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(Editor’s Note: This was initially submitted as a comment at MHB on August 19. Indeed, various reportage and analysis from independent media outlets [see, for example, here, here, and here] suggest that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security are actively involved in manipulating and aggravating the regrettable events in Ferguson, Missouri.

With this in mind, it should also be noted that a 2013 report from Judicial Watch revealed how the Department of Justice’s “Community Relations Service, was deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.” -JFT)

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A recent comment on the “New Interview” thread embedded this fascinating video:

Starting with the words “Ferguson is a full-scaled staged event,” it reminded me that we can’t take any new story at face value.  As I watched the video, I thought of a video Paul Craig Roberts had linked to earlier this week:

In the back of my mind, I had in fact connected the fake Marathon event from last year with this one, because both involved martial law exercises.

But somehow, while it was completely obvious to me that Boston was a pretext for testing what it takes to get a predominantly white urban and suburban region to cheer on martial law, in a way I took Ferguson at face value.  Silly me.  The thing is, in conversation with a friend just after the event, I pondered how blacks must feel after that black guy in Staten Island was viciously murdered, on tape, by cops, for no reason, just the other day.  Made sense that America’s black people, who feel united in such matters, would make the connection more easily than the typical white person.

I’m not the typical white person, glad to admit.  Thinking about these videos, it occurred to me that it doesn’t matter how ridiculous the justification, how trivial the supposed triggering event, mass behavior can easily be initiated and controlled.  Well, obviously, I have noted this before, but it always seems like a brainstorm when you make a new connection like this. I pictured a clutch of intelligence operatives, in white lab coats, clipboard in hand, checking off the list of social science items, as their pageants are presented, as in a propaganda film produced for high school kids in the 50s.

Here, possibly, in Ferguson, we might be observing only the most recent in the staccato sequence of false flags we at MHB have spent the last couple years examining.

Think about it.  This might be the laboratory scientists observing how white America reacts to a false flag killing by a white cop, and how blacks in a confined, mostly black community with a mostly white police force would initially react, and how easily Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton could get national outrage going on the part of black people in general.

Certainly, if the experimenters wanted to generate a race war in the aftermath of the random event of George Zimmerman/Travon Martin, Jesse and Al were pretty much a failure—even with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice muscling into the picture, and the president piping up periodically to keep the pot stirred.

Still, it must have seemed to the lab coats behind the glass, a scenario with great potential–if they could control it from the start.  Random things that happen in the affairs of Mundanes can become fodder for our masters, in their quest to understand us, so as to change us.  Think of the weirdly wonderful movie Dark City.

Some commentators have pointed out that it is very suspicious that there was no dash-cam to record the event; PCR in the same article, tells us that the police department has such cameras on a shelf somewhere, but chose not to install them.  Why?  Could it be because this test was long in preparation, and ambiguity was essential to finding out what emotions the canned reporting would evoke in different racial/economic groups, when it’s only he-said-she-said, and no physical evidence exists?

Think about it.  In the case of Zimmerman/Martin, it all went terribly wrong for the lab coats: Zimmerman was, tragically, not an Aryan, as his name clearly indicated, who could effortlessly be presented as a crazed Nazi with an ubermensch mentality; he was essentially a garden variety Puerto Rican.  And the guy he killed, it turned out, was not the little kid buying candy and iced tea, but a full grown man, a vicious thug, expert in mixed martial arts, with a long history of entanglements with the law–apparently out that night casing suburban houses for future burglaries. And the candy and iced tea just happened to be two ingredients in a three-part recipe for a psychoactive drug cocktail!  Quelle Desastre!

Try as they might, the usual race-hustlers and their media enablers couldn’t keep the lipstick on that pig—but only because they did not make it up from the start.  They were trying to catch a wild tiger by the tail, and the tiger wasn’t  cooperating.

So, let’s speculate.  The lab coats with their clip boards started to think about what went wrong with their impromptu experiment, and decided to create a false flag with all the same elements, but this time they would control each and every turn of the story.

For instance, instead of characterizing the huge vicious thug, completely falsely and disingenuously, as a cheerful, smiling, innocent little kid, they would immediately describe the 300-pounder as a “gentle giant,” innocently traipsing on a Saturday afternoon to visit Gramma’s house, the only thing on his wholesome mind being his very first college classes, which would start in a week or so—and how wonderful his bright future was going to be.

Only later, once everyone had that securely in mind, along with the fact that the white robocop gunned him down in the middle of the street for no reason at all that glorious day, would they leak out the surveillance tape showing him shoplifting an innocuous element for a drug manufacture remarkably similar to Trayvon Martin’s.  Pretty much a dead-on match, in fact.

And in the shoplifting video, the 300 pound, no-fat “gentle giant” not only towers over the puny Asian shopkeeper—who looks like he might weigh in at 100 pounds—shakes him like a rag doll when confronted about the theft.

NOW, what will the reaction be?  How will the blacks react to the spin Al and Jesse and the rest give it when they read the script?  How will the whites, who already felt vaguely uncomfortable siding with the pretty much hard-to-justify behavior of the guns-a-blazin’ white cop, respond to this new plot twist?

As I say, I’m only beginning to get a handle on the potential of what is happening here, but it might be a real humdinger of a false flag, one most of us may not have noticed.

Race seems to be a key trigger mechanism our scientist-masters use these days when they construct the rat mazes they entice us to run in.

I think that people who are attracted to the Memory Hole Blog are likely to opt out of those experiments.  We now simply need to figure out the extent to which we’ve already been had.

Patrick Murphy, a frequent participant in the conversation at the Memory Hole Blog, runs a small business in Indianapolis, and is the author of the books How the West Was Lost and The Stairway to Heaven, information about which can be found at

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104 thought on “Ferguson MO: Another Manufactured Media Crisis?”
    1. “Nut” is too loose a term. He was a manufactured assassin. The real questions are who funded him and who protected him. Read “Programmed to Kill: the Politics of Serial Murder”

  1. Think the white coats are scratching their heads as this did not role out as planned.

    Could it be that the alternative media exposed this latest false flag and forced some of msm to report the truth?

    Are the impoverished waking up to the fact that illegals are getting more benefits than them and are in fact flooding the cities and taking all available jobs, willing to work for less than they are?

    Absolutely love Dr. Ben Carson, maybe his message is getting out.

  2. Is it possible that the Ferguson event was staged in order to initiate a race war? Yes, it’s possible. Commenters are urged to read the third link of James preamble to the article, which is a link to a brief article by Kurt Nimmo at Inforwars. Nimmo argues that the police departments were taken over by Homeland Security which provoked the racial uprising.

    I was previously puzzled by the second shooting of a young man, apparently mentally disadvantaged, who was disoriented and raving after his mother died. He was not violent and didn’t bother the pedestrians around him on the sidewalk.

    Cops pulled up in a squad car and two cops got out and after 10 or 15 seconds, shot him to death while his hands were at his sides and he was 10 feet or so away. It appeared hat they had arrived precisely to do that, since they were not threatened at all.

    Why would cops kill a young black man for no reason in the middle of a race riot? There was a video of the murder and the cops released it to the public! Why would they release an inflammatory video in the middle of a race protest? Why would they deliberately imprison and manhandle 11 reporters? Why didn’t the cops stop the looting, which was prevented by the protesters themselves.

    Obama would have had to approve this operation to provoke national racial tensions amid world shock. Why would he do that? I don’t know.

    1. Kelly Thomas was a schizophrenic man in California who was beaten to death (there is a horrid youtube of it) by two cops. Even though he appeared to suffer no symptoms at the time of the attack, he was homeless. The cops got off, kosher courtesy.

      This wanton murder of another mentally disabled or disadvantaged man may actually work in their favor to both arouse unrest and convince the families of such types to help pass some of the Stasi State bills bouncing around Congress. Kelly’s poor misguided father is now propagandizing for the psych system, which is tragic.

