MJMOn this week’s installment of Checkin’ It Out we are joined by Michael J. Murphy, director of the documentary films, What in the World Are They Spraying? and Why in the World Are They Spraying? Murphy is an award winning director/producer, political activist, and President of The Coalition Against Geoengineering. His work focuses on issues that go beyond the interest of the corporate mainstream media and includes originating and Co-Producing the aforementioned groundbreaking documentaries, in addition to several other short films that address the chemtrails / geoengineering phenomenon.

Murphy intends to soon be in production of his next film, with Co-Producer Barry Kolsky, titled, WHO in the World is Spraying? He has a strong history of community service which has lead him to become a founder in the building of two inner-city community food banks and taking on the leadership roles in several empowering community events. He has also has also appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows around the world.

Additional information is available at whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com.



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32 thought on “Michael J. Murphy on the Real Environmental Crisis”
  1. What a terrific interview! I myself have bought each DVD, three T-shirts (great activism tool!), and donated a small sum towards future endeavors. T-shirts, especially, are a good way to start a dialogue and an easy way to increase awareness.

    I am especially impressed with Michael’s attitude of love and patience towards our enemies; I know I can be more diligent and conscious in my attempt at constant personal growth. With that in mind, I confess that I struggle with how to love someone who has demonstrated a willingness to harm me and mine (and you and yours) for their own personal gain. And clearly, those who are perpetrating this terrible evil are willing to lie to us, and they have proved that they harbor no compunction about exploiting their power, position, and wealth to achieve their goals, which may or may not be for the common good (yeah, I doubt it). I would be willing to listen (if they were actually willing to talk, which they’re not), though I’d be listening with more than a little trepidation and even more cynicism.

    So in the spirit of wanting to be better than just “good enough”, how does one move forward from here?

  2. I interviewed Mike live on “Radio Free Moab” in Moab, Utah when he had just come out with his first film. I had just photographed three B2 stealth bombers creating an enormous synthetic cloud cover out of just one pass with their exhaust trails. The cloud dominated the sky-scape for a couple hours. The idea of stealth technology is to hide the aircraft’s presence. This was anything but that with one exception. The trailing B2 changed course and flew into the second’s one exhaust trail and vanished. Several years ago, I was waiting for a fare in my taxi. I had my laptop open looking through pictures of the synthetic cloud project when a man got in. I could smell vodka wafting out his pores; definitely pleasantly plowed. He saw one of my photos and said “I’m involved in that”… I replied oh, really? He said he was a manager at Locheed Martin and that “it is nothing to be too concerned about, we are working on things far more interesting than that.” I followed up with “what’s the real purpose of this”…his reply…”I don’t know, I’m not high up enough to know” Then he fell silent and would not say anything more, as if to say “I already said too much”. I have a friend that once worked at Locheed as a missile systems engineer. We were very friendly for several years and carried on long conversations by phone. I asked him what he knew about the synthetic cloud project. He said “it is nothing to be too concerned about” word for word what the other guy said. I asked him if he had to sign a non-dislosure agreement when he resigned. The line fell silent and he excommunicated me permanently. The same exact words “it is nothing to be too concerned about”.

  3. Checked out the FL radar to see why the Daytona race has been rained out two days in a row, it almost looks like the hurricane has never left! Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

    Here is a fascinating article on Greepeace’s complicity with weather engineering and a perspective of how aware those on the other side of the pond are.

    The author suggests we inform the environmental organization we would be contributors if they addressed the biggest manmade assault on our air, water and land, ever.


    1. While reading the breakingdownthnews article, I came across the reference to the “Holmestead page”. I was already familiar with those documents, having discovered them for myself about a year or so ago (http://www.holmestead.ca/chemtrails/shieldproject.html#added). I have yet to determine whether or not this site is legitimate or not, but I think it is…if it’s not, it’s a hell of a hoax. The information contained is remarkable in its scope as well as its accuracy.

      Anyone know more about this?

      1. Come on now Recynd77, can we take the advice of Michael J. Murphy and unite in a common cause?

        Have no clue about the history of this site but appreciated their clear explanation of why environmental groups, namely Greenpeace, are acting dumb on this huge attack on the environment of the world. MONEY from the new world order!!

        You are wondering if this a HOAX? Yes it is, but to claim those presenting the facts are the hoaxters, makes you appear to be part of the disinformation network….

