LanzaBy Vivian Lee and James F. Tracy

On November 21, 2014 the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate issued a 114-page report, Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School: Report of the Office of the Child Advocate (PDF), focusing on the ambiguous profile of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza that may become the basis for mental health practices throughout the United States.

[Image Credit: New York Daily News]

With contributors including psychiatrists and academicians from education and social work departments, the publication comes just two months after the US Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education announced over $160 million in funding for widescale research and deployment of mental health initiatives in the nation’s public schools.[1]

“OCA began a comprehensive collection and review of records related to the life of AL,” the document’s preamble reads, “including his medical, mental health and education records, as well as un-redacted state police and law enforcement records.”(p. 6).

Among 37 “key findings,” the statement expresses concern over “siloed systems of education, physical health, and mental health care for children” that “strongly implicate the need to assist parents with understanding and addressing the needs of children with complex developmental and mental health disorders” (p. 9).

Mandatory mental health “screenings” and “evaluations” are recommended to remedy the potential threat of further “Adam Lanzas.”

The following is a summary overview of the OCA report’s key recommendations, many of which will likely be recommended or mandated by federal education and public health authorities for adoption throughout the US.

  • Universal screening for behavioral health and developmental impairments for children ages birth to 21.
  • Referral for thorough evaluation and assessment by outside experts for a child “displaying the types of multidisciplinary developmental challenges AL presented…”
  • Access to “quality care coordination” for children and their families.
  • Access to training and information concerning mental health issues for teachers, administrators, service personnel, pediatricians, and parents.
  • Staffing and financial supports for providers.
  • Effective and sustained family engagement work as part of mental health treatment for children.
  • Addressing of the “role of denial in illness.”
  • Access to therapeutic services, psycho-education, and peer support for families.
  • Readiness of “systems” to respond when a parent appears unwilling or unable to meet the needs of their child [aka refuses to medicate].
  • Better outreach to parents who have difficulties “reaching out” or feel “mistrust in the medical and educational systems…”
  • Active participation of schools concerning the mental health and wellness of their students.
  • Support to schools to enable them to “retain or import therapeutic and other related services…”
  • Evaluation of children by schools “in all areas of suspected disability, including conducting social-emotional evaluations…”
  • A more “holistic approach to identification for special education eligibility that encourages attention to multiple aspects of disability…”
  • State consideration of “an audit of existing homebound practices and procedures…”
  • More attention paid to “post-secondary readiness for disabled youth and young adults…”
  • “State and local educational and mental health and developmental services agencies must work together to identify current capacity and service delivery needs, training opportunities, and must create capacity-building services at all levels.”
  • Increased workforce, technical support and expertise to help meet the needs of “children with complex developmental or mental health disorders, and their families.”
  • Support for schools to provide and import “comprehensive health or developmental supports” to children with “highly specialized needs.”

In reality, the OCA report lays the groundwork for implementation of a nationwide program similar to the one presently being beta tested in Scotland, “Getting it Right for Every Child,” or GIRFEC. The GIRFEC project mandates assignment of a “Named Person for every child and young person, and a Lead Professional (where necessary) to co-ordinate and monitor multi-agency activity” that renders the traditional family to the role of a distant caretaker.

Using verbiage and notions remarkably similar to the the Harvard-affiliated and Newtown area psychiatrist John Woodall,[2] GIRFEC emphasizes the development of “resilient” young people who are capable of developing emotional detachment from instances of profound loss–such as natural disasters and active shooter events and evident in the recent promotion of slogans such as “Newtown Strong,” “Boston Strong,” and, most recently, “FSU United.”

Indeed, GIRFEC advocates maintain the program “enables children and young people to get the help they need when they need it” and overall “supports a positive shift in culture, systems and practice … to improve life chances for children, young people and families.”

Such a project increasingly lays bare the opportunistic use and perhaps true intent of the Sandy Hook massacre event: dramatically intensified bureaucratic and quasi-scientific control over the everyday lives of children alongside the continued erosion of the family itself.


[1] James F. Tracy, “Protecting Our Children in the Wake of Sandy Hook: Psychiatric Surveillance of US Public School Children,”, November 4, 2014.

[2] James F. Tracy, “Global Governance and the New World Order Religion,”, April 14, 2013.

Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at a US east coast university.

Republished at and ActivistPost.

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  1. […] By Vivien Leigh and James F. Tracy On November 21, 2014 the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate issued a114-page report, Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School: Report of the Office of the Child Advocate (PDF), focusing on the ambiguous profile of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza that may become the basis for mental health practices throughout the United States. [Image Credit: New York Daily News] With contributors including psychiatrists and academicians from education and social work departments, the publication comes just two months after the US Department of Health and More… […]

  2. If they REALLY want to develop a profile of the dangerously psychotic, they should look to the civilian government of the United States and the denizens therein. They kill innocents without any moral qualm, torture, kidnap and hold people with no opportunity to defend the charges against them, bankrupt millions through their corruption of the regulatory structure, legislate morals while evincing some of the most depraved of human behaviors, much of it bared for all to see, and on and on ad nauseum.

    The Planners continue to undermine everything decent about America and the Patsies go on believing it’s “for the children.” It would be touching if their support wasn’t so dangerous to the very children they would like to help.

    Don’t worry about the Photoshop-enhanced Adam Lanzas of the world. Worry about the deep and apparently terminal psychosis that infects our government, financial system and business elites. The death and destruction they have caused humanity is monstrous. May their end be near, please God.

  3. One needs to wonder why Adam Lanza was referred to as “AL” throughout this report, when his brother was referred to as “Ryan.”
    The name “AL” is like the name they give to a very human-like robot in Hollywood movies.

    Will the real Adam Lanza please stand up?

    For the moment going along with the assumptions of this new report, that is, that Adam Lanza was a real person and that he was, up until about the 5th grade. age 11, a normal, healthy, happy, well-adjusted child, then some big change shows up in this history of this child.

    I think there is much to be said for the theory that if AL was indeed a real person that he was the victim of sophisticated, profession, Manchurian-Candidate style mind control techniques.

    Here is a very interesting theory regarding this report on Adam Lanza.

    Inconvenient Truth #83: The OCA Report on Adam Lanza, AKA AL
    Posted on November 22, 2014

    “I will out rightly state I believe when you take the remainder of the evidence I will present from this report, along with my post “Inconvenient Truth #60: The Sandy Hook Police Report“, it makes a very strong case that Adam was possibly raised as a Manchurian Candidate and suffered severe mental, and possibly physical / sexual abuse characteristic of programming by MK-Ultra. ”


    I am a conservative traditional Catholic and find the following article insightful as to what has happened to our schools. This latest post-Sandy Hook socio-political agenda of mandating psychological testing and prescribing of strong psychotropic on younger and younger school children is nothing new at all, but is just the lastest step in a program that has been in place since the late 1800s.

