By James F. Tracy

On June 3, 2014, at the ostensible recommendation of the Southern Poverty Law Center [1] the U.S. Department of Justice announced it will revive the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee (DTEC), founded after the 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing.

“We must concern ourselves wth the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Attorney General Eric Holder remarked.[2]

Days after the SPLC’s calls for the reconstitution of the DTEC, something uncanny takes place: militant anti-government conspiracy theorists shoot two cops in a pizzeria and barricade themselves in a nearby Wal Mart. SPLC spokespersons then took to the media with a sort of “I told you so” bravado.

The overt politicization of the event, largely framed in dubious SPLC “research” on “hate groups,” proceeds in now-predictable fashion. Jerad Miller “was clearly part of the Patriot movement,” the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok explains on Democracy Now!

The one thing he really talked about a lot was guns. And that of course is central concern for the Patriot movement. At one point, he talked about, if you even disagree that the Second Amendment should be interpreted in such a way in a very liberal way in terms of an ownership, that you should be hung from a lamppost if you don’t leave the country. So that seemed to be really the central idea.[3]

The SPLC’s Heidi Beirich similarly tells MSNBC’s Al Sharpton,

This movement’s rhetoric is so extreme in terms of hatred of police, federal officials, the entire government apparatus, the Obama administration, etc., that it’s not surprising to see somebody like that—like Miller—making these basic threats toward law enforcement. This is where this rhetoric leads—to hatred of all those kinds of officials and often violence [sic].” [4]

Such talking points have likewise reverberated throughout corporate-owned media. Raw Story called the assailants “right wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish.” The Daily Beast asserted that the culprits’ “radicalism was cultivated in online conversations about conspiracy theories ranging from ChemTrails to fluoride in the water supply.” CNN referenced a study by The New America Foundation to argue that “right wing views” are more dangerous than Al Qaeda, while MSNBC host Alex Carey hosts expressed outrage over “anti-government fear-mongering on the fringe” and “the zealotry of the far-far right.”[5]

The US government, major media, and propaganda organs like the SPLC operate with the smug assuredness that an overwhelming majority of the public will accept the veracity of public events provided, 1) the information is relayed by official figures in measured tones and appropriate attire, 2) such information is presented with pleasing and predictable visual cues, and 3) the information is accompanied by editorial inference as to how exactly one is to interpret it.

History suggests that we’ve been here before–in fact almost twenty years ago as Congress sought to pass largely unpopular anti-terrorism legislation.

The official story concerning 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing that most people will recite as catechism is that Timothy McVeigh had become increasingly “radicalized” with anti-government views. Such perspectives led him to plot with a small group of conspirators to bomb the Murrah building.

This is the “official story” established largely as a result of SPLC propaganda relentlessly parroted by major news media in the aftermath of that tragic event. “Once the Justice Department announced the capture of McVeigh and [Terry] Nichols” shortly after the bombing, author David Hoffman observes,

the mainstream media, with information manly supplied by the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith, and the Southern Poverty Law center, focused their anti-militia spotlights. Attacks on the Patriot/Militia movement continued for months, even without documentable proof of the suspects’ connections to the militias, or the militias’ connection to the bombing.[6]

The fear and paranoia surrounding the specter of “homegrown terrorism” continued until September 11, 2001, when the military-industrial-intelligence complex modified its terror card to focus public attention on swarthy, gun-toting Muslims.

To this day such propaganda obscuring the real story on Oklahoma City has gone almost consistently unchallenged by journalists and academics alike. The facts are often stranger than fiction, yet the absence of an accurate recounting outside of a handful of important efforts perpetuates control over the public mind and its collective memory. Moreover, the failure to come to terms with history begets continued disinformation, historical contrivance, and the aggressively expanding police state they serve.

This acute politicization of an event will also likely be the case with the Las Vegas shooting, where the public knows little more than what it has been told by major media. That message and recollection is no doubt being crucially shaped by SPLC propaganda.

As with most every mass shooting event—Aurora, Sandy Hook, and the violent and bizarre spate of occurrences throughout early June 2014—the only way the media and public develop an understanding of what has taken place in each instance is through press releases and conferences by local law enforcement, often under the aegis of federal officials.

