Holder1By James F. Tracy

Eric Holder wants to convey his all-consuming concern over “lone wolf homegrown violent extremists” who have “domestic concerns”. On July 13 Holder remarked on ABC’s This Week that such bogeys keep him “up late at night” as he and his cohorts attempt “to monitor them, anticipate what it is that they are going to do.”[1]

The Attorney General’s hand wringing is compounded by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s most recent “research” report. The document seeks to inform “law enforcement about the increasingly hostile anti-government movement” the SPLC claims “has grown from 150 groups in 2008 to nearly 1,100 last year.”[2]

“In early June,” the study intones,

two rabid government haters who spent time at the [Bundy] ranch, Jerad and Amanda Miller, strolled into a Las Vegas pizza parlor, walked past a pair of police officers eating lunch, turned and executed the two men [sic]. Leaving a Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me Flag,” a note saying the revolution had begun and a swastika on the officers’ bodies, the couple went on to murder another man before dying in a shootout with police.[3]

The overall publicity offensive comes one month after Holder announced the re-establishment of the DOJ’s Committee on Domestic Terrorism, initially begun following the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building and scuttled in 2001.[4]

While Holder and the SPLC unsurprisingly promote the Vegas shooting as a genuine event, there are several uncertain features of the alleged massacre that have been left wholly unaddressed by major media–the foremost being that the Millers were police informants and probable provocateurs. Further, they had been kicked off of the Bundy ranch because of their unusual remarks and behavior.[5]

Potok1Despite the Vegas incident’s dubious features, it is a foremost element in cultivating an atmosphere of tension surrounding “extremist” attitudes and hostility toward police exhibited in social media. For example, the topic of “[e]escalating danger by anti-government extremists dominated a four-hour discussion on homeland security” held at the National Sheriffs’ Association conference in June. According to one sheriff in attendance, such extremism is “the single greatest concern that faces our deputies today.”[5]

But recent history strongly suggests how Holder’s crocodile fears and the SPLC’s associated terror mongering are grossly disingenuous. The DOJ’s foremost policing agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has since 9/11 been the nation’s greatest purveyor of “domestic terrorism.” What goes unstated in corporate news media coverage of the issue is the fact that the FBI’s wanton extremism is self-generated largely to marshal public opinion behind the so-called “war on terror” and thereby justify the broader police state’s continued existence and expansion.

As journalist Trevor Aaronson revealed after an extensive examination of the FBI’s post-9/11 “anti-terrorism” techniques, for over a decade the agency

has built the largest network of spies ever to exist in the United States—with ten times as many informants on the streets today as there were during the infamous Cointelpro operations under J. Edgar Hoover—with the majority of these spies focused on ferreting out terrorism in Muslim communities.[6]

With this in mind, one needn’t stretch their imagination very far to consider the designs the FBI is likely undertaking to foster its “war on [domestic] terrorism.” Such immense schemes are more than sufficient cause to further rethink the already ambiguous roles played by the “Vegas shooters” in last month’s apparent massacre.

Eric Holder and the SPLC are well aware of their own duplicity. The fact that they parade around waving the flag of civil rights should by no means place them beyond the deep scrutiny they so richly deserve. Moreover, their fear-based sermonizing is pitched to the most obtuse and impressionable sectors of the public—those the media routinely inoculate against historical reality, critical thought, and informed citizenship.


[1] “One-on-One with Eric Holder: Homegrown Terror Threat,” ABC’s This Week, July 13, 2014.

[2] Jason Sickles, “Online Rants, Antigovernment Fuel Fears of US Cop Killings,” Yahoo News, July 14, 2014.

[3] “War in the West: The Bundy Ranch Standoff and the American Radical Right,” Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Alabama, July 2014, 6. The methodology employed by the SPLC employs topurport a growth of “hate groups” is at best dubious. See James F. Tracy, “Extremist Publicity and Historical Reality,” Memory Hole Blog, March 14, 2013.

[4] “Statement by Attorney General Holder on Reestablishment of Committee on Domestic Terrorism,” US Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs, Washington DC, June 3, 2014.

[5] “Jerad and Amanda Miller: Were Vegas Shooters Informants ‘Gone Off the Reservation‘?” 21st Century Wire, June 23, 2014.

[6] Trevor Aaronson, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism, New York: Ig Publishing, 2013, 16.

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  1. Highly suspicious just on the fact that the source for much of this info about domestic extremists is the SPLC, This organization has been thoroughly discredited as the ambulance chasers of the “hate monitoring establishment”.

  2. Just saw Kathy Halbig on local central Florida news saying lake County schools have received a $500,000 grant from the Gates Foundation. Curious that Walfgang Halbig resides in Lake County, Florida.
    Sorry to be off topic but thought the MHB family might be interested.

  3. Yes, a media blitz indeed. See yesterday’s NYT article, “Holder Voices ‘Extreme Concern’ About Terrorist Bomb Makers”:


    According to Holder, “I think it’s just a matter of time before they start looking outward and start looking at the West and at the United States in particular. I think we are at a dangerous time.”

    Planning another one, Eric?

    1. And who ARE those bomb makers, in case, after case, after case? Tracy makes this implicit, but it needs to be spelled out, especially for those who were never exposed to critical thinking 101. The quote from Trevor Aaronson is actually quite misleading – he says the FBI “has built the largest network of spies ever to exist in the United States…with the majority of these spies focused on ferreting out terrorism in Muslim communities.

      In fact, as I’m sure he and everyone here knows, these “informants” are mostly criminals that have been induced to work as agent provocateurs in exchange for having criminal charges dropped for other crimes (or, Muslim men who have been blackmailed into participating by threatening them with prosecution for fabricated crimes). These so called informants are blackmailed into participating in schemes to identify vulnerable young Muslim men, bait them with inflammatory comments against non Muslims, and once their targets have been identified, engage in protracted schemes which often involve more than one informant/provocateur to persuade/cajole/harangue/harass and even BRIBE their unwitting patsy into participating in a “domestic terrorism” scheme that, according to one very conservative Judge, never would have existed without the government’s active participation in creating it.

      The government provides their hapless fool with a fake bomb, or tells him that a number dialed on a cell phone will trigger one, when in fact there is no bomb, and the public was never in danger. This sort of FBI charade has happened hundreds of time over the past 15 years or so, the pattern is very clear. So let’s not perpetuate the line of official bullshit about the FBI “informants” being employed to “ferret out” domestic terrorists, Trevor. Their job is to create fake domestic terrorists where none would have existed otherwise, and the purpose is nothing more than to maintain the fear of the ubiquitous Muslim fanatic terrorist bogeyman that western governments find very useful as a cover for their geopolitical strategic objectives and control of their domestic populations.

  4. That seems to be the case, what would be BRILLIANT if there was a way to somehow circumvent these planned “fake” disasters. If you can get the word out BEFORE it happens, then it is less likely to happen, as the element of “shock and awe” are part of the package. A way to defuse it.

    1. This is a big country, and the credibility and gullibility bars are set so low that the FBI could strike anywhere, at any time, and and for almost any reason. The terrorist could be an animal-rights activist, an Alex Jones-type of patriot, a gun owner, a Truther, a misogynist, a race-hater, Moslem, Baptist, Papist or Chechen – you name it, they can provide it. All they have to do is drive around shooting or bombing and then provide a crazy guy or a suicided dead-ender, and voila, you have an extremist, and a causus belli for Homeland Security. They don’t even need real dead people anymore – wounded or fake victims will do the trick.

  5. We are under attack by our own government. You are now considered a racist if you think the herding of illegal immigrants or the trafficking of illegal children is wrong.

    Our attorney general notified all school districts in May, they will accept all illegal immigrants and not ask questions about their status. If you thought our schools were already lacking, just wait to see how well they deal with many thousands of non English speaking students flooding in next September.

    It was not that long ago, that his office dropped a lawsuit against Stanford Board of Education as they were not providing adequate education to immigrants.


  6. One thing I don’t here much complaints about is how the American Corporations(Global) that play a huge part in this.

    We know all that the MSM, CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN and yes even Fox when threatened by the FCC carry the message(water) of the Government. Bush started this in 2006 and Obama has taken it to Stasi levels as with everything else he has done.(same Bosses)

    Fedex seems to be involved a lot with the fake bus crash with the photo shopped fire(pls that was so fake). Cassidy Stay story, Fedex again and many more companies.

