SteeleRobert David Steele joins James to address an array of issues, including Washington’s wasteful relationship in a flawed intelligence process, the CIA and the media, healthcare, education, the “wars” on drugs and terror, and the probable “drills” that transpired in Newtown and Boston.

Mr. Steele is a former CIA case officer, Marine officer, creator of the Marine Intelligence Network, and has published, authored, or edited nine books, establishing him as perhaps the foremost authority on intelligence and information operations.

Yet Steele is also the strongest critic of the US intelligence community and an advocate of open source or public intelligence. Steele’s crusade for open source intelligence was recently profiled by author Nafeez Ahmed in the UK Guardian.


Steele holds degrees from Muhlenberg College, Lehigh University, The University of Oklahoma, and the Naval War College. His latest book is titled, The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust. He is the foremost reviewer of non-fiction titles in close to 100 categories at Steele’s websites are Public Intelligence Blog and

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  1. There’s an intelligence community, and then there is a surveillance community. The latter shares with its special friends, one of which is Israel. It is very important for them to gather all the intelligence they can on every politician affecting their stipend in America. Whatever the CIA does or does not do pales beside the subversion of our political system by the spying done by a so-called “friend”. Like a litmus test to see how pervasive it is, one may simply cite the unanimity of votes of support for Israel, against all evidence that it is “a good thing”, even while the Congress is hopeless about doing the peoples’ business on issues of vital impact on the USA. You can see what people will do if blackmailed, and since nobody on earth is without sin, and everyone can be prosecuted for something, the power inherent in surveillance is truly breathtaking and potentially lethal to the USA.

    1. Musings, I believe that what appears to be “inaction”, is the logical outcome of having a government that works for another party. These “intelligence” outfits don’t work for “the government”, they work for the government’s owners.

      Those owners have no affiliation to any “country”. They have their own global agenda. The concept of “country” is still used as a tool. It has no practical meaning.

      Even in so-called “conflicts”, they control both sides. They are designed to further concentrate available wealth and destroy opposition.

      1. Exactly right.

        To Musings: what needs to be done is to make the blackmail meaningless as a tool to subvert others.

        I take it that not many people remember Carl Cameron’s 4-part report on the Israeli Spy Ring. Within that report is the very tool used to gather information on all of us – CALEA.

        This is the report, along with references to the Art Student Spy Ring, which has been largely removed from the internet.

      2. Vincent, I remember the Carl Cameron series. Those of us who have studied this for years have no doubts.

        They have it all locked up. From the surveillance, the banking, the blackmail and the media. I don’t think you can “fix” the compromised.

        They feed them their blood money, they have the dirty pictures, some even say they have more drastic measures in place should they begin to lose control.

        I think this could be overcome, mainly because of the small number. I don’t expect any of the “players” to do anything about it though.

      3. Lophatt, you wrote “Even in so-called “conflicts”, they control both sides.”

        A cargo ship belonging to US Military Sealift Command, the USNS PFC Dewayne T. Williams, is scheduled for arrival August 10th in Namdalseid, Norway. The cargo consists of heavy tanks of the M1A1 Abrams type, armored personnel vehicles and armored landing crafts. This is according to the newspaper Adresseavisen.

        These vehicles are more modern and more heavily armored than those previously stored in Mid-Norway inside mountain bunkers, the newspaper reports.

        Researcher Ståle Ulriksen with Norwegian Institute of Foreign Politics is of the opinion that USA has a dark outlook on the development in Europe. It probably has something to do with the conflict in Ukraine, Ulriksen says.

      4. Anne, yes, the tanks are related, I think. They have storage and clandestine airstrips in places like Azerbaijan as well. They are also expanding into India.

        The goal seems to be that NATO has forsaken the North Atlantic and is now the “muscle” of global unilateralism. Those who refuse to cooperate are “destabilized”.

        With the advent of the BRICS the dollar’s hegemony is threatened. I think they are rushing to get their “tools of the trade” in place to resist this development.

        During this recent Ukrainian putsch, there have been unmarked or suspiciously marked aircraft and other weapons of war reported. While they are screeching at Russia over “resupplying” the “rebels”, supplies are arriving from these outposts.