On June 10 this author contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and asked if a copy of the incident report will be made available to the press and public. Yet, as with the May 23 Isla Vista shooting, he was told that no such document would be released.

At home and abroad, history is allowed to repeat itself to the detriment of the overwhelming majority when government is not held to account for its polices and actions. This situation is set in stone when special interests are allowed to politicize such events and accordingly mold public sentiment to their narrow agenda. If there is no verifiable record of what has taken place in this and similar events, then public opinion and the history upon which it is based are the stuff of soundbites and press conferences; indeed, overall manipulable elements of political elites and the propaganda techniques they wield.


[1] Richard Cohen, “Feds Respond to SPLC, Revive Domestic Terrorism Working Group,” Southern Poverty Law Center, June 5, 2014.

[2] US Reconstitutes Group to Fight Homegrown Extremism,” Yahoo! / Reuters, June 3, 2014.

[3] Amy Goodman, “As Right Wing Shooting Rampages Grow, U.S. Revives Domestic Terror Unit Shelved After 9/11,” Democracy Now! June 10, 2014.

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[6] David Hoffman, Oklahoma City and the Politics of Terror, Venice CA: Feral House, 1998.

Republished at on June 12, 2014.

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81 thought on “SPLC Calls Shots in Post-Vegas Propaganda War”
  1. Lenny Pozner was first to call and tell me of this newest shooting in Portland and ominously told me we would be seeing 2 and 3 a day. Did I tell you he has access to the White House “because of his son’s high profile (fake) shooting?

    1. Is this Kelley from OK (friends w/KateSlate)? I have followed the YouTube Sandy Hook Truthers very closely, and I have heard the discussions re: your contact with Pozner…good job! Did you happen to ask Pozner if he was posing a bleak personal prediction about “2 and 3 a day”, or was he stating it as fact? Not to point out the totally obvious, but how could anyone know this if these events weren’t being manufactured? If Pozner does have some direct knowledge, whomever gave him that knowledge MUST know that he’s in contact with you.

      It might be interesting to know, too, if Pozner (with his White House access and all) has in his possession any incident reports or other official documents not available to the public that he would be willing to show you.

      At the very least, it’s odd that the “victims” (rather, their family members) would have these sort of perqs…I wonder if Trayvon Martin’s family has White House access? It boggles the mind. Is there any historic precedent for this sort of victim-elevation, I wonder?

  2. “We must concern ourselves wth the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Attorney General Eric Holder remarked.[2] My prediction, since the school shootings don’t seem to “catch fire” the next propaganda will be Americans who have been overbroad and then come home retrained as “terrorists”. Watch for it!

  3. “The US government and major media can be assured that an overwhelming majority of the public will accept the veracity of public events provided, 1) the information is relayed by official figures in measured tones and appropriate attire, 2) such information is presented with pleasing and predictable visual cues, and 3) the information is accompanied by editorial inference as to how exactly one is to interpret it.”

    Brilliant description. I need to memorize that.

  4. Professor Tracy, excellent. In a nutshell you summarized the world we live in today. You wrote: “At home and abroad, history is allowed to repeat itself to the detriment of the overwhelming majority when government is not held to account for its policies and actions.”

    Growing up in a country that was occupied during the second world war, I am old enough to remember war stories told by family and others who lived through it. History is repeating itself with a vengeance using modern day techniques.

    1. Yes Anne, I know that your countrymen endured similar activities first hand in the past. What is happening here now has been and is happening all over the world, as it is not a national phenomenon.

      All of this has been foretold countless times over and pointed out daily. Despite all that effort, most cannot (or will not) connect the dots.

      We discussed the drill sequence in which emotional footage is carefully cut to blend with the measured (fatherly) narrative. There are various twists on this technique that are designed to capture certain personality types.

      The SPLC is a premiere disinformation service. Just like the ADL, JDL, MEMRI, and CAMERA, they are Zionist controlled outfits. The propagandists use them as “authorities” to help with their sales pitches.

      The naivety was more forgivable when the operations were more subtle. These recent ones are so “over the top” that anyone should be able to spot the hucksters.

