myron-mayThe following is the text of the letter that Myron May sent to 10 recipients, along with a flash drive and some other documents. Most of these materials have been confiscated by federal authorities. Photos of said signed correspondence has also been received and reviewed but are not posted here-JFT


November 17, 2014

Dear Ms. Mitchell and other addressees,

The purpose of this letter is threefold. First, I would like to make a sincere plea to you not to let my personal story die. Enclosed within this letter you will find a USB flash drive containing a personal testimony from me about the financial, emotional, and psychological pain that I have endured over the course of the past few months since I discovered that I was a targeted individual. I have literally been forced to endure a living hell.

There are thousands of targeted individuals within the United States that literally suffer each and every day at the hands of our government. Personally, I have experienced significant harassment from law enforcement in every place that I have been these past few months.

Second, over the coming days and weeks, you will hear numerous people trying to label me as a person with mental health issues. If you simply google “targeted individual”, “gang stalking”, “freedom from covert harassment and surveillance”, or “Dr. Robert Duncan”, you will see that what I have experienced, albeit not widely known, is very real. In addition, you can find various videos on YouTube by searching under these exact same search terms.

Our government is able to capitalize on this lack of knowledge among the general population to curb sentiments toward questioning the mental health of targeted individuals rather than admitting the truth: that there is a system of covert torture of ordinary innocent citizens that is happening within our borders.

I have not told a single person exactly what I intend to do. And only you 8 people know that I intend to do anything at all–but my goal is to garner some much-needed media attention to the plight of targeted individuals. Because we are a marginalized group with few financial assets. Coincidentally, that means we get ignored.

Third, enclosed within, you will also find a sample letter to Congress. Please encourage as many people as you can to send a copy of this letter to Congress. My hope is that if enough people take a genuine concern into the struggles of targeted individuals, then Congress will have to do something to stop it once and for all. Not like the false machinations of stopping it that took place in the 70’s with COINTELPRO. I apologize for putting this responsibility on you guys. But you are the people that I know and trust. I am confident that Ms. Mitchell will not allow my story to die. I sincerely hope that you will

1. Keep an electronic copy of my story for yourself.
2. Provide a copy for distribution to media outlets.
3. Make sure that Ms. Mitchell gets a copy. Although I am sending her a copy, I fear that it may be intercepted. And
4. See to it that if my story is removed from the internet, that is YouTube and Vimeo, etc., it will be properly re-uploaded. I know that I’m asking for a lot. But please assist me with this.

Lastly, please whisper a prayer for my soul. I am still a believer and honestly feel there is no hope for me. Consequently, I am making a sacrifice so that others in my same position might have a chance at a normal, harassment-free life. I realize that my methods are not the best selection and probably will not be perceived as the selection of a Christ follower. But I have prayed incessantly for months to no avail. There are targeted individuals that have endured this torture for decades without any relief. And what targeted individuals need more than anything is media attention.

[Names Deleted]

Your brother in Christ,

Myron May

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  1. Correction:

    I’m not Todd Giffen. I’m a different Todd. If you’re using my post from the other thread, please note that it was simply transcribed from a YouTube video as read by an unidentified female. If you actually received a copy of the cover letter from Mr. Giffen, then please disregard. Sorry for any confusion.

  2. Even assuming these allegations are true, teaching them to the general public is not going to be easy. A point can be made that the surest way to stop state-sponsored harassment by unconventional means is through educating people, one-to-one, on the video resemblance between Building 7’s destruction and a controlled demolition.


  3. gosh. Is it conceivable that American power is attempting to initiate a race war between Whites and Blacks to justify the imposition of despotic measures? In the UN, the General Assembly, 112 voted against Nazi politics and racism. Only the US, Canada, and Ukraine voted against.

    The US has manipulated a coup in Ukraine which installed an oligarch-Nazi regime. Biden’s son is now working for the worst of the oligarchs, Kolminoysky, a billionaire gangster who has both Ukraine and Israeli citizenship. Is it conceivable that a variant of this fascism is being attempted in the USA.

    There is not yet sufficient evidence, so far as I know, to lead to a definite conclusion. But the confluence of current homicidal race events is disturbing.

      1. Fish, I agree. I keep saying that, even if somebody dies, that doesn’t make it not a hoax. They have no more compunction about killing than most of us swatting a fly. On the other hand, it is merely a matter of convenience.

        There are your completely contrived, semi-contrived and “spin” type hoaxes. I’m also fond of saying that NOTHING gets on TEE VEE without careful vetting. If it’s on there, it’s on there for a reason.

        To me these aren’t any different than the typical talking head political productions designed to get the uninformed to argue with each other over whether the “Democrats did it” or the other construct.

        It is all manipulation in the interest of control. I agree that it is fun to poke holes in their goofy stories. I mean FSU must be the most studious university in America to have “400 students” in the library at midnight!

        It’s like all the blather over the Ferguson thing. Talk about manipulation. “Unit Two, cue the ignition in the cruiser. Unit Three, how are we doing with that drug store? Four, get those MRAPS moving”.

        Now ask yourselves, if you want to be the new American heroes, why play by their rules? If you’re gonna assemble, do it at the DA’s house. By the way, don’t tell them you’re coming. No, instead they make themselves extras in somebody else’s movie.

        None of this is “real”. It may have some actual events associated with it, but, unless it can be spun and “used” you won’t hear about it. The most effective thing anyone can do with this is to stop playing by their rules. Wouldn’t it have been a hoot if everyone had simply turned around and walked home? That might send a message; “you’re fired – get out”.

        Who needs V2S when we have TEE VEE to moron? Who ya’ gonna vote for? The “Gentle Giant” or the fair-haired Ubersatzgrupen?

  4. Voice mail messages from Myron Mays to Renee Pittman Mitchell hours before the shooting. Mitchell provided these messages to NBC, who refused to air them. She also provided any and all information she had to federal authorities.

    Source: GMN Pete Santilli

    “Renee, I seriously need you to…to answer the phone. Like, this is not a game. This is not a joke. Renee, I need you to answer the phone. I need you to answer it…ah…now. Or answer my text messages. I do not need you to bail on me right now. It is a terrible time for you to bail on me right now. I really need you. Please do not do that. Please.”

    “Renee, look. I’m getting hit with direct energy weapons right now, as we speak. I have nine return receipts coming to your address. I need you to not be paranoid and calm the hell down. Cuz I do not wanna die in vain. OK? Like, seriously.”

    “Renee. Listen. I need you really bad right now. I am currently being cooked in my chair. I’ve devised a scheme where ah, I was gonna expose this once and for all. And I really need you. Like I really, really need you. And your paranoia is kinda messing me over. And I do not want to die in vain, Renee. I need you to please pick up the phone, check your e-mail, do something. Because otherwise, I’m screwed.”

    On 22 Nov 2014, Santilli extensively interviewed some of the people that were in contact with Myron during the last week of his life. The interviews start about an hour into the following 4+ hour-long YT.

    Pete Santilli Episode #848 – FSU Gunman Believed He Was Being “Targeted With Directed Energy”

    After listening to most of this interview, I was surprised to find out that both Mitchell and the guy from FFCHS both told the same story about the packages. Mitchell had a postal inspector, FBI agent, and local LE a representative on her front doorstep less than 24 hours after the shooting. The postal inspector claimed that they “found” the package on her porch and requested permission to open it in front of her, which she gave. He later asked her if they could take the contents of the package with them. She confirmed briefly viewing the cover letter, letter to Congress, possibly several other letters to prior law firms, and the USB flash drive. Astonishingly, both Mitchell and the FFCHS guy waived their fourth amendment rights and just handed everything over, including the USB drives. This really reminded me of Anderson Cooper acting “confused” about the package that he received from Christopher Dorner.

    Mitchell did confirm that she was being cautious with May because she is a TI herself. She has written a book, papers, and has a website containing a list of US patents for the equipment used in these operations.

    Some of the interviewees confirmed that the chest area could be targeted to induce a heart attack. IIRC approximately a 25Hz RF emission. And some type of commercially available shielding material was mentioned.

  5. So, is this whole thing a staged event with a ‘targeted individual’ backstory to muddy and polarize the ‘conspiracy theory’ waters? My examinations of any TI “evidence” have shown it to be pretty outlandish and lacking in substance.

    I think we’re looking at gov’t/private partnership psyops, with cognitive infiltration/ counter intellience/ and disinformation. It’s more of the same with added “Dimensions” (i.e. backstory, audio, ect.) to use Sophia Smallstorms’ model, which is useful for most of these events.

    I would be hesitant to believe the “official story” or the competing “covered up story”.

    1. I’m leaning toward Leviathan on this. I’m open to “targeted individuals”, but I’m not convinced that it takes place on the scope that we’re being asked to believe.

      It kind of reminds me a little of when Oprah went on her “on-line child predator” kick, talking about the MILLIONS of men prowling the internet looking for children to groom and enslave.

      It also reminds me of the “Satanic Panic” of the 80s. Perhaps overstating phenomena of this kind is a way of desensitizing the public (or maybe the opposite is true, that it actually makes the public MORE sensitive, like a food or drug overdose can create an allergy). Maybe it’s to discredit victims altogether (first, Satanists lurked behind every bush, then we were told that Satanism was very rarely practiced, if at all, when in fact, the truth was somewhere in the middle)?

      Anyone heard anything about Ebola lately?

  6. I see some differences between fully staged HSEEP/media events and this.

    -There is an obituary for the shooter.

    -There was a clear scramble by the authorities to intercept and confiscate USPS mail.

    -The cover letter/voice mails reveal motive.

    -His history as an assistant DA in Las Cruces combined with the tone of his cover letter and voice messages do not suggest a wild-eyed mental condition to me. Neither does a review of his facebook remnants. It does suggest a man clearly under duress. I also find it strange that none of this mental illness was manifesting a little over a year ago prior to an encounter he had with law enforcement. What are the chances of a highly educated, successful lawyer working for the state suddenly developing a mental disorder?

    -The Aaron Alexis case gives Myron’s story credibility. Alexis did file police reports that were made public. And he had corroborating witness statements confirming some of his statements. “My ELF Weapon” scrawled on the shotgun brought the whole TI issue to my attention. The corporate media treated it like a big mystery.

    Does the equipment for this type of harassment exist? Well, we know that there are concerns over RF pollution via power lines and smart meters. We also have a list of patents from Renee Mitchell. And we know that V2K technology goes back to at least the mid 70’s. Then there’s Raytheon’s Active Denial System for crowd dispersion. It’s been speculated that a frequency change would heat up more than just the outer layer of skin.

    If there was such a extrajudicial program in place that appealed to wanna-be brownshirt neighbors doing their “patriotic” duty, then it would be in the government’s interest to keep it covert to the point of denying it’s existence. If any TI’s tried to band together via the internet, then SOP would be infiltration and management by the government. This is what they have done with the militia movement. Better to undermine and hijack an organization than to try to eradicate it.

    What if Myron DIDN’T actually shoot at anybody? What if he fired into the ground, then simply refused to drop the weapon knowing that the police would arrange for an instant firing squad bringing media attention to his cause? That’s when the media would need to drum up false witnesses, as in past events, to fit their narrative. His gun was a relatively weak .380 semi-automatic pistol. Capacity is only 6 rounds. Does that sound like something to bring to an intended massacre?

    On the other hand, there are people that DO have mental disorders that will glom onto conspiracy theories. Their speech and writing eventually give them away though.

    Either way, it looks like Myron May’s last wish to expose and put a stop to this once and for all isn’t going to happen. I’m seeing sole emphasis on “the whole thing is staged/crisis actors” as well as information claiming he was on SSRI’s/Manchurian with no hard evidence. Psychologists are bleating and speculating about his mental state, just as he predicted would happen. Most alternative media refuses to touch this story.

    Besides, the news cycle is over. Everybody’s looking at Ferguson, MO. Time to move on right?

    1. you would have to be a fool to believe this, or a troll. how many circus acts do we have to endure just to have some fools tell us “this time it is real”? you sound like “AJ macdonald” trying to tell us that “the boston marathon was everything sandy hook wasn’t”. it wouldn’t surprise me if you are sitting at the same desk. you feign concern over the victims of gang stalking but all the assistant DA did was put a noose around the neck of anyone who actually believes they are a victim of such harassment.

      1. LOL! You’re just another paid POS government shill, roach. Now scurry along before someone with pointy-tip boots steps on you in a corner. You phuquers are so, so sad…

  7. I hope that most of us realize that there is absolutely zero chance that this “targeted individual” story is real. It is just a colorful back story to give this latest psyop a new twist. Fake fake fake. The technology simply does not exist to remotely target people, or to read or influence their thoughts. May was just an actor, as usual. Now he is a richer actor.

    1. Dr. May is survived by his mother: Nadine May of Dayton, OH; grandmother, Lillian Keith Freeman Russ of Wewahitchka, FL; aunts and uncles: Donald Freeman, Jr., of Springfield, Ohio and Wallace Freeman of Wewahitchka, Florida, Clara Lee (Steven) Hood, of Springfield, Ohio, Andrea (Carlton) McCoy of Columbus, Ohio and Patricia Newman of Wewahitchka, Florida; numerous nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

      Funeral services will be Saturday, November 29, 2014, at 11AM, in the Carter’s Temple First Born Church in Wewahitchka, Florida.

      Attorney Dr. May will be laid to rest in Buckhorn Cemetery in Wewahitchka, Florida under the directions of Christian Memorial Chapel of Graceville, Florida.

      1. I didn’t look into all the funeral homes or chapels, but there was something like that with the “dead” from the the Boston Marathon hoax, but in each individual case, there was something a little off – like the big televised service of one person (Ms. Krystle Campbell I think) was an evening “vigil” rather than a proper funeral. Stuff like that I have no desire to pursue, knowing that the facts did not warrant a real bombing in the first place. These are details, of some interest perhaps, showing some connivance to make a situation appear real, but the evidence cannot stand or fall on it.

        I do think those shabby four little graves in Newtown with four allegedly dead six year olds unrelated except by the fraudulent incident are so bizarre as to scream fraud from the rooftops, if you haven’t already shut your ears (as most people have).

      2. “The Pittmann funeral service (Christian Memorial Chapel) was established in Graceville, FL fifty years ago.”

        Fifty-two to be exact. The only anomalies I can find with that website is a misspelling of the name Pittman on the home page for the funeral director’s deceased son. Coincidentally, Renee Pittman Mitchell shares the name and shortens the “Mitchell” part to just “M” on one of her books. Haven’t found a connection or relation though. Other than that, the BBB recognizes this business with an A+ rating. Whois shows this website was created in Feb 2013 but obits go back much further than that. Not unusual to backfill the database for those searching for someone.

