Loughner-WTSPBy Keith Labella

A widely held belief is that Tucson Arizona resident Jared L. Loughner was a severely-deranged individual whose descent into mental illness precipitated the January 8, 2011 Tucson shooting where 18 people were shot, six fatally. Yet to what degree does this dominant media frame diverge from the actual events and Loughner’s comportment and interpersonal relations preceding the massacre?

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The New York Times ran a story focusing on Jared Loughner on January 12, 2011 titled: “‘Creepy’, ‘Very Hostile’: A College Recorded Its Fears.” An addendum to that story, archived by the Times, is revealing. It consists of Pima Community College’s 51 pages of public safety reports and documents related to Loughner (PDF).

However, as the cache of materials linked above makes clear, Loughner was never violent prior to the Tucson shootings, nor did he ever threaten violence. The scale and scope of activities by Pima County’s “threat assessment system” was essentially a harrowing witch hunt that likely was the proximate cause of the Tucson shootings.

Here is a breakdown of the documents:

Page 1 begins with a series of “suspicious person/activity” reports. The initial report, dated 2/5/10, stated that Loughner was disruptive, and was “creepy” having a “dark personality”. Additionally, it was noted that a fellow student speculated in an email that Loughner might have possessed a concealed knife. In the third report, on page 5, an instructor alleges that she felt intimidated by Loughner’s hostile response to receiving a “B” on his paper. This incident likely triggered the mobbing.

Again, Loughner was never violent, nor did he ever threaten violence, prior to the Tucson shootings of January 8, 2011. On Page 12 there is a memo written by another instructor. When questioned by Loughner on whether she was a cop, the instructor replied “No”, but retorted that one could be brought in if they failed to maintain a “happy medium”. The essence of her memo, sent to six of her co-workers, was that Jared “has extreme views and frequently meanders from the point”.

Pages 16-28 of Loughner’s file are simply the printout of an internet search he made related to a heavy metal concert he apparently planned to attend. Page 29 is a memo, dated 9/23/10, and created because Loughner became disruptive when receiving half credit on a late assignment. Loughner argued that his First Amendment rights were being violated. Campus police were brought in, and a “mental health concern” was noted.

Page 34 is a college police report of 4 officers involved in delivering a notice of suspension to Loughner on 9/29/10. 2 campus cops went to his residence and 2 remained in the area as “back up”. Again, Loughner was never violent, nor did he threaten violence, before the Tucson shootings of January 8, 2011.

Page 41 is a report, also dated 9/29/10, by Dr. Aubrey Conover. On its face, the report is the only document that analyzes Loughner’s problems with any objectivity and constructive design. Page 43 is an evidence sheet, in support of a Grand Jury investigation of Loughner, dated 9/29/10, and referencing a YouTube video rant Loughner made that was critical of the school.

Page 44 is a Grand Jury Subpoena, dated “9/30/10”, in which the aforementioned YouTube video and printout of an internet search of a heavy metal concert event are the only evidence of an alleged felony crime. The Grand Jury failed to indict Loughner on such specious evidence. The untold story here seems to be that of Pima County College’s grossly negligent mishandling of the case that was perhaps the proximate cause of Loughner’s rampage some 3 months later.

Keith Labella is a non-practicing attorney. Originally from New York, he presently resides in Hemet California. Mr. Labella blogs at gangstalkingismurder.com.

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26 thought on “Missing Pieces in 2011 Tucson Shooting”
    1. “They” took down this Video “We need to talk about Sandy Hook” from you tube. Also all the videos on the direct site won’t play either. This is WRONG.

      The Sandy Hook Players started a website called HONR which is where you “rat out” any and ALL videos or articles on Sandy Hook and they go after you. This is what is called Free Speech now.


      1. We hope to have a post or two on further developments as they pertain to apparent censorship of We Need to Talk from the IMS collective within the next few days. Until then, the video is available via the Internet Archive from the widget available on MHB’s main top right sidebar.

  1. When I was writing for Room Eight, I made the observation that Judge Roll’s murder was mentioned only as an afterthought, when his death had the most inherent motive.

    From said piece:

    Federal judge John Roll, 63

    Christina Green, a nine-year-old schoolgirl born on September 11, 2001

    Dorothy Murray, 76

    Dorwin Stoddard, 76

    Phyllis Scheck, 79

    Gabe Zimmerman, 30, communications outreach director for Rep. Giffords

    Those six individuals were murdered by this fool. Representative Giffords is recovering from a gunshot wound to her cranium, and seems to be making incredible progress.

    Who bears responsibility?

    Jared Loughner obviously bears the brunt of said responsibility. From the looks of this, I smell insanity defense. I understand that he may have been on antidepressants. That is no excuse.

    In case the term requires explanation, a Manchurian Candidiate is a person programmed as an unconscious assassin by way of brainwashing, hypnotism and/or physical/mental/psychological torture. Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the purported murderer of Robert Francis Kennedy, was reputed to be such an individual.

    I admit to being confused as to the last 48 hours of responses by our media; it seems that the major angle is to try and pigeonhole Loughner as being a member of the Tea Party; this has no basis in reality. There were attempts to illustrate that Gabrielle may have known her attacker; her YouTube account subscribed to his channel, but there are discrepancies as to the time said subscription occurred.

      1. Right On! Judge Roll WAS the Target and all the rest was smoke and mirrors. The MSM never gave the Judge a mention unless in passing.

        Holder and Obama saw him as a major obstacle in their Open Borders Policy.
        which is also the policy of the Bush’s and the Elites of Europe to balkanize all western countries so they can conquer the founding peoples of said nations without a fight.

