Spirit_of_SiberiaBy James F. Tracy

An infirmity once characterizing the past century’s most severe totalitarian regimes has now taken root in Western public discourse and practice, a process akin to Orwellian “double think” acting as a form of de facto censorship preempting consideration of major issues and events. This mindset is obliquely shared by a majority of professional journalists, academics, and public office holders—in short, those who represent and lead public opinion. Their collective publicity of the unsaid preserves and perpetuates existing belief systems and power relations. To be sure, there are self-evident injunctions for those straying from such unspoken protocols, including expulsion from this professional class.

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Once a state-endorsed narrative of a questionable event has been presented to and conveyed by the mainstream news media, it is almost invariably accepted without question by “Inner Party” members. Such silence is abetted by a mechanical allegiance to prevailing authority figures and institutional power. In possessing such a worldview one reflexively forfeits personal integrity to uphold the collective publicity of the unspeakable and an overarching faith in the given sociopolitical system’s artificial spontaneity. Alternative interpretations of such events by the laity can be dismissed out-of-hand as “conspiracy theories,” thereby further confirming the Party’s creed.

The publicity of the unspeakable ensures that, under penalty of de facto or formal censure, deference to official narratives will increasingly eclipse free inquiry and expression in the West.

The notion that one’s country is becoming a ruthless police state becomes clichéd, particularly with a lack of historical context.  Extreme totalitarian regimes based on, for example, Marxist fundamentalism and unquestioning loyalty to the Party famously utilized internment and compulsory psychiatry to quell political dissidents and unorthodox speech.  Yet in the US and elsewhere, objectively assessing the facts surrounding events such as the key political assassinations of the 1960s, the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, 9/11, or more recent mass-mediated terror events, is tantamount to political heresy and potential justification for state surveillance, interrogation, obligatory “medical” (psychiatric) treatment, and even a sort of asset confiscation in the form of reputational damage and job loss.

Such informal measures were brought against New Hampshire State Representative Stella Trembley, who was compelled to resign from public office after she questioned the causes of the Boston Marathon bombing,[1] and similarly played out when this author questioned the official storyline of the Newtown Connecticut shooting in early 2013.[2]

The most recent example is New York state school teacher Adam Heller. Following the suspicious disclosure of his private instant messaging communications to another party where he raised questions regarding the Sandy Hook massacre and other dubious events vis-à-vis the legal purchase of two long guns, Heller was forced by local law enforcement, acting under probable direction of the FBI, to endure a 12-day inpatient psychiatric evaluation. Then, upon the conclusions of another assessment by a “forensic psychiatrist,” Mr. Heller was terminated from his tenured teaching position. The school teacher’s experience is an especially dangerous precedent; one in which the state, with the aid of psychiatry, has imposed forced institutionalization and severe monetary punishment for “thought crimes” in a fashion commonplace to Soviet Russia and similar police states.

“An individual in our country has basic civil rights, and [Heller’s] were fundamentally violated,” the former school teacher’s attorney, Michael Sussman observes. After being visited by the local police, Heller proceeded to the hospital and “thinks he’s getting some sort of physical checkup,” Mr. Sussman continues. After the checkup, hospital personnel direct Heller to the facility’s mental health unit. “For what purpose?” Heller responds. “You’re confused. You seem sick,” they advise.

Sussman maintains that Heller is neither confused nor sick.

This is Siberia in the United States! They keep him in the mental health unit for twelve days, and after twelve days they can find nothing wrong with him. He’s a cogent, bright, well-read, urbane young man. He’s in his mid-thirties. There’s nothing about him that’s peculiar—other than, as you’ll find out—perhaps from somebody’s point of view, some of his beliefs or explorations or considerations; the stuff that we hope people will engage in in their own intellectual curiosity.[3]

In a similar vein, on July 30, 2014 UK blogger Christopher Spivey was arrested on “suspicion of harassment” in a 2AM police raid on his Essex residence. A few days prior to his arrest Spivey posted an article on his site arguing that the May 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby was a deception intended to incite anti-Islamic sentiment. Police refused to disclose what parties were subject to potential harassment. “Among Mr Spivey’s online supporters are David Icke, the former footballer and BBC Grandstand presenter who has become known for his conspiracy theories,” the Daily Mail reports.[4]

There are clear historical antecedents to such state extremism. In his treatise on psychiatry’s political deployment in the Soviet Union, for example, Russian author and political dissident Alexandr Podrabinek points to how a designation of mental illness was an especially effective means for the state to disallow nonconformist thoughts from the public realm while maintaining its own legitimacy. Those “who do not accept the lies and who are prepared to suffer for the sake of the truth … are few,” Podrabinek observes, “but the regime fears them more than all the thieves, murderers, rapists and other criminals combined, for they are armed with the truth. As Shakespeare wrote, ‘Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just.’”[5]

Because the truth about the USSR must be suppressed both within and without, and since “trials make too much noise, and execution without a trial is too scandalous,” an ideal “solution” is “declar[ing] political opponents mentally ill. Indeed, who would take a schizophrenic’s resistance seriously?” Not unlike most Western psychiatric practitioners, Soviet doctors generally “designate[d] what they deem[ed] abnormal according to their unprofessional pseudo-standards: ‘mania of justice seeking,’ ‘Marxismomania,’ and the like.”[6]

