cycle_of_violenceBy James F. Tracy

State-sponsored terrorism poses a significant challenge to the psychological well-being of the body politic. While evident in many geopolitical locales, this condition arising from such government abuses is especially prevalent in the West. Such a disorder is comparable to the psychological manipulation recognized on a micro-level in some spousal relationships.

Indeed, the 13-year-old “war on terror” has contributed to a grave societal malady that might be deemed “battered citizen syndrome.” As the project of a transnational New World Order is laid out, the psychological constitution of the polity must necessarily experience perpetual crises and the threat thereof. Genuinely non-conventional political communication, organization and activism are among the few substantial means of combating battered citizen syndrome and the spiritual and psychological slavery it perpetuates.

Battered citizen syndrome is an extremely damaging psychological condition impacting individuals who are collectively subjected to emotional abuse and political disenfranchisement by the psychopathic types that all-too-frequently occupy public office in an era of political and socio-economic decay. The condition is often the result of “false flag” terrorism initiated by a tyrannical state that has long grown unresponsive to the citizen’s actual needs. This syndrome subdues individuals’ awareness of their own historical and political agency, and discourages them from seeking assistance for and ultimately remedying their unsafe situation.

support_war_terrorThere are various stages one will experience as a result of this condition. When persons in the singular or aggregate undergo the threat or experience of state violence in the form of false flag terror (i.e., political assassinations, seemingly spontaneous bombings or shootings, gigantic skyscrapers falling inexplicably at free-fall speed, CIA-sponsored terror bogeys such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, and perhaps even deadly plagues) they will find it expedient to deny such exploitation and decline to admit they are being manipulated by a paranoid and psychopathic state. Corporate-owned or controlled mass media routinely propagating the notion of “free choice” and personal agency by touting the supposed integrity of electoral processes and political institutions actively aid in this denial.

Once a victim accepts the fact that such manipulation is taking place, they will feel remorse. Victims will often believe that the abuse is their fault and not the fault of criminal governance. Eventually, a victim of state terror and violence will realize that they are not to blame for the cruelty they are being subjected to. Despite this realization, the individual will typically choose to remain in the abusive relationship. It may take some time, but eventually the truly self-respecting citizen-victim will understand that in order to defend themselves and their loved ones from harm they must escape their injurious relationship. These stages can be observed in many of the victims who have ultimately recognized and escaped their relationships with an abusive state.

The first stage of battered citizen syndrome is denial. Denial occurs when a victim of abuse is unable to acknowledge and accept that they are being subjected to political violence in the form of false flag terror and contrived events. During this stage, a victim of such psychological abuse will not only avoid admitting the mistreatment to their friends and their family members, but they themselves will not acknowledge the brutality from which they suffering. They will fail to recognize any problems between themselves and their government. There are numerous factors that may contribute to such steadfast denial.

In many instances, an individual does not realize they are being subjected to such calculating state violence. This is largely due to the manipulative and coercive behavior of the offending government. The acts of abuse may be so subtle that they do not appear to be harmful or damaging. In other instances, a victim of Machiavellian offenses may suppose that denial is the most effective way to avoid being subjected to further violence and cruelty. Whatever the cause, denial is extremely unhelpful to the victim. Until citizens individually and collectively admit and confront the abuses they are experiencing, they will not be able to secure necessary psychic and material aid and protection.

After a citizen experiences the denial period they will move on the guilt stage. During this phase, victims of such coercive violence will undergo feelings of extreme guilt and dishonor by being fingered as potential terrorists themselves. Through the suggestion that they may also be terrorists, citizens will believe they may have somehow caused the harm that in reality elements within their exploitative government has subjected them to.

threat_levelAbusive governments stage false flag terror events not only to create confusion, but also induce guilt in their subjects. Professional political and opinion leaders prompt feelings of guilt through similar rhetorical appeals. Those of the liberal or “progressive” sort in particular claim that such events are the result of “blow back,” due to the given nation’s foreign policy and imperialist overreach. Similarly, conservatives assert that the nation has been victimized because it has been too forthright in parading its “freedoms.”

Once internalized, “war on terror” guilt ideation is reinforced via the messaging slogans of state agencies. Typical messaging may include communications such as, “Is your neighbor or coworker a homegrown extremist?” “Keep your luggage with you at all times,” “Step this way after removing your shoes and valuables,” and so on.

Regardless of guilt stimulus, feelings of culpability are used to exert further control via rituals of submission, such as enacting excessive and unwarranted security measures to partake in travel, gain access to a public building, or withdraw cash from one’s bank account.

Along these lines, the offending government will convince the victim that it must resort to physical violence in order to punish the citizenry for their negative qualities or behavior. They may threaten or enact violence to teach the citizen not to take part in the activities of which it disapproves or finds inconvenient, such as public demonstrations and civil disobedience.