        1. I’m not sure how to respond. Maybe you misinterpreted my post.

          I was questioning Brian Holmes’ site, not the article you posted, and I tried to do it in a way that wouldn’t cast aspersions. I know nothing about Brian Holmes (it’s true, I have not looked into his background–until I kept reading the article you posted, I didn’t even know he was a known chemtrails researcher) so I’m not going to assume he’s telling the truth. However, I don’t assume he’s lying, either. I just don’t know…so I asked other people here, whom I (more or less) trust to be fellow truth-seekers, their opinion. A simple, “He’s a known chemtrails researcher,” or, “It seems legit to me,” would have sufficed. I’ve been around long enough to have been fooled a time or two (or ten), many times by folks who seemed perfectly legitimate. I don’t know how else to avoid mis- or dis-information, or the pitfall of confirmation bias other than through discussion with others. But I assure you, I would have preferred to have been ignored than insulted.

          I did not mean to imply Holmes was a hoaxter. Re-read what I posted. Not only did I say that I thought the Holmstead papers were legitimate, but I also said that if it wasn’t, and it was a hoax (and there have been PLENTY where chemtrails are concerned, on both sides), it would be one hell of a hoax. But complicated, in-depth hoaxes DO exist…look at the manifestos of Elliot Rodger and Christopher Dorner. The Sandy Hook Final Report. Those documents look mighty convincing to many people.

      2. I can vouch for the Holmestead site 100%. Brian Holmes is a retired Canadian cinematographer. He became involved when they started spraying his beautiful place in northern Ontario.

        1. Thank you Anne B…that is what I was looking for. Sadly, I’d not found anyone else who had heard of Holmes (or was willing to discuss him or his work, anyway), but that may say more about how knowledgeable the company I keep is than it does anything else.

          Thank you, Anne…I belong to a local chemtrails group and we’ll be participating in September.

    2. …Had I kept reading the original article, I would have seen the bit from Brian Holmes, the Deep Shield interviewer and the author of the Holmstead pages. I’d still love to hear what others have to say about this.

      1. Recynd77 – Brian Holmes gave invaluable assistance to us in the Los Angeles area when we were getting our feet wet in the chemtrails crime scene. In Canada he’s better known than here. They have an annual garden tour where he lives on the Georgian Bay. From the photos he’s posted on his site, a feast for the eyes, flowers do extremely well in the climate there.

        There will two events in the Los Angeles area on September 27th. I’ll participate in the one closest to me. As Michael Murphy said in the excellent interview with professor Tracy, he became burnt out and needed a break. That is true for most of us, although I know a few who seem to have batteries that never quit.

  4. Great interview. It is so informative to listen to interviews where the subjects are permitted to speak freely. Too often these alt news (for lack of better term) are conducted simply by the host interjecting opinions for the guest to affirm.

    I was also grateful for the explanation as to why the film was delayed, as I have been wondering what happened to it. And how true it is that sidetracking hurts the whole movement.

  5. “Spraying” the skies is the little fish in a much larger and more powerful array of geoengineering possibilities. Look at the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons for major clues. These years indicate creating, strengthening and steering massive hurricanes. Hurricanes can destroys like an atomic bomb, yet leave no residual radiation. So the possiblility of a future world where war wanes — yet provides rebuilding — lives on in the form of destruction from geoengineering followed by rebuilding. Study the 2004 hurricane season: 4 hurricanes hit Florida: unprecedented. 3 of those hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Jeanne) intersect between the towns of Homeland and Ft Meade, FL: the intersection of 3 hurricanes is very rare occurence in a single season, but note the town names as well. 2 of those 4 hurricanes made landfall at virtually the same spot (Frances and Jeanne): unprecedented. Jeanne later tracks Frances’ path exactly until it gets to west Florida: unprecidented. Remember, this all happened in a single season. Also in 2004, Brazil experiences its first land falling hurricane in the history of Brazil: unprecedented. Hint: there are no hurricanes in the Souith Atlantic. They also have no hurricane naming system in the S. Atlantic. Dec 26 2004, the day after the biggest Christian holiday, the biggest Muslim nation, loses 250,000 in an Indonesian tsunami caused by an earthquake. In some ways, 2005 hurricane season was even more amazing. Look into it and see if you can figure it out. Hint: hurricanes ran way past the season end of Nov 30. We ran out of alphabet naming and went into the Greek alphabet. Look for hurricane intersections (four off the west coast of Cuba), hurricanes looping on themselves, Wilma, one of the lowest central pressures ever recorded. It went from a TS to Cat5 in 24 hours. Talk about a weapon. And lots more.

    BTW, look at the 2001 hurricane heading toward the northeast (Boston mostly?) on 9/11/2001. Then, on 9/11 the storm curves around to the NE. What’s that about?

    Taken further, consider the geoengineering posibilities: earthquakes, mud and landslides, forest fires, volcanoes, drought, floods… even guiding an asteroid to the earth and dropping it somewhere for political reasons.

