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David Mathisen is this week’s guest on Real Politik, which airs on Truth Frequency Radio every Wednesday at 6:00PM EST. This article was inspired in part by our discussion.-JFT

In the 1998 film The Truman Show, whenever Truman begins to analyze anomalous evidence suggesting that his “big picture” view of the world he inhabits might be completely incorrect and in need of serious revision, the “voice of society” always arrives on the scene as rapidly as possible in order to “prevent any breach” to the false and illusory worldview.

Sometimes this voice comes in the form of one of his friends, or his wife, but one of the most pervasive (and most powerful) defenders of the illusion comes in the form of the media, represented in the movie by the omniscient, ever-present, soothing voice of the radio news commentator.

In the above clip, for instance, a stage light (evidently one used to simulate an extremely important star in Truman’s artificial night sky) has plummeted from the bubble-like dome in which Truman is unknowingly imprisoned and crashed into the street, to Truman’s astonishment. It constitutes a glaring piece of “anomalous evidence” that, if not “glossed over” immediately, could completely shatter the illusory worldview that is being offered to Truman in order to deceive him and to control his life.*

As Truman gets into his car, still puzzling over what he has just witnessed, the omnipresent voice of the radio announcer comes on to declare, “Here’s a news flash just in — an aircraft in trouble began shedding parts as it flew over Seahaven just moments ago . . . Wow! Luckily, no one was hurt — but hey! How do you feel today?”

It is not much of a stretch to argue that The Truman Show can in many ways be seen as a metaphor exploring mind control (keeping people under control not through the use of force but through controlling their mind and what they are “allowed” to think), as well as the process of breaking out of mind control, and waking up to consciousness.

If so, then this exchange with the falling ceiling light (it is actually a “star” light) is most illuminating (ha!), because it illustrates the process of analysis and critical thinking which Truman begins to undertake as he encounters a piece of evidence which undermines the “big picture” (or paradigm, or world-view) to which he had previously subscribed: a process which, we can deduce from this scene, is absolutely essential to “waking up.”

The scene also illustrates the forces which are deployed by the defenders of that paradigm to prevent the escape of those who are trapped within it —  forces very much opposed to unfettered analysis and critical thinking. This episode from the film seems to be telling us that among the most important of these forces arrayed against critical thinking and consciousness is that entity known as the media, represented by the voice on the radio, which can be understood more broadly to represent the many voices not just on the radio but in all the different forms that the media generally takes, including televised news and related shows discussing and debating current events, “history-channel-style” documentaries — all of which can be seen as being more prone to telling viewers and listeners how to interpret what they see in the world around them than to inviting men and women to examine the evidence for themselves and apply analysis and critical thinking to see what that evidence might be trying to tell them.

The calm but friendly voice of authority coming out of Truman’s radio tells him how to interpret the mystery of the smoking stage light in the middle of his street, shutting down consideration of all the other possible explanations (some of which would undoubtedly lead Truman right out of the illusion in which he has been kept his entire life).

This situation is very much analogous to the pattern seen over and over again in a Sherlock Holmes (or Scooby Doo) mystery: a crime has been committed, “the authorities” already have their theory and they are announcing it as if the conclusion is obvious and the case is already settled, the insightful Sherlock Holmes (or gang of kids with their comical dog) shows up on the scene and begins to examine the evidence and ask whether it might suggest some other possible explanations, and “the authorities” get very upset and generally try to run the newcomers (Sherlock Holmes, or Scooby and the gang) off the scene and if possible right out of town.

The authorities, whoever they might be, are always ready to foist an explanation for the evidence on those who are not willing to do the analysis for themselves — and often it is an explanation which covers up the conclusion which, if pursued too far, would tend to undermine or even explode some of the questionable dealings or downright criminal activities (including the violation of the natural inherent rights of other men and women) which those same authorities would rather keep well out of sight.

From the foregoing, it is evident that critical analysis forms a powerful antidote to mind control.

What is this process of critical analysis which is so inimical to the power of mind control and illusion, and how do we practice it? At its most fundamental level, it is simply the process of examining the evidence for yourself (rather than taking the interpretation dished out to you) and asking what are all the possible explanations for this evidence? In the example from The Truman Show, for instance, Truman can almost be seen running through the possible explanations as he cautiously creeps up to the alien light-fixture. There are many possible explanations — including the one that is offered by the “all-knowing” voice on the radio (the voices promoting the conventional interpretation will often cloak themselves in the aura of absolute certainty and confidence, implying that no other explanation could possibly be entertained).

The second part of the process is to ask which of those hypotheses seems to fit the evidence the best — and then to look at whether there is other evidence which can help to evaluate the fit of each hypothesis. One data point, such as the light fixture, can usually be explained fairly well by many different hypotheses — but other evidence will usually help to “fill in the picture” more clearly. In the case of the light fixture, the radio voice’s explanation of “an aircraft in trouble, shedding parts” seems to be at least as likely as the possibility that Truman is actually the victim of an elaborate constructed artificial reality involving a gigantic dome containing sophisticated lighting fixtures capable of simulating daytime, nighttime, and even starlight and constellations. But when he starts to evaluate the hypotheses in light of additional “data points” (such as the observation that the same pedestrians and Volkswagens keep going past his driveway in the same order every several minutes), the hypothesis that he is living inside of a gigantic artificial construct begins to look less and less ridiculous and more and more likely.

This is the same process of comparing all the possible hypotheses against multiple data points that can be seen in most mystery stories, such as those featuring Sherlock Holmes or Scooby Doo. The more data points, the better the analyst is able to compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various possible explanations — and hence the extreme importance devoted to “looking for clues” in such mystery stories. The same holds true in the many other areas in which we have to exercise the process of analysis and critical thought in our lives, whether assessing the possible cause of an engine that won’t start, or assessing the possible courses of action an enemy commander will take in a battlefield scenario, or assessing the possible causes of an ailment or a disease, or any of a number of other situations in which we are very comfortable exercising this type of thinking.

Sadly, however, there seem to be many important areas in which we are encouraged to reject certain hypotheses without even considering them — areas in which we are actually encouraged to ridicule anyone who even explores the way in which those hypotheses might fit the evidence at hand! A moment’s reflection will bring many such “forbidden” areas to mind: hypotheses to explain anomalies surrounding the conventional explanations of certain extremely violent and traumatic political events of recent decades, for example, or hypotheses to explain the evidence that the timeline and contours of ancient human history may in fact be very different from the conventional storyline that we have been led to believe (and which is constantly reinforced by a host of “Truman’s radio” voices in university textbooks, National Geographic specials, and articles in respectable newspapers and magazines, whether online or in print).