    For a summary of this long-term evil on American public eduction, suggest you read…
    What is New Age Education?
    Part I
    Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

    Note especially the subsection of this article titled
    “Every Child a Mental Patient”

    a quote from that section of that article is…

    “Teachers have been led to believe that every child enters school mentally ill and in need of healing. In 1972, a Harvard professor of education and psychiatry told a teachers’ convention:
    Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation…. It’s up to you as teachers to make all of these sick children well, by creating the international children of the future.”

    Dennis Cuddy, Dawning, p. 19


    When you talk about truly educating a child, and when you talk about “truth”, you are talking about the moral absolute of “right” and “wrong”. That concept is verboten in the United States public school system.

    1. I’m surprised they don’t use his middle name, i.e. “Lee Harvey Oswald”. Can it get anymore obvious than this? Subtle they’re not.

      They put all the pieces in place and then refer to them as “proof” of the soundness of their plans. We have “ODD” whereby any “deniers” are deemed to be “disordered”.

      Then we have the school meme. They are concerned that children may be away from their unholy influence due to home schooling.

      Opposition must be controlled. Whether that involves drugs or simple programming matters not.

      Then there is the tremendous rise in the number of reported “autism” cases. As the parent of a child with autism I find it impossible to believe that the numbers are that high. When my daughter was diagnosed it was one in 15,000. Trust me, most of these newly diagnosed cases are not autism. Autism is indeed a serious, debilitating condition.

      By connecting this at least subliminally, “autism” becomes an excuse for “professional intervention”. This is not being done to provide care. This is being done in order to develop the notion that kids belong to the state and they will raise a generation of docile slaves.

      Articles like the above make our speculations impossible to deny. All of these puzzle pieces are put into place and then “the trigger event” is used to seal the deal.

      Can there be any doubt that we are all under assault? From every angle possible, economic, sociological, educational, legal and spiritual, we are being stripped of hope. How anyone can look at this situation and not see the obvious is truly a wonderment.

      1. Every kid they can label as “Learning Disabled” is then entitled to an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). But the State is a bitch-goddess: she gives with one hand, while she takes with the other. (That was stolen from a “Kids In the Hall” skit, I think, but it totally applies.) We can’t accept “help” from the State without then having to answer to it.

        I listened to several long lectures by a Canadian guy named Dean Clifford (who is probably in jail as I write this). He talked a lot about the issue of liability (and, incidentally, standing), and how we need to re-assume full liability for ourselves. Judging by the ferocity of the State’s response to him, I’d wager that he’s barking up the right tree.

        You take a penny of the State’s money, you’re then bound to play by the State’s rules.

    2. “Betty, you can call me AL, call me Al,,,,”. So, they are psychoanalyzing his elementary school work? I gather that “purple notebook covers” are diagnostic?

      We’ve talked about this here before. When you have a chimera, you have a blank canvas. You can create anything you like, sort of like Obongo.

      We’ve seen a report based on a school that appears to have been closed since 2008. Now we see a psycho-fantasy piece on a construct. What’s next? The psycho-sexual proclivities of “Lenny”? We’ll forget “Gene” (shudder!).

      And what of the disturbingly weird A.C.? Will we be treated to more footage of Crisis Actors flirting with gay CIA agents? And what happened to the Baha’is, or the “Up With People” cultists? I suppose the impact of supporting cast is limited.

      Well, “Gone With the Wind” this ain’t. I’m afraid this is more reminiscent of “A Clcckwork Orange”. If they really need to pass anymore laws we might consider one against publishing rubbish like this. It’s like a meeting of “The Liar’s Club”. “And then…..I was kidnapped, that’s it,……KIDNAPPED, by…….Lithuanians,….that’s it!,, Lithuanian MUSLIMS!

  4. “Such a project increasingly lays bare the opportunistic use and perhaps true intent of the Sandy Hook massacre event: dramatically intensified bureaucratic and quasi-scientific control over the everyday lives of children alongside the continued erosion of the family itself.”
    This is one of the core tenets of STANDARDIZATION, which is at the core of Agenda 21 globalization … pushing and moving toward a one-world hive.

    1. Sophia, do you think that this is “opportunistic”? I have to conclude that this is planned. There are simply too many elements that have to be coordinated to simply be exploited normal events.

      I DO believe that they exploit ANYTHING “useful”, but the SHES fiasco and its related memes are certainly planned. Like dominoes they put seemingly unrelated ideas into play and then create a scenario to bring them all together.

      1. Recynd, that is a good site. This has been going on a very long time, albeit more “in earnest” now than in the past. This may be what Sophia refers to above as, “opportunistic”. I mean that in the sense that school children are a captive audience.

        I know that I had to unlearn a great deal that I was taught. I was fortunate in that my early years were peopled by teachers who strove mightily to provide the tools we would need to think for ourselves. I am certain that is no longer the case.

        The schools are an important “control node”. There are several others. If they get them young they won’t have to contend with “aberrant” thinking later on. The “slave collar” is a perfect symbol.

      2. Classic Hegelian dialectic at work: introduce a problem, then introduce the solution. Wait till they give parents a checklist of “problems” to watch for in their children so they can turn them over to the state to be “corrected”! The best is when they get the people to embrace the solutions and implement them all by themselves …

      3. Hence our new “buzzword”, “ODD”, Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Those who are “in opposition” are clearly “disordered”. The state will “reorder” them.

  5. The perfect way to make sure the school indoctrination is taking hold. Any child questioning TPTB or showing an independent streak will be promptly put on medications or tucked away in some institution. Sandy Hoax is so obvious that once people see the truth of what happened they so the whole rotted mess that our government and it’s media have become. Spread the word and push the truth.

  6. Very nice of the phantom Peter Lanza to step forward and inform the professionals of all the missing pieces that pretty much paint Nancy Lanza as the crazy enabler. If that was the case, Peter should have demanded custody and provided the best medical care that he no doubt could afford and any real parent would do.

    Here’s my theory, the ultra liberal areas of the country are failing as the population is voting with their feet, refusing to pay higher and more exorbitant taxes. As a result, they have created the crisis that requires major influxes of federal dollars.

