Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport ( discusses his trailblazing research on the relationship between AIDS, mass media, and the medico-pharmaceutical complex, explaining how this project readily informs his most recent analysis and insights on the Ebola phenomenon presently sweeping the globe.

Rappoport’s important 1988 book AIDS Inc. explained how the medico-pharma-media complex essentially presented the alleged AIDS epidemic as something quite apart from what it actually was–an amalgam of germ combinations and immune-related deficiencies largely unrelated to HIV. Such research has allowed him to conclude that Ebola is a similar hoax being foisted on the public without adequate scientific proof that any such malady is the culprit.

It’s exactly the kind of thing we saw before with AIDS, and with other so-called epidemics–West Nile, SARS, Swine Flu, etc. And so when this suddenly appeared in the pipeline it was much easier for me to know where to start. As always, you start with the questions, How do they know it’s an outbreak? How do they know that if it is an outbreak–which means accelerated death and dying in a certain area–that it is caused by one thing? [How do they know] that one thing is in fact the very virus that they claim it is?

If you accept these premises right at the beginning, then you’re taking the ride. And you can try to get off later on, or you can try to argue what I consider some of the minor points. But in fact you’re already sold on the hoax. You’re already sold on the construction of a false reality, which is the stock and trade of the medical cartel.

To accurately determine whether the threat of Ebola is actually close to what major medical organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization claim it is, Rappoport has created some waves by filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the CDC to ascertain what procedures have been used to isolate the Ebola virus from those purportedly suffering from its effects. “The reliable way to decide if somebody has let’s say in this case Ebola,” Rappoport explains, involves

isolat[ing] that virus from that person. It basically means you’re not doing an indirect test. You’re doing something very direct. And so the question arose … Has anybody ever isolated the Ebola virus from any human being at anytime, anywhere? I began to hunt around for somebody that I felt was reliable on that score, and I came upon a scientific researcher by the name of David Rasnick PhD.

After embarking on a literature review of scientific research centering on Ebola, Rasnick “found no convincing evidence that this virus has ever been removed, as it were, from a human patient, analyzed, isolated and identified as the Ebola virus.”



“When I filed my FOIA request with the CDC,” Rappoport continues, “I said, and I’m quoting now, ‘My request does not seek information on this subject derived from antibody tests, PCR tests, or virus cultured and grown outside the body, nor does it seek electron microscope tests, which are in fact simulations or the results of computer models. I am, however, seeking electron microscope photos of diseased human tissue,’ because that is one way that you can, so to speak, isolate the virus.”

Rappoport and Tracy discuss how the public has more or less been propagandized into interpreting science, medicine, and disease as monolithic constructs, which lays the groundwork for the widespread misunderstanding that surrounds Ebola, AIDS, SARS, Swine Flu, and other supposed threats to public health. “The scientists themselves are viewed as non-human in a way,” Rappoport observes,

apart from everybody else. It’s kind of an archetype that functions at a very significant level in the human mind. ‘Oh well, this is a doctor. This is a researcher. This is the head of the CDC. They speak the truth, because that’s their job. That’s what they do. And so we must believe them. They have no stake in the game. They’re neutral. They’re not moved or swayed by emotion as the rest of us are.’  This is all the trapping that goes in to this particular archetype, or this particular symbol of the non-human scientist, who would never intentionally deceive. Who would never sacrifice their relentless search for the truth. And so we don’t have to think about it. All we have to do is accept it. This starts to sound like a religion–which it is.

Rappoport argues that the Ebola phenomenon sweeping public consciousness is likely the cover story and slick catch-all phrase for an array of maladies afflicting a continent that has been suffering the ravages of brutal colonization for centuries. The hoax allows megacorporations to continue their exploitation of Africa without having to address the human fallout such activities produce. “The people are sick, they are dying, but for other reasons–many other reasons that are chronic reasons, such as malnutrition, starvation, heavy industrial pollution, pesticides, vast overuse of antibiotics, lack of sanitation, contaminated water supplies, poverty, a decade of war, displacement, homelessness. On and on and on.

The major transnationals want to keep the population on its knees in this fashion to continue their extraction of resources. “We want to keep that population weak and dying, and the way to do that so they can’t resist is to maintain all these chronic conditions that keep people sick and dying … The best cover story in the world is a virus. Let’s say we’ve got an outbreak now … And the ignorant public in most of the world that doesn’t understand what’s going on on the ground in Sierra Leone or Liberia or Guinea immediately accepts the fact that all of these people are suffering from the virus. That’s the cover story. Every covert operation needs a great cover story.