        No matter who is fighting who it takes money. They are always at the ready to “loan” money to those in need.

  2. The ISraeli ground attack on Gaza began on July 17th, the same day that MH17 was shot down. It stretches credulity to conceive this as a coincidence. The shooting down of the plane was undoubtedly planned partially as a means of diverting attention from the Israeli attack.

    A German pilot Peter Haisenko analyzed the photos of the wreckage and found machine gun holes as well as shrapnel holes. This was confirmed by the experts inspecting the wreckage. The eyewitness accounts of a combat plane tailing the airliner indicate that MH17 was shot down by the warplane, not by a ground missile. This was undoubtedly known to the US during the media hysteria against Russia.

    It is the same pattern as the 9/11 false flag, where controlled demolition was attributed to crashing airplanes. Israeli agents were also involved in 9.11, taking pictures and dancing, celebrating the attack on the Towers.

    These US-Israeli false flags have proved very effective in Shocking and Awing American public opinion. Now they have been used to influence European opinion as well. Unless the American people understand how we are being duped, another false flag can be used to engage us in a war against Russia, a nuclear power. Just as Weapons of Mass Destruction got us into a war against Iraq.

    1. Two questions.

      1) Why was the cockpit of MH17 sawn in half?

      2) Why would the Israelis publicly “dance” in celebration of the secret operation to destroy the World Trade Center? (Don’t secret agents like to be, um, secret?)

    2. Mark, I ask that you watch the attached video:

      At the end of the video is a segment of Christine LaGarde addressing the IMF. Watch both her face and her body language as she talks about the “lunar new year” and various permutations of numbers.

      Whether you believe that these numbers have relevance or not, I can assure you that they do. It is one of the little “insider” elements that often point to their authorship.

  3. Wow, interesting interview, yes the corruption is not in one town, one city, one state, but all encompassing all the tribes in charge with their special interests of ensuring their funding will be provided.

    The trafficking of illegal children may be the wake up call that the citizens need to realize how the corrupt and perverted elite are in further exploiting our nation.

    The latest news craze is the ebola epidemic in Africa. We are advised not to travel there, but our leader is hosting a summit of 50 delegates and leaders from there in Washington DC in the upcoming week.

    1. “The trafficking in illegal children” is being set up as a false dichotomy to prevent real questions from emerging. The governor of Massachusetts, a man of color named Deval Patrick gets on the air and tearfully agrees to accept thousands of illegal underage children, to be housed at one or two military bases (what in the heck is wrong with this picture!) — yes, he wants, on the federal dime, to transport them up to New England. Just to make it right with the state, which is mostly Catholic (and should know much, much better), the next person who weigh in is Cardinal Sean O’Malley. Both tell us that we cannot say no.

      The questions swirl around the fact that these children will effectively be wards of the state, some for more than a decade. Unable to work, perhaps forever separated from their families, the inevitable false objection is the anti-immigrant one, when the reality is about the rights of children themselves, under the state. This is a foster care system by other means – like vast orphanages with all the potential abuse that can come from that. Once the state has a child, the parents’ rights mean nothing, even if they still exist in principle.

      I do not feel that Massachusetts or any other state can be a superior parent for children to actual individuals who know and understand the children already. This just seems wrong on so many levels. I don’t even want to imagine the evil to which they may tend when someone has bright ideas – such as raising up a class of future warriors or state police, loyal only to those who have fed them.

      1. Musings, I agree. I want to say a couple of things further, however. The use of “children” (in some cases up to age thirty), is a deliberate psyop. This is not being done out of “concern” for anyone’s welfare.

        Children, rightfully, conjure up all sorts of protective instincts in people. I find it ironic that while Israel is busy murdering hundreds of them, the various government lose their “nurturing” natures, somehow.

        It is quite possible that some of these kids will come to a bad end. Those who perpetrate these things never miss an opportunity. It is very apparent that the use of racial guilt and any other manufactured reaction-generating material is par for the course.

        They are ushering in their North American Union. It is all quite illegal. If they get away with it, it establishes another precedent that the president is not bound by law. Apparently the states have nothing to say about this and are not even consulted. I read yesterday where they are flying them from Honduras to Alaska. From there they are to be “distributed” to other cities.

