SH_Check-InLawsuit Seeks $1 Trillion For Fraud and Terrorism in Sensationalized Coverage of “Staged FEMA Exercise”

Press Release
For Immediate Release
December 25, 2014

Contact: William Brandon Shanley
[Image Credit: CNN /]

Great News! No Children Died at Sandy Hook!

Filmmaker and Author William Brandon Shanley Launches Wave of Lawsuits for more than $1 Trillion Against Big Media Over Sandy Hook Massacre Coverage

Here is Mr. Shanley’s Statement:

“After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago. For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism. Here is an example of our abundant evidence, Exhibit D: The Connecticut State Police dash cams record no evacuation of children from school at critical moments: — Smoking Gun evidence no children died at Sandy Hook.”

Attached is a photo staged by the Newtown Bee, a wider view of that action being staged on a different day that the emergency altogether, and a sampling of front pages that terrorized the world with the fake photo.


Mr. Shanley is the producer of The Made-for-TV Election starring Martin Sheen that analyzed media coverage in the tectonic Carter-Reagan election of 1980. He is also the author of books on quantum physics, including Alice and the Quantum Cat (2011).

Dr. James Fetzer, whose 35 articles on Sandy Hook for Veteran’s Today qualify him for the highest investigative journalism awards, and School Safety Consultant, Wolfgang Halbig, whose investigative expertise as a former Florida State Police officer, and loving attention as a former principal, makes this case’s particulars comprehensible to all, will be called as expert witnesses.

It is their scholarship and bravery that makes these Complaints possible for the shear breadth and scope and detail of evidence they have assembled. Hundreds of independent researchers have also made this day possible, and Mr. Shanley claims they will be tracked down and rewarded heartily for their bravery and mindfulness of America.

Mr. Shanley’s Complaint states, in part:

Defendants entered in a multi-year conspiracy, meeting in groups separately and together, to commit fraud and terrorism, i.e., to brainwash the public into thinking a lone gunman drill known as the “Sandy Hook Massacre” was real, when in fact it was a staged FEMA National Level Exercise Event that redirected government resources to terrorize the public. These crimes were undertaken with the intent of subverting the US Constitution and to affect national, state and local laws.  This fraud involved lying to the public, faking news, publishing one-sided news reports, censoring reality, suppressing facts, and deliberately skewing the news to shift public perceptions.

The true costs of this breach of integrity and trust to society are unfathomable. Instead of fulfilling their Constitutional Role as the People’s Surrogates and being honest brokers of information, the Plaintiff will show how the men and women who dominate the TV news industry in the United States broke laws, besmirched the First Amendment, their Constitutional role as government watchdogs, and forfeited the right to report the news, and thereby profit from news production and distribution. The sine qua non of journalism is the search for truth. Our Fourth Estate chose a different path. Punitive damages of one year’s annual revenue from each Defendant are being sought to establish a News Trust, that will free journalism and restore trust and integrity to our communications sources. A democracy cannot survive this tyranny over human consciousness.

The New York Times, the Associated Press, the Hartford Courant, and the Newtown Bee are being sued for 10 billion usd, punitive damages, in a separate Complaint.

Case Name: Shanley v. Smith et al
Case Number: 3:14-cv-01881-JAM
Filer: William Brandon Shanley

Mass TV and wire service news media are being sued for 1 trillion usd, punitive damages.

Shanley v. O’Prey et al
Case Number: 3:14-cv-01929-JAM
Filer: William Brandon Shanley

A third lawsuit will be filed against Connecticut-based TV and print media soon.

A complete list of Defendants in this suit can be found below.

As Mr. Shanley is proceeding on a pro se en paupers basis, public support is welcome via PayPal to

[The press release proceeds to name three dozen defendants, including the Chairman and President of Obsidian Analysis, John Miller, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism for the NYPD and CBS News Consultant, the presidents, CEOs and News Directors of America’s major broadcast and cable news outlets, including NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, PBS, and Fox, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, producers of PBS’s Frontline, WGBH, the producers at Left / Right Docs, and the publisher and editor of the Hartford Courant.-JFT]


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177 thought on “Filmmaker, Author Sues Big Media Over Sandy Hook”
  1. Thank you! Doesn’t the complaint have to name an actual government entity and then name all these news fools as state actors? Here are some additional Defendants you could name.

    Meet Adam Lanza

    The totality speaks. The faces of these It Works people are found in all recent fabricated events by world governments including the beheadings.

    1. You can not sue them under their “agent” namesake, or as a corporate entity, you have to sue them as human beings and not legal fictions as there are no consequences for legal fictions. The legal system was corrupted in 1911 and is not what most people think, it is a false court system of administrative corporate law. He is doing it right i think having read the complaint, you name them as human beings “acting” as government entities but in a fraudulent and corrupt manner.

    1. That is always a problem isn’t it? No matter what happens, we can’t be sure if a positive result is meant to steer our reality in a specific direction. I wish them all the best.

  2. A trillion dollar lawsuit? Is this a stunt that will bring mockery to the Sandy Hoax movement?

    Speaking of stunts, came across this website dedicated to Noah Pozner –

    “Noah Pozner wanted to work at a taco factory when he grew up. Tacos were his favorite food, and no doubt he wanted to ensure that the world kept producing tacos. Help us create a virtual taco in his memory. Add your special ingredient below and tweet it. Voila! Tacos for Noah, all in memory of this very special Little Man! ”

    Wonder how many people see the satire and mockery of the Tacos for Noah site?

    1. I asked for a taco with truth in it. LOL

      Actually considering the federal money and appropriations approved on this event and all fabricated events it actually falls short. The US Congress – House and Senate should be named. They are in on it and all these Sandy Hook people including the fringe have fictitious names, histories and credentials; some testified before committees where the Representatives, if they have any brain cells, are more than aware this is a massive fraud. The least alleged crime they have committed is complicit silence that aided and abetted the defrauding of the American people.

      IMO ALL Congress members should all be sued in their individual capacity as should Holder and ANY head of any government agency, state and federal, that participated. They pulled the same false witness/credential crap with bola. This is straight up racketeering IMO. The award could pay back the money they have robbed from the Americn people and hopeefully at some point indictments will follow.

      1. If the people were to push for the reinstatement of the Original 13th amendment, Washington D.C. would cease to be, Philadelphia is the capital anyway, it is ALL a fraud. Government is a corporation and a fraud, see U.S. v. U.S.A. on google.

  3. The glaring connection between these two shootings (Sandy Hook and Aurora theater shooting), the Sikh Temple shooting and the Fort Hood shooting is that multiple gunmen were reported at the time by eyewitnesses, but they are now all officially claimed to have been carried out by ‘lone gunmen’.

    This logically tells us that the real perpetrators are being protected with cover stories of what really happened because if the truth were known, some section of the U.S. government would be implicated.


  4. Adam Lanza, with zero history of violence put on a mask and very efficiently killed 27 people in Sandy Hook? and then himself? but couldn’t handle getting his hair cut? Yeah sure.

    Also, this –> Just 3 days before tragic massacre of 27 people in Newtown, Connecticut, Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) proudly announced the opening of its U.S. subsidiary in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

    IWI will now further saturate the market for guns in the United States by offering U.S. “shooting enthusiasts” several varieties of the TAVOR semi-automatic rifle and the UZI sub-machine gun, according to its CEO Uri Amit.

    Speaking at a vigil in Newtown on Sunday, President Obama said: “We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change…Surely, we can do better than this.” (SO TAKE THAT BIBI),_IWI_US.htm

    I’m thinking Israel set up the shootings to help promote their new US gun business AND get back at Obama for not supporting Bibi’s war of terror on Palestine. Israel has a long history of killing Gaza children with no compassion whatsoever.

    Just 3 days before Sandy Hook, Israel Weapons Industries opened its US subsidiary in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,_IWI_US.htm #uspoli

    Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook
    1:30 hour long

    From Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, you can drive a narrow, two-lane road to Washington Avenue, cross the highway, and arrive about five minutes later at the headquarters of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the nation’s “other” gun lobby.

    You’ve likely never heard of the NSSF—they’ve kept a lower public profile than the National Rifle Association, but they’ve been quietly shaping American gun culture for more than half a century.

    The NSSF’s 8000 members are gun and ammunition manufacturers and dealers.

    And since the December 2012 massacre of 20 children and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn.,

    —> 12 states have passed laws allowing guns to be carried in schools, and 20 more are considering such measures.

    (Yeah, that’s what the gun manufacturers wanted, guns in school so as to expand their marketshare. Sandy Hook worked just as they wanted).

    1. No, it’s even worse than that. “Adam Lanza (*Ryan) allegedly refused touch metal objects, such as doorknobs”:

      Guess guns are a different kind of metal that he’s not afraid of, and going around the school involved touching no doorknobs?

      Oh, and here’s another good one: “…Lanza was so isolated he rarely spoke to anyone and communicated with his mother Nancy Lanza only via email:

      Yet, somehow “there’s no record of him online for the 3 years preceding.”.. What about all the e-mails he was sending his mom which was the “only way” he communicated with her?

  5. what about adding half the town and the honr network and that dirt bag Poznor for all the millions money they fooled people out of and that pervert Gene.Anyway its a start now lets move on to the rest of the fear mongering lies they pushed on us,the bull of two cops being shot to start.

        1. Listen to Dr. Tracy’s latest radio show with William Shanley and Dr. James Fetzer.

          You will see that Mr. Shanley is a sincere person. He is not about money AT ALL. If by some miracle, his case reaches trial and he receives some semblance of justice and some monetary award as a result of a successful case, I feel certain that he will do the right thing with that monetary award. This man is not out for personal monetary gain. He is out to slap the legal establishment with Sandy Hoax TRUTH.

          Even if his case is quickly dismissed and never reaches trial, Mr. Shanley has taken the courageous initiative to do the imperative needed action of bringing Sandy Hoax Truth in the face of the court and the “legal system” such as it is.

