murder-suicideBy James F. Tracy

Why do most of the world’s murder-suicides occur in the United States? What does this truly alarming epidemic suggest about US politics, culture, and the country’s immense military-intelligence-media complex? The Murder/Suicide blog takes on the important task of chronicling all homicide / suicide events throughout the world by posting press reports of each incident.

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A chilling observation is that most murder-suicides taking place since 2009 have occurred in the United States.


The site references a scholarly article to describe the crime’s parameters:

The most common murder-suicide scenario involves a White male perpetrator in his 40s who kills his estranged spouse and perhaps his children before killing himself. The three most common categories of murder-suicide are cases in which (1) the act is caused by jealously or concern about age or illness; (2) the act is perpetrated by a parent who kills all of the children and then themselves; and (3) the act involves disgruntled employees, cult members, or members of religious or political groups who target a large number of victims before committing suicide.

Yet how frequently can the motives be reliably ascertained if there are no witnesses to these crimes?

A plausible contributing factor for this phenomenon taking place so prevalently in the United States might be Americans’ high consumption of psychotropic drugs, many of which have been proven to induce homicidal and suicidal ideation. Yet Europeans are also notorious for taking such substances, with no comparable effect demonstrated via UK or EU-area press reports.

Another potential source for the inordinate incidence of murder/suicide in America documented above is that news media readily report–if not shamelessly sensationalize–such tragic events. At the same time, however, most European countries’ news media also hastily report such crime.

Are Americans inherently predisposed to committing such atrocities? Is it the variously tasteless (if not toxic) ingredients of our popular culture? Again, such mass culture has transcended national borders for decades.

A less-understood basis for this uniquely American phenomenon is similarly suggested in the dramatic increase in mass shootings in recent years. An FBI report (PDF) released in September 2013 revealed an average of six shooting incidents occurring between 2000 and 2007. That average rose to more than 16 per year in the following seven years, through 2013. The period included the 2012 shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in addition to the Washington Navy Yard incident.

With the above in mind, one thing largely excluded from consideration is the potential Operation Gladio-style deployment of behavioral technologies alongside coordinated terrorist activities to keep US citizens in a perpetual state of fear, and thus inclined to further exchange their remaining liberties for a falsely perceived sense of safety.

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51 thought on “Murder-Suicide: An American Phenomenon”
  1. Well done, Tracy.

    Ask questions first, ask further questions, take notes and think. Feel.

    There is a ‘puzzle’ out there, that only a few people choose (or dare) to look at, in ways that they are not instructed to (or allowed) by well-established, ‘authorities’ (usually government and industry–the money changers).

    No fun getting shot at or shot up, eh?

    Been there, many times.

    Ned Lud

  2. Just looking at the “facts” surrounding the Tabernacle, NJ murders/suicide that occurred recently. There was mention of a sword and rifle in the back of the mother’s car although neither was used in the alleged crime. Again, didn’t sound like family was known to really anyone …. at least not in that part of NJ. Another false flag or just another unexplained tragedy.

    1. Ms. Hensel needs that mane on top of her head. The local utility company just increased the electric rate by 20% or so. How will these victims make it through another harsh New England winter being as broke as they are? Those poor dears. The safety net is crumbling along with their resilience. About time.

  3. These are certainly good questions to raise. Following the money is a great way to go to derive answers. Who is it exactly that wants us to give away our liberties and why? If you look at the fact that the country has turned into the weapons factory for the Zionist agenda, that Zionists run the media, Hollywood, and the Federal Reserve, then you might be getting closer to answers. Then consider that Obamacare is increasingly turning into an instrument of control, and the long history of eugenics practices associated with those behind the crafting of that bill, and then the reason causes for fear may begin to announce themselves.
    Of course, there’s the Rockefeller question, which is interesting to research.

    1. I believe the Israelis are acting at America’s behest: they are our proxies. (By “our,” of course, I don’t mean you and me, but the CIA and the banksters and their goons generally.)

      1. It’s the other way around. Our taxes pay the Jewish banksters running the Fed. They let us build up wealth only to pull the rug out and seize it back. They tell us what to think. “He with the gold makes all the rules” is the golden rule. Speaking of which, wonder what’s really in Fort Knox.

        1. I don’t deny that the bankers are Jewish, but the judges and law enforcement are Catholics–many of whom, if not all, are fanatics.

