Carver_CrashResearchers Contest Censorship of Video Documentary

By Independent Media Solidarity and Tyranny News Network

On November 30, 2014 Independent Media Solidarity, a collective of independent researchers and video producers, released its groundbreaking documentary, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. The two-and-three-quarter hour presentation lays out compelling evidence and analyses suggesting that the December 14, 2012 Newtown shooting was an emergency exercise presented by government, law enforcement, and major media as a genuine event.

Shortly after the film began gaining traction via YouTube and Vimeo, it was taken down after one “Lenny Pozner” filed copyright infringement complaints with both web outlets. When WNTTASH was retrieved and uploaded by other YouTube channels, YouTube likewise censored the video under the same rationale.

IMS is now attempting to set the record straight by petitioning YouTube that not only does Mr. Pozner lack valid copyright to any of the audio-visual materials used in the film, but that “Lenny Pozner” appears to be an alias used by an unknown individual seeking to perpetuate the Sandy Hook hoax. Since YouTube does not provide a way for its users to make such a detailed counterclaim, IMS is asking that YouTube make We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook available again on its site and restore the channels cancelled because of the fallacious copyright claims.-JFT

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29 thought on “An Open Message to YouTube Management”
  1. Don’t know if there is any relationship, as I am relatively new to whole drama, but when watching an interview at St. Rosa of Lima I noticed the priest and a Mike Cuppola spoke. Don’t know what Mike did/does for a living but he mentioned he has 3 children. Are you aware a young Mike Cuppola (age 17 in 2009) from CT, won the first US Cyber Challenge? What sealed the deal was his ability to break into the scoring system to award himself 10,000 extra points. He is an expert in hacking and developing cyber systems ….

    1. Hmmm…I wonder if he was the one who was able to win the lottery so many times for certain people?
      Anyway, I read that it was a felony for Lenny P. Osner or whatever alias he goes by to file those copyright claims under an alias. True?

    2. I believe they said he was the “property administrator” (never heard of one before).

      I wonder of the son’s activity made Dad proud? It’s probably a community ethic. Play to win.

      There was a story about a former high school security guy/I.T. teacher, who took “Adam” and Ryan under his wing. They were supposed to have won a major prize for a video they made. I looked but could find no record of it.

      I’m beginning to think that they keep a full-time staff of writer busy just dreaming up story lines for this. The church renditions are reminiscent of Gene’s many variations on a theme.

      It makes me wonder if the chemtrail in the sky was the first indication that they were in “lockdown”? “Shelter in place” seems the Pavlovian reaction to “you’re in lockdown”. No further explanations needed.

    1. The obvious and immediate question that comes to mind of everyone in my generation is whether this guy is related to Francis Ford Coppola, the director of The Godfather and many other movies. (But cursory googling on my part did not turn up a connection.)

      1. Mike Coppola from St. Rose of Lima Church fame owns the ice cream shop down the road from the church. Holy Cow Ice Cream Shop is sponsored by St. Rose of Lima. This week I’m in a location with limited access to reliable Internet, but I came across a Newtown Patch article about this guy. Could not the read the whole thing before the screen froze, but I believe the rest of the story alluded to this Coppola having another profession not related to ice-cream. There is a person with the same name working for Danbury News Times.

  2. Remember that video I posted that starred Mary Maloney and the Monsignor Weiss that claimed he did, and then didn’t, and then did enter the FBI crime scene at SHE?

    I just stumbled across this video where a you tuber Rock Mason uses the same basic video but with some longer clips. It has 4 parts.

    The guy named Mike Coppola claims when he violated the “lockdown” he saw a cross in the sky. It’s really 2 chemtrails that look like a Cross ( about 7:14)…weird, as with every facet of these controlled demolitions..

    Here’s the link

    1. Jeff C. — off topic, but I was thinking of your Kevin Annett video tonight when I came across the following. Thought you’d be interested, and if you have the time to listen to the whole thing, the discussion touches on a lot more than the title suggests — global control via technotronics, for example. Thanks for all your hard work.

      ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication

    2. And MAJOR thanks to Jeff C. and the entire WNTTASH crew! Thanks also for all your video work while enduring unending shill attacks and Google strikes. Trying to get the truth out is not for the weak and faint of heart.

    3. Thank you, Jeff C. Google is feeling no pain. They are expanding on Los Angeles’ west side and leasing a 300,000+ sq. ft. building, the site where Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose was built during WW2. They also bought 12 acres near by on prime land and expect to employ 6,000 people at these facilities. Real estate is predicted to increase greatly in the area as the employees will need places to live. Housing prices there are already sky high.

