tarpsBy Tony Mead

Close to nineteen months have passed since the event known as the Sandy Hook Massacre transpired. Amazingly, there has still been no conclusive evidence put forth by any of the families affected or the investigators involved to dispel the many ‘conspiracy theories’ that have evolved from the event. In fact, new mysteries seem to expose themselves even more as time passes by.

[Image Credit: Associated Press]

From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth ? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories ?

Perhaps the death of Douglas Cottle was an unfortunate incident compounding the grief of Alissa Parker when she lost her daughter Emilie in the Sandy Hook tragedy. He was her father and the Grandfather of Emilie. He was a 62 year old dentist from Ogden,, Utah who sustained serious injuries while participating in his ninth LOTOJA 206 mile bicycle race on Sept 9, 2012. According to his daughter, she thinks another racer may have clipped his tire, throwing him off the bike where he crash landed on his face. His face suffered over 30 fractures ! Perhaps if repeatedly beaten with a tire iron, one could sustain 30 fractures. I find it highly improbable that a fall from a bicycle could inflict such injuries.(1)

Nevertheless, Mr. Cottle was sent to an ‘elderly care’ facility after being released from the hospital, apparently because the VA hospital was full. Mr Cottle was reportedly combative at times at the center as he repeatedly tried to rip out his feeding tube, despite their attempts to restrain him. He was uncooperative and reportedly tried to stand on his own, against the advice of his physician, which led to his falling down and sustaining yet another head injury. This time his injuries proved fatal and he died on Sept 29.

Was this a case of a terrible accident (there hadn’t been a fatal accident in LOTOJA’S 30 years of racing), compounded by a lack of critical care rendered to an apparently healthy individual (prior to the race), or was it the apparent removal of a person who may have had foreknowledge and was unwilling to participate in such an endeavor as the Sandy Hook Hoax ? From all of the nice things said about him in his obituaries, I truly believe this was a good man. His may have been the first of the many Memorial Funds yet to come to the participants from Ogden, Utah. You can still donate: http://dougsmemorial.org/Site/Welcome.html

At least in the case of Mr. Cottle, there is somewhat of an explanation as to the events and injuries that led to his demise. More recently, the death of William Podgorski, the CT State Police Western District Commander, who was also a Lead Investigator in the Sandy Hook incident remains unexplained. He died after a ‘brief, undisclosed illness’ followed by surgery on Monday, June 16 at Yale-New Haven Hospital at the age of 49. According to a friend of mine who had seen Bill Podgorski just a short time before his death, he appeared in perfect health. No further information has been released regarding this sudden death.(2)YNHH

This Yale-New Haven Hospital was also the place where Reporter Michael Bellmore breathed his last breath on May 3, 2014 after being relieved of his duties as a New Haven Register journalist and reduced to a consultant to the Town of New Hamden. Judging from the credits on his obituary, this kid was a talented, aspiring journalist, who would never leave such an admirable job at the Register to become a ‘consultant’.

[Image Credit: YNHH.org]

Perhaps he was asked to leave. He was involved in the earliest reporting on the Sandy Hook shooting and was there on Dec 14, according to his Twitter Feed. He was also present when both Governor Malloy and President Obama addressed the city of Newtown in the aftermath. How does a 27 year old die so suddenly and inexplicably, and, again, in the care of Yale-New Haven Hospital ?(3) Did he stumble into something he shouldn’t have ?

Some of the mysterious deaths occurring in the past 18 months are not as obviously connected to the Sandy Hook incident. Take for example JoAnn June Egletes, the secretary of Irving Pinsky, who was the attorney who initiated a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for $100,000,000 on behalf of a 6 yr old child that was traumatized by the incident. Despite his acting on behalf of an affected child, he was immediately vilified, chastised and threatened. He even had gunshots fired through his office. He withdrew the lawsuit citing the need for further investigation. I wonder who would have the motive and the means (guns) to enact such an act of terror on his office.(4)

PinskyHis secretary JoAnn June Egletes, died Sept 21, 2013, at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Again, I have yet to find an explanation as to the death of this 53 year old woman. It would sure be an effective way to intimidate Mr Pinsky from reconsidering that lawsuit.(5)

[Image Credit: Heavy.com]

It sure seems odd that the deaths of Egletes, Podgorski, and Bellmore all occurred at Yale-New Haven Hospital as well.

These deaths supplement the other few mysteries surrounding Sandy Hook, such as the death of Scott Getzinger, who was the props manager for the Batman Dark Knight Rises movie (in which the map showing ‘Sandy Hook was shown). He died after sustaining non-life threatening injuries in a car crash on April 7, 2012. The investigation of his death still has not been completed.(6)

There is also the case of Robert Hoagland, who went missing July 28, 2013 and has not been seen since! (7) He went missing when his wife was in Turkey for a 17 day excursion. With all of the mysterious $0 real estate transactions that have occurred and the odd number of homes owned by individual families and corporations, it is certainly relevant that Robert Hoagland was a Real Estate agent in Newtown. Despite various criticisms levied against Vision Government Solutions and their explanation that the zero dollar amounts assigned to various transactions was some sort of a ‘glitch’, they have since revitalized all of their data, and yet the zero dollar amounts remain!

HoaglandI’m not sure why Robert Hoagland’s wife was in Turkey when he disappeared, but it is quite curious when you compare that fact to the case of Phillip Marshall, the 911 Truther who mysteriously killed his 2 children before killing himself while his wife was reportedly traveling abroad in – yes- you guessed it – Turkey! (8)

The untimely deaths of some of these involved parties is accented by the removal of other key players who have removed themselves by retiring from their positions making them unavailable to be held accountable for the roles that they played. Wayne Carver is perhaps the most notorious of these participants. After threatening in 2011 to resign from his position, he abruptly changed his mind and agreed to stay on. After lobbying against the passage of Bill 1054 (the Bill to prevent the release of pediatric autopsies), he suddenly had a change of heart there as well and supported it’s passage. As the awkward and sometimes imbecilic spokesman to the press, he will always be remembered for that famous quote- “ I just hope that the people of Newtown don’t have it come crashing down on their heads later.”

Wayne Carver retired May 1, 2014, but has stayed on to help his successor and to complete his cases. He claims he also wants to stay on in a part time capacity. Seems like he’s retiring without retiring completely.(9)

Next we have the State Police Commissioner Reuben F Bradford who shocked everyone by announcing his retirement prior to the release of the CT State Police Report on the Sandy Hook School Shooting. He was not very popular amongst the CT State Police as he and Danny Stebbins (the CSP Commander) were the first to receive a vote of ‘No Confidence’ from other State Troopers for the first time in it’s 109 year existence in June of 2012!(10) Commissioner Bradford also headed up the States Emergency Services and was quoted as saying “The horror and unspeakable sadness of that day and the lives that were lost will never be forgotten,” in a letter that accompanied the release of the long awaited ‘Official Police Report’.(11)

Danny Stebbins, who was vilified for releasing information about the Sandy Hook incident at a conference in New Orleans that was apparently meant to be kept confidential, also announced his retirement. He will be gone at the end of June, 2014.(12) Gov. Dannel P. Malloy credited outgoing State Police Col. Danny Stebbins with guiding the agency through the “unimaginable” and difficult period following the Sandy Hook shooting.(13)

Both Stebbins and Bradford were Appointees of Gov. Malloy and were directly responsible for signing off on the release of critical evidence and information in the Sandy Hook Shooting!(14) Now that they are gone will they still be held accountable if it is shown that some of this information was incorrect ?

