obamaBy James F. Tracy

Foreign policy analysts gathered before journalists at the Center for American Progress on September 12 in an event titled, “Combating the Islamic State.” The occasion was held to unveil the analysts’ co-authored report, “Supporting the Syrian Opposition: Lessons from the Field in the Fight Against ISIS and Assad.”

[Image Credit: Steven Senne, Associated Press]

The document’s overall thesis is that US resources must be directed at correcting the “humanitarian situation” (p. 11) in Syria by concentrating on “the defeat of ISIS” with “the removal of Assad” as “a more long term U.S. objective” (p. 3).

A cunning piece of propaganda, the paper’s faulty reasoning is exceeded only by its blatant manipulation of recent history, both of which serve to support the larger geopolitical objective of replacing the moderate, democratically-elected Bashar Al Assad government with an entity more responsive to Western decrees.

“The Obama administration’s policy is that President Assad must go,” the document concludes,

and there is good reason for it. There is no question that Assad is largely responsible for the bloodshed and hardship that his people have endured over the past three years, as repression sparked the first uprising and then degenerated into a vicious civil war. He has committed war crimes, including the use of chemical weapons on his own people, and created the largest refugee crisis in the history of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (p. 33).

In reality, the Syrian people have experienced relentless and brutal assault by US, Saudi, and Qatari-backed paramilitary death squads since early 2011. With this in mind, it is perhaps fitting that the Center for American Progress’ policy analysts were joined at their September 12 presentation by none other than Robert Stephen Ford. Ford served as US ambassador to Damascus from 2011 to 2014 and is presently a Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute.

Ford_Abdul-Jabbar[US Ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford with FSA Commander Abdul Jabbar Al Aqidi in 2013. Liveleak.com]

Ford was the mastermind behind Syria’s destabilization that began just two months after his January 2011 appointment to the position by President Obama. The US envoy was trained by none other than John Negroponte, the George W. Bush administration’s ambassador to Iraq in the mid-2000s.

As Reagan administration emissary to Honduras in the early 1980s, Negroponte orchestrated the Contra-led cross border death squad incursions into neighboring Nicaragua that resulted in the deaths of 50,000. He was thus the Bush administration’s logical choice to oversee the brutal “death squad option” introduced in Iraq during that country’s US occupation.


[Ambassador Ford in Hama in July 2011]

“[T]he choice of Robert S. Ford as US ambassador” to Syria, Michel Chossudovsky observes, “bears a direct relationship to the onset of the insurgency integrated by death squads in mid-March 2011 (in the southern border city of Daraa) against the government of Bashar al Assad.” As “‘Number Two’ at the US embassy in Baghdad (2004-2005) under the helm of Ambassador John D. Negroponte,” Robert Ford

played a key role in implementing the Pentagon’s ‘Iraq Salvador Option’. The latter consisted in supporting Iraqi death squads and paramilitary forces modeled on the experience of Central America.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, none of the journalists gathered at the September 12 event saw fit to call Ford out on his earlier roles alongside Negroponte in Iraq, or as US ambassador to Syria in the immediate prelude to the latter country’s dislocation.

The Center for American Progress’ “Supporting the Syrian Opposition,” coupled with its rollout in the company of the principal architect behind Syria’s strategic destabilization, is emblematic of the deception, hypocrisy, and contempt the Obama administration and its immediate predecessor approach the American public with.

Much like what is routinely presented by US officials as well-conceived procedures, the report’s main purpose is to provide a scholarly and “humanitarian” gloss to what, if truth be told, is a murderous, destructive, and anti-democratic foreign policy requiring forthright propaganda and subterfuge to appear halfway palatable.

Republished at ActivistPost on September 15, 2014.

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19 thought on “The Extravagant Hypocrisy of Obama’s Foreign Policy Mandarins”
  1. Good article, James. I think it is important to note that we are seeing a broad campaign to subtly conflate or blur the distinction between between Assad and “ISIS” – as if to create the impression in the minds of the uninformed (as most Americans are) that the Assad government and “ISIS” are somehow affiliated with each other, rather than in conflict.

    Two other points, which I am sure you are well aware of, deserve mentioning here as a rebuttal to the propaganda campaign of the Obama administration. One is that “ISIS” is in fact a creature of the CIA and affiliated intelligence agencies of the western cartel empire, and the whole “ISIS Crisis” is a charade manufactured for the express purpose of providing a pretext to attack the Syrian government.

    This has been the new plan, after the original pretext – the chemical weapons false flag attack meant to be pinned on Assad, blew up in the CIA’s face last year, and it appears to be working for them this time. They now have their “boots on the ground” in Syria – “ISIS” and the “moderate Islamic militias” which are also nothing more than mercenary recruits working for the western powers, and they have their pretext for bombing runs to provide air cover for these militias under the guise of “attacking ISIS”, while in fact they will no doubt be targeting key infrastructure and government air defenses inside of Syria.