        Myron has one guest book signature that tracks back to his time as Chairman for a law students association possibly in Colorado. It was established June 4, 2013. This might explain his “mysterious disappearance” to Colorado as reported by the media.

        I see no fraud from this angle. The business looks legitimate. Myron May appears to be a real person.

        Oddly enough, the long, detailed obituary disappeared from that website right after I posted this info. It has changed twice since then. Since there were no deaths arising from this incident, I don’t anticipate anyone showing up at the funeral with the intent of harassing family members. So, I’m not sure why the info was pulled. The remainder of the obit was biographical.

      3. so I looked up carter’s temple of the first born and could only find one address: 308 Williamsburg Rd, Wewahitchka, FL 32465

        if you look that up on google maps it shows you fishers building supply and a county health dept across the street.

        kinda hard to go to the funeral when the church that is hosting it doesn’t exist!

        ha ha! so much for this being a real event!

      4. Oh hay. I looked it up too!

        Google maps shows nothing “across the street” except foliage for that address. The Gulf county health Department is in Port Saint Joe, 57 miles away. I really don’t see how you could miss that unless you’re intentionally trying to mislead people on this blog.

        Buckhorn Cemetery is a real place too. May’s body is listed as being interned there.

        1. wow todd you are a real sleuth aren’t you? type in 308 williamsburg rd go to street view and spin 180 degrees and you will see a gulf county health dept building and sign with digital letters that say hours of operation. not that that has anything to do with the missing church. I was only pointing it out to show there is nothing else around there. it shows from the perspective of FL-22 because there is nothing at 308 williamsburg rd besides the builders supply business and the grove of trees you refer to.

          the funeral was at a church that doesn’t exist, the corpse was alive and the incident was a hoax like all of the others.

          time to go back under the bridge little doggie.

      5. My apologies. There is indeed a Gulf Count Health Department branch off of State Road 22 in that area. Thanks for clearing that up.

        If you go to the intersection of SR22 and Williamsburgh Road, you will see four signs posted near the stop sign that point down Williamsburgh Road in the following order:

        Upper left – Williamsburgh Cemetery (green sign)
        Upper right – Apostolic House of Prayer #2 (blue sign)
        Lower right – A Baptist Church (white sign)
        Lower left – Carter’s Temple First Born Church (blue sign)

        The pickup truck at the intersection is partially blocking the signs. But you can peer around it.

        1. so there is. still the only building that seems big enough to have church services is the one on the corner of williamsburg and carver but even that has no parking lot or even marks in the lawn from cars parking on it.
          there are no photos online from the supposed funeral yesterday. mad shooters funerals are a hot item for media these days you would think that at least one reporter would have went. If it was west coast within 400 miles of me I would have went.
          it is interesting trying to view the cemetery from google earth it sort of looks like there could be a cemetery but when you switch to street view it is like you are somewhere else completely.

          who knows, they could have faked the event and dumped a body but it sure looks like his head is unnaturally posed for a dead person.

    2. These “Brave New Events” from 911 on through, you name it, Aurora, Boston…the “underwear bomber”, whatever, all blend together both “real” and “unreal” elements that has a profound effect of cognitive dissonance. It is clearly a pattern that has developed. It is actually an established Modus Operandi.

      While I’m extremely skeptical of claims of Directed Energy thing-a-ma-jigs, as they tend to distract and confuse…(Judy Wood, Alexis ELF, Hutcheson effect.), I couldn’t say they don’t exist for sure. Nicola Tesla was definitely doing something in this realm.

      It reminds me of “Mirage Men” (doc.), where the US spooks infiltrated the UFO community with disinfo to make them think aliens were being covered up, when in fact the Spooks were deliberately spreading the UFO stuff to cover up their top secret projects.

      It’s funny how these psyops appear “Sloppy” when you put them under a critical lens, but they’re actually “Fuzzy”,yeilding multiple interpretations and kind of brilliantly put together. It’s like Game Theory meets Edward Bernays.

      Oh, and by the way Todd, Cass Sunstein called and said to come home…..:)

      1. I think this technology does exist – more than we will ever know.. they choose their scientists, so they wont about it.. any others who mention it are either bypassed or made to look bad in some way………. Disinformation is all over the place. we can’t have come this far in history without sussing out free energy exists, even my brain can work that one out – When Tesla told his benefactors this free energy wouldn’t bring in was actually ‘ free..’..and you couldn’t put a metre on it… they dropped him like a ton of bricks…The military have it…So you think they are not using it?…

        1. “smoke and mirrors! smoke and mirrors!” ha ha. hey don’t bother putting out the burning car before the gas tank explodes! we need to use it like the olympic torch for the next couple weeks.

    3. Christo
      I have no opinion about this particular case, but the technology exists. Yesterday I posted an extract from W Bowarts book, the research version from 1995 under the recent article ab the book. The extract contains an interview with an engineer who explains the properties of the type of implants used. They’re mounted fixed to bone and have similar xray-characteristics making them invisible. What he doesnt explain explicitly is that these objects are connected with the spinal nerves and thats one way in which the communication with the brain comes about. Reflexes are dependent on most mental things so presumably hearing and thoughts have a share of these nerves although they constitute only a small fraction.

  8. So these implants, invisible to x-rays, fixed to bone, and connected to spinal nerves can translate nerve impulses into….thoughts that can be understood by another person? Wow! Are they always in english? Or can they translate these electrical impulses into thoughts in any language? Can they do this using animals too? Can they translate verbal instruction into thoughts? Really? No kidding?

    1. Christo
      Thoughts are strongly correllated, if not identical with, talk at a subliminal soundlevel. (Ie you probably think in english if english is your main language but if you’re a polyglot you might think in swahili or whatever)
      Some types of cancerinduced auditory damage which cannot be corrected with cochlear implants is instead corrected with a brainstem implant. The brainstem continues down through the spine so presumably the auditory info may be interfaced – both ways using spinal implants. There are no doubt more direct means to connect to the hearing system inside the head and I think there are implantable mobile phones for such purposes. (For spies?)
      But the attractive aspect of a spinal connection in particular near the skull ie the neck is that such a large number of different body-functions may be reached within a narrow crossection. Sticking a so called microelectrode matrix into that crossection leads to microscopic nerve damage, healing rapidly into wellfunctioning electrical connections. The nerves grow around and embrace the electrodes forming a permanent interface.
      Thereafter they calibrate the system using a remote computer program. This phase may last for years but some functions are probably identified quickly and automatically.
      The important aspect of the interview by Bowart is that they establish a credible manner of making implants invisible to xray investigations. No disinformer would offer TIs this type of hint.

      1. Peter, you are probably very familiar with the Russian Woodpecker?
        I read that the Russian Woodpecker was blamed for people in Eugene, Oregon falling asleep behind their wheels some decades ago.

        The photos alone are worth checking out this site:
        “The WOODPECKER SIGNAL could also be PHASED MODULATED with PULSES which fell into the BRAIN WAVE PATTERNS of ANIMALS and HUMANS again anywhere on planet earth.”

      2. Anne B
        Yes the wood pecker was used for tracking american cruise missiles. Some people believe Chernobyl was sabotaged in order to silence the woodpecker which needed enormous power. Forget about what you’ve heard about affecting brains with such signals. They spread similar disinfo about HAARP. HAARP mixes shortwave signals in the ionosphere so the beatfrequency falls in the ELF range similar to brain waves, But the real reason is they use it to send signals to submerged subs. Only very low frequencies are able to travel deep enough in sea water.
        If you want to affect the brain with low frequency signals that can be done but its more akin to cooking the brain. There’s nothing subtle about it like transmitting thoughts.

    2. I usually don’t enter into discussion of this topic, but given the clear worldviews and the open minds that prevail on this blog. I’ll respectfully answer “yes” to most of Christo’s questions, with the colorful addition that implants are not needed. The U.S. military, around 1990, launched some ultra-secret program of telekinesis for the purpose of subjugating individuals. They methodically improved and strengthened it, to the point of using teams of very good immoral spiritual practitioners (commonly known as sorcerers or black magicians) and amplifying their powers with electronic machines, from PCs to satellites. These programs are an essential components of false flags. They keep false flag actors/witnesses/accomplices in line while harassing whistle-blowers and independent analysts who are close to understanding or exposing them. They program some of their activities to activate automatically. One of their successes is the sudden discomfort people have sometimes experienced for no apparent reason when simply formulating the thought of agreeing with a dissident web page they have just reviewed.

      These military sorcerers can work one-to-one on a given individual, reading her/his thoughts, inflicting–or removing at will–high levels of mental and physical pain, and sending him/her telepathic messages. The results can be devastating, even lethal.

      I wont’ affirm that Mays was hit with these systems. However, the complaints described in this article are fairly compatible with this hypothesis.

      I’ll go on another limb and state that anyone who ever suspects that (s)he is being hit by military telekinesis will experience relief by training her/his 3rd eye on me.


      1. Daniel Noel
        You’re talking about things which may be mediated by implants operated into the spine or brainstem of TI’s and those implants were available in 1989 in a smaller design than before according to the engineer interviewed by Bowart.
        The reason why I trust him on that is because I figured it out myself long ago but I didnt know about this particular interview before I saw James Tracy’s article and purchased the 2nd ed of the book.
        You say telekinesis and that’s correct. Its possible to remote control motoric nerves and provoke involuntary motion if that was what you intended with the expression telekinesis.

  9. Thank you for the ad-hominem ridicule with zero links, facts, or information to back up your assertions and for associating me with the vile Cass Sunstein. Please enjoy your neocon-sponsored ballgame. Don’t forget to smugly crack a beer while your country is transformed into a third-world nation. That is, if you’re even in this country.

    What I simply see here is an intelligent man, under extreme duress who knew he was probably going to die. I understand that the topic of TIs is outlandish and controversial. So was 9/11, JFK, and Sandy Hook. And I also understand that, according to Myron’s letter, it was his last wish to expose and put an end to a state-sponsored, covert, extrajudicial, and highly illegal program for dealing with troublesome dissidents.

    Myron claimed to be a Christian. If so, he would not just believe the following sentiment. He would have acted upon it. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” That is what I believe his motive was. If he were to stay quietly sitting in a chair, knowing that someone was inducing heart failure, then this story would never have been reported.

    Since nobody actually died except Myron, I see this event as a weak justification for propping up the gun control agenda.

    I see every advantage for the government/media to marginalize this topic by steering the narrative away from TIs and toward a shooting event.

    Was Myron May a fictional character complete with manufactured online and offline evidence of his existence from Florida to New Mexico? That certainly would require a high amount of collusion beyond what we have seen with any manufactured events thus far. And if this level of collusion has been achieved, then we’re all screwed since the arrogant goal of authoritatively creating reality is complete.

    Funeral is in three days. It will either be the real deal or a massive gathering of the crisis actors’ guild. Somehow, I don’t see anybody that might live in that area planning to attend or investigate.

    I’ve heard the arguments before. “You’re muddying the waters.” “You’re making us look bad” “It’s a distraction.” These arguments no longer hold weight with me without first looking at the allegations of the topic and finding definitive evidence that disproves them. If the TI issue were completely bogus, then why have so many people been complaining about it over the years? Are they all delusional? If so, then perhaps the government is correct that we have a significant mental health crisis on our hands and need to screen everybody while they’re still in school. But I doubt it.

    But don’t worry. If it happens to you, then we’ll all continue blindly along the same path. Nobody will believe you. You will be involuntarily shuttled away to a sealed, controlled environment, heavily medicated, forgotten about, and subject to abuse until you physically die. No evidence of that ever happening in the past, right?

    This blog and its participants have been crucial in exposing and raising awareness of the systemic fraud occurring throughout this nation. And I am one of its biggest fans. I deeply appreciate the exhaustive efforts of Professor Tracy and all the participants that work tirelessly to investigate the truth about events that the sold-out media has completely failed to do. You all don’t have to do any of this. You selflessly volunteer your time and there’s no personal gain to be had. In fact, it’s just the opposite. There is risk involved. And yet I see the love of truth driving people here to do what they do best. For that, I am eternally grateful and would like to sincerely thank you. Your efforts are not in vain.

    1. “And I also understand that, according to Myron’s letter, it was his last wish to expose and put an end to a state-sponsored, covert, extrajudicial, and highly illegal program for dealing with troublesome dissidents.

      Myron claimed to be a Christian. If so, he would not just believe the following sentiment. He would have acted upon it. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” That is what I believe his motive was. If he were to stay quietly sitting in a chair, knowing that someone was inducing heart failure, then this story would never have been reported.”

      AJ it seems you have an uncanny ability to mind meld with myron may (tongue twister!) but you aren’t very convincing trying to portray him as a good guy laying his life down for all of us. what a nasty joke – leave me out of it.

      lophatt noted the signature clue to any fake event – all the information is immediately disseminated and broadcast across the world – never ever in a real event would they do this.

      I don’t think myron may was a good guy whether we look at the myron from the official narrative, or myron the crisis actor he is a POS!!! YOU guys at central casting are characterizing him as a jesus figure and doing it on OUR message boards trying to make US guilty by association to anyone who stumbles across these threads. there is no one here that condones violence or hoaxes so when you get called cass sunstein there may be a reason for that.

      others may get defensive about religion or race or ism’s, but my line in the sand is beer. you talk trash about beer and you pick a fight with me! (unless you were talking about bad beer)

      1. I am an independent researcher and am perfectly capable of thinking and reasoning for myself. I do not require a human figure such as AJ, Sunstein, or even a herd mentality to come up with my own conclusions. Incidentally, as far as I know, Alex Jones isn’t covering this at all.

        “it seems you have an uncanny ability to mind meld”

        It’s called empathy or the ability to put oneself in somebody else’s shoes based off of evidence that authorities don’t want the public to see. I believe this is traditionally considered a valid approach to investigation. Sadly, this trait seems to be deteriorating in this world as everybody is conditioned to look out for number one. To hell with everybody else. This attitude causes a population to be more easily managed through fear.

        My goal is to offer an explanation of motive for a seemingly irrational act. I find that the letter is quite clear: “there is a system of covert torture of ordinary innocent citizens that is happening within our borders.” and “my goal is to garner some much-needed media attention to the plight of targeted individuals.”

        Even Renee Mitchell could see that it WAS a suicide letter. “Suicide by cop”, she said.