          Mr. Shanley has just suffered the mysterious death of his roommate which may have been meant to be a hit on him for bringing this legal case. Two or three other people have mysteriously died who have been closely connected to the Sandy Hoax. So we should not say “nobody died” connected with Sandy Hoax. It may be certainly true that no little children died and no school teachers or staff died, but it is looking like the cover-up strategies are getting more desperate and more murderous.

          Just as there was a long list of people who met their mysterious deaths after the JFK assassination and after 9-11, the Sandy Hoax Big Lie is getting increasingly vicious in its aftermath cover-up strategies. The entire Connecticut state government and its “elected representatives”, corporate, political, medical, Yale University, psychiatric, and all the “ordinary everyday people of Connecticut” are in the tight grip of fear about the Sandy Hoax Big Lie. Mr. Shanley refers to this weird frightened / frightening atmosphere throughout Connecticut as “the Twilight Zone.” It is as though the entire state of Connecticut and all its people, as incredible as this sounds, are under a terrifying GAG ORDER. The people are rightly very very afraid. They know one slip of the tongue about the Sandy Hoax Truth could cause them to lose their jobs or suffer other reprisals on their personal lives and livelihoods.

          We have to just keep getting the truth out there in any and every way we can. We would be remiss if we did not applaud Mr. Shanley’s personal courageous law suit action. He has done this on his own and though he may quietly ask for small donations, he plans to go forward as best he can on his own. It really is almost irrelevant or superfluous at this point in time to be squabbling over what Mr. Shanley will do with all the “millions of dollars” he is going to receive.

          This legal action may not be the most legally brilliant type of lawsuit but it a law suit of some kind was needed NOW, not later, and whatever is attempted legally, regardless of the case outcome, will accomplish, and really already has accomplished something extremeley important, It has brought our Sandy Hoax TRUTH in the face of the legal establishment and really in the consciousness of all Americans. This attempted confrontation is right and good in every way.

          The more people know the truth about our murderous, terrorist, and corrupt government and establishment entities, the more people will not be mind controlled compliant zombies. With Sandy Hoax Truth, we create a huge DISCONNECT between the people and perpetrators, all of them. That DISCONNECT in the minds of more and more people will make it that much harder for these evildoers to enslave and kill us.

        2. it was a good interview i even trust Tracys judge of character but i was watching a video by professor doom1 on youtube with wolfgang and for some reason wolfgang wants nothing to do with him.I think personally he is shooting to high bro his attempt o pretty much take out the MSM is a mighty battle that i don’t see him doing ,i wish he would but he dont have the the money for that kind of battle.Tracy was saying he could hardly afford the travel cost.
          But thnks for mentioning the interview its nice to talk to someone else that pays attention.

  6. are you kidding me?? wolfgang halbig being called in as a special witness? jim fetzer? you people are FOOLS those individuals are outright FRAUDS. they’ve been pushing disinfo about Sandy Hook this whole time. Fetzer wrote an article for Iran’s PressTV that claims an Israeli Mossad death squad killed all the kids at Sandy Hook. Seriously, how stupid are you all? can’t you see a scam when it’s right in front of your faces???? god damn, cant say I didn’t warn you.

    1. Brendan – We know you have done excellent research, and have added important work to the body of evidence. However, this lawsuit is what we have all been waiting for, and for those of us who witnessed the events of November 22, 1963 unfold on television, we have been waiting our entire lives.

      Your tirades will be used by desperate and powerful people to undermine and confuse the evidence of fraud and those who challenge the perpetrators.

      . People have been terrorized, even to death. I often think of the poor young man suffering from Autism/Asperger’s – who was beaten to death by a couple of meth heads for his medications. His mother said he was doing well – but became hopeless and depressed when he found out he shared the same mental impairment as Adam Lanza – and was an easy target.

      One of the “fathers” in this hoax decided to capitalize on the event by bringing in the Sandy Hook children’s choir to sing back up for his saxophone playing on an album. He reported that the session was difficult because the children were sobbing. This obscenity of a lie has to stop – and this is a unprecedented step forward that I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

      Take a break – and let this go forward without your vitriol.

      1. tyrannynews: What you refer to as “flip-flopping” is viewed by many of us folks on The Memory Hole Blog, as ” correction of error” as new factual evidence becomes available. It is called the “Scientific Method”. Happy New Year.

    2. The December 2012 article written for PressTV alleging possible Mossad involvement was written by Gordon Duff, not Jim Fetzer. As suggested elsewhere in this thread, Duff, Fetzer and others admitted it was speculative, yet especially after the 2008 Mumbai and 2011 Norway attacks, not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

      1. Dang it! I thought my sense of humor directed at Brendan was obvious enough. It was more of an inside joke in the style of an Internet provocateur. I was actually pointing out that, yes Professor Fetzer supported the content of Duff’s article but changed his mind later. I never thought anything of it since I like it when people are willing to change their minds. Big fan of Professor Fetzer and will be a guest on his show in 2015. Great point about the Norway attacks. That’s one I tend to forget.

        1. The Norway shooting did happen, but not as the media reported it. I had family there on the island, a young boy of 17 then.

          What seems to be the most likely scenario is that the ones in on it, the young actors ready for action, were gathered at one location on the small island. All the others were a safe distance away and could only report on the sounds they heard.

          Also interesting is that former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland was on the island, had finished a speech and just left by ferry when the shooting started. This assured that all, or most all, were assembled in one place.

          This former PM is in the highest league with those promoting a new (old) world order, Agenda 21 and the climate hoax. The sitting PM in 2011 was rewarded with heading NATO a couple of months ago.

        2. The new NATO head you mention (Norway’s prime minister at the time of the attack) is Jens Stoltenberg – a long-time Bilderberg member.

        3. JP – Jens Stoltenberg’s father, Thorvald, is a Bilderberger too. So is the current female PM, Erna Solberg, and the Crown Prince as well.

          Keep it in the family:

          ~His father, Thorvald Stoltenberg (born 1931), was a prominent Labour party politician who served as ambassador, as defence minister and as foreign minister. His mother, Karin Stoltenberg (née Heiberg; 1931–2012), was a geneticist who served as state secretary in multiple governments during the 1980s.[8] Marianne Heiberg, married to former Foreign Minister Johan Jørgen Holst, was his maternal aunt.~

          Let’s not forget Jens’ sister Camilla:

          ~Camilla Stoltenberg (born February 5, 1958) is a Norwegian physician and researcher. Since 13 August 2012, she has been Director-General of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The predecessor to today’s institute, Statens institutt for folkehelse (SIFF), was founded in 1929 following a donation of 1 million Norwegian kroner from the Rockefeller Foundation.~

          The Institute of Public Health still receives large sums annually from the Rockefeller Foundation. The Stoltenberg family is in charge of these funds and the budget is kept secret.

          The Stoltenberg family also profits handsomely from its vaccine association with Bill Gates. While Stoltenberg served as PM he gave huge sums of Norwegian taxpayers’ money to Gates and GAVI.

          It’s a small world.

      2. Thanks Mr. Tracy, I believe any case filed, that can go forward and begin the process of disclosure and sworn depositions is key to this getting blown wide open.

    3. Brendan, I saw your video where you claim the dashcam footage from the other copcar disproves the non-evacuation footage from the dashcam in “we need to talk,” but you didn’t include the footage. Is this true? could you post the footage?
      if the timestamps are off and it is as easily provable as you claim then this seems like a big setup to me.

    4. @ Xray, his calling of Wolfgang Halbig is a huge red flag for me. That guy is worse than pro wrestling- Of course, not everybody is a shill if they have a differing viewpoint than your own aka Fetzer- I remember you went on a bizarre tirade against me in one of your videos where you attempted to debunk the Haddad research, it was truely a sad effort, so sad in fact it made me wonder about you as a “researcher” when you didn’t even debunk any of the points I brought up.

      Anyway, agree with the Halbig thing, this lawsuit seems like it could be a “hopeful distraction”- Hoping other people are “taking the reigns and something will be done” and placating the research community.. I hope I’m wrong..

      Oh, and 1 Trillion sounds about right to me.. Maybe should be more.

      Looking forward to my “Cut”.. hahaha.

      I might have to sue the crisis actors individually for permanent psychological damage as well.

    5. People are allowed to be wrong and/or change their minds on occasion. It doesn’t make them frauds. Fetzer and Halbig have been spearheading the fight for the truth.

      1. Actually.. Fetzer has done some good stuff, but Halbig in no way “Spearheaded a fight for truth”.. That is false. He showed up about a year after all the original research had gone down, and started asking for $100,000 – Something Brendan Hunt covered will in a video I shared here a while back.

        Funny thing is- Shortly before asking for $100,000 for lawyers fees or whatever reasoning he was giving that he needed that money in order to somehow solve Sandy Hook.. He was asking for $100,000 to “stop bullying” not that long before..

        He needed $100,000 to help “put an end to bullying”, then Sandy Hook comes around and he needs $100,000 to solve Sandy Hook, or whatever he promised.

        There are two rules to successfully begging for things 1. Give an amount you “need” and 2. Tell people what you need the money for.

        Halbig definitely “Needs” $100,000 what he “needs” it for is another question altogether, and pretty much any cause will do it appears.

        What has Halbig done that is so groundbreaking, might I ask?

        1. Well, he has gone on multiple alternative news shows putting his credibility and career on the line. Not to mention the school board meeting where he and fetzer spoke out, pleading with the board to do the right thing. Yes, I see that as spearheading.

    6. Is anyone expecting Hunt to come back?? How often can Hunt be wrong and just keep ignoring the facts? He has been calling Fetzer a fraud but when someone proves him wrong, he just runs back to his mom’s basement and goes into hiding. Then he comes back with some ridiculous vid saying he’s back and that Youtube has banned him. Come on Hunt. One of these days he’ll stop being such a baby about stuff and be a man.

