SPU_shooting2By James F. Tracy

In a move redolent of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and similar unexplained events, attorneys representing Seattle Pacific University and as many as 30 anonymous parties connected to the June 5 campus shooting there have filed a lawsuit requesting to block release of surveillance video of the event captured by the school’s security cameras.

[Image credit: seattlepi.com]

The unnamed parties claim to be either victims or witnesses of the shooting. SPU attorneys are asking for a temporary restraining order against the King County Prosecutor’s Office and the Seattle Police Department, who presently are in possession of the video.

Both the King Prosecutor and Seattle Police believe they are required to release the records under Washington public records laws.[1]

Aaron Ybarra’s lawyer filed a separate motion asking that  judge prevent release of the video and other records. Ybarra has been charged with murder and attempted murder in the shootings. Public defender Ramona Brandes is also asking a judge to prevent the release of Aaron Ybarra’s personal journal following a request by media outlets. Brandes claims the release would violate Ybarra’s state and federal constitutional rights and impede his ability to receive a fair trial.[2]

As discussed here in recent weeks, in the unusual Isla Vista and Las Vegas mass shooting events, law enforcement agencies charged with carrying out the investigations have withheld their official incident reports, opting to manage the aftermath of each event through their public affairs officers.[3]

Members of the news media often file requests for information about high-profile criminal cases and other significant stories. Several Seattle area news media organizations requested the security camera video, the 9-1-1 calls and Ybarra’s personal journal.

In the SPU lawsuit, the victims and witnesses affiliated with the university argue release of the footage would have a “catastrophic impact on their lives,” by causing them to recollect the events of that day. They further contend such evidence would only bring notoriety and attention to Ybarra.

The university also claims releasing the video will reveal confidential information about their security system and compromise campus safety and security.

An immediate hearing on the request for a temporary restraining order is set for the afternoon of July 3 at the King County Courthouse. A hearing on the request by Ybarra’s lawyer in the criminal case is set for July 7.[4]

Close to nineteen months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre–the almost certainly fraudulent event most every feckless political leader and law enforcement agency still invokes to justify heightened security and mental health measures to keep children “safe”–no surveillance video of the bloodletting, or of alleged shooter Adam Lanza marching through the school, has been produced.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is notorious for carrying out phony terror and active shooter-related events to justify the “war on terror,” and their agency’s continued relevance.[5] Keeping this in mind, over the past few years especially the FBI has been involved in coordinating dozens of “live shooter drills” throughout the United States. Federal and local authorities design such exercises to be as authentic as possible. As I reported in 2013,

The FBI has teamed up with an existing active-shooter training program —Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) — begun in Texas after the 1999 Columbine High School shootings and funded in part by the US Department of Justice. The FBI sent roughly 100 tactical instructors to ALERRT training and then placed them throughout the US to oversee mock terror exercises with local law enforcement agencies. “Officers and instructors were divided into gunmen, responders, hostages and victims and given real-life scenarios that test their ability to enter a building and confront a shooter,” according to an Associated Press report.[6]

Given the lack of accountability and mission creep of federal agencies, including the FBI, not to mention the arrogance and unaccountability of the Justice Department’s chief executive, journalists and the American public would be well-served to cast an acutely critical eye on the rash of federally-sponsored drills alongside alleged “real” shootings. Taken as a whole, both involve conditioning the citizenry to live in a perpetual state of fear and dependence.


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  1. Interesting! I’m familiar with the local “law enforcement” as I live in the area. Our cops shoot people for not paying their train fairs or stealing burritos.

    There is nothing different about a shooting (mass or otherwise), than any other crime and should be subject to the same public records requirements.

    Disturbing as it is, federal involvement should not change any local requirements. I not only do not want them training the local Stasi, I don’t think this is any of their business.

    In terms of federal involvement, the Seattle police have been under federal investigation and have supposedly been attempting to get a grip on their “over-zealous” storm troopers. This has been met by lawsuits from the cops and total resistance from the top to the bottom.

