By James F. Tracy

(This article initially appeared at Memory Hole Blog on November 9, 2012.)

Over the past decade evidence has increasingly emerged indicating how geoengineering and weather modification programs designed to inflict major impacts on the atmosphere and environment are fully operational. Despite such developments the CO2-specific anthropogenic theory of global warming touted by foundation-funded environmental groups and public relations dominates much of popular discourse and the prevailing worldview of intellectuals.

By drawing attention away from actually existing efforts of atmospheric experimentation and manipulation, such coordinated efforts are complicit in the impending environmental catastrophe they profess to be rallying against. The repeated claim of CO2-driven climate change without acknowledgment of geoengineering-related environmental intervention is a severe perversion of both meaningful scientific inquiry and public opinion with overwhelming implications for all life on earth.

[Image: Sea Level Awareness Program Pole, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Boca Raton, Florida. Photo © James Tracy, 2012.]

“While scientists continue research into any global climatic effects of greenhouse gases, we ought to study ways to offset any possible ill effects. Injecting sunlight-scattering particles into the stratosphere appears to be a promising approach. Why not do that?”—Edward Teller[1]

“To accept opinions in their terms is to gain the good solid feeling of being correct without having to think. “—C. Wright Mills[2]

For anyone who looks up in the sky every so often while fostering some recollection of what a sunny day used to resemble, the reality of geoengineering—what are often referred to as “chemtrails”—can no longer be easily dismissed. For over a decade military and private jet aircraft have been spraying our skies with what numerous independent researchers, journalists, and activists observe to be an admixture of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other dangerous heavy metals. Such substances distributed into the atmosphere as microscopic subparticulates eventually descend to earth where they are breathed by living things and absorbed by the soil and plant life.

“A glimpse into new death technologies” intended to modify weather and the environment “is in legislation introduced by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich,” investigative writer Amy Worthington wrote almost a decade ago. Kucinich’s

unsuccessful Space Preservation Act of 2001 was intended to ban space deployment of:

*electronic, psychotronic and information weaponry
*high altitude ultra low frequency weapons
*plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons
*laser weapons
*strategic, theater, tactical or extraterrestrial weapons
*chemical biological, environmental climate or tectonic weapons
*chemtrails (this term was stricken from a later version, suggesting duress)

In their quest to remain top dog in the kill chain, the purveyors of perpetual war have deliberately dimmed earth’s life-giving sunlight, and reduced atmospheric visibility with lung-clogging particulates and polymers. This ecological terrorism has severely compromised public health, according to thousands of testimonials.[3]

A recently discovered NASA document from 1966 indicates that weather modification efforts have been underway since the 1940s. “There is … great motivation to develop effective countermeasures against the destructive measures of weather,” the paper observes,

and, conversely, enhance the beneficial aspects. The financial and other benefits to human welfare of being able to modify weather to augment water supplies, reduce lightening, suppress hail, mitigate tornados, and inhibit the full development of hurricanes would be very great.[4]

According to the report, in 1964 the National Science Foundation formed a Special Commission on Weather Modification. Thereafter, weather weapons in the form of cloud seeding were used to flood North Vietnamese supply lines during the Vietnam War.[5] More recent documentation points to private and government bodies’ active pursuit of weather modification, including the US Department of Homeland Security’s Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program.[6] And in mid-2012 scientists proposed a $5 billion geoengineering plan to potentially unleash one million tons of particulates in the upper atmosphere each year to “cut world greenhouse gas emissions.”[7]

Since this is such an open program—taking place in plain sight directly over our heads—why is there almost complete silence about it in academic circles as well as mainstream and “alternative” progressive media outlets, particularly if one is to conclude that academe and the press are where disinterested inquiry and the dissemination of information and ideas in the public interest are allegedly anticipated and guaranteed? Indeed, geoengineering and weather manipulation are “a scientific taboo,” Michel Chossudovsky points out.

The possibility of climatic or environmental manipulations as part of a military and intelligence agenda, while tacitly acknowledged, is never considered as relevant. Military analysts are mute on the subject. Meteorologists are not investigating the matter, and environmentalists are strung on global warming and the Kyoto protocol.[8]

In this way such a condition is also attributable to the deleterious effect of intellectual disengagement and naivete originating within scholarly and journalistic communities that, combined with well-funded public relations efforts promoting the CO2-specific theory of global warming, eventually compromises the reasoning and communicative capacities of the broader public sphere.

The Trouble with Normal

When individuals share certain understandings and rationalities about themselves, their profession, and the broader society and culture, as is the overwhelming case in academe or journalism, they possess a binding ideology, and thereby a basis where certain perceptions and beliefs may become readily embraced or dismissed. Concepts inimical to such firm convictions are verboten. Moreover, the heavy reliance on foundation funding combined with rigid hiring and peer review processes ensure that ideas and research challenge this institutional matrix and the broader order of things in only playful and generally non-threatening ways.

Speaking as someone who works in the academy, the fear of being rejected as a crackpot also plays a large role in self-censorship. I never wholly dismissed the chemtrail phenomenon or the reports of chemtrail activists. Yet the very idea of such a nefarious program was so disturbing and surreal that several years ago I half-heartedly sought out a variety of what appeared to be conflicting information of both chemtrail activists and skeptics via online sources to placate and thereby suppress my concerns. After all, I thought, if there was anything to such claims they would be interrogated and ferreted out by university research itself and the independent progressive-left news media and intelligentsia that I relied on so heavily to form my worldview. The real problem, clearly articulated by United Nations agencies, Noble laureates and from seemingly every corner of our mediated environments is the abundance of carbon dioxide and the threat it poses in the form of melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and severe weather events.