In addition to such acts, tyrannical governments strip citizens of their civil liberties and establish or strengthen a police state in order to further expand their control. As a result, the citizen’s already low self-esteem and depression will accelerate downward. Once this occurs, it is not difficult to convince the victim that they are being subjected to abuse due to their own faults and inadequacies. If they could only be more dependent on the state and live up to its expectations, they would not be experiencing state terror and exploitation. Victims of such manipulation will believe this. Therefore, they will not contest the abuse being experienced because they have rationalized that their abusive government is not to blame for such cruelty.

One of the most important phases of the battered citizen’s syndrome is enlightenment. This occurs when a target of abuse recognizes how they are not to blame for their ill-treatment. They will begin to understand that no one deserves to be subjected to state-inflicted terror and violence regardless of their personal characteristics or perceived shortcomings. The fact that the state  seeks to manipulate their subjects and exhibits disapproval of their victim’s behavior does not justify exposing the victim to the trauma prompted by terrorist threats and violence.

During this stage, a citizen will begin to acknowledge that most states are abusive, violent, overseen by psychopathic personalities, and thus the violence experienced is the result of an external socio-political condition and not inherent in themselves. It is now that a victim begins to realize the importance of coming to terms with their situation and holding those in power accountable.

Militarized_PoliceDespite the realization that their fear, anxiety, and loss of civil liberties likely stem from the broader designs of treacherous individuals in power, victims will continue to accept overzealous state power and commit themselves to saving the seriously flawed relationship. They will often use various reasons in order to justify this decision. However, individuals who choose to remain in such an environment will soon find that in most cases the tyrannical government will only increase the severity of its abuses.

Once a citizen recognizes how the psychological torment and terroristic violence they are suffering from is the fault of their government, it is only a matter of time before these victims understand the importance of taking responsibility and escaping their current situation. In the majority of cases, state violence does not improve over time. Most governments subjecting their citizens to violence and brutality are “repeat offenders” and will continue to reinforce control by exposing subjects to heightened abuses. When an individual acknowledges this, they will understand that their safety, and the safety of their loved ones, depends on establishing new modes of governance. During the responsibility stage of the battered citizen’s syndrome, a victim of state violence may experience a vast array of difficulties.

It is essential that an individual plan their escape well. Citizens who have decided to depart from their unfavorable situation should avoid the enticements of major political parties that are usually the root cause of battered citizen syndrome.

If a victim would like support and advice about leaving their abusive relationship they may wish to contact or support a third party candidate running for public office. Citizen violence shelters in the form of information derived from alternative news media, meaningful political discussion and debate, and grassroots and independent political organizing can also provide victims with the necessary support to make a clean break from tyrannical state power that will ultimately lead toward the forging of more constructive political realities for themselves and their fellow citizenry.

Republished at Global Research, Activist Post, Blacklisted News and Information Clearinghouse.

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68 thought on “Confronting Battered Citizen Syndrome”

    Hello, James.
    This is our inherent foundational quagmire. Lundy Bancroft has very possibly solved this profound and insidious dis ease ( entitlement ) with his epic work above.
    You have done a magnificent job of correlating the micro with the macro and how these abusive ‘relationships’ lead to further abuses which may end in the taking of life. Women and children have been dealing with this type of terror and violence for millennia. Now that men are, too, the victims of such a profoundly repugnant ‘relationship’ perhaps real change can be made.

    I cannot recommend Lundy Bancroft’s book enough, ‘Why Does He do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men’.
    I have actually purchased several copies for my sons and their spouses. Read this book and you will never doubt whether those in power feel entitled to abuse. It is beyond evident.

    When someone beats you, withholds money for food and shelter, rapes your body and mind, molests your children, gags you and binds you to a chair, holds a gun to your head while simultaneously urinating on you it is beyond time to leave the relationship.

    I think that you are naïve, though, in your assumption that there is an alternative “candidate” that can rescue us from our abuser. The abuser owns the system, James, and in no way will he allow anyone to make changes to that system. As in the microcosmic abusive relationship, the abuser rarely allows the abused to leave without some penalty. Even if a woman or man were to leave an abusive relationship they end up serving the larger abusive system. Trickle down economics so to speak.

    There is no way to leave this abusive system without completely divorcing oneself of it.
    In time, everyone will come to understand this…..just not in time to save ourselves from the ubiquitous ‘parting blow’.

    1. I agree with you Jaime that voting for a third party is useless. Voting is part of the rigged system. I see it like a rigged slot machine. The only way to win is to not play. If we all stop voting we will be will collectively communicate the system is illegitimate and will be one step closer to dissolving it. Another point to make regarding our current election system is that the positions are allowed to wield so much power they become a vacuum for sociopaths. In general, the only people that run for election are those that want to rule over us. The only way I can see to rectify this situation is to abandon the system.

      1. That is not working out so well, they count on the folks being apathetic and those who show up to vote are paid to do that. Even if the elections are rigged, we have the power to show them more Americans than ever are po’d, we really need to get rid of dirty harry, who has brought our system of government to a standstill.

        1. Standstill? I can’t agree. Harry and his master have given us Obamacare, NDAA 12, 13, etc., and endless increases on debt. He is very busy helping destroy what is left of America and its flagging morality. The only thing he has kept at a standstill is the impeachment process of the biggest criminal in American history.