Armed with the understanding of the inimical relationship between mind control and critical analysis that we have gained from this brief examination of the scene in The Truman Show, we can immediately perceive that the areas in which some hypotheses are “off limits” and immediately glossed over by the “voices on the radio” acting to keep us from thinking about them are probably the very areas in which mind control is being exercised over men and women, to try to keep them inside of a “Truman’s dome,” so to speak. They are areas in which open-minded analysis and critical thinking — so natural in other areas of our lives — might lead to “waking up,” and the perception of the outlines of the carefully constructed, sophisticated illusion.

For whatever reason, people who would never allow a stranger to confidently tell them “You cannot — must not — consider that possible explanation for why your engine won’t start” will happily go along with the “voices of authority” who tell them they cannot and must not consider all the possible explanations for other areas of equal or even far greater import than an engine that refuses to start (and an engine that refuses to start is pretty important, but these other areas are many times more important than that!).

Those are the areas in which we should suspect the presence of mind control. Those are the areas in which critical thinking and good analysis become vitally important.

Such thinking constitutes a powerful tool against mind control, and a doorway out of the “dome of illusion” under which we struggle to wake up, to perceive, to transcend the artificial barriers which can only hold us if we lend them our consent and our “belief.”

The fact that the ceiling light which plummets so dramatically into Truman’s world, like a messenger from outside of everything he believes to be real, is labeled “SIRIUS (9 CANIS MAJOR),” cannot possibly be an accident or a coincidence (OK, it could possibly be an accident or a coincidence, which was just unthinkingly inserted into the movie on a piece of masking tape written by some prop designer without any premeditation on the part of the writers of the movie; that is a possible hypothesis, but as we will see from a couple adjacent data points, that is not a very likely hypothesis at all).

That this visitor from outside of the “material construct” which Truman takes to be “his whole world” and “all that exists” is labeled with the name of the brightest “fixed star” in the heavens, the star in fact who was anciently associated with the goddess Isis, this unexpected messenger who arrives to help Truman to “wake up” and achieve a higher level of consciousness, ultimately leading to his transformation and his escape from imprisoning illusion, suggests that the creators of The Truman Show were very deliberately tapping into extremely ancient and extremely powerful mythological symbols which I believe were originally designed to point men and women towards “waking up” and seeing beyond both mind control and illusion.

In fact, immediately before Truman’s world is split apart by this visitor from the realm of the stars, he is accosted by a dog named Pluto (the dog’s name is stated twice, once by his owner, and once by Truman himself). The dog (a big dalmatian) gets up on Truman and places its forepaws on Truman’s torso, so that it is basically standing up on its hind legs. Below is an image of the constellation Canis Major, which means “The Big Dog,” the constellation which contains the brilliant star Sirius in its shoulder:

image: Wikimedia commons (link).

As can be seen from the row of black discs or circles, descending in size, along the bottom of the above star chart, the individual stars in charts like this are drawn as larger or smaller discs to indicate their relative brightness in the night sky: Sirius is shown as an enormous circle because Sirius is the single brightest star in the heavens, to an observer on earth (other than the sun).

The fact that a dog named Pluto gets up into the same posture displayed by the outline of the constellation Canis Major immediately before a light fixture bearing the words “SIRIUS (9 CANIS MAJOR)” plummets to the street can be interpreted as a fairly direct hint that the creators of The Truman Show are trying to direct our attention to this part of the sky.

If we look upwards in the direction that the constellation is “leaning” (if it were actually a big dog, leaning against someone the way Pluto leans against Truman) we see that just up and to the right of the “forepaws” of Canis Major is the constellation of Orion — you can easily make out his distinctive belt of three bright stars in the upper-right corner of the chart above. Orion was anciently associated (very strongly associated) with the Egyptian god of the underworld, Osiris: the god of the dead, the consort of Isis, and an incredibly important figure in esoteric tradition.

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that, by having the big dog rear up and place his paws on Truman the way they do, the creators of The Truman Show are implying that Truman at this point in the movie is enacting the role of Osiris, or that he is at this point trapped in the condition of Osiris. What might that imply? That he is “cast down” in an underworld (and, living as he does inside a dome, Truman does indeed exist in an underworld). That he is asleep (Osiris and other Osirian figures were often banished to a cave beneath the waves, to sleep away the eons until their promised return). That he is unconscious — even, in a sense, “dead,” because he is not really living. The remainder of the film will illustrate Truman’s process of waking up, of “rising from the dead,” of “raising up the Djed column that has been cast down” (the Djed column is a powerful symbol of ancient Egyptian mythos, associated with the “backbone of Osiris,” and discussed in numerous previous posts, including this one).

The fact that the dog who gets up on Truman during this point of identification with Osiris is named “Pluto” is another major clue supporting the above interpretation: in addition to being a famous dog in the worlds created by that master of illusion and artifice, Walt Disney, Pluto is of course the name of the fearsome god of the underworld in the mythology of the ancient Latins, the god corresponding to the Greek Hades, the ruler of the dead and a fitting pointer to the entire underworld theme of Osiris outlined above.

If we need any further confirmation that The Truman Show is consciously and deliberately invoking these ancient myth-symbols, and doing so in a manner that demonstrates a high level of understanding of their power and import, we can take a look at the camera angle selected for the moment that Truman tentatively (or should we say, reverently?) approaches the light labeled Sirius and reaches out to touch it (see the video beginning at 0:47 in the above clip, and observe the chosen camera angle from that point until 0:58 or 0:59).

Notice anything significant about it? Truman is deliberately framed in between two pillars. This symbology is of course quite directly evocative of the scriptures of the Old Testament and the pillars of the Temple. It is also, according to the analysis of Alvin Boyd Kuhn offered in his masterful 1940 text Lost Light, symbolic of the “two pillars of the horizon” between which men and women labor in this incarnate existence, and hence symbolic of the “horizontal line” on the Cross symbol: the horizontal line of our material side, of our animal nature, as opposed to the “vertical line” of the spiritual component (see some of the discussion and Alvin Boyd Kuhn quotations in this previous post entitled “New Year’s and the Egyptian Book of the Dead,” for example, for further development of this topic).

The Temple, of course, can be associated with the human body in this incarnate life on earth, and the body is in fact plainly called “the temple” in some of the New Testament scriptures (both in the words of Jesus in passages such as John 2:19, and the words of Paul in passages such as 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 6:19, and 2 Corinthians 6:16) — this lends further confirmation to the interpretation that the “two pillars” refer to “this incarnate life.”

