TFFOn August 13 James Tracy’s new program, Real Politik, debuted on the Truth Frequency Radio network. The hour-long interview show will be broadcast each Wednesday at 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and mp3 files of the program may be downloaded at TFR’s Real Politik page here following its initial airing.

This program will take the place of the Checkin’ It Out podcast that began in May, substantially increasing its reach and listenership.

timthumb.phpOn this inaugural edition James discusses 9/11, the “war on terror”, intellectual freedom, and “conspiracy theory,” with Islamic Studies scholar, journalist, and pioneer 9/11 Truth activist Kevin Barrett. Dr. Barrett is a regular columnist at Iran’s PressTV, editor at Veterans Today, and host of Truth Jihad Radio. Please note that this is an encore interview previously aired on Checkin’ It Out on May 17.

Barrett holds a doctorate in Arabic Studies from The University of Wisconsin. He is the author and editor of numerous books, including Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (Progressive 2006) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (Khadir, 2009).

Upcoming guests include James Corbett, Darrell Hamamoto, and Peter Janney.


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  1. I hope this will expand your audience, James. I’m very much looking forward to James Corbett’s appearance; he’s a long-time favorite of mine.

    Perhaps now that a few more people on your forum have discovered him, it would be great if you could find Miles Mathis ( for an interview. He’s written prolifically on subjects including conspiracy, scientific theory and principles, gender and cultural issues, pop culture, and fine art, just to name a few. He is a “Renaissance man” in the truest form of the word, and I think he would make an ideal guest.

  2. I’ve been reading this Miles Mathis site, too, since I saw the reference to it in someone’s comments yesterday. I’m very interested in what he has to say–and, coincidentally, have been suspicious about both the Tate murders as well as Ted Bundy for some time!–but am sure puzzled how someone can produce so many substantive articles (in one case 83 pages) so quickly, like one every five days! Sure would like to know who Miles Mathis is.

    Anyway, for my part I am excited to see Peter Janney is scheduled on your new program, Dr. Tracy. I read “Mary’s Mosaic” earlier this summer–and wow, there is so much new information in that. There is no denying CIA involvement in both the JFK and Mary Meyer murders.

    1. I am not familiar with Mathis’ material, but will check it out.

      I hope that all MHB readers will please feel free to post or submit directly your suggestions for guests on the program. I will consider all such recommendations.

      1. This is very strange. Your comment, above, James–as it appears in my email inbox–has a different first line in it, although was sent at exactly the same time as your comment posted above.

        The first line which appears in my emailed version is:

        “I also found Mary’s Mosaic to be a very substantive work.”

        The second paragraph is the same.

        Just wanted to know that somehow these two different versions appeared in the two places.

      2. I’ve got another suggestion for an interview guest: Robin Eubanks of With a background in corporate and health law, her current obsession is following the conspiracy driving education. Her work is complicated but amazing, and she doesn’t speculate, she compiles evidence for analysis.

        Anyone interested in education should give her blog a peek.

    2. The Mathis stuff on the Tate murders is very interesting. However, it’s not just about the Tate murders — it claims convincingly that, to this day, Charles Manson and his family are a complete act. If you go an watch interviews with him over the last 20-30 years with this in mind, it seems kind of obvious.

      So if hoaxes are paired with fake/sham trials, what does that say about the OJ Simpson murders? At least one of the players had some acting experience…

    3. I don’t know Mathis personally, but when I first discovered him, I was excited by his insights and new (to me) perspective, especially on the non-scientific subjects (scientific/mathematical theory isn’t my bag). I, too, was astounded by the scope–not to mention the quantity–of his writing. I wanted to know a little more about him. I found his bio here:

      Since his written work is, by nature, controversial, it’s natural that he has more than a few detractors. I found that, mostly, the claims against him are what I would have expected: claims that he’s an amateur, a kook, a crackpot, pseudoscientific at best, and a tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.

      A rather nasty (if dated) blog devoted to “analyzing” Mathis’s work (“The sole purpose of this Blog is to shine a spotlight on the countless errors, mistakes, missteps, blunders, nonsense, hogwash, drivel and rubbish published by the internet’s most notorious crackpot; the Pee Wee Herman of math and physics: Miles Pantload Mathis”) can be found here: I followed and read most of the links contained in this blog; they’re mostly unsubstantiated insults and accusations that Mathis was posting on various scientific blogs using a pseudonym, which he refuted (in my view, successfully).

      In the interest of balance, a mostly positive “Miles Mathis Criticism Watchblog” can be found here:

      An interesting extended interview from 2012 can be found here: (the wonders of the Internet!).

      Mathis is also an accomplished fine artist (check out his websites to see his work: there’s both and

      I didn’t mean to get so far off topic, and no disrespect is meant to Dr. Kevin Barrett; in fact, it was a pleasure to take the opportunity to re-listen to this interview.

  3. If religion isnt really ‘philosophic’ –then discounting Jihad as unwilling to engage (‘in whatever it takes’ barbarity)– lessens imo that only Real Politik has a moral right.

    ‘We dont need scholars if we arent aware of their existence already’ is why real politik prevails contrary to all claims of theology as essential to ‘conscience’.

    Hope new project is rewarding

    1. There are components of the report that we anticipated that we would have access to when we began, that we do not have access to, specifically those records related to Adam Lanza.. to date we have not received the analysis and really want to issue the report regardless of no information…. ladalada the office of the child advocate may have more information, let’s wait for their analysis, just another couple of months….