Not until 2010, when I happened across the documentary What in the World Are They Spraying? (WITWATS) did I become more fully convinced that coordinated geoengineering programs not only exist, but that they are far-reaching in scope and have major implications for life on earth. Perhaps alongside the alleged scourge of CO2-induced global warming, geoengineering programs that are purportedly in place to “curb” such processes actually pose the greatest threat to humanity and the environment. Like Monsanto, which seeks to control all facets of agriculture and thus our physiological makeup, the US military’s self-admitted objective is to “control the weather” through atmospheric manipulation by 2025.[9]

Living in a tropical climate and spending much of the time outdoors I eventually became something of a novel “skywatcher.” Upon closer observance it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the activity of numerous high altitude aircraft leaving plumes that over the course of several hours expand and coalesce to make massive cloudlike formations that could be easily mistaken for overcast above sometimes naturally-occurring cumulus clouds. I recognized how throughout most of the year this was an almost daily phenomenon initiated by planes with sometimes bizarre and inconsistent flight paths.

When I contacted to Federal Aviation Administration in Fort Lauderdale on a day with high aerial activity of this nature, I was consoled by an overly polite FAA agent that the trails were merely “water vapor,” and that dispersal of any substances several miles overhead would have but negligible effects at ground level. While it is true that jet engines can briefly produce plumes akin to cirrus clouds resulting from the exhaust process, the prevalence of this activity once I became aware of it struck me as highly unusual, and geoengineering activists contend that the inexplicable and often dangerous admixture of microscopic heavy metal particulates now common in our air—particularly aluminum—originate in the persistent contrails. A variety of air samples, most recently by activists at, confirm this phenomenon.[10]

In late 2011 my six year old daughter had a long-running respiratory ailment which prompted me to send off a small sample of her hair for lab analysis. The results indicated a high level of aluminum.[11] This was disturbing especially given that she had received an abbreviated vaccine regimen, drank water run from a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filter, and ate only organic food. Her pediatrician expressed some astonishment, asking whether we use aluminum cookware. Apart from this he could offer no explanations and merely prescribed a popular antibiotic for the cough. While there may have been no correlation between the symptoms, it seemed as if the often obscure and bizarre government projects pointed to by “conspiracy theorists” had now struck home in a most intimate way.

It was around this time that I proposed to my department chair we invite WITWATS co-director Michael Murphy to screen his film and give a public talk on campus. Earlier that year a colleague hosted De Franklin Lopez, the director of EndCiv, a provocative documentary profiling the ideas of radical environmental activist and writer Erick Jensen that compares CO2-producing activities with the severest forms of colonial exploitation and Nazi war crimes while advocating violence and vandalism to save the earth. The screening was well-attended by faculty and graduate students.

At the time our department also included on faculty a talented documentary filmmaker whose work has become a platform for proselytizing on anthropogenic global warming and the many lifestyle changes necessary to thwart it. I took for granted that the university was a place where a variety of ideas, however controversial, could be presented, scrutinized, and pondered. However, after emailing the WITWATS YouTube link to my superior I was told in no uncertain terms, “That’s far right propaganda.”

Following a lengthy and good-natured exchange (which included an apology) there was no moral or monetary support forthcoming, which prevented me from approaching other university-related funding sources. Aided by Murphy’s honest willingness to forego an honorarium, I helped to support his campus visit to speak to one of my classes and present the film to the broader public. The screenings and question and answer sessions were very well-received by the students especially, all of whom can detect baloney a mile or two away. Yet despite publicity for the screening and personal invitations to colleagues I found it instructive that none were in attendance.

The story provides a microcosmic demonstration of the limited parameters for the exchange of information and ideas, that are at least as constrictive in the academy—which asserts a license on what constitutes truth and knowledge—as they are in the broader public sphere that is typically policed by ideas and assumptions that have legitimacy and rootedness in academic circles. Along these lines, within mainstream and specifically progressive media the hypothesized ecological dangers of CO2 have become the default line of reasoning for environmental issues. And, as public discourse in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy suggests, such notions overwhelmingly constitute the precognitive conditions and informational frames through which “extreme weather” events are interpreted.

The CO2 Noise Machine

A significant portion of the underlying research and public relations maneuvers of conventional environmental groups alleging CO2’s baneful and poisonous nature are funded almost entirely by major philanthropic foundations, and this goes a long way in drowning out other arguably more clear-cut and well-documented explanations of weather events, above all geoengineering and weather modification programs.

A foremost reason for the CO2 climate change theory’s endurance is the perceived legitimacy of its proponents, a widescale uncritical acceptance of its assumptions by mainstream and purportedly “alternative/progressive” media figures and outlets, and a limited understanding of the dubious science often based on drastically tortured and opaquely-constructed measurements and data. That a minority of climate scientists and seemingly impartial United Nations entities such as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have apparently managed to convince a wide swath of opinion leaders and policy makers that the atmosphere is heating up because of genuinely miniscule increases in carbon dioxide is a feat that takes substantial resources and coordination.[12]

A passage from “economic hitman” John Perkins’ second semiautobiographical book provides an illustrative example how the CO2 theory of climate change becomes a deep-seated component of an ostensibly well-informed individual’s outlook and belief system.

