FetzerIn recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission Report’s release on September 24th James welcomes to Real Politik professor and well-known JFK assassination expert Jim Fetzer. They cover a gamut of often overlooked and misunderstood elements of JFK assassination research that comprise Fetzer’s vast body of work in this area, including Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK, President Kennedy’s severely compromised autopsy, the altered Zapruder film, the roles played by LBJ and the Secret Service in the assassination, the US government and news media’s distortion of deep events, and much more.

JFK_motorcadeA former Marine Corps officer, Dr. Fetzer has authored, co-authored or edited 29 books on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, evolution and mentality, and the JFK assassination. Since the early 1990s he has applied his training and expertise in the philosophy of science to examining the assassination of JFK, as well as the death of Senator Paul Wellstone, the Sandy Hook massacre, and the Boston Marathon bombing.


Fetzer is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and has applied his academic expertise to extensive research into not only JFK, but also the events of 9/11, assissantion sciencethe plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone, and more recently the Sandy Hook School massacre and Boston Marathon bombing. He is an editor and regular contributor at Veterans Today, and hosts his own radio program, The Real Deal. Dr. Fetzer is a graduate of Princeton University and holds the doctorate of philosophy from Indiana University.

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  1. If we want to get at the truth of the events of September 11th, 2001, we need to break the weakest link. IMHO, that weak link is Bernard Kerik.

    He was one of the individuals who “found” one of the passports on top of rubble long after the WTC towers came down in their own footprints.

    1. Nick Pugh is a very weak link. He was interviewed extensively on both 9/11 and at the LAX shooting as an eye-witness to both events. After creating a You Tube firestorm after LAX for his multiple interviews and highly improbable accounts of being handcuffed face-down on the tarmac, possessing no ID, and then being almost immediately released, he was ID’d as Harley guy from 9/11. He denied this at first, but finally admitted on his Twitter feed that: yes, he was at both places – just happened to be in the “wrong place at the wrong time.”

      His former Hollywood production company specialized in animation within live action.

  2. I agree (although didn’t know it was Kerik who had found it). It was when I heard that one of the terrorists’ passports had been discovered in the inferno that I sat up and said to myself, “This did not happen.” My suspicions were reinforced when I heard about the “terrorists’ car” being discovered at the airport parking lot in–was it Maine? can’t remember now–with (1) an Arabic passport; (2) a Koran; and (3) a bomb-making manual in the backseat.

    In the memorable words of the law enforcement character in “Minority Report,” who saw all this “evidence” strewn on the bed: “This just does not happen.”

    1. Another bizarre thing about 9/11 was the distance the hijackers allegedly chose to stay from Logan Airport. One bunch was on Soldier’s Field Road near the IHOP and Harvard; the other bunch was on Route Nine at the Newton-Brookline border at Susse-Chalet (you can probably guess the ethnicity of that neighborhood if you know the area). Both venues more than 10 miles from Logan Airport and traffic would be a genuine obstacle for real people plotting mayhem and needing to get to real planes at the precise times. Why not stay nearer the airport, where there are actually neighborhoods with your own ethnic group, the areas where cab-drivers live? I think the real reason is that for the evidence to be planted, it had to be planted by reliable people, who actually lived near those motels. If indeed the police who went there (to Susse Chalet in hazmat suits, for protection from the later plot point to be revealed, anthrax) — were genuine and not crisis actors.

      Since 9/11, we have learned so much about these hoaxes, it is easier to see how they can be pulled off. On 9/11, I imagine many of us had a level of trust we can no longer afford (and those of us who died in the resulting wars, could never afford).

  3. Indiana University? No wonder I love Fetzer.

    Fantastic interview – which covers an enormity of ground since both Fetzer and Tracy have a rock solid grasp of the events surrounding the assassination. Listen fast!

    The president’s neck tie is a single piece of convincing physical evidence of an entrance wound, even though they trached through the throat. Of course, there is a mountain of evidence.

    in the 80″s, I worked with the divorcee of a Jim Brading, a woman named Virginia/Wanda, who, while married to Jim, once had over 400 greyhounds on the Florida track. She was something of a con-artist, with a story of a stolen moving van to account for her arrival on the job with nothing but a daughter. Both attempted to use alias names at first. After a wine and cheese party, she spoke of his mob ties, his complicity in the assassination as a shooter, the dog racing world, and had intimate knowledge of all. The bullet wound in her arm, and his name (Eugene H. Brading/ Jim Braden in her rolodex,) gave her some credibility as far as my instincts anyway.