    For the last 25 years, our presidents have been graduates of Yale or Harvard, 33 years if you count Bush’s tenure as VP under President Reagan. They really need to take drastic action to save their reign of power.

    The CT college professionals are miffed that the Boston Consulting Group was paid $1.8 million to come up with a plan on dealing with declining economic and enrollment issues facing the system.

    Let’s not forget MIT’s Gruber, the six million dollar consultant, recently revealed MA’s $400,000,000 federal ‘slush’ fund, secured by the late Senator Kennedy, was the federal government’s springboard to take over the medical system.

    Poor 16 year old Justina Pelletier, held prisoner for more than a year at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, with limited, supervised access to her family and no access to practice her Religion, or proper medical care, is the warning siren to us all of what is coming.

    1. And of course the whole climate warming scam, goes hand in hand with the hoodwinking of ‘stupid’ Americans. The defense industries are very huge in the northeast and depend on government contracts..

      It was very kind of Professor Keith of Harvard to post this evaluation from Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts on the most cost effective ways to dump chemicals in the skies.

      Was curious if I might have the credentials to attend Professor Keith’s summer course on geo-engineering and after following several links that demanded money and ‘membership’ found this enlightening link on actual degree programs offered in geo-engineering with close ties to sustainable living, or is it Agenda 21?

  7. “Excerpt”
    “OCA began a comprehensive collection and review of records related to the life of AL,” the document’s preamble reads, “including his medical, mental health and education records, as well as un-redacted state police and law enforcement records.”(p. 6).

    Why are these records not available to the public…. Or is there a link I’m missing where we can see these un-redacted reports?

    1. Anne, I suspect you’re right. The new indoctrination center will be a “model” for all other centers. We will be hearing about this for YEARS.

      “See, no shootings for five years. This PROVES our methods are effective”. This business has gotten out of control. They are in a mad rush to totally reorder society in their image. They are giddy with success. Nothing will stop them short of torches and pitchforks.



  9. This is a cover story for today’s MKULTRA program, which involves physical control of the minds of the masses by means of classified neurotechnology which has been put in many people’s brains.

  10. I’m looking forward (if that’s really the best way to state it) to digging into the links provided.

    What stood out to me immediately is the bullet-point regarding “addressing the role of denial in illness”: ANY objection a parent might have could be deemed “denial”! Also, there are two points that talk about dealing with “unwilling” or “mistrustful” parents…I suspect any of us here with kids might fall under that category?

    I don’t see “opt-out waivers” as being any sort of long-term solution, I’m afraid. We need to all start exercising our rights of control over our own lives before we lose them altogether. And I don’t mean by “opting out”, but by not participating in the first place. Easier said than done, I know…

  11. You have to take the blue pill–you have no choice. They are targeting critically thinking people who could become effective dissenters. “Red flags” include serious consideration of conspiracy theories, knowledge of CIA programs like MK Ultra, and concerns about our relationship with Israel, the Bank of England, Saudi Arabia, and the Five eyes. If you even say the word chemtrail, they double your dose. It’s perfect.

  12. Sandy Hook is a proven fraud. All the children were ficticious as were the parents and histories of these frauds; public record is fabricate to suit the fraud. I have found them all and know the real names and have extensive photographic evidence to make this claim. Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon BS, EBOLA all resulted in criminals supported by the taxpayer passing laws and approving appropriations based on fabricated events. The aforementioned is a criminal act and these people need brought to justice.


    The boy with Jill in the above graphic is the boy who’s image was used to represent Noah Pozner and this is how he looked December 2012.

    Jessica Rekos does not exist and the family that claimed to have lost this child in this fabricated event are complete frauds. The actual family has been found and the child’s image they used was a least 10 years old in December 2012.

    Same with Jack Pinto

    Same with Dylan Hockley

    Same with Emilie Parker NOTE the strange spelling and the last three letters LIE.

    Check out the husband of the actor that played LIE”S mother

    Check out these two fools

    America has a crisis actor problem where government sanctioned frauds are above the law as long as they assist the government in defrauding the popuation. Many if not all (they have multiple identites) sell the products put out by It Works, It Works Global and the faces of people associated with this company are showing up in every major fabricated event from the beheadings to ebola and from terrorist events to school shootings.

    Our leadership is corrupt and fully aware the events are fabricated yet they are passing laws and approving appropriations based on fraud to the benefit of the masters which are, but not limited to, Big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex. They have people with phony identities and credentials testify at committee hearings and carry the lies with pre-planned dialog.

    Our leadership even engages foreign nationals and foreigners not on US soil in fabricated events to screw their own population. Psychiatry in the US is corrupt as are the pharmaceutical companies. Multiple civil law suits regarding the poison they push have been through the federal courts and it all ends with fines paid to the states and then the state hospital psychiatrists push the very same drugs. Legal bribes!

    If the greater mass does not wake up our children and their children will be living in an oppressed society beyond our imaginations. The State of the Union is grave.

    I do not have all my graphics made yet but some of these frauds had up to two children in the Sandy Hook event. The level of psychopathy is astounding where they used the image of their own child and then the family’s relatives showed for the phony funerals. PSYCHOPATHS do not get to determine the mental health needs of our children

    Take note- the school shooting event in WA State happened in a town where every single person in a leadership position has a false identity and fraudulent credentials. I have found them all and this even included doctors and the county sherriff who in real life is married to one of the phony doctors who IS credentialed by the State; these people are from Maryland and Texas. They pre-planned and the phony kids are in photos two years previous but are actually adults with phony names from different states.

    Photo and video fraud is a major method utilized in pulling off these fabricated events– they use age regression/progression, contour change to the point of fraud and even change body mass appearance. The news is a a bad movie. WE DO NOT LIVE IN A FREE SOCIETY!

  13. If those who run the ‘establishment’ cannot outright murder your children via the medical-pharma complex, they will pigeon-hole them, once you’ve given them over to the indoctrination camps, which are the ‘schools’, into the ‘desireable’ column or ‘undesirable’ column for the next phase of their system.

  14. Here is a simple FYI because this thread does seem related to what the educational system is all about. I am not suggesting this is what brought us the entity labeled “AL.”

    I received the following information in 2004 from Beverly Eakman who wrote the 1998 book, The Cloning of the American Mind.

    Ms. Eakman was mailed a copy of a handout to teachers at a teacher training session in North Carolina. The educator got it during an inservice training workshop at her school, and it turns out to be representative of the new value system being transmitted in most schools today:

    • There is no right or wrong, only conditioned responses.
    • The collective good is more important than the individual.
    • Consensus is more important than principle.
    • Flexibility is more important than accomplishment.
    • Nothing is permanent except change.
    • All ethics are situational; there are no moral absolutes.
    • There are no perpetrators, only victims.