        So what’s really happening here? They are going for broke. Congress (ha!), is having a difficult time explaining itself, not that “media” is asking. Obongo is openly lawless in implementing his master’s agenda. Congress doesn’t even seek to explain it any longer.

        So we’re importing Ebola, illegal immigrants, doing nothing to stem the destruction of the country, while exporting money and resources to support slaughter elsewhere. It’s no wonder Congress (ha!) takes so much time off.

      2. Right on lophatt. I’m a bit surprised by how many regular posters haven’t fully grasped the psy op angle with the alleged children; I think I saw somewhere that children comprise at best 20% of the ‘refugees,’ if that. Many are simply young adult gang/cartel members. Just as in Sandy Hook we were plied with tales of imaginary martyred children so are we here in the context of the US as a ‘neighbor’ in the continental village.

  4. Patrick – A percentage of my comments are not posted immediately but have a status of awaiting moderation, never fret about how long it takes for them to actually post, have a few other things to do.

    Have noticed this anomaly on other wordpress sites, and the solution to your post disappearing is to send an email to the sponsor as James has advised us, using his contact link.

    The previous nsa engineered?, failure of comments a few months back was different, instead of awaiting moderation, comments just evaporated into nothingness.

    As most computer users have learned, if you invest an amount of time into creating something, you back it up to another or multiple sources, depending on the value. Being an author, would of thought you learned this lesson long ago.

    1. “…comments just evaporated into nothingness.”

      This is the phenomenon I was experiencing. James has told me that when a comment simply disappears it has gone into the spam folder, for unknown reasons. Unlike moderation, which we are told is happening, and which WordPress notifies the owner of the website about, James has to go to the trouble of checking the spam folder to find out what has been dumped there. If he never checks it, he’ll never know what has gone there–unless we tell him. It’s an extra job, and if he’s busy it’s a chore he may not find the time to do.

      There are two ways of notifying him when this happens: email him directly (and I am reluctant to clutter up his inbox with trivialities), or notify him in situ, which seems to me less intrusive–as he’s already perusing the comments anyway and digging out lost comments is little extra trouble in that situation.

    2. You bing NSA up, leaving me an opening for sharing this linked informtion from Spitfire List (a site exposing all things fascist–from it’s inception to present-day

      Edward Snowdon’s ‘leaks’ were am op to handicap the US telecomunication industry–big time! All naysayers pracfice what the NSA is accused of.

      Read and put it into perspective and in context of the economic wars fomented by clever tacticians around the globe. Just find it interesting….

    3. I haven’t noticed this happening on other WP sites.

      Who is this sponsor person we’re supposed to notify? That question goes out to anyone as Pedant has called me some undercover agent even as he/she (?) seems to be smoothing over what many sense is NSA meddling.

  5. Lophott, economists like to call the biblical Joseph in Egypt, who predicted 7 fat years and 7 lean years, as the ‘first economist.’ An old joke. La Garde’s ‘numbers’ are a variation on this. In order to believe it has anything to do with the rest of the video, a good early summary, you have to believe in numerology. That stuff will rot your brain. Also it tends to discredit the reality-based truth.

    1. Mark, it doesn’t “discredit” anything. It doesn’t matter what “I” believe, it is what THEY believe that is critical. Even those of them who may not “believe” in its power, use it as a “short hand” for the initiated.

      I’m not a believer in numerology but I’m not ignorant of it either. When interpreting scripture or other ancient writings it is vital to understand as it was an every day part of the author’s world.

      Numerology and Gematria are essential to understanding an ancient authors intent. The words alone don’t do it. There is no phonier subject than “economics”, THAT will rot your brain.

      To me, at least, it was obvious that she was sending a message to her inner circle. Whether you believe it or not, they do this all the time. They select auspicious dates to stage events. Often the choice or its corollaries are enough alone to scream “hoax”.

      The belief that these creatures are just like you or I is their strongest weapon. They aren’t.

  6. You’re quite right about economics, Lophatt, much of it is pure fantasy. The unemployment index the media uses, for example, defines an unemployed person out of the labor force after a year, so he is no longer unemployed! You have to be a highly trained economist to believe the resulting numbers. And the China bashing about the Chinese economists approaches parody. It is of the form:


    I didn’t understand what you meant about numerology, Lophatt. Conceivably you are right.