Dissenters guilty of “agitation or propaganda” aimed at “Soviet authority” or with a like intent to “commit particular, especially dangerous crimes against the state” were routinely diagnosed as criminally insane. State clinicians comprising a “psychiatric commission” then relieved the accused of responsibility for their purportedly illegal acts, historians Sidney Bloch and Peter Reddaway explain. “Almost without exception, the court accepts the recommendation of the commission and the trial becomes a mere formality.” The defendant’s counsel as a matter of course argues for his client’s sanity against the commission’s judgment and without the aid of potentially countervailing evidence and opinion.[7]

In the spirit of such pseudo-scientific procedure, contemporary social scientists are closely aligned with Western countries’ severe police state policies and protocols seeking to address aberrant thought and expression.  Alongside Cass Sunstein’s well-known proposal to “cognitively infiltrate” research and social communities harboring non-official narratives on complex events, similar postulations have filtered into the literature that approach “conspiracy theories,”[8] even using terms such as “inoculation” and “metainoculation” against such views.[9]

“Despite the psychological comfort afforded by conspiracy theories,” one recent study asserts, “its attitudes are typically maladaptive. Conspiracies distract public attention from other more pragmatically important political issues and prevent constructive approaches to whatever issues they do address.  Additionally,” the paper’s literature review notes, “conspiracy theories ‘can have detrimental consequences: undermining confidence in government, contributing to extreme cynicism about the business and corporate sectors, and fueling dangerous extremist movements’'”[10]

The political assumptions and implications evident in such a preamble are stunning.  Most significantly, its authors assume that certain reportage and observations emerging apart from official pronouncements and corporate media reportage–many of which appear in prominent online foreign and alternative news media–are of limited merit and may even be detrimental to the body politic.  Like their Soviet counterparts, such social scientists invariably become part and parcel to the enforcement of what the state authorizes as “permissible” thought and discourse.

The state’s resort to psychiatry suggests a desperate move as non-sanctioned reports and analyses receive greater consideration than ever before via the internet. Citing a recent scholarly paper focusing on the contestation of such perspectives, political analyst Kevin Barrett recently observed, “[T]he negative stereotype of the conspiracy theorist–a hostile fanatic wedded to the truth of his own fringe theory–accurately describes the people who defend the official account of 9/11, not those who dispute it.”[11]

Still, as the foundations of civil society further erode to elite prerogatives under state auspices, false narratives remain foregrounded through the publicity of fear and quiescence augmented by corporate media disinformation and scientific authority.  When such fictions take up residence in popular consciousness and memory the broader society travels down one way historical trajectories not of its own choosing.  The prospect of counterpublics applying reason to known facts and evidence is the Inner Party’s greatest fear–one now being met with police state measures and phony science to subdue.


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Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on April 6, 2014.

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61 thought on “Publicity of the Unspeakable”
  1. Very good, James. Coincidentally, I posted a link on one of your earlier blog posts to my own blog post “Sandy Hookers” about psychotherapists’ connections to Newtown, New Hampshire, and Harvard. I have just had some venomous comments–as well as a couple supportive ones. (The website is therealcolorado.blogspot.com).

    As another example of what you talk about, at the risk of seeming self-aggrandizing I would bring up my own situation. I was retaliated against, as a lawyer, with a five-year-long string of groundless and vindictive disciplinary proceedings for exposing corruption of public officials in Colorado, particularly judges. The opinion in the last of these cases conditioned my readmission to practice on a mental evaluation. This condition was imposed without notice or any opportunity to defend–in violation of Colorado Supreme Court rules, as well as fundamental due process.

    My appeal was dismissed on a pretext. My civil rights case in federal court was also dismissed on a pretext–after the recusal (on their own motion) of eight federal judges and five federal magistrates–as was the appeal of that in the 10th Circuit. I believe one judge may have recused in response to a threat. Not a single one of the rights guaranteed litigants in federal court, under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, was ever afforded me.

    These are, I believe, the darkest days in the history of our country. Organized crime has fully infiltrated the judiciary, the most powerful of the branches of government, as just one example–and the one from which there is no recourse.

  2. After my second trip ever to jury duty this week, I can honestly say don’t ever put yourself in a position where a jury will decide your fate. I have never even reached the voir dire phase of selection, but I have listened to enough to know the average person knows very little, if any of the Constitution or bill of rights. I wonder how long before the juror questionnaire we were given will be a psychological inventory used to determine who is “confused or sick”. That would be nice, then they could keep it on file and use it as a permanent excuse to exempt me from duty. The whole process seems more like a “stupid pageant”, to find out who will comply with the judge’s jury instructions. Your trip to 1984 is almost complete. If you want to be employed, or benefit from the workings of a “free” society, hand over that free will Mr. and Mrs. John Q.

    1. This isn’t directly related to Dr. Tracy’s article, but your comment reminded me of the one and only jury I’ve ever sat on. I, along with one other, chose not to convict the defendant of child molestation. The other ten members of the jury found the defendant guilty, never mind that the prosecution was unable (or unwilling) to provide even a shred of evidence against the man, other than the (wildly conflicting) testimonies of his two teenage daughters. In the jury room, one of the most vocal of the jurors said that she’d “cut the balls off any man” who touched her granddaughters, and that she could tell the defendant was guilty just by looking at him. The trial I sat upon was the defendant’s second trial (the first was hung as well) for the charges; the State chose to try him a THIRD time, and that time, they got him put away FOR LIFE. And his daughters never even claimed penetration!