I checked the clock on the bookcase and, aware that I had dallied too long, headed for the shower. As I passed the radio I flicked it on the local NPR station … Then suddenly the words of the radio announcer caught my attention.

“Within less than a hundred years,” she said, “all the maple trees—and the fall foliage—will be gone from Massachusetts. According to a recent scientific study, global warming will make our climate here similar to North Carolina’s. So” she sighed, “enjoy this year’s display. We may not have many more like it.” I stood there for a moment staring through the bathroom window. Outside, the old red maple next to the house bowed in the wind, its branches scrapping against the wall. The familiar sound now seemed foreboding, a death rattle. I felt absolutely devastated.[13]

Scratching the veneer of some of the major climate change movers and shakers one finds a very well-financed assemblage of entities with major philanthropic foundation ties. Indeed, the Rockefeller Foundations alone are major players behind the anthropogenic global warming “activism” and propaganda. For example, in 2009 the Rockefeller Family Foundation gave $3,500,000 to Grace Communications Fund, an organization that “builds partnerships and develops innovative media strategies that increase public awareness of the relationships among food, water, and energy systems.” Also in 2009 Rockefeller gave $775,000 to the Natural Resource Defense Council, whose foremost agenda is “curbing global warming” and “creating a clean energy future.” Another $650,000 was channeled to the World Wildlife Federation, $350,000 to the Center for Climate Strategies, and $200,000 to the Sierra Club.[14]

As bizarre as it may seem, such organizations are funded to such a degree because of their express intent on austerity and even depopulation programs. Toward this end they speak in one powerful voice that climate change is caused by the CO2-specific consumptive practices of human beings. Curiously, however, these extremely well-funded groups completely ignore actually existing or impending environmental upheavals brought about by geoengineering, dangerously designed nuclear power plants, the wanton disbursal of depleted uranium, and the proliferation of genetically modified organisms throughout the food supply.

A leading mouthpiece of the CO2 global warming hysteria is science author and journalist Bill McKibben, who oversees the popular publicity outlet. Through this effort McKibben has succeeded in convincing young and old alike to draw attention to the “scientific” assertion that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are advancing from the low 300s to 400 parts per million of overall atmospheric gases—an ominous .01 percent—by sending in money, buying paraphernalia, partaking in civil disobedience and even hiking across the United States. This is an impressive public relations accomplishment. More importantly, however, such antics cleverly lend themselves toward authenticating the notion that most every extreme weather event is attributable to dangerous CO2 levels. This conjecture has become as central part a part of the powerful liberal and progressive opinion generating apparatus as the declarations of eugenicists seeking to build a master Nordic race a century ago—an assemblage of scientists and publicists who were, uncoincidentally, funded by some of the same interests.

McKibben’s project is the public face of his 501(c)(3) 1Sky Education Fund, which between its founding in 2007 and 2009 took in close to $5,000,000 in foundation money and “public contributions.” In 2010 the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave 1Sky $200,000. The key “scientific” paper McKibben points to as support for his dire warnings on climate change, “Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim,” coauthored by NASA scientist James Hansen, was partially funded through Rockefeller Foundation money.[15]

The piece is not so much a scientific report as it is a set of mandates calling for drastic social and political action to avert continued CO2 “buildup.” “Preservation of a climate resembling that which humanity is accustomed,” the authors assert, “requires that most remaining fossil fuel carbon is never emitted to the atmosphere.” Independent researchers and journalists assert that such proposed policies based on tying carbon emissions to atmospheric decay, many of which are already underway in some US states at the local level, will inevitably curtail further industrial development (and consequently economic growth) of almost every type and circumvent existing property rights while ushering in a new age of near-feudal hardship.[16]

McKibben and are an especially proficient example of the many foundation-supported promotional outlets that, in the tradition of Edward Bernays, have since the late 1990s fundamentally altered public perception and discourse on weather and the climate. This is particularly the case among members of the intelligentsia who disturbingly accept the pronouncements of calculating figures such as McKibben and Vice President Al Gore—individuals that routinely demonstrate their contempt for science and the public interest by trumpeting the assumed inevitability of an uncertain theory. As a result the CO2 explanatory phantom dominates center stage and wholly removes from consideration far more probable causes of unusual and extreme weather.

Piece of Mind through Conformity

The established intellectual communities’ uncritical acceptance of the CO2-specific description of climate change has far less to do with its plausibility or scientific soundness—the “science” is too opaque for pedestrian comprehension and its accompanying shortcomings and qualifications are routinely and fraudulently downplayed—than it does with the overall ubiquity of the notion and an especially naïve faith in the fair and equitable production and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

The reasoning goes something like this. If non-CO2-related explanations of unusual weather patterns existed, the benevolent and impartial foundations would recognize their significance and fund such countervailing scientific research. As the histories of modern medicine, psychiatry, eugenics, and public education suggest, however, the reality is that the dominant paradigm is not the one that is ultimately the most valid and principled, but rather the one that is best funded. In this regard the foundations’ wealthy benefactors call the tune and run the show.

