Reich1By Duke Reichert

Jonathan Reich, a 22-year-old man residing in Avon, New York was arrested in May 2013 for several phone calls he made in January 2013 to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II and other parties involved in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  As most readers of Memory Hole are aware, Carver was Connecticut’s controversial chief medical examiner who allegedly oversaw the autopsies of the Sandy Hook shooting victims, then guffawed through a brief press conference with reporters from national media outlets and hasn’t been heard from since.

Alongside calls placed to Carver’s office, Reich, who went by the name “Scotty Walker” on YouTube and other online forums, called the Allison Wyatt Foundation for Allison (victim, 6 yrs old) to point out that on the organization’s Donations page the photo alleging to be Allison was in fact one Lily Gaubert. Reich inquired whether the foundation was aware of the anomaly and asked if it would be changed. The wrong image stayed on the donation page for a few additional weeks.

In another instance, Reich politely asked several questions to the Carver’s receptionist concerning the state coroner’s involvement in state legislation related to child autopsies as well as the shooting’s aftermath.  I have examined Sandy Hook police reports related to the case, which note that “Jonathan Reich was investigated for calling the [Office of the Connecticut Medical Examiner] and it was determined that no criminal actions had taken place and that no action to press charges will be taken.” 

Nevertheless, in May 2013 a warrant was issued by Connecticut State Police for Reich’s arrest on charges of harassment in the second degree.  Avon police officers proceeded to Reich’s home and threatened that if he did not turn himself in in Connecticut he would be taken to Rikers Island Correctional Facility in Queens New York and held without bail.

Reich thus turned himself in to Connecticut authorities the following week and his case has been pending ever since.  Reich was released on bond of $50,000 and his dates to appear in Community Court in Hartford were postponed and rescheduled no less than nine times.

On July 22, 2014 several Sandy Hook researchers went to Reich’s court date to show their support and solidarity.  Wolfgang Halbig and others accompanying him were asked to leave the court house despite the fact that they were sitting quietly, waiting for Reich’s case to be called. I can attest to this because I was there.  No ruckus or nuisance was created, just people seated quietly in a public building.  In any event, Wolf and others complied with this request.  Independent researcher Tony Mead, who runs Sandy Hook Hoax groups online, went to the bail commissioner’s window to ask her a question.

You see, the day before his ninth court date in June 2014, Reich was told not to show up in court the following day, that it would be postponed again to July.  Yet when he did not show, they charged him with Failure to Appear 2, a felony, and put out another warrant for his arrest!  After much ado, the charge was dropped and deemed a clerical error.

Mead asked the bail commissioner who exactly was involved in issuing the Failure to Appear letter to Reich and an order to rearrest the 22-year old.  Visibly shaken, the bail commissioner replied that she could not talk about it, asked Mead to leave, and then yelled for security to escort a calm and comported Mead out of the courthouse.  Mead said, “Thank you,” and walked out on his own.

After that, in a back room of the courthouse, Reich’s father (an attorney practicing in New York) and a Connecticut State attorney plea bargained the case down to a two month community service commitment.  Further, between July 22 and the termination of the service Reich is to undergo psychiatric evals and counseling.  Reich further agrees to not engage in any online fundraising or do any media spots or public interviews related to his experiences.

Wolf, Mead and others met with Reich’s father briefly but did not see or meet with Jonathan.  Why?  They were told that Reich could not be seen with them since ‘they’ (court officials) were closely monitoring his comings and goings and thought it best he not be seen with “conspiracy theorists”.  I don’t know if I agree with that, and found it unfortunate that we did not meet with the defendant at all.  However, Reich’s father, a very serious, soft spoken Jewish man donning a traditional Jewish yarmulke, is an attorney and so it would follow that Jonathan, although an adult, residing in his parents’ home and following their advice, would listen to what his dad told him to do.

I still find it unsettling that we didn’t get to see Reich, and it was only during our lunch after court that Reich placed a phone call to Mead and Wolf to say “Hello” and thank them for their support.  In any event, Wolf et al met after the court debacle and recapped the trip.  Where do things stand?

No lawyers want to work on the case–at least none in Connecticut.  Those of us gathered for Reich’s tenth court date filed requests for documents from the court.  Such document requests and travel expenses do not come free of charge.  For Wolf’s naysayers, $30,000 is not a substantial sum, and two-thirds of this was gone in a flash for the FOIA requests, wasted retainers and fees on information that never came to pass.  Other funds have been spent on applications for documents, and travel.  The case against Jonathan Reich is closed, but the Sandy Hook journey is far from over.

Duke Reichert attended a highly esteemed university in New England and has had a fruitful career in both business and government. A natural skeptic, he applies logic to illogical and puzzling circumstances in an effort to sift out fact from fiction. Due to the nature of this topic Reichert writes under this nom de plume.

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  1. It’s unclear who told you Reich could not be seen with you. Was it his father, or court officials?

    It’s not only unsettling that Reich did not personally appear, it means the plea you talk about could not be entered. He is the only one who can plead “guilty” on the record, and his plea could only constitutionally be entered after an advisement by the judge. No attorney (not even his father) can do that in his stead. So there is something fishy about these court proceedings. Are you doubting whether there is really a Jonathan Reich? Is something “up” with his father?

    I think there is an error, too: as I remember, Lily Gaubert was supposed to be Alison Wyatt, not Caroline Previdi.

    1. Not only is it bizarre that local cops would bother searching for a person whose arrest warrant was for less than a felony, from what I’ve been told by officials working at the county level and an ex-cop, but, further, that person would be arrested and taken to the county jail, not to some prison in the other state. He would have the right to try to fight extradition from the state he was picked up in.

      But the police will bluff people. It seems odd that the son of a lawyer would play along with this when it’s so unusual for either a municipality or a county to even bother issuing warrants for such a minor offense. It’s not even actual stalking.

      Another issue is does Jonathan’s father belong to the Connecticut State Bar? Because if not he wouldn’t have been technically allowed to represent his son in court. If Sandy Hook didn’t press charges, who did?

  2. When I started reading this, the first thing I thought was that this young man was “disappeared” like so many others. Then my thought was, dear Lord don’t let this young man be dead…I don’t think I can handle hearing about another innocent person being killed because they dared to speak up. I am just so thankful that neither of the two happened.

    They are sending a very serious message to all who would dare question the official stories of all these hoaxes that we continue to be bombarded with everyday. What will be next?

    I have a son that’s just a few years older than Jonathan. If something like this happened to him, I would be sure he was on the next flight out of the country that he could get on.

  3. Connecticut
    Date: August 1, 2012
    Summary of statute(s): Connecticut requires at least one party’s consent to record an in-person conversation, and the consent of all parties to a telephonic conversation. The state’s voyeurism law prohibits taking visual images of another person without that person’s consent or knowledge when there is an expectation of privacy.
    In-person conversations: A person not present at a conversation must obtain the consent of at least one participant before any recording can take place under the state’s eavesdropping law. Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 53a-187, -89.
    Electronic communications: It is illegal to record a telephone conversation in Connecticut without the consent of all parties to the call. Consent should be given prior to the recording, and should either be in writing or recorded verbally, or a warning that the conversation is being taped should be recorded. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-570d.
    Hidden cameras: The state’s voyeurism law prohibits knowingly photographing, filming or recording in any way another person’s image without consent in situations where the person is unaware of the filming, not in plain view and has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-189a.
    Criminal penalties: Violation of the state’s eavesdropping and voyeurism laws, as well as the dissemination of images in violation of the law, are all felonies punishable by imprisonment for one to five years. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-35a.
    Civil suits: Recording a telephone conversation without the consent of all parties subjects an individual to liability for damages, as well as litigation costs and attorney fees. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-570d(c).
    Disclosing recordings: Connecticut prohibits disseminating recorded images of another person in violation of the state’s voyeurism law. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-189b.
    – See more at:

    New York
    Date: August 1, 2012
    Summary of statute(s): An individual who is a party to either an in-person conversation or electronic communication, or who has the consent of one of the parties to the communication, can lawfully record it or disclose its contents. N.Y. Penal Law §§ 250.00, 250.05 (McKinney 2012).
    In-person conversations: The “mechanical overhearing of a conversation,” or the “intentional overhearing or recording of a conversation or discussion, without the consent of at least one party thereto, by a person not present” is illegal. N.Y. Penal Law § 250.00. A state appellate court held that individuals who talk in a manner such that a non-participating third party may freely overhear the conversation may have no reasonable expectation of privacy in it. New York v. Kirsh, 575 N.Y.S.2d 306 (N.Y. App. Div. 1991). Thus, a journalist does not need consent to record conversations in public where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.
    Electronic communications: The consent of at least one party to any telephone communication, including a cellular telephone communication, is required to record it. Sharon v. Sharon, 558 N.Y.S.2d 468 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 1990). And because the provision of the statute dealing with wireless communications applies to “any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data, or intelligence of any nature,” consent likewise is required to disclose the contents of text messages sent between wireless devices. N.Y. Penal Law § 250.00.
    Hidden cameras: It is a felony to photograph or record “the sexual or other intimate parts” of a person in a place where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, and to use a hidden camera, regardless of whether a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, to “up-skirt” or “down-blouse,” or secretly photograph or record that person under or through his or her clothing. N.Y. Penal Law § 250.45. The law, however, does not criminalize the use of recording devices for other purposes in areas to which the public has access or there is no reasonable expectation of privacy (i.e., filming conversations on public streets or a hotel lobby).
    Criminal penalties: Illegally recording an in-person conversation or electronic communication is a felony offense. N.Y. Penal Law § 250.05.
    Disclosing recordings: Disclosing the contents of a sealed communication that has been opened or read in violation of the wiretap law without the consent of the communication’s sender or receiver is considered “tampering with private communications,” a misdemeanor. N.Y. Penal Law § 250.25.
    – See more at:

  4. Does the original warrant list a complainant? Was it old giggles himself? $50,000 bail seems excessive for harassment. How do the degrees regarding criminal charges work in Connecticut? Some states like NY have 3rd degree as the most serious, whereas others list 1st degree as most serious? Either way, second degree would seem excessive for polite phone calls.

