[Shanley] has told me he’s very keen at getting to the discovery stage where you’re able to depose witnesses. He’s asked the judge to make a judicial determination on the authenticity or lack of authenticity of the Shannon Hicks photograph. A whole lot follows from that. It’s a principle under the law that fraud vitiates everythingthing. If you find a case or a position that is tainted by fraud in any material respect, you’re entitled to discount the entire case. This Sandy Hook thing is littered with fraud. The Shannon Hicks photograph is a perfect illustration. I just think you are misreading what William is doing. That’s my opinion.


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  1. Wolfgang Halbig is legit. If he smells a rat, then there is cause for concern. Turning his serious research into an inarticulate circus meant to discredit anyone who questions the official story is his likely concern.

    1. Given what we know, your assessment is the most reasonable one. We need to know a lot more about Shanley. Ideologically speaking, he’s definitely light years away from being another Aaron Russo.

      Consider the timing, TPTB are in high gear churning out controlled opposition divide and control chaos as well as multiple large scale psy ops, the intensity and complexity of which these last few years has been, by far, the most challenging in the 12 years I’ve been closely monitoring these things.

  2. I don’t understand what is going on here. Either Mr. Halbig is bi-polar or it’s a deliberate attempt to confuse and conquer.

    1. I’m not sure that perception is accurate. From what I’ve heard, he simply wants to distance himself from the Shanley lawsuit. I can identify at least two reasons why. One, he stated he is pursuing a lawsuit himself and being involved in two cases may be more than he is willing to manage. Two, Fetzer stated Halbig’s marriage is rocky right now due to his SH efforts. As observers we tend to analyze in single dimensions or at face value. In reality, life consists of what I describe as multi-dimensional minutiae that factors into our moment by moment decision making.

      1. I understand that people usually have more than one thing going on, and I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt. But what I found odd about this is Mr. Halbig’s response to the lawsuit on December 25th and his complete change of mind on the 30th. What happened in those five days?

        1. Maybe he got to know Mr Shanley better.

          Did you see ProfessorDoom’s video where he’s being harangued by Shanley? If you haven’t, do.

      2. At great risk of being totally misunderstood, I feel compelled to add my two cents. As Dr. Fetzer said in his interview with “Dr. Doom”, these people have human foibles. Don’t we all?

        More concerning to me is that I have much personal experience that informs me that legal decisions are not arrived at by either a measurement of who has they higher emotional content, or by appealing to the judge’s sense of moral outrage.

        Whether Mr. Halbig eventually files his suit or not, if he does, it will be necessary that it is based on a provable, and recognized concept. The same applies to Mr. Shanley’s suit.

        I don’t want to get into my “feelings” regarding the players just now. For what it’s worth, any shortcomings I may have with facial recognition are more than made up for in judging character, often to my dismay. In fact, both persons remind me of others I have known, personality-wise.

        Further, this group of posters here at MHB is rather unique. We have some very smart people here. Sometimes we bicker a bit, but so long as we respect each other it works.

        Personally, I don’t believe that a lawsuit is going to go anywhere. I hope I’m wrong. I would love the opportunity to get at information in discovery. As much as I would like to see that we must remember that the players in this extravaganza don’t want anyone looking at it.

        There are various elements in a suit that could be used effectively, but first, you have to get them to accept it. From an informational perspective I think you would get more attention by simply publishing what is known. On the other hand, if you can get to discovery it would be hard for a judge to deny requests based on the normal objections due to the fact that virtually everywhere you look something is likely to lead to “discoverable evidence”.

        Based on limited observations I would have to say that neither of them would make good witnesses. That by itself doesn’t spell doom, but it would certainly make a lawyer’s job a lot more difficult. In this case the evidence is pretty substantial already and the thing begs to be heard. None of the speeches heard thus far will advance that effort in court.

        I don’t pretend to know what is going on at the moment with this apparent breakdown. I can speculate. It is absolutely certain that without counsel this will fail. I don’t necessarily think that it will damage any other efforts.

        Something needs to be done, I agree. I’m not sure that the legal system is going to deliver any justice here. If the judge is asked to rule on the authenticity of a photograph the burden is on the complainant to provide the evidence. It is unlikely that the judge is a photographic expert (as an example).

        I know that there is a desire by many to simply go the “the authorities” and “tell our story” and all will turn out like they taught us in school. It doesn’t work that way. I will gladly eat my words if it turns out differently. I hope they are successful.

      3. It is an indicator that Mr. Halbig has better sense than I previously ascribed to him. Maybe Wolfie wasn’t ready for an “orifice exploration” just yet.

    2. I was thrilled to read about the lawsuit, and contacted Mr. Shanley. Since doing so, and getting a better read on him, I now have grave doubts about placing him at the helm. Perhaps a judge will allow for his meanderings, but I doubt it and suspect his issues will adversely affect the credibility of the case.

      He immediately asked me for money, and followed that request with a suggestion to consider his plan for a new world system of no money.

      Halbig on the other hand has made a big step forward recently with his FOIA filings. The court has determined that the non-complying agencies must produce the documents, and has set up a mediation schedule. His FOIA requests encompass a full range of documents relating to everything, from the functioning of the school, to the list of everyone who “Must Checked In.” His list of FOIA requests, when finally produced would reveal the drill/event beyond question.

      I can understand, why, after investing so much, on so many levels, personally and professionally, that he would be very concerned about a loose cannon like Shanley blowing it in the eleventh hour. I would hope that this case does not create a chasm between Fetzer, Halbig and others, because they are a powerful force and getting so close to bringing down the hoax.

      1. To Sandy

        I have contacted Mr. Halbig through his sandyhookjustice.com website encouraging him to post these Requests on his website. As of this date Mr. Halbig has not responded to my contact and the documents do not appear on his website.

        The question is, “Do these FOIA Requests exist?”.

        1. I’m fine. Just think it’s funny there are still these people who are going to be anti halbig to the death, no matter what he does, no matter how much we show he’s done what he said he was going to do. Shanley is a fruitcake. The proof is right here. I don’t think he is intentionally doing anything bad. I think he is really behind this thing, maybe for egos sake. Telling someone to settle down or relax is a lame debate tactic. If halbig was a f#$kup I would be the first to say so. I don’t have any problem admitting I’m wrong. But I see the same thing happening here. The people who supported shanley are going to make up a million excuses to keep supporting him just like these anti halbig guys are going to keep trying to defend their position no matter what. It’s silly, and some of these guys are definitely doing this for ulterior motives, I could name names, but why? I haven’t visited this comment section except to post videos in along time . Actually reading them I see the same tired grasping for something to crucify halbig I saw a year ago. Why? Halbig is being threatened and that’s why he’s not supporting shanley? He’s a shill for not supporting shanley now? Pathetic. They appear on santilli of all people. Do any of you remember the santilli fetzer war? This is a circus.

        2. Reply to

          Larry who said “Here you go.”


          [Don’t understand what the above video has to do with the comment.-JT]

          It seems to me that Wolfgang Halbig should have posted his FOIA requests, all of them, even the ones he refers to as FOIA requests that were nothing more than phone calls he made to certain entities or emails he wrote and sent to them.

          It is a shame that this video “proving” all the official FOIA requests initiated by Wolfgang Halbig and paid for by Mr. Halbig’s donations is so unofficial looking. I took out my strongest magnifying glass and could not get the full name of the government office in Hartford Connecticut that processes official FOIA requests. Doom should have named the full name of that government office in his narration. If WH
          chooses not to post his official, professionally prepared and commissioned FOIA requests on his website, then we should have good quality scanned copies that are readable to us.

          As I have said before, I believe Mr. Halbig was honestly acting on his own at the beginning. There has been a huge change in his behavior, especially over the last couple of weeks and now he seems somewhat compromised or bought off. I do not know what pressures he is under. Just sayin. However, I admire his work and still respect him and thank him for his efforts.

          I did make out the signed name of Hartford CT attorney Paul Spinella that WH mentioned he had paid a lot of money to because this attorney sort of specializes in FOIA requests. On one of the radio interviews of Wolfgang Halbig that was posted on Dr. James Fetzer’s radio blog about two months ago, not necessarily a show that Dr. Fetzer was the interviewing host of — possibly Stu Webb’s show or some other show, Mr. Halbig referred to hiring Mr. Spinella to do a FOIA requests but WH related that he was let down or disappointed in Mr. Spinella’s FOIA work for him. I cannot recall the particulars of why WH thought Spinella had sort of scammed him, but he did relate something of that nature on that radio show. So, yes perhaps a FOIA request prepared by Mr. Spinella was formally submitted to the proper office in Hartford.

          Problem is whatever WH has done in the way of FOIA requests, whether formal professionally prepared requests, or informal efforts made directly by Wolfgang Halbig. ot appears that none of these FOIA requests have been responded to in the legally mandated time frame and no one seems to be pushing for a legal response.

          We gave our money to WH to use as he saw fit, but he has not been as specific and forthright about exactly what he has done and what amounts he has spent with what attorneys, etc. as I think he should have been on his website.

          As I have stated before, I am thankful that Wolfgang Halbig and Willaim Shanley made some effort to hit our totally corrupt legal system in the face with some Sandy Hook facts. I am thankful for that at face value. Both men seem to have some character or emotional baggage from their past.

          I personally find it not good to mention that Wolfgang Halbig has been a school principal or is an educator, even if that is borne out by some kind of proof. The fact that this man has such a low command of English grammar, punctuation and spelling so that he is unable to cogently express himself in writing does not fit at all with his having held a school principal position. He may be a very intelligent man and even a good business manager, etc., but it looks highly incongruous on his employment history that he was ever in a school principal position.

          Both Mr. Halbig and Mr. Shanley have things in their lives, past and present, that do not look spotless, yet I still am thankful they did what no one else had the courage to do.

          Whether one or both of these men’s efforts turn out to be just another purchased psyop on all of us Sandy Hook truth seekers is certainly possible. but I choose to accept their efforts at face value for now.

          I am amazed the infighting of people who have taken sides on these two men and their efforts. Many of the people who have been slamming Wolfgang Halbig’s character and requests for donations are the same people who have pushed acceptance of the official government narrative of the Sandy Hook event.

          Looking at the bigger picture, the legal efforts to get some kind of decent law suit filed, a suit that is constructed so as to make the court look particularly corrupt if the judge decides to throw out either law suit, is still a good thing.

          We know our whole legal system is a bad joke. We know “they” have been pulling false flags and other hoaxes and false events on us for decades. The entire establishment is purchased and controlled. That is the big and true picture.

          Still I say we should try to be objective as possible and not be overly critical and not take sides. We have truth on our side. Let us wield the sword of truth honorably.

        3. Larry,
          Great Video about Halbig. No wonder he wants to avoid the lawsuit. He’s done so much on his own. Too bad people don’t know that Halbig is REALLY doing it right.

      2. Sandy, I understand your point. It is a concern. More concerning is what appears to be people’s belief that the whole thing hinges on the character of those involved.

        The judge will (maybe), consider the credibility of the witnesses. The judge will not decide the case (usually) on who is more likable or “sincere”.

        I’m glad to here that Mr. Halbig has made some progress on his FOIA requests. I understand that Mr. Halbig has obtained counsel. That’s a good thing. I don’t think that the judge will allow Mr. Shandley to “ramble” too long.

        It is very unlikely that either party will be allowed to simply tell their story, even if it is packaged in a logical order, beyond the opening arguments. Let’s hope that one of these proceeds to discovery.

  3. Halbig is so wise he gave money that people donated to him to lawyers who have seemingly stolen it and wont reply back. Something’s fishy here, eh?

  4. On Monday (12-29-14) Youtube was disabling many Youtube videos concerning the “event” that occurred in Newtown CT on 12-14-12. This action continued until approximately 08:00 on 12-30-14.

    This anomaly was brought to my attention by a person on a blog where I had posted a comment and a link to a video concerning the event and replied to me the link to the video did not work. This person was correct.

    The video was still available by going directly to Youtube and typing in “Sandy Hook Memorial”; the video appeared on page 2 (it is now on page 1).

    Curiously, during the time these videos were being disabled, if the Youtube videos of the event appeared to be disabled, pressing the refresh button enabled the videos.

    I checked another blog where I posted this video and had successfully posted links to videos in the past, and the link to the video on that blog was also disabled. It still is.

    As the links in my posts of the video regarding the event to both websites do not work, it appears Youtube continues to disable this type of link.

      It was interesting that, during the time period noted above, videos concerning the event covered by Infowars, videos covering stories in which Wolfgang Halbig was featured, and videos of parent and children interviews being conducted by the Main Stream Media were not disabled.

    The video link being referred to is:

    1. At 6:57 into this video, we see our diabolical “president” deliverying scripted Big Lie and low-quality fake acting “tears.”

      Mrs. Maloney, the St. Rose of Lima school principle go on camera with her scripted Big Lies and also delivered low-quality fake acting “tears.”

      Come to think of it, In my 16 years of “researching” false events, I have seen good liars and bad liars, good actors and bad actors, but I have never seen anyone who could deliver believable but fake tears.

      The “nurse” and all the other live interviews of “parents” and others as well as the female CNN reporter are diabolical low-quality actors.

      When Jesus wept, they were true tears, not as the world defines grief and sadness.