The overall effort has been a public relations coup of immense proportions not because it has seized the hearts and minds of the general public, many of which remain skeptical of the theory, but rather among educated opinion leaders who through personal mystification with their own credentials and titles are the most steadfast in the beliefs they are inured to accept. Even the few who have misgivings about the prevalent explanation of climate change and less examined yet entirely conceivable causes will seldom speak their minds for fear of incurring the wrath of their colleagues and peers, thus perpetuating a professional sphere that more closely resembles a Stalinist inquisition than one where free and open debate are fostered.

In order to preserve ones sanity, reputation and specialized status one need recognize the importance of alignment with an unexamined belief in what one has been told by the “experts” and their spokespersons while simultaneously assuming excessive skepticism toward the readily apparent phenomena of everyday life, however well-documented and alarming they may be. We may seldom have any more clear, sunny days, storms may be of mainly synthetic derivation and direction, and in less than a generation children could be developing Alzheimer’s by their late teens, but are these sufficient reasons to jeopardize one’s professional and social standing?

To broach the topic of weather control and geoengineering programs not only indicates an unhealthy lack of faith in overwhelmingly powerful yet poorly understood institutions and their guiding rationales. It also runs counter to that “good solid feeling of being correct without having to think.” Such dialogue suggests bad taste, especially when one can discuss Paul Krugman’s latest column or where to buy the best arugula. For these reasons I’ve tentatively resigned myself to a fate befitting a well-educated and properly conditioned member of the intellectual class. Realizing that my destiny and that of my loved ones can no longer be considered exclusively our own, I’ve finally learned to stop worrying and love chemtrails.


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Republished at on November 8, 2012.

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46 thought on “Chemtrails: The Realities of Geoengineering and Weather Modification”
  1. What is the purpose of spreading these chemtrails? I’ve avoided this topic because I can’t fathom what ‘their’ aim is in creating them.

    1. Dr. Tracy points out that “As the histories of modern medicine, psychiatry, eugenics, and public education suggest, however, the reality is that the dominant paradigm is not the one that is ultimately the most valid and principled, but rather the one that is best funded.”

      I sort of figured out fairly young, in my twenties, that modern medicine wasn’t really a trustworthy institution. Psychiatrists were obviously making up ‘diagnoses’ like ‘bipolar’ which was just a new name for the very real and genetically based manic depressive illness. I knew women who were being diagnosed with ‘bipolar’ when they were really just bulimics or some sort of addict. Psychiatrists wanted to feel powerful over people so they ‘create’ these ‘diseases’ or in the case of ‘bipolar,’ expand – and significantly distort and change – the definition of a real one. The state-sanctioned drugdealers aka psychiatrists, only made money by pushing drugs so they began claiming that behaviors and attitudes that mostly stemmed from abusive experiences and messed up living were somehow genetically based.

      It was obvious they were about power to me, or at least as the 90’s wore on I became more fully aware of just how sick and demented and sociopathic the psychiatrists are (and they are all with the exception of the less than 1% who don’t practice but instead try to reform and transform the system). In that era I also noticed the actual doctors – MD’s – were also somewhat demented although nowhere near to the degree that the psychiatrists were. Pills, pills, pills. Have high blood pressure? Take a pill. Don’t consider losing weight and getting exercise. Falsify the BMI index so that more people who are overweight can convince themselves they’re not – and then develop diseases which require medications. Most here know the drill I assume. Psychiatrists have MD’s but unlike the rest of their initials club cannot be said to be practicing as medical doctors because they do not diagnose based on empirical science. So they shouldn’t be allowed to call their projections ‘diagnoses,’

      Anyway, power and money and control are the motivations for the insanity that is psychiatry. Same for actual medicine to a much lesser degree.

      What is the motivation for these chemtrails? I can see where there is no real science to something – like psychiatry – how sociopaths become attracted to the power that has no legitimate source (science). But when real scientists become political tyrants I don’t get what’s going on in their mind. I actually have some respect for science and think it less vulnerable to being ‘pimped out,’ as it were, because it’s concrete and real and not BS’able to the same degree as non-concrete fields or modes of thought.

      I know someone who was working in business in the mid-80’s who told me he knew the derivatives were not mathematically sound and that he was spooked by the fact that this was clearly knowable yet none of the math types who should have blown whistles did. So perhaps anything could be rationalized. But math is theoretical just like ‘psychiatry’ which might explain the difference.

      1. “I actually have some respect for science and think it less vulnerable to being ‘pimped out,’ as it were, because it’s concrete and real and not BS’able to the same degree as non-concrete fields or modes of thought.”

        Clearly, you have not been following the astounding science story of the century, wherein the ridiculous fraud, Michael Mann of hilarious “hockey stick” fame, is suing Mark Steyn for pointing out that he’s a complete fraud. Practically every climate scientist, prior to Mark exposing the charade in loud-voiced public, was cowed, and fearful, Mann’s intimidation powers being so profound. What this episode has demonstrated over the past year is how completely genuine science, in an entire field, can be 100% “pimped out.” The numbers show that the climate has been cooling for almost 18 years now, and hurricanes, etc, are not increasing or more severe, etc. The whole climate hysteria has been a fantastic lie, but it is a genuine science all the lies are sold within.