Jon Rappoport is one of the most thoughtful and prolific investigative reporters and authors of our time. He has written articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon ran as a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California, and has also delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences throughout the world.

Mr. Rappoport is the author of three multimedia collections spanning his life’s work, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, in addition to several books. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power.

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  1. Thank you Professor Tracy for this outstanding interviewer’s insight.

    Wikipedia has censored the following excellent summary of Mr. Rappoport’s view of the world. Curious if he himself wrote this:

    In the area of empowerment through stimulating the imagination and exploring the individual’s creativity, he regularly organizes workshops. He attempts to open up people’s frame of mind to the idea that the elites and the advent of civilization have molded our ideosphere into somewhat of a straightjacket, alienating us from such concepts as immortality, alternative dimensions and magic (creating manifest reality from thought), which Rappoport asserts are all part of our developmental heritage, but which have been usurped from us in order to render us subserviant to the rulers and accepting their narrative of who we are on face value.

  2. From Nancy Banks’ excellent book “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire,” one soon learns that HIV is not responsible for AIDS, and that what is referred to as “AIDS” in Africa is total-body collapse caused by severe oxidative stress from the conditions many Africans are compelled to live in, thanks to Western control of their countries and rich mineral resources. Ebola is the new AIDS: the new African crisis taking place far from our reach on a continent where people are already under siege, victims of poverty and chaos foisted on them by foreign powers seeking their resources. Tantalum (also known as coltan) is a metal sought by the exploding telecom industry, and Africa is where you find tantalum. Better to keep the people in dictator-led chaos, send troops to manage them, and make sure they have no access to their resources. AIDS in Africa is known as the “wasting disease,” and you can imagine how many Africans can be convinced that starvation is AIDS. Quoting from Banks:

    “[A]ccording to the U.N. relief coordinator, six to seven million people have died in the Congo since 1996 as a consequence of invasions and wars sponsored by Western powers trying to gain control of the region’s mineral wealth … natural resources that are sought by U.S. corporations – diamonds, tin, copper, gold, and more significantly, coltan and niobium, two minerals necessary for production of cell phones and other high-tech electronics; and cobalt, an element essential to nuclear, chemical, aerospace and defense industries.

    “How do you get away with killing six million people … without the world so much as blinking an eye? It is quite simple. The public has been conditioned since the racist 18th and 19th century writings of the British invaders of Africa … that Africans have no history. The world, including many of African descent, has been led to believe that civilizations such as Kemet, Nubia, Kush, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Benin and Timbuktu that [in fact developed highly complex and sophisticated social structures] before Europe … never existed. Since the meme that has infected the Western psyche is that Africans are wild heathens that need to be managed and are therefore unable to manage their own affairs except under the tutelage of some great white father, stealing their wealth is justified. … The press conveniently fails to mention that while USAID holds up food supplies, international arms dealers supported by Western governments are doing a brisk business arming the paramilitary thugs whose leaders have been trained in counter-insurgency tactics and warfare at U.S. military bases.

    “So when the medical propagandists started talking about a blood-and-sex plague from Africa by way of Haiti [originating from] a monkey virus, the visual image was etched into the collective consciousness of the planet. When millions of people began to be ethnically cleansed [in Africa], it was not because of resource wars. It was [supposedly] because of their childlike indulgences and lack of self-discipline.

    “[I]t was clear that [the Western world’s “virus hunters”] had not isolated a virus; they had no proof that this virus was transmissible; there were no photographs of a viral isolate; and they certainly did not biochemically characterize this virus, according to their own viral isolation techniques. But more than anything, the viral theory has been a spectacular failure at explaining the diseases and the predicted epidemiology of a global pandemic that has never materialized.

    “The hypothetical idea of viral infection was taken up by the pharmaceutical industry for several reasons. The pharmaceutical industry was an outgrowth of chemical and petroleum industries that possessed knowledge of the toxicity of the products they were producing for the mass market. Looking for viruses instead of toxins as the source of disease outbreaks was an astute business move that allowed for the development and sale of profitable vaccines as a public-health safety need.”

    Remember that the Virus Hunters are deeply invested in the Business of Fear. AIDS didn’t make it to the global-vaccine stage, but with visions of hemorrhaging dancing in our heads, Ebola may do so instead …

    1. I was in Paris for the summer of 1983, when the Centre Mondial du Pitie-Saltpetriere hospital announced it had isolated the HIV virus (Rock Hudson had recently died of the disease). It is quite true that the French have had a longstanding relationship with Africa, and still regard many of its countries as “France” (i.e. colonies!). The destruction of African societies did not begin with the Europeans, because the Arabs were all over the place much earlier. I would imagine there are surrogate fights with them (the alleged al Qaeda attacks on two embassies) as well as a desire to keep out China. Poor Africa!

