Zuberi1“When it comes to academia, what does it mean to base an entire account on tortured testimony?”-Adnan Zuberi

Canadian filmmaker Adnan Zuberi is this week’s guest on Real Politik, where he discusses his award-winning 2013 documentary, 9/11 in the Academic Community: Academia’s Treatment of Critical Perspectives on 9/11. Zuberi also discuss his own experiences and interactions as a university student that contributed to his creation of the film, as well as more recent projects addressing geopolitics and the “war on terror.”

9/11 in the Academic Community features interviews with several notable academics, including John McMurtry, Graeme MacQueen, Lynn Margulis, and Walter G. Pitman, to examine scholars’ critical perspectives on the events of September 11, 2001 and how these have been received in their respective academic fields.

Contrary to the widely-held notion that academe is a bastion of free thought and inquiry, university faculty and administrators are often indifferent, if not hostile toward, colleagues that study or take public stances on controversial topics.

Using this context, the film also addresses dilemmas within university settings, including the commonplace use of terms that act as “thought-stoppers” in academic discourse, and the profound implications of the fact that the official 9/11 narrative is based on the testimony of tortured prisoners.

9/11 in the Academic Community was awarded for “Documentary Achievement” at the University of Toronto Film Festival. Since its release, has also received the praise of prominent professors and university administrators alike.



Interview Highlights

Among Zuberi’s foremost concerns is developing strategies for appealing to academics that stand apart from standard appeals to facts and reason that still characterize the truth community. “When it comes to discussing” controversial issues such as 9/11 “with academia I believe we have to leg go of that old approach–hard evidence,” Zuberi argues.

I came to understand that the more hard evidence you discuss–and I had direct experiences of this–it doesn’t work. Academia [involves] a very specific subculture that the activist community does not understand. They speak in different ways. Whereas we look at a very flashy book cover. They tend towards a boring looking book cover. There’s a different style of things. When I understood that I basically rewrote the entire documentary. I had to look at different certain case studies as to how academia has treated critical perspectives on 9/11.

Zuberi has caused a significant segment of scholars to take notice of his work by pointing to clear contradictions in the unusual approach and methods of 9/11’s official narrative. “When you look at tortured testimony. The crux of the 9/11 Commission Report–Chapters Five and Seven, which deal with the alleged actual Al Qaeda plot–relies on tortured testimony. It’s amazing how much they rely on it, and the person they tortured retracts his testimony! I basically tried to reframe that by suggesting that, when it comes to academia what does it mean to base an entire story on a testimony that is retracted later on, after the person has been brutally tortured. Is that scholarship? If it is we have major implications for what will constitute scholarship.

Can you imagine doing a PhD defense, and in the middle the referees ask, “So where did you get this fabulous information?” And you respond, “Well, I got it from tortured testimony. The person kind of retracted it later on, and we’ve waterboarded him 183 times in one month. What would probably happen is that the referees would likely call some type of ethics committee and the police on you, if that was the case.

Using such appeals, the filmmaker has been able to cultivate the interest of academics. “I wanted to communicate things at that epistemological level in the right tone, and I wanted to gradually develop the story.” Thus Zuberi abandoned conventional techniques of documentary production, which recommend asking interviewees the major questions up front. “This is a taboo subject, and it needs to be communicated far more carefully. This is not a film to be watched publicly. It’s a film to be watched privately, in the comfort of an academic’s own living room.”

“Over the last two years since the documentary[‘s release],” he continues, “I have not had a single debate with anyone. I’ve just had 60-to-70 academics emailing me with full support and wanting to work together … I hope the activist community can learn from this new style of communication.”

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  1. This is some very significant work, the utter worthlessness of the source of testimony about 9/11. Of course this is not a surprise to those who saw through the event for other reasons. But it rejects the authoritarian conclusions of our government, and shows how so many of the reference points from which people string their arguments about terrorism are false.

    What’s the Roman expression – “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.” But the falsehoods we have gotten aren’t “uno” but multiplex.