    1. Schools are not institutions to transmit hard knowledge, but to train global citizens.

      A brief excerpt from the most recent InvisibleSerfCollar blog:

      …I want to go back to the 1998 book cited in the Appendix of that Agreement [the Microsoft-UNESCO Cooperation Agreement] because that’s where the title quote came from. Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity ‘s last chapter is on Education. This is the lead-in on its new purpose: “Education, in its deepest sense and at whatever age it takes place, concerns the opening of identities–exploring new ways of being that lie beyond our current state.” Now when governments, and their allies in foundations or accreditation, decree that the negotiation of Identity is the purpose of K-12 education and they intend to prescribe, guide, and then assess for what that Identity can be, we are back beyond the scope of domination and control that Pipes and Besancon wrote about….

      We can’t really discuss conspiracy without addressing education, the biggest conspiracy of them all.

      1. Recynd, yes, I think it is vitally important for us all to periodically reexamine the purposes of things we take for granted. For example, is the purpose of “education” to imprint the state’s agenda onto young minds?

        As a comment on what “Dachsielady” said, above, I’m not sure that education should be about “facts” at all. When I think of all of the “facts” I was taught over the years that turned out to be “popularly accepted theories” (at best), and should have been taught as such, I’m more interested with schools teaching critical thinking.

        Are schools the arbiters of “ethics” or “morals”? I submit that they should be run in an ethical manner and from the standpoint of the generally accepted social morals in the prevalent society. That presents a problem when the PTB are actively destroying any semblance of those.

        As society degenerates into the model they have planned for us, we will continue to see the schools used as another avenue toward destroying any form of resistance. After all, one has to learn what is “normal”.

        The teachers are only allowed to teach the dogma of the new state religion. The only effective choice for parents is to refuse to send their children to them. From the subject article, it appears that they have plans for that eventuality.

  15. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY perhaps to readers of this blog: The list of key findings directly implicates home schoolers as people who ‘enable’ the Adam Lanza types of the world.

    1. Heather, my experience shows me that they NEVER have a single agenda. Further, they seldom lead with their main plan. It is by careful steps, over time, that they advance to their goals.

  16. Seems just the sort of program you need in a totalitarian society, where “Moscow does not believe in tears” and when losses occur, you do not go down some path where you question the authority which brought it about (e.g. your mother killed while supporting the military in Iraq, when you were three years old). This is the sort of thing an imperial ambition seeks in their service personnel. After all, did anyone ask little black slave children what they needed after their fathers were sold off the plantation? No, they had to be “resilient” so the system could keep on.

    This is a piece of the story we have seen repeatedly on television of a child becoming ecstatic publicly in front of their whole school when daddy pops out of a box in his military uniform. The child cries tears of relief, but the voice over tells us he is only home for a short leave.
    The kid will less interested the next time Dad comes back and perhaps less angry if he never does, because his response is being deliberately played with and dampened.

    They are experimenting on our children and it is not for the sake of the children’s best interests, but that of the wizards behind the curtain of this new strange world which is anything but of the people, by the people or for the people (unless that people is a vague collective obeying their puppet-masters).

  17. Excerpt below from a WHO policy analysis dated September 16, 2010. Reading this paper one comes away with an appreciation of the goals, and the means to these goals, to solve mental health issues worldwide. That is unless one knows the larger picture which goes beyond Sandy Hook and the US borders.

    UN(DESA)-WHO Policy Analysis

    Mental Health and Development:
    Integrating Mental Health into All Development Efforts including MDGs

    1. Mental health as an emerging development issue

    Including mental health as an integral part of development is relatively new to the United Nations and its development partners. There is growing recognition within the international community that mental health is one of the most neglected yet essential development issues in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

    1. Anne, we should never forget that, at its heart, “mental health” is a business. Those who practice in this field are not, defacto, altruists. Indeed, the stated goals are sometimes ridiculous.

      What does it mean to be “mentally healthy”? I think that most would leave it to these “professionals” to define that. I, on the other hand, would not.

      All of us face difficulties of one type or another in the course of life. How we deal with those is my definition of “mental health”. Someone once said; “life is a gristmill, what doesn’t wear you down polishes you”. There is little doubt that this sudden interest in “mental health” has more to do with control than concern.

      Those who would benefit from professional help are faced with the daunting realization that this field is littered with charlatans. There are few, if any, objective standards or oversight of this profession. The whole thing seems based on “trust” and “reputation”.

      It is beyond doubt that there are no pills that will chase away the demons that haunt some. Is it really compassionate to send those who are suffering to those who claim to know the path to sanity but are primarily consumed by greed and avarice?

      In the context here, it is clear that this has more to do with “shaping” future eaters. There will be no “ODD” behavior. And believe me, these “professionals” know “ODD” behavior. After all, they invented it.

    1. Great post, Bev. The more I learn about psychiatry, the bigger fraud I think it is. It is a weapon used against the most vulnerable among us.

      The Scientologists are right about one thing, anyway…as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day!

    2. CCHR runs a museum in Hollywood, Psychiatry – An Industry of Death Museum. I have toured through there and it is impressive, although I have a different view of some of the events depicted.

      Just finished watching “We need to talk about Sandy Hook”. Yes, we do because Sandy Hook will never go away on its own. They’ll be promoting mental health services till the end of times or end of funds, whichever comes first.
      “Weingarten said the wounds are far from healed. She said some may never be healed, so the availability of long-term mental health services needs to remain as much as the physical school security measures implemented in districts nationwide.”

      1. Thanks Anne, for caring enough to wonder if I know both sides of the equation and for sharing links. Yes, I have known for a long time that T. Szasz wore two hats, but for research purposes, I put his one hat on the shelf, while I deeply examined his visible hat which informed the public.

        Later, I examined his other hat. There were lots of clues that there was an internal power struggle among professionals in the ‘caring’ fields and growing tension about actually divvying up the field more fairly, much like dividing pie pieces. Lots of clues about a rumbling battle over mind control. I decided with this issue its best to stay the course on the middle road so you don’t miss any of the crossing points.

        Thanks, I watched the new SH documentary last night. It was well worth two and half hours of focus, I even managed to pick up a couple of new nuggets of gold.

        ‘Wounds which can never heal’ is a nice meme for whom it benefits but for those of us who have passed through great tragedy, we know it is a lie, a fabrication that stabilizes their developing ‘death culture’ they want us to live in.