    Good questions, Patrick. I’ve always thought that the dancing Israeli intelligent agents photographing the Trade Center building in public and attracting attention to themselves, were not highly professional Mossad.
    The US intelligence did not have enough Arabic speakers, so they used Israeli semi-amateurs to infiltrate and provoke Arab Terrorist groups. It was those clowns that were caught in an utterly stupid display.

    The US does the same thing; consider how transparent the ‘cognitive infiltrators’ are, and how easy it is to spot the troll. The provocoteurs in leftist groups have the same revealing qualities.

    Could the rebels have cut the wreckage in half to make it easier to transport? Only thing I can think of.

  7. Let me just comment, Marilyn–and I say this with all due respect–that Snowdon being a fascist and actually conducting warfare against the US is utter bullshit. He is attacking American power in the interests of the American people. He revealed that American power is routinely spying on the American people, attacking the fascism in the American power system.

  8. Snowden revealed that American power is systematically spying on the American people, attacking the fascism in the American power system. He is precisely the opposite of a fascist, and is being discredited by those who support fascist American power.

  9. 1). It wouldn’t fit the truck?

    2). A “vengeance” brings uncontainable joy?

    I don’t know Patrick. I’ve “heard” it was sawn off. If that’s so, it is a poser. I’ve certainly heard multiple variations on this exercise. A lot of them plausible. Which is true, or what parts of them, is hard to say.

    Here’s another “twist”. I am a little cautious of this guy, however.

  10. Well, Patrick, Dave Emory goes much further in his analysis of the Snowdon caper, showing his (Snowdon’s) affinity for right-wing ideology. Both his champions (Glenn Grenwald and Julian Asange) are tethered to many fascist organizations in Europe, left-overs from old wars.

    The lure of fascist tendencies captures many minds–which boggles my own–mind, that is. But, most obvious is the Ukranian situation, which when unearthed is replete with strains of anti-semitism and Russian animosity. Those two targets Are familiar to WW11 scholars and underscore the premise that old hate dies hard. Snowdon– hate him or love him–has done considerable damage to our technological infrastructure and one must ask: “what was he thinking?” He remains an inigma among global personalities. Who is he? Really? An asset for whose clandestine snoops? They all do it, even to “friends.”

    Just saying…in my rather not always correct way…

    1. mARK. sPITFIRFE lIST HAS 12 ARTICLES IN A SERIES ON THIS TOPIC,ie. greenwald/wikileaks/sSmowden’s connections to SWedish neoNazis, etc. You are emcouraged to read amd ponder the back story. I am nmot supporting the NSA. for heaven’s sake, just tring to unmderstand the whole truth and nothing but the truth; Like a good mystery plot. circdumstances are a twisted knot of storylines that are finally imraveled
      by the end of the book.

      Dave Emory cites scholarars, journalists and books
      by knowledgable sources to make his case. I find that fascinating in a world of misleading propaganda.

  11. In the post about MH17 and MH370, lophatt and Patrick were talking about “chaff” and the illusion of shoot-down of a passenger jet and how easily it could be simulated. Judging by the staged debris scene with a sawed fuselage, we have another hoax on our hands, in order to influence politics.

    Well, no one can rest on his oars – once one mystery is solved or at least when the official story has been demolished, the next one pops up. It’s like a shooting gallery where you can keep popping in quarters – or just go get some cotton candy and lose yourself in gluttony.

    The latest will be ebola, most likely. In my opinion, the noble medical people being brought home rather than fully treated in perfectly good hospitals in Africa are political stalking horses to allow the public to be trained and led. I am not asserting that there is no epidemic. I really do not know. But what I have just heard is that US military has been asked to Africa to help enforce quarantine. How many, in what capacity, I do not claim to know, but I just heard it publicly among policy people today.
    If I were one of the waiters, I would have been able to hear a lot more, but I did ask lots of questions. I have heard that the disease is now in oil-rich Nigeria (a member of British Commonwealth). In fact it is said to be moving all over the nations on the Gulf of Guinea.