Lt. George Sinko, who was working a side job directing traffic at a construction site on Dec. 14 and failed to report to Sandy Hook School until 2 hours after he was informed of the shooting, retired at age 49 in May of this year. He was reprimanded by Police Chief Michael Kehoe for his delayed response in 2012, but not severely enough according to his peers. When he was placed on administrative leave after an accident in April, he decided not to return to the Newtown Police force.  Kehoe stated that he was “Not surprised” by Sinko’s decision. Another one bites the dust.(15)

David Fein, the State’s Top Prosecutor and Presidential Appointee also saw the aftermath of Sandy Hook as the perfect time to move on. Fein was involved with Eric Holder and Governor Malloy in implementing Project Longevity (a program designed to combat gun violence). He wFein_Holderas also heavily involved in the investigation and pursued anyone who stood to capitalize on the deaths of those children (except, of course, the parents).(16)

[Image Credit: Associated Press]

Fein stepped up to the plate when a woman posing as the aunt of Noah Pozner was arrested for trying to solicit funds in his memory. “This arrest should serve as a warning to anyone who attempts to profit from this tragedy by contriving fraudulent schemes that exploit the victims, their families and individuals who sincerely want to help,” said U.S. Attorney David Fein. (17)

Despite denying any wrongdoing and saying she was ‘set up’, Nouel Alba was sentenced to 8 months in prison and 2 years probation.(17) She had only collected $240 and reportedly returned the money. U.S. attorney Jonathan Francis argued for prison time, saying Alba’s actions had caused emotional harm to the community and created a chilling effect on charitable giving.(18)

“It’s a callous, calculating attempt to profit off the murder of children,” he said. I guess the millions of dollars donated to the United Way and the Sandy Hook Promise are viewed in a different light.

Obviously, David Fein was serious !

So, as key role players in the Sandy Hook School Shooting continue to disappear, we are left to wonder exactly who, if anyone will be left to answer questions that remain unaddressed. Stephen Sedensky, the ‘Lead Investigator’ and J Paul Vance, the CT State Police Spokesman are two of the few that remain as the number of involved parties continues to dwindle.

If there is an attempt to conceal information from the Public, one of the most effective ways to accomplish that would be to remove the involved parties that have access to key information. Those that refuse to cooperate by retiring or resigning may be coerced or silenced in different ways. Here I have been able to cite only those parties whose stories have made it into the newspapers and local media. Who knows what other stories remain undisclosed to the public?

Another effective method of concealing evidence is to discourage anyone from asking questions in the first place. Remember that J Paul Vance, the CT State Police Spokesman said early on that anyone sharing ‘misinformation’ on Social Media would be prosecuted (19). What better way to control a situation than to make it illegal to disseminate information unless it comes from an ‘Official Source’. This, despite the fact that all of the early information from Mainstream Media came from “un-named or anonymous” sources!

As time has passed, we have seen examples of the persecution of, if not the prosecution of, people that do question the Official Story. One of the most intriguing cases is that of YouTube videographer Scotty Walker (AKA Jonathan Reich). Jonathan was arrested in May of 2013 for allegedly making ‘threatening’ phone calls to the Coroner’s Office as well as to certain families affected by the Sandy Hook Tragedy.(20) You can listen to his phone call to Wayne Carver’s office here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqpKtuX0lfM

ReichIt seems to me that Jonathan has some pretty legitimate questions that should have been asked by any responsible journalist in regards to the Coroner’s role in the passing of Bill 1054, which made it possible for the State to deny access to pediatric autopsy reports and is probably the most compelling evidence of pre-planning involved with the Sandy Hook Hoax. Dr Carver has never answered any questions regarding this, primarily because Jonathan was the only person with enough courage to ask him.

[Image Credit: Hartford Courant]

Dr Carver refused to even get on the phone with him, although he was obviously in the room with his assistant when the call was received. Jon also had contacted the Allison Wyatt Memorial Fund to ask them why they had mistakenly used the picture of Lily Gaubert to promote their fund raising efforts. Didn’t anyone realize that they were using the wrong child’s photo for nearly 2 weeks? Surely the parents had some involvement with their own child’s memorial fund- didn’t they ?

Jonathan was then harassed by the local New York Police (where he lives) and told that he would be arrested and held on $250,000 bond unless he drove himself to Connecticut and turned himself in to be held on a lesser $50,000 bond. Because he was so afraid and didn’t want to jeopardize his family, he complied. He has since spent nearly $50,000 on attorneys fees due to the fact that his hearing has been scheduled and then postponed at the last minute a total of 9 times so far. This sure seems a bit extreme for what is considered as a Class C Misdemeanor (the lowest of crimes) in Connecticut. (21)

More recently it has been revealed that a person could face detainment and even further punishment just for simply speaking about the possibility that all is not as it seems regarding the Sandy Hook story.

A school teacher from Pound Ridge, NY was recently accosted by police, taken to the hospital and involuntarily detained for over a week of ‘psychological evaluations’ where it was then determined that he somehow presented a risk to the community.(22) These allegations all came about as a result of his alleged online communications with an acquaintance on a Words With Friends App.

Whether or not this acquaintance reported directly to the FBI or whether his communication was somehow monitored remains to be revealed. Despite the subsequent findings that he is mentally competent, the Bedford School District terminated his employment on May 12, 2014. He has since initiated a lawsuit to get his job back.(23) Hopefully his lawsuit will lead to some legal discussion and a better understanding of the events surrounding Sandy Hook and the lack of disclosure.

History is being created before our very eyes. I encourage the reader to take the time to read the Wikipedia account of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. There you will find a collection of nonsensical information that is presented as fact.(24) When we realize that laws are being written and society is being manipulated as a result of what happened on that fateful day, it becomes obvious that we have a responsibility to become informed of what actually transpired at Sandy Hook. After 18 months of research, the only thing that I am convinced of is that I do not know the Truth.


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Republished at Activist Post and DCClothesline.

Tony Mead is co-administrator of the popular Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page.

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  1. Very interesting post. It’s strange that so many valiant participants died at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The usual procedure is for major hospitals to transfer dying patients to lesser known or smaller hospitals so their death rate is lower, making Yale-NH an anomaly. They actually want to take credit for being bunglers.

    1. Recent experience with a relative confirms what you say. These top flight hospitals like Yale and MGH do not seem to want to handle near-hospice patients, although they do like those tissue samples in rare diseases.

  2. Stop calling it a hoax. The one person that has been disappeared from the very start with intimate knowledge of it all is Ryan Lanza.
    The Sandy Hook incident was a gov black op in which some innocent person was to be ‘patsy dropped’ to take the blame. That person was supposed to be Ryan Lanza for his connection as the boyfriend of that teacher Vicky, which was to be spun as a crime of passion murder suicide. But since Adam was carrying a copy of Ryan’s driver’s license those operatives picked up and used the WRONG Lanza to patsy drop, who had no connection to be spun into a motive. Meanwhile, after it was prematurely leaked to the press to report that the shooter was Ryan, the real Ryan was online, facebook etc. trying to explain that there was much wrong on the reporting of the incident, blowing the operation’s coverstory. He had to be silenced, so his location was triangulated and he was illegitimately arrested. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.
    If any of these investigators were actually interested in getting to the bottom of what really happened, they’d be wanting to interview Ryan and wonder how it is that he’s been disappeared rather than feigning amnesia that he ever existed.

    1. You bring up an excellent point, and one that I haven’t heard much discussed: Where is Ryan Lanza? For an urban Millennial, he certainly doesn’t have much of an online presence (or one at all, now that I look); funny, that lack of an online presence was presented as one of Adam’s many faults. But surely by now Ryan would have resurfaced somewhere…heck, everyone else involved with this seems to have.

    2. This purports to be a photo of Ryan leaving his mother’s memorial service in a limo in June of 2013.


      I agree that Ryan is an important piece of this puzzle and should get more intention. I don’t necessarily agree with your conclusion that “they” somehow messed up and grabbed the wrong guy. I find it more plausible that the whole Ryan, Peter, Nancy, Adam, kindergarten teacher game was designed to muddy the waters from the get-go.