  2. The basic historical problem is that Academic Freedom, like Free Speech and Freedom of Expression, is, in the USA, largely an ideological fraud. It exists only for power and formulated from the perspective of power, not from the perspective of the people. A recent court upheld the firing of a teacher for showing her students ‘controversial’ opinions, on the grounds that that Freedom of Expression is only for the Educational institution, not the employees of it.
    The legal opinion is widely held unconsciously among the academic community, who enjoy wider limits, but who also are restricted by Red Lines that they dare not cross.

    But this is the usual case historically. The learned truth, scholarship, science, and higher journalism, possess two functions; an unacknowledged function as well as the function to reveal the truth. The unacknowledged function is to turn the truthee into a Good Citizen, or at least not subvert authorized power in telling the narrative, and destroy the truthee’s trust in authority.

    It is this second covert function of the authorized truth that allowed academia, law, and the churches to continue largely as they had been when Germany underwent a political revolution with the advent of the Nazis. The truth restrictions were now greater, but not different in kind, from what previously existed.

    The problem with the 9/11-anthrax homicides is that they subvert the American state power system. It is not possible to reveal that American power deliberated killed about 3000 American people without completely destroying the trust of the people in American power. It is not only the Repubs that are guilty of the operation and the truth coverup, but the Dems as well, who now advocate ‘looking forward not backward.’ Leaving the delusive historical narrative in place. ‘Who controls the present controls the past….’ And the future.

    So 9/11-anthrax will never be revealed without a revolution in our political culture, and this cannot be achieved without institutional change. Most academics, to the extent they think about it, know this, so why should they individually stick their necks out for no reason. Except for those who for some reason have to, and cannot bear being part of the authorized mendacity that covers American truth institutions like an historical slime.

    1. I appreciate the fact that you deliberately link 9/11 to the anthrax attacks, which is how it should be. When you consider the many ways in which this attack was retrospectively tied to the alleged hijackers, in great detail (crop-duster story, doctor treating one of them for cutaneous anthrax, the first victim living in Florida) and when Colin Powell later employed a vial of white powder which he shook at the UN to get a resolution against Iraq – as well as the effect on those voting for the USA Patriot Act – clearly the two were closely envisioned by the planners as effects to work in tandem. The falling buildings and crashing airplanes, then your very mail delivered to your door being thought of as possibly contaminated (where one old lady in Connecticut supposedly dies from one spore). I have a pretty good memory for this. You almost need to be a sort of bard or griot to keep it all straight — Let us hope that Tim Finnegan finally wakes.

  3. Thanks so much for the Memory Hole.

    And thanks for this. The Academic community has much to be ashamed of in their deafening silence since 9/11. You can enter the universe of 9/11 at any point as an academic, and the official story immediately begins to break down. Most of all, it is their combined silence on Institutionalized American Torture that should really haunt them to their core.

    Psychologists/APA are finally getting implicated in torture. A few years ago, the book, Weaponizing Anthropology (Price). The betrayal of the social sciences is deep. Got my first Anthro degree back in the 70s, my next in the 80s. So why am I just learning about folks like Bernays and Wundt just in the last couple years? These two men left as much a mark on 20th century perceptions as Darwin and Freud. They were never even brought up in grad school.

    And Thanks very much for bringing up Wundt in your Smallstorm interview; he single-handedly seems to have convinced Everybody Who Mattered to dispense with the concept of the “soul” in the social sciences and the sciences; Just because we could not touch it, feel it, measure it; or better said, had not yet invented the tech or the knowledge about consciousness to do that. Adopting Freud’s materialist view of humans (at their centers a seething caldron of chaos and animalistic lusts, hence something to be controlled), led to the horrors of scientific eugenics experiments, and also scientific tortures like electro-shock that shock the foundations of the individual into adapting “normal” behaviors — psychological extortion through torture? “Straighten up or we are going the shock the shit out of you again!”
    And they do all this with abandon, and in complete ignorance of any notion whatsoever about what “consciousness” is — which to them is a fluke, like intelligence. The materialist view allows for no intelligence and no consciousness outside the individual brains of our species. Nowhere else. You’re a kook if you believe anything else.

  4. more GREAT STUFF , SHARING EVERYWHERE in hopes to wake more people up – PLEASE everyone share like crazy , hit the share button , we have to keep chipping at the population to open their eyes and mind to what is going on in this country.