        This is all nasty stuff!!

      2. “Amazing, resilient, heroes…..”. Let’s not forget, MONEY! What do we have to say to those millions of people over the centuries who have endured countless traumatic experiences in life? All without organized “support”. Tell me, what is so “amazing” about this?

        Even when real, it takes no special talent to encounter tragedy. To survive tragedy is probably the defining characteristic of the human species. These people would have us believe that the normal reaction of those afflicted is to pull the blanket over one’s head and expire.

        What makes this SHES episode so odious is the constant grasping for funding and control. They have a “program” for everything. When someone dies in the gutter do they show up wherever they are and shower money on the friends and family? Why are their gutters special?

        This has to be the worst example of manufactured social engineering I’ve ever witnessed. They refuse inquiry while screaming for attention (i.e. money). Just send your money and shut up, seems to be the message. “We know what’s best, after all, we’re professionals”.

        1. On the heels of several Newtown and Connecticut headlines this week, despite wishes from locals to respect Sandy Hook’s privacy, here are a few more to end another week in almost two years of relentless publicity – by design.

        2. Oh, I forgot. Sergeant David Kullgren of Sandy Hook fame has been promoted to lieutenant.

          Lieutenant Kullgren, or his doppelganger, was photographed at St. Rose of Lima School drill on 12/14/12. His doppelganger was also photographed at BMB along with two other doppelgangers from the Newtown Police Department. Amazing.

  18. This video is very high quality. I heartily recommend it to all who are interested in Sandy Hook Truth.

    We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook – Full Video in Higher Quality

    I found in two places. (The Infowars copy I just watched crashed three times while watching. Screen refresed and tracker started again at the beginning of the video. Do not know if YouTube version does that.)
    The video is over two hours long but is worth the watch.

    1. From today’s Hartford Courant article:
      “The property was part of Nancy Lanza’s estate to which son Ryan Lanza is the sole heir. In August, Ryan Lanza authorized Stamford attorney Samuel Starks, the administrator of the estate, to sell the property. Starks sold it a few weeks later to 36 Yogananda LLC, which was formed by Norwalk attorney Kenneth Gruder. The corporation sold it to the bank in September.”

      And now the bank is selling it to the town of Newtown we are told. Many links in this transaction. I decided to look up Stamford attorney Samuel Starks. His address seemed very familiar; 1100 Summer St., Stamford. Where had I seen it before? Looking around I was sent to Godlike Productions where a Peter Delcore (one of Peter Lanza’s several aliases if we are to believe Intelius) is mentioned with the same Stamford address. My computer went down then, so I did not return to GLP. Then I found this 10 minute video from Mr. Stosh (We need to talk about Sandy Hook) and he talks about Peter Delcore here. The devil may still be in the details.

      From MrStosh314:

      1. We should never stop talking about Sandy Hook. Approaching the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook production, and amidst pleas for privacy from town officials, we have yet another SH headline this week. Now we’re getting somewhere – amidst all the privacy they yearn for. Now we have O.J. Simpson in the mix, brought to us by his master of disaster realtor. And don’t let ourselves be fooled once again; all this being free and no money changing hands except one dollar from the Newtown money pit? Sure, and Santa is on his way.

        1. I have no words! So Ryan gives away his inheritance because………..? Then the town gets it for $1? Just like those three houses in Massachusetts where Mr. Thorne originally hailed from.

          She lived in that house for how many years? He paid how much per month and didn’t I read that Peter “gave” her the house?

          How does the town, even Llorda, decide what to do with the contents? None of this makes sense, but then, of course, it’s Sandy Hook.

        1. Sorry about that… don’t know why the cut and paste of the video doesn’t link properly. That’s happened a few times with Youtube now. The video I was trying to link can be found at the Youtube channel of Professor Doom1. Search for: Sandy Hook Hoax: Peter Lanza found? for a very detailed bit of research which makes a solid case that “Peter Lanza” is in fact Peter Delcore.
          Again… I apologize for the mix up.


      2. MrStosh314 says there is a video by Living on Planet Z which connects the Lanzas to the CIA. Several links came up for that on Google, all of which say “This YouTube user’s account has been terminated.”

        It is possible to download a text file, but…I know that’s not going to be fruitful for me, at least!

        Does anyone know how to access the video itself?

        1. I wish there were one website, one set of archived articles and videos and comments in one place on the Sandy Hook false event. So many of the comments in just this one article are so good and so important.

          So Nancy Lanza’s mother was a CIA operative who died at age 30? So this mother was gallivanting around in Afghanistan when she had a small daughter at home? The term, the Lanzas, just brings up a whole set of questions to me.

          Who was Nancy Lanza? Who was Peter Lanza? Were they actually married? Did they have one or more children? Who exactly were those children?

          We do not have a solid set of verified data to answer these questions.

          This bit of information about Nancy Lanza’s mother brings to mind the concept of “CIA families.” They say Barack Obama’s mother was CIA and her father was CIA and possibly her mother also. Little Barack was raised in a “CIA family” and possibly set up to be another CIA operative, so the CIA family legacy continues.

          This matter also brings up a concept I learned about 16 years ago when I became a “conspiracy theorist,” that concept being “Once CIA, always CIA.” Whenever I see someone in the alternative media claiming they are “a former CIA …whatever,” I have learned to discount whatever “bombshell information” that person is ostensibly sharing. That self-imposed bias of mine has served me well over the years in trying to sort things out and find truth.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        2. Wow, good work, Bev. I looked all over the web for that and appreciate the video very much.

          My guess is that Elizabeth C. Hanson did not die–that the supposed terrorist attack which killed seven CIA agents was a hoax, too. Elizabeth Champion Hanson undoubtedly is up to her neck in the Sandy Hook plotting.

          Some inconsistencies in the government’s account which you can see in the video, which were not expressly noted, are (1) SSDI shows only year of death, not date of death–and nothing else, including her SSN–showing, in my view, that no real record backs it up and it is a “spoof” record; (2) an article about the “suicide bomber” says the deaths occurred Dec. 30, 2009; (3) another article the narrator shows directly afterwards indicates they were buried on May 21, 2009.

          I want to stress again JFK’s stated intention to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds.” Americans need to focus on carrying out that goal. The CIA is the real terrorists in this world, domestically as well as internationally.

        3. ” JFK’s stated intention to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds.” Americans need to focus on carrying out that goal. The CIA is the real terrorists in this world, domestically as well as internationally.”

          Ditto for FBI.

