myron-mayBy James F. Tracy

Law enforcement authorities and mainstream US news media are framing the November 20 Florida State University shooting incident as yet another case of a lone nut who regrettably gained access to a firearm.

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Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo intimated May’s mental disorientation by noting to the press that the intellectually-gifted 31-year old attorney was in a “state of crisis.” “It’s clear Mr. May’s sense of being in place in our community,” DeLeo continued, “was not in a normal status” [sic]. For US journalists such statements, coupled with May’s unusual behavior leading up to the shooting are unambiguous: a sudden onset of mentally illness.

But was May in fact mentally ill? According to Derrick Robinson, President of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), the United States has a long history of mind control research and techniques, dating at least to the CIA’s MKULTRA and similar programs begun in the early 1950s.

“Basically their aim [has been] to control a human being without the person being aware of their efforts.” An individual can thus be directed to commit any number of acts, including murder and political assassination. “They use drugs, they use electroshock, they use hypnosis, and ultimately electromagnetic energy. That seemed to be what paid off the most for them.”[2] Robinson, a former US military veteran, also claims to be a victim of such practices.

May’s personal characteristics and behavior indeed fit the profile of many targeted individuals. He was single, changed his occupational status and living arrangements frequently over a short period leading up to the November 20 event (perhaps to avoid continued harassment), and was even in contact with FFCHS members for support as he protested what he perceived as electronic surveillance and harassment on social media.

On Sept. 7, May called police in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to report that someone had installed a camera in his apartment. As the Miami Herald reports, “He told police he could hear voices coming through the walls, and the voices were talking about him. One evening, for instance, he heard the voices commenting on his actions as he applied lotion after a bubble bath.”[3] According to Las Cruces broadcast journalist Laura Thoren, when May “filed the report police told him to ‘switch apartments.'” Aaron Alexis made similar complaints to police in the weeks leading up to his September 16, 2013 assault on the Navy Yard military base.

In early October May abruptly resigned as an assistant district attorney in New Mexico. Shortly thereafter his ex-girlfriend informed Las Cruces police that May was showing symptoms of a “severe mental disorder” for which he had been hospitalized weeks earlier.

May also had difficulty sleeping, sometimes for four or five nights in a row, and recently without explanation traveled from New Mexico to Colorado.[4]

Myron May suggested that he was a victim of such practices just five days before he was shot and killed by FSU police. “IS OUR GOVERNMENT VIOLATING ORDINARY CITIZENS’ RIGHTS?” May posted on Facebook alongside a video on mind control. “UNFORTUNATELY THE ANSWER IS YES!”[5]

Also, about one week ago May contacted a Renee Pittman Mitchell, who publicly regards herself as a “targeted individual” and has a website devoted to the topic. “‘He told me he just didn’t want to go on living like this,'” Mitchell told NBC News. “May continued to try to contact her and left three voicemails between 9:19 p.m. and 9:42 p.m. ET on Wednesday, November 20.

“‘I am currently being cooked in my chair. I devised a scheme where I was going to expose this once and for all and I really need you,'” he said in one of the messages, which was provided to NBC News and authenticated by a relative as May’s voice. ‘I do not want to die in vain.'”[6]

In an email he sent at 11:19 p.m., he wrote: “I’ve been getting hit with the direct energy weapon in my chest all evening. It hurts really bad right now.” Police say he opened fire on campus about an hour later.

According to Robinson, the prevailing demographic of electronic harassment/surveillance victims are single woman between the ages of 40 and 50 years old, although single men are also desirable targets. “They tend to choose individuals that are alone and unattached to family and friends,” Robinson observes. “They tend to want someone that they can isolate, and if they can get someone by themselvesmyron_may_voices they can really bring the full bearing of their program upon them.”[7]

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Through the corporate media lens the fact that many thousands of individuals claim to be routinely subjected to such techniques is far outweighed by the more easily apprehended notion of a mentally unhinged lone gunman running amok. To an American public that remains largely ignorant of electronic harassment and surveillance and oblivious to the US intelligence community’s long history of mind control experimentation such assertions would appear baseless.

Even if journalists and the broader public were inclined toward historical awareness in this regard the idea that the US government and/or government contractors would wield such techniques to harass and manipulate American citizens seems particularly outlandish.

As with the Sandy Hook massacre and the rash of mass shootings since, the mental illness angle to this story will ultimately carry the day, providing further momentum to the gun control lobby and those seeking to make compulsory psychiatric evaluations and psychotropic drugs a routine component of public health.[8]


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27 thought on “FSU Shooting: Was Myron May a “Targeted Individual”?”
  1. Unless the news reporter misspoke, it was reported that there were several hundred students in the library at 12:30 AM when the shooting occurred. That seems very odd. My big ten university library closed at 11:00pm, but had an all night reading room, which I frequented during finals week, and was only used by a dozen or fewer students.