      “Who’s who and who’s really dead? Ah, screw it. Too confusing. Poor kids, poor families. Let’s go to the mall and finish our Christmas shopping…”

      1. I was at breakfast with a friend this morning, Maestro, and he asked me about the flutter of new comments to my recent article here, concerning my Dr. Stan appearance. Not as many as I might have imagined, I said. This guy doesn’t want to face conspiratorial reality, for the most part, so I’m delighted he listened to the show, and happy he read the recent comments.

        So, one thing and another, and I told him about the great new video fishandroaches recently posted from that Australian guy, about Boston, mocking the shredded trouser man (http://youtu.be/EuhVmJQClR8). I found it on my iPhone, and he watched it. It’s hilarious. I mentioned that the CIA invented the term “conspiracy theory” once the public was clearly not believing the Warren Commission report. I told him that James Tracy actually posted the proof of that at MHB, some months back, how they invented the term to discredit anyone who bucked the system, and the MSM always use that term to this day, to amazing effect. I got no push-back from him this time. He’s a great guy, but he’s the “go to the mall and finish our Christmas shopping” sort of fellow, generally. Almost everyone is.

      2. Patrick, I listened to the interview with Dr. Stan. It went real well. Takes courage to take to the airwaves. Dr. Stan’s voice sounded better too, although he has not posted any new interviews since July 3rd. Perhaps he is on vacation.

      3. Lophatt, good question. There is no Catholic church in Kingston, NH where Nancy’s family lived – allegedly. There are some Catholic churches in smaller towns around there. Seems they had better control of the event in Kingston with Nancy’s brother being a retired policeman there – again allegedly.

        Excerpt from a NY Post article on December 17, 2012 under the heading:
        Some victims’ funerals will be held at gunman’s church
        “The monster who massacred 20 first-graders in Connecticut belonged to the same Catholic church as eight of them — and it’s where the children’s funerals will be held this week.
        Gunman Adam Lanza, 20, and his mother, Nancy Lanza, had been parishioners at St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in Newtown. Adam also had gone to the church’s school as a child after his mother pulled him out of nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he conducted his murderous rampage Friday. Church spokesman Brian Wallace said it was unclear how often Lanza and his mother attended services there.”

        Brian Wallace, director of communications for the Diocese of Bridgeport, was also interviewed by Catholic News Service:

      4. Pat, can you post a link to the radio show? Is this monteith you are talking about? Sounds cool. Ill have to sift through it and find some stuff i can aggressively criticize you about without thinking it through! Jk!

      5. Sure, Larry

        It is Stan Montieth, indeed–and hit me with all you’ve got!

        Go to his website (http://www.radioliberty.com), click on “listen online”; I am at 7/2/14, hour 4.

        It was midnight, my time. I tried to take a nap, but that didn’t work out too well, so I was very tired, and did a lot of “um”ing near the start, but I got more fluent as the show went on. A second hour would have been really great.

        I’m a morning person.

        1. patrick, I wouldn’t worry about all of that. It isn’t easy speaking in front of a large audience – I sure as hell couldn’t do it. you stammered a bit during the first segment or so but once you started to talk about your book the words flowed naturally, I think any normal audience wouldn’t even remember the stammering by the end of the show. The only reason I noticed is because I know you from your comments here so I listened more intently than a normal listener would.

    3. Edward,

      Interesting theory, but I agree with Maestro that what the MSM presented us on 12/14/12 was disinfo to purposely muddy the waters. I also don’t believe anyone was killed at SHES on that day.

      At 3:02 of the video, you include a clip of young kids horsing around in what looks to possibly be a dorm room with a pair of bunk beds. For investigative purposes can you tell us the source of this short video and if, in fact, you have concrete proof that a Lanza is actually in it. If you do, would you kindly elaborate.



  3. As usual I learn something new every time I read MHB. We are going to miss this when the state requires bloggers to get a license. I remember a lot of witnesses disappearing after Columbine as well. So what does a person do if one of these incidents comes to his neighborhood? Watch closely and search for the truth or draw the blinds, load the car up and take a vacation? To Turkey maybe. Those folks must have one hell of a slick travel agent. Middle east? Been there, done that. You couldn’t give me a(another) free trip to any place in that part of the world. That travel agent could probably sell a ketchup popsicle to a bride in her wedding dress.

      1. Great proof texts, Rich! I don’t think “Baxter” knew what he/she was going up against when taking the job to try and make us look like ignorant fools. In another comment, in direct discourse with the poor slob, I advise that literal prostitution would be a more honorable way to pay the bills. Certainly, less humiliating, when people such as yourself provide the slap across the face these two articles represent.

  4. Nice roundup of info. The records for houses selling for zero is a red herring and this has been concluded twice here before .
    Pipeline thru the town is not even a remotely plausible reason.
    Will have to look into the harrassing journalist but that seems to be straying from the main point – same with the charity thief lady.
    Overall, a nice reminder of what happens when you know too much, a la bill clinton. The retirings and firings are to be expected and are not surprising at all – regardless of what happened.
    I did notice a mention of another guy from Utah? Robbie Parker, PAC is from Utah, too. Ironically, his listed phone number dials to “The Pied Piper” – a vermin exterminator company.

  5. I do remember that Wickipedia had a full description of the Sandy Hook incident extremely fast after the incident, I think in less than a week, the “fable” was published. Is there an equivalent site that talks about the conspiracy theories?

    1. The conspiracy version of Sandy Hook was published in wikipedia as far back as February, 2013 and is still in print, with new angles and plenty of “debunking”. I am convinced that SHES was closed to students for good in June, 1980.

    2. To be fair, Wikipedia has thousands of editors literally working around the clock. When a big event occurs, those editors can get an article up fast. Crowdsourcing.

  6. This is an excellent article…thanks Tony.

    Wasn’t there also an odd death related to the disappearance of Robert Hoagland last July? I believe it had to do with his neighbor that just happened to be the last person that saw him. I think she died shortly after his disappearance, but I can’t remember any other details. I don’t even know if it is a true story or a mix up of some kind. But with all of the oddities that define the Sandy Hook Hoax, nothing would surprise me.

  7. Forgive me if previously noted, but many here probably remember that Mr. Hoagland was doing work for the sketchy attorney who is tied in w/Sandy Hook local gubbermint and has had his hand in the pot. I have long suspected that Mr. Hoagland found himself looking at information he probably shouldn’t have seen or heard….

  8. I was in a bicycle accident and shattered my jaw. The doctor couldn’t even count the fractures. So it is possible. I stopped reading due to that speculative comment.

  9. I have concrete evidence from Connecticut’s own 11 month investigation that more than one shooter involved. For example:








    1. My guess is that they had to gin up a report. They probably raided the evidence locker and the firing range and anything else they could throw in there (remember the toilet pics?).

      I’m not surprised that the evidence doesn’t work. I’m surprised that they would actually put it in the report (if that’s what you want to call it). Maybe they thought the sheer volume of it would prevent anyone digging too deep.

  10. I have concrete evidence from Connecticut’s own 11 month investigation that more than one shooter involved. For example:








    1. Everyone dying at Yale hospitals? Weren’t the tactical EMT’s who officially declared the victims dead from a Yale Hospital? (Danbury). Let’s not forget that Adam Lanza’s psychologist Dr. King worked for…you guessed it – Yale.

      Purely coincidental, I’m sure.

      1. How could we forget Dr. Fox – the one who allegedly moved to New Zealand?


        “Remember that, until 2007, Lanza’s primary psychiatrist was Dr. Paul Fox who, in 2012, accused of having sexual relations with his patients, surrendered his license to practice medicine in New York and Connecticut, destroyed his records and moved to New Zealand.”

    2. Just a point of fact. .223 is NOT less powerful than 5.56. It is just a slightly different diameter projectile. 5.56 is far more common in civilian hands as surplus ammo is 5.56 and available in bulk. .223 is commercial production only and more expensive. Most AR-15s have barrels marked 5.56. A lot of people, LEOs included, use the names 5.56 and .223 as interchangeable even though there is a small dimensional difference between the two and they are not actually the same. I’m not disputing anything else in the list, and I do believe that we do not have the whole story about what happened.