          The bankers couldn’t do what they do without this support. They are in league with each other.

        2. Yes, it’s not “just the Jews” or an antisemitic issue. I am aware of the Catholic connections and am still studying about that. The Fraternal Order of Police puts out some pretty awful propaganda.

    1. has some pictures of an alleged crime which look like no crime to me at all. Vincent Moore , was LivingonplanetZ before he got kicked off yt, put up a vid in the beginning of all this showing there was no Michael Brown except a dead one in CA. Looks to me like they used the dead guy’s identity for this psyop/hoax.

    2. But why? No matter how or why it happened, it has attracted a lot of protesters. Some have behaved in a silly fashion (as in Boston where whoever was protesting or pretending to do so, tried to prevent cars from entering the Mass Turnpike on the eve of Thanksgving – but the hardy Boston Strong cops headed them off before family gatherings could be ruined by those ragtag elements of Occupy Boston, trying to regroup).

      Could it be that any form of protest will be co-opted, and this is simply an opportunity to direct it and interpret all protest?

      Mr. Brown has indeed become another token in the “national conversation” where people pretty much say things on cue, and polarize predictably.

      1. In the local news here in Seattle it was reported that the protests now 5 days long, are small, the same group of people and it was hinted these were “professional protesters”. Discontents with nothing better to do, sad to say, there is no “momentum” that was hoped for to ignite a riot.

  4. Great piece. It is another example of the homicidal political culture American power has instilled in the American people. Americans have been conditioned to support and respect killing people, especially if they are powerless. The lynch mentality in former times has morphed into supporting cops shooting non-Whites and the execution of unarmed prisoners. Killing children by bombs, drones, starvation, or disease is part of the American Divide and Ruin strategy, promoted initially by the Israeli Lobby. It explicitly supports the shelling of UN schools attended by Palestinians by Israel, as does Patrick.

    Torture is now included in American policy as well as homicide, the American people induced to support it by the tv program ’24 hours.’
    The descent of the USA into a form of Freedom Fascism, where killing is routine, is why we should OPPOSE gun control. This is only directed against the civilian population while arming the police, military, intelligence agencies, and homicide squads with modern weapons. If the American people were trained in the use of these weapons, and possessed them, they could PREVENT killing, by being less powerless.
    The cops would shoot less African Americans if they possessed the ability to shoot back.

    Suicide is considered a form of homicide in the US statistics, stigmatizing it since power wants complete control of the right to kill. There is a question in the homicide-suicides whether it is homicide or suicide that is primary in the minds of the perps. Determining which it is, if there is a significant bias toward one or the other, would be crucial in stopping these crimes. As would an aversion to killing the powerless, if we did not live in a homicidal culture.

  5. I think of a lot of these crimes as done by high status individuals who fear losing or having lost money, loyalty, being someone’s idealized companion. I have a friend whose cousin killed himself and his wife over some combination of those things. There have been some of them in European history – with nobility in a struggle with their parents over a proper marriage partner, killing themselves and their lover (because marrying against the family would have cut them off financially). I think this happened in Germany a few times.

    One particularly egregious one I read about (but do we always trust the press, I think not) involved a couple in Florida who were older and had a child who was maybe adopted and who looked like miniature adult, the perfect model boy. He found out his fortune was no more, he was about fifty and he and his wife joined in a suicide pact and killed their child too, as though he would suffer if he wasn’t rich anymore too. This is some of the thinking I guess when parents who take a knock in the ridiculous American money, status and street address rat race, decide to exit the stage and take the next generation with them. They were sick to begin with, even with all their money, it’s just that nobody noticed.

    1. Growing up in a solidly middle-class (maybe tottering on upper-middle?), we had a neighbor who tried to beat his wife to death with a frying pan before he blew his head off in the backyard. I had come home from playing at the park, when I saw a bloody hand print on our screen door. Before I could get all the way inside, my my mom hollered from the kitchen for me to go back to the park and stay there until dinner time.

      Later, I found out that the man had invested heavily and lost, and he figured that his wife would be better off dead than living in poverty. Apparently there was a life insurance policy that paid off (even though it was a suicide), because the wife didn’t live a pauper’s existence. This was back in the early 80s, I think. I remember a couple of police cars coming by (like two, maybe), but I can’t remember if a news team showed up or not.