      Some don’t understand that what makes them “real” or “fake” is not the bodies. That can go either way. What makes them fake is that they are caused deliberately by outside action. They didn’t waste all that work on programming behavior keyed to triggers for nothing.

      They could have used this approach in SHES. For some reason they did not. It certainly isn’t concern for human life that drives that decision. I’m sure there are practical concerns that determined the route they took.

      The current rapid-fire, endless stream of shootings is not “organic”. The screaming and chest beating for gun confiscation has nothing to do with the shootings, even if you bought their fear angle, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

      This has never been more obvious. Militarized police, indefinite detention without trial, torture, and contrived shootings. I’d say we weren’t in Kansas anymore.

      1. Lophatt, you are so right in your observations. My old country was occupied during WW2 and is now experiencing an occupation of a different kind, something the natives are ever so slowly beginning to wrap their heads around. Since there is no end in sight to this invasion and occupation, the country is guaranteed never to be the same again. Just another piece on the global chessboard.

    2. Reductio ad Hitlerum, also argumentum ad Hitlerum (Latin for “reduction to” and “argument to” and dog Latin for “Hitler” respectively), is a term coined by conservative philosopher Leo Strauss in 1951.[1] According to Strauss, the Reductio ad Hitlerum is an informal fallacy that consists of trying to refute an opponent’s view by comparing it to a view that would be held by Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party.

      According to Strauss, Reductio ad Hitlerum is a form of ad hominem or ad misericordiam, a fallacy of irrelevance, in which a conclusion is suggested based solely on something’s or someone’s origin rather than its current meaning. The suggested rationale is one of guilt by association. Its name is a variation on the term reductio ad absurdum.

      Reductio ad Hitlerum is sometimes called “playing the Nazi card.” According to its critics and proponents, it is a tactic often used to derail arguments, because such comparisons tend to distract and anger the opponent.[2]

  5. ….and remember…All Dissent is Hate Speech. Please check your Ideology with the US Government Specifications and Standards to assure that you are a Proper American (NOTE: Refrain from cross referencing the U.S. Constitution as this is no longer applicable).

    As a reminder for the upcoming 4th of July Holidays, please don’t “THINK AND DRIVE” and always follow the signs with the “Sickle and Hammers” to reach your desired destination.

    Upcoming Blog Topics:

    Does 2+2 really =5? (Introduction to Core Mathematics)
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    Winston Smith

  6. It’s funny how during the Bush administration when I said, “false flag,” I was a dirty hippy communist who needed to love it or leave it, and now when I say it, I’m a right wing extremist.

    1. …and I can’t believe the Beast is still painting fluoridated water as a wacky conspiracy theory. Man, the conditioning runs deep.

      1. Is she ‘tribe’ does anyone know? I’ve heard that mentioned, which increases the likelihood the incident is staged, imo.

  7. Great analysis, Dr. Tracy. Thank you.

    Here’s RPR with a sobering video that seems spot on to me. We The People have always been under attack, of course, but regarding the gun grab, this is just full-blown shock doctrine propaganda at work, thanks to the mainstream mockingbird media:

    And the following article is extremely important too, from Pew Research, because it defies Obama’s current lies about America’s “shameful” violence, right on cue for the gun grab:

    Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware

    OK, one more — this by ReviewManify debunking the ridiculous claim of 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook:

    1. Thanks Charles Johnson where ever you are! The Fox Five show just did a whole segment on Bloomberg’s big lie here and gave you credit for investigating the propaganda! 40% were suicides, even CNN reported only 15 were school shootings!

      Let’s hope this is the new awakening and they are beginning to realize we are not listening to their repeated lies anymore!

      Fox questioned why the gang violence is never in the news, 73 shootings in Chicago this week, 660 this year.

  8. And we must be very worried about Obama’s recent remarks on gun violence. His reference to Australia’s reaction to their mass shooting is telling to say the least.

    1. It was not the brightest remark of Obama, it will put him in a defensive position. It is hard for him to argue he represents “common sense” now.

  9. Elsewhere on this blog, I offered the opinion that with the NSA, the Sandy Hook Actors, and these obviously fake Homeland Security Drills there is an element of the humbug attempting look “All Mighty & Powerful” as in the Wizard of Oz.