    Main point may be that destruction drives rebuilding and has built-in deniability. Also, “chemtrails”, if they are even true, may be a bit of a distraction compared to larger events that hint at extremely large scale engineering controls over the environment.

    Watch out for Rube Goldberg contraptions for controlling the weather. Distractions IMO.

  6. Michael Murphy said a few things that bothered me. Most especially, he said it’d be best to sit down with a “Bill Gates” and try to level with him. This is the sort of thing they’re teaching in sociology nowadays –“let’s just sit down with people to see how they see things. Now who wants to join the Bahai. Who wants to be a UN earth citizen? Come on! You know you do!” Murphy needs to drop this garbage. This is why sociology and the other social sciences are dead disciplines. If you can’t cope with reality you must be deadened, in a coma.

    There are people in this world that order children in order to rape and kill them. They film it, and invite their fellow monsters over to watch it. They laugh and get their jollies out of it. These people are at the heights of power in this world. They don’t live in trailer parks as often as they live in Dubai skylines…. Sorry, it’s true — We may have to play a game to let people know what’s happening since we don’t have any power, but it is a serious game that we play. We are playing with monsters.

    If Murphy wants to sit down with someone he should start with Dane Wigington. It’s said the two had a tiff, and I think Murphy refers to it in his interview. Forget coming to a common ground with David Keith. He’s chosen his side. If he chooses another the burden of proof is on him. Damn Bill Gates. He’s deeply inscribed with evil. They don’t teach you this in Sociology, but believe it or not, some people spray you like bugs and think you are a bug, as they look down from their obelisks in the sky. This is illustrated in a film called “The Third Man.” The Orson Wells character, looking down from a ferris wheel that has circled him to the top (and stalled, I think), looks down and but what else does he see: ants.

  7. I must say, you’re right. Sometimes, a person with a soft heart unfortunately has a soft spine–and often a soft brain, too–and mix up their own desire for “peace, love and understanding” with the mistaken assumption that evil men share that desire. (I think that’s “what’s so funny” about it, incidentally–although I still don’t think I understand what Elvis Costello was talking about.)

    In The Third Man, Wells’ erstwhile pal Holly keeps defending him against Callahan’s (or is is Calloway?) real knowledge. Lime is a very likable monster, and soft hearted men with soft spines can’t bring themselves to deal with that. Gates is a very unlikable monster, which Murphy should know. Both inflict evil via vaccines, coincidentally.

    That soliloquy of Wells’ makes the blood run cold. Gates would never have the courage to admit that’s how he thinks about life. Me, I couldn’t imagine persuading Gates to turn away from his plans. I am, as you say, just another bug to be sprayed.

  8. I am observing an interesting phenomenon here in Seattle. For a year and a half now I’ve made note of the sky every day. We are used to being blanketed in chemtrails several days a week. Last summer I took special note of the fact that beginning July 4th, we enjoyed about 6 weeks completely chemtrail-free. It was an amazing stretch of the bluest skies. This July 4th we were totally covered in chemtrails so that the sky became whited out by mid-afternoon. Ever since then, however, not a single one to be found! It’s been 12 days. Yes, I’m counting. I am ecstatic to have the normal sky, but find this reprieve peculiar.

    1. From an email:
      Subject: Shasta County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting Record Breaking Attendance on Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Programs (Climate Engineering) – Watch the Video on the link below.

      OMG you should have been there!!! I was there and spoke about how these Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Programs are affecting forest fires and our health. Dane Wigington showed a powerpoint presentation that was followed by numerous experts and members of the public. People were packed in the room and we couldn’t get everyone who attended in the door. We are going to do the same thing at the Federal Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco and the California Environmental Protection Agency in Sacramento. Anyone interested in attending, please contact me as soon as possible.

      Below is the link to the Shasta County Board of Supervisor’s meeting on July 15, 2014 regarding health and environmental affects of geoengineering/climate engineering which is a worldwide program. There were several hundred people including a woman from Spain who represented European countries, numerous experts and people from all over California and as far as Oregon and other states. This was a record breaking attendance for a Supervisor’s meeting in Shasta County. I give thanks to all of the concerned people that took the time to come and share their knowledge and experiences while waiting for over 4 hours in over 105 degree heat and in a packed filled room.