      The readers at MHB blog seem educated to me. Why don’t you allow people to form their own opinions rather than slinging false accusations that destroy people’s character, and insult the readers of this blog?

      1. Well Mr. Fred, we commenters here on the MHB are well aware of the shrills that appear, often in pairs, or triplets and more to create conversations amongst themselves that wreak of hate and divide.

        To feed into these futile battles, only provides more fuel to their fire, and quite possibly their paycheck! It is more fun to allow them to eat each other up. We always have the option of notifying the administrator of the latest troll, but suspect he is more aware of them than we are.

        While we are very aware of how the government has taken over the media to control our thinking, it is somewhat astounding on how lame they are in commandeering those outlets that actually require some amount of intelligence to be coherent!

    7. Brendan,

      If you think everyone is a fool, then go to work for the “otherside” and help Obama, Holder, Malloy, Vance, Cooper and all the players defend themselves. Say “Hi” to Lenny for us.

      Unbelievable you think you can call anyone a fool…. Bedwetter

      1. “Brandon, your unshakable sanity and persistence is exemplary.”

        I think Brenden, FVpatterson, CW Wade and Mick West should all a have “Boy” pajama party to celebrate their Govt. issued checks.


        We know a hand appointed Federal Judge is going to throw this out claiming he has “No Standing” just like the BC.

        We don’t need your wisdom…Yea, I’m irritated

    8. Brendan, when the hell are you finally going to grow up and learn to work with others in a team effort? You criticize the very people who have labored the hardest, have the sharpest intellects, and have made the biggest breakthroughs in exposing this sham. You even labeled Independent Media Solidarity’s “Let’s Talk About Sandy Hook” as “disinformation,” in spite of the devastating, meticulous research that went into that documentary. Meanwhile, what have you done by comparison? Produce half-hour video “selfies” of your feet crunching in the leaves around a fenced-in Sandy Hook Elementary before it was taken down? Yeah, I’m sure you’re getting all kinds of death threats for such groundbreaking revelations! And why have you frozen Jim Fetzer into a time period that was less than 48 hours after Sandy Hook happened? Haven’t you ever changed your perception of a person or an event as additional information became more available? Why do you allow yourself the ability to change perceptions over time and not others? Your biggest problem, Brendan, is that you’re an actor, just like the Sandy Hook families. You have a HUGE ego and you can’t stand to be upstaged. Either get over it or quit this movement because you are no longer contributing anything positive to it.

      1. Hunt’s last good contribution to SH was his 1.5 hour Gene Rosen vid. After that its been a slippery slope in a downward direction. Maybe he’s a “Targeted Individual” and their techniques are driving him to the edge…

        Should we look for Mr Hunt featured in the next government sponsored hoax false flag event??

  7. In my excitement I forgot to say thank you, thank you, thank you to William Brandon Shanley, Professor Tracy, Professor Fetzer and to all the rest of you. You know who you are. Happy New Year!!

  8. I’m afraid that most lawsuits involve an actual, measurable injury. The likelihood of a case being thrown out without any litigation because the plaintiffs cannot state that they have an actual tort done against them personally which can be relieved by the court’s decision. Is this someone seeking injunctive relief? It would be prospective then, against future actions. But since the deeds are federal-based, the court would have to be a federal court, since a state cannot bind the feds in most cases.

    In this case of fraud, there are actual injured parties, and these include people who donated money to the families of the alleged victims. This is a garden variety situation – for instance where some co-worker claims he has cancer and sets up a website where friends can contribute to his medical expenses, only he is well, a liar, and he pockets the money. Even if someone else set up the website (as here, where the so-called parents are crisis actors) you can treat all the fraudsters as your defendants.

    I just think this is a less-than-effective publicity stunt, which will have no legal teeth whatsoever. But good luck. Unfortunately, like Sandy Hook itself, the purpose is to cause controversy and stir the pot.

    Those who have read Sandy Hook and BMB as ways of justifying government policies of control of the citizenry, suspending the rights of citizens under the Constitution at their whim (after all, there’s an endless war on, with an authorization of force dating from 2001 and a real crossing of the Rubicon of imperial power), are correct. It therefore follows that ordinary legal channels with not provide relief.

      1. People are so desperate for hope after these blatant abuses – we have evidence of individuals in the community who immediately wanted to help once they heard, and they were turned away. The ambulance services which wanted to attend to victims at Sandy Hook and also a Catholic priest who sought to administer the last rites to BMB victims. It is this shredding of the social fabric and the attack on our natural instincts of care that I find literally damnable, to the perps and to the society which swallowed their lies.

        Those who never looked behind the curtain in these deeds will find reason to revile and polarize the “truthers”, and every television screen will cry out against them. Society will unite in its untruth, and this lawsuit will help them to do it. It isn’t a lawsuit – it’s a publicity stunt and the harpies of the press will gobble it up and spray it out.

        Those like people here will feel this is at least, at long last, something.

        But what about seeking not money damages but injunctive relief against further incursions on normal life by these pretend events? There are plenty of them in the public schools already which have been acknowledged as such (pretend shooters and lockdowns with older students imagining they will soon die). Small but real. Who has tried to stop them?

    1. From my research into the possibility of a lawsuit from a variety of angles, I too have little hope the outcome will be anything more than it being thrown out. However, I have seen enough of the activity leading up to this to conclude that it’s likely just a less than perfect strategy and not intended to harm the alternative SH movement. I could be naive, but I think it’s a sincere effort. I’ll stand behind it, as I don’t think the harm would be that great if it tanked.

    2. Certainly this has been injurious to the body politic, admittedly an ill-defined victim.

      Yet is there any shortage of parents, grandparents, and other loved ones who have been emotionally impacted out of fear for their children’s safety while attending school following the intense Sandy Hook massacre media coverage? This was, if we are to follow the suits’ logic, the overall objective of such a widely-reported and dramatized event. Courts do not necessarily distinguish between psychic-emotional or physical injury. Thus a class action suit might have added merit.

      At the very least, as suggested elsewhere here by commenters, it would be helpful if information and testimony might be gathered from relevant parties in discovery that an intent to deceive existed.

      1. I take your point that families have been made excessively fearful for their children, particularly, it seems, in the public schools where all of this has happened. It seems to have spared private schools.
        When my children were little and still attending elementary school, there was a principal who was buffeted by every current in the media. One was the story of stranger abductions and of people who might enter the school to snatch children or otherwise molest them. This was a rare occurrence generally and one which had probably never happened in my district.

        But there is a sort of double bind, I think the expression is. They wanted children to get plenty of fresh air and exercise, be independent, and walk to school. But the principal’s having created a very locked up school where each parent, even known volunteers, was looked on as a possible predator, led to parents insisting on driving their children to school. This led to traffic problems generated by the situation (although all the well-organized activities after school probably caused the traffic after school). I won’t go in to the pick up and drop off problems, where once again parents were treated badly. The principal experienced one fender-bender in the lot, and she banned all parents from it forever, thus generating a jam on the street – if your child wasn’t in the car in one minute, you had to go out and circle the block.

        I suppose we were supposed to forget who paid the taxes for the school in the first place. Maybe that was part of the message. That, and paranoia about each other.

      2. James, I think we share the disgust that these activities engender. They are done intentionally to evoke responses, whether emotionally predisposing people to wanted legislation, or simple “modeling” as Sophia talks frequently of.

        I keep reminding people that nothing gets on the air without careful vetting. If its there, it’s there for a reason. It is not unintentional.

        We, of course, want it stopped. It may be that the surest way to that end is to expose it to all and sundry. Some will not like feeling that they’ve been made “chumps”. Others may take heart from seeing someone doing something to expose this.

        I have personally witnessed the effect this has had on some. There is no question but that it was a deliberately executed psyop. It isn’t nice to play on people’s emotions and otherwise lie to advance an agenda. When some of those entities are ostensibly “representing us” and have official obligations it is beyond annoying, it is what most would term “criminal”.

        They are using tax dollars to manipulate and enslave us. I hope that this effort will attract a great deal of attention. I suspect there will be a great effort to avoid that. It’s a cinch it isn’t going to get much positive play in the media.

        1. Unfortunately, it goes even deeper than this, for those who can see through these frauds, it can take over our sense of normalcy, at least that is what it was doing to me, and you start to get paranoid and fearful. No matter which way you turn, the goal is always the same, to engage us in fear and to become fearful. I, for one, am not going that route. While, there is evil in this world, I will not subjugate myself to be consumed by it, and try as much as humanly possible to live a life filled with love and compassion for my fellow man and to shed light on this darkness whenever and wherever I can.

    3. I don’t think it’s a stunt for publicity but in coverups of this kind that’s all one ever gets: publicity, not formal success, unless one is involved with a side issue, where formally the case can be tried without overtly seeming to find the whole lie to be a lie, while there is actually content which proves there was one. You can read about the Martin Luther King, Jr. family civil case to show more people & by IMPLICATION the government through Hoover were involved in the death, and which won; or read about the E. Howard Hunt litigation which Mark Lane got tried as if it were about CIA involvement in JFK’s death, but where the case wasn’t officially about that. For the Hunt case, see the wonderful book: “Plausible Denial”. Merry Christmas.

      1. Thank you, Clare, for reminding us that although there is no formal success in most of these cases, at least some get the point across obliquely, through a side issue (where obviously somehow there is standing to sue). I imagine there might be some clever angle on Sandy Hook too, as an alternative to this attempt to get it back in the public eye. Who says that only one approach is the right one? But we do not have to put our energy behind each and every one if they seem unpromising avenues. We don’t have to be negative or paranoid about them. But having pointed out their problems, one can fall silent and move on.
        I am sure we are here for different reasons, with different experiences. None of us has all the answers.