We have seen that this horizontal line of the Cross, between the pillars of the equinoxes, represents “the Djed column cast down,” or Osiris laid out as a mummy upon a funerary bed or in a sarcophagus, just as the vertical line represents “the Djed column raised back up.” Ancient mythology thus implied that our being “cast down” into this “underworld” of incarnation, this “vale of tears,” this world of illusion (in which we falsely believe that the world we see around us is all that there is, when in fact there is a “real world which is behind this one,” just as there is in The Truman Show) is somehow a necessary step on our way towards raising the Djed back up, transcending the material, piercing the illusion, escaping the bonds of death or sleep or unconsciousness.

In fact, the use of Osirian imagery seems to be a deliberate symbol inserted into films which have to do with transcending the illusion, or breaking out of mind control (see previous discussions of the recent 2014 film Interstellar and of the 1968 classic Planet of the Apes). It may be said to be a kind of signal to alert us that what we are watching may well have something to say about the journey that each and every man and woman must make through this “underworld kingdom,” and the important task of seeing through the veils of illusion and perceiving the truth, and raising the Djed that has been cast down.

It should be evident that doing so requires us to take personal responsibility for analyzing and thinking for ourselves — to tune out the voices that tell us to accept (like a child) their illusory authority, and their “settled” interpretation of all of the most important matters. This seems to imply that no one else can “wake up for us” — we have to do it ourselves (because if we simply accept the interpretation of someone else who has “woken up” on their authority, without examining the evidence and weighing the hypotheses and making the decision for ourselves, then we are still in pretty much the same condition that we were before, only substituting one authority for another).

Critical thinking and analysis are absolutely indispensable tools against mind control and for human consciousness.

* a “gloss” is a literary term for a helpful definition that is written above a word in a text from another language — medieval monks in England, for instance, would sometimes write the English translation for an unfamiliar Latin word in a Latin text, to make it easier for them or the next reader who came to that word (so they wouldn’t have to “look it up” again — the definition was written right there above the word, or in the margin). Thus, to “gloss” something means to define it, or translate it: and to “gloss over” something is to “define away” any unfavorable meaning, or to “translate it” in a way favorable to some agenda. This usage of the word “gloss” shows just how powerful the control of language really is: controlling the words one uses and how they are defined often enables controlling the way people think (as George Orwell tried to tell us). 

Of course, a “glossary” is a collection of “glosses,” just as an “aviary” is a collection of birds or a “bestiary” is a collection of animals — a “glossary” is a collection of short, handy definitions of words. 

David Warner Mathisen is the author of The Undying Stars: The Truth That Unites the World’s Ancient Wisdom and the Conspiracy to Keep It From You (2014) and The Mathisen Corollary: Connecting the Global Flood with the Mystery of Mankind’s Ancient Past (2011). He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and Texas A&M University, and resides in California. Additional writings and information are accessible at The Mathisen Corollary.

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38 thought on “Analysis: Against Mind Control, For Human Consciousness”
  1. James and David, absolutely profound analysis here. Thank you. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall as you shared your conversation. The connections revealed are very astute.

    The subject matter reminded me of my favorite quote on the subject of consciousness:

    ” Common sense, creativity, ethics, intuition, memory and reason. These can be exploited individually as a justification for ideology; or imprisoned in the limbo of abstract concepts. Or they can be applied together, in some sort of equilibrium, as the filters of public action.

    The virtue of uncertainty is not a comfortable idea, but then a citizen-based democracy is built upon participation, which is the very expression of permanent discomfort. The corporatist system depends upon the citizen’s desire for inner comfort. Equilibrium is dependent upon our recognition of reality, which is the acceptance of permanent psychic discomfort. And the acceptance of psychic discomfort is the acceptance of consciousness.”

    [John Ralston Saul, The Unconscious Civilization]

    Nice to see your comments on the importance of words and their meanings. I sometimes think the meaning behind words is the biggest mystery of the world and existence.

    It reminded me of Alan Watts, in The Wisdom of Insecurity, where he ponders that in language we are beholding God. “The Meaning behind thoughts and words. Naturally the Meaning is meaningless, because unlike words, it does not have a meaning but is meaning. By itself a tree is meaningless, but it is the meaning of the word ‘tree.'”

    Very deep indeed! I will look forward to the next episode of Real Politik. Again, thanks, the article went quite well with my morning coffee.

    1. Thank you Bev for your feedback and positive comments. Those are certainly some tremendous quotations to contemplate! Ultimately, we are also talking about “seeing connections” (both on what we might call the “spiritual level” as well as on what might be called the more “mundane” level of political events or daily life), which is a theme that certainly characterizes the Memory Hole project!

      1. David, you are most welcome

        As far as the potential of ‘seeing on a spiritual level’ the word, meaning and understanding of ‘Chazchazit’ describes my life experience with the experiential. It demanded of me to expend great inner moral effort to accomplish it, but then it demanded more than 30 years of intense study of our ancient history and some of the oldest dusty manuscripts that exist still today.

        I feel that I need to say no more and that you will understand on a much broader horizon, because I completely examined your site yesterday, read the first 3 chapters of your book and contemplated on your many writings and listened to your interview with James. Kant is important in the scheme of things. So glad to see your inclusion of him in your writings. We are definitely on the same page in a searching journey.

        I commend you on all your efforts to reveal the wisdom of the past, the stars, the cosmos, the astro-theological/astrological and the Bible. Actually you and James make quite a duo: you take care of exposing the truth of the spiritual/Universal/Cosmic level and James takes care of exposing truth on the mundane level. We couldn’t ask for any better use of ‘unifying’ energy than that.!

        The best of the day to you!

        1. Thanks Bev — I would argue that Professor Tracy and all the others on this site who “connect dots” can be seen to be operating in a spiritual level as well, or at least on a level beyond material, in that all connections require “making a leap” across a void between two things or two concepts — the “A-ha moment.” And what is the sound “A-ha” if not an expression of the breath or the spirit?

          I wrote an essay in which I argued in this vein regarding metaphor and (if you like) poetry, but I believe the same logic applies to “seeing connections” in the “less poetic” aspects of our life as well (in fact, I even wrote a post in which I tried to apply the same idea to changing a sink’s plumbing!). See here:

          and here:

          But I appreciate your compliment!

  2. The Truman Show has been one of my favorite movies of all time, not just because of how Jim Carrey interprets his character, but how it does mimic our lives here with reference to product placement, consumerism, and the safe little suburbs where every house looks alike and every person thinks alike, all an illusion. In the end, he does break the bubble and get to move on, so hopefully shall we.