      1. I disagree. They both take the same .224 projectile. The casings have slightly different shape. 5.56 cases are of thicker metal and can be loaded to higher pressures. 5.56 should not be fired from a .223 chamber(but they will, done it myself with no jams). .223 can be fired from either chambering with no safety issue.

  11. Very nicely done. There’s a lot in there. First, being older than “62”, it strikes me odd that a man that age who rode bicycles in races would go to the “geezer center” to recover. Maybe he “resisted” when they tried to finish him off?

    The string of young deaths is also strange. As you point out, those with access to information are largely gone, save two. That’s convenient.

    I’m posting this as a reminder of our ever-present connection to drills:


    Also, the “Ryan” arrest is indeed odd. I remember dissecting this early on and finding nothing believable about any aspect of it. To me it looks as if there was an earlier version of the story that just didn’t work out. (see “drills” above).

    I read a piece that contained the information drrjp is referring to. Those items are certainly odd and require explanations. The principle difference in the SHES episode is that it has remained more-or-less in the public’s memory. That is inevitable as they are still using it.

    The others have “disappeared” rather quickly. This could have a bearing on the need to eliminate “weak links” in the coverup. Anything involving Malloy and Holder can come to no good.

    Lastly, the “Turkey” connection is strange as well. People DO go there, but it is usually because they have some connection to the place. From what Anne found it appears that “the Missus” is doing fine without her “bread winner”. “Poof”, he’s gone.

    No matter what anyone thinks of this, they should admit that Connecticut is an “odd” place.

  12. It looks like the Sandy Hook researchers here have uncovered something that they were never meant to see…. Something that works on a vast scale of manipulation, deceit and secrecy… High level engineering of a New Order… It seems we might have crashed into the “Breakaway Society” and their Shadow Government plans for our future… Something the general public was never meant to know… Amazing work…To all….

  13. I just wonder how these people look at themselves in the mirror, being part of this massive deception. Wayne Carver was so out of it, he must have taken a huge hit of nitrous before his press conference. Paul Vance was born too late and in the wrong country. I can picture him leading a Hitler Youth brigade book burning drive about 1940. Governor Malloy with his lackey at the lecturn admitting he knew the attack was coming. How would you react to Gene Rosen guiding your kids into his house? What a freak show up there in CT. All the resignations remind me of bugs running for the baseboards when the kitchen light is flipped on in the middle of the night.

    1. You are a newcomer here, “Baxter,” so your contract briefing papers obviously were incomplete. This topic HAS been discussed, primarily by me.

      The CIA invented the term “conspiracy theory” as a technique to discredit independent researchers, and they used their plants throughout the MSM to spread the word (operation mockingbird: http://www.prisonplanet.com/analysis_louise_01_03_03_mockingbird.html Ask your handlers about it–as if you need to, ha ha!).

      So this meme that there are no alien abductions, that anyone who looks into the subject even, much less discovers what’s really going on with that stuff, are just as nuts as people who laugh at the Warren Commission report. Thanks, “Baxter”! You guys/girls are quicker and quicker to reveal yourselves these days. How I long for the cat-and-mouse chase good ole’ “Carl” had us going with, for months, before he couldn’t still pretend to be honest any longer. He invited me to join him in Sandy Hook, to aid in his “investigation.” Ha ha! Brilliant! I’ll bet he’s been promoted for that fantastic performance, and all they have is you. Pathetic. But, in an economy in a great depression for closing in on a decade, college grads, I guess, will take any job on offer, no matter how much it means selling your soul. Me, I’d advise you to take up street hustling: it’s a lot more dignified (and James Dean was able to leverage it into a career as a movie star, so there’s that!).

      1. I think you’re tilting at windmills here as I do not take these stands as farcical; rather too often our race of being takes for itself as “rational” much to the dismay and discredit of what we can become

        It is through the mystical/supranatural that we can fully synthesize what is real. Unfortunately in most cases, that has the veneer of satire

  14. This is a great compilation and we are only a little over a year and a half into the customary eliminations. Two more names can be added to this list. Farfetched maybe, but as long as the state of Connecticut keeps Sandy Hook alive by having large award ceremonies for just about everyone who’s alive in the western part, stories with connection to Newtown and Sandy Hook remain open for scrutinizing.

    First we have the multimillionaire with strong ties to St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown. He was shot by police in his Ridgefield mansion; in the kitchen police finally agreed upon, after a call came in to the local police department which saw it necessary to call in reinforcement from other towns. This took place in May of 2013.

    It was claimed that he pointed a gun at policemen when they arrived and that the gate to his estate was open. First they said he was shot outside and later it was changed to the kitchen. Another shooting incident with conflicting information. The 75 year old victim later died at Danbury Hospital.

    In the final report it is stated that his much younger female companion (one with several names) who had dropped by to pick up some clothes, called a cousin in Florida when Mr. Valluzzo acted in a threatening manner. The person in Florida called the local police in Connecticut, a call that ended the man’s life.

    The female companion recently filed a suit against the estate. She claims that a loaded gun was pointed at her chest. If I had a loaded gun pointed at my chest, I’m not so sure I would have the whereabouts to pick up a phone and call my cousin in Florida.

    I have a strong suspicion that due to this wealthy man’s connection to St. Rose of Lima Church, he has also been photographed with Pat Llodra, he was approached by the church or the town for a nice donation when charities were set up after the SHES event. Being an astute businessman, he would have done some checking. Not every day that a multimillionaire with a good standing in the community gets shot by police in his own mansion, but this is Connecticut after all. Again, the reason is pure speculation on my part since the truth is not forthcoming – yet.

    From the obituary:
    “He was a former member of St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown, where he served as a Eucharistic Minister. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Monday at 10:30 am at St. Rose of Lima Church, Newtown.”





    The second is a young photographer who lost his life in a tragic drowning back in June last year. He lived in New Milford, about thirteen miles from Newtown. On December 14, 2012 he posted two Instagram photos from St. Rose of Lima Church/School in Newtown. One showed what must have been crisis actors (or agents in civilian clothes) rounded up with their hands above their heads, while men in uniforms kept them in line holding big guns outside the front of the church. The other photo showed parents waiting to pick up their children who could not be released until the drill was over.

    There is no doubt this was from St. Rose because the two front doors were clearly visible with large Christmas wreaths. The same two front doors and wreaths were again shown in msm photos from Sunday December 16, 2012 when the church had a bomb scare during the sermon and everyone were evacuated. I posted the two Instagram photos on Sandy Hook Truth, a site that has since been removed, and the same two photos seem to be gone from the Internet as well. To me they were proof that a drill took place at St. Rose on December 14, 2012.

    The young photographer who took these photos, there may have been more, had a tragic accident last June. Being an experienced biker, he took his mountain bike to Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford, hit his head there and lost the bike. He could not remember exactly what happened and a friend described his eyes as “funny looking” after the accident.

    The next day his pregnant wife drives him to the park to retrieve the bike. She drives him there and leaves him, a guy with a head injury. I noticed that the first time I read it and said to myself – wait a minute, why leave? She was pregnant, but at least wait for him till he found the bike. No, she leaves according to the reports. That was the last time he was seen alive. Yes, experienced people have accidents all the time, mountain climbers and the like. But there are just too many coincidences here to be overlooked.

    During the six months between the photos from the drill at St. Rose of Lima Church and him drowning in the lake, what happened? A drill took place at St. Rose of Lima that day and he had photos to prove it.
    I also wonder if the spectacle at SHES was prerecorded to be aired at a different date – such as Dec. 14, 2012. If the school had been decommissioned, so much better. Who’s to say it actually happened that day? SHES and St. Rose of Lima are in very close proximity. The Newtown Bee is just up the road from St. Rose.