    Bank of America closing accounts of Gun Dealers and manufactures because they don’t like guns..really?(Holders plan)

    We are seeing our Govt. and American Corporations collude in crimes against Americans and business that they(Democrats) don’t like.

    Fascism? or just down right arrogance because they run the DOJ and no one can be convicted?

    PS: My hard rive crashed so I recycled it…no evidence here move on..

    oh well

    1. Ric – yes, absolutely. And don’t forget Walmart – they’ve been front and center lately as well. The Las Vegas cop shooting that spilled over into a Walmart and the Tracy Morgan crash (which no one can convince me is real). Again, common sense prevails on that one: a picture perfect picture of the crash with the Walmart logo and truck number. Only other existing video is from hundreds of feet away on the ground. Any fender bender on the NJ Turnpike would have several chopper video of the accident. Also, no pictures at all of Tracy Morgan since the accident (other than a super staged pic on TMZ yesterday). Laughable.

    2. Perhaps the events featuring Fedex are being sponsored by someone wanting to abolish the federal reserve… Can’t see why Fedex would be sponsoring something that portrays them so negatively.

      1. Maybe there’s something in it for them, like a hefty tax break, or friendly regulatory something-or-other. Remember Microsoft and its antitrust problems…now there’s an issue that’d be worth looking into!

      2. But why change into that uniform at all? If it’s a hoax — and it certainly seems to be at some level — changing into a Fedex uniform seems on the surface gratuitous and most likely carries some message.

  7. You’re all pecking away at the edges of a much larger problem, which, although sitting in your living room, you fail to see. Plato told you about the Allegory of the Cave. You failed to learn.

    1. You imply that we are focusing on the shadows on the wall. That we are stuck in our dark living rooms. That we have not stepped outside in the light yet. Perhaps the bright sunlight is hurting our eyes and we need a little more time? What would LUH 3417 do?

    2. The wise one doth speak! lol. Here’s the situation when you think about it: we are now getting to a point where one side may sabotage something and make it look like the other side is to blame and vice-versa. A false flag of a false flag or double-cross of a double-cross, if you will. Moving forward we may never know who is to blame for what and maybe that is not the point. The point as I see it is that we live in an era where evil is afoot. If we can somehow remove the evil plaguing us, we can remove the threat.

      1. “A false flag of a false flag or double-cross of a double-cross, if you will.”

        Yeah, that has crossed my mind on many an occasion over the last year or so. We’re definitely being played, but even those of us who think we see through the lies might have to dig another level deeper.

      2. My thoughts exactly mangrove. I think the near-debacle of Sandy Hook caused them to become much more careful and sophisticated in how they’ve planned and devised succeeding hoaxes, or at least the Elliot Rodger one which in my view is sort of the solution to the problems that Adam Lanza’s case created. Part and parcel of that may be controlled opposition, to counter the real opposition that’s arising.

    1. Yep, somebody needs to do something about them legions of darkie voter intimidators terrorizing decent god fearing white voters. They can get away with ANYTHING just because their skin is black, eh “Tammie”?

      1. In case it’s not obvious, I’ll point out that the above article on how to ‘reeducate’ little blonde girls is almost certainly fake. A certain non-blonde ethnicity (the columnist’s and majority – 96% – of the media owners’) seems to want to control the narrative regarding black on white gender crimes, which happen to blonde females at significantly higher rates.

        But god forbid someone proffer evidence the government is purposely fomenting a war against whites under a post about the SPLC.

  8. It defies the imagination that the news clip of Holder starts out with a photo of the Tsarnaev brothers with the now accused Dzokhar with his bag draped over his should with almost nothing in it, and the two could never have been carrying heavy pressure cooker bombs. How absurd that this image is still used all over the media when it clearly paints the brothers as innocent. New book, Stronger, by Jeff-the-accuser Bauman will now be made into a movie. So much for Hollywood liberalism – it’s more Germany 1930s and 40s in Tinseltown.


    1. If they say it, the majority will believe. I can never fathom what little curiosity people have about events that affect their very own neighborhoods.

      In my neighborhood, just to give you some of the hypocrisy that passes muster in a Boston suburb once under lock-down while “Dzokhar Tsarnaev” was on the loose, and under a constant barrage about the lethality of fireworks (while the alleged roommates of the “bomber” are being prosecuted for “destroying evidence of fireworks”), there has been an almost nightly series of explosions since July 4 of what are probably firecrackers, most likely at the local trail over the aqueduct and within close range of the subway track. Any sirens? The cops all worried about potential bombers? No. It is allowed to go on, and boys will be boys. Nobody seriously (in the police department which would handle the 9-11 calls if there are any) thinks that the fireworks are going to cause harm to anyone. Nobody gets prosecuted for bringing fireworks back from New Hampshire which is “Live Free or Die” territory, an Appalachian cousin of Virginia. Nor should they be.

      What passes for reality in the minds of the public does not comport with their commonsense notions of the world. It’s like believing a crime series like 24 or Law and Order — a separate matter from how life is actually lived.

      Until someone is taken in for malicious prosecution under some deadly law on the books, waiting like a snake in the grass.

      1. Your story about the firecrackers is amazing and yet typical. I asked friends in Boston if they knew any of the so called 250 victims who were taken to the hospitals. They said they didn’t know any of the “fake” injured, but they knew people who went to the gym with the Tsarnaevs and said they were very nice guys.

  9. I’m sure the CFR transmits instructions to Mr. Holder on a regular basis so he just needs to ask them to kep him in the loop as to what the FBI provocateurs will ‘do next’. This will allow him to get back to his regular sleep routine; the poor dear.

  10. There is so much here in JTs post to comment on. Lets start.

    JT suggests that Holders verbatim is akin to a sermon. And I say…AMEN!

    Legitimate preachers (as was the case with Jesus Himself, Paul the apostle, Steven…) preached with the intent of changing ones mind, and thus changing their way of thinking (this is what the word “preach” actually means). The recurring theme of Holders circular sermonizing is his insistence that the fleshy boogeyman is real; in this instance in the form of domestic terrorists.

    One must keep in mind the incessant and prevailing human need to identify the good guys and the bad guys (the Disney empire has been built on this understanding), so that one can secure comfort and assurance in choosing to be on the side of the good guys. And if you agree with Holder and his boys, you are aligning yourself with the good guys (in Holders mind, anyway).

    If, as Holder seems to be accomplishing, you can accomplish myopic thought, Americans will believe there is an actual “war on terror,” denounce the governments proclaimed bogeyman and acquiesce to almost any compliance the government demands (like the Patriot Act).

    This whole act is expansive and beyond most comprehension. The layers are staggering. Something as seemingly benign as the labeling of “extremist” to anyone who dare not comply with government directives and fall in line with their ideology.

    And as a result of created fear, and thereby national compliance, the scope of state policing powers continues to broaden. And the networking of those police powers is both above ground and also below.

    And this fact has not been lost on many. There is a required mantra of “hero” labeling to any and all first responders. This is how Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue personnel have been idolized as heroes even though they accomplished SQUAT on 12-14-12.

    Why do you think there are military “flybys” before professional sporting events such as the MLB all star game and the super bowl? What in the name of creation does the military have to do with taxpayer sponsored multimillionaire private professional sport franchises? Its to conjure up some dopey notion of national pride. Patently ridiculous and insulting.

    Keep watching friends, because the rest of your neighborhood is busy brushing up on the latest Miley Cyrus rubbish.

    1. That’s a good discussion of an underlying rationale for fear-mongering – telling you that you need the very people who are generating the bogey-man.

      Before I understood much about 9/11, while still taking it mostly at face value, I had an instant impression which I now think was quite sound. It was that our defense budget being so huge, the alleged attack on the Pentagon simply beggared belief. What was the good of all the security we had been shelling out for when the enemy can, with loads of advance warning (in the original story line), just waltz right through and hit that key building. It (at the time) made no sense.

      But since the public never challenged this, it seems to have accomplished the purpose: there will NEVER be enough security. The NSA can listen all it wants, and still another fake terror attack can get through and inconvenience people enough to think they really went through something. If you had a day of lock-down around Boston, then surely the Marathon Bombing (however lame on the surface) must have been real. After all, the neighbors were all complying. Must know something.

      It is these reinforcing episodes that put the nails into the coffin where truth lies smothered. That is how they play this. And what do they get? Any budget they want for anything they care to play with – even the fortunes of the whole rest of the world.

      But such power has never in the history of mankind lasted more than a century. Given that American hegemony started about 1945, the clock is running down, and in some of our lifetimes, we may see the husk of it, discarded by the human race.