        As for the “You’re making us look bad.” argument, see above. It certainly shuts down any discussion about targeted individuals. And this is in line with government interests.

        “the signature clue to any fake event – all the information is immediately disseminated and broadcast across the world”

        I believe CNN pioneered the immediate dissemination of information across the world. Back then; intelligence professionals commented that CNN knew about something before they did! Media has always been obsessed with “getting the scoop” and this is a good thing. During a completely fabricated event, initial reportage will yield the most errors as they accidentally tell the truth before being told the official narrative or it could occur vice versa. The BBC report of building 7 is a classic example.

        They kind of have to do this for certain events where delaying a report risks losing control over the narrative.

        1. “todd”

          the AJ I was referring to was AJ MAcdonald the “independent” researcher that spends his time persuading others that the boston bombing was a real terror event rather than a couple of smoke bombs with crisis actors.

          I haven’t seen pictures of Myron May’s body like svbob has so if I see a corpse and it looks like they did him in to be used as a patsy rather than an accomplice I will apologize for calling him a POS.

          “My goal is to offer an explanation of motive for a seemingly irrational act. I find that the letter is quite clear: “there is a system of covert torture of ordinary innocent citizens that is happening within our borders.” and “my goal is to garner some much-needed media attention to the plight of targeted individuals.”

          ha! so you go shoot some innocent people!? what a brilliant plan! if he had to shoot someone why not the people in the suv he claimed was following him? no I need to garner much needed media attention so I will shoot some random people! GTFO! sorry for the acronyms but this is so stupid I’d like to slap you for bringing it up. not that I think any of this actually happened.

          this blog has been relatively troll free for a while now. It was kinda nice.

      2. “fish”

        Who says May shot anybody? Nobody died. The narrative needs victims to justify the reporting, of course. Otherwise, there is no story that even remotely supports the disarmament agenda. And the books-that-saved-me story looks pretty contrived to me. There was also the “witness” working for a known PR firm.

        Don’t you find it curious that the victims are all kept secret this time around? Sandy Hook etc. immediately focused on the “victims”. They received wide media coverage.

        Also, the cops showed up and took him down with a hail of 50 some odd rounds. He had six (and “some” in his pocket) Do you think that just maybe it might be possible that a few bystanders were inadvertently hit in that salvo. If so, do you really thing the cops are going to fess up to it when they can always blame it on the shooter?

        Police report is scrubbed ATM pending some creative writing.

  10. The “To Do” list doesn’t exhibit the ramblings of an insane person. At the same time, this local news affiliate applies the mental illness frame, highlighting, for example, a half-empty bottle of a prescription drug “commonly used to treat anxiety and nervousness. ”

    ABC WFTS Action News 11/20/14
    “Family of Myron May Say the Suspected FSU Shooter Planned on Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner”


    An ABC Action News reporter found a half-empty prescription bottle of Hydroxyzine, a drug commonly used to treat anxiety and nervousness, when a station news crew gained exclusive access to his cottage.

    The drug is also used as a sedative.

    On a kitchen table, there was also a handwritten note on a yellow legal pad titled, “To be: A General Christ Follower Daily Affirmations.”

    The letter included the following list of bullet points:

    Will talk with God before I talk to anyone else as a daily routine.
    Will begin my day w/ prayer and scripture (and if possible, a worship song)
    Will memorize one Bible verse each week.
    Will not purchase any item that cannot be fully paid for in thirty days.
    Will make paying tithe a #1 priority.
    Will not intentionally waste food or other resources that could be used by someone else.
    Will attend church service weekly.
    Will not eat out more than 3 times a week.
    Will get an accountability partner.
    Will save 10% of my income no matter what.
    On a bedroom dresser, there was also a handwritten note documenting a car May believed was following him around in Texas. The car’s plate number was already written down and circled.

    Receipts showed May recently purchased a fishing license and had purchased black gloves, a black hat and a black thermal shirt at a Dollar Store.

    1. Does this sound like someone in a 12-step program, or trying to deal with debt? It has a “one day at a time” sort of tone to it, where someone is trying to get a grip on normal but self-defeating mechanisms in his life, and it hardly looks like the writing of someone who is deranged.

    2. You’re right…these are NOT the rantings of a madman. Plus, hydroxyzine (the generic for Atarax) is a mild old-school sedative. It is NOT the kind of drug an addict would be interested in, or would be given to a truly crazy person, unless in combination with other medications. My heavens, if a half-bottle of hydroxyzine is indicative of mental illness, I hate to think what conclusions could be made based on MY medicine chest!

      Just to add to the discussion of T.I.s and V2S (voice-to-skull) technology, I’ve read loads of documentation showing that the Russians have been playing with this for decades…like five or six decades or more. “Psychotronics” is the term, if I recall. I find it interesting that this technology produces identical symptoms as schizophrenia. Since learning of Psychotronics, I’ve wondered how one (victim OR mental professional) would differentiate between the two conditions…however, the few schizophrenics I’ve known, while intelligent, were highly disorganized in all aspects of their lives when not medicated…but medication quieted their symptoms. I don’t think meds would help a T.I.

      Also, schizophrenia doesn’t just “happen” to a person in their 30s, nor does it happen overnight; in every case I know of, even before the hard-core symptoms emerged, you could tell there was something “not quite right”, as far back as childhood. Severe mental/neurological symptoms that appear quickly from “out of the blue” are far more likely to be attributable to an infection (perhaps an undiagnosed one), NOT “mental illness”.

      1. Recynd
        The Us/Uk have been doing it for decades. And not with the silly patented voice to skull patented technologies that there are loads of on the web. They’ve been peddling this almost disinfo for decades too.

        And the production of the wellhidden implants used in many cases was probably offshored. The sovjets bought everything from the west in case they used such things. Read the extract I posted in a comment under the recent article here about Walter Bowarts book where he interviewed an engineer about the implants in 1994.

      2. Dead on Recynd – check out this article:

        They stated Wellbutrin causes paranoia, when it really causes suicidal thoughts/actions.

        I’ve got a list of complaints/observations with this latest hoax, but I will be as brief as I can.

        First, no one has mentioned that the only two TI shooters are black.
        Both men were moving from place to place.
        Both men had insomnia, were prescribed trazadone and Seroquel, both serotonin antagonists that can cause serotonin syndrome (major depression, anxiety, insomnia).
        The Government’s proclaimed enemy is domestic.
        The Government can now legally propagandize the US citizenry (psyop).

        Ignore all the boxes sent, letters, engravings – this is all done by the FBI as “icing on the cake” – and to keep it in the news as a reminder.

        My best guess is that the FBI monitors interactions of potentially suicidal people on the web by infiltrating nefarious websites ie; Lanza’s school shooter sites, Myron May’s TI interests. This is assuming the patsy’s are even real. If they are, then they are surely being framed (standard op for FBI).

        They wait for these people to make statements or leave evidence that aligns with their stereotypical, lone-nut agenda. Then, they can direct the subject with certain (not necessarily advanced) technologies and strategies that spook the subject into a crazy mindset. Now they are prescribed the suicide meds, the Feds increase the mind games (this DOESN’T have to be ELF, etc) and then the subjects either off themselves, or the Feds do it for them.

        From here, you will see a lot of unpredictable and seemingly chaotic, unplanned, or sloppy events. They have several agendas to work with and an outline of where they want the hoax to go (politically and socially speaking) but, despite the drill being precisely meted beforehand, there are too many variables when a majority of the actors/attendees can’t know if/when the drill goes live. This is why there are actors and no one dies – you think the FBI wants to risk their lives? Hell no.
        No live guns. Fake dead people. And a country that has no idea what the truth is, regardless of how “aware” they think they are.

      3. Gran1te: Good find with the article. How does this crap get published?

        Not to waste time picking apart details of an illegitimate event, the following jumped out at me: In the second section of the article, it talks about how, about six months into his job, May couldn’t concentrate, so he went to a psychologist. “He emerged from the appointment with prescriptions for an antidepressant and an attention deficit drug…” Psychologists can’t prescribe ANY drugs, let alone “triplicate” drugs, like stimulants. Perhaps the shrink worked in conjunction with a psychopharmacologist, but it’s not indicated in the article. In any case, I’m very doubtful that May found a doctor that diagnosed (and treated!) ADHD based on a single appointment. I know it happens, but…come one. Really? ADHD does NOT just appear in adulthood (just like schizophrenia doesn’t)! “Distractability” alone doesn’t indicate ADHD (whether a person believes it to be a real disorder or not)!

        And then (if we are to believe this story), after being prescribed all these psychoactive medications, with May’s condition quite obviously deteriorating, doctors just keep piling on MORE medications, not do a complete wash-out (when they take the patient off all medications, in order to start over with a “clean slate”)? Yeah…I call B.S.

        And then there’s the really bizarre bit about how, after receiving calls from May’s distressed friends, the shrink declared May “just fine” after an hour’s visit (reminds me of the Elliott Rodger case, when the cops doing the welfare/psych check deemed HIM “perfectly normal”). No, this is just too, too much.

        To add to the list of strange synchronicities (is that a word?), does anyone else remember the story of the guy behind the viral Kony 2012 short film? He flipped his lid in a very similar way (though he didn’t shoot anybody). There’s another, very similar (though far less publicized) story that same year, about a Deutsche Bank executive, Brian Mulligan (see, whose bizarre behavior was explained away by “bath salts”. I’ve got several more links to updates about him, if anyone’s interested (and doesn’t want to do their own Google search). I wonder if we’ll be presented with a string of events similar to this one, with “targeted individuals” playing a prominent role in the official narrative, just like we did back in 2012 with the bath salts narrative? Funny, you never hear about that anymore…

        1. well, to be fair, bath salts have been banned in every state as far as I know. They had problems at first banning them because they would just change the chemical makeup, but somehow legislation got passed and the rest of the states followed suit.

          as for the story behind the meds, its probably more of the same: disinformation to keep us busy with red herrings.

          I have a new personal rule I have been trying to implement as of late: If, at first you can’t blame the FBI – try, try again.

    3. James,It struck me as odd that this news team found not one,but TWO items of evidence that should have been “tagged and bagged” and long since removed from the premises…sounds rather sloppy to me.

    4. James, I don’t know what to make of any of that but when have you ever gotten a receipt that read, “black hat, black gloves and black thermal?” receipts will generally have a name for an item and a price but never that I can remember will they tell you the color of the item. it seems an odd thing to report on anyway, unless you want to conjure the image of an OJ Simpson crime spree. doesn’t it seem “off” to you?

      1. This story is what I call a “double reacher”. Not only do we have the problem of “did it happen at all”? We now are looking at “why?”.

        So, did this happen as advertised? I don’t know. CAN they control people mentally? Some say yes:

        Did it happen here? I don’t know.

        Why do these events make me long for simple, believable characters? Why are they loaded with bizarre references and unlikely events i.e. “black” clothing on the receipt (see fish, above)?

        Why do they refer to him as “Dr.”? A lawyer is a “Juris Doctor”, but is not a typical form of address unless he is an LLD (and I think he isn’t).

        You can charge all that off to sloppiness, I suppose, but the overall effect is one of trying to “dramatize” a story rather than report an event.

        I suppose when one is trying to suss the purpose of one of these, one has to do so from the position of the average audience who likely believes these things happen as reported.

        So, in this case, what are they trying to say? Are they saying he was “crazy” and heard voices in his head? Are they planting the idea that the technology exists to do this? Are they ridiculing those who believe that they can? Again, as usual, I don’t know.

      2. fish/lophatt

        I think we are focusing on the wrong aspect here. The whole TI thing is a sham. The name dropping of the Dr of the TI institute in May’s follow up bs letter is what did it for me.

        Just look at how much energy has been diverted here (at mhb) to TI, ELF, crazy technologies, and unreal scenarios? By contrast, how much attention have we given the ONLY suspect that has been involved in every hoax? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Todd is not who he says he is. And as much as I like Peter, neither is he.

        We sit around wondering what is in the boxes, how they could wastwe so many resources on a TI, how the technology must be god-like by now… none of that matters. It’s all a diversion to keep us talking about absurdities and not talking about the gov/fbi.

        It weakens the truth movement and its people by getting everyone to argue about nano thermite instead of the war crimes. While we wonder if Tamerlan is really dead or alive, the real perps are killing off his friends. While we debate whether SHE was a functioning school, the real perps change the laws in MA and CT to make lieing to us easier. While we wonder what the “white” cop could have done different, habeus corpus is tossed out the window. And guess what? WE ASKED FOR IT!

        I think we all need to take a step back and look around. I love a good mystery as much as the next guy, but at this point we must prioritize freedom over entertainment.

        There is hope. Just the other day a couple of sheep were talking about the riots that were spreading. I mentioned that the riots were being stirred up by the media as well as agent provacateurs with their own agendas. The sheep understood what I said. They actually agreed that this may be true. Within a minute, the two strangers were getting mad at the media handling of Ferguson, and that you can’t trust them anymore! It didn’t hit me until later that night, but the sheep are awakening. I can’t believe it, but I can point to the sky and the sheep will start to wonder why there are 50 contrails making x patters. I can say in front of my boss that cell phone radiation is a known carcinogen and no one disagrees anymore!

        I think Snowden is not who he seems, but look at what he has done for us – he single handedly made true (to the public) half of what we have been saying for years. We may get out of this without a revolution if we can rally local/state vs feds. What a time to be alive.

        pulled this Jefferson quote from

        “In cases of an abuse of the delegated powers, the members of the general government, being chosen by the people, a change by the people would be the constitutional remedy; but, where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy: that every State has a natural right in cases not within the compact, (casus non fœderis) to nullify of their own authority all assumptions of power by others within their limits: that without this right, they would be under the dominion, absolute and unlimited, of whosoever might exercise this right of judgment for them.”

        1. grant1e
          You’re wrong about me if I am the Peter you suggest isnt who he says he is. It may seem like a long shot but everything I told you under a recent article is true. I reluctantly add some more background. They found a homebuilt timer connected to an igniter and the cupper underneath contained jokingly applied text interpreted as a threat to the swedish king. And there were further items that led them to erroneously believe that I was a nazi terrorist planning to shoot the king/immigrants. Unfortunately it may even be the case that they launched an entirely new batch of TI’s worldwide when they stumbled upon my case, probably summer 1988 or winter 87. I mean just to remind psychiatrists that complaints relating to strange influences of the concerned genre are signs of mental issues. Why otherwise would they start harassing a large number of innocent people in 1989, while I the suspect, was patiently tracked/(maybe even mindread?) for three years without any harassment.