    The young man was missing for a week while an intense search of the lake and surrounding areas took place. The body of water between Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford to the north and Newtown to the south is about twelve miles long. He was found four miles south of where he vanished. Eric was a classmate of my daughter.

    From different news sources:

    NEW MILFORD–Professional photographer Eric Langlois of New Milford, who died as the result of an accidental drowning in Lake Lillinonah, was remembered as an “affectionate, endearing husband, patient, loving father, devoted son and brother and a wonderful uncle to his nieces and nephews” in an obituary published by The News-Times of Danbury.

    The calling hours are from 3 to 7 p.m. Sunday at Lillis Funeral Home in New Milford, the obituary said, and the Mass of Christian Burial will be Monday at 11 a.m. at the Canterbury School. Internment will be private.

    A link to the obituary is the latest posting on the Help Find Eric Langlois group page, which was created shortly after Mr. Langlois disappeared June 11 after returning to Lovers Leap State Park to try to retrieve a mountain bike that had ended up in the lake in a mishap a day earlier.

    Mr. Langlois’ wife, Amber, reported him missing June 11, which launched a search coordinated by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) that involved specially-trained units from area police departments. Mr. Langlois friends and family, including photographers from around the state, aided the official search with a vigorous volunteer effort based at Walnut Hill Community Church in New Milford.

    After searching from air, land and water for days, the DEEP announced last Sunday that the official search was being suspended. On Monday night, a vigil honoring Mr. Langlois was held at Lovers Leap, and Tuesday morning DEEP EnCon police found Mr. Langlois’ body floating in the lake near Lake Lillinonah Road North in Bridgewater. The recovery site was established at Bridgewater Town Park on Lake Lillinonah Road South.

    At the scene Tuesday, Capt. Raul Camejo of the Connecticut Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Police told reporters that it would be 24 to 48 hours before an official announcement was made about whether the body recovered was that of Mr. Langlois.

    “At this point we have made a recovery from Lake Lillinonah,” said Captain Camejo. “It’s been a long week. We do not like to recover bodies. It wears on you. This is the hard part of the job.”

    Captain Camejo said the discovery was called in from the shore by EnCon police at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, a week after Mr. Langlois disappeared in the lake—an expanded part of the Housatonic River that’s part of a hydropower operation and stretches from New Milford to Newtown. Mr. Langlois was attempting to retrieve a mountain bike that had fallen into the water while he was riding at Lovers Leap June 10.

    On Thursday, there was a bit of confusion as media outlets, including WTNH News and News-Times of Danbury, reported that the body was that of Mr. Langlois. Reached on his cell phone after the reports were posted Thursday afternoon, DEEP Communications Director Dennis Schain said the ID confirmation did not come through DEEP. “We don’t know that to be true or untrue,” he said yesterday. “We’re trying to check.”

    A source in the medical examiner’s office then told The Litchfeld County Times that the office could only provide the manner of death–accidental drowning–and was not confirming the identity of the body.

    However, a post at approximately 3:30 p.m. on the Help Find Eric Langlois group page on Facebook by Nicole Taylor-Photography said, “The body that was found in Lake Lillinonah was in fact that of our friend Eric Langlois. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. Thank you.”

    Where it happened – Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford:

      1. Thank you John. That link would not open for me, but someone else has posted some of the photos Eric Langlois took outside St. Rose of Lima School on Dec. 14, 2012. Link below.

        In these photos from the church/school are two policemen whose resemblance is more than remarkable to two men seen with a third one in Boston on April 15, 2013.

        In the bottom left photo is a policeman walking by himself to the right. He looks like one of the men in the famous BMB photo with a cap on and running with two others, all three wearing khaki pants and dark jackets.

        The bottom right photo shows a partial policeman to the left. He too looks like one of the men in the BMB photo described above, the one in the middle who is running and holding a gun.

        Two months after BMB, photographer Eric Langlois is dead.

        Photos from St. Rose of Lima drill on Dec. 14, 2012:

        Photo of the three running khaki men in Boston is in this link, don’t know how to post just a photo:

      2. Yes Anne, it’s a “small world” (especially if you’re in the psyop racket). There is a remarkable resemblance. Photography is becoming a dangerous occupation.

    1. Anne, thanks for reminding us of these. As to the first, Mr. Valluzzo, it appears that little has happened to clear this up since the beginning. I’ve said before that his service as a “Eucharistic Minister” is very common, been one myself.

      Given what we know of the place it is likely that they have “911” service even in Newtown. She may like the service in Florida better but it hardly explains the “disconnect”.

      While it is certainly becoming more common for the Stasi to arrive, guns ablaze, a simple phone call probably could have cleared the matter up. It is also probably true that he didn’t make his millions by taking in out-of-state laundry.

      I like your speculation about investigating a charity before contributing. From what I read he seems the sort to be both cautious and upstanding. In the absence of any explanation for who the young lady was or what she was doing there, it leaves a large hole in the knowledge base.

      The photographer is also a mystery. As you said, after suffering an injury and crashing his bike into the (lake?), he has his wife drive him back and she leaves him? I suppose it could happen.

      Being Catholic I suppose I’m not as naturally suspicious of the Church as some. That doesn’t mean I ignore evidence or find them beyond reproach. In the case of St. Rose of Lima, there are many anomalies. The foremost being the Monsignor.

      We know that they had conducted drills there previously. That’s where the footage shown on TEE VEE of the “assault” came from. We know (or suspect), that nuns were at the firehouse. Were they there to participate in the drill? It is likely.

      There is a connection, I’m not sure just what it is. Money I suspect. I did not believe the story of the Monsignor rushing to the scene in his Beemer. Priests driving Beemers annoy me. It’s unseemly. I could tell a story of a fat priest I knew once who drove a Cadillac. He was “disappeared” after being found with his hand in the collections.

      Just when pictures or videos were taken is hard to be substantiate. I am sure that many stores of “stock footage” went into these presentations. While many of them appear to be sequential, seeing is not believing.

      Someone recently tallied over 60 of these drills that “went live”. Only the most rabid “coincidence theorist” could accept that as normal. It is not unusual for people to die or disappear in small towns. Those events are rarities, however, especially when they have a common denominator.

      One way to look at this is that we are quite naturally shocked when these things happen at home. We forget that they rain death and destruction on, mostly brown people, the world over without remorse. I doubt that they have any pangs of conscience about a little “collateral damage” at home.

      My advice is that, if it seems unnatural, it probably is. These suspicions are often reinforced by the absence of any real effort to get to the bottom of them.

    2. Thanks Anne. I had not heard of these or I probably would have included them. EnCon seems to be an extension of the Federal Government now. Connecticut must be a scary place to live.

  15. Wow. Thanks Tony Mead, Anne B. et al. I have to believe that many people must be re-thinking their involvement in this as loose ends are tied up. This stage show may have been sold to them as a way to prevent killings through gun control and “mental health” but I have to wonder what they are feeling about the whole thing now. I concur Patrick, Baxter seems like a paid shill. These people always appear when damning information is dug up in my opinion. As always, I’m amazed by the brilliant research done here, thanks again.

  16. lophatt says above that Connecticut is a ‘weird place;’ I heard in the last year from a kid in county college outside Hartford that his psychology text book claimed 45% of the population was gay. He also surmised that Connecticut may be an official ‘testing ground’ for this psy op stuff in various iterations. Certainly floating those kinds of numbers to account for how many gays and even bisexuals exist is cartoonish and may well be part of psychological testing. The most extreme number I’ve ever heard from even NYC liberalista gays was like 10%, which still seems sort of high even including bisexuals.

    Anyway, there’s something beyond strange about Connecticut. I heard other stuff like that in grade school little blond kids are sent to one side of the classroom to play ‘slaveowners’ while the rest of the children stand as ‘slaves’ on the other. That kind of hard core indoctrination would never work in my state, which shares a border with Connecticut. There really seems to be no backbone to the culture there.