          It seems to me the best way to use your vote would be to cast it for the greater of two evils and speed up the collapse of this country. They might not be expecting the free hand and just maybe they will try to take us too far too fast resulting in them showing their hand a little too early. That was always my last hope, but now, I truly believe we are heading to hell on earth, and everything we do will hasten its arrival, no matter who we vote for.

      2. Seems like if we show them we are PO’d they will simply ignore us. If we continue to vote it will continue the status quo. They would prefer to keep the system in its current controlled state.

      3. Voting cannot fix anything on the state or national level because all politics is now theater and all important decisions are made outside that phony sphere.

        The only way I see for the people can reclaim their planet is to starve the corporations. Buy less. A first step on this path is to stop watching television completely.

        1. touche’ T.Eckes – remove your $$$$ from all global bank accounts – shop local only – no CFR/NWO market places or accounts ( if possible to withdraw from )- no coke- no pepsi ( drink & eat local beverages ( use google to find out your local producers of food & drink), no kraft , no mars products…., the dumb people can not do this, it is up to us that have some operating brain cells to do what we are able to do to stop them – this is URGENT, lease start today, get a safe, bank at home, dont use credit, dont use banks ( only small local banks )- here are the NWO globalists you should withdraw all your support from PLEASE- we must do something – we must take actions TODAY – one million begins with ONE – YOU

  2. Yes! On the spot and the best defense against the strategy of tension used by corrupt governments is awareness. Knowing the MO, shaking denial, and actively dennouncing the psychopathic party in power by supporting third party candidates is definitely the way to go.

    What the corrupt United States government is putting the population through is beyond belief which is why the reality of the situation is so difficult for so many to accept.

    The least alleged crime by those with any elected or appointed power is aiding & abetting via silence and they ALL need to go.

  3. A brilliant piece, possibly the most valuable idea produced by this blog so far. It will take a great deal of thought to garner all implications that it engenders. But what strikes me first is its gender implications, and how these are used to effect the brutality of foreign and domestic policy.

    In the seminal work, THE MYTH OF AMERICAN DYPLOMACY, Walter Hixon, a professor in political history, illustrates how the cultural values of the American people throughout history has effected American foreign policy.

    He argues that the American people identify with violence and this is a gender pathology, conceiving violence has Manly, courageous, effective, and realistic in foreign policy. James has furthered this notion in a central way, emphasizing its pathology, and applying it to domestic policy as well. Indeed, Identifying with it when it is applied to ourselves.
    It furthers the notion of the Stockholm syndrome where captives identify with their own oppression. In the Battered citizen syndrome, the identification is with the oppression of other people as well by power.

    There is much more to this conception and I hope commenters focus on teasing out all the ideas that flow from it.

  4. Interesting. I’m surprised however at the omission that governments may be hoping for Stockholm Syndrome on the part of their subjects. It does seem to be a logical step in the process somewhere – after the subjects are sufficiently traumatized as to be malleable.

  5. I think psychopathy is a congenital affliction. Essential in understanding this anti-social behavior is to list some main criteria to watch for.
    So let us begin: cold and lacking in empathy for others, lack of remorse for destructive actions, manipulative, using others as stepstones to acquire goals, disruptive within a group, moving on when one person or stuation has fulfilled purpose to a new ‘mark’ as in a con game, totally narcisstic (obviously). inability to bond emotionally with others.

    Listened to a case on NPR of a three-year-old boy who displayed these characterics and allbut destoryed his family by pitting one against the other; was so dangerous and often violent, other siblings were instructed to run to a room and lock the door. When he was reliving his mayhem–probably more then twenty years later–he giggled recalling how he had the power to make grow ups dance to his machinations. He was fully aware of the power he wielded and delighted in it.

    I have personal knowledge also of this type of sociopath. And it seems to fit a pattern of behavior. They are not always easily detected, however, as they are charming and bright, and who might escape scrutiny as just a harmless scamp. They are far from harmless and do great damage to those in their circle of friends and family. They gravitate naturally to positions of power in politics and business and law enforcement. So we must deal with them on a continual basis; and they are legion. Maybe people running for political office should be required to submit to psychological tests, as well as drug tests. The police question a whole other dilemma altogether. How to insulate the public from those who “protect and serve.”

    JUst trying to contribute to the discussion…

    1. Some worthy topics for discussion here. One thought I had is to figure out a way to make elected positions less desire able to the sociopath. I think the idea for law enforcement to wear cameras so their actions are tracked is a good idea and one that could also apply to elected positions. However, the cameras must not be conveniently turned off, and the recordings should be lived streamed online so constituents can witness day to day activity at will. What do you think?

      1. Good idea. I’ll humbly offer a simpler and more effective solution, per Jo’s October 15, 2014 at 4:03 pm comment: follow lobaczewski’s advice to request that people with authority publish their mental health.

        As long as we do not live in a pathocratic system, answering electoral advertisements with a question on the candidate’s level of empathy is something any aware activist can do.