  3. I’m just guessing here, but maybe Ferguson is simply intended to sway the fall election. deHaven Smith says that these false flags and dirty ops tend to occur around elections. Small numbers vote in midterm elections and a race crisis might motivate not only Blacks but Hispanics to turn out to the polls. More so than Whites, who tend to vote Repub.

    Would Obama do something like that just for an election? You bet your booties he would, and so would a Repub president. We are being rule under the War on Terrorism with what deHaven-Smith calls State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs.) It is becoming routine to Shock and Awe the American people as the power system goes further and further to the right.

    But this is just a guess, and there may be some other reason, or some other reason as well.

    1. Mark said: “as the power system goes further and further to the right.”

      Not sure what you mean by this: Political Right? Conservative? I hope that is not what you mean by that because you couldn’t be more wrong. If this were truly a Left/Right matter, you should know that the mass murderers of their own people have been the communists (far Left) – Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot. You can’t find any such example on the Right. But none of that really matters as it’s all to keep us from ignoring the real Puppeteers that stage this Mayhem. The purpose is nothing more than CHAOS as an excuse to wrestle the last vestiges of freedom away from the last free country on earth… the last hope… Obama is just Bush on Steroids. This is all planned and the plan is unfolding rapidly – that’s why our PINO could care less what any of us think about him or all his golf playing.

  4. Why would Eric Holder and Obama who are both black want to be part of an ops that would incite a race riot? I’m not sure how to connect the lines in this one, although I am perfectly content to believe this is manufactured, especially since some of the tell-tale signs of trying to build support by having protests in other cities and items planted on Facebook. Yuk!

    1. Because Barry Soetoro and Holder are the ‘house negros’ or ‘pinched nose negros’ as Pastor Manning calls them. In other words, they think they are (and all-too-likely they have the correct blood lines) to be considered among the ‘elite’ or at least to be able to work for the establishment. They have no compunction when it comes to blacks because they don’t see themselves as part of the unwashed masses or the riff-raff. They deem themselves far superior; as you might look upon an ant hill.

      1. Perfect analysis. Now here’s the latest on Ferguson. There were 11 gunshots. The police go to target practice all the time. I saw some at a local range. They know how to shoot to kill, and how to wound which would have been all that was necessary to stop an unarmed man. So this was an intentional murder, and I agree with Patrick that it had to have been a false flag.

        1. I believe that is incorrect. Police are neither trained to kill or wound. They are trained to neutralize the target. The best way to do that is to shoot center mass. That means you shoot for the center of the biggest part of the body-the torso.

          At a shooting investigation a police officer is dead meat if he admits that he shot to wound. Reason being the investigators and courts will say that the threat was not enough to warrant shooting if the police officer had time to pick out anything but center mass as a target. Shooting under severe duress is difficult and that is why the center mass doctrine is taught. If you had time to think and take aim for a shot to a non lethal body part, you had time to do something else.

          They are also not trained to kill, because that is illegal. Neutralizing the target with a center mass shot to protect life however, is not. I am not agreeing with what happened at Ferguson, once again we will probably never know the real story. Could have been a false flag, with no expiration date. By that I mean this unhinged cop was kept in service because they new he would eventually pop. Nonetheless the incident will serve a purpose for the elite.

  5. In watching the 2nd video about the coming police state I was happy to see the protests included both whites and blacks standing together against the police state on steroids, there was solidarity. Nice try false flags ops.

  6. Bewise, the Black upper classes sell out the Black population in the same way that the White upper classes sell out the White population, or the ethnic, such as the Jewish upper classes, sell out the ethnic populations. Although the major form of oppression historically has been racial oppression, class oppression occurs within cultural-racial groupings.

    People tend to identify with power, and the powerful Proclaim they are serving the people’s interests while operatively serving their own. People tend to identify with power, including racial power, which is why historically people tend to identify with their own oppression, and the oppression of other people. Blacks identify with Obama who is serving the interests of the White oligarchs that financed him, and they want to win the next election. So Obama sells out the Black population, as he has been doing in office, and he does it with the support of the Black professional-managerial class.

    1. Mark, 50% of the world’s wealth lay in the hands of semites, or non-europeans. Which oligarchs financed Obama?

      And you are the real ‘racist’ or racialist, because you actually, constantly in fact, assert that there is racial oppression that isn’t a function of class. The fact is,’race’ was mostly a justification for classism and the exploitation of an ethnic group, and further, this construct, for that is what I personally think it mostly consists of, equally justified the exploitation of both ‘races’ involved, which in America was anglo celts and sub-saharan africans.

      You contradict yourself routinely. But back to your assertion about oligarchs. Who financed the slave trade? Who were disproportionately represented among slaveholders? Hint: it wasn’t native europeans aka ‘whites.’

  7. I wouldn’t argue with any of that. I might add that it is also a great distraction. After all, they are busy murdering people in Gaza and Ukraine. They have signed an agreement not to release any information about MH 17 without all party’s consent.

    Then there is the wonderful opportunity to get the eaters used to the new Israeli-based policing standard. They don’t use minimum force, they empty the clip. They don’t arrive like Andy and Barney. They come in an MRAP, that’s how they roll.

    And then there’s this:

    I haven’t attempted to verify it yet. It IS thought provoking. It may also be worth noting that while this extravaganza has been playing, there have been other killings as well. For some reason they haven’t received the airplay that this has.

    Lastly, as you pointed out, confronting people with shows of force are certain to elicit a negative reaction. They are most certainly aware of that. Military style confrontations are designed to get the invaded party to submit. It forces people into either submission or fighting back.

    So, staged or not, if the goal were peace, they certainly went about that the wrong way. At every turn it was designed to provoke more reaction. The message was “no matter what you do, we’re in charge here”.

    Now we know what being Palestinian in Missouri looks like.

    1. The rationale you describe – total submission, Israeli-style, is the one I am drawn to. It would argue that the usual hierarchy notion of federal top-down control has morphed under the influence of foreign influence, which is much more sinister than Patrick’s assessment and much harder to monitor. But as I live in Boston suburb which was shut down during the Marathon hoax, and as my town’s police have traveled to Israel to learn from their techniques, I tend to suspect some kind of new initiatives in terms of rules of engagement.

      Several years ago, before the Marathon hoax, a neighboring town, Needham, not shut down during the Marathon, was put under lockdown and had SWAT teams sent in due to a single incident involving a baseball murder weapon, abandoned by a crazed, blood-covered, semi-naked man who was off his meds and fleeing the scene of the attack on an elderly homeowner he was working for (both white). I found out when the incident began because at my ATM in the neighboring town, I saw a man standing outside his rather odd SUV (all dark window glass, North Carolina plates) talking on his cellphone rather loudly and excitedly about how the town was in “lockdown”. As the incident unfolded, I had a mental geography of a place I often visit with a police and fire presence right on the town green, the incident having occurred no more than a mile away, and the action happening right in the shadow of the town’s city hall, including the invasion of a restaurant by the SWAT team who were rousting patrons onto the street very dramatically. At the time, I thought this was simply an example of overkill (the perp was found cowering in bushes near the railroad tracks, just as helpless as you might imagine). I questioned by a town police force was inadequate to deal with this unhinged person, and I still do. What are they paid for?

      But now I wonder if the whole thing wasn’t staged as well, and a demonstration of how much citizens would tolerate both lockdown and the presence of outsiders showing force like an invading army.

      1. Michelle’s Mirror yesterday ( referenced a truly chilling article about how the extreme cold last January almost brought down the country’s electric grid more than once. We needed every power plant we have (I recommend clicking through and reading the whole thing). Michelle’s Mirror’s focus is on how many power plant Obama’s destructive power is forcing to close down in the coming months.

        As James points out, I wrote the piece on the 19th. Subsequent events have added lots of new information. So you are right, musings, about how compelling lophatt’s ponderings are.

        I probably wouldn’t have speculated about this in the body of the piece, were I writing it today, because it would change the focus completely, but this EPA war on coal can be connected.

        Boston’s martial law exercise was cheered by its (mostly white, I believe) victims; blacks in Ferguson attempted to fight back, confronting the army in the streets. This, as my article argues, is data gathered in an experimental social study. The power issue might point to the deeper motive for these experiments.

