fsulibrary2By James F. Tracy

Updated 12/10/14

Close to three weeks have passed since the mass shooting incident at Florida State University where three individuals were injured and Attorney Myron May perished in a hail of police gunfire.

Major news media consider the FSU shooting more or less a closed case. After all, what more is there to hype? Let’s see. A madman with a gun. Check. Terrified witness interviews publicized. Check. Alleged shooter’s bizarre online statements suggesting derangement highlighted. Check. Official pleas for “unity,” “strength,” and “healing.” Check. Photo op candlelight vigil providing ideal narrative closure. Check.

With the notion of a full scale, coordinated media production in mind, it should be unsurprising that law enforcement and news media now consider themselves to be “partners” in such a tragedy’s public presentation. A November 21 press statement from Tallahassee Police Public Affairs Officer David Northway to select news media reads:

As the investigation into the tragedy at FSU continues, the Tallahassee Police Department is releasing the original report written on the night of the event.  This report is short in nature as it was written to be a “starting point” as the crime scene was very large and the multiple officers on scene that evening had many duties, including identifying victims, evacuating the students and maintaining scene security …

TPD would like to thank our media partners for their patience with the incident, in particular releasing the identity of the victims.  This has allowed TPD to conduct interviews with some of them and begin to piece the facts of the case together.

Why would police refer to journalists as “media partners” in the affair? One of the first things a fledgling journalist learns in J-school is to take a skeptical and discerning stance in her/his reportage on public affairs and personages. Here Tallahassee police go so far as to suggest that the very publicity generated around the victims facilitated their interrogation.

The “media partners” remark is emblematic of the now common amalgamation of reporter and publicity hack. In the context of the similarly routine “active shooter” exercises committed in the presence of unwitting bystanders, it curiously echoes a 2008 plan for carrying out a Boston Marathon-related mass casualty drill, where officials emphasized “[w]orking with the media … Building a longstanding relationship with journalists and reporters,” the blueprint reads, “ensures that they get the right story and that they serve as a resource when needed.”[1]

Police Records Remain Withheld

Citing an “ongoing investigation” (Section 119.071(2)(c), Florida Statute) FSU and Tallahassee police departments immediately involved in the incident have yet to release any substantive documentation addressing what actually took place in the early morning hours of November 21, 2014 in front of FSU’s campus library.

Excepting press conferences and severely redacted police reports (here and here) virtually no forensic information has been made available to news media and the broader public on the incident. Such records would include closed-circuit video footage of the incident, photographs of evidence and crime scene, detailed officer and eyewitness accounts, and forensic details of May’s fatal injuries.

In a pro forma maneuver, the “active criminal investigative and intelligence exemption” of Florida’s public records law is being invoked by Tallahassee and FSU police as an inquiry by Leon County’s Attorney ensues over whether Tallahassee and FSU officers used inordinate force against May in responding to the incident.

“Traditionally, the State Attorney in this circuit has taken all officer-involved shootings to the Grand Jury,” Tallahassee Assistant City Attorney Richard Courtemanche remarked in response to a public records request, concluding that the Grand Jury will likely hear the case by December 17, at which time the records will be made public.

Although FSU police comprised the overall majority of officers responding to the event and present when May was fatally shot, the university was ambiguous concerning whether such records would be forthcoming. On December 8 FSU counsel recommended that MHB’s public records request be refiled “at a later date, at which time records may be available.”

Public Titillated, Ill-Informed

Law enforcement’s “media partners” exhibited a feeding frenzy in the hours and days following the FSU shooting, taking advantage of most every reportorial technique to sensationalize the tragedy. In keeping with the “mentally ill gunman” news frame, they have failed to seriously ponder whether inordinate force was deployed in dealing with a clearly distressed figure, not to mention the party’s repeated claims to be a target of electronic surveillance and harassment–well documented technologies and methods for compromising individuals.

In the unusual rash of mass shooting incidents over the past few years, the most prominent occurring in Tucson, Aurora, and Newtown, official investigations have been glaringly slipshod and opaque, leaving an array of unanswered questions and missing information.

In the Isla Vista and Las Vegas shootings in early 2014, for example, dubious crime scene investigations were conducted while police reports and related documentation still remains under wraps. As one mass shooting follows on the heels of another, the public is poorly served by a news media far more concerned with fleeting titillation than genuinely delving into what really happened in each instance.

