Document Originated on October 8, 2012

Holder_McConnellBy James F. Tracy

A newly discovered Federal Emergency Management-Department of Homeland Security document designated “For Official Use Only” reveals plans for a “Site Activation Call-down Drill Exercise Plan,” otherwise known as a “Mass Casualty Drill.”

[Attorney General Eric Holder, Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy, and top US Prosecutor in Connecticut David Fein announcing Project Longevity on November 27, 2012 . Image Credit: National Network for Safe Communities/WABC.]

The plan, created on  October 8, 2012, explicitly references a scenario where the “Mass Death of Children at a School By Firearms” is followed by a “Suicide or Apprehension of [an] Unknown Shooter.”

The 20-page document further instructs the “Use of Media” to be employed for “For Evaluation” and “for Information Distribution.”

Download drill-site-activation-call-down-exercise-plan (PDF)

While the date for the drill is marked “December 14, 2012” on the document’s cover page, on page 12 under Chapter 2: Exercise Logistics, the event is scheduled one day earlier. “The Preparation for Mass Casualty Drill will be conducted on 12/13/12 beginning at 8:00AM. Exercise play is scheduled until the exercise director/Controller determines that the exercise determines that the exercise objectives have been met. Everyone must sign in with Controller upon arrival.”

The instructions emphasize, “All Spoken and Written Communication will start and end with the statement, “THIS IS A DRILL.”

At a minimum, the attached materials will be disseminated only on a need-t0-know basis, and when unattended will be stored in a locked container or area offering sufficient protection against theft, compromise, inadvertent access, and unauthorized disclosure.

The document’s directs parties to direct queries to FEMA’s “Point of Contact” person, Executive Director Tom Romano.

Is this a plan for what came to be widely-known as the Sandy Hook School Massacre? No location for where the exercise is to take place appears on the document. Yet in July 2014 Wolfgang Halbig announced that Connecticut State Troopers intimated to him that the Sandy Hook event was “scripted,” and that some had submitted false affidavits on what had taken place that day.

Also, on December 14, 2012 two similar exercises were apparently transpiring in very close proximity to Newtown. At roughly 9:00AM an “Active shooter drill” exercise commenced in Carmel Connecticut, 45 miles away from Newtown. “By grim coincidence, even as the terrible events were unfolding in Newtown on Friday morning,” the Southeast Brewster-Patch reported,

 the Putnam County Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) happened to be assembled for regular training in Carmel, and team members were at that very moment engaged in a mock scenario of an active-shooter in a school. The ERT is comprised of specially trained and heavily armed officers from the Sheriff’s Office and the Carmel and Kent Police Departments.  When news broke of the Newtown shooting, the Putnam County ERT commander called Newtown Police and offered to have the ERT respond to the Sandy Hook school, but that response was not needed because Connecticut police had already secured the scene.

Ashley Tarr, “Sheriff: Putnam Officials to Talk School Safety This Afternoon,” Southeast Brewster-Patch, December 18, 2012.

A second federally sponsored “course” with the stated goal of “enabl[ing] participants to improve their community’s mitigation and emergency operations plan specifically regarding the needs of children,” was slated for December 14, 2012 in nearby Bridgeport, CT.

Some other curious observations:

A HSEEP Training Course was held in 2010 at 18 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT, with Tom Romano listed as the Contact Person.

The International Movie Data Base lists ABC News coverage of the Sandy Hook event, complete with “cast” including Kaitlin Roig, Paul Vance and Barack Obama, lists a broadcast date of December 12, 2012.

Other relevant entries from the Sandy Hook Massacre Timeline:

December 14, 2012

9:35AM [Estimate]
In the Sandy Hook library three faculty members hear noises and move 15 or so students to a storage closet in the library filled with computer servers. “Hold hands. Be quiet,” one teacher tells the children. One child questions “whether there are pots and pans were clanging. Another thought he heard firecrackers. Another worried an animal was coming to the door,” the Washington Post reports. “They were children in a place built for children, and the teachers didn’t know how to answer them … ‘It’s a drill,’ said a library clerk named Mary Anne Jacobs.” Eli Saslow, “Sandy Hook Massacre: Teachers Sought to Soothe Children in Moments of Terror,” Washington Post, December 15, 2012.

December 17

A special broadcast of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s syndicated television program is devoted to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Oz asks “Louie,” a Sandy Hook 3rd grader, “what you remember from that day.” “I remember that a lot–a lot of policemen were in the, uhm, school,” Louie responds. “Uhm, well, a lot–I was like [pause] hiding under–when we were having a drill we were hiding under, like … ” As Louie hesitates and takes several deep breaths, his mother nudges him while Oz taps the boy on the shoulder and changes the subject. “Take your time. There’s no hurry. Let me ask you, What would you like to say to your teachers?” Semuj1, Hurry–D/L Dr. Oz Interview, Sandy Hook Third Grader Louis ‘Having a Drill‘ – National TV,” Youtube, February 4, 2013; See also The Dr. Oz Show, “Dr. Oz Visits Newtown,” n.d.

January 13, 2013

Attorney Alexis Haller, Noah Pozner’s uncle, authors and submits a detailed memorandum to the Obama Administration’s White House Task Force on Gun Violence on behalf of the Pozner family. ” The eight-page document “proposes a range of [state, federal and local] legislative reforms to help prevent another targeted school shooting … The proposals … are based upon conversations within the family, consultations with school security experts, independent research related to prior school shootings, and discussion with legal professionals to focus on criminal law.” The statement urges linking gun control measures to mental health diagnoses, federal grants for school security system upgrades, and mandatory lockdown drills at public schools. Alexis Haller, “Memorandum from The Maternal Family of Noah Pozner to The White House Task Force on Gun Violence,” January 13, 2013.

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98 thought on “FEMA/DHS 12/14/12 Plan for “Mass Death of Children at a School By Firearms””
      1. Templates are part of all bureaucratic processes. This is a well-honed template so one similarly completed script must exist for BMB and other recent exercises. The template itself reveals intent.

      2. First, thanks for your courage to publicly question the media and everything you have done to expose their fabrications.

        In my opinion, information from unknown or uncredible sources is valuable if it reveals new information that is consistent with known facts. This document looks to me like it was a template filled in with publicly known information. I would believe it more if it revealed a new tidbit of information that could be verified.

        I think those who cover up these events put out straw-men to debunk, then claim they have debunked all “conspiracy” theories.

        Also, it’s hard to believe this was planned and documented through normal bureacratic channels. The only official role needed by DHS would be to passively block any real investigation (due to bureacratic inefficiency, of course). Why would they put their letterhead on the plans?

      1. It is a FEMA template. FEMA is a federal agency. Any state could choose to post it to their site. Most, if not all, are participants in their programs.

        They apparently have a variety of these for various scenarios. Ostensibly they are there for training purposes. I rather think it is a little more devious than that. They are a method of “creating reality” and giving it the gloss of officialdom.

        We continue to have people starving in the streets and without shelter while they spend every available cent on blowing people up and practicing this garbage. They should have a scenario for angry villagers with pitchforks and torches. What am I thinking? They probably do!