    1. nice , its true, years ago I was in a court rm in Elmira ny . I was there with a friend ,we had did a siding job for a obese conniving contractor. fatty had hired a young man to put siding on his unsuspecting customers house. the guy was having problems,so he fired him and put an ad in the paper(this guy apparently could not get anyone local to Elmira to work for him so put an ad in 1 county over, hence for me it was an hour and half drive 1way)any way we fix this job and did a few more for him ,and began having problems with fatty. he owed us money for the last job and was claiming that we were purposely using more material to get more pay.we parted ways with fatty still owing us like 500 bucks. anyway about a month later my buddy tells me fatty called him and wants him to go to court with him,the young man fatty fired is suing in small claims for not getting paid for working for fatman. I told mike(my bud) it was not worth the drive ,the gas alone would be 20 bucks not to mention the time ,it could easily take up most of the day. my advice was screw fatty , hell he still owes us. mike said he would call him and see if fatty was gonna square up and pay,plus make this bought testimony worth while.well to wrap it up,i went with him to court that morning,lets just say fatty was not happy to see me there,but played it off nicely.i manged to see the plantiff and get his attention,he had a lawyer. I immediately decided what i had to do,mike had already tried to get our monies from fatty,he was told that he would square up after his court victory. mike sat with fatty and they presented their case against the kid(who had no case at all,i mean he had not 1 chance of victory,and why or how he got a lawyer idk)the kids case was presented by him and his lawyer and basically it was a slam dunk , the big fat man was gonna get away with out paying for labor again,but wait,i could…. yup,i told the kid to call me as rebuttal witness,things were about to flip flop for fatty who was smiling,until he saw me come to the mic.i started talking and every few words fatman would yell out im a liar,the judge told him not to do this over n over. as my testimony went on and it was only about 4 mins ,I had the judges eyes focused on me,my voice was trembling as I rambled on n on about how in fact the fatman indeed has a history of not paying and that even though I had fixed the kids job ,I too wasn’t paid for my labor. to this day I reflect on why my voice started to tremble ass I testified ,was it anger or fear or shame or,what. it twas the truth ,the judge was fixin to rule In fatmans favor ,then wham ,a couple of minutes of eye to eye trembling truth and bang ,the judge,promptly awarded the kid his earnings,a measly 140bucks. mike did indeed get his 50 for his part,mike was not about to go home broke ,he persuaded fatty to pay him. we got some beer for the ride home and some gas and,well hell I like the picture you have fromawaysite ,it is very true

  5. Some think Lenny may have called pretending to be from the court clerk’s office saying the judge was sick and not to come. So we would need to find out how hecwas old not o come, did they send an email or just call? Lenny did tell me he contacted John’s father the day before the cancelled hearing and when I asked ” why did you call John’s dad?” Lenny said, ” well he had questions about the autopsy and I wanted to give him a copy of Noah’s” ( or mail it something along those lines) then we were told that John’s dad said he had never talked to Lenny so who knows. This poor guy. By the way Lenny Pozner also old me that Dr. Carver did not do traditional autopsies on any of the victims ( even though no children died according to best evidence) but he conducted ” visual autopsies, whereby he just looked at the kids with his eyes. Weird, I know.

    1. Kelly, this whole thing seems very strange. You know Lenny Pozner? Can we get an confession out of him? He seems eager to show death certs and be active. Maybe he really wants to tell us something? If I knew him or anyone else involved in this I’d get the truth of them or $287k like they all did….just saying

  6. Don’t believe it.

    I received messages from this supposed “researcher” Scotty Walker, after some of my videos were getting a lot of attention. He kept asking me over and over again to expose the “Libor connection”- Something that I had looked into and realized was a dead end.

    There were other messages to me, asking to “expose” other dead-end aspects of this Sandy Hook false flag, I didn’t do it because I only expose what I find interesting, and what I can prove, not some heresay.

    Later on, I was told to “stop making videos” because a Sandy Hook researcher had been arrested.. I was sent a number of messages telling me that “my life was in danger”.. I told them to relax and stop living in fear.

    I have had a suspicion this entire Scotty Walker element was just here to scare researchers into shutting up and not making phone calls- The fact that “Halbig was at his trial and asked to leave” makes it even more obvious that is the case.

    This entire Scotty Walker thing seems like a scam to me, to shut people up, and make sure people don’t start making simple phone calls.

    1. This is exactly what has been on my mind. Scotty (Jonathon) gets two weeks of community service.


      Sounds more like a big dog and pony scam. Scare people (the conspiracy nuts) from looking at all, or point them to dead ends.

      Present a “trial” for people to think they are going to put anyone in jail if they ask a question.

    2. Certainly the various oddities of this ‘case’ would support your contention. Jonathan’s ethnicity makes it even more likely. I’m surprised the researchers following it haven’t concluded this…

    3. Paulstal,
      Just saw your video posted 7/21…”The Light and the Darkness” used yet again. on youtube….–LzIOSSH5nkW06WSQ

      Wow…amazing stuff! Even dedicated researchers will be blown away.
      Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Houston ect…the “victims” and the MSMedia are all reading off exactly the same (literal) script. All of these things are being revealed as a massive Psyop. The scale of this deception is quite staggering, but I guess if you look at how effective the massive deception of 911 was, (what REALLY happened on that day?) it’s not hard to understand why the (inter-?)National Security State is using these tactics.

      Your average person would never believe that they have been so intentionally deceived, and that is the genius of it.

      1. Thank you, and those are only the instances I read, or heard on video personally after I started to realize the phrase was being used in most false flags over and over again-

        There were likely many many more I missed, or before I was aware it was a catch phrase/ calling card/ revelation of the method being used during these false flag events.

        1. Props on the Dark/light video Paustal. The media in permeated with Satanism. The guy in the glasses behind Cassidy Stay is a terrible ventriloquist. Maybe he should get a Charley Mcarthy doll and practice more.

      1. Would agree with you on that one. Has this Jonathan character made any videos explaining what happened since? His anonymity is completely shot, so there would be no reason not to. Or does he just have a fundraising page? How much has he made? I would think he would go on camera and speak to an audience soon, talking about the ordeal- but so far this thing seems fake and synthetic to me.

        Sorry if I’m coming off ass overtly cynical, or jaded, but the events surrounding this “case” make it seem like a classic “fear based” follow-up mind control exercise to shut up researchers and make sure no phone calls are made to the obviously guilty parties associated. People such as, but not limited to Annie Haddad who could easily be questioned and others involved in this scam, who were receiving phone calls from researchers now likely won’t for fear that those who make them will end up in court.

        I have a feeling this entire Reich case is phony, and this “researcher” is in fact not who we think he is (at least judging from my interactions with him, where he kept sending me down dead ends) – and having watched his videos I didn’t really learn anything new, or find them in anyway compelling, so I don’t see why he was getting so much play in the first place. I just don’t buy it at this point.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but it just doesn’t feel legitimate to me at this point in time and so I feel compelled to say something.

    4. I agree, paulstal. This story about “Scotty Walker” has been suspicious from the start and this article only serves to make those suspicions grow. Halbig’s involvement doesn’t help the credibility factor.

      By the way, I really liked you “Light and Darkness” video. I’ve since noticed the theme even in smaller, local stories that were somewhat suspicious but did not garner the same type of attention as Boston or Sandy Hook. Good stuff.

    5. It’s very hard, even for someone with experience with the issue to determine who’s legit and who’s under the gun or on the take. So, I suggest maintaining neutrality and support fellow researchers only in direct proportion to their acts. That’s one way to avoid being caught up in a tiff over supporting or not supporting someone. Halbig comes to mind.

      I’d say that, if Reich had contacted me with the specific request to report a connection between the enigmatic Peter Lanza and the LIBOR rate-fixing scandal I would have told him it was above my pay grade. I think he should take that medicine show on the road today! It’s not too late to inform the public that the banksters staged the SH event, killing Adam as a warning to Peter not to get involved. Thankfully, I no longer get that Doozie of a tip.