      Murder-suicide isn’t a brand-new phenomenon (though that map shows an alarming picture); suicide-by-cop, on the other hand…

  6. We can’t be certain that reports from other countries are accurate and we are certain that most of our news is not.

    We do know that mercenaries have been used in the past to silence those with too much information who may appear to be going rogue. A spouse and family members may question a suicide, but loosing two loved ones at once, may be too much grieve to even think clearly.

    In my younger years, we hardly ever called a suicide that, someone died after a long illness or it was a tragic accident.

    All that being said, very hard economic times have hit a lot of families, many underwater with their high mortgage payments. Divorce can bankrupt households and often times the courts seem to punish the father harshly. Have known many couples who lived way beyond their means and when they have borrowed their last nickel, one spouse blames the other.

    Looked into the unaffordable health care program last year, and contrary to how it was sold, a bad health year will bankrupt you. Even a good year is very expensive.

    1. One of my earliest memories of knowing anyone in the news was in Las Vegas, Nevada back in the 50’s when I was about five. Our neighbor had been digging a well, maybe trying to increase the value of his pathetic ranch, and while his wife was at work, he shot himself. Perhaps he had PTSD from WWII on top of it. But his death, as a suicide and not as the typical gun accident, was announced for everyone to hear on the news. So sometimes it was made clear. I do remember that his widow had been a very upfront sort of person who tried to handle conflict between us kids very well. I think they were Quakers, actually, which makes the man’s death a little unusual, if he was raised in non-violence, but maybe helps explain why he did not take everyone else with him.

      These are stories you just don’t forget – kind of seared on the memory if you a kid when it happens. I am grateful people were able to be honest about what happened then. Too bad it happened, though.

      1. you know I hadn’t thought about that. well, I did wonder where his facial scar was but I thought maybe it was an older picture of him. maybe this is another ferguson and it slipped right past me. no wall to wall coverage of this though.

    1. This is some sort of scare there, maybe he had really good make up artists for his trial as that might of been a bad thing to have the jury of his peers to see his actual dent in the head.

      He was born to fb around the time of his crime, and has one friend also born on that time, whose only friend is him, and one really blurry picture where scares are not detectible or anything else…..

  7. This is indeed strange. There simply isn’t enough information to draw conclusions. Between the “hoaxes”, the drugs, the wars (with attendant PSD), the hopelessness that most feel, it isn’t too surprising that the suicide rate is high. The “murder/suicide” is very strange.

    As a starting point this looks like something for a statistician. There must be patterns. We’ve all noticed several disturbing “trends” lately.

    1. I too have begun to think of these events as “trends” – perhaps reflecting the dominant ideology of the party currently in power. I’ve begun to put them to one side in my thinking, not because I am indifferent to my society, but because I care about it enough not to want to be manipulated and to see everything through the distorting lenses we are daily offered by which to see the world.

      But when dismissing any of these stories as part of a trend, I also have to realize that it is normal for the mind to organize things into patterns, but that we can sometimes be wrong when doing so.

      The question I must also ask myself (and I think this is crucial) is whether the agencies which report hoaxes as fact are ever capable of conveying actual facts that are truthful in some of the same broadcasts.

      I found myself asking this when soon after the Boston Marathon bombing hoax, there was an apartment fire in the Back Bay in which two firemen lost their lives and had a funeral with all the usual dignity according fallen firefighters when they die in the line of duty.

      Was it even real, I asked myself? Or just one more opportunity to reinforce the bombing narrative by noting that the engine company was on Boylston Street, near the site of the “bombing”.

      But then the story just sank like a lead weight as soon as the funeral was over, no interviews with plucky spouses (these were trying to slip in and out of church without showing their faces, so miserable looking – unlike those ditsy parents in Newtown). After a very short time, all talk about this event ceased. There were no firefighter’s children hanging around the mound at Fenway Park and being entertained by the mascot. Nada.

      So I have to conclude that this lack of festivity around maiming and death argued for this to have been a real event. Otherwise, it would have been more fun for the newscasters and the funeral attendees.

  8. NASA is acknowledging aerosols and actual shows picture of chem trails. What’s next, they’ll admit to spraying lithium on us to make us happy?

    Having lived in the north can attest to the fact that it is very depressing in the long, cold winter months when the sun never shines and lately the nice days of the other seasons are a rare event.