    1. I may be seeing some people at a big event in Newtown this weekend.

      Some of these people knew Nancy Lanza , or claimed to have known her, very well.

      What do you want me to ask them ?

      1. OK Casey, I’ll bite. Ask anyone you know to provide one simple shred of proof that we’re deluded crazies. Get some photos of Nancy and Adam at a public function. Get someone to say more than “I knew someone who knew someone who died”. Go to the local church and get baptism records of the victims. Anything. Have fun in NewLieTown and be sure to check in later, ‘kay?

      2. I just found out that the local priest Father Bob is driving a Mercedes.

        I fully expect to be speaking with someone that knew the Lanza’s very well- I doubt he will have pictures but he knew them directly and for quite some time.

        I have spoken with him before and told me that he saw both boys. Adam was shy , geeky, frail and aloof. Nancy was a bit snobbish.

        He said that he was told not to ring the door bell and not to use the weed whacker by the house because those noises would freak out Adam. Based on that I did not believe that Adam could ever go to a range and shoot.

        However I interviewed another guy that knew the NRA instructor- Hansen (2nd hand hearsay- however I consider this reliable) – He said that Nancy and Adam did come to the range but that they only rented guns (small caliber indoor range) They returned a few times thereafter. I was truly surprised by this discovery because I just could not believe that Adam could tolerate gun range activity- however I can only go where the evidence leads – I considered this source reliable with no reason to question-

        The other evidence that the Lanza’s ever went to any other ranges is highly questionable and very limited.

        Here is a link on that subject bouncing off of my twitter

        Nancy had requested to accompany him to a skeet range and that she had a shotgun from her ex husband. She did not say anything about a Saiga that she bought on the internet.

      3. Casey,how long has the “Slow School Zone” to 15 or 20 MPR been observed in that immediate area around the fire house,prior to the “SH Incident”? Thanks.

      4. Ray in all honesty I have no idea about the slow school zone – I don’t pay attention to those anyway. LoL – I do know people indirectly involved ( I will spare you) Also I could not tell you if the school was functional- I have no kids and I don’t pay attention to local politics. Hence I do have my limitations- The guy that I am about to talk to should have alot of good info so let me know if you have any good questions.

        My belief as to what precisely transpired has evolved and continues to involve based on new discoveries.

        I knew this was a false flag to mirror Dunblaine and Port Arthur and result in a gun grab. The other variables have been in flux based on increasing accumulation of research and evidence.

        I hope I can be of help

        Regarding the free houses I can tell you that none of my friends in town got free houses.

    2. There is an excellent analysis of the pictures issue- bottom line is that these should have been readily available digital pictures and the fact is that all the meta data was scrubbed and images blurred.

      Amanda’s Damato’s head is completely lopped off. A headless teacher- why ?

      Very simple solution – somebody please email Amanda Damato with this message:

      Dear Ms. Damato

      We would like to make a tribute video to all the victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

      Unfortunately the class picture available on the internet is blurry and inadequate to use for our video.

      Would you mind emailing us a copy of your class picture for the 2012-2013 school year?

      Thank you so much

      Is there any legitimate reason she would not accommodate us ?

  1. It is possible that the document did not have the dates “December 14, 2012″ and “12/13/12 beginning at 8:00AM.”
    See the discussion here:
    Use caution in reading that site because, like other “truth debunker” sites the posters use information selectively. The issue is too complicated for me to unravel without spending a lot of time on it.

    There’s another interesting Sandy Hook thread there:
    This thread argues that there was website activity at Sandy Hook after 2008, and cites Dawn Hochsprung’s twitter feed, which has lots of pictures. The photos are interesting since they show many of our favorite characters, but are not dateable. Also, there is one or two photos of landscaping in the SHES courtyard which cannot have been possible. Did someone, maybe even Dawn herself, write her own fake twitter feeds, using old stock photos?

    1. Mick West Who is Mick West, the man behind “Contrailscience” and “Metabunk”? In September 2011 I sent him an email to inquire as to how his credentials and institutional affiliations pertain to his analysis of geoengineering. This is his response:

      As per my “about” page, I’m Mick West. No relevant credentials beyond some pilot training. ContrailScience is all mine.

    2. Well the internet usage data is the same as Fetzer uses to support his hypothesis. It’s pretty convincing.

      I have absolutely no doubt this was a drill. In fact, it isn’t over. The blurring of reality is important to the overall plan. The mixture of “real” and “manufactured” scenes and stories serve to diminish even further people’s ability to discern.

      For example, would selling “ISIS” be as easy ten years ago? I mean, come on! The entire thing is over the top. But people are used to be confronted with garbage at full-tilt boogey levels. They just absorb it.

  2. The truth in black, white, and blue. To the actors and handlers involved in this script: you have proven to the world that our country has no integrity or honor. Nice work.

  3. Way to go, James. The discovery of the drill manual of Fema might have a significant influence on persuading the unconvinced. The Sandy Hook operation is the most fantastic of the homicidal false flags, the one probably most difficult for Americans to believe. But Nancy Lanza was almost certainly murdered, and millions of dollars were collected from the American public under false pretenses. That is, crimes were committed. Therefore a real criminal investigation is mandated, if the American people have the power to instigate one. This discovery would increase that power.

    This increased power is essential for the people who still think that it is preposterous to consider that this drill was staged, perhaps still a majority of Americans. People are reluctant to concede that they have been duped. It is easier to admit it if everyone else was duped as well.

    For years I have been trying to convince a Dem activist, a lawyer, that the Trade Center buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition. She recently had a gathering of her old friends, all lawyers, when they worked together in Las Vegas. 8 out of 9 argued for controlled demolition. She was shocked, especially as they were not a radical like me, but were MAINSTREAM. Professional lawyers for God sakes.

    So she decided not to think about it. “I’m sticking my head in the sand.”
    Fine. She will later realize that this is not a viable solution for a political person. But what was required to shake her emotionally–she is a strong–minded person–was not rational argument, but a realization that power persons believed it. REAL persons, not radicals. Democrats. And it is background evidence like this manual that has helped convince them. And will later convince her. A process that takes years, but is inevitable under current historical circumstances.

    The American power system has no defense against this creeping distrust by the American people of American power, except more lies, more secrecy, more oppression, more war. Consequently, although it is of course Unmentionable in the mainstream truth consensus, we are in a pre-revolutionary situation. Professional truthers are defecting from the authorized truth in increasing quantities, and this will eventually encourage the previously clueless and duped American people to break out of our political stupor. And it is this kind of evidence that will help us do it.

    1. I’m sorry but did everyone just go crazy?
      What’s going on here? Entertaining?Yes. Remotely close to what could be considered a rational thought? No.
      James these people believe every word you say like it is gospel. You need to include salient analysis to go with your “possible evidence.”

      I see all the regulars here (sans sv bob) applying no logic, and accepting your pseudo-referenced amalgamation of random darts thrown as proof of a drill.
      Casting chum to see who bites? I swear I feel like you are testing us sometimes, James.