      I don’t know if the guy is guilty or not (since he’s doing life, I hope he is). What I DO know is that, assuming there wasn’t any more evidence presented in the third trial as in the trial I attended, a man was convicted without any evidence, and the testimony of the girls was RIDICULOUS. BOTH attorneys (prosecution and defense) were shamefully unprepared, and neither presented information in a very coherent or cogent way. While I certainly wouldn’t want to see a sex offender get off scot-free, I shudder to think how many people are sitting in prison after an evidence-free trial.

      How many more of us will be locked in a hospital for weeks on end, force-fed mind-numbing medication and interrogated by “mental health professionals”…for “our own good”, of course.

      1. The Salem Witch Trials were based on the same groundless, wild accusations without any proof. Merely being accused of witchcraft was enough prejudice. It finally ended when one of the teenage girls accused the judges own wife.

        The recent spat of mass gun shootings is the groundwork for forced mental health evaluations. They cannot take our guns but they will take our minds.

      2. I think its related Recynd. It sounds like the local press should have been questioning why the prosecution needed a third shot at it? Of course questioning authority is no longer their strong suit. After all it couldn’t have been inept prosecutors, or possibly the man being not guilty of the crime. It was just bad luck selecting the wrong jurors twice.

        In my recent experience it amazed that one of the judges questions to prospective jurors was ” will you be able to follow the law , or my instructions even if you don’t agree with them?” As if the law and her instructions were one in the same.

  3. Reading this I was reminded that O’Brian kept telling Winston Smith that he was insane, that his choice to not believe the Party’s story was by definition a mark of insanity–and that he would not be released until he truly believed anything he was told by the Party. Dissent was not allowed to exist–everyone who disagrees must be made to believe.

    It also reminded me of this very long essay by Allan Weisbecker, linked to recently by another commenter: http://www.banditobooks.com/essay/content/1.php (It is in 12 parts, and I read it over the course of a few days. It was well worth the time spent.)

    The tragedy is that nothing can be done about this. I often think about the sad case of so many countries whose people sneak into America; many commentators lament that they should stay at home, and change things, instead of fleeing. This is on the surface an intriguing argument. Someone writing in Taki’s magazine recently, for instance, recently wrote that if you have met a genial, urbane Palestinian dentist, in London, it might taint your opinion about the nature of the world he came from. The idea was that this is an example of how the best flee such places, and if they had stayed, they could have worked to remake the political culture. I certainly am no apologist for the pathological regimes of the PLO and Hamas, as anyone who knows me can attest, and have known and loved plenty of the Arabs whose leadership has victimized them in the way Arafat did. So I am sympathetic to the plight of those sadly misruled peoples.

    My point is that, in my opinion, any Arab dentist who can get out of Gaza and set up a practice in London should do so, because if he tried to stay put and organize a way to overthrow Hamas, his torture-wracked body would soon be found in a garbage dump. That’s just the way of the thing.

    Likewise, here, in a more oblique way. Gary Webb, Michael Hastings. Or Jim Traficant. In most horrible places, it is clear what happens to dissenters. In THIS horrible place, we are told we can dream to make things better. Meanwhile, things get continually worse, ratchet-fashoin.

    Rome’s corruption grew until it could not be sustained any longer, and while the half-century that came next is called the “Dark Ages,” it was in fact one of the most wonderful times and places to live in, ever. As was the case in America in the 17th century, when the imperial overlords were distracted (or removed), the people learned to govern themselves. I do not see this wonderful possibility eventuating in out time.

    That is, we are pretty much screwed.

  4. Part time daytime talk show psychic vampire/federal informant via social network games,Georgia O’ Connor aka “the Spirit Messenger” advertises that she is able “To see, hear and speak to the dead”…but not without a price. Going rates are $300/hour (live) or a discounted 170/hour over the phone…prospective clients/rubes are assured that telephone readings are just as effective as live readings because “spirit is not confined by space or time”.

    Her occupation is interesting in light of recent federal crackdowns on online psychics/mediums. Rose Marks, a psychic was sentenced to 5 years in jail after being found guilty of 14 counts of fraud/tax evasion. Together with 9 family members they bilked $20 million from clients from around the world. Could Georgia O’Connor have traded her testimony for requital of federal heat on her online money grab?

    Also, where was NYS Teachers Union in all this? Colleagues?
    For shame.

  5. Thank you once again, Dr. Tracy, for putting things so succinctly and for including all the related historical examples we will need to remember in the days to come.

  6. way to go, James, one of your very best. A great find, that paper on truth inoculation. The Cognitive Infiltrators of Cass Sunstein can now undergo a medical examination.

  7. Thank you for another thought provoking article that is right on the mark. Regarding the unlawful arrest of Christopher Spivey, there have been some further developments, which I don’t really want to go into too much detail about here, as his site is being heavily monitored by the security services in the wake of his massive expose of the Woolwich pantomime. You can find out more at chrisspivey.org.
    Here is his response further to the arrest.


  8. These are essentially criminals running this government. All the Crisis Actors or images of whomever they chose to play the persona have been identified yet they still continue this sham on the taxpayers back with appropriations based on fraud and pricy criminal proceedings and custody holds for the patsies that are suppose to take the fall for the ciminals in this governmen. The people are now expected to support their own oppression and tyranny.

  9. I like the piece very much, but am confused by the term “publicity of the unsaid.” It seems to me what is publicized is identical to what is said, and that what remains UNsaid, or unpublicized, is criticism of the official narrative, the alternative explanations, and the facts which would support the alternative explanations.