        “I know someone who was working in business in the mid-80′s who told me he knew the derivatives were not mathematically sound and that he was spooked by the fact that this was clearly knowable yet none of the math types who should have blown whistles did. So perhaps anything could be rationalized. But math is theoretical just like ‘psychiatry’ which might explain the difference.”

        Derivatives. Another perversion of science. The whole financial crash essentially was set up when a hedge fund hired two Nobel Prize economists, practitioners of a pseudo-science. These guys were given finance positions of incredible power because the theories they won the Nobel for purported to use math to make money, in the trillions, in the financial markets. We all know how well that worked out.

        My point in these two examples is this: in these debased times, genuine science cannot be distinguished from political propaganda, on the one hand, or shameless monetary corruption on the other. The media can be trusted to keep the lie alive for years after the exposure of the fraud.

        Can genuine science ever lose the taint these examples (there are lots more, as you well point out, Sue, in the case of Psychiatry) have given it? Can the politics and shameless chicanery every be purged from it? I am by nature a pessimist.

    2. Patrick brings up great points about derivatives – anyone with a background in economics or real estate KNEW that they were an utter load of garbage…but what stopped them from blowing the whistle?


      Greed ISN’T good.

      As to the “purpose” of chemtrails…Sue, I don’t know if you or I will ever truly fathom the endgame, because you and I cannot think like the scum who are subjecting us to them. From what I’ve read, chemtrails are an insidious way to weaken our immune systems and to ruin our soil. More than that, I’ll have to leave up to our ethical scientists.

      1. Since the Space Race took a huge dump 40 years ago, they decided to focus on earth. I personally doubt anyone has ever been beyond low earth orbit. Since discovering that they were never going to leave this world, the human spirit began to decay, and the devil now runs loose. No matter if we were able to take back our planet, culture, etc. tomorrow, we would hand the reigns over to evil in no time and be right back in the same place in just a few years. There is no winning this, all has been created to foment hopelessness. If the battle could be won with guns and guts, I would gladly change my view.

    3. Sue–the aim of chemtrails only requires us to be of normal mind (as you have well demonstrated by your insight into medicating non-existent ‘illnesses’-ie that science simply does not stack up).

      Unfortunately-either do rationales such as: ” The numbers show that the climate has been cooling for almost 18 years now, and hurricanes, etc, are not increasing or more severe, etc. The whole climate hysteria has been a fantastic lie, but it is a genuine science all the lies are sold within”– represent facts.

      GENUINE science is totally aware that both the temperature (of the stratosphere) has risen every year for the last fifty and of the fossil fuel matter caught in that layer–and that awareness is WHY chem-trail experiment begun (and continues).

      We can approach this problem from many angles although if we imagine we have either the ability or material wealth –‘to fill the sky’ –then perhaps sabbaticals for those involved make the more sense.

      INDUSTRY will simply not clean up their act –even when they are able to monitor and correlate emissions and the creation of drought immediately down-wind or wherever– the dominant weather pattern permits.

      There are two reasons for this–(i) is edward teller and (ii) science is not going on–but when did that stop the psychics and Doomsday theorists from wanting to read our palms regards the future.

      1. “GENUINE science is totally aware that both the temperature (of the stratosphere) has risen every year for the last fifty”

        I’m afraid you don’t know what you are talking about, Robert. This is rubbish. It is not science, and has no basis in fact. What I said, on the other hand, is entirely factual.

        I could link to dozens of reports that demonstrate it’s common knowledge that the Earth has been cooling for more than 17 years, but this one, by Lord Monckton, a genuine expert on the subject, should suffice:

        Global Warming is one of the great hoaxes of all time. It is pure fraud, with no scientific support whatever. If you do not know how to search the internet to find out the truth, I can do it for you; I can provide all the scientific evidence for my position you might require. All you need do is ask.

      2. There has been a daily scientific presentation by Ben Davidson over at SuspiciousObservers for a couple years in regards to global weather, the sun and the IPCC cLIEmate hoax… He has a huge subscriber following.

      3. So you’re saying the chemtrails are designed to remedy global warming?

        I really have no clue about this stuff. But thanks for trying to explain a motivation.

        1. Sue,
          Start by watching “What in the World are they Spraying” And the follow up with “Why in the World are they Spraying”. These may be a good place to start. On a side note: has anyone been having problems getting Youtube to stream and buffer? I can’t seem to find any answers out there that help me. My ISP speed is the same it always has been, but doesn’t seem to get the job done regardless of resolution settings.

      1. @ Skywriter, I went to check out their forum and it said only members could post, and to become a member you have to pay- I never join sites that make me pay, but thanks for the suggestion, I know you were just trying to help.

  2. Fukushima will get us before chemtrails or climate change do.

    Amounts of radiation released after the tsunami and those still leaking today were and are vastly understated. Evidence suggests at least one core exploded, putting tons of super toxic radionuclides into our atmosphere. It has been all but admitted that three cores melted through their containments and current whereabouts are unknown.

    Look it up, it’s out there.

  3. Good news – we are no longer considered conspiracy theorists!

    The Encyclopedia Britannica informs us the scientists at GE experimented with weather modification in the 1940’s and the government has being dumping chemicals in the atmosphere every since.

    It is all for good purposes of course, and they hope one of these days they will get it all figured out.

    As Elana Freeland noted in a previous post, chemtrails are soon to be replaced with other disbursal methods. Have noticed this already in SC, the sky is usually mostly white, with no visible trails.