        What if the lab coats, who know that this winter is going to be as bad or worse than the last one, WANT blackouts on the worst cold days? They are forcing the closing of power plants, leading up to winter. Perhaps they have been testing to see what levels of resistance to expect in various venues; they plan complete dominance, but some will be grateful for it, and some will act, let us say, differently.

        1. They just took down our only local power plant. Now we are at the mercy of the grid. It was an old coal fired plant(Colorado is filthy with coal). I’m not sure why it couldn’t be converted to gas since uhh western CO Sits atop enough natural gas to heat Mars. I think a pipeline about say two feet long could have delivered the goods to the plant. I heard a rumor it was sent to china to be resurrected. Coal pollution is OK as long as it is in china. Solar would be great here but we no longer get 300 days of sunshine being that we are inundated with all the rain that California doesn’t get.

      2. Thought this was an interesting article on the sources of electricity by state. After dumping trillions of our tax dollars into solar and wind, they are still less than 6% of generation and environmental fanatics may soon be forced to admit they are murdering wildlife.

        Not surprising that the states forced to import their electricity from neighboring states are paying a high cost per kilowatt.

        At least one campaign promise has been kept! “The price of energy will necessarily have to sky rocket.”

      3. Musings, I’m sure you’re aware that Israel has been training the boys in blue for quite some time. If you’ll recall, during the Boston hoax, they announced the arrival of “experts” from Israel to help.

        I can relate to the guy off his meds. In Seattle we had a guy like that running naked through town. The cops chased him through a restaurant at lunch blasting away. What could be so important that they’d have to risk everybody’s lives because the guy was naked?

        There can be no doubt that they are being set up as a civilian military. They expect resistance and they are preparing “shock and awe”.

        My thinking runs the gamut from totally staged to “never miss an opportunity”. The more people see these militarized cops and SWAT teams, the more common it becomes. When they pulled the “lockdown” in Boston, and they weren’t sued for Fourth Amendment violations, they established precedent.

        In the Fergeson event we were shown reporters being harassed, excessive force and just plain rudeness. A few years ago someone might have asked “who pays your salary?”. It was also great practice for the Stasi as well.

        1. It would be interesting to know how many police hired in the last 10 years are battle hardened troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. I would bet a non military applicant would have little chance these days. Militarization of the police is easy when they are already military trained. Most of them probably already have PTSD, and are ready to rumble at the slightest provocation. They probably like them fresh from the wars so they don’t get a chance to chill out and get civilianized(I think I made that word up). I remember being fresh out and having a distinct distaste for civilians who “didn’t get it”. Maybe a year in Telluride should be mandatory after separation. DUDE! like come out with your hands up, or your like, you’re totally going to harsh our mellow. I’m totally serious dude!

      4. Rich’s point is well taken. The police is a popular refuge for ex-GI’s. Part of the phenomenon is the reinforcement that the public is “the enemy”. This has been going on a long time.

        Indeed the principle difference between “policing” and “occupation” is the relationship to the population. It goes without saying that this is being used to install an occupying force to control the population, not “serve” them.

        With every outrage that goes unpunished the Stasi become more confident and hostile. Mayors and police chiefs ridicule those who legitimately question them. If the people who pay for this “service” have no control over it, how is it not an occupation?

        So, if you march yourselves down to City Hall and demand that they give back all the military gear and shift to “community policing”, what sort of response are you likely to get? Why? How free are we?

  8. Regarding the Dorian Johnson interview in the StormCloudsGathering video in the post. Did anyone notice that while recounting the shooting he referred to Brown as “my friend” seven times and never once referred to him as Michael, or Mike, or Brown. What kind of friend was this? Rather in control of his emotions for someone who just saw “uhh, my friend” get murdered.

  9. The National Review published a satirical article claiming there was evidence that Holder paid some of the Ferguson rioters. Many mistook the article for ‘real;’ this tactic is a way to control the narrative by making skeptics/truthers look gullible and silly.

  10. The way that this story broke in the MSM has all the hallmarks of a carefully laid emotional trap. It was designed to present a initial picture of an innocent “gentle giant” shot in cold blood by police, which then morphs into the “real story”: a street thug hangin’ with his thug buddy who was shot after trying to bum rush a cop. The result is an event perfectly constructed to elicit maximum conflict between those sympathizing with the “victim”, and those on the side of “law enforcement”.

    Initial eyewitnesses, including his buddy, stated that Brown had his hands up and was running away from the police. He was on his way to college on a sports scholarship and had just written, in an oddly prescient facebook post: “If i leave this earth today, at least you know i care about others more than i cared about myself.” Notice the unlikely use of the past tense “cared”.

    Then we find out that, while the officer was unaware of it at the time of the shooting, Brown (and his friend?) had just robbed a convenience store. Then the “autopsy” finds that he was probably not shot from behind. Then we find out that Brown’s buddy and the best witness to the shooting has a prior arrest warrant for burglary.

    The two sides of the story that emerge are just too perfectly scripted to divide us, the MSM audience, on the basis of our preconceived allegiances to either a black “underclass” or a white “ruling class”. The presence of the likes of Al Sharpton, the known FBI provocateur of Tawanna Brawley fame, and others, clinches it, in my opinion, as a classic piece of agitprop media distraction.

  11. Nice analysis Christo, yes, and I am wondering, how long before the money train stops at Ferguson for payment to all of the players. More funds to donate to and for sure, we’ll see Eric Holder..holding the money.

  12. Another stage event? Why not? Virtually anything the mass media hypes can be a staged event. At the risk of ruffling some feathers, I’ll add that Paul Craig Roberts’ interest is also highly suspicious. As a 9/11 censor, it stands to reason that he selects the causes he champions so as to beat close to but still around the bush–pun intended.

    As with most staged events, the hard part is to teach its theatrical essence to a public that is saturated by not only TV, but the watchdogs (like Jackson and Sharpton, mentioned in this article) who will predictably dismiss this article as a nutty conspiracy theory should they ever be pressed to comment on it.

    Humanity lives in Plato’s cave. But like in the allegory, the hardest job is to convince the captive audience of its predicament. Ferguson is unlikely to make the cut, Once again, nothing seems to beat TV’s worldwide failure to produce an inexpensive and riveting documentary on a certain office fire that suddenly, rapidly and completely disintegrated a high-rise in Manhattan a decade ago.


  13. The truth about Shannon Watts of Moms for Sensible Gun Laws or whatever is getting out, finally, ‘Not Watts She Seems’:

    Watts’ PR campaign was designed to exploit some sense of ‘feminine/maternal’ righteousness. Patrick mentioned how the Martin and Brown incidents exploit ambiguity to evoke the maximum amount of emotion and conflict surrounding ‘race’ and other sociopolitical archetypes like ‘authority,’ ‘masculinity,’ ‘the state,’ and ‘justice.’

    I’ve always thought it was precisely in that seemingly endless gap of ambiguity that the governmedia saw an opportunity to strike gold, as it were, in Sanford. The Ferguson incident does seem almost perfectly tailored to affect what they couldn’t fully capitalize on with Martin/Zimmerman. Either/every ‘side’ can imbue the conflict with whatever they want, basically. What are the chances that an incident would be so perfectly balanced in it’s ambiguity?

    Not great, in my opinion, which makes me question it’s authenticity.

  14. Here is a success story on stores that did not get looted in Ferguson, owners that guarded their stores with a grand display of muscles and weapons.

    Sometimes I wonder, if all these grand stories are not really an effort to increase gun sales?

    Have vague memories of the early 60’s when my teenage brother laid on the roof on the grocery store right next store where he worked, and him and the owners laid in waiting all night for the looters, rampaging our city for what reason I never understood. Thankfully, that teenager never had to shoot that rifle, he probably would of knocked his eye out!