[1] James F. Tracy, “Obama’s FEMA Director Planned Boston Mass Casualty Event in 2008,” MemoryHoleBlog.com, May 21, 2013. Since the mid-2000s FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and Digital Emergency Alert System, working in coordination with broadcast and social media, constitute an apparatus that can effectively control important elements of the broader public’s perceptions and sentiment. FEMA’s Integrated Capstone Event (ICE) is a comprehensive exercise involving a “multi-disciplined response” of federal, state, and local emergency responders reacting in unison to a common mass casualty event. According to FEMA, “Each scenario focuses on the foundations of CDP training—incident management, mass casualty response, and emergency response to a catastrophic natural disaster or terrorist act.” Shannon Arledge, “Integrated Capstone Event Merges Four Mass Casualty Response Courses,” FEMA.gov, last updated May 28, 2013. See also Tracy, “Mass Traumatization and the Body Politic,” MemoryHoleBlog.com, July 2, 2013.

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  1. Thank you for your persistence in exposing the propaganda machine that has taken over the country, we are definitely is a full blown 1984 nightmare.

    It is quite obvious the O’riots have been organized by the likes of Soros & company when you see them all carrying the same professional signs with communist groups such as revcom.us and virtually no coverage of who these agitators are.

    The gruber nation has even decided to go to battle with the Little Sisters who dedicate their lives to helping the frail and elderly of all faiths.


  2. It would be interesting to graph the “unusual rash of mass shooting incidents of the past few years”, compared with the previous two decades. We can see a pattern forming and a “new normal” being established.

    Criminals tend to follow patterns as well, their Modus Operandi which leads detectives to them. These events all have several similarities we could list, including what appears to be the blending of “reality and fiction”. Most interestingly, I think, is that many of them involve some sort of “fantastical” element that would seem more likely to occur on an episode of “Criminal Minds” or “CSI” than occur in reality.

    If all of these events are not the random, disconnected, “lone nut” or occasionally a “couple of nuts” events that we are told, then there must be another explanation. Is this a rogue “American Gladio” type of operation, maybe run in concert with elements of Homeland Security? Who else would be able to choreograph the various federal/state/local and media elements? Which of these two scenarios is more probable?

  3. The concept of “partners” comes from terminology used in DHS/FEMA Integrated Capstone Events to describe participating agencies and resources. The I.C.E. exercise is organized in pyramid form, with entities at the top (in the capstone of the pyramid) being fully informed, while participants in descending layers of the pyramid operate on training and real-time communication. Each resource team (“partner”) is also similarly arranged: those at the top know the most, those beneath them act as trained and instructed. And yes, the media is a major partner, as the job of news agencies and reporters is to send the story out to the public and keep it developing. “Delving” and “developing” are very different things: one is about uncovering, the other enables covering and embellishing.

    1. Sofia, yes, the idea is very old. It has been attributed to the “Assassins” as well as the Jesuits and the Illuminati. The concept of how many are brought to perform a large task at the behest of a few without full knowledge of the goals.

      Those who are brought into the fold feel “privileged” to participate and are often rewarded. Of course, operations such as these are generally directed “against” someone or group. By such practice the hope is that they will become proficient in enforcing the edicts of their masters.

      There is a very real need on their part to have their actions explained in a positive way and to provide cover for their darker interests. Controlling the conversation and shaping public beliefs looms large in all of this.

    2. SS, your comment hearkens me back to a combative exchange I engaged in some months ago with a blogger named “Chris Hernandez The Author.” This fellow (a veteran of the most recent Iraq invasion by U.S. forces) vigorously defended the official narrative of Sandy Hook, and the foundation of his defense lay in his charge that it would be impossible to pull off such an elaborate ruse, given the sheer number of those who would have been involved. He argued the players would not have been able to keep silent, that somewhere along the line SOMEONE would have cracked.

      This is a plausible argument, unless one understands the hierarchal nature and execution of such momentous and seemingly heinous events.

      Suicide or mysterious death awaits those who do an about face and even threaten to ruffle feathers by asking questions.

      To no avail, I explained to Chris that not everyone need be fully informed. And in fact, as with all MCEs, I am certain the MAJORITY of the players involved have very little knowledge, if any at all, of what the protocols are.

      The operators at the top hail the darkness. And those beneath them continue to claw and scrape their way upwards.

      If not for death, it would be awfully crowded up there.