    It is inconceivable that any alleged victim would be calling for a blackout of information. It isn’t hard to imagine that anyone involved in a crime would like to be anonymous. It doesn’t work that way. The public has a right to know what’s going on, not just whatever version, if any, the “officials” decide we need to know.

    During the early days of SHES we speculated on another site that this would spread across the country. I’m sad to say that it appears we were correct. The growing trend to place the citizenry in the position of obedient bystanders to their lives is disturbing. We are supposed to pay for our suppression and thank them for the privilege.

    1. I have followed this site because I believe Sandy Hook was Hollywood not at it’s best. But you “lophatt” are the only one I found to be not on board. You have an uncanny ability to call it out, then call “squirrel”. Keep up the good work.

  2. lophatt,

    i tried to post and they wouldnt accept it for some reason; I know the spu shooting was a hoax …. if you live in seattle and think it’s fake, let me know if you’d like to talk.

    1. SPU is my alma mater, and I am a local, so I watched this episode with great interest. I looked at some material online, which claiming virtually right away this was a hoax, and I was unconvinced. I am open minded as I believe anything is possible. What I found a bit different in this incident was that there weren’t immediate calls from family and the campus officials for gun control. Unless I missed it.

      1. CE,

        Check out pt1gard videos on YT, seems this guy did a lotta legwork proving it was a hoax…. GL, makes no sense just like Troutdale, Santa Barb, Vegas–all done within 10 days of SPU BS

      2. @cp3, I will check that out. As an aside, I am interested in the term “mass shooting” which we hear over and over again in these incidents. In episodes like Troutdale and SPU where only one or two persons dies, does it really apply?

  3. lophatt – thanks for the local perspective!

    This for sure is going to be a long hot summer.

    Here we have a city with huge violence against immigrants and the police not taking reports and the leaders declaring they just need to learn how to get along.

    Suppose they got their bonuses, just like the VA criminals who destroyed records to make it appear there was no backlog.


    1. GOOD PT ON “MASS SHOOTINGS” …. the entire spu thing does not hold water, just check out his videos and get back with me … would love to talk about it with anyone who is curious to learn more

    2. Kathy, your link wouldn’t work for me. I posted one on Chicago below (I’m assuming it’s the same sort of thing).

      I think Seattle is in a sort of “transitional” stage. They were recently busted for putting up those “smart streetlights” with microphones, etc.. They took them down.

      They were recently busted for drones. They sold those to the LAPD. They have had a series of killings that can’t be justified by anyone’s standards. Between the killings are beatings.

      They had a cop beat on video a fourteen-year-old girl for jaywalking. The cop didn’t lose his job. In fact, he’s back in the news for doing the same thing! This time it wasn’t a young girl, but it was a beating for jaywalking.

      These guys are an occupying army. We are all “Palestinians” now. When you go to the ferry depot they bring German Shepherds to sniff your car. They’re all dressed in black and strut around like the Stasi they are.

      How anyone can claim to feel “safer” for all this is a mystery to me. I wouldn’t call these guys for anything. They are nothing but trouble.

      During “The Battle of Seattle” (when the WTO came to town), I worked with a “conservative” guy. I use that term in the sense that he worshipped authority. The cops were rioting everywhere. They were gassing and beating people on the street that had nothing to do with the demonstrations.

      He was complaining about the demonstrators at work one day. He went to his aunt’s apartment in the “U District”. On his way back from the corner market he was beat down by the SPD. It made a “new man” out of him. There’s nothing like a couple of broken ribs and a concussion to wake one up.

      Clearly we are in a war. Those who keep their heads down and obey MAY be left alone. Those who assert their rights will be dealt with harshly. I fear this is but a prelude to things to come.

      1. Interesting that the Brietbart report on the local newspaper report has vaporized into the netherland, as has the local report..

        Here is my recollection. There are many thousands of Asian immigrants reports that have been assaulted by blacks in Rochester, NY, in the last several years The local newspaper finally reported via an opinion piece, and their conclusion was that the immigrants just need to learn how to get along.

        The police do not take reports and tell the victims, you just need to avoid these thugs.

        Yes we are at war, can we believe the NYT report that 300,000 immigrants are already here?