  4. Kevin – Have a great appreciation for all you have sacrificed and done to expose 9/11, we know the truth now about that, and JFK, MLK, SHH, Boston, et al.

    Tptb are not going to allow the truth be told, until such time it does not matter.

    Your father gave you the best example by calling his own foul in the Olympic quest for the gold, honor is more important than winning.

    Our country needs real leaders and teachers now, you are not meant to be part of the machine that weakens us, you are one of the cogs that will bring us up to the battle!

  5. A good guest, I think, for one of your initial interviews might be Paul Craig Roberts, if you can get him. He has a large following and has pretty much the same political views that you have. However he is old and I don’t know how much energy he has. Also, he doesn’t interview as well as he reads, so you might have to prepare a little more, question-wise. But it might get you in the ‘mainstream’ of the false flag community quickly, initiating a needed convergence.

  6. A fun interview might by Rev Wright, Obama’s old preacher, a man dedicated to irritating the heathen. A gutsy old man who doesn’t pull back. This would not only help support an anti-racial coalition that must eventually form historically to oppose the ruling gang, but also introduce some needed spirituality in radical politics. This is necessary to transform the secular humanism of the Western tradition to a more compelling spiritual humanism.

    But in any case it would make a hell of an interview.

    1. You won’t find one exhortation to violence towards anyone or group from me, Mark, yet you chronically call for me to be banned – and then lobby to have James Tracy bring Rev. Wright on his show?

      What we should all be noting you’re exemplifying is the rank hypocrisy and self-servingness of liberals. The people of Ferguson, whatever decent ones exist who are being victimized by the zombie thug mob, deserve better than your and Wright’s ilk.

      Most americans deserve better, and I suspect Dr. Tracy recognizes this.

    2. If Rev. Wright was willing to come on he’s certainly welcome. I’m quite certain that he would be condemnatory toward almost all of his former disciple’s agendas and initiatives. I would also consider Glen Ford, who I think is among the best black journalists/analysts out there.

      Along these lines, I was recently interviewed for The Hampton Institute’s podcast.

      1. What makes you so sure… I can actually say I walked out of an Obama campaign office in 2007 (this is fact and I can prove it) after seeing the flyers in which Obama was trying to distance himself from some of the more outrageous comments Wright made. By the end of that campaign I had abandoned the left entirely. I’ve never looked back.

        So how about Thomas Sowell for a dynamic black truthteller? Here’s a comment I found on John Friend’s post about the Ferguson riots:

        “This is a black, Christian pastor who is quite politically knowledgeable in black affairs who absolutely agrees with you. His whole article is worth the read. Factual writing.

        Michael Brown Shooting Excuse For Blacks To Riot
        by Mychal Massie on August 15, 2014 in Daily Rant, Race & Politics 93

        “So let me get this straight. Michael Brown reportedly wrestles with a St. Louis County police officer while the officer is still in the squad car and ends in Brown being shot once from inside the police cruiser and multiple times outside of the cruiser resulting in Brown’s death. And to teach the police a lesson, blacks burn and loot the few stores that are available to them in their neighborhood!

        Add to that, the victim is immediately heralded as nothing short of being apostolic. Well, isn’t that the way it always is?

        Permit me to be the skunk at this picnic of “looting, violence, and the white man is out to get us”, because I’ve seen this act before. A young black person gets shot by a police officer or an honest citizen defending themselves, and the next thing you know the entire “extort money, blame whites and blame the police” nation comes out of the woodwork.”

        “In my article titled: “Appalling Disregard For Black Life By Other Blacks,” (5/27/14; I wrote: “Black race-mongers can decry the reality of the pandemic of black-on-black crime, but hour after hour, city after city, the one constant [is] that blacks [are] ruthlessly murdering one another. … Blacks are killing one another and they are doing so on a level commensurate with wild animals. That cannot be blamed on white people; it cannot be blamed on slavery; it can only be blamed on a total disregard for life based on a disregard for modernity.”

        The media ignores the crime rate in the neighborhoods these people live in. It goes unreported publicly, but this same media refuses to enter these neighborhoods without armed escorts, and when they do, they only enter them if there has been an incident that they can prostitute for ratings.”

        My question is, would an advocate or steward for whites who is deemed as controversial as Wright be considered for a guest appearance on your show?

  7. In a recent widely cited Atlantic interview Clinton said: “[ISIS] were often armed in an indiscriminate way by other forces and we had no skin in the game that really enabled us to prevent this indiscriminate arming.”

    However, ousted Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki said “Intelligence apparatuses [are] behind the sectarian strife in the region.” This is indicative of ongoing CIA and MI6 involvement and fostering of ISIS (UK/US special forces are now overtly there and consequently complicity in the current mass humanitarian crisis in Syria/Iraq; with U.S. humanitarian airdrops over Mt. Sinjar being nothing but a distractive sop to cover their responsibility in the mass uprooting of hundreds of thousands from the local population in a continuing strategic ploy to wipe the Iraq slate clean and further the creation of a “New Middle East” characterized by human/social uprootedness and helplessness and corporate/hegemonic emplacement, extraction, and exploitation–that is, a new inhuman order in the region devoid of all substantive logic except the imperio-capitalist (i.e. radical “free” market statism).

  8. Judaism vs Zionism
    Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro
    and/or Rabbi Dovid Feldman
    Professor Steven Salaita, very popular professor fired from the University of Illinois for tweeting opposition to Isreal’s actions in Gaza
    Something different from Paul Craig Roberts who, although I respect his knowledge, is ubiquitous on the web.