          I fit into the profile that came from the Us nazi(undercover agent??) Pierce who recommended right wing dissidents to work alone. Swedish researchers funded by jewish organizations have specifically mentioned this type of danger. There’s a lot more and it only gets worse, I’d rather I didn’t have to bring it up but there it is. I never was an extremist. And I’ve never had any evil plans with shooting or bombing – it just happened to look a bit suspicious to those who without my permission searched my home while I was gone for a couple of weeks.

          Next I never contradicted anyone saying this Myron story is a sham. I am reading the comments and tend to agree mostly. Note that I underlined in my first comments that I have no opinion about this particular case.

          Due to my knowledge about these cybernetic things I feel compelled to inform you since there is so much rubbish written about it. ELF has no effect its a diversion from the real truth. And the extract from ch 34 of Bowarts book, 2nd ed, research version is really worth checking out. I posted a comment about it under the recent article about the book on this site.
          Even if that interview would be fake(eg info really coming from a different source) it still presents the truth about the technology and that’s rare.

        2. Great post. Are you familiar with Michael Bolton(?) and the Tenth Amendment Center? They’re the ones behind the “Shut It Off” campaign (refusing to supply water to NSA spy facilities), “Restore the Fourth” (Amendment), and…nullification awareness! It’s a terrific group; I did some volunteering for them awhile back.

        3. The Tenth Amendment Center ( fights for states’ rights and nullification. The group is headed by Michael Boldin, who the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a “neo-conservative” (; I’m sure this can go without saying, but SPLC are LIARS. But you can decide for yourself.

          Though I haven’t done anything but donate recently, I contributed to TAC’s national blog a couple of times in the past, and I participated in the Restore the Fourth rally the Fourth of July before last that was organized with TAC here in Southern CA, and went to several meetings and lectures. TAC is a pretty diverse group, and fairly young (mostly in their 20s and 30s, I’d say); they strive to be as non-partisan as possible, focusing instead on commonalities instead of differences. The group recently came under Globalist fire, when model legislation they created in an attempt to thwart the NSA started getting picked up in states across the country. TAC (and Boldin individually) started receiving threats from George Soros-funded groups, like ThinkProgress…so in my view, TAC is doing SOMETHING right!

          Anyway, check it out. It’s a worthy cause and a very nice group of people.

      3. Recynd
        I’m not sure you meant my post, but anyway, you speak of democratic means to begin to fight back against the tyranny. Here’s another idea. Not very original perhaps but here goes:The people of the Usa may consider starting a bank together, using the same parasitic rules holding for your tyrants. The peoples bank, and it can lend money at much more favorable rates, breaking the back of the other monsters. I am not sure about the precise regulation in the Us, but in the EU the license costs 5million euro. Large popularbased organizations can therefore afford to get started, creating money out of nothing. The fractional reserve ratio of say 1:9 doesnt reveal that the tenth doesnt have to be there until after years. So depending on the interest the ratio may be anywhere up to infinity.

        At least in Europe both military and civilian democratic communities may use this opportunity. They just dont do it.

  11. I think Leviathan (posted above) is correct: “this whole thing (is) a staged event with a ‘targeted individual’ backstory to muddy and polarize the ‘conspiracy theory waters’,” with little evidence if any of any real TI “evidence”.

    Myron May probably did have an anxiety disorder for some time, and starting last May or so, some (perhaps drug-induced) paranoid delusions, according to his ex-girlfriend in NM and the police there (he thought his neighbors were spying on him). But he seems to have been functional (his DA employers did not complain about his work), except maybe for part of last summer, and was now trying to get a new start in Florida, by studying to take the Florida Bar Exam in February 2015. He went on a group camping trip on November 4 and a photo shows him sitting in a camp chair reading his BAR-BRI prep book. The family he was staying with (the Tauntons) reported that he seemed relatively normal, and that on Saturday Nov 15 (the last day they saw him), he was watching a football game on TV and doing Bar prep on the computer. They said that he was planning to go visit friends in Tallahassee on Sunday. He is not seen again until he supposedly does the shooting on Thursday night, the 20th. I have not seen any evidence of where he stayed from Sunday to Wednesday. In addition, Myron told his grandmother or uncle that would have Thanksgiving with them.

    The “Spooks” probably keep track of mentally ill people who have encounters with the police, especially those who have a gun background (such as Elliott Rogers (Santa Barbara shooting) and Ronald Lee Haskell (Houston shooting), and try to see if they can use them in some operation. I imagine that the way it works is that the Spooks track a person for some time and then see if an opportunity arises. Here the opportunity arose because they had a qualified dupe near a university, his alma mater, and a sympathetic host, FSU under new (since Nov. 10) president John Thrasher. Thrasher is a career politician/lawyer, a big Republican fundraiser, friend of Jeb Bush, pro-business and tough-on-crime advocate. When he lead the state legislature briefly in the late ’90’s, that body passed a citizen gun defense law and the “use a gun, you’re done” law. Thrasher last worked at the important lobbying firm Southern Strategy Group. Coincidentally, a previous FSU president, T.K. Wetherell, also has been working for SSG. (The last FSU president was Eric J. Barron, was a geology professor and would have been much harder to convince to go along.)

    The pieces were now in place. The operation was not complicated – a gunmen simply shows up in front a government building, starts shooting, briefly enters and then exits and is shot. Few if any are injured or hurt. This is basically the Ottawa shooting template. The more complicated part of the job is the TI connection. As far as I can tell, all or most of the TI information coming from Myron dated from the time he was last seen (on Saturday the 15th).

    I don’t think Myron did the shooting or sent out the TI messages. The uncredible student witness with ties to a media relations firm indicates to me that the incident was fake in some way and had been planned some some time, at least a month in advance. Maybe they were waiting for Thrasher to take his position. I would guess that Myron was kidnapped on Saturday or Sunday, and the Spooks hacked his Facebook account and sent the TI messages and the mail packages. (The packages remind one of Elliott Roger’s bulk emailing of his “manifesto”.) The mail packages were all conveniently intercepted so maybe the TI evidence consists of only the cover letter, while the thumb drives were empty. The voice on the recorded voice-mail messages does not sound like a black accent; it is a typical Southern accent and could be easily imitated. The Spooks brought in a black shooter with shaved head, wearing a grey baseball hat, who did the job. Since it was cold and late at night, there were only a few people, possible witnesses, outside and in the lobby. And because it was dark and the “Myron shooter” was wearing a visored cap, it would be hard to recognize him. Myron’s body was found behind a small 3- or 4-foot brick wall next to and parallel to the library. (Yes, the photos look like Myron.) My guess is that a second shooter dumped Myron’s drugged body there after shooting him, fired a few shots to engage the police (who were outside coming towards the steps) and slipped away along the unlighted side of the building, perhaps with police escort.

    One big problem with this thesis is that the first of the TI messages went out on the 14th, a day too soon. I presume that the Spooks know how to backdate Facebook posts. Also, if it should turn out that a neutral witness firmly identifies Myron as the shooter, then this thesis also fails. But so far almost nothing about the events of the shootout on the steps and firm identification of Myron has appeared in the news. Also, there is nothing in the news about where Myron was from Sunday to Wednesday.

    I realize the scenario presented above may seem a bit of a stretch. But the official scenario is even more far-fetched. An intelligent, mild-mannered, religious fellow with no history of violence suddenly snaps and concocts this bizarre story of TI infiltration in his last week and goes on a shooting rampage, as his final act, and doesn’t even kill anybody? I don’t buy it. On Saturday he was watching college football on TV, on Thursday he was a violent paranoid bent on revenge.

    To those who condemn Myron May as a deranged gunmen, I ask these questions:
    – where’s the the autopsy report for Myron? How many times was he shot and by which caliber bullets?
    – where’s the toxicological report on his corpse?
    – where did he stay from Saturday to Wednesday? Did anybody see him in that time? Where was his car found? What was his credit card activity in that period? What was his internet use and IP identification on his laptop, and his cell phone usage during that time?
    – where’s the evidence of his gun ownership?
    – where’s the official police report for this event?
    – Of the 30 bullets recovered from the scene, where did they come from?
    – Who prescribed the the hydrozyxine? What others drugs did he have valid prescriptions for? What other doctors was he seeing, and when? Isn’t it in the public interest to know which drugs would result in extreme delusions about TI?
    – when was the “active shooter” drill first scheduled and then carried out?
    – the authorities no doubt have all this information. Why don’t they release it?

    I apologize for the long post, but I believe that we owe it to Myron May and his family to give him a fair hearing.

    1. Svbob
      What you and Lev believe about the staged character of these events may well be correct and I see no reason to contradict you about it. I just want to point out that in the case of real TIs the scenario around them is always arranged to mimic paranoid delusion. The spying neighbour thing is like taken out of the(unofficial part of the) protocol for RMA ; a revolution in military affairs. As the TI prepares to leave the appartment the perps make sure someone else in the building leaves simultaneously. After this has repeated itself a couple of times the TI knows it cannot be a random occurence. But it doesnt imply that the other person is aware of anything unusual. They may simply have gotten an urgent call. Moreover the person making the call need not have any involvement either. Maybe on the next level there really is a connection with the perps. This was just a hypothetical example of how they may go about painting a paranoid frame around the TI using unknowing mediators. Dont underestimate the complexity that the elites are (regularly) using to attain their goals.
      Once you accept the idea that they are willing to use very complex arrangements – probably using a protocol developed by an intelligentia specialised on psychological control – you can probably figure out ways in which they may arrange fake stalking events and other symptoms of mental problems. Making both parties involved suspect the other while both are unaware of having done anything on purpose. Thus the TI may be ‘dressed up’ in accordance with a suitable set of DSM characteristics.

      1. Here:

        This looks like Myron to me, but I can’t be sure.
        The brick wall is actually more like 2-2 1/2 feet high, not 3-4 ft as I said above.
        The police initially said that he fired first and they responded. Then they said they’re not sure, maybe they fired first. The shooting was over in just a few minutes after the police arrived. One police authority (not from Tallahassee) said that Myron just stood there and let them shoot, so that it was “suicide by cop.”
        I suppose the spooks could have brought Myron to the scene, alive but heavily sedated, told him to stand up or sit on the brick wall, and just left him there to be shot.
        I’m sure there’s a police video of the event – one that we will never see.

    2. svbob – once again I agree with you. Only this time you beat me to it. I basically said the exact same thing as you (see above) but I hadn’t read your post until after. Sounds like you had this case wrapped up 4 days ago – nicely done.

  12. Twenty-three officers responded at just past midnight. Not much information there. Must be a “party school” to be that active at that time of night. My wife worked at a university for almost twenty years. I’ve been in the library many times (much earlier than midnight) and not seen much activity.

    Well, it has all the signs. Maybe they simply can’t concoct a simple “lone nut” narrative.

  13. This is an update about my niece Brittany Maynard. (Sorry to post it here, but I can’t find the earlier discussion!)

    A woman is complaining that Compassion & Choices appropriated her name and address from an online sympathy card she signed for Brittany, and put it on petitions seeking to legalize assisted suicide in other states without her consent.

    Thus, the contention of several people on this list (including me) that this event was hyped to further a political agenda is supported by this unequivocal evidence.

    1. Dino, what other conclusion could anyone make of this? Just another created event to push a political agenda. The “Plan” marches on.

      I think we should try to see these, not as individual events, but as incremental steps that must be taken in order to form their dystopia.

      1. Just a little “postscript” to my comment: We should not find it unusual to see marketing types, i.e. the “witness” in the May episode, showing up in these. These are primarily marketing ploys. They decide what reaction they want and design a method to get it.

        The Bernays method is alive and well. Advertising is very much related to “psyops”.

  14. Myron May’s choices: be killed, or be killed, so why not make it count and shoot people up?

    His two choices were to take directed energy bullets, or matter bullets, he had no other choice. The proof is on my site:

    When you’re dealing with a corrupt government, crap police, and crap society, the only way to do anything about that is to shoot people up. Because they couldn’t care less that he or any other individual was being targeted or abused. Remember, the FBI, local/state/fed government, military and other agencies are out there attacking people with directed energy, literally torturing people to the max. And FBI, police, Congressman, Senators, Judges, Media, all been notified, we’ve even been on CNN, local stations, newspapers, radio, cable networks, plus there’s thousands of websites, no body does anything! My friend Dr. Robert Duncan says, no surprise, “It’s being controlled.” That means the police and government is deliberately refusing to act to save any of the victims. He sacrificed himself, to try to save us all from this, to bring awareness to the sheeples hoping something would finally be done..

    This has been going on for decades, tell me what Myron May could have done differently under these circumstances.

    -Todd Giffen

    1. NO, no, no!

      Todd Giffen,

      Everything I read about this man says that intentionally firing on unarmed bystanders was NOT in his character no matter how much he was personally suffering.

      However, showing up in a public place, popping off a few rounds into the air, and quietly waiting for the firing squad to show up was in his character.

      So why were people hit by bullets? Seems to me the more likely answer would have been strays from the reported salvo that took him down. And if that happened, then there would be a huge liability and reputation issue for FSU.

      Victim statements have now been released to the realm of reportage. Sifting through them now.

      Funeral is tomorrow for those that still think he’s a fictional crisis actor.

      1. “you just gave us the’victim’s’ accounts”

        Correction: MSM reportage of the victim’s accounts. Not that the media would ever twist words, edit, or report anything said out of context. But occasionally they miss something in the details. By the way, did you notice the shot-out window behind Myron’s corpse in the other photo?

        “and now you say he only fired into the air.”

        No. I don’t know that for sure. And nobody else will either.

        But I am saying that IF it did happen that way, which I see as the more likely possibility based on past police behavior, the type of weapon involved, and the shooter’s stated motive, the authorities will never fess up to it. Besides being SOP for all police departments to cover that sort of thing up, FSU reputation right now is tied into national-level politics. Even if the victims saw something first-hand that looked bad for FSU, do you think they could change their story with just a little persuasion from the authorities? Everything happened so fast. Witness is traumatized. Recollection is fuzzy. Witness suggestible. Ever been in that situation?

        What if the authorities offered to do everything they could to make it right for you as a victim? Would it matter which gun the bullet came from?

        Not to worry though. The delayed police report should be out soon explaining everything and there will never be any way to conclusively prove my hypothesis unless a whistleblower pops up. In that case, I would expect a report of an untimely accident or death for someone that either directly witnessed the event or was directly involved.