    1. Hard to keep up with all the prejudices, Sue. I don’t think it’s OK to discriminate against people based on their orientation either. I really hate pedophiles but I don’t believe being gay automatically makes someone one. You have a right to your opinion as always, but just as an observation you seem to judge others based on their race, religion and now sexual orientation A LOT. People have told me Connecticut’s weird but coming from Cali, which people think is uber-weird, I think I’ll just refrain from judgement from now on. To be fair there’s probably a lot of people in Sandy Hook who had nothing to do with the drill too, and are pretty stunned by the whole thing right now

      1. Calimom I identify as anywhere between lesbian and bi, and have traveled among lesbian circles virtually all my life. I’ve marched proudly with the Dyke March in NYC and I graduated from a women’s college.

        It’s not that I don’t get why some jump to conclusions about my perspectives or beliefs, given that americans are so brainwashed to think in black and white terms, and that anyone defending white people is assumed to be supremacist and also, sexist, etc. (most to many advocates for whites are in my experience) by the media and ‘reality creationists,’ but I don’t get why so many skeptics can’t step back and reconsider such assumptions at least a little.

    2. No backbone in CT? You’re kidding right?

      This is where the American supra-elite in everything go home to roost. Think about their license plates:

      1) Nicknames: Constitution State, Arsenal of the Nation, Provisions State, Land of Steady Habits

      2) Tourism Slogan: Full of Surprises

      3) Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet (latin) which means “HE WHO TRANSPLANTED SUSTAINS”

      Despite all of their mistakes, tptb who run the state honestly believe that they can get away with everything (SCOT FREE AND RICHER may be their next motto).

      Thanks to all folks here, like Tony, who need to know the truth.

    3. Those are good observations. I DO think there’s a long history of them being on “the cutting edge” of social engineering. Old Man also has a point. These are people who don’t get crabs, they get lobsters.

      Whether psychopaths are born that way or created through “nurture”, this is where they often end up. That would be an interesting study in itself. What is the percentage of psychopaths in Connecticut?

      For what it’s worth, this goes further to explain what we’re seeing than we may think. When a psychopath encounters resistance, they push harder. Having no morals or scruples is “empowering”.

      After a lifetime of bullying and stealing in The City, they often retire early to live “the simple life”. Of course, to a psychopath, not being in charge is like suffocation. Manipulation is the air they breathe.

      So yes, Sue is right, that’s what I meant. Connecticut is weird. Given that Obongo is the proud owner of a Social Security Card that once belonged to a resident of Fairfield Hills, it is a fair assumption that there is a history of dark doings in the area. It isn’t the only area where these things occur, it just happens to be particularly active and has brought a lot of attention to themselves lately.

      Just like cowboys go to Nashville, psychopaths prefer Connecticut.

      1. Lophatt, you wrote “Just like cowboys go to Nashville, psychopaths prefer Connecticut.” It made me laugh. Having lived in both places, it is so true. But Nashville has its own demons in the music industry; many Laurel Canyons in Nashville and adjacent – the country version.

  17. Very interesting to read the police report on the shooting of Valluzzo. His gun was not loaded. The thing with the cousin in Florida could have been set up beforehand. Maybe the girlfriend was told that she could sue the estate – which she is now doing – and that would be her payoff for engaging in the sham.

    1. Barbara, they need you at the DA’s office! Anne has been pointing to this event for a long time. So far it hasn’t “caught fire” with any of the local authorities.

      It is always telling when they go to such pains to invent boatloads of minutia about non-events but, when faced with an obvious odd real event, they have nothing to say.

      Well, I suppose that is a sign of the times. If the government PIO didn’t hand it out at the “press” briefing it doesn’t make the cut. I have to assume that it wan’t Mr. Valluzzo’s normal behavior to run around his kitchen waving a gun.

      Like you said, I wonder if any suits have been filed?

      1. Never mind my last question. I went back and read Anne’s links. She is indeed suing.

        In the same article they have him on the lawn and in his house. His gun was empty and “loaded with a type of ammo that could take the officer’s life”.

        No where does it ask the question: “what the heck happened?”. One of the articles claims that HE was calling 911 and shouting “home invasion”.

        Well, we’ll never know. Nothing to see here, move along.

      2. Another thing. Why was Mr. Valluzzo’s gate open? The estate has an impressive wrought iron gate. These gates are not normally open, but it was after the female companion arrived to pick up some of her clothes. The gate being open enabled police from several towns to enter the property without hindrance.

        Mr. John Valluzzo founded the Military Museum of Southern New England back in the mid nineties in Danbury. The museum displays around 10,000 items and he was passionate about the exhibition. He most likely had some samples of this large exhibition at his home from time to time. It would not be strange for such a collector to hold a gun in his hand now and then without meaning any harm. No credible witnesses exist in this case.

        John Valluzzo’s family filed an intent to sue last fall. Don’t know for sure if that needs approval by the state claims commissioner who still is Vance Jr.



  18. Reblogged this on TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln and commented:
    Absolutely, positively, incredible that so many people in the United States just lap up government lies, endorse gun control, and go back to watching the World Cup or Kim and Khloe Kardashian…. CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY! I cannot stand what has happened to America—we are the premier nation of the living dead… dead above the neck, anyhow….

    1. “Making threatening phone calls” doesn’t seem like a federal crime. They say he made the calls from Florida. Why would Connecticut have any jurisdiction? They just make this up as they go.

      1. Lophatt, actually Wilfrido Cardenas Hoffman made 96 phone calls to Newtown residents from his home in El Hatillo, Venezuela just days after the SHES event – presumable in English with all those phone numbers handy and money to pay for the calls. He was arrested in Miami recently on his way to Mexico and shipped to New Haven. Thus we have Florida and Connecticut deeply involved and soon perhaps Venezuela too, making it an international affair. Perhaps Mexico wants to chime in.

        Last fall there was some hoopla with Venezuela expelling high ranking US diplomats and US retaliating with expelling Venezuelan diplomats. I am sure this latest has nothing to do with such serious international political intrigue, although jailbird Hoffman shares last name with Elizabeth Hoffman who was one of the US diplomats expelled from Venezuela. That has to be a genuine coincidence.


      2. Perhaps Herr (or is it Senor) Hoffman could be persuaded to make crank calls to the Venezuelan state department as sort of “community service” and retaliation for them treating our “diplomats” so shabbily.

        Maybe they’re related. One branch got picked up for “Operation Paperclip” and the other was left to hang out with Herr Bormann south of the border.

  19. From Newtown’s Board of Education meeting June 30, 2014.

    We learn that wounded teacher Natalie Hammond is resigning as well as chairman of the Board of Ed, Debbie Leidlein. Heroic teacher and Glamour Woman of the Year, Kaitlin Roig, has been extended a leave of absence; presumably to continue her inspirational speaking tour.

    It appears that some residents of nearby Bethel and New Milford, both with their own school systems no better or worse than Newtown’s, prefer Newtown schools to their own. A marketing ploy to draw students from other districts was mentioned.

    Reading further down in the minutes a familiar name emerges – Consigli Construction. I did not go into all the details of Consigli’s numbers listed by the board, but it seems they will get the honor of rebuilding some of what they tore down.


    Item 6 – Consent Agenda
    MOTION: Mrs. Roche moved that that the Board of Education approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes of June 3, 2014, donations to Sandy Hook School, Newtown High School, along with a donation to each school from Big Y Foods, the resignations of Natalie Hammond, Paul Jones, Emily Diker, Kristin Compton, Nicholas Drouin, and Brianne Panzarella, and the extension of a leave of absence for Kaitlin Roig.

    Item 8 – Reports
    Chair Report: Mrs. Leidlein stated that with deep regret after tonight she would step down as chair and feels this is in the best interest of Newtown. She needs to focus more attention to matters at home.