  9. Judaism vs Zionism
    Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro
    and/or Rabbi Dovid Feldman
    Professor Steven Salaita, very popular professor fired from the University of Illinois for tweeting opposition to Isreal’s actions in Gaza
    Something different from Paul Craig Roberts who, although I respect his knowledge, is ubiquitous on the web.

    1. Mimi, I at one point spoke more yiddish than most secular, or even many ‘observant,’ of the tribe. I also spoke some hebrew, having been raised around these people, which no ‘gentile’ with an IQ higher than 135 should ever be.

      I can assure you it is an ethnosupremacist, imperialist creed and belief system, plain and simple, and that this alleged ‘space’ between these ‘ism’s’ is contrivance in various dimensions. The covenant demands a monolith whether anyone likes it or not.

      1. And I fight for White Liberation, which makes sort of makes me a zionist. Europe was never their homeland, only their colony, where they went to exploit the european masses. They don’t belong in my people’s homeland. What they do in theirs is their business. They just need to keep out of mine and my people’s. For those europeans who want to live with them, a partition can be arranged. I’m hardly alone in the eurosphere as one who demands a european homeland for…the european people, not the semites or africans or any other invaders.

        Imagine even some part of Europe being preserved for the actual europeans! The thought of it!

        1. The contemporary meta-narrative, substantiated by a good deal of verifiable documentation, is that Europeans are now and for several centuries have been oppressors in most every context. Perhaps more accurately, their corporate and governmental institutions have been oppressive against many populations. The notion that Europeans are oppressed today seems irrational and without foundation. Besides, if you are arguing for nationhood based on race or ethnicity, this is an unrealistic premise–unless, of course, you are a Zionist.

        2. Thank you for issuing that wake-up call to Sue, James.

          Sue’s race-hatred is not only hugely offensive, it is historically unfounded. Her statement, “For those europeans who want to live with them, a partition can be arranged. I’m hardly alone in the eurosphere as one who demands a european homeland for…the european people, not the semites or africans or any other invaders”–INVADERS? Who invaded whom? The Africans who come to Europe are either members of the British Commonwealth or full French or Portuguese citizens. They have full rights there–the very least the colonial powers could do after ransacking and subjugating Africa.

      2. The rich oppressed the european masses up until the Industrial Revolution; these elites were made up of european nobility and jews. There really wasn’t much of a middle class at all until very recently in european history. How on earth anyone ghettoizes most of the poor masses into the category of the owning elites is beyond me. This is all just basic history, in which I have a degree with a 4.0 average from my state’s public university. The proliferation of a middle class in the eurosphere was a brief and mostly novel occurrence; it’s apex was of course the 1950’s through till the last couple of decades.

        The civil rights era was basically a war against this white middle class. Jews pushed for legislation that punished this never-privileged and recently established white middle class, along with some of the northern white elites who didn’t want to let go of their elite status. White middle class people were discriminated against for jobs, education, etc. even though they’d never benefited from the exploitation of blacks, etc. Their children weren’t legacies at the elite schools or in the major corporations, just as most of the european people didn’t benefit from the european elites’ colonization of Africa, Asia, etc.

        The last couple of decades have seen a slaughter of these people and and increasing displacement and dispossession of them. There is beyond copious evidence of this. Start with the Zebra Murders in California in the 1970s. The war against the ephemeral white middle class is beyond substantiated. The main stream media has repressed the truth about it for decades, but that hardly means it doesn’t exist in abundance.

        i am a zionist, by default. The jews have their homelands, the japanese have theirs, the mexicans theirs, and so on and so on. There’s nothing irrational about desiring a homeland for one’s people. Should I barge into an african country and demand free housing, food, phones, and guaranteed admission into their elite institutions? Am I entitled to break into Japan and demand jobs that would otherwise go to a native japanese person?

        Of course not. It’s equally absurd to have invaders going into european countries demanding these things, much less directly robbing, raping and murdering people.

        1. No need for an American or European to “barge into an african [sic] country and demand free housing, food … ” After all, isn’t this what NATO, Africom and, dare I say it, the IDF, are for?

      3. Hopefully my comment responding to James’ will be posted. Do you have a degree in european history, dinophile? Do you really think most of the europeans benefited from their elites’ colonization of Africa and Asia?

        Are you this daft? You call yourself a ‘truther’ or even skeptic while you parrot the most insipid tropes about the european people. Add onto that, dinophile, that I’m mostly irish and I think you just sound silly. But don’t let actual historical fact get in the way of your unearned sanctimony.

        This blind internalization of the system’s lies is exactly what’s run the european countries into the toilet.

      4. @ dinophile:

        “The Africans who come to Europe are either members of the British Commonwealth or full French or Portuguese citizens. They have full rights there–the very least the colonial powers could do after ransacking and subjugating Africa.”

        Nonsense. This is why the leftists on here are so ridiculous. Have any of you even exposed yourself to the far right’s articles about all the africans, arabs, and assorted ‘diversity’ that are flooding countries like Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and past colonialists like the UK and France?

        First it’s absurd to contend that the majority of white british people benefited from the colonial period. No one has even attempted to prove this. James’ comments fail to even present an argument. Second, the scandinavian countries and Ireland never had colonies. How does one justify the invasion of these places? I don’t know, dinophile, if you’re somehow speaking expansively when you claim the africans (more commonly called arabs by americans and asians in the UK) who are coming into the British commonwealth or France are full citizens, but it’s not my sense that they are. Here’s info about the UK:

        Here’s absolute proof that you, dinophile, are totally wrong on France:

        Wow. Leftists busted big time on MHB.