  5. Congratulations Adnan Zuberi as you have apparently learned the art of speaking in a language that your target audience will understand.

    Or perhaps, more importantly you identified your target audience and spoke to them.

    When we consider that the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon Hoaxes were in fact frauds, can you possibly broaden your eloquent speech to the public at large?

    Fear I know the answer already, there is no public funding, therefore it will never happen.

  6. Musings, I saw a report based on a survey poll once. It indicated that it although it was the destruction of the Trade Center buildings that got people’s attention, it was the anthrax that really scared people. After all, it was unlikely someone would blow up their homes or workplaces, but anyone could send poison through the mail. It’s more personal.

  7. As always, Kudos to James Tracy for shining one of the brightest lights on the planet; along with the likes of Corbett and Rappoport, Tracy is in very good company. It’s gratifying to discover Adnan Zuberi is a much younger and more passionate filmmaker than I might have imagined, a great example of what the sparks of years of tireless efforts by countless truthers can produce when they encounter curious and open minds.

    Regarding Peter Dale Scott’s perspective of the TPTB overseeing the functioning of the US government as operating in an irrational manner and consisting of warring factions, I must say this view in itself is an [inadvertent] limited hangout of sorts. When we understand the endgame and the modus operandi of an incremental progression towards a highly centralized technofeudal surveillance technocracy, then the various levels of n-dimensional chess in play appear highly rational. This is not to discount the importance of Scott’s work, or even Chomsky’s manufactured consent paradigm, as incomplete as the work of such scholars tend to be. These concepts and frames can be used as building blocks in the rapidly flowing construction of more accurate models – a dynamic annealing of unfettered knowledge.

    Clearly, we should not allow our activism and education efforts to get mired in heavy language or a preoccupation with overwhelming minutiae stemming from debate and analysis, which, for instance, has positioned elements of the 9/11 truth community into wasting precious energy on infighting over explosives used to take down the trade towers, the specifics of which we can only speculate on. We should never lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s been 50 years since the CIA assassinated JFK, yet the heroic efforts of many of the greatest minds exposing the details in numerous books have been unable to create the necessary public consciousness shift as to the long term objectives of the men behind the curtain. A highly intelligent elderly friend of mine, who fully awakened 40 years ago and thereafter worked tirelessly to thwart and expose TPTB, once told me “There is never enough evidence for those who are afraid to believe.” We need as many people as possible from all walks of life to have the raw courage to internalize the truth and lead by example, and we don’t have the luxury of time to endlessly analyze and debate “judiciously” as we will while the power elite continue to “create new realities” (reference to a Karl Rove quote from a NY Times magazine article).

  8. My initial take away is that this represents the fringes of an underground academia truth movement. The question is what will become of it. Will it fade into obscurity just as justice for MLK, JFK, and RFK has?

  9. There is another defect of academic truth which has nothing to do with intellectual cowardliness or ideologically repression. Academic truth inevitably lags behind historical reality. This for the obvious reason that reality must occur before one can tell the truth about it, and telling the learned truth takes time, money, and energy before it is available.

    This occurs to me because I am working through Carroll Quigley’s TRAGEDY AND HOPE, 1300 pages of Western ‘contemporary’ history.
    Quigley was an establishment figure who liked to think about things in a general way, revealing historical tendencies and patterns; a very distinguished mind. This got him in trouble as it does in every power system, truth being an irritant to power. His remarkable book, and perhaps others, was consequently semi-repressed.

    The history goes only to 1962-4, and is very revealing about the class conspiracies that occurred among the oligarchs, even when it is wrong. What is astonishing about it to the modern eye is that it is so White, Black and other non-White peoples are not even mentioned. There is no notation of ‘race’ in the index. And this at a time when the civil rights movement was getting underway.

    The book has the ideological sensibility of the 1950’s when it was largely written, which, after all, is pretty much inevitable, Quigley being an historian not a prophet. James Loewin in LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME says there was only one black historian in White universities in 1945.
    So Quigley’s colleagues in Elite universities were all White, and what occurred in the past was projected in the future.