      I am not in doubt that starvation of the native Africans is going apace. It will of course be solely blamed on Islamists when there is plenty of blame to go around. Just consider the problems in a place like India, where Coca Cola is actually stealing groundwater from native villages. Then apply it to countries less able to communicate than India, with Western powers who are behind the depredations. When is the last time anyone admitted to the bad stuff we are doing there. It’s all blaming them for ivory poaching, etc.

  3. If Ebola was real the corrupt on OUR HILL would not witnesses with false names and false credentials; all to rob the people and profit scum corrupt pharmaceutical companies. The appearance is not one of the fools in this corrupt game has ever been in West Africa. Scheduled Senate Appropriations Hearing to further the fraud and rob the people.

    More at

  4. The major reason why these pandemic stories are accepted by the public, as is also the case with Terrorism stories, is the fear of death. As I have commented before, the fear of death turns most people to the right and the acceptance of authority, and therefore is a great public relations weapon of the powerful.

    It was the acceptance of Christianity by the soldiers of Roman legions of Constantine, which reduced the fear of death in battle, which made the religion a great military weapon of the time. And not only of that time, since all religions to a greater or lesser extent are power ideologies, that legitimate Divine, and more covertly, earthly power.

    That is why I admired Brittany Mainyard so much, the woman who had a lethal brain tumor and ended her life on her terms, against the historical teachings of the major Western religions. She was Dinophile’s niece and there was a long time family conflict which made Dino’s opposition to Brittany’s project understandable, if not justifiable. But, as I remember, not one MHB commenter approved of Brittany’s approach, outside of myself.

    That approach faced death frankly and without the hysteria, including racist hysteria, of American reaction to these diseases. Like everybody else, she didn’t want to die but she was going to, one way or another, and she not only made a free, reasonable, and courageous decision, she publicized it to encourage others to do so as well.

    If we had a realistic approach to death, we would not be amenable to these fear tactics produced by Washington’s false flag operations and power conspiracies. Or at least not as much. What we need to neutralize this fear is a frank and candid discussion of death in the mainstream truth tradition. This will not happen in the American truth tradition because it involves discussing the homicide of American policy under the current Terrorist War. But in addition, the American people identify with death when inflicted by American power, two thirds of the American people favoring the legal death penalty.

    But if you are in favor of killing people, including unarmed prisoners, you will also be afraid of being killed. And so Terrorism and these pandemic diseases will be effective means of power to control and manipulate people through the media.

    1. “That is why I admired Brittany Mainyard so much, the woman who had a lethal brain tumor and ended her life on her terms, against the historical teachings of the major Western religions. She was Dinophile’s niece and there was a long time family conflict which made Dino’s opposition to Brittany’s project understandable, if not justifiable. But, as I remember, not one MHB commenter approved of Brittany’s approach, outside of myself.”

      lets not mix fantasy with reality Mark. I knew from the the moment I heard that story repeated over and over on the local fox radio station it was a fake story. I had no idea it was a national fake news story until Dino brought it up on this blog.
      I am confident she is getting star treatment by some football team in south america right about now – or does she even have to leave the country?

      Dino, didn’t you say that the picture they were posting of brittany wasn’t even her? That sure makes it convenient.

      people need to stop taking fake news stories and extrapolating some moral lesson from them. it’s like taking the faked economic data from the us government and trying to predict the economic future from it. Its fake like everything else they feed into your gullet.

      1. Right, the picture on the cover of People Magazine, as well as most of the still shots in the magazine as well as on the web, are NOT Brittany.

        You can easily tell that, yourself. The shot of her in the lounge chair with the dog is the real Brittany. She has kind of an elfin look. That shot looks nothing like those others (including the narrator in the video, but that narrator has some similarity, making me think they did one of those “video doubles”).

        Not sure what you mean about the football team in South America…hope you are not casting a slur on my family name!!! 🙂

        I keep stressing Brittany’s uncle’s career in military intelligence. His name is David Q. Ziegler. I am wondering if Brittany has just stepped into a new career in the CIA herself.

        1. well it sure makes it easy to relocate when the picture everyone sees of the supposedly dead person isn’t her at all.

          about the football team, well, uh, sorry. sometimes I can’t control myself! I am sure there are no football teams in her new career.