    1. OMG Larry, what is the date of this hearing? Not that it matters much at this point, but it appears they were under the influence of laughing gas, there is open laughter heard, and many folks trying to hide their laughter behind their hands. The FBI has the emails and they need Peter Lanza’s permission to get them? They continue to mock us….

      1. “They continue to mock us”! Yes, indeed. I presume that they are supposed to be laughing about how circumspect they must be in discussing this “information” they’re after. If this event were real, what would be the reason for that?

        Any email would be easily obtained these days. “Peter” (it is said) does not “own” this information. Then they go right ahead discussing it as if it were still possible to obtain it from him. He remarks: “…..the process will be long”. Why?

        So they have a hearing that is documented in which they “hint” around about information that they want in order to theorize about “Adam’s” mental state. One of them basically says “I don’t understand why you need this”, i.e. “if you don’t have a ‘legitimate’ reason you are not entitled to it”. Why?

        Well, we know why. If this is intended to add legitimacy to this it failed.

      2. The meeting in this video took place on June 20, 2014. The Hartford Courant ran an article on June 23rd:

        According to this January 23rd article, the leader on the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission met with none other than Peter Lanza himself:
        Danbury News Times, January 23, 2014:

        The chairman of the commission is Scott Jackson, Mayor of Hamden.
        It may have already been reported here (been away for a while), but a young man who worked for the Town of Hamden died unexpectedly at Yale New Haven Hospital back in May. He had been reporting on Sandy Hook for The New Haven Register, even attended a few funerals in Newtown, before he accepted a position with the Town of Hamden. He was only 27.

      3. Yes Anne, I got the sense that they were being so circumspect because the FBI has a gag order in place. Otherwise, what would prevent them (assuming they actually wanted to), to investigate those who allegedly treated “Adam” based on “Peter’s” meeting?

        So, the whole thing comes off as “gee, I’d like to see the information but we need permission”. “In fact, we aren’t supposed to even discuss whether there is information or not”.

        I don’t remember the young man. Twenty-seven is awfully young. I thought the police major was young.

      4. Anne, for some reason the article keeps booting me out before I can read it. Anyway, “pending further studies” must be the tentative diagnoses for “suicide” by more than two shots.

        I notice that they were careful to point out how “sensitive” he was. The implication was that he was of “fragile” constitution or gay, (or both). So, “nothing to see here, move along”.

      5. Lophatt, too bad you could not read the article. It was quite extensive. Perhaps in Michael Bellmore an old fashioned gift for investigative reporting had become obvious.

        Excerpt from the New Haven Register:

        In a second column, “Lapsed Catholic has a confession to make,” Bellmore wrote, “The killings in Newtown shook me, as they have shaken everyone. Every day I drove into Newtown, whatever direction I came, the first memorial I would see on the side of the road would knock the wind out of me.

        “Newtown, to me, is a living definition of ambivalence. When I drive through the town center, I don’t know whether to cry from sadness for the victims or to cry for the hope I see in the defiant signs and banners, the hope in the mountains of flowers and stuffed animals and candles — tokens of love that good people gave Newtown, to say, ‘We’re here for you.’”

        Connecticut Group Editor Matt DeRienzo said, “There’s a special bond among the reporters and editors who covered Sandy Hook together, and losing Mike is a horrible thing to process. During that time, and throughout his tenure at the New Haven Register, he provided an important, empathetic voice to our coverage.”

        After he left the Register, Bellmore went to work for the town of Hamden as a consultant. Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson said he helped with social media and communications. Jackson praised Bellmore’s writing skills and called him a “fantastic” reporter.

        “Every time he was in the office, he was wide-eyed and enthusiastic, just having him around helped us remember why we do what we do,” Jackson said. “He was like everybody’s little brother, the guy you could always root for. We will miss him and his enthusiasm.”

        Bellmore graduated cum laude from SCSU. He was an intern at SCSU’s Office of Public Affairs during the 2011-12 academic year, writing feature stories and press releases. Patrick Dilger, director of public affairs at Southern, said Bellmore was a hard-working student who “showed promise as a writer and an eagerness to learn during his internship.”