      When I use the word “diabolical”, I want to make it clear that I am speaking about a very real spiritual that is Evil incarnate, Satan, Lucifer, the Evil One, the Father of Lies, the Devil. Christ’s definition of the diabolical is far different than the world’s, the world’s philosophies’, the agnostics’, the atheists’, the anti-Christ and anti-cross religions of this world.

      The world’s definition of the diabolical is the how the world’s discipline of psychiatry defines it, and there is some truth in that definition, but it falls far short of the truthful definition.

      Try to understand the short teaching about diabolical evil as this world system defines it in contrast to how Jesus Christ defines the diabolical.

      The Devil – Venerable Fulton Sheen

      When we examine this contrast in definitions of terms, we will see how the world defines “terrorism” “violence” “torture” “freedom” and “rights”.

      It is through this lens of the world system versus Christ’s Kingdom view that we move closer to Truth, the One Who is Truth.

      1. I really appreciate this, dachsie.

        Did you know that Martin Sheen chose that stage name for himself out of admiration of Fulton? I wonder if he’d change his name back if he watched this, and thought about what this great sermon is telling us.

      2. Wow, Dachsie…simply wow. What a great way to start the new year. So much wonderful food for thought!

        I see evil all around us; I’m not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse (since I asked for the eyes to see, I’d day it’s the former). And by “evil”, I mean that it’s literally evil.

        Among other things, this sermon reminded me that I have long been bothered by the hacker group Anonymous’s use of the motto, “We are legion: we neither forgive nor forget” (I may not have that exactly right, but I think it’s close).

        Thanks for sharing!

      3. Thank you Doxie. I have books by Bishop Sheen. I keep them in a place of honor right along side my books by C.S. Lewis.

        When I describe evil I am describing a very real thing. It is an indication of what Bishop Sheen is saying that people are willing to discuss psychiatry but not faith.

        Remember what he says about temptation when people claim to have “moved beyond” personal responsibility. “What do you care about them for? This is for you!”, is the taunt.

        If you can see them for what they are, take heart, it means you are on good terms with the Holy Spirit.

  5. I think he has been threatened, even more so than the state troopers appearing at his door to warn him off. His wife may also be afraid, and I can’t say that I blame her. People have disappeared and died mysteriously already and I am quite sure they do not want to be victims in this fight. What a shame.

  6. it’s perplexing why Wolf does not support Shanley’s lawsuits. I can not imagine a better way to blow the lid off the Sandy Hook hoax. This scam should dog the Sandy Hook “Players” for the rest of their lives. How does Gov. Malloy, Paul Vance and Wayne Carver sleep at night knowing they are part of such a huge lie? How can they go anywhere without being hounded and questioned; even hissed at?

    1. The trial would be conducted in a federal court. FEMA is behind these drills. It’s obviously federal too. Right now in Boston, there is a sham trial in motion against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his associates. Apparently it is before a judge who some said “specializes” in terror cases. Well, judges are not supposed to be shopped like that. Impartiality anyone? Something is smelly in Boston, and it ain’t the old lobster shells. I’m sure this is the mootest of moot courts.

      It was reported (if such reports can also be believed, coming through corrupt media) that young adults who knew DT in Rindge and Latin High School were shocked to see the person they were calling their old friend, since not only does he not look like him, he has a thick accent. DT grew up in Boston, and he talked like them, since he came to Boston before adolescence and speaks like a Boston native. That’s just one thing – it seems to reinforce the very existence of this kid, however, so it works for the story, by offering an alternate picture, but reinforcing that he is not just a fake character.

      Moving any of this to local courts might bring different things out. It seems however to be under federal control.

      1. Last time DT was in court his friends who were present in the court room said it was not he. As you describe from this latest round, no resemblance to their pal, just a lousy crisis actor. So where is the real DT? Already deep sixed like the FBI officers who could have testified about arresting him and then were unceremoniously tossed out of helicopter to silence them? DT would have told the men he was part of a drill gone wrong, and that would have also meant the wrong plot line for the US spending so much money on the drill, not to mention assassinating a policeman to incite action against the poor brothers.

        Still waiting for a high quality film about that something rotten in Boston like the recent We Need to Talk About SH. Boston is not investigated nearly enough in a systematic way.

        1. Or maybe, like his mother he is back in Chechnya, waiting orders from Uncle Ruslan (with his CIA connections that are too close to be accidental) to do nasty things to Russians. Who knows?
          There is a ton of speculation over the drill itself, including that it was filmed elsewhere. I would be interested to see more of that, since buildings like Forum, a hole in the wall close to the sidewalk, was made out to have a great big seating area in front. I was pretty shocked walking by it to see it looked nothing like its pictures. So there you are – I wouldn’t mourn for DT. After all, he’s the nephew of a CIA man (or at least his aunt is CIA). He’s part of the Great Game, imho.

      2. Musings, you are the only one who seems to understand this. In the midst of this circus is the globalist anti-russian Chechen connection. “Uncle Rusian” is definitely a player.

        This “trial” will only depend on whether they choose to keep him on for future work or to terminate him (if they haven’t already). It’s very similar to “John Holmes”. Maybe a different department down at “The Company”, but, same idea.

        One thing that is inescapable from reading histories of the CIA, is that they are not successful because they are “good” at what they do. They have unlimited funds and connections, both of which they tend to throw at anything they’re up to. They make lots of mistakes but, hey, with a compliant media, who cares, right?

        Just ponder for a moment the fact that they murdered this guy’s alleged friend in cold blood and simply walked away. They no longer even have to call the guys with the chain saws and plastic bags. Hey, they can do autopsies in the parking lot if they so choose.

        1. Lophatt,

          I was just about to comment about the friend who was murdered in cold blood before noticing your mention in the last paragraph.

          Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time analyzing the Boston case, but this element stood out to me. Not so much that they killed the kid, but that it was reported on.

          In truth, we don’t know if the friend was killed or even existed. But we were told the story of his cold blooded murder for a reason.

          My first thought was that they were prepping us for Chechen based terror attacks, and were building in a viable excuse. While this may be part of it, I’m not convinced that this isn’t much like the Dorner situation.

          That was where they sicced drones on a maniac with a manifesto, before burning him to death. Any opportunity to remind (condition) us that they could do whatever, whenever – rule of law be damned. It’s all to keep us safe, you know.

        2. Maestro, yeah, his friend went in for an “interview” at home and left horizontally. One message was that, with all evidence to the contrary, they can kill witnesses at will with no recourse.

          While there was/is an effort in Russia to destabilize them, the Chechens were being treated like the Kurds in Iraq. I think there was supposed to be a connection between the Boston operation and something going down in Russia. Ukraine and Crimea’s sudden secession may have screwed up the timing on that one.

          These beings are slithering the world over sowing chaos. In the Boston operation I think they were counting on ignorance to sell the Chechens as “terrorists” rather than their hand-picked and supported stooges.

          After all, why do you think they were here in the first place. Remember what DT’s mother said. Her son was working with the FBI? One of them was either married to or engaged to a CIA agent’s daughter.

          Since the production they have quietly admitted that most of what they put out was bunk. I think the main reason why this one hasn’t grown the legs of SHES is because the goals behind it are being pursued more quietly and don’t require the sort of publicity that gun control and mind control require.

          You may be right about them preparing us for another false flag. At a minimum they capitalized on the “terrorists are among us” meme. They left out the part that they fund the “terrorists”. This is the basis of the current nonsense related to “ISIS”. Fully funded and endorsed with no moral or legal responsibility for “their” actions. Pretty useful if you want to sow unrest.

          The “four horsemen” are at full gallop. It’s just that some are aware of that and others think they’re at the rodeo.

  7. @Maryaha:

    Yes, it is confusing.

    Halbig seems to be having some sort of ‘fit’.

    People, because of their vast and widely differing personal experiences carry with them various idiosyncrasies, which can be relatively benign and perhaps amusing, or which can interfere dramatically with more logical thought processes. Individuals holding positions of extreme power are especially troublesome and destructive when given to their idiosyncratic behaviors, obviously.

    Interestingly, an insistence on excessively logical thought processes is also a kind of ‘idiosyncrasy’ and a dangerous one. Often a kind of discussion or academic group ‘idiosyncrasy’ (found on many websites), thanks to our modern preoccupation with science and desire to form an objective truth and to dispel old myths and fables from what we believe were more primitive and now completely outmoded times.

    In other words, modern technologically oriented people have a deep and one-sided form of hubris and ignorance about what should be thought and what should be shared.

    Thankfully, this site is a little better than average in this vein.

    Ned Lud

  8. @Gail:

    Yes, that would cause trouble.

    I know when I’ve been threatened and abused, I react rather gruffly.

    It definitely affects behavior and mood.

    Ned Lud

  9. @Dave Kraft:

    On the subject of lawsuits:

    Once, I was in the office of Mr. David Schneider, a Minnesota superlawyer. I was trying to get help. At one point in our communications, he pointed to a closet and remarked, ‘That closet is full of lawsuits.’ He also pointed to his ‘legal certificate’ on his wall and made a remark about the signature(s) on that certificate.

    Lawyers do everything they do, for one reason; for the money it gets them. They like the money! And they have no moral conscience.

    The lawsuits in the closet were of little monetary value (had little chance of success) to Mr. Schneider and so there they remained.

    Ned Lud

    1. Larry, I love you, man.

      But you are jumping the gun, here. First, this is the third time this video has been posted in what, a single day?

      You have to stay away from the comments here? Are you nuts? I know you are not. Talk to Sofia, Larry, she’ll calm you down. This is the best comments section in the world (of course, I can’t know that, but I have not found a better one, so sue me).

      Second, we are not delusional. This is really new. Anyone with sense waits to see when weird events show up. Relax, buddy. Nutcases out themselves quickly–usually. Commenters who jump on bad bandwagons right away embarrass themselves, but so what?

      I remember when Wolfie first showed up, and a commenter was very worried that the reaction to him was going to ruin the “truth movement.” I replied to him that he was wrong, that in a few weeks we will be talking about something else.

      So chill, friend. It’s all going to be fine; if this guy is nuts (and I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing is just a fiasco), so what?

      We need you, Larry. Have faith, brother. Stick around.

      1. I’ll second that. It can be frustrating at times. It is obvious that not everyone here has the same “real world” experience. I understand the need some have to have “hope” in the system. For me, that would be completely delusional.

        Part of growing is coming to know what you’re up against. Trust me, I KNOW what I’m up against. I also know that you will never get justice from the perpetrators of the offense.

        You will never convince those who have not experienced that yet that it is so. Somehow, they believe that by “doing something”, they are being morally upright. Well, I’m morally upright but I know better than to ask the Devil for a favor.

        To expose wrong doing and make a difference in this world those of us who are creative must invent ways to accomplish that. There are good people here and they all mean well. They get very excited when you tell them that there isn’t a Santa Claus. I wish there were. I could use a new pair of sneakers.

        You’re very talented Larry, hang in there, we need you.

    2. I know, right? I keep thinking that people just haven’t seen the video yet…there’s no other excuse. It’s not just the name-calling and ranting…this guy has some seriously weird ideas about things.

      His psychiatrist may not be so off with the “paranoid” diagnosis after all…

      1. “Up for two days….”. I didn’t know Newtown had a crack house. He’d better get back on that Prosac or he’ll never be allowed to leave the courtroom.

    3. I’m with you, Larry. When I first read such inanities as that “courts have standing,” and his uninformed assertions about punitive damages–and saw no link to the complaint he says he filed, or case number, or mention of the basis of his claims–I started composing a comment not only excoriating him, but questioning the agenda and judgment of Tracy and Fetzer–whom I have trusted in the past–for giving him a soapbox. I then refrained from posting it, telling myself I should listen to the interview first. But I gave up after about five minutes. I don’t think I am required to devote an hour of my time to the rants of someone whose published comments show so clearly that he does not know what he is talking about.

      1. dinophile, I have been waiting for a comment from you and this is exactly why I believed you delayed your response. I got carried away in my initial exuberance that someone was actually doing something. In hindsight you are right as usual.

  10. Wolfgang Halbig said ..

    “I just don’t understand what’s driving them and what’s motivating them.”


    “It is not good for seeking the truth at this time.”

    We seekers of the Sandy Hook truth, all of us who are trying to be as objective as we can, just don’t understanding what is driving you, Wolfgang Halbig
    (WH), and what is motivating you.

    We seekers of Sandy Hook truth judge that you are no longer in a position to tell us what is or is not good for seeking the truth at this time.

    I first heard about you and your efforts, WH, in March of 2014.
    At that time, you impressed me as just an honest patriotic American individual, still regard you as such, who had some great intelligent questions about Sandy Hook Event [SHE] that you wanted to seriously investigate, the kinds of questions that, while seemingly petty and local, were specific enough based on your career expertise, to actually form a solid foundation for a law suit. You were using your real name and were going to hire a good legal team to help you get your questions answered. You were going to get out several professionally prepared FOIA requests to several entities and were clearly set on a path to some kind of law suit.
    You sought, in a low-pressure way, donations ( about $27,000 ) via a non-PayPal venue called GoFundMe, which closed your account and has since proven to be on the same bankster / kill the free Internet team that runs PayPal, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, all mainstream media et.al.