      1. Your last paragraph seems to make the assumption that by 2045 the human ‘race’ will be able to shuffle off this ball and chain called ‘America’ and somehow regain freedom of thought, etc.? Those in power don’t relinquish power; they don’t throw their hands up and say, ‘you were right, we’ve been wrong all along’ (akin to the Humpty-Dumpty, Berlin wall suddenly being allowed to fall down). “Such power” as you state, has actually lasted for millenia. These are the true ‘gamers’ of the mind because it’s their system and their game. ‘America’ is but a small (but not insignificant) player on their chessboard. I suggest cuttingthroughthematrix(dot)com as a source.

      2. I said we “may” see the husk of a specifically American brand of power. I didn’t presume to state that we “will”. Nor was I so rash as to suggest that some other one will not take over, when in fact history tells us that nature abhors a vacuum. The only question is how total such power will be – technologically-driven or merely like the power exercised in the dark ages after the fall of Rome. I just don’t think our own delusions as a nation can persist for a millennium, but that is only my opinion.

    2. J.C.M.: You mentioned the insanely overused ,abused and devalued word,”hero”. Once in awhile,when someone learns that I am a Vietnam Vet,they attempt to call me the “H” word…at which point I stop them and define for them the actual meaning of the word,then point them toward the all too few men who deserve that distinction…I am not one of them and consider it an insult to those who are. I’m glad that you are one who understands.

  11. ISIS seem to be topping the charts in the war of terror, an offshoot of ‘The Base’, more commonly known as the FBI, MI5 (6) or ‘the security services’ which they are so aptly named, as it’s all done in the name of protection.
    When David Cameron mentions the threat of ‘terror’ reaching UK shores in the form of ISIS and their converts, then President Obama says the exact same, in terms of the grave consequences for America three days later the alarm bells start ringing.
    We all know who the real terrorists are.


  12. Eric Holder made the decision to give Timothy McVeigh the bomb-making supplies that were used in the OKC bombing. That said, I can’t sleep at night worrying about the terrorists running our country!

    1. I think the remedy to sleepless nights about these wicked people is simply to realize that for most of history humans have lived with evil power plotting their games and lying about it. If our ancestors could survive, so can we. But it is unpleasant to have to face it that the ones up on a pedestal are not the best, but the worst and least caring. I feel there have been exceptions, but they were soon culled from leadership once it was figured out that they had ethical limits and active consciences.

  13. All so obvious and insulting. Dissent = lack of obedience = “domestic extremism”. On the other hand, “La Rasa” and the JDL or “fine”. So the obvious conclusion is that those who praise the principles that the country was supposedly founded upon are labeled “extremists”?

    For those who may have noticed, we are destabilizing governments worldwide who won’t cooperate with their agenda. My guess is that they probably consider “us” worse than “extremists”.

    We fund and initiate a coup in Ukraine and now the parasites and the “media” are blaming Russia, just stirring those embers trying to get their war on. We are actually arming fascists to exterminate a portion of their own country and supporting Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians.

    Meanwhile, here at home, Holder is claiming that anyone who opposes the “Obamanation” is a racist. So now our definitions are shifting. Independent thought and expression is “dangerous”. It may even be “crazy”. Make no mistake, this is what they plan to use to silence the opposition.

    The current crop of functionaries are but the latest incarnation of this bankster led fascist global dream. Their “dream” is a nightmare for millions worldwide and rapidly coming home to roost.

    So with the SPLC serving as the Cheka, and the DHS playing the role of military political enforcer, they are busy making their lists. I’m not referring to Christmas here. Satanists and their fellow travelers don’t do Christmas.

    1. Hi lophatt – and obviously the parasites and media are BAAAACK! in a big way with the latest almost 100% probable false flag of a Malaysian airliner 777 lost (this time) in Ukraine where “Russians” admit they shot her down. The number of “innocent souls” almost corresponds to the number of dead Palestinians, but since the long build-up by CNN about a missing MH370 all over the Indian Ocean (while people said they saw it in a hangar in guess-where), has prepared the public for the thought that Malaysian Airlines is a sloppily run affair (which doesn’t divert from war zones) and a sitting duck for the evil Russians who want WWIII so bad they can taste it.

    2. I think the ‘outbreak’ of armed conflict in the middle east was a pretext orchestrated to get the US forces/ships into the Mediterranean and the Crimean Sea as a means of buttressing the EU against Russia in it’s clash with the ‘Ukrainian nationalists’ and in its alliance with Greece’s Golden Dawn nationalist party. Recently Golden Dawn’s Ilias Kasidiaris was put in prison for owning a gun. He is just another in a line of Golden Dawn officials who has been imprisoned on false pretexts.

      The american constitution codifies individual rights and liberties to an extent that europeans can’t even conceive. It is for this reason that in America the psych cartel is the main agent of repression. In Greece I don’t think there is the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ clause or threshold. Europe doesn’t have the Bill of Rights; free speech and the right to bear arms, etc., don’t exist as some ‘alienable’ right.

      So manipulation and extra-constitutional means become the mechanism. I know someone who once said they’d rather be invaded and subjugated by the mediterraneans, who in his view were more likely to be direct and straightforward about their aggressions. The northern europeans, OTOH, with their universalist altruistic values resort to Nanny State psychological games to effect their domination. It’s all about what’s ‘good’ for the conquered. I don’t know that the Spanish priests in the Americas didn’t grok this sort of self-delusion, but it does seem more prevalent in northern europeans. The US government has tried to achieve it’s totalitarian end game semi-directly, which I deem the angle Adam Lanza’s narrative to have taken. But as time goes on the tactics become more and more oblique and manipulative The americans are so socialized to be directly defiant they don’t see the racket and scam being foisted on them through ‘concern’ for our ‘welfare.’

      TPTB are also watching and revising their angles accordingly. Elliot Rodger’s case was very highly sophisticated and took into account various memes of challenge to the NWO, besides sewing up the seams frayed by Adam’s failures.

  14. Musings, I totally agree. I’m still “digesting” this coincidence. I hope to have more to say on it soon. There was another 777 parked in Tel Aviv recently painted just like the Malaysia planes, save the tail number.

    Also, apparently Putin’s plane was only a couple of minutes away and crossed course at one point. I don’t know how much people know about the history of this little disgusting scam. The U.S. spent at least $5B kickstarting this coup. The previous elected leader refused to join NATO and allow them to place their missiles on the Russian border. He had to go.

    The current fascist they installed is being hailed by the MSM as an “ally” and “friend of the West”. You are quite correct that these animals are actually hoping to provoke Russia.

    Just as another “coincidence”, and I’m not suggesting there’s a link, I found it interesting nonetheless:


    Same day! Same basic scenario. I’ll dig a little more before I say too much on this one. The plan for its use is plain as you say.

    I can tell you with certainty that there is no way they don’t know where MH 370 went. I can’t tell you the details of that but, I can assure you they know. Personally, I don’t think looking under water would help.

    1. Chiming in here with an observation of Holder/Obama schemes closer to home.

      Up our way, some have noted the President’s new proposal for toll booths on Interstate roads as problematic. You see, up North, our local ACLU uncovered in the Fall of 2013 site plans and designs for DHS Checkpoints described as “like a toll booth” for our main routes I-91 and I-89.

      Take a gander at the site plans for the facility at the link:


      “Documents turned over to the ACLU-VT by the government show that the Department of Homeland Security has conducted detailed site surveys of places on I-89 and I-91 to build an eight-acre facility straddling the highway, operating year round, with “[t]he operational intent … to divert all traffic from the interstate for screening,” according to DHS.[1] That would represent a surveillance nightmare for Vermonters, who depend upon the interstates to get around.

      According to DHS, the checkpoints must be located at a straight stretch of highway at least 1,180 feet long, with a maximum grade of 4%, and providing “eight to ten queuing lanes with space for possible expansion” in order “to divert and check every vehicle.”[2] Although DHS describes the checkpoint as being “like a toll booth,” it would be a large installation with holding cells, an armory for weapons, and a garage for disassembling and searching cars, among other things.”



      These guys never take a break. Check your States folks, are there laying-dormant site plans and designs for DHS Checkpoints ready to spring into being?

      1. “Papers pleas”! That’s chilling! Internal checkpoints. I wonder who provides the authority for things like this? Obviously they are not concerned with Constitutional issues. I suppose these will be “fleecing stations”. They’ll finance them through seizures.