    If our soldiers are sent there (and our medical people are certainly going there), then they must be assured of the same kind of acceptance upon return as that doctor in Georgia. So the public must be taught how to behave. According to the person I spoke with, part of the reason the disease spreads so much in Africa is unique to its environment there.
    1) It is hot and sticky, and body fluids are not easy to deal with. People are sweating profusely much of the time. That’s how the disease can spread.
    2) The dead are cleaned in family homes, no matter what they died of, and love and family piety come into it, no matter the disease consequences.
    3) Once confined to isolated villages (the disease is thought to spread by bats and one of the sources is caves where miners work), it used to be that the disease would burn itself out in these locales. Now it is in cities and on the road (like AIDS).
    4) They seem to have a vaccine that works on monkeys.
    5) The vaccine needs human testing.
    6) Perhaps that is where the soldiers actually come in.

    This is not chaff, but I feel like by throwing this in, in the spirit of summer, I am chumming – for my chums here. Pile on!

    1. Posted a link above where our leader has scheduled his first ever African summit in DC this week with 50 delegates and leaders coming from countries we are advised not to visit.

      The DOD has been studying the use of eboli in chemical warfare as it is very stable in its aerosol form since the 1970’s.

      Yes anytime a ‘news’ story gets covered on steroids, the bells and whistles go off….

  12. Musings, as you say:

    Why indeed, would they fly an ebola patient to the U.S. eight days after being diagnosed? Not only that, he WALKED into the hospital.

    That was the intent of my whole recurring dialog about “manufacturing reality”. This isn’t “news”, it is all manufactured in support of the script. If the script needs flying monkeys, voila, monkeys it is.

    1. Maybe part psy op and part reality, in terms of the existence of the disease and the government’s intent to wield it as a means to impose martial law with quarantine as one semi-manufactured excuse. I told one of ‘us’ here recently that I think it very possible whole parts of the US will be under martial law by late fall.

      Here’s a link addressing the issue of impending war someone alluded to above:

      What’s most salient is how the author ignores the clash between the EU and Russia.

  13. James, thank you for your excellent interview with Robert David Steele Vivas. I was very interested in his viewpoints regarding the multiple truths you have presented in previous broadcasts and articles.

    I first learned of Mr. Steele via one of his many thorough and on-point Amazon book reviews. I admire his intelligence and passion to get America back on track.

    I encourage Mr. Steele to develop a working dialogue with all those who seek truth and solutions. I often feel that he has experienced so much in the rabbit hole that he has difficulty relating to those recently awakened.

    Perhaps he will continue to develop useful partnerships with people like yourself who reach a growing segment of our global population. That would be beneficial.

    Again, thanks for keeping the interview on-track and relevant to MHB.

  14. Snowden, Greenwald, Assange, et al are a major threat to the American media, The Free Press as it is Proclaimed. They have found an oligarch who, for whatever reason, may be willing to put up big bucks to finance an alternative media story that subverts the American mainstream untruth. Since people tend to identify with power rather than truth, this threatens American journalism as well as American power. so the usual smears–they are Conspiracy Theorists, Fascist, etc, are employed.

  15. Musings, yes, there is a “vaccination connection”. There is also a fundamentalist “religious” group connection. Think NGO. Think $$$$.

    Related to this, there is this interesting bit:

    When you couple this with the Dr. Ed Ward, M.D., piece I posted above, one should be asking questions. Our “victim doctor” who just happens to work for the “mission” of the fundie outfit, is indeed a “walking miracle”.

    I know that sometimes my thinking is “so 90’s”, but there used to be laws against knowingly importing infectious, lethal disease carriers into the country. What am I thinking? We’re doing that on a daily basis now.

    So, if I read the EO correctly, someone with the sniffles (or not as the case may be), can be arrested and confined-for their own protection of course. I predict we may be seeing a new vaccine any day now. It could even be “mandatory”.

  16. I am somewhat puzzled by Robert Steele’s endorsement of the writings of Robert Parry as a paragon of truth. This is far from accurate, though timely as Parry is leading the disinformation campaign to support the notion that MH17 was actually shot down. Parry is carefully herding skeptics of the official story away from the accumulating evidence that the whole shoot down was a hoax, and that it was staged on the ground.