  4. I think it’s safe to say that in any event where there are so many inconsistencies in the official version as JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook or Boston bombings all have, and where such high and preposterous levels of stonewalling and evidence burying or destruction occur – that anything so obvious as a passport, Koran and bomb manual conveniently ‘found’ must be ‘planted’ evidence designed to support the official version and provide answers for those who aren’t curious.

    1. Maybe, fish, those Utah robocops just don’t like darkies (my rhetorical gift to you, Mark) soiling the pristine, ultra-white landscape, so they kill them on sight.

      What’s strange is how well trained we are becoming, and how fast, in accepting as “normal” this kind of police behavior (if it actually took place or not). Mark Steyn, an immigrant who appreciates the long history of the development of liberty starting with Magna Carta, is horrified by Americans’ silence in the face of it. He’s written a lot about this issue; here is yesterday’s posting: http://www.steynonline.com/6567/descent-into-barberism

      The insanity is simply astounding. Here’s a sample (Steyn is quoting a news report):

      “On August 19, 2010, two inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) visited the Strictly Skillz Barbershop in Orlando and found everything in order: All of the barbers working there were properly licensed, and all of the work stations complied with state regulations. Two days later, even though no violations had been discovered and even though the DBPR is authorized to conduct such inspections only once every two years, the inspectors called again, this time accompanied by “between eight and ten officers, including narcotics agents,” who “rushed into” the barbershop “like [a] SWAT team.” Some of them wore masks and bulletproof vests and had their guns drawn. Meanwhile, police cars blocked off the parking lot.”

      He concludes with these words:

      “Where’s the so-called “party of small government” on this? Because, whatever else may be said about a regime that dispatches a Swat team to check barbering licenses, small government it’s not. You can’t complain about big, bloated, out-of-control government, and then make an exception when Hair Team Six wants to check Kelli-Sue’s curling permit.”

      Of course, I am libertarian, and fully expect the state to inevitably become the stalinist monstrosity this one we live inside of has become. The state is, by definition, our true enemy, so I laugh along with Mark Steyn at the notion that the Republicans are the “party of small government.” How anyone believes that is perhaps the saddest commentary on our current state possible.

      So, fish, even if the thing is a hoax, as you suspect, the effect is the same as if it really happened. All the eye balls in TeeVeeLand are getting accustomed to the robocops murdering people for no reason, and getting away with it. That black guy, commenting about it in your first video, is outraged–and quite correctly–but almost no one in this country is going to see the point he is making. 1984 is being constructed before our eyes, and no one wants to put on the sunglasses. Like in the movie, you have to beat them close to death to FORCE them to put them on.

      1. Patrick, “training” is right. Hoax or not, we are being conditioned to see murder by cops in broad daylight, with multiple shots as “normal”.

        Simply “disobeying commands” is enough to get one killed. They send them to Israel to train them in tactics that are used against Palestinians. They no longer use “minimum force”, they empty the magazine. “Officer safety” takes precedence over the rights of citizens.

        So, day after day, real or contrived, the message get more “normal”. If a cop stops you and you don’t instantly become servile, you’re dead.

        An adjunct to this is the other message. No matter how much hell you raise over police brutality, nothing will happen. You have no right to hold them accountable, only to pay them.

    2. You’re right, Fish. Something else I think is suspicious is that this is the third high-profile case that involves a Mormon (Robbie Parker in Sandy Hook, Cassidy Strong in TX, and now Darrien Hunt). Mormons comprise like 2% of the U.S. population (obviously, Utah numbers are skewed much higher), so I think this must be statistically significant.

      I am loathe to point this out. I, myself, am an active (and proud) member of the LDS church, and I am sensitive to the harsh and often-unjustified (and often ignorant) criticism the church and its members receive, frequently from other Christians. I’m not eager to add to it, or encourage negative speculation. However…it would be dishonest of me not to point out that, in fact, something IS rotten in Denmark.

      I do know that Mormons are recruited heavily by intelligence agencies (apparently, the CIA particularly loves BYU graduates). This isn’t surprising: Mormons are generally trustworthy, loyal, hard-working, have a strong national identity, and indulge in few (if any) vices. However, for a fundamentally rebellious people (at least initially), who were willing not only to buck conventional wisdom but to pay an exorbitant price to do so, I am shocked by the examples of blind obedience and lack of questioning I often see within the membership of the modern LDS church.