    1. Thanks for those insights! Yes, it is one of my favorites also — although when I first saw it I didn’t like it at all — it took me some time to really chew on it and digest it more! The more times I watch it now, the more I see in there! And yes, those “product placement” parts are both funny and “skewering” (if that’s a word). I’m glad you mentioned that aspect!

      1. And (forgot to mention) it is also one of my all-time favorites now as well, and certainly a remarkable performance by Jim Carrey as well. As I consider your comment about the “product placement” further, I realize it is not just an “aside” by the creators of that film, of course: the entire premise of the “Truman Show” portrayed within the film was a human life turned completely into “product placement” (with Truman as the main “product”). The film invites us to reflect on the degree to which that characterizes our efforts in this world as well — to what degree are all our energies spent in obtaining “products,” and turning our own landscapes into exercises in product placement!

  3. Want to get some connections between 9/11 and Sirius? Read S.K.Bain’s “The Most Dangerous Book in the World. So-called “Truthers” especially need to read it because they so often get lost in the unimportant details of the plot.

    1. Thank you for that — I was not aware of that book — in reading the table of contents available on the web I can see that it is exploring the ongoing use of very ancient symbols. This is something I discuss at the very end of my recent interview with Professor Tracy. I have placed some links and comments about that interview on my blog here as well:

  4. Very interesting post. I am always amazed at the ability for some people to be able to pick up on mythological/archetypal themes and symbols. I’m aware–I mean, I know these symbols (etc.) exist, I know what many of them mean of them, and I can see them once they’re pointed out, but left on my own, I’m about as blind as the next guy. Maybe it would help if I went back and read “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”?

    I stumbled on an interesting series available for streaming on Netflix called “Black Mirror”. It’s a British anthology series, kind of “sci-fi-ish”, (reminiscent of “The Twilight Zone”), each episode being about an hour long. There’s only six episodes total (and they aren’t related to each other anyway), so it’s not a great investment of time. Something to watch, if anyone’s inclined.

    1. Thanks for those comments — I have not heard of “Black Mirror” and may have the opportunity to watch one day. I would certainly agree that the Iliad and Odyssey are worth re-reading and re-reading! And are full of “esoteric” celestial metaphor of the type touched on in this essay as well. You may also find this index of links to my various online discussions of the esoteric celestial allegory operating within the ancient myths and sacred traditions to be helpful in learning more about this system, which I believe to be the ancient heritage of all humanity (just as the stars are equally available to all men and women and not the “property” of a select few or a specific “line”):

      1. Also, forgot to mention that I favor the English translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey by the late Professor Fagles. You can hardly go wrong with those, I believe! I had the opportunity to teach the Odyssey using the Fagles translation to cadets when I was an instructor in the Dept of English at the US Military Academy at West Point, and we had the pleasure of meeting Professor Fagles and hearing his thoughts on the subject of translations and the epics themselves.

  5. I think the Truman Show is based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave written in 380 B.C.

    I think the elite have known for millenia about man’s vulnerabilities and they have capitalized on that knowledge in every way.

    I would equate consciousness with truth. Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

    But people prefer the cave and not the true light.

    Forcing and controlling the masses into zombiehood is my expanded definition of torture, terrorism and violence. All of it takes place in the cyber world, not necessarily involving physical pain on the human body.

    “a crime has been committed, “the authorities” already have their theory and they are announcing it as if the conclusion is obvious ”

    This is the old “problem, reaction, solution” routine or loosely, the Hegelian dialectic.

    Problem is “the crime” is not committed, it is created. We the mind controlled become further zombiefied depending on how they show us “the crime.”

    It’s a slam-dunk set up to turn our critical thinking abilities off.

    I have a problem with what we decide is “evidence” or when we decide certain “data points” are “evidence” or how we decide certain “data points” are valid or true and accurate.

    I keep seeing problem with our “critical thinking” and our willingness to look at “all of the available evidence”, consider all hypotheses in relation to “the evidence”.

    We cannot get sure identities on people. We cannot get sure, true and accurate information yet we call this information “data points” or “evidence”. We are inconsistent from one false event we are analyzing to another false event in regard to the kinds of “evidence” we accept and what we think is questionable, needs further study or is unacceptable. Sometimes we accept video we get on a mainstream media news story and sometimes we seriously question video information. Same with still photos.

    As another example, I heard Dr. Fetzer relate on a recent show were he was the guest and Stu Webb was the host that he indicated that he accepted Michael Brown’s actions, behavior and circumstance before he was shot and implied that that was the basis of his assessment of the matter, and all of that information was given to us as part of the “official narrative”. I do not know why he finds those “data points” acceptable and not to be analyzes and questioned.

    This gets us into the idea that there really probably is no such thing as ethical neutrality. We all have our biases and no matter how great we are at logical thinking and critical thinking and analysis, we can “cherry pick” or suppress or ignore some of the “available evidence” in pursuing one hypothesis more vigorously or to the exclusion of others. We can even do this without our knowing it.

    I agree that we each have to search for truth on our own and do the best we can. The smarter a person is the better he is able to handle many data points and the better he can come to the right questions and the right hypotheses to explore. But still we have to seek truth on our own.

    Seeking truth requires great honesty within ourselves.

    1. Thank you for those insights — I agree that there are powerful forces arrayed against “critical analysis” and even against what we might call “human consciousness.” And, while those forces may have gained new tools in the modern era, it is interesting to note that it is also a problem which was specifically addressed in the 1700s by Immanuel Kant . . . and Thomas Jefferson!

    2. @dachsielady:

      Yes, The Truman Show (and this ‘Mathisen’ post) absolutely scream Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

      My initial and main reaction.

      My secondary reaction is how ‘polite’ Mathisen is.

      Too much politeness always bothers me.

      It reminds me of dog (and other animal) training and successful obedience school.

      Aarf consciousness.

      Ned Lud

      1. Thanks Ned Lud — sorry you are bothered by “politeness.” If that’s your only criticism of my work I guess it is one I can live with. Personally see no need to be disrespectful of others and in fact see much that is important in treating everyone else I encounter with respect for the fact that they are the “king” or “queen” of their own kingdom (that kingdom that is within the dome of their skull) and that the opinions and conclusions they make there are their own and proper to them, and to rush in and do violence to that process is a sort of invasion and overstepping of boundaries. Not to mention the fact that living in large groups of people in close quarters with one another, courtesy is a practical matter as well, in order to prevent actual physical violence from taking place every few minutes. On the internet, of course, where an immediate punch in the face is less likely to be the response to a rude comment, people tend to become a lot less civil, but I do not necessarily believe that is a healthy aspect of discourse. I would also point out that in the “Shaolin Temple” (yes, I realize that most of what we know about the Shaolin Temple is the stuff of myth and legend, but that does not make it any less useful to refer to it), where training in specific, efficient, and very effective application of the use of force was a huge part of their daily routine, courtesy and respect to others was given a very high importance, as was meditation on compassion. Finally, I don’t believe that using insulting or abrasive discourse really changes very many minds in the long run, and as a simply practical matter it is better to argue one’s point with respect rather than with disrespect towards another individual (or towards an audience “in general”). Most people prefer that, but if you prefer simple bluntness that’s fine with me. Come talk to me in person and I’ll be as blunt as you want.