  15. A .380 pistol typically has a 6+1 round capacity. The caliber is equivalent to standard LE issue 9mm, although the cartridge is shorter and therefore weaker. Something to consider when reading the victim accounts. Earlier reportage stated that first-hand eyewitnesses were told not to talk to the press. The most critically injured victim, Farhan “Ronny” Ahmed, gives no account. His family held a press conference updating his medical condition and appealing for funds.

    From multiple sources:

    Nathan Scott’s recollection:

    Nathan Scott was a half-hour into his overnight shift at Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus when he got the first inkling something was wrong.

    He heard a “pretty loud pop” outside the library but dismissed it as a firecracker. Five or 10 seconds later, he heard three more pops in rapid succession. Alarmed, he and another front-desk worker stood up to see what was happening.

    It was just before 12:30 a.m. last Thursday and dark outside. Scott remembers seeing a guy in a sweatshirt standing outside the library by the steps. He couldn’t make out his face or the gun.

    “What I clearly remember is a muzzle flash — he was shooting east of the library toward the dorms,” Scott said. “I think he saw some students. He must have — he was trying to shoot students.”

    Scott said the next moments are fuzzy in his mind, but he thinks he saw two muzzle flashes and heard perhaps three to four gunshots. He saw the gunman — later identified as FSU graduate Myron May — begin to walk up the steps, toward the entrance of the library.

    “That was when the adrenaline started to really kind of affect us,” said Scott, in an interview with the Tallahassee Democrat on Wednesday. “As soon as he started up the steps, we both decided to get under the desk.”
    For the next 10 seconds or so, Scott and his co-worker had no idea where the gunman was.

    “I did hear the door open, but I didn’t hear any kind of walking or foot patter,” he said.

    Scott, who’d curled up into a ball, trying to position as much of his body under the desk as possible, looked up and saw the gunman, standing about eight feet away.

    May didn’t say a word.

    Scott pleaded with him not to shoot.

    “I remember saying, ‘No, no, no, no, no,’ ” he said. “I think I had my hands up, too. And then he just fired a shot. There was no delay at all. After the shot — I really clearly remember this moment — I had no idea I had been shot until I felt some kind of liquid sensation on my leg. And that’s what I assumed was blood.”

    He heard clicking sounds and assumed the gunman was out of bullets or the gun wasn’t firing for some reason. Scott got up and saw May standing by some chairs outside a closed Starbucks in the lobby.

    “He was playing with his gun, maybe trying to reload or fix a jam,” he said.
    Scott and the coworker ran “full-speed” through turnstiles toward the circulation desk.

    Scott ran up to a few circulation workers, told them he’d been shot and warned them a gunman was on the loose. He thought about going to a nearby service stairwell to hide but figured the door was locked. Instead, he ran behind a central stairwell and sat down, trying to staunch the bleeding in his leg with his hand.

    About that time, he heard a dozen shots outside the library, which echoed over the radio of a Strozier security worker who’d approached him.
    Emergency workers came rushing in, trying to get students off the first floor of the library in case there was a second shooter, Scott said. Two officers helped him outside the library, and he sat down on the front steps waiting for an ambulance.

    The man who shot him moments earlier lay motionless on the ground.
    “He was face-down, and he was handcuffed,” Scott said. “A gun was probably two or three feet away.”

    COMMENT: The next statement is omitted from most reportage.

    Paramedics loaded Scott onto a gurney and wheeled him toward the ambulance. On the way, he could see paramedics working on another of May’s victims — Farhan “Ronny” Ahmed.

    Elijah Velez’s recollection:

    Velez immediately got on his bike. He didn’t realized he’d been struck. Instinctively, he took a quick look behind him.

    COMMENT: I can only find the following statement once.

    “All I saw was that when everyone was running out of the library, [the gunman] sat down on the bench and was waiting,” he said.

    With students streaming out of the library and scattering around him, Velez pedaled back to his dorm. He found his resident adviser and a police officer.

    COMMENT: Note that this story changes from “He shot me off my bike, I ditched it and ran on foot.” in other reportage.

    “I didn’t see him. I was getting on my bike at the time and then he shot once and shot me off the bike,” said Velez.

    “I fell off the bike and I started running and then he shot again,” said Velez.

    “He attacked the two people who were standing in front of me, and after that, he went toward me,” Velez recalled.

      1. As well they should IMO. Jeff Bauman took in a tremendous amount of money after the Boston mass casualty drill. And people in the Sandy Hook area had an amazing ability to repeatedly win the lottery.

        If you think about it, how would you pay somebody off to keep quiet? A crowdfunding source with “anonymous” donors would do the trick. And it’s perfectly legal.

        Because of the erosion of authoritative integrity, these new charity mechanisms have two detrimental effects that disempower the general population.

        1. It reinforces the official story for those that just have the heart to help out, lest they feel duped. They’ll want to defend the official narrative because of this even if they suspect it might be a lie.
        2. For those that are somewhat aware of manufactured events and wary of scams, it creates a reluctance to help out a fellow human that may actually be in need, thus reinforcing the cold-hearted, self-serving, and/or fearful attitude onto the general population.

  16. Why is the letter only released on this ‘alternative news’ site, and NOT on any of the MSM outlets that would have been more likely to get it? Why was Derrick Robinson of that suspicious FFCHS group given it, of all frigging people? I’ve already put together enough evidence re the Aaraon Alexis connection to FFCHS to prove that it was a hoax perpetrated by Derrick and his gang (see the link below), and this new incident shows the same basic MO, the same info coming from the same types of questionable sources (in that case it was mostly Debra Dupre reporting all the disinfo).

    I see this letter as being a hoax. Why does it say 8 recipients when CNN says there were supposed to be 10? Did Derrick Robinson and Renee Pittman add themselves on?

    Stay tuned to my blog for more research updates….

  17. A few years ago, perhaps around 2006 or 2007 or thereabouts, I came across a mainstream TV media web site which was reporting and quoting several gay men who had complained to city gov’t that they were hearing distinct voices in their respective “heads.” One man was quoted as saying he heard someone say his name, distinct and clear, in his head one morning as he was shaving.

    It was the one and only story I saw on this, but apparently, he mentioned it to friends and word got around. Other gay men also came forward about hearing these mysterious “voices” in their heads – using their names as if being transmitted via a radio microphone or similar.

    I think this was in Palm Springs, CA; not sure. I wish I knew more particulars, but I recall feeling shocked but not surprised. What DID surprise me was that it was being reported at this local TV web site.

    I just now tried to find the article or anything on gay men being targeted, but was unable to find what I was looking for. I’m not sure what came of it, but the men were so distressed and alarmed about what was happening to them, they banded together and filed complaints with their local gov’t reps.

    Also, and p.s. I’ve been a college student (as a young woman and as an old woman, respectively), and I live in a college town. It’s not unusual for libraries to now be open 24 hours during dead week or exam week, and yes, many students flock to them at all hours, especially if there is a fancy Starbucks like the one FSU apparently has. I found that believable. What I didn’t find believable was the female witness or the student with the “bullet” in the book. As for Mr. May, who knows. I feel sorry for him nonetheless.

    1. OMG! I just saw this story, but I don’t know where…could a commenter here possibly posted a link to the story? Or did Jim make reference to it in one of his interviews? I’ll look for it when my Ambien wears off, (assuming I even remembering posting this). And please can’t judge me…I LOVE Ambien. I KNOW it’s a mind-wipe drug, but it puts me to sleep in minutes, with virtually no hangover! It’s a wonder of modern pharmaceuticals…

      1. recynd that was funny – but please no more PUI’s tho – Postings Under the Influence haha. Besides, I’ve found that ambien doesn’t hold a candle to a chapter or two out of genesis.

      2. Oh, heavens…sorry about that. Here’s hoping I will refrain from any more PUIs!

        I KNOW Ambien is probably an MK Ultra-type drug, but it works like a flipping charm for me. And I actually LIKE Genesis…it’s Leviticus and much of Numbers that really put me in a stupor, but it’s not nearly as fun 😉

      1. Recynd77, yes, thank you – I think that has to be the same men or a few of the men. From my recollection, I only saw the story online and didn’t see a vid, and the story I read indicated that the men had complained to local gov’t. But it certainly does seem to be the right city, about the right time frame, and it is gay men – has to be the same story. Amazing that you found it! And but of course, the TV station had to get a shrink in there to off-set what the men said, claiming that anyone who hears voices is “delusional.” I wonder what happened to the men and if they are still attempting to bring awareness to what they experienced? I think they were damn brave to go public with it.

  18. To all that continue to say, “Trust me. Todd isn’t who he says he is.” And “The whole TI thing is BS.” without providing a shred of evidence and appealing to a herd mentality, I say this to you. If you really think that merely repeating a baseless mantra can shape public opinion, then you’re in for a surprise.

    The people that visit this blog are not stupid nor are they lazy. I have confidence that they are willing to check things out for themselves without taking your word or my word for it. Your statements are in line with government interests of obfuscation and marginalization of the very topic the Myron wished to expose.

    The EU parliament is willing to accept questions from recognized organizations devoted to exposing and putting a stop to this type of governmental behavior. At least said organizations are willing to scan people that complain of this for RF emissions and make public the results.

    This is in sharp contrast to the US/UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand policies of either sending them straight to the psych ward, or setting up honeypot organizations that collude with the authorities to further discredit the victim’s claims. What addressee would receive a USPS package and immediately turn the whole thing over to federal agents without first copying the contents within?

    EUCACH & ICAACT question the European Parliament regarding medical ethics in the EU and beyond

    Published on Nov 29, 2014
    At the annual STOA lecture 2014 “Towards understanding the brain” explained by Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Thomas Sudhof from Stanford University, USA, Melanie Vritschan asked the following question on behalf of EUCACH and ICAACT:

    We understand the importance of brain research and the European Brain Project. What safe guards do you set aside to guarantee that this research is conducted in an ethical manner and in the full respect of fundamental human rights ?

    Listen to Prof. Sudhof’s statement that clinical trials are not always ethical and sometimes stand in violation of fundamental human rights and his plea for stricter rules and guidelines in medical experimentation.

    1. questions:

      what kind of a maniacal shooter has his funeral at a building supply store?

      what sort of dead person is able to hold his head up and pose for a picture?

      what sort of crime scene investigation lets reporters come within 30′ of a corpse while they are studying the scene?


      a crisis actor

      a crisis actor

      a staged photo op.

    2. Todd

      I think its a compliment that the agency you work for thinks so highly of this site that it has to send multiple agents to debase our credibility, but when you attempt to disseminate propaganda aimed towards the casual readers, you have made yourself a target.

      It is evident that you are using tactics in your deceitful responses, and I must say that you have done a good job. Unless the casual reader has read all the posts and gone to the links provided, they may take your disinformation as truth. Perhaps you will get that bonus this year?

      Given that, it has been a learning experience to see how people in your field work. I do have a sincere question though – How can you sell out your fellow man (the middle class) without remorse? I understand that you must put food on the table, but how does one convince themselves that misleading the public (with the ultimate goal of enslaving them) is the right thing to do? Do you despise humanity or do you just enjoy being a tool?

      1. Yee-haw! You sure told that government troll off real good. Everybody, high-fives and butt-slaps all around! You win! And winning is more important than the truth of any given situation, right?

        I was hoping for something better than vicious SLANDER from the participants here. But I guess, for some, it’s all that they’ve got. That approach to intellectual discourse certainly doesn’t help the reputation of MHB.

        Gran1te, your level of abusive douchebaggery is off the charts. This is the third time you have maliciously thrown the troll card in my direction. And now, you’ve resorted to childish name-calling. Obviously something within my written OPINION bothers you. Guess you want me gone, huh? No need to twist the knife. It shall be as you wish.

        YOU have no idea how many times I’ve respectfully held back from responding in kind to an ad-hominem attack. But now, my patience is worn thin.

        Stop here if it’s tl;dr for you, if it exceeds your attention span.

        To anyone remotely interested in identifying ***paid*** posters, google “I Was a Paid Internet Shill.” And “The 25 Rules of Disinformation”

        Would a paid troll tell you that? Here gran1te. Let me google that for you since I know you won’t bother.

        5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule.
        This is also known as the primary attack the messenger ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “kooks”, “right-wing”, “liberal”, “left- wing”, “terrorists”, “conspiracy buffs”, “radicals”, “militia”, “racists”, “religious fanatics”, “sexual deviates”, and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.

        On this particular blog, one of the pejoratives is “GOVERNMENT AGENT”.

        I’d like to think that most of the posters here are sincere. I have seen some outstanding work, digging up hidden information, sorting through mountains of government-provided disinformation, and in-depth analysis. This blog has been key in revealing the extent of media/government collusion in manufactured events and exposing hidden agendas. It has had its share of genuine trolls that have solely used the argument. “I was there and that was real” or “I know somebody who died there” or the awesome article that was [censored] and [redacted] due to legal threats because the writer, who stood to gain a large sum of money, didn’t like the way the comments were headed.

        I have stated my motive and intent for being on this particular article. I have also been WILLING to look at any new information posted that might confirm or refute my hypothesis. I was beginning to work with your buddy fishandroaches. I actually took the time to examine and discuss what he was talking about. And then you showed up.

        You, on the other hand, have stated nothing new, preferring to drop innuendo about my character while addressing none of my points. Nor have you provided any links or new information to back up your assertions, which is fine. Everybody has an opinion. Sometimes speculation leads to discovery. But when your argument became “Everybody believe and follow me just because I said so”, it revealed something about your character. Love your “blog” BTW. One sentence fragment. That’s it. It really shows how much you care about any of these topics. Your laziness and disdain for Wolfgang Halbig is duly noted.

        Your approach depends on cult of personality and a herd mentality. It’s based on emotional appeal. I highly doubt that you have bothered to even check any of the links in my posts or actually read my posts for that matter. If so, you would have recognized that there’s nothing in there that supports government or corporate policies. Instead, you have decided to blindly invoke the good ole boys club with baseless accusation and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION. “Circle the wagons, boys! We got us a troll over here attacking our way of life!!”

        Anybody interested in that type of propaganda can google “social marketing”. There is no intellectual reason involved. University studies have been done to measure the effects of imposed fear, guilt, and shame to alter public opinion. This is why we see bizarre pharmaceutical commercials that show somebody having a lovely utopian day while quickly droning in the background about seriously detrimental side effects of the drug. It’s also been highly effective for the Ad-Council in convincing the public that we have a social problem and it’s your fault. Smokey the Bear was their baby. So was the crying Indian who was actually an Italian actor. They never mention flawed government and corporate policies that contribute to said problem. This is also known as blaming the poor for the crimes of the rich.