    Tuition for the 2014-2015 School Year:
    MOTION: Ms. Hamilton moved that the Board of Education set tuition at $16,000 for the 2014-2015 school year.

    Dr. Erardi said we had requests from New Milford and Bethel for children to attend our schools. He endorses the $16,000 tuition and is excited that others are looking to have their children come to our district. Mr. Vouros asked how we would market ourselves to draw students from other towns. Dr. Erardi stated we would look at what unique programs we have that will entice other students. Depending on the number of students coming from other towns, we would have to decide if there would be an offsite location for a regional program.



    1. “Tuition”? Sixteen thousand dollars? Maybe its the “retro thing”. They want their kids “educated” in a 1950’s style building. Resignations and cash distributions.

      Why would they be coming from other towns? Maybe they need to build tunnel systems too.

      I gather Ms. Roig is still undecided on her new gig. The Tragedy Tour and full-gospel Gun Grab.

  20. Here’s strong evidence of the poorly scripted event from the official police report:

    Exibit -139 logger 45170321, never got the attention it deserves. It is THE 911 call, the one taken by Jen, and demanded to be shut down by what I believe to be an FBI special agent playing Robert Nute, – the volunteer fireman.

    ” Nute” was glorified in the early aftermath, but is now conspicuously absent. No award for poor “Nute.” True, he didn’t appear to know the 911 dispatch system, letting 911 calls go unanswered, hanging up on others, and failing to ask callers, except Rick Thorne, to identify themselves.

    The caller is an unidentified hyperventilating and rather effeminate male. Sound like anyone you know? Yep, it’s dead on for thespian Robbie Parker. Look closely at the transcript. First he’s in the school and the shooting is outside. Then he’s out, afraid to help his daughter by going in.

    He doesn’t just tell the local Newtown operator what school he is in, but also gives the city and STATE! Neither the Police or Jen seem to be familiar with Sandy Hook. It sounds as though the school was decommissioned, repurposed for special ed and other classes, and known to locals as “Dickenson.”

    VOICE: “Testing.”
    CSP: “911 State Police – Help you?”
    PARKER: “Yes. a shooting at Sandy Hook!”
    CSP: “What school ma’am?
    PARKER: “Sandy Hook in Newtown. Please!”
    CSP: “In Newtown?”
    PARKER: “Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut.”
    CSP: “Alright. Stay on the line, I’ll put you through, transfer you to Newtown.”
    (Loud Dial Tone)
    CSP: “Alright. Stay on the line Ma’am.”
    (Hyperventilation and ringing)
    (Loud Beep – tone of hyperventilation changes slightly. Edit?)
    (Ringing – low voice can be heard in background)
    PARKER: “Hello?”
    CSP: “Ma’am, are you picking up?”
    PARKER: “Yea.”
    CSP: “Alright. What do you see?”
    PARKER: “I hear shooting outside! I came in my daughter’s classroom-”
    JEN: “Newtown 911. How can I help you?”
    CSP: “Alright. You have one of the people in Newtown.”
    PARKER: “I hear shooting! Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown! Please!”
    JEN: “Oh, you’re at Dickenson School?”
    PARKER: “Wha – What?”
    JEN: “Are you at Dickenson?”
    PARKER: “NO! Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut!”
    JEN: “Ok, what’s going on there?”
    PARKER: “Please. I don’t know. I heard gunshots. (Unintelligible) Daughter’s classroom. Out of the building.”
    JEN: “Are you able, are you in a room where it’s safe?”
    PARKER: “I’m OUTSIDE the building. “I’m afraid to go in the front door.”

    This is where, on the other recorded 911 feed, Nute thunders: “JEN, I NEED YOU TO PUT DOWN THAT PHONE.”

    JEN: (sound of a page turning – then click. Abrupt end of call.)


    1. That IS interesting. I’ve speculated many times that maybe they were using SHES for special ed.. Good call on Nute (Newt?).

      Of course I think this whole thing was a drill. You’ve got him (Parker?), calling to establish “shots fired”, then, you get the Janitor, Thorne. It certainly doesn’t sound like a call center. It sounds like some sort of script.

      We keep going over and over this. It’s good to do that, but I don’t believe any part of the “report” or the supporting information that goes with it. They had a year to construct a believable tale. They didn’t.

    2. JEN: “Oh, you’re at Dickenson School?”
      PARKER: “Wha – What?”
      JEN: “Are you at Dickenson?”
      PARKER: “NO! Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut!”

      So Parker does not know that Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut was located at Dickenson Drive – # 12 to be exact. And he is calling from there? What a hoot.

      Robert Nute got his recognition as well:

      The only one left out from the award/reward roster has to be the local dog warden. Not quite. At least his charges can look forward to a brighter future if this is true. Donations are finally going to something worthwhile and this should be easy to verify.


  21. On the basis of an effiminate male voice on a telephone line, an identification is made that it’s Robbie Parker! Ridiculous straw grasping nonsense.

    1. Did you listen? It sounds exactly like the same voice to me.

      On another SHH topic, of the First Responder Award Ceremony, which recognized 300 people loosely connected to the event, yet omitted many of the key first responders, according to the official report. I think the timing is interesting.

      This gathering occurred 18 months after the Sandy Hook shooting production, which is a rather long time to decide to dish out awards, especially on such a massive scale. I’ve planned many large events, and I don’t know how you could do this, with the speeches, presentation of 300 awards, reception and refreshments in less than three or four hours, especially without a graduation-style rehearsal. You wouldn’t do this without a solid reason.

      Two recent situations may have been the exigence for Newtown to honor just about anyone who happened to show up for the big day.

      First was Halbigs second trip to Connecticut in June, where he met with two Connecticut State Troopers, whom he knew, and who preferred to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. They told him what they knew and confirmed that is was a scripted event.

      This breaking of ranks must have been alarming, to say the least.

      The second reason for the ceremony? They just got 7.1 million. The DOJ “Consequence Grant” may also have been a result of the huge leak by the troopers. Time to pass out some cash and close ranks.

      The money was earmarked for a list of recipients, such as first responders, a community outreach liason (PR Rep,) and oddly – St Rose of Lima. The St Rose connections are many…

      1. Not simply are the “St. Rose of Lima” connections many, but the connections to the Catholic church are many. Everyone involved in both this and the Boston “Moronathon” appears to be Catholic.

        The exception could be Obama–but we don’t know who Obama is, anyway!

        As for the Connecticut troopers, they need to come forward with what they know, and with their names. Information given confidentially to Wolfgang Halbig does not cut it. Their best protection is to go public, anyway. Once the cat is out of the bag it does no good for the Dark Side to “off” them.

        1. “doesn’t cut it”

          yeah, no kidding! I hadn’t heard about that but it sounds as believable as the story about the florida troopers coming to his house threatening him. I talked to an ex-sheriff’s deputy that I know and he said sandy hook was fake too!

    1. I couldn’t get the video to play, and its overlapped with music. But It can be found all over youtube. A miracle recovery for sure. I especially like the Satanic salute, you know the little horn thingy with the fingers. Its always nice when the sponsors identify themselves.

    2. fish, you’re the best. Thanks for pressing this crazy issue.

      lophatt and I have long argued that these are tests to see how effective the programming has been over the last few decades, by making the scenarios ever-increasingly impossible to believe, and speeding up their foldout.

      This girl takes the cake! I couldn’t be happier than her if I won the $500,000,000 lottery. The happiest survivor of the wholesale slaughter of one’s family on record, easily, and no grieving time at all! She LOVES that her whole immediate family is dead! Coolest thing ever! Flash the devil sign! Dude!

      They think the American people are stupid. Now, they are certain they are correct.

      P.S. Thanks for posting the Australian guy. He’s a scream.

      1. Oh man! I’m sorry for saying this, being a pessimist like yourself. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Save me a bunk. I will see you to Fish!