    With Eric Cantor getting canned this week, I stand by that. They do not have this thing all-wrapped up with a bow. There is opportunity to disrupt the “plan,” especially at State-level politics.

    Lastly, seems the Psychos are trying very hard to ignite a power keg with the immigration influx of unprotected children into Arizona, releasing Taliban members and essentially citing that “Patriots” are the new terrorist.

    It is such BS, puppet strings to get a reaction. The best reaction is to get out there and work for the election decent people. Vote against & lobby hard against gun control & other civil liberties abuses.

    1. The amazing thing is they were shocked Cantor got canned, his campaign spent more on a steak dinner fundraiser than his opponent spent on his entire campaign.

      In the SC Senate Primary, Tim Scott received over 90% of the vote. The previously uncontested Lindsey Graham, barely avoided a run off, he had 6 opponents and unfortunately. none with suitable credentials for the job, but a message was sent!

      They are shipping and releasing illegal aliens all over the country, this is a real crisis, right along with not providing medical care to our Veterans!

    2. I would tend to agree, but I live in California. I can rally and I can vote and I can demonstrate, but in the end, it’s a total waste of time and energy. We’d move, but my husband’s job is tied here (it seemed like such a good idea at the time…). It’s very discouraging.

    3. Hate to play the crank here, but I think the Tea Party ‘reformers’ are part of the plan, at least those who have been handpicked by the kingpins. The Chosen plutocracy wants to keep the various divided ethnic factions in balance so none rise up to depose the oligarchs.

      Right now there is a movement within a movement, or perhaps above it, that seeks to re-balance all these competing factions, so that we remain forever fighting with each other, not with those who rule us.

      1. Sue, of course they are. They serve a purpose. They are there to provide a vehicle to make anyone who opposes them look stupid. If they get MSM airtime, they’re a part of the play.

        Any real opposition to this will not be televised. They use this group for the highly paid talking heads to ridicule on a daily basis. It’s a “false opposition”. They use it to say “anyone who doesn’t subscribe to our version of reality is crazy”(and probably dangerous).

        You are not going to vote this away. They are not offering any options.

      2. My sense lophatt, from this upset is that there very well may be an illuminati. What else explains TCP & Co. replacing their chief tool, Cantor, who was poised to attain such a high level leadership position in the House? Maybe he’s playing his role, although I say that to retain a rigorous ever-vigilant skepticism when watching the dramas unfold; it is odd that an incumbent with such a war chest took such a thumping. Even in a primary that’s highly unusual.

        It seems more likely he’s just been dissed as someone else – and some new meme – needs to be applied as the old ones have served their purpose. There are just enough of the illegal immigrants, particularly of the latino ethnicity (I assume most of the illegals are that anyway, as opposed to groups like the Somalians, etc., who are being granted ‘refugee’ status and placed all around the country on the eurotaxpayers’ dime) to effect maximum conflict. Any more could achieve a critical mass that might overthrow The Chosen (my term for the oligarchs, not exclusive to just one ethnicity although mostly comprised of one). I wonder if TCP (that one very exclusive ethnicity) realize how hated they are by these arrivals. Many don’t know but it’s very much the reality that the latino community do NOT like TCP, whom they know not to offend as no one bites that hand that unlocks the door for them.

        So anyway, Cantor’s defeat under the auspice of the Tea Party causes me to wonder if that highest level or inner circle of the oligarchy realizes it’s time to rebalance things. I’ll admit that I hope it’s too late and that my people wake up and resist anyway, as our grandchildren and even many of our children will be the lowest on the food chain in the sovietized NWO, just like the native slavs/real russians were in the USSR.

      3. Sue, “balance” or no balance, its a stage play. If they truly worked for us their membership would be reflective of those they supposedly represent.

        In this country the Jewish component is roughly 2.7%. Believe it or not that is “high” in proportion to other countries. Worldwide it is .4%. That’s POINT four percent.

        Simple math would show that they are over represented, and that does not even consider the blackmail and bribery aspects of the others who are totally controlled by them.

        The main purpose of the government here is simply to provide a distraction from the fact that it isn’t real. While everyone watches the pageant and debates whether this one or that one sits in the seat, they are busy finalizing their plans for the world in general.