    1. Thanks for the link; I’m a “chemtrailer”, and I like to try to keep abreast of any new admissions (even disinfo). I’m waiting for the day when the government says something like, “Well OF COURSE we’re spraying…we’ve been spraying for YEARS! It’s to save the planet, don’t you know, for the CHILDREN!”

    2. Good find Pendantic on NASA.
      It’s obvious they are trying to come clean through pure propaganda and deception showing a sky with blatant Chem-trails as a normal sky.

    3. “From space, streaks of white clouds can be seen moving across Earth’s surface. Other tiny solid and liquid particles called aerosols are also being transported around the atmosphere, but these are largely invisible to our eyes. Aerosols are both natural and man-made, and include windblown desert dust, sea salt, smoke from fires, sulfurous particles from volcanic eruptions, and particles from fossil fuel combustion. ” LOL

      I sense a coming out party and they will announce the cure to global warming, uh, climate change. They really seem to be ramping the spraying up lately and wonders of wonders, rain has been allowed to fall in CA once again.

      NASA’s site has selected me for a survey, guess I’ll ask what other man made particles are included in the aerosol trails. Have heard our land and water have high unnatural concentrations of aluminum that is causing huge increases in Alzheimer’s and other terrible neurological conditions.

      See you all in the FEMA camps!

  9. What about atmospheric estrogens? If most of the perpetrators are males, it could be a factor. Men getting bombarded with female hormones can’t be good, unless you own stock in a emo clothing store chain. I have heard that plastic water bottles can emit a type of estrogen. Could be why we are taking so much garbage from our leaders and not revolting.

    1. Rich, I don’t think it would pay to spray everything that lives with estrogen – but to have humans consume it in the form of phthalates – well, it does have a function, that chemical, which is to soften plastic (and even perhaps make it compactable in the garbage and land-fills). I would imagine it was an unintended by by-product of hydrocarbon chemistry, which might have then been employed consciously. However we now have been told about it, whereas people in the Third World may not. It could be a tool of empire — or not.

      I believe that chemtrails would be most likely about weather modification, if they are used deliberately. But then I live in a region in which mankind has very little influence on the weather, not like the far west where they are always struggling against droughts. Where I live, the phrase is “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”

    1. There was a huge fire downtown Los Angeles overnight. Freeways closed off. Source unknown yet. Could some of the training have gone wrong – or right?

      Excerpt from the link 77 posted:
      From Dec. 5 through Dec. 16, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit is holding urban combat training exercises in Los Angeles and other parts of the metropolitan area.
      Parts of downtown in the city of Los Angeles will be used for the exercise, as will nearby locations in Los Angeles County, Capt. Brian Block, spokesman for the unit, said.

      1. You’re the first person (that I know of) to make this connection. Strangely, there was a fairly good-sized fire set at a nearby high school on Sunday (burned eight classrooms), and the school was put on lock-down this afternoon due to a bomb threat.

        I wonder if any drills were scheduled (other than the L.A. urban assault drills, that is)?

        Totally off the subject, I happened to notice that the number 26 has played prominently in the news lately: Bill Cosby victim count is up to 26, and there were 26 wrongfully-held Al Qaeda members. Weren’t there 26 victims at Sandy Hook as well? Any numerologist-types here that can shed some light on this?

        1. ​Hi R….the number 26 is interesting when one realizes that there are both positive and negative connotations to each number….

          2 seems to be positive in reference to using the number 26 in what you have mentioned. 2 in a positive sense means ‘cooperation.’ Think of a boat with rowers, all the participants would be cooperating with something.

          6 seems to be negative in reference to using the number 26 in what you have mentioned. 6 in a negative sense means ‘fatalism, nihilism and tunnel vision.’ It means the loss of high ideals.

          I hope you can glean from that why someone might be using the number so much that it reveals its own pattern…


  10. I don’t buy it. First, not all media outlets in the world are free to publish everything like they are in the west. Second, there are several languages in which murder-suicide stories are going to get missed because the researchers don’t speak the language of the article.

    1. Although you’ve provided a bogus website/calling card, your point is well taken. Keep in mind that this is a blog, not the International Journal of Criminology. Government statistics in other countries may also obscure such analysis, as is the case with rape in the UK. Nevertheless, the murder-suicide phenomenon in the US is startling and likely unique in many ways.

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