      1. It’s like the claims of huge numbers of people at the tail end of the Boston Marathon Bombing, already late in the afternoon with nothing much to see of it, that alerted me to something amiss, about two hours after the winners had passed over the finish line. Of course it was an easy matter to divert the stragglers onto another street – you’d probably want to do that so the businesses could resume their normal activities. It appears that all the films of the event may have been staged elsewhere – almost undoubtedly in my mind because the area in which it appeared to take place was bigger than the real setting ( a bit of a shock to me when I walked by that restaurant where the little boy was supposed to have had his leg blown off – I realized this was just little hole-in-the-wall place and not the glamorous eatery portrayed).

    1. As far as his claims to being a victim of electronic harassment here is how this is achieved.
      They can use signals going to the voicebox that occur when you think but dont speak to marry the words to the brain wave patterns.

      NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, “Subvocal Speech”
      Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice

      To get the implants tiny they can use high frequency waves to power them

      Verified case in courts of “Electronic Harassment” of Targeted Individual James Walbert with MRI scans of implants in neck and head

  2. what collegiate library in florida open all night doesn’t have video surveillance?

    what DA (who carries a badge in his wallet) would call a beat cop if he found a camera installed in his apartment? I think he would get a detective and someone from the crime lab not call 911 and wait for some 70 iq nobody to show up.

    1. And yet, this person injects “It was humbling” after another witness (his friend) goes through his backpack and finds the bullet. So many steps in the story, so much excess baggage, makes me think of a law school hypothetical where they are putting together a sequence of events to make a point of some kind. Now of course, you have him, the ear and eye witness, then you have his friend who is the forensic evidence finder. What’s the problem? Didn’t he notice a hole in his backpack? And the bullet just conveniently lodged there without passing through? And somehow he did not notice the impact until his friend told him (like the gunshot wound you get and don’t know you’re shot). I’d like to know when the friend started going through his backpack. Is he supposed to be in such a state of shock he could not do it himself?

      Here’s the thing about the unmarried DA – another interesting thing. He’s moving around all the time, and does it in response to increasing “madness”. But that’s the same profile you might have of an FBI agent working out this “lone wolf” scenario they are so worried about in the realm of terror-ology. Yes, he does seem like a hopeless paranoid trapped in his own hall of infinite mirrors, or perhaps he is a walking hypothetical too.

    2. HA HA! He found the bullet in the bottom of his backpack! I wonder if it was a 6.5 mm Carcanno in pristine condition? Back and to the left, back and to the left.

    3. Does anyone else find it strange that they would interview this “survivor” with the interviewer off camera? I’ve seen examples where the interviewer set the stage and then switched to the interviewee, but not just standing there filming him while asking questions off camera.

      This reminds me of some of the very early vignettes that were injected into the 9-11 Movie. They were shown a time or two and then…gone.

  3. Until they added the “Lone Wolf” provision to FISA, (I believe it was in 2009,) all electronic surveillance required a foreign terrorist nexus. The NSA can’t compel the phone companies, Google, or Yahoo, et c, to turn over mass data on US citizens without that provision.

    My gut feeling is that “Lone Wolf” ops will continue in order to validate the continuance of what was originally planned to be a temporary act.

  4. Associated Press reports a remarkable ‘coinkidink’:
    “University police participated in active shooter training less than two weeks before the attack, including a scenario with a shooter at the library. “It’s good to know we look at those opportunities where someone may try to harm our students,” university Police Chief David Perry.”

    Officials seeking clues about life of FSU gunman

  5. ” To an American public that remains largely ignorant of electronic harassment and surveillance and oblivious to the US intelligence community’s long history of mind control experimentation such assertions would appear baseless.”

    Right. That’s the core of the problem with responding to reality. If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If no one is listening because the press is silent, the average person thinks any pointing out of what’s really going on is crazy talk. The MSM continue to rule the Public Mind.

  6. Don’t chase the white rabbit around, get the real evidence and dirt:

    The system for attacking us is global, 25-HAARP type arrays, hundreds of satellites, interferometry – energy penetrates buildings, ground, images us remotely, alters us remotely, it’s a surveillance system, communication system, and weapon all in one. It’s the ultimate in weapons, because no one will stop the police/military/state/local/federal government from using it, just like warrantless wiretapping.

    Brain tapping is a classified wiretapping method, your brains/thoughts can be decoded from an existing system that’s in place above us all, hidden away in Special Access Programs, Exceptionally Controlled Information Programs, and Very Restricted Knowledge programs.

    They don’t care about any of our rights, someone has to stop them..

    -Todd Giffen, target since 2007/2008

  7. Mirabile dictu…the “disturbed, mentally ill, troubled, dangerously psychotic” among us communicate more lucidly than those who are tasked to investigate and prosecute the crimes the alleged perps commit. Think State Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver as an example.

    Do yourself a favor. Until further notice, consider everything that comes out of government at all levels totally untrustworthy misinformation. You will obviously miss some information that is accurate but the volume and significance of what you miss pales in comparison to the corruption, lies and dissembling churned out by the true psychotics among us: the elite.

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