[Updated June 20, 2014]

By Andrew S. MacGregor

In Dedication to Michael Hastings, Jan. 28, 1980 – June 18, 2013

The Rolling Stone journalist who was murdered after discovering this story

Terrorism: systematic intimidation as a method of governing or securing political or other ends

To properly understand the events surrounding Malaysian Airlines ‘flight MH370’ on the 8th of March 2014, a person firstly has to realise that it was a ‘terrorist’ attack’.  Now ‘terrorists’ do not hi-jack an aircraft simply to fly it around until it runs out of fuel and crashes; the hi-jacking has to have a ‘political’ agenda’. 

To understand what this ‘political agenda’ was, one has to consider why the aircraft was hi-jacked, and what the target was to have been.  General Wesley Clarke gave us the ‘agenda’ in 2001, which was for America to attack certain nations starting with Iraq and ending with Iran.  However there was a ‘further’ agenda, and that agenda involved Russia and to be more specific, the Ukraine.

The main impediment for any American attack on Iran, is that Iran has treaties with two major world players; China and Russia.  There is another problem; Iran has been aware of the impending attacks for over a decade and has built defences to her front.  She has, however, been dependent on Russia to defend her back door.

Russia has been finding its ‘superpower’ status again, and America has been endeavouring to stifle Russia’s growth, especially in the military arena.  Russia’s best known naval base is Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea, which was part of the Ukraine.  The American political agenda has been to win the Ukraine away from Russia, into the European Union.  This would have removed the Russian naval base from the Russians and turned it over to the EU. 

However, Russia would not have stood idly by and permitted such political actions to go unheeded, so an ‘excuse’ would be required to place European and American forces in the Ukraine.  Those forces would naturally be designated NATO. What was needed was a ‘suitable’ terrorist target which was not American, but of a NATO member, that would permit an immediate retaliatory reaction from that country and NATO.  The only possible ‘terrorist’ targets for this agenda at this time were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, honeymooning in the Maldives.

Thus we have the motives for two political agendas, attacking Iran and weakening Russia.  There is also a third agenda, and that is to separate China from Iran and Russia.  This third agenda was highlighted by ‘Air Force 1’ being booked on the 3rd of March 2014, five days prior to the ‘Terrorist attack’ which claimed the lives of 153 Chinese nationals to fly to China on the 19th of March, 2014.


The ‘Terrorist agenda’ of MH370

The ‘terrorist’ agenda was set when it was announced on the 8th of March 2014, that two ‘false’ passports were detected within the group of passengers that boarded ‘flight MH370’.  It was also initially stated that there were ‘other’ suspects who had also boarded ‘flight MH370’.

Now ‘terrorist’ attacks involving aircraft are not new, they date back to at least the 1960’s when one remembers the hi-jacked passenger airliner that was landed at the Entebbe Airport in Uganda, and subsequently rescued by Israeli commandos, of whom the only casualty they suffered was ‘Jonathon Netanyahu’, the older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu.  Then in the 1980’s, there was a new form of terrorism and aircraft, that being the ‘bomb’ planted within the luggage area and exploding in mid-flight and the most recognised was the crash at Lockerbie in Scotland, of which the ‘Americans’ were extremely quick on the scene and took total control of the investigation. 

And then in 2001 there was the ultimate ‘terror’ event that was even given direct media coverage as ‘hi-jacked’ passenger aircraft were flown into the two towers of the World Trade Centre, and Benjamin Netanyahu was there to say that ‘this was good for Israel’!  Of course there is little coverage of the fact that Dick Cheney was ‘in charge’ of American ‘Military exercises’ that supplied ‘cover’ for this event.

This very same scenario was again in operation as the Malaysian Airlines ‘flight MH370 left KL International Airport on the 8th of March 2014 and then flew northeast over Malaysia and into the South China Sea, into an area where America and Thailand were holding ‘Military Exercises’, and then vanished!

Flight MH370 is the latest 911 terrorist attack

Matthias Chang, the former top political advisor to Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia, noted that the bizarre disappearance of MH370 coincided with the US-run Cobra Gold and Cape Tiger military exercises – just as previous “disasters” have mirrored suspiciously-timed drills and exercises:


Whatever happened with the ‘commercial’ radar that the Malaysian Air Traffic Control were using to monitor ‘flight MH370’ entry into Vietnamese Air Traffic Control at 0121 hours, the Vietnamese Air Traffic Control in Ho Chi Minh City waited 17 minutes before they inquired from Malaysian Air Traffic Control as to the whereabouts of flight MH370. Malaysia then claimed that the Malaysian Air Traffic Control then requested another Malaysian Airlines aircraft in the vicinity to try and contact flight MH370, and that contact was raised at 0138 hours Malaysian time. 


This is the media report from the 10th March 2014:

According to Malaysia’s New Straits Times newspaper, contact was briefly made with the aircraft before it vanished. It was being flown by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a highly experienced pilot, and first officer Fariq ab Hamid.  “We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1.30am and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace,” a pilot on another Malaysia Airlines flight told the New Straits Times.”

“The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie or Fariq, but I was sure it was the co-pilot.  “There were a lot of interference … static … but I heard mumbling from the other end. That was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection,” he said.

So sometime after 0119 hours, Malaysian Air Traffic Control has asked another aircraft in the region where flight MH370 had vanished off their radar screen, to try and contact via radio MH370, and there was some contact, sufficient for the pilot of that aircraft to identify the voice of the 1st Officer, Fariq ab Hamid.  Thus the supposed actual last radio contact with flight MH370 was at 0138 hours!

There is something very wrong with this story.  If everything had been normal, then flight MH370 would have contacted the Vietnamese Air Traffic Control, once they had moved out of the Malaysian Air Traffic Controls area.  This has not happened for at least 17 minutes.  Again, with the supposed contact between the two Malaysian Airliners, the contact was not clear and precise.  Something is extremely wrong.  If flight MH370 did have radio communication, then it should have logged in with the Vietnamese Air Traffic Control.

So at 0138 hours the Malaysians know something is very wrong, but what are they doing about it?  Absolutely nothing!  Why!  Is this the same scenario that occurred in America with 911?

Initial reports were that flight MH370 had crashed in the South China Sea

The initial reports of ‘flight MH370’ were that it had crashed in the South China Sea.  This is why the first couple of days search for the ‘missing’ aircraft was north of Malaysia.  However local fishermen on the north side of Malaysia reported seeing a low-flying aircraft, which simply means the authorities were informed and well aware that flight MH370 had not crashed in the South China Sea.

Authorities are also investigating several reports of locals claiming to have seen the lights of a low-flying aircraft in an area off the Malaysian coast, just below the Malay-Thai border.  It is this area which is now included in the widened search area for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

A fisherman who was in his boat at sea, says that at about 1.30am he saw the lights of a low-flying aircraft in the area of Kuala Besar.  Azid Ibrahim told The Star newspaper in Malaysia that the plane was flying so low that the lights were “as big as coconuts”.  And another man, about 30km south of Kota Bharu, is reported to have seen “bright white lights” from what he thought was a fast-descending aircraft at about 1.45am on Saturday morning.  He has since reported what he saw to authorities after seeing the lights from his home that evening.

In this search, both the Australian Sydney Morning Herald and the ‘New Strait Times’ reported on the 10th of March that the Malaysian Government was being ‘assisted by the FBI, the American ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Boeing has joined an official US team investigating the disappearance, saying it would act as technical adviser to the US National Transportation Safety Board team already in South-East Asia to offer assistance.


In other words, the ‘search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370’ is not a Malaysian government investigation but a full on American investigation orchestrated by the FBI’s CIRG!

The FBI members ‘assisting’ the Malaysian Government would have to have expertise in both ‘terrorism’ and ‘hijacking’.  This means they would belong to the FBI’s “Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG)”.  To understand exactly what type of person these FBI members are, let me refresh what I had written about James F Yacone and his involvement in the Aurora Theatre massacre in Colorado in the article; ‘Fitzpatrick’s Law’

‘Joe Quinn’ of “The Sott Report” tells us that: The FBI agent with the smirk in the above video is James F. Yacone . In 2011 he was named special agent in charge of the FBI’s Denver Division by Director Robert S. Mueller III.

Before his Denver posting, Yacone served as a section chief in the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), which involved direct management and oversight of the FBI’s national tactical program, crisis negotiation program, and a variety of mobility and crisis response assets. The CIRG is basically the military wing of the FBI and it “works to successfully resolve critical incidents worldwide.

YaconeYacone was a natural choice for this position given his background. He served eight years in the U.S. Army and is “a decorated combat veteran”. Specifically, he was directly involved in the 1993 ‘Battle of Mogadishu’ that inspired the propaganda book and movie Black Hawk Down .

Once he got home, with blood all over his hands, Mr. Yacone joined the FBI in 1995 and was first assigned to the Philadelphia Division, where he investigated violent drug trafficking organizations, organized crime, and financial institution fraud. During his tenure with the CIRG, Mr. Yacone was promoted to supervisory special agent and later unit chief, deploying to multiple critical incidents and major investigations around the world in support of the global fight against terrorism.

Mr. Yacone served as an assistant special agent in charge of the FBI Richmond Division’s National Security Branch from 2007 to 2009. In addition to the counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and intelligence programs, he also implemented the FBI’s new threat-based intelligence process for two FBI field divisions.

This resume is written in the ‘Bureaucratic’ language.  Let us see just exactly what it means!

Yacone served as a section chief in the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), which involved direct management and oversight of the FBI’s national tactical program, crisis negotiation program, and a variety of mobility and crisis response assets. The CIRG is basically the military wing of the FBI and it “works to successfully resolve critical incidents worldwide.

Firstly the ‘FBI’ is the ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’, an American federal body, and as such only has power in America that relate to its ‘Federal powers’.  The ‘FBI’ does have powers within American Embassies overseas, but again, once the FBI steps outside those boundaries, the only powers they possess are those of “Bluff and intimidation”

Yacone served as a section chief in the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG)

What we have to consider here are those responsibilities that rested with Yacone; as in ‘direct management’, FBI’s national tactical program, crisis negotiation program, and ‘crisis response assets’.  FBI Agent James Yacone now has connections to every other major event within America that has occurred since July 2012.  The big question though is: ‘was Agent James F Yacone part of the FBI CIRG team in Malaysia?’

Boeing’s ‘Anti-terrorist’ system

From a John Croft article in Flight Global: In 2006, Boeing announced the following,

“Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all controls from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location.

The “uninterruptible” autopilot would be activated – either by pilots, by onboard sensors or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.

Boeing says: “We are constantly studying ways we can enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the world’s airline fleet.”

This announcement by Boeing is outdated.  It is was not the CIA that reacted to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370, but rather the FBI CIRG, ergo this component of the CIA’s duties have now been transferred to the FBI.

So flight MH370, which has not issued any alarm, has deviated from its proper flight path has had its transponder turned off at 0107 hours, and all contact with this aircraft has been lost by 0215 hours.  There are only two possibilities for this action; either the pilot of MH370 or a ‘government agency like the CIA’ or more precisely the FBI CIRG in response to its ‘support of the global fight against terrorism’.  However, the pilots did not initiate this action!

Boeing’s ‘Anti-Terrorist system turns aircraft into a ‘pilotless drone’

Boeing tells us that “once activated (the US patented system) removes all controls from the pilots.”  This means that the Boeing aircraft are now pilotless, or a more modern concept would be a ‘Drone’.

Boeing tells us that the ‘US patented system’ then allows the aircraft “to automatically return a commercial airliner to a ‘predetermined landing location’, or in fact any required destination.  What Boeing doesn’t tell us is how such a ‘commercial airliner would be flown to that location or destination.  The answer is of course fairly obvious, external pilots would have to take control of the ‘commercial airliner to fly it to the required destination and then land the aircraft.  This means that such ‘commercial airliner’ would be turned into a drone.

Again, Boeing tells us that “ the “uninterruptible” autopilot would be activated – either by pilots, by onboard sensors or even remotely via radio or satellite links”.  In the case of flight MH370, it is quite obvious that the ‘uninterruptible” autopilot was not activated by the pilots, or by ‘onboard sensors’, as this would have been indicated to the Malaysian Air Traffic Control, so that leaves only remote activation by either radio or satellite links.

American involvement in the hijacking of flight MH370

We now have three pieces of information in regard to American involvement in the ‘hi-jacking of Malaysian Airlines ‘Flight MH370:

(1)  As per Matthias Chang in reporting the ‘American Military ‘exercises’ with Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand just left of where flight MH370 vanished from the Malaysian Air Traffic Control’s radar screen

(2)  As per the news article printed in the New Strait Times on the 10th of March 2014, we have the American FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group ‘assisting’ in the investigation into the ‘disappearance’ of flight MH370.  Their initial assessment of the situation was that flight MH370 must have crashed in the South China Sea.