      2. This information should scare the living daylight out of all of us. Prison Planet is right. And why Vermont? Could it be because the state has a small population, but dependent on these very roads? Just to test out how it will go in more populated areas?

        A few years back a group in Vermont started the Second Vermont Republic with the goal in mind to eventually secede from the Union. What now?


      3. Drove through NJ years ago and will never do that again. Even back then it felt like there was a toll booth every couple of miles, needless to say the heavy traffic rarely got up to speed with all the stopping going on.

      4. I believe it was Yankee Magazine that a few years ago had an article about DHS threatening eminent domain on a Vermont dairy farm bordering Canada. They wanted to expand a border crossing there where less than half a dozen cars passed through each hour. Luckily it did not go through, but before that decision was made a professor from Middlebury College had this to say – excerpt from Vermont’s Independent Voice Seven Days:

        But Middlebury College professor Allison Stanger, who is the director of the Rohatyn Center for International Affairs, says micro ports such as Morses Line play an important role in deterring international terrorism “These micro ports have not been secure,” Stanger says. “In the past, they just waved people through.” She believes they need to be seen as capable of handling a potential threat.
        Stanger admits it may sound far-fetched to think Al-Qaeda would or could smuggle enriched uranium through a border port of entry like Morses Line. But porous borders are attractive to terrorist groups, she says. “If I were Al-Qaeda, that’s the route I’d take,” Stanger says. “It’s a serious threat. It really is.”

        (Be Very Afraid)


      5. I don’t find these checkpoints surprising. And where is the opposition to any of this in the Supreme Soviet err… I mean Congress? Ask anyone who has been pulled over by a cop in the last 5 years, regardless of infraction, the cop wants ID from everyone in the car. Sir, you failed to signal properly when changing lanes. Yeah, so what does that have to do with the guy in the back seat, he didn’t do it. But who cares? The .01% of people attending blogs like this? I will bet 90% of the people here reading or commenting are alone(friends, family, colleagues) in their belief that something is seriously wrong with the world. Most people cannot be awakened, and if they could be, would most likely be like Cipher and want to be plugged back into the matrix, after betraying all their friends to accomplish that end. Of course they won’t get their wish, because the state will not be able to risk their infection spreading.

    2. If nothing happens by accident in politics (and war is politics by other means), then the date the Malaysian plane was shot down probably has significance too. Doesn’t it send a message – “We know what happened to Flight 800, we know Clinton was involved in the cover-up, and if Hillary wants a future in politics, she’d better toe whatever line we lay out for her.” Although that is not WHY it (whatever it is) would have been taken out on that day (though something supplied by NATO it may have been), WHEN may indeed jog a few memories and remind them that you cannot get anywhere without playing along with whatever force is strongest. The public will recall the reconstruction of Flight 800, but perhaps forget that it was only one third of the way into its cruising altitude, while presumably (if this was simply a passing passenger jet) it was all the way up). I note that occasionally a photo is leaked that shows a stray body lying in the wreckage, but they are not burned up like everything around them and perhaps intended to give a sense of horror to the scene and make it look like people were onboard.

      This is war (and has been since 9/11 at least), and war generates lies upon lies. In the end, a sensible person simply sides with his own family.

  15. thank you for this article. I have been waiting to see articles such as this one. American progressive journalists were tripping over themselves during the past months, following the events at the Bundy ranch, to push forward this pernicious nonsense about average Americans being “extremists” and “terrorists” for their suspicion of the overgrown federal monstrosity. A lot of them – writers I once admired – seem to me now to be on the federal payroll.

  16. Familiarizing the American people with false flags might help prevent a nuclear war. The plane shot down over Ukraine, killing nearly 400 passengers and crew, may well have been a false flag by US-Kiev sources to intensify the war and repression. This is especially so since the American and Western media covered up the enormous defeat of the Kiev troops near the Russian border, and this would divert attention away from it.

    The possibility of a false flag is not mentioned in the US media of course, but the authorized truth, and untruth, may have to respond to it, the European people being more sophisticated (hopefully) than the American people. The more that the American people are familiar with false flags, the less the US can use them to start wars. And this is a big danger as the US is losing power historically at an accelerating pace.

  17. Good intel from lophatt and Wondering Aloud. Is the placement of the of the checkpoint facility in Vermont supposed to help secure the border? Very scary stuff. The pace at which the government is closing in on americans has increased.

    As for the downed plane, Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power have blamed Putin on cue. I have no conclusion other than that it definitely is the perfect distraction to the violence in Gaza, which would point to the EU, as does most of the evidence for who in fact has instigated the conflict in the region.

  18. There are more reports daily on local politicians and even Governors being shocked that diseased illegal immigrants are being dumped in their cities, without their knowledge or consent. The suburbs in DC was the last report, how fitting, they all should go there!

    Apparently, there is a new tax funded industry that traffics and warehouses illegals managed by contractors housing them. The bomb is about to go off when the local school districts are notified of the new population of non-English speaking children they will have to educate, or the Attorney General will sue you.


    1. Ha! You stole my idea. We should start a fund to ship them all to D.C.. The overflow can go to Chicago. Once they’re all in there with the parasites, we can build a wall around it and leave.

      Someone asked me today if I thought this was all deliberate. I told them that there wasn’t anyone stupid enough to do this by accident. They didn’t think so either.

      1. Follow the money. In Massachusetts, Governor Patrick and the Archbishop gave back-to-back remarks on Friday welcoming the immigrant children to (you get your wish for walls, lophatt) two military bases away from the cities, at federal expense. Patrick actually had a catch in his voice about how he could not refuse the children (a teary timbre that everyone remarks on) – nor apparently the federal kick-back.

        What is my instinct about taking kids away from the border and sticking them deeper into the country? I consider it sinister, and not because of an inconvenience to me, but because as children unable to fend for themselves they will become instant wards of the state. Imagine a parent trying to get between the state and her child somewhere down the line. They don’t release their meal tickets any faster than Gitmo prisoners who are considered non-terrorists will be released. These kids are political hostages, and have no idea what kind of a meat-grinder they are going into – military service down the road is not out of the question. Also, getting in and finding out about them is not something you can do, for after all the state must protect them. Any abuse carried out will be well-covered up, and this is probably a given since holding children this way often leads to abuse.

      2. Musings, I couldn’t agree more. “The Children” is the oft heard plea to our sympathies when they want to do something evil. I have not attached a lot of research material I’ve found on this. It has been in progress for at least a year (probably two). The funding was in place and arrangements had been made with Mexico (via their secret meetings on the North American Free Trade deal).

        I share your concerns about trafficking. It would be a perfect setup. This is not about lack of compassion. Charity begins at home. We have homeless and others in dire need of care. More importantly, we have no method to help them help themselves.

        This is all part of the push to take us back to feudalism sans the “nobles oblige”. Corporate feudalism. This law that allows “minors” to stay until they receive a hearing is part of that. Did you know that “children” can be as old as 30?

        It is a divisive, cynical psychological operation. Government implies “management”. They have not managed anything in several years. They just print money for us tax donkeys to slave to pay off and do as they please. When they want to garner support for our imprisonment then wag “the children”.

        The whole thing is a criminal enterprise. The Head Tool announces that “I’ll go around Congress” and several of them applaud. Ever seen someone applaud being made irrelevant?

        They want everyone’s “house” in disorder. The “house” is getting larger. That’s by design. This is just another device to destroy any order that remains. While we’re fighting crime, disease, and chaos they’ll pluck us like chickens.

        They are using these “kids” for their own ends. They have no more concern for them than they have for us. The churches have an obligation to care for creation no matter what the politicians do. It’s a dandy way to cause destruction there as well.

        We are all Palestinians now. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that and identify where that comes from. This is not a passing phase. It is the denouement of a plan years in the making.

      3. Lophatt, you wrote: They just print money for us tax donkeys to slave to pay off and do as they please.

        Recently I watched the movie Margin Call, a very good movie. From IMDb: “Follows the key people at an investment bank, over a 24-hour period, during the early stages of the financial crisis.”

        Character John Tuld (Jeremy Irons), head honcho, says to character Sam Rogers (Kevin Spacey) while enjoying a fancy meal in the corporate restaurant overlooking Manhattan’s skyline and while pointing at the skyscrapers in view: “It’s only paper with faces. It prevents people from killing each other to get something to eat.”

        Guess that sums it up.