    2. Wow this is really important, thank you Larry! Here is my shorthand, abbreviated, dictation

      Dr asked if there was an update on request for emails on Lanza’s permission on computer records?

      A lot of nervous laughter….

      Scott Jackson – commander of the meeting. “The documents that were provided, were provided to the child advocate….” Laughter….

      Christopher Liddy – Former State rep, can’t speak for the child advocate. who is confused about what was provided by the provider to the provider and it is unclear within the universe of documents that has been provided what has been provided trough subpoena. The unknown is the unknown.

      [open laughter]

      Jackson Thank you – You have been quite dexterous….the records have never been Peter Lanza’s property. {laughter}

      Dr.Harold Schwartze, Ucon Psys, psychiatry Professor, Psychiatrist in Chief, appointed to the Governer’s task force on the SHH, Asked the state Attorney General for computer records. {laughter} They referred him to the FBI , who referred them to the state police who them informed them, they would need Peter Lanza’s permission to view those records.


      Uh oh, all the laughter in the room tells the story, there was no crime, except for the massive cover-up

      Clearly the audio was stopped many times as the laughter got out of hand, the video shows folks trying to cover their laughing faces with their hands, has there ever been a case when computer records have been confiscated and in the end you need the relatives of the now dead criminal’s relative to view them? NOPE!

      The fire works are about to begin!

      1. Yeah my computer putzed out before it got to the part about protecting peter lanzas “dignity”. I kept trying to provide the link in description and it wouldnt let me.

      2. Early in the SHES episode there was another version of the “press conference” with Carver. I only saw it once. It has disappeared (my link doesn’t work for it).

        It was the same thing we all saw, only longer. It was shot from a different angle and you could see “news people” more clearly. They were doing the same thing in that as in this one. They were laughing and joking hysterically with Carver.

        I think one of the things that makes the “official” version so weird is that they cut it so as to eliminate the joking but some of the reactions are still there. It seems “out of place’, because it is.

        When you ask people to be “actors” who aren’t professionals, this is what happens. They feel uncomfortable because they equate “acting” with “lying”. They laugh to cover their embarrassment.

        1. Good to know there are other AWAKE people in Seattle.

          there is a lot more on the spun BS that I have not put into videos that proves to me the whole thing is a friggin joke, cuz like Hook nothing adds up and people don’t act this way in tragedy….

          one instance, if like the spun hierarchy claims that the school/campus was in total lockdown (the Seattle storm was supposedly included in this, I verified from a Times reporter they were in the gym til 5PM that day) and the lockdown according to all sources was from app. 3:30pm to 5:30pm, then how the hell can multiple CNN time stamps read 4:11pm PST etc when interviewing profs and students. I know that campus like the back of my hand, these people were ON CAMPUS… that’s only one thing of many that point to total staging that day.

          Here is another….


      3. I have to say that I don’t find “Captain Babyface” very convincing. A lot of “legal” shotguns have limiters that only allow for three rounds. Why was there a pistol in that other picture?

        If the “perp” was subdued, why the lockdown? You’re right, it stinks.

  4. As mainstream corporate corrupted media moves toward mere stenography, we get a telling glimpse of the future. The AP announced that it will have robot “reporters” create over 2000 corporate earnings reports, instead of having human reporters do the job. Next, there will be robot sportswriters working for the AP, then eventually 90 percent of news will be robot-written, with the other 10 percent being government written stenography. That means the death of human reportage, followed by the last whimpers of mainstream media.

    Human journalism will only be found on the alternative news sites on the web until such time that TPTB block you from accessing those sites. It’s likely to happen faster than we can imagine.

  5. I no longer follow MSMedia. A waste of my time and pyschic energy. If there is an event, that I eventually want to check out because it comes up on an alternative news website such as this one for discussion, I just go to YOUTUBE and type in the event name followed by HOAX.
    So I just now typed into YOUTUBE search “seattle pacific university shooting hoax” and it spit out among others these 2 great videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLVi5YmOW4I and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5PVJdzfsYo
    I immediatedly catch myself chuckling upon viewing the videos because SOS: same old s–t, but it’s piled so high that if I check into what’s under my chuckling and breathe deep I get in touch with red hot anger.
    Hey, TY Larry for your vid, another laugh-fest and by the way Scott Jackson is the Mayor of Hamden, where I unfortunately reside. But is there any place that is safe from this bull s–t.