(3) As per Boeing’s announcement as to its aircraft being fitted with US patented ‘Anti-terrorist’ hi-jacking systems that would allow government agencies like the CIA/FBI to commandeer any Boeing commercial aircraft.

The vital clue within this assessment is that had flight MH370 crashed in the South China Sea, then there would be no valid reason for ‘the FBI’ to be assisting the Malaysian government in the search for a ‘crashed aircraft’.  Remember, their role is to “successfully resolve critical (Terrorist) incidents worldwide”.  Had flight MH370 crashed in the South China Sea, the wreckage would have been found quickly and there would have been no evidence of a ‘terrorist’ attack and thus no need for the FBI CIRG to be assisting the Malaysian government.

However, on the 15th of March 2014, that assessment changed dramatically:

The Asian replay of 911


SEPANG, Malaysia — The radar blip that was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did a wide U-turn over the Gulf of Thailand and then began moving inexorably past at least three military radar arrays as it traversed northern Malaysia, even flying high over one of the country’s biggest cities before heading out over the Strait of Malacca.

Yet inside a Malaysian Air Force control room on the country’s west coast, where American-made F-18s and F-5 fighters stood at a high level of readiness for emergencies exactly like the one unfolding in the early morning of March 8, a four-person air defense radar crew did nothing about the unauthorized flight.


This is the first real suggestion that a ‘terrorist’ event had occurred.  Flight MH370 had been taken off course after it had ‘vanished’ on the commercial radar, but was still being monitored by the Malaysian Military.  That it took a week for this information to be made public demonstrates a major media blackout on aspects of this event.

The ‘New York Times’, suggests that it was a ‘series of errors’ by the Malaysian government that had created this massive change in the search for the missing flight MH370, but that is not correct.  Local fishermen had reported the ‘low-flying’ aircraft off the north coast of Malaysia, and these reports had been ignored.  There had been a report of a ‘crashed airline passenger’ sighted in the Indian Ocean near the Andaman Islands on the 8th of March 2014, within hours of ‘flight MH370’ going missing and that was also ignored by the FBI’s CIRG!

What Raja Dalelah saw on the 8th March 2014

Raja Dalelah, from Kota Tinggi in Johor said the plane she was in was flying over the Indian Ocean when she saw a silvery object on the ocean.  The in-flight monitor in front her showed that the aircraft was crossing the Indian Ocean. The last city on the land mass showed Chennai.

“I had seen several shipping liners and islands from my window earlier. Then, I saw the silvery object.  “I took a closer look and was shocked to see what looked like the tail and wing of an aircraft on the water,” she said.  Raja Dalelah said she took another look and was sure it was an aircraft in the ocean.  “I woke my friends in the flight but they laughed me off.”

A pilot has also laughed off her claim. “Along any flight path, especially a long-haul one such as between Jeddah and Kuala Lumpur, the altitude of the plane will be maintained at around 35,000ft once it is in the air,” said the pilot who wished to remain anonymous.

“This is roughly seven miles above sea level. How can anyone see anything like a boat or ship on the ground from so high up?” he questioned.


The real question is why would anyone ridicule and ignore a positive sighting of an aircraft in the water?  What was there to fear from actually finding the wreck of flight MH370?

What you can see at 35,000 ft


What an ‘expert’ says

Central Queensland University aviation expert Ron Bishop said the continuing lack of debris from the jet pointed towards the aircraft hitting the water intact.  He said that if the aircraft broke up at a cruising altitude, he would expect evidence of items from the plane floating over a 15-20km expanse of ocean.

“If it exploded midair, all the seat cushions would float, paper, magazines, anything made out of paper or wood would float,” he said.  “If it impacted the water in one piece, it possibly impacted at a high speed that drove everything into the water and meant that nothing floated out. And if it did, it would just be small stuff.”


The miracle on the Hudson

Five years ago, US Airways Flight 1549 struck a flock of Canada geese just after taking off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport, resulting in both engines losing power and forcing Capt. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger and his crew to glide the Airbus A320-214 to an unpowered crash landing in the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey.

The crash, widely referred to as the “Miracle on the Hudson,” resulted in no loss of life and only five minor injuries despite the freezing river. Moments after the crash of Flight 1549, nearby boats and ferries came to the rescue of the 150 passengers and five crewmembers. The rescue was said to be the “most successful ditching in aviation history,” NTSB board member Kitty Higgins told the New York Post.



What we are seeing in this picture are not people walking on water, but rather people standing on the wing of flight 1549 as it floats on the Hudson River.  Even with the emergency exit doors open, the aircraft still holds sufficient air to stop it from sinking.

With the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 landing near the Andaman Islands and with no person alive on board to open the ‘emergency doors’, then the aircraft would remain afloat for some considerable time before the air can escape and permit the aircraft to sink.  Again, with the aircraft landing intact, there are very little chances of items escaping and forming flotsam.  There is now, no reason to doubt that Raja Dalelah actually saw Mh370 in the water in the northern area of the Indian Ocean, near the Bay of Bengal.

Corroboration for Raja Dalelah’s observations

Since there has been no reports of any aircraft crashing on land in regard to the missing flight MH370, then the obvious place to suspect where the aircraft has gone down is in the sea, but where, has always been the $64,000 question.  This news report gives us the answer:


An Adelaide-based exploration company believes it may have located the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, 5000km away from where authorities have been looking.  The company, GeoResonance, says its research has identified elements on the ocean floor consistent with material from a plane.

Six weeks have now passed since the plane disappeared and extensive searches in the Indian Ocean have failed to locate any wreckage.  GeoResonance believes authorities have been looking in the wrong place.

It started its own search for the missing aircraft on March 10.  “The technology that we use was originally designed to find nuclear warheads, submarines… our team in the Ukraine decided we should try and help,” David Pope from GeoResonance said.  The company surveyed over 2,000,000 square kilometres of the possible crash zone, using images obtained from satellites and aircraft.

Scientists focused their efforts north of the flight’s last known location, using over 20 technologies to analyse the data including a nuclear reactor.  They could not believe what they found in the Bay of Bengal.  “Our team was very excited when we found what we believe to be the wreckage of a commercial airliner,” Mr Pope said.

Pavel Kursa from GeoResonance told 7News: “We identified chemical elements and materials that make up a Boeing 777… these are aluminium, titanium, copper, steel alloys and other materials.”

An initial report was sent to authorities while the black box still had two weeks of battery power. The team then verified its findings by analysing images from the same area on March 5, three days before the plane disappeared.

“The wreckage wasn’t there prior to the disappearance of MH370,” Mr Pope said.  The full report was delivered on April 15.

“We’re not trying to say that it definitely is MH370, however it is a lead we feel should be followed up,” Mr Pope told 7News.

Further media reports on location of MH370



The Americans however do not wish to believe this report.

But GeoResonance’s claims are not supported by the majority of aviation experts.

“My blood is boiling. I’ve talked to the leading experts in satellite capability in NASA, and they know of no technology that is capable of doing this. I am just horrified that a company would use this event to gain attention like this,” Miles O’ Brien, an aviation expert, told CNN.

This claim by Miles O’Brien is not correct.  America has been using similar satellite technology for over 20 years to map out oil, gold and mineral deposits.

Who is GeoResonance?

What is it about GeoResonance that has frightened the Americans so much?  Let us look at the keywords within their news article.  They are based in the Ukraine; their technology is based on finding nuclear warheads and submarines, and they use (Russian) satellite technology.  Do you think there is a possibility that they just may be Russian Naval Intelligence?  Now just exactly whose naval base is at the Crimean city of Sevastopol on the Black Sea?  Have the Russians forgotten about the ‘Kursk incident’ on the 12th of August 2000, and the roles played by the USS Memphis and USS Toledo?  I doubt it!

In the initial reports of the ‘disappearance of flight MH370, it was noted that the ‘aircraft’s transponder’ had been turned off.  That such an action is impossible within the cockpit of the aircraft has not been made public, but it is a well known fact for those within the aircraft industry.  This means that the initial actions to ‘isolate’ flight MH370 occurred outside of the aircraft.


Modern day communications technology

We look at the radio communications from within flight MH370, and it can be seen that even with the aircraft to aircraft, radio communication that occurred at approximately 0130 hours on the 8th of March, 2014, that radio communication was distorted and unreadable.  In other words, the radio communications had also been disabled, as per the ‘anti-terrorist’ functions that Boeing had placed in its aircraft since 2006. 

So in an aircraft that has been remotely ‘hi-jacked’, how does the ‘aircrew’ inform their superiors what has happened with their plane?  There are no radio communications whatsoever.  Any written report on paper or other form cannot be guaranteed to survive, but there is a very modern piece of equipment that almost every person possesses; the mobile phone. 

A ‘text’ message can be written into a mobile phone, and then set to be communicated whenever the mobile phone establishes contact with a ‘telecommunications tower’.  Furthermore, such a message would remain within the memory of the mobile phone and could be retrieved by any investigation should the mobile phone be found.

Also, such a ‘text’ message would be automatically sent once the mobile phone established contact with a ‘telecommunications tower’!  1st Officer Fariq ab Hamid’s mobile phone sent a message to somebody when MH370 passed Penang!

Co-pilot’s phone made contact with Penang Telecommunication tower


This story released on the 12th of April 2014 is extremely telling: 

“KUALA LUMPUR: A CREW member of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 made a  desperate  call from his mobile phone as the plane was flying low near Penang, the morning it went missing.”

“The latest breakthrough in the ongoing criminal investigation traced the source of the call to co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid’s phone.”

The New Straits Times has learnt that investigators are poring over this discovery as they try to piece together what had happened moments before the Boeing 777-22ER twinjet went off the radar, some 200 nautical miles (320km) northwest of Penang on March 8 .”

What this tells us is that even though flight MH370 was flying at a low altitude of about 5,000ft to avoid ‘commercial’ radar.  It was however, still being tracked by the Malaysian Military radar.  It also tells us that MH370 was 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang; that is heading towards the Andaman Islands and not into the Indian Ocean west of Australia.

Then there is this titbit: “ A different set of sources close to the investigations told the NST that checks on Fariq’s phone showed that connection to the phone had been “detached” before the plane took off.

“This is usually the result of the phone being switched off. At one point, however, when the airplane was airborne, between waypoint Igari and the spot near Penang (just before it went missing from radar), the line was ‘reattached’.

What this tells us supports other pieces of the story.  For a start, MH370’s 1st Officer, Fariq Ab Hamid is very much aware that mobile phones normally do not work in aircraft as the planes fly too high to establish contact with telecommunication towers.  This is why the phone was turned off prior to Fariq entering flight MH370, which is normal procedure.

That Fariq’s mobile phone was turned on and thus connected momentarily with the Penang telecommunication tower does tell us that Fariq has broken with the normal protocols in regard to mobile phones.  We are also aware that Fariq knows that he cannot make a mobile phone call so just exactly what did he use his phone for?  To send a ‘text’ message of course, and that is how it was established that Fariq’s mobile phone established a connection with the telecommunication tower at Penang.

Once 1st Officer Fariq Ab Hamid was aware that his aircraft had been hijacked he and his fellow aircrew were powerless to intervene, and once Fariq knew that, he then decided to leave an account of exactly what had happened in case the crashed aircraft was found and the phone recovered.  He may also have left a ‘farewell message’ to his family and loved ones.

When 1st Officer Fariq switched his mobile phone on in the middle of the South China Sea, it was not to make a telephone call.  It indicates that the cockpit crew were well aware that they had been hijacked and all on board were to be murdered.

The question is did 1st Officer Fariq survive the ‘hijacking, and if so who else was alive in flight MH370 when it recrossed the Malaysian Peninsula near Penang and headed out to the Bay of Bengal?  If there were people alive on this hijacked aircraft, could they thwart the ‘terrorists’ plans?

Read this again!

“The Boeing 777-22ER twinjet went off the radar, some 200 nautical miles (320km) northwest of Penang on March 8 .”

Just exactly why did Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 ‘vanish’ from the Malaysian Military radar?  What normally causes a aircraft to ‘vanish’ off the radar?  How about that was exactly where flight MH370 crashed!

Now, where was it that Raja Dalelah said she saw a passenger aircraft in the water?  Where was it that GeoResonance said they found evidence of an aircraft in the Bay of Bengal?  The same area that the Malaysian Military said they lost contact with flight MH370!

Leading the search astray

This story on the 29th of March is extremely telling.  It is worthwhile studying each paragraph to see what it is telling us.

“A team of experts working for the International Investigation Team have been studying the data available on the flight, which includes the attempted communications between Flight 370 and satellites which led officials to focus their search in the so-called Southern Arc. They continue to analyze that data and their focus remains to the south, says CBS News transportation correspondent Jeff Pegues.”

[“A team of experts working for the International Investigation team”.  Now what does that tell us?  For a start it is not the Malaysian government and thus it must be the FBI, CIRG. 