      For those who don’t know, blind obedience to authority is NOT the measure of a good Mormon, though THOUGHTFUL obedience to God’s Will is. God does NOT want us to be slaves; personal agency is the greatest gift we’ve been given, outside of Christ’s Atonement. Ezra Taft Benson, my favorite LDS prophet, argued vehemently against big government and collectivism in favor of personal freedom in his prescient lecture given in 1968 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyDrC5q6S9o). W. Cleon Skousen (“The 5000 Year Leap”, “The Naked Communist”, et al.) is another well-known Mormon author who has written extensively about the need to limit the government beast in favor of liberty and the rights of the individual. My point? We should know better.

      Dark conspiracies (known as “secret combinations” in the Book of Mormon) both big and small play a prominent role throughout history, and scripture warns of it repeatedly. After all this time of watching these conspiracies play out, you’d think that more of us would know better. Unfortunately, it seems that we Mormons are at least as susceptible to pretty lies, mind control, and group-think as anyone else…and maybe more.

      1. I think Joseph Smith’s history should be brought up more in church, this would help members to not take religion so serious. I mean, how could you subject your children to the public brainwashing of monthly testimony? Even EFY is exploiting to the teens, thank Darwin they are becoming aware of this nowadays… I’m straying… I too notice the LDS presence in these false flags. You should look into Robbie Parker – quite a bit of public info to be had for the determined researcher. That said…
        The following (although Mormon approved). Describes how JS came up with all of his ‘revelations’ and what influenced him the most. In summary, it was Kabbalah – page 3.


      2. I agree that the mormon involvement is interesting as well. Don’t forget the bundy ranch stageshow – that seemed to be as scripted as it gets and MSM coverage 24/7 to boot.

        I believe there were more mormons involved in these than comes to mind at the moment.

    1. As a practicing Latter-Day-Saint (Mormon), I can tell you that there is nothing in the theology of the Church that would even remotely encourage members to lie, bear false witness or commit fraud. In fact the Book of Mormon is replete with warnings about “secret combinations” (secret societies). Don’t take my word for it. Do a word search in this book and read these warnings for yourselves. Whether you believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet or not or whether you believe the Book of Mormon is inspired scripture or not, there is nothing in the church’s writings, teachings or doctrine that sanctions “digging a pit for thy neighbor” through the type of collusion found in “secret combinations.” Members exercise their free agency in deciding whether to follow church guidelines and doctrine and they are not excused in committing these type of sins.

      1. With all due respect, the purpose of this forum is not to enter into theological debates. I stand by my statement that there are no LDS church teachings or doctrine that encourage or promote lying or bearing false witness. If a person acts contrary to this, he or she is doing it of their own free agency. Suppose that Robbie Parker was a Methodist. Would I question the Methodist religion? I recognize that the there are differences between LDS beliefs and other Christian sects with respect to the Godhead and other theological concepts, but the practical teachings of the LDS church do not go against the ten commandments or the higher teaching of loving our neighbor as ourselves. I would suggest that we stay with the practical teachings of each others’ religious beliefs and not stray into theological discussions. We should be on the same team in opposing evil in the world and not allow ourselves to be divided and balkanized into different religious and ethnic camps.

        1. If it’s written in the Ensign it must be true right? Or the Warren commission report, the 911 commission report, the sandy hook police report etc.

          Janet Napolitano tells me she is very attractive.

      2. I’d prefer to be talking about how all us working together can defeat the global interests sowing corruption and chaos in the world instead of wasting time arguing about religion. I am extending an olive branch of peace. Let us set aside our differences, agree to disagree on religion and work together to defeat the forces of evil in the world.

  5. Really informative interview, just jam-packed with information! I really appreciated it.

    I had no idea there were other videos besides the Zapruder film, EXCEPT that about a year ago I found this one online–which still stuns me, because there is no indication of who filmed it. Do either of you know? The moviemaker was right behind the presidential limo and so we see this Secret Service agent shrugging when he is called off by Emery Roberts:


    I did not understand one question you asked, Dr. Tracy, towards the end–was it that “JFK was moving towards sound money”? Couldn’t hear what I have transcribed as “sound.”

    If there is sound evidence that George H.W. Bush coordinated a hit team at Dealey Plaza, the creep needs to be prosecuted for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Where is there a prosecutor that will take this on? We must find him or her.