  6. cp3, I’m a “local” (although I don’t physically live “in” Seattle). Let’s say I’m within commute distance and do regularly.

    I’d be interested in what you have to say. I don’t know much about SPU, I’ve lived here about 22 years. My work takes me all over the country and I never watch the MSM. I’m only exposed to it through various links on the internet.

    I have absolutely no trouble believing that this is totally fabricated. I think we are in a period between “spin” and “total fabrication”. It is interesting to note that, in a city where Obongo’s “friend” Rahm, has supposedly disarmed the citizenry there are record numbers of shootings, every day. We don’t hear much about that, now do we?


    Look at all that material that could be spun. Why don’t they do that? I say it’s because they aren’t in sufficient control of the narrative and these were actual crimes and likely to end up in court eventually.

    The same thing happens in ghetto areas. For one thing, anyone wishing to pull off a shooting in those places risks someone shooting back. For another, there simply isn’t the “empathy” factor they desire with the “victims”.

    So, I’m not a very good judge of how this has been playing on the MSM. I haven’t heard much about it since the debut. That alone makes me suspicious. Of course I haven’t heard much about killing the guy for not paying his train fare either.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the beat down of the 14 year-old for jaywalking. One of my favorites was a few years ago where they chased a crazy naked guy through a restaurant blasting away. It was pretty obvious that he wasn’t “armed”. Brings to mind that old Maye West line: “is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”.

    We are just bystanders. The “authorities” are doing what they are told to do by the “Controllers”. Our job is to OBEY. If they have to kill somebody to accomplish that, they’ll do it. Lately, it seems they find it easier to just fake it.

    1. @cp3: Are these videos ones that you have made? I have watched them, but still can’t say that I am convinced, or even questioning this event, though I’m always open to more information. It’s hard to accept the video about Blake, in which the producer initially states that he is “too excited to be a Christian”. I find his response not abnormal in the light of going through something so dramatic. People do get excited and interested when there is trauma and drama, that’s why we have gapers blocks, and this guy is still pretty young. Also, in one of the videos the producer spells the last name of the student “hero” as Meese instead of Meis. For someone trying to put out convincing evidence that this event was a false flag, I would hope more careful attention would be made to the details. Not a deal breaker for me, but a bit careless. Lastly, I found this still photo of the firefighter unloading Meis at Harborview, and his coat is stuffed in his back pocket, so that entire video holds no water for me. Check it out and let me know what you think: https://twitter.com/jryanrichardson/status/474697478659670016/photo/1
      I am curious about why the school and victims would ask to withhold footage, and I raise my eyebrows a bit at the donation page. Is this just following along with the new trend in how you’re supposed to respond to a school shooting? Not sure. So far I haven’t seen evidence that convinces me this is a false flag. And I just don’t have that immediate “gut” feeling that something is amiss, like when I watched Sandy Hook unfold. I am aware that I may have a bias due to my affiliation with the school, but sounds like you know the school well too. Given the things people are exposed to in the culture today, weak families, lack of moral responsibility, drug use, etc., sometimes I am a bit surprised there aren’t more shootings or violent crimes.

    2. Yes, he must be a graduate of the “Carver School of Acting”. Who says “piles of blood”? I suspect there are “piles” of something, not blood.

      And yes, they DO drill all the time. My guess is that this was one of them. It looks as though Blake has Cato Kalin complex.

      1. Ha the old Kato, Green Lantern’s and OJ’s lackey … there are a lot of good links and cut and paste articles about the SPU BS in those YT links too!

  7. Kathy, interesting that you ask “can we believe the NYT report…..?” I don’t know. They are obviously “leaking” bits about this. What little I’ve been able to find leads me to believe that the kids were brought via train through Mexico. That had to be by prior arrangement.