      Hey Paulstal, while chatting with S. Smallstorm she said she thought you were trying to get in touch with her. I sent you a message but didn’t hear from you. I’ve got her email if you need it. Let me know at…

  7. As was already discussed, it was Allison Wyatt, not Caroline Previdi.
    Despite making our presence known that we were there in support of Jonathan Reich, no one informed us of his arrival and I am still unsure how he and his father entered the building without us seeing them. Perhaps they walked by while we were in the Social Services waiting room (it had A/C !!) before getting kicked out of there.
    The courtroom atmosphere was one of severe discipline. The Officer in charge immediately yelled at my girlfriend to remove the sunglasses from the top of her head. Apparently, no hats or headgear are permitted. Once we sat down, Wolf leaned over to tell me that the gentleman in the front of the courtroom was Thomas O’Brien, the State Prosecutor, and was immediately told that there is to be “NO TALKING” !!. O’Brien is the man responsible for ASSIGNING the specific Judge Norko to Jonathan Reich’s case. Despite the case being re-scheduled repeatedly due to the Judge’s “illness”, we discovered that Judge Norko was actually just a ‘fill-in” according to the Public Defender who we chatted with in his office there.
    The Officer continued to watch us like a hawk and when Maureen leaned over to hand Wolf a note, he exploded as if we were causing a disturbance and told us we had to leave !
    Wolf was infuriated, having spent money for yet another hotel room and airfare, only to once again be deterred from getting to see this parody of a court proceeding play out. He argued noisily with the Officer while my girlfriend and I left the building and waited outside. I thought they might arrest him.
    Soon he joined us outside and asked me to go back in and ask the Bail Commissioner who was responsible for revoking Jon’s bond for failing to appear even though they knew that he had been told NOT to appear because Norko would not be available at his June Hearing. When I asked her to look at the copy of the letter I had that was from Jon’s Attorney to the Bail Commissioner, she refused to even look at it, became agitated and told me that I would have to talk to Tom O’Brien. I asked her why she was being so evasive and she immediately told me that I would have to leave and called an Officer over to physically escort me out. “I will have you REMOVED”, she shouted, as if I had somehow accosted or threatened her. It was peculiar, to say the least, but it seemed to me that she was more afraid than angry- for I had done nothing wrong.
    Rich and Maureen encountered Jon’s dad, who explained that they had worked out a ‘back room deal’, but that we had almost blown it (according to O’Brien) because of our “Courtroom Shenanigans”.
    The deal was explained to us that Jon would have to take down his fundraising website (His dad supposedly spent $32,000 so far), refrain from making any public statements, continue with his ‘Mental Health Counseling’ and return in 2 months to have his charges dismissed. They really just want to put it all behind them.
    As we entered our cars about to leave, Mr. Reich approached us and said that Jon was nearby, but that ‘They are watching our every move”, so it would be best if he doesn’t speak with us. Mr. Reich was pleasant and an obvious gentleman, dressed conservatively and wearing his yarmulke. He voiced his appreciation and said that in 2 months Jon will be free of the courts to do whatever he chooses.
    This was good news for us and we left to meet for lunch in a hopeful, yet somewhat disappointed mood. When we were seated, my phone rang. It was Jon ! He wanted to thank us personally for showing up for him and asked if we could meet him somewhere to say hello before he drove back to New York. I said that we had already sat down to lunch, but was glad that he called and then I let him speak with Wolf for a few minutes.
    It was a worthwhile trip to me as I got to see with my own eyes that Justice can be manipulated to suit one’s needs as long as the right players are in the right places.
    This Community Court is not like any other. It is for misdemeanors such as marijuana possession or prostitution. Petty Crimes. There are NO jail sentences and NO fines. The “criminals” are ordered to do Community Service, seek Mental Health Counseling and then their records are expunged!
    It is a great way to free up the Higher Courts and to keep the State’s Crime Statistics down. This is not your typical courtroom.
    Jonathan’s $50,000 Bond is unheard of in this court. In fact on his case documents it specifies his bond as “THIS CASE ONLY”.
    What a travesty of Justice when the Right to ask questions, important questions, is stripped from a man— to protect the guilty.

    1. My goodness, they must have a lot to hide. Using the court administrators to harrass and intimidate citizens into submission and silence is the mark of criminals, who feel they are above the law. Maybe if a whole lot more folks showed up at the courthouse next time they would be more polite and accommodating. I am sure there are many people interested in this matter who would love to be there as witnesses to this travesty, if they knew when and where to show up.

    2. I am having a hard time understanding whether or not you saw “Jonathan” at all in the courtroom?

      You say Jonathan and his dad somehow snuck by you in the way to the courtroom? and then afterwards mr. Reich told you to leave quickly without seeing him – so you actually didn’t see him at all that day at court? Is that what you’re saying?

      Then, you got a phone call from him afterwards?

      Just curious also how much money his fundraising page raised?

      1. I’ve been a big fan of your videos, although I’ve never been convinced that Nancy is Anne Haddad. I was introduced to Jon via RHNegative who had been friendly with him since the beginning. Scotty Walker’s videos were always interesting to me and the LIBOR Scandal should not be dismissed. I introduced Jon to Wolf and encouraged him to work with us to bring a Lawsuit against local media. I’ve exchanged emails and spoken to Jon on numerous occasions. You fail to realize that he is the only true victim in Sandy Hook due to his wrongful arrest and the denial of Due Process. He is our link to bringing legal claims against the perpetrators.
        The fact that his dad is so Orthodox threw me !! We all know who’s behind these hoaxes. But- I don’t believe Jon is a distraction. I think he was arrested to intimidate others. But they didn’t realize the potential backfire.
        Jon called me and asked us to meet with him. He couldn’t be seen meeting with us in front of the Courthouse- they were watching all of us.
        I don’t think his Fundraising raised any money. People were too busy donating to the Sandy Hook Promise and Cassidy Stay.

      2. Adam Heller, the stellar high school teacher ‘fired’ and slammed in the media for his personal conversations, has suffered much more than this 22 year old.

        His last hearing was scheduled for July 20, as there is nothing in the news, suspect it was delayed.

      3. @ Tony.. “You’ve never been convinced that Nancy (A Nickname for Anne) is Annie Haddad? I’m not sure how obvious it can get.

        Anne/Annie (a nickname for Nancy) being married to a Peter, working at St. Rose of Lima School (a school “Adam attended”), and living less than a Mile away from the Yogananda house and going to “Monthly mom’s night out meet-ups”, being the same age and having “a child with learning disabilities” not to mention looking exactly like Nancy doen’t convince you..?

        Do you seriously think two women could live in such close proximity, have such similar lives, and look so exactly alike and not be the same person- or at least confused with one-another around this small neighborhood?

        Don’t you find the diapers in the Yogananda house at all strange? Adam didn’t wear diapers, Ryan didn’t wear diapers (they are of course one and the same, but I’m going with the official narrative here) It wouldn’t make sense for the “Nancy Lanza” narrative, with two grown sons, but looking into Annie Haddad (A woman with 7 aliases, guess that’s normal to you as well) it would make a lot more sense, seeing as how her kid would still diaper age.

        I don’t understand how people can look at these dead ringers of obviously the same person still shots, and all these other “coincidences” and still be on the fence, but we all have the right to disagree.

      4. Also Tony (I’m done after this one)- How much money has the ghost-like Jonathan Reich made in his donation page?

        Excuse me for being skeptical of donation pages after all we have collectively been through… How much has he made?

      5. Tony wrote on 7/25/14:
        “I was introduced to Jon via RHNegative who had been friendly with him since the beginning.”

        I mention this because below are two comments from what I assume is RHNegative,, although spelled as RhNegtiv.

        The video below (14 minutes) is somewhat confusing because it starts out with an Avon, CT Patch article dated 5/23/13 about Jonathan Reich. The producer of the video, Idaho Picker, assumes that this is an Avon, NY Patch, proceeds accordingly and towards the end shows Avon, NY maps, police department information, including names and phone numbers. He asks the viewers to phone this police department.

        Avon, NY does not have a Patch. Trying to look one up I was directed to several pumpkin patches there, all picturesque.

        Two of the comments to the video from RhNegtiv:

        • “I can’t figure out why a complaint came in to the police in Avon, NY. This is way on the Western edge of NY, hours from Flushing (where he lives), and hours from Connecticut.”

        • “Avon, NY is about a 5 hour drive from Hartford, CT where his office is. How could Carver live there? Makes no sense.”

        I can add that the medical examiner’s office is in Farmington, CT and Dr. Carver’s home is in Avon, CT, both less than ten miles from Hartford. Jonathan Reich is reported to have called Dr. Carver’s office and also his home, as well as some places in and around Newtown. Whether he called from Flushing, NY or Avon, NY is unclear to me.
        Also, did police from Avon, CT come to his parents’ home in Flushing, or did police from Avon, NY come to Jonathan’s home in that area? From docket information – Arresting Agency: LOCAL POLICE AVON
        Do they mean local police in Avon, CT or local police in Avon, NY?

        Anyone here with a clue? Flushing is 106 miles from Hartford and 340 miles from Avon, NY. From there to Hartford it’s about 350 miles.

      6. @ Anne B.. Those are very legitimate questions- Of course, we are still waiting back here from Tony to tell us if he has ever seen mr. Reich in person- and how he (Reich) was able to enter court without ever being seen (Reich – a subliminal connection to the other Reich? maybe) I’m still waiting with baited breath to hear if Tony is going to claim he has ever seen Jonathan in person (In my opinion he hasn’t)- I don’t think he did, and honestly, I don’t think Tony was ever even there at the court case (prove me wrong Tony!).

        Of course, the lack of any sort of documentation- When Halbig et. al were so eager to display their videos of going to Sandy Hook the first time and getting shot down over and over again makes you wonder why they weren’t equally as eager to document this alleged Jonathan Reich court case- There appears to be no images or video of it at all, is that strange to anyone else?

        It also appears Tony doesn’t want to address the “donation page” and how much cold hard cash it has garnered in funds from Sandy Hook researchers toward the “defense” of this ghost-like Reich/Scotty Walker.

        Of course, there seems to be little interest in exposing Wolfgang Halbig’s unsuccessful sketchy attempts at raising $100,000 shortly before his Sandy Hook attempt at raising $100,000 – his original attempt to get his coveted 100 grand amount for the suspect “Gender discrimination” justification appears to bother few people- when if we were being honest with ourselves should discredit him completely.

        Understanding this- further scrutiny on this sketchy (apparently non-existant) court case that “Halbig attendended” (didn’t attend, it didn’t happen in my opinion) shouldn’t be expected.

        This whole thing is just so bogus. I have also noticed, Halbig doesn’t seem to attempt to clear things up regarding his “nice round number” attempts at fund-raising.. so, why should we expect to question the ghost-like Jonathan Reich fund-raising attempts either.. Everybody’s getting rich off conspiracy theorists. No answers to very simple questions.