        They would love to eliminate any semblance of resistance, but they will proceed anyway, resistance or not. We’re starting to see the enforcement element applied less sparingly and, frankly, they don’t care what we think.

        There is a Yiddish saying that goes “the cattle are stupid”. Guess who they’re talking about. The ones that aren’t stupid can be dealt with by the goons.

  10. I think you’re going around the bend, James. The incident was politicized because it WAS political. The couple was reported to kill two cops eating lunch and someone else at random. Is this disputed?

    They DID stay on the Bundy ranch, and the man apparently did guard duty there. They are right wing racists, who were ready to kill government police and agents to allow Bundy to steal grazing rights for his cows. Is this disputed?

    It is reported that the homicidal couple dropped a Gadsden flag, a symbol of these Patriotic dingbats, and a swastika, on the bodies of the dead. Is this disputed?

    This killing was similar to the killings of the two other Nazis that that Sue defended, doing so in a moderate tone that apparently makes all the difference to James. Apparently you can defend mass murder on this blog so long as you do it in a moderate tone.

    The US is now backing fascists in Ukraine to conduct foreign policy, and, in my opinion, it is only a matter of time before they do so in the USA. Fascists do not have any respect for truth. James obviously does. But if you had to make a choice, James, what side would you choose?

    1. You missed the point they were asked and did leave the Bundy Ranch as they were too radical, probably suspected of being government plants to in sight violence.

      You missed the point that the government is trying to shut down all cattle ranchers and in the Bundy case the reported reason is to save some turtle, that actually survives on eating cow dung, there only source of nutrition in the desert. It is not that he refuses to pay fees, he has been outlawed from bringing his cattle to water that his family has been doing long before these government agencies were even thought of.

      You missed the point that all records are top secret, never to be released to the public. Sure makes one wonder what are they hiding and yes that infers everything is in question.

      Are you not aware the government uses patsies, those with mental, financial or legal issues to frame their current propaganda goals? He was reported to be a convicted felon, and had no legal right to be around a gun.

      It is curious how you recognize our government’s evil deeds abroad, but not here at home.

      1. The point is that they were FILMED at the Bundy Ranch. My, what a “coincidence”. If you need evidence that this was a setup, and it SCREAMS “setup”, that’s it. They laid all the groundwork. Got the site shots in the can. Then they “surprised” them. They used their trigger.

        These two losers probably thought they had landed the acting gig of their miserable little lives.

        They get caught all the time setting up patsy’s. They don’t usually go this far, although sometimes they do. Obongo is an employee. His bosses have given their orders and they call for gun confiscation (among other things). They’re going for it.

        Just like the hapless, soulless couple who sold any dignity they may have had to participate in this fraud, they received their reward. Most of the mutts who are pulling the strings today will follow suit, eventually.

      2. It appears there are others who are coming to the same conclusion:

        They really need more “finesse” in these productions. Sheep dipped and triggered, I’d guess. He was “having some parole issues”. Maybe a little “medical evaluation” with a promise of an acting gig. Perhaps all those legal troubles could be a thing of the past.

        This one is already not getting much play. They can’t all be “hits”.

    2. You can’t find one quote in which I ‘defend’ ‘killings’ of ‘two other Nazis.’ I absolutely pointed out holes in the official narratives regarding James von Brun and Glenn Miller, but not once did I defend the idea that they had the right to actually kill their alleged victims.

      Who is it that has no respect for the truth, Mark?

    3. The US is now backing fascists in Ukraine to conduct foreign policy, and, in my opinion, it is only a matter of time before they do so in the USA

      Mark, you make this statement as an opinion so you must believe it. Yet you sound as if you believe that it is impossible that the current wave of mayhem in this country could in no way be contrived by anyone but lunatic racists with no connection to the government, or a rogue faction within it, because none of the information from Las Vegas has been disputed? Racists? they killed two white cops supposedly. When did they become racists. I haven’t seen all the videos but I don’t remember any racism. First reports said a Gadsden flag, not a swastika. Now to me , you seem to want to get folks like me, to argue with you, to make it look like I am defending them. I am not. These people in Vegas(Jared Miller and wife) do not represent the search for truth here. In my opinion this blog questions whether mass murder ever happened in the first place, but it does not defend the act of mass murder. You on the other hand seem to be out to discredit everything that is brought to light here.