      4. Connecticut: No suitable space for immigrant kids Updated 5:43 pm, Friday, July 18, 2014


        No room at the inn, that is what Malloy tells his buddy Obama. Surprised to see so many comments. This issue is of more concern than the Sandy Hook event, probably because it will affect their pocketbooks directly. Malloy’s response is just the first chapter – sort of diffusing the issue. There will be plenty of room at the inn once they’ve decided on which towns and which inns. I like this response:

        “I’m surprised that Newtown isn’t in the bidding. After all Loadra and company have never met a government program that involved money that they didn’t go after.”

      5. Excellent commentary on this article. I agree with all of you. The immigrant kids are in terrible danger as wards of the US government. CPS and family courts around the country are involved in trying to separate children from loving families, to ween them from the protection of caring adults. There is an agenda at work here. I assume the feds see these kids as cannon fodder for the future and who knows what else (likely sex slaves?). Interestingly, I just read – and saw an official Ukrainian document in translation – that the Ukrainian junta is planning to break apart refugee families. Women and children will go to orphanages, the men will be forced to serve in the military, the elderly will go to nursing homes, etc.

        1. These people are being used as pawns, just as we (the taxpaying chumps) are. And while we are being used and/or sucked dry, others are making big money off of this. For example, the ACLU is now fighting to get Obama to exert his “power to require legal counsel for all minors who face immigration hearings.” (Wording is straight from an email from the ACLU.)

          So on top of everything else, we may have to pay for attorneys for each and every minor for each and every hearing. This makes me sick. However, the alternative (let kids…or anyone…go in front of a court without representation) is just as sickening. Is this really what Hegel had in mind when he created his dialectic?

          I recently heard another aspect of this discussed: the UN wants to designate these migrants as “refugees”. Because guess what? Then different, international regulations will apply. The UN will be entitled to conduct “peacekeeping” measures. Remember all those photos that surfaced showing brand new UN vehicles being trucked around the U.S.? Remember the federal Purchase Orders for all that ammunition? Well, it’s NOT going to Border Patrol (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRTIjMW45uQ&list=UU7e-oXHJYOCu8dGJxOZ1GiQ)

          Now, what’s this about a downed plane in the Ukraine? (You get my point.)

      6. Well Anne, Malloy can only do so many productions a year. The receipts haven’t dried up yet from the SHES production. He may have his writers working on an “Immigrant Kid” story soon.

        That’s a funny comment about Llordra. She’s a true opportunist for sure. They’ve got plenty in Newtown. Of course Fairfield cops have to rob the dead (no offense to the police or their union).

  19. My interpretation of the downed Indonesian airliner:
    Indonesia (And Malaysia) is a “playground” for foreign intelligence agencies because they are not part of the allied international nations, not part of the international enemies who can inflict revenge (i.e. China and Russia), they are Moslem, they are disorganized and amateurish, and they have gone against the West in the past (e.g. they refused IMF “help”, and their tribunal indicted Western agents). So the CIA and Mossad can do anything they like in greater Indonesia, such as the Bali bombings and blaming Moslems patsies there.
    Similarly, Indonesian Airlines is a “plaything” for the Western agencies. You can do anything you like to IA, and suffer no consequences, as the previous missing IA plane demonstrated. You cannot shoot down an airliner from the Western European nations, or the US, or from China or Russia. So that leaves only outlier nations like Indonesia and Iran and Africa.
    The factions within the US who want war in Ukraine (i.e. the Nuland neocon types) supplied surface-to-air missiles to the fascist (west) Ukrainian government, who waited for IA and shot it down. (The supposed message message from the Separatists was issued BEFORE the plane was actually shot down, which means it was a set-up.) The purpose was to demonize Putin and stop him from supplying the eastern Ukrainian separatists, and perhaps to institute a no-fly zone in the Ukraine, except for fascist Ukrainians, and to let NATO bomb all eastern Ukrainian anti-plane missile systems.
    So far the fascist Ukrainian government has been an abject failure in the fight against the pro-Russian east. They are losing. They have few airplanes, and several have been shot down. They have a weak ground force, because (western) Ukrainians simply do not want to fight and die for a corrupt fascist oligarchy. So the CIA and the neocons are trying to help them.
    Barack Obama has thus far resisted the neocon interference and not taken the bait. Thank God. We do not need WWIII right now, or for this reason.

  20. I don’t believe in “coincidences”. At least not political ones. Like this, for example:


    There are other verifications of this.


    Notice the “chaff”. That’s what aircraft use when they fire a missile to prevent the tracking device in the missile from homing in on them.

    Note as well the fully prepared MSM stories. The fires aren’t fully out and they “know” it was shot down and who did it. I have another link that shows the Ukrainian news release dated a day early. Just like SHES.

    We spend a lot of time here speculating on how much is fake. We should really think in terms of how much is real. I say very little, if any.

    1. Max Malone YouTube from 7/18, 2014 – It’s all lies including MH17:


      Well done 33 minutes showing the absurdity of the “news” we are presented. Where did all those intact passports come from? From the burnt out pile of debris they show us, including what looks like some mannequin parts?

      An airline attendant was quoted as saying that if a plane experiences problems in the air, they collect everyone’s passport in a fireproof box. Makes sense if the time allows for that. But here the plane is shot down (no video of the plane falling to the ground, the video taken by an “amateur” on the premises shows a clear sky and then poof, smoke bellowing from the ground only) and there would be no time for collecting passports. We see several purple passports neatly gathered. Which country issues purple passports? I am looking into that.

      1. Seems strange that there was so much smoke billowing up from the ground. I would expect an 18 foot missile to be potent enough to cause the fuel to ignite(explode) in the air. How much burning fuel could be left after falling 33,000 feet?

      2. Anne, that just doesn’t sound “right”, collecting the passports. It would be equivalent to saying “you’re all gonna die!”.

        I’m still gathering stuff on this one. There is a lot of it out there. It seems that the Ukrainian fighter planes (two of them) were shadowing it. I have that from multiple sources. There is “chaff” in a couple of pictures. That would indicate an air-to-air missile.

        They purposefully diverted the flight path North. There were 50 other planes on that route that day and none of them were directed North.

        There is also an odd bit about there being a contingent of HIV experts on board. It is reported that several of the bodies had contaminated blood.

        There is footage of an explosion over a hill. There is no image of an airplane anywhere in it.

        As with the others, we only know what we’re shown and the accompanying narrative. I would think that a plane hit by a missile at 33,000 feet would leave quite a debris field.

        It goes without saying that this is being used to frame Russia. The NYT ‘s is in full mad dog mode. At least this looks like a crash site. Beyond that I can’t say.

      3. “At least this looks like a crash site”
        Lophatt, do you mean compared to Shanksville and Pentagon on 9/11?

        I too thought the statement from the airline attendant was odd, but if they’re all going to perish, at least there would be proof of names on international flights. I have never been in such a situation and after TSA took control of the airports I’ve only flown once. It will be last until TSA fades away from the face of the earth; probably not in my lifetime. Now, you fly a lot so you have more authority on this subject than most.

      4. Anne, yes, that’s what I meant. It could be a total fake, on the other hand, they could have actually shot it down. Here’s a video that purports to be the plane:


        Of course I have no way to verify this and I don’t know why they would be shooting this at the exact moment either.

        As to the passports, I just don’t see that happening. Besides, the ones they showed are brand spanking new, not a mark on them. Someone went to their websites and they haven’t had any activity for over a year.

        My passport looks like it went through a wringer. Yes, I fly a lot. I hate the whole TSA show but it is unavoidable (at least for me). I have never had anyone collect my passport in the plane. If it was shot down there wouldn’t be time for that.

        Why would they make a show of the passports? There is a smoking ruin and they film the nice pristine passports. Two of them were Dutch. They were brand new.

        Like I keep saying, just because people died doesn’t make something “real”. I frankly don’t know in this case. I find a lot of it suspicious, especially the films. How would anyone know where to film and when to zoom in?

        Even the reportage is suspicious. Supposedly the plane is in “rebel-held” territory. Where and how is this information getting out? The purpose of this is obvious. These guys are crazy enough to start WWIII.

        Like the guy in your video, my starting position anymore is that it is fake until proven otherwise. We see pictures, and we hear the story. We have no way to actually verify anything and we know that they lie.

  21. Patrick, this is what “waking up” looks like:


    I have a unique opportunity to interface with a wide representative segment of our population on a daily basis. From “Joe Sixpack” to self-satisfied “professionals”, they all know something’s wrong.

    If you get them to talk in the right setting they are all frightened. Most ignorance is willful. They really don’t want to “know”, they just want someone to “do something”.