      1. Joseph, precisely so. In modern parlance, these operations are “compartmentalized”. Even those at the pointy end of the pyramid may not know all of the details of every aspect. Some are on a “need to know” basis, and even the directors just know what they want to accomplish, it is up to individual leaders to work out the details.

        The usefulness of this is in the fact that, even if questioned, any one player only knows what they’ve been told. I think that some of the sloppiness is attributable to that. Not everyone possesses the same talent for believability.

        They simply storyboard these and pretty much let them have at it. The agents get to spook it up, the cultists get to add their schtick, and the actors get to freely develop their characters.

        Very few people have well developed ethical and moral characters. I’m sure that some of these can rationalize what they did by simply regarding it as a job, or participation in a “higher” cause. The money doesn’t hurt either, especially when death is the other option.

        Even with all that as a given, I would expect at least some to develop pangs of guilt. That could account for some of the “disappearance” and “untimely” deaths. This is why Faust should be required reading.

  4. FYI for those who are interested: Food labeling bill that makes labeling meaningless.

    A new bill introduced by Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) is titled “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” but groups outraged by what it’s proposing have dubbed it the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” or DARK Act.

    And here’s why: If passed, the bill would prohibit any state or locality from passing a law requiring genetically engineered (GE) foods to be labeled, and it prevents the FDA from passing any requirements for GE foods. It allows foods labeled as “natural” to contain GE ingredients, and it would permit meat, milk, eggs and dairy from animals fed GE-based food to be labeled GMO-free.

    1. I voted against the food labeling proposition when it was on the ballot here in CA. Not because I’m “for big-Agra” (I’m not), but because I don’t think MORE government is the answer. Rather, I think labeling should be left up to market demands. I, for one, if a package doesn’t specify “Non GMO”, will write to a company to ask about their products’ ingredients. So far, I get nearly-immediate results.

      I’m not a “health-food nut”, and I don’t shop exclusively at places like Whole Foods; yet, I’m more inclined to buy products that are labeled “Non-GMO”, and I already shy away from companies who engage in misleading packaging (like those who use the term “all-natural”).

      What have previous labeling mandates brought us? A bunch of non-information, so that when we read it, we think we know something, when we really don’t. I don’t want…or need…more of the same.

      Am I wrong? I know I’m on the other side of then fence from many people whose opinions I hold in high esteem, but I haven’t been able to flesh out where, exactly, our views diverge. I’d like to discuss this a little more, especially with those who are in favor of food labeling.

      1. I know a number of people who have adverse reactions when they eat GMO food. ANY food should be labeled as to its ingredients and make up. Personally I think GMOs should be banned, but at least if labeled people can choose to avoid them.

        Didn’t want to stray OT, but just wanted to share the info re legislation.

  5. We all know that language is important. The use of catch phrases, such as “media partners”, is reminiscent of “embedded journalists”. As Dr. Tracey so eloquently informs, the media is not SUPPOSED to be the government’s partner. They are supposed to inform the public and keep an eye on government.

    Over the years this distinction has been lost. It was common knowledge when I was growing up. The image of the “pain in the neck reporter” and the police suffering their questions (because they were obligated to), were standard fare.

    These days they quite literally hand to copy to be read to the “journalists” and they are grateful to receive it. They are part of the marketing team. They are an important part of the sales promotion needed to sell the new order.

    Perhaps the bigger question is why would anyone pay any attention to anything they say, under the circumstances? Not only are they a bottomless font of misinformation, they are very defensive of, and differential to, the Government. Where did all the “watch dogs” go?

    Growing up during the Cold War, we were constantly reminded of how great our freedom of the press was, in comparison to the USSR. “Pravda” and ‘TASS” were cited as standards of misinformation and propaganda. How things change!

    I would like to think that such a sea change in standards would not be possible because of the refusal of the public to accept it. Obviously, that is not the case. Instead of three times per day on three networks, the public is bombarded by non-stop propaganda with breathless delivery on multiple channels. “Acceptable” positions are delineated and counter arguments disposed of as matters of orthodoxy versus insanity.

    Actually, “media partners” is an apt description of what they’ve become. In most cases they have become the PAO for the police force. We should remember that, so far, TV’s come with an off switch.

    1. Do you ever wonder just how free the press actually was, back in the day? Maybe you (not you, specifically) just THINK it was free?

      I find myself wondering that sort of thing whenever I wax nostalgic for the days of yore…WAS it that good, or did I just think it was? Kind of sad, actually.