        Your reminder about these attempts to right the misunderstandings of the past, and to find ultimate justice, tells me that the conflict some of us first saw in the 60’s, we who were alive then, who saw so many assassinations, massacres and death squad killings, has taken different forms but similarly resulted in massive cover-ups. The techniques of disinformation perfected in World War II came home to be practiced on the American people. Some of these were finally cracked and shown for what they were. Assassinations by their very nature will always be carefully covered up, with only one official story allowed – the original one. “Treason doth never prosper – what is the reason? – why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” I hope that the effect of all these things eventually toughens the hide so that we can admit what our government does with some degree of understanding, and make it harder for them to pull off as many as they would like to do.

    1. I also like Shine’s video … it say’s it all.. I think this lawsuit will give publicity to Sandy Hook, but the outcome may not be good..I read Brendan Hunts post and it got me thinking.. I hope it’s a sincere effort, why has some one not tried this before, who is this person – is he after donations, I think they will throw it out.. too many people involved in this to let it get out..but it is interesting.

      1. I loved shine’s video too. For over 100 years, we the people of the USA have been lied to on grand scale. We have fought in one unjust manipulated war after another and killed hundreds of thousands of our own and the innocents abroad. Our government is darkside and so are the big corporations, including Google/YouTube Eric Schmidt disgusting one. Surely everyone knows we cannot any of these people to do the right thing. It is not in them. They are evil to the core.

        Truth, as much as we can find of it, and truth, as much as we can share of it is THE strongest weapon there is. No matter how much we may think we have the facts and the law on our side, it is Truth that will always win in the end no matter how much the world says we lose.

        Strike while the iron is hot. The video WNTTASH has made NOW the time for a law suit to be filed. Mr. Shanley has stepped up to the plate. All involved are using their real names and have put forth great personal effort to search out truth and justice. They have made the best decision about the kind of law suit that they could. The important thing is that the action was taken and taken now while the iron is hot.

        If the judge wants to judge unrighteously and dishonestly and unjustly, then we have still accomplished something important.

        It can only be a good thing for more people to see the truth, and to see the names and faces of the purveyors of evil lies and terrorism. These people who participate in any way in these Big Lies have no shame. They have no good name to save. They have already sold their souls. Their purpose is that of their father — to lie, kill, steal and destroy.

        William Shanley has been on Dr. Fetzer’s Real Deal Radio show two times. He spoke about his law suit on his most recent visit. Listen here…

        Second hour of the two-hour show.

        Monday, December 15, 2014 Jim Mariano / William Shanley 9-11 / Sandy Hook Posted by Total at 11:08 PM 17 comments:

        This man is sincere. He lives in Connecticut. He is doing something important for all Americans and really for all the world. We need to give him all the support we possibly can.

        Search the website to find the date and archived recording of Mr. Shanley’s earlier show with Dr. Fetzer a few months ago.

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

  9. This would have a great chance of making it to and through the courts IF we had common law in our courts instead of the fiction of maritime/administrative law that is NOT for flesh-and-blood human beings. However, there is a grassroots group that is seeking to do just that–remove the corrupted system that destroys our lives, property and justice. Visit to learn what SHOULD have been taught to us all from our infancy….how we got to where we are and how they did it AND what to do about taking back our beloved Republic.

  10. 1) What about the issue of standing? A plaintiff must have standing that they were wronged/harmed/injured in some way in order for the case to proceed.
    2) Who receives the trillion if the case is won?
    3) Someone should warn Shanley that all of the defendants are controlled in one way or another by US Intelligence. The only way I can imagine stopping them is to remove their funding.
    4) Good luck.

  11. My humble two cent’s worth says God bless the men that are willing to stand up for the truth. Mr. Shanley, Prof. Tracy, Mr. Halbig, and Mr. Fetzer ~ you have my most sincere gratitude for doing this. With so many naysayers commenting here, trying to discourage, distract, and disunify anyone or any group that is willing to do what the rest of us should have done a long time ago, you all deserve a patriot’s medal of honor. It’s very easy to sit back and complain about the status quo of our nation, and to tell those who are willing to take action 50 reasons why their plans won’t work. A very wise man, Jesus Christ my Lord, himself said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Could it be that is why our once great nation is great no more, because those who want to see the truth prevail are too busy tearing each other down to defeat the enemy? Shame on you. The old “divide and conquer” strategy has certainly worked well for those who want to see America completely destroyed.

    To these brave men, once again, thank you! No matter what the outcome of this lawsuit is, you are doing vastly more than the rest are willing to do.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Maryaha. It takes guts to do what these guys are doing, and win or loose, getting this thing into court is a huge step forward. Big picture time. We all need to support this effort and assist with funds, research and deposition planning.

      As far as standing – the impact of this event has been so broad and horrifying, on so many levels, by those who believe it happened, as well as those who don’t, that every man woman and child in this country has standing.

      Don’t forget, our tax dollars paid for the production.

  12. Filing a suit can be done by anyone. What happens next will depend on several factors, the skill of the lawyers being one important element. I wish them all the best. I do not want to criticize this effort in any way.

    I have my own ideas about how one would go about this but, any landing is a good landing.

    I am deeply disturbed by those who seem to want to “take sides” on various researchers and activists. This is not a ball game and, while I suspect that is at the root of those who like to do this, it is not about “you”.

    The thoughtful commenters at this site are not providing their comments for self aggrandizement. Many have different styles and fundamental beliefs but they are trying to get to the truth of the matter and shed light on it.

    Maligning the character of those who devote so much of their lives to the search for truth is neither productive or appreciated. Those who think this is a “publicity stunt” should take solace in the fact that “publicity” is precisely what is needed.

    I hope that, should the initial effort fail, there will be continuing efforts. I suspect this is not going to be easy. I wish them the best. Please let us know where to send donations.

    1. You don’t have to malign someone’s character to say that they are incompetent as lawyers. If you are a surgeon, you must know which tools to pick up. I don’t think they are reaching for the right instruments. If I were to say that was deliberate, I would be maligning their character.

      1. You are certainly free to have your opinion. “Maligning” one’s character in this case would mean that you believe that they have impure motives, not that they might not proceed competently.

        I do not believe that these people are deliberately misdirecting anything. I resent the implications associated with those who accuse people of changing their minds as somehow suspicious. Having an open mind and being willing to change an hypothesis in the face of new evidence is entirely appropriate and correct.

        I’ve said previously that I don’t make celebrities out of people and I don’t form my opinions based who someone allegedly is. What I mean by that is that there shouldn’t be a “Fetzer camp” and a “Brendan Hunt camp”. I admire people for what they bring and try to forgive their shortcomings as none of us are perfect.

        I have said before that I doubt very much of something like this is successful. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want it to be. I will take no satisfaction if it fails. I would be more enthusiastic if I actually believed that the system worked as advertised. I will gladly shout from the rooftops if I’m proven wrong. I hope I am wrong.

        Let’s see where this goes. I am not going to criticize these folks’ actions. I wish them well.

        1. Just to add another layer here: as we know, in Boston federal court (how’s that for the sacrosanct federal court system, obviously a part of the government like FEMA) there is a defendant named Dzokhar Tsarnaev who supposedly did the BMB with his brother, only we know it was a hoax too, just like Sandy Hook. The whole thing is reported faithfully on the nightly news along with sports scores, the weather and horrible hit and run accidents (which are all probably accurate reportage).

          There is nothing magic about taking this to court, not with the system we have.

    2. I think Brandon hunt is so passionate about halbig because he systematically proved beyond doubt that halbig is a complete fraud. character maligning of halbig should be undertaken due to his being called as an expert in court. this alone will get the lawsuit tossed.

    3. There are no lawyers on the plaintiff’s side. See above: “Mr. Shanley is proceeding on a pro se en paupers basis,” The other side will have plenty of mighty lawyers.

      1. Agree. And that is not a very strong position. Imagine if there were a notable criminal defense attorney or a big class action law firm taking the case – that would make headlines. Think of the JFK Clay Shaw criminal trial led by Earling Carothers “Jim” Garrison. This was a district attorney bringing a criminal case in a jurisdiction where he had friends and supporters already.

        But the marginalization of “truthers” continues and this trial, if it ever goes to court, needs a miracle to proceed and get the word out. That miracle is such a long shot I am not able to hope for it. But what would happen if somehow the landscape changed and “truthers” became darlings of the public. That would need a new media because the other one would have to eat its words, which it knows are contrived.

      2. There has been WordPress big glitch in this thread. I am receiving current notices of all the many postings in this one thread over the last several weeks. I am only supposed to receive the current, most recent comments in this thread. This makes me have to ignore all of these old useless comment notifications to this important article. Someone needs to determine what wrong button was pressed to cause this irritating glitch to happen and which renders this entire thread recap a time-wasting glitch that causes us to have to ignore entirely this important thread. Or maybe a mysterious “someone” deliberately pressed the wrong button for Dr. Tracy to effectively kill this important thread.

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

  13. In watching the original segments of the entire fiasco, it was evident that the entire thing was staged. We saw no ambulances or other. The staged interview of the father who was smiling before coming before the camera then changing to a sorrowful sight. The little girl who was supposedly killed getting on Obama’s lap, and much more. The impact on the nation at the time was horrible. a Trillion dollars isn’t enough. The effect was to attempt more gun control. That didn’t work and it shouldn’t.

  14. We have all been harmed in one way or another. Myself and family members wept for days on end for all the sadness, many sending money. Then not long after the event, I wept at the realization of how corrupt our government had become, thanks to the conspiracy realists.

    That was probably always the plan and by now they are probably shocked that they still have to pay folks to participate in the ‘rioting’ and mayhem that was supposed to bring in martial law.

    Seems like as good of a plan as any proposed, being forever the optimist wish this brave team Godspeed. For sure it is a David vs. Goliath battle, may you at least shoot an eye out!