  6. I agree with Marilyn that pathology is involved, but it is INSTITUTIONAL pathology, conducted over historical time. Obama is not personally a psychopath, but has been conditioned in POLITICAL pathology, as part of the modern or postmodern American tradition. The Battered Citizen Syndrome is an INSTITUTIONAL pathology; generals and chiefs of police do not usually batter people personally.

    1. To Mark: You may want to rethink Obama’s relative sanity.He has all the markings of the psychopatic personality. I left out lyING on my list above for some reason…and misspelled narcissistic (always do)
      but Barack lies without any sign of shame. To experience shame one musi have a working conscience, i.e., a soul.

      HIs cavalier attitude of sending drone strikes with no consideration to internataiinal law or collateral damage to innocents is proof enough of lack of a moral compass.

      Regard pathology of our political system, Psychopaths have planted their flag in our Congress, own the reps who make the laws that govern our foreign policy and domestic agenda. There is no excuse for criminal individual actions unless they want to plead mental illness.

      Some are indeed clinically insane; but that implies they know right from wrong, which defense will not hold up in a court of law.

      As someone opined recently: “We are screwed.”

      1. Obama is not calling the shots. At best, he’s only a messenger, PR guy, and soother (and golfer). This has been true, more or less, since at least JFK.

  7. I just love the way the color coded terror alert system never gave us a “no chance of terrorist activity level”. All the levels are basically the same. The bombs must fall every couple of days in Airstrip One.

  8. How insightful. You, Mr. Tracy have deduced what I have known…rather felt, for a long time. I do agree with this very wise evaluation of where WE are. It is long past the time, people need to understand this. Thank you from a place that resonated with this entire writing.

  9. Very thoughtful article, thank you. It calls for a tangent: one of the most alarming components of the apparent western false flag epidemic is the complicity of associations of mental health professionals. Anybody with an average intelligence can quickly recognize as a fact the strong video resemblance between Building 7’s destruction and a controlled demolition. From there, it is child’s play to understand 9/11’s essence.

    This means that university departments of psychiatry, all over the world, ought to denounce false flags as the mental health calamities the article describes. Alas, they tend to do the exact opposite, diagnosing “deficit of trust in government” mental disorders in people who doubt the mythical attribution of 9/11 to Osama bin Laden’s fanatics or similar superstitions.

    The reverse truth is that western false flags would be literally unthinkable without the prior worldwide commitment of mental health institutions. This is perhaps one of the scariest, and counterintuitively most promising, aspects of false flags.


      1. Yes. They confirm the problem I exposed in my earlier comment. Instead of blasting the American Psychiatric Association for its complicity in the macrosocial mental illness that 9/11 is, they explain why it is so difficult to guide people out of their 9/11 trauma. With all due respect to these mental health experts, they understand the basics of 9/11, but not its much more frightening context.


  10. I’m barely into Professor Tracy’s essay, but I have a minor quibble (due to two years of Latin, I suppose, back in high school): The difference between “affect” and “effect”. The “battered citizen syndrome” affects people who suffer from it. It does not “effect them” (in the sense of “effect change we can believe in” or such cant). “Affect” can most commonly be thought of as a verb. “Effect” used to be just a little old noun, but modern usages have turned it into a verb. There is therefore an effect on us as battered citizens, but we are affected as by some virus or other disease. We are “impacted” (another modern verb), and indeed “effected” but I really think the best word is “affected”. I hope I don’t sound too affected here. I really do care.

  11. By the way, CNN is running a headline saying that Obama will use SWAT teams to deal with people (the government says have been) exposed to Ebola. The guilt thing? Why that nurse actually had the nerve to get on a plane and fly to Cleveland while running a temp of 99.5 degrees. Boys and girls, we wouldn’t do something bad like that now would we? Therefore, if government tells us we must “shelter in place” well, damn it, we had best comply. Or we will deserve whatever a SWAT team does to us. Understood?

    I wonder how this plays in other countries which may or may not have an ebola outbreak. Is this just one more f-ing hoax?

    Remember the scene in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” with the dead sheep blocking a road?

    Having seen another fake drama up close and way too personal, my spidey sense is tingling again.

  12. You nailed it James, thank you!

    My first marriage was abusive after awhile and almost brought me to suicide, before the lights went off and after some time, found joy in my new found freedom of being able to love myself and set a new path in life.

    Sandy Hook pretty much was my grand awakening to how corrupt the dirty buggers are, refused up until then to even face the fact that 911 was a staged event, all the while my logic told me there is no way in hell those buildings could of collapsed that way without a controlled demolition.

    Now every ‘news’ story require me to step back and wonder what is the political purpose of that. We are led to believe that the NYT has decided finally to do investigative reporting and it turns out there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after all, and of course Bush decided to withhold that information and proper medical care that our exposed soldiers needed. Are they trying to persuade public opinion for the never ending war?

    Now we have the big scare mongering machine coming out of Dallas. Never anything about corruption has ever go on there, though strange the mayor supports the anti-gun movement generated at Sandy Hook.