      1. Recynd, trust me, I’m nothing if not a realist. I know full well that the press, to some degree has always been controlled. Whether internally or externally, it has never been faithful to the public in terms of informing them.

        That said, it is beyond doubt that it is worse than it was decades ago. There was a time when they preserved some semblance of responsibility, at least in acknowledging their function.

        There were reasons why ownership was subject to regulation. That in itself is not sufficient to ensure a free press, but it prevented total control by a handful of elite owners. Today, if everyone boycotted their sponsor’s products they would still run the “news” because it is too important to their plan for shaping public opinion.

        There never were any “good old days”, but they were “better”. In some ways the advent of the internet is much better than the old press. If one had an issue with something they wrote there was no effective way to respond. Now the reaction is instantaneous. Of course, the reaction doesn’t cause them to do anything.

        Until such time as they totally control the internet I really don’t know why anyone would watch their programs. We have a much more honest and open exchange of information than TEE VEE or newspapers.

        I suppose my point is that I remember when virtually anyone you asked would say “I may not agree with you but I’d defend to the death your right to say it”. I don’t hear that anymore. That was what it once meant to be “an American”. “Tolerance’ of differing ideas was more important than personal opinion.

        Now we have “faith-based” journalism. We are required to believe or we are “crazy” heretics, otherwise known as “conspiracy theorists”.

  6. This Dr. Tracy is your next assignment if you choose to accept it. Two hot news stories appeared today, one a real story and one a distraction, can you quantify with the computer who covered them equally?

    This day, 12/9/2014 the Demoncrats found the need to release classified information on how terrible the CIA was 10 years ago, even though it has been studied hard and long by them and the DOJ and no charges have been filed, the important thing for the last campaign was that OB is dead and the bad guys are on the run. All sides acknowledge, this puts Americans at high risk and a high state of emergency has been issued to protect us throughout the world.

    Also on this day, the head of the unaffordable hca and it’s lead architect MIT Gruber, testified miserably on how despite their canned talking points, is a total government failure, the only question now is when or if we will be able to cut the chord of more syphoning of our hard earned tax dollars or is it just fake money now?

    The person in charge, promised documents such as contracts to health providers that promised them money to ensure they did not have losses, but she was not involved in that process and on and on of what she was not involved with. They dumped thousands of pages the night before of what was previously requested.

    Gruber was a piece of work, who kept insisting they needed to talk to his lawyer and was repeatedly told, you work for the people, your lawyer works for you, we are representing the people who demand you provide your contracts and documentation of what those ‘stupid’ people by your words paid for. It has been reported in the news, he received $5 million and his report before attending the hearing declared $200k.

    This brave Congresswoman’s testimony, Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming sums uo the total failure to the tee. She had a cadilac plan and was forced on to nothingness but red tape and false promises.


  7. Dr. Tracy. I live in maine and recently discovered ex sandy book resident sarah walker caron is writing for the bangor daily news. Her daughter allegedly attended sandy hook and they moved after the “shooting”. She recently wrote an an article about Surviving sandy hook. Link below. Do you know anything about her? Seems rather coveneient that she landed a job at a newspaper in maine after leaving newtown..this type of thing has to stop. It is fraud. It’s sickening..


  8. My comment in moderation suggested it would be interesting to compare the minutes each media outlet dedicated to the two big ‘stories’ of the day. But in reality, the importance does not just lie in the time spent, probably more important is the content,, as in we knew it was happening all along,,,

    The democrats decided it was time to issue a report on how terrible tactics were used after 9/11 to get more info by the CIA.

    [Is the release of this report detrimental to the safety of Americans, yes we are on high alert now, our previous DHS person did away with the color coded status, but high alert sounds important to me.]

    The House heard testimony on how deceitful tactics were used to pass the unaffordable hca. and the ‘leader’ of the program has no clue what is going on.

    It is now a documented fact that it was illegally passed, much to the uproar of the not so stupid citizens.

    Call me a geek, or a tv addict, but I was very interested in this court proceeding today, that was not surprisingly available to the public, but to those who pay, $130 a month in my area.