        Doesn’t matter. I’ve presented my case. And you are and have always been free to believe as you wish. The only person that is vindicated within my arguments is Myron May and that story is over. I don’t intend to pursue this event any further. The defense rests.

        May God bless you all. Believe it or not, that includes any sparring partners like fishandroaches and even false accusers like you, gran1te.

        I’d especially like to thank James Tracy for the opportunity to express my PERSONAL thoughts on an event that occurred in a place where family once lived. I never would have known or cared about it if he hadn’t posted the original article.


      2. Gran1te
        I dont think this blog gets a worse reputation for being rather caustic sometimes if it is intelligent critique. Rather the opposite.
        But it is a delicate balance, as in the spy-world. Who can you trust.
        I suspected you a little bit in connection with the discussion of Miles Mattis. You sounded overly enthusiastic – as if you were high on something. And as you began bashing Todd my suspicion strengthened. I wasnt offended about your suspicions about me. Its predictable when that type of issues are raised and I knew what to expect.
        I felt that Todd probably was an infiltrator but I hadnt gone so deeply into the facts that I would be so sure. I saw no reason to double the work that several of you had already done.
        And maybe you, the deep infiltrator would bash the shallow infiltrator I thought with a blink in the eye. 🙂

        1. peter, you weren’t the first to suspect that scenario, in fact, James reprimanded Gran1te some time ago for constantly posting contrary opinions from multiple IP addresses. not that that proves anything but it makes you wonder why a person would hang around here if their views are so different. I have to say that if granite is a troll, I like his approach better than most. at least he is nice – to me anyway! It is the hit and run tactics used against miles mathis and mark passio that tell, and the occaisional linking to disinfo sites. I’m not sure what they get out of his deep cover though – he has been generally agreeable lately but check out this comment from october 30. I suspect someone was filling in that day. they should fire that person!

          The above site debunks sandyhook conspiracys. The evidence is compelling.

          Has anyone seen this? Sorry about off topic, just ran across this and it is disturbing to say the least.”

          does this seem like a genuine contributor here? I mean I don’t consider myself a contributor, just a commenter that occasionally will post a link I think is funny or poignant that a passerby can enjoy if they aren’t subscribed to all the same youtube channels as I am. But after all these years I have seen no evidence that Adam Lanza is anything more than a cartoon character and someone using that moniker posts links to a sight that does nothing but pretend AL is real and gets in his head! and they say it’s compelling. ha ha!

          sorry granite – as nice as you have been to me – I have to agree with peter on this.

        2. Nice catch fish. I remember it and I remember cornering him way back regarding his view on planes, hi-jackers and 911 a long time ago(before he put the 1 in his name, I got no reply.

    3. Todd: No one here, that I can tell, is “trying to shape public opinion” except for you. And besides, you’re the one with the story to tell…isn’t providing evidence YOUR job?

      In any case, the last thing I want is “stricter rules and guidelines” from the government, regardless of subject area. Or would the rules and guidelines be for the government? If that’s the case, who, pray tell, will hold them to it? The United Nations? No thank you. Personally, I’d like to see all government wholly abolished; at the very least, global/international and federal governments. Barring that, however, I’d settle on castrating them by shrinking them down to next to nothing and restricting federal power to that which is outlined in the Constitution. “Stricter rules and guidelines” are NOT going to do the trick.

      I was not aware that the E.U. had a European Brain Project. Obama started a “Human Brain Project” here in the U.S. just last year (2013), but we haven’t heard much about it in recent months. Maybe the project will be run along with the ACA, or in the schools under Common Core (both of which are global projects, except we never hear about that part of it)? Thank you for adding another small piece to the puzzle, anyway.

      1. “Personally, I’d like to see all government wholly abolished; at the very least, global/international and federal governments. Barring that, however, I’d settle on castrating them by shrinking them down to next to nothing and restricting federal power to that which is outlined in the Constitution. “Stricter rules and guidelines” are NOT going to do the trick.”

        Hear! Hear! I couldn’t say it better myself.

        The problem is, of course, sin exists, Recynd, which is to say that everyone can’t be counted on to self-govern. And everyone can’t be expected to adhere to the same rules, the same standards of good and evil. Some subset of Moslems, for instance, are just fine with so-called “honor killings”–which reminds me of the days of the Raj, when (East) Indians were still burning widows, and complaining the the English that it’s their culture to put the living wife on the funeral pyre with the dead husband; the British official replied that OUR culture calls that murder, so go ahead and murder the woman, but first we’ll build a gallows next to the pyre, and hang you right then and there.

        So some form of state-enforcement of basic law is necessary to enforce a society’s standards when individuals refuse to cooperate. I think Moslems who move to America, who murder their wives or children for religious reasons are guilty of a crime no matter what their religion says. And I think Britain was India’s moral salvation in putting an end to suttee–even if it was morally justified within Indian religious culture.

        This is one problem with multiculturalism. The law must apply to all, equally, and someone has to enforce it. That, sadly, in this Fallen world, requires a civil government. Just make it as small as conceivably possible.

        1. Small government? Not possible at this stage, but I know you know that, because you already mentioned sin. Evil minds created the “gray area”, which leads to endless lawmaking, and increasing government size. Gray areas are created by language, and when people decide to follow language rather than conscience, well, you get modern America. I would say that most of our education, and entertainment today is dedicated to the gray area. Right and wrong is being done away with, and most people seem to like the idea.

        2. Any discussion about abolishing government altogether would have to be a purely theoretical one, I’m sorry to say. We are too far along in the story (so to speak) for it to be any other way: I think all the world’s land is pretty much spoken for…there really is no such thing as wholly private property, I think.

          Are you familiar with Larken Rose, Patrick? For those who aren’t, he’s an outspoken Voluntaryist/Anarchist, and author of a very simple/straight-forward book called, “The Most Dangerous Superstition”. He has also created a handful of short, illustrated videos, plus many lectures, all available on YouTube. In essence, his philosophy is “I own me, you own you”. This, along with the non-aggression principle, resonates with me very much.

          In a nutshell, Rose asserts that all government is illegitimate simply because they assume authority that none of us has individually, including the “right” to tax. (

          However, like you said in so many words, we live in a fallen world; Rose never seems to take this fact into account. But is it really the sticking point it seems to be? Is government really the best way to deal with man’s sinful nature? I’m not so sure. Wouldn’t a government comprised of fallen men have to be fallen itself?

          The thing about anarchy is that it isn’t anti-law, but anti-State. Murder is no less a crime in a Stateless society, it’s just handled differently. The way things stand now, “crimes” (even “victimless” ones) are prosecuted by the State, as though the State was the victim. In our Stateless society, why couldn’t crimes be dealt with through civil court? Then the REAL victims might actually get some justice, in the form of compensation, like in Mosiac Law. There could be a multi-tiered system for dispute resolution, like the one Jethro suggested to Moses (I just got done reading the Old Testament, can you tell?). This sort of justice system would necessitate people within the society actually being involved to a far greater degree than they are now, of course. Banishment, or even capital punishment, could be utilized…but without the State directing it.

          I agree with you, too, that there are universal rights and wrongs that humans should live by. I also think that the vulnerable in a society (widows, children, the disabled, etc.) need to be cared for and protected from exploitation. However, I’m not convinced that government is the best, let alone the only, way of making this happen.

          Again, this is all theoretical. It also doesn’t take into account the natural growth-plateau-decline cycle that every civilization seems to go through (and offers a whole different way of looking at this). The more I think about it, though, the more “anarchist” I become, even (especially?) taking into account man’s sinful/fallen nature.

          What am I missing? (Sincere question)

      2. “But is it really the sticking point it seems to be? Is government really the best way to deal with man’s sinful nature?”

        RJ Rushdoony pointed out that there are various governments operating simultaneously: self-government; family government; church government; and civil government. The family is the most important of these, because it is where we learn to govern ourselves; church government is where families are accountable to each other, so it is almost as important.

        Since in this post-Western civilization self, family and church government is all broken–sometimes nonexistent–all that’s left is civil government, and the local and state governments are increasingly dominated by the federal government. This is the worst possible state of affairs.

        What you say about Rose is my problem with the folks at Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute. I call it “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Very smart people, who work out all the implications of their theoretical model can come to false, even absurd, conclusions, and refuse to recognize that. If you don’t take human’s sin nature into the equation, and can’t establish a way to get the family restored as the basic unit of society, that is, if you can’t postulate how everyone is going to be self-governing and thus voluntarily resisting sin all the time, the idea that the civil government is unnecessary is simply not worth thinking about. These speculations are, in the end, foolish.

        1. Patrick
          In your scheme of things, how do you intend to prevent the rise of the next oligarchy and how long do you think its gonna take? 10 years maybe?

        2. Peter, I know you didn’t ask me, but look for the next economic debacle(which we have basically been promised) to create a lot of change, really fast.

      3. Peter, I have no such intention. It can’t be done. There is no way to forestall the creation of a tyrannical one world government. What we CAN do is understand the process of what is being done to us–which is why MHB is such a valuable institution, and why I offer it so much of my time. That’s what we do here.

        I am aware of the many forms optimism takes in this regard, and I regard them all as delusional. My premise is that Western civilization lasted for roughly 1,500 years, and it ended on 9/11 after a century or so of transition. It is now like toothpaste you have already brushed your teeth with: no possible technique can put it back in the tube, any more than once Egyptian civilization came to an end it could never exist again. Ra would never be worshipped again, and no one knew how to build pyramids any more. Over is over.

        My interest is in charting the early outlines of the New Civilization we reside within. Of course, I an a man of the West, an exile let’s say, a stranger in a strange land, observing as an anthropologist. It will become increasingly totalitarian, and it will be less and less possible to flee tyranny–even Russia, the ultimate outsider, is under tremendous pressure to capitulate. (Snowden’s protection is either a miracle or he’s not what we hope he is.) Paul Craig Roberts is astounded that Russia does not openly refuse to acknowledge Washington’s premises, and call Western Europe out as Washington’s toadies. He’s an idealist.

        One thing about the Russia thing, incidentally, is the sanctions are harming Europe and creating a partnership between China and Russia–the two powers that have any possible hope to remain outside the emerging system. This is not a Bible analysis site, so what I’m about to say is, shall we say, painfully compressed: the four “beast empires” of Revelation are China, Russia, Anglo/America, and a world government that controls them all. Four within one. This WILL happen. We can see the system emerging before our eyes.

        The breakdown of the family was planned. The great Lefties of that Plan, the Fabian Society and the Frankfort School and all the rest, were quite open about that. This ideology controls all the institutions now. We can’t get them back.

        I can defend freedom against statism all day, every day–and I do–but I don’t delude myself about what such a defense can accomplish.

  19. I have one other thought that didn’t really fit in my response to Peter, but is pertinent to the current thread of thought. It has to do with Dave McGowan’s Facebook article about Miles Mathis’ Manson “paper” (was it Recynd, on another thread, who offered it to us?). Actually, it is more to do with his reaction to the comments that it generated.

    Now, I don’t like Facebook, and don’t participate in conversations there (even though I have two Facebook pages), much less read them, but I was tempted to do so on that one. So I read the comments, and found that there was no reason to do so: others said what I would have said. What’s interesting is that Dave’s reaction was completely irrational. Perhaps it’s because he’s used to having his say on his web site, and only dealing with people who want to comment about it via email–which no one else can see–and now that he’s promoting his book on Facebook he’s got this almost involuntary blogging going on and he’s not used to open probing of his ideas. And he doesn’t like it.

    Now, I’m a giant fan of his work, but I don’t like this petulance he reveals there. The idea involved his complete misunderstanding of the idea of “socialism,” and his incomprehension that “fascism” is just another form of socialism. He seemed to come unhinged when it was pointed out. One commenter was quite good, after that, speculating that he’s just idealistically imagining what “socialism” means, as if it’s rainbows and unicorns and candy canes. He can’t see that all forms of totalitarianism are just socialism with different brands. I have detected this in his articles over the years, but most of the time it does not detract from the things he’s writing about.

    The state can’t represent freedom. They are polar opposites. Socialism is statism. To empowering civil government is to reduce human freedom. Bureaucrats very rarely care on a human level about the people they careers require them to act upon. Bureaucracies grow, split off, multiply, crowding out freedom all the while. That’s socialism. It is deadly to freedom, and Dave should know that.

    1. Thank you guys for the intelligent and stimulating discourse. It got me thinking today.

      The world offered man money, sex, power, and fear of loss. This appeals to the sinful nature. A capitalist, corporate system even assumed that everyone was greedy and insatiable, never having enough and always wanting more. This actually worked for a time as the people were managed. Men were led around by the nose through appeals to their sinful nature.

      At the same time, I saw “the man that could not be bought” as something to aspire toward. Can’t recall why. Maybe it was the way I was raised or maybe I saw it on TV. Military service fit the bill for me since it wasn’t about money, but a desire to make right what was wrong and to participate in a then, noble purpose higher than myself.

      Then I encountered Jesus Christ, who personally offered me a way of undoing the damage within myself that the world had put there through deceit and coercion. This was based on love and trust. And He has done nothing within me without my first assessing things for myself, agreeing with His point-of-view, and asking Him to repair my character. My freewill was and still is intact throughout the whole process that operates from the inside out.

      But along with the genuine comes the counterfeit. With the sharp rise in nanotechnology and genetic engineering, I can see man in league with other spiritual entities working toward their solution to the “sin problem” from the outside in. This is the Babylonian approach. And this has historically failed.

        1. A good article. Its the kind of information that brought me back, so to speak. Changed the angle in which I had always looked at my weak allegory ridden faith. Like the old password board game from the ’70’s when you put the red decoder over the clue and it goes from blurry nonsense to clear.

      1. Madness. People really believe that they’re going to live forever in something that man builds? What could possibly go wrong? I know people that have the car in the shop more than they drive it. Everything breaks eventually. And who would want to live forever in this realm? I sure don’t. There’s got to be something better than this. As for the Borg offer, no thanks. I’ll stick with Christ and His plan for my life.

  20. To Todd, Peter, and anyone here who still thinks that the Government can read people’s minds, or can put thoughts in their minds: you still haven’t offered any evidence that explains how electrical impulses in the human brain can be remotely “read” as language. Nor have you offered any evidence that the reverse, remotely putting thoughts in people’s heads, is possible. This is just nonsense. The technology does not exist.

    Sensible people look at these “targeted individual” claims by “victims” as evidence of schizophrenia. That is how the general public is supposed to see the case of Myron May. Kooky people,( or trolls) try to argue that it is real, just as they used to argue that UFOs were real. The point is to discredit any discussion of “Conspiracy”. In the case of UFOs, it was the JFK assassination conspiracy they wanted to discredit. But that’s old hat. They need a new ridiculous theory to peddle.