    1. Everything that is wrong with this country begins with the JFK assassination and the Bush cabal. George H.W. Bush is the “face” of the snake.

      Kennedy told the CIA, DOD and Fed. Reserve to F off. But what really finalized the deal was when he said there is no room in America for “Secret Societies” boom

      1. Really, it predated Kennedy, maybe by 100 years if the various recent takes on the Lincoln assassination are to be believed (I refer to Dave McGowan and Miles Mathis’s).

        But there were assassinations of prominent Americans in the 1940’s and 1950s, too. George S. Patton and James Forrestal were undoubtedly murdered, Patton in a hospital after a very suspicious car accident–when he was on the verge of being discharged–and Forrestal as a “suicide” surrounded by a host of suspicious circumstances. The perpetrator was, again, the OSS (predecessor to the CIA). Our tax money at work.

    2. “Sound money” meaning currency that has some degree of backing in physical assets, such as precious metals. At the time this was not very far-fetched, since much of the coinage was already 90% silver.

      Prior to his murder Kennedy passed legislation providing for the passage of non-federal reserve-backed treasury notes, arguably the most unambiguous explanation of cause for his assassination, especially when one considers assassination of Lincoln and assassination attempt on Jackson.

      1. Thanks for that clarification. But you say “Kennedy passed legislation”–you mean he advocated for it? I had not heard any of this, and am woefully uncomprehending of monetary policy, but if Congress actually passed a bill then it would not make sense to assassinate the president!

      2. I am referring to Executive Order 11110–thus legislation is not the correct term and I stand corrected.

        Yet this is more complex than meets the eye. Indeed, it is an area of JFK assassination research that has been subject to distortion and misunderstanding. JFK arguably did not really approve anything that had not already been common practice by Treasury. See G. Edward Griffin’s discussion of this in The Creature from Jekyll Island and here.

        1. Thanks for looking that executive order up, and providing the links, James. That is the first I had heard of that issue.

      3. That analysis (and correspondence) of Griffin’s is fantastic, James. Really probing. As much as we might wish to believe a myth, it is always better to know the truth. The fellow who thinks he’s “calling out” Griffin is I think typical of the mentality of those who can’t bear to part with cherished mythology.

        Perhaps it has something to do with Kennedy being dead; all our hopes that the present would have been better had he lived can safely be invested in him, because it’s only a dream that did not come true. If only he had lived, America would have been restored! All the bad guys would have been vanquished! I hear the song playing in my head…”The way you haunt my dreams/No, no – they can’t take that away from me.” How awful to have those dreams brought into question.

        Well, turns out, John Kennedy was a politician, not a demigod, not Prometheus bringing the gift of fire to the Americans.

    3. “Sound money” meaning that which isn’t “borrowed” (created out of nothing) from a “bank” instead of issued by the government per the Constitution.

      Couple that with “fractional lending” and it isn’t hard to see that there is NEVER sufficient money in circulation to pay the debt.

      It is one of the issues often cited for JFK’s demise. There were many others. The long and short of it is simply that he decided to do his job, as opposed to taking orders. That will get you “removed” every time.

      So the real message should be that the real rulers of this world are not who they pretend to be. When things are going according to “their” plan it is bad for everyone. In that sense those controllers are the true enemy of human progress and stability.

      Poppy is merely a member of what we euphemistically call “the Establishment”. Monarchy only died superficially. The true movers and shakers are invisible. The visible ones are mere functionaries.

      1. I agree with you, of course; however, even if the person we have the goods on is only a functionary, it still makes sense to throw the book at the functionary. And maybe the functionary will squeal, so the next level of control can be accessed and weeded out.

        In our dreams, eh?

      2. Well, I’d LOVE to “throw the book at them”, but I’m afraid they “own the book”. You misunderstand my position. I’m not saying that I don’t want to do anything about it. I’m saying that the system is in their control and you couldn’t do anything meaningful, legally, if your life depended on it (and it might!)

  6. Thank you, that was a very good interview. I can’t help but find it instructive in terms of SHES and Boston, and a host of others. Despite the wonderful research and writing done by Dr. Fetzer and so many others on the subject, here we still are, fifty years later.

    I think we should realize that our goal is to enlighten the targets of the psyops, not to seek a confession or prosecution of the offenders. As desirable as that may be, it is extremely unlikely to happen.

    In fact, the biggest curb to these abuses would be rejection by their target audience. There would simply be no point in continuing if very few believed.