  15. Despite all claims to the contrary, we live in a peaceful civilization in which racism has all but been eliminated. There are very few scattered ‘pocket’ areas where prejudice retains a stronghold, but for the most part, I think ours is the last generation of Archie Bunkers.
    As violent crimes continue to fall (, we are continually taught, through media, that “There are crazy people out there” and that we require the PROTECTION of the State. It is propaganda that must be perpetuated to preserve their stronghold. Imagine a world at Peace- it would be bad for the Economy.
    Meanwhile, as crime rates plummet, prison populations rise:

  16. The fact that one of the attorneys for Martin Zimmerman, Lorna Truett, is a dead ringer for the attorney for James Holmes, Lisa Damiani, is an extremely bizarre coincidence. (watch the videos from livingonplanetz on Michael Brown) It suggests that the shootings in Aurora and the shooting of Trevon Martin were contrived events, using actors.

    The fact that the attorney for the Martins, Benjamin Crump, is now the Attorney for Michael Brown’s parents should be seen as a big red flag. There is no way that this guy could be for real, if he has already participated, as legal representation, in a hoax shooting event. In light of these facts, it is highly likely that the Michel Brown shooting was also staged.

  17. Now, the Lab Coats have added a new element to the mix. Supposedly, some guy was talking dirty with some chick through his computer, recording the conversation, and his computer’s mic was close enough to the open window (I guess) to capture the sound of the bullets being pumped into the Gentle Giant.

    How this can be verified is beyond me. But that’s the point of them not haven installed dash-cams. A new, giant, debate is opened up, making the two sides even more adversarial than before. Blacks, who feel aggrieved and victimized, against whites, who wonder what the hell is wrong with them for feeling that way, after the tens of trillions of dollars they have been given to end their “poverty,” which includes air conditioning and Air Jordans. The resentment pot has to be stirred on both sides.

    This horrifying video, which I mentioned, but did not embed, in the article, should be more well known:[youtube

    But that’s the point, isn’t it? The big, completely innocent black guy was flat-out murdered by a gang of vicious white cops, for no reason at all. But there is no ambiguity. White people can’t defend the cops, or blame the welfare state, implying the dude had it coming. Black people can-and DO–point out that this video proves their justification in feeling aggrieved. But the MSM, which poses as the defenders of black grievance in Ferguson, doesn’t seem all that interested. Why?

    No ambiguity. The Lab Coats have no experiment to create out of this. Any decent person can immediately see the whole story, and can feel only shame and/or outrage. No one can defend the Men In Blue.

    (Speculating again: perhaps the second, ridiculously fake, Ferguson “murder” was set up, with a guy just happening to capture it all on his iPhone, because the Lab Coats wanted to capture some of the power of the Staten Island murder.)

    So the key to discovering the inner beliefs and reactions of various groups, it appears, is when you don’t give them enough information to honestly know what happened. Whites, who for the most part have never felt menaced by police, reflexively side with them; blacks have every good reason to loathe them.

    The question in all of this remains: what point in amplifying these contrary points of view? What is this experiment intended for?

    1. Bear with me now, because your comment caused the light bulb to come on. It doesn’t happen much so here goes. I remember the majority who ascribe to the “religion of peace” being silent regarding the Islamic fanatics among them after 911. Now here in Ferguson, we have a white majority remaining largely silent and unsympathetic- nationwide.

      On the world stage we have ISIS or the Islamic state running rampant. They are tweeting photos of landmarks within the United States. My question is: How long before the blacks of this country have had enough and begin to organize under the flag of the Islamic state. How hard would it be to convince black youth to sign up for some real “Change”. Voting hasn’t helped them(unless being a welfare slave is help). In fact voting doesn’t benefit anyone. The border is wide open while cops roll out like infantry in the heartland.

      Now I also ask, why have the mass shootings stopped? Why has the focus changed? I think ISIS has a real chance to gain support in this country. The government is hopelessly broken, the President is reveling in the destruction of the USA, in fact he celebrates with a vacation every other week. Any military commanders that might side with the American people have been sent packing. IS could be streaming across the border as we speak and the lying press wouldn’t tell you until its too late. I don’t think its to grandiose to think that terrorism could actually become real in America. The Economy is about to take a dive and the powers that be don’t need to wait 20 years to effect the real “Change”

      1. In addition to my last comment I want to add that there are millions of fatherless, angry, black youth out there who are fed up and looking for an answer, or maybe revenge on a system that destroyed their chance at being in a family. Six bullets in an unarmed man could help them turn the corner, regardless of whether the shoot was good or bad. Someone is eventually going to tell them Islam is their hope.

      2. Fear Mongering? I don’t know anymore. Obama has let the border slide so long anything could happen. Regardless of how much we talk about real or fake incidents, and the memory hole, the fact that America is being destroyed is no longer up for argument. The occupant of the oval office only has two years left to “fundamentally change America” as he promised. The only promise he has kept.

    2. “The question in all of this remains: what point in amplifying these contrary points of view? What is this experiment intended for?”

      Very pertinent questions. Assuming Ferguson is another staged event, one probable objective is, building on Patrick’s points, to foment mutual fear withing large groups of people. The stereotyped whites and blacks Patrick describes will crank up a notch their fears. This will advantageously make them more vulnerable to the next act of manufactured hysteria; (like Homeland Security personnel bravely violating laws and regulations to catch an Ebola-infected ISIL militant who managed to cross the Canadian border to perform a genocide in Montana). Furthermore, it will keep them from coldly reflecting on seminal observations that can make them not only cognizant of but also able to teach the large-scale obfuscation they live under, like

      The experiment would serve whoever direct Plato’s worldwide cave. It may be more than an experiment.


    3. And now of course, just on the heels of this, we have “Douglas McAuthur (sic) McCain”, American jihadi in ISIS getting hisself all kilt. Warning to young black males: Do not sign up for jihad because you will die.
      What a dumb campaign – it doesn’t seem to stop kids from running with gangs, the fear of death that is. Wonder what the message is in this guy who seems like a Snoop Dog wannabe with the tattoo on is neck and all, class clown who suddenly goes to war. Can we say “Actor” answering a casting call? What a silly name for a jihadi.

    4. Don’t agree with you, Patrick, that whites don’t feel menaced by police. I meet all sorts of white people with all sorts of political and ideological views who sense and have experienced the increasing tyranny of our police state. In fact, I meet some whites who feel more concerned about that than they do by their status as scapegoat. Also, because the cops act out anti-white policies of refusing to recognize hate crimes against whites, there is increasing distrust of them developing from that angle.

      The real question is where was Sharpton and the rest of the race-hustlers?

      1. I Have to agree. A lot of unarmed people getting shot around here anymore, and the details are always sketchy, if there are any at all. Police killed a guy in his car on Monday a block from my girls house. Cops were sure to canvass the neighborhood to see if anyone saw anything. I live in a white town where people have the 2nd amendment tattooed on their children. Trust of the police is on the decline. Police no longer make any attempt to befriend the community. All police contact is strictly adversarial and negative.

  18. I think you said Patrick, it’s just to stir the pot, create racial tension, divide and destroy. The reason MLK was murdered is because he was uniting white and black, taking away the power of the puppet masters to pit, “us and against them.” For after all, we are just ordinary men….

    1. I think you’re right, bewise. I was just a little kid at the time of King’s murder, and only became aware of it later. It’s always nice to have a feel for such things as they develop, knowing the context by being there. I was not. That said, I think he was a genuine threat to the system in the same way John Kennedy was. Robert, I believe, wanted to be president primarily because it would be the only way to achieve the power to reveal the truth about his brother’s murder.

      But Robert Kennedy, on the day of Martin King’s murder, was campaigning in the city I live in, Indianapolis, and gave a speech in a black neighborhood, impromptu, urging them not to riot, as had been happening in cities around the country. And no riots occurred here. They, the blacks he was addressing, admired him, and took his words to heart. At least that’s the lore, and all wish it to be true.

      Of course, I was a little kid at the time, growing up in Chicago, where the South Side was being burned to the ground by angry negroes, who I suspect saw Martin King’s murder as the end of hope. I had no idea of what was happening at the time.