    The truth here is that this whole event, including its “TI” component, is FAKE, just as the Arron Alexis navy yard shooting was fake.

    1. “They need a new ridiculous theory to peddle.

      The truth here is that this whole event, including its “TI” component, is FAKE, just as the Arron Alexis navy yard shooting was fake.”

      I think your premise is false, Christo. The promotions can be fake, but the motivation behind the promotions can be real. In fact, that would be the perfect scheme to accomplish the goal invade people’s minds, and send in patsies in fake events who claim to be victims of such psychological invasion; make it too strange for the common man to bother with–the phenomenon is perfectly true, but the evidence of it is too difficult to sort out. It makes people throw up their hands and stop paying attention.

    2. Christo
      I never parallelled the work about Myron done by some of our distinguished members here at the memoryhole academy, since I felt they were already long gone to take it appart. Since I hadnt taken a close look at it I felt it best to remain neutral. Eventually I had the impression that it was leaning towards, say 90% probability that it was a sham, ie including his TI status. What made me comment regarding cybernetic technology was therefore not aimed at this particular case. However from my previous long experience of the subject matter I felt it my duty, in particular in this openminded environment to risk sharing some of my insights.
      The thing is Christo, the brain and the nervous system is better fit to be studied by physicists, electronics experts, computer experts than by, any type of specialist you may find in hospitals including conventional brain specialists. Anyone can manipulate a high level interface but what lies underneat remains hidden to all but a few experts.

      In the 70ies there were lots of experiments done with so called microelectrode matrices. They are like meshes with two dimensional access, so you may address separately every node of the mesh.
      This type of mesh is rapidly inserted in the spine of experimental animals using a pneumatic instrument available commercially. The ad said that one important feature is that this procedure must go fast, say 2 milliseconds. The reason for this is probably that the mesh must produce microscopic damage to the nerves provoking them to grow around the nodes of the mesh and thus establish a multitude of independently addressable access points. If you can figure this then we’re looking at the interface between the nervous system all the way up into many areas of the brain, and on the other end connections to electronic intermediaries enabling at least remote computer communication, but in most cases there will be some built in data compression to much improve the capacity of the communication link.
      This technology has developed over a long time and around 1968 as the technology got more advanced the realization began to spread that the knowledge had better be kept from the public. In 1973 the Cia was said to have destroyed lots of documents relating to the later stages of Mind control technology. Richard Helms was implicated. This may in turn have provoked a reaction from the better parts of the Usg, since some published documents seem a bit odd otherwise. Why would Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory fund research about suitable frequencies for implantable transponders in large animals and have it published openly.
      If the bullriders need some brain chips to stall the bulls temporarily – why would Los Alamos have to fund it.
      I think this was a discreet manner of exposing the technology. And I think Los Alamos was ordered to be the mediator because nobody would doubt that they might have legitimate use for other purposes in case suspicion arose.
      Being about transponders this was meant to cover two way communication, ie some degree of remote control, hence this was not about tracking wild life.
      You wondered how thoughts may be read/manipulated.
      Since there are nerves transmitting from the perifery of the organism as well as the other way from the brain to the the perifery and both types transmit identical types of signals I think you realize that if you tap the system for info you may likewise reverse the procedure and send info back into the system. So at least for periferal entities like motoric control I think you are willing to accept that such things may be remote controlled. When it comes to sound I am over 90% certain that it is possible to get that through spinal nerves. The reason is that reflexes are handled by the spine and sound plays an important role for setting off reflexes. So the info has got to be available there to some extent. Further implants fixed against the brain stem are used to cure some types of auditory damage. And the brainstem leads directly to the spine.
      Thoughts are not identical with silent talk – subliminal talk – but there is apparently a strong correlation between the two. When you think you talk although most people do it silently. Understanding it in this manner you may read a mind by tapping the trains of nerve pulses corresponding to subliminal talk. And reverse the process by sending trains of nerve pulses corresponding to subliminal talk you want to murmur into the targets mind.
      The quality of the connection is limited by the number of nerves you have connected with. Its impractical to handle more than a few thousand nerves in parallell and in case of secretly implanted TI’s the actual span of accessible nerves is probably much less than that.
      The interface may have thousands of nodes but some selective intermediary probably limits the particular subset of connections.
      Anything more you’d like to know Christo?

    3. I normally would not answer this kind of comment on a less open-minded blog. Christo needs to be warned that telekinesis does perform electrical brain work, but can not be taught or demonstrated in a classic course. Neither does it have a compelling and self-evident entry point like Building 7’s video record. It is a spiritual practice, and therefore is best discovered internally. I’ll humbly offer three ways to demonstrate its existence.

      1. Learn and practice telekinesis. Most people can do it. The simplest, most open and least expensive course I am aware of is mine, starting at Be warned that once you have demonstrated to your satisfaction that telekinesis necessarily exists and works, making others aware of its existence and effectiveness will be a challenge. Even people who will draw measurable benefits from your work will commonly refuse to acknowledge its existence, as they will usually be able to attribute them to other causes.

      2. Research and study how telekinesis became a bona fide science in the late 19th century, complete with societies, peers, and journals. Due to the discovery of statistical tests, practitioners became able to prove telekinetic patterns in seemingly random data (like how the probability of one person throwing a coin and getting a specific result was influenced by another person asking for this result). Incidentally, in the first half of the 20th century, scientific publications on telekinesis slowed down to a trickle, hence the conspiracy theory that some oligarchs with much power and little empathy successfully deprived the public of it while using it to further their own egoistic objectives.

      3. Visit a large number of psychics, Tell them that you believe that they are not psychics and request that they say something about your reason to visit them before giving them any money. Appreciate the proportion of psychics who promptly tell you something that you know to be correct and that they would have been unlikely to guess.


    4. You must have ignored the patents that explain how it works on my website. You can also Google heterodynes, heterodynes are a force of nature, where one signal combines with another signal to alter the effect of what’s there. This allows brainwaves to be remotely tampered with, and images and sound and other things introduced into the brain. It’s described in Robert Malech’s 1974 for a military radar platform that does just that. If you can read out different parts of a brain, ie in FMRI or with ESR, then you can pass that through a neural decoding software program to get a persons brain information and store it in digital form. Computer software / interfaces called BCIs already do this in a variety of methods. FMRI does it, you can extract images and memories from peoples brains using the most sophisticated versions.

      Satellites and radar platforms are more sophisticated whole planet brain/environment/body/object scanners, with far higher resolution than even the most high resolution MRI machine. Also, MRI machines focus on matter, but waves and energies can also be imaged, that is one ability they keep out of medical science for some odd reason, possibly due to military classification.

      The patents and Dr. Robert Duncan’s book “The Matrix Deciphered” are on my site explaining how it works. There are videos explaining some of the missing science there, too.

      Also HAARP type arrays and satellites are all just really powerful super resolution remote radar platforms that can image all matter and energies remotely through the heavens with nearly infinite range.

      1. Also the Air Force owns the patent for creating voice speech and sound inside a persons skull, by creating vibrations in your tissue that travel to your cochlea, resulting in something only the target can hear. The energy is focused onto a person brain/skull. It is not broadcast is an omnidirectional signal.

        The same technique is used when modifying and reading the brain remotely. The technology is very precise, aimed right into a persons brain with neuron level accuracy, and multiple people can be targeted at once allowing communication to be passed directly into multiple peoples brains and bodies at once. The police use this very system for covert brain to brain communication – a satellite reads the energy, decodes and separates information via computer, then it makes appropriate changes to pass the information into another persons brain. It does all this so fast, allowing agents to have a remote electronic brain link, no different than a radio communication system located off the persons body. Individuals ie citizens and targets, can also be tortured and abused with the system, because it’s so secretive and no one is watching how it gets used.

        The patents describe a communication system that uses traditional military/DOD radar and satellites (the large kind that work on the whole planets surface), another patent mentions specifically an entire military based communication system that reads out brainwaves through any type of BCI, sends the signals via microwave, satellite, fiber optic, or telephone system, to a computer system where it’s analyzed and stored, and then information can be beamed back into targets minds using remote firing devices aka satellites and radar systems.

        Both patents, and other patents in :

        There’s other patents there including a patent to target a biological person to kill and destroy and tamper with it using directed energy, the patent is owned by electronic warfare systems manufacture Raytheon – there is no doubt in my mind today, that the United States is covered, blanketed with a stealth military radar system for remotely imaging humans, their environments, planes, cars, and other structures, which can also be used to remotely beam energy into the targeted area. This is the weapons system being used to torture and take out innocent people on American soil..

        1. Todd Giffen
          No they cannot remotely tamper with brainwaves anymore than they can get a motor started by imitating its sound. Sorry what you have been led to believe is nonsense. And the obvious reason is to hide the real truth. To tamper with the mind effectively they need direct galvanic contact with the nervous system. Hence implant technology is the place to look, not directed energy except for the case when it is used for communicating with an rf interface belonging to such implants.
          Patents to be found in the open literature such as those you mention are ridiculous in this context and only mislead.

        2. Peter, not true. The brain responds to light energy and can be interfaced with using radio signals. This type of implant or device is located outside of the skull, and they call it non-invasive brain computer interface.

          This patent covers how military radar has been designed to interface with the human brains from very great distances.

          The reason most people don’t know about this is that it is heavily classified, and they have deliberately kept the technology out of medical personnels hands. The technology can be used for remote diagnosis without physical contact to a person. It enables full access to a persons nervous system. The trick is, this is very similar to MRI, but rather than work on water molecules, it works on the electromagnetic waves themselves. The military version of it is called radar, or ESR for electron spin resonance. There are newer versions with higher resolutions too.

        3. There are many nonclassified examples of auditory remedies using outofskull units transmitting power to an internal implant. No need to classify it when it can be seen anyway. The classified technology is the one that cannot be seen outside and in addition is designed to be invisible to xrays. The invisibility is achieved by making the electronic parts thin. The enclosure is chosen from materials having the same refractive index for xrays as the environment in the body. A credible example of this is discussed in W Bowarts book, the updated ed from 1996 ch34. To my surprise Bowart got it right in the end.

  21. You too Patrick…? Do you really think that the Government can remotely read a person’s thoughts, or remotely (i.e. using “beams from space”) influence them? How is this done? Do tell.

    1. How am I supposed to know? I’m not a person who believes anything right up front, but I don’t disbelieve right away, either. I’m not first off the starting block with things like this–they take time for me. What I DO know is that very strange things exist. Is this one of them? I have little reason to say it isn’t true. But it’s new to me, and I can’t cite sources; it’s not one of my many interests–although it may become one. Ask me a year from now.

      Sorry if that answer comes as a disappointment, Christo.

      1. In Brussels on 20 November 2014 targeted individuals (ti), victims of mind control, organized their first conference in the world to alarm about mind control and covert harassment. That technology is at least 60 years old and hidden behind secret physics.

        Peter, are you Swedish? There is some Swedish material in the link above.

        To quote Bev in a comment to Nationwide Psychiatric Surveillance:
        “I decided with this issue its best to stay the course on the middle road so you don’t miss any of the crossing points.”

        Same would be wise with the IT issue.

        1. Anne B
          Yes I’m swedish – its my real name. I never came closer to the States than Niagara Falls in my early youth
          I’m familiar with Henning Whitte who owns whitetv
          Henning is a lawyer specialized on EU law.
          He has a friend who is/was a TI
          He suggests large popular communities can/ought to start banks, with the same insane privileges holding for private banks. Buying the licence for 5million€ . I know Ellen Brown has touched upon this but she was given a bad beating in Gary Norths debunking of her book so I am not sure Brown is a trustworthy source. There is so much noise about the complex workings of banking. But the option of competing the banksters out of business is seldom mentioned.

          Note that being overly fearful of ‘collectivism’ is not very helpful. None of the various schools in economy give this kind of advice. No politician does, hence all of them may be working for the other side.

      2. Peter, Niagara Falls is beautiful and the Canadian side the most well kept. I came to USA from a stint in Canada through immigration in Niagara Falls. Came to stay for three years. It’s been a bit longer. Fell in love with upstate New York on the way to the destination of the big apple. On the topic of immigration, I went through hoops for six months before I was given immigration papers to the promised land.

        There used to be a Granada Forum in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles. Once a month they had lectures given by well known individuals from all walks of life. Very educational. Ellen Brown gave one lecture I attended. Another was Joan Veon and she kind of took the wind out of my sails. Her information left very little hope for an average person. Joan passed away shortly after that lecture, but her site is still up.

        (I wrote IT instead of TI in my comment above. My mistake.)

        1. “Little hope for an average person”
          Maybe I misunderstand, but I interpret this to mean that people need to cooperate. Its funny when the globalists try to use the argument we’re all in the same boat( the earth) and we must unite.
          I respect and listen to some libertarians but their scare of collectivism is very counterproductive. The lone ranger cannot afford to start a bank but a few million ordinary people can. To connect this kind of collective with communism is grossly misleading and exposes such libertarians to be either ignorant or maybe working for the oligarchy.
          The idea that a popular movement may act like an independent entrepreneur in a market economy is foreign to liberals, but they dont complain about western oligarchs buying politicians and media, silencing all modes of expression for the masses.

      3. “Maybe I misunderstand, but I interpret this to mean that people need to cooperate….I respect and listen to some libertarians but their scare of collectivism is very counterproductive.”

        Perhaps I can offer a bit of added perspective here. You, Peter, are a Swede, a Scandinavian, which is to say a person from a small, historically racially and culturally homogenous country. (What I’m about to say can in fact be said of most European countries.) Socialism is easy to justify in such places. Knute Hamson sided with Germany in WWII because he perceived it as a choice between localism and English imperialism, which he despised. A perfectly reasonable calculation, in my opinion, standing where he was at the time.

        Small, culturally and ethnically homogenous, countries can redistribute the wealth and get away with it for far longer than places like America, where the states are comparable to European countries, in terms of size.

        I have long argued that America should not be so big as it is, indeed that it was too big already in 1787. If what was right would have happened, and the new country never expanded, today we’d probably have in North America little countries that turned socialist and others that chose freedom. What we have now is a continental country comprised of a vast array of cultural subcultures, and the attempt to impose a one-size-fits-all socialistic mandate on everyone is madness.