    “I heard Dr. Fetzer relate on a recent show were he was the guest and Stu Webb was the host that he indicated that he accepted Michael Brown’s actions, behavior and circumstance before he was shot and implied that that was the basis of his assessment of the matter, and all of that information was given to us as part of the “official narrative”. I do not know why he finds those “data points” acceptable and not to be analyzes and questioned.”


    “I heard Dr. Fetzer relate on a recent show where he was the guest and Stu Webb was the host state his basis for believing that Michael Brown was a victim of gross police brutality, or disproportional response on the part of the policeman to Michael Brown’s behavior and circumstance. I really should listen to the show again but the archives is not available but one thing I recall for sure is that he states that Michael Brown was 125 feet away from the cop. That is 125 feet information is available in several YouTube videos, but the videos ARE NOT part of the “official narrative” but ARE A PART OF the “official narrative” of those who are protesting the shooting of Michael Brown.”

    I think those “125 feet videos” could be true videos and could give us valid information but, in line with the point I was trying to make, shouldn’t we analyze and examine that 125 feet data and those videos and the source of those videos?”

    There is also something about Michael Brown had his hands/arms held up when he was shot. USA Today reported that and other mainstream outlets, but there are witnesses and other “evidence” to say that whole “he had his hands up” story was false. Again this “hands up” idea seems to be part of the “official story of the protestors”, but does not seem to be a subject of critical analysis.

    I apologize for “getting my facts foxed” regarding Dr. Fetzer’s interview with Stu Webb. The recording should be available soon on

  7. Special thanks to Professor Tracy for having me on the show — I enjoyed our conversation very much and appreciate all he does to analyze and facilitate critical analysis of the very important events in the world around us. Also thanks for graciously posting my essay above here — glad that some people have found it of interest and I will try to reply to comments or questions as I get to them. Also, I have created a page with some links and discussion on my blog, related to the interview with Professor Tracy, here:

  8. It’s interesting to see “Truman’s” body language in that scene between the pillars and the low level of the camera. He’s very primitive in posture and it’s reminiscent of the ‘Dawn of Man’ scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Truman ‘apes’ the posture of the apes at the monolith and then stands erect and looks directly up at the sky where the light has fallen from (Sirius). The camera (and Trumans audience) moves to the “God’s Eye” POV and we see Truman looking directly up with a glimmer of awareness of a mystery, holding the light (or, similarly, the bone in Kubricks’ film). Kubrick never goes to the “God’s Eye” angle, but the ape does throw the bone up in the sky after he stands erect.

    I’m going to have to read one of Mathisen’s books because I’ve recently become fascinated with the mounting evidence that there existed a very advanced (ie. math, astronomy, architecture) civilization before the “flood”. I would encourage anyone on here to do a little research on the mathematics of the Pyramids, sites like Puma Punku or Gobekli Tepe or watch the ‘Banned’ TED talk from Jim Veira. If nothing else, it’s a break from the doom and gloom of too much conspiracy analyzing. And then of course you realize it dovetails nicely with your ‘conspiracy’ research when you realize…why does it seem like no one wants us to know any of this stuff?

    1. Excellent additional insights on that critical scene — thanks for adding those. And the reference to Kubrick is certainly pertinent and opens up a whole new field to contemplate on the subjects of “mind control” and “waking up.” Also, the frequent references to Kubrick’s _2001_ in the wake of this year’s _Interstellar_ I think are both useful and appropriate. I have written an essay on what I think are some pretty clear references to the ancient myths in _Interstellar_ which you can find here:

      Also, you may be interested in a short blog post I wrote mentioning _Leviathan_ here:

      Other discussions of _Moby Dick_ here:

      and here:

      Hope your interaction with the book(s) is positive, if you decide to check them out!

      In the meantime, there is a list of links to blog topics grouped by subject, including some of the subjects you’ve mentioned, here:

    1. that’s funny — I sense an affinity for dachsunds in your comments, for some reason! but your comment also raises a very serious point: the “outline” which we use to draw the constellation in our mind actually matters a great deal. The outline-system can either help to reveal the connection to the myths, or it can conceal and obscure it — and the systems that are often used are very un-helpful, a point which author H.A. Rey makes very clear in his essential text (still in print) _The Stars: A New Way to See Them_. There, he lays out a star-connection system for outlining the constellations that helps to open up the connections to ancient myth from around the world. I highly recommend using his method. The star chart above shows Canis Major using an outline which basically corresponds to that proposed by H.A. Rey. With some constellations, such as Virgo or Perseus or Aquarius (especially Aquarius), the outlining method which you will still find on most planetarium software and diagrams on the internet is simply terrible, and seems almost designed to deliberately obscure their central role in many important myths. In contrast, the H.A. Rey outlining of those constellations helps us to see the connection. For an example of this in action, you can check out some of the discussion here:

  9. Thank you, very nice indeed. In our analysis of the Sandy Hook episode, we talked extensively about “cognitive dissonance” and its role in controlling mass reactions.

    As Mr. Mathisen says, there is always the “soothing” narrative over the emotion-laden imagery. Often there are symbols either in the character’s placement or on elements of the scene.

    This takes advantage of a human reaction to order our world. When something emotionally disturbing or unnatural happens, the mind immediately searches for something to make the scene “normal”. In the case of manufactured productions, the role of “The Narrative” takes the place of inner thought. It is more comfortable to go with the narrative than to struggle with our own inner concepts of what we’re seeing.

    One of the signature characteristics of these manufactured events is the explanatory narrative coming almost instantly. As with Truman, those who seek to control can ill afford the luxury of critical thought.

    1. Thanks for these insights and I think the point you raise in the final paragraph bears repeating and “tacking up to the wall” of “distinguishing factors of the ‘sucker-punch’ move that seems to be used over and over.”