    If they are here, it’s no accident. At a minimum what this shows is a whole new level of lawlessness from our political parasites. Congress (ha!), has a 7% approval rating and Dear Leader is ruling like Idi Amin.

  8. love the fact I am being blocked here with a long post crushing CE’s POV …. wonder why that is, posted it twice and not allowed in, yet others being posted after me hmmmm

  9. A local activist from Murrieta, CA reported on KFI (Los Angeles). She attended the packed meeting there and said for the last eight months they have come in groups of 20 in order not to attract attention. Then they got brave and sent in the loaded buses which were blocked by activists. The buses were diverted to San Diego. She said unusual diseases have been inflicted on town residents since the influx started.

    The activist, Diana Serafin, also stated that local officials were full of political rhetoric; some running for re-election and others protecting their jobs, such as the spokesman for border patrol.


    1. Anne, there are angles to this that aren’t being addressed. Many years ago the border was virtually non-existent. People came and went every day. Most weren’t coming to stay.

      Any day of the week you can ride the train from San Diego to San Ysidro and not hear a word of English spoken. There were U.S. citizens living in Tijuana. Some of them were in the Navy.

      Over time the area has become increasingly violent. In fact, NAFTA has done much more harm than good from a Mexican perspective. I’m hearing that these “refugees” are coming from Honduras and El Salvadore.

      There was a previous wave of this in the ’80’s when the CIA was trying to depose the Sandanistas. Many churches were harboring them then and they didn’t seem to have much trouble getting in.

      I am seeing them daily now. In the little town I’m in most are of Norwegian descent. There were very few Latinos or Blacks. If you saw one they were in the military. Now they are quite literally everywhere.

      Lately I’ve been seeing some that are obviously not Mexican. They are central American indians. You see them sitting in one place for hours with their belongings. They are just cut loose, on their own. They are in a strange place and have no currency.

      As far as the Mexican immigrants (legal or otherwise), I remember many years ago being at a training class in San Diego. A Border Patrol officer gave us a lesson accompanied by a Health Department official. They had a film.

      They were showing the difficulties that they faced in tracking down disease vectors. No matter what they told them, when they tried to get medical attention to them they would cry “La Migra” and run away. Some of them had TB and other exotic diseases that are not normally seen in the U.S..

      This element of “immigration” is bigger than some think. It isn’t about racial hatred, it is a genuine threat. It is one of the reasons why the process has to be controlled. It is both economic and a health issue. There are also, obviously, cultural issues as well.

      As the article that I posted says, it is an attempt to destroy, overnight, any cultural cohesion. They don’t care about the consequences. If thousands die they count it as a “plus”. If there is an increase in crime, it isn’t directed at THEM.

      They are very much “tipping their hand” with this one. It is one thing for Obongo to decide to go for it, it is another for Congress (ha!), to allow it.

      1. In the 1950s we were in a recession. Eisenhower launched “Operation Wetback” in response; the so-called “Bracero” program had invited Mexican workers to wander across the border, exactly as you mention, lophatt. I think it was because we had sent so many of our working age men to fight in Europe. Anyway, “Operation Wetback” was the deportation of all those “braceros.” Bye, bye!

        This operation happened because in the 50s we still had a federal government that functioned to meet the needs of Americans. Guest workers were needed last decade; they are nothing but a burden on us now–time for the guests to return home.

        This is not the case today. The federal government no longer has as its focus the country that created it. The man who resides in the White House, it is now abundantly clear, requested of the countries of Central America that they dump their most diseased and hapless, as well as their most violent gangsters, on our border, simply to speed the end of America (much the same thing happened with Carter, when Castro emptied out his prisons and insane asylums, but we were still strong enough then to not be destroyed by it). Mexico was in on it, too: they offered free transit, with the invaders crowding the tops of trains, right to our doorstep, so long as they do not try to stay in Mexico.

        The federal government is intentionally destroying the country that created it. Cloward-Piven. Piven, wherever he is in the afterlife, must be deeply saddened that his abiding wish to see this country removed from history by his systematic plan only happened after he was dead. His despicable wife, of course, can enjoy the spectacle with glee, sipping wine which her communist co-conspirators in her comfortable Manhattan co-op, between trips to the Opera and dinner out at Patsy’s (I’m just making that last part up; I don’t know where hypocritical retired professor lefties actually gather in New York to luxuriate as they toast their success in ruining the country).