        1. To answer John’s question: yes (at least in all the videos I have seen, as well as in People Magazine).

      2. Fish, we’ve discussed “modeling” or “imprinting” here before. This is related to the destruction of all we hold dear, and nothing is more dear than life itself.

        So, when Obongo’s “death committee” decides you are past your service life, you will happily go to your “reward”. When they get serious about culling the herd, you can feel like “a hero” for doing your part voluntarily.

        These little vignettes are all part of the continuing drone of fear, death and diminished expectations that TPTB delight so much in. Open, baldfaced lies are their stock and trade. It becomes commonplace.

        We are all awash in ugliness. They float this gibberish out and we absorb it. It is demeaning and dehumanizing. They make a mockery of all our beliefs.

        You were right to recognize this for what it is. Another “homecoming princess/murder victim” tale. Another grinning at death, participatory eugenics story. And I thought nothing could be finer than being an amputee.

      3. Dino,

        Greetings! I’m a retired high school English teacher who found James’ blog early on while doing research for the Sandy Hook event. (I live about 25 minutes from Newtown and have passed through several times.) I’ve been a regular visitor and occasional contributor here since then.
        It wasn’t until recently that I connected you (who I knew only as dinophile) to your blog The Real Colorado- and that’s why I was fascinated to actually speak to someone connected to this apparent hoax with Brittany.
        Really enjoyed your research on Sandy Hook, by the way… and respect and appreciate your other work.

  5. That was such a great discussion — a real breath of fresh air given how few in the alternative media are grasping what’s really going on. Most are falling into the fear-mongering and the politicization (it’s all Obola’s fault, etc.) and, incredibly, taking the word of the health authorities that are notorious for their lies and misrepresentations. Of course, this hoax goes beyond what the health authorities have accomplished in the past with so many other health crises (that they’ve oftentimes invented, or at least exploited), because there’s the potential for some very sinister goings-on this time around. And, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the world economy is tanking at the same time Ebola is being rolled out. What a perfect way to distract and control the population during a financial collapse.

    I’ve taken a big interest in this issue, and started a small forum that’s mostly focused on Ebola at this point. Jon Rappoport’s fine work is scattered throughout, amongst the efforts of other researchers and video/filmmakers who are unfortunately few and far between, but are also doing essential work. It’s imperative that people grasp the enormity of this particular lie because it will likely touch them directly, literally via the vaccine.

    If anyone’s interested in reading or participating, please feel free. It’s completely non-commercial, btw.

    between | the | lines

    1. I am glad you get it mangrove. I feel like a broken record telling everyone “its fake” but it’s not my fault that it’s fake. It is their fault however, for failing to understand what exactly the media is – even after all these examples over the years – and especially after this blog was created.

      following your link I saw the truthstream piece on the georgia guidestones and realized that I wasn’t subscribed to that channel. here is a great piece that fits well with the subject matter.

      1. Thanks fishandroaches — I’m glad YOU get it too. I’m really feeling extremely isolated on this one, much more than Sandy Hoax or Boston or 9/11. And I think that’s very telling — the public trusts the medical authorities way more than the government in general, so what better way to create a control mechanism than to create a pandemic, real or not? This one’s gonna be hard to fight, information-wise. Even the Alex Jones alternative media crowd is on board the official story and just playing games with fear-mongering and the blame-o-thon (Obola is incompetent, it’s all his fault that the virus is spreading, etc.).

        It was interesting to hear James and Jon touch on this problem in the discussion at 11:41 — and I certainly understand why Jon wanted to be diplomatic in his response. But since I’ve got zero connections to the alternative media crowd, I’ll just say it like it is: they’re controlled opposition. There’s just way too much evidence of fakery across the board, and yet they spout the official “ebola is spreading” meme.

        Thanks for that truthstream piece on vaccines — I’d somehow missed it, but have now added it to the forum in the “Vaccine Criminality” thread. Looks to be VERY thorough. Cheers!

        1. me too. I had almost commented about the same phenomenon but decided not to lest it become a source of contention but I feel exactly the same way you do. I see them as a pied piper.
          I haven’t heard this discussion yet but I am excited to CHECK IT OUT.

    2. Mangrove

      That is a very comprehensive site there, will take some time to go through it all. Not sure if you touched on the investors making their money on it, this article is very telling.

      Why in the world would our government find the need to patent a disease? The only answer I can think of, is they created it.

      The ‘news’ has been quite telling. First we are blasted with cases and quarantines of people with symptoms and without, then we are told they have been ordered not to report on it, only to have further stories of hundreds in quarantine.

      AJ certainly showed his hand on this one.