        1. Although I did speak too generally, I am hardly “busted.” The right of abode in the UK (which includes Ireland) existed for all members of the British Commonwealth as of Dec. 31, 1982:

          I was in Africa from 1977-79, so was speaking from knowledge acquired pre-1982–being lazy not to update it, but nevertheless correct as of that time period, at least for Britain and Portugal.

          You don’t mention the Portuguese colonies. People there (Angola and Mozambique) definitely are full Portuguese citizens.

          France is more complicated–I erred in not researching that fully, and may have been thinking of Belgium, anyway, because I was thinking of Congo. I will check.

          Whether or not “the majority of white british people benefited from the colonial period” is not the issue.

          Also, only North Africans are Arabs (generally). You would not call someone from Nigeria or even Kenya an “Arab.”

      5. And while around half of the ideology/language on these sites appalls me, they still reveal a fair amount of actual fact, as opposed to leftist fabrications like dinophile’s babbling:

        American Renaissance

        These are just the main ones coming off the top of my head. Authentic truthers actually consult various sources and deal in facts.

      6. I agree with Sue. Scandinavia had no colonies in the countries now invading the Nordic countries. It is a global plan showing its gritty teeth beginning in the early seventies. My ancestors the Vikings showed up here and there in Europe and elsewhere causing ruckus, but no one from those countries lay claim on Scandinavia for these reasons. Icelanders do not invade Denmark because they once were under Danish rule.

        The hundreds of thousands from the so called third world who arrived and continue to arrive through the northern floodgate$ come because they are encouraged to do so, not because of colonial ties. On the streets in Nigeria they say “go to Norway and you’ll be set for life”.

      7. As for Norway, Wikipedia lists the top 10 countries from which immigrants have come. Only Somalia and Eritrea are listed in those 10–and those people it says are refugees.

      8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        The immigrant population in Norway is approximately 759,000 people.[1] The number includes immigrants and children born in Norway to two immigrant parents. The five largest immigrant groups in Norway are in turn Polish, Swedish, Somali, Lithuanian and Pakistani.[1]
        Due to Norway’s membership in the European Economic Area, migrants from the European Union as well as Iceland and Liechtenstein do not require any residency permits.
        At the beginning of 1992, immigrants and Norwegians born to immigrant parents totalled 183,000 persons, or 4.3 per cent of Norway’s population. 22 years later, at the beginning of 2014, these groups had risen to 759,000 persons, or 14.9 per cent of the population.[1]
        “Most of the 2010 quota was reserved for Eritrean, Afghan, Palestinian, Burmese and Iranian refugees.”

        The Guardian published numbers of foreigners living in each European country. These numbers are from 2009.
        “Immigration to Europe: how many foreign citizens live in each country?”

        Thousands of people with Pakistani background also call Norway home. There is a large number of Eastern Europeans as well, and it’s estimated that between 80,000 and 100,000 Swedes have come to Norway to find work. So have Nigerian women according to this UN report:

        It is reported in Norwegian media that many asylum seekers claiming refugee status do not qualify for such. But they get free room and board anyway. According to a report from June this year, Norway’s Minister of Justice has ordered three directorates – police, crime care (what is that?) and non natives – to come up with a plan to make foreigners leave Norway. Sounds like the tide is turning.

        The report further states that the directorates had worked hard the last two months to find a solution, and justice minister Anundsen now has the proposals in front of him. The most costly of these proposals to make asylum seekers leave, is what they call The Reality Orienteering Project. And what is that?

        The project is to persuade asylum seekers that they have no future in Norway and should travel back home. The goal is to make it sink in that asylum seekers who are denied permission to stay will be forcefully sent home if they don’t leave of own free will.

        The cost of “reeducating” these asylum seekers is estimated to 20 million Norwegian kroner per the Directorate of Police and the Directorate of Immigration.

    1. Awesome, Pedantic, I was just about to post about this… The DOJ paid for the ‘spontaneous’ protests in Florida for Trayvon Martin, some organization did an OPRA request and the documentation proves it. I don’t know that this ‘riot’ is fully staged, however; from what I can deduce there are actors sent in by the Feds but the organic crowd is going along with some of their instigations.

      1. No doubt the unemployed poor folks are easily coerced into violence. No need for FOI request here, they DOJ has already announced they have sent in ‘protest organizers’ and the FBI has sent in 40 agents for the investigation.

        The attorney for the family came out with a bold faced lie that the 2nd autopsy proved he was shot from behind which is the exact opposite of what the coroners said.

      2. It’s quite likely Brown was shot not for intentionally threatening an officer, but for simply proving to be the physically more imposing of the two. As the officer actively briefly wrestled with Brown (before he ran) he was made to simply feel less powerful, relative to the lumbering youth, which caused him to angrily and impulsively seek to recompensate for this necessarily unwanted imposition by in turn imposing an unchallengeable, indeed definitive level of force against Brown who–to repeat–acted as an (unintentional) violative force against the police officer’s “sacrosanct” sense of personal and institutional dominative confidence and power.

  10. True, Loic.. He was scared, and that combined with his privileged Superiority and racist training, instigated the homicide. And this detonated the explosive of historical economic and cultural inequality.