  10. Thanks, David, a very nice piece on critical thinking and cognitive dissonance.

    With regard to your small reference to “ancient history” (Plato didn’t live in 380 BC) here’s further reading (I suspect you are already aware)

    doubleTHINK: rethinking ancient & modern history: Anatoly Fomenko and the New Chronology

    And, regarding mythology, well there is actually more than likely truth in mythology, but misinterpreted by “modern scientists”. My best answer is a film available on youtube:

    ▶ Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary) – YouTube

    but if anyone has trouble viewing, I can provide a download link.

    The current deception of Sandy Hoax is not unique, but is just a small part of a continuing and long-enduring deception and a part of a long criminal conspiracy by “rulers” to keep their “subjects” under their thumb. And it has been working wonderfully until today, but I think that with the awareness caused by sharing on the internet, it is now doomed to failure.

    However, these people, (if that is what they are) will not go willingly into oblivion, and so there is a seemingly endless battle, but not the battle they would like us to believe is happening, but a battle to expose truth. No military power can permanently change lie into truth. The tide is changing.

    If the rabbit is continually taking your food, examining the rabbit hole is not suffering, and is necessary to eradicate the pest.

  11. Thanks for your comments —
    I do believe that current consensus has Plato’s dates running between 428BC and 327BC, which would include 380BC —
    But of course interested to hear hypothesis you may have about that subject . . .

    Regarding the “Symbols of an Alien Sky” hypothesis, I have been aware of it for some years and I do commend those who a) examine the ancient myths of humanity and assert their critical importance [I agree completely], b) see evidence that ancient history may be vastly different from what we’ve been told and recognize the huge implications of such an assertion [I again agree], and c) are willing to offer up an integrated hypothesis which explains some or much of the evidence [I think every hypothesis must be considered on its merits and never simply dismissed “out of hand,” which we all here would likely agree is often a symptom of someone trying to control someone else’s thinking]. I also believe that plasma examination and the “Electric Universe” theory are absolutely important and looking at something that needs much more recognition of its importance — you can use the internal search window in the upper-left corner of my blog to search for previous posts on “plasma” and “electric” to see some of my previous exploration of those subjects.

    That said, I don’t believe the “unusual alignments” theory (or the “all the myths come from a time that the planets were much closer and bigger in the sky” theory) is the best fit for the evidence. I have actually gotten into this not long ago in response to someone who asked me about it on facebook pages associated with my books, but I can’t find that thread now (a drawback of facebook, one of many of course). The main reasons are:
    1) I’m dubious on some of the physics that would be involved and think it might be problematic (Saturn much closer to earth, and aligned above our north pole, along with several other planets — huge forces involved — I’m not a physicist however, so can’t speak directly to it, but I just believe that the forces involved would be tremendously different than what we have now and would like to see that worked out further).

    and more importantly

    2) I have found extensive, extensive connections between myths from around the world and the stars and planetary motions that WE HAVE RIGHT NOW (I can’t use italics here, as far as I know, so forgive the all-caps — I would prefer italics there).

    But again, I commend those offering hypotheses in this vein and recommend the full investigation of that theory vs the evidence.

    1. Yeah, I kind of agree with David here as well. I’ve seen ‘Alien Sky’ a couple of times and found parts of it fascinating. I love paradigm breaking models…even just as an exercise.

      The part I found most compelling in ‘Alien Sky’ was the theory of an Electric Universe. The scarred surface of Mars compared with the electron microscope stuff is worth viewing by itself. There is so much we don’t know.

      When you look into a lot of this ancient civilization stuff, it reveals an awareness of ‘earth energies’ that we don’t seem to completely understand today. Equally compelling is the use of electro-magnetism in more modern applications in the vein of Nicola Tesla. Or simply, give a child a couple of magnets and watch the mystery unfold.

      One thing I kinda disagree with in THX’s cool post is that there might necessarily be some kind of ‘conspiracy’ to keep ancient knowledge from us. It seems equally likely that many things could have been known at one time and then lost, or even if they weren’t completely lost have been disinherited…

  12. Thanks David. I hope you did not misunderstand me. Its difficult to discuss the individual experience or the experiential in your own life versus cognition from the spiritual level. The latter which could define this site and all the people, including myself, is pertinent to the former because here we discuss a lot about the mental illness meme very much entrenched in the whole of society (intentionally of course.)

    Individual experience or the experiential is greatly complicated by the huge infusion into society that we are all crazy or mentally ill when many are experiencing spiritual evolution into full consciousness, such as my own experience. I could have thought I was going crazy but when there is nothing you can point at in the outer and say it caused this interference into consciousness, then you feel compelled to take a long journey to find out that ‘knowledge of ourselves’ was essentially compromised, revised and essentially buried.

    I complimented you because the truth about knowledge of ourselves must be exposed and it seems your endeavours are certainly doing that and I am most thankful for that.

    1. I see — I agree of course that this spiritual side of the awakening journey is extremely important — in fact, I think you are raising an extremely important point on a societal level as well with your observation at the end of the first paragraph there —

      I was just saying that “cognition” does seem to have something of the “spiritual” built-into it as well! I shouldn’t have said “I would argue” when I said that. Anyway, I think we’re probably in agreement here!

      1. ​Thank you David, I feel we have attained an understanding here.

        Now I’m going to ask you the $64,000 dollar question of the Age. Essentially I’d like to pick your brain for any possible answer.

        How could it be, or how is it possible for one of the oldest myths to integrate or get into a person’s consciousness as an apparition which is witnessed in a visionary sense? The myth I am speaking of is Mithra or the Leontecephalus. Several images are shown in this link below but I witnessed it as lion headed-man entwined with snake, carrying a gold key. In every sense it was alive, animated, hugely spiritual and huge emotional expression capable of affecting me.

        In asking you this question I have considered the fact that the Leontecephalus or Mithra or therianthrope is not of any cultural information that was lying about in my life back in 1981. I in other words had no awareness or knowledge then that this ‘being’ or thing existed as a myth.

        So how does a myth get into our consciousness especially when Graham Hancock stated this particular therianthrope is roughly 32,000 years old?

        I hope that I am not being a regular pain in the butt here, but seriously I will continue to ask learned folks such as yourself how on earth this is possible. In relation to my own life I have sought an understanding of this for thirty years so even a small piece of insight would be helpful and I would be deeply appreciative. If there is no answer yet, could you ponder upon this as I feel it is significantly important in our attempts to understand consciousness relevant to the ancient mysteries, myths and symbols of the past.