    I don’t see how anything much can be done about this ‘learned lag.’ And in times of reaction, the time of Fox news and Russ Limburger, it is exaggerated. So the academic silence on 9/11-anthrax is partially explained by this learned lag, although most of it of course is academicl cowardliness. Consequently we are unaware of the ideological revolution that is occurring in the 21st century.

  10. The separation of the anthrax homicides from 9/11 in the media is an example of ‘truth segregation,’ a basic strategy of Western untruth. Just as American power racial segregates the American population to Divide and Rule, it segregates the truth about people relations in the same way to prevent the population from connecting the truths. Especially those truths that subverts the media narrative selectively directed from Washington. Truth segregation is a form of damage control.

    A professional truther embedded in the media, universities, law, churches, Entertainment venues, political or social science, or other truth institution, is a specialist, telling the specialist truth about matters within his discipline or domain of inquiry. But these specialties are kept distinct from one another to prevent the population from gaining an overall Big Picture of historical power relations and their effect on people. By isolating the truths from each other, the media can dump a load of trivia and junk truths on us while averting their eyes from the holistic but subversive truths that damage the legitimacy of power.

    We are consequently deluded primarily by what the truth organs do not say, and can’t say without subverting the power system that finances them. Truth segregation is the Western answer to holistic truth. Previously, historically, earthpeople were primarily deluded by the priests of religion. However we have evolved to the point historically to develop a Civilization where we now can be systematically deluded by trained professionals.

  11. Truth segregation chops up historical events into separate isolated entities, preventing us from perceiving a holistic historical pattern, as deHaven-Smith argued in his book on conspiracies. As a Simple historical example, consider the sequence of the first Trade Center bombing in 1993, the Oklahoma city bombing, and the 9/11 bombing.

    According to the undercover agent, (Salem if I remember rightly) in the 1993 Trade Center bombing, which occurred as the Clinton administration began, the FBI provided the explosives for the bombing. They were originally supposed to provide fake explosive, but instead they provided real explosive. Salem, previously an Egyptian officer, was afraid he was being setup, so recorded the conversations with his FBI superiors, evidencing the provision of real explosive.

    However the vehicle that was intended to knock down the main support of the Trade Center building, killing thousands of people, was incorrectly parked, and so only killed six with many being injured. The explosive was given to the terrorist group while Cheney was Secretary of Defense under Bush sr. A number of FBI agents complained publically that they were prevented from stopping terrorist acts and terrorism. But the first Trade Center bombing was not very dramatic, and did not arouse the fear of the second one.

    The next major bombing of buildings was the Oklahoma City bombing, a few years later, ostensibly by a truck of explosives parked outside the building. The head of the agency investigating explosions, an airforce general as I recall, testified to Congress that a parked truck could not possibly have caused all the damage. The local tv stations initially reported explosions within the building, but this was later tossed down the memory hole. The Oklahoma bombing resulted in the first Terrorist legislation passed by the Clinton administration.

    If we could see these individual events as part of a historical pattern, which it may or may not be, not yet having sufficient evidence, it would change the ideological conception of the American people. So American power has an interest in preventing us from perceiving reality in a holistic historical way, because it may subvert the trust in the American power system. This is why truth segregation is so prevalent in the Western capitalist truth tradition, and in the conceptual language as well. The simple holistic truth subverts the ideological world-view that legitimates power in the consciousness of the American and Western people.

  12. There is a new book out on the anthrax conspiracy that has gotten highly favorable reviews, including one by Peter Dale Scott. It argues in detail what memory hole commenters have already stated, that it was part of the 9/11 terrorizing device to frighten the people into accepting government war policies Defending them. It argues frankly that there was a domestic conspiracy of highly placed figures in the military-intelligence complex who were connected to the 9/11 conspiracy.

    The book is by an academic Graeme MacQueen, a longtime 9/11 truther. It is interesting that he was a professor of Buddhist studies, many of the key conspiracy truthers being religious. Griffin, for example, was a theologian, stating publically, ” if 9/11 isn’t a religious issue, I don’t know what is.” One of the best books on the president Kennedy murder was by Douglass, a Catholic peace activist.