    Would highly recommend her book, “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth”, for those brave enough to fully awaken.

    Have noticed laundry on the clothesline during a rainstorm will become discolored as if chorine bleach was randomly splashed on it.

  4. Carbon, the building block of life on this planet. Only true psychopaths could convince us it will be the death of us all. Has anyone ever become ill from the tiny rise in Co2? Plant life sure doesn’t seem to mind. Nonetheless people are being poisoned by something, as can be seen by the epidemic rise in dementia/Alzhiemers, Autism, and asthma. Morgellons, also, a subject that the media seems to want to avoid. I suggest these climate change priests stick their face in a paper bag and breathe in and out a few times, it may help.

  5. I record daily in photographs the massive geoenginnering operations going on in the Finger lakes N.Y region, the massive torrential downpours & the fact that we didnt see the sun for 7 1/2 months this winter, there is no denying what is being done to us, yet the brain dead zombies walk around with THIS going on in the sky DAILY as if nothing is wrong , the human creature has proven to me they are the dumbest species on the face of the earth , i cant figure out how they can’t see what is happening right in front of their faces or if you point it out ( 7-8 military jets zig zagging all over the sky spraying) they are in complete denial ?

  6. I did not notice the synthetic cloud project until november of 2007. I had heard about it and read about it but i never saw it for myself. November 18th started with the most perfect weather you can imagine for that time of year in Vail, Colorado. Zero wind, clearest clear sky and 50 degrees by 9am. Then it happened. I finally saw it with my own eyes. There was a low flying twin engine jet aircraft. It was an intermediate size airliner style, white in color. It was flying west to east directly over town. The white exhaust trail was enormous, the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was jagged too and looked like it was electrically charged and pulsating. The aircraft was flying lower than normal cruising altitude for our area. Most of them fly over so high, you can barely make out any details. If I had to guess I would say it was one to two miles lower than normal. After he passed, his trail expanded to five times it’s original volume and just hung there. A long low cloud was born in a cloudless sky. I thought to myself… that’s it, that’s what people are talking about. I had never noticed it before, now I saw it plain as day. If that was the only cloud made that day, I could have dismissed it as an atmospheric anomaly. But then no less than 30 aircraft passed over in every direction imaginable. The clear sky was erased in two hours. This white, gray and fuzzy cloud blocked out the sun 50% or so and dominated the skycap for three to four solid hours. There was no wind visibly moving the cloud. I went inside and looked at the current radar image. It showed no trace of clouds anywhere near Colorado. How could that be? My estimate of low altitude flying of the first jet was confirmed. All other trails were well above the first one. Near the end of the blitz of exhaust trails, two jets flew in tight military formation and just below sonic boom speed. Their trails weren’t white like the rest, they were charcoal gray. The way these two exhaust trails expanded was hideously bizarre. The difference in color allowed the expansion to be more visible then the rest. They looked like two angry fingers that grew perhaps 20 times their original volume. They were the last jets I noticed. Then the synthetic cloud drifted away for a perfectly clear afternoon sky. There was absolutely no doubt what I saw. How could I have not noticed this before? I think it’s simple, it was never done so blatantly before where i lived and spent 99% of my time. It was so plain to see now… especially because after the cloud drifted away, no other aircraft were observed the rest of the day. I stayed out all day watching this because it was Sunday and it would probably be the last warm day of the year. I call these saturation missions. Once you see one, all doubt is erased.

    1. I interviewed Mike for a live radio show on radio free Moab, as part of a panel discussion when his first movie came out in 2010. He will be a great guest. Most of the jets used look like airliners. The military had plausible deniability until I photographed three B-2 stealth bombers over Moab, Utah making synthetic clouds. Just three jet trails expanded to dominant cloud cover inside an hour. It was the most impressive example of cloud making witnessed in 7 years of watching. Since then, I have photographed B2s over Snowmass and Vail, Colorado leaving enormous exhaust trails. Just think about the idea of Stealth Aircraft… evading easy detection. They were originally designed to leave no visible contrails. But in 2006 they received an upgrade. These jets cost billions of dollars to develop and build and millions of dollars a month to keep airborne. Ask Mike what he thinks of B2 Stealths being involved in this. I think it is a significant development considering their enormous cost and there’s only 20 of them in existence.

      1. Where can these B-2 photos be viewed? I have only seen one airborne ever, and I was in the USAF at the time, 20 years ago. These milky blue western Colorado skies are no joke anymore, and the wind seems to get worse each year. Dry wind= Forest fires. I will be surprised if this is not a big fire year.

        1. The heavy metals we are all being doused with are not only fire excellerants but the metals make extraordinary lightning rod material, the lightning storms we are experiencing in the north east U.S are out of control with lighting bouncing off all the metals in the sky lighting us up like a christmas tree every single induced storm & the brain dead zombies sleep through it all noticing non of it , not the out of control excellerated fires, not the bizarre lightning nor crazy storms or outrageous grey skies of fake clouds made of thick heavy metal debris sprayed out of the never ending military parade of jets that fly by our remote location by the hundreds in a day.

      2. the B2 photos were published by Hustler Magazine in the Holiday issue 2010 along with 2 prominent stories on Chemtrails and HAARP. My hat’s off to Hustler… they will cover stories no one else has the guts to touch.