    4. Jeff C, this is not American to have someone with 36,000 followers taken off the air based on the “claims” of a single person. This is clearly censorship. What is the specific copyright claim being made?

      1. I agree. This is outrageous. Can you take your stuff elsewhere, Jeff C.–e.g., put up mirror sites? (I’m sure that is a colossal pain, and maybe it is too late.)

        Has YouTube responded to Peter’s letter?

        Should we all write similar letters to complain?

  3. Big thanks to Dr. Tracy for running with this and sharing with all of the intelligent readers here. When a person files a counter-claim to restore a video for whatever reason it requires they provide their legal name, phone number and address. Because of this, many were likely discouraged or didn’t know about the counter-claim process in the first place. So, few counter-claims were filed. I’ve seen with my own eyes the text of a private group discussing how they were successful in collecting some background info on people who had filed counter-claims. So, we know that is at least one purpose for issuing the initial claim.

    This campaign of distributing and promoting a single, unified request to restore these videos and channels is the best idea we could come up with to address the issue in one fell swoop. If anything, as the numbers hosting this video grows if YouTube doesn’t respond they will be saddled with some obvious bad PR. It’s one thing to get bad press when sued by another corp., but when it’s about the tiny YouTube user that’s going to be seen as more relatable.

    If anyone would like to help by loading it to their YouTube channel, just email us at and we’ll send instructions and a link to the raw video file. If there are any big updates, I’ll return to post them. Thanks again.

    1. Is it possible to use the name of, say, an unincorporated association (e.g., “Friends of the Truth”), and give a P.O. box as an address?

      Can you email me (or post here) YouTube’s actual terms and conditions?

      The Dark Side fudges such identification requirements routinely. I was in a handful of water cases against the Aspen Ski Company in the 1990’s, and tried to find out who they were. The company was a partnership of two entities, MKDG I and MKDG II. So I looked into the composition of MKDG I, and found it was a partnership of MKDG III and MKDG II. I looked into the partnership of MKDG II and found it was a partnership of MKDG I and MKDG III. Just a shell game.

      Years later I figured out MKDG stood for “Miller Klutznick Davis Gray” (the “Davis” being Marvin Davis).

      (And, although I get off point with this, I had been told that the Aspen Ski Company had been or then was owned by the Crown family of Chicago. Henry Crown was an organized crime figure. This family also owns or owned General Dynamics, the war profiteer which was given its initial boost by LBJ and was instrumental in our entry into the Vietnam war, as well as every war since.)

  4. If Mary says ” she will never forget” then why does she have to read each and every word. If you remember and always will, why are notes needed to be read from. This is a script.

  5. The latest – the FBI – funded by us, will establish 30,000 armed noodniks to combat the legacy of Adam Lanza around the country. Couldn’t this be handled less expensively at the local level? Also, how much did the drill at SH cost all together? Does anyone have a guess?

    As to wonderful docu on SH, I told a friend to watch, very intelligent, who thought it was put out by the anti-gun control crowd. I had to laugh when she told me that.

    1. So much of this effort to train and upgrade protocols is simply a grab for funding. It also acts as an automatic response to anyone who complains that LEO should go straight in before assessing the situation. That’s one of the big differences this training involves. Although, cops all over will say the protocol hasn’t changed a bit. Then there’s always the government’s assurances that they are the perfect solution to any problem. Lastly, it helps to enforce the notion that there was a shooting at Sandy Hook in the first place. I’m still not sure if there was.

      I have no idea how much the drill cost in this case, but I have seen some figures for other drills. None were comprehensive. I’d guess the drill’s cost was just a tiny fraction of what the operation in total cost. I don’t know how far back it started and aren’t sure it’s ended yet.

  6. Speaking of federal funding – just when we thought things in Connecticut could not get any stranger – it did. A national park in Connecticut, not a state park, requires federal funding – that bottomless money pit.

    When we think of national parks, places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Everglades and Olympic come to mind. Who’s going to pack up the family wagon for a vacation in Hartford when locals can’t wait to leave come vacation time?

    They will have guided tours forever branding into fragile minds the horror guns caused on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, some 50 miles away.

  7. From what I’ve seen of the documentary, they might very well be doing us a favor by censoring it. It is so poorly put together, it would make absolutely no sense to anyone who wasn’t already aware of the facts that demonstrate SH was a hoax.

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