Attempted communications between Flight 370 and satellites”. Again this needs simple deductive logic.  Since the team of ‘experts’ do not have Flight 370, then exactly how can they have ‘attempted communications’?] 

“British satellite company Inmarsat provided the relevant data to the Malaysian government — a final seven “pings” recorded from the plane to the satellite. Based on those pings alone, two possible flight paths for the plane were charted from its last known location; one heading north toward the Bay of Bengal, and the other heading south into the Indian Ocean.”

[The original story was that the ‘Rolls Royce’ company were monitoring ‘their’ engines in this aircraft.  So why has the ‘Rolls Royce’ company been changed to ‘Inmarsat’?

Based on those pings alone”, I beg your pardon!  Satellites are normally extremely accurate as GPS tracking demonstrates, but the ‘military’ GPS is even more accurate than the ‘commercial’ GPS.  The tracking of those ‘Rolls Royce’ engines would tell the company within inches of where those engines were, if they were in the air, on ground or even on water.]

“On March 24, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that, based on new analysis of that data, Inmarsat and the lead investigators had “concluded that MH370 flew along the southern corridor, and that its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth.”

[The Malaysian Prime Minister stated that ‘Inmarsat and the ‘lead investigators’ had reached this conclusion.  ‘Lead Investigators’ actually means the FBI CIRG. Malaysia is washing its hands on this decision.]

“Reached Tuesday by CBS News, Inmarsat Vice President Chris McLaughlin said the decision to focus the search for the missing jet solely in the southern corridor was made by the Malaysian government and its search partners, not Inmarsat.”

[Inmarsat’s Chris McLaughlin is denying that this decision involved Inmarsat.  That simply means that Chris McLaughlin is not accepting that the decision was based solely on Inmarsat’s information.  So now we have both Malaysia and Inmarsat washing their hands on this decision.]

“McLaughlin noted that the data was scrutinized by experts from a variety of different countries, and “all agreed the aircraft came down in the southern Indian Ocean.”

[But McLaughlin is not being honest.  Inmarsat is not accepting responsibility for this decision, nor is Malaysia.  I guess that simply leaves the FBI’s CIRG and the Australian SAR team lead by Air Vice Marshall Angus Houston who always goes along with what he is told by his ‘betters’!  Typical Australian bureaucrat!]

“One of the primary factors in that decision, according to McLaughlin, was the fact that not a single nation along the northern corridor — which includes the Bangladeshi coast — reported picking the plane up on domestic radar.”


And this sentence tells us everything!  We have already been informed that Flight MH370, once everybody on board had been murdered at 43-45,000 feet, that this aircraft then descended to under 5,000 feet, and was spotted by local fishermen on the east coast of Malaysia, that MH370 flew over Penang at under 5,000 feet, which caused Fariq’s mobile telephone to register with the Penang tele-communications tower. 


We have also been informed that the Malaysian Military radar at both Butterworth and Kota Bharu did actually track MH370 during this flight, but that the Malaysian Air traffic Control was unable to do so, because the aircraft was flying under 5,000 feet.  


In other words, MH370 flying under 5,000 feet was undetectable to every ‘Domestic’ radar!  That is why ‘not a single nation along the northern corridor – which includes the Bangladeshi coast could have sighted flight MH370 on their ‘domestic radar’.


The Malaysian Military tells us that it tracked flight MH370 as it crossed Malaysia near Penang, and then turned and flew northwest along the Andaman Sea, but because it was not ‘domestic’ radar it is to be ignored!  Thank you very much!



The murder of 239 people on board flight MH370

The below article by Mark Reynolds published on the 26th of March 2014 does provide some thinking material.


It is worthwhile studying each of these little snippets to get a clearer picture of what we are being told.  “Investigators are particularly puzzled by the altitude the Boeing-777 was taken to shortly after take-off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8.”

This piece is not correct.  Flight MH370 was flying on its normal route up until the last communications between this aircraft and the Malaysian Air Traffic Control which was at 0119 hours.  The main question here is exactly who are the ‘supposed’ investigators?  Boeing tells us [Boeing has joined an official US team investigating the disappearance, saying it would act as technical adviser to the US National Transportation Safety Board team already in South-East Asia to offer assistance.]

“After the last voice communication from the cockpit, military radar tracked the jet at between 43,000ft and 45,000ft”

This piece of information is correct, but lacking in totality.  Please remember that this particular plane supposedly ‘vanished’ from Malaysian Air Traffic Control radar, when it was on its correct course and altitude.  It would also have been tracked at this time by the Malaysian Military radar stations.

However, once this aircraft’s transponders were ‘turned’ off, something that cannot be done by the crew inside this aircraft, then this aircraft climbed to an altitude between 43,000 and 45,000 ft.  Now this information could only come from the Military, as once the aircraft’s transponders were turned ‘off’, then the Malaysian Air Traffic Control could not read the aircraft’s altitude!

What this should have told the Malaysian Military was that flight MH370 had been hijacked, and by an outside force.  This should have raised alarms all over, except that within the area that MH370 had flown into were ‘American Military ‘exercises’ being conducted with Thailand.  So why did flight MH370 ascend to 43,000 to 45,000feet?

 “An aviation expert said: “It was flying at this altitude for 23 minutes before descending. ­Oxygen would have run out in 12 minutes, ­rendering passengers unconscious.”

So, sometime after 0119 hours when there was the last contact between Malaysian Air Traffic Control and flight MH370, this aircraft then climbed to 43,000 – 45,000ft, and maintained that altitude for 23 minutes, before descending to about 5,000 ft.  We are also informed that the oxygen supplied via the ‘oxygen masks’ would have run out after approximately 12 minutes, thus rendering the passengers and crew unconscious. 

What we are not told is that it takes about three to five minutes of being unable to breathe for a person to be asphyxiated!   This was a deliberate case of ‘mass murder’!

The so-called ‘aviation expert’ is very well aware of this fact.  So please forget about ‘suicide’ by the pilot or 1st Officer, as the other crew members would have taken immediate steps to overcome this situation.  Not only that, but for a ‘suicide’ to have been on the agenda, then MH370 would never have needed to climb to 43-45000ft and maintain that altitude for 23 minutes, as all that would be needed for a ‘suicide’ would be to crash the aircraft.

This was a situation outside of the control of any person within flight MH370!  No suicide and no on-board terrorists!

Flight MH370 after being hijacked is supposedly tracked by Malaysian Military radar bases at both Penang and Kota Bharu, as this aircraft supposedly ascends to 43,000 – 45,000ft, flies at that altitude for 23 minutes, while it also turns around and retraces it path back towards Malaysia, descending so as to fly across Penang at approximately 5,000ft so that the 1st Officer’s mobile phone can be detected by the telecommunications tower at Penang, and then fly in a north-westerly direction until 0215 hours when it went off the Malaysian Military Radar screen approximately 200 nautical miles (320 km) northwest of Penang. 

What is a Boeing 777 normal speed whilst flying at an altitude of 5000ft?  The Boeing 777 typically flies at around 200 knots (370km/h) below 5000 feet after takeoff.   http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/B772

 So with flight MH370 flying at approximately 200 knots (370Km/h) as it flies over Penang at 5,000, and maintains that altitude to avoid primary radar until it reaches 200 nautical miles north-west of Penang and crashes at 0215 hours, that is a total of 54 minutes from when it had its last communication with the Malaysian Air Traffic Control, and none of these times actually work out!

Now with flight MH370 being hijacked in the South China Sea, approximately 38 minutes into its flight, then it can be reasonably presumed that it would take at least this amount of time to be turned around, fly at an altitude of between 43-45,000 feet for 23 minutes before descending to 5,000 feet to fly over Penang, plus another 60 minutes flying at approximately 200 knots to be 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang when the Malaysian Military ‘lost’ radar contact with this aircraft.  The closer time for flight MH370 to vanish off the Malaysian military radar is 0250 hours.

What does work out is that approximately 200 nautical miles north-west of Penang are the Andaman Islands where Raja Dalelah believed she saw a sinking aircraft.  If flight MH370 continued flying in this general direction, and also taking actions to avoid radar detection from both India and Sri Lanka, it would be on path to fly into the Maldives air space where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are holidaying.

What must be remembered is that the hijacking of an aircraft is an act of terrorism.  For such an act to take place there must be a presumed target.  For such a hijacked aircraft to crash into the sea prior to it reaching its intended target simply means that somebody was able to thwart the terrorist mission!

The clues to ‘Flight MH370 being a ‘terrorist’ event

On Saturday the 8th of March, 2014, it was announced that two men using stolen passports had managed to board Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  The report also suggested that there were another two passengers with questions over their identity.  This story changed very quickly.  The two ‘other passengers’ suddenly were no longer suspects.

 On Monday the 10th of March 2014, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Chief, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman dismissed earlier reports that the two were ‘Asian-looking’.  He said, “They are not Asian-looking men”.  Asked to elaborate, he added:  “Do you know a footballer by the name of [Mario] Balotelli?”

“The passenger manifest issued by the airline included the names of two Europeans – Austrian Christian Kozel and Italian Luigi Maraldi – who were not on the plane.  Their passports had been stolen in Thailand during the past two years.  An Interpol spokeswoman said a check of all documents used to board the plane had revealed more “suspect passports” which were being investigated.” http://www.channel4.com/news/malaysian-airlines-mystery-flight-mh370-search

Like most lies, this story died a ‘natural death’ once the two ‘suspects’ were identified as Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad and Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza.  The trouble is that neither of these two ‘non-suspects’ looked anything like Mario Balotelli



The second man on the left is Pouria [Nour Mohammad Mehrdad], who used the stolen Austrian passport. The man on the far right, [Delavar Seyed Mohammad] Reza, used the stolen Italian passport. : http://backchannel.al-monitor.com/index.php/2014/03/7881/terror-link-not-suspected-as-iranians-using-stolen-passports-identified/#ixzz2xOlcy2Fm

So just exactly who was the supposed ‘terrorist/non-terrorist’ described as a Mario Balotelli lookalike?   (Mario Balotelli appears in first above photo)  Was this person also a passenger on flight MH370?

Both Pouria and Reza were identified after ‘friends’ of the two men approached Malaysian ‘authorities’ and explained their situation.  Both men had entered Malaysia using their correct Iranian passports, and had then used the ‘stolen passports’ in an attempt to enter Europe. 

And of course the ‘Malaysian authorities’ completely ignored the various criminal aspects in regard to the trafficking of ‘stolen passports’, in the crimes committed by those who supplied these passports to the two Iranian men once they arrived in Malaysia.

Stolen passports as per 911

At least five of the ‘Arab’ terrorists who supposedly hi-jacked the airliners that crashed in 911 were still alive the next day.  They had notified authorities when their passports had been stolen, but that didn’t stop the authorities or the media from claiming such people were ‘terrorists.  With this in mind, consider this media report on the 12th of March, 2014


Two European names were on the passenger list for the missing flight but neither Christian Kozel, an Austrian, nor Luigi Maraldi from Italy, ever boarded the plane — instead two passengers used their passports, which had been stolen from the men in separate incidents in Thailand.  A man who says he is a friend of the two unidentified passengers has now told how they were Iranian nationals who travelled to Kuala Lumpur from Tehran several days ago.

According to London’s Daily Telegraph, the unnamed friend told BBC Persia that the pair bought the stolen passports in the Malaysian capital as well as tickets to Amsterdam via Beijing.  One of the men wanted to eventually end up in Frankfurt, where his mother lives, while the other wanted to travel to Denmark.  BBC Persia’s UN correspondent Bahman Kalbasi said he was told the pair were “looking for a place to settle”.

Malaysia and neighbouring Thailand, where the passports were originally stolen, host large and established Iranian communities.

Now please consider exactly what we are being told!  The BBC has acquired all of this information from ‘a friend’ of the two Iranians.  Who was ‘this’ friend?  How did he know so much? 

Again the two Iranians had only arrived in Malaysia ‘several days ago’, and that being the case, then exactly how much of ‘a friend’ was this informer?

Furthermore, exactly how did this ‘friend’ know that the two Iranians had bought the ‘stolen’ passports in KL, as well as the tickets to Amsterdam?  For a start, these two Iranians had travelled to KL on the purpose of continuing their trip to Amsterdam, and thus it is not reasonable to believe that they had ‘purchased’ the two main requirements for such a trip in KL half way through this journey!

Now let us consider the ‘stolen’ passports.  Neither of the two Iranians could expect to simply order two stolen passports off ‘the shelf’!  The stolen passports had to be altered to show the photographs of the ‘new’ bearers of these passports, and then put in a proper description including their birthdates.  You could not expect a 19 or a 26 year old to have a birth date on their passport the same as the much older men who were the original owners of these two passports.

And finally, consider this, if this story was correct, then exactly how many people would the two Iranians have told about their expected trip to Europe using ‘stolen’ passports? Please remember that these two men have just recently arrived in KL and would have virtually known no one else within the area they resided in KL.  So just exactly who was this ‘friend’ who knew too much?