    1. This is some of the best doublespeak of the climate change priesthood I have heard yet. This guy will definitely get promoted to Grand Poobah of his local Al Gore fan club.

  7. I may be pointing out the obvious, but the same players are cropping up all over the board. For example, (referenced in this article) has close ties to the United Nations Foundation. You might recall that one of the board members for New Venture Fund (the fund that controls the Hockleys’ foundation, Dylan’s Wings of Change) was a past Executive Director of Public Affairs for the UNF. Coincidence?

    The link between disparate actors such as the Hockleys, New Venture Fund, and the United Nations; events like Sandy Hook, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas; and phenomena including chemtrails, EMF/WiFi, Common Core, and GMOs, etc. is GLOBALISM! It goes by many names, including “Agenda 21”, “SmartGrowth”, “Earth First”, and “Future Earth”, but a better name would be, simply, “Complete Control” (maybe that’s what the Masonic “33” stands for: “C.C.” for “Complete Control”! But I digress…).

    It is easy to fall into the one-aspect trap: that is, mentally defining the problem as one single issue, like “politics”, “education”, “gender/racial inequality”, “the Middle East”, “the environment”, or whatever. Many organize around a group of issues that concerns them particularly. For example, Tea Party groups often focus on the Federal Reserve, ObamaCare, gun rights, taxation, etc. Left-libertarian-type groups are generally concerned with individual rights, like pot legalization, privacy issues, as well as militarization of police, TSA, etc. “Truther” groups organize around specific conspiracy-related issues like false flag events, chemtrails, GMOs, EMF/WiFi dangers, etc. Obviously, there is quite a bit of overlap among the issues and groups, and every one of these issues are important and worthy of attention. However, each taken individually merely acts as a wedge to keep the groups separate, and to distract from the bigger picture: TOTAL FREAKING CONTROL.

    TPTB are not playing around; if you get in their way, they will take you out…and/or utterly discredit you in the process. Look at what happened to Aaron Swartz (see the documentary, “The Internet’s Own Boy” on YouTube) for example, and to Bradley/Chelsea Manning (whatever the REAL story is behind that one). Government whistleblowers’ lives…certainly their careers…are destroyed in the process of standing up for a principle (check out “War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State” on Netflix). Dinesh D’Souza lost his position at King’s College, his fiancee, his reputation, and soon, perhaps his freedom. James O’Keefe was lucky to get away with only a single federal conviction and probation…if you call that “lucky”. If you poke the beast and manage to get away unscathed, it’s only because you’re too little of a fish to bother frying…for today. But don’t get too settled: that beast has a VERY long memory, and it NEVER forgives.

    Finally, quickly, my two cents about chemtrails: I don’t think that weather is the only application. In fact, it may not even be the main application. What I suspect is even more nefarious than population control: I think we are being remotely modified, just as Sofia Smallstorm suggested in her “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-life” and “Synthetic Biology” series. Google “smart dust” and use your imagination. If this IS what’s happening, it would affect the elite just as it does everyone else, but maybe they don’t care, or perhaps there are “benefits” that they think will be desirable. Who knows? Maybe there’s some vitamin or vaccine that protects against the Morgellon’s-like symptoms that crop up from time to time; more likely, they have worked that particular bug out of the spray (so to speak). In any case, I think we need to look beyond weather modification on this one…especially since that seems to be the direction we’re being steered. In any case, I’m very much looking forward to Michael Murphy’s interview on the 5th! Great catch!

    1. Bradley Manning wanting to become Chelsea? I’m surprised the architects of the NWO didn’t give him a pardon and his own TV show. The LGBT agenda is without a doubt their flagship cause. Of course they could have offered him some enticements to get him to “come out” and jump on the bandwagon. In the NWO there is no such thing as bad gay publicity.

      1. ha ha ha ha “bradley aka chelsea Manning” – another NWO made for the agenda media blitz, never never believe anything on the mass media forum. we are living in a crazy world, get that boy/girl a microphone , omg ha ha ha ha

  8. Yes Recynd77, this is much bigger than poisoning our skies, or flooding our borders with diseased illegal immigrants the msm simply calls migrants or the multitude of false flags to keep us entertained with the intriguing discovery of all the anomalies. Not to mention that monster storm Arthur threatening to bash the entire east coast on this holiday weekend.

    Found Megyn Kelly’s interview with Bill Ayers refreshing, it appeared to be real reporting, they actually reviewed all his books and public propaganda and were able to get in face when he denied his terrorists activities.

    The frightening conclusion of the series is that he is a professor, his wife, a convicted felon is a professor, many anti Americans are professors. So when you do the college interviews with your children, do you even think to ask, do you have any terrorist on board?

    Of course, the obvious question is why would they let this loony toon talk now who would not hesitate to continue bombing the US, even now, at 70 years old.

  9. The issue of aerosols and AGW is inextricably linked, more than people may realize. I have posted a number of tweets on AGW and Ice Ages ( which has been scrubbed/blocked by Twitter (or their handlers). I have also seen RT take down their video on geoengineering that Abby Martin did earlier this year. They removed it shortly after I had posted comments relating the aerosols to solar weather and planetary changes. This seems to have struck a nerve with them. You can find more information about solar changes and how AGW is a fraud at: and a good video Why “Global Warming” Failed & Why Climate Change is Real:

    Stay tuned for Chapter 1 of Geoengineering Counterstrike which will cover the levels of deception and how psychological operations are used against you in trying to find the truth.