          Unfortunately there is a legitimate and crucial role for both of those entities and totally ending them is not a viable option for a modern nation state.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        4. dachsielady – I agree; once CIA, always CIA. You do not rattle on this employer. If you do, you won’t live long enough to collect benefits.

          The CIA offers exciting career opportunities and a dynamic environment. We’re on the forefront of world-altering events — as they happen. So working here isn’t just a job, it’s a mindset and a lifestyle.
          You’ll find a supportive environment to help you grow and excel both professionally and personally. And a culture that expects you to do your personal best every day. Explore our world and imagine yourself working for the nation, in the center of intelligence.

        5. I have a few comments about the “Lanzas and CIA” video, in answer to dachsielady’s questions.

          One, the video errs in saying Nancy Champion Lanza was the stepdaughter of Dorothy Champion Hanson. Nancy is alleged to be the DAUGHTER of Dorothy. They both had the last name “Champion” when she was born. Thus, Nancy would have been the stepdaughter of Dorothy’s second husband, Paul Hanson.

          E.H. Hanson–who the video maintains is the CIA agent Elizabeth C. Hanson, inexplicably switching her middle initial to tell us it represents “Champion”–might be the granddaughter of Paul Hanson, or might not be. His grandchildren are not named in his obituary. For that matter, the videomaker neglects even to TELL us the name of the man whose obituary he is showing: it has to be Paul Hanson. He also has cut the date off.

          The video has thus not proven that E.C. Hanson is “E.H. Hanson,” or related to Paul Hanson in any way. In fact, it lists her relatives as John Hanson, Jan Hanson, Jan-Michael Hanson, and Barbara Hanson. Also, although one listing says she is from Kingston, N.H., another listing says St. Louis, MO.

          The equation would logically be that E.H. Hanson is not Dorothy Champion, but Nancy Lanza–in other words, Nancy Lanza may be simply an invention of CIA agent Elizabeth C. Hanson. E.C.’s childhood nickname “Monkie” is similar to “Beanie.” However, Nancy Lanza is
          listed in Paul Hanson’s obituary as a relative (his stepdaughter), while E.H. (or E.C.) Hanson is not. They are very different in age, too, with E.C. dying at age 30 in 2009, which means she was born in 1979. Nancy Lanza was 52 in 2012, which means she was born in 1960.

          Interesting that the maker of this video is Dutch.

          I conclude it is disinfo, after all, although it might be worthwhile to research E.C. Hanson some more. I note, too, that the property surrounding the two Champion lots in New Hampshire is owned by “Hansen” (spelled with an E). I found several irregularities connected with the subdivision when I was looking at it many months ago–but I suffered extreme interference in my search, not only with both of my computer(s) but with the Rockingham County, NH, website, so had to give it up.

        6. I have looked more closely at the video about the “Lanzas and CIA” video, due to dachsielady’s questions, and believe now that it is disinfo. At the least, it is sloppy.

          One, the video errs in saying Nancy Champion Lanza was the stepdaughter of Dorothy Champion Hanson. Nancy has always been alleged to be the DAUGHTER of Dorothy. They both had the last name “Champion” when she was born. Thus, Nancy would have been the stepdaughter of Dorothy’s second husband, Paul Hanson.

          E.H. Hanson–who the video maintains is CIA agent Elizabeth C. Hanson, inexplicably switching her middle initial in order to tell us it represents “Champion”–might be the granddaughter of Paul Hanson, or might not be. His grandchildren are not named in his obituary. For that matter, the videomaker neglects even to TELL us the name of the man whose obituary he is showing, but it has to be Paul Hanson. He also has cut the date off, which would help people looking at this.

          The video has thus not proven that E.H. Hanson is “E.C. Hanson,” or related to Paul Hanson in any way. In fact, it lists the relatives of E.H. Hanson as John Hanson, Jan Hanson, Jan-Michael Hanson, and Barbara Hanson. No Paul. Also, although that listing says E.H. is from Kingston, N.H., the blurb about E.C. says St. Louis, MO.

          The equation would logically be that E.C. Hanson is not Dorothy Champion, but Nancy Lanza–in other words, Nancy Lanza is simply an invention of CIA agent Elizabeth C. Hanson. They are very different in age, with E.C. dying at age 30 in 2009, which means she was born in 1979. Nancy Lanza was 52 in 2012, which means she would have been born in 1960, if she existed. Thus, a 19-year age difference. E.C.’s childhood nickname “Monkie” is similar to “Beanie,” however.

          Interesting that the maker of this video is Dutch.

          I note that the property surrounding the two Champion lots in New Hampshire is owned by “Hansen” (spelled with an E). I found several irregularities connected with the subdivision when I was looking at it many months ago–but I was suffering extreme interference in my search, not only with my computer(s) but the Rockingham County, NH, website, so had to give it up.

        7. Dang. Sorry to post that long comment twice, but the first time, it did not show up and I assumed it had vanished into cyberspace.

        8. Glad you took good care of this important comment.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        9. dinophile, you are right. Some of the information in this video does not correspond with previous details dug up by diligent SH researchers. As I am fond of saying, the devil is in the details.

        10. I am often too slow, or cautious, to “catch” all the alleged “connections” in these video presentations. That does not mean that I am not suspicious of the cast.

          While much of the information is often “suggestive”, it detracts from the research value when one leaps to conclusions. Nonetheless, I’m glad they are out there. It is thought provoking.

          In this age of “alphabet agencies”, we often call any skullduggery “CIA” productions. Not that they couldn’t be, there are simply many more sources to choose from.

          As someone who has followed this type of sheep dipping for many years, there are recognizable similarities. The details are often difficult to nail down. They tend to “borrow” information from any available source to further obfuscate their personalities.

          Obongo is a great study case. The official story is, of course, nonsense. The actual identifiable players have very strange histories. They are not the sort of people we routinely (or otherwise), encounter in life. That is because their public histories are invented.

          With SHES we see this everywhere we look. Whoever “they” are, they’ve been doing this a very long time. The fairly recent introduction of the internet has caused them some grief. The information designed by them to use against us has come full circle in some cases.

          One thing is certain, these people ARE connected in some way. That is how these things develop. They start with an outline and “flesh it out” as they go. They contact people they know who are useful and they, in turn, know others. Each group is unlikely to know the entire plot.

          All the director needs is cooperative cast members. They are rewarded handsomely or threatened as need be. It isn’t too difficult to imagine being involved with people like this and fearing for your safety. I’m sure they make better “friends” than enemies.

        11. ” One thing is certain, these people ARE connected in some way.”

          Very true. We need to keep shining the light of truth on these connections as much as we can.