    I personally wanted to see some kind of law suit filed, any kind of law suit, civil or criminal, local or federal, on a core SHE issue or a lesser peripheral SHE issue. Having read all the great articles, watched all the great videos, and participated in so many great online discussions of those seeking SHE truth, I became increasingly frustrated that no one using their real name, no lawyer, nobody at all, was pressing for someone to take at least some kind of legal court case action. This perceived big void was a gigantic anti-truth aspect I observed in all of our truth seeking “research.”

    But from his first coming on the scene, he indicated his wife and family were objecting to his SHE truth seeking activities. This personal factor in his life has probably only grown in importance. I have seen several marriages break up over wives objecting to this kind of truth seeking activity since I went into the conspiracy investigation corner 16 years ago. I know these kind of relational pressures happen for this reason but have only experienced the freeze-out from my nuclear family members, but I can stand that and keep on being the “loose cannon” researcher I love to be.

    But as Maryaha said above…

    “But what I found odd about this is Mr. Halbig’s response to the lawsuit on December 25th and his complete change of mind on the 30th. What happened in those five days?”

    Mr. Halbig, I can identify several had things that have hurt your efforts over the last few months, and I know about personal family pressures when a family member starts seeking truth on any major issue, but I too think something has changed your mind in “those five days.”

    It would seem to me that you would welcome any and all lawsuits that seek any level of, any kind of Sandy Hook truth and justice, no matter from whom. You would not be territorial, or litigious sounding, and would not worry about your “Sandy Hook Justice” slogan being stolen. Is it only your brand of “truth and justice” you want now, Mr. Halbig?

    Perhaps it was legally improper for your name to be named in connection with the Shanley lawsuit and I am sure your name will no longer be mentioned and you, of course, will not be called as an expert witness on school safety. What a pitiful shame! it is starting to look as though someone has “gotten to you” and that you have personally “sold out” to something.

    I think you owe us some explanation of your current odd behavior, Mr. Halbig, we who were your strong defenders and benefactors of over $27.000.

    1. if you had been paying good attention, you would have seen the foia requests, how those requests were not granted so now there’s going to be an “order to show cause” hearing WH v. first selectman of newton police department, board of edu. etc.

      subtly is key. expose it from the inside out.
      our luck we’d have shanley show up in his “smoking jacket” bare chested, pitching he sales pitch of the “no money system”.

      anyway. look into it more. dont only get your info on this from prof tracy

  11. Professor Tracy, this is all quite confusing. Is Shanley a psyop? His email exchange with Shannon Hicks seemed genuine and impassioned, but now it appears to be a possible limited hangout. Halbig seems like the real deal, especially given Fetzer’s endorsement. What do you think?

    1. Contrary to what others may have suggested here and in related threads–that I am somehow advocating one faction in this controversy or another–I am undecided and taking in the discussion. Isn’t it de rigueure among truth seekers to suspect that most every public figure with a point of view resembling theirs is a cognitive infiltrator?

      In this regard Halbig has one up on Shanley; that is, no apparent professional affiliation with CNN.

      1. You’re so right about holding up public figures to scrutiny and on some issues they’re fine and on others they are laughable like Fetzer who’s so good on many topics but dippy on the WTC. It’s de rigueur to watch their public performances since it also involves a dose of intellectual exhibitionism.

        1. Along these lines, today propaganda and disinformation are honed to such a great degree, often enveloped in a multitude of verifiable facts and observations. This is not to take a stance on or call into question Fetzer’s analyses of the WTC, which I’ve not looked at vis-a-vis Judy Wood’s closely enough to comment on. (Nor do I wish to spark an exchange on this here.)

          As an addendum to the original comment above, and upon further consideration, I find Mr. Shanley’s behavior and remarks concerning Wolfgang Halbig on the Doom1 video disturbing. Although his responses may have been provoked, that’s no excuse. Shanley was a perfect gentleman given to keen insights in my discussion with him posted here a few days ago (which from my observations far fewer people have made it a point to listen to), and in the few email exchanges we’ve ad. I also find it unusual that a filmmaker is not conscious of a video cam’s positioning and operation, or the fact that what one utters and does while the “shutter is open”, today more so than ever, has the potential to become part of the permanent record.

  12. Fraud vitiates everything – yes, if you have a contract with someone. The Shannon Hicks photo, which is in my view fraudulent, is no part of any actual contract with the public, except in a metaphorical sense. Throw it out, deny it, say you made a mistake about including it, and where are you? Back to square one.

    Don’t imagine that the people who did this are acting without a view to defending their own actions on every front. They haven’t had to stoop to banning communications about their perfidy. They can marginalize “truthers” so easily they don’t have to suppress other communications. Most people live in a cloud of fictions, sliding from news reports to commercials to fictional tv programs, some called “reality” shows but really more “improv” with direction. People are so befuddled, they don’t worry that their fake stories will somehow get them punished. Suing them is hard because showing the damage is so difficult to do. One single thread cannot unravel the story. Think about the Oswald weapon story – as the film JFK stated (and is this based on real measurements – maybe – or is it too a piece of misdirection?) – “the shooter could not do the shooting” – with that gun. Fifty years later, the story remains subject to multiple interpretations. At least we can say that children were not killed at this abandoned school. Thank heavens for small mercies.

    1. Musings, quite so. It isn’t lost on me that this is in all likelihood a “global” effort. I understand that the UN disarmament treaty has been signed. Certain connections to Switzerland have arisen. The Imperial Obongo himself is involved, along with his little minions.

      Reality can be ugly. Where is the retraction of the Warren Report? One of the fundamental problems with the reasoning here is that it is proceeding as if it is a “media problem”. Said another way, “the media ran off and did this and the judicial folks are going to make it right”.

      That isn’t the case. This is a “Capstone Event” made into a passion play by TPTB. The media are just following the script. They’ve all put their faces out there. They concocted evidence and falsified reports. They collected money fraudulently.

      As much as I would like to see justice done, and I would, it isn’t in the cards. I think being “convicted” in the “court of public opinion” is certainly a more doable goal.

      1. I took a course recently, through Coursera, which dealt with the British legal system and what is the supreme law of the land in Britain. I thought that it would help me understand common law, as seen through British eyes. What was stated was that all treaties were actually the supreme law, and they governed where applicable. There are treaties between Britain and the EU, and in certain types of cases, what is decided in the central bureaucracy of the EU, governs the case and should be decided according to that.

        There have been issues of sovereignty exposed in many of these situations. I am not talking about secessionist values or any fringe kind of movement. I am talking about how the federal government can pre-empt local law, so that, for instance, local officials would have to fall in line behind what the executive has ordered through some agency like FEMA. This is an executive which has already used drones to kill American citizens, but it is not necessary to kill anyone for the executive to take the sorts of actions we have seen for whatever reason.

        I think though, that if there is some treaty which has been signed agreeing to certain results, if one can point to it (and it is probably out there just like the USA Patriot Act, which no one reads, or the Warren Commission report are “out there”), it may be that disarming the American public is there and exists as a goal. I’m not saying this is true, but it is plausible.

        1. Musings, that is very interesting. I have given classes on this in the past. The concept of “English Common Law” as opposed to what is commonly referred to as “Roman Law”.

          There is a HUGE distinction between the two that is often overlooked. Common Law is based on “God-Given Rights”. “Roman Law” is based on the State provides rights. So, in the case of the EU when the same words are used in discussion, they do not mean the same thing to the listeners.

          They are proceeding from differing positions. In short, they have contrary premises. Before the Constitution we had the Magna Carta. At least in theory, being a British Subject meant that you had God-given rights. This is a HUGE difference from those who believe that they must ask permission from The State.

          The current globalist movement is Hegelian. It is based on the philosophies of Hegel and Kant. For them the State is the ultimate working of God on earth. So a large part of the effort to homogenize global populaces is to get them all into the “Roman” mode.

          By ignoring the Constitution (and even vilifying it), they are attempting to establish their model for all. Unfortunately, Constitutions or treaties are only as good as the subjects willingness to follow them. Besides being inappropriate and repugnant, many of the things done routinely are technically illegal. If no one does anything about it what difference does it make?

          We have a Congress (ha!), who is sworn to uphold the Constitution. Other countries have “leaders” who are sworn to represent them. When they don’t they must be removed. When they conspire with others to deprive their constituents of their liberty they should be charged.

          You have hit on a very basic premise that is essential to the preservation of liberty. We should thank our ancestors for the gift of common law and fight with every fiber of our beings to preserve it.

  13. Does anyone remember waking up on Boxing Day 2012 to the filings by
    attorney Heather, called the OPPT? Supposedly filed by her to release
    and free all humanity…..Lots of internet buzz, was it the real deal….most
    saw it for the scam it was, but it took 2 years for her fervent supporters
    to see it was all phoney…
    This has the same feel, who is the infiltrator, who is authentic, who is being threatened, talking about where the money goes to humanity??? Perhaps win the case first, then use any actual funds to sue the banks for 2008, Monsanto, 911 commission and take down the whole system – that benefits humanity, not fiscal payouts – I’m not buying it……the result here is infighting and discrediting all involved, including the MemoryHole website and maybe thats the intention?

    1. It is to Dr. Tracy’s credit that he puts it all out there, really after dedicating so much to a cause such as exposing SH, how could you possibly not cover a ‘movie producer’ who wants to sue the media for billions and trillions for not telling the truth?

      It will not be a surprise at all if Shanley suddenly disappears, or is suicided. His latest youtube ranting appears to be that of a drug addict who has not slept for days, he admits he has not slept, and who in their right mind would have a drug addict as a roommate?

      He challenged us to google his name, well here is what startpage found, a self proclaimed important person who is a writer for CNN? Case closed.


      Believe it is good that they are still putting such effort to discredit the truthers.

      It is to Wolfgang’s credit that he severed their relationship. Have stated earlier, have known very successful managers who could not type in proper English, but could speak and think with eloquence and amazing vision. Governor Malloy is supposedly the perfect example of this, but amazingly he has the additional handicap of not being able to read. [?]

      Let’s hope the FOIs are in the works, and a court case is brought forward, do not think a lawyer would advise you to lay all your cards out before a trial.

      If not Halbig, who else has the courage to step forth and slay Goliath, or even slice him in the shin? Not I.

    2. While there is certainly a lot of truth in that, we must remember that there isn’t an entity that is going to “fix” this. The true value of this is in its exposure, not in any imaginary legal proceedings that will either never happen, or, if they do, will be manipulated for a predetermined outcome.

      Some are more quick to form opinions and champion causes than others. Everyone is free to do whatever they think is wise. Some have an overpowering need to “do something”, even if there is nothing to be done. To succeed one has to be a realist.

      If the courts are not really available another avenue must be explored. I personally think that shedding light on this is the most realistic outcome we could expect to have. Increasing the size of the audience is another.

      If any legal action results (and I seriously doubt that happening), it will be because the sheer number of people outraged by these things will demand it.

      Whether these guys arise out of planned efforts to discredit truth seekers or they appear for altruistic reasons, they are certain to appear. It would be wise to carefully vet such people before throwing one’s lot in with them.

      There are over 500 parasites in Congress (ha!), who are probably at least as disfunctional. I don’t see any harm done by being aware of anything involving SHES or in posting it here at MHB. It could be a lesson in why some should not be so desperate for action that they are willing to climb on anyone’s wagon.

      By keeping the goal on sharing information and publicizing it as widely as possible participants are doing what they can. If enough people burst out laughing at their drivel every time they did another broadcast, that would be success.

  14. […] In a December 29, 2014 interview former Florida State Trooper and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig condemned the lawsuits filed by William Shanley against major media outlets and press lords concerning the Sandy Hook massacre event. “I just don’t understand what’s driving them and what’s motivating them,” Halbig remarks. “This is not the way to seek the truth.” Yet shortly after receiving notification of the lawsuit on December 25 Halbig sent Shanley a glowing email, praising him for taking such action. “I am truly proud of you and your efforts,” he told Shanley. “You are More… […]

  15. I was initially impressed by the seriousness of William Shanley, but his interview linked above where he shouts for ten minutes at a youtuber for misrepresenting him shows a real lack of control in Shanley’s character. He also says something about wanting to pay Wolfgang Halbig $10 million from the court case, which is a sure sign there is something wrong.

    Every person has huge weaknesses, but if you’re going to seriously take on this project and file a lawsuit with good intent, you absolutely must be strong and calm and refuse to engage with people whose only motive is to derail you, as that Youtube player certainly did. It is amazing how mean spirited Shanley was in talking about Halbig. I have simply never heard something like this from legitimate guests on talk shows, or interviews . . . and it shows a real evil streak in this guy to demean Halbig for his supposed weight or marital problems.

    All in all, I have lost all confidence in this case and I believe that we should consider the source with due suspicion. Any guy who talks about wearing rosary beads while in his smoking jacket on Christmas — that is a sign, also, that this guy Shanley is not all there. Rosary beads are not to be worn and doing so shows deliberate contempt for religious tradition and structure. That he also seems to think so highly of the satanist Peter Levenda iis suspect, as was his airy assertion that Levenda states children are not really harmed in sex abuse rituals. Thankfully, Fetzer called him out on that..

    Maybe it takes an unstable guy like this to gain notoriety and actually somehow beat the odds, because maybe he is just crazy enough to plow through all his detractors because he is unaware of how enormously compromised he is. Is it any wonder Halbig wants nothing to do with this guy?