      7. Studying this case a bit more, trying to make some sense out of it.

        Two excerpts from the article here:

        “Jonathan Reich, a 22-year-old man residing in Avon, New York was arrested in May 2013……”

        “Nevertheless, in May 2013 a warrant was issued by Connecticut State Police for Reich’s arrest on charges of harassment in the second degree. Avon police officers proceeded to Reich’s home and threatened that if he did not turn himself in in Connecticut he would be taken to Rikers Island Correctional Facility in Queens New York and held without bail.
        Reich thus turned himself in to Connecticut authorities the following week and his case has been pending ever since. Reich was released on bond of $50,000 and his dates to appear in Community Court in Hartford were postponed and rescheduled no less than nine times.”

        It is stated above that Avon police officers proceeded to Reich’s home…..

        My confusion lies in the following: Are these police officers from Avon, CT or Avon, NY? Did these police officers, from Avon, CT or from Avon, NY, come to Reich’s home in Flushing, NY or did they come to his home in Avon, NY?

        Jonathan drove to Connecticut the following week and turned himself in. Presumably to the Avon, CT police department.

      8. Tony.. you are what I would cringe at even being accused of..A FOOL. We all know who is behind all of this deception, huh? For one thing, just come out and say what you think instead of being cryptic and cowardly. You want to indict the Jews for these hoaxes…right? Well let me clue you in on something genius…Sandy Hook and all other deceptions have been perpetrated by the devil and his minions, which include ALL world governments. And the devil is not an ethnic being; he is spiritual in nature.

        You may have done some good work regarding Sandy Hook, but if your starting point is “The Jews did it!” you can count me out in that I am completely disinterested in anything further you have to say (and this goes for anyone else who holds to Tony’s preconceptions).

        Hopefully the core of MHB will at least, if not agree with, respect my response to Tony.

      9. Anne, if they crossed the state line to do this what authority did they use? We heard a similar claim with Halbig. Connecticut police came to see him in Florida.

        In a murder investigation or other felony it might be plausible for them to get the necessary permissions and cooperate. On a threatening phone call charge that sounds contrived.

        So, either it didn’t happen this way, or there is a disproportionate abuse of authority in play simply because of the source of the complaint. Understanding that Holder’s Just-Us Department has been actively federalizing the police, I don’t think its “official” yet.

        If someone made angry phone calls to me from a neighboring state, and I took the trouble to file a report, do you think they would go to all this trouble? I don’t think there’s a special circumstance even when Dr. Chuckles gets his feelings hurt.

        Maybe the plan was to have a trial and have him talk about all those “conspiracy theories” on the internet and how they made him go bad.

      10. I was connected to Jon via RHNegative who posts on this page as Ceruleanlake. I then convinced Jon that he had a an opportunity to make a case for all of us as he was a victim of Sandy Hook because of the way the System had treated him In my mind, he is the only true victim.
        We exchanged emails and spoke several times on the phone. I convinced him to call Wolf.
        Now realize, at this time, his dad was so scared of public humiliation thrown on his family, that he wanted this disposed of as soon as possible. I’m assuming his fear led him to hire an attorney. He supposedly had spent thousands of dollars on attorney fees because, despite the first 7 hearings being cancelled at the last minute, the attorney still had expenses as he had traveled from NY to CT to hear the case. I have no way of knowing how much was billed, but I assure you that the attorney was involved as I have seen letters from his office to the Bail Commissioner regarding the revoked bond.
        When Jon initiated contact with Wolf, his primary concern was to somehow raise money to help out his dad with the attorney fees. I thought this was naive, but understandable. I think we all realize that Wolf, despite being able to raise some money through his own campaign, would be of little assistance in helping Jon. He was already viewed by many as a money grabbing fraud. But, Jon insisted, so they tried. To my knowledge, no one ever donated anything to Jon. I’m not sure why truthers think there’s somehow some fortune to be made by those seeking Justice. Unfortunately, there are expenses. On my recent trip to Newtown and Hartford, I was offered, but declined financial assistance for the hotel room.
        I do have pictures and have posted them on the Sandy Hook Hoax Group on Facebook. Facebook is my primary source of communication as I am able to reach a much wider audience. Please feel free to message me there or you can email me anytime at with any questions or to see the pictures.( I don’t know how to post pics here)

    3. “It was a worthwhile trip to me as I got to see with my own eyes that Justice can be manipulated to suit one’s needs as long as the right players are in the right places.” If this was what you learned, what good will Wolfgang’s proposed lawsuits do anyone …?

      1. Once again, Tony completely ignores what the commenter’s point actually was.

        Flipturn, I have yet to see any proof that this court case even happened, or that Halbig or Tony were there.. guess they forgot to bring the cameras. Of course, the “court date” was delayed 7 times, so did Halbig fly up to Connecticut 7 times, or was he sure it would happen the 7th time? This entire thing stinks. I want some proof it happened.

      2. paulstal are you asserting that this Halbig person is part of what’s possibly a mini-hoax? I have only heard of this person referred to on here, so I’m unfamiliar with him.

      3. Sorry, below you state clearly, paulstal, that you consider Halbig a part of this seemingly faked case. If anyone wants to summarize their take on what this Halbig person is about I for one would appreciate it. I tend to avoid non-established sites and investigators precisely because of cases like Reich’s and Heller’s. There’s simply too much funny stuff coming out of people who weren’t at the least held to some academic standard of proof (Dr. Tracy had to convince someone his PhD thesis made some sense). I’m not an intellectual snob but I do value my time and there are too many sources who are leaning too flaky. Also, ‘the other side’ will set plenty of little traps for us to squander our energy on. In Reich’s case it does appear his purpose is to scare us and possibly make us look unhinged for sympathizing with him.


        Monday, July 21, 2014
        Wolfgang Halbig and Yvonne Adamow do Newtown!

        Here is yet another site lambasting Halbig & Co, but believes the Sandy Hook event happened as told by the media. Interesting photo. Is that Tony?

        As an aside, while researching Jonathan Reich’s background I found his parents’ names. His father is David Reich, age 49 of Flushing, NY. Previously of Forest Hills, NY and a few other places.

        There is another person by the name of David B. Reich, age 43 of Forest Hills, NY. Among previous places he lived there are Trumbull and Newtown, both in CT. Among his previous employers are: New Haven Register, Patch, Sandy Hook Promise, Inc., American Bankers Association and former Sen. Joseph Lieberman of CT.

        NEWTOWN, CT (WFSB) –
        “Former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman will serve as an adviser to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund’s transition team. The transition team is responsible for creating the charitable structure in which the donations from the Sandy Hook School Support Fund will be transferred.”

        The information above could be just another coincidence on top of a pile of “coincidences” regarding Sandy Hook.

        Personally I believe the Jonathan Reich event was orchestrated to discourage pesky and nosy people from getting closer to the fraud. Did police from anywhere in CT travel to Oklahoma to speak to Kelley? She phoned too.

      5. Well, as usual, Miss Marple has nothing on you! Smokin’ Joe Lieberman! Wow!

        TWO, count ’em, TWO Riechs (who knows where the “Scott Walker” came from). Reich The Younger doesn’t appear to be an attorney. He does have past publicity experience, however.

        You’re a gem! This is unearthing some strange bedfellows.

    1. I’m having an extremely hard time finding ANY proof that these people were in fact in attendance at this “court case” besides some fantastic stories-

      I have done an extensive image search, and video search and have still yet to see anyone actually at the courthouse, any images of Jonathan Reich moving or speaking and I wasn’t born yesterday –

      Can anyone provide me with ONE image or a video showing Halbig et al in attendance at this “court case,” inside or outside the courthouse? Or anything?

      Seems weird to me no video would be taken of this event…

      One mug shot of some guy isn’t convincing me. Again, excuse my skepticism.

    2. Having “Mr. Reich’s court date postponed 7 times”.. seems like a great excuse to brush off any real attendees- anyone taking time off work would for sure give up attending after the 3rd, or 4th misfire regarding the date the trial would take place –

      Also, I was under the impression mr. Wolfgang Halbig lived in Florida? Or did he move?

      Seems weird to me that he would be heading up to Connecticut 6 or 7 times to attend this trial- or did he just buy last minute airline tickets, or move to Connecticut?

      Of course, I think this entire thing is bogus.. or Halbig wouldn’t have the resources to continuously book airplane flights to attend his trial.. 7 times, and of course provide no photographic or video evidence of being in attendance.

      Please prove me wrong here.

  8. Another alleged instance of legal harassment of a U.S. researcher who tries to ferret out corruption without using or advocating violence. Who is still counting?

    On the plus side, this provides another reason to doubt the Sandy Hook’s official narrative.

    It also indirectly warns other researchers into false flags and other state-conspired calamities to take personal precautions so their possible legal harassment will carry few benefits to the conspirators. Perhaps a detailed review of what Reich did and did not do would be helpful. Maybe most useful would be a report by him on his view of what he could have done better to avoid being thrown into this highly undesirable situation.

    Again on the plus side, this article is another sign that the USA is not–or not yet?–a replica of the old USSR. If and when the USA turns pathocratic, the publication on the web of such a subversive text will be literally unthinkable.


  9. Perhaps some slight confusion here. The alleged Jonathan Reich is reported to be from Flushing, NY, not Avon, NY which is a small town upstate. H. Wayne Carver lives in Avon, CT.

      1. James, I get what you are saying. I too am from somewhere and have lived in way too many places including upstate NY, Rochester to be exact. Real nice up there with all the lakes, rivers and the canal.

        What’s puzzling about this case is the murkiness around it. I have only seen the two mug shots of now 23 year old Jonathan Reich and heard a muffled voice on the phone. Are you even allowed to record phone calls without the other party knowing? Not sure what the rules are in CT and NY.