    Strange the mother/caretaker of 4 children exposed to the initial ‘Index” now dead person allowed them to go to 3 schools after being told not to leave the infected apartment that was not sterilized. Strange that a member of the NBC news crew exposed and told to stay at home, violated the order and went out for takeout food. Even stranger yet, we were led to believe all health care workers exposed to index one were on lockdown, but one flew to Cleveland and back to Dallas and all those on the return flight have been warned as she had symptoms before boarding.

    While the head gonzo in charge assured us, all protocols were followed, we now hear they had no protocols to follow, they did not have the required protective clothing required for two days and we have no way of knowing if they have it yet.

    I would be remiss not to mention that I have a vitamin D deficiency that has a multitude of symptoms, but is normally resolved with exposure to sunlight. Being a gardener, spend a lot of time in the outdoors, but as I relayed to my doctor, there has not been a lot sunshine this year in the normally sunny SC!

    As the DOD has just announced climate change is our number one enemy, expect any day now they will announce their attempts to control the weather, have failed. Those of us who follow the geo-engineering assault on our earth are well aware the CA drought is intentional and the massive spraying has darkened our skies, caused deadly storms and is killing all things living.

    1. My husband and I both a have Vitamin D deficiency, too, though supposedly the “dietary” kind. Ridiculous: half hubby’s diet comes from dairy, I’d wager. Maybe the cows are deficient? We’re in once-sunny S. CA, too. (That’s where you are, right? Not South Carolina?)

      1. We are in South Carolina and feeling fortunate that the last two weeks, except for one rainy day, have been sunny! Hoping they ran out of money, although they are usually visible at sunset.

        Never heard of a dietary solution to D3 deficiency, although taking the supplement seems to have helped immensely.

        Was almost too embarrassed to tell my doctor of my crazy complaint – random joints would hurt sometimes for days and then move on to the next one!

      2. “Hoping they ran out of money”

        Sorry to deflate that hope, Skirt, but here in Indianapolis, after years of relentless sky-painting (my iPhone if full of astounding examples), this year we had not a single day of chemtrails, all summer long. We’ve been witnessing a very desultory effort since September–just a few, leaving mostly blue skies with a few wispy artificial clouds.

        This is absolute proof that it has nothing to do with additives to jet fuel. Year after year, the sky was crisscrossed here with chemtrails, leading to a completely grey sky. This year, with the exact same airline schedule, not a single chemtrail (I watch the sky, trust me on this). NOTHING, all summer long.

        Yet, we’ve had one of the coldest summers ever. I did not launch my air conditioning system one time this year. In central Indiana, this is almost impossible to believe.

        So they did not run out of money. They have a plan. They sprayed California into another year of draught, and evidently they sprayed you into whatever it was they intended for the East Coast. And they had a reason to stop spraying you for a couple of weeks–but not to give you a break, and ease your heart.

        I’ll tell you, those years I watched them relentlessly painting the sky, it deflated my spirit. No feeling of greater powerlessness can I imagine.

      3. Patrick – Would of thought by now you would of appreciated my sense of sarcasm, of course they have not stopped spraying as is evident in the sunset, but sure have appreciated some days of bright sunshine that is not the new norm.

        Interesting that in IN, you have not witnessed chemtrails at all this summer, all the while this site has residents in IN that have.

        You sight your lack of witnessing chem trails in airline traffic is absolute proof that airplanes do not carry additives in their jet fuel. I will state again, some days they do, some days they don’t.

        1. Western Colorado was under heavy aerial assault the last two days. I watched the trails start at one end of the valley and then magically turn off at the other end. the trails would be 4 and 5 hundred yards wide before conglomerating with others and turning a beautiful clear blue sky white. one plane would leave a normal contrail that dissipated a quarter mile behind, and one right behind would leave a thick white line as long as they wanted it to be there. Seeing the trails start and stop so abruptly over only the populated area made me think of bug spray rather than weather modification. How could the perpetrators talk so many into doing this I thought? Is money really that addicting? Then I thought, maybe they have been promised a place deep underground where they can sit out the collapse. It must be a good psych program to convince them they would be allowed to bed down side by side with the elite. But wait, maybe they are spraying the chemical that is allowing us to accept so much “change” peacefully.

        2. lithium is a favorite spray for the population ( lithium is a brain dulling toxin used for mental patients to keep them under control) , so yes i would say your guess is correct , we are sprayed unmercifully in the Finger Lakes NY , the sun is dimmed about 10 1/2 months out of the year, this is TERRORISM from within & the tree death is horrifying here , every 4 out of 10 trees is dead or dying , we are next , 90% of the bat population is dead here, mold is covering everything from our houses to the trees, the ground is covered in mold & no one sees any of it happening right in front of their faces, some days litterally HUNDREDS of jets can be seen spraying, the sky goes from chrystal clear BLUE to white to completely covered in dark GREY matter. the turkeys showed up TWO MONTHS early this year , the horses had winter coats by mid Sept . the entire eco system is completely shutting down FROM THE SPRAYING & the brain dead zombies see NON OF IT, blind & incoherant to it all as the scientist lie as reality is masked from the TV watching brain dead population , every word a lie & us aware people get to be terrorized on a daily basis living in hell on earth . —-

      4. It IS weird. They have to know what they’re doing. They turn the spray on, and then turn it off. They turn around and do it again. All of them can’t believe some stupid lie about the purpose of their job. And it is obviously, absolutely, certain that it’s only an additive to jet fuel, and its not Evergreen or some other CIA front, just normal commercial pilots who have no idea they are painting the skies.