  16. Although Halbig originally talked about some broader lawsuit, it appears he recognized that he had a standing issue so he has focused on the more limited avenue — his FOIA efforts. Under Connecticut’s FOIA laws, you have to go through their FOIA commission before you can get to court. The letters Halbig has been sharing shows that he has properly presented his FOIA claim to the commission so now there will be a hearing where the respondents will have to explain why they have not responded to the FOIA claim. So although I was suspicious of Halbig too, it is now clear that he is proceeding and appears to have gotten some good legal advice.

    As for Shanley’s lawsuit, as I stated in the prior thread, I don’t think he has standing and contrary to Fetzer’s hopes, that lawsuit will be thrown out before any discovery occurs. That does not mean it is without merit — it just means Shanley is not a proper plaintiff.

    And after listening to Shanley’s rant against Prof. Doom that was just posted, it is clear he is not the ideal plaintiff, at least if part of the goal is to ultimately win over the general public.

  17. Watch out for SANTILLI he has no honor or integrity what so ever. I know for a fact and can prove that Santilli has published the home address and phone number of people who call in and disagree, he’s gonna get someone killed, and he called me at home and threatened me, I can prove that, AND he is a know liar. He hurts more than he helps and I want to know where he get’s his funding? Doom you did a good job on this THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart brother…wishing you well in the new year…

  18. TPTB don’t need to do anything.

    Just ignore all,of us and watch the “Research” community call each other Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition as we keep seeing.

    whether it be Alex Jones to Fetzer,Halbig to Brendan Hunt to…..

    A House Divided Against Will Fall all by itself.

    Happy New Year

    1. I just read the comments below about Shanley’s rant against Prof. Doom and all this craziness.

      I haven’t seen it yet, then theres some Sanitilli guy who threatens people and then someone says Shanley is saying crazy things like men are hermaphrodites and should open all their orifices and find their second G-spot, WTF..They WON.

      Find Rick Thorne and we will solve this all by ourselves. I wish I lived over there.

      I swear, I would have already broke these fools or have $287,000.00 in my back acct.


  19. Forgive me if someone has already noted this, but the BBC report on the Taliban massacre in Pakistan has a memory wall (ha!) of school children and teachers killed in the assault. One of them stands out to those of us who have seen pictures of the Sandy Hook kids – that adorable Noah in his shearling jacket (looking so much like Pakistani kid), standing in a generic enough classroom that it could really be in Pakistan. This photo appears with the rest (which may be equally fictional, who knows). Why? How? Thank goodness lots of observant people picked it up. How deniable is it? What story will they tell?

    But hey, talk about cut-outs.

      1. I see it’s not working. It is from an article 30 Dec 2014 “Boxer Amir Khan: ‘Pakistan pupils must stay strong'”. Reporter is Shaimaa Khalil, who is walking past the memory wall and commenting on the carnage.

        1. Thank you once again BBC – is this not reminiscent of the reporter on 9/11 announcing the fall of WTC-7 several minutes before it happened, only to have it fall behind her, and then for transmission to be scrambled.

        2. And another “hm”. As we have heard, Pakistan plans to execute about 500 prisoners charged with terror, in the wake of the school massacre. If the information is cooked up, then this would give cover for their elimination of a large number of people.

        3. Exactly lophatt. There is at the top of this group of little statements a longer one about the Pozner-Pakistan picture, on the memory wall of the students and teachers from the alleged Pakistan massacre, but it awaits moderation, for whatever reason.

          I note that the boy’s classroom is generic enough to be in Pakistan or Newtown, take your pick. His adorable face is easily that of a Pakistani or even a Chechen child, LOL. Meltingly sweet and something which brings out the tenderness in everyone. But he is also wearing a shearling jacket, such as is worn all over that region of the world. So he just fits right in.

          How did it get there? CIA, I would assume. And what a nifty little dangle they have made, something which will be all over the internet. Why? Are they going to seal the deal and say some exuberant Pakistani wanted to make the connection with Newtown and could not resist? Is that the message? Is he sub-captioned before or after the fact to identify him as the Newtown boy? Really? To get Pakistani sympathy? For the ethnic group we were told he came from? This is going to convert the Pakistanis to a sympathetic position?

          They’ll find a way to deny this.

        4. Well, if I had to guess, I’d say the connection (subliminal or otherwise), is “we have to DO SOMETHING! See, because the eaters have guns they’re killing children the world over!”.

          There is a UN treaty that requires disarming the world population. It was just signed (illegally) by Obongo. It is due for implementation in 2015. As you mentioned in another post, there is a push to install a global body to impose these things on all countries regardless of their native laws.

          In short, these “treaties” will supplant the governments and the Corporations (banksters) and their elite toadies will simply rule by edict. Those who refuse to comply will be pressured first economically, and failing that, militarily by NATO.

          Russia, China and the BRICS are hold outs. If they manage to escape the economic prison they will be attacked militarily. The Chechens are used to foster another “color revolution” within Russia, fully financed by our friends at The Company. If you look at Ukraine you can see a living example.

          Oddly, we don’t have to speculate about this. They freely publish their agendas at various “think tanks” relied upon by these thugs. The SHES connection is really rather minimal, at least compared to the rest. They would find it much easier to totally dominate populations if they are defenseless. We should not ignore the modeling aspect either.

          The message there is; “anyone who opposes us is insane”. The hope is that indoctrination in the schools will eliminate any lingering hope of freedom and the oldsters will die off eventually. In the meantime, if the oldsters interfere with the plan they will be dealt with.

        5. Good catch…how’d you ever stumble on it?

          Unfortunately, I doubt any of this will ever be explained in any official capacity. The fact is, few care. I was just discussing Maury Terry’s book from the early 90’s, “The Ultimate Evil” on another blog (it’s an excellent piece of investigative journalism)…and no one cares. Just like The Franklin Cover Up.

        6. I’m afraid that’s true. Those who feel a moral obligation usually content themselves with arguing within the controlled, artificial “acceptable” limits defined by the newsbimbos.

          I notice that things have gotten to a point where even the walking dead realize that “something’s amiss”. It is instructive that when they talk about it, they look behind themselves reflexively lest someone be listening.

          The majority of people simply want to be left alone. If we were free of parasites and predators that would be fine. Alas, we are not. Those wishing not to be eaten would be wise to be aware. Those who feel an obligation to their fellows to keep them from being eaten are not appreciated.

          I think you would find that, if you could get most people alone, in a place where they felt safe, they would listen. Many are frightened and their reaction is to “burrow in”. They wished “someone” would fix it for them, but they do not want to be singled out by trying to fix it themselves.

          Fixes can’t be brokered to others. Going to an oppressor and asking for relief never works. If you find yourself in a repressive situation it is best to remove yourself from it. If the barker wants you to come inside the tent to see the “snake woman”, and you know its a fake, don’t go inside.

  20. Is that hermaphrodite orifice stuf dubbed onto the vid, or was it actually part of the Superbowl halftime? It sounds dubbed later, but who knows these days with superblows! I am looking for the source audio now

    1. I don’t know Bear which I find more disturbing–the dubbed Shanley mutterings or the Super Bowl “entertainment”fare. The onstage antics, suggestive gyrations and the frenzied crowd interaction to me seem an execise in mass hysteria.

      Rick Ross, a escapee from the CIA drug matrix (out of prison after years for selling illegal drugs on the streets of South Central LA), wrote a book.putting his experiences in hard copy, exposing the drug culture and ties to the Hip Hop craze, authored by CIA opperatives
      who mean to vacuum up another generation of young Black boys and girls to further their lucrative trade.

      I shudder for the future of our young people when I watch these mindless demonstrations of uncontrolled passion elicited at these manic, disjointed marathons–passion so wasted on trivial pursuits and energy that could be given to meaningful human undertakings. Could be my age; or perhaps it’s my stubborn hope of bettering our society.

      Hopes that keep “slip-sliding away.”

      Said at the risk of sounding like the proverbial village scold.

      Have a great 2015, all.

      1. ” Could be my age; or perhaps it’s my stubborn hope of bettering our society….Said at the risk of sounding like the proverbial village scold.”

        I don’t think so. Anyone in most of Western history would agree with you, because until the late 20th century there was no such thing as a “youth culture.” Everyone listened to the same music, whether the era was Bach or Cole Porter. The Scotts-Irish brought with them the age-old music if the Highlands, and everyone in the hollers of the Appalachians played that same music here for centuries–and still do. Black slaves sang tunes their ancestors knew in Africa, and even as they evolved into Negro Spirituals and then Blues and Jazz, all ages shared the same culture.

        This is something new, and very disturbing. Just as you say.

        1. Thanks Patrick for your always keen perceptions into my often unstrung, mental ruminations. Don’t always expand my theses as typing is now difficult for me.

          But I do want to tie together the fact that the globalists are using music and entertainment to capture youngsters in a “bread and circus” reality used successfully as Rome descended into chaos. I am sure everyone here knows that harrowing story of slaughter as recreation on a Biblical scale unparalleled to this point in history. But our saga is still to be played out.

          The ghettos and barrios are ground zero for CIA exploitation preying on the poverty and disaffection of street kids. The pitch is, according to Rick Ross (remember he was a solid source for Gary Webb’s investigation regard drug trafficking under CIA management in LA), the PTB use successful Hip Hop artists as models to recruit teens into the business, showing how success comes with big cars, big houses and fine women. Ross’ book is a warning for the vulnerable youth who subscribe to the ruse that selling drugs will enable their dreams of wealth.

          The second point I was attempting to assimalate into this post is the exploiting of a wide cross section of American youth with bombastic, meaningless music. The circus goes on; concerts are a constant in cities, big and small. The format is generally the same. A media-puffed up (though seldom talented) celeb or band is featured. The lights go up and the screaming begins.
          Don’t know how they can even hear a performance as the noise level reaches eardrum-puncturing crescendos. So what is the attraction? Or is there another dimension to the insanity? The elite have a potent weapon in their arsenal using this “music” to lead kids down the yellow brick road–to Oz? Another type of brainwashing, in my opinion.

          Can we ever take our children back?

        2. As to your point about screaming music scenes, I remember a certain Iron Butterfly concert in my youth. I think that what is aimed at is immersion for youth who are suffering in some way. The reason this form of entertainment did not appeal to me is that I already came from a screaming emotional environment with lots of young siblings and I was ready to differentiate myself from the mass. Not so many of my peers, who needed to merge with others so they could leave their stifling family hothouses. I imagine that smaller families today create the sense of one’s being under observation too much. You still are in our society, but the illusion of being part of a giant wave of youth probably feels good to some. I kept backing away from my generation because my needs were different. I needed to be more myself than part of a mass. Maybe that is why I find myself on the other side of so many of these hoaxes. I want to be more Apollonian than Dionysian. My husband, as an only child, is a perfect mark sometimes. He loves the excitement of the news. I hate the noise.

  21. May I make a small request of the participants on this intriguing site? When entering into the conversation,please type out the name of the person(at least once in each comment) of whom you are discussing,rather than “he” or “she”…it will help immensely in our understanding. Thank y’all and Happy New Year!

  22. Well, lots of movement on the SH front… But even more interesting is Noah Posners SH picture showing up on the wall in Pakistan as one of the victims from a recent school shooting there….getting mighty interesting… See here… You tube .. Professor Doom 1…

    1. Yes, I posted a link to it here:


      Given the involvement of Veronique with Switzerland and the recent connections found by Professor Doom with the lawyer from Connecticut, my guess is that it is related to the UN disarmament treaty that Obongo signed.

      They have all agreed to disarm their populations. They need an excuse to do that. Why go to all the trouble to manufacture new material when you’ve already got it in the can?

      How many instances like this do we need to see to come to the realization that no one should believe anything they see on TEE VEE? It s completely apparent that they spin any available story to suit their goals and will CREATE a story if needed.

      So our investigations are no longer about “is it real”, they are about is this a TOTAL fabrication or just a “partial”? If you know that they are lying to you why would anyone continue to watch them? I suppose there is some interest in trying to figure out what they are up to now.

      Kudos to “Professor Doom” for finding this. It reinforces what I’ve been saying about there no longer being “countries” as independent entities. They are working these globally. Whether it’s Australia or Pakistan, they can go to “Central Casting” for scripts and characters.

      1. ” If you know that they are lying to you why would anyone continue to watch them? I suppose there is some interest in trying to figure out what they are up to now.”

        lophatt, at this point it looks to me that we are inside a laboratory experiment, and there is no way out of it. It’s like a rat maze where there is no permanent answer: we find the food pellets, but then they reassemble the pathways, and examine our behavior again.

        The good news is that we are (at least are capable of being) cognizant of our condition, even if we can’t change it. I think you agree with me that our greatest power is that we can look up from the channel they have us in currently and laugh at them. They don’t like that, which is simply delicious–it’s our only tool, really, if we want to hurt them. We can make them uncomfortable, that is, but not ever truly harm them, because we can’t escape the laboratory. It is our free will that truly disturbs them. They can treat us as animals, and structure the world like an experimental maze for animals, but we can choose to look up at them and give them the finger.

        That is, Winston Smith can never stop coming into being. We are not rats, and thus people will always, occasionally, break out and refuse to cooperate.

        (On a side note, I am reminded of a Lilly Tomlin comment that even if you win the rat race, you are still just a rat. I have lived my life with that wisdom in mind. I have endeavored to evade the Matrix, as best I can, not without agony as a feature.)