  11. The major enemy of the American people, Kathy, is not the government, it ‘s the power system. They are not the same. Americans are ruled institutionally not just by government, but by government and corporations, notably the corporate media. Both are controlled by oligarchs who are billionaires, multi-billionaires, and aspiring billionaires. Under the false flag 9/11-anthrax homicides, which Shocked and Awed the American people to accept the War on Terrorism, they have increased their despotic power and are impoverishing the American people.

    However to consider government and corporations as both being institutions of governance violates traditional American ideology. It also violates the conceptual ideology of political science, which is scientific in the same way that the Salvation Army is an army. The anti-government ideology BENEFITS THE OLIGARCHY since it has been government historically that has been its chief enemy. That is why the Koch brothers finances the Tea Party to attack the government, allowing them to steal in the same way Bundy does, but a whole lot more.

    This is not a viable situation as more and more clueless Americans begin to realize that they are being swindled under the traditional ideology of Freedom&Democracy. The government, in obedience to its oligarchical masters, is ready for this and has militarized the police, Homeland Security, the intelligence agencies, the military, and private contractors. A half billion dollars of new prisons have been built. They will be filled by Americans accused of being Terrorists.

    In the meantime people are running amok randomly shooting anyone for any reason, including the cops. Over time this reinforces the notion of Americans that Law and Order is needed, and if to apply it Americans are killed, imprisoned and tortured, this is done for Security. It is of course done for the securlty of the oligarchy not the security of the American people. The law is no longer a shield for the people but a weapon for the powerful. And this weapon will be used against the American people and justified partially by these random killings.

    That is why I was wrong to emphasize racism as the major problem preventing the people from uniting against despotic and gangster power. The major problem is homicide, traditionally projected especially against non-White people. Although the American people identify with both racism and homicide, it is the latter that is easier to induce them to oppose. That is why I supported the duplicitous media attack against fascist homicide, because soon enough they are going to change their view.

    1. Not sure why I would bother to comment, as I view you as I view them, whether it is the government, or the multi-conglomerates that run the puppet show, a huge cabal with the goal of decimating America with lies and deceit.

      The Tea Party, is not a party at all, but many grass roots groups who unite behind the concept of we are Taxed Enough Already and government over reach and over spend needs to brought back to our founding fathers principles. Has the faction that wishes it would disappear formed their own faux tea party like organizations to disparage it? You betcha!

      How inconvenient is it for Harry Reid and his ilk that the Koch brothers have just donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund? When was it ever appropriate that the senate leader spend endless hours on the senate floor attacking one business for supporting his opponents, while he himself is a benefactor of big business and a multi millionaire on his meager life time government salary?

      You are wrong about “Bundy stealing…. and people are running amok randomly shooting anyone for any reason, including the cops”. The government is stealing the land and crime, especially by guns has been declining remarkably, especially in those states that support the right to carry arms.

      Cities such as Chicago or Detroit with strict gun and union control are third world out of control disasters; wish we could convince Canada to annex them in.

    2. If those are your beliefs why are you even at this site? You used to just come here and race bait but now you are trying to make the current pageantry some sort of phony left/right issue which it is not. It’s fake. No arms, no wings just fake.

      1. Fish
        Understand your reply to me was meant to Mark.

        My heart is breaking tonight as the reports are coming though that many thousands of abandoned immigrant children are and have been housed in deplorable conditions and many more are expected.

        Reminds me of the over whelming grief felt with the SHH.

        1. It was to mark, I was just cued behind your comment. It will indent, I think, if it is directed to the above comment. If not indented it is directed to the comment above the indentation as you scroll up. I’m pretty sure. Weird stuff does happen though.

      2. Yes, precisely. It is fake, through and through. This isn’t some “social problem”. What you are seeing is what happens when a cabal of fascist psychopaths decide to control the world. They hire employees who masquerade as “leaders” and bloviate so that other employees can discuss it on TEE VEE.

        Here’s an interesting little tidbit, just in case anyone’s getting all woozy from all the “terror” on the airwaves:

        And before anyone goes there, it isn’t because “we’re winning the war on terror”.