      1. I appreciate this comment. I am not a regular here. I appreciate Dr. Tracy’s perspective of a journalism professor. I assume that perspective to be somewhat the same as that of a philosophy professor, that is, reflecting and applying sound logic and reasoning.

        It can appear as though we are being tested or maybe being baited at times. I attribute that to the apparent fact that these professors draw a stark line between their truth seeking efforts and justice seeking efforts. Often they do not adhere to any legal rules of “evidence” or proof and that becomes increasingly frustrating to those of us who hunger and thirst not only for truth but also for justice.
        It can become sort of a fun game like figuring out who done it in a mystery novel.

        If that is all this truth seeking is about, then I see only futility.
        In all these years of studying false flag and hoax events we should have concurrently adhered to and been guided by legal standards of evidence with the outside hope and chance of filing criminal law suits. But alas that hope seems to have always been outside all our inquiry efforts.

      2. “If that is all this truth seeking is about, then I see only futility.”

        That is a perceptive observation.

        Can we stop the people behind these things?

        “In all these years of studying false flag and hoax events we should have concurrently adhered to and been guided by legal standards of evidence with the outside hope and chance of filing criminal law suits”

        Uh, the answer is NO. They can’t be stopped. They OWN the courts.

        So what about futility? I say, we can prepare ourselves, by knowing the truth, and being able to explain it. To know when we are being lied to. When really bad things are about to happen, say a war on one’s doorstep, it is not exactly futility to accept what is looming; it is a chance to prepare. Things can be done. The event can’t be stopped, but preparations are possible.

        That’s the point of understanding what is being done to us.

        I think James offers these strange opportunities for contemplation as a way to show us what is going on; if we wish to take them seriously, connecting them in the line of dots, that’s our choice. If he does not tell us what he believes about them, probably he doesn’t know any more than we do. He’s just showing us what he’s come across. It’s no big deal–and if anyone is taking everything he posts as gospel, well, those people have bigger problems than James Tracy’s web site is here to address.

    1. The fact is that innocent people have been blown away in an instant by guns misused by children or directed by disturbed individuals, as well as by common criminals. This has impacted directly on black people living in environments where gun violence is common; it’s also common where drug gangs wield power. I can well imagine a black President and his black attorney general trying to bring about some kind of change that would shame people into a general disarmament, starting with wealthy whites. And to judge by the articles appearing in the sort of mags with some pretensions to ideas, pitched at the genteel white old money crowd (the Atlantic and New Yorker), I think it has made an impact.

      Of course, they say, terrible things happen in the world where violence spills over into enclaves once considered innocent of such crimes. But all this time, of course, they have been ignoring the steady drip-drip of blood not ten miles from where most of them live, which has been going on for years.

      So I think Obama and Holder saw a “teachable” moment, minus actual spilling of real blood. And no, Mark, they’re all actors, even Nancy. Of course she may already have succumbed to some disease like MS. Nobody would kill people to make this point (no statute of limitation on murder, and everyone wants to retire pretty).

      I really do think this kind of event, Sandy Hook, was designed to create talking points and teachable moments. And maybe to stanch the flow of blood in the ghettoes, which takes on a regular basis so many innocent lives. I’m not saying it was a good idea.

      Of course the BMB was a whole other kettle of fish, but that is for another discussion.

  4. Top of page 2-4 states i quote

    ” The exercise is expected to end at 11:59 pm on
    12/13/12 and be evaluated on 12/14/12 as a real-time event.”

    The exercise is indeed on Dec 13th,2012 but will be a real time event on Dec 14th, 2012

  5. What date did this 20-page pdf document become openly available on the web and is such a date verifiable? Who “discovered” this document and under what circumstances?

    Recently a person named Robert David Steele, who is described as a “former CIA spy” [is there such a thing?] who states he was part of that community and that he still loves that community stated that Sandy Hook was a false flag event. begin at @ 5:00

    I think this Mr. Steele may be Act 1 of a recent subtle propaganda play to gradually get the public used to the idea that Sandy Hook was just a drill all along and that it was all really quite harmless. After all, “nobody died.”

    The “discovery” of this 20 page document may be Act 2 of this propaganda play. The validity of the document and its content is of secondary importance to whether the document has been recently made public and done so for the purpose of diffusing the growing disbelief of and distrust of the official spokespersons and the official story of Sandy Hook event.

    The end goal of almost everyone being aware that the official story is a big lie is not satisfying to me. Every effort should be made to identify all of the crimes committed and to send all actors involved to prison.
    The perpetrators gradually admitting that Sandy Hook was only a drill does not absolve the crimes.

    1. Yes, if nobody died and it was a drill, we need to make sure the people who were reported to have died are alive.
      If they aren’t alive we need to know how they died and when.
      Sandy hook could be. Coverup of actual child and adult murders that took place at some other time.
      Why if it really was just a drill why the need to instal a law that covered up child deaths? By blocking any access to paediatric post Mortems and death certificates?

      So I for one will never just be satisfied if they say ,’ ok it was all a drill.
      Don’t worry nobody died. ‘
      I want real proof the people ( the children and adults) are still living and not dead.

      1. “Still living” assumes they were ever alive in the first place. Fictional characters neither survive nor were they ever killed. So chasing that kind of thing is not useful.

        Each exercise has its own characteristics. Two of the 9/11 alleged victims were real. One was a celebrity and the other I actually knew in high school (one of the pilots). But those people did not have to have died on that day. It might be the same with Nancy – if she was ever real. But these are thrown in to give verisimilitude to something otherwise fictional – like real historical characters who have walk-ons in novels or like those actual newscasters they use in thriller movies to get your heart pounding. The fact is that this is a well-known technique to flesh out something which is made-up.

    2. Just watched this 9/18 AJ interview with a cia whistleblower? Who predicted an ebola false flag.

      It is difficult to decipher who are the players and who are the controllers. Was a player in drills for many years, with a minor role, the controllers took great pride in designing impossible scenarios for the engineers who had to react to a series of multiple failures, it was all computerized simulation.

      Above the controllers there lurked the government overseers that decided whether or not your organization was fit to run the business at hand.

      The controllers were supposed to be silent, but success of the drill also meant their employment. We were aware when a ‘surprise’ drill was going to happen and they would discretely let the players know what the next response was supposed to be if they did not follow the proper path.

      1. Breakfast and lunch was always the highlight of the most boring day of your WORKING CAREER . Bagels, donuts, fresh fruit and juice, then subs and chips and cookies, all the pop and clean water you could ever consume, this day is much better than actually working!