      Peace and love

      1. “Why in the world would our government find the need to patent a disease? The only answer I can think of, is they created it.”

        they will say that otherwise companies will patent it and you would have to pay to do research on it.

      2. Thanks Pendantic Skirt — My forum now has a table of contents with categories on the various issues. It should help navigate around a bit, but there really is a lot of information to cover. I’ve got my bias towards this whole thing being a hoax, of course, but not the remedy (the vaccine) which is likely to be very real and very dangerous.

  6. Before there was AIDS there was hepatitis C, also a blood born virus, which infected many people before it was discovered. It affected the same at risk population of homosexuals and IV drug addicts. If hep. C is real why are we so sure that AIDS is not?
    A long time family friend who was a homosexual classics professor died of AIDS at the very beginning of the epidemic, before it was on anyone’s radar. He used to joke that he had to explain to his family that he was a Haitian drug addict so they wouldn’t suspect that he got it from homosexual sex… anything but that. He had a sense of humor right up to the end.
    The Ebola epidemic, on the other hand, looks very suspect. I’m not buying it. The infection rate is way out of proportion to the historical record for ebola.

    1. Christo, I had a class with that prof (John Winkler) at Stanford in the late 80’s. He definitely had some strange, bad disease. He had big purple blotches on his neck and face and was emaciated and looked terrible. Unfortunately I had to sit next to him. He took his pill combination in the middle of class. I think he got it in 1985 or so and was dead by 1990. Yes, AIDS is definitely real. Of course, whether AIDS was caused by species-jumping (a wholly uncommon and unlikely phenomenon) or by human laboratory manipulation is another question.

      People forget that AIDS was a death sentence in the early days, and a very unpleasant way to die. Also, back in those days people were pointing their fingers, perhaps not unfairly, at the wild bath house scene in San Francisco where there was lots of sexual activity with random strangers.

      1. How do you know that Winkler had “AIDS” and not Kaposi’s sarcoma? Or how about a reaction to something in the environment, like a pesticide or pollutant?

        Before reading Jon Rappoport, I’d never thought about illness in any other way other than within the current “germ” paradigm…but how do we know that the presence of particular germ is the actual CAUSE of specific symptoms or death? And is a single germ enough to set off a terminal reaction in a patient, or does it take 10, or a million?

        I’ve also started to wonder, how do we know that a particular “mental illness” (and any of them, for that matter) exist on their own, separate from any biologic cause? For example, my husband suffered from some alarming neurological symptoms, many of which manifested as psychological in nature, but were actually caused by actual lesions in his brain. Why do we differentiate between “mental” and “physical” illness? Could it be possible that many (if not all) “mental” illnesses stem from biological or physiologic causes?

        I’m just spit-balling here…

      2. I remember living in the Bay Area during the ’89 quake year. There were so many emaciated gay-looking men (one sitting in a wicker Bath chair, being wheeled by his partner). Our landscaper had AIDS and died suddenly of it – very young and kind, and hoping to adopt a child with his partner. It was visible in the area near San Francisco because places like the Castro were a gay mecca (Hello – Harvey Milk). I never saw a woman who looked like she was suffering from it – all I saw were young men in the prime of life.

        1. yeah, I don’t know what it is but there was something killing gay men. My cousin died from “aids” back in the 80’s living in san francisco. I was friends from work with a really really gay guy and last I heard he was completely emaciated and living with his parents in Idaho – expected to die.

  7. Ok folks, hold on to your seats
    There is a major storm approaching and whispers of a Homeland Security Drill.

    There are all kinds of conferences in the works this month under a new name that sounds much friendlier than homeland security, welcome to the new world of domestic preparedness!

    We must contain the crazy people!


    ‘Goodbye to all my dear friends and family that I love.

    Today is the day I have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness, this terrible brain cancer that has taken so much from me … but would have taken so much more.

    The world is a beautiful place, travel has been my greatest teacher, my close friends and folks are the greatest givers.

    I even have a ring of support around my bed as I type …

    Goodbye world. Spread good energy. Pay it forward!’

    1. I am so touched, folkiedude. Suicide is SUCH a fantastic thing! BING BING BING!!!! How great to be dead! Everyone should try it!

      And if you are so lucky to have parents who don’t want you to pass through Mom’s natal gateway, well, BONUS!!!!!! You don’t even have to go to the trouble of killing yourself!

      Too bad the poor girl didn’t have such forward-thinking parents. If only they had killed her prenatally, all this hullabaloo would not have been necessary. Life is too damned fraught with possibilities. Best not to have anything to do with it.