          The perceived sloppiness of SHES and other recent false events may be intentional. We see they can’t hold the story together and it is falling apart but that may be part of the plan too.

          It’s a strange strange world we live in. “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        12. One interesting aspect of the video is the newsreader’s questioning of the Governor’s little junket. Afghanistan is certainly where the poppies grow that finance a lot of this action.

          It shows that Governor Malloy is a “player”. In Obongo’s case you have a multi-generational affiliation. When he and Holder call I’m sure it’s an offer one can’t refuse.

          It is funny to see him ask just why a governor would go on a junket to Afghanistan. It’s a good question.

          One thing is certain, their utter contempt for those they allegedly serve. Their railroading of that records legislation, complete with unjustifiable criminal penalties, through the legislature is amazingly shameless.

          Obviously, Connecticut has been selected to be a role model for the other states. Those who watched the recent video “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook”, will notice the band of poised actors deplaning AF1 on their national tour. Nothing suspicious there, wot?

  19. Dino and Dach….I wondered how the therapeutic is getting into the law and my search led to this. Its a 37 page pdf but an excellent read……

    After you read that you will understand this new facility that cost $581 million. I hope you can get through to this…

    Also a little trick to find info you have lost track of that’s on Utube: just put into your search bar, “YouTube, Lanza’s connected to cia..” You can put any info you are searching for after the word YouTube. It brings it right up!


    1. Thanks Bev, for the great links and the YT search tip. I have developing eye problems so am relying more on Video/audio media, though I have been a big reader all my life and it is killing me that I can’t get audio books of the kind of books I want to read before I die.

      I want to listen to a good audio recording of, for example, Fire in the Minds of Men by James H. Billington, who was former head of the library of congress. I am now researching “revolution” and I think this may be the latest manipulation on the minds of Americans. Of course all these false events thrust upon us would seem to be major tools in the creation of revolutionary movements.

      I know that one of the basic characteristics of Luciferian or Satanic evil is creation of, and using of, total chaos and confusion and and overturning of order. That sounds like a basic characteristic of “revolution” to me.

      I appreciate Dr. Tracy’s forum and articles, and commenters here, because they help us find order out of chaos by correct analysis of false events.

      1. ​Sorry to hear about your eye problems Dach. It seems that pdf being 37 pages might be a tad difficult for strained sight so I could suggest you go down to the conclusion part and glean what you can from the concluding thoughts.

        I think audio books are going the same way as other books where the control of info is letting through the therapeutic and self-help/victim forever literature, and blocking or making it very hard to acquire the excellent reading material you mention.

        Good luck on your research into ‘revolution.’ I did a four year study into the Satanic and would have to conclude that other than being very evil which is the word ‘live’ backwards, it has served very well as a social engineering tool against society.

      2. Hey Dach, sorry about the peepers. I too am scheduled for cataract surgery and can’t make out the eye chart at the DMV any longer. It gives me an excuse for my typos!

        I’ve been watching more videos too. The problem is, I like to go back and study things. It drives me mad when people leap to conclusions when they have missing puzzle pieces.

        I’m afraid most are inclined to “fill in the blanks” in order to bolster their evidence. I keep an open mind. One of the problems with this type of research is that, with invented characters, sometimes there simply are missing connections.

        I keep thinking of that old movie where one of the characters says; “let’s rent a barn and put on a play”. That is, essentially, how these things are done. They “story board” it. In SHES there are several identifiable groups who probably had little, if any, connection previously.

        They were simply useful. For every contact in a group there are all of their acquaintances that can enter the story. We’ve seen that some of them were in some sort of trouble. That is also useful when one is dealing with the people empowered to “forgive” such indiscretions.

        Others are simply typical greed heads. Soulless opportunists out to further their fortunes and influence. It would be fun to put together a flowchart of these groups. Those would be the key nodes of interest. How each is related to the other would be instructive.

        I suppose it takes a Potemkin village to raise a hoax.

        1. ” It would be fun to put together a flowchart of these groups.”

          This comment started me searching for the name of a particular kind of chart, but I cannot seem to find it. It may be a “blob chart” or a “scatter chart”, but those are not the term I am searching for.

          Any way, you throw each element of the false event out in its own place and then start adding in bits and pieces of information under each element and then connect with lines those sub-elements to other sub-elements of other elements. I think you keep arranging the elements toward the center of the chart where the core controllers of the event are.

          It is a visual aid that helps in getting a handle on the whole event and much enlightening information and connections can emerge.

          It is kind of a game and there is an active “opponent” continually injecting false elements and leads and those have to be dealt with in a cautious standard way.

          Does anyone know what I might be thinking of?

        2. Dachsie, no, I don’t. I’ve seen attempts to chart this, however. I think that those are helpful, in this case they rapidly get out of control.

          I believe that James did a timeline. I was confining my comment to just the various “groups” involved. They were many. You can mentally link the various groups to function.

          The idea, as I see it, is to separate “authors/directors” from “players”. Of the players there would be a hierarchy of importance. There would also be a “core group” (think AF1 actors troupe), that are more visible and for longer periods of time.

          There would also be “missing” elements. Buss drivers, cafeteria workers, maintenance people, invoices, bills, etc., that are all normal aspects of running a school as described.

          I’ve said a number of times that what we don’t see may be more important than what they want us to look at. The recent video did a great job of asking appropriate questions about a very few of these.

          To do this properly it would require a detective. The purpose would be to eliminate false leads and bolster what we know. I actually think it would be dangerous to try this directly. A skilled investigator would be able to unearth some of the information without raising suspicion. They’ve hidden the “big stuff”, I don’t think they can hide it all.

          When you story board a production, you can look at it and see what is missing. When you do this in reverse it works the same way. Certain things end up on the “critical path” and must be done in order for something to happen.

          When we view the videos and newscasts produced for the event, remember that it is made to look sequential. I don’t believe that it was actually recorded that way. For example; in order to have kids at school it is a safe assumption that they were delivered via school bus. There is even a vague mention of this in Gene’s part. Who was that bus driver? Who were the other bus drivers? How many buses were there? Where did they go? When?

          Were they serving lunch that day? What was for lunch? Who was working in the cafeteria? Who was scheduled to work that day? Was the food delivered/scheduled for delivery?. Did that happen? Was the truck turned away? By whom?

          Who was in charge of the boilers? Were they there? Was Rick Thorne the only janitor? It goes on and on.