        So they are examining our behavior, all the time. They are presenting scenarios, training us to react to them. I have in the past recommended the movie Dark City, and I commend it to all who are reading once again (Netflix is a godsend). The guy in the movie wakes up, knows they are lying to everyone, and can’t watch their bullshit anymore. Just like in the movie They Live. Once you wake up, the lies are obvious, and we laugh at them.


        And many won’t want to hear this.

        The political system can’t be rescued. The media can’t be rescued. It is said that Fox News is a success because Roger Ailes noticed that a tiny minority of the news consuming public–50%–was not being served. Which is fine with me. Certainly, Fox News DID fill a gap, and plenty of people find it satisfactory–because the overt Left really DID completely dominate MSM news. I, myself, do not watch any television at all–although I do like to gaze at Megyn Kelly when I stumble upon clips on the internet…uh, lost my train of thought there. (Michelle’s Mirror referenced “Fox News Kittens” this morning, http://www.michellesmirror.com/2015/01/happy-new-year-2015.html#.VKXRy4uJU-Y, amusingly, as always.)

        After dousing my mind with cold water, returning to the point, however lovely and intelligent and knowledgable the Fox babes are, and however well Fox counters the Left on a surface level, the true truth is not told there. Fox only serves to reinforce the overall lie. Appealingly–which perhaps makes it worse than its pathetic competition.

        It boils down to this: the idea that anyone can use the courts to flush the enemy out into the open is ridiculous. I know that you keep saying that you do not wish to throw cold water on any attempt to expose any of these ridiculous hoaxes, and I applaud that sensibility. You wish them all well

        I have until now held my tongue. Now I say it: the courts cannot avail us. All such actions are delightfully observed by the observers in lab coats, gazing down at us. It is simply another formation of the maze we currently find ourselves in, and they write down on their clip-boards how we adapt to the situation we find ourselves in.

        One of the best things that has eventuated, and this was fairly early, out of this long Sandy Hook conversation, was I think your insight–that the thing is an ongoing operation. Sofia certainly caught that aspect right away. But it seems to me that we are in a sad “forrest for the trees” dilemma right now–perhaps because too many new people have joined us recently, and it’s only a matter of courtesy to allow them their voice in the conversation, even though it’s all been said before.

        1. I agree with your assessment of the courts, media, and the overall “matrix”-like situation we exist within. However, I cannot accept that there is no way out. I imagine, hundreds of years ago, it was pondered that we would never be free from hereditary monarchies.

          All empires have ended and this current, global one will end eventually. Just as you state, our will to be free will never cease. The problem is we keep allowing ourselves to be misled or tricked.

          Likely, things will dramatically change from economic collapse. It appears TPTB anticipate this eventuality which is why govt agencies are stockpiling guns and bullets and one of the reasons for militarizing police. Yes, it is possible that the collapse will just spawn another tyranny but at least we should hope otherwise and make a valiant effort to steer us in a better direction.

          We can contribute to the collapse. Promoting and investing in decentralized/alternative currency could pull the financial rug from under the empire’s feet. Promoting and educating people on ideology such as anarchy or variations thereof that make the case for the smallest amount of government possible or no government at all could spurn a new movement of thought. Of course, you could always move to a desolate spot and live off the land…

        2. Thank you Patrick. Yeah, “the drill’s not over”. Remember, (and I kick myself for quoting such a man), Karl Rove, (to paraphrase): “You keep looking at our reality. While you’re looking at it, we’ll create another, while you look at that, yet another. That’s your job, looking at our realities….”.

          Helplessness is a much preferred result of these operations. By playing by their rules we are caught in a game we have no chance of winning. They make the rules and change them any time they desire.

          The trick is what you recommend, laughter. They simply cannot abide being mocked. Whether you’re going to court, or petitioning your parasite, you are acknowledging their power over you. By looking at them, saying “yeah sure”, laughing and walking away, you are refusing to allow them power.

          That is why it is so important to them to gain control of the internet. For now, at least, you can openly mock them and they hate it. Worst of all for them, is that it might spread. As your Lily Thomlin said, “if you win the rat race you’re still a rat”. That’s profound. If you don’t want to be a rat, don’t act like one.

          When the Kirby salesman shows up at your door does he DEMAND that you buy a vacuum? If he does, do you? No, you point to the sidewalk and say “hit it buster”.

          We all know that the government is out of control. They have their orders from their owners and they are following them. All the rest is to make that easier for them, not to get permission. They don’t need permission, they will act no matter what any of us think of it.

          The only thing in question is what we will do. My advice is to not lose our sense of humor and to become like cats. Ever try to herd cats? What is the value of reigning over a population that refuses to make anything work?

          My only goal in not opposing the lawsuit is that, as you say, we have newcomers and they would likely not understand my position. Besides, I’m always happy to see new fodder for hilarity and on the off chance that they actually dredged up more evidence it would be a hoot.

          Of course there is some danger in these things. They could use that as a springboard for more legislation prohibiting any lawsuits or questioning of their little game. After all, they’ve successfully sealed the records over much objection.

          Sophia is very astute. They are both attacking us and “modeling” the proper behavior expected of a NWO slave. They keep moving our cheese in their little matrix. They love it when we fight with the other rats out of frustration. They don’t like it so much when we look up and laugh at them while we gnaw our way out of the box.

        3. “Herding cats”…that’s exactly right. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I learned that the reason they didn’t keep Indians (Native Americans) as slaves was because they’d just wander away. We need to be like that. Passive resistance…you can’t stop them, but you don’t have to participate, either.

        4. Patrickchatsamiacably, In response to your comment “But it seems to me that we are in a sad “forrest for the trees” dilemma right now–perhaps because too many new people have joined us recently, and it’s only a matter of courtesy to allow them their voice in the conversation, even though it’s all been said before.”
          I am one of those who has just awakened, but please don’t discount us. Some, like me may know the woman you mention above, know people who moved out of that area in 2008 (attended that church), know EMS/Police who didn’t make it past the firehouse, have knowledge that Newtown Bee’s computers crashed that day… maybe we don’t know if we are rehashing info you are already privy to, but the wider the net, the more new info and contacts you may obtain that you might not have had access to before.

        5. Curious, I don’t think Patrick meant that in a demeaning way. We have just had a number of “side conversations” over time that someone who is new may not be aware of.

          I’m sure Patrick, as well as I, welcome newcomers. At times it is simply difficult to reconstruct what may have already been discussed at an earlier time.

          Some of these issues keep coming up over and over again. That’s fine, but many of them have already been discussed at length. While everyone may not agree on the outcome, they have been subjected to the discussion and I think Patrick simply was saying that it wouldn’t be worth rehashing an old topic and making everyone suffer through a rehearing of it.

    2. Here is a partial transcript of Shanley’s psychotic ramblings done under the audio of Bruno Mars Superbowl halftime show. The man is completely off his rocker. If I were Professor Tracy or Jim Fetzer, I would distance myself as far as possible from this lunatic


      “Now comes the reighn of God, the love. The place where past and present meet. The eternal now. The vibration of God is Love. Come to the eternal now! Paradise … THE LOVE! THE AGE OF INFINITY IS HERE! COME ON, LETS LOVE EACH OTHER! This is a Christmas gift from God to all humanity! NO MONEY! The no money system will be launched on January 1, 2015! Giving each citizen of planet Earth an account, a stake in planet Earth! The collateral for this non=profit enerprise will be owned by all people of planet Earth will be the Earth itself! Funds will be repaid through the internet bank! All life functions will be funded: education, homes, businesses, creativity by each and every human being! Income level will be at a USD dollar level of 125,000 dollars per person, per year! Money will cease to exist! There will only be credits and debit in the internet bank! God bless you! This is his gift to humanity! THE NO MONEY SYSTEM!! NO MORE WAR! NO MORE POVERTY! NO MORE SUFFERING! NO MORE DISEASES! NO MORE GUNS! INFINITE WEALTH to fund civilization leaving the dark age in the past! FLOATING IN THE ETERNAL NOW! Find ingeniuos ways to love one another! They are infinite and yet to be discovered! This is the age of infinity! America’s Divine Comedy is here!”

      1. Awww. I was reading with the hope of seeing some of the “other” passages of this landmark video. I’m surprised you resisted including some of those, as they surely would have made your point even clearer. Yes, either mental exhaustion or worse may have been involved in this production.

  23. The movement to disarm has been underway in the English speaking world since at least 1996, the year of the Dunblane and Port Arthur massacres. Both of those staged “tragedies” had clear parallels to the SHES shooting, some of which have been enumerated at MHB in comments on previous posts. I find it remarkable that Professor Doom has found an actual person, Georgia Monahan, who has personal connections to the events at both Port Arthur and Sandy Hook. What are the chances? Here is the video in case it hasn’t been linked to elsewhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2inBAfxuk
    Could there be clearer proof of an international conspiracy to disarm Americans?

  24. So…since the launch of TrillionGate, Google searches have increasingly returned links to that topic in relation to the Bushmaster suit; today, TrillionGate was finally the number one return. My guess would be that the second parent lawsuit–against the town, with plans to announce this on some national TV show–is coming soon. Probably waited for the new year, to create emotional distance from 2012 as well as to monitor the Bushmaster thing and see of the public reacted too negatively (they barely reacted at all, from what I can see). Anyway–I think it, and in fact perhaps the Bushmaster suit itself, are noise to drown out the less-politically correct suit coming against the town.

    Or, you know, any of a million other possibilities…

  25. From “John S.” Via Email:

    At the link below is a December 19, 2014 news story regarding the school shooting that occurred in Peshawar, Pakistan on December 16, 2014. The title of the article is: “Tributes to Peshawar teachers who ‘paid with blood for sake of education’”.


    In this article there is a picture of a person now known as Noah S. Pozner in the middle of the bottom row in the second picture of this article. This is the picture:


    The pictures directly above show Carlos Matthew Soto (brother of Victoria Leigh Soto) with the President and another with his sisters. It appears to me that the pictures of Carlos Matthew Soto are very similar to the picture of the Pakistani student wearing a green sleeveless sweater at the far left end of the top row in the picture of deceased Pakistani students.

    With apologies to “The Temptations”, is it just my imagination running away with me?

    1. In reference to the Noah Pozner photo surfacing in Pakistan, a friend dug up this stock photo link. She only had time to look at 4 pages, but we have 49 pages here just of 6 year olds. Noah in Pakistan would be 8 years old now, and the ages of the slain students are reported to be between 12 and 16. There are around 46 million stock photos here for every situation we can envision. Someone goofed.


      There is indeed a remarkable resemblance between the Pakistani student in a green vest and Carlos M. Soto, photo here:


      1. Someone should call that copyright outfit. This is plagiarism! Well, maybe not. These are “globalists” after all, and they probably own the rights to the SHES production.

        Why change a script when it worked so well the first time around?

    2. This is Huge and deserves its own post so it isn’t buried in the comments. That is the SAME photo of Noah Pozner as was used widely in media accounts!

    3. Two black ops busted for the price of one!

      ( I simply can’t stop laughing. I keep imagining the e-mail exchanges that must be going on between C.W. Wade and Leonard Pozner. After all, Veronique was reported as saying that she planned to move to Seattle and take Noah along. How’s he end up in the Middle East?)

      Thank you Pakistan!

      1. How did Noah ended up in the middle east? Easy. Super mom Veronique Pozner is on record after Noah’s Connecticut funeral saying he would be dug up and shipped to Seattle when the family moved. They simply goofed and put the poor boy on the wrong plane – only to be killed a second time.

        I looked at the photo collage again and it says “They went to school and never came back”. That is true if one believes these fables, so in a way the collage is not out of line here. It does not specify which schools.

        Originally I thought someone goofed, but on second and third thoughts – no, it was done deliberately. “They” needed a face that sort of blended in, just waiting for the reaction to be logged into their global mental health files. They are making fun of us and we should point the finger right back at them, laughing even louder.

        1. Anne, I mentioned the signing of the UN disarmament treaty and its implementation date in 2015. It calls for total disarmament of civilians worldwide. They may be hyping the connections to further that agenda.

          Just like the Dunblane event or the one you so often speak of in Norway. They must have chaos to move the agenda. Dead kids = guns = “thesis”.

          Remember who Veronique worked for and what her purpose was? Remember her “brother” the lawyer? Remember he was involved (allegedly) in representing the Church in a lawsuit? Don’t forget, he was Noah’s “uncle”.

        2. Poor little Noah. His loving mother lives Washington state. His devoted father lives in Florida. His swimming photo is plastered all over taxi cabs and the water park in the Northeast. He has been shot 11 times in Connecticut, buried, dug up, hauled 2500 miles across the US to Washington, buried again – then goes off to Pakistan where, at the age of eight, he’s put in a class of teenagers – then has the bad luck of getting shot in school yet again!

          When will they let that poor child rest in peace?

    4. James, yes, as bad as I am with faces that is definitely the character introduced as young Mr. Soto. Small world I’d say.

      1. Young soto? Do you mean the kid who played soto’s younger brother? The one who was accused of being a greenberg? I haven’t heard anyone say it but I think the kid at the firehouse with the yellow under armour hoodie that got busted by a production assistant for wandering aimlessly trying to bee seen on film(I always tried to make myself stand out when working as an extra too) looks like soto’s little brother too.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I mean. As to “hoodie”, could be. Maybe they’re doing this one on the cheap and didn’t want to pay for more pictures.