    According to Eric Walberg, an anti-imperialist journalist and scholar, and Muslim convert, we are living in a post-secular age. The truth segregation of the secular truth consensus is being integrated by an evolving spiritual consensus derived from the traditional religions.

    Although a defense of traditional religion like Patrick’s is vulgar, cynical, racist, and defends violence and oppression, there is also an attempt to apply the Proclaimed truths of religion to the operative reality by sincere religious truthers. They might even include Hedges, although he is afraid to discuss conspiracies. Peter Dale Scott is a poet, and the esthetic is a power strand of the spiritual.

    I think this spiritual emphasis is an important trend and will eventually affect the secular corporate media which is currently so corrupt. Although the mainstream of religious ideology is delusive and oppressive, a minority has always rebelled against it, such as, notably, the abolitionists against slavery.

    In the 21st century, the truth segregation will be integrated by scientific conceptual structures, but they will be placed in a spiritual, not a material, ideological setting. This truth integration, subverting the power delusions and ideological repression of the media, is a growing, if unacknowledged, tendency among the best dissident truthers.

    1. ALL of the top military brass are members of the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) & this year alone obama fired all the rest that wont comply , so now the entire military is totally corrupt, they ARE THE ENEMY of the United states ( The Enemy Is Within ). they are oath breaking traitors & are all part of the united nations & CFR New World Order, i do not think there is anyway to stop them, they are poisoning us DAILY now with highly toxic chemicals from their military jets, the military holds most of the climate engineering patents . click on each patent to see who owns them http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/an-extensive-list-of-patents/ & check out the list of miltary brass who are CFR / NWO PUPPETS , we are pretty much doomed , specially if we have an uprising as we have an entire military troops of oath breaking trained monkeys who do what ever they are told to do for some extra bananas like poison your friends & families http://www.apfn.org/apfn/cfr-members.htm – Documents Show Navy’s Electromagnetic Warfare Training Would Harm Humans & Wildlife http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents-show-navys-electromagnetic-warfare-training-would-harm-humans-and-wildlife/

    2. There was another string of atrocities that came sort of on the heels of 911 and the anthrax letters that I have always felt were just another leg of this monster that had been created. The DC snipers left that area of the country terrified ~ terrified to even stop and put gas in their cars or go to Home Depot. Before the killers were caught, Police Chief Charles Moose announced to the snipers, “We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose. We understand that hearing us say this is important to you”. I have no doubt this was a coded message to the snipers that their mission was over, and they were found shortly after, asleep in their car that was purchased from Sure Shot Motors. There were 13 victims and the tarot card of “death”, which is card #13, were found at the scene of one of the murders. Also, I believe the term “sleepers sleeping” is used in the context of, “hey, we hoodwinked ’em again!). You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!

      I also, as a native Texan, want to add the Waco siege to the list. Remember, it occurred on the same weekend as the 1993 WTC bombing. Before it ended on April 19th, the BATF and other cold-blooded alphabet agencies of their ilk had burned to death almost 90 people, many of whom were small children. Further, we are supposed to believe that the OKC bombing was a revenge attack by Mr. McVeigh, for the Waco incident.

      1. Maryaha – April really is the cruelest month. To the 1993 WTC bombing, the Waco Siege, and the OKC bombing all around the date when the first shots were fired at Lexington, one can add the six town lockdown in the Boston metropolitan area, when the so-called bombers of the Marathon from the week before were put down/apprehended, with the “patriots” kept in their homes on the very holiday of their freedom. It’s too coincidental for accident.

        1. Thanks for the link, Anne. Boy, are the Boston Globe reporters a bunch of shills. I’d call them “Slinking hyenas,” except I don’t want to insult hyenas.

          When they say, “Let’s write a last chapter that guarantees just punishment for Tsarnaev while putting the victims and the community at the center of the legal system’s concerns,” what they’re tacitly telling us is that there are so many holes in the government’s case it’s going to be a huge embarrassment if they have to actually put it on. So let’s skip over that part, shall we?

        2. Correction: as you noted, it was an opinion piece, so not by reporters, but presumably editors. The ones who control what appears in print.

        3. dinophile – below are the names behind the opinion piece in Boston Globe. It passed editorial censorship or perhaps even suggested by editors.