    1. I should have used “are” instead of “is” in that last sentence.

      Funny how you write something you think is clear, and cannot be misinterpreted, and then even a few minutes later you realize how it can be.

  10. Indeed, scholars of all kinds are acting in a global, permanent and very well rehearsed rendition of Plato’s cave. Even institutions of mental health, instead of denouncing the prevalence of malevolent mendacity, take part in it, hiding from their members the horrible mental health impact of 9/11 and other state-sponsored calamities and offering pseudo-scientific diagnostics for heretics.

    I’ll respectfully tie the article to Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology,” in particular the chapter on psychiatry under pathocratic rule. He writes that one important task of pathocrats is to keep the public ignorant of elementary psychology, particularly the existence and danger of essential psychopaths and their ability to develop their Cleckley mask of sanity to appear normal. Another one is to keep mental health care professionals as ignorant as possible. Another is to purge the pathocratic realm of any non-trivial piece of information on psychology and psychiatry. He also writes that one necessary condition for a pathocracy to end is for the mentally normal people to understand that their rulers are pathologically egoistic deviants and therefore not responsible for the repression they impose. This, of course, takes a few generations…

    The U.S. pathocratic project’s success is uncertain, but its existence is hard to doubt. At least, most mental health professionals are on board.


  11. Great piece, Dr. Tracy. It is sad, however. The more repressive a regime gets, the more likely it’s citizens are to submit. It is ugly, but somewhat understandable.

    I’ve said before that I remember a time when people frequently said; “I don’t agree with you but I’d defend to the death your right to say it”. I haven’t heard that in a very long time.

    Instead of celebrating our God-given freedom as people, we are coercing people to accept the lies of officials. Those who refuse to “believe” are declared “insane”.

    This will not simply “pass away”. This world of authoritarian unilateralism is here to stay. Soon silence won’t even be a protection. It will transition from speech to thought.

    Those who must control are jealous of their authority. The methods employed mean little to them. Those who respect the dignity of man seek understanding and cooperation. There is no compromise with the controllers.

  12. No, no Dino, ‘publicity of the unspeakable’ is a great phrase. What we are most deluded by is WHAT IS NOT SAID. The NY Times, for example, never mentioned that the US ‘tortured,’ using a euphemism, ‘enhanced interrogation procedures.’ What is publicized, and legitimated, is using a euphemism. In the same way the Ukrainian Nazis are not called ‘Nazis,’ legitimating them as ‘right wing nationalists.’ Publicizing the Unmentionable teaches us not to think in a simple clear way.

    Consider the World Almanac published by the Times, a reference work selling hundreds of thousands of copies each year. On the John Kennedy assassination it states:

    “A commission chaired by Chief Justice Earl Warren concluded .. that the sole assassin had been Lee Harvey Oswald, a former US marine and ardent Marxist. ”

    This is literally a true statement. The lies are in what is not stated, that in reality he was not the sole assassin or an ardent Marxist. this kind of thing is repeated endlessly over historical time and as the event fades into history, is increasingly believed as the Unmentionable, the unstated, is publicized along with the literal truth.

  13. I’ve tried to offer as much insight into this pathologization of dissent, and repression of the most basic freedom – of thought and speech – that I can, so at this moment I’ll just bask in how eloquently James conveys what’s seemed increasingly to me to be an almost ineffable struggle. Sometimes living is believing, huh, James? How fearful CNN’s stalking of you made me when you dared defy the party line.

    I read in a book about the Irish once that words are the last bastion of the oppressed. Since words usually predate and inform action, I can only hope that ours – everyone of noble intent – does some good somehow.

  14. Jordan Monasmith knows something about all that goes down the memory hole:


    A cute blonde young woman gets jumped and viciously attacked in broad daylight right outside her ‘safe’ apartment complex while jogging one afternoon. A hate-filled dark thug takes her from behind and almost succeeds in strangling her, but she finds some strength somewhere on the verge of death and pokes his eye. Gumption gone, he scurries to a local Y to hide and his victim rushes to recover and inform The Good Guys aka the cops.

    But something isn’t right with Ms. Monasmith, they want us to know. It was nothing they did; their actions are as just and clean as the formerly DNA-adorned clothes that vindicate Monasmith’s alleged attacker in the trial.

    Since when do cops do laundry duty?

    Those crazy white bitches…dumb blondes…shiksa abominations…

    Maybe fishandroaches (an apt moniker) should explain to Mrs. Tevlin that it’s ‘all in her head:’


    The blonde mother of fair haired white 18 year old Brendan Tevlin has had to defend son from allegations by the Good Guys in Essex County, NJ, that he was ‘targeted’ by the dark perps. It was ‘random and senseless’ she insists in a Stockholm Syndrome defense mode.

    There are almost no anglo celts in the jewish and black run county of Essex, where Newark is the seat and jews and blacks reign supreme. But there’s a white DA, even a mic named Murray, to convince us otherwise.

    Tell it to Jordan. Brendan won’t be coming home.

    1. Sue, knowing that town like I do I’m not all that surprised. It’s a dump. Why on earth would they wash her clothes? She ought to sue.

      How is telling the truth “racism”? The statistics bear this out. It is irrefutable. How ignoring facts is considered “progress” is a mystery to me.

      So the little thug learned that raping white women was “acceptable” these days and moved on to murder. Yeah, it’s much more important to be politically correct than being safe in one’s person. It’s the least we can do.