        So when you say “some libertarians’…scare of collectivism is very counterproductive,” it may be a problem of your perspective. If the whole of Europe, from Ireland to Russia, was one country, and the “Washington” of Europe attempted to do what America’s Washington forces upon us, Europe would be awash in libertarians.

        1. Patrick
          What I was talking about was collectively financed startup of entrepreneurship starting out with a bank, for which the licence would be made affordable by scrambling the money together. The insane priviledges of such a bank, awaiting their removal by decent people arising to power, can be turned into a powerful means to outcompete the oligarchy. Assuming the phenomenon spreads.
          When a large group of ordinary people have this moneycreation in their hands and select wisely their experts, they may organize creation of private businesses, small and mediumsized, ie not at all what you had in mind.
          Those entrepreneurs will not be allowed to lend money at interest. This would be settled in a binding contract as a condition for the initial loan at the startup of the business. But otherwise they would be free to get rich. Consequently there could emerge large differences in income. I wont go further with details since there may be federal laws overruling anything one might want to regulate locally.

          Anyway the socialism you expected just isnt there. Think again Patrick, there are many more variations available than the ptb wants you to know.
          Instead its a real chance to make the market economy function like libertarians would like it to, while their own scheme of things can only lead to a new oligarchy. If you allow people to be free like you say, some of the free people will grow wealthier than the rest. Through luck maybe, or ruthlessness. It doesnt matter, the big will stretch his tentacles all over the place and eventually control everything. I dont have to specify the details. Libertarians have no solution to this problem and of course not the whore politicians of the business party.
          The weakness with libertarianism is that there is an obsession about not cooperating in large numbers even when the benefits are undeniable and when there is no downside.
          Socialists often dont appreciate individual achievers or achievement. They see no big difference between those who get rich through actions beneficial to society and parasites. They even get together better with the parasites. Both want something for nothing.
          So dont give me that label.

        2. We have lending club. Peer to peer lending. I used it once. you apply, and a few or many people kick in a few bucks for the chance to make a little interest. The investors lend small over many loans as a way to diversify. I ended up turning down the loan, but it seemed pretty cool.

      4. Peter and Patrick – I was writing in reference to the presentation by Joan Veon, a lady who had her boots on the ground for years in the middle of global meetings and international financial talks. She’s the one who impressed me most with her thorough knowledge and did not sugar coat her information. That is when I lost the wind in the sails, figuratively speaking.

        The global agenda is so far advanced, and so long in the making, that whatever we may call ourselves in defense of this onslaught, it matters little at this point. The globalists are few in numbers compared to the rest of us, so why can’t they be stopped in their tracks? Why can’t we do it? We have the numbers. No matter how often the phrase “we are in the same boat” is used, it is still meaningless. They are in their luxury yachts and we are in fragile rowboats – all by clever design centuries old. Fortunately some of us are good swimmers.

        I am not going into a lengthy response here, not something I like to do. I believe both Lophatt and Patrick agree with me that less is so much better when it comes to any type of government. Keep it small and simple. The exact opposite has happened over the entire planet. Read, listen, learn about all sides and all opinions and then make your own. Gathering in collectives or trying to be sovereign in one’s own body has not stopped the global agenda one iota.

        I follow what goes on over there in Europe and especially in Scandinavia and Russia. The blue print is the same in Europe as here. Even little Wales now has hundreds of pages on how to handle the influx of third world immigrants. What needs to be done collectively, and it’s not gonna happen, is to stop the complete destruction of western cultures in western countries before it is too late, and then the financial situation can be discussed. Without a country and culture to call one’s own, everything else is secondary.

        I listen to Red Ice Radio from Sweden and learn about the current conditions there. I had a friend in Denmark who was a prolific writer about life in that country. Being from Wales he looked at Denmark with neutral eyes. He passed away too young as so many others with an open mind. The third Scandinavian country, where I grew up, has fallen to the globalists lock stock and barrel. I get first hand reports. There are no signs of a collective upraising in any of these countries. I do not fight back the global system collectively, but I do what I can on an individual basis to have as thin a spider web around me as possible. It gives a small amount of satisfaction, but it’s not going to stop the agenda that the cabal is hell bent on, whether we do it collectively or on an individual basis.

        Here is a situation that should have Norwegians protesting in droves, it’s their money, yet no one did. I could not believe my eyes when a week ago I saw a story about the Norwegian minister of foreign affairs. He was pictured on a podium in NYC and in front of him was Madame Clinton. He was there to hand over millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. This in addition to millions given previously for the same Clinton project. The project? Some years ago Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Madame had taken a keen interest in the lack of decent cooking stoves for poor women and girls in the third world. My crystal balls tells me that this money was actually for Hillary’s campaign chest. How does one fight global corruption like this? As George Carlin so famously said “it’s a big club and we ain’t in it.”

        1. I agree, Anne with everything you say. Joan used to be a regular guest on Dr. Stan, and she’d report on what went on at those international meetings of the Cabal. I miss her.

        2. Here’s something we can do: institute public banking in our respective states. North Dakota has done it for a century:

          (I recommend using Internet Explorer when you visit that site. When I used Firefox none of the links at the top of the page showed up.)

          I think American citizens need to adopt, as their motto and goal, Kennedy’s intention to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces.” This is the highest priority.

        3. But beware of Ellen Browns ideas about using it!
          She probably wants the whole deal of ‘socialist’ benefits.
          The focus must be on creating competitive businesses and a diversified blend of many types of products and services. An entirely selfsustaining economy is impossible but to get there to some degree makes for a robust environment, as to employment and general wellbeing.
          I think a swede established the bank she mentions.

        4. Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves!
          Is that next to the Derek Zoolander School for Kids who can’t read and want to learn to do other stuff good too? They may as well call it that. We are not going to be the change we want to see in the world when we let them flaunt their thievery. They, however few, are being the change they want to see in the world. I’m still laughing. I never heard of this. Thank you Anne B.

          After years of feminism, now Hillary wants third world women slaving over a hot stove? Gloria Steinam must be beside herself. I guess that is the best they can do now since their economic plan put the screws to them getting a career. What is next? The Institute of drinking beer and hanging out with the guys.

        5. This whole thing reeks of corruption, similar to when the Norwegian government gave some 50 million US dollars to an African dictator for the benefit of his country. The money vanished into the dictator’s pockets and Norwegian officials just shrugged their shoulders. We have to anticipate situations like these, they said. Sure they do.

          So how are these millions of cook stoves supposed to function in places where people live in ramshackle huts with no electricity and running water. This cook stove project is supposed to decrease cutting of the forests for firewood. Hillary and company are also concerned about fumes from other means of heating up cooking stoves, so pray tell how these new stoves will function.

          Concerned about cooking stoves, but no concern about poisoned vaccines for the third world and how about improving sanitary conditions like working sewers and running water. That would go a long way towards improving health conditions in the third world. But that is not really what they want.

          The cabalists are stealing and funneling money through these elaborate schemes, some with a straight face and some with smirks. Zoolander indeed. I saw the movie.

          Last updated Dec. 1, 2014 – here we have buzzwords like sustainable, resilience and climate change:

        6. Anne, well said. I was telling someone just the other day that we need to get into the habit of stepping back and evaluating our behavior on a regular basis.

          As we often say here at MHB, this is primarily a psychological operation. The focus of each event is usually NOT the thing to watch if we’re trying to discern what they are attempting to accomplish. Often, an emotion-laden event is produced precisely to shape the reaction.

          When we look to “government” to provide all of life’s answers we predispose ourselves to a life of servitude. Instead of looking at things like “rights” as government-given, we should realize that they are God-given, and that the respective governments have a responsibility to ensure that we retain them. If they do not do that, we need to replace them.

          In any society there are things that are best done collectively. We pool our resources to enable us to take care of our responsibilities as citizens. The role of government is to “manage” those resources provided in the public interest.

          So, as you say, through subtle and prolonged effort, the general consensus is now that government provides. We must plead with government to be “allowed” our freedoms. We must accept their agenda even though it conflicts with ours.

          None of this is new. I suppose that the psychological techniques and technical abilities of the perpetrators have evolved. Further, these efforts are not confined to “countries” any longer. This function of service to the populace has been hijacked and converted into an oligarchic religion of sorts. They have used our money to pay for our enslavement.

          I agree with you that direct confrontation is unlikely to succeed. We have armed thugs in military regalia patrolling the streets and drones in the skies. My suggestion that we ignore them is not a joke. I actually see this as our last hope. Whether we do this now, or later, in the camps, that is the only road to survival that i can see.

          The must be made irrelevant because they are. We should stop asking them for anything. They need to be fired. Turning our backs to them wherever they surface would be an excellent start. They should receive eviction notices.

        7. Peter and dinophile – Regarding The Bank of North Dakota, from its president and chief executive (yes, I know it’s NY Times).

          “Today, the bank receives many calls from people interested in starting a state-owned bank, and our response is consistent. We do not advocate the use of this model elsewhere.”

          To the left in this link is an opinion by Ellen Brown. She received 97 comments. Ms. Brown writes:
          “The Bank of North Dakota takes almost no individual deposits, but a national postal bank would, just as postal banks have done routinely in other countries without destabilizing free markets.”

          I recall the postal bank in my home country. Just about everyone had an account there. In 1999 it was gobbled up through a merger and these days nothing is left except ballpoint pens with the postal bank’s name and logo for sale on eBay for seven dollars.

          The first postal bank to see daylight was in England in 1861.

          Somehow this topic ended up under Myron May’s suicide letter. It was suggested an open forum here for miscellaneous topics. Perhaps a good idea?

        8. Not surprising that there is no real competitor right now. Public banking getting real is the end of the oligarchy. And the strange comment that they dont recommend that particular form for anyone else.. can you smell a threat somewhere maybe.
          Anne you figure out a suitable forum, meanwhile I’d like to explain why I was critical about ‘socialist’ benefits. Its because Ellen and others dont realize that there is only a free lunch for oligarchs holding a gun to the head of the world. Public banking developing seriously would need men in arms to protect itself, but right now that would probably be a crime. But with such protection they would only be able to maintain their system not expand to live on interest. People would have to be industrious but in return there would be a common notion that society is for the common man and for stable businesses but not for maximum profits and offshoring and hidden wealth.

        9. Bankers do not tolerate competition – ever! They bury it in the ashes of war. Ask a certain General, I think his name was Gaddafi.

        10. True, Rich, but they’re so cautious against letting people know how it works. Economic education tells people money=production, but omit everything about the rules of banking. The oligarchy wants no discussion about the actual rules. This proves how fragile their power is. Ordinary dictators have no qualms about people knowing about their privileges, but big finance pretends to believe in democracy and stupid liberals(in the european sence) defend it, seeing no evil.

        11. Understood, but the oligarchy(bankers) own the elected “democracies”. We can’t vote in reform. The bankers already have the “reform” written up and ready to go. When the people finally clamor for them to make the rules more fair, they will hand their lackey’s in government the legislation to “fix” the the problem, and we will walk right into their trap. Banking will never be fair until the people or better yet, no one, owns the money, and the money has value that cannot be manipulated by bankers. People need to determine what form they want money to take, not bankers and government. All most of us have to make money is our labor, and we are trading it for a junk product.

          Everything the bankers do is leading us down the path to war. After that they will consolidate the banking and money into one system. The money will be purely electronic. We will no longer be able to have any privacy or to secret any wealth at all. Taxation of every breath, total control, total slavery. If you do not comply, they will shut off your life with the stroke of a key. People who attempt to work outside the system via barter and precious metal will be hunted down and destroyed as economic terrorists. The people won’t even be able to have a garage sale without the bankers knowing, and getting their cut through taxation that is paid back to them in interest payments from their own lackeys in government.

        12. The point is Rich, the people can start a bank according to the present rules, without any reform. They only need to know what the rules are. In the EU you pay €5million to get started. I dont know the precise conditions in the US but I guess its similar.
          Then the public bank goes ahead and creates money legally. 9 times more than they have in the bank. Moreover there is a time delay of two years, so depending on the interest you might have nearly zero as starting capital legally. It’s obvious why they dont want people to know this. If it was a conventional dictature, the banking privileges could be shown openly and people could do nothing about it.
          The mere fact that they need to keep people uninformed shows how vulnerable they are. Of course the elites might try to change the rules when people begin to use them. But then things would be brought out in the open. The important thing is that people get to know the rules.

          In 2006 statistics showed that the Us banks lent 52 times more than they had and in the EU it was 25-32 times
          I guess the Us lent at say 5% on average and the EU a bit less.

  22. Christo, I am always reluctant to make sweeping, all inclusive statements. First you asked: “To Todd, Peter, and anyone here who still thinks that the Government can read peoples minds…….”. I’d respond that “proof” depends on whether you believe the material that is out there. Here is one example:

    There is more information than a quick glance would suggest. Click the links. Some of it is interesting.

    Now, is that what happened here? I can’t say. I do think its fake. As I’ve said many times, that doesn’t “necessarily” mean that nobody died. Was he being mind controlled – other than in the “normal” way? That too is impossible to “prove” with the information we have.

    I certainly believe that they have the ability to do that if they want to. There are explanations of how that is done in the link. If he wasn’t a willing participant I suppose they would have to get his “cooperation” some way.

    This, like the disinformation phenomenon in general, is a big subject. It seems that it is another “tool”, at least in this context. So, we started out asking if this was “real”. Then we looked at what we thought the message was. Now it appears that some simply do not believe that the “tool” exists.

    I’ve studied this a bit. Like Patrick I don’t feel expert enough to blather on about it. I have my thoughts and I keep reading about it. There are obvious logic problems but I am certain that some of those are simply another thing I have no knowledge of. I get the concept, I’ve read enough to think that they have abilities, the details are still fuzzy.

    It is often good to remember that we can’t prove a negative. I’m not sure that “belief” is the same thing as “knowledge”. In this case we have someone claiming that his tormentors drove him to this. This is not exactly the same thing as someone “telling” you to do this. So, if I have this right, he allegedly did this out of desperation, not as the result of control.

    So, as usual, there are a lot of unanswered questions. It is unlikely we’ll get answers as this one is already circling the bowl.

    1. Everyone knows Anthony Forward, lies, slanders and attempts to defame the victims of this, all issues related to targeting. He calls the community a suicide cult. He cannot read a patent worth anything. He claims Duncan is a fraud when his information checks out through all sources. He defames me and lies about my website.

      My response was posted in December, Forward totally lied about my site.

      He walks around seeking any piece of information he can deliberately misconstrue and twist to make his points.

      Forward should expect to be sued for defaming victims of human rights atrocities.

      my other site, is kicking, as usual,

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