      1. “We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200. Please message for details.” ~Houston Craigslist

    3. Fish, those are GREAT videos. They’re selling these events like they were cheeseburgers. “But wait, if you call within 30 minutes, we’ll double down on this BS. If you send money, we’ll send you a green ribbon and place you on our ‘Chump of the Month’ list”.

      Why did I choose an honest life (sigh). I could have been RICH (no offense, Rich)! Just think of the millions out there begging to be fleeced. All I need is a picture of an Eskimo child on a shrinking ice flow, and a charity website. It’s pure gold.

      In this case we could buy a load of shoes. We could repackage them in patriotic wrapping and sell them one shoe at a time. We’ll double our investment!

      I loved the part where the guy and his son are making their getaway. He supposedly just “lost” one son and gave his “wookie” to the medics. The medics went AWOL. I don’t know where they got those wigs. They must have had a hair spray explosion in the prop room.

  22. We may also want to consider as missing key Newtown first responders who were not invited to the massive state awards ceremony a few days ago. Governor Malloy honored 300+ dispatchers, first responders, and second responders who were (in his words) “at work that day,” to include FBI personnel. Not one, single Newtown dispatcher was there. Nor were the very first men to arrive on scene: McGowan, Kullgren, Chapman, Smith, Bahamonde, Vanghele, Kehoe, Rios, Penna, et al. Nor was a single member of Newtown fire or EMS–not one. The excuse given is that the individuals honored were all somehow connected to the state, and that the only reason two (two?!) Newtown individuals appear–Silver and Bean–is that they were somehow liaising with the state. This doesn’t wash, because paramedic Bernie Meehan, Deputy Chief of Danbury Fire, was honored (as well as the aforementioned FBI), along with numerous regional personnel. In addition, Jenn Barocsi, the Newtown ECC dispatcher who provided the *only* link between CSP and NPD in the early moments of the response via her phone call with CSP dispatcher Timmy Loomis, was not honored. As literally the only conduit of information between local and state police, who stayed on the phone with CSP while simultaneously trying to field numerous 911 calls and other duties, she should have been at the top of the list of honorees. A woman signing her name as “Fairfield County EMT Lisa D” has posted a passionate response to the glaring absences at the award ceremony in an open letter to Gov. Malloy: http://newtown.patch.com/groups/fairfield-county-emt/p/letter-in-response-to-awards-given-to-sandy-hook-emergency-responders

    How do you hold the largest ceremony in history for first responders to Sandy Hook while completely, utterly ignoring the very first responders? How do you ignore the man who literally took the first 911 call and proceeded to dispatch police, fire, EMS and liaise with town and regional officials for hours? How do you honor 300 guys who arrived on scene to find that scene no longer active thanks to the actions of bizarrely-unacknowledged Newtown PD? According to the official story, not *one* CSP or regional member of law enforcement was on scene when bullets were flying (I know this isn’t true, but according to Sedensky, those are the facts).

    Rant over–a governor and his administration cannot possibly accidentally forget to invite the primary responding agency. Which means their absence was purposeful (according to Lisa D., they were not invited).

    What’s the message? Could it have anything to do with the very palpable sense that lawyers are circling over Newtown Public Schools and NPD headquarters? The past several months have seen a sharp increase in public statements by the parents to the effect that their children would have lived if Newtown schools had done things right.

    Compounding (or perhaps, at the root of) the issue is that the 9:46:54 gunshot seems almost certainly to have been fired by NPD. It is my strong opinion that that shot, and the almost 5 minutes it then took to announce “suspect down” at 9:51:31 a.m., hold the key to this case.

  23. The troopers handed over 11,000 pages of documents which include contradictory officer affidavits, and it appear to be a script. Halbig is currently seeking a publisher, and finding the enormity of it to be prohibitive.

    Personally, I like to think that I would come forward immediately, but also can see where it would probably be a futile gesture, career suicide and potentially dangerous. If the Connecticut troopers are married with children, their public statements would be very tough on the family. This cat has been out for a long time – yet there has been no grand jury investigation, nor coverage by MSM.

    These two troopers were not aware of the situation until well after the production. At least they contacted Halbig, and gave him very persuasive documentation to support his upcoming civil suit on behalf of the young man arrested for making telephone calls to ME H Wayne Carver’s office.

    Duke Reichart has been meeting with an MSM team, who were unaware of most of the evidence in support of this being a staged event. From what I understand, they are interested in breaking the hoax, and are currently reviewing the various permutations and evolutions of the Newtown situation.

  24. After some deep internet surfing, using ‘Dickenson School,’ instead of ‘Sandy Hook,’ I just found this. Sandy Hook was being used as a commercial child care center called ‘Education Connection.’


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    Education Connection School Age Program


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    12 Dickenson Dr Sandy Hook, CT 06482 – Directions

    About Education Connection School Age Program

    Education Connection School Age Program is located at 12 Dickenson Dr, Sandy Hook, CT. This business specializes in Child Care Services.

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    1. That was sharp of you to follow that lead, Sandy. I don’t know where “12” Dickinson Drive is, though. Does anyone?

      Moreover, the correct spelling of it should be with an “i,” based on the dead First Selectman it was named for, so maybe that change will bring some other information up. I realize there are other “sources” out there spelling Dickinson with an “e.”

      As for Halbig, I support his quest, because he asked the right questions. Those questions have remained unanswered. I don’t like the excuses–such as “too much to publish”–though, as well as the apparent money chase. Those things detract from his credibility; but again, it’s the questions that matter, not Halbig, necessarily.

      1. 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482, is the address for the now demolished Sandy Hook Elementary School. Education Connection is a franchise business, and they are all over. From one link I found, it appears they opened up at 12 Dickenson in 2008.

      2. It is Dickinson Drive, although some maps and other sources have it as Dickenson Drive.

        “Since 2008, Education Connection-School Age Program has provided quality child care for local families. Education Connection-School Age Program serves the community by giving busy parents piece of mind and creating a fun, safe environment for children to play and learn. Education Connection-School Age Program is conveniently located at the corner of Boggs Hill Road and Hattertown Road and serves the Newtown area. The Center Director, Donna Deniston, offers a Readiness Program 3 4 & 5 Year Olds and many more. The center is open from 6:15am and closes at 6:30pm from M-F. Other offerings include: State Licensed,Same Location,Readiness Program 3 4 & 5 Year Olds,Ages 6 Week – 5 Years”

        The Education Connection-School Age Program has moved to 94 Boggs Hill Road in Newtown, same location as Head O’Meadow School.
        The director is reported as Donna Deniston, but could actually be Donna Denniston who is very much affiliated with the Newtown School District. Apparently the program is run out of Hawley Elementary School as well.

        Melinda R says:

        Although it is extremely convenient for my son to have been a part of this program, I do not recommend it as a positive enriching environment for children. The staff on site at Hawley Elementary School use control oriented punishments such as isolation and intimidation with the children. My son who had never been in any ‘trouble’ in his 10 years of life, whether it be extra-curricular, play dates, organized sports, or in the school classroom was continually unhappy and discouraged by the Education Connection staff at Hawley accusing him of causing problems. As a mom of four children, three of which are high honor students, one a recent graduate of Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine I do not recommend this program to any parent.
        Posted: Feb 01, 2014 at 01:35 PM



        Donna Denniston is married to Garret L. “Denny” Denniston, featured here:



        1. Geez, so this program “Education Connection” is actually run out of Head o’Meadow School? And the former Sandy Hook School? And the Hawley School?

          What can that mean?

          I wonder if it is preschoolers lined up for that one photo of the drill in front of the fire station. They did look like very little children.

          It all gets curiouser and curiouser.

        2. Education Connection has a long list of educational products – day care, adult education, special education, and after school programs. All that seems to fit with the cluttered look of the old Sandy Hook school building – not a typical well-funded public school. After all, the majority of Sandy Hook households earn over six-figures. It didn’t fit.

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