      1. I’m really doubtful that they even did. I think they merely wanted to get him off, and I’m highly suspicious their other goal was to start to discredit this meme that’s becoming more and more obvious and irrefutable – the zionist-instituted Diversity Cult hates the northwestern european people, as symbolized by it’s hateful fixation on blonds. Jordan was not raped; her black attacker jumped her from behind then began to strangle her. Almost passed out, she managed to poke him in the eye and he must have lost motivation, then ran for cover in a local Y.

        Because it was the middle of the day and right in front of her middle class-looking condo, Jordan sensed that she was being targeted beyond some dimension of being any woman. The thug near-murdered her in the light of day where everyone walks.

        She had been in therapy, based on reports I’ve read, twice a week after the experience awaiting trial; that’s how destabilizing the attack was (she was on the verge on dying). I think she’d either been told about the ‘laundered’ clothing, which would have been the only forensic evidence, and sensed the fix was already in to endorse her near murder, or that she picked up an attitude in the prosecutor/cops.

        The State wants to make white blonde women targets look ‘mentally ill.’ Remember Elliot Rodger wasn’t designated to be half white and half asian for nothing…

      2. I should clarify: On the one hand Elliot Rodger served to prove that blondes are targeted (a fact that can’t, as of now, be fully repressed or camouflaged) by not just blacks, but also whites. His supposed obsession ‘proves’ that white men are just as pathologically fixated on blonde women and further, that since he coveted all as ‘beautiful’ (which is prima facie silly and ridiculous to anyone with decent vision) the implication is that they’re ‘privileged’ in this fixation, just like that butterfly poster tried to insist here in May.

        The second part of the cops’ agenda may be (I feel pretty certain on the first) to make it appear that Jordan is ‘mentally ill.’ She’ll be ‘diagnosed’ with Oppositional Defiant Disorder for decrying the cops’ purposeful coverup for the black perp with some Axis II of ‘Racist’ semi-psychosis or some nonsense. They might even be trying to suggest obliquely that it’s only in Jordan’s head that the guy was black or that assaultive or both.

        I don’t think a citizen can sue the cops in such a situation but am not sure.

      3. My clarification comment was an addition to one that still hangs in the waiting to be approved twilight zone. I’d think if it wasn’t approved it would just be disappeared so I’m not sure what’s going on.

  15. Sue’s racism stokes the fear that is used to legitimate Obama’s current Terrorist Watchlist. this consists of up to a million names, 280, 000 of which have no connection with Terrorist groups. A Terrorist group, whatever is Proclaimed, is operatively one that opposes US imperialism, sometimes, it is true, by terrorist means.

    the info is reported in the new THE INTERCEPT created under the supervision of Glenn Greenwald. It is in a lead article by Scahill and Lemeroux. The Terrorist Watchlist is increasing rapidly under Obama, compiled without the knowledge of the people being watched. As in all police states, the effort is used to restrict the communication and transportation of the population. People are put on ‘no-fly lists’ and are harassed in other ways to prevent opposition to the War on Terrorism.

    This Terrorist Watchlist will no doubt expand if Obama succeeds to expanding the current civil war in Ukraine to a Nato war against Russia. This has been instigated largely by the false flag, the downing of MH17, just as the Iraq war was instigated by Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    But now, with the Terrorist Watchlist and other weaponized devices of Home Security, the US population dissidents will be targeted, especially the non-White population. This will increase the 2 or 3 million people imprisoned in Terrorist America, and the fear of Americans to tell the truth about anti-people American power.

  16. Daniel Noel, thank you so much for your comment on Lobaczewski’s POLITICAL PONEROLOGY (a bad title.) I was completely ignorant of the Lobaczewski group and its work. This is not surprising since it was ideologically repressed by power. The first version of the book was destroyed under Communism, the second version under the Vatican. The publishing of the third version was prevented by Zbig Brzezinski. I’ve sent away for the book but a summary is available on the internet under ‘psychopathyinfo’ by J. Scarlett.

    I’ve thought for some years that in crucial ways we were ideologically insane, but did not possess the language and background necessary to explore this view in sufficient detail. The US form of governance under the War on Terrorism may be best conceived as a oligarchical pathocracy, led by the pathocratic Commander-in-Chief. According to David Hume, the Few rule the Many by Opinion. What he does not say, what it is ideologically illegitimate to say, is that, because of the way power has developed historically on our small planet, this has traditionally been pathocratic Opinion.

    I think very slow but I will have more to say after I’ve read the book. Again, thank you, Daniel.

    1. You’re very welcome. Indeed Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” is an immense contribution to humanity’s exit out of this silly war system and entry into an era of historically unprecedented harmony and prosperity. For full disclosure, here are a few caveats that make it hard to read–thanks Goodness you think slow, you may need patience to digest the book!
      * it is a mediocre translation from a Polish original;
      * it lacks a solid internal cross-reference;
      * it uses some terminology that is elementary to medical professionals, but complicated to lay readers;
      * it reflects Lobaczewski’s lack of awareness of the western governments’ nasty behaviors that this blog continuously exposes.

      At the risk of self-promoting and while you are waiting for the book, you may find some important information derived from it by working your way to sections 6.5 and 6.6 of http://www.global-Platonic-theater.com


  17. Reading the summary, Daniel, it was obvious that there was a certain naivete about power relations, especially in the United States under the War on Terrorism. And translations from Polish are often terrible, I don’t know why. It doesn’t much matter.

    I didn’t know Orange County had any dissidents. Disneyland, that is what I thought it exemplified. Musings grew up in Anaheim and moved to Boston.