    It would be ironic, if the case is dismissed based on the laws that make it perfectly legal for the media to lie when it is for the purpose of the public good. As in, this geo-engineering program spraying toxins in the air is all to save the earth, you are too stupid to understand the effects of global warming, cooling, ummm climate change!

    We do not have a media anymore.

    1. Skirt, that has been something I’ve been harping on all along. I don’t know how many realize that media lying has already been to court and found to be “acceptable”. In other words, the courts maintain that they have no obligation to tell the truth.

      In addition, the government itself has announced, publicly, that they will use “media” to influence public opinion. Just because something is ethically or morally wrong, or repugnant, doesn’t mean it is illegal.

      In terms of public officials violating their oaths of office and others making money from fraudulent charity appeals, that may be a viable approach.

      Anything that gets more attention focused on this is a positive. I only know what I’ve read, above, and have no knowledge of their strategy. I hope it’s a good one. In some respects they have a lot of circumstantial evidence on their side.

      I think the “official report” will be key here. If they can get to the discovery phase it will be interesting. Official records and reports must be honest.

      I’m not sure about “the media”, being held to the same standard. I don’t for a minute think that they didn’t know they were “misrepresenting” what happened, I’m just not sure that’s a crime any longer. In short, it IS disgusting, it may not be illegal.

      I understand that they have counsel. I’m sure that he or she knows that they must be very careful with the filing. Getting this heard at all will be more than half the battle. Getting attention on it may go a long way toward that end.

      I share some of the concerns raised here. As you say, you are an optimist. That’s what we need at the moment. I’m too cynical for this. Having been absolutely right before and getting clobbered and ground up over “technicalities” in the past will do that to you.

      As many have howled for “action” on this in the past, we should all feel grateful for this effort. I wish them nothing but success. I’m merely saying that it will take careful stewardship, not righteous indignation, to win the day. If they succeed in getting it heard that will only be the start. Let’s see if we can get it that far.

      1. You said a mouthful which I think goes to the heart of the case being filed: “Just because something is morally or ethically wrong, or repugnant, doesn’t mean it’s illegal.” Of course a citizen cannot be a plaintiff in a criminal case. But the ad damnam in the proposed civil action here is so huge it is clearly designed to change public policy which is as pernicious as asbestos or tobacco – more so in fact. But just because we hate what has been done does not mean there is a legal avenue to end the practice, and more of these hoaxes will no doubt be played and dominate the airwaves, creating a false history and public consciousness which completely swamps reality. It is what dictators do. And you do not overthrow dictators by taking them to court. (I’m not referring specifically to Obama, just to the person of the moment who is carrying out the ceremonies associated with these messages – let’s call them “Caesar”, since the Rubicon was crossed on 9/11 and that is who rules now.

        1. Musings, I wouldn’t argue with any of that. Most, even though they are at least somewhat awake, think that we have a magical system that works if you’re “in the right”, somehow. That’s a nice fantasy. I wish it were true.

          I am encouraged somewhat by the publicity this may bring to the issue of creating false events and manipulating the populace. I personally do not believe that the courts, which exist to sustain the system are going to be providing any relief.

          Sometimes in life a person has to grow up and realize that many things are not right but are beyond our ability to do much about. If we choose to do something about one that has a possibility of correction, we will have to be creative and devise a plan that isn’t conventional.

          As you say, there is a “defendant” in a sham that is still ongoing to prove the point. He may be “in on it”, or not, we simply don’t know. They will do what they plan to do no matter what “evidence” is contrived.

          The main point I was attempting to make is that emotion does not equal logic. Even logic does not always “win” in court. What I have learned over my years of experience is that emotion can be a great spur to getting to get one started in a legal proceeding. After that, the trick is to calm down, be as orderly and composed as possible and proceed with presenting your evidence.

          You would have a better chance at presenting emotion-laden evidence to a jury than to a judge. Judges tend to see themselves as defenders of the system, not saviors of the masses. They like their positions and their perks and this would be a nightmare case for most.

          Saying all this does not mean that I don’t wish to see them held to account. I do. I listened to Dr. Fetzer’s interview posted above with the film maker. It’s great to hear such enthusiasm and righteous indignation, I share that as well. The problem is that it just isn’t as simple as being pissed and going to court.

          If (and its a big IF), you succeed in getting this to a hearing, you need clear, articulate and believable witnesses. I frankly have a difficult time understanding why, out of all the researchers involved in this and the many articles posted and facts discovered, there is so much reliance on Mr. Halbig. Apparently, being an ex-trooper is thought to qualify him as an expert witness. Perhaps, but they should consider others who have shown themselves to be both knowledgable and articulate.

          Lastly, I have said previously that you shouldn’t go to your oppressor for relief. It only empowers and encourages them. I wish them the best, I really do. I’m simply too jaded from my life’s experience and aware of how the world actually works to get excited. I very much hope they prove me wrong and restore my faith in justice.

  15. I too have my thoughts on this. I haven’t said anything disparaging of Brandon Hunt. I’ve enjoyed some of his work. I don’t always share his conclusions.

    I realize that nothing is ever completely to my liking. In those instances I have to remind myself that “I wouldn’t do it that way”, and leave those who are involved to their choices.

    I could be very blunt about this but I won’t. There are many people who have done a great deal of research on this who would be invaluable as experts.

    Fetzer has a very good “Power Point” on this:

    There are so many “dots to connect” and he does a good job of it. The information comes from many sources, including here, and there is usually quite a bit more to say about every aspect identified.

    Presenting all of this in an orderly fashion and staying on task will not be easy. It can certainly be done, but it will take some skillful lawyering to keep it together. Let’s see how they do. If for any reason this proves unsuccessful, it doesn’t have to be the last attempt.

    1. Wow! That is a very compelling presentation by Dr. Fetzer! Believe he hit on the important points of the fraud and even threw in the low hanging pinching the arteries off in the mad wheelchair run in the boston marathon run that had the [unfortunate?] video of the fake leg falling off.

      The one aspect of SH fraud that still befuddles me was the 911 calls, they refused to release them and were sued. The judge ordered they would be released and with much fanfare of piles of cd’s released, those cd’s only have a few calls, mostly from the janitor.

      The 911 team received national recognition for fielding hundreds of calls per hour and only 1/2 dozen were released?

      Recall one explanation was that calls made through cell phones are not recorded, HUGE BS….

      Let that judge know that his order to release the 911 calls that day was disregarded…

      1. Skirt, we shouldn’t forget that a lot of the material comes from us and others who have been looking at this since the beginning. We have discussed every element in the presentation at one time or another. In fact, there are important details missing from some of them that only serve to strengthen the arguments.

        Fetzer’s piece is good because it primarily deals with “patterns”. That’s a good approach. As you say, they hid evidence and had to be forced to release even a portion of it or to file a report. That is part of a “pattern”. Does an honest person resort to this?

        Another part addresses the speech by the Governor. In my opinion that is weaker. It is too easy to spin that and there is no way to effectively argue against a statement that it wasn’t what he meant.

        So, if the elements were divided into categories, “The Evacuation”, “The Report”, etc., then ordered from weakest to strongest, it would be a very powerful presentation.

        That leads me to why I think it may be better to simply present evidence as direct media than to try to do this in court. In court you simply don’t get to “tell your story”, uninterrupted. It is an adversarial process. The better your story, the harder your opponent works to destroy it.

        We all know that the media is totally controlled. If any aspect of a hearing is televised, it will be spun in the manner of their choosing. They will not simply let the camera run and have their listeners hear the event from start to finish.

        So, my thinking is that with Dr. Fetzer’s outline, (with a little ‘tweaking’) as a start point, other more in-depth pieces could be done to flesh that out. The first being designed to spur interest in the subject and cause the viewer to want to know more.

        In a prior posting we discussed the problem of censorship. If that nut could be cracked a lot of progress could be made. If the MSM now has the “right” to lie to us, we certainly have the right to publish our version of events. It would be a difficult argument that the corporate media’s lies are superior to independent documentaries.

  16. Since using propaganda is legal in the US – since B.O signed off on it in 2012 – I hope there is also the claim of the massive and continuing fraud of obtaining donations from around the world – including the immense strain on all law enforcement etc and the emotion strain, stress and upheaval emotionally – all done intentionally!!

  17. My comment is not on this topic but peripheral to it. On Christmas Day it dawned on me as I wondered again how Americans can be so oblivious to the obvious. Maybe because in our culture we start programming our children from toddler age on to believe in their ‘first’ hoax–SANTA CLAUS. Then you can add the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy hoax. All these perpetuated by the people these children trust the most and are the ‘authority’ figures in their life. The brain programming happens effortlessly as little kids up to a certain age can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. It wouldn’t be surprising then that anything told by an ‘authority’ source takes hold so easily. If I had to do it over again–I’d go for the truth right from the start.

    1. Danabelle, You are so right! My son is skipping the fairly tales with his kids for the very reasons you mention. I do remember the let down in discovering the lie of Santa and the rest. It surprises me that they are able to keep the fantasy going in this day and age and especially TV shows that openly tell kids or at least plant the question in their head – which in turn probably leads to “are mommy & daddy lying to me”?

      Doesn’t Lt. Vance’s son decide which lawsuits proceed in the State of Connecticut? Not sure where all are being filed, but I’m assuming CT.

      1. Mr. Shanley filed a lawsuit against AP and the Newtown Bee — U.S. District Courthouse in New Haven. This will ask the court to make a judgement on the validity and accuracy of the Shanon Hicks famous “conga line” photo.

        See link I posted to Dr. Fetzer’s recent show with William Shanley as guest in Hour 2. At the time of that show interview, Mr. Shanley the case had not actually been filed but was to be formally filed in the next day or so. He had been consulting with attorneys and deliberately filed the case in U.S. District Court to circumvent the nepotism gatekeeping of Vance’s son.