      So orderly negro marches in the 60s were such a threat to the system that the organizer had to be murdered to put a stop to it; a white patrician who urged calm on that day was so admired that those negroes listening to him took his advice to remain calm, however angry they felt.

      Leap to today. They no longer call themselves negroes, and they don’t all wear business suits as they march, demanding to be treated as every other American, as per the supposed promise made to them in the 1860s. And their leaders are in no jeopardy of being murdered, because they are agents of the system that killed Martin King.

      Robert Kennedy indeed united black and white that night in Indianapolis, evoking the spirit of Martin King, and the black population did not riot because of that. Sadly, Bobby was murdered, too, soon after, and no one ever was able to restore that brief window of racial sanity after that.

      Of course, as I say, I was just a kid at the time, so my opinion in this matter is that of a historian. I think I’ve got a grasp on it, though.

  19. The st Louis cops shooting a disturbed man, who has been named as Kajieme Powell, may, or may not, have been a staged event with crisis actors. It just so happened that it was filmed from the beginning on video. And the cops released the video right away even though it contradicted the police story that Powell was approaching the cops to within a few feet with a knife in an overhand group.

    The video shows him about ten feet away with no knife visible with his hands at his sides. The police killed him within a few seconds of pulling up in police car, appearing almost as if that is what they intended to do.

    If this shooting was staged, if it was a zombie false flag, the only reason could be was to increase the racial tension. This is mind blowing, the precise contrary of the Proclaimed establishment view.

    But there is not yet enough evidence to state definitely without reasonable doubt. I would guess the best route to pursue first search-wise is to establish if, in fact, there WAS a man named Kajieme Powell, and death certificates and other documentation of the death.

    If this was, in fact, a staged event, it has enormous political implications.

      1. I’ll try again.

        I don’t believe Everything is a staged false flag. This shooting with Kajieme Powell was real in my opinion. The stranger thing is no one seemed to care in MSM. I don’t know why, it fit their narrative perfectly.
        And as to the Feruson shooting with Mike Brown, I believe that really did happen and the Stasi just jumped on the moment to show off all the new Toys we bought them as with Los Angeles, Boston and everywhere it seems.
        I do believe the Army Training in Ferguson caused the riots.
        I mentioned in the Sandy Hook Hippy section that the Fake Foley beheading should be exploited. MSM admits it was fake and are twisting it all up again because Assad said that Foley was killed 1 yr ago and it is documented by the UN. So the MSM has changed the narrative again from admitting the video is fake to Pres. Assad is a liar.
        Oh my, the worlds on fire
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      2. When this happens, ask James to recover it from the spam folder. He does not know why this happens. It seems to be random. I will post 20 comments, over a couple of months, just fine, and then ZAP! It does not post. It”s not his doing, and the message did not evaporate. WordPress treated it as spam, for some reason, and James is a busy man, so he can’t always keep on top of the spam folder.

      3. WOW PEOPLE, my comments show when I go through Google Chrome where I originally posted from the same computer, but if I use FireFox and go to memoryhole they are not there. Think about that one. I know its not Mr. Tracy but something is off.

    1. It’s not paranoia, this word press server is being diverted through an alphabet agency and that’s why some are awaiting moderation and some just vanish..I’m not one for conspiracy so I think I may be right. It makes NO sense what get flagged and what goes through

  20. I really just think this is a set up for the installing of martial law in various cities, for the most part. I don’t think it’s an experiment so much. You guys are too intellectual. People actually do have concrete motives for their actions sometimes. But in light of the fact that I know for certain TPTB have been downplaying black on white crime (indeed, lying about it to repress it) I would say that it’s possible the whistle has finally been blown and now is the time to set white fight, since white flight is no longer possible, loose – with a plan to contain it in the itinerary.

    1. Sue, we are not there yet but close. We need to come together as Americans if we can and fight this first for our country and families if at all possible. But we can’t even get 30% of Americans to agree as one over simple things like 911, Sandy Hook, Boston. Divide and conquer is working just fine for them. They just simply ignore us. We can’t seem to wake up the masses when its so obvious what’s happening.

      1. Ric, “simply ignore us” is right. This is what the media has been taught to do, and their jobs depend on it. I saw this demonstrated on a PBS local Boston show with Emily Rooney (daughter of the late 60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney) shortly after the Marathon hoax. She had on a media pundit from Harvard (I think it was Harvard) of whom she opening asked some advice after the Boston bombing. She was truly concerned that people were going over the evidence with a fine-toothed comb on the internet, and wondered how much attention the media should pay to their activities. “Just ignore them” was the advice from this remote and superior man. Because of course, they (we) weren’t with the program, had no status to worry about, and could be dismissed.

        I found this particularly chilling because when you live in an area which is supposedly under attack, prudence would dictate that you find out what is really happening, especially after having been subjected to a 6-city lockdown. As Kipling said about the mongoose, a real reporter would be eaten up with curiosity and ready to face anything to get to the bottom of the story, the way a mongoose might need to find the cobras in the house.

        But the desideratum for the powerful is to have the reporters to be neutered and tame. This means they do not even examine the evidence which anyone else might have found. That is not their role. They do not protect, but they serve – and not the public. Even if it was always so, even if they are just so (“This is how the reporter got his job”), it means they must accept every fraud and speak with one voice along with all the others. Crusading reporters are either a myth or a step away from a grisly end.

  21. Why would Washington manipulate the Ferguson killing to increase racial tension. I have already mentioned the possibility of increasing non-White voting in the coming fall election. But there may be a deeper historical reason as well; Washington’s imperialist tendency of Divide and Ruin.

    In the US wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Gaza, and now Ukraine, US imperialism has left the countries divided and in ruins. This systematic outcome could not be accidental in every case; it must be an intentional policy to prevent the country from being a power source, and from allying with Russia or China against Washington’s interests.

    But Divide and Ruin can be a domestic policy as well, to racially divide the population so they cannot unite against Washington’s power, and impoverish the American people and their institutions historically to disempower us. How else can one make sense of the fact the country conceived as a whole is increasing its GDP over historical time, but people are going into debt to maintain their standard of living, and the schools, roads, terminals, etc are degenerating.

    If therefore Whites are fighting Blacks, Blacks are fighting Hispanics, Hispanics are fighting Muslims, etc, they cannot unite to fight the power system headed by Washington. And the militarized police can shut down White cities like Boston, and brutalize White demonstrators like the Occupy movement, and Black uprisings like Ferguson, while attacking Hispanic migration, etc.

    The Divide and Ruin strategy would then allow the White oligarchy to steal anything that isn’t nailed down, supported by the Black, Hispanic, etc upper classes who are tossed a bone. And Divide and Ruin can be ideologically legitimated by the delusive Proclaimed ideology of Freedom&Democracy.

  22. Does anyone else think it odd that Michael Brown’s body was left lying in the street for “hours”, while crowds gathered, repeating the news to each other that he had been unarmed when shot by police. Wouldn’t you think that the police would have wanted to remove this provocative spectacle to avoid inciting the crowd? Why was he not whisked away in an ambulance like, say, Gabby Giffords who was also “shot in the head”? After all, modern medicine can clearly work miracles. Why did the police not call this in immediately, and why no ambulance?

    Also did anyone notice the interview with the Brown family lawyer Benjamin Crump, where we see a young black man standing behind him very ostentatiously reading a Koran? Crump and the camera crew clearly intended the viewer to see this. Can we now expect “retaliation” from the new ISIS boogeyman in the form of radicalized American muslims reacting to the Michael Brown shooting? Is this why we keep hearing about American members of ISIS?

    And what about the name Brown? Hard to read anything into that, you might say, as it is such a common name. On the other hand there is the specter of John Brown who wanted to incite a slave revolt in the years before the civil war. Both of Brown’s “parents” have aliases. Why choose the name Brown? Brown-Black-White? CIA spook-speak? Michael Brown’s body lies bleeding in the streets. The lies go marching on.

    1. “Wouldn’t you think that the police would have wanted to remove this provocative spectacle to avoid inciting the crowd? Why was he not whisked away in an ambulance like, say, Gabby Giffords who was also “shot in the head”? ”

      Excellent insight, Christo. That DOES make no sense. Don’t they get the ambulance there as a matter of protocol? Do they have a choice in the matter?