        Do these people have any idea how dispiriting their handiwork is to those of us who look up, and feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness–not to mention despair, not knowing the full extent of the health implications?

        Did Nazi guards at the death camps? People take these jobs.

        I buy most of my food at Farmers’ Markets, and get to know the vendors. The bee growers here have been losing most of their bees each winter in recent years, and last winter was a pretty much 100% death count. I was asked by one of these guys to act as an outside inspector of his hives (a requirement for organic certification). I mentioned to him the sky-painting theory of Colony Collapse, and mentioned that we have had not a single day of chemtrails all summer (they restarted, on a very minor scale, this Fall, but by then the bees were largely finished with their schedules).

        He is of the opinion that the bees are being killed by parasites–which is no doubt true. What I told him was that the metals being sprayed are probably rendering the bees’ immune systems too weak to survive normal assaults. I suspect that this years bees will still be alive in the Spring, because they have not lived through a life-long spraying campaign (when all the bees die, the bee keeper must purchase a queen in the Spring, which means a late start on honey-making).

        This is my theory, and I wish the bee people would take it more seriously. I can’t force them. But this year’s clear, unpainted, skies will certainly be a test of it.

      5. Dang! Sure get the feeling that ‘they’ read this site, but of course they scan everything. Today there were dozens of chemtrail crosses over my house and immediate area. It sure looked like the jet drew one line, turned it off to come back again to make a perfect X, dozens of times, still had enough sunshine to make it hot working out there though.

        Have known what I call soulless people, they are miserable and will do whatever they can to make you more miserable than themselves. Swear, I can see it in their lifeless eyes, would prefer not to deal with them at all, but at times have been forced to as in they were my boss.

        Just because you are paranoid, does not mean they are not out to get you.

        Suppose I was fortunate in my early career, when I learned the lesson of many hours of production on the computer, could be replaced with a “.” if left solely on the company, ‘safe’, backed up, server. Loved that shocked look when the demon boss asked to review the work in progress that she thought was deleted and was in fact completed to perfection way ahead of the deadline!

  13. Notes on Abuse,

    “The whole thing becomes like this evil enchantment from a fairy tale, but you’re made to believe the spell can never be broken.”—Jess C. Scott , Heart’s Blood

    “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”—–Friedrich Nietzsche

    Is Ebola our nanny/tyrant States’ “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy”?

    From wiki—-“This is where a caregiver fabricates, exaggerates, or induces health problems in those who are in their care. With deception at its core, this behaviour is elusive and potentially lethal.”

    Or am I just being paranoid?

    1. I’m thinking Munchausen Syndrome most likely. Or perhaps it is real in which case “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf” comes to mind. In any case, it seems to be affecting the markets which were over-inflated, and now have some “shorting” possibilities.

      Pedantic Skirt put it well: “Now every ‘news’ story requires me to step back and wonder what is the political purpose of it.” Indeed. Seeing news shows as cherry-picked if not actually made up, I find them infomercials for some policy or other. Once you dig it, you just cannot go back to that ideal state of passivity they count on in most of the public. The danger is in assigning a reason prematurely (because it might be a different one). But just a Zen-like attitude, like one assumed by a tennis player at a big tournament positioning for the opponent’s next volley, seems wise. You don’t have to hit them all, but you can step aside and let them overshoot without tiring yourself out.

    2. An excellent metafore, Lev. Exactly so. If they want to create an epidemic, they behavior of officialdom could not be any more likely to cause it. And if it’s entirely fake, they could not do a better job of inducing panic, regardless of the underlying reality. One thing is certain: it’s not incompetence.

      1. Thanks for the feedback folks..
        .this is always one of the best (if not the best) places to post heartfelt comments and listen to insightful responses on the web……at least about anything that actually matters.

      2. I’m confused Patrick. in one comment you say:

        This is absolute proof that it has nothing to do with additives to jet fuel.

        And in the next you say:

        And it is obviously, absolutely, certain that it’s only an additive to jet fuel, and its not Evergreen or some other CIA front, just normal commercial pilots who have no idea they are painting the skies.

  14. OT: Anyone been following the Cat 3 hurricane headed toward Bermuda? I guess the weeks’ long weather fear-mongering we have been subjected to in the past has taken a backseat these days?

  15. “When persons in the singular or aggregate undergo the threat or experience of state violence in the form of false flag terror (i.e., … even deadly plagues) they will find it expedient to deny such exploitation and decline to admit they are being manipulated by a paranoid and psychopathic state.”

    Great interview by Jennifer Daniels, MD, MBA, regarding public fear, police state, misinformation and racism as it relates to our current “deadly plague.” Well worth a listen. Especially in light of today’s news that Ohio and Texas schools are closed.