      1. Why would Brown have turned around and charged Wilson, once Wilson’s gun was drawn? I look to motivations when I can’t decipher who is more reliable and there’s no forensic evidence to build a scenario on. Brown had some sort of marijuana traces in his system, but even if he were high at that time, would that really cause him to do something so guaranteed to get him shot? Does anyone think he may have had a serious criminal charge or case outstanding and then decided to commit suicide by cop once he’d been stopped?

        Brown’s motivations in this version are just hard to figure.

      2. is Internetic MSG: the site strikes me as patently toxic to the mind–an optical delivery system for the inducement of primitive hyper-excitatory states. It is even worse in this regard than the Daily Mail.

  11. I don’t have a fixed opinion on this incident, other than that TPTB like it and are almost certainly exploiting/instigating, possibly from both sides. Both cops and zombies are sociopathic and unhinged, so I’m having trouble figuring which side to believe. It’s more likely a case of which side is more wrong than that either is completely in the right. So far things lean towards the cop. I can’t assess the disparity between the autopsy results.

    1. Cops are sociopaths? Really? My brother in law was one and honestly felt he was performing an honorable job, trying to protect us from the thugs. Sadly, he blew his back out helping the emt;s moving the dead body of a large man in a non-crime scene. Many surgeries and years later, he is very quiet about the pain he endures.

      There is no disparity between the autopsy results that I am aware of, only lies spewed by an attorney for the family, he was not shot in the back as that despicable mouth piece declares.

      Please do share your information that disputes mine.

      1. I think there have either been higher rates traditionally in cops of emotional bullying, or that they’ve been more obvious about it. They definitely have always had higher than average rates of problems with women. In terms of very high rates of sociopathology, that’s probably been a recent phenomenon, perhaps starting in the last couple decades. Even people who at one point liked most cops are saying this. I think ‘they’ have been purposely recruiting a character/emotional profile in the cops so that they can be controlled to do the State’s bidding. I happen to know that in the last few years a cop somewhere in the US got fired for having a 125 IQ. They said he’d be bored. He sued, but I don’t know what the outcome was. The intent was to make sure the cops were emotionally malleable to be evil, and not intellectually powerful, as that could enable one to turn against what’s become the zombie brothers in blue and the State puppeteering them.

        I don’t have any more info than you’ve proffered. I’m just not sure which autopsy report is more or less believable. I’m still leaning on the cop side, but would like to know if anyone has a theory as to why Brown would charge the cop in such a seemingly suicidal gesture.

      2. All the information is he said she said and I dont think there is anyway to really know what happened. I do highly doubt the cop got his eye socket broken or we would of seen pictures of it by now in this trial by media world. All I know is someone is dead again at the hands of an officer and that this is becoming an a very familiar theme in the police state we have become..

      3. Maybe Brown did try to grab Wilson’s gun, failed and began to flee, and then Wilson shot him to stop him and over compensated out of fear, adrenalin and a sense of generalized challenge. I don’t know that I fully agree with six bullets if so, but I’d find him not guilty on a jury. Brown did rob and shove a clerk and if he tried to get the cops gun he pretty much asked for it.

  12. oh, oh things have just gotten much worse. The US is becoming a police state much faster than we realize. The cops in Ferguson are now targeting and manhandling journalists, having arrested 11 so far and state they are going to continue to do so. This is a top down effort, obviously the cops are deliberately targeting them. This is pretty much unprecedented and 48 news organs have protested.

    Obama has covered his ass by Proclaiming publically that the cops should not arrest or hassle journalists, while operatively allowing the operation to proceed. This is a very serious precedent, because a police state is created by brutalizing the population, and they don’t want any pictures or witnesses.

    Ferguson is part of the foreign policy under the Terrorist War of US power attacking the population. In Ukraine the Ukrainian Naizis and the military are bombarding the population with are artillery and mortars, including White Phosphorous.

    In apartheid Israel, the IDF is bombing the Gaza people, including 7 schools, including UN schools, to subjugate the population.

    The US has gone back into Iraq, bombing the IS that it originally helped to create. The civilians killed in Syria are now numbering nearly 2 hundred thousand, the US supplying much of the munitions. Countries and the powerful are now beginning to deviate from American imperialist policy and the only answer the US has is fear and brutality.

    Ferguson is part of this oppression of people, and it is getting worse. Three of the journalists arrested were German. The US is descending into barbarism. The White movement is now defending the Ferguson cops are setting up a fund to defend the killer of Brown. the defenders and fund raisers include the KKK. What Ferguson is doing is legitimating fascist violence.

  13. I can imagine an American near future where racist hackers try to hunt down or otherwise intimidate people who think they’re commenting anonymously online against what they perceive to be racist police brutality–this within the wider context of oligarchic fomentation of racial animus as distraction against the “dangers” of social and economic solidarity among large sectors of the poor and middling American population.

  14. Once the police deliberately target, imprison, and intimidate 11 journalists, with obvious direction from the top, there is nothing that they can’t do. Inforwars rightly emphasizes the attempted intimidation of the media. This is the most important effect of Ferguson. The racism of the police and their supporters is used to shut down not only free assembly, but, even more despotic, the truth about it. a terrible precedent.

  15. From a 2013 editorial: “I am disquieted. It’s not that I see things changing for better or worse, for richer or poorer, or even not changing at all. It’s something else: The most important thing in our culture-sphere isn’t change but the fact that reality itself is dwindling, fading like sunstruck wallpaper, turning into a silence of the dinner-party sort that leads to a default discussion of movies.