    You might be surprised by some of the statements I’ve heard. I have never seen anything like it before. They certainly don’t understand any of it but they know that “their government” has let them down. They don’t recognize the place where they were born.

    Very, very few of them blame some “foreigner” for their situation. When someone mentions something they say on TEE VEE I comment that “you don’t really believe that, do you?”. Almost to a person they insist that they know its all lies.

    So, I’m not saying I’m encouraged, I’m just amazed that many of those who would normally revel in their conformity are feeling like strangers in their own land.

    1. That is a remarkable article, lophatt. It certainly is an excellent summary of the core of the mini-nuke theory, and very convincing. Still, I am skeptical that this information will become widely known and believed, much less understood.

      At the end, he mentions that the leakers are very upset, and he is heartened by that. Well, fine. But the potential Smedley Butlers of our time, unfortunately, have been systematically purged from the military; the current regime does anything it wants, and the pansy-ass Congress is utterly impotent in the face of such brazen shamelessness. (At a minimum, they could jail Lois Lerner and that scumbag at the top of the IRS, but that would mean the Legislative taking responsibility for having bestowed upon the Executive agencies it created far too much power and autonomy; ain’t a gunna happen.)

      Add to that the Deep Underground Military Bases, Denver Airport, and all the Black Budget stuff we know nothing of, and it does not seem possible any angry military insiders can do anything about any of it.

      Paul Craig Roberts speculates that it was Washington that shot down that plane, thinking it was Putin’s (they look the same, apparently, and his was in flight on the same path something like 15 minutes earlier). Now PCR has sided with Russia on pretty much everything lately, so we must take that into account, but I wouldn’t put past these monsters, who obviously see WWIII as the way out of Washington’s intractable self-made troubles. Still, one of the embedded videos above show the explosion coming from the ground, with nothing at all in the sky, so it seems likely no plane was even shot down. But that’s not the point; they want WWIII so bad they can taste it, and they need to goad Russia into it relentlessly until they get their way.

      This immigration thing is going to change America into something none of us will recognize, and we won’t like one bit of it. Evidently, any town, no matter how nice and suburban it is, that takes federal money for housing purposes will be forced to build Section 8 slums to house these invaders. Top of that, Phyllis Schlafly reveals an amazing thing about the train rides that get the sneaky trespassers up here: (http://townhall.com/columnists/phyllisschlafly/2014/07/15/look-whos-arriving-on-the-nafta-train-n1862163/page/full)

      “How were these desperately poor people able to travel the distance of more than a thousand miles from their homes in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to the U.S. border? The answer, apparently, is that they were allowed to hitch a ride on the NAFTA train that is owned and operated by an American company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Kansas City Southern Rail Network.”

      Apparently, this invasion IS waking people up–for the first time polling indicates the common man actually is concerned–but what can they do about it? Our masters seem very close to triggering a permanent, dramatic, change, because they are so brazen these days. They don’t seem to CARE if their zoo animals now become aware of their cages. They think they are too powerful to be stopped.

      1. Well Patrick, you’ve covered a LOT of ground. I thought you might enjoy the article because of earlier conversations. If you haven’t already, I would suggest that you read it slowly and carefully. It is a little more than a “rudimentary” explanation.

        I have other material on this subject but, unfortunately, it isn’t the sort of thing that is all neatly tied up with a bow or condensed. Most of what I have is tedious because it contains all sorts of calculations and charts.

        I thought you would appreciate his reference to a “directed energy weapon” in the explanation. It is almost verbatim what I said. “In effect”, that is what you get. The physics of it is the same. The columns become an integral part of the “weapon”. And yes, the toilets too.

        As to the underground sites, I would imagine that is one of the things that make them feel safe while attempting to start WWIII.

        I posted another video here that purports to be the airliner. Beyond that I have no way to verify that. It looks like a plane with the right engine on fire falling from the sky.

        I have multiple source accounts of the Ukrainian fighter planes shadowing the airliner prior to the event. There are stills of the explosion on the ground with traces of “chaff” coming down the sides. Chaff is what fighter jets use when they fire missiles to keep the missiles from homing in on their planes. They don’t need chaff when using SAM’s.

        When I say “Ukrainian” military you may as well think “U.S. puppet”. Actually it is a NATO (NWO) effort. When the former “elected” president of Ukraine refused to join or allow SAM’s to be stationed there to encircle Russia, they sent “Uncle Guido” to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. That’s how we got “President Porky”.

        The current thug is a fascist billionaire. He is what they used to call an “oligarch”. He is wholly owned by Israel. Those who are familiar with this pattern know that Israel hates Russia even more than Obongo’s mentor, the crazy Pole from the Carter era.

        While I can’t be certain, it appears that they shot the plane down. It was diverted North from the normal flight path into the war zone. There were 50 other flights that day over the same air space without any diversion. So it isn’t weather. Whether it is the actual plane or a substitute is hard to say.

        I mention this because they had the bright, shiny, brand new passports for the Dutch citizens. They look completely unused and one has to wonder why they even showed them to us.

        Lastly, you are absolutely correct in thinking that they feel invincible. Perhaps they are. At least so far they are getting away with it.

      2. That is a whole lot of stuff to explain how the towers came down so perfectly. I also find it interesting that they are now embracing the term “directed energy weapon”. It would seem that to do this based on theory only would be one hell of a hail Mary play with the whole world watching. How would you test before actually doing it? Build a tower in Antarctica and take it down? What if a nuke fireball or the bright flash was actually seen upon detonation? Awfully risky. It also does not explain to me why bankers trust which had a scar torn down its face, was repaired but eventually taken down being that it was simply disintegrating before their very eyes. If they can build nukes that can actually consume the fallout from the fission(atomic) primary needed to start the nuclear reaction(fusion), why are we so worried about the fallout from a nuke war? seems the initial fission blast would be the perfect size and would have to be perfectly calculated to be contained within the fusion reaction to be perfectly consumed inside a building. I’m not a physicist, but like I said. One heck of a hail Mary.

      3. Rich, you’re a little hostile, I think. If you read the discussion on this that Patrick and I had previously whether you want to call it “directed energy” or “nuclear energy” it is all that explains the evidence.

        But, suit yourself. You don’t have to agree but I hardly think its “B.S.”. Frankly, I believe it. Not because I “want” to, but its all that fits the evidence. Those buildings didn’t “collapse”, they sublimated. Concrete, steel, plastic, file cabinets, computers and……..toilets, gone.

        1. Lophatt, I do not disagree that the buildings disappeared. The lack of a seismic event indicating a collapse of a 500,000 ton building is proof enough for me. I think a nuke would have made some kind of seismic wave as well, even if it was initially transmitted through the building and into the ground. I’m just saying that there is something new. Everyone insists the disappearing towers have to fit into a known technology, and must be explained. I disagree. Judy Wood came up with the idea of a directed energy weapon. VT was all about the mini-nukes. Now VT says mini-nukes caused the effect of a directed energy weapon. I’m just trying to point out discrepancies here. I still would like to know what caused bankers trust to disintegrate when there was apparently no nuke, bomb, or anything else planted in it. It just rotted. Perhaps the beginnings of the sublimation of which you speak, but only slightly infected. Why was the effect on a slower scale? Was it on the very edge of the effective range of the weapon? There were glowing pieces of metal on the ground next to plastic items that didn’t melt. What does that? I wish I knew. What was the big one at bikini atoll? 50 megatons? Those ships in the water didn’t disappear. Something happened that day that no one has ever seen before, and I think it is time to admit that. I’m not being hostile, we are running out of time here.

      4. Lophatt, Also wanted to note that I said the chaff in the downed airliner story was BS because it had no apparent reason to be there at that specific place and altitude. I did not say the mini-nuke theory was BS. I do think it is highly unlikely though.

      5. Rich, I have no way of knowing about alternate technologies. What I’m saying is that the physics is the same no matter what the method for achieving it. The nukes are a known. The other is not.

        I personally don’t care if anyone believes this or not. I do. If someone shows me a different device that produces the same phenomenon tomorrow maybe I’ll change my mind.

        For now I can see the logic in the nukes. It fits the evidence. For some reason people have a hard time with this. I suspect it is because when they hear “nuke” they think “boom”. It is really simply at the extreme end of basic chemistry and physics.

        There was no “boom”, there doesn’t have to be a boom. To sublimate materials or “dustify” them, requires what we call “heat”. Actually that is just very excited molecules. How one excites them is the question.