          Nancy Gertner is a retired federal judge who teaches at Harvard Law School. Michael B. Keating is a partner at Foley Hoag. Martin F. Murphy, also a partner at Foley Hoag, is former first assistant at the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.

        4. Good work, Anne. Based on that information alone we know the sympathies and relationship networks of two of the three, as former government employees.

          The Boston Globe is still implicated, as very likely having solicited this piece from “outsiders,” to make it look like an objective viewpoint being advanced. Even if it did not solicit it, it is apparent, at least to me, that the government is able to use this newspaper as its mouthpiece. Advice to “forgo the trial, since it will only hurt the community”–coming from three of the very types of people most invested in the judicial system, purporting to be disinterested–would have influence on the public.

          We have seen that the Globe is a propaganda organ of the first class, with its fake news about the Boston Marathon incident (capsulized best in Betsy McGee’s Steve Silva video, in my view), as well as the fact it was owned by the New York Times during that period.

          Thinking back on the Whitey Bulger trial, by the way, where the judge would not let Bulger put on evidence supporting his theory that the FBI agent was basically working for HIM, also gives us insight into the Boston-area courts.

        5. Yes, it seems to be. Columbine also occurred in April. What really nauseated me about the Boston firecracker event and the ensuing mayhem, was watching Bostonians being stripped of their fourth amendment rights and then cheering on the very same skunks that had stripped them later in the day. They were saying garbage like “Boston Proud” and “Boston Strong” because the authorities were able to capture a skinny teenager that had allegedly terrorized the entire town. At least that is the story we were told, but I don’t believe a word the news media says.

          What I would like to have answered is whether there is really a trial in the works or not. I know the entire event was FAKE, and I hope that people living there are smart enough to see it too…although I am not holding my breath on that one. So are we just being told there is a trial coming and they will go through the motions, or is there a pretend trial for a pretend bomber?

        6. I recently listened to a lecture about pagan ritualism and it said that the spring time (April 19 and May 1, specifically) is the prime ritual blood sacrifice time. However, I couldn’t find much solid evidence to support this claim. However, spring and summer of 2014 was an especially busy time for highly publicized “mass” events: Franklin High School stabbing (4/9); Elliot Rodgers murders (5/24); Slender Man Stabbing (5/31); Moncton slaying (6/4); SPU shooter (6/5); Las Vegas/Walmart shooting (6/8); Troutdale, OR high school (6/10); “Stay Strong” shooting (7/9). The year was closed out by the Canadian Parliament shooting (10/22); the Marysville, WA shooting (10/24); and the FSU Library shooting (11/20).

          Multiplex, indeed.

        7. We have already been told by people who claim to know the old Tsarnaev that the one on display is not the one they knew. Another crisis actor, this one with an accent the original one did not have. However, Tsarnaev hiding in the boat while writing his life story and taking bullets was shot in the throat. It may explain the accent .

        8. Recynd77, they have so much on their agenda that the time frame April to May 1st is no longer sufficient. The events are yearlong now. No doubt the real bad stuff takes place in April such as royal weddings and births.

  13. Thanks for sharing this interview Dr. Tracy, I suspect it would have generated more discussion if these days after you posted the interview had not been so incredibly strange with Sandy Hook related news.

    Typically I deal in topics where there is no hard evidence, so when I became a “conspiracy theorist” over the last 3 or so years I thought “this will be a cakewalk to communicate- with buildings turning themselves inside-out and other obvious miracles.” Turned out I had no idea!

    But even if I had started to see this myself, the interview gave me more clarity.

    1. Glad you found it informative. Comments on all posts are opened for ninety days, so hopefully if something goes up in a flurry of discussion elsewhere on the blog readers will eventually see fit to contribute to articles that may have been overlooked upon their debut.

  14. I also want to say thank you to Prof. Tracy for the “Christmas Truce” video about what happened on Christmas of 1914 during WWI. I’ve heard this amazing account before, but for some reason, it really came home to me this Christmas. It’s been 100 years since this happened, and I finally fully realized that people don’t want war, governments do. People don’t hate each other because they are of different races or different countries. Otherwise, how were these men able to lay down their guns and be at peace with their enemies, even for a short time, and then pick up their guns and resume the war? No, I believe those men would have been happy to lay their guns down for a long time, but they knew their governments wouldn’t allow it. Every war since then and probably most before then, were foisted upon us by false flags, hoaxes, and lies perpetrated by governments. It’s going on right now.