        The charges in the case may have been slightly changed somewhat from what was mentioned in the radio show and Mr. Shanley said that he could not at the time speak completely openly about the case. I remember Mr. Shanley said he was asking for $1 (one dollar) for personal injury to him, but several million in “punitive damages” which as I understand it opens up a whole promising new legal ball game. Any monetary rewards were to be distributed by Mr. Shanley, as I vaguely recall him mentioning, but were not to go to him personally.

        Regardless of how this plays out, Mr. Shanley is doing the right and needed thing at the right time in a most honorable manner.

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        1. I think it was unwise to use that photo. The photo could have been done on the day of the drill. The arguments are subtle. Not the strongest line of reasoning.

    2. While your examples of Santa and the Easter bunny seem to point to a problem with authority, I would argue in the alternative that the very undoing of those beliefs, which happens (one hopes) to everyone, would lead to some insights that might allow one to adopt more skeptical attitudes. Sometimes one finds out there is no Santa in a rather brutal and even traumatic fashion. Yet the argument for not teaching about these fairy tale figures that I once heard from a mother was that if they once stopped believing in Santa (the trauma) then perhaps they would get the idea that the Bible is a fairy tale too and stop believing in Jesus and God. So she tried to avoid such a trauma for her kids.

      I would argue that unraveling some of your childish beliefs can be a kind inoculation against believing the other things that are told to you, and understanding when someone tries to lay it on thick after doubts emerge.

      (In my particular case, being the oldest child, my mother attempted to put the genie back in the bottle once I knew because I might have a bad influence on my siblings if I told them what I knew – but I didn’t because I knew it would spoil the whole experience for them. I did not lay on the Santa legend as thick with my own kids, but for other reasons).

      I would argue that the public’s immersion in television for several decades, and the acknowledged power of drama when there is a “willing suspension of disbelief” has set people up. They are told that some things on tv are “hard news” and thus reality, while some things are fiction, and a third thing is “reality tv”. Clearly these things get mixed up. “Let’s call the whole thing trash” is unfortunately not an option, and the legends and fairy tales get people killed in war all the time lately, as the narrative merges and fictions are employed to excite the bellicose intentions of the rulers.

    3. Danielle, you remind me of the conversation with the guy across the hall in Miracle on 34th Street. Poor, deprived, girl.

      I think Steve Martin was parodying your argument when he said this:

      I myself raised a daughter. She’s 19 now. I remember the strangeness of my earliest conversations with her. I had to realize that her mind was not rational, and not expect rationality. I could not enter into her perception of the world, and understand it, but I could acknowledge that her strange way of perceiving reality was how her mind was making sense of the world, and that she would (all too soon) think like the rest of us. I was wistful when I figured that out, knowing time is short, and little squirts don’t stay so magical for long.

      By the time she had been told by an older neighbor girl that “Santa is your parents,” she had already come to suspect that the story does not hold up, so I played it a little differently, matching her matured state of mind. I’d remind her of the” naughty and nice list” long past the point she knew the truth beyond doubt. I was teaching her irony–which is a very helpful attribute of mind.

      Tiny tots are not like us, and to pretend that they are is madness. We reach them on their own level. They think magically, and gradually become rational. It is cruelty, in my opinion to pretend otherwise.

      When my own tot was crawling about on the kitchen floor, opening up the cupboards and pulling out the tupperware and experimenting with sizes and shapes, putting one inside another, I could have punished her for disrupting things. Of course, I didn’t. That was school, in its way, and it taught me as much as it did her, possibly.

      1. I should add this:

        musings said “Yet the argument for not teaching about these fairy tale figures that I once heard from a mother was that if they once stopped believing in Santa (the trauma) then perhaps they would get the idea that the Bible is a fairy tale too and stop believing in Jesus and God. So she tried to avoid such a trauma for her kids.”

        Of course, musings’ Mom’s worry has never eventuated. Christianity (and Judaism) is a completely rational belief system. It cannot be broken by application of reason–but it is entered into by means of child-like faith. So when we meet our tots on their own terrain, and share their fantasy world with wonderful dream-like imaginings (I love the movie Elf), we are in fact giving them the solid foundation required to blend the two, later, when the time comes.

        No one need believe the claims of the Bible. But those who do must be able to use both their hearts and their minds. And those of us who squelch in our children their innate trust in their own perception of the marvelous and strange world they naturally perceive are doing them harm. It does them no favor, because rationality, forced on a child, is, in my opinion, abusive. It’s like demanding that a kitten act like a cat.

        1. I’d second that. A child should be exposed to “unseen realities”. Imagination is important. Seeing “with your hear and mind” is what makes us human.

          The opposite of this would make us “judges”. “Others” create our realities and we observe them. A child, or an adult, should see themselves as a limitless creature of God. Indeed, the resentment that comes later should be based on other’s attempting to limit our spirits.

          What public schools do today is teach that we’re all little ants. All an ant needs to know is how to feed the queen. Just think where we would be if we encouraged people to be individuals and to be free. Instead we limit their development and tell them that it is improper to explore.

          No, childhood should be like the film “An Endless Story”. Infinite possibilities.

        2. What is wrong with both? By perpetuating a lie you demean your credibility. Teaching the difference of reality vs imagination has helped my son become an honest, compassionate humble and caring person.

          We didn’t BAN Santa, he just understood we were playing. The fairy tales, the traditions and holidays, even the Bible are looked upon for what the purpose is.
          To me, this insulates them from the programming. Gives the individuality and free thought places to roam and imagine farther than ever. That of course is just my opinion and experience.
          My first child was conceived and birthed and then raised “by the book”.
          At 16 she has a 4.6 gpa, loves the comfort of school and following the rules.
          In two years she will be on her own and she has no concept of reality.
          My 9 year old little boy on the other hand, could almost run a household and still knows how to play and use his imagination.
          I gave birth to him at a midwife’s home, was at my home 5 hours later and raised him outside of the system as much as possible.
          He has the potential to be a leader, not a follower. The thought of that will unravel my daughter. She hates that I wont “color inside the lines” and thinks the FBI is going to come get me lol
          But what isn’t funny is how well they were able to brainwash her.

      2. Patrick, you make too much sense.

        I grew up as close to the North Pole as civilization allows, and there was a mountain behind our house where Santa Claus (Julenisse) would trek down on Christmas Eve. The tradition there is opening presents on Christmas Eve. We never saw him do that because it is dark pretty much day and night during December. After church service in the afternoon on Christmas Eve we came home and under the tree were piles of wrapped gifts. He had been there and we missed him.

        We grew up on stories about trolls inside mountains and under bridges. These trolls had a habit of kidnapping princesses and holding them captive. All wonderful stuff for young minds and it let your imagination run free.

        We had no TV in those days, too far north, but we had plenty of books and board games. We made our own fun in ten feet of snow in the winter and during the short summer period. Imagination was allowed to run wild. That is the problem we have today, children are deprived of using their own imagination. It is being done for them via TV and electronic games. Sad really.

        1. Hah Anne!, that sounds familiar. We had to actually talk to one another. You know?……interact! Playing board games, reading, table tennis, whatever.

          when I was a boy we built forts. In the summer we built rafts and floated them. In the winter we ran around outside and came back just before our noses and ears fell off.

          I look around now and I see hoards of young people with their eyes looking down, glued to their “I-Phones”. I suppose they’ll look up once the implants are in place. Of course they won’t understand what they’re seeing.

        2. All of the posts here are significant and this is a great discussion. Both Patrick and Anne resonate with me as I reveled in my children’s age of magical thinking. There was a house in the neighborhood with an old barn which they called “The Bear’s House” because it reminded them of illustrations from “Goldilocks and the the Three Bears”. But I am sure it went more imaginatively deeper for them, being close in age and engaging in imaginative dialog. While Santa Claus was somewhat believed in, the imaginative sense ranged far and wide beyond the one special day when the presents arrived.

        3. Fairytales vs. reality is a topic that could go on forever. And here is where a difference of opinion illuminates what we are still free to discuss and disagree on. Vive la difference. What one person chooses to do differently from another is thankfully still allowed.

          I can only speak for myself, but I look back at my childhood with fond memories. Both my younger brother and I became independent thinkers despite growing up with stories from well known story tellers and local folklore. Rebellious at times when I was younger and did not care much for rules and regulations. Still don’t.

          I got my first lesson about propaganda at around age five. We did have radio and when the conditions were right, Russian stations could be heard. I was mesmerized by the strange words, some I could pick up because they were much alike my native language. I asked my dad what they were saying and his answer was “propaganda”. It is a universal word. So he gave me a lesson about propaganda that I never forgot.

          My dad was an arctic explorer, free thinker and master story teller. My friends and I would gather around him and he had the most fantastic stories to tell, none of which were true and none of us were damaged by it. Some stories were so funny we laughed till our stomachs hurt. Wonderful, bygone times.

    4. Music to my ears! I tried with my daughter and was attacked verbally by every family member from all sides.
      When I had my son, I was divorcing his dad, and I was able to raise him away from familial pressure. BIG DIFFERENCE!
      He didn’t have the let down.
      My daughter actually didn’t speak to me for almost a week, because she found the wrapping paper under my bed and then she found out Santa was a lie. It began to actually break down our bond.
      This is just another controlled, commercialized way to bring the children into the Bubble from the beginning.

      Unfortunately people look at us like we’re social outcasts and we’re crazy for not going along with the mass deception. It’s hilarious. I pity the poor souls that enjoy the bubble.

  18. I haven’t read all (82 atm) comments yet, but I believe this will factor in: “Court Ruled That Media Can Legally Lie”

    Not to be a yule tide party pooper, but trying to achieve justice through our Judeo-Masonic “justice system”, when said “justice” you seek runs contrary to their grand agenda(s), well… good luck! Same goes for Halbig’s “when (the perps) raise their right hands…” fantasies. Sandy Hoax goes all the way to the top; picture Barry Soetoro’s photo-op with the child-actors. Okay, the child-actors didn’t pose with any Rothschilds; I meant SH goes to the top of our “visible government.”