    Here is the most poignant part of the hearing

    This blog illustrates how the racial component in the USA leads to a operative fascist mentality

  9. There is overwhelming evidence that the media is the town crier of the state. First of all, I worked at Gannett, and the CIA World Fact Book was our main authority on everything “out there.” They are called “official stories” because the officials write them. I noticed that John Pennington, Director of Snohomish County, Washington, also indicated media and social media coordination was a top priority. I also suspect natural disasters, and other “accidents” are similarly directed.
    You can best understand the heightened media component of your incident when you feel your safest and most effective national interview is to Al Jazeera and not to traditional outlets including CNN and FOX News. ii.
    We faced the dire need to control he tempo, tone and tenor
    of social media as much as was practicable.

  10. James missed one “check,” unless, that is, there were no “FSU STRONG” banners to be found.

    As a result of this piece, some questions demand pondering.

    *What are the motivations behind this seemingly ghoulish marriage of necessity between law enforcement and msm outlets? Can it be simply for the advertising dollars? MCEs will have throngs of immediate and subsequent viewers. I suspect, however, that there is a much more nefarious explanation undergirding the strict adherence to any given script.

    *Why would the media release of victims identities “allow” the TPD to conduct interviews with some of them? Bizarre and disturbing statement.

    *Has the current police states hijacking of what should be reporting news events to the best of ones abilities and resources rendered all major news agencies impotent and bereft of even a semblance of integrity? Journalists establishing relationships with law enforcement officials over time is natural, but not to the compromise of shear accuracy in the reporting of any and all news event details. One is left to wonder just how long a career, if any at all, a journalist or editor dedicated to his or her craft may have in the current “partnership” culture.

    Have we even broached the subject of investigative journalism? Those who, after the “fog of war” clears, sift through the rubble, hoping to uncover the inherent truth of any story or event? If there was ever an event made to order for this pick and shovel calling, it allegedly occurred on 12-14-12, in the “bucolic hamlet” of Sandy Hook Connecticut.

    And as we are all painfully aware of, no investigative journalism was forthcoming in Newtown. Those independents who did scrutinize the fantastical narrative were reviled and despised as cold and heartless, tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy quacks.

    What is disconcerting about all of this is that the decline in journalistic integrity will continue on its degenerative course.

    On a more general note, but no less alarming, I believe the recent rash of MCEs have been practice sessions. The necessary tweaking is surely taking place in the cold, dustless, palatial halls of the “illumined” ones.

    THE event, or series of events, is a CNN breaking news alert away.

    Hold on friends. In the words of my south Philly brethren, we aint seen nottin yet.

  11. Hi Prof Tracy,
    I hope it is not too late to add a comment to this thread.

    This is re: the shooting at FSU. I found some really strange things for which I have no explanation. Perhaps some of the other researchers have noticed too, and can offer a theory.

    The police report which you gave a link to claims police officers were dispatched to the scene at 00:26 and arrived at 00:29 a.m. , if I read it correctly. In other words, AFTER midnight Thursday the 19th November. The police report states ”The original 911 caller was the victim.” [“THE” victim, singular]. And “No other gunmen or victims were located during the search.” The report is dated Nov. 20 at 8:24 a.m. //memoryholeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/hte-14-33229.pdf We later learn that there were actually three victims.

    Student Samantha Sillick messages her father “There’s a man with a gun in the library. I love you” The message is dated 10:45 p.m., at least an hour and 15 minutes before police got there. Sillick’s father’s Twitter bio says he’s “President/Publisher of Jacksonville Business Journal since ’97. More than 30 years experience in advertising/marketing/media. Here to help you make money.”

    A video was put up on You-Tube on November 19 (showing a scene from the library during the shooting) by “Kasuwell TV, naming Myron May as the shooter. The shooting took place after midnight on November 20th, *not* November 19th, when the video was put on You-Tube.. How did Kasuwell TV know that early on what the shooter’s name was ?

    Kasuwell TV is Isaiah “Kasuwell” Harris of Miami. A student at FSU? On November 19 (before midnight), he posts on his Twitter account, “Florida State University School Shooting from what Im hearing 2 people shot and the gun man is dead”. So the gunman is dead before the police even arrived? (because they didn’t get there till *after* midnight, according to the police report). You go to Kasuwell’s Facebook page and oops, it “may have been removed” because nothing’s there. On his website he’s only posted twice in all of 2014, way back in June. This video is the only item on his You-Tube channel. That’s neither here nor there but I found it interesting. Where’d he get the video? Was he the one who took it?