    I live in a suburb of northern LA; I attended 9/11 conferences in Santa Cruz and NY. Gage has done a great organizing job.

  18. It’s hit the Big Time (but hardly in time to stop returning to war in Iraq).
    At antiwar.com there is an article citing Liz Sly of the Washington Post who has analyzed a picture cited to prove ISIS captured the dam at Mosul. She does “conspiracy theory” analysis of the photo of a jihadist planting his flag in front of the dam. She compares it to an identical photo taken in the same minute (clouds same, shadows same time) without him in it, something taken for another reason and used as stock apparently to “prove” the take-over with the photo of a sole crisis actor.

    In another thing I saw on tv about the people being oppressed by ISIS, you could see families wandering through rocks on a hot hilltop (these are not idiots – they come from the place, and they would put up a shade). What it seems to indicate is that they have no alternatives, while around the same time, there was a story about people deciding to stay put. The effect of the image is the thing: people out of their element, blindly running from doom, a doom which only American might can forestall. Is it true? Are the stories that take us to war ever true? It sure does take the focus off that nasty situation in Gaza, and once again, Muslims are definitely the bad actors, which is so comforting isn’t it? What if our “friends” were war criminals? What if we were, from the moment we first set foot in Iraq?

    1. “What if we were [war criminals], from the moment we first set foot in Iraq?”

      A worthy question.

      “What if our “friends” were war criminals?”

      Sadly, I don’t think we have any friends anymore. Obama seems deeply attracted to war criminals (Hamas, the PLO, the Moselm Brotherhood, the lovelies who have ruined Iran, that pack of monsters he hosted at the White House the other day…) but technically these goon squads are not this country’s “friends.” The ones that supposedly ARE our friends (Israel, Britain), this regime is intensely hostile to.

      It is so weird a state of affairs that Saudi Arabia, of all things, is now an ally of the Jewish state. Supposedly, that evil regime is America’s friend, but our president’s affection for Hamas has driven it to friendship with the race they hate most. What next?

      David Goldman, who long wrote under the nom de plume Spengler, wrote a great piece whilst the Obama assault against us was still young, titled “When the Cat’s Away the Mice Slaughter Each other.” America, of course, is the cat. Well, Spengler was right about that.

      So the first quote, musings, is worthy because of the china shop notice “if you break it, it’s yours.” What was the idea behind the destruction of the government of Iraq? I don’t know the answer to that for certain, but I know that we groomed the young gangster hit man, Saddam Hussein, and installed him in rulership in Iraq, and in the decades he ruled he kept the factions and ethnicities under control. It’s not a place I’d recommend living in in those days, but he was “our” guy, and the mice were not slaughtering each other.

      Well, we broke it, and it’s ours. We were as close to war criminals as you can get when we put Saddam in charge, I reckon, and closer still when we invaded his horrible land and eliminated him. Close enough for government work.

      The problem resides, so far as I can tell, in that china shop notice. We broke it. It’s ours.

      Yes, we “broke” it when we put Saddam in charge of the nasty place. (And, yes, the British had already “broke” it when they arbitrarily drew lines on the map of the Ottoman empire after its demise in WWI.) But Saddam, in Stalin-fashion, maintained order in that impossibly wrongly created state. When we broke Saddam, it became ours.

      As anyone who reads me knows, of course, I hate the state, and love individual liberty, and do not advise that the American government interfere in anything at all, much less bizarre alien cultures almost no one in this country has any knowledge of. I want us to abandon the Constitution, and return to the Articles of Confederation. But we broke it, so it’s ours, as much as I hate that fact. I wish those nasty places were still largely unknown to us, but we have meddled into their horrible affairs, and we are responsible for so much of their current state.

      We, the “cat,” went away. Now, very ancient hatreds are no longer suppressed by any heavy hand. The Ottomans (a truly disgusting bunch) kept the region under control. Then the English took over, with ridiculous Lawrencian idealism combined with high-handed cynicism. Then America was handed the portfolio. Then, Obama simply walked away.

      Libertarians don’t live in the real world. They would applaud Obama’s abdication of the responsibilities America took on after WWII, because we should never have taken them on in the first place. But when you break it, it’s yours, and when the cat’s away the mice slaughter each other. We’re the cat, and that slaughter is our responsibility, as much as I hate that fact.

      Certainly, the most shameful thing about all of this mess is the truly sickening attack this scardy-cat America has launched upon Israel, as if the attack-tunnels Hamas spent the last half-decade building should have remained in place. If the planned use for them had been allowed to eventuate, I’m betting this cowardly cat would have blamed the Jews somehow.

    2. I hate not being able to believe much of anything anymore. Like the photo you speak of in your comment, but what about all the bloody baby photos supposedly coming out of Gaza? Palestinians rushing out of cars into hospitals with babies in hand, cheeks bloodied. We all saw the photos from the street in Boston. I think its working, sensory overload. Real or unreal, the wars and rumors of wars is having its desired effect. I see this stuff and I glaze over, and it pisses me off because it took a long time to lose the old glaze in the first place.

  19. Love to read Dr.Tracy just for his accomplished prose style; then add in explosive content and you have a win-win treat. This priece id especially timely and riviting. As always, many thanks for sharing your time and intellectual energy, James.