      Oh, and everyone who kills themselves, by doing so, leaves nothing but joy in the hearts of the children they thereby abandon. The kids (who were cruelly not murdered in utero) will go through life so happy that mom blazed that wonderful trail for them. Of course, they will hate her for not having aborted them, but that’s what therapists are for.

  9. SV Bob- Actually he taught at Yale and his name was Tom G. Maybe he knew Winkler and shared that joke. He had many friends. Once he got sick his descent was rapid, and he died in 1993.

  10. On the subject of physician assisted suicide: I understand that the role of the physician should remain that of helper. When the patient will no longer benefit from treatment, the physician needs to back off and not keep forcing “heroic” though futile measures. Nor should he be swayed by blind hope with no scintilla of success.

    Yesterday, my sister phoned twice about her (let’s face it, dying) husband. He was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer (in his bones, not brain – yet) about two months ago. There was some early success in eliminating a painful spinal metastasis, and even a reduction in size of the primary tumor in the lung to 50%. But that hasn’t lasted. He has been out and about, hopeful. But one day he fainted while shopping and was taken to the hospital where he remains with a cardiac arhythmia caused by anemia, which is probably caused by chemo or radiation therapy. He is alert and his usually buoyant self.

    They decided to send him to another hospital for a heart procedure to deal with the arrhythmia. Before doing so, he was put through a cat scan device, where the horrible conclusion was that his cancer was more widespread than ever. So at least they declined to carry on with the heart procedure.

    From the medical standpoint, I think he is a candidate for hospice, perhaps in his own comfortable home. If there were some targeted DNA therapy he might stand a chance. As it is, we might as well admit he might not make it to the next family holiday (our plans shift around the moving pivot point of his illness). Thanksgiving may be a very sad affair, more of burden than a celebration for all of us.

    But take the hemlock? Why? What is point? To make our holidays more convenient? To save the insurance companies their profits? To “move on”? No doubt about it, my sister needs help in her home to care for him. But why hasten his death? He is no coward, not a natural depressive either. I might be a lot more apprehensive than he has been. He is a real hero, without heroic measures being needed to prove it.

    In the end, it will be I hope between him and my sister, with his daughter a benign by somewhat peripheral presence except where she expresses her love and kindness to him. Thank God her four tours in Afghanistan did not change her for the worse, and she does not need to return.

    I think this man has the ability to live in the moment, and that he will die as well as he lived. But who knows? We pay a price when we ask for help. The question is how high that price may be.

    1. Your family is now on my prayer list, you are truly blessed to know a man and family of such strength. Most of the men I have known, while having many redeeming qualities, turn into total babies with a slight cold. That was never an option for me, can’t count the number of times I stumbled in to the grocery store to buy a chicken, carrots & celery, and the manager would open up a special lane to rush me through.

      We never know how strong we will be when our physical body fails us, but we do have great joy in knowing we have great love and faith and will show our loved owns we will fight as long as we can to stay with them and express how much we love them and we will all be together one day.

      Peace and love.

  11. “But take the hemlock? Why?”

    Because he has decided that is how he wishes to end his life, no other reason. If he doesn’t want to end his life that way, then of course he shouldn’t and won’t. This appears to be, Musings, an emotionally difficult idea to accept. That a person should have control over his own life and death, and the freedom to decide when to end it. Or to decide not to end it.

    Because of course it conflicts with the religious superstitions in which we are indoctrinated from childhood, when we are most impressionable, credulous, and powerless to resist authority. The religious authorities attacked Brittany for daring to dispute their authority. And of course Patrick, while Proclaiming freedom, operatively opposes it. In the same way that America power Proclaimed freedom while enslaving people, and currently imprisoning millions of people.

    Power has always ideologically enslaved people historically under the guise of Defending or Protecting them. Power is protection racket, and it has used religion to operatively legitimate anti-people earthly power while Proclaiming Devine power. We have internalized those anti-people power values, and they are very difficult to overcome.

    1. What people choose to do of their own accord is different than what is approved and standard of care, under penalty of law. These are two separate discussions, although they keep being muddled together:

      What an individual wishes to do for his/herself
      What is mandated by protocol in emergency/other situations REGARDLESS of the feelings of the individual/family

      There is the issue of standard of care and what that means to medical personnel. This is the frightening part of the equation.

  12. Thank you Jon and James. How many times must we scream fraud! An no one is listening?

    Speaking of white-coated, sacrosanct scientists, take a cue from a much-heralded true scientist, Albert Einstein. so many are practicing the dark arts and are neither infallible nor are they valuable in modern society.

    A pertinent essay on where science fits into the chaotic creations Man has assembled.