    According to Twitterer Blair Stokes, the students were searched, and required to give their names and contact numbers to police. If there were, as claimed, 300 or so students studying in the library at the time, I imagine that would have taken some time to do that, one by one, which is probably why they weren’t allowed to leave until several hours later, (if I remember correctly, one report said it was several hours after midnight that they left (and then, according to photos in another media report, many returned at 7:00 a.m. or so to do a vigil (photos shown of groups of them just standing around in front of the building). Classes were cancelled but no one seemed interested in studying for the upcoming exams anymore, it seems. Blair Stokes (takes/shows photos of the “abandoned” rooms and tables, showing laptop and backpacks left behind. Who goes and takes photos of an empty room after it’s all been cleared? \who leaves their laptop and backpacks (presumably in a rush to evacuate, but other reports say it was calm and orderly, no one pushing or shoving or hurrying to get out.

    Here’s another date anomaly. In this photo, students are shown in the building with their hands up, “huddled together in a packed aisle of the campus library *early Thursday* after gunman opened fire, injuring three.” [click on to enlarge]


    Hold on. Did the lead sentence in that article just say “early” Thursday? Surely they must mean early *Friday* (after midnight woould be early Fiday. “Early Thursday” to me sounds like early Thursday morning.). Look at the clock on the wall in the upper left-hand corner. [click to enlarge]. Is it just me, or does it seem to show either 10:10 or 11:10, if it was a.m., it would not by most people be considered “early” morning. 10 or 11-ish is late morning and that doesn’t make sense. So it must be evening . But if it was 10:10 or 11:10 p.m., it would not represent an “early” evening/night. 10 at night is not “early” evening. So somebody slipped up here, or else KTLA 5 doesn’t proofread before they publish.

    Okay, the article says the students were huddled together in the library with their hands up AFTER the gunman opened fire. But if the clock is correct, that means the gunman opened fire an hour or maybe two hours BEFORE midnight, — so why did it take so long for the cops to get there, which according to the report was after midnight? Unless that was just the town cops’ report and the campus cops got there first., much, much earlier. But that still doesn’t make sense. IIf they’re aware of a gunman on the loose well before midnight, how come nobody’s noticed the victims? Because the police report clearly states THE (one) victim made the 9/11 call and after searching, they found no other victims. Except they somehow missed finding the other two reported victims. The timing still doesn’t compute.The photo is dated Wed., Nov. 19. (Credit: CNN). I am confused.

    The article also says “Five officers from Florida State and Tallahassee police were placed on administrative leave, as is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.” Does that mean Myron May was shot by five officers all shooting at once? Administrative leave means they aren’t, probably, available for interviews.

    So to cap it up:

    – Sillick texts her dad at 10:45 pm saying there’s a gunman.
    -Kasuwell TV posts on Twitter that he hears the gunman is dead (before midnight). and names the shooter on his You-Tube posting that same night before the cops have even arrived, shot at, or learned the shooter’s identity.

    It is also interesting that readers were given the names of all the witnesses to the shooting, quoted or giving interviews, yet it was days before the names of the victims were mentioned. I only saw one video of the sister of the critically wounded student but no quotes, pics or vids or her brother. himself. (Contrary to the BMB event, where we heard, early on and often, from and about Jeff Bauman, the guy Arredondo sped down the race site in a wheelchair, holding his artery.)

    I am confused. Mainly about how it’s possible to twitter a tweet date-stamped before an event actually occurs, or publish an article about something that hasn’t yet happened. – or are they just doing that deliberately, knowing we’ll note it, to drive us crazy, running around chasing dead ends?

    Speaking of media, one last thing. The note at the end of one article indicated no less than 8 media people worked on this one short piece. A CNN reporter on site, and one in Atlanta, four “other” reporters “contributed”, and two who “wrote the story”. I wish I could find the link now, but that kind of jumped out, the words “wrote … the Story”, ha ha. This was way too long, sorry.

    1. I didn’t think your post was too long; in fact, I thought the issues you brought up were excellent ones. If inconsistencies like the ones you wrote about aren’t pointed out, they will be lost to the memory hole of time. I can’t help but think of the now-nearly-forgotten LAX shooter, Paul Ciancia, and the Las Vegas shooting duo…

      1. And Santa Barbara, Washington school library, Navy Yard, Cassidy Stay Texas, Drills that went LIVE here by me at Woodland Hills High and a Kern County High School also..mmmm I know there’s more, the shooting at that Indian Temple and of course AZ and Colorado.
        I’m sure there’s more

    2. arhr

      Good observations, as one of the researchers in the video “We need to Talk About Sandy Hook” indicated, the early stories are often filled with inconsistencies and if folks had not grabbed screen shots of the incorrect dates, that proof would of been erased from history,

      Yes it appears they are flaunting their power to deceive at us. Wonder if it is to keep us preoccupied or just to get us angry enough to revolt.