        I did some background check, the one you can do without paying for. I found his parents’ names, their address and phone numbers in Flushing, NY. They have lived at the address since 2001 and both parents have offices in the home. Mrs. Reich is a speech pathologist and Mr. Reich is an attorney. Associated with them is one Jonathan Reich, now 23 years old. He may very well attend SUNY at Genesco and live in Avon about 13 miles north of there as the crow flies.

  10. According to the author:
    Wolf, Mead and others met with Reich’s father briefly but did not see or meet with Jonathan. Why? They were told that Reich could not be seen with them since ‘they’ (court officials) were closely monitoring his comings and goings and thought it best he not be seen with “conspiracy theorists”.

    According to Tony Mead:
    When we were seated, my phone rang. It was Jon ! He wanted to thank us personally for showing up for him and asked if we could meet him somewhere to say hello before he drove back to New York. I said that we had already sat down to lunch, but was glad that he called and then I let him speak with Wolf for a few minutes.

    So even though people traveled, had expenses for hotel, airfare, etc., a direct request by the subject for a meeting is declined? Because of “lunch”?

    This is one of those stories where every detail seems “off.”

    1. Heather, you’re right! If there was actually an opportunity to meet with Jon then it’s logical that meeting with him would have been the priority…not lunch!

  11. The proofreader says,

    “In another instance, Reich politely asked several questions to the Carver’s receptionist concerning . . . .”

    Given that the guy oversees autopsies, “the Carver” is an unfortunate typo. You might want to fix that. 🙂

    Also, it’s spelled, yarmulke.

  12. I’m disappointed, but not surprised by the way Walker’s hearing finally played out.

    Wolf’s presence put an end to the court’s game-playing and endless Kafkaesque delays. My instincts tell me that they knew Wolf was ready, willing and able to support idealistic Walker, a defendant with clear standing, and send this thing, in all it’s unwieldy evidence proving that this event was nothing but a scripted production, before a jury.

    No doubt, the father’s pragmatism and experience caused him to keep Halbig and Walker apart. Surely, he didn’t want his son to be the standard bearer for conspiracy theorists. He allowed the court to jump on the opportunity to lock up this obscene Pandora’s box, which it did, by reducing the sentence to a measly two days of community service.

    Walker has still sustained both financial and reputation damages, and I hope he will consider a counter-suit against the office of the Medical Examiner, Dr. H Wayne Carver.

  13. I think I’m with Josie. My question is “why does it stink?”. As “Paulstal” suggests, it would make a dandy “cautionary tale”.

    To be fair, I am familiar with many instances of abuses by the “Just-Us” system. It isn’t sufficient to have rules if people break them routinely. It isn’t helpful when some exceed their authority either. There just isn’t much, realistically, that one can do about it. It is maddening.

    There is much “wrong” with the description of the court hearing. I have seen tyrannical judges. It isn’t “right” but there isn’t much one can do about it. If you want to disabuse yourself of the notion that you have rights, a trip like the one described will do that for you.

    There are aspects of this that just don’t sound “right”. If a condition of his release is that he refrain from contact with certain individuals, he would be stupid to violate that. If it is only for two months, even though it violates his right of assembly, why push it?

    Once they have you “in the system”, you’re theirs. Under normal circumstance this would be an “offense” that would hardly warrant the time to prosecute. I’m not saying that what they did was right, I’m just saying that there are far more egregious examples of malicious prosecution.

    We’ve already seen how public records are hidden and inquiry is handled in Connecticut. We also know that this goes all the way to the “top”. What was he hoping to illicit from the phone calls? A confession?

    This story just has too many anomalies in it for my taste.

  14. Many of us ventured into the rabbit hole because of JFK, 9/11 and Sandy Hook. Today, it feels like the tptb are lobbing false flags onto the world stage as if all of us were at a fireworks extravaganza.

    The people who desire truth are quicker now at dismantling the con game. But next thing you know, another shell explodes. And our group attention follows the action marveling at the audacity of the illusion. Pavlovian programming.

    SHE used to be low hanging fruit. Now, there are others like Houston.

    We all are trying to identify the key that wakes up the masses but we continue to be divided amongst ourselves. We continue to be skeptical of Halbig and Fetzer’s true motives, and they continue to request funds for their “jihad” while at the same time not recognizing the great contributions made by those who frequent this blog (Paulstal for one).

    If I were Eric Holder, I would say mission accomplished. No matter what the truth, it is processed by a divided minority and ergo game, set, match. We are lucky to score a field goal while tptb already have their third string delivering these ops.

    We need to define a common denominator that gives truth a chance. Without a trumpet song that unites us, it will be business as usual. And pity those on the front lines in the Ukraine and Gaza until, we too, realize that we had an opportunity to create a better world but instead were swallowed up by the “dark” tsunami unleashed by the supra elite.

    1. My research has led me to believe that events, such as Sandy Hook, that are so distracting to the US public are designed to be so.

      The real game is to keep your eye on the encroaching police state (Obama suggest “toll booths” are needed for our nation’s interstate roads to replenish our highway fund), foreign policy (wars) driven by energy interests and the IMF 2010 deadline.

      The border crisis (and, 911 for that matter) are understandable when you accept that the US government is enabling this event to occur. Why? It is advantageous to their aims. What are their aims? I don’t know.

      While the American public is befuddled with the oddness of the nightly news and the inaction of our government, “How strange that children are crossing the border, this shouldn’t be happening….”

      The proposed “surgical strikes” on Syria were about the pipeline from Iran. The Ukraine is about another natural gas pipeline. The assault on Gaza is complex if you make it complex, but simple if you follow the money:

      Our government is on a tear to shore-up energy supplies in the face of the declining dollar value, but they don’t want the little people to understand this.

    2. Old Man, speaking for myself, I don’t look for “truth” from an establishment designed and controlled to support lies. Eric Holder may indeed be successful, but that is not because anyone here, or anywhere else for that matter, challenges the nonsense that is their daily fare.

      The very fact that the MSM pushes certain stories and excludes vast swaths of information from their coverage is that they wish the eaters to form “opinions” favorable to their masters desires.

      So we have a range of garbage that runs from total fabrication, through partial fabrication, to “real” but with skewed emphasis. Truth is nowhere to be found on TEE VEE or in the newspapers.

      I think what “Paulstal” was trying to say was that the “use” to which this event is being put is illustrative of what “media” has become. Whether he actually bothered Carver or not or the other actor, is immaterial. The reason for the publicity is to caution those “non-believers” that the “just-us” system will defend the scam should anyone get too pushy.

      The other commentary ran the gamut from anger at the court proceedings to how it was handled by those who claim to be helping. Whether we discuss that or not doesn’t change a thing about it.

      I, for one, have never accused Fetzer of anything. I have my thoughts about his “style”, but I admire many things about him. None of us are perfect. He tends to go “all in”, sometimes to his embarrassment. But I think that what he does is genuine.

      Just like in life, we have a mix of people here. Some believe that certain institutions are as advertised, or mildly dysfunctional. Others believe that they are what they have always been, simply less covert than they once were. Those who hold those view do not expect to see metanoia from civil actions or publicity. In my opinion, that is the “truth”. The “truth” is not necessarily pretty.

      If we are to gain relief from those realities we must face them as they are, not as we wish they were. One does not gain freedom by asking their jailers permission. Pointing out to the perpetrators what they are doing is unproductive. They already know what they’re doing.

      The only cure for this is to make them irrelevant. Their whole existence depends on our acknowledgement and assent. They are going to continue to blather lies and insist that we pledge allegiance to them. I suggest that we point out the lies and otherwise ignore them.

      It is painfully obvious (at least to me), that we will not shame them into honorable behavior. You can’t shame a psychopath (or their minions for that matter). That is one of the plots in this current tale. The message is “we will resort to force”. Apparently he is to “admit” his error and stay away from “bad influences”. The majesty of the state is restored.

      All I was trying to say was that, standing in court and demanding “justice” from a contrived, authoritarian artificial construct is pretty unproductive. Whatever justice that remains will not come from an establishment that only serves their masters. It is best to not fall into their clutches in the first place. If you do, have some dignity. It may be all that is left to you.

      1. Lophatt, I agree that pointing out lies so we may know what to ignore is a necessary pursuit, but I don’t think this process makes anything irrelevant. I am simply pointing out that there is a great deal of human energy expended on gathering facts and speculating. Like hamsters on a wheel, we continue to invest our life energy over how to best properly “frame” the lies we are subjected to.

        As more people awaken, is their only recourse to join these discussions and ride the wheel?

        In Europe, thousands are protesting for peace and an exit out of the EU. BRICS offers an alternative to the petrol-dollar, but we clearly cannot trust their ulterior motives. Other localities are implementing common law grand juries in an effort to ensure that justice re-instates honor and integrity into human endeavors. And folks like Halbig continue to fight their battles in a court system that is already gamed.

        You have been down this rabbit hole a very long time. I only unplugged recently. I still have a great deal of anger over the programming that enslaves us. And I believe that channeling that anger to find a way out wonderland adds something to the dignity I seek to retain.

        1. ” I am simply pointing out that there is a great deal of human energy expended on gathering facts and speculating. Like hamsters on a wheel, we continue to invest our life energy over how to best properly “frame” the lies we are subjected to.”

          excellent point my friend. I often think to myself what good does it do to be up to date on the latest fraud with the amount of spare time I spend just reading comments when there is next to nothing I can do about these charades.

          I feel I need to get back on track and do something that can make some difference.