This article continues with:

Earlier, the Financial Times reported that the duo’s tickets had been arranged for by an Iranian known only as “Mr Ali”. According to Thai police, his full name is Kazem Ali.  A travel agent in Thailand told the newspaper that Mr Ali first asked her to book cheap tickets to Europe for the pair on March 1.  The tickets expired before Mr Ali called her again last Thursday to rebook them on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. A friend of Mr Ali’s paid cash for the tickets.

Benjaporn Krutnait, owner of the Grand Horizon travel agency in Thailand, said she had known the Iranian for about three years and he had booked tickets through her agency before.

There is no evidence Mr Ali knew the two men were travelling on stolen passports and, according to NBC News, he has come forward to authorities after learning they were under suspicion.  He is currently believed to be in Iran.

Who was Kazem Ali?

We are told Kazem Ali is an Iranian.  What a strange name for an Iranian!  Kazem Ali ordered the two tickets for ‘his Iranian friends’, Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad in the name of the Austrian, Christian Kozel and Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza as the Italian, Luigi Maraldi, and then the BBC, The Financial Times, and NBC News, all tell us that there “is no evidence that Mr Ali knew the two men were travelling on stolen passports!!!!

“NBC News also tells us that it was Mr Ali who came forward to authorities after learning they were under suspicion.”  In other words, Mr Ali was ‘the friend’ who supplied the authorities and the media with all of the required information in regard to the ‘two Iranian terrorists’!

Then we have this information!  “ Mr Ali called her again last Thursday to rebook them on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. A friend of Mr Ali’s paid cash for the tickets.”

 What is this telling us?  For a start, ‘Mr Ali’ called and that means a phone call, not an actual visit to the business.  Then another person, another friend, a ‘friend of Mr Ali’s paid cash for the tickets.  That simply means there is no trace on who actually paid for the airline tickets on MH370.  But what we now know is that at least two people were involved in purchasing those tickets; Mr Ali in KL and ‘his friend’ in Pattaya.  What is the possibility that it was Kazem Ali and his friend in Pattaya that also obtained the ‘stolen’ passports?

How many tickets did Kazem Ali buy for flight MH370?

Authorities have made no comment on these reports but Thai police are thought to have visited two Pattaya travel agencies on Monday, who are believed to be involved in selling the tickets.”

Earlier in this article we were informed that Benjaporn Krutnait, owner of the Grand Horizon travel agency in Thailand, said she had known the Iranian for about three years and he had booked tickets through her agency before.  There is though no statement of exactly how many tickets for the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 were purchased through this agency.

But what the next paragraph tells us is that Thai police are believed to have ‘visited’ two Pattaya travel agencies on Monday the 10th of March 2014 who are believed to be involved in selling ‘the tickets’!  What does this mean?

For a start it means that more tickets were purchased by Mr Kazem Ali besides those for the ‘two Iranians’.  So how many of the tickets used by these five non-boarding passengers were purchased by Kazem Ali and his ‘friend’ in Pattaya?

There has been no further update on the five passengers who checked in for flight MH370 but didn’t board the plane. They had their luggage removed from the hold.  Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said they were being investigated but he didn’t say whether this was suspicious.

Aviation industry figures said five passengers failing to board an international flight was not unusual.  “To have that many people — five to 10 — as no-shows is relatively common, particularly if they are connecting from elsewhere,” they said.”

The problems here are that these ‘passengers’ checked in, that is they were physically present at the checking in counter, and their luggage was with them.  Had these ‘passengers been on a ‘missed’ connecting flight then neither they nor their luggage would have been present!  Were Kazem Ali and the Mario Balotelli lookalike part of these ‘no-show’ passengers?

The planning for a ‘Malaysian’ 911

An event such as the ‘supposed terrorist hijacking of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 does not happen overnight.  There is an immense amount of thinking planning organising manipulating and preparations that has to take place.  All of these things must lead up to what is desired as the ‘Final Outcome’.  In this case, what is desired is an attack on Iran!

One of the clues as to who was behind the planning of this event is that who has been directing the various actors in the aftermath, that is who has been telling the Malaysian authorities where to look and what to say, and in this case we have the FBI sometimes called the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has no authority whatsoever to interfere in Malaysian affairs, but they were there!  

There are two accessories to this event that tells us how long this event has been in planning and setting up, just like any ‘Broadway Drama”. 

The first is the use of ‘Jonti Roos’ to meet the 1st Officer Fariq Ab Hamid at the Thai International Airport, take ‘selfies’ of herself and her friend Jaan Maree with the pilot and 1st Officer of their flight from Thailand to Malaysia at the airport terminal and later in the cockpit back in December 2011.  When one considers that Jonti Roos and her friend who were both from South Africa could have easily travel to Thailand via Thai Airlines, this meeting could not have been coincidental. 


[So exactly who took this photo at journey’s end?  A stewardess perhaps]

(CNN) — The first officer aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight once invited two teenagers he just met into the cockpit of his plane during another international flight, one of the women told “Piers Morgan Live.”

Jonti Roos, who first told her story to the Australian Channel 9 program “ A Current Affair ,” said she is Facebook friends with Fariq Ab Hamid, the first officer on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Roos told CNN on Wednesday that she and a friend were waiting for a flight in 2011 when Hamid and another pilot asked them if they wanted to sit in the cockpit during the flight. Roos and her friend agreed and went to their assigned seats when they boarded. Later they were escorted to the cockpit, she said, and they were there for the rest of the flight.


From this ‘chance’ meeting in December 2011, Jonti Roos becomes a ‘Facebook friend’ with 1st Officer, Fariq ab Hamid

“Throughout the whole flight they were talking to us,” Ms Roos said in the interview. “They were actually smoking, which I don’t think they are allowed to be doing. And they were taking photos of us in the cockpit while they were flying. I was just completely shocked, I couldn’t believe it.”

“We were standing in line at the boarding gate just with everybody else and the pilot and co-pilot walked past us and came back and asked us if we would like to sit with them in the cockpit during the flight,” Ms Roos said. “Obviously we said yes.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/malaysian-airlines-plane-copilot-smoked-took-photos-in-cockpit-with-tourists-in-2011-20140312-hvhkh.html#ixzz32QFMAlO2

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/malaysian-airlines-plane-copilot-smoked-took-photos-in-cockpit-with-tourists-in-2011-20140312-hvhkh.html#ixzz32QFEl02K



There are a couple of things wrong with Jonti Roos’ story of her flight from Thailand to KL in December 2011.  The flight by the way is only about 1 hour’s duration. 

First of all passengers normally sit around in the boarding area prior to boarding, and it is observed that the entire flight crew grouped together first enter the aircraft so as to complete the preparatory flight checks.  So for Jonti Roos to claim they were standing in line at the boarding gate with everybody else and the two pilots stopped to chat with her and her friend Jaan Maree is not fully accurate.  It does raise the possibility that they had met and got to know each other previously.  The possibility that the two girls were in fact waiting and had positioned themselves for the meeting also cannot be discounted.

Again, when the aircraft lands, the passengers disembark first, while the flight crew stay onboard to complete their final flight checks, and then about 20 to thirty minutes later, again as a group, the flight crew leave the aircraft, walk through the airport terminal and then board a vehicle waiting for them.

That we have two photographs of Jonti Roos outside of the aircraft simply means that the girls instead of going to the baggage area, waited for the crew to pose for these photographs.  All innocent perhaps, but definitely orchestrated by the girls, not the pilots.

The other problem with Jonti Roos story is that although she describes herself as a ‘Facebook’ friend of Fariq ab Hamid, she also states that both pilots were smoking on the job.  There are extremely strict rules in regard to ‘smoking’ on aircraft, so why has Jonti Roos dobbed in her ‘Facebook’ friend?  Were the ‘smoking’ allegations correct?  Please remember that Jonti Roos claimed both pilots were smoking.

What we have with Jonti Roos’ story is a picture of an undisciplined young man who ignores the ‘rules’, just the type of person who ‘terrorists’ would target.

Another entity inside Fariq ab Hamid’s cockpit

Although Piers Morgan, the ‘British’ journalist with CNN got the story of Jonti Roos, there was another CNN ‘British’ journalist who was an ‘expert’ on the subject of flight MH370, Richard Quest.

QuestThe media, CNN and Richard Quest

It was the American media CNN that gained the lead in the story of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  Their journalist, Richard Quest was an expert on the subject.  How was Richard Quest an expert on MH370?  Well, he and his crew actually flew on the aircraft from Hong Kong to K L on the 19th of February 2014 with the 1st Officer Fariq Ab Hamid and filmed the event.


Anderson Cooper: “We’re now bringing in Richard Quest who has ‘Actually’ (nervous) .. COINCIDENTALLY (Anderson changed the sentence to” incidentally .. “) has been shooting a story on the” airline “(Malaysia Airlines) and has spent time with the airline’s CEO … “ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yR1iArXcaPc

So, just exactly who is Richard Quest?  An article from the Jerusalem Post by Dorit Ofek-Arnon published on the 25th of December 2006, when Richard Quest moved from the BBC to CNN answers that question.


So Richard Quest was doing a ‘story’ on the 19th of February 2014 which involved the 1st Officer Fariq Ab Hamid   of the missing flight MH370, that is 17 days prior to the hijacking of MH370.  That cannot be considered coincidental!  The questions that cannot be answered are; (1) When was this ‘assignment organised for Richard Quest?  (2)  Who organised this assignment; and (3) why was it organised?  The answer to the last question is that this assignment made Richard Quest the ‘expert’ on all things MH370!


Thus it was that on Saturday the 5th of April, 2014, when a Chinese ship in the Southern Indian Ocean reported that it had ‘heard a ping from the ‘missing black box’ from flight MH370,  CNN had this headline:  “CNN Host accuses China of knowing where Flight 370 was all along.” .k9YrQMD http://xrepublic.tv/node/8317

What was so upsetting to Richard Quest to have the Chinese move into an area designated as an ‘Australian’ led search?  Of course the ‘missing’ black box was never found, even though pings emanating from it were supposedly continuously heard over the next several days, but it was China’s entry into this area which was something that the Americans, both the government and the media could not control.

Richard Quest and John Raedler, CNN’s ‘Johnnies on the spot

In 1996, John Raedler was CNN’s man in Sydney, Australia.  In the ‘Emergency Management, Australia seminar in March 1997, John Raedler told of how he was in Sydney on the 28th of April, 1996, when he heard of the Port Arthur massacre, and immediately made efforts and was able to travel on the last passenger airliner flying from Melbourne to Hobart.

The problem was that John Raedler had lied!  He was already in Hobart for the massacre as the last passenger airliner to fly from Melbourne to Hobart had to put off six passengers to make room the Victoria Police ‘SOG’s’ travelling to Hobart to participate in the siege of Seascape Cottage.


John Raedler also informed Australians that CNN had been prepared to give the Port Arthur massacre a full three days coverage of the event.  This ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre in Australia’s smallest state had been run by a MI6 assassin by the name of Joe Vialls, better known to Americans though as ‘Ari ben Menashe’ who later made the headlines when his residence in Montreal was fire-bombed on the 3rd of December 2012, which simply meant that ‘Ari ben Menashe’ had been re-activated.  Joe Vialls character, ‘Ari ben Menashe’ is supposedly an Iranian Jew who was a former ‘Israeli Intelligence’ officer, but was set up by the CIA in 1989.  He is a ‘con-man’ extraordinaire, and the author of the book, “Profits of War’.  He could have played the part of Kazem Ali perfectly.


When we compare the role played by John Raedler in the Port Arthur massacre in April 1996, and that of Richard Quest in the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, we find that the roles are nearly identical.  Both journalists are giving out the full propaganda required for the political agenda of the day.

Pre-programming of the general public for the London Bombing

In May, 2004 the BBC’s Panorama program ran a story of a ‘Terrorist attack’ of the London Subway that mirrored almost exactly what occurred a year later on the 7th of July 2005.  This enabled the media and the to push the required agenda (more troops to fight in Afghanistan to fight terrorists)

In January and February pre-programming of the general public

In January in America and in February in Australia ‘current affairs’ shows did programs on the acquisition and viability of false passports that could be obtained in Thailand. What these programs did was to demonstrate the ease of buying either false or stolen passports in Thailand, and thus accept a later story of such passports being used in a terrorist attack using a hi-jacked Malaysian Airliner.

Preparations for an attack on Iran

There are two different targets here to consider, the ‘two’ Iranians set up to be the terrorists that will ‘hi-jack’ the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  The second target, to demonstrate the ‘security risk’ within flight MH370 is the 1st Officer Fariq ab Hamid.

This tells us that these events had been on the planning board since 2011 at the very least.  The resources used to plan and set up all the various acts and scenes would also have been numerous, Planning for the ‘military exercises, that involves the Pentagon; the US moves into the Maldives, that takes in the Foreign Office, the political aspects of this operation, all the little intricate parts that had to be set up to make this ‘Drama’ so realistic. 