    I recall watching a Eustace Mullins talk on youtube, where he said roughly: “When you enter a court room, you’re in effect entering a Masonic Temple, where everyone, judge, prosecutor, and your own attorney, are conspiring to give you the $!#*%-job of your life.”

    Also consider Kevin Barrett’s “Mobbed-up US ‘justice’ system delivers 9/11 injustice”

    Only a handful of 9/11 victims didn’t take Feinberg 9/11 Victim Comp Fund (taxpayer funded bribe not to sue, take your free SSRIs & shutup fund) payoffs. The few who didn’t (Ellen Mariani for one: ) were quite noisy and inconvenient for the 9/11 perps. I’ve speculated that ‘they’ moved to completely hoaxed ‘tragedies’ for two main reasons: 1) “total control” of their scripted, pretend-events & how their MSM propaganda organ portrays them; and 2) no inconvenient/noisy lawsuits from any authentic victims/survivors (which could be categorized under the “total control” thing again).

    Tellingly, Kenneth Feinberg was later dispatched again to head the BP Gulf oil spill “accident” comp fund.

    1. -I recall watching a Eustace Mullins talk on youtube, where he said roughly: “When you enter a court room, you’re in effect entering a Masonic Temple, where everyone, judge, prosecutor, and your own attorney, are conspiring to give you the $!#*%-job of your life.”-

      The message they want you to take away from this is – don’t ever come back here again. Stay home john Q, take your beatings and be happy with what you got or next time we will get out the rubber glove and make it last.

  19. For those interested in a compendium of the lies that were perpetrated by the Main Stream Media beginning with Wolf Blitzer on the night of December 14, 2012 and ending with the President’s official response “less than a hundred days” after the event that occurred at (a) Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12-14-12, you are invited to review the micromentary “Sandy Hook Memorial” on Youtube.

    1. Excellent post. I hope you’ve saved it, so if it disappears in the wake of this suit (even if the suit ends up going nowhere quickly), you can send it to us. I don’t have a means to save it. Plus, send it to the litigant & Jim as a file.

  20. Not the first thing they ever lied about… *cough9/11* cough*
    Sorry clearing my throat.
    Progress WILL come.
    Best to not stand in front of it like you are trying to stop it.

  21. Awesome, because the lying media are the real terrorists. The whore media should bear two fold the punishment that surely must come. Truly sickening, death to msm forever, for they are the cape under which tyranny spreads..

  22. MY ONLY problem with this whole drama is that he is asking for donation for legal fees??? Really to make it fair, why not offer a repayment when case won. O mean what is he going to do with a trillion? And technically we ALL have been misled ! At what point trying to make it right for the people, became ONLY about him. Anyone who donates should have a choice to also sign this and become the plaintiff, so could reap the rewards. ONLY THEN FAIR AND FOR THE PEOPLE! !!!!

    There is a saying i heard once
    “No one is your ally,
    who during war, wants your gun,
    Or during peace wants your money.”

  23. We knew all along that Sandy Hook was a hoax. The question now is the motive and who benefits. It seems patsy, if the reason is just to take your guns away and they have spend more than 200 million grand to stage the hoax.
    What worries us is maybe they are planning for another unpopular war in the Caucasius or Central Asian region and they have to make sure that all guns at home are not pointing at their backs.

  24. I’ve been trying to comment, and I hope this one makes it.

    The two browsers on my phone keep flagging the site, saying it has a “security risk” and then I get a force close mid way through the comment. I am now on the WordPress app. So I’ll keep it short this time.

    Just want all of you to know who participated in this documentary, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you are doing! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    May you be safe and blessed on your journey ahead.


  25. If Halbig is as much of a proven fraud as the evidence presented appears to suggest, is it really wise to have him feature in this action? All the PTB need to do is demonstrate his various lies and fakery and the entire action is thereby discredited simply through association.

    Have Fetzer et al really thought this through?

    1. Please present your case for Halbig being a fraud. I have been following this case, in-depth, for well over a year and have yet to see or hear anything leading me to believe Halbig is not sincere. And please don’t rest on “he asks for money”… Everyone needs money to live and I see him spending a lot of time perusing the truth and not getting paid for it.

    2. Mr Halbig posted all his documents online like a true honest American, he spoke truth and openly showed the world he was an honest man, unlike every parent that lied there asses off. Sorry if you believe otherwise. It was a planned, staged hoax, with very bad actors. Thank god no children died.

    3. What I want to know about Halbig is, what single piece of evidence did he actually come up with? Seems like he simply took research that other people already performed and acted like he came up with something. 99% of the SH investigation was already performed via crowd sourcing before I ever even heard his name.

  26. I have thought about all the hard word and quality research since the Sandy Hook Hoax event and all the great articles and videos clearly documenting all the serious flaws in the official narrative.

    There are so many glaring things that do not make sense in the official story that is almost as though the plotters wanted this event to be super stupefying to the general populous and at the same time be “in our faces” with big obvious screw-ups all over the fake event. ‘Take that, you pitiful mind-controlled dummies.” “Yes, it is obviously a Big Lie but there is nothing you can do about it but whine about it on the web. We got away with another Big Lie again, you pathetic fools.” All your judges and lawyers and “elected representatives” and your “Liar in Chief” are pathetic purchased horrible liars and deceivers and equally horrible actors. All you can keep talking about our fake event but there is nothing you can do.

    Just keep playing detective and “who done it” all you want. Have fun and occupy yourself with all your great research and evidence and maybe get yourself one minute of Internet fame, but forget about ever having “your government” officially admit about the Satanic Big Lie that pulled on the American people to terrorize parents and school children and make them be afraid to ever even peek at the truth of all your research.

    So I think SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, had to STEP UP TO THE PLATE, and at least present some our the Sandy Hook Hoax TRUTH in our so called “legal system.” That is something that had to be done.
    Yes all the judges and lawyers still playing the false game in the false legal system cannot do right and tell the truth and cannot judge truthfully and justly. They have sold their souls a log time ago.

    But putting some kind of legal case NOW, when the We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook Video has shed so much light of truth, NOW is the time for some special individual like William Shanley, to take the individual initiative that was needed to put the ball in the judges court.

    If the judge, and we will name his name loud and clear and plaster it all over the web, decides to deceive us and be dismissive and treat this effort in his or her typical dishonorable shiester manner, then that judge will look like Crook Judge of the Year. As Me. Shanley said, the judge will look like a big schmuck. Maybe that is all we can hope for but that is a good thing.

    It is not right that all of our truth and hard work is not attempted to be put in the court of the our corrupt legal system. It would not be right for us to just continue on in our research and articles and videos and hard work with no one even attempting to take this important step that someone, some special person who takes action and just does only not talk and negatively criticize but shut up and put up.

    Stop criticizing Wolfgang Halbig. He, like William Shanley, as taken courageous personal initiative, take real ACTION, and pointed out the practical things “on the ground” at the time of the event” that were glaring departures from long-established protocols for mass shooting school events. That is his area of expertise and he pointed out important questions that still have not been answered, only stonewalled. At least one hundred pen-records requests were consistently and illegally ignored. Mr. Halbig’s “16 questions” obviously were painfully on-point and struck a nerve in the Big Lie plotters. None of us would have know what was so so very wrong about the official story of the events on the ground that day. We are indebted to Wolfgang Halbig for being a righteous man who loves this adopted country of his and has spoken up courageously for truth.

    As I have said before some kind of legal case needed to be filed, not just never ending research and articles and videos, and filed NOW, and all of us who hunger and thirst for truth and righteousness are forever in the debt of William Shanley and Wolfgang Halbig and Dr. James Fetzer.

    1. The imagined words of the “perps” who so despise the ordinary American and who know every politician will fall in line with and repeat the lies, make me ask the question (and it is still unanswered) – who is behind it? I had some hopes for Sen. Elizabeth Warren as she seemed to expose bankers and student loan sharks – but then she uttered the words (a slogan which never really caught on but was manufactured for the BMB event with posters made in advance) – “Boston Strong.” It was her pledge of allegiance to the lie. They’re all expected to go along instantly, with what ever pile is dumped on us, shovel-ready.

      The amazing amount of conformity is all of a piece with the amazing amount of surveillance. Each one of them has a choke chain around his neck, in order for them to serve – what masters? I am not going with the obvious. It’s something mysterious all right, but not easily explained by the popular explanations.

      And yes, keeping the population under their control is the ultimate purpose of these actions.

      1. “I had some hopes for Sen. Elizabeth Warren as she seemed to expose bankers and student loan sharks – but then she uttered the words (a slogan which never really caught on but was manufactured for the BMB event with posters made in advance) – “Boston Strong.” ”

        Put no hope in anyone connected in any way to our intractably corrupt political system. It is all a set-up and a dialectical manipulation.

        Put no hope in the Constitution or “your elected representatives.” Put no hope in any person being legitimately put in office. Put no hope in judges and Constitutional protections and rights. Put no hope in the rule of law. Put no hope in the sovereignty of your nation.

        Yes, the perps behind it all is a deep mysterious matter, Dr. Stan Monteith always referred to it as “the Brotherhood of Darkness.” It is a dark force that has been operation in this world for millennia. It is a force that intends to take over the entire world and control all the people in the world. The New Testament calls it “the mystery of iniquity.” It has something to do with the Babylonian mystery pagan religions and the Babylonian Talmud and the Kaballah.

        I have always been taught —

        And He said to them: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s: and to God the things that are God’s.

        Luke 20:25

        Problem is I do not identify anything or anyone legitimately belonging to Caesar.

  27. The Sandy Hoax claim has now collapsed into a suspicious pile of manure.
    If our government & their like-minded, gun hating lapdogs in the media will lie about this, they will lie about anything.
    This was obviously a gun grab theatrical performance & it failed wonderfully.
    Now, go out and by a mil pattern rifle with a couple thousand rounds of ammo since “they” don’t want you to!