      And why has no one been asking this obvious question?

      As for the rest of your questions, they are speculative–which is fine–and thus simply food for thought. But they reflect the ideas others have raised here, including me, and are quite compelling. We don’t know what this event was created to accomplish, exactly, but the outlines are coming into focus.

      It has, first and foremost, to do with race. Whatever Sue and Rich wish to believe, the entirety of the average white person’s interaction with the police is when he/she gets pulled over for speeding; it’s agonizing, and they might notice the fake politeness the cop affects–but they’ll put that down to the training cops undergo. The bitter taste comes not from the nastiness of the stormtrooper, but the ridiculousness of the speed laws, and the bad luck to get trapped by them.

      Blacks, on the other hand, know precisely how vicious that stormtrooper class is. Whereas polling will indicate that a majority of whites will give the politzai the benefit of the doubt as a general matter, something like a third of black males in America have spent time in the hands of jailers, to one degree or another. Practically every black person has been affected by this, because someone in their family has experienced the system, or people they know have done.

      One part of this pageant might in fact be an attempt to blunt the truth in what Sue and Rich have said. The twists and turns of the plot might be intended to reinforce the reflexive support of the policing class on the part of whites, and create increasing revulsion in them when they regard the reflexive hatred blacks have for the supposed protectors of civil society.

      I more than ever believe this was an experiment to see in detail what the two sides actually feel about this dynamic. The Lab Coats have Big Doings planned, and this information will be of tremendous use to them when they spring the really big traps.

      1. Well, the speeding analogy is great. I however have had more than speeding run ins with local cops, and federal BLM Nazis. I am also educated enough to see that what has happened to the blacks, is also happening to the whites. White middle class may acquiesce to police power sooner because they have something to lose, but it doesn’t mean they like it. Just because black injustice gets more airtime, doesn’t mean white folk aren’t getting shot and beat down(white victims of police violence are easily dismissed as gun nuts, religious fanatics, rednecks, or mentally ill). I have been nose to nose with our police state enemy a couple of times and won, but I wasn’t alone, and that made all the difference. I will agree with one thing, If you are alone, drive slow.

      2. I’m not sure I can pull together what I want to say here, but I’ll try. This is contrived (as you say) in the sense that, if the MSM and their owners didn’t want us to see this, we wouldn’t. Unfortunately, these shootings happen on a daily basis.

        Secondly, Israel has been training these Stasi units for quite some time now. The military hardware is an accouterment to that training. There is no question that the militarization is very deliberate.

        Using “race” is a convenience. People in this country have always been divided along racial lines. They are not treated equally and that creates even more tension. It also creates behaviors that escalate an already volatile situation.

        Where people get confused is that, at least subconsciously, they think that the police are trying to “do the right thing”. They aren’t. They do as they’re told. In a sense, they are another “race”. They are separated and told that they are “superior”.

        What used to hold this ragtag country together was respect for each other’s rights. That is quite dead now.

        Simply based on what they’ve told us about this incident it appears that the “gentle giant” was being a bit of a punk with his buddy and was walking down the middle of the street. Our local Cheka officer confronted them about it. He probably mouthed off. Of course there is nothing so disrespectful as “contempt of cop” and, naturally, he filled him with holes for it.

        What this is is an example of how far we’ve fallen. This decline really began with the “war on drugs”. It was used as an excuse for SWAT teams and military policing. No longer was “minimal force” the standard. Now they empty the magazine.

        I remember very well my law classes in college. We talked about police serving warrants at unreasonable hours and seizing items not listed on warrants as surefire ways to get a case dismissed. Not anymore.

        So you’re quite right that this is theater. All the imagery was there. The military cops were portrayed as necessary to stop the looting, etc.. Following current practice the cops refused to release the cop’s name at first. There’s a lesson there as well. You don’t have a right to know.

        We had the “First Amendment Zone” thing all over again. We had the “Journalists pen”. We saw open suppression of the press. We saw extreme abuse of authority. All together what we saw was “us vs them”, by design.

        So, yeah they killed this kid (just like so many others), but this time they wanted to reinforce a few things through their other tool, the “media”. Race here is a convenience. It made a nice division to play with. The fact is that they would use just as much force on a white kid. They are “the police race”.

    2. I thought the “shooting” of Gabby Giffords was deemed a hoax based on her miraculous recovery and unrealistic speeches. (Now the shooting of the judge next to her was probably real and an intended goal of that particular psy-op.) Any definitive research on this event?

    3. The neglect of Brown’s body is one of the main indicators of ‘staged’ in some dimension here. It was simply appalling and seemed designed to incite disgust and anger. I haven’t given your second point much thought but it, too, warrants closer scrutiny.

      1. Sue, “staged” can involve murder. I, of course, don’t know for sure. I even posted a link to a plausible identity for this being totally staged. Leaving the body there, uncovered, would be a deliberate provocation. They would need that to kick things off.

  23. good point, Christo. But the implication of leaving the body in the street for 4 hours indicates that Brown may have been killed precisely to foment the racial uprising. In which case the other Black man, Powell, killed may have really been killed, not faked. Or perhaps not. Nothing has been found out by honest truthers that I’ve seen about Powell.

    This story, Ferguson, has spread all over the world. If the project was planned, it would mean that Washington doesn’t care what the world thinks, it is concerned only, or mainly, with domestic policies. This is quite ominous, and leads to an emphasis entirely on homicidal policies.

    There is overwhelming evidence that the plane MH17 was shot down by Washington controlled Kiev, killing nearly 300 passengers. The Black Boxes and recordings in Nato hands are not going to be released. Washington apparently doesn’t care what people think, it will kill to set up these false flags. This principled carelessness is a new stage in American degeneration.

  24. I agree with you Patrick that comments are speculative, but it just seems very odd to me that the video interview with Crump would have included a guy reading from the Koran and even pointing to a passage in it. Watch the first few minutes of this interview:

    While Crump and his fellow lawyer are asking for calm, they seem to tolerate this guy waving around a Koran and pointing to a passage in it. What kind of double message is this?

    The interview goes on to excoriate the police chief for releasing the video of Brown robbing the convenience store as if it were utterly irrelevant and an attempt at character assassination. If this were real, would it be? Is it irrelevant only if you are black but not if you are white? Divide and ruin, as Mark says. Also note Brown’s father’s big Islamic looking beard.

    1. Indeed, Christo, this Koran-waving is stupefyingly unusual, and makes the impulse to remain temperate difficult. It is so blatant that it has to be completely set up. And Rich mentioned the Moslem angle before you brought it up.

      (Incidentally, the whole Black Moslem movement, in my opinion, has been a psy-op from the start. Whether Malcolm X was an Agent or not, the people who believed his rhetoric did in fact believe it, and plenty of Agents have been salted in the black community to veer a percentage into that “option” ever since. It has been very helpful to our Masters’ plan.)

      I’m doing my best to keep the speculation under control, is all. Thanks for your adding to the research. I’m not trying to dampen it down.

      Here is a link from Paul Craig Roberts, yesterday; it is the great Jon Stewart, showing this black/white thing about Ferguson, in his inimitable way:

      1. I have a hard time seeing how the Muslim hatred is any different from the Black hatred. In my opinion these things are “helped” to exist as a handy tool to divide and conquer.

        In my experience “race” has been an excuse to separate groups from each other and sanction bad behavior. At one point I went to an inner-city school and it was a war zone. It wasn’t that way because of the whites.

        At my school the blacks hung out with the blacks, the Latinos with the Latinos and the Asians with the Asians. They fought each other constantly. It was a terrifying and wickedly stupid arrangement.

        Fortunately for me it didn’t last but a year or so and I moved to another school that didn’t have that problem. But “the problem” wasn’t that someone was of a certain race, the problem was that they were “special” and had “special behaviors” to go along with that distinction.