Preparations for gaining bases in the Ukraine

With the Ukraine, there had been previous attempts backed by the George Soros foundation fronted ‘Colour Revolutions, but in 2012/13 there was the duly elected ‘pro-Russian’ government under the president of the republic, Viktor Yanukovych.  Yanukovych would never permit the Ukraine to enter NATO, let alone use Russian military bases in the Ukraine or Crimea.  He had to go.

The Revolution in Kiev

From Voltaire-net               [ Under the control and in the presence of US diplomats, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine carried out a coup d’état, on 22 and 23 February 2014.

The Parliament first took note of the forced resignation of its president and appointed the former head of the Ukraine Security Service, Oleksandr Turchynov, in his place.

Then, 328 MPs out of 450 repealed the Constitution, substituting it with that of 2004 [ 1 ], that is to say without a referendum and in an emergency situation, thereby contravening Articles 156 and 157 of the Constitution.

In the process, the MPs deposed the president of the republic, Viktor Yanukovych, without complying with the impeachment procedure and without review by the Constitutional Court, in other words in violation of Article 111 of the Constitution.

They voted the release of former Prime Minister and billionaire Yulia Tymoshenko sentenced to 7 years in prison for abuse of power, and whose attorney is Oleksandr Turchinov.

Finally, the next day they proclaimed Oleksandr Turchinov acting president, in breach of Article 112 of the Constitution.

Overstepping his interim powers, “president” Turchinov appointed his friend Valentin Nalivaytchenko head of the security service, and then called for a presidential election on May 25 for which Yulia Tymoshenko should be a candidate.

The coup was immediately hailed as a “return to democracy” (sic) by the Western powers .]

Now ‘revolutions do not take place overnight.  There is a lot of planning, training of ‘troops’ and a variety of manipulations that have to take place.  With the ‘revolution in Kiev, the Ukraine, which included the Crimea, with the Russian port of Sebastopol  on the Black Sea, one of Russia’s major naval ports would be denied to Russia, or at least that would have been the plan.  So now, consider this:

From Voltaire-net               [ The Prosecutor General of Russia has opened an investigation into public calls for terrorism inside Russia posted ​​by Dmytro Yarosh on his website.

Nazi leader Dmytro Yarosh was appointed Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (body that oversees the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces) in the Ukrainian government that emerged from the coup.

Dmytro Yarosh boasted of having fought against the Russians to defend the Islamic Emirate of Ichkeria (Chechnya). On his website, he urged Dokka Umarov, Emir of the North Caucasus and member of al-Qaeda to “commit extremist actions and terror on Russian territory” in support of the “Ukrainian revolution.”

During the riots on Maidan square, Dmytro Yarosh led the Right Sector (Pravy Sektor), an organization of 3,000 battle-hardened militants armed by NATO through Poland. He staged a fake kidnapping by police forces and declared to have fled after being severely tortured. Refusing to show the traces of his ordeal to journalists, he immediately left for Germany – at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation – for treatment.]

American Warships enter the Black Sea

From Pravda. Ru 3rd Feb. 2014:  The frigate USS Ramage and the flag ship of the US Sixth Fleet, the USS Mt.   Whitney,  entered the Black Sea.

Recently, the ships were navigating in the Straight of Dardanelles and the Bosphorus that separate the Black Sea from the Mediterranean Sea by agreement with Turkey. On board the vessels, there are more than 600 marines. The question of whether the American vessels should enter the territorial waters of the Russian Federation has not been discussed yet.

The Mount Whitney has artillery weapons for self-defense and a helicopter. The USS Ramage is equipped with tactical shock weapons, Tomahawk missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, as well as mine-torpedo weapons.

On January 20, Pentagon officials said they would send ships to the Black Sea for security during the Olympic Games in Sochi. Representatives of the agency also stressed that the ships would approach the coast only if they received such a request from the Russian authorities.

6th March 2014http://rt.com/news/us-warship-black-sea-966/

Turkey has given a US Navy Warship the green light to pass through the Bosphorus within the next two days as tensions in Ukraine’s Crimea region continue to divide world powers.

Turkish sources, speaking with the Hurriyet Daily News on Wednesday, declined to elaborate on the name of the US warship. The same officials told the daily on condition of anonymity that the ship in question was not the USS George H.W. Bush nuclear aircraft carrier as suggested in some news reports, as it did not meet the standards specified by the 1936 Montreux Convention in terms of weight.

The US vessel to pass through the straits will meet the convention’s standards, the sources said.

On Wednesday, the Russian Black Sea Fleet Staff confirmed to the Itar-Tass news agency that a US destroyer was expected to enter the Black Sea later this week.

On Sunday, Tass reported that the guided-missile frigate USS Taylor, one of two Navy ships assigned to the Black Sea during the Sochi Winter Olympics was still in the Turkish Black Sea port of Samsun. The frigate was deployed on February 5 along with the amphibious command ship, USS Mount Whitney. According to the Montreux Convention, warships of countries which do not border the Black Sea cannot remain in the waters for longer than 21 days. While the USS Mount Whitney left on February 25, the USS Taylor remained at the Turkish port, ostensibly for repairs after running aground on February 12.

10th March 2014 http://rt.com/news/uss-truxtun-black-sea-586/

US Navy destroyer, the USS Truxton, has crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. With the Crimea Peninsula getting ready to hold a referendum on independence from Ukraine in a week, the US is ramping up its military presence in the region.

USS Truxton is heading to “previously planned” training exercises with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies, AFP reported earlier. At the same time, Fox News declared that NATO’s bolstering presence in the Black Sea is a “defensive” measure to counter “Russian military aggression” in Ukraine.

USS Truxton, with a crew of about 300, is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer equipped with the Aegis combat system, which integrates the ship’s radar, sensors and missile weapons to engage anti-ship missile threats. The warship is part of the USS George W. Bush Carrier Strike Group currently stationed in Greece. The carrier is not expected to move into the Black Sea in respect of the Montreux Convention of 1936, which closed Turkish Bosphorus and Dardanelles for ships with deadweight over 45,000 tons. With its 97,000 tons, the USS George W. Bush is the world’s largest warship.

The key words here are ‘USS Truxton is heading to “previously planned” training exercises with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies’.  Then we have “NATO’s bolstering presence in the Black Sea is a “defensive” measure to counter “Russian military aggression” in Ukraine.

So what we had in the Black Sea were ‘previously planned’ exercises with NATO’s defensive measures to counter expected Russian military aggression.  Aggression due to what?  How about the ‘unelected Ukrainian government’ handing over Russian bases to NATO!  That just may have seen some ‘Russian aggression”!

So what we had were the two US-run Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger military exercises in Thailand as well as the ‘previously planned’ NATO training exercises in the Black Sea.   Now all that was needed was the catalyst to set everything in motion.

Kate and William’s second honeymoon

Who is the best known and loved couple in the world at this time?  How about William and Kate Windsor, the future king of England and his wife, Kate Middleton!  Where were William and Kate on the 8th of March 2014?

Prince William and Kate in Maldives for vacation

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Mar 06, 2014 – 05:02



The British royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in the Maldives on Thursday for a vacation.

Haveeru has learned that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had arrived in the Maldives at 9.45am via a British Airways flight. The royal couple is known to be spending their vacation at a resort in Noonu atoll.

Sources say that the royal couple’s visit is going to be a week-long one.

William and Kate, 30, had married in a glorious reception in April 2011, after having been in a serious relationship with each other for many years. The couple had begotten a baby boy – Prince George – last year.

After their one week vacation in Maldives, they have planned official trips to New Zealand and Australia, which will last three weeks.

This second honeymoon was in fact not part of Prince Williams normal schedule and thus it must be considered a ‘set-up’!

“However, its timing is something of a surprise because William was due to be studying at Cambridge University.  The prince enrolled on the ten-week course in agricultural management on January 7, which should have seen him there until the end of this month. [March]”


The big question is who pushed the idea of the ‘Royals’ second honeymoon, and for baby George to be left in the care of his maternal Grandmother?

A Catalytic explosion

“We must never give in to terrorism”  PM Maggie Thatcher

So, what would have been the world’s reaction had an airliner, hi-jacked by two ‘Iranian’ terrorists crashed into the resort killing the Royal couple?

What would have been the emotional outburst of all the citizens of the British Commonwealth, that somebody would dare to murder their future king and Queen?

Would the British Prime Minister, David Cameron have declared war against Iran?  What would the British Prime Minister have told the Israeli Knesset in his speech on the 12th of March 2014?

Now ‘Air Force 1’ had been booked on the 3rd of March 2014 to fly Mrs Michelle Obama and her children to China from the 19th to the 26th of March 2014.

MARCH 3, 2014, 12:12 PM EST353

First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia will visit China on March 19-26, according to White House statement.  She will meet with the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Madame Peng.  The First Lady will also visit schools and historical sites in China to meet with students.

“During the trip to China, as on previous international trips to Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, the First Lady will be focusing on the power and importance of education, both in her own life and in the lives of young people in both countries,” the White House statement reads.  http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/michelle-obama-china-visit-march

This booking would allow President Obama to make an unexpected trip to China to discuss the ‘terrorist attack’ that involved the murder of 153 Chinese Nationals, and persuade China to permit the retaliatory strikes against Iran.

The hi-jacking of flight MH370

At 0119 hours Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 says goodnight to the Malaysian Air Traffic Control and prepares to switch over to the Vietnamese Air Traffic Control.  That event didn’t happen.  17 minutes later Vietnamese Air Traffic Control contacts the Malaysians to enquire about MH370, which has not contacted them.  Air Traffic control also notes that flight MH370’s transponder is no longer working. 

Immediately after saying ‘Good night’ to the Malaysian Air Traffic Control, an outside force takes control of flight MH370 and flies it to an altitude of between 43 and 45,000 feet and depressurises the cabin.  Within twenty minutes after the oxygen masks run out of oxygen, all passengers and crew of flight MH370 suffocate and die.  At the same time flight MH370 is turned around and heads back towards Malaysia. 

As flight MH370 approaches the north coast of Malaysia, it descends to around 5,000 feet, or below.  Local fishermen see this aircraft as it approaches Malaysia and report the incident.  Flight MH370 then crosses Malaysia flying over Penang, and then turns and flies northwest up the Straits of Malacca heading towards the Andaman Islands.

Since the ascent to 43,000 to 45,000 feet has murdered everybody on board flight MH370, then the only possibility was that flight MH370 was hi-jacked using Boeings ‘anti-terrorist’ system.  This system which creates an ‘uninterruptible’ autopilot then permits the plane to be flown ‘remotely’ via radio or satellite links. 

In simple terms, flight MH370 has been turned into a drone, flown by external pilots via a satellite link.  Flight MH370 is now flying at below 5,000 feet to avoid ‘commercial’ radar as it heads towards the Maldives where it will take out the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the tourist resort of Noonu Atoll.

The walls have ears, and the skies have eyes

With Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 flying into the South China Sea, just below the Bay of Thailand where the ‘American military’ were conducting their ‘war games ‘Gold Cobra and Cape Tiger.  Whilst such ‘military exercises’ are an excellent cover and allows for confusion to reign to those watching, such as the Malaysians, the Thais and some others, there were others also watching the ‘exercises’ with interest.  These covert observers would have included Iran, China, North Korea, and of course Russia.

It has been observed that it took the Malaysians 17 minutes to realise that one of their airliners was missing, and then another 4 hours before they decided to do something about it, which is extremely reminiscent of what occurred in America with 911.  However at least one of the ‘covert’ observers was far more astute and realised very quickly what was happening.  They also decided to do something about it.

Boeing’s ‘uninterruptible’ autopilot and RQ170

 From Wikipedia:  On 4 December 2011, an American Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was captured by Iranian forces near the city of Kashmar in northeastern Iran. The Iranian government announced that the UAV was brought down by its cyberwarfare unit which commandeered the aircraft and safely landed it, after initial reports from Western news sources inaccurately claimed that it had been “shot down”. [1] The United States government initially denied the claims but later President Obama acknowledged that the downed aircraft was a US drone and requested Iran to return it. [2] [3]

According to unnamed U.S. officials, a U.S. UAV operated by the Central Intelligence Agency was flying on the Afghan side of the Afghanistan-Iran border when its operators lost control of the vehicle. [10] [11

Stephen Trimble from Flight Global assumes UAV guidance could be targeted by 1L222 Avtobaza radar jamming and deception system supplied to Iran by Russia. [16]

Apparently Boeing’s uninterruptible autopilot isn’t uninterruptible!

The CIA/FBI CIRG lose another drone

Flight MH370 is in reality now a drone controlled via satellite as it flies at under 5,000 feet to avoid detection by ‘commercial radar’.  However it is still being tracked by the Malaysian Military from stations at Butterworth and Kota Bharu.  Flight MH370 flew across Malaysia, turned northwest as it entered the Malacca Straits heading towards the Andaman Islands, and approximately 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang, flight MH370 disappeared off the military radar.