  28. The day the coroner was mumbling incoherently about what took place, I noticed the state police behind him seemed to have a big secret on their minds & lacked the horrified look on their faces as cops would normally have after a real event like they pretended to happen.
    Sandy Hoax stinks!

  29. Plausible. I’ll withhold final judgment on this for now, but I recall former Governor Jessie Ventura (long before he went bat-sh*t crazy) once commenting that he had his people research the 16th amendment to the constitution (the income tax one) and discovered that it was never properly ratified but forced through by Pres. Wilson’s congress anyway. I mean, this was 100 years ago, LONG before the internet and the days of “we promise to put any bills out there for a month for review by the public before voting on them” turned into “we have to pass the bill before we see what’s in it.” How was anyone going to check on its legitimacy if Wilson’t people lied about it? Exactly like the FOPA (aka HR4332 of May 1986) passing by a voice vote at 30 seconds to midnight except VIDEO evidence shows it did NOT pass but, signed into law by Pres. Reagan, it is still held valid in the courts. Our government lies. Manipulates data, and information flow and the mainstream media is complicit in this. It is quite likely that the “massacre” at Sandy Hook elementary was indeed a put-on. A staged exercise with professional actors brought in to portray anguished parents (several of them also showed up in other “tragedies” before and after), the media-government complex, willing to do ANYthing to disarm, to enslave “We the People,” pushing the agenda on a 24 hour news cycle day in day out and you know what? We’re not buying it. More people are in FAVOR OF firearms ownership – of all types – now than before this event. I’ll cling bitterly to my guns and my bible for now, and watch how this turns out.

  30. This is honestly the best news I have heard in the last two years. Thank god this is finally going through. Bring forth every piece of evidence that should exist and you will find this was all a fraud against our country and no children died December 14th 2012

  31. Absolutely Mr Shanley is a hero. The truth needs to come out and this scam needs to be put to an end. God bless him?.
    There are people making rude comments here, but we know why they are doing it! I will pray for truth and justice to come foreword???

  32. One problem, how does Shandley demonstrate he is an injured party? Why should he be the one to collect punitive damages? He’d have to demonstrate that before even getting around to proving SH was a fraud. This will be thrown out before he gets the opportunity.

    1. He was terrorized by falsely represented lies from the media. When orson welles did his war of the worlds radio broadcast people killed themselves and that was just 1 man in 1 hour, this was organized and is still ongoing!. Many people around the world were damaged by this farce and could easily claim damages, furthermore, he is asking for punitive damages not compensatory with a good plan to create citizen oversight of the media. There will be plenty of time for the millions of other people who donated or were damaged to sue these companies and charities right out of business and take everything including their freedom. They forfeited that when they committed a treasonous act against the people and the world. And in a conspiracy, RICO would apply, implicating everyone equally that contributed to that treason!

      1. By the way z mims – I recently heard a special on the orson welles story on the radio. He had very few listeners that night – it was the equivalent of PBS and maybe his share was in the low digits. Yet the mythology of the story is that Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea were tuned in. Part of his showmanship. The suicides? Another invention.

        1. That’s funny, I have no knowledge of it but I was just speculating that the response we were told was fake when I read your comment. They have been toying with us for so long…

    2. You are right. We have all been terrorized by these events, so he is far from unique. “Intentional infliction of emotional distress” is a tort which usually has high standard of proof. Some simple garden variety injuries? Being defrauded of contributions made to victims. Taxpayer lawsuits that complain about additional expenses to your schools don’t usually work. It’s such a political kind of argument. But the handouts to victims when they pass the hat – I’d think that would count for something. It’s true that agencies like the Red Cross take a big rake-off for salaries, but at least they really collect blood and hand out blankets to flood victims. So a fraudulent charity – that’s something injurious. If someone went farther and turned over a significant estate to the charities, that kind of thing – well, maybe that’s something that would not be thrown out of court.

      These fraudsters did not spring out of the earth. They must have a history of deception. They’ve been working at it, may have burned other people in the past. But with their false identities it is hard to tell where they have operated all this time, and where they are today.

  33. Reply to: Dave, Rick and Lynn

    Wolfgang Halbig has not published “äll of the documents” he has or says he has on his website The following message appears on the “Contact Us” page of his website.

    “Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us to request more information about our products and services or to provide feedback about our website.”

    I have sent email messages three times (see below) since 12-16-14 to his website offering help to improve his website, asking for information about the products and services that he offers on his website, and asking him to post his copies of the FOIA requests he says he has made pertaining to the event that occurred in Newtown CT on 12-14-12.

    As of this date I have had no responses from him or his web designer regarding these contacts. I suggest you try to make contact with him through his website (as he has not made his personal email address available) and see if you get a response.

    It appears his website is exclusively a method to generate revenue and nothing else.
    Sent on or about 12-16-14

    Have your webmaster make the changes below on your SandyHookJustice website.
    Change email address and value as necessary.
    It is currently a $10 donate button.
    Change the “Buy Now” button to “Donate”.
    Move the “Donate” button to top of page.

    Sent 12-19-14

    Would you please send me more information about your products and services.
    December 23, 2014

    Mr. Habig,

    I have tried to send you emails through your website on 12-16-14 and 12-19-14. I am not sure my emails are reaching you.
    I have been following your progress on the news since your first formal interview.
    I applaud you for concentrating on the facts of the event.
    I have visited your website since its inception when it had little more than a LOGO at the top.
    I have read the complete text of four sections of the parsed police report you received from two unnamed police officers as well as all of the other articles posted on your website.
    You have added new information sporadically, but there has been no new information for the past couple of months.
    According to the last interview I heard featuring you, you said you had incurred costs of approximately $15,000 while making FOIA Requests and you had approximately $9,000 available cash in hand.
    With the recent passing of the second anniversary of the event and news of the lawsuit filed on
    February 13, 2014 by family members of nine victims, there has been a large amount of new information that people could benefit from by adding this information to your website.
    I listened to you debate Keith Johnson of AmericanFreePress on Infowars.
    Toward the end of this interview, Mr. Johnson asked you to post all FOIA Requests you have made regarding your investigation into the event on your website
    Your response was for any interested parties to contact the Offices where these Requests were filed and the Offices would mail copies to them.
    Being aware of the effort and expense to make FOIA Requests, it is a remote possibility that any significant number of concerned citizens will make such requests.
    Since you made these requests and surely made and possess hard copies of these requests, the most expeditious way to make these requests public would be for you to post these requests on your website.

  34. I am still a little puzzled as to why those bringing the lawsuit are so convinced that the Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in 2008. Sorry to bring this up again, but anyone using this assertion as a premise will have to explain these photos, supposedly taken in the 2011-2012 school year:
    Here are some 160+ photos of Sandy Hook students, including some of the teachers and children involved in the “shooting”. There are clearly some photoshopped images here, but are all these photos completely fabricated from whole cloth? All of these images are publicly available, so the question remains: who’s kids are these? If they had used old photos from the school, someone would surely have noticed their kids portrayed as current elementary school students. So did they bring in hundreds of unknown child actors for this photo shoot? Really? Kind of a stretch, don’t you think?

  35. The plaintiff should donate a symbolic sum of money to one of the fraudulent Sandy Hook charities to make his damages more tangible. Unfortunately, the compromised US courts will be looking for ways to quickly throw out these cases.

  36. One of the plaintiffs should be a business or a school which as a result of the Sandy Hook hoax made substantial investments into added security, such as surveillance and security guards. When you show some tangible damages it will be more difficult for the corrupt judges to throw out the cases.

    1. Excellent suggestions, if anyone is listening. Otherwise failure is assured, along with adverse publicity about mentally unstable truthers, so that those who have not been paying much attention can be reminded that our leaders are the parents we should cling to in uncertainty.

  37. I applaud Shanley’s enthusiasm and bravado and admire his courage, but I am afraid that he is going to get crushed in this case. His complaint will be dismissed at the earliest opportunity.
    Shanley doesn’t know what he’s doing. He didn’t suffer any damages, he doesn’t have standing, and many of the defendants have nothing to do with Sandy Hook. He doesn’t appear to have any idea how to run a trial or know anything about civil procedure. And how is he going to pay for it? If he deposes witnesses, that’s going to cost him several hundreds of dollars per hour.
    If he’s the lucky, the complaint will simply be dismissed. If he’s unlucky the judge will call it frivolous and order him to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees for the other side, which might very well bankrupt him.

    The better way to approach SH in a trial would have been to start with something small, such as challenging the tax-exempt status of various charities, or asking if the local county collected the proper property tax on the dummy house sales, or finding a local plaintiff.

    There’s not going to be any progress in SH until we get real researchers who spend time gathering physical evidence of all the anomalies here and interviewing locals – birth records, photographs, school records, records on the phony parents and victims, that sort of thing. Instead, everyone seems to think the case can be solved just by googling stuff on the internet and posting youtube videos.

    1. All good ideas, except anyone researching on the local level would most likely be arrested, convicted and jailed for “harassing” public employees if they had to ask for the information more than once.

    2. Just another example of how the people in the USA are living behind the glass curtain. Very similar to the iron curtain of old, but we can see out, we think, maybe. Some say the glass curtain is made from screens of old television sets, others claim its made from paid off propagandists. Sure wish we could actually see it so we could point it out better to the general public like Shanley hoped to do. They say any who attempt to touch the glass curtain will die. So it goes…

  38. Has this claim been validated with the US District Court of Connecticut? The link provided takes me to PACER for which I do not have access. I was able to access an alleged copy of US District Court of Connecticut Shanley -vs- Smith Complaint from another site. However, I’m not familiar with Connecticut’s court system therefore cannot validate the document. Real or just another distraction?

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