      1. Thanks for posting this. I have not gone back through MHB to read all the comments and article about SROL Church and school.

        I still would love someone to find and repost, here preferably tht photo that was on TheIntelHub site. It was of two men with their nun gowns hanging open down the front so that there men’s clothing was clearly visible. It was a walking – in – motion photo and the men appeared to be walking out away from the main set that they played in and the event performance was over. They opened and freed their nun costumes like an unbutton overcoat hanging open. They had men’s clunky black rubber soul shoes but not tennis shoes. We need to get that photo out front and center again and it appears to be buried.

        This “Monsignor Weiss” truly disgusts me. He is the embodiment of the modernist Novus Ordo “Church of Nice.” He again uses all the New Age speak mixed in with melodramatic very vague references to Christian speak. All this candles and light and darkness BS (Bad Science) reminds me of GHW Bush’s “Thousands points of light” world peace and love program. It also reminds me of their god, Lucifer, the light bearer, doubt it not.

        But what disgusts me most is this “Father Weiss”, pederast poser par excellence, is up there on the podium along with Mary Maloney school principle, fully and knowingly committing, modeling for all, the sanctifying grace busting mortal sin of lying, the intrinsic disordered evil of deceiving many. How could anyone receive any of the sacraments from this entity?

        I also find that whole SROL huge nice elementary school and rather large impressive church building to be incongruous with a small community of 27,000 people, a community not known to be a Catholic community, not even the Novus Ordo Church of Nice kind of Catholic community.

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        1. Wow!! I can’t describe how interesting your comment is.

          #1 – I have never seen the photo you are talking about, I’ll see if I can find it, that sounds extremely interesting.

          By “Nun costumes” you’re saying their clergy outfits? or were they wearing female outfits and they were men?

          Yes, Weiss follows a script, as I pointed out in the video:


          Hey is well practiced in this story, except when he’s screwing up the details.

          Regarding the “Campus” of St. Rose of Lima- There were many construction projects going on recently, simultaneously, according to Weiss..

          If you look at the “older images” of St. Rose from just 4 years ago, the campus is much smaller, the new building isn’t there, and the “Holy Innocents Faith Formation Center” (A 4 room brainwashing facility) hadn’t been built yet either.

        2. Thanks for photo. That may be the exact same photo I saw but then again I cannot say for sure it is because it has been so long.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        3. DachsieLady replies to thepaulstalservice regarding photograph of police dressed as nuns walking out of St. Rose of Lima School parking lot.

          I sent this important article link and photo addres to Joyce Riley of ThePowerHour.com GCNlive radio show on Jan 13 2014. I should have saved the photo to a Word file because now when I try these two links, all I get from my Mozilla Firefox browser is “Server not found.”

          Around that Jan 2014 date, Joyce Riley had as a show guest someone named “Thomas” who was from Theintelhub.com site. I do not know what has happened to that site but I know I was impressed very much by their work.

          The article was here…


          The photo URL was this…


          I will try to describe the “nun suits” from memory again.

          The were constructed like a long overcoat type garment. As I described earlier these two men were photographed wearing these garments but they were in-motion walking pictures and the nun suits were unbottoned or left open as like the acting / drill event for these two men was over and they had partially disassembled their costumes and made themselves more comfortable as the charade and acting gig was completed or over with. The faces were definitely that of men and they were wearing men’s shoes. Of course, I cannot say for sure that they were policemen but I can say pretty much that the men were men and that they had partially ended their charade as nuns.

          This photo would show the cars and the parking lot the two men were walking past and that might be able to be matched up to the St. Rose of Lima School parking lot.

          I still say this photograph is extremely important as it provides evidence that there was a drill going on at a Catholic school and that police were dressed as nuns as part of their acting / drill duties. This points clearly to “Monsignor” Weiss’ and Mary Maloney’s elaborate deliberate lies.

        4. DachsieLady in reply to thepaulstalserve and really to Lophatt too in regard to the changing nature of the township of Newtown and the “evolution” of the St Rose of Lima elementary school and Church, of the diocese of Bridgport, Connecticut.

          PaulstalService said…
          “Regarding the “Campus” of St. Rose of Lima- There were many construction projects going on recently, simultaneously, according to Weiss..

          If you look at the “older images” of St. Rose from just 4 years ago, the campus is much smaller, the new building isn’t there, and the “Holy Innocents Faith Formation Center” (A 4 room brainwashing facility) hadn’t been built yet either.”

          Lophatt said something about someone who tried to document the big changes taking place in the Newtown community and Lophatt said…

          “He later said he was frightened and had to stop posting.
          He spoke of “newcomers” coming into the town and changing the whole focus over a short period. They bought up old businesses, became involved in local politics and the schools. ”

          It seems to me that when we take a close look at the relatively recent big changes in the township of Newtown, the idea of a Potemkin village…

          Po·tem·kin village
          noun \pə-ˈtem(p)-kən-\

          Definition of POTEMKIN VILLAGE
          : an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition

          Origin of POTEMKIN VILLAGE

          Grigori Potëmkin, who supposedly built impressive fake villages along a route Catherine the Great was to travel
          First Known Use: 1937



          That is what is so new to us all. There is this artificial construction of a fake town built upon an old real town.

          When we read about all the odd real estate transactions and how almost all the Sandy Hook victim parents have moved away from Sandy Hook, that also attests to the Potemkin Village concept I suggest here.

          I would mention too that diocese of Bridgport Ct had several priest pedophilia cases against it and that state of Ct. is said to be a really big center of child traffiking and pedophilia services for the elites out of D.C. and NYC as well as the Catholic priests. What we are really talking about here is pederasty, perversion and snuff films and SATANIC EVIL in the blackmail / bribery / extortion grid that controls just about the whole enchilada.

        5. Man, why are videos not posting the link correctly, instead going to the most recent video, that is so irritating!

          The video I attempted to link to in my commented dachsielady was “Monsignior Robert Weiss Messes Up His Story”

        6. I have been looking for the photo you talked about, and haven’t been able to find it.

          I hope you spend some time on my forum where I have posted my thinking and most of my visual evidence (the only place they can’t take it down apparently, as they removed my original YouTube account less than a week ago).

          The forum is: thepaulstalservice.yuku.com It has my Haddad/Maloney research and St. Rose of Lima research all in one nice location.

          Please let me know either here, on the forum, or via my youtube if you are able to find that image of the two men you are talking about.

        7. @ JFT.. I thought Dachsielady was talking about a different picture than that one- in which they are clearly female.. If he wasn’t- That image is of two nuns from St. Rose of Lima.

          Their nametags even identify them as St. Rose of Lima staff. Here’s another image of those nuns:


          They are obviously St. Rose connected- It would be interesting to find out what time of day that was, as St. Rose was in 3 different lockdowns on 12/14/12 – one during morning mass,one at 12, and one at 2:30.

          I was hoping Dachsielady was talking about another image.

        8. Ann Barnhardt once sent me the most personally insulting emails I think I’ve ever received. There’s something wrong with her.

          At your recommendation, Patrick, I just started reading The Facade… I think it’s going to be a doozy! For all you bibliophobes out there, it’s super easy to get into (which I hope is encouraging).

        9. “You’re an Ann Barnhardt reader!”

          No, Patrick. I am not. I did read some of her stuff when she first started out and enjoyed her teaching style. She has a series on YouTube where she explains in good clear form, how the banks and real estate / mortgage fraudsters play accounting tricks that allow them keep their organized crime syndicate going.

          I admire AB’s traditional Catholic testimony and her speaking up for Christ and His Church. I have never been a “good Catholic” so her love of Christ in the Catholic tradition, is something I admire. I am not a “spiritual person” and I cannot help people to love and follow Christ and say a big NO to this dark world system as I wish I could. I am very left brain, though, and from that kind of reasoning, I think the traditional Catholic church is the visible Church that Christ founded on this earth and it is therefor the right Church. But that true traditional Church is in decline and the false Church of Nice Novus Ordo popes, prelates and priests like “Monsignor Weiss” have abandoned Christ and His people.

          I think there has to be truth spoken from the true Church on the subjects that we discuss at MHB. That is where the rubber meets the road for me. It is not okay for the cause of Christ and the salvation of souls to let slide the lies about the evil that is being perpetrated on the people by the world’s Brotherhood of Darkness syndicate. To avoid speaking about these Big Lies and the people who are supporting them and propagating them via all manner of personal mortal sin is itself a mortal sin of omission.

          But she is dead wrong when she starts throwing around the term “anti-semitic” and she moves out of the arena of truth seeking and truth telling when she gets that big area terribly wrong. Her personal traditional Catholic witness for Christ is seriously injured by her refusal to seek truth regarding the whole “anti-semitism” scam. When you discriminate against a person or cause them harm because of their religious affiliation or ethnic biological make-up – DNA, you are committing mortal sin.

          Sicut Idudeis Non was over the centuries was the morally correct stance of the Church in regard to the religion of Judaism. But that has been undermined from within the Church over the last few centuries by the very people the Church is trying to treat morally and equitably.

        10. TPS – Think the nuns and the nuns in the purple van were all red herrings. DS may of remembered that they looked manly and that there is something large under the coat being concealed.

          On a side note, attended Catholic School in the 60’s and the nuns were liberated from having to wear their habits and only those very old at that time still did.

          Came across this curious group called Nunsonthebus, and supposedly they were in Newtown that day on their bus tour. They are very pro Obama, immigration, anti-gun, all of it and tout themselves as lobbiers.

          It is curious that non-profit groups do not get investigated by the IRS if they are on the right side!

          Thank you for all your great work!


        11. Doxie, I know the picture you’re referring to. I’ve looked at my stuff and I don’t have it. It isn’t the two in the posted photo. These are obviously men, and you can see that they are wearing concealed guns.

          We discussed it at another site early on because we were wondering about the connection to the claimed “escape van” reported with nuns on board.

          If I had known then what I know now I would have been looking for flying monkeys.

        12. Re dachsie’s comments about the nuns: I remember a photo of the back of two people, walking away from the camera. It showed a nun in a habit, with hairy calves, holding hands with a woman who was not dressed as a nun. As in, “day’s work is over.”

        13. Dachsie, “the false Church of Nice Novus Ordo popes, prelates and priests like “Monsignor Weiss” have abandoned Christ and His people” is pure A.B. I am not Catholic, so lots of other people might talk like that, but I’ve never heard it before.

          I stumbled upon her when she became famous for leaving the commodities business after the MF Global crime of the century, which fascinated me. I have read a lot of her since then, and the Catholic stuff, which is strident to the point of unendurable much of the time, nevertheless can be very interesting for an outside observer.

          I have written her a few times, correcting her, and she has never replied–although I assume she would be nasty to me in any such message. Primarily, it is her slander concerning every other branch of Christianity that I find intolerable. All nondenominational protestant churches are for her despicable “superfun rockband” abominations, and what she says about Martin Luther is libelous to the point of criminality. She displays zero Christian discernment in these matters.

          As far as she is concerned, no one can be saved, essentially, because almost all conversions take place outside of Rome’s dispensation. Ridiculous. I have asked her, more than once, about the huge vacuum in her model: the Eastern Orthodox Church, which predates the Roman one by centuries. Are all those people unsaved heretics? Crickets.

          Most of the people who are coming to salvation in our era are in Asia and Africa, hundreds of millions of them, and it’s not catholicism they’re converting to. For Ann, this just means they have switched from one form of paganism to another, no matter how fervent their belief, no matter how astounding their testimonies. Add to that the fact that even IF the Catholics wanted to do what all those protestant missionaries are doing, it would be impossible–because there are no priests to do the work, and the pipeline is pretty much empty in creating new ones. The denial that God is adopting all those wretched sinners into His family outside Rome’s purview is, in my opinion, a gravely sinful position to take. We should rejoice, if the conversion is genuine, and biblically sound, whatever brand does the converting.

          Aside from that, though, she’s part of my regular diet of reading–because she really DOES have valuable things to say.

        14. “Dachsie, “the false Church of Nice Novus Ordo popes, prelates and priests like “Monsignor Weiss” have abandoned Christ and His people” is pure A.B.”

          No, that is not pure Ann Barnhardt speak. That is pure DachsieLady speak.

          AB gives the semblance of being a traditional “old school” Catholic, but she does not recognize the truth of what was written about in the book by the “Maurice Pinay” –The Plot Against the Church


          Also see blog


          There are many supposedly Catholic factions these days fighting with each other on who is the most true, the most old school traditional Catholic, but almost none of them will recognize the truth about the Jewish revolutionary spirit that E. Michael Jones tries to explain to us in his book. All these warring factions, fake-O Ann Barnhardt included, appear to have some “agenda” and that agenda does not appear to be Truth and the One Who is Truth.

          Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salas is an ancient supposedly infallibly defined doctrine of the Church meaning, “outside the Church there is no salvation.” The current teaching of the Magisteriam reflects a gradual abandonment of that teaching, which technically is said to be heresy. The Church now “teaches” something called “invincible ignorance” and “baptism of desire” whereby a person can die and be saved even though they did not get formally baptised (The Church has always recognized all properly performed baptisms no matter what denomination or who performed the ceremony and does not re-baptize in such cases) and did not formally become a member of the Church.

          I do not know and, as I said, I am not a good defender of the Church. The Church of today is mainly, but importantly not completely, a product of the workings of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit, however Christ defines “Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan”.