      Have noted on this blog, within the last year or so, they have been dropping hints on weather engineering and while the official word is that chemtrail believers are crazy conspiracy theorists, seems they are soon to make us believe they have been doing it all along to save us. We are too stupid to know what is good for us.

      Is it a coincidence that Professor Gruber from MIT-Harvard is credited with broadcasting what most of us already knew that the unaffordable hca was a total fraud, the only goals were to raise taxes and create death panels and that they have a Geo-Engineering Program there?

      Here is another MIT Professor giving a lecture on weather engineering and she states aerosol spraying has been going on for a long time and a picture of chemtrails is briefly shown on the video.


      1. Skirt, your comments make we want to say a couple of things. A few years ago the Dept. of Defense (DoD) announced that they were going to be doing psyops on citizens. They had appropriated funds to do this.

        Couple that with the court rulings that basically say that the media is not required to report the truth. They can lie if they wish. As outrageous as both of those events are, they are very real.

        They didn’t elaborate on precisely what they intended to do beyond “influence public opinion”. When we understandably are annoyed by what we see in these events, technically, what they are doing isn’t “illegal”.

        Now, when public officials get involved and make false reports, that could be another matter. It is the same for the fund raising. I actually think they may have miscalculated with the fund raising.

        So, when we see obvious signs of professional acting, ridiculous plots and characters, is it really so surprising? We’ve been able to identify what we think are the motives for these actions.

        Even if this is the case, there is much to discuss. The surest way to put an end to this is to ridicule them. If enough people refuse to be sucked into the vortex they will have a problem.

        While I would dearly love to see some consequences for all of this, i would content myself it they had to stop. Legally, if they were caught red-handed, I think they could simply say “hey, we were trying to influence public opinion just like we said we were going to do”. The official reports and fundraising may be another matter.

        I have mentioned the “fully-formed narrative” a number of times. Another are these “poised” victims. Here we have a very likable, well-spoken black man. “He liked nothing better than performing”. Indeed.

        If I had to make a guess as to what a student such as himself was involved in, I’d say “dramatic arts”. We’ve already met the “marketing” student.

        I suppose the most frustrating aspect of this is that it is so obvious. It makes you want to scream; “look at it! Can’t you see it?”. This depends on certain conditions. It requires an audience that is used to having their “realities” shaped for them. Those who have real experiences under their belts should have a hard time with these.

        They are obviously creating the “new normal”. The conflict will be between those who use their life experience and reasoning and those who have their reality spoon fed to them. For them, the “authorities” are infallible.

  12. Patterns, everywhere:

    Dec. 12 – CNN has put up a video today on You-Tube of critical victim Ronny Ahmed recounting the dramatic events that he endured the day he was shot at FSU by a gunman on a rampage. (Reminds one of the interviews with some of the Sandy Hook parents. He smiles and seems nonplussed about his ordeal.)

    “Ronny just loved being around people and making them smile. He just enjoyed performing,” said David Kahn, a high school friend and fellow Project Magic member.

    Message I heard from watching Ronny’s interview: Here’s a wounded
    hero, who despite a bullet to the stomach and a bullet-shattered arm, “has to stop the gunman” (because the kid standing next to him just “threw” him a phone, telling him to call 911 as he ran away). ????!!! Were was Ronny exactly when he was shot? Was there not a single other person anywhere nearby to call 911 or had everybody already been sheltered in place? He claims he could hear the police (who were outside) telling Mays to drop the weapon, “and then, 20 to 30 bullets.” If he were in the library on an upper floor, how could he have heard what the police said to Mays or know know how many bullets were fired? It just kind of sounded like someone put those words into his mouth.

    The victim’s fundraising page

    Apparently there was another shooting at FSU last spring in which a gunman was shot and killed (May, 2014).

    Two robbers shot at, then started running from police. The police chased and shot at them and one died. The other one faced second degree felony murder charges when police bullets killed his partner because “Under Florida law if someone dies while committing a felony, the other suspect can be charged with murder.”

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