    Interview (55 minutes)

    1. I’m not sure if my previous post went through, it appears to me that it hasn’t, but there is an excellent interview regarding ebola with Jennifer Daniels, MD, MBA. She goes into ebola, police state, programming, etc. it is well worth the listen. Google Jennifer Daniels, go to her website and it’s in the radio archives, dated October 13, 2014.

      If this post is repetitive, I apologize. The interview has so much info in it, I had to share.

    2. When neon green is being used, you know it’s a staged ebola bullshiet. Indeed, various shades of green color seem to be the colors of choice of these frauds and psychopaths. See green – think ebola

    3. That little kid is so vigorous as he walks to the spot where he pretends to collapse. The man coming out of the ambulance, sliding out, actually protects his head as he seems to fall – certainly not someone overcome by disease. In that part of the world, people hang onto their dignity as much as possible – that is why disease is so humiliating for them. They would not welcome and play to cameras while ill. So what is it? Clearly, in these two cases, it appears to be play-acting.

      I found the conversation recorded in Nurse Pham’s hospital room before she went to Maryland as rather fantastic. The man in the space suit garb was thanking her for doing something – like participating in this exercise where she is taken to NIH. It really looked not like a sick patient being taken to a better facility but to (ho hum) someone participating in a drill.

      None of this convinces me there is not outbreak in Africa, only that publicity about it is being stage-managed with (ho-hum) crisis acting if not crisis actors. To convince the US public to send troops to West Africa (as I heard in early August they were going, before the general public heard), you have to convince them they are under threat (ho-hum). “Stop ebola there so it won’t come here.” One problem with that is troops which get sick from it (or other tropical diseases). Therefore, I would bet there has been a covert vaccination program and troops are being the guinea pigs, just as they were with radioactivity and such. Yes, there is disease in tropical Africa, yes it was once known as “the white man’s graveyard” (which it was), but Africa has resources which China is rich enough now to pay for, and only three years ago, a corrupt regime in Liberia displaced a big chunk of its population and started clear-cutting timber for big bucks (or yuan). There are rare minerals used in computers. China’s on the place like white on rice, except that you can probably scare them off if your theatrics are good enough.

      The dead sheep scene in Close Encounters comes to mind.

      1. Neglected to mention the NYT is implicated here also.

        There’s the fella in the lime green shirt, sparling on the ground waiting to be admitted to the ‘hospital’, his father is quoted as saying “toilet, vomiting” over and over. His shirt looks pretty clean to me. Anyone who has been very sick or has been witness to it, can readily see these are actors.

        Since when has it become ok to film half naked people in anguish, even if it is blurred out?

        The audio on the hospital room video is intentionally made difficult to hear. Look out MD, they intend to party, party, party, after this is over!

        The recent town hall meeting for the poor folks of the LA sinkhole also, intentionally went garbled every time a matter of importance was discussed, as in the land is sinking more than an inch a year while the dirty buggers continue to suck oil and gas out of it.

      2. Interesting observations, musings!

        In fact, I read a book several years ago about the origin of the 1917 “Spanish flu” epidemic, which wasn’t Spain–it was Kansas. A serviceman who lived on a farm where pigs had the virus–and the virus moved between swine and humans, where it mutated to become deadly–took it to Europe.

  16. I don’t think so, Marilyn. The earth’s people throughout history have been largely ruled by political gangsters, what Michael Parenti has called “the gangster state. The ruling gang has been supported mostly by the moneyed and Educated classes. Their power interests deviate sharply from those of the general population.

    When power systems become old, obsolete, and dysfunctional–and the American political system is well over two centuries old– the mutual contempt of the people and power increases. You can identify with power rationally, supporting policies that are insane from; the perspective of people. That is what Obama, Bush, and the American political class does.

    The oligarchy of billionaires, multi-billionaires, and aspiring billionaires financed Obama’s election because he lies real good, I. e. is talented at Proclaiming oligarchical policies that are accepted by the people. This is a professional public relations talent, even if the policies promoted are insane from a people’s perspective. The population can be battered by the media with policies cleverly and professionally formulated by the presidential regime, of either party.

    No personal pathology need be involved, just an identification with power against the interests of the people. The Citizen Battering by untruth of the general population produces an ideological insanity, but not necessarily a personal pathology. We can rationally conduct our personal lives, such as we do, while being political insane.

    1. The fact that he U.S, population hs been captured in the growing political dysfunction does not negate my thesis that we are free moral agents and responsibility still lies within the realm of our personal decision to choose good over evil. Psychopaths lack that instinct–a ‘bad seed’ if you will. Now if you want to say Bush 11 and obama 1 were victims of MK Ultra, I can buy that theory, Why not? Judging from their youthful antics (drug use, sexual ambiguity, et. al.) they are susceptable to blackmail and mind manipulation.



  17. I guess so, Marilyn. I should have said “an IMMORAL identification with power against the interests of the people.”

    Good quote, Anne.

    For we fight not against flesh and blood but against powers, against principalities, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  18. We need to take responsibility for removing the socialists that are currently ruining our country.