          Only God knows and is totally in charge of who is saved and who is not saved. I do know that the Catholic church’s teachings on salvation and the individual’s free will and cooperation with God’s grace is the correct biblical teaching. It ain’t just about “accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior”.

          Soteriology as taught (but not really clearly “taught” anymore) by the Catholic Church is completely different than the soteriology of Protestantism, but not different from the Orthodox soteriology.

          I personally want to love the Truth and seek the Truth in my every thought, word and deed. That is my personal program and may God have mercy on my soul.

          When you say I speak pure Ann Barnhardt, you misjudge and insult me, but I forgive you.

        15. “When you say I speak pure Ann Barnhardt, you misjudge and insult me…”

          Well, I hope you can see that I had no idea I was doing it. After all, my initial remarks included these words: ” I am not Catholic, so lots of other people might talk like that, but I’ve never heard it before.”

          What you say here is a lot of inside baseball, and I am as ignorant of it as I am of the rules of the game of Cricket. I am interested to learn that the hotly debated topic exists. I read Malachi Martin’s Windswept House, where the key characters are deeply concerned about “legitimate” masses, and the dearth of places to celebrate them. Maybe Fr. Malachi used that verbiage in the book, and my reading of it was so long ago that I completely forget, but in any event I wished you no ill will. I’ve just never encountered it elsewhere. Sorry to hurt your feelings.

          You may or may not agree, but it is my opinion that in this post-Western civilization we life inside of Christians no longer have the luxury of debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. That is, I hold that if a Chinese, or an African tribesman, is converted to Christ by a completely unschooled protestant missionary, studies the Bible in his own language and spreads the Gospel to his entire region, God cares not whether the rules Rome has set down have been observed; He’s happy to see the Bride of Christ grow. Such people become our brothers and sisters just as validly as if they were lovely Irish children at their first communion in a Catholic cathedral.

          I am as weary of such sectarian squabbles as I am of theological liberalism. As I said, if those savages’ salvation is not real, just because Rome’s rules were not followed, then you and I cannot find agreement. And that’s not just because the dearth of priests has denied those benighted souls anything but the protestant alternative; if God does not recognize such conversions legitimacy, and those people who think they are saved are destined for eternal torment, well, that’s not the God of the Bible. It sounds more like Allah. Ugh.

          If the tragic multitudes can’t be brought into the Catholic Church (and they can’t–too few priests), then God is a tyrant when he tricks them into believing the Gospel when shown it by protestants. Ipso facto.

          This is my problem with Ann. I don’t believe in ecumenicalism, if it means Unitarians have an equal voice at the table. But it is certainly the correct path if the core, the fundamentals, are adhered to, unflinchingly. Anyone who holds that their denomination (and Catholicism is, in my view, just another denomination) can claim the only position of legitimacy had better have enough agents of conversion on hand to save every soul alive at any given time, or else the damnation of the lost is their own responsibility.

          No, I’m not being anti-catholic. I love the catholics. I just wish those who would deny that those hundreds of millions of Asians and Africans who never heard of Rome, but believe fervently in Jesus would think about the implications of that position. Ann sure won’t.

        16. Spoken honestly and fairly, patrick.

          As I said, it is ultimately up to God to judge who is saved and who is not saved.

          It is up to me personally to try and “rightly divide the word of truth.”

          I have learned so much of what I consider good high truth from reading about the Church’s traditional “teachings.” I appreciate the Church’s definition of FAITH AND REASON” not being contradictory or exclusionary. The two go together.

          (As I said before, the Church is not really “teaching” us much solid truth these days. I just have to read the older Church writings.)

          Seems Malichi Martin had some good truth to convey and he, if he was speaking in truth, related some Satanic activities at the Vatican.

          But Malichi Martin became compromised, or at least it appears to me, by the Jewish New York City publishing houses. You can read about What E. Michael Jones has to say about Malichi Martin by searching on Martin’s name along with “Clerical Error” and CultureWars.com.

          Martin operated as sort of a subversive agent in the Vatican I
          I proceedings, acting it appears, for the Jewish revolutionary spirit factions within the Church.

          Martin was laicized and was having an affair with the author of “Clerical Error” book. Martin met his demise quite mysteriously.

          As for “ecumenism”, all of that has been twisted and distorted in the worst sort of way, especially amongst the modernist Novus Church of Nice crowd. Christ prayed “I would that they be one” but that whole “unity” thing has turned into a giant manipulation.

          Christ wants wants us to be united in TRUTH, not phony unity as being manipulated against we truth seekers in every sphere of our lives.

          In my years of “researching” 9-11 and see all the different “truth factions” and “truth theories”, I noticed that “the unity card” was a big manipulation within the 9-11 truth seekers’ efforts. Dr. Morgan Reynolds has written some good comments about that at NoMoreGames.net.

          God bless us each and every one in the Name of the One Who is Truth.

        17. Patrick, I think I understand where both of you are coming from. As usual, you covered a LOT of territory. Each element of which is worthy of quite a bit of discussion.

          I agree that a conversion is a conversion and am grateful for that. Some of us are fond of orthodoxy for good reason. Doxie’s concern about popular movements within the Church are shared by me as well.

          Having said that, there are solid reasons for those concerns that are far too esoteric to discuss in a forum such as this. That doesn’t mean they are unimportant. “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin” arguments have a purpose. They contribute to the wealth of knowledge and prayerful study of countless believers over the centuries.

          In terms of Africans, etc., that is the fastest growing segment of the Church. Asia is right behind it.

          As to Malachi Martin, I very much enjoyed the book and subsequent interviews with him right up to the time of his death. Initially I thought him a “nut”. Later, I came to truly appreciate him. By the way, the book is a novel, it is based on reality, however.

          It is fitting that you mention “Windswept House” as it connects nicely to Doxie’s concerns. Fr. Martin is very much representing the backstage intrigue leading up to Vatican II. There has been considerable backlash to that event and things are only now starting to settle down.

          There has never been a period where the Church wasn’t under assault. It can be external or internal or both. The fact of its survival is not attributable to man. It takes strong leadership to prevent it becoming what it is not intended to be.

          It has two principle functions. Teaching and the maintenance of the faith. People are constantly trying to make it into a political or entertainment medium. Fads come and go and there is constant pressure from parishioners to “change” into something that makes them feel better about themselves.

          They have it precisely backward. Remember Bishop Sheen’s video. That struggle is timeless. When the Church “breaks with tradition” to be popular, it abdicates its responsibility. Change can and does happen, but only after much reflection and the certainty that orthodoxy is not compromised.

          So Doxie’s abhorrence of St. Rose’ apparent “New Age” theology is justified. The unwary should be certain that they are being delivered to Christ, not joining a self-help group.

          But, I liked much of what you said. I have no worries about you.

        18. Doxie, regarding your comment on “changes to Newtown”, we used the analogy of a “Potemkin Village” then as well. That was essentially what I was trying to say.

          Very early in the drill there was a local construction worker who posted, I think three, videos. He was very nervous. He claimed that he grew up there and, when he was growing up the town was primarily “working class” and friendly.

          There was some sort of minister who also posted a series of videos on the town where he claimed it was full of “hookers and biker bars”. To add some chronology to this, there was a period where a great deal of land was seized for a gas pipeline. Maps of the area encompass some of the area that includes both the tract where the Lanza’s are said to have lived as well as Sandy Hook School.

          There was a court battle over the land seizure. The settlement resulted in some of the land being set aside as parkland (IAW A-21 norms), and, oddly, some housing development.

          It is apparently this time period that was referred to by the guy posting the videos of the changing nature of Newtown. He said that older, established businesses were forced out by owners refusing to extend leases, etc.. These were immediately replaced by new, “trendy” businesses, peopled by operators who were not native and were unfriendly. He said that these newcomers swarmed the town council meetings and basically bullied the members into submission.

          The man was genuinely frightened and stopped posting. He did not look like the sort who would be easily intimidated.

          As far as SROL goes, the usual case is that the parish is responsible for their own funding. If more funding is needed for construction, etc., it is obtained from the diocese and paid back by the local parishioners. The actual title of the property resides with the bishop.

          Having said that, I do not believe there is any prohibition on a parish accepting funds from outside sources. Any expansion at the campus would normally be a function of need. I haven’t kept up with the size of the parish or the student body. It is beyond question that there was a large influx of cash into the area prior to the drill.

          Post-drill there is no denying that there has been an exponential influx of funding to the community. After all, $50M for an elementary school, with declining enrollments, is hard to understand in conventional terms.

          The Monsignor mentioned that “some of the money” was being “held for future needs”. “Some” is a relative term It DOES appear that something changed at SROL about the same time as the construction boom.

          Oddly, with all that as a backdrop, how does one explain the condition of the school? It appears that at least one school benefited from all that largesse. It wasn’t SHES.

        19. Thank you for the enlightenment.

          This is so interesting to me. I studied A21 and was somewhat active against it. (Michael Shaw is fighting the Bay Area A21 takeover and has some success in court so far. FreedomAdvocates.org)

          Some were discussing how long it may have taken to plan the Sandy Hook event. It looks as though the A21 Potemkin Village plan was the genesis of the overall plan that included the Sandy Hook event.

          On the SROL parish and school issue. The donations of the dying breed “traditonal Catholics” are drying up for many reasons, so Church and school funding must come from somewhere. Many people feel that it is morally wrong to give to the general annual diocesan collection because those funds are then distributed to abortion and “gay marriage” promoting agencies, many of which are United Nations NGOs. Accepting the 501c3 exemption is bad enough, so I guess whats a little more accepting of controllers who will give money with many strings attached.

          Another subject I will just toss out here.

          Something I have been thinking about but cannot express in legal terms and will just express my thought here.

          It appears to me that we often refer to the “official narrative” of the Sandy Hook event. But technically, we do not have any formal stated position, or “thesis”, or “case”, stated by “the government” for what happened at the Sandy Hook event. (I also have observed what I consider to be the lack of a legal “official narrative” for 9-11.)

          As an example of part of this lack of an “official narrative”, we see that there are redacted spaces in the (?) FBI report. We have nothing official that states that a certain person was killed at Sandy Hook event.

          If I am correct on this thought that there is no “official narrative”, how could the “official narrative even be disproven in court. Or, put another way, how could anyone prove that the “offcial narrative” is fraudulent in some aspect or in total. (Fraud vitiates everything concept.) There is nothing of legal substance against which legal determinations could be waged.

          I think this lack of an official “official narrative” is part of the sophisticated planning of the the Sandy Hook event.

    1. Don’t know who is the worst performer, Gene Rosen or Monsignor Weiss.

      The Monsignor ran to the front door of the school, saw the smashed window and was met by someone, FBI or State Police, who asked if he wanted to go inside and bless the children. He should have met up with the two pediatricians standing there by the front door, both unaware of a smashed window and bodies inside. Truly remarkable.

      1. Listen to his stories again.

        Story 1: Met by a State Police officer on the drive, was invited into the school by the same man.

        Story 2: Was met by an FBI agent on the drive, was invited into the school by a police officer.

        In story one, it is the same man who invites him into the school, who he has identified as State Police, and in story two, there are two different men, one is an FBI man, and another man he identifies as “Police” invites him into the school.

      2. Anne, I’m sure you’re aware of how important the “cutter” is to a film. When the actors are given their scripts they often don’t know how they will be used in the production. They just march up there, get into position, and read.

        Unfortunately this little artwork suffers from a bad script and even worse actors. To make matters worse, the choreography is terrible and I haven’t even mentioned the direction.

        If they had any pride you would think that they would at least include a good musical score. I suppose this was designed to float on tears and be propelled by righteous indignation. Even “The Never Ending Story” had lovable characters and beauty. This has Gene.

        The Monsignor is not exactly Bing Crosby (or Spencer Tracy). He’s more like Peter Lorrie. Watching this reminds me of my favorite line from “Casablanca”. Peter Lorrie says; “You hate me, don’t you Rick”. Bogie responds; “I would if I thought about you enough”.

        1. Yes, film editing is a make it or break it process for the finished product. The Sandy Hoaxers did not graduate from any prestigious film schools.

          “In many ways the film editor is the most misunderstood of all film professionals. Often considered just a film technician, a good editor is, without doubt, much more than that. He or she is also a qualified storyteller of the highest order.”

          The Monsignor and some of his coworkers were rewarded with an all expense vacation in Hawaii during the summer following the Sandy Hook event.

    2. Yes, it is obvious to me that something is “wrong” here. Anything that I might say about it, however, would be pure speculation. I have personally seen a large parish get “taken over” by a relatively small group in the past. It isn’t hard to do, people being essentially joiners, and if the “core group” is influenced, the others usually follow.

      In my experience it got so bad that some prominent members ended up writing the bishop and things began to turn around. This is consistent with a guy who, early on, did a few videos from Newtown. He later said he was frightened and had to stop posting.

      He spoke of “newcomers” coming into the town and changing the whole focus over a short period. They bought up old businesses, became involved in local politics and the schools.

      It would be a simple matter to replace teachers. As vocations dry up more and more schools are run by the laity. It is very common to have non-credentialed teachers in Catholic schools these days. That wasn’t the case in the past.

      We have read that the diocese was under investigation. That means that some were compromised. Compromised people are putty in the hands of those who would use them for their purposes. The Monsignor is rather loose with the truth. It could be as innocent as someone who likes to spin tales and lacks precision in speech, or something more sinister.