  20. The notion of ideological or conceptual ‘innoculation’ is also a very useful one. The obvious example is Conspiracy Theory, which intimidates and makes people afraid to call out false flags and power conspiracies. It has been very effective in ‘publicizing the unspeakable,’
    because you don’t want to be a Conspiracy Theorist, do you? A crazed paranoid. by inoculating fear of the reality-based truth in the mainstream truth consensus, it is possible for American power to systematically pervert the ideological values and truths of the American people. And especially the professional truthers embedded in the media, universities, churches, Entertainment venues, and other truth institutions of the American power system.

      1. Ric,

        I was wondering the same thing… especially Larry’s comment that this is one of his most important videos. I did some searching on and found this video by Larry posted on someone else’s Youtube site. I don’t know if this is the disappearing video that Larry posted here, but I’m posting the link because even if it isn’t, it’s still damn powerful!



      2. John, it is the video that was deleted. He even deleted it from his youtube account. I’d like to hear why from Larry. Strange you found it on someone else’s youtube account that must have copied and re-posted. Good job!

    1. I’m with you 100%, Larry–but this is not just happening in Connecticut. Similar legislation has been enacted in Florida, for example, where now even the names of crime witnesses are nondisclosable. For years, too, federal and state governments have thumbed their noses to open records requests I, for one, have made–or they put a $12,000 price tag on it, which is the same as a denial.

      Oh, but “the [Sandy Hook victims] fear the use of such material by conspiracy theorists and bloggers.” Yes, of course they do, poor dears, because it is such records–uncovered by independent researchers–which have exposed them as the liars and hucksters they really are.

      All citizens interested in a free society must fight this shutdown of public access to records. There will be utterly no way to keep our government honest without them. Rather than crowing about the success of alternative media in exposing mainstream media lies and government psy-ops, as we have lately been doing, we will be simply shut down. The official version will be the only version.

      1. I think I agree with Larry: the “privacy” issue is one of the most important issues to surface.

        I was thinking about the heyday of true crime genre (I consider it to be the 80s and 90s, and I was a tremendous fan at the time): none of those books could have been written without liberal access to case records of both victim and perpetrator. I don’t ever recall any sort of hollering about “victim privacy” at that time…and yet, most everyone enjoyed a great deal more privacy generally speaking.

        Interesting, too, that they would take a sacrosanct issue like privacy and pervert it in this way. It’s really very nefarious. Talk about “that which is bad being good”!

        I have been a follower of Larry’s work on YouTube for a while now; I have been absolutely astounded by what these committees can get away with. I’m sure this goes on in every county in every state of this country…and if they’re getting away with this, what ELSE are they getting away with? Like termites chewing away at a rotting building, we’ve been silently destroyed from the inside out.

      2. I had no idea how repressive and secretive the state was being about records. I believe that in the northeast the right to access all kinds of records is still honored, legally and in practice.

        But 9/11 did take away our right to find out things like whether someone died, etc. I think it was 9/11 that was used…marriage records are also no longer public. One scary aspect of this is that if the state takes prisoner of a citizen they can essentially do away with them without there existing any trace or way to track someone who might just be a friend, for instance, as opposed to a family member. It’s amazing that Murphy’s bill is pushing for adult citizens to have no right to privacy when it comes to ‘medical’ interning of them (there is already no limits to what a family member or anyone can say to influence a person’ internment for ‘mental illness’) but a death certificate is somehow off limits to a concerned friend or citizen.

  21. You know what’s incredible to me? You work on a composition for an hour and the devil comes along and steals it so no one can see it.

    Bottom line folks, we have been living in a police state for a good while now, and the fact that the masses don’t know it, to me, is verification.

    The evidence to me was Boston, the night of the alleged bombing. Watching people coming out of their own houses with hands raised, and the crowds cheering as police cars whizzed through their neighborhoods.

    When they have your thoughts under control…you’re cooked. There is a fostered, inherent fear to differ in opinion at even the slightest of official details.

    The engineering is a work of mastery. The masses have been molded to precision conformity. This is the essence of a police state. The results we are witnessing could only have been accomplished by spiritual forces. Man on his own is simply too divisive, and given to his own devices is ultimately incompetent when the goal is national acquiescence to state allegiance. He has needed, and obtained, the assistance of that ancient serpent, and his cohorts.

    This is all so mind boggling that the knee-jerk response to categorically dismiss what I have argued is understandable. But what we are left with is the evidence of a nation whose people are imminently more likely to be engaged in a conversation about Tiger Woods or LeBron James than they are about anything truly substantive or consequential.

    The devils agenda is raging on in this world, but be of good cheer, Christ has overcome the world.

  22. The publishing of the unspeakable is the single major tactic that US power has used to create what Project Censored has called the Truth Emergency. By inoculating the American people with the fear of Mentioning the Unmentionable, when the truth subverts American power, the US has created an ideological fraud that is a tissue of lies from beginning to end.

    This deceit is not created so much by the disinformation of the mass media and other truth institutions but what might be called DISCONCEPTION, the deformation of the conceptual language. A major historical reason why the American people cannot think in a general historical way is because the conceptual language does not contain the holistic conceptions and preconceptions necessary to do so.

    Consider, for example, the concept of ‘truther,’ which is stigmatized in the American truth consensus. It follows other terms which stigmatizes the truth revealed by dissident truthers, such as ‘muckraker.’ This term was first used by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 to castigate Upton St Clair’s novel on the meatpacking industry, which was a runaway best seller. (I aimed for the heart of the American, St Clair said later, and I him in the stomach.) The point is that dissident truth used this term as a self referent, as it currently does ‘whistleblowers.’