So unless 200 nautical miles is the limit of the Malaysian military radar, which I very much doubt, then that is where the American’s lost their flight MH370 drone.  The problem was that the Americans were totally unaware that they had lost ‘their’ drone!  How do we know that?  The AWAC sighted in the Maldives at 0630 local time (0930 KL time) tells us that.

The Maldives sighting of a ‘Jumbo jet’


Residents of the remote Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll have reported seeing a “low flying jumbo jet” on the morning of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Whilst the disappearance of the Boeing 777 jet, carrying 239 passengers has left the whole world in bewilderment, several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo told Haveeru on Tuesday that they saw a “low flying jumbo jet” at around 6:15am on March 8.

They said that it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it – which is what the Malaysia Airlines flights typically look like.

A ‘Jumbo jet has four engines, the Boeing 777 has only two.  What was so suspicious about this particular Jumbo was that it was flying so low that the people who saw it were able to make out the doors of this aircraft’s fuselage.  This aircraft was also reported to be flying from north to southeast, which was not a normal flight zone.

It was obvious that this aircraft was not a ‘commercial’ aircraft.  That simply means that it was a ‘military craft’.  What was it doing flying so low?  We have already been told that by flying so low, aircraft can avoid being detected by ‘commercial’ radar.

What was it doing flying so low in this particular area?  Had it been searching for something?  What could it be searching for?  How about a ‘drone’ that the Americans had lost?  But the ‘drone’ wasn’t lost in this area, it was lost near the Andaman Islands, and that’s the clue!  The Americans didn’t know where they had had their pocket picked, and so they had to retrace the whole trip that the drone was to have made, but without success, and thus at the end of the search the AWAC turned and headed for home at Diego Garcia!

The ‘cargo hold fire suppression bottle

On the morning of the 24th of March 2014, the residents of Baarah in Haa Alif Atoll in the Maldives found what  appeared to be an expended ‘fire suppression bottle’.  The first belief was this ‘fire suppression bottle’ must have come from Flight MH370, and that this aircraft has suffered a ‘fire’ in the cargo hold.  This theory is unsustainable!

Firstly we have Raja Dalelah tell us that she saw an aircraft lying in the water near the Andaman Islands on the 8th of March 2014.  From her description of the aircraft lying half submerged in the water and then what Central Queensland University aviation expert Ron Bishop tells us, it is apparent that there was no structural damage to the aircraft when it landed on the ocean near the Andaman Islands, and thus this ‘cargo hold fire suppression bottle’ cannot have come from the missing flight MH370!

Then we have the South Australian company GeoResonance stated they had located a possible site for the missing flight MH370 in the Bay of Bengal near the Andaman Islands.  So consider this; even if this fire suppressant bottle had come from flight MH370, then exactly how did it travel from the Bay of Bengal, down the east coast of India, past Sri Lanka, and then turn west to travel to Haa Alif Atoll, just 50 kilometres from Noonu Atoll where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had honeymooned in just 16 days?  Divine providence or with the help of man perhaps!  The CIA/FBI CIRG were no longer the only players in this street, there was a pick-pocket as well.

Michael Hastings, General David Petraeus and Ari ben Menashe

HastingsMichael Hastings was a journalist for the ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.  He had recently completed an indepth article on General David Petraeus as Commander in Chief of US forces in Afghanistan.  The article did not flatter the General, however it did indicate that Michael Hastings had several contacts within the armed services that had assisted him with his article.  Just prior to his assassination on the 18th of June 2013, Michael Hasting had began working on a new story.  He reportedly told friends that he was concerned in regard to the FBI and the attention they were giving him.  Michael Hasting had much to be concerned about.

On the 18th of June, 2013, Michael Hasting’s Mercedes Benz coupe experienced a bomb explosion in the engine compartment that pushed the engine 200 yards down the road, and the Mercedes Benz was engulfed in flames as it rolled into a tree in the centre medium strip of the road he was travelling on.

An article in regard to this assassination was written by ‘Jim Stone’ at ( http://jimstonefreelance.com/hastingsmurdered.html ) which was extremely telling.  As I later told Deanna Spingola, “Jim Stone” had to be the No 1 suspect for this murder.  The reason for this was that ‘Jim Stone’ was simply an alias for the British MI6 assassin, Joe Vialls, and if a person studied the various murders that were documented in the book, “Open Verdict” by Tony Collins, that tell of various murders in the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s and their association with Joe Vialls.  Again, we have a very similar scenario written by Joe Vialls in his article of May 2005; “Danger Mind Controllers at work”.

[“For a large consideration and a new Mercedes convertible, the aggrieved scientist who discovered the technique by accident, agreed to a cover story that the tachistoscope was only used for one experimental film run, involving subliminal prompts to buy Coke and popcorn, but was not terrible successful.  The Mercedes convertible was involved in a high speed accident and fireball just two months later. There were no survivors.”]

So ‘Jim Stone’ was Joe Vialls, and as stated previously, Americans know Joe Vialls mostly as ‘Ari ben Menashe’, and Ari had been ‘re-activated’ in early December 2012, and would have played the role of the ‘Iranian recruiter’ Kazem Ali

It becomes even clearer once you read Jim Stone’s article stating that flight MH370 was landed on Diego Garcia, and was proven as the IBM man, Philip Wood managed to hide his mobile phone in between the cracks of his backside.  And then when Joe Vialls old ‘Constitutional’ mate, the ‘Strawman’, Leonard William Clampett, the ‘former Air America pilot also pushed the MH370 landed at Diego Garcia garbage.

General David Petraeus

“Perception” is the key, he wrote in his 1987 Princeton dissertation: “What policymakers believe to have taken place in any particular case is what matters — more than what actually occurred.”

Yes, it’s not what actually happens that matters — it’s what you can convince the public it thinks happened. (Michael Hastings quoting Gen. David Petraeus)

From Wikipedia:        David Howell Petraeus AO ( / p ɨ ˈ t r . ə s / ; born November 7, 1952) is a retired American military officer and public official. He served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from September 6, 2011, [3] until his resignation on November 9, 2012. [4] Prior to his assuming the directorship of the CIA, Petraeus was a highly decorated four-star general , serving over 37 years in the United States Army . His last assignments in the Army were as commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) from July 4, 2010, to July 18, 2011. His other four-star assignments include serving as the 10th Commander, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) from October 13, 2008, to June 30, 2010, and as Commanding General, Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I) from February 10, 2007, to September 16, 2008. [5] As commander of MNF-I, Petraeus oversaw all coalition forces in Iraq. [6] [7]

President Barack Obama nominated Petraeus to succeed General Stanley McChrystal as commanding general of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan , technically a step down from his position as Commander of United States Central Command , which oversees the military efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and Egypt . [14] [15] [16]

General Petraeus last served in Afghanistan before being made ‘Director of the CIA on the 6th of September 2011 until he resigned from that office on the 9th of November 2012.

Now why would General Petraeus resign as head of the CIA over a simple ‘extra-marital’ affair? 

What did General Petraeus write in 1987?  “Perception is key”!  As Michael Hastings has pointed out, Petraeus’ belief is that it is not what actually happens that matters, it’s what you can convince the public to think happened.  All of this ‘perception’ is what the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 hijacking was all about; two Iranians or more hijacking the plane and flying it to the Maldives, only it never reached its final destination.  The ‘revolution in Kiev’ and the recruitment of the Ukraine into NATO Forces to deprive Russia of it naval bases at Sevastopol, and also in all the destruction of the ‘BRICS’ treaty.

So, in this context, did General Petraeus resign from the Head of the CIA over an ‘extra-marital’ affair?  Of course not, that was simply a ‘cover story’ so that he could continue to work at his specific task; the ‘false flag’ operation to incite the attack on Iran, as well as reducing Russia’s military power.

When we look at the various players, the military in Malaysia, Thailand, Romania and Bulgaria, those former USSR states, and then the various American politicians feting the usurpers of the Ukrainian government, there can be no doubt that it was an entirely American affair assisted only in part by their ally, the British government.

We look at the FBI, particularly the CIRG, and the concerns of Michael Hastings before his assassination, and then we have the very same FBI CIRG directing the search for the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, in all the wrong places.

We look at the conman ‘Kazem Ali’ who obtained all the required paperwork for the two naive Iranians, and then when things went belly up explained it all so nicely to the media and the Malaysian government, and realise he could only have been Ari ben Menashe, aka Joe Vialls and Jim Stone.

And conducting all of these various players was General David Petraeus (ret.) the former head of the CIA, who believes that “Perception is the key”.

Andrew S. MacGregor is an experienced military and law enforcement officer. Born in 1947 in Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia, Mr. MacGregor served in the Citizens Military Forces of the Victoria Scottish Regiment and as Senior Constable with the Victoria Police. Since 1998 he has conducted extensive research on the Port Arthur Massacre and other Australian ‘lone-nut’ shootings. MacGregor began playing the Bagpipes at age ten, and was active for 14 years as a member of the Victoria Police Highland Pipe Band.

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  1. Thank you for that welcome and well written analysis Mr. MacGregor. I would be curious of your understanding of who pulled off the pickpocket maneuver and their motivation. Did the pickpocket signal an aborted mission or the will of a counter force?

    1. There would have been at least four or five possibilities for the pick-pocketing, and they would have been watching the American/Thai ‘Military ‘exercises. Thus we would have China, North Korea, Iran and Russia to say the least. My bet though would be on Russia as it would have been alerted by the ‘American’ navel exercises on the Black Sea.

  2. Wow. Was that an hour I just spent?
    Nice grab on this one, James – however I think it is too much of a stretch. I don’t know how much we can go on once we assume the plane crashed. And the whole duke and his wife thing just doesn’t make sense – if this had been in the making for years, why give the appearance of a last-second vacation.
    Also, I am pretty sure russia is in bed with us in the new cold war.
    Regardless, this was either a breath-taking connecting-of-the-dots, or it is one of the best cia disinfo stories i’ve heard.
    For the record, I am putting my chips on the latter.

    1. If it is a CIA disinfo piece the Agency certainly is straying from a widely-recognized MO among propagandists generally that messages must be simple and appealing. As Allan Dulles remarked while presiding over development of the Warren Report, “People don’t read.”

      The importance of such articles is that they prompt discussion on poorly-understood events and challenge readers to consider what corporate media won’t.

      1. I agree with James. It is much too “involved” and convoluted to be a disinfo. production. It is far from a proven scenario, but it is thought provoking.

        I’m always a bit skeptical of stories that speak of countries as having particular motives. “Countries” don’t have motives (at least at present), groups have motives. Boundaries mean little. Groups such as NATO are more accurate but they are just another vehicle for actions by other groups.

        In this scenario it is a foiled plot. In another one it may still be available to complete the operation. It is a good attempt to at least connect the dots we’re aware of.

        SHES started out with some pretty far-fetched theories as well. These are usually dependent on the author’s premise. In the case of SHES some assumed that people died as advertised. That premise generated tales of conspiracy, hit men, military operations, etc..

        In this case the assumption is that the plane crashed. If it didn’t and it landed somewhere, obviously the story would be quite different. The “motive” in this case is obscure.

        It is a good attempt to explain what we think we know. I think I’ll leave it at that until more information is available.

    2. Dear Granite,
      Have you forgotten the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sofia back in 1914? Their assassination instigated WW1.
      Russia may be in bed with the new cold war, but Russia is not prepared enough at this moment to enter WW3, and has been doing everything it can to prevent another major war. Obama of course is doing everything he can to incite such a war.

      As for me, check me out and see if I fit the CIA agenda, after all I started on the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia, which occurred in 1996, in 1998. ASIO lost 7 operatives in that massacre and I’ve named over 30, both ASIO and CIA.

    3. Terrific that Hastings is remembered. However, I’ve been a full time globalism researcher for 11 years and this story seems both illogical and implausible on several levels. I have to agree with Granite.

    4. I don’t think Russia is ‘in bed’ with us at all, and my initial response, based on a totally superficial impression of events, was that this whole thing was probably a distraction from the events in Russia and Ukraine. If people recall this ‘happened’ right at the time that civil war was breaking out in Ukraine.

      And now we have this fighting in the Middle East to serve as a pretext for bringing the US military into the region, just as the Russians continue to press and Golden Dawn in Greece assumes office (along with a range of other anti-EU parties). Remember that Russia has an alliance with Golden Dawn.

      I really have no idea what happened with this plane but did suspect that it was a distraction of some kind. The EU/US and Russia are at odds, though, so that part of your assertion, Granite, seems off to me.