        1. Hi Bev, Thanks for sharing that. Here is my 2cents, and I call it that deliberately because you cannot get very far with 2cents, and I personally believe that’s all my mediation is worth to you on this personal vision which you experienced. In other words, I believe that you do not need me or any sort of “learned folks” to mediate your vision for you: it came to you. I will come back to this in a moment —

          Now, the subject of Mithras, Mithraism, and the leonticephalic god depicted in some surviving mithraea is an absolutely critical subject. You link to an essay by Professor David Ulansey, and I am a big fan of his work (I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, but I am in absolute agreement on the main part of his thesis, which caused a complete revolution in Mithraic scholarship during the 1970s — he and some other scholars argued that Mithraic symbology is based on celestial actors and in particular the zodiac, in contrast to the academic opinion of the previous 100 years stretching back to Cumont and others). As far as I know, however, Professor Ulansey does not hold to the theory that Mithraism was central to the takeover of the Roman Empire from within — this theory is outlined by Flavio Barbiero and is discussed at length in my book, The Undying Stars, as well as in my blog (but much more extensively in the book — I also discuss Mithraism in my first book but at that time had not become convinced of the importance of Barbiero’s theory). So, an extremely important subject. The leonticephalic god has clear connections to the Gorgon imagery of ancient Greece, as Professor Ulansey explains in his essential and excellent text Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries (1989). I do not discuss the leonticephalic god directly in my book but do spend some time on the significance of Medusa and the Gorgons. However, why you had a vision of a leonticephalic figure is, in my opinion, not NECESSARILY connected to any of the above discussion in this paragraph.

          To return now to your question, which I think was “how could you have seen a vision of such an ancient symbol or being without prior awareness of its existence?” and related question “what could it mean?” I would offer the following:
          * If, as hinted above in the discussion about Mithras, the Roman Empire was taken over by what we might call “spiritual” means, then this is actually a very pertinent topic to the other subjects discussed in the Memory Hole Blog! Note that the Native Americans, for example, would certainly have taken your question above quite seriously: they were oppressed in a very deceptive way, and their traditional beliefs ad practices were deliberately targeted (by sending their children to schools where they were not allowed to speak their own language but only English, and where they were indoctrinated into Christian teachings and told that their traditional sacred beliefs were false and bad). This is oppression and tyranny and relates directly to questions that are current today, right up to this minute, for certain.
          * Some readers of this post may want to know more details about how you had this vision (i.e., was it induced by psychedelics, or meditation, or a dream, etc), but I personally don’t think the actual “technique” by which you had it is really important. As I explain in this blog post (, men and women appear to be capable of contact with “the spirit world” by a huge variety of techniques, some but by no means all of them involving plants or mushrooms or their derivatives — I think the actual techniques are interesting to study but should not be the main focus, and those who focus exclusively on the “technique” or the “vehicle” may do so in order to try to marginalize your experience and to dismiss it or explain it away.
          * The question of individual direct contact with “the hidden world” or “the spirit world” actually has important “political” dimensions to it, or has historically: whether individuals were allowed to have unmediated direct contact with the supernatural, or whether they had to go through an intermediate authority figure was a huge issue historically. Nathaniel Hawthorne devoted several stories to the exploration of this subject, and points out that Rhode Island (we might point to some other states as well, such as Pennsylvania) was primarily settled by those who claimed direct revelation or revelatory experiences, which was a position that was widely frowned upon or declared heretical by most orthodox believers during the late 1700s and early 1800s.
          * I have no idea what your vision might mean. If you think it actually came from the other world, then I think that you should probably seek the answer in that direction, not from me or anyone else. I would offer the following books as relevant and (I believe) immensely helpful: Black Elk Speaks (very well-known book, found in virtually every library, so worth reading and so pertinent, I believe — there are a few blog posts on my blog discussing aspects of it; my blog is searchable so you can search for “Black Elk” and find those posts easily); Awakening to the Spirit World by Sandra Ingerman and allies; The Shamanic Drum: a Guide to Sacred Drumming by Michael Drake; other books by Sandra Ingerman or Michael Drake or others who have extensive experience with these kinds of questions and how to go about searching for the answers for yourself.

          Best wishes with that quest! Personally, I think it is something to take seriously. But I wouldn’t bother asking others how it is possible or what it might mean — I would go looking for yourself. But that’s just my 2cents!


        2. Thank you David. I appreciate what you call your 2cents because you see I can lend to you pertinent things about Mithra or the leonticephalic God to further your own study as to things the Spirit world allows us to know.

          This Spirit being was alive. The vision was not an hallucination because that is ‘in your head’ whereas this being was externally in my presence and was a phenomena I visually perceived. I know it was externally in my presence because you see it moved to the side of my bed and in doing so leaned into the side, a movement of which I felt and sensed. It made that movement in order to allow me to examine the gold key it carried, and then it brought this key to its heart, increasing the light around itself and through an emotional kind of speech told me, ‘you have opened up the dimensions of your heart.’ It emanated such tremendous love that I wept. Strangely enough the Spirit being was acknowledging my presence as much as I was perceiving its presence. This being really does have the appearance of being part lion and part man. The oddity of its appearance leaves an indelible impression upon memory–you do not forget it, because it is a stark moment. A moment is used here only as an expression because the presence of this Being, obliterates any sense of time, so one has no recollection of how long this vision took place. Was it a dream state? I would say no because I was so in awe, I actually pinched myself to test if I was awake, yes I felt that pinch.

          In regards to Professor David Ulansey pointing out that Mithraic symbology is based on the zodiac I would definitely agree. Here I would like to remove all this from the dump heap called ‘superstition’ and put it into its proper place where it is psychologically relevant to our psyche, possibilities and potential for psychological maturity and personal subjective experience. It is an experience of the experiential, possible to be spiritually experienced.

          In a zodiacal sense of historical relevance to Ages, the Lion/man God symbolically is the sign Leo walking on the legs of Aquarius. (I am a Leo). It is also representative of the heart and circulatory system or ‘movement.’ In a personal sense of experience it is transcendence to the Spiritual realm but also a transformation to a greater sense of the mind and consciousness which author Richard Tarnas explained as the ‘solidifying of the individual’s psychic constitution and establishing of the basic structure of the personality. (Cosmos And Psyche, Pg. 121) This experience is a part and piece of what Tarnas was discussing. It is also transformation from the state of consciousness conditioned in to the state of having to possess your own God given mind. This is relevant to the Spiritual Laws of God which in a sense place great responsibility and accountability to the collective which exists before we are born into the world because as Carl Jung stated, ‘we are born at their mercy.’ In this sense the latter is definitely a transformation to consciousness of the world which could validate Flavio Barbiero’s theory in the sense that if you are not conscious of the state of the world, you cannot know what is going wrong with the world. The Empire and the political are relevant here but that is just my opinion on this based on the experience, my graduation to consciousness of the world and years of study.