  6. There are numerous tv magazine programmes listed in imdb for sandy hook if you search

    Remembering Sandy Hook (2013) (TV Episode)
    – Piers Morgan Tonight (2011) (TV Series)
    The Sandy Hook Promise (2013) (TV Episode)
    – Moyers & Company (2012) (TV Series)
    Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary (2012) (TV Episode)
    – Dateline NBC (1992) (TV Series)
    Oprah and Sandy Hook Parents Francine and David Wheeler: After Sandy Hook (2013) (TV Episode)
    – Super Soul Sunday (2011) (TV Series)
    U.S. Proving Grounds, Sandy Hook (1901)
    Sandy Hook Massacre and Viewer Questions (2012) (TV Episode)
    – Pastor Mike Online (2011) (TV Series)
    Shamrock Rounding Sandy Hook Light Ship (1903)
    From Broadway with Love: A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook (2013) (TV Movie)
    One Year After Sandy Hook/Emma Thompson (2013) (TV Episode)
    – Katie (2012) (TV Series)

    1. Well, check this one out dated 12th of December 2012. It has no working title yet.
      But look at the “cast”. Adam Lanza-Gunman, Roy Low-himself

      ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (Wrong Picture)
      Episode dated 12 December 2012 (12 Dec. 2012)
      “ABC Evening News” Episode dated 12 December 2012 (original title)
      TV Episode – 30 min – News
      Your rating: -/10 (awaiting 5 votes)
      Reviews: write review
      Add a Plot

      Directors: David Distinti, Jeff Kay
      Stars: Diane Sawyer, Amy Seavers, Kaitlin Roig | See full cast and crew »

      This one dated 12-14-12 has a working title:

      Tragedy at the Elementary School (14 Dec. 2012)
      TV Episode – 60 min – Documentary | News
      Your rating: -/10 (awaiting 5 votes)
      Reviews: write review
      Add a Plot

      Stars: Diane Sawyer, Chris Cuomo, Adam Lanza | See full cast and cre

      I just think its all very strange.

    2. Of course there are, what’s your point? None of those say they occurred on the 12th. If you watch the episode in question the interviews are totally scripted and it is almost obvious they were done before the event. Also look at the crew, for almost all of them it is their only credit, very strange.

      1. I see exactly what you mean. The previous experience the other (very few) had was in, like, the 70s. Very strange. It is also odd that amateurs could throw together a show in less than 12 hours.

        Move along; nothing to see here…

  7. It is not a co-incidence that CT is the first state to declare a state of emergency due to the pending ebola epidemic, even though there are no reported cases there.

    Ostensibly it is because they have no laws that allow health officials to quarantine folks. Really? You have someone walking around with leprosy and it would be illegal to detain them?

    Typically, states of emergency are enacted to negate all civil liberties for the good of the public and to obtain federal money to deal with the crisis.

    We are seeing a form of flagrant manipulation of the media with ebola press conferences that seemingly last for hours, not really sure cannot stand to listen.

    Here are some possibilities:

    1) They know it is not real and that is the reason they are breaking from protocol, ie. Forcing the family to stay in the infected, uncleaned apartment, not cleaning the ambulance for a few days which transported a now unaccounted for homeless person, allowing officers to enter the apartment, the list goes on.
    2) They know it is real and are trying to infect a large portion of the population
    3) The fact that the usual race baiting mouth pieces are all over this discrimination that allowed a black man to die, tells me we have yet another false flag.
    The community is being discriminated against and there is great difficulty in explaining what is going on in more than forty languages and dialects!

    1. Well that does it, my Connecticut relatives are definitely coming to my house for Thanksgiving, rather than vice versa. Of course we’re not much better off in Massachusetts with our martial law. Perhaps we could all meet in Rhode Island.

      1. :: )) Well whatever the decision is, believe massive washing of the hands is required, please do not touch your nose, eyes, or mouth until you are properly fumigated!

      2. You can meet them at the door wearing a NASA “poopie suit”. Check ’em for wires and unusual scars.

        Patrick and I have been saying for a long time that it is a “test”. Today I read a rumor that, after the elections, they plan to “crack down” on “liberty types” who are involved in “conspiracy theories”. “Believe what we tell you or go to jail”.

        I wouldn’t rule it out. Maybe we’ll all be required to recite a loyalty oath to Anderson Cooper.

      3. I am a residential contractor, and in the course of working in residential homes I am occasionally forced to listen to what they are watching on TV. It never ceases to amaze me what people find humorous. Case in point; Ellen DeGenneres. Now I understand that her studio audience roars with laughter because some tech is holding up a sign which reads, “Laugh…PLEASE…”

        Anyway, Musings, your comment re where you and your relatives will be spending Thanksgiving had me laughing out loud…and without a prompter!

        Thanks, I needed it. Levity is in short supply these days.

      1. John
        Thank you for important links to the truth. It is so hard to fathom. I occasionally try to laugh at it and pretend it is not there.
        The truth is that I pray every night for my family, friends, country and this world to be saved from the evil doers. May God bless us all!

  8. Another kudo to you James for your ongoing document searches to expose the fraud. Incredible, gov’t has increased false flags while the events are so blatantly staged/fabricated.
    A thank you for humanity’s sake.

  9. There are at least two definite crimes involved in Sandy Hook: the murder of Nancy Lanza, and the millions of contributions collected under false pretenses. It can’t be sloughed off as just a drill.

  10. We need to locate an image of Tom Romano at the fire house, you know he has to be there. I am wondering if it the man in the Purple/blue sweatshirt raising his fist aggressively at the reporter who was not on the “A” list. The photographer was told to leave, perhaps he observed the rehearsal taking place?

  11. Just noticed a curious news item in the Boston Globe. There are several islands in Boston Harbor, some of which have historically been used for long term quarantine and in one case to house victims of gassing in WWI whose lungs could not take city conditions back in the day. Right now one of those islands which used to house such veterans (some of whom I saw in 1976 when watching the Tall Ships from that location), now has a homeless shelter which has been suddenly evacuated due, it was said, to finding something structurally unsound in the bridge connecting it to the mainland. The suddenness of the evacuation has provoked questions, as the homeless are being relocated very quickly at some evident inconvenience.

    The ostensible reason for the shift of the population in the wake of this supposed epidemic would indicate planning for yet another quarantine, I would say.

      1. Haven’t seen that movie. But it’s pretty obvious that as a quarantine center for northern New England, Boston is preparing. And of course they are hiding behind a cover story, which is the supposed poor condition of the bridge which all of a sudden they are noticing (to the skepticism even of the Boston Globe). But cutting the connection with the mainland while working on the bridge would allow it to function as a place of confinement without it seeming to be an obvious prison. You can control traffic very well on a bridge like that (one lane, lots of police, that kind of thing).

  12. Musings said

    OCTOBER 9, 2014 AT 12:59 AM
    “Still living” assumes they were ever alive in the first place. Fictional characters neither survive nor were they ever killed. So chasing that kind of thing is not useful.

    not useful!
    What kind of stupid comment is this?
    Sandy hook was meant to be about a massacre
    The whole point of it was the claim somebody murdered people
    And that is what you and everyone here including me disputes
    As we think it was a drill
    But the most important thing in this hideous news story was children were slaughtered, now if you think it not useful to discover if the children are not dead, then what is the point of researching sandy hook in the first place?
    For you to theorise and dismiss the possibility that sandy hook may have been used to cover up real murders is a reckless and reprehensible and indefensible position to take.
    The very fact that is looks to be a drill immediately leaves the question where are the living victims, and that surely is the most important question, unless of course you don’t care about dead children.
    I still believe it possible the children could be murder victims and sandy hook was used to cover up their murders, same for the adults.
    If it is a proven drill, then this must be the case, epithet that or the alleged victims can be produced as still alive.
    If they are not produced as still alive after halbig gets people to admit it a drill, then suspicion of sandy hook being used as a cover up for mass murder is the conclusion, and has to be assumption, if you want to press for an open inquiry , because then the refusal to do so by the authorities will be a blatant dereliction of duty. And they will know it will look that way.