    See this:

    If we look at Parry’s other writings his identity an agent of the ‘controlled opposition’ becomes apparent. Here is what he has to say about the collapse of the twin towers and building 7:

    “For instance, the “truthers” have long claimed that the collapse of Building Seven is the prima facie case for their conspiracy theory, especially, they say, its drop at near freefall speed. However, the speed of the collapse should not be all that surprising because Building Seven had a large atrium. Once the atrium’s supports were breached by the shock of the Twin Tower collapse and a resulting fire, Building Seven would logically fall into the open space at near freefall speed.
    Similarly, the structure of the Twin Towers, with interlocking beams allowing them to have height without the weight of older skyscrapers, would have produced the falling in on itself effect once the beams were weakened by the impact of the planes and the heat from the fires.”

    This is pretty much a reprise of the official story, and utter nonsense. Why should we trust him now? Why is Robert Steele giving Robert Parry a pass on such a whopper?

  17. The left is now deploying topless aging women to fight the crazy gun nuts. It’s not clear whether the goal is to inspire sympathy for women and their supposed protectors, who would be the cops according to these bizarre feminists or whatever they consider themselves, or to simply scare men generally. How a woman’s right to go bare breasted relates to what must be an anti-border patrol lobby I don’t know; they claim no one’s paying them which rings true when you watch, but then why?:

    The line about schizophrenics copycating the border patrol types does suggest they have a backer, and that the left and the right have almost fully coalesced.

    I don’t know where to post it since every day TPTB best themselves in shock theater. Diseases scare me but this use of specialized weaponry provides comic relief.

    1. Sue, THAT, is truly bizarre. “I’ll show you my gun if you’ll put those away”!

      I completely miss the point (no pun intended). I don’t think it would “scare” men, it is just profoundly weird. I’ve never known saggy boobs to win an argument.

  18. There is evidence that passports, debris and even bodies were staged on the ground after the crash of MH17. But there is no evidence at all that the shootdown was a hoax, and an enormous amount that it wasn’t.

  19. Sue, I’m glad you got my point. Today I read about a contingent of these “children” being sent to Hawaii. Think about that. If they are supposedly holding them for their parents, why would they send them to the islands?

    Would it not make more sense that the object is displacement and chaos? The current crop of parasites are not stupid. Evil as Satan, but not dumb. If their machinations receive any comment in the MSM, they charge it to incompetence. It isn’t.

    There may be a clue in here. Just to show the pattern, the U.S. and Israel trained and funded this current group, ISIS. Notice the name. In Syria they are our “allies”, they are bombing them in Iraq.

    Does anyone ask where they came from or how they came by sophisticated weapons and tactics? At the moment NATO is trying its hardest to incite a war with Russia.

    The economy is crashing. There are no jobs. The place is rotting from the inside out. And we have this Ebola thing going. If you add all that up the logical conclusion is that they want to destroy us. They’re doing an excellent job.

    1. I’ve just learned that Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick has been forced to back down on bringing these children to military bases in Massachusetts. I also realize that many people who listened to his superficial rhetoric the first time around – I kid you not with tears and an endorsement by Archbishop Sean O’Malley – were taken in by the compassion angle (my husband for instance – he’s himself a refugee immigrant and it is child’s play to pull on his heartstrings) while not working out the logistics of raising a child from an early age to (let’s hope) independence. I saw (from my work experience in Boston) the intervention of social workers and others coming between such children and both their parents and the children’s own autonomy and ability to grow up with a sense of not being a pawn of the state. I am somewhat relieved at the this development although perhaps it means that some other mafia in some other state has more pull to direct the flow of children and federal money to themselves. Hawaii? Get out of here!

  20. There is a contact button on the home page that allows you to send an email to James.

    After creating and loosing works on the computer, you learn to back anything of matter up to another program.

    There could be network or hardware problems, my virus protection warns me of suspicious files quite frequently. Back when a lot of us reported problems posting, and James notified us the IT folks were looking into it, I found deleting temporary internet files allowed me to post again.

    You must have me confused with someone else. Although before
    the unintelligible troll bequeathed me the moniker of Pedantic Skirt, I did make a comment that the “who likes wolfie now” dribble posted on an unrelated article was coming in on the wrong channel!

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