          Fluoride, wifi in schools, smartmeters and gmo labeling/prohibition are all things that if you just put one foot in front of the other you really can make a difference locally. I’m not saying will, but can. I lost my last fluoride fight locally but did turn an area that was 90% pro F or ambiguous to narrowly losing an election(if the results were real). It really exhausted me losing but I think it’s time to choose a problem and work towards a solution.

          If you still have the fire that grew after being exposed to all of this stuff, local action is a great way to deal with the angst and make the federal criminals plan much harder to implement successfully.

        2. Local activism is the way to go. Anyone interested might look into area Tea Party meetings, whether or not you consider yourself a Tea Partier (or even a Republican): I’ve found that the groups in my area are quite diverse in their views: while they’re all libertarian-minded (note the lowercase “l”), they are definitely NOT all social conservatives. I got to see Rosa Koire speak at an anti-Agenda 21 conference hosted by a Tea Party group.

      2. Oldman you are sounding bit like the thought police, there is nothing you can do about this, so just move on.

        Have always been aware of massive corruption but when I awoke to the evil doers, disbelieve rather than anger consumed me. Having forums such as these provides hope that more are awakening. The paid trolls come in all sorts of disguises and demonstrate the evil doers are still very concerned about our free speech.

        As a judge would advise a jury, if you suspect a witness has not been truthful in any part of their testimony, you can discount all their testimony. So it is with SHH, it is a lie and therefore all further stories, especially those in the media are all lies.

        Truly believe Veterans Today has tried to expose the truth, but they get caught up in manufactured news. Based on the troll attacks here and all their juicy information on Halbig, he is made up. The stellar high school teacher, Adam Hellar, being ‘fired’ for his private communications on the computer, made up.

        This quirky young man and bizarre phone calls, with a lawyer father and lawyer friend that introduced him to Halbig, $50,000 bail – made up.

        What’s the intended further exploitation on SHH? Shut up or you will be charged, deemed insane, lose your job, etc.

        Plenty of current hoaxes have been exposed in the comments section here and believe they lost their traction as news events.

        By all means everyone needs to be active in their local communities, make sure you are not dumped with thousands of illegals, your veterans are taking care of, there is no voter fraud, chemtrail demonstration anyone? It goes on and on.

      3. I agree with Kathy. She did a better job of explaining my point. It isn’t about “wasted” time. The fact is that we CAN’T do anything about it. That’s not because I wish it that way. It isn’t because it doesn’t make me angry, it does.

        What we CAN do about it is what we’re doing. If someone reads about all the holes in the official story, they may start examining everything they are told to believe. In my mind that’s a GOOD thing.

        I love the whole concept of America. I wish more than anything that it lived up to its billing. It is a great and noble idea. Unfortunately, the reality of it is quite different. I am no longer surprised by that. I don’t like it any better than when I first discovered it.

        That was a long time ago and I made quite an effort to understand what was wrong. I personally know that there is no one coming to fix this. We should hold those principles and act accordingly in our own lives. Beyond that, we have no control.

        In the case of this Reich issue, some things simply don’t add up. It isn’t earth-shattering, its more annoying. It may simply be another case of abuse of discretion on the part of the authorities, or it may be a staged event to send a message. It is worth discussing for that reason.

        My job requires my presence in court quite often. I’ve been doing that a very long time. I understand it and I am often amazed by it. It is not what most think it is. It may be the only option we have in some matters. It is seldom about “right” and “wrong” nor is it “fair”. It is only as good as the people involved.

        I listened to the tape of Reich (allegedly), calling Carver’s office. I heard later of the other calls. He was very rude and borderline threatening. That, of course, is if it actually happened.

        If Carver lodged a complaint, the usual outcome might be a police visit to warn him or even a restraining order. Crossing state lines to deliver a threat of incarceration in Riker’s Island seems a bit extreme.

        His father is allegedly a lawyer. Would he not call his father? If he did, what would he advise? Would he not contact whoever sent them and tell them that he was representing his son? Would he not question the jurisdictional issues?

        I could go on, but I won’t. Asking questions is something we can do. There shouldn’t be any “our side” to that discernment process. Just like with Halbig, some questioned his motives. Some came absolutely unglued over it. I think its that old “team sports” conditioning kicking in.

        The only thing of substance that I see here is the question of whether the state should use its authority to silence dissent. If this event happened as described, it appears that is the outcome. If it didn’t happen the intent was the same.

  15. The conversation which got Reich in so much trouble was linked in a previous MHB post:

    In it we can hear Reich getting increasingly agitated as he accuses Carver of committing fraud. In a disguised voice Reich exclaims: “It’s disgusting, He better answer some of these questions, OK! His fraud is coming to an end, OK! Get him in the office!”

    While Reich’s tone of voice sounds authentic, and the secretary in particular, does not sound like she is acting, I still have some doubts about this exchange. What makes Reich think that he will really get any answers to his questions by making a phone call? He seems a little delusional. His escalation of rhetoric at the end of the call starts to sound like a threat.

    This could be a real case of judicial overreach, but It also sounds uncomfortably murky. It is not a clear cut situation. A 50 thousand dollar bond is surely excessive. In any case, it serves as a warning to other like minded skeptics.

    1. Below is the current status on Jonathan Reich. In case it does not copy properly, it states the following – Court: Hartford Community Court – Next Activity/Status: Awaiting Plea – Next Activity/Status Date: 9/30/2014 10:00 AM – Docket No.: H14C-CR13-0116876-S

      Defendant Information

      Last, First: REICH JONATHAN Represented By: 409177 PULLMAN & C LLC
      Birth Year: 1990 Times on the Docket: 9
      Docket Information
      Docket No: H14C-CR13-0116876-S Arresting Agency: LOCAL POLICE AVON
      Program: Arrest Date: 5/20/2013
      Court: Hartford Comm Court Bond Amount: $50,000 (This case only)
      Bond Type: Professional Surety
      Miscellaneous: (Released From Custody)
      Activity: Awaiting Plea Hearing Date: 7/22/2014 10:00 AM
      Bail Commisioner’s Letter Sent
      Current Charges
      Statute Description Class Type Occ Offense Date Plea Verdict Finding
      53a-183 HARASSMENT 2ND DEG C Misdemeanor 1 1/31/2013

      Defendant (Last, First)
      Birth Year
      Next Activity/Status
      Next Activity/Status Date
      Docket No.

      REICH JONATHAN 1990 Hartford Comm Court Awaiting Plea 09/30/2014 10:00 AM H14C-CR13-0116876-S

      1. And yet, the article above by “Duke” who allegedly was “there” says that a plea deal was entered into and agreed upon. Tony in the comments section says no plea was entered, also (I think he said this – I read comments last night) says the family wants it all put “behind them.”

        Anne has offered up the trial docs which say “awaiting plea” with next court date in September. So I’m a bit confused. What plea deal is Duke referring to or did I read this incorrectly?

        From the article: “After that, in a back room of the courthouse, Reich’s father (an attorney practicing in New York) and a Connecticut State attorney plea bargained the case down to a two month community service commitment. Further, between July 22 and the termination of the service Reich is to undergo psychiatric evals and counseling. Reich further agrees to not engage in any online fundraising or do any media spots or public interviews related to his experiences.”

        Where did that come from? Does he have a plea deal or not? Or was it rescinded – or not entered?

        I’m a bit confused by the entire matter.

        1. At the time this article was written, we were under the impression that a plea had been entered. We came to find out after that it was just an agreement.

    2. I just listened to the phone call in question. he disguised his voice? give me a break. I don’t believe that any receptionist would stay on the line and let him rant like that. sounds pretty fake to me. Paulstal had a great question, where are the photos of this latest wolfgang episode? with his constant campaigning for funds surely he would prove to contributors that he is working hard for their money.
      his father being an attorney would know that Connecticut would have to prove jurisdiction, pretty hard when he supposedly made a call from NY.Since his voice was disguised and no threats were made and the new sandy hook harassment “law” is unconstitutional I can see no reason his father would allow him to take a plea. If his father is petitioning for money to represent his own son, that stinks to heaven right there. the whole story sounds like a load of crap.

  16. The Sandy Hook story is a parallel universe unto itself. There are queer elements to this story.

    *the article indicates that CSP issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Reich….last time I checked, federal and states attorneys, as well as counties, issue arrest warrants, not state police
    *on what evidence would the arrest warrants have been issued? (D.A.s don’t just issue arrest warrants like parking tickets….)
    *the plea bargain honored by the appropriate judge would have required Mr. Reich’s father to be a member of the Ct. St. bar…is he?
    *did J. Reich agree to terms of the plea?
    *how were these “court officials” monitoring Reich’s comings and goings?
    *was Reich not to meet with “conspiracy theorists” as a result of the plea agreement? And if so, how are “conspiracy theorists” identified? Is there a scarlet placement somewhere on my forehead that I am not aware of?

    There is a constant struggle to disseminate truth from infiltration in the case of Sandy Hook. Paul the apostle, as well as other new testament writers, constantly warned the body of Christ against false teachers, stating that they will creep in and tear apart the congregation. Its one of the oldest tricks employed by the devil; make it appear that you are on the side of truth…

    Holding to the position that Sandy Hook was a lie will put you at odds with family and friends. Just try broaching the subject at the next get together barbecue.

    Test the evidence MHB family, to see if it holds up to scrutiny.

    Why am I a conspiracy theorist? Because I know the devil is real, and that he is a liar.

    Truth above all.

    1. “Why am I a conspiracy theorist? Because I know the devil is real, and that he is a liar.”

      That, and because of Psalm 2:

      1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, [saying], 3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

      It’s good to know that God laughs at all these plots and schemes; it helps one to maintain some ironic distance. Full-on anger and/or despair renders one somewhat unhinged. Knowing that the ultimate Good has it all well under control gives us perspective, however powerless we are in the midst of it all.