        There is a reverse prejudice, correctly attributed to “liberals” that wants to make whites the sin eaters for everyone else’ bad behavior. They would tell you that there are no differences, and if there are, they’re your fault. That is patently ridiculous.

        If there is a cure for this problem, and I’m not sure that there is, it is in treating everyone equally and not identifying oneself as “special”. To live in a society we must have societal norms. We all must abide by those in fairness to others. If we do not our “specialness” will bring us grief.

        As to the cops, if they can’t treat all races equally they have no business in that business. By “equally” I don’t mean with equal contempt. As to the “Black Muslim” thing, I remember that well. It is but another example of “celebrating your specialness”. My faith teaches me that “God doesn’t make junk”. He doesn’t make “special people” either. We seem to have a lot of those of all colors and beliefs.

  25. Racists not only don’t know the truth, don’t want to know the truth, they literally can’t think the truth. A vet came over my house this morning to treat a minor ailment for my cat. It turns out she was a charming woman who emigrated from Israel. She served in military intelligence in the Israeli army.

    I asked her about Israel targeting schools in Gaza. She said Israel had to target them, the Arabs hid rockets in them. I said they were UN schools. Did Arabs hide rockets in UN schools? She was silent; but this clashed with everything she believed. I

    Israel was worried about the disparity of population of Arabs and Jews in Israel; they call it the Arab ‘womb weapon.’ Might Israel’s willingness to kill Arab children have any relation to population strategy? Again she was silent, but these questions coming from an affluent and Educated Jew clearly shook her. But why didn’t she think of these things before? They clashed with the values of a military intelligence officer.

    Consider a gutter anti-Semite who hates Jews simply because they are Jewish. There are political reasons for hating Jewish oligarchs. 9 out of the ten banks, all except Rockefeller’s, that own the Federal Reserve are owned by Jewish families. 7of 9 oligarchs, who Summers and other Jewish Americans turned the Russian industry over to, were Jewish gangsters. One of the major sponsors of Nazism in Ukraine is Israel, in order to get the remaining two or three hundred thousand Jews to emigrate to Israel.

    But the Jewish-American population knows little of this. Most Americans Jews marry non-Jews and over historical time will disappear into the American population, which has occurred many times in history. It is only bigotry and persecution that prevents it. So Israel fans anti-Semitism under the guise of fighting it.

    And the gutter anti-Semites, who are typically ignorant boobs, often politically homicidal, serve Israel’s purpose. And they cannot think outside of the poisonous ideologies that have often been instilled by their families from childhood.

  26. It’s occurred to me that the timing of this could also be intended to prevent what might otherwise become something of a temporary alliance between blacks and whites against the invasion by hispanics. Both demographics are very unhappy with Obama’s stance on the issue. Or that could be just another angle to a multi-pronged narrative. I’m not sure how the muslim dimension fits in, other than it’s a good way to maximize black against white sentiment, as I’d think most whites would sympathize less with a black muslim than they would with a christian or ‘plain american’ one. This element might help solidify the white = tribal angle, as resentment continues to develop world-wide towards TCP.

    1. Well Sue, it certainly advances the tactic of having people consider themselves “different”. If I were trying to destroy any sense of cohesion I’d do something similar.

      In the Fergeson thing, at least in the Alternative Media presentations, it came off as the white reporters siding with the black inhabitants agains to Stasi. I’m not sure that is what they intended to have happen.

      I noticed at work that those who watch the MSM were obsessed with the looting angle. They tended to be sympathetic of the cops. I was able to talk to them about it. They generally admitted that the cops were out of control. Most people lack the skills necessary to realize how they are being psyched.

      In any conflict it is imperative to define the “enemy” as “the other”. Frankly what I took away from the coverage was that the cops were totally out of control and no one would do anything about it. For others, what they saw was the looting and they had a mental image of the cops as “defenders of property”.

      It was particularly weird that having protestors from other areas annoyed the general public so much. I’m not sure what to make of that. I suppose it means “if it weren’t for those ‘outside agitators’ our blacks would get back in their place”. It was an odd element.

  27. We have to consider the possibility that Brown was deliberately shot in order to create the racial crisis. Because leaving the body in the street for four hours, as Christo pointed out, must almost certainly have been deliberately planned. This seems incredible, but we have entered the age of postmodern fascism where false flags and dirty operations by Washington are becoming routine to manipulate the consciousness of the American people.

    1. Don’t forget that at the Santa Barbara Shootings they dragged the three dead boys from the apt. Elliot supposedly killed them at and left their covered bodies out for all to see from 9:30 pm Friday night to about 2 pm Saturday afternoon. I thought that was for the press and all to see….

    2. Yeah, it is hard to believe that they would just leave him there uncovered without a motive. One of the clips I saw had a woman trying to cover him and the cops wouldn’t let her.

      It is also odd that the dispatcher seemed not to know that there was a shooting. She heard it from the “news”. That is a very “drill-like” quality.

      If I were a white cop who just shot a black kid in an all black neighborhood, would I want to stand around indifferent to what I’d just done? Would I not get on the radio to get others down there, pronto? Would the others not want to immediately cover the body to help dissipate some of the tension?

      No, it seems to me that they used the body as bait. They wanted people in the street. They were aggressive with the onlookers right from the start. I guess if you want fireworks you have to light the fuse.

  28. The latest is Brown may have had a serious record as a juvenile that included some type of participating in a murder rap:

    Who knows if this is hype/part of the psy op, or what. I haven’t had enough time to investigate. I really just hope americans aren’t falling into a trap, whether it’s being set in this instance or just generally. OTOH, if this was real then I’d definitely be on the side of the cop – in this instance.

  29. The racist tendency is to smear the victims of racist killings as thugs. Patrick does it above even with a killer, Zimmerman, who he describes as a “garden variety Porto Rican. Actually his mother was Peruvian, but all “darkies” as he calls them look alike to Patrick.

    He characterizes Brown as a “huge vicious thug” on the basis of the video the cops released precisely for that purpose. The owners of the market have stated repeatedly that they or their employee did not notify the police, that what was stated was their doings. A video shows Brown approaching the cashier and paying money in the Market.

    Patrick describes the 17 year old high school Trayvon Martin as a “grown man,” “a vicious thug,” etc. Protests against killing their young by cops or the cop related is considered “race baiting.” This disgusting gutter racism is routine in the US historically, and is getting worse as the US descends into barbarism.

    1. “The racist tendency is to smear the victims of racist killings as thugs. ”

      Talk about ridiculous generalizing. What, exactly, is a “racist killing”? If you notice, Mark, in a comment I embedded the video of a huge black fellow being murdered by a gang of vicious white politzai. Was that a “racist killing”? If so, I certainly didn’t characterize the victim as a thug. I guess you’d acknowledge, since I didn’t display that “tendency,” I am free from your definition of racism. Hooray!

      “Patrick does it above even with a killer, Zimmerman, who he describes as a “garden variety Porto Rican. Actually his mother was Peruvian, but all “darkies” as he calls them look alike to Patrick.”

      Oh, no! Mark DOES call me a racist. My feelings are definitely hurt.

      I like this part: “even with a killer, Zimmerman.” He is not a “killer”; he is small, out of shape man who defended himself at the point of being beaten to death by a strapping expert in mixed martial arts, a very violent young man, bent on a life of crime (he was a burglar by trade) in his prime. Martin was the killer. Zimmerman saved his own life when he stopped him.

      As for my breezy description of Zimmerman’s ethnicity, there is essentially no difference between a Puerto Rican and any other half white/half Indian person (although Puerto Ricans do have a smattering of African blood, I believe. The Indians of the Caribbean looked a lot like those in Peru, and when you combine them with Spaniards, you get a distinct new look. In that general sense they do all “look alike,” just as most people can tell the difference between a Japanese and a Kenyan, a Swede and an Arab, an Eskimo and a New York Jew. Duh.