        Obama, of course, was not alive when the president deported all the alien Mexicans, but the Clintons certainly were, along with all their “baby boomer” cohort, and if they know about it they are no doubt ashamed of it. How they hate the world their parents raised them in. How delighted they are now to find that they were successful in creating “generation X,” and installing one of its America-hating fools as president, who has no memory whatsoever of the world that Americans made, so it can be killed while they still live, and Eisenhower’s ghost be banished forever.

      2. Yes Patrick, that is essentially true. The “bracero” program remained through the ’60’s at least, however. I remember in High School having Caesar Chavez speak at our school.

        Even so, they were not “illegal” immigrants. They were sponsored and had temporary ID’s issued. They also underwent health checks and the like. They could apply to be naturalized but that took many years, if ever, to accomplish.

        This link (while not the best I’ve found} is instructive:


        Here we have a former general officer and an alleged “representative” plotting in private to give away the sovereignty of the country. Notice that we were not asked what we thought of this, anymore than we were asked if we wanted to implement NAFTA or have communist China as our “most favored trade partner”.

        I know that we’ve talked this to death but, I get the sense that some have yet to grasp the enormity of this. These “think tanks”, peopled by globalist banksters, are literally “ruling” the world and totally ignoring the will of the people.

        Obongo’s handlers want to implement this “North American Union” so they are just going to do it. Note the distain in their voices when they are confronted about this. Instead of “playing” like statesmen, they basically call us names. We’re ignorant, backward, hillbillies for “resisting change”.

        Well, as a rhetorical question, “who asked them for change”? Who authorized this? By what authority do they operate?

        One thing is obvious. It is increasingly difficult for the political parasites to hide their complicity in this. Things are moving too fast for them to develop ruses to conceal their roles. As I’m fond of saying, “they don’t work for us”.

    2. Yes, from what I understand they’ve been at this a while. There were two flights today or yesterday into San Diego. Like I said before, someone is making arrangements.

      Now they are talking of sending the Stasi to control the protestors. In other words, they are planning to use force against American citizens trying to protect the border.


      If you think about these numbers for a while it makes your head spin. There are also mothers being brought in to allegedly be united with their kids. There are also reports of people “renting” kids and passing as parents in order to evade deportation.

      It is very clear that Obongo has his orders to usher in the North American Union. Patreous and Pelosi have been giving speeches about it lately. They have decided that “North America” is a zone that consists of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, oh….and us and some others to the North.

      There are remedies for failing to abide by your oath of office. Maybe they’re waiting until he breaks the $45M record for vacation expenses.

  10. to CE (see if this works)

    yes I made all the videos on here … let me answer your questions ….

    #1 The one where I spelled his name Meese, I made it within hours of the incident and could not find his name anywhere until later … I also said this in the thread, if you actually read it …. and I also changed it on that video where I could.

    #2 If you believe Blake Oliveira and want to do the Jews work by defending their s*#t then you are someone who needs to be exposed too; you heard the idiot/stooge Blake say he took off his sandles and stepped in piles of blood? Who does and says those things? I can’t begin to pick apart his obvious BS, let alone his CNN time stamp was during lockdown; and yet you defend this fake??? Are you a myth mind Christian? Is that why you went sideways on the video?

    #3 Another thing, I have written the criminal editor of the times, John de Leon. I acted naive the first time and he wrote back some fluff, so I came at him nicely but with 4 direct questions. He hid for a week. I have written him back 2 more times and he continues to hide, why would that be???

    #4 Go to all the pages for the alleged dead victim, Paul Lee, that pertain to his life, funeral, what an inspiring pal he was to all … Go do it now. Lemme ask you how many people who knew him even had time to utter one adjective? Zero, CE, that’s how many. I have a good pal who has been in a coma for 3 weeks now, guess how many people have commented on his carepage? over 600. You don’t find it fishy that not one relative or friend write a single word on this piece of fiction, Paul Lee?