    In a sense I see that happening. It isn’t unfolding quite to my satisfaction, but those who have begun to see the lies on one event are becoming more skeptical of others. It isn’t too large a leap from that to disbelief as the default position.

    The lies should be met with the same degree of contempt with which they are formulated.

    1. I agree with you to a point, that we must expose the perpetrators and hold them up to public ridicule to the best of our ability, but disagree with you about the value of criminal prosecutions. That’s huge. The reason these psyops are being committed apace is because no one is ever held accountable. There has been no public vetting of the evidence and the truth never comes out.

      Maybe Preet Bharara would take on GHWB. We are talking about murder, specifically the murder of a president. It does not get more acceptable even though 50 years have passed.

      On James Fetzer’s site, he has these incredible photos, one which shows what has to be George Herbert Walker Bush (and another which shows what has to be a 17-year-old George W. Bush walking around in Dealey Plaza).

      What other participants in the assassination are still alive? Now that I know the name “Robert Emery” from this interview, I want to see that sucker nailed, too.

      1. Dino, I didn’t say that I found no value in criminal prosecution. I said it was extremely unlikely. That’s not because I don’t want them prosecuted, I do. I just don’t see that happening. Who would do that?

  7. Here’s a song I wrote thinking about all our troubles. Racial, Wars, Division, everything they want. I hope this is a message of hope.

    This was done live. No Fancy recording, editing or anything. Just a RAW song Idea.
    I hope you enjoy and forget about the quality of the recording.

    It’s a simple anthem.
    It starts off with the star spangled banner then turns to taps. Just 3 guys in a garage.

    Me: Guitar and Vocals and Songwriter. Greg-Drums, Mike-Bass
    We don’t another revolution, We don’t need blood upon our land
    We don’t need another revolution, Just let the Lion, Lay down with the Lamb.
    Hold My Hand, Hold My Hand, Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart

    That’s it…


    1. Ric, very nice! It’s nice and tight. Good guitar work. You could do a lot with that (harmonies, keyboards, etc.). It’s very good just like that though, simple.


    2. It’s cool, Ric, but I am not completely in agreement that we don’t need another revolution.

      At least we should have a peaceful revolution. We need the equivalent of a march to the sea to make our own salt, throw off the shackles of corporate control.

  8. Dr Fetzer has an astonishing memory for facts, names, and dates. He talks fast and apparently writes and thinks fast. However it must be stated that not all of his opinions are uncontroversial within conspiracy researchers, which may not be unusual for a truther who has a lot of them.

    His views on 9/11, supporting Dr Woods, for example, are Unusual, not in itself a damning indictment. And a lot of honest truthers, including myself, do not think the Zapruder film, as a whole, was faked.

    But perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps not.

    1. Not faked–altered. Peter Janney has a lot about this in “Mary’s Mosaic.” The CIA (and it really WAS the CIA) removed the frames showing that the limousine came to a dead stop right before the president was hit. There were also several frames showing the spray from his head, which went up and out backwards, very clearly, like a fountain. Those frames were cut out, too.

    2. Mark, as intelligent as any man (or woman) appears to be, it seems quite impossible for them to be right about everything. That being said, of course Fetzer could be wrong about certain things. I don’t understand why anyone would hold another persons credibility to an impossible standard that, once realized as imperfect, would then consider them to be completely discredited. Not that you are saying that – it’s just a behavior I have witnessed on occasion.

    3. Mark, he didn’t say that he thought it was “fake”. He said it had be edited. So were the autopsy photos. There is a series of documentaries on “Underground Documentaries” on the whole assassination. Fetzer mentions them.

      There are untold numbers of theories out there on JFK. Some are obviously more believable than others. Most of Fetzer’s are the ones I think are correct.

      Many people had it in for him. Bush Sr. WAS there. So were a lot of other “heavies”. It is safe to say that several people and groups with connections knew this was going to happen.

      I like Fetzer’s theory that several groups had backup plans. That rings true. In studying this I’ve run across a few very carefully researched theories. One involves Mafia assassins from Marseille. With the different teams this is still possible.

      The Oswald photo in the doorway is a real clincher if proven. Just like school closure is in SHES. I think that one of the problems one runs into when researching this is that each person interviewed believes their version. It could be that they are all right.

      What I’m saying is that if you have many teams, and each team has a plan, all they know is their own plan. In this way the teams are orchestrated by someone and arranged in a way to ensure success.