          David, I am going to try and acquire your book so I can muse into your discussion on Mithraism. In the meantime would it be possible for you to expand some of your thoughts here, on the relevance of Medusa, the Gorgon’s and all the snakes?? Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the situation of the Native people, both American and Canadian and it being relevant to pertinent subjects discussed here on the blog. Also as you say very relevant to the subject of my experience and suppression of consciousness and the Native experience of oppression and tyranny. which is of course still going on.

          How did I get to the vision? There was a traumatic abduction of a baby happening in my area. It bothered me so badly it pushed me deep into my emotions and to console myself I engaged with a little prayer called ‘The Prayer of Brotherhood.’ I found this prayer and engaged with it so much that quite beyond any realization I could have, it pushed me to become deeply contemplative and introspective. The vision came from this move in life (correcting inertia) and speaks greatly about the power of the meaning behind words.

          The vision was just a piece of spiritual experiences which stretched over the course of 17 years, then there was a break and the experiences resumed in 2000 with the tragic, sudden loss of my young nephew by suicide. My journey to understand that immense loss required years of study and research that more or less solidified my own state of being conscious of the state of the world. There is definitely such a thing as ‘getting help from the Universe,’ I know because the experiences I had on this long journey of study are unexplainable in any other way than the deeper meaning of ‘seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall open.’

          David thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, for the mention of important books and the link you left. I will surely check out your articles on contact with the spiritual and your mention of Black Elk. Also to your knowledge is there a star system which can be examined for the Leontecephalus?? If so do you know of it or have you examined it??

          I apologize for length here, but the subject is so critical that I did hope in some small way to bring some clarity to it. Although I am deeply touched by how humble you are of your own blessings to understand these spiritual dimensions and the Star Maps, I know the Spiritual importance of discussion and acquiring a 2cents worth of dialogue with someone such as yourself who has deeply explored the subject. An immense thank you David, time allotted deeply appreciated.

  13. ​Thanks David. As is said, ‘all is well with me under the starry skies.’

    I did try to respond to you last night but when I submitted the post, it never went into moderation but seemingly went into the oblivion of the ether and on the right side of the page there was no record that I had ever been on the blog! Some of the spooky stuff!!

    I am wondering if it is appropriate to ask you a question about myth and consciousness. Would that be straying outside of the subject matter of the thread which mentions mind control?

  14. Oh thank you Patrick for noticing that I was puzzling over the spookiness. I did not know about the span folder so thanks for explanation. Also it must have been James who retrieved it, and I did not want to bother him so a big thanks to him too!!

    1. Hi Bev, For whatever reason, I didn’t see a “reply” link available on your most-recent post here to me, the one in which you ask about the Gorgon, so I will post a brief reply here. Thank you again for sharing your vision-experience. I hope you will be able to find what it means.

      As for the Gorgon / Leonticephaline figure, I believe the arguments Ulansey offers in that discussion you link (and in the book I referenced above) seem to indicate that it is associated with the cosmic law or power which casts souls down into incarnation. Hence the “coils” around the figure, and the key that it holds: impelling souls from the immaterial or spiritual realm to take on material form for a time, imprisoning us in “this mortal coil.”

      The connection to the role of the Gorgon can now be observed: Medusa and the Gorgons are depicted as having the power to petrify, to solidify, to turn living beings to stone. This is allegorical of the incarnation: denizens of the immaterial world of spirit incarnate into a body of matter, which is a kind of petrification, a kind of imprisonment, in some of the esoteric language of the ancient scriptures of the world (including the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” — which is actually about the living in this incarnate existence).

      At least, that is the interpretation I believe is strongly supported by the evidence as I see it. I provide more arguments, and references to the researchers from whom I derive some of those arguments, in my book.

      Hope that helps!

  15. Hi again David. Thanks for reply! If you examine my statements about how I got to the vision you will see I engaged with a small prayer called The Prayer of Brotherhood. After that vision and many interferences by the Spirit world like being taken into an NDE by a Spirit being which appeared in the external (my state witnessed by my daughter) and passing through numerous OBEs (first understanding that I am not my body, I am in my body) I began intense study only to find this brief on Mithra as the God of Brotherhood.–A_Brief.htm

    Do you suppose taking the prayer into my life and so deeply into my heart, that I initiated communion with the Leontecephalus God?

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the Gorgon/Leontocephaline figure. Your reference to Medusa and the Gorgon’s power to petrify, to solidify, to turn living beings to stone is interesting. It reminds me of the constant use of the word ‘stone/s’ in the Bible.

    Also reminds me of “Plotinus providing a glimpse of how the worthy soul is able to develop sufficiently to be able to perceive the true beauty of the divine” [Ian Lawton; Genesis Unveiled]


    “Recall your thoughts inward, and if, while contemplating yourself, you do not perceive yourself beautiful, imitate the statuary; who, when he desires a beautiful statue, cuts away what is superfluous, smoothes and polishes what is rough, and never desists until he has given it all the beauty his art is able to effect. In this manner must you proceed, by lopping what is luxuriant, directing what is oblique, and by purgation, illustrating what is obscure; and thus continue to polish and beautify your statue, until the divine splendour of Virtue shines upon you, and Temperance, seated in pure and holy majesty, rises to your view. If you become thus purified, residing in yourself, and having nothing any longer to impede this unity of mind, and no further mixture to be found within, but perceiving your whole self to be a true light, and light alone; a light which, though immense, is not measured by any magnitude, nor limited by any circumscribing figure, but is everywhere immeasurable, as being greater than every measure, and more excellent than every quantity; if perceiving yourself thus improved, and trusting solely to yourself, as no longer requiring a guide, fix now steadfastly your mental view, for with the intellectual eye alone can such immense beauty be perceived.” [Ian Lawton; Genesis Unveiled, page 262, chapter An Esoteric Worldview]

    Lawton felt this was the more lofty aims of the human soul!

    Your reference to ‘solidify’ may connect to my two statements in my last post to you.

    1) Richard Tarnas explained as the ‘solidifying of the individual’s psychic constitution and establishing of the basic structure of the personality. (Cosmos And Psyche, Pg. 121)

    2)My journey to understand that immense loss required years of study and research that more or less solidified my own state of being conscious of the state of the world.

    I believe your interpretation of this being allegorical of the incarnation or incarnating into a body of matter is excellent, and my realizations are in the other direction, into the spiritual realm, a temporary leave of absence from the incarnation to attain ‘clothing the soul in the spirit.’

    So were meeting halfway, in a sense understanding the soul going frontwards into life and backwards into spiritual life.

    Delightful…just delightful. Thanks so much for your interpretations and yes, a great help!!

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