    #5 Why do all the people differ in their reports of where and how many bullets were fired: Clarke, Fowler, the black chick, the middle aged prof? Have you listened to the 911 calls saying that Ybarra got out of his truck and immediately shot a guy point blank in the head with a gun (was this Lee, I thought he died in Miller Hall?) Yet police honcho Fowler says all the shots came inside Otto Miller Hall. And then there’s the planted yet unmentioned pistol at the crime scene and no blood or shotgun shells LMFAO!!

    #6 The “Meis in the ambulance being loaded or unloaded into DIFFERENT AMBULANCES,” you missed the point of the video (that he was inside 2 different ambulances!), not some damn coat you conjured that has no bearing. I asked the Times criminal editor this same question and he hides to this day three weeks later …. Now tell me, why would they load someone who was not hurt into 2 different ambulances? I asked a pal of mine who works as an EMT if this even happens in a blue moon, HE SAID NO. Maybe you can alibi that too.

    Put some time in, CE, you are naive and border on a gatekeeping troll. If I am wrong then refute all of the above. Tired of playing games, you need to bring it, not bulls*%t.

    1. @cp3: well, it looks like you’ve got this all sewed up. You have such a persuasive way of talking with people, I’m sure you’ll be able to bring quite a few of the smarter ones around to your point of view. I look forward to seeing what you do with your evidence.

  11. I continue being blocked here, any reason, Mr. Tracy? … too much info on the spu hoax? I have lotsa info on it to debunk CE but the last 4 times I have tried to post, you don’t allow it … the language is fine so I am baffled???

    1. @cp3, yesterday it took several hours for my comment to post. I don’t think there’s an urgent need to “debunk” me. You asked what I thought of the videos and I simply told you that they were unconvincing for me personally, and explained why. I have learned that anything might be true, and as such, I remain open-minded to further evidence you present. I thought this was a forum where we openly exchanged ideas, so I don’t really get your language of wanting to “crush” my point of view.

      1. James, is there a length of not being able to post. I have tried 4xs and it never goes thru …. seems like you and CE don’t understand much about the spu hoax … you even posted that Meis was Ybarra and once I pointed out you were wrong it went down rhe memory hole. any comments on that? lil uneven there, eh? …. and CE is just naive, if you allow my explanation showing more holes than believable to be posted then you two can sniper away.

    2. Mr. “cp3” no one is attempting to “block” you. None of your comments have even been held in moderation, at least not thus far.

      Perhaps you may wish to write an essay or the equivalent explaining in a systematic way the information you have on the SPU event you have somewhat unevenly provided here.

    1. I just searched the “Spam” bin and found the posts. For some reason the attempts to politely contribute to the exchange were automatically sent to “Spam”.

      I regret this oversight almost as much as I regret cp3’s accusatory tone.

    1. Kathy,
      You’re right, I’ve only been a daily reader of this blog since I was informed of it through following Sandy Hook. I know that there are lots of pressing issues, which we’re all probably trying to follow, but I thought this thread in particular related to the SPU shooting, not immigration. I’m not trying to be rude or combative. It just seems like your comment is a bit unfair.

  12. hey kathy, you believe in the Caust, that man landed on the moon, and 19 boxcutters did 9/11? … always love hearing pedantic skirts popping off and adding ZERO to the topic

  13. ps let’s toss in “appeal to authority” for the skirt too

    You do know JT didnt even know the diff between Ybarra and Meis in his original pic/post and had to expunge it in a hurry w/o a doff to the person who tipped him …. shows real class there and fragile ego

    1. Hey cp30 – I liked your input until you went postal. I sense a lot of frustration in your words. Recommend you review posts over the last year and you’ll understand all of us are in the same boat. As someone urged me a long time ago, “please stick around”, if you’re able.

  14. Very interesting video and timing by James Marcus Haney. Thanks for putting the link up for that Dr. Tracy. I found it interesting that he states the video was shot in June, during his brother Turner’s last days at the school, but I found this site which seems to indicate that at least the tattoo scene occurred earlier:http://websta.me/n/turn_dog. Not sure what to make of it.

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