  3. Allow me to summarize the main contentions of this article for those who skimmed.

    1. The disappearing Malaysian flight was most likely hijacked from the ground via a remote pilot, like a drone. Everybody aboard was killed via asphyxiation before the flight left Malaysian airspace.
    2. It was most likely rehijacked in air and downed by somebody who was aware it had been hijacked, could locate it and possessed the capability to disrupt the remote pilot signal. That is, the military of an unidentified nation.
    3. The intention of the original hijacking was to tie Iran to a plot to kill Prince William, his wife and his child, hopefully pulling the UK and other countries into a war with Iran and also, possibly, Russia.
    4. The two Iranian national patsies, reported to have stolen European passports, were set up by a British spy posing as a travel agent who could sneak the two into Europe.
    5. The action in the Ukraine was a move intended to disrupt or possibly nullify Russian naval superiority on the Black Sea, crucial to a planned invasion of Iran, by taking away, in Sevastapol, Russia’s most important Naval Station there.
    6. The presence of more than 100 Chinese nationals on the Malaysian Air flight was intended to disrupt a strong Chinese response against the invasion of Iran.

    1. Dear Benjamin,
      The targets were only William and Kate. Prince George had been left at home with his maternal grandmother. One other aspect of this would have been the removal of Diana’s son, and thus any possible animosity towards those who had plotted to kill her,

    2. I am so confused as to where is the government/media of Malaysia? They don’t appear to have anything to say while the West provided millions of pages to cover the two airliners.

      If Malaysia has some view points, why aren’t we broadcasting them to our citizens?

  4. I’m glad memory hole featured a discourse which commemorated the murder of Michael Hastings. The explosion of his car threw the engine and drive shaft–6 or 7 hundred pounds– 170 feet from the vehicle. This was so unprecedented in an ‘accident’ that the detective in charge of writing the accident report didn’t know what to say about it, delaying the report inordinately.

    I only had time to skim this long and involved report of MacGregor. Some parts are more likely than others. However, as James suggests, the point is to let it all hang out to allow truthers to comment and critique it because, God knows, the presstitute media won’t touch it.

  5. I dont think there ever was a ‘missing’ or ‘hyjacked’ plane, this was just another TV SHOW made for the TV watchers to brain wash them into thinking there are more terrorists. When the terrorists are within, they put on these grandiose lies in order to control the population , if it is on the television it can not be believed , but most people think if it is on the TV is must be true but more then likely if it is on the TV it is almost 99.99999% chance it is a lie. they are making more & more of these terroristic TV shows and calling it ‘news’ its all about the guns, guns ,guns & shooting up kids usually the topic, Its all lies, it is all scripted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTSilneBuVE if you still dont believe it is all scripted watch this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZVv2AOCnaA&list=PLZj_5Tu8X_ug1CU6ny3_FxpP3AJMg4gpB&index=23

    1. I agree – I don’t believe there was ever a flight. Once you start with that premise the rest falls into place. It’s easier to fake a flight and say it went missing than to actually have a flight take off and say it went missing. Follow the money – Malaysia airlines has serious financial woes and deep in debt. It’s attempted several turnarounds and all have failed. Their major insurer, Allianz, controlled mainly by the Rothschilds. All of the news stories from CNN were “timed” to come out at regular intervals to keep the story fresh and seeingly moving forward. No search and rescue pictures were ever real or made sense, and all of the screaming and crying at the fake hotel in China were just that – fake. I noticed this right away when every 4 hours (almost on the dot) a new piece of information came out. Too fake to believe!

      1. I like that, the timing of the news stories, are right are on schedule. That would be another instant indicator of fake news. I am in the camp that there was not even a plane, that makes it very simple to fake the rest.

      2. The very first photo I saw was of a Chinese woman choreographed to take the exact same position as Carlee Soto in her first photo; cell phone to ear, same facial expression and same body position. She supposedly was in an airport and surrounded by professional photographers. No sign of passengers. Guess they can’t think of everything.

    2. You are too suspicious. There was lots of passengers’ families in the news footage, acting like real grieving families. The passengers appear all to have been real people (unlike Sandy Hook or the miraculous-recovery Boston Marathon victims). Do you really think they were all fake? Gimme a break. There was definitely a plane, and now it’s gone.
      The only way your scenario would work is if the passengers were loaded into a plane, the was taxied into a secret hanger, the passengers were dispensed with, and the plane chopped up and exported. Or that hundreds of victims and their families were bought off. Not likely.
      As I said in my other post, MH370 was most likely an exercise of the Israeli military’s remote-piloting technology, and/or a stand-alone “strategy of tension” event, or a preliminary stage in a false-flag airline crash scenario, possibly blaming Iran.

      It’s too bad when “truther” types go off the deep end and think everything is fake and come up with all sorts of ridiculous theories, like the 911-truthers who posit holograms, totally fabricated tv footage, and Judy Wood-type lasers from outer space.

    1. Not only that, it wasn’t their honeymoon (which took place in the Seychelles before they had their son). It’s pure speculation. My own belief (and I have not read the whole story, partly because this early pratfall about Wills and Kate indicated carelessness) is that the extreme coincidence of CNN’s Richard Quest having recently shared a cockpit with co-pilot Hamid was a clue. I grabbed onto its significance when, early in the story’s multi-week run on CNN (to the exclusion of just about everything else, cartoon-like) – I saw Anderson Cooper rapidly change the subject as Quest dated his encounter with Hamid to two weeks before.

      At the time, it is did not occur to me why this was the problem it seemed to be in the extemporaneous remarks of Quest, but I soon discovered that Quest was also pretending to have forgotten this encounter (in order to make the knowledge of Hamid seem from the remote past). This “continuity” problem was the first sign of a fiction about the flight.

      There were other indicators too, not the least of which is that the long arm of coincidence in a story like this must be a clue. There are too many flights, first of all. Also, fake flights are easy to pull off.

      Once a dozen nations are unable to find the slightest debris (after alarming updates every few days from CNN), this seems to confirm the fiction. Do we need to read a ton of information about a fiction once we have discredited it as such?

  6. This article should have been titled, “Extreme Speculations about the Fate of MH370.”
    I don’t buy a lot of it, perhaps most of it, and certainly not the Kate & Wills, Ukraine, Black Sea operations, Petraeus, Michael Hastings, and Mrs. Obama connections.
    There are so many gaps and holes in the argument, if there is an argument here, that I barely know where to begin.
    First of all, MacGregor ignores perhaps the most critical part of a possible explanation. Christopher Bollyn has discovered that a twin of the missing MH370 plane was sold indirectly to Israelis and was photographed in Israel, and is probably still there. Why? So that the Israelis could either use it to hijack MH370 through remote technology, or for later use as the lost MH370 plane. The Israelis could pull this MH370 twin out of their pocket at any time in the future, use it in a false flag operation, and blame Iran (hence the passports). Some people on the internet have speculated that the target for a false flag was an EU meeting in Belgium a while back. Now that the world has found out about the twin, the operation is dead.
    Yes, Hastings was probably killed, but probably for other reasons. He pissed of the establishment by his hit-piece on the army general Stanley McChristol.
    Petraeus was dumped from the CIA because he was part of the neocon group within the establishment (the “Romney Faction”) that fell out of favor with Obama, perhaps due to the Benghazi affair and other policy differences.
    Yes of course the US is behind the coup in Ukraine, but is seems highly unlikely that they ever thought the Russians would give up Crimea without a fight. The Crimean naval access is a lynchpin in Russian strategy. Two US destroyers in the Black Sea means nothing. And why would you want to attack Iran from the north? That makes no sense. In my opinion (actually, Webster Tarpley’s), the more likely reason for US meddling in Ukraine was to punish the Russians for stopping the planned invasion or bombing or coup in Syria.
    Really, the US and Israel can bomb Iran any time they like, and use any sort of false flag to get it started. The reason they don’t is because they know the price will be extremely high, namely, shutting the Straits of Hormuz and crashing the world economy.
    The Wills & Kate angle is ridiculous. Why try to hit them with a huge airplane when a simple pipe-bomb would do the trick?
    I don’t know who did MH370 and why. Probably it was planned for a long time and involved Israeli agents (the passports etc.), as MacGregor supposes. I might guess that 1) the Israelis remotely hijacked the plane and deliberately downed the plane so that they could use the “twin” later on, 2) the Israelis did it and planned to fly the plane to Diego Garcia but were foiled by another party, either the US or the Russians, who crashed the plane. There is a faction within the American establishment that resists being dragged into WWIII by Israel. That’s why the American stopped short in Syria.

    1. In the above comment, I mistakenly used the word “Israelis”. I meant to refer to the faction within the Israeli government and military that actively seeks war and the destruction of any conceivable opponent, by any means available, such as the Mossad. Unfortunately, this faction currently controls Israeli state policy. I believe the majority of Israeli citizens are decent people and only want peace.

    2. This.
      Good job bob- exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t put into words – especially the attack/defense war strategies.
      Also, it appears there are two rival factions here in the US. The mh370 event is alot like flight 93 Pennsylvania – in that it was likely remote controlled and then something happened causing it to crash (in both instances another plane is conspicuously in line of site of 93 and mh370).
      Mr. Macgregor, surely you knew this remote control technology has been announced several times before?
      Take a look at this rational commentary of remote control technology circa 1999-07, which we shouldn’t have to be reminded of weeks before every false flag:


      P.S. Is it just a coincidence that Joe Vialls is mentioned several times in the above?

      1. Can anyone explain the Joe Vialis/Jim Stone reference? I poked around but couldn’t come up with anything that made sense as to why that was included in the article.

      2. Granite,
        Ok. I haven’t much opinion on MH370, so I won’t dispute any comments on it at all. However, you compare it to flight 93, suspecting that it crashed under similar circumstances after being remotely commandeered. I hate to bring up 911, but the field in Pennsylvania was virtually an empty hole in the ground, and I can’t reconcile your use of it as a comparison to anything. I saw nothing to convince me that a plane crashed in Pennsylvania any more than a plane crashed at the Pentagon. I have to ask, do you believe there were actual jetliner crashes at Pennsylvania and the Pentagon?

    3. Dear Bob,

      You say you do not buy the ‘William and Kate’ connection. That’s fine, but can you give me a legitimate alternative target, a target that has to equate with something like 911 to stun the world and permit an attack by NATO on Iran?

      You say you do not buy the Ukraine and the Black Sea operations, but the trouble is those events were there, and whether or not you believe, the timelines were there, and they are the connections.

      You say you do not buy the Petraeus, Michael Hastings connection, and that is your opinion. Again, you throw in the ‘Mrs Obama’ connection. The trouble here is that it was not ‘Mrs Obama’ that was the connection, but much rather the booking of ‘Air-Force 1’ on the 3rd of March to fly to China on the 19th of March, which would in fact allow your President to be able to fly to China at that time.

      You accuse me of ignoring ‘the most critical part of a ‘possible explanation’! Are you daft? It was only a ‘possible explanation’, not something set in concrete.

      You then cite Christopher Bollyn’s discovery of a ‘twin’ to the missing MH370. Are you aware of what a twin actually is; that being one of a pair? Please think about this for one moment.

      Boeing built ‘x’ amount of 777’s, the major purchaser of which was the ‘Emirates’ Airlines. There is no such thing as ‘a twin to MH370’! That Malaysian Airlines sold a redundant Boeing 777 to an Israeli is part of the normal business practise. That the aircraft from this transaction is still sitting in an Israeli airfield, with the Malaysian Airlines emblem removed from its tail section is again quite normal.

      Now exactly how can a Boeing 777 be utilised or ‘replace’ MH370? For a start it has two completely different Rolls Royce motors that are continually monitored by Rolls Royce, and those motors will not match the motors on MH370. That is just the first hurdle.

      Again after 911, we have been told that nearly every part of an aircraft is ‘numbered’ so as to be able to identify not only that part, but also which aircraft that part was fitted to. So again, one aircraft cannot play the role of another aircraft.

      Why do you point the finger at ‘the Israelis’ for the hijacking of MH370, when Israel has its ‘lapdogs’ America and the UK to do its dirty work for them, going right back to the USS Liberty in 1967. Do you find it strange that every time something goes wrong with an ‘Intelligence’ operation the perpetrators all scream ‘Mossad”?

      Christopher Bollyn’s ‘twin’ Mh370 is not dead with the discovery of a Boeing 777 in Israel, It was never ‘alive’ to start with; it was simply a RED HERRING!

      You say that ; “Yes, Hastings was probably killed’! There was no probability in regard to the murder of Michael Hastings, or the bomb placed within the engine compartment of his Mercedes Benz. That was all ‘fair dinkum’!

      You say that; ‘He (Hastings) pissed off the establishment by his hit piece on the army general Stanley McChristol.” Journalists has been pissing off the ‘establishment’ since before Christ, and that is not a motive for somebody to place a bomb in Hasting’s car. Hastings had demonstrated that he was a major threat to something extremely big and ultra secret.
      Petraeus was not dumped because he fell out of favour with Obama; his nose is too brown for that to happen.