    Is some sort of cultural entropy homogenizing us?…Things don’t make a difference. I think the last novel to have must-read impact on American culture was “The World According to Garp” in 1978, 35 years ago….I don’t know what’s going on. I doubt that anyone does. Is our democracy turning into a power vacuum? What will fill it?…What a strange time it is to be alive in America. It can’t stay this way, can it? Or can it?”

    Could Internet sempiternity (and telematicity) possibly be having a deleterious effect on human entelechy?

        1. Thanks for the lead, but I’m not having much luck. However, I did find an interesting essay about the article, if anyone’s interested: Maybe Loic could say whether or not it addresses the point(s) made in the original article.

          The opening line of “The Disquiet of Ziggy Stardust” had me hooked, since it hinted at my own sense of not knowing what the hell is going on, though I don’t know if it’s because culture has splintered, or if we live in some externally-misdirected, Kafka-esque conspiracy. Or maybe I just don’t get out enough.

          In any event, interesting times indeed.

      1. Correct, if you google the title “The Disquiet of Ziggy Zeitgeist” (in quotations) you should find an accessible link to the complete article by Henry Allen; in any case here’s a more inclusive excerpt: “The ruckus set in with the 9/11 planes leveling the World Trade Center and attacking the Pentagon.

        …I am disquieted. It’s not that I see things changing for better or worse…or even not changing at all. It’s something else: The most important thing in our culture-sphere isn’t change but the fact that reality itself is dwindling, fading…

        Things don’t make a difference. I think the last novel to have must-read impact on American culture was ‘The World According to Garp’ in 1978, 35 years ago

        Facebook enshrines banality. ‘Am I the only one who hates her kids’ birthday parties?’ Go outside RIGHT NOW and look at the moon.’

        …Now, the line is: If you get things for free on the Internet, you aren’t the consumer, you’re the product. You are a statistic, a demographic entity that can be sold to advertisers.

        We have individualism but we have no privacy. We are all outsiders with no inside to be outside of.

        I don’t know what’s going on. I doubt that anyone does. Is our democracy turning into a power vacuum? What will fill it?

        Like most people I used to think the world would go on the way it was going on…That was when I knew what was going on.

        I worry that reality itself is fading like the Cheshire cat, leaving behind only a smile that grows ever more alarming.

        What a strange time it is to be alive in America. It can’t stay this way, can it? Or can it?”

        1. Thank you for posting the extended excerpt. I still can’t find the article, but I’ve got a much better feel for it. It reminds me a tiny bit of Neil Postman. I think the author is on to something.

    1. I second that, Loic. What does it mean, especially since “sempiternity” and “telematicity” are not in the dictionary, and “human entelechy” doesn’t make sense, either? You jes funnin’ us?

      1. I’m with you, dino, I use plenty of less-than-common words here, fearlessly, not only because the people around here are generally speaking smart enough to know them already, but because all you have to do is highlight and click (at least on the MAC) the word, and the dictionary pops up with the definition. Use of gibberish words is akin to the refusal to break thoughts into paragraphs: I stop reading. But worse than bad composition, made-up words that are not easy to guess the intention behind constitute a red flag. The person is laughing at us knuckle-draggers.

        Oh, how I long for what I thought were the horrible time of “Carl,” who cleverly tricked us into wasting our time with him, because he tried to sound like one of us. Making up nonsense words. What a weird tactic.

      2. I was attempting to be concise, but obviously not to the point of impenetrability. “Internet sempiternity” is my attempt at describing the ever more computationally-mediated and sustained “cloud” of emotive and logical expressions that, once created, essentially suspend or “hang” in the noosphere, progressing or impairing human entelechy. This is absolutely conjectural of course. The linkage with the article is that something in or of the “Zeitgeist” is (seemingly) currently working against the “sense of real,” of that amorphous yet encompassing solidity that inextricably connects persons generally (and especially outside of the familial sphere) to other persons, entities, objects, and everything in between in an easily, almost naturally self-ordering fashion, and that is so essential to the sustainment of an authentic Kulturwelt or civilization wherein the abysms of nihilism, regressive anomie, and other “schizoidalities,” are kept more securely at bay.

      3. The noosphere aids, perhaps is essential to intuition;

        The Internet and precursoral technological media impair it (even though it was technology built upon intuition that resulted in this state in the first place).

        This impairment is itself manifested as an intuition, but only a negative/absent one of “irreality,” from which can be extrapolated a theory of the dissipation of the preterite experience of a world of once encompassing predictability and “naturalness,” even of the loss of the “genius” of civilizational self-ordering: in its place a growing sense of de-dimensionalization.

        Which is reintroduced into/translated by the media, the aforesaid sense, as a concatenation of strange, often violent, consistently unexplained events and actions, seemingly coming closer and closer to the now intuitionally/imaginatively-paralyzed observing subject.

  16. But what does that mean, Loic, that “reality itself is dwindling.” Political reality is as real as it ever was, but our CONCEPTION of it dwindles because our fraudulent power-based truth consensus.

    This diminishing of our conception of the Real is part of what deHavilan-Smith in CONSPIRCY THEORY IN AMERICA calls “selective totalitarianism.” The basic premise our most historically significant political events are distorted, perverted, or ideologically repressed entirely.

    Consider the Investigation into the shootdown of MH17. No information is released after weeks of study of the Black Boxes, etc, and the destruction of 300 lives in the crash is removed from the news cycle. It no longer exists in media reality, and therefore is fading from existence in the consciousness of the American people. Which is typically how false flags are handled by American power.