    “truther’ is a much better term, holistically referring to journalists, scholars, and scientists, the credentialed and uncredentialled, the honest and pressititudes, artists and mathmaticians, religious, spiritual, and poltical analysts. There is no such term in the conceptual language at the present time, and it helps to expand our minds and souls to state the unstatable, to speak the unspeakable, to Mention the Unmentionable, to think the unthinkable. But first we must understand that the partial or limited hangout of power is published as damage control, and we have been inoculated with the intimidation of the unspeakable as part of our ideological indoctrination.

  23. Thank you for the excellent contribution James, it feels like this is an outline for a book!

    Noticed when staying away from the ‘news’ for awhile, it all seems more ridiculous than ever. Maybe it is 40,000 times more today, with reports of Christians being slaughtered or starved to death suddenly an issue in the middle east, although those aware have known about the planned elimination of this race for awhile now.

    Our leader, in a brief interruption to his vacation, has ordered more bombings on the enemy we armed and you must be a racist if you think those thousands of Christians should be saved and not all those defenseless illegals flooding our borders.

    And now we have the government run newspaper declaring there is upwards of $600 billions dollars missing in 2012, or is it 40,000 times that?


    1. I dearly hope this request is a joke.

      If Dr. Tracy were to begin trading here in the sort of ideas represented by this article, I, for one, would no longer visit this place.

      The article was excruciating to read. So far as I can tell, this Salaita character should have a difficult time getting a job asking if you “want fries with that” at McDonalds, much less teaching at a first-rate college.

      The author of the article, no doubt, would dearly have wished that Israel have left the terror tunnels in place, and the planned mass attack to take place this coming Yom Kippur, with thousands of terrorists suddenly emerging from underneath peoples’ homes, murdering hundreds of them and dragging lots of survivors through the holes to serve as hostages.

      This article represents what is simply an insane world view. Every bit of it.

      1. “Where do Professor Steven Salaita’s first amendment rights come into play?”

        No where, is where. He can talk as much as he wishes. As can you, and me. He just doesn’t have a right to a job teaching in a college–any college. It has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment.

        Read that article, and ask yourself if you want a public school–Illinois is a public college–hiring such a person to indoctrinate your kids. It calls it a case of “academic freedom,” whatever that is. But click in the titles of his books, and read their summaries. This is an evil ideologue we are talking about. I’m sorry to have learned of his existence, although I breathe a sight of relief that the youth of my birth state are spared having their minds poisoned by this horrible little man.

        The article, amazingly, goes on to list a rogues gallery of monsters, but looking-glass fashion, as if they are admirable, in defense of this horrid little fellow. Farrakhan, Fred Dube, Sami Al-Arian, Ward Churchill. I had to double-check that it wasn’t The Onion I was reading. Norman Finkelstein, too. I kid you not.

        Preposterously, the article’s concluding paragraph starts with these words:

        “Today, activists and other concerned citizens feel the tide is turning– that Israel can no longer control information and thwart free speech on our campuses.”

        How out of touch can anyone be to think, much less argue, that Israel has ever had any thought control in America’s academy, the most anti-zionist terrain in the intellectual world? An anti-semitic intellectual has to be especially loony to be disinvited to teach at America’s colleges, an philo-semites have very little chance of getting in. Of course, open advocates of terrorism (Al-Arian) and fake Indians (Churchill) can only be blasted out of the academy by extraordinary means–and as this article indicates, even then, the academy will go on pretending that they are not despicable bums, but indeed persecuted heroes.

        The egregious, indeed monstrous Tariq Ramadon almost had a teaching post at Notre Dame, some years ago. The enemies of freedom in this country still count that a tragedy. I say, once in a while, good triumphs over evil. I’m no fan of Illinois (I went to SIU), but I AM a fan of the kids who make the choice to go there, and I’m delighted that they won’t be subjected to the wretched rantings if this Salaita fellow. (Although I honestly wouldn’t begrudge him a post at the register of the local McDonalds; everyone needs to make a living–I would only hope it is in Israel, where he’d learn by experience that everything he thinks he knows about the place is wrong).

  24. So now besides being called a ‘nazi,’ ‘racist,’ disinfo agent, ‘bore,’ (definitely the worst) and whatever other names people could come up with, I’m also being called ‘unfeeling.’


    If people don’t think my blabbing here is being monitored pretty closely, think again. For repeatedly pointing out that ‘bipolar’ doesn’t exist as some actual genetic illness, I’m also some sort of hater of the ‘mentally ill.’

    There are various people out there pointing out the absurdity of ‘diagnosing’ diseases without medical scientific evidence. Kelly O’Meara’s book is really good. I’m just one of several doing this, really – but we’re not enough. TPTB will use any tactic they can. Insinuating that challengers of the psych system are somehow ‘oppressors’ or something is just their newest low.

  25. Well, get this: yesterday I looked at new rules the Colorado Supreme Court has just enacted to govern admission to the bar, effective Sept.1, 2014. They now say they have the right to require a “current mental evaluation” of any applicant–for no reason whatsoever. No standards for this “mental evaluation” are specified.

    So shrinks unconnected to the applicant, and unconstrained by anything but their own imagination, will outweigh the opinions of former teachers, employers, friends, and other references based on personal knowledge.

    More important, if you have ever exercised your First Amendment rights in a way the Court decides is not consistent with perpetuation of the criminal enterprise it oversees, engaged in by judges together with attorneys, you’re going to be branded “mentally ill” and refused admission.

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