      What it says to me is that, no matter what we find out, we haven’t the means to do anything about it. It’s like screaming for another 0-11 commission. The result will be bogus, guaranteed.

  9. I would be interested in James Fetzer’s assessment of the value of the Assassination Archives Research Conference, and the integrity of whoever is putting it on. I don’t see Dr. Fetzer as a speaker, yet he is the one who (I think) made the incredible findings about Bush pere et fils at Dealey Plaza. In the meantime, I see as presenters people who have been accused of covering up vital information: Bob Groden, Russ Baker, and Cyril Wecht.

  10. Thanks, Dino, apparently it WAS altered, including reversing some of the scenes to more adequately fit the media story. The stuff I read accused the FBI of this mis-editing.

    1. “We are in the midst of a police state here in the United States, let there be no doubt about it.” I am in 100% agreement, Dr. Fetzer.

      I think there must have been compensation provided in conjunction with those national security letters, however. I can’t see that simply a fear of retaliation would keep people who got these letters from coming forward to reveal them, at least anonymously. And maybe that has something to do with the Dec. 25, 2009, property transfers for $0.

  11. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/09/prweb12178930.htm

    The University of Maryland is hosting a webinar in which they will look at Twitter and location data in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. I couldn’t get beyond the esoteric language to understand what they hope to accomplish. However, for anyone who speaks the language, this webinar may be a great opportunity to nail down additional anomalous time line data points.

    October 30th. Registration is open to the public.

  12. I think one reason why people believe the Zapruder film to be genuine is because in its current form it still obviously shows the killing shot coming from the front. One would think that if the film were edited to fit the narrative they would have adjusted that somehow. Do you think they just could not make that look any other way, even though they could make it look like a stopped car was moving? Thoughts?

    1. “Genuine” may be a subjective word. While I don’t claim to be expert at this, I think the general gist is that they took what they had and “modified” it to suit the tale. They did or didn’t do a good job depending on one’s opinion.

      The link above is based on the belief that they created the whole thing. I rather doubt that. If they had done that they wouldn’t have had to run scenes backward and cut frames.

      I think they published stills from this for many years until the clamor required that they release it. That’s when the hanky-panky began.

      There are lots of other pictures taken that day to collaborate this. There are pictures of the limousine parked at the hospital. There is a bullet hole in the windshield. There is no evidence of blood spatter or spray on the front seats or that area.

      There is a very good documentary tracing mob involvement. He goes to France and interviews a career criminal and hit man in prison. The story is that that particular team used a “frangible” bullet. They drill a hole in the end and inject mercury. You can’t compress mercury so…it explodes.

      As Dr. Fetzer mentioned, there were more than one type of ammunition used. That’s why they spirited the body away ahead of Air Force One. I think that is one reason why LBJ got so much flack for insisting on waiting for a federal judge to be sworn in on the plane before it took off. He was buying time.

      All these many years later we are still looking “for clues at the scene of the crime”. We all know a crime was committed. We know it wasn’t done as described.

      A lot of the witnesses met untimely ends. Just like with all of these operations there are some who won’t be silenced (at least peacefully). I would hate to be one of those who had to carry such a secret to my grave.

      Just think about it. All those in power knew what happened. At least ultimately. That made many of them accessories after the fact. I think at least some of them rationalized their silence by asserting that it was to keep the union together, or something like that.

      After the Lincoln assassination at least some of the conspiracy came out. Some of those involved remained untouched, however. An honest study of this phenomena probably wouldn’t result in many “lone nut” perpetrators. I wonder if there would be any.

      1. That’s an astute observation, about LBJ “buying time” by insisting a judge be sworn in first (although i don’t understand what that means–federal judges are already “sworn in”! Was he deputized as a Supreme Court justice, I wonder?)

        Anyway, about mob involvement, one of the first books I read on the JFK assassination was “Mafia Kingfish” by John H. Davis, and it was excellent. James Douglass, or possibly Peter Janney, mentioned that Davis’s was another suspicious death. Anyway, the thesis was that mob bosses Santos Trafficante, Carlos Marcello, and Jimmy Hoffa planned the assassination. Their motive was the prosecutions Bobby Kennedy, as U.S. Attorney General, was bringing of Teamsters bosses and organized crime figures, which had resulted in the deportation of one of them (I think Marcello). To get rid of Bobby, they assassinated JFK, so that no equivalent could simply be substituted and the prosecutions continue. And then later they got Bobby.