    But reality is, no matter how much we may not like it, and how the untruth about it portrayed in the truth institutions. It is as real as selective despotism, and it is getting worse.

  17. Here is yet more evidence that the Ferguson- Michael Brown story is mere agitprop. Just as the the events in Boston did, the presence of militarized police confronting a “riot” further acclimates us to some future imposition of martial law. We should also ask ourselves why the PTB are pushing this racial animosity-violence meme, and be very skeptical when these stories dominate the national news.

    1. Have a sense that some of the media is trying to report on the truth – only 4 of 73 arrested were from Ferguson, the DOJ tried to suppress the robbery surveillance, there are witnesses who agree with the injured policeman and more.

      Now we know our tax dollars are not only paying transportation to ship illegals to a city of their choice and more than likely the same for the looting, killing real life actors to create mayhem.

      This sums it up nicely.

    2. I have found that youtube automatically displays a playlisted video with the whole list (pretty frustrating).
      Changing the url brings it back to a single video. Just remove the portion that starts with “&list=”.

      Using this as an example, the bracketed portion was part of the whole url, this should be deleted and only the first part used…
      (I took out the www part so hopefully it won’t become an embedded video…


  18. Pew has done a poll on Ferguson which shows some of the racial divide between Whites and Blacks, who are supported by Hispanics as well, what I have called non-Whites. What is most ominous is that a third of Americans think that the police response was ‘about right,’ a third thought it was an over response, and a third didn’t express an opinion. That will turn out to give explicit or implicit approval to a militarized police attack on the population.

    Pedantic states that only 4 of the 73 arrested were from Ferguson, the precise opposite of the truth; only 4 weren’t from Ferguson. But racists deceive routinely, it is the only way they can justify their racism, so it is quite pointless correcting them. They will only lie about something else, they are defending an irrational poisonous emotion that can only be justified by deceit, delusion, ideological repression, and irrationality.

  19. I assumed, like Loic, that Brown was killed partially because the cop panicked in addition to the usual racism. But two St Louis cops killed another Black man, who appeared disoriented and deranged, shortly afterwards, and this was done quite deliberately. There were videos that contradicted the usual lies the police tell in shootings, and there were witnesses as well. They simply murdered him. And this was after the uprising in Ferguson.

    This police murder, along with the imprisonment and manhandling of 11 journalists, indicate that the police were given a free rein by high authority to subjugate the people by any means. This does not bode well for the future.

    The increasing class and racial inequality can only be maintained by increasing brutality. And both can only be legitimated by increasing deceit and delusion. Just as White planters use to pick Black slaves to flog other slaves to subjugate them, the White oligarchs have selected Obama to lie to the American people about Terrorist policy.

    And he does; he is the biggest anti-truth president we have had so far. And the authorized untruth is beginning to explicit justify the explicit brutality that is going to be applied to increase the fear in the rest of the population.

    1. Mark – Your racist dribble has become quite boring and I highly doubt any one reads a word of what you have to say.

      Of course you never open links as posted above that have facts that dispute your lies. Why don’t you mention the person killed was yielding a knife at the officers, thus murder is not the correct description and how come no one is protesting that event?

      Yes we are today enslaved not by chains but by poverty, propaganda, high taxes for those that pay them and false promises.

      Here’s another link you will never acknowledge – in 2012 there were 12,000,000 arrests, 400 resulted in deaths. 91% of black murder victims, were killed by blacks.

      The truth is not what you speak.

    2. Mark, are you aware that besides the mostly (maybe total) jewish control over the slave trade, that jews were disproportionately represented in the ‘white’ planter class of slaveholders? Were you aware that black people owned slaves at various times in the US? Or that more whites were lynched in the 20 years prior to the Civil War than blacks (this stat comes straight from Jim Webb’s book Born Fighting and I can provide you the name of the black historican he cites).

      Juxtapose that with the fact that only about 12% of whites owned slaves in the South while the rest were mostly dirt poor and you are also busted. The whites in appalachia are as poor (and likely more so by now as this comes from Webb’s book which was written in the early 2000’s I think) as the poorest black segment in America.

      I wonder if the Tribe selected a black overseer (and here’s where we differ as I understood the overseers to have been mostly white on plantations) to flog white slaves, or all slaves.

      Mostly I think there is a coalition of various groups forming a mostly jewish (but not all) oligarchy; various layers of power under the elite will be mostly jewish, black, fewer hispanic and only a slender element of whites. Most of the masses will be hispanic, black and the europeans, with the anglo/germanic celtic people existing at the bottom layer of the hierarchy of power. The true russian slavs were completely disempowered in the jew-led USSR.

      I’m not sure where the asians will fit in. I predict a soviet union-model type state evolving, and I think parts of the US are going to be under martial law by the late fall at the earliest. I again sound the alarm because I see this all happening more quickly than most on here. Mark’s comments about the importance of the journalists would seem significant except that I’d think journalists are mostly already controlled shills anyway. Maybe their arrest (or did they just get shooed away) was a lesson to people like us…

  20. So here is a video of the second police shooting in St. Louis MO. Watch how the victim does not show any impact from the 8 or 9 bullets fired. Another staged fake shooting folks. Notice how the person making the video tries to sound like he doesn’t think anything really bad is going to happen…until it does. He does not sound nearly surprised enough.

    What do you suppose is going on here?