        As to the “chaff”. You may be right, I don’t know. I’m pretty confident that the Ukrainian fighters shadowed the plane. The “rebels” don’t have an air force. Whether they helped target the plane for a SAM, or they shot it down, the result would be the same.

        1. The ‘rebels’ are likely Russian soldiers with Russian equipment. The Ukrainians don’t have a working ‘military’ That is what my on-the-ground, Ukrainian acquaintances state.

        2. Fair enough Lophatt. I respect your opinions. I just think the scientific priesthood is going to have to be sidestepped on this one. I know they are all we have. But I remember a post way back, here I think, where we were all pretty sure secret technology was probably 50 years or more ahead of anything we have seen. Those towers though, I think the weapon will turn out to be more… electro-magnetic.

      6. Desperately endeavoring not to reopen the Judy Wood conversation, nevertheless I must say that Rich is right to bring up the strange saga of the Bankers Trust building. The mini-nukes theory, as well summarized in the article, certainly answers Wood’s title question, Where Did the Towers Go? But does it account for the “cancer” that ate away the bones of the Bankers Trust building; the “toasted” cars many blocks away; the levitating people; the systematic dumping of clean dirt on the “fuming” debris and then carting it away; the widespread reportage of people who noticed the plunge in the ambient air temperature as far away as the Brooklyn Bridge; fires that do not burn paper. Among other things.

        Wood posits that we know of no officially acknowledged technology that could account for all these anomalies, but we DO know that Tesla had it a century ago, and the fedgov absconded with all his work when he died, and official silence has prevailed on the subject ever since. Maxwell’s physics and math are not taught in any university.

        I like the idea in the article that the steel structure acted as a faraday cage that contained the energy and directed it in a concentrated form, to dustify the whole structure. Why it would have only punched vertical holes in the rest of the WTC buildings, and not spread out, however, is left unstated in the article; it seems to me that these were NOT faraday cages.

        Wood talks about the extremely strange Hurricane Erin, implying that it was conjured up to provide the energy to accomplish the destruction of the WTC buildings, and she brings in all those magnetic anomalies, none of which I am confident I understand sufficiently to critique. She sure does not spell out what she thinks it means, sadly. It IS exceedingly odd, though, and can’t be pure coincidence; they drove that hurricane to the edge of Long Island and parked it; the destruction took place; then they slammed that bad girl in reverse, out into the middle of the Atlantic, and dissipated its energy.

        1. If only I could have said it so well.

          Now It is becoming clear to me how those planes disappeared into the side of the towers so easily. The towers may have already begun to rot, dustify, disintegrate, what have you.. This takes away the need for no plane holographs, and fancy CGI. Most matter is made up of empty space. Some even think the Universe is holographic; a program. Did man tap into that program? But then there is the hurricane. Perhaps it started out as simply planes crashing into buildings and some force from outside said: “Boys, I like it, but you think too small. Let me show you something really cool.”
          Hence, the rushed and ridiculous NIST pancake theory, and the acceleration of history.

        2. One more question I had that I forgot to put in my previous comment.

          Did they really have our President stand there on a rubble pile, with potentially hazardous material in it, at ground zero?

      1. Well, I don’t disagree with him Patrick. The problem, just like with all the others, is that we get images with accompanying explanations, but we know that we can’t trust what they say about them.

        They only show what they consider to be useful in pushing their agenda. For example, the shot of the explosion could have been taken at any time during this confrontation where they’ve been shelling the Southeast of Ukraine for weeks.

        The bodies could have been from the plane, or “imported”, who knows? If the other video I posted is accurate, it came down in one piece. They are saying it was scattered for eight or nine kilometers.

        What I suppose is essential, from a pragmatic point of view, is that it appears that the Ukrainians, under NATO (NWO) direction, shot it down. The Russians are not that stupid nor would they have any reason to do this. At the moment they are far more prosperous and their future looks bright compared to ours. The last thing on Earth that they want is a war.

        If Russia wanted war they would simply go into Ukraine and clean that idiot’s clock. It must be one hell of a temptation to Putin. He is murdering people on a daily basis and insulting him personally to boot.

        There is no public will for any of this. It is illustrative of just how far they have come. There isn’t even the pretense of requiring permission to do these things. We are simply TOLD what they are going to do. Obongo insults those who don’t agree with him.

        I’ve said many times that they are not going to “announce” the dictatorship. I doubt that Joe Stalin ever came out and said “you are now living in a totalitarian state. You have no rights”. No, they were told that they lived in a “republic” and that they were “preserving” their rights for them.

        As you said earlier, people better wake the heck up.

      2. This whole thing concerning the chaff is BS. How would chaff fall down inside the smoke cloud at only a couple hundred feet. This stuff is used by fighters avoiding missiles at thousands of feet. Chaff would do an airliner no good as it can’t make the evasive maneuvers to benefit from the chaff. Now if there was a fighter shadowing the plane as the missile was approaching and the fighter pilot dumped chaff to avoid getting hit himself, I could understand. But to think that that chaff would stream down 33,000 feet directly in do the smoke cloud from a burning craft that should have already exploded anyway? HA! Welcome to world war III. And those mostly unburned bodies on top of totally charred ground. And how did the one body get its clothes burned off but the skin is not charred where there should have been clothes? Was he in the midst of joining the mile high club? Reminds me of the guy in Boston with his pants blown off.

  22. Glad to see that MHB is discussing the most important story of the moment.

    My impression of this event was that it was staged, using the corpses of dead people! I have no idea where the bodies came from. They were loaded onto a remotely piloted 777, (the missing MH370?) and the plane was brought down with an onboard bomb. Fighter planes flew along side to control and execute the event. Or perhaps they downed it with an air to air missile, as there was chaff evident in one video.

    Watch this video from RT news:

    The eyewitness here states that the body which fell from the sky and hit the ground outside his house had no blood on it! He also says that it smelled like a decomposing corpse. The woman in the video says that she confused the corpse which fell through her roof with a pile of rubbish. Again, in the picture, we see no blood from the body of a victim who was living only moments ago. This is not possible.

    Why is the MSM stressing that these victims were left out in the elements to rot? To cover up the fact that they were already dead?

    Also, see this story from Global research:


    It claims that a pro Russian commander at the crash site thought that the bodies had been dead for days:

    In a bizzare twist, a pro-Russia commander in eastern Ukraine, named Igor Girkin, has stated that he felt the bodies near the crash site appeared to be dead for days:
    “A significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” suggesting that the bodies may have been tampered with as they were said to have been drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.
    One can’t help but to connect the downed MH17 and the still as yet to be explained disappearance of MH370, comments like Girkin’s only add fuel to that fire. Only time will tell if the two flights are related in some way, or whether it was shot down or there was a bomb onboard but this highly theatrical event is seemingly meant to punish Russia, just as Syria’s government was similarly punished with false chemical weapons allegations last year.

    1. Whatever the MSM media says, it is very often a clue they realize the story isn’t holding up. The ire they are expressing that the Russian-inspired rebels left the bodies in the sun is how they deal with massive decomposition, even though the bodies are now in refrigerator cars ready to be inspected by outside organizations.

      But another story is also put out to explain the delay – supposedly there were onboard bottles of liquor which the rebels got drunk on (my extremely prejudiced husband who thinks all Russians are drunks swallowed that one – even though both of us have seen the pictures of totally charred fuselage – the liquor would not have survived, so how can he repeat such a story — I think these stories develop a life of their own, not subject to reason (which is what is so dangerous about going to war on this kind of thing).

      The other story they are holding in reserve (perhaps to employ if Putin is conciliatory and does what they want, which is to step aside and let Ukraine be part of NATO) is that the whole thing was just a terrible accident. But the BBC this morning won’t let it go at that. Instead they had someone on who was talking about the Muscovite Russians actually running the show in Eastern Ukraine, squeezing out the local rebels. So “mistake” will be hard to argue if the faked-up evidence (and we know from this website how gullible the public is about that) points to deliberate actions on the part of the rebels. The weathervane is spinning at the moment – and it is, in terms of war or peace, a wheel of fortune.

  23. I should ad as a caveat to the first sentence of my above comment that the shoot down of MH17 is obviously being used to provide cover for the far more deadly events in Gaza.

    1. It has many purposes. That’s just one of them.

      In the grand design, I suppose you could relate it to the Mideast in that Putin is an ally of both Syria and Iran. I always have thought that Iran is left alone because of fear of rousing Russia to its defense. We can see that a lot of the upset with Obama is that he does not skip rope fast enough for the Israelis.