  17. Why would young Reich (whose last name springs to mind Wilhelm Reich, the author of “The Mass Psychology of Fascism”) not be “allowed” to meet up with his supporters (a message conveyed by his father to said supporters), and then later call them and ask to meet up (which was apparently fluffed off by the very people who wanted to meet up with him)?

    If this indeed happened, would he not still be afraid of being seen with “conspiracy theorists” if he was being closely watched in CT? Did he or his father think that just because they made a plea bargain a little earlier in the day, that no one was keeping an eye on them for the rest of the day/evening? Or did they know the “coast was clear?” Or was it a set up for the “conspiracy theorists?”

    If all went as it was stated in the article and via Tony in comments section, do you think that this kid, after all he had been through and after all he put his folks through, would WANT to be in touch with anyone who questioned Sandy Hook? If this was a true occurrence that was supposed to put “the fear of god” (to coin a phrase) in him, you’d think he would have second thoughts about placing a phone call (tapped?) or meeting up with ANYONE, especially within hours of his plea deal.

    Not that anyone need be silenced, of course, and certainly not afraid, but there’s just something off by these accounts. It should be rather cut and dry, and yet, here we are wondering….

    1. Jon was reluctant to meet with us directly in front of the courthouse where we had just made a ruckus and officers were within eyesight of us. He called us afterwards once he had distanced himself from prying eyes.
      There was no Plea entered and his case was simply continued to the next Court Appearance scheduled for 9/30, which brings into question as to the legality of them imposing an gag order and ordering him to remove his fundraising site and continue his ‘counseling’ . How can a Penalty be imposed when he has not been found guilty of a crime ? Is that how the American Justice System works now ?
      Jon is certainly interested in seeking retribution for the anguish that has been caused to he and his family. They have effectively rendered him silent as he has still not had his day in court. The mere fact that they have dragged it out so long (2nd degree misdemeanor) is incriminating in itself to anyone who has their eyes open.

      1. @ Zemblanity – Best of luck getting a straight answer out of “Tony”- Who hasn’t responded with a straight answer to any of my comments posted on the last page and avoids all the major questions- Such as, but not limited to HAS HE EVER ACTUALLY SEEN “JONATHAN REICH” IN PERSON. (he hasn’t of course, this whole thing is staged)

        This entire court case is a mini-psyop.

        IMO Tony hasn’t ever seen or talked to “Jonathan Reich” (A person whose true identity I am extremely doubtful of) – and Tony wasn’t at the “court case” and the “court case” didn’t even occur.

        Not one picture or video of the happening kind of proves my point.

        That’s just my take on this entire thing, as I doubted “Scotty Walker” from the first or second inbox message I received from him long before this whole shenanigan started.

        Why seemingly intelligent people who are so skeptical of the Sandy Hook non-event because of lack of proof and evidence are so willing to suddenly believe on pure faith this bogus non-event, non-court case synthetic scare attempt that is devoid of any sort of evidence it actually took place is completely beyond me.

        Nobody took a photo or video of this monumentous moment in Sandy Hook conspiracy history? The case was “postponed 6 times before this”.. so did Wolfgang (our savior) fly up from Florida 6 times before this, or was he sure this would be the time?

        Wolfgang wasn’t there.. he was likely setting up some new $100,000 donation page for feline AIDS.

        Give me a frickin’ break.

      2. I’m a bit confused, Tony. From the article: “After that, in a back room of the courthouse, Reich’s father (an attorney practicing in New York) and a Connecticut State attorney plea bargained the case down to a two month community service commitment. Further, between July 22 and the termination of the service Reich is to undergo psychiatric evals and counseling. Reich further agrees to not engage in any online fundraising or do any media spots or public interviews related to his experiences.”

        Did not that happen the day young Reich’s supporters were in (and out) of the courtroom? Does that not appear to be “his day in court?” Wouldn’t the September court date you mention be for the purpose of determining if Jon had completed all the requirements of the plea deal – and then he would be free from court jurisdiction?

        It seems the article says one thing and you say another. Can you clear that up for us?

        1. It sure seems confusing to me as well- a sort of punishment before being found guilty. But I assure you, that is how it played out. How would we know that a plea hadn’t been entered upon hearing of the ‘stipulations’ imposed ?

      3. The yarmulke was such an obvious tip off I’m surprised ‘Tony’ alluded to it…except that it works the angle of making it appear that some of YKW are actually ‘truthers,’ which any sober and informed person should know is ridiculous.

      1. Yes, this piece was almost too eloquent for grieving father Lenny Pozner. Writers such as Andrew Solomon come to mind, or the PR firm Edelman (Errol Cockfield) have writers who could produce such an “opinion”.

    1. Good find, Anne B. The article pretty much sums up what they had in mind: make investigators look like invasive ‘stalkers.’

      ‘Pozner’ very vaguely and obliquely maligns memoryhole since any form of a less nebulous reference to it would only legitimize the site and cause inquiring minds to check it out. It’s interesting to note that the other aspersion cast ‘our’ way consists of exposing beliefs in ‘satanic’ cults. I have no position on that theme, but will add here that I can prove that the same PTB have absolutely taken note of my and others’ exposing of the ethnic’racial’ targeting of whites both in real crimes that the government endorses and in the false flag ‘framing’ of whites it stages.

      They ignore the powerful so as not to draw attention to the forensic truth that cannot be denied when the facts of these events are scrutinized. Similarly, the fact that ‘race’ is intrinsic to the installment of tyranny, especially over what had been a majority of whites, is a meme they meticulously ignore because white americans (and europeans) have come to a point where attempting to evoke some stockholm syndrome-induced ‘white guilt’ only blows up in their faces.

      The jig is up, as they say. What comes next is anybody’s guess.

    2. Wouldn’t it of been grand if thousands of pages of evidence was in fact released instead thousands of pages and videos of nothingness? It would of been quite tidy if Adams’s clothes that were photographed could of remotely fit him, the shirt was much too small and the pants much too big.

      If only the hundreds of 911 calls received per hour as awarded in a grand national recognition ceremony were released per the Judge’s order, instead of the less than a handful of unprofessional relays…..

  18. Please correct me if I am mistaken….When it first appeared on MHB didn’t the post “The Strange Case of Jonathan Reich” state that Jonathan Reich called the group when they were in a restaurant and wanted to meet with Wolf, Tony et al but he was brushed off (by Tony?) who said that they had already sat down to lunch? I could swear this was mentioned in the comments as it surely did jump out as an oddity given that all this expense and time was expended to go to this court date and yet lunch was prioritized over this meeting with Jonathan. Now it appears the original post was amended to read :
    “I still find it unsettling that we didn’t get to see Reich, and it was only during our lunch after court that Reich placed a phone call to Mead and Wolf to say “Hello” and thank them for their support. In any event, Wolf et al met after the court debacle and recapped the trip.”
    I would like clarification of “In any event,Wolf et al met after the court debacle”…was this to be interpreted that some people in this group did in fact meet with Jonathan? Who exactly is “et al”?
    Is anyone else wondering who the author of this post, Duke Reichart (ironic name) really is as his bio as stated beneath his MHB post on this topic is intentionally ambiguous:
    “Duke Reichert attended a highly esteemed university in New England and has had a fruitful career in both business and government. A natural skeptic, he applies logic to illogical and puzzling circumstances in an effort to sift out fact from fiction. Due to the nature of this topic Reichert writes under this nom de plume.”

    1. Mimi, I’m curious as well. It has that “Reader’s Digest meets James Michener” feel. Lunch must be taken very seriously in Connecticut.

    2. Mimi, it’s still in Tony’s first comment to the article (found on the first page of comments) quoted here,

      “This was good news for us and we left to meet for lunch in a hopeful, yet somewhat disappointed mood. When we were seated, my phone rang. It was Jon ! He wanted to thank us personally for showing up for him and asked if we could meet him somewhere to say hello before he drove back to New York. I said that we had already sat down to lunch, but was glad that he called and then I let him speak with Wolf for a few minutes.”

      It is pretty bizarre that this group would travel from Florida to NY for the court hearing and then turn down the chance to meet with the defendant in person because they had, “just sat down for lunch”. They must have been really hungry!

      I also find the author’s name to be interesting, a story about a character named Reich written by an anonymous man named Reichert.

      1. I’ve been ‘writing’ as Duke Reichert for some time now. It’s a family name. I assure you the similarity to Reich is a coincidence., and I have written 2 other articles here- one about Newtown and The Lottery, the other about Dr. Isgut. I used to post research on a Facebook account, but it, has been shut down by Facebook (for the 3rd time). I’m just a researcher in CT, and I’m in business, and it’s really not a good idea for me to be using my real name if possible to use a pseudonym. I’ve been negatively affected by my connection to this as it is, so I will continue to use a penname for anything I write. You can email me at if you have any questions.

      2. Zemblanity1, thank you for the clarification as to where I’d read Tony’s comments about meeting Jonathan. I did go on as was suggested by “Mr. Reichert”in his comment and found several blog-type posts on his site all dated July 2014. In my personal research I always want to know the source of information and it is from that point that I determine the potential veracity of the information being proffered. While I understand “Mr. Reichert’s” decision to remain anonymous without a source, my brain defaults to skepticism mode.
        I certainly don’t intend to impugn the integrity of “Mr. Reichert” but since this is a forum for getting truth out I am wondering if “Mr. Reichert’s” true identity is known and verified by James.