      You say that; “Yes of course the US is behind the coup in Ukraine, but it seems unlikely that they ever thought the Russians would give up the Crimea without a fight.” And that is quite correct, which is why the American establishment howled in anguish when Putin took it to the referendum. Unlike most American politicians, Putin can play a good hand of chess.

      You ask; “why would you want to attack Iran from the north?” Let’s see now; army strategy No 1. Outflank the enemy and attack him from the rear. That by the way also leaves the Straits of Hormuz open for business.

      As for the US meddling in the Ukraine goes back a lot further and is not just simply to punish Russia. Ever since Gorbachev permitted the collapse of the USSR on the US’s agreement not to interfere with Russia, the US has not stuck to their word in regards to Russian security. The various ‘colour’ revolutions throughout the former Soviet states demonstrates that, so for you to use Webster Tarpley’s name for this argument is somewhat erroneous..

      You then return to the Royal couple, William and Kate, with, “The Wills and Kate angle is ridiculous. Why try to hit them with a huge airplane when a simple pipe-bomb would do the trick?”

      Would the reference to the ‘pipe-bomb’ be in regard to the assassination of Prince Charle’s favourite uncle, Lord Mountbatten by the IRA in the 1970’s? Of course a ‘pipe-bomb’ could do the job, but it is the effect that counts and besides how would one prove that ‘Iranian Terrorists’ threw the bomb?

      And finally we come to the ‘Israelis again! Every time there is a ‘stuff-up’ in an Intelligence operation the perpetrators point the finger at Israel. No wonder Robert John Aumann gets so upset, but the ‘Israelis planned to fly the plane to Diego Garcia’, you have to be infantile!

      Diego Garcia is an extremely secure American Intelligence base. There is absolutely no way they would permit that security to be jeopardised by the intrusion of Israelis who are known to have previously stolen and abused American security measures.

      SV Bob; you use all of the wrong arguments in your critic of my article.

  7. So had this ‘plot’ been successful, we can assume that the headlines would have read something like: ” Iranian hijackers seize airliner and crash it into royal couple’s beachside villa”, and: ” Iran sought to punish England and NATO for threatening to bomb research facilities by killing Royals”. These headlines would have looked ridiculous to most observers, and every skeptic on the planet would be crying “false flag”. This is highly unlikely speculation. Why not just crash the plane into Diego Garcia if you want to start a war? But that too would have been implausible as an act of aggression on the part of Iran. No one would buy such an ineffective gesture as a real attack by the Iranian state.

    My gut feeling about MH370’s disappearance is still that it was a great big red herring, designed to spur endless speculation and ‘conspiracy theories’ none of which can ever be proven. The purpose is to discredit those seeking to expose real conspiracies happening here at home such as the Gabby Giffords shooting, the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, LAX shooting, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas etc.

    We have just experienced an unprecedented series of fake attacks and shootings in this country, intended to cause a wave of public outrage that will do for America what Port Aurthur did for Australia and Dunblane did for England: abolish our second amendment rights.

    I do welcome Andrew MacGregor’s input in this online forum, as there are many parallels between Port Arthur and Sandy Hook. I have watched Andrew’s you tube series on Port Arthur, but perhaps he could prepare a synopsis of the most glaring flaws in the official case against Martin Bryant. Also: Why has no one been able to interview Bryant about what happened that day? It would be interesting to hear him speak about it in his own voice.

    1. I follow your argument Christo, but I don’t believe the general public can distinguish the degree of fiction within a MSM headline or the “story”. A situation that is engineered to be so. The hard to fathom MSM headline of 911 got swallowed whole! If MacGregor wrote a version of the 911 in October 2011 that pieced together similar themes would we perceive him as a dreamer?
      I do find it odd that a Massod connection is not suggested or documentable.

    2. Dear Christo,
      to my knowledge, there was only one person who was permitted to ‘visit’ Martin Bryant, and that was his mother, Carleen Bryant. When Carleen Bryant asked Martin if it was him that did the shooting, Martin Bryant replied, “I don’t know, it must have been a police setup.”
      Carleen didn’t ask anything further than that as it appeared to have upset him.

  8. Thank you for a thoughtfully researched and artfully explained article. It is by far the best explanation I’ve read to date.

    Having said that, and trust me, this is not in any way intended as a criticism, I have a few lingering questions related to this theory:

    In no particular order of importance, I’ll just try to lay them out.

    The Royal Couple: While they are certainly almost as important to some as the Kardashians, not everyone would probably have the same visceral reaction to them coming to harm as a Brittish subject might.

    Also, with the need for such long-range planning, how could anyone have known that they would be on a “second honeymoon” in the Maldives?

    Given that they were staying at a resort, how could the perpetrators insure they would be successful? What if they were out?

    How many “celebrities” or “officials” visit this area of the world (meaning the general flight range of the aircraft) to ensure success with a given target?

    The information about Prince William’s enrollment in a course suggests that someone in their “inner circle” would have had to conspire to have him abandon that in favor of the Maldives.

    It is unlikely that the Queen, given that this couple has not to my knowledge brought scandal, would sacrifice them for this plot. It is unlikely they would do it without her knowledge.

    It is possible that the target had not yet been selected when they began their preparations. That leaves the problem of paucity of acceptable targets in the area of operations (AOR).

    The passengers: While it is true that asphyxiation would occur more rapidly at 40,000 – 45,000 feet, the normal 30,000 – 35,000 feet would do the job nicely. In fact, it is an old trick to put unruly passengers “to sleep” by turning down the cabin air. If you do this gradually you would avoid a lot of chaos from painful eardrums, etc..

    There may be other reasons for the ascent. Even though the 5,000 foot final elevation would render them invisible to commercial radar I don’t think it would do the job with regard to military assets.

    The CIRG: I very much liked the explanations with regard to the FBI. The agents face seems familiar. I’m certain I have seen him present at at least one other operation. He reminded me of the “political officer” that was forever present with Soviet operations.

    Joe Vialls: This was masterfully done. I can’t help being amazed by how many high-profile operations a guy like this can be involved in without people noticing. He’s like “Chicken Man (or Adnan Kosaghi), he’s everywhere.

    Anyway, great work. It took an hour to read, I can only imagine how much time you devoted to putting it together.

    1. Joe vialls. Spent a couple hours researching and he appears to be an asset of the cia. He was reported to have been prone to suggestive hypnotism by doctors while in the hospital for something else. Unfortunately, he is anti-zionist and anti-cia, which appears to be the reason for his website and name being wiped from the net.
      He did solve a few international crimes as a PI and for the most part seemed credible. Too bad there are only scraps of info left on him- interesting character, to say the least.

    2. Dear Lophatt,
      I believe your criticisms are worthy of a reply, so let me try.
      Who are the ‘Kardashians? Are they some focal point of the MSM to keep the young impressed?
      The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were similarly used by our MSM to demonstrate the values of family, ethics and morals. Can you imagine then just how the MSM would have used their murders to ignite animosity towards those supposedly responsible.

      Your comments in regard to the Queen demonstrate an ignorance of the political powers in the Commonwealth and especially in the UK. Ever since Cromwell had King Charles beheaded the monarchy was subservient to the ‘Parliament, and then after the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 where William defeated his father in law, James that resulted in the ‘Dutch’ Bankers creating the ‘Bank of England in 1694, then the Bank ruled the Parliament. The Monarchy from that time has simply been to give a ‘cloak of legitimacy’ to the skulduggery that the Bank got up to.
      In this situation think of Alexander Hamilton, he was not a tool of the monarchy, but rather the bank. As I was taught in 1958/9 the Royal Family is simply a ‘figurehead’, nothing more. Thus it would not be ‘the Queen’ who would be prepared to sacrifice her grandson and his wife, but rather those who really control the UK.
      And again, like 911 where 5-10,000 people were sacrificed to bring in the ‘war on terrorism’ this event which was to herald in a new ‘war against terrorism’ needed a suitable sacrifice, but not from America, and thus from the UK.
      As I have mentioned, James F Yacone was present at the ‘Aurora Theatre’ massacre, and was watching Dan Oates try to fend off the media during one interview. I do not know of any other ‘operations’ he was involved with, but I would not be surprised if the media used him as a ‘spokesperson’ for some similar agenda.
      In regard to ‘Joe Vialls’. I was given Joe Vialls’ “silent telephone’ number by Brigadier Ted Serong, after I showed Ted my first article of the Port Arthur Massacre, and Ted told me ‘I ought to speak to this man!” I spoke to Joe Vialls about three or four times. The last time was when I heard on the ABC that a former American Intelligence agent was arrested at an airport in America on his way to give evidence at the trial of the Libyans over the Lockabie bombing. I believe that person was Lester Bowman. Joe Vialls had been writing stating that the Libyans were innocent, and that he would be giving evidence at their trial, and so I rang Joe Vialls and spoke to him and found out that he was still in Perth, that he was not concerned about Bowman, and that he was not going to give evidence. From that time I smelt a rat.

      If you can get a copy of the book ‘Open Verdict’ by Tony Collins, and then really read the part concerning ‘Joe Vialls’, the Englishman, who Tony Collins calls an Australian, you may get an even better picture of Joe Vialls, and my research on Joe Vialls has been ongoing since 1998, and has not simply relied on a couple of hours search on the Internet.

      1. Andrew, thank you for the reply. The “Kardashians” are my attempt at humor (humour for you). The “Daily Mail” seems obsessed with them, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

        I apologize for my “ignorance”, although I may not be as ignorant as you suggest. I’m familiar with the history you describe and I’ve certainly spent time in the U.K.. My ancestors being British I’ve always paid particular attention to such things.

        Personally, I would hardly describe the Queen as a “figurehead”, although I’ve certainly heard that throughout my life. She is one of (if not the most) powerful people in the world. But, I would not argue that “figurehead” is what they would prefer people to think. I certainly understand how the British government works (on paper).

        I will read the book you suggested.

  9. The usefulness of considering narratives like those of Andrew MacGregor is that it legitimates the conception of false flags as world concepts rather than just American concepts. They originated as international concepts of course, but are stigmatized as ‘conspiracy theories’ in the USA.

    The authorized denigration of ‘conspiracies theories’ loses its forces when conceived as ‘false flags,’ as James suggested, since false flags in American foreign policy are well known and accepted in the mainstream truth. Frauds like the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, the Tonkin Gulf attack in Vietnam, etc, are known. It is consequently easier to get people to accept that they occur domestically in the USA by the same process, American power lying to the American people. And the mass media repeating the lies as if they were true.

  10. Go to youtube see 2424giger mid-air5 and 4 , Unknown Nations Jets have intruded , US led exercise changed gear to get them in the water so they can identify them on the unfriendly rescue . The first one after collision burned up and died IGARI they regsitered a underwater blast there at 02.55 , The second one was 45000 with the B777 in this deadly altitude – absolutely above vertical limits of either SSR radar stations (Ho CHi Minh Center and Penang Center) 9 secondes black out on RMAF was admitted 6 days ago ,that was the swap, the j-11 went out Zig Zag to avoid a Air to Air missile , afire a smoje seen by Mrs Tee from her Sloop .he ditched under observation of fighterjet participating in the exercise .Next morning SV2958 flight from Jeddah
    in the descent arrival corridor 13000 feet in the area GPS log Mrs Tee, floating in the water . MH370 went above all possible Transponder interrogation signals towards Cambodia were ACARS again found a communications partner station.MAS Dispatcher confirmed LAT/LONG over Cambodia Heading Hongkong. on the 8th Arc the wreckage will be found soon, as soon as Dr Prof Ashton Inmarsat London gives me the raw data out of adjacent Sats 15west and 178 east . 7 hours was initially NW -bound, Autopilot OFF means random heading ,everybody in Coma forever means constant bank curves circles until out of fuel
    we will find this Boeing,noone is coming back home. 19 Nations have Lawyers and Detectives , even unintentionally manslaughtered , it is
    still manslaughtered by the Guy who made it afloat in the Andeman Sea and placed a Mayday call at 02.43 in non-english language .
    he grew up in an invironment, Caernes , Jetacrobatic drills etc where they ever only spoke tailhook.net jargon with him no other vocabulary was ever tought to him.Somebody in CNN block had the correct guess : Holoucoust North Korea , these aircrafts , these Pilots , the manslaughter.

  11. On the heels of the latest event involving Malaysian Airlines, I thought this topic deserved resuscitation. I’m not sure what happened with this latest flight (anymore than I am with the first) but the Western media narrative is clear. We are supposed to be plenty angry about it, and we are supposed to blame Russia.

    1. Agreed Maestro. The first media photos I saw of alleged wreckage were far from supportive of the official story. I refuse to click on these types of media stories and give the media satisfaction of a reader.

      1. I was sitting in a restaurant and overhead bits of a news broadcast about the event. The words “anger” and “terrorism” stood out.

        I wonder what percentage of the western public still falls for these concocted events? I’m not saying no plane was downed; I really have no idea. But the immediate leap to left/right, black/white, us vs. them rhetoric and saber rattling doesn’t register anymore, does it?

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