    1. There is way too much evidence of pre-planning for this to be anything other than a drill. 27 victims in the school and NO BLOOD !
      Who does this much disaster planning ? Notice that this HSEEP Training Course was held in SANDY HOOK AT THE FIREHOUSE !!
      I don’t have these things in my town, do you ?
      We don’t do “Hurricane Drill” where I live in FLORIDA !! Why are they doing it in Sandy Hook in July 2012?
      Here’s the ‘who’s who’ of the Sandy Hook Hoax planning commission in October discussing how the Smart 911 system will shine brightly during their upcoming “event”.
      Notice Bill Halstead is front and center. In book 6, report number 00256482. His statement says “When we arrived on scene I told command and had my crew setup for triage. I was the I. C. of the incident for Fire and EMS. We stayed on scene to approximately 14:45 hrs.” So guess who was the Incident Commander of the EMT ? The guy who’s wife was unaccounted for for over 4 hours ! Did he get panicked ? maybe he was hoping she was dead.
      Supposedly this was a “Statewide Preparedness Exercise” – I’d like to see who else in CT was preparing for the unlikely event of a Hurricane.
      My guess is that they were preparing for a mass casualty event but that would raise too many red flags !
      Or would it ? —-
      And let’s not forget the battles that the Legislature went through with Wayne Carver to pass Bill 1054, which conceals ‘pediatric autopsies’ form the Public Eye. Wayne Carver was vehemently opposed to this Bill when it was introduced calling it senseless and “redundant”. He threatened to resign over this matter. Yet, just a few months later, he relented and the Bill was passed.
      Now I ask you, using simple logic? Is it more likely that his was a preplanned event where no one was injured to promote a Political Agenda, or some massive cover up of a murder gone wrong ?

    2. I have been away from this site due to illness and other matters. Of course it would make sense if there might be dead people. But we’ve gone over that in the past. What makes little sense is to characterize a Wag the Dog as real, because it simply plays into the hands of those who run such things. Understanding that these huge conspiracies work the best if they are like the older “Continuity in Government” exercises and such that CIA and other agencies are used to, understanding there is a protocol somewhere, puts it in its more productive realm: understanding what these exercises say about how the public is led by the nose and consent to government actions is manufactured. To assume that they are members of an evil cult plotting our demise is perhaps one way of looking at it. But that is not how I see it. You think I’m stupid because I will not entertain certain rabbit hole directions in my understanding, rabbit holes I refuse to go down? Okay.

      The dull truth is just this: It’s a society which is increasingly top-down with a dumbed-down public that is more and more prone to buy weak and stupid scenarios in order to justify moves by the government in certain directions to which others might offer objection in a more democratic society. If I believe those scenarios in any part, I am being part of that public which is led by the nose to accept certain things and made possibly too afraid to object to them because of an imagined overwhelming power of that evil government. Evil is not so much the problem as people who in their willfulness and will to power think they are doing good when they are undermining our society with fictions. Some of those fictions allow us to create enemies abroad, some allow us to demonize those at home and to deprive them of constitutional rights.
      But the blunderers who do this think they are helpful and think they are teaching us, leading us along what they imagine is a good path. I am here to say they are wrecking the ability for us to have real and truthful discourse with each other. To me, that is the road to perdition, but it is deliberately made a painless road at the beginning, one for spectacle rather than real suffering. The suffering comes later (e.g. in the wars which result or the innocent people who are killed by vigilantes).

      1. Sorry to hear of your troubles Musings. I hope you feel better and matters improve.

        I don’t think you’re stupid at all. You have proven your wisdom in many posts here. But I am concerned that you are unwilling to acknowledge the truth. We call it the rabbit hole, but the depth is not that complicated.

        In America, we are all given the opportunity to create wealth by contributing something others are willing to pay for. The better we do it, the richer we get. The richer we get, the more we can buy. The more we buy, the more we find there is to buy. There are many billionaires who don’t know what to do at this stage. They just keep buying whatever justifies their sense of self. And they buy tons of crap. Crappy food, crappy property and vehicles, and massive amounts of cheap stuff from WalMart and Costco. These folks have a great desire to feel that they are being entertained and serviced. Because they have more numbers in their accounts.

        But within our top 1% (or .001% to be more accurate), there exists a group of hard working folk who want to “win” the capitalism “trophy”. These people have gamed the system to inure to their own benefit. It’s not personal, it’s business. And if it is FED-sponsored, it is, today, 100% legal.

        These driven people change the rules. Wherever there is profit to be made, they position themselves to reap the largest share. They purchase people, natural resources, judges, the media, and the police.
        Eventually they control markets, food sources, energy, and the military. They play a real game of Monopoly (or Risk, if you remember that one) and cannot stop themselves regardless of the pain, suffering, and death of life and planet their actions cause.

        Many who remember the ‘Nam years witnessed the onset of an incredible battle for integrity and honor. Do the powers that be choose honor and integrity ~ or ~ take control of the entire dang thing and reap all the benefits? JFK was no angel, but I believe he wanted honor and integrity.

        Oh well, that is how these things go.

        In a capitalistic society, it is easily justified that greed is good. There is nothing more simple. Generations later, we are witness to the fruit of that philosophy.

        You give the blunderers too much credit. These are hired guns selling their own integrity, honor, and progeny for a paycheck. If one has a corporate of government title, one is a hired gun. The more “magnificent” the title, the more one earns for “services” and complicity in the overall scheme. The problem to the keepers is that their system is backfiring. They have eliminated all free thinkers from their ranks and are now stuck with highly compensated, valueless idiots who cannot execute their plans without making stupid mistakes. These schemes worked in the 80’s. They don’t work anymore. Today, we have access to globally-linked super computers in our pocket, and some of us know how to use these tools and apps better than others. Reagan (“Well…”) wouldn’t have a chance in this reality.

        Many contributors here resist by simply resisting. Others are looking for at least one important domino to fall so true justice has a chance. If a tipping point can be reached, the scales of justice will most surely be influenced. That is how these things go.

        At this blog, we rally behind important dominoes. This is not a “dull” enterprise, although it certainly can be a lonely endeavor.

        What continues to motivate me is the pursuit of integrity and honor. The year is 2014 and I believe it is time for all of us to define the elements of what constitutes true global freedom. The road to perdition is yesterday’s headline.

        Be well Musings.

    1. That was an impressive Wolfgang Halbig public meeting on the lack of proper response to the shh.

      Hope he takes care to address his apparent breathing problem or he may not live to see this case closed.

      Peace and love.