  10. The mention in the earlier comments about “derivatives” made me smile as I recalled a scene from the movie “Margin Call”.
    To paraphrase(?), a lower level employee trader finds some disturbing trends that could rapidly bankrupt the “too big to fail” company. When the bigwigs fly in, literally in the middle of the night, he starts to tell them about the problem. The head honcho (Jeremy Irons) asks about the employee’s background. He relates that his college studies involved calculations of rocket trajectories and performance. The boss responds, “so you are, literally, a rocket scientist.” He asks how the employee ended up at a Wall Street firm. “We’ll, the equations are the same and, frankly, Wall Street pays much better” was his priceless response. Sorry.
    My background in engineering physics and associated mathematics made this very amusing to me…and, hopefully, to many of you.
    This is where our brightest minds have chosen to ply their wares. Can I blame them? I dont think I can honestly judge from my high horse. That is a societal problem regarding values…that I do not want to go into.
    Anyway, regarding atmospheric aerosol dispersion, I’d be happy to talk with anyone about my research, educated guesses and personal experiences with the activity…as soon as we look over the 10’s of thousands of photographs I have taken…LOL.
    Let me just sum it up by saying I’m not on the fence about this topic.
    Contact me if you are interested.

  11. I not a rocket scientist either…but as the character said, the math is the same.
    Please feel free to contact me. I know nothing about the economics of derivatives. I just know what a derivative is.
    I am a pilot and physician scientist who has observed the skies for 50+ years. Long enough to know tropospheric aerosol “spraying” when I see it.

  12. Seriously my friends, derivatives are from Calculus 101. Brought to us all by the genius of Isaac Newton. It is very basic calculus. An incredibly useful form of mathematics. Most people could understand it easier than algebra if they were taught correctly. It just makes obvious sense. I was aggrieved that I had to endure high school College Algebra courses when I saw how simple Calculus made mathematics. Don’t be scared of the words…calculus and derivatives. The basic principles can be taught to and easily understood by almost anyone.
    The application of this to economics, however, is beyond my comprehension…other than possibly as a tool to obfuscate a systemic fraud. It seems the recent economic results have invalidated the practical use of calculus in economics.
    In that respect, it’s kind of like statistics. You can make the result anything you want by adjusting the input.
    You know the saying, “damn lies and statistics”.

    1. The problem is to do with the way the marketplace has been distorted, and globalized. A good example of this is High Frequency Trading of securities: computers detect a slight trend in price and buy or sell a year’s worth of “normal” trades and reverse it a few minutes later; microseconds count.

      Derivatives have long been with us. If you possess a piece of paper with a dead politician’s picture on it, you own a derivative: a paper dollar’s value is “derived” from its original source. Slips of paper have no value; mined, refined and coined gold and silver are something to value.

      Massive contracts derived from future income streams from bundles of home mortgages, or credit card debts, or car loans, were sold as if they were normal securities, like shares in the ownership of a company (stocks) or bonds (debts that companies or municipalities have demonstrated their creditworthiness is worth the interest rate).

      Another kind of derivative involved a bet about the future direction of interest rates, or the relative value of different currencies. The point is all of these financial instruments are purchased with money, and they have no intrinsic value: their value are all derived from something real, back down the trail. A Collateralized Debt Obligation, at the back of the paper trail, is a few thousand houses people (presumably) are paying their monthly mortgage bill on.

      “Presumably” being the operative word.

      So what happened, when these rocket scientists were rechristened finance geniuses is that a new industry was born. Actually, two industries. “Monoline” insurers, specializing in guaranteeing the value of derivatives emerged. Tweaking the assumptions about the creditworthiness of the deadbeats the debt instruments depended on to produce an income stream became the name of the game.

      It became an active process of turning lead into gold!

      Think about it. You put together a bundle of mortgages half of which are likely to default, and want to sell the thing to the pension fund of a fishing village in Norway, but you need it to be rated AAA to make the sale. Monoinsurer “A” says, no can do. Monoinsurer “B” tweaks the assumptions here and there, and makes it happen. Sold! Next package, Monoinsurer “A” has learned its lesson. A downward spiral.

      All based on some Nobel winners in math’s supposed financial genius. Deference to expertise in science is akin to the “appeal to authority” logical fallacy, and it can be VERY destructive.

      I remember when Reagan said about Gorbechev’s happytalk “trust, but verify.” Rarely done when people claim that “scientists” say thus-and-so.

  13. Thank you for reposting this, was curious what the comments were pre-SHH days, not many but your trusty chemtrail troll Mcpherson was with you then!

    Curious how many folks woke up to all the blatant hoaxes as I did shortly after this time.

    Perhaps it is an intentional manipulation to insight civil unrest, as with the flooding of the country with thousands illegal, diseased immigrants.

    Here we have an admission the DOD and Cornell University studied how to manipulate the moods of facebook users. There is a mini-gold rush of bidders trying to get a piece of the 50 billion dollar DOD bounty!

  14. Dane Wigington and others gave excellent presentations to the Shasta County board in CA, we should forward this to all our representatives!

    There was local tv coverage of this meeting, that was packed with concerned citizens they did not mind standing. Of course they could not resist inserting the government programming of mentioning those so called chem trails.

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