    1. It is more problematic than that, Mary. In England, men of military age who were not in the trenches were shamed in what would seem to us a very odd way, today–but it was very effective: women would walk about the streets awarding white feathers to men who were not participating in that insane and unnecessary war.

      If you have not become addicted to Downton Abbey, as most everyone has done, you won’t understand what I’m about to say. One of the characters, a servant at the great house, is DEEPLY ashamed that her nephew was a deserter (as I recall). He was shot for cowardice, and she must endure shame we in our time can’t imagine. The whole family would be tainted forever.

      As with the fake events we examine here at MHB, the truth is not the point. Logic would dictate that all those soldiers sharing Christmas together simply walk away from the trenches after that experience. but logic had nothing to do with it.

      1. HI Patrick, I think these white feather girls are still around, but now they pick on men who are not participating in that insane and unnecessary education system. No offense Dr. Tracey, I speak mostly of K-12 education here.

        1. I think James and his family are homeschoolers, as is my family (my husband is a tenured professor as well); I don’t know how the Tracy family does it, but my family has settled into radical unschooling and it suited is very well.

        2. i home schooled my child 20 years ago , there was no way i was sending him to a brain washing governmental institution, once the human creature is brain washed there is almost NO “RE’programming’ them, animals CAN be reprogrammed, humans NOT so much. home school the children people, any way you can .

        3. I don’t know about that, Truthchase; I was pretty brainwashed, but I’ve managed to overcome a great deal of it. For being as pessimistic and as cynical as I am, I actually have a great deal of faith in the potential rehabilitation of mankind…but one must want it and be willing to make an effort to change. Only then can the miracle happen. After all, isn’t that what repentance and rebirth in Christ is?

          I do not in any way think it wise to throw our children to the wolves…and that is exactly how I see public (or any, anymore) schooling.

        4. I agree with Recynd. I’ve long said that the hardest thing to change is a human mind. But God can break through even the most hardened among us. Paul, for example. The best example.

          It is perhaps, in my experience, a benefit to have early lives that are difficult, as apposed to those who had all their ducks in a row from the start. It causes us to be likely to question. Discomfort is a bee in the bonnet, waking us up from comfortable slumber.

          Home schooled children are the least likely to need to be blasted out of a cocoon the Matrix spins around them. They are the people who will not need to be temporarily blinded in order to be shown how blind they have been up to that moment.

  15. Anne B’s link to the Boston Globe article appears to indicate that they are putting pressure on the defense to dumptruck Tsarnaev. This occurred in the Ruby and Oswald defense’s. The trial is very dangerous for American power because the chief witness against Tsarnaev appears to be an amputee who was a crisis actor. Also Cheznia is involved somehow, and the FBI already murdered a friend of the older brother presumably because if its association.

    I don’t see how they can allow a public trial, which has already been delayed significantly. This kid probably had as much to do with the Marathon bombing as I did, but his fate does not look good. They can’t allow him to talk, especially publically.

  16. Common Dreams has reprinted an article from truthdig which states that the trial of Dzhokhar is not about his guilt or innocence–we all know he is guilty–but about our humanity. This outrageous position is common in condemning the patsies that the American power system sets up to take the fall for its homicidal conspiracies. Oswald, Sirhan, the small time criminal set up for killing Martin Luther King, etc have all been condemned in the media before going to trial.

    The most effective condemnation comes from the Progressive media, since no one expects Fox News or the Republican media to care anything about the truth. The Progressive media leads the more people-oriented population to identify with the fraudulent legal system, and to agree that the patsy is guilty. With only a vague look at the media assertions about such evidence as presented, and without a defense of the patsy being seen.

    It is the Progressive untruth that it is most important to reveal and rebut, especially at a time of increasing reaction and intellectual corruption of the media. For effective rebellion for the people against anti-people power comes first from the left.

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