    2. In the video above halbig states he believes no one died, no children , no adults. If he really believes that , my question to him is does he seek to present those people alive after he gets those he puts under deposition to admit it was drill.
      Is he going to bring forth those children and those adults.
      Because if he has no intention of demanding that happens after he gets sandy hook proven to be a drill, the. I can tell you now he cannot be trusted.
      I am not saying that is his intention, but the very fact he never mentions that is his intention stinks . He also in this video says yes there are graves. So what does he think is in those graves.? Does he think they are empty?
      I believe all evidence shows sandy hook was a drill
      But was the sand you hook drill organised by authorities and church to cover for real child murders and adult murders that were committed elsewhere at another time and place?
      That is the question we need answering after halbig gets the ptb to admit is was a drill.
      Why isn’t he interested in those questions and why does he never bring them up? If he says yes there are graves
      What does he think is in them
      Bodies or empty coffins.

      And what does he plan to do about it
      I heard at one point an accusation that he wanted to exhume the bodies
      How is this even possible? If there are no bodies?

  13. I can discount most of the ‘actors’ involved in Sandy Hook. I cannot explain the 26 Christmas trees behind the firehouse that were ultimately decorated in the names of the victims. That is too much of a coincidence. Most of the other ‘evidence’ I have explored (and submitted findings here) were explainable.

    1. The one mistake made during this real time event or exercise gone live … Is no first responder applied immediate first aid … If it were a real event there would have been frantic attempts to save lives or at least try. That did not occur therefore it had to be fake. Otherwise first responders would be liable for criminal negligence causing death. It really is that simple and without litigation by victim parents only reinforces that no children died … Fabricated photoshopped identities were deleted that day.

      If any child died because of the non response of first responders the parents would be demanding answers, if my child was in that school that day i guarantee you Lt Vance would not be around anymore. So therefore it was a fake event.

      1. Did the police chief of Littleton, CO, get the boot after Columbine? I think it’s clear that kids and at least one teacher died due to lack of first aid. I don’t think any jobs were lost over that…but I could be wrong. Do you know?

      2. It’s a timing thing these days; current (current on 12/14/12) protocol was for police to first take down the shooter(s), literally bypassing all victims. Seems counterintuitive, but statistics up to that point had shown that stopping the threat was more important than tending to already-wounded victims. It’s part of the triage mentality, which says that you must prioritize saving non-wounded over wounded, as they have the best chance to live. In other words, you want to prevent new wounded at all costs. Post-Sandy Hook, a series of conferences was rather quietly (in my opinion) held–the Hartford Consensus. They cited many other old mass shootings as the impetus, but it seems clear to me the real impetus was Sandy Hook, and the focus of this impetus was: send EMTs in earlier, even if the zone is still “warm.” Between the Hartford Consensus’s clear indications that children died at Sandy Hook because they hemorrhaged too long, and FBI Dir Comey’s statement that lives in NM were saved by applying “lessons learned from Sandy Hook” regarding keeping the roads clear, we have two major institutions/bodies pointing subtly at the fact that the children of Sandy Hook did not really have a 20/0 deceased/wounded ratio. It was far more likely to have been x/y/z, with y representing wounded. And the reasons for their avoidable deaths were: 1) delay in hemorrhage control and 2) delay (utter failure) of transport. The questions of the day are what caused the delay in hemorrhage control–was it really justified–and who allowed roads to become blocked preventing ambulance travel. The CT Police Chiefs Association review of the NPD response originally contained a section on the road blockage–we know this because WTNH reporter Bob Wilson read from it live–and this section has been scrubbed from the public version of the report. Clearly road blockage was a big, bad issue. I don’t fault first responders for horrible mistakes made under stressful conditions–though that would likely put me in the minority. I do fault them–or whoever’s silencing them–for lying about it for two years and thereby ensuring that other children may die due to these unacknowledged obstacles to survival. An honest response to Sandy Hook could have harnessed the power of international attention and inspired towns worldwide to address their own response protocols, saving many, many lives. Instead, with the help of the Connecticut administration, almost no one in the world realizes the Sandy Hook emergency response consisted of a a series of catastrophic, almost certainly fatal errors.

      3. “a series of catastrophic, almost certainly fatal errors” that no one seems to care about…or a drill. Which scenario makes more sense?

        I watched dashboard cam footage of that day taken from a police vehicle in the SHE parking lot. There were lots of snacks (apparently the roads weren’t too blocked to deliver those) and some yucking it up, but they didn’t seem too stressed about the situation.

  14. I have just seen roof that indeed Wolgang wants to at some point exhume a body of a child to prove it’s not one of the children we have been told is a victim.
    This is a gross mistake and just shows that Wolfgang has not at all counted as a possibility what I have said could be the situation
    What will he do if when he gets permission to exhume a body and it tuners out to be one of the named victims according to the official story?
    This is why after he proves it to be a drill and investigation should be done into how those children are dead
    This is the attitude and line of enquiry that must be taken
    Otherwise you will lose all the gentrified of proving by getting witnesses to admit it was a drill
    Then the apparent victims must be either presented alive or assumed to have been murdered not in the drill but somewhere else
    Is he even thing logically? I mean this is sooo obvious
    He would have total egg on his face if he digs a body up and it turns out to be one of the murder victims
    And then they will say look his witness was lying!
    It wants a drill etc etc
    Common use your brains please!

  15. Why did NPD wait, at minimum, ten minutes after discovering two rooms full of injured children to tell their own dispatch? We know that at the very latest NPD found rooms 10 and 9 at 9:51:31 a.m. (likely earlier). Yet the first radio transmission from NPD advising dispatch that this just became 27 serious GSW instead of two adults shot in the foot was at 10:01 a.m.–and even then, Newtown dispatch never heard it (they were overtasked). It would be another two minutes until EMT Cathy Dahlmeyer got through to dispatch with “call for everything.” What was NPD doing for those ten minutes during which not one, single officer called or radioed Bob Nute to tell him this just became an MCI?

    1. In Officer Cario’s statement he stated that he arrived in the lobby and a Newtown officer told him that they saw the shooter “duck into” room 10, there was a volley of shots and then it was quiet for the last 5 minutes.

      So we have at least 3 live children in the rooms 8 and 10 (Olivia Engel, Ben Wheeler and an unknown survivor) with an active shooter and the Newtown officers did not advance on the shooter ? They did not transmit his location to officers outside ?

      1. ” and a Newtown officer told him that they saw the shooter “duck into” room 10,”

        All kinds of holes in the “official story”, including, I guess, the memory hole where the NAME of the “Newtown officer” now resides.

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

      2. Yep–and this works if you rearrange Cario’s statement: “It was quiet for the last 5 minutes, but then there was a volley of shots and the shooter [popped out of Room 8] and ducked into room 10.” Although officers never stated he ducked into room 10 specifically. Most likely he was dropped in the hall at 9:46:54 a.m. and then dragged into Room 10.

  16. “The International Movie Data Base lists ABC News coverage of the Sandy Hook event, complete with “cast” including Kaitlin Roig, Paul Vance and Barack Obama, lists a broadcast date of December 12, 2012.”