          In the chart, at least this portion, I’m only referring to various groups. We had Bahai’s, Satanists, New Agers, “Up With People”, psychologists (primarily affiliated with Harvard). Did they all just “turn up” in a little Podunk town in Connecticut?

          The meaningful affiliations would be between the heads of those groups and someone in “direction”. Just like the school needed bus drivers, etc., the production needed support actors. Somebody hired them.

          So, just like on would use a critical path method chart to plan a project, consider this a project. What is on the “critical path”, what is ancillary, what is missing? I suspect you would have a lot of names in various roles and some missing actions that had to be done in order for this to work.

        3. The story boarding idea about 9-11 was explained by a person named Evelyn Gilbert who was a guest on Dr. James Fetzer radio shows on two occasions.

          Here is the show about story boarding 9-11

          I did not completely grasp the concept but I guess I should listen to the most recent show done with Hollywood movie maker, Nathan Folks. The term “critical path” brings back memories of my former work estimating state revenues.

          Monday, October 27, 2014 Nathan Folks, David Weiss Boston Marathon hoax “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        4. Dachsie, a “Critical Path Method” project schedule would probably work best. Something like “Microsoft Project” or “Suretrack” by Primavera.

          The actual “project” is in the drill scenario. You’d need to take aspects of the production as a separate “project”. Imagine you were assigned to pull this off. You’d need actors, supporting cast, props, costumes, etc..

          So, you may have “Professor Dewey Cheatum” giving a gun confiscation talk and have “Up With People and the Seven Dwarves” as supporting cast. Who ya’ gonna call?

      3. dach, a guy called Mike Duncan did a weekly podcast (173 episodes) called The History of Rome. I’m only up to episode 35, around the time Julius Caesar’s career is developing, and I’m not very dedicated to getting it done in a timely fashion, but I LOVE it, and intend to someday finish them all.

        Anyway, when he completed that project, last year, he started a new one, called Revolutions. I have not listened to any of those episodes. Here’s the web site:

        (You can link to his History of Rome page from there, too.)

        1. Thank you so much. I am listening to the introduction now.

          The series on Rome sounds fascinating too.

          This makes me very happy.

  20. While I can’t add anything to these recent thoughts, I’d like to express appreciation for the enthusiasm evidenced. Some time ago, we had a group of intensive investigators I called “our Nancy Drews,” digging up wonderful nuggets–and I still hold that the true tale of Sandy Hook, when it is written, will use those efforts as core research.

    Of course, all kudos for to James Tracy for creating this forum, which has attracted such high level discussion. Why some drift away, no one can know. But new entrants into the forum keep showing up.

  21. Finding this article on how CT is struggling to keep their quota of “whites” in their schools based on a lawsuit 25 years ago so difficult that it was declared that Asians, Native Americans and other groups can now be considered white!

    Nothing like the most insane state in the country, declaring how the mental health system should be run in the entire country!;_ylt=AwrBEiKyiIRU6U0Awe3QtDMD

    1. Meant to say this conundrum they find themselves in, is humorous to me, there are not enough whites to go around, so now it is declared Asians and others are now whites. Wonder if that is why they are welcoming illegal’s into the landscape as low and behold, they are also white?

      There were plenty of news articles on how the doj was suing the board of education in CT for discriminating against minorities and ‘illegals’ back in the day, and it was shortly dismissed thereafter this HOAX.

      Would have been stellar to have archived those reports that have disappeared for display at this time, but frankly, at this point what difference does it make?

      Probably could go back through the comments and find my references to these articles but won’t bother as content redacted or not available, has become the new normal.

  22. Bev, thanks for your comment. I realized, from lophatt’s comment, that I had completely neglected that segment about Malloy going to Afghanistan. While I can’t make the connection between that and E.C. Hanson, the videomaker deserves credit for finding that. Lophatt’s right that that visit MUST have had to do with opium. But what? There is a State Dept. travel advisory warning U.S. citizens against traveling to Afghanistan. Who can explain his visit? Is Afghanistan maybe a safe place free from the eyes of journalists and others who might ask questions if he was meeting with…NATO generals or the like?

    I am tempted to do an open records request just to get that information… except I know that it will be stonewalled.

    1. “Malloy going to Afghanistan”

      I think we may be barking up the wrong tree to think that Malloy’s trip to Afghanistan had anything to do with Ct. and Opium.

      I remember back in about 2006, Texas Governor Rick Perry went to Baghdad Iraq. We Texans were asking what that had to do with conducting the business of Texas.

      But we came to see that Perry was being groomed to be a player on the International geopolitical scene and a run for the 2012 GOP presidency. The CFR, and probably other big money, political movers and shakers, were wanting Perry to be seen as an international leader speaking to our troops in Iraq and commenting on US numbers of troops in Middle Eastern countries and national domestic matters and such, so that Perry would appear to be presidential material. Perry’s mug was on the cover of Time Magazine in 2012 and he was being interviewed in national media venues on all manner of national and international matters.

      Perry is now trying to be a candidate again for president in 2016, but he has been indicted for “abuse of power”

      so Perry may be just being used as another kind of false chess pawn in the lead-up to the election.

      I suspect Malloy is being groomed for some kind of national political slot and they want him to be seem by the US national media and public as presidential material. That is why corrupt state Connecticut governor is being showcased in Afghanistan — so Malloy can be seen as presidential or maybe vice presidential material because he can deal with major international geopolitical matters.

      There are certain individuals CHOSEN and GROOMED from even their college days to be put on a certain track by the powers that be that run our nation.

      It is all theater and Sandy Hook script and Malloy are straight out of Central Casting.

      1. Thanks for your kind remark, Bev. I appreciate that, as well as the Rolling Stone article, which I look forward to reading. Interesting, how the picture caption says Afghanistan grows 90% of the world’s opium poppies–yet the crop is illegal!

        I posted the following comment on the New York Times not long ago, but don’t think I have posted it here yet. Excuse me if I have! About 18 months ago I read a scientific paper about a fungal scourge of the opium poppy crop–in SPAIN. So someone has decreed that growing poppies is legal in Spain, but NOT legal in Afghanistan. Who–and why? There is no synthetic substitute for any of the opium derivatives, as far as I have ever heard. So whoever controls the poppy crop in Afghanistan can bring Big Pharma to its knees. Of course, that entity is probably Big Pharma itself. So, what is the dynamic here? If someone can explain it to me, I would appreciate it! (Maybe the Rolling Stone will–I’ll go read that now.)

        Dachsielady’s points are also well taken, of course. But seeing Malloy’s performance before cameras on many occasions now, I wonder who would seriously consider him for higher office! I shall say no more.

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