    Used to vote strictly Libertarian as a protest, but in reality that was throwing my vote away.

    Do not believe all politicians are evil, Senator Rand Paul or Dr. Ben Carson stand a chance and deserve the opportunity to steer the country in the right direction.

    Agree on dirty harry, he has done much to harm this country and that millionaire, senile snob needs to be dethroned!

    1. Dude do you really read Can you become any more brainwashed? Our country is run by sick men in the shadows, or by front men like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.

      1. Bill – No I do not routinely read TH, but a close friend sent the ominous article on how the socialists in charge have created new forms of slavery right under our noses. It is high time we squelch the stench. Challenge you to actually read it and tell what points you disagree on.

        It is only by exposing ourselves to all news, that we have a chance of determining what may be true. When CNN covers a ‘story’ 24/7, for sure it is fake.

        When you look at the demographics of who decides elections, it is the big city socialists and the unknowing slaves who show up.

        It may be the choice between two evils. Getting dirty harry out of there would be a huge blow to the cartel.

        TC – There are subjects that our representatives are sworn to silence on for reasons of national security and believe the government trying to control our weather is one of them.

    2. What if some candidate got elected and fixed everything? Now that would be spooky. Given the numbers we have seen over the last few years, we have been told there is no fixing anything at this point. Stephan Molyneux(terribly likeable fellow) has a good video on Youtube showing how things are too far gone(just numbers and facts) to fix. I think the best we can hope for at this point is a good scapegoat and WWlll. That doesn’t mean I’m going give up mind you. Like a wise commenter said, we are here to see it through.

      1. I am GAGGING on your ron paul response , he is a PUPPET no differant then obama , a sociopathic liar & he works for the same criminal regime ( the CFR counsel of foreign relations) . for Gods sake man do the research please. Now Dr.Ben Carson, YES , this man could possibly save our country & the world, he is a genious & a TRUTH teller ( wouldnt that be a nice change in the white house), these 2 men arnt even in the same league , one is an angel the other is another of satans helpers . rand paul is a career criminal / i mean politician, he is a GLOBALIST , stop listening to the words and watch their ACTIONS , watch how they vote , paul signed FOR NDAA – rand paul signed for NO gmo labeling – rand paul says CHEMTRAILS are the NON existant “CON” trails ,he is a CRIMINAL SOCIOPATHIC LIAR PUPPET . If we dont get Dr.Ben Carson in our white house in 2016 we are doomed , there is no one else that is not a career criminal that is not working for the enemy within.

  19. Gonzalo is a Category 4 hurricane, Bermuda directly in its path, set to make landfall tomorrow afternoon.


    And crickets from the MSM … zero coverage. A Cat 4 hurricane with a first-world country in its sites.

    Unheard of.

  20. […] Battered citizen syndrome is an extremely damaging psychological condition impacting individuals who are collectively subjected to emotional abuse and political disenfranchisement by the psychopathic types that all-too-frequently occupy public office in an era of political and socio-economic decay. The condition is often the result of “false flag” terrorism initiated by a tyrannical state that has long grown unresponsive to the citizen’s actual needs. This syndrome subdues individuals’ awareness of their own historical and political agency, and discourages them from seeking assistance for and ultimately remedying their unsafe situation.  […]

  21. A great deal of ideological battering of the American people occurs by Orwellian truth inversion. This involves power Proclaiming an untruth that is precisely contrary to the reality-based truth. When the War on Communism of the 20th century segued into the War on Terrorism of the 21st, the moneyed oligarchy that has ruled the USA historically began installing a terrorist power system. It functioned under the precisely contrary untruth that it was fighting Terrorism. In reality, Washington has been the greatest source of killing, torturing and making people homeless on our small planet.

    Washington selectively controls the media and other truth institutions through the intelligence and other agencies. The American people are miseducated, misinformed, and misentertained from childhood by the repeated, sustained, and comprehensive battering of the truth organs. We are systematically miseducated by the schools as children to learn the ideological misconceptions that enable the mass media to systematically misinform us as adults.

    The ideological battering is accompanied by the battering of the clubs and guns of the police, who have been militarized under the Terrorist War. The citizens of other countries have been battered by the bombs, artillery, and drones which are beginning to be employed against the American people. This is done under the guise of Security. What is actually meant is the security of the powerful, and the moneyed and Educated classes that support them, not the security of vast majority of the American people.

    The ideological battering of Orwellian truth inversion intimidates people from telling the simple reality-based truth in a holistic way. As a consequence the American truth consensus consists of specific information needed to do our jobs and play our power roles, combined with the Orwellian delusion indoctrinated by the ideological battering of the people. This leads to a doubletruth in the truth consensus, the truth combined with the untruth.

    The doubletruth consensus instills Orwell’s famous concept of DOUBLETHINK. This is the ability to hold two incompatible ideas in our heads at the same time, and to believe both of them. Doublethink is one of the pathologies instilled by Battered Citizen Syndrome, preventing us from thinking clearly and uniting effectively to resist anti-people power.

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