    First, this is a typo – not by abc, but by imdb which (I believe) is wiki-like in that registered users can edit what they want
    Second, the cast is naming archive footage while telling the story of Lanza on the nightly news – you know how they cut to a scene and show Obama saying something last year to prove a point on the show that day?

    Verified by Google, abc news, wayback machine, and other websites commenting on the contents of the show that day.

    Whoever the source was for this (dis)info is incompetent or a plant. This is a honey trap.

  17. Confusion works! Note that, even here, the discussion keeps revolving around whether anyone was shot or it was a drill. We talk of exhumations as if there are bodies. Maybe there are. I doubt it, but I can’t “prove” that there aren’t.

    What makes this story “work” for most is that it is so outrageous that people do not want to believe that officials would participate in such a thing. I can assure you that I don’t “want” to believe it either. Unfortunately, we have ample examples that indicate that they can and do participate in such things.

    It is very important to trust one’s logic when looking at these things. “If” people were shot, would they behave the way that they did? Would autopsies be performed in the parking lot? Would a “ready for Hollywood” production be “in the can” ready for prime time?

    If they had handled this in a logical manner we would be debating about whether they used a tragedy for political goals. That alone would be a worthy discussion. The fact is that they did not handle the alleged “tragedy” in a manner that was believable.

    Somehow, Connecticut is at the forefront of at least one group’s ambitions:

    When it comes to controlling liberties there is no hesitation. Whether it is gun control or access to public records, they seem to proceed from the position that the public has no rights unless they allow them. The danger is that people seem to accept that.

    Lastly, the burden of proof is not on us, the observers. We are not the ones presenting this tale. While Mr. Halbig’s courage may be admirable, a reckless approach could easily undermine that dynamic. Instead of addressing the myriad problems with this production, focusing on one element (and thus providing an opportunity to “create” evidence), could allow sabotage of the efforts to expose it.

    Fetzer is on the right track with the evidence of school closure. Proceeding from that in a logical manner the whole event would begin to crumble. All of the individual pieces are important, but certain ones are more pivotal than others. If no school was in operation it makes the rest impossible.

    1. OK, let’s say we only focus on proving the school was not in operation because “If no school was in operation it makes the rest impossible.”
      Just how do we PROVE, beyond the shadow of a doubt, for all to see, that the school was not in operation? There might be ways to do that if we had unlimited time, money and legal guidance. We do not. That has been done to the best of Dr. Fetzer’s and others’ abilities but it is all frustratingly weak. I think all the people of Newtown / Sandy Hook being effectively gagged is a huge real problem.

      The reason Dr. Fetzer’s work as been invaluable is that he has not hesitated to investigate EVERY ASPECT of the case, and not just focus on one area of inquiry. It is when you take all of the combined information about several aspects of the case that Dr. Fetzer and others helping him have amassed that the public has become effectively informed about the very probable false or hoax nature of the Sandy Hook event. However, none of it taken individually or together would be at the level of proof or evidence that would stand up in a court of law, but that is not the goal anyway.

      Another BIG PROBLEM is that we have no OFFICIAL statement by the government as to what they claim took place at Sandy Hook and to which we have something to pose our arguments. At least with 9-11, we had somewhat more of an official statement of the “official story” of that event against which we could pose strong arguments.

      Many people are raising many very valid questions about the identities of the alleged victims of these false flag / hoax events. It is probably only since 9-11-01 that there is the real possibility of there being simulated victims. With Pearl Harbor, Ruby Ridge, and Waco, no one questioned whether the victims were real. We cannot say with any certainly whatsoever that “3000 people died on 9-11.”

      The legal arena is very much changed by all these false events. Courts now have to technologically examine photographs, documents and corpora delicti to establish their validity. Since the courts are crooked, the crime labs are crooked and the lawyers are crooked, this proving of evidence of a crime is probably just a nonstarter.

      To prove that someone has died, you need to first prove that that same someone was a living person. To prove that someone is living that is said to have died, you need to first prove that the living person is the same person as the one claimed to have died. In this day and age, matching two DNA samples on the same person, one sample from the living person and one sample from the dead body, is the way to do that, but then we have to have a corpse and we have to trust the government to do that honestly. None of this is ever going to happen.

      1. I did not say to “only” concentrate on the school. You should read what is said, carefully. This isn’t a contest.

        We KNOW it was a hoax. “Proving” it is difficult. As a point of fact, we don’t have to. It would be satisfying because I think it would put them in a defensive posture.

        I actually believe that it is possible to prove that the school was not in operation. In fact, it may be the easiest element to “prove”. I realize that Fetzer’s evidence is “weak”, but it demands an explanation. I’ve said many times that records should exist for support services and the like.

        The anecdotal evidence is there. Some hard evidence exists somewhere. The plan to exhume a body is “ambitious”. I would be surprised if that happened.

        Nonetheless, if someone wants to explore any element of this its fine with me. I read today, for example, in a work by someone studying the bus runs, that they had done a survey. Approximately 30% of the student body in the district was said to ride their bikes. See any bikes in the coverage? Ever see an elementary school without them?

        I actually think that Fetzer’s internet data is pretty solid. You simply can’t have an operation like a school without leaving trails. There is a physical plant and plants need operations and maintenance. There are records of those expenditures both at the procuring office and at the businesses they dealt with.

        I think that the records lock down is directly related to this. Any private eye worth their salt could track those down under normal circumstances.

        Every little thread adds to the total, but, something major, like the fact that the school was not in operation would be pretty hard to explain. The whole thing depends on a majority of people simply not looking at it. It won’t stand scrutiny. Name calling, and even demolition, can’t hide the evidence.

    2. Very well put Lophatt. The unfortunate reality is that extant evidence could easily and expeditiously expose the truth but we do not have access to that evidence. Among the most obvious that comes to mind is the basic tax returns of the parents which should identify each child with a social security number. There are dozens of other obvious pieces of evidence as well.

      The other unfortunate reality is that this “event” presented in the “official narrative” is being believed by sophisticated people.

      Wolfgang does make some reckless conclusions at times but overall he is out there and now getting an audience and asking good questions.

      I think that TPTB , having seen the success of Sandy Hook, are testing just how dumb the public is by performing more and more absurd events supporting their agenda. Look at the Cassidy Stay story. She blocked a shot to her head with her finger and a few days later was parading around with infinite smiles and yet nobody thinks this is rather anomalous.

      Elliot Roger is from a rich successful Hollywood family and drives a BMW and he complains that he cannot attract women? Are you kidding me ?

      Is there any hope ?

      1. Casey, those are good points. I know that “talk is cheap” (myself included), and that we all have busy, demanding lives to live. But from a pragmatic point of view, the logical thing to do would be to hire a detective.

        The records have to exist. I realize that quite an effort has been expended in sealing them. I’m not sure they’ve thought about some less obvious ones. This would best be accomplished by someone close to the area.

        I have been trying not to criticize Mr. Halbig. While his approach differs from what I would do, I have to give him credit for doing something. If I were concerned about “credibility” (and I’m not), I would have concerns. At a minimum he is keeping this from disappearing.