  24. It’s not that we are all Palestinians now – it’s that we will all be Miamians soon.

    I grew up in Miami in the 50s, working class suburbs not the high class area, my dad was a welder. It seemed like a little paradise nonetheless. After Castro got in, the middle class of Cuba (which was actually the higher classes) came to Miami in droves as Cuban “exiles.” Then as they kept coming, the lower class began to arrive and they were deemed “Cuban refugees.” Miami was flooded with non-English speaking people. It overwhelmed and changed the city forever.

    I recall that many families of multiples moved in and out of my neighborhood. Each received gov’t assistance, including boxes and boxes of foodstuff, most of which was “foreign” to the exiles/refugees. I can still see in my mind the white square boxes of food that were thrown out by the curb for the trash personnel to pick up. It was piled about three feet high.

    My dad, who loved peanut butter, realized that many of the boxes were peanut butter and began to remove those specific boxes from the pile and then he repeated the process each time he saw a pile of those white boxes.

    Our schools were flooded with children, schools that were already overflowing from my generation of baby boomers. Signs went up in shops all over Dade County: Se Habla Espanol. Rare was the exile/refugee who spoke English. They didn’t have to learn a new language – they came in vast numbers, built their own community, and said to hell with the rest of us.

    It was only their children, schooled in our schools, who eventually learned English and thus became a hot commodity: bi-lingual.

    As years progressed, if one (read: those who had lived here since the early 50s) didn’t speak Spanish, one had a hell of a time finding work.

    Enter the 80s and the Mariel Boatlift, where Castro called Carter’s bluff and emptied his prisons and mental wards. For my family, it was the last straw. We moved upstate – along with a LOT of others.

    I returned to visit in the 90s – and it was like visiting a foreign country. In upper class Coral Gables, where my aunt and uncle lived, I had change in stores counted out to me in Spanish. I don’t look Spanish. In other instances, I was ignored over favor to the Spanish speakers around me. I went for take out at a restaurant, at the behest of my ailing uncle, and waited endlessly for the person to take my order. Hispanics would come in and their orders were taken first. I would have left, but it was what my uncle had requested, so I toughed it out.

    I didn’t grow up as a minority, but I realized that that was what I indeed was, and I was extremely happy to leave Miami for the very last time. I will never go back – and it was the only home I knew.

    So, welcome to Miami, USA, sit back; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    P.S. I should mention that my aunt married a Cuban in 1947, after she moved to Miami, which is why my dad was enticed to Florida. She said it was paradise on earth. My Cuban uncle of Spanish heritage, the kindest man I ever knew, also would rail against the non-stoppable influx of Cubans to Miami after Castro’s takeover of Cuba. One thing I still laugh about today is, as a pre-teen, I recall hearing my aunt and uncle talk about Castro and how he would be out “in six months.”

    1. Ramona, that’s a good analogy. Not quite the same thing, but I understand. I have known many Cubans. Most are pretty rabid on Castro. I learned not to discuss it with them.

      In a way, Miami has always been a place where people with strong cultural traditions congregate. They don’t seem to “blend”. Rather they seem to just “relocate”.

      I grew up in California. We had people from everywhere. They didn’t seem to stick to themselves, they tended to fit in. But that was a long time ago and I don’t live there anymore.

      I obviously grew up with Hispanics. Some were great, others not so great. As you say, it seemed to be a “class” deal. There were wonderful family types and there were gang types.

      The La Raza types are real and I’m not sure people fully understand what they represent. There’s a lot of hatred there. There will be trouble.

      1. My sister is one of the few white teachers at an elementary school in LA, and being pretty much a native Californian who grew up in the 50-60’s in Southern California, she takes the casual attitude that everyone is equal (although in our suburban elementary school, many kids were farm workers – not just farm workers’ children! – and they never could catch up, so we had to tutor them at recess). But right now she is experiencing a lot of prejudice from her principal, who feels the Hispanic kids should not have an Anglo teacher. This is the opposite of how my sister functioned in Japan, where knowing the “right” sort of English and being very Anglo made her in demand for teaching Japanese children. You would think that people in a school in LA (and I think the parents are happy with her) would value someone with a long-term understanding of the US, but the political agenda of the principal is about Latino power and not about assimilation.

      2. Musings, as usual you’ve done a much better job of conveying what I was trying to say. The interaction isn’t the same as it once was. There is a lot of hatred and hostility. Instead of pushing “integration” they are preaching “cultural segregation”.

        Two of my daughters still live in California. I don’t even recognize the place I grew up in. We are seeing it here too, although on a much smaller scale (for now).

        What they are doing is not healthy. It is divisive, by design I think.

      3. There is, of course, a lot to be said for a natural flow of immigrants, if any state(s) want to achieve a type of cultural diversity.

        Before 1959, we in Miami experienced something akin to that natural flow, I would say. In our working class neighborhood, the neighbors on one side were from either Germany or Austria (they wouldn’t tell us exactly) and on the other side it was, initially, redneck Deep South-types (whose father was a terror) and then a great family of Puerto Ricans moved in (whom we became close to and loved).

        Across the street, there were transplanted Tennesseans; down the street there was the Miami-born shrimper (his wife was from NJ). Most of the others, including the shrimper and his folks who lived across the street from them, were long-time Floridians (Florida crackers), born in Florida or Miami.

        The entire surrounding neighbors were like that – a good mix of people, nationalities.

        That changed after Castro – and Miami became, in essence and in fact, nearly entirely Hispanic. The language and culture of Miami completely changed. One culture overwhelmed and pushed out all the other cultures. I can only account for the years I grew up there and lived there, in that regard (early 50s to mid-80s).

        Today, it is indeed a large fast moving trendy “Latin American-type” of city and county stuffed into a small land mass, but I do wonder what type of city and county we would have had if allowed to continue with a slower and more natural flow of immigration.

        1. This comment isn’t directly specifically to you, Ramona, but to whomever’s interested. Stefan Molyneux recently put out a video called “The Truth About Immigration” that is chock full of facts and figures and a take on immigration that I’d never considered before. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV7JILRugOg.

          I grew up in one of the last nice suburbs of East Los Angeles (Downey, CA, of “Suburbia” fame) in the 70s and 80s. My neighborhood was solidly upper-middle class (for the time), and was predominantly white. However, the public schools I attended were quite diverse, and I remember the influx of Cubans, Koreans, and Vietnamese, and then, finally, Cambodians. There were always lots of Mexicans (though few blacks): the surname “Garcia” seemed as American to me as “Smith”. Some kids were second or third generation American, but many were probably what we might today call “anchor babies”. Though there was some “race”-related name-calling in school, I don’t remember anything serious, and skin color or eye shape never played a role in popularity. When I got to high school (1982-1986), however, a new type of Mexican had materialized: self-segregating, they formed their own informal lowrider clubs (with names like “The Boyz of Adoniz”), and only socialized with each other. These kids were real “cholos”. I don’t know where they came from…they all spoke English, but I hadn’t gone to elementary or intermediate school with them. I don’t think they were bused in, or we would have had more black kids (I think we had three). In any case, in retrospect, this was the first real break away from the “melting pot” ideology that I remember experiencing.

          East LA (and immediately surrounding areas) is a study of changing populations. These days, Downey is predominantly Mexican, and many (if not most) of the businesses “se habla Espanol”. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it IS a testimony to how fast things can change.

    2. Thank you for the perspective, it is very telling of what is coming.

      Being forever the optimist, hope this is the final straw that broke the evil doers back.

      Anyone paying a wee bit of attention knows the government is purposely concealing their plans of flooding us with illegals and the over used ploy of the lowly children is no longer working.

      This has angered folks from all persuasions; the liberals, the poor, parents, districts already dealing with financial crisis and anyone who pays taxes knows they will be paying more.


      1. The governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, had a little trick he pulled when announcing that Massachusetts would accept these kids and house them at two military bases in the state. He got a catch in his throat and tears in his eyes. “It’s for the children…” What is? The federal subsidy going to the state to take them thousands of miles away from the southern border of the country. Kick-back city, man!

    3. You just described Southern California 1988 to Present.

      “It was only their children, schooled in our schools, who eventually learned English and thus became a hot commodity: bi-lingual.”

      I will just leave it at that…..

      1. Ric, that was spot on! I read recently where they found a large group of Indian (East Indian) children amongst the hoard. They have made arrangements with a railroad (and I suspect others as well), to bring them up. This isn’t “normal”.

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