    Quote from Einstein: “Intuition is a sacred gIft and the rational mind is its servant.” Jon and James covered this concept thoroughly in their discussion.
    We nust rely on instinct rather than accepting privileged agitprop from ‘on high.’

    to all, best wishes.

  13. “And of course Patrick, while Proclaiming freedom, operatively opposes it.”

    This is false. You should read more closely, and pay attention to what I write, Mr. Folkie. I have never stated that suicide should be banned. The non-aggression principle precludes unprovoked violence against OTHERS; we own ourselves, so we can legitimately execute our self, taking our chances as to the consequences when we wake up in the next world. Bible-believers tend to fear how God will deal with suicides; I tend to see Him as merciful, a righteous judge who decides each case with perfect individuality. What I object to is transforming the medical practitioner into an accomplice–aye, the chief conspirator in the dicy business.

    “In the same way that America power Proclaimed freedom while enslaving people,”

    Of course, this is nonsense. Businessmen in BRITAIN poisoned America with the curse of African slavery; it was not indigenously proposed and implemented. By the time Thomas Jefferson wrote that he trembled for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever”* the country completely depended on it; very few in the late 18th century, were they able to go back in time and stop the oligarchs’ imposition of slavery on America would have chosen not to do so.

    “…and currently imprisoning millions of people.”

    Of course, I agree with Mr. Folkie on this, heartily. The prison system in America is far, far worse than any practice of slavery in America prior to its invention. Indeed, outside of the Moslems’ treatment of their slaves in the Barbary pirate days, it is probably worse than any ever created. It should be abolished.

    * The fuller quote is as follows:

    “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever. Commerce between master and slave is despotism. Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Establish a law for educating the common people. This it is the business of the state and on a general plan.”

    He was no hypocrite, whatever his modern enemies think about him. He cursed the day slavery was introduced on these shores, and hated the fact his life depended upon it. He treated his slaves better than any Yankee industrialist treated his wage-slaves. (And the lies about Sally Hemmings are laughable–indeed everyone living at the time Mr. Calendar cooked them up, knowing his character and practice, dismissed them out of hand at the time–even Jefferson’s worst enemies. No one for a moment believed them.

  14. Your idea of freedom, Patrick, is the freedom of the powerful to oppress the people. Whatever you Proclaim, you operatively support the White to oppress the non-White, the rich to exploit the poor, men to oppress women, and the old to oppress the young. This, to a lesser extent, is also the interpretation of American power. You have added the notion of the dead to oppress the living, the religious superstitions especially directed against women and sexual matters.

    The discussion of the end-of-life matter was so irrational because, in my opinion, it was influenced by the fear of death. People cannot think clearly when they are afraid, and the idea of the freedom of a person to end their lifetime as they choose apparently is highly threatening. I tried to meet this fear spiritually and emotionally with Brittany’s moving last words, since reason was clearly not effective, but to no avail. Apparently obtaining medication from the state to end one’s life on one’s own terms is still argued as a form of tyranny, the precise contrary of the case.

    This form of ideological truth inversion is a common way that power deludes the people. Washington attacks Russia on its border and its media indoctrinate the people that it is Russia that is the aggressor. Jefferson Proclaimed freedom while enslaving, among others, his own children. The US Proclaims equality while…. but the present forms of the current ideological reaction is endless.

    And most of the commenters on this blog appear to identify with it. The culture heroes like Brittany, Snowden, Asange, etc are attacked far more than they are defended, with the exception of James. Americans have been preconditioned to identify with anti-people power, and you, Patrick, in my opinion, are the first among equals in this regard.

    1. “Apparently obtaining medication from the state to end one’s life on one’s own terms is still argued as a form of tyranny, the precise contrary of the case.”

      If this is apparent to you from the discussion we have been having, it is only because you are not capable of understanding it. Certainly, I have not argued it, and do not agree with it. The objection to physician-driven suicide has to do with it being the thin end of the wedge, leading to euthanasia. Furthermore, once suicide ceases to be regarded as tragic, once it is accepted as normative, even ennobling, a society can be said to have lost its reverence for life, which is a REAL tragedy. Certainly, the indifference–even enthusiasm–towards abortion indicates a hardening of the collective heart of our society across the board. The implications of this loss of reverence for life, combined with the prevailing ideology of pure, godless materialism (secular humanism) are the elimination of standards of morality in general. The ethical implications are what are in view here, my Folkie friend. No one will like where that slippery slope leads.

      “This form of ideological truth inversion is a common way that power deludes the people.”

      I hope you can now see that the “inversion” you reference is a figment, not based on any reasoning I have spelled out here.