      It is well known that when one speaks the truth they don’t have to keep remembering what they said earlier. I certainly don’t know any of them but they strike me as a group I would feel uncomfortable around.

      I’m not sure to what extent they played in this operation. That they played at all is disappointing. The Church is supposed to be above that sort of thing and should not mimic the current values and habits of the surrounding society. Quite the opposite, they should be a model for timeless values that have been shown to survive in the face of adversity.

      That said, using an institution to form and shape attitudes and behavior would be right up these people’s alley. It is clear that they have built a bastion of New Age nonsense there. From the local community they have their political team expanding outward. In the immortal words of Z.Z. Top, “we’re bad, we’re nationwide”.

  26. If anyone knows where the source of Mr Shanley’s audio comes from it may be helpful to know. It does change things if he just recorded himself during a manic episode for his own amusment- or for some plan we know not of and that he may have changed his mind about after coming back to earth. Perhaps the NSA intercepted it and released it!

    I’m not trying to say his lawsuit is a good idea with my support – I don’t know yet, but it sounds like a bad idea even if he is not bipolar or an elitist plant.

    Thanks to commenter Bela Lugosi’s ghost for this transcript:

    “Now comes the reighn of God, the love. The place where past and present meet. The eternal now. The vibration of God is Love. Come to the eternal now! Paradise … THE LOVE! THE AGE OF INFINITY IS HERE! COME ON, LETS LOVE EACH OTHER! This is a Christmas gift from God to all humanity! NO MONEY! The no money system will be launched on January 1, 2015 … ”

    1. Not to change the subject, but in response to Professor Tracy’s post regarding the Peshawar school shooting, there are numerous examples of Noah Pozner’s photo being used in memorials for that event. A peculiar name, Huzaifa Huxaifa is tagged onto the image in one memorial internet posting. Some type of inside joke by a deep insider whistle blower?


      1. Not sure, but I suspect inside joke on the black hat side. There is probably some seriousness- in that by doing this they can gauge how much lunacy they can get away with. I would guess they can push the lunacy a lot farther than they have so far. The people who do not want to see are pretty determined not to look…

      2. Awesome video find — thanks, and I hope those who know how will archive this one quickly. It is absolutely critical that we archive this footage before it is pulled. This is, after all the Memory Hole.

      3. When you say that Huzaifa Huxaifa is a peculiar name, do you say it as an English speaker looking at what you imagine is another English speaker’s joke? Because I would imagine the audience for this is Pakistani and this might be a very ordinary name to them.

        But I do think if it turns out that even by Pashtun or whatever standards this is a weird name, then it might be some kind of a clue to who is generating the story-line. I just don’t know who would be in the position to see that Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert is being mocked here or something. I think I found some earlier fingerprints like that with Sandy Hook, but have forgotten what they are. There is always an arrogance in someone who is getting high off fooling the millions and exercising power (or serving power). They slipped up big time here, but perhaps there is more which leads back to their origins.

  27. Aside from lophatt and fish and anne, everyone is really really wayyy too slow to catch on. It is frustrating reading this super slow migration from gullibility to cynicism to wisdom. Even tracey seems to have been had by several in his industry…

    1. Well Wade
      Wondering what you have to offer here, you seemed to of skipped over a number of enlightened folks in describing “It is frustrating reading this super slow migration from gullibility to cynicism to wisdom.”

      “Even tracey seems to have been had by several in his industry…”

      The correct spelling is Tracy, and really do not recall any other professionals who specialize in work on media history, politics and culture that exist. Therefore calling it ‘his industry’ that have had several other members deceive him, is just an outright false statement.

      Have a nice life, hope you find another site that is not so boring and you won’t continue to bore us with your drivel.

      1. Just to re-iterate “lophatt and fish and anne” are not the only aware commenters on this site. Perhaps you suffer from the same reading disorder that the fine Governor of CT has.

  28. I am afraid the good doctor won’t post anything that is critical of his opinion, his allies, his site, or his commenters.

    What do you call it when your actions are contrary to your espoused beliefs?

  29. Not expecting this to make it passed moderation but here goes:

    Dr. Tracy, I am under the impression that you endorse people you have on your show. Is this true?

    I am under the impression that you may be flip-flopping on Wolfgan; pro, anti, now semi-pro. Would you please let us know if you think he is a credible person worthy of our support?

    Why is Fetzer a taboo topic here that if anyone says something bad, you come to his defense?

    Thanks for at least letting me post this.

  30. What I have never understood about the dissident exposing of Sandy Hook is the ignoring of the money angle. Millions of dollars were donated to God knows who in over 80 organizations. If Sandy Hook was staged, as it was, this money was donated under false conditions. The laws of various states differ, but surely there is grounds for suit for fraud on the basis that people were conned about what happened.

    It is difficult for the American people to understand the fantasy false flags. But they understand money corruption, since it is so prevalent in America. It seems to me that a law suit on the basis of money fraud would be more credible to the American people than directly exposing Sandy Hook. Not as sexy intellectually perhaps, but possibly attaining mainstream attention. It would require digging into the contribution morass, which is no doubt covered up as much as possible, but there is sufficient interest by Sandy Hook truthers to form an organ to do so.

    1. Folktruther, I really become enthused and riled up also on the issue of donations money fraud. There is a person named Preston James, Ph.D who writes for VeteransToday.com and sometimes co-authors with Dr. Fetzer. Preston James is a pseudonym, however I believe he is truly a Ph.D. , a social psychologist, and I do not know if he is still in practice or retire. Dr. James always harps on the RICO felony crime aspect of all these “false events,” especially Sandy Hook and Boston.

      I know a little bit about the RICO law because a close family member was able to pursue a RICO case against a banker who was the manager for the large high rise, high end office building where by family member owned and operated a high end restaurant and club on the top floor and where the bankster/building manager had his bank and offices. My family member did a major expensive “build-out or spiffing up of his restaurant and club and the bankster forced my family member to hire certain building construction build-out firms to do the major expense work in his restaurant / club. It turns out the bankster/building landlord manager was getting a kick-back of the money my family member paid to the construction companies. That is fraud and racketeering and my family member is closely associated with a group of attorneys and they were able to get excellent solid documented proof that these kickbacks were happening. My family member got this bankster sent to prison for 5 years and the bank was taken over by someone else. I believe my family member got some kind of large monetary award that repaid him for the exorbitant crooked construction company fees he had to pay. I just relate all this to give an example of how powerful and I think meaningful and truly tough the RICO law is.

      But if my understanding is correct, one would have to prove that real people died at Sandy Hook and that those real people were the real people they were represented to be. We have never even been able to get death certificates on any of the alleged Sandy Hook deaths, so I do not see how we could legally establish identity and that those identified people did indeed die at Sandy Hook. That would be the basis of the fraud or misrepresentation to fraudulently collect donations and I just do not see how we could prove that identity.

      Identifying people and knowing for sure what identified person actually did die at the event has always been the core issue on all of these false events. We have to rely on government records and if this rabbit hole of corruption is as deep and wide as I see it is, those government records aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Exhuming bodies and autopsies and coroners’ reports and DNA matching would seem to be solid proof but we can see corruption there too.

      Also, Wolfgang Halbig with his attorneys at the United Way fund place near Newtown when they visited there were not allowed to come in and inspect the donation records for that multi-million dollar Sandy Hook donations fund. The attorney spoke up and said the law was that they had to let them in to inspect the books of the donations but they just told them they could not come in.

      Truth is we do not know or have any proof that…

      Money was actually donated,

      Who donated the money,

      to what fund or entity.

      We do not know how that money was used or distributed.

      It could be that the plotters are just rakiing in big bucks and using to pay themselves off and none of it, whatever money there may be, is being distributed to the entities it is said to be “helping.”

      There needs to be a full and complete federal audit of all these Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing donation funds and there is almost no chance of that happening, and that is the other foundational premise on which a RICO case would depend.

      So while I share your enthusiasm for going after them for the money fraud via the RICO law, it most like will not happen.

      We just have to keep throwing out our truth anywhere and everywhere we can. Even if the people who keep making efforts against the legal system or against academia or against some governmental or corporate entity are “crazy sounding” or maybe appear to be controlled, still we have to appreciate efforts, no matter how feeble or false, for getting truth out there.

      Sorry for long post. Just seems relevant.

    2. Millions of dollars were donated to God knows who in over 80 organizations.

      Mark, don’t you mean People Power knows who?

  31. I read these comments in gmail and for the first time I got this notice

    “Be careful with this message. It contains content that’s typically used to steal personal information. Learn more
    Report this suspicious message Ignore, I trust this message”

    anyone else experience this?

    1. Fish, are you referring to the “notification” feature at “WordPress”? i don’t use it so I can’t provide input.

    2. Fish – there is definitely something weird that this comment section causes my computer to go offline, will be surprised if I am able to post this message. Do not receive notifications in my email account.

      First reported to Dr. Tracy that the non-functioning Dr Oz – SH video might be causing it, but today just going back to the older comments and got wacked again. Strange none of the usual warnings appear but these virus spreaders just get more evil everyday.

      1. I watched the movie “9/11 in the Academic Community” last night, and was prompted to upgrade my Flash Player actually AFTER it started. When I clicked on it, my anti-virus program reared up and smote it. It was a Trojan Horse.

  32. Here’s a great infographic I just made to quickly and easily share with people regarding these St. Rose of Lima busted actors:

    Dawn Hochsprung being Mary Maloney and Annie Haddad being Nancy Lanza:

    Now, if we could just get the rest of the Sandy Hook “research community” to expose this, we would be getting somewhere.. until then.. it’s more Wolfgang Halbig acting like a pro wrestler.

  33. dachielady, I’m not a lawyer myself and my wife is a supervising appellate attorney, a specialty irrelevant to the present case. But this kind of case is what the law does best, always understanding that it is extremely irrational, incompetent, and unjust. Musings and Dinophile are both lawyers and there are probably others as well that can be interested in the case. The amount of research necessary would ordinarily be prohibitively expensive, but this is precisely the kind done by conspiracy truthers. I don’t think they can stonewall a determined effort for very long. The major initial problem would be organizing a team effort.
    Based on your quote, I got the Quigley book TRAGEDY AND HOPE, but it has a different quote on the front page, and I can’t find it, or yours, in the main narrative. I can see why it was semi-repressed. Qui;gley is a priggish bourgeois with a very original mind and what he says in his thirteen hundred pages is often quite shocking.

    For example, the appeasement of the Nazis by the British premier Chamberlain was not appeasement at all; Quigley argues, and documents, that the Chamberlain faction was building up Hitler to be the hegemon in Europe while Britain ruled the seas. Britain, while Chamberlain was premier, was effectively allying with the Nazis, and deceiving the British people in what he was doing. This subverts the traditional Western history of the time, and no doubt was quite disturbing to Western power during the War on Communism. I thank you for leading me to the book.

  34. MUsings, you offer some interesting observations; some interesting


    Demonstrates how the music and entertainment industries (publishing, movies, et al) are being marshalled to benefit globalist agendas. When people are distracted from reality it is easier to prevent dissent and revolution, thus the term:’bread and circuses.’ (crowd control)

    “The corporate empire is too big and complex for any one person to understand or to respond to it.”

    I can see why creative types such a William Shanley may be experiencing psychic discombobulation and symptoms
    when wondering over into a foreign netherland,jumping the barrier between what is real and what is a mental disconnect.

    I think his suit is a brilliant move; he names names and kicks derriere, puts a face on those faceless cretins who inhale the public airwaves in fits of ownership.

    just saying….

  35. I finally found and listened to the video where everybody was saying William Shanley is a nut case yelling at Dr. Doom, ect.

    I also listened to Dr. Dooms (Dan) conversation with Jim Fetzer after he had argued with Shanley…

    1. Mr. Shanley was pretty T’d off and maybe rightfully so, but he is certainly not crazy. I’m sure he regrets getting so mad and saying some of things he did but all of us have been guilty of the same at one time or another.
    Yea, He’s a little too New Age for my taste but he comes off to me as a very smart man and he describes his lawsuit in great detail.

    2. Jim Fetzer in his conversation with Dr. Doom is very level headed and makes a lot of sense too, as does Halbig.

    I think everyone should kiss and make up. We’re all on the same side.

    As for Shanley’s “I’ve been up 2 days” comment. I’m sure he was speaking figuratively because he was working day and night on a new project as he stated.

    I’m taking no sides but please,”can’t we just all get along”

    1. Good comment. I agree wholeheartedly.

      A lot of people are doing a lot of good things and are speaking truth to power regardless of whether they know it or intend to.

    2. Well of course you are right Ric, here’s a big kiss and hug to all. When we practice the divide and conquer tactics, we are playing into their evil hands.

      To a certain degree, we absolutely need a wired person to go after these frauds, as most of us realize the futility in it. Recall the big to-do when the AP sued to get the hundreds of calls per hour received at the 911 center, that was also nationally recognized for their heroic efforts?

      After much brouhaha and the press conference with stacks of cd’s to be released per the judges order, only a half a dozen of the most unprofessional calls to a 911 center ever, was released.

      Am not a lawyer, but think this real reporter suing the government has good standing. God speed Sharyl Atkisson!

      Can only imagine the conversation our gracious host and her could have, would definitely buy her book if that happened!


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