Last_WordThe Warren Commission’s report was issued on September 24, 1964. The Last Word On The Assassination, a webcast recorded on January 31, 2014 from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, is an especially compelling document with crucial information concerning what happened to President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and what has happened to America and the world since.

The video features the award-winning, much suppressed The JFK Assassination: The Garrison Tapes, the only documentary in which former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison lays out the details of his case against Clay Shaw, whom he arrested and tried for conspiracy in JFK’s murder, in addition to the Central Intelligence Agency, whom he publicly charged with the crime.

Last_Word1This myth-shattering film is followed by a panel of three of the most popular and knowledgeable writers-researchers in the field, Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire, the foundation for the Oliver Stone blockbuster, JFK, Dick Russell, co-author with Jesse Ventura, of the NY Times’ best-seller, They Killed Our President, and Joan Mellen, the definitive biographer of Jim Garrison and author of A Farewell to Justice. They present startling and compelling new answers to the questions: Who ordered Ruby to kill Oswald? Who was one of the shooters? Why was the President executed in public? These are just a few of the eye-opening, mind-opening nuggets they share along with questions from the audience and viewers.

Alongside John Barbour, these searingly researchers also present amazing and startling NEW material about the assassination which fills many crucial gaps in the story, shredding the vile, official coverup, the persistent denigration of Garrison, and leaving the viewer with the final answer to the question: Who killed John F. Kennedy? This program is an essential, riveting piece of American history and presents a deluge of facts and revelations that have been withheld from the world since 1963.

(Text adopted from John Barbour’s remarks accompanying the DVD of the event, which is available for purchase here.)

Joan Mellen will be the featured guest on the September 24 edition of Real Politik.

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  1. Jim Garrison is a true American hero. He laid the ground work for all discoverers of the truth to follow, and paid a heavy price.

    The presenters did an excellent job and all readers of this blog should buy and distribute as many copies of the dvds as possible.

    We could be at the pinnacle of the grand awakening as many are shocked to realize we have always been at war, have been lied to on so many levels, and no climate change is not our most urgent problem, although man made geo-engineered weather is near the top.

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