        Just my take on open borders. I’m all for legal immigration as most of us are immigrants.

      2. I’ve since lost the links, but there were some interesting shots of that event. Some of the players surfaced in other roles. The pictures were unmistakable.

        You really have to hand it to this criminal enterprise. Most “organized crime” types wouldn’t have the “huevos” to produce something like this and put it out there for the world to see.

        On the other hand, I suppose it isn’t much to worry about for them. They just declare anyone who points them out as “crazy” and move on to the next one.

  2. J Loughner had a strikingly similar Psychotropic Drugged OUT appearance to James a.KA “Jimmy Neutron” Holmes of Aurora Colo and somewhat as Clemens and Clebold from Columbine. Many in the same style of Poor Mental Compromised DUPES; FRAMED by the F B I to assure their alleged “Need” to keep their High Paid B A R Agents Income$?

  3. The Gabby Giffords story is all the proof one needs that this was a fully staged event.
    Who is she married to – Captain of the International Space Station – Mark Kelly, Actor-naut.
    There is plenty of evidence that the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and most of what the space agencies do is faked

      1. Yeah, nothing “extreme” there! These people are the new role models for the kiddies.

        As to the “drugged out” appearance, I’ve noticed that as well. Also, many (if not all), of these have reported “friends” (handlers?), known to have been closely involved with them before their “breakdowns”.

        In the case of “Holmes”, I doubt if he even made it out of the car. Looking back over history there isn’t any reticence on their part for a “sacrifice”. They are chosen for some reason. Since most have a history of exposure to psychological research of one type or another, I don’t think its a reach to suspect that is where they are targeted.

        Maybe they prove highly susceptible to drug-induced instruction?

  4. Open Letter to the Sandy Hook HONR Network.

    Hey Sandy Hook Players aka HONR Network:

    Lets do it this way.

    Peter Lanza and Ryan Lanza and Rick Thorne have NEVER been interviewed or have said ONE word about the Sandy Hook Shooting.

    Peter Lanza had a fake interview by Mr. Big Pharma (Andrew Soloman)using the same and ONLY picture we have all seen a million times before of Peter Lanza and promoted the Mental Illness psycho drugs for his part of this hoax and the Billions of dollars they are receiving. Got It.

    In any REAL situation we would have heard from the Father, Son, Brother and so on.

    So, Being the Sandy Hook Players have now started their own new website called HONR.

    which attacks anybody who wants to know the truth and also asks people to “rat” out anybody who questions the official story.

    And seems to have some kind of Super Powers to take down privately owned websites including youtube or vimeo videos.
    I ask you to give us Peter, Ryan and Rick Thorne.

    That’s right, We want Peter, Ryan and Rick Thorne to come out and tell us their story. It’s real right? So whats the harm?

    You say we are all crazy sick people who should be committed under the new Obama laws you have made possible because we just wanted the truth.

    You all got over $300K each +. Flown around the country in Air Force One speaking against Gun ownership and for mental health laws.

    We just Want Peter and Ryan Lanza AND Rick Thorne. No biggy. Whats the harm?

    Any Journalist worth their salt would have SURELY interviewed Peter, Ryan and Rick by now.

    Oh, that’s right. CBS,NBC,ABC,FOX,CNN and all of them have NOT interviewed ANY of them.

    They have had almost 2 years to rehearse their lines. Whats the problem HONR Network? CNN will Green Screen and edit for you, no worries.

    I want to hear from them or take your site down.

  5. The “We Need Talk About Sandy Hook” video is the best compilation of evidence yet. Spread it far and wide. The official story is crumbling in spite of Lenny Pozner’s pathetic attempts at censorship. America needs to wake up and confront the huge lie behind the Sandy Hook shooting. This is a fraudulent and treasonous attack on 240 years of established law. Everyone involved in this deception should go to jail.

  6. Please allow me to throw my hat in the ring with a couple articles I wrote for my blog a while ago now. The first is in regards to the still-unaccounted for phony mugshot first released and the second is about the incredible speed at which the t-shirts were printed for the post-event memorial…

    Suspected Arizona Shooter, Jared Lee Loughner Mugshot Photo Fabrication Still Unexplained

    Amazingly Fast Turn-Around of Custom, Arizona Shooting Memorial T-Shirts

    1. Both insightful articles, Derrick. I keep preaching that these “ready for primetime” productions right out of the chute are a signature of information warfare.

      Things just don’t happen that way. Preplanning is obvious, as well as the demonization of the alleged perpetrator. This one had all the signs.

    2. those tshirts being done in two days is a ridiculous thought. It wouldn’t matter if they were ordered on the weekend the fastest they would be delivered to the printer would be Tuesday and only if they were white shirts would the wholesalers have that many. from my recollection they were navy blue. unless they ordered every size available they would have to be shipped from many different warehouses and I guess if money was no obstacle they could pay to have them overnighted. A really big shop could work overnight to get them done but they would have to pay them a ridiculous price for the shop to agree to it. over a hundred grand for sure. probably 140,000 prepaid.
      very,very,very unlikely but not totally impossible considering the government has unlimited funds.

    3. Interesting posts. Gabby Giffords subscribed to Jared Loughner’s YouTube channel before the shooting, eh? Geez Louise.

      One thing that puzzles me, though, is that Giffords does appear to have some brain damage–the eyes are somewhat vacant and her speech isn’t as clear as before, similar to James Brady (Reagan’s assistant who got shot). Maybe she was scheduled for brain surgery beforehand, which they knew would have this effect–but I have thought her “after-shooting” presence is different from what it was before. Not like I have seen her speak that many times, though, not having TV.

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