      “Jefferson Proclaimed freedom while enslaving, among others, his own children. ”

      Jefferson enslaved no one. He inherited slaves. He was trapped in that system, and he hated it. Anyone with any knowledge of him knows this. And they also know that he never sired a slave child (his brother, on the other hand, did), and denounced the sexual use of slaves by free men in sincere and plaintive terms. He was as much a victim of the slave system in America as the slaves themselves in many important ways, not least of which is the ongoing calumny you are repeating here.

      If you are merely ignorant on this subject, Folkie Mark, I can lead you to resources that will free you from that bondage. I’m always here for you, brother.

    2. It has nothing to do with fear of death. Quite frankly, if anyone wants to kill himself, who would stop it? Go right ahead, if that’s your choice.

      But it does not need to be “approved” by an authority (doctor).

      And it does not need to be written into ICD insurance/billing codes so doctors know exactly what they must do to get paid and meet the standards of care so they can keep their medical licenses.

      That is the problem. Once that line is crossed, and the line appears to being set up, good luck going to the doctor, as he has just been licensed to kill you, whether you want him to or not. And your family will have no recourse after you are dead.

      And again, want to kill yourself? You don’t need ANYONE’s PERMISSION to do so. For now.

      1. A very good point, Heather. The physician would have to have a standard code, as if it was just a check-up, or a prescription for antibiotics, or stitching up a cut. Suicide-by-doctor becomes just another medical procedure in the bureaucratic world of socialized medicine. I had not thought of that. Chilling. What a world we now live in, where such a thing can be thought of as wonderful, and people who see evil for what it is are said to be serving “anti-people power” (whatever THAT is). Very sad.

  15. From an email update I just received from Michael Cook, editor of BioEdge (, a bio-ethics blog/newsletter I subscribe to, with another perspective and a documentary suggestion:

    Hi there,
    As I may have said before, I do not support assisted suicide. But I would like to understand it better. In this respect, I have found nothing better than a Swiss documentary about the work of Dr Jerome Sobel and his group Exit in the Francophone cantons of Switzerland.
    Exit: le droit de mourir (Exit, the right to die) was made in 2005 and won a few prizes. I reviewed it some time ago and it always stuck with me. Earlier this year the director finally released it on YouTube (with subtitles). It is a stunning film with very subtle editing and brilliant photography. It is also quite disturbing as several people die before the unblinking gaze of the camera.
    I was expecting ethical arguments in favour of assisted suicide such as terminal illness or unbearable pain. But to my surprise, his angle was that the accompagnateurs, the death escorts, are warm-hearted guardian angels who have a vocation to lead people into a better place. Sobel is depicted as a Christ-like figure; a board meeting is even framed as a Last Supper, featuring him surrounded by his 11 disciples.
    Have a look for yourself, but my feeling is that a person with a vocation to help people die is a dangerous man or woman. Take Philip Nitschke, the recently suspended Australian doctor who informs people about how to kill themselves. He believes that he is crusading for human rights; he has been linked to a number of deaths. Sobel frames his work as a post-Christian work of charity. Perhaps that is why his organisation is pressing for access to Swiss nursing homes (see story here). They want to proselytise as many as possible.
    This is one of the most dangerous aspects of legalised assisted suicide and euthanasia. It will be aggressively promoted by groups who feel that they have been called to kill.

    1. That is an excellent observation by Mr. Cook. Someone like that could certainly be regarded as dangerous. If the state becomes involved, even more so.

      “The State” should represent the mores of the society. They should not become involved in legislating a new religion. By “assisting” a suicide they are putting an official stamp of approval on the practice.

      I have my own personal beliefs on the subject and I believe that is how it should be. I have sympathy for those in pain but do not wish to play God for them. My judgement applies to me. Even in religious terms a “sin” must be weighed against the knowledge and belief of the sinner.

      My fear is that those without personally held beliefs are only too willing to let the state substitute their judgement for a conscience. Life and death are not matters that should be subject to popularity or fashion.

      It is hard to imagine a more fundamental element of collective society than the value of life itself. We have survived as a culture for centuries without the need for a trendy “solution” to an age old problem.

      We don’t need new laws regarding this anymore than we need “immigration reform”. This is “modeling”, pure and simple. They have an agenda. They wish to cheapen life. They see us as cattle. Don’t allow yourselves to be branded.

    1. I couldn’t believe she was using her crutch wrong applying all her weight on her “injured” foot.

      We really need to get back to Boston Hoax. There is so much more documented credible evidence that even the zombies can’t deny.

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