      Please take the time to watch the video of this meeting. I hope it will inspire you to take action like this in your community. It is several hours long so I recommend that you scroll to the time code tabs below to find various speakers.
      Time Codes:
      Time 1:15:40 – Start of R7- Geoengineering Agenda Item
      Time 1:22:05 – Start of Dane Wigington and Public Presentations http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org
      Time 3:51:00 – Start of Richard W. Simon, Shasta County Air Pollution Control Officer’s Presentation http://www.4cleanair.org/shasta-county-air-quality-management-district
      Time 4:12:20 – Start of Board of Supervisor’s Comments and Unanimous “Yes” Votes http://www.co.shasta.ca.us/index/bos_index.aspx (Note: Be sure to watch Supervisor Kehoe’s compelling comments at the beginning.

      Anyone interested in joining Environmental Voices at an Environmental Protection Agency Public Meeting or need advice on how to organize a meeting like this in your community or please contact me.
      Our voices are being heard!
      Deborah J. Whitman, President
      Environmental Voices
      (916) 595-7197

      Shasta County, California is no stranger to geoengineering activists:
      From 2008:

  9. I hope this post gets to the core commenters on Memoryhole, as I think it’s quite important information. Please watch this very important video about Michael Murphy’s character assassination by (accused) usurper, Dane Wigington…this is a MUST SEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwffn137YBg (If the link doesn’t work correctly, search for WeatherWar101’s YouTube Channel; it should be one of the most recent videos.)

      1. Thanks for these links. Who knows what the real truth is? If the “experts” can’t agree (or even get along), it doesn’t seem like I stand much of a chance.

        I’ve been following the chemtrails thing for five years or more, and I am still not too much closer to the truth than I was when I started. Whenever I THINK I’m figuring it out, I find conflicting information. So I remain at “I know SOMETHING’S going on, but I’m just not sure exactly what.”

        So many of these activist groups devolve into cults of personality; this is a major reason why I’m not interested in joining them. Also, so much activism seems to hinge on demonstrations, and, like Lophatt, I don’t like the idea of petitioning the “Superiors” for better treatment. Instead, I try to live like they don’t exist, at least as much as possible.

        1. “living like they don’t exsist” , this is going to be VERY hard to do in 2 more years when there is NO food supply . I am sorry you are having a hard time with your research but this is all very simple to figure out, one rabbit hole leads right to the next, the who’s the why’s 7 the what’s are all there for anyone that delves into those rabbit holes without blineders on. We are being DESTROYED , our planet is being DESTROYED , dead & dying trees,plants insects ,species,people every where. Almost all food produced in the world is down to ONE HALF production from just 2 years ago , so see not so hard to figure out, chemtrails are meant to kill & THAT is what they are doing , all of us are next & we don’t have much time left, unfortunatelty it is this attitude & worse the brain dead zombies who refuse to even SEE the skies FILLED with chemicals 24/7 that is going to finish us off & quickly . don’t groom your children & grand children for a long life , they won’t have one , just love them now and make their remaining time as pleasant as possible , I don’t think we have 3 years left, not on this planet as we know it. it is all happening too fast now and right in front of our eyes, those of us that are not blind that is.

        2. Since this is “all very simple to figure out”, and I’m apparently too dim-witted to figure it out on my own, please tell me, who is it, exactly, I should be shaking my fist at? Who do YOU think is to blame? Yes, I can clearly see that SOMETHING nefarious is being done in our skies, but I can’t say with any certainty what exactly they’re doing…and nor can anyone else, including Dane Wigington and Michael Murphy. Nor can anyone seem to determine who’s doing it. So, based on pure assumptions, your solution is…what?

          After doing the same research as everybody else, after delving into the systems of finance, politics, social policy, education, medicine, religion, technology, international relations, etc., I kept running into the fact that I have very little control over any of it. What I DO have control over is myself and, to a lesser extent, my family. The world at large I cannot change, but I can affect my own, personal world…so that’s what I’ve done. With his consent, I withdrew my son from school. My husband and I worked to get ourselves (nearly) out of debt. We increased our participation in our church. We have prepared for emergencies of all kinds. We have “de-cluttered” our lives, both physically and emotionally. We focus our energy building relationships with our family and friends. We work to strengthen ourselves spiritually and physically. We consciously make an effort to live the kind of life that we wish to have…and we are happier and healthier for it. This, I believe, is time and energy well-spent, and none of it required petitioning, sign waving, or foot stomping…it’s obvious that those in charge couldn’t care less about me anyway.

          Like with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s model of 5 stages of grief, “acceptance” doesn’t mean “going quietly”, but coping with the hand you’ve been dealt.

      2. Must just be a total coincidence that the next documentary coming out is WHO in the World is Spraying.

        We do know they are spraying the entire world and there fore have the power to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

        Recynd you are right, they enjoy and encourage the folks to protest, let’s not forget the ridiculous occupy campaign they financed!

        We had a very successful garden this year that helped to feed many families!

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