        I was concentrating on the “low hanging fruit”. The school seems to be the weakest link. It was publicly funded and as such, the records should be available. They had payrolls and payments to subcontractors and vendors.

        If I were free to pursue this I would hire a detective and explain that he or she would have to be aware of what they were looking into. The closer to Newtown one looked the more sensitive to research they are likely to be. Ultimately, some of those records would exist outside the immediate area. If enough of those showed a pattern they could be parlayed into request closer to home.

        There is even less of an excuse to hide records dealing with school expenditures than those they’ve already sealed. They are not part of an investigation, nor are they private.

        You are correct to recognize these as a “test”. The goal is to create “reality” in virtually every aspect of life. Ultimately, if they tell us that the sky is purple we will not argue. We will question our senses for lying to us. This is conditioning.

        It is unnecessary to condition the logical. The more implausible something is the better material it becomes for this effort. It establishes a previously unheard of requirement to “believe” authority. It reinforces the notion that to question authority is unacceptable.

        There is little that can be done to prevent them from doing this outside of exposure. Exposure would render it pointless. If their audience were laughing at them I suspect it would be a short lived effort.

  18. The just of the SH commission report was to blame home schooling, all the while the phantom killer spent most of his learning years in public schools.

    And the commission had zero information on his medical treatment in those schools?

    We have been totally scammed, even if we never contributed to the mega funds that went into the endless pit.

    Home schooling is the new boogey man in the closet.

  19. The “way back machine”,, records of SHES that Dr. Fetzer and others have found to show the school was closed and the photos of the school being used as a storage facility and showing the state of dangerous disrepair of the structure are important and good evidences to have, but there are higher forms of proof.

    An excellent way to prove that the SHES was closed would be to have several parents of children who were notified that their child would not be able to attend SHES the next school year and the child would be reassigned to another elementary school. Several parents talking about this on video by a researcher and displaying notification letters from the school district would be high quality proof that the school was closed. It would seem to be easy to find such parents in the Sandy Hook area, but I think it would be almost an impossible task for a researcher to find these parents.

    Another great way to prove that SHES was closed would be to see if the school district placed any official notifications of the school closing in any of the local newspapers or other publications. It would seem that such public notification on the public record would be a government regulation that had to be followed.

  20. There is a lady in a brown coat running in this early evacuation picture–just realized it’s almost certainly Mrs. Salamy.

    This is incredibly significant because it (possibly) puts a timestamp on some of the earliest road blockage–approximately 9:58-9:59 a.m.–and starts to make it look very clear that even the earliest ambulances couldn’t access the scene.

    This would later be explained away as the scene being too dangerous; however, we know CSP officers on scene were screaming at that very moment for ambulances to come right up to the school.

    Mrs. Salamy is likely the one who called 911 from the school parking lot at 9:57:36 (heavy accent, StartTime 2012-12-14 14-57-4 Logger 45170321 Channel 3 Radio) saying someone saw her daughter running–her daughter was indeed one of the runners from Soto’s room. The attached photo likely shows Mrs. Salamy running back up to the fire department in search of her daughter just after ending her frantic 911 call at 9:59 a.m..

    She says in her 911 call that there is “one dead girl shot, and they asking for ambulances right there, and they don’t like to go to the school.” Clear reference to Chapman, who has likely run up Dickenson just before Mrs. Salamy; not because ambulances wouldn’t enter the scene, but because they couldn’t.

    I feel this is Salamy in the attached evac photo because she later gives her coat to her daughter: Her daughter is in the Soto class picture, and there are other photos and footage of the Salamys at the scene. None of this exhaustive scrutiny would be necessary if officers and lawyers had simply told the truth.

    At any rate, those two cruisers in the evac photo, especially the one in the middle of the road, seem to have been a significant part of the road blockage problem that day, and early. Of course they in turn were possibly impeded by parent vehicles to begin with. Possibly, the cruisers purposely created a roadblock but fatally failed to then move it. The same cruisers are pictured in the same position later; there’s even a photo of the Danbury ambulance trapped behind them at one point (though that particular rig probably really was too late to do any good).

    This is not about pointing fingers at people making honest mistakes under stress–this is simply about proving wrong those (lawyers) claiming loudly that there “was no road blockage.” Clearly, road blockage was already a problem possibly as early as 9:58 a.m., and it’s impossible to state definitively that it played no part in the injured children’s 100% mortality rate.

    I’m sure that’s all this coverup has ever been–a colossal battle to avoid or at least assign liability for mistakes made.

    And again, somewhere out there is the original CT Police Chiefs Assoc review which flat out stated that state vehicles blocked the road and impeded ambulance travel–that section of the report of course now absent from the public’s version of the review.

    FWIW A3 personnel came right out and said in their sworn statements that A3 didn’t enter the scene because there “wasn’t room.”

  21. Today’s October 15, 2014, Boston Globe article might go some way to explain the nature of “Sandy Hook” real estate. There is an abandoned village which is a section of the still-functioning town of East Haddam, Ct., which has gone on the market for $800,000. It ceased to function after a local employer shut down, which is not unusual in rural New England.

      1. Not surprising that they would stifle any bad economic news, it would scare away any potential new comers. Here we have Milford closing schools. Always like to read the local comments – Why no mention that 25% of children used to go to public schools and now it is 12%. Why has the staffing level not been cut with a 50% reduction in students?

    1. Think this is an interesting article with detailed maps on the school population is CT, from 1969 to 2013. The article does not specifically state, but would think school population would include both private and public, perhaps not.

      Here we have the Newtown school board’s report on the population that just happens to be about 400 more children than the above number for 2013, and that just happens to be the about the number attending Sandy Hook. hmmm

  22. There are years’ worth of photos and stories and budgets and vicious public debates over those budgets showing Sandy Hook was a functioning school. In my solid opinion, the “Sandy Hook was not an operational school” is a red herring designed to draw people into confusing, often-fruitless attempts to “prove” a school was running. But there are bus routes, special events, hundreds if not thousands of photographs from within the school, etc., showing the school was in operation. There are, in fact, photos of many of the children from 12/14 in older photos from across the years showing them as very wee pre-schoolers etc. Equally compelling are the often cut-throat public fights about whether or not to replace the windows, change bus companies, etc., mentioning Sandy Hook School. So vicious, in fact, were these fights, that only 60 minutes or so after the 12/14 shootings were made public, a Newtown parent commented on Newtown Patch, “And that’s why you don’t hold referendums when school is in session.”

      1. 2011-2012 BOE budget: (goes back to about 2010, but you can get other photos by Googling “ ‘sandy hook’ + ‘school'” etc.)

        Some board minutes:

        Just a sample. Many of the kids who were photographed 12/14 are in the early Bee photos from 2009 onward as little tykes. The Halloween party photos, for example, contain a lot of familiar faces.

  23. […] [31] Federal Emergency Management Agency, Mass Casualty Drill, Exercise Plan. The date December 14, 2012, is listed on the title page, but December 13, 2012, is given on pp. 12, 14-15 of the document. See James Tracy, “FEMA/DHS 12/14/12 Plan for ‘Mass Death of Children at a School by Firearms.’”…. […]

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