      That’s the obvious point I was making: he looked nothing like a tall, Aryan, Zimmerman. He looks like a Puerto Rican. It was a terrible disappointment to the race hustlers, so much so that the New York Times made up a category to describe him: “white hispanic.” The altercation between the two men was no different from what happens all the time in slum districts in cities across the country; the “disgusting gutter racism” was that displayed Al, Jesse, Spike Lee, the New York Times and the rest of the media. They didn’t give a damn about the dead young gangster any more than they do about the hundreds of black males other black males murder every year in Chicago.

      I’m glad David Manning has been brought up in this thread, because he’s bold in pointing out that Al and Jesse and Spike are the real racists in these stories. The New York Times is the premier example racism in America today. Duke LaCrosse. Tawana Brawley. Need I say more? Maybe this: Travon Martin. In every case, the MSM and its pinched-nose negroes manufacture examples of racism where there are none. Which is, obviously, the point of the article. Being so intensely racist yourself, Mark, you can’t detect the thesis behind the elements of the argument I’m making here.

      All these racists are merely tools in the hands of the Lab Coats, Mark, depending on people like you to knee-jerk to one side, and garden variety white people knee-jerking to the other. I was attempting to show how we can stand outside the experiment and observe the dynamics of that is being foisted upon us; I guess you just proved it’s harder to do than I thought.

      1. I’m glad you cleared that up Patrick. I always thought Zimmerman was a left-handed, herniated Hopi Indian. It’s always foremost in my mind to accurately describe these creatures by their genotypes.

        As every liberal knows, all other races are pure as the driven snow, with the exception of those White Devils, of course. You have a lot more patience than I do. If someone tries to kill me I don’t think I’m going to let him out of racial guilt.

  30. Patrick, you don’t advocate violence as another commenter does, so you are not dangerous. But you don’t have a decent respect for the heritages of mankind. Allied with that, you don’t have a respect for truth.

    1. These vague, disparaging, characterizations of me are not amusing, as your stupid accusations of racism are (you, obviously, are the racist, so it’s funny when the pot calls the kettle black). I have the ultimate respect for both of these things, my friend. And I can defend that argument. All you have is nasty, snide, rhetoric.

    2. Which commenter are you accusing of advocating violence on memoryhole, Mark? You are also accusing James Tracy of permitting/hosting this alleged promotion of violence.

      1. Sue, for some reason my response to Mark’s comment went to moderation. Here, I cut and paste it:

        These vague, disparaging, characterizations of me are not amusing, as your stupid accusations of racism are (you, obviously, are the racist, so it’s funny when the pot calls the kettle black). I have the ultimate respect for both of these things, my friend. And I can defend that argument. All you have is nasty, snide, rhetoric.

        Mark used to be routinely this reckless in his rhetoric here; he’s been remarkably restrained of late. There is a viciousness about him, when not restraining himself.

  31. “Again she was silent, but these questions coming from an affluent and Educated Jew clearly shook her. But why didn’t she think of these things before?”

    The above comment from Mark should explain it Sue. You see, Mark is flexing his Lefty muscle by telling us all he is a Jew, and thus better equipped than anyone else to identify racism, and injustice. In fact, that he has special powers to see through all our bourgeois conditioning. He has also given us fair warning that to disagree with his 1960’s KGB destabilization rhetoric will most likely make you an anti-Semite. Bold move Marky.

  32. Rich, the examples you use may be your answer. They are all “characters” in the sense that they are manufactured “enemies”. I do not for one minute believe that these events or groups are accidental.

    While it is true that things happen, and they are used as “opportunities” to advance the agenda, these individuals or groups are given comic stature. I’ve said often that one indicator of a ruse is how they slather it on with a trowel.

    I mean, “gentle giant”? Is there any doubt that this character was used to establish an image? Is there ever a legitimate reason to empty a magazine into someone unless they are firing at you? Do we need armored vehicles and rubber bullets?

    This “ISIS” is the most obvious manufactured group to date. Beheadings, stonings female abductions. What next? Barbecuing infants? Do you sense there’s an image they’re trying to get to?

    Division is certainly a part of it. The smaller the group the easier it is to control. This is not really about “race”, it is about convenience. This is not about Muslims vs Christians either. It is all part of the obfuscation necessary to distract the eaters while they destabilize and reorder the world.

    I like Patrick’s analogy to lab rats. That’s what’s happening. They’re laughing their derrieres off. Every distraction allows them to move more pieces into place on the board. While we’re worrying about “gentle giants” they’re murdering kids in Gaza.

    We are just spectators. The magician wants us to look there! That’s the purpose of the MSM, to tell us where to look and explain what we’re seeing.

    1. Yes Lophatt, they are “slathering” ISIS on with a trowel too. Could it be a real popular uprising in the middle east? That would certainly scare the Saudi Royal Family more than any military foe. I just had a thought… I bet hardcore rap would need very little tweaking to deliver a fanatical Islamic message.

      1. Well Rich, I believe you’d find the Saudis to be the paymaster for this CIA/Israeli created bunch. With all that Rothschild and black ops opium money funneling to them they are indeed well-supplied.

        Those “Xe”/Blackwater guys don’t come cheap either. This is the current Uber-Bogeyman. Destabilization’s the game and it makes it ever so much easier to find excuses for invasions when you control the “enemy”.

        Pretty obvious by my lights.

    2. I will tell you one thing, the more I read, the less I know. Its getting to the point where a person has to choose their brand of ignorance. Either read everything, and be ignorant, or read nothing and be ignorant. Either way, Orwell had it right, Ignorance is strength. We can expose all the lies we want, but when the story we expose is a lie created for our consumption, what have we done except heap more manure onto the body of ignorance.

  33. Why would Washington instigate a racial crisis? An ominous reason might be to JUSTIFY AND LEGITIMATE the need for militarized police, in order to put down race riots. In the polls on Ferguson, which should be taken with a large grain of salt since they at least partially rigged, a third of the polled favored the protesters, a third favored the police, and a third gave no opinion. Another poll indicated that America was split fifty-fifty on whether the police used to much force. So there is a strong opinion among at least a minority of Americans that a militarized police is necessary.

    In addition, the militarized police, according to the media, is being Reformed. Pointing a gun at journalists, explicit racial and homicidal expression, and other excesses are being punished. So what is legitimated is a Reformed militarized police necessary for Black riots as well as Terrorists. That appears to be the most likely explanation of why a racial crisis was instigated and staged.

  34. But this would mean that Washington doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks about subjugating its own people. It will sacrifice world opinion to help legitimate domestic opinion for a militarized police state.
    If this is the case, the future doesn’t look good, and it isn’t far off.

  35. “…Orwell had it right, Ignorance is strength.”

    Rich, I have not replied to you because I am interested in commenter ideas, and you don’t possess any. At least you didn’t until now, when you praised ignorance, which you supposed that Orwell supported. This was precisely opposite to his intention; he was arguing against it. He considered the people’s ignorance a strong weapon of despotic power.

    But that does not vitiate your point, and your elegant defense of mindlessness. Stupidity is also a strength of power when it is a quality of the people, and I would guess about a fourth of Americans hold your position covertly, but are too intelligent to say so explicitly. They watch Fox news (Fair and Balanced), Breithart, and listen to Russ Limbaugh and are reinforced in their traditional bigotries.

    The question you raise, Rich, is how do you argue against stupidity, ignorance and mindlessness, and is there any point in doing so. I agree with James that the main enemy at this point historically is the covert deceit of mainstream Progressives, but what about the clot of rightist racists among commenters and in the American population.

    Since these knuckle-draggers prefer power to truth, you have to argue from a position of strength. Therefore it is necessary to develop organs and truthers who have some power in the community before confronting mindless bigotry. That requires peeling honest people away from Progressive dishonesty, to create a truth with power. This in itself can induce the knuckle-draggers to grunt something else, in which can an attack can be made on their unhealthy ignorance.

    1. Mark, I never praised ignorance, and only a complete idiot would think Orwell was in favor of ignorance. I was merely musing about the human predicament. Primarily, how does one escape ignorance when it is the only choice left? So sorry you had to ingratiate yourself with the reply. Perhaps you can assuage your bad moods with a gym membership or some other form of physical exertion on particularly bad days.

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