  19. There seem to be so many skeptics here 🙂 Of course I do respect the many commentators here and will always do my best to clear things up as best as I can.
    There seems to be a lot of concern as to why we didn’t go to meet Jon when he called us at the restaurant. There were 6 of us and we had just sat down and gotten our drinks. Jon asked me if I knew where a rest stop was on route 80. He had already put some miles between us by then I guess. There was really no reason for us to all leave the restaurant to go chase down Jon because we had already been informed of the outcome. We were there to hopefully observe the Court Proceeding. Even if we had NOT been ejected from the courtroom, we wouldn’t have seen anything because it was apparently worked out in the Judge’s chambers.
    If I would have known that people wanted photographic evidence, I maybe would have jumped in the car to take a selfie with Jon.
    There are pics of Sandy Hook and the Courthouse posted on Facebook. I don’t know how to share them here. If anyone would like them, email me
    Is it really just that easy Mike ? YES- it’s really just that easy !!

    1. It would seem, perhaps, that Reich didn’t want to meet with his supporters, or he would have arranged a meeting when he called, and not high-tailed it out of town. Even a call to supporters was dicey, given the admonition by his father to Reich’s supporters after court. However, that’s some “gee thanks, friends, for coming all that way, spending time and money, making your faces known, and supporting me, but I gotta go, c-yah.” Perhaps it’s the supporters who were p’nked. Or us. Or both. I can’t really tell at this point.

      Plus, it’s still a bit muddled as to plea bargain (as said in the article) or no plea bargain (as mentioned by Tony). If no plea deal, then going back to court in September means the case is still active, there was yet another delay recorded by the courts, and they all meet again in September where perhaps the same dance will begin again – at taxpayers and the Reichs’ expense. If there was a plea, as first reported, then the Sept date is simply to see if Jon adhered to the plea agreement and then case will be closed, which is what it looks like to me.

      He’s not up for murder, so all of this delaying and confusion seems a bit unnecessary – and expensive.

      I guess in the long run the taxpayers of CT will have to decide if this was a waste of their money or not – if indeed, all of this happened as recorded and reported.

  20. Given the ease in which the sleuths and debunkers(of which I claim no membership) of MHB have found inconsistencies in this story, I can’t help but feel it was handed to them on a silver platter, to do just that.

    1. I have no knowledge or experience to make any judgments about this ‘evidence.’ You feel strongly that they’re basically just props/actors?

      There is a lot of talk, and some former agents going AWOL in tell all interviews. about how Obama has restricted hours and ammunition supplies for the Border Patrol. Perhaps your link is the damage control? I really don’t know but would have hoped it might be real.

      There have also been sightings of UN vans being transported through Alabama headed south towards the border by a guy who videotaped and youtubed them. There were flatbeds with these brand new trucks on them:

    2. That’s a pretty scary-looking band of desperadoes I reckon! I can’t imagine why someone would cut the end off the barrel. Maybe he’s a midget.

      I have this image of “Spider Man” meets Sinaloa Cartel on the border road. I think they operate on the principle that you don’t need a mask if they don’t leave witnesses.

      What’s with the “sniper”. Is he going to pick them off, one by one? I think you’re right. This was probably the second string from the casting call for the Bundy Ranch/cop killer drill.

  21. Perhaps Reich’s mission is to scare people who would otherwise be asking questions about Sandy Hook. If you see a guy getting arrested for making a phone call to Carver, you will think twice about approaching anybody with pertinent information about the hoax. I may be wrong, but this whole Reich tale smells fishy.

  22. From “Sue” via email, who asserts she is having difficulty posting this to Comments:

    “Here’s more strange:

    The second link features a video clip of John Walsh’ CNN show about catching child predators, in which the parents of the alleged seven year old victim of the alleged shooter recount how this Charles Mozdir person molested their son. Neither is named or identified facially.

    Right away some things jump out at me:

    – how did this man get so close to their kid? Supposedly the boy’s mother had been sleeping very near the boy when Mozdir molested him, yet the boy has a father who was still with the mother. She was asleep, but Charles was able to molest the boy and verbally cajole him. How did this odd and logistically unlikely scenario unfold?

    – after the boy reported the incident to his parents and Mozdir was arrested, the cops found pedophilia and bestiality porn on his phone and computer, yet Mozdir was still able to make bail within four days, after which he skipped town. Wouldn’t a very high bail be set for such a combination of crimes and evidence? Who paid it?

    – Mozdir’s phone was found, while he was in jail, to have both child and bestiality porn on it. What kind of pedophile carries such damning evidence on a portable device that could be easily lost? A tech expert tells me many pedophiles actually encrypt their collections even on stationary computers.

    – wouldn’t our super-high surveillance state have detected Mozdir before his face and name appeared on CNN?

    – CNN caught him and we’ll never know who in his neighborhood turned him in. How convenient and coincidental.

    The ‘Good Guys’ were the two federal marshals and the one NYPD cop who were shot by the white male pedophile; Big Brother thankfully ‘won’ and Mozdir is conveniently dead, even as he got off enough shots to lightly wound but not seriously injure Authority – also very coincidental and convenient. TCP completely run NYC from the police department to the hospitals, but inquiring sleuths could easily do an OPRA request to find out if one went on leave, etc, had they been seriously injured. Mozdir was found in the West Village, which might be the one place (the Village generally) where some of the NYC wealthy influentials would otherwise resist the forced interning of the ‘mentally ill,’ as it’s the historic home of the anti-establishment ‘art scene’ and film industry.

    There was another staged white-male-murder spree in Maine over the weekend. A man allegedly shot his wife and three children with a 12 gauge shotgun, yet the neighbors in the apartment building thought it was ‘firecrackers’ going off at 11:30pm. The reports check all the boxes…no one saw it coming, he was such a great friendly neighbor and father, etc….but at the same time, there *were* signs…someone claims he’d expressed a desire to kill himself to his wife a few days before and had held a gun to his head…and that there had been ‘issues’ like some drug abuse by the mother and his financial problems. They’d recently moved from across the country. Blah blah… Anyone who peruses the coverage will see the telltale signs blaring out at them. Even the pictures seem to try to obscure the building, I’m guessing so we can’t make a bigger point of how unlikely the shots were to have sounded like firecrackers (I live in an anti-gun state but a friend in a pro-2nd Amendment one and he tells me one shot would be deafening to any surrounding apartments). The big theme here is once again, no one had ANY idea he was so despondent and messed up (and there do seem to be a couple townie crisis actors) as there were no signs but then upon reflection from some mysterious unsourced angles there were! ‘The Fog’ just moved in without warning and killed this whole family…so we need supernatural superheroes aka psychiatrists to save the day!

    Which brings us to Philly last Thursday or Friday; we had the white male mental patient go psycho vindictive on The Good Guys. He went into an outpatient wing and tried to kill his psychiatrist, who by sheer heroic pluck took his own, ‘legitimate’ firearm out and shot back, but only after the whacko-white man killed his caseworker. Pennsylvania is more pro-gun than NJ and NY so it’s a nice way to work the crazed probably homeless mental patient can’t be believed about any accusations he makes towards the psych system angle. I’d predicted such a scenario coming at us back in February when the Wolfe sisters’ murders in Pennsylvania were so exaggeratedly covered up it caused me to suspect they were entirely faked. One was a psychiatrist and both were known to volunteer at a local homeless shelter, so I’ve been waiting for this little micro-meme to be layered into the dramas. Darby is an inner city section of Philly so the perp’s whiteness is all the more salient and symbolically coded.

    One last point is the bestiality porn on Mozdir’s phone and computer. This is a way for the public to be massaged into associating pedophilia with ‘mental illness.’ When a society cannot assign morality – and responsibility – to pedophiles it is truly lost. I happen to know of a case in NJ where the same becoming-famous-for-jailing-and-committing homeless people (Ocean, the home of the Tent City Movement) refused to commit a suspected pedophile when they were literally hauling huge numbers of mostly homeless and drug addicted vagrants into a state psychiatric institution. I’ll add more on this burgeoning national movement soon, but for now the gist is that the psych system in the county actually fought the mother of this pedophile while sending mostly harmless annoyances into a state institution. I can’t divulge too many details but will say this mother had to actually write and beg politicians to lock up her son; the cops had been given the computer containing evidence but they needed time and perhaps FBI help.

    The psychiatrist did not want to lock up the one person who almost everyone in society would agree desperately needed to be; instead he was actually pushing this high risk into a homeless shelter out of the county! My read is that the psych system knows it’s full of total shit and got scared of having to take a stand on an issue the citizenry would turn it over on. Kind of like when Joe McCarthy took on the US Army. There’s a point where insane tyranny gets turned back, and to refuse to hold pedophiles responsible for their *choice* is to sober the populace into realizing psychiatry is one giant farcical racket.

    So the psychiatrist tried to back out of a stand he knew the psych system would lose all on in a contest with the middle class.

    Now TPTB are conflating bestiality with pedophilia, which seems very attenuated to me. Recently there have been black males apprehended for torturing cats to death in NYC and NJ, so that is another angle that’s being layered in.”

    1. I have long suspected the milk carton phenomena of the last 30 years was psyop to scare parents into keeping children inside the home where they can watch television and be properly indoctrinated, rather than out on the street where they can learn about how the world really works.

      Given our addiction to wireless communications, I have always expected kiddie porn to be an easy way for the state to dispatch with troublemakers. A push of the button and your phone and laptop are full of filth. No one will care when they take the “perv” away, because no one has any sympathy for a pedophile. No questions will be asked. Who would want to be accused of defending such a person?

      I also suspect the state would have no problem planting the actual predators where they could do the most harm, mostly by instilling fear in the neighborhood. When their deviance is labeled an illness, the plant could strike at any time. After all, the state will tell you its an illness and they have no control over it. When the problem is close to home, it makes it all the more believable when a new pedophile pops up out of nowhere and is led away never to be seen again. The state loves pedophilia, so many uses.

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