  21. Christo, James is a specialist in what I have called Zombie false flags, including the undead children of Sandy Hook, and the unmaimed spectators of the Marathon bombings. The Zombie false flag would include the highly successful raid on bin Laden, who was pre-dead. The bin Laden raid was successful in the sense that it bumped Obama’s poll rating 6 points and help win him the election. It apparently began a pathocratic tendency.

    But not every false flag or event is a Zombie false flag. Would Russia or all others really want to legitimate a Zombie downing of MH17 when an new attack was initiated on the Ukrainian Rebels and sanctions on Russia? Would the police welcome the shooting of another young Black man in the midst of a racial crisis? When one has a hammer, the tendency is to see every problem as a nail. Often it isn’t.

  22. Totally off topic, so I apologize for that. Cassidy Stay taking the ALS ice bucket challenge. Not only are her spirits still incredibly high, all ten of her fingers are clearly undamaged. No way one of them redirected a bullet. And why have they allowed her to maintain a public channel when several of her social media friends maintain a private account? Seems they would want to keep her a bit more hidden so that people like myself aren’t checking up on her.

    1. LOL Here is what I posted on fb today..

      It is amazing how the ALS fundraiser has overwhelmed my fb account. Glad it is an apparently successful campaign, but am a wee bit confused, if you throw ice water over you head, you don’t have to contribute? According to some reports 30,000 Americans suffer from this terrible disease, can we come up with a gig that might help the 50,000,000 suffering from poverty? “About 50 million Americans live below the poverty line, which the federal government defined in 2012 as an annual income of $23,492 for a family of four.” As with all gov figures, that number is very suspect.

  23. Mark- Why do you think that the allegations that Russia downed MH17 have all but disappeared from the news. Russia put an end to them by showing radar imagery proving that fighter jets were accompanying the “airliner”. The US was unwilling to counter with its own radar evidence.

    “Alternative” media figures such as Robert Parry then went into damage control mode trying to pin the blame on the Ukrainian air force with pictures of bullet holes in a piece of fuselage. Global Research even covered this nonsense. Anything but admit to a staged crash scene.

    But consider this: What were those pieces of radar chaff doing floating down in the midst of the crash site? And most importantly, where did they go after the “rebels” got to the scene? Why didn’t the separatists save these pieces of evidence to show that a Buk missile was not involved? The answer is that the Russian separatists were not in control of the crash site. This is the only explanation which fits the facts. What about the saw marks on the pieces of fuselage, or the disappearing buildings at the crash site?The whole thing was staged.

    As to the question of what would the police have to gain from a second unjustified shooting in the midst of a riot, the answer is a bigger riot. That is the whole point of agitation propaganda. Ask yourself why the second shooting, only three miles from the first, didn’t make much of a ripple in the MSM. It was an attempt to exacerbate and prolong the confrontation with demonstrators which seems to have fallen flat. My feeling is that the video is so clearly fake that they chose not to push the story. Instead we get: “The police have rescued Ferguson and restored the peace.”

    This effort to divide America along racial lines is not over however. Expect more Trevon Martins and Michael Browns. Next time it will be Black Panther types or dark skinned criminal gangs shooting white people or white policemen. Divide and conquer; it works every time.

  24. It’s an argument, Christo, but I disagree. I can’t argue in detail right now because something has happened that may have world historical implications.

    Russia has sent part of its convey of food, water, medicines, baby food, etc into Ukraine. It has done so without the legal consent of the US controlled Nazi-oligarch regime of Kiev. Although it has every moral justification, it is illegal under international law. This action therefore has implications that can lead to a war in Europe among nuclear armed powers.

    In my opinion, the US wants a Cold War between Western Europe and Russia, to avoid marginalizing and sidelining American imperialism. But the neocons and homicidal Human Rights factions influencing Obama, which have formed a united coalition, appear to feel that a Cold War can only be created by a hot war. This entrance of food etc for the civilian population of east Ukraine provides a pretext for events leading to a hot war.

    Will it occur? I don’t know. But the argument that it is crazy to go to war over such an incident holds no water. It is only crazy from the perspective of people. It is quite rational from the perspective of a faction of power. Are they strong enough to promote their policies, and is Obama weak enough to allow it. We shall see.

  25. the aid trucks are back in Russia. They appear to have gotten away with it. the operation emphasizes that Washington and its proxies are warring against the population in Ukraine, Israel, Iraq, and Syria.

  26. Here’s another ‘new’ hoax theory: John Friend’s blog’s recent radio spot questioned whether nuclear weapons were real.

    This seems like quackery to me, right off the bat, but sometimes I wonder if anything we’ve been told or ‘shown’ by our government and media is real.

    I don’t follow Veterans Today much at all, but I did hear recently that the guy who runs it admitted that around 60% of it is baloney. Why they include so much ‘disinformation’ I don’t understand unless it’s supposed to confuse people. Perhaps BS just works as entertainment.

    So I’d assume the nukes-as-hoax stuff is malarkey but since discovering Manson’s probably inauthenticity, I’ve become skeptical about everything.

    1. Here’s a blog post I saved a while back about Gordon Duff’s statement that about 40% of what Veteran’s Today puts out is false:

      I was able to watch the video when it was up; Duff DID say what he’s accused of saying. Between this incident and the one where an “investigator” at VT accused some poor schlub of being Robbie Parker, I can’t stomach VT any longer and don’t consider ANYTHING it puts out to be worthy of attention.

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