  2. Remember the shocking Iran Contra hearings in the late eighties where top CIA and government officials were charged with felonies for arms dealings to our enemies?

    The public was in an uproar, and in the end no one paid for the crimes. Criminals received immunity for their testimony, had their convictions overturned for technicalities, received pardons from the president, or in the case of the CIA director, died before prosecution.

    Now, we have our leader declaring he wants to arm the ‘good’ guys in Syria.

    Why is this no longer considered criminal?

    Could it be that the media exposed the gun running from Benghazi, Libya to Syria and they just want to make us believe we always operated this way?

    Or could it be they allowed this to be leaked, to convince us this is just how we normally operate? Used to be a fan of Glen Beck and he was first to report knowledge of the arms shipment through Turkey. Am convinced today, he is just another operative of the propaganda machine.

    Sometimes Judge Jeannine gets on my nerves with her over the top passion, but she is spot on with this.


  3. It’s as if they don’t even care what they say, anymore. They know it doesn’t matter. They come up with the flimsiest of pretexts for their endless war, and the public buys it.

  4. Despite the obvious fact that we have no business interfering in other country’s governmental affairs, the “Plan” marches on, unabashed. When the fake “chemical attacks” failed to illicit the desired response, we create a new bogey man:


    Israel wants Syria destabilized, so naturally, the CFR, NATO, and all the other employees in the US rise to the occasion. It matters not what anyone living here thinks about this, their job is to pay in money and blood.

    Anyone who believes this latest manifestation is probably already broke from buying vinyl siding and sending money to Ethiopian princes. I am failing at finding an adjective adequate to describe what I think of this. I usually avoid superlatives. This may be an exception.

    1. I found this video to be quite interesting, at least the video clips about Jewish people passing themselves off as fake Al-Qaida, and the name ISIS (which doesn’t prove anything, of course). The tone of the video is inflammatory, which sort of undermines the rest of it.

      I don’t buy the end where he says (what a lot of people seem to believe) that “the jews” control america and literally everything else.
      Yes, the Israeli lobby is huge. This is a very difficult subject and worthy of discussion. It’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

      I tend to think of Israel as a rogue client-state for the Anglo-American empire, that have a quid pro quo relationship. They’re definitely not a puppet state and yet they are very dependent at the same time.

      As far as the “race” of “jews” controlling Banking, which is what this is really all about, I have some serious doubts. Sure, Hitler thought so…so did Winston Churchill for that matter, but I have my doubts.

      Anyways, super interesting subject…worthy of it’s own column. It would be interesting to discuss this dispassionately with people who don’t have a dog in the fight, so to speak.

      1. It is, quite simply, a video. I didn’t make it. I have my own thoughts on the subject. As far as the identity of the fake “mullahs”, that is true.

        If you know that “hasbara” is being used and widely disseminated by the Jewish controlled media (I don’t think that is realistically arguable), it is, simply a fact.

        The purpose of my posting it is to show that this latest incarnation of the “Islamic Threat” may be suspect. As we often say here, “cui bono”?

        I generally try to refrain from discussing this aspect of reality on this site because of the sensibilities expressed by some. I personally think that ignoring the 1,000 lb. gorilla in the room while “talking around” it is not very productive.

        It is also understandable that, if someone believes they know a particular group has at least a very heavy involvement, that they are angry about it. I try to be dispassionate myself, but I too am human.

        Regarding the video, if you have some proof that something in it is “false”, fine. The phony mullahs have been extensively explored in the past. The “beheading videos”, just like the “Osama videos” came from SITE, an outfit belonging to a woman named Rita Katz. Her funding is easily traceable.

        For my money the source of “ISIS” could just as well been from Samoa, but it wasn’t. If there was a disproportionate number of Samoans showing up in all these phony operations I would point that out. Somehow I don’t think it would get the reaction that “The Tribe” illicits.

        At any rate, I put it out there because I found it interesting, not surprising. In many ways I would be happy to find some other group at the root of these problems. At least one would be able to discuss that openly. I don’t have any “sacred cows”, although I understand that some do. In the immortal words of “anonymous”, “it is what it is”.

      2. Lophatt,
        I know you didn’t make the video and my criticisms were of the video makers opinions. You’re one of the most insightful and reasonable posters on this site.

        The guy making the video just does what a lot of people do…he posts some awesome information (I didn’t know any of the fake alQaeda or ISIS stuff), but then puts his spin on it that, while maybe true, just goes apeshiz. Ironically, considering he used them as source, it’s exactly what Fox News does all the time.

        Next, to clarify, Mossad referring to itself as I.S.I.S., doesn’t necessarily mean they’re running ISIS, which is the inference the video makes. What I do know (W.Tarpley) about ISIS is that they were trained through NATO/(and whoever else) in Turkey in 2012 with the intent of being used against Assad in Syria…and then you know the rest.