        I think lots of people were working together on the JFK assassination. The mob had its own motives, including the loss of its gambling haven in Havana, as did the spooks, particularly the powerful ones JFK had fired (Dulles and Cabell); the corporate war-profiteer interests, such as the ones who made the military helicopters so wanted to expand the war in Southeast Asia; and dispossessed Cubans.


      2. Dino, LBJ held the plane on the ground until a federal judge arrived to swear HIM in as President. That’s what I meant. I know that federal judges are already sworn.

        I agree that lots of people had motives. Just “who” was the cabal that organized it is in dispute. Dr. Fetzer points out that there may have been several “teams” working on this. They may not have been aware of the others, or had only limited knowledge about the other team’s plans.

        What I was trying to get at is that we tend (myself included) to think of this as being EITHER one or another of them. Maybe that isn’t the case. They could have been acting in concert, though organized through a central group’s direction.

        If any one group of conspirators were caught, all they would know was who they were working with, not all of the others. So the CIA thinks it’s a “Company” operation. The Mafia thinks it’s a “hit”. There were Southern Supremacists and perhaps military types as well.

        It is not always easy to separate divergent group’s interests from the actors. Sometimes they set up those who have personal reasons. Other times they use “professionals” who have no emotional stake at all.

        At the lower levels, regarding the cover up, many would have to know that what they were being asked to do was wrong. Some simply “followed orders”, others actively participated in what they had to know, at least later, was a cover up.

        There were some that came forward. Some of those died. Others lived to tell their tale only to be ignored.

      3. If you look at the behavior of George HW Bush on that day it illustrates the thinking of some of the likely “conspirators”. He doesn’t remember where he was that day in history, yet he called that afternoon to rat out an acquaintance, giving his location in “Tyler, Texas”,, incidentally he called this in to the HOUSTON, TX. FBI field office to a personal friend working in that office (instead of the Dallas office). J. Fetzer alleges that Bush was picked up, after being photographed in front of the TSBD, by the Dallas PD and brought to the station, without being charged or recorded. The suggested multiple teams of shooters, the multiple alibis of various players suggest an intelligence operation.

        The single print of “Mac” Wallace found in the TSBD and the Mauser rifle, was likely used as insurance against LBJ. The “Zapruder” film, obviously doctored, might have been commissioned as well. Either way, it could be used to indict the Secret Service for treason. The multiple shooter teams could be used to compartmentalize the “hit” through the various parties, CIA, MAFIA, ROGUE elements, ect…so that none of them really knew who was actually responsible for the “hit”.

  13. Apparently, Rick, the FBI is reported to have rearranged the parts of the film to edit this out, but they were caught and it was fixed. But you’re right, the film shows Kennedy being shot in the throat from the front, and this film was concealed for a few years, probably on that basis. I was not familiar with Dino’s scenes of blood flying that he mentions.

  14. Consider for a moment what the planners of the JFK assassination would have had to control in order to keep their plot hidden. It was to take place in broad daylight during a motorcade. There would be lots of cameras present, some of them the new super 8 movie cameras from kodak. All of these would be trained on the President and many would capture potentially incriminating anomalies. Thus the planners would have to be ready to send agents out into the crowd to confiscate as many cameras as possible after the event, with special emphasis on movie cameras. This was in fact what happened and many cameras, movie cameras included, were taken away by secret service agents never to be seen again.Yet somehow they overlooked Zapruder with his brand new super 8 movie camera, who was very conspicuously standing above the crowd on a cement wall, with his secretary holding his feet to steady him. He was allowed to take his film home with him and make three copies of it. Why was this?

    Wouldn’t it in fact have been very useful to the planners of this event to have had one filmed document which reinforced their false narrative of shooter in the book depository? Now consider what the Zapruder film would have shown had the limousine stopped just a second earlier when it was behind the large sign. The limo would have disappeared behind the sign, then emerged moments later with the President shot dead and slumped over in his seat. The limo stop would have been easy to edit out even with the crude technology of the day. Zapruder was perfectly positioned to make this editing possible.

    This, of course, is not what happened, causing the film to be suppressed for many years. The limo stopped just a moment too late, causing many headaches for the CIA film editors in Rochester NY. They finally succeeded in altering it just enough to make the scenario ambiguous, allowing Arlen Specter to dream up his single bullet theory. Thus the coup planners did eventually get their filmed version, which, in spite of Oliver Stone’s best efforts, has never fully discredited the official narrative.

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