        Interesting, you brought up Hasbara…did you see the recent articles about them on Mother Jones. Their message boards were constantly getting trolled around the Israel/Palestine issue so they did an investigation and found some serious connections between some Israelis living in the US hijacking threads using multiple names/IPaddresses and using really confounding the shiz out of everyone. I observed a possible one on ‘whowhatwhy’ when they posted an article about this 911 ballot referendum that could lead to an investigation of WTC 7. The guy had 6000+ Disqus posts in about a year all attacking “troofers” and “joo haters”, seriously.

        Anyways, thanks for responding. These subjects are always difficult to discuss. I think I’m gonna start my own Blog called Rabbit Hole Blues…ha.

      3. Lev, my personal theory on this is that they create these groups and use their own controlled “private intelligence” outfits to set up their scenarios..

        To me, at any rate, it is obvious that this latest group, ISIS, ISIL, Al-CIA-duh, whatever, did not spring into being, fully funded and armed to the teeth. It is also pretty obvious that with all our liberties taken away in the interest of a surveillance state, they don’t do much of a job, apparently.

        I agree that some people often take some information and “run with it”. I’m not as interested in finding THE bogeyman, as I am in seeing the patterns. When I identify groups as responsible there is a long explanation necessary to understand what I mean. It is far beyond the scope of this site, but it is safe to say that Israel definitely has a major part to play in this business. If you ask me that is its primary reason for existence.

        My mention of “hasbara” is related to Jewish propaganda. That is a contraction from either Hebrew or Yiddish. It roughly translates to “deception”. It is related to another old Yiddish expression “the cattle are stupid”. Guess who “the cattle” are?

        The use of these phony “Islamic Fanatics” to stir hatred and the propaganda manufactured by groups such as SITE, and MEMRI, are primarily for the destabilization of the region, in the short term.

        Ask yourself some simple questions. Do you think that a sophisticated gaggle of wild rebels would have a “communications department” and post recruitment advertisements without the NSA or other alphabet soup agencies being able to find them? Where do they park all this gear? Where does it come from? How is it that a Somali can’t drive down a road without being targeted by a drone, but these guys are invincible?

        1. Very perceptive comments, as always, lophatt–and a most thought-provoking take on the reason for Israel’s existence!

    2. That was an interesting video, how fortunate are we to be exposed to all points of view on this blog! Whoever the evil doers are, we are well aware of their presence.

      Something tells me they are comprised of the top 1% on the wealth bracket, and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Hopefully, there are some cowboys in this bracket that will enable us to beat them down!

      Interesting that when an attempt to connect to this site today, was warned for the first time ever by virus protection that this was a suspicious site and not recommended. See that routinely when connecting to Breitbart.com and that warning normally causes a shutdown of internet explorer.

      Going back to the same site, does not produce the same result, but will admit it is very intimidating.

      1. I agree with you, Skirt, about the “top 1% of the wealth bracket” calling the shots. Look at Anderson Cooper, for example, the multimillionaire scion of the Vanderbilts. His role is to perpetuate the privileges of his class: to create the illusion of a free society and keep the little people happy by delivering a steady stream of misinformation, with an assuring, fatherly mien.

  5. Interesting family, the Negroponte’s. Kind of a Greek-American version of the Koch brothers in terms of their hunger for influence. I kept noticing the role of the MIT Media Lab (founded by Nicholas Negroponte) in the unfolding of the Boston Marathon story. The founding father of the family of four influential men was John Negroponte, Sr., a Greek shipping magnate who raised his family in the Upper East Side of Manhattan (where else for a member of the upper crust?). Anyway, wherever they are, there is global ambition and truly Byzantine manipulation in their participation in the Great Game.
    As James pointed out, John Negroponte was involved in death squad attacks in Central America during Reagan and the whole Iran Contra thing. What are they up to today?

    1. Musings, yes. They keep popping up, like bad pennies. Sort of the “dirty jobs, done dirt cheap” contingent. I guess they’re “specialists”.

      It’s a bit like Adnan Khosoghi (sp?). He’s everywhere, like chicken man. Apparently there is enough evil in the world to keep these guys busy.

      I’m sure that the ones who haven’t “fulfilled their contracts” are lurking somewhere for just the right operation. They seem to resurrect from time to time under new mandates. A former death squad leader might reappear as an unofficial “diplomat” or “expert” on Middle Eastern affairs.

      I think its helpful for those with memories to search the past for some indication of the future.

  6. I’m glad James is getting interested in foreign affairs. Most false flags delude the population to pursue anti-people foreign policy, and a specialist analysis of the media used serves a valuable purpose.

    It’s uncanny how effectively American power deludes the American people. The people were against a war with Syria less than a year ago, and they manipulated opinion around with just a few staged beheadings. It’s easy to see why activists become cynical, but you have to take the long historical view. Eventually people, or their children, wake up. I hope and believe.

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