    3. No kidding Mark. The government handed their authority over to the oligarchs/bankers, you name it, a hundred years ago. The Oligarchs, bankers, or whatever you want to call it filled the government back up with their own ever since and always have. This is not new information. What you don’t seem to get is that the true racists are the power system, oligarchs, elected stooges, who do the real damage, not Joe blow redneck on the street shouting the N-word. As can be seen by your hero’s latest stunt of scattering helpless minority children all over the southwest into deplorable conditions which will no doubt be blamed on everyone but him thanks to the power systems media machine.

      1. Mark used to be a very frequent commenter here, Rich, a year ago, and his philosophy is quite mind bending. He basically despises white people (even though he is one of us), and believes that all of European history is driven by an essential racism, and that all American history is the true capstone of that evil edifice. Just a heads up–no point debating him on that. Your perfect logic that we should isolate what started a century ago to understand what’s going on today is like water off a duck to him. That the so-called “left” are the real racists is in fact the truth cannot be seen by him, no matter how you phrase it. I have tried. I try no more.

        Incidentally, Dr. Tracy will be publishing a new article by me in the coming days, in which I go into some of the background of what happened to us in the 20th century. Space limitations dictated that I focus on only one aspect, though. I think you’ll like it.

        1. I know. I have tangled with this self loather before. As it turned out I had 2 minutes with absolutely nothing to do.

    4. Why? What is the motivation to spend a half billion dollars on new prisons to fill them with Americans accused of being Terrorists?

      What is the motivation for the “perception management” to cast open-carry Patriots (provocateurs?) gone rogue against the Government?

      The stories are so theatrical, obviously false and designed to incite strong emotions… in hopes of provoking action. What could be better than creating a new enemy and a pretext for clamping down on freedoms?

      Why? Why would anyone go to such ends?

      I think Ernest Callenbach had the answer:

      “We live in the declining years of what is still the biggest economy in the world, where a looter elite has fastened itself upon the decaying carcass of the empire. It is intent on speedily and relentlessly extracting the maximum wealth from that carcass, impoverishing our former working middle class.

      … As empires decline, their leaders become increasingly incompetent — petulant, ignorant, gifted only with PR skills of posturing and spinning, and prone to the appointment of loyal idiots to important government positions. Comedy thrives; indeed writers are hardly needed to invent outrageous events.”

      Beyond conspiracy theories, it is the “declining years of what is still the biggest economy in the world” that holds the answer.

      Sadly, a lack of real leadership is why schemes such as casting “Patriots” as the new terrorist are considered legitimate answers to the question of how to re-invent the economy. Cushy jobs in Government are never going to create innovators or producers… it is always the hungry and free that create wealth and opportunity.

      Quote Source:,_last_words_to_an_america_in_decline/

  12. Nafeez Ahmed has posted several good articles in the past few days about how the US defense infrastructure has been planning for civil unrest at home triggered by catastrophic events linked to climate change, energy shocks or economic crisis – or all three:
    “Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks.
    NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism”
    “Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown. Social science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements”

    Here’s a few snippets of how the government is thinking:
    “Federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.”

    “DoD might be forced by circumstances to put its broad resources at the disposal of civil authorities to contain and reverse violent threats to domestic tranquility. Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance.”

    In 2010, the Pentagon ran war games to explore the implications of “large scale economic breakdown” in the US impacting on food supplies and other essential services, as well as how to maintain “domestic order amid civil unrest.”

    Obviously if you are making plans for a military crackdown on the population, then the first order of business is to take away their guns –by any means possible.

    1. This has been the contingency plan for a long long time. It does seem like it is getting closer to fruition though.

      Just out of curiosity, a few months after sandy hook there were a number of commenters who felt that the gun thing was just a distraction and the main goals of operations like sandy hook were for other things entirely. Has the events of the last year changed your minds at all or do you feel about the same as last year? I’m sure we all think there are multiple goals with these false flags but for me the idea of an Australian style gun confiscation is starting to seem more likely than it did. Actually, I have always thought it will happen yet the mechanism of confiscation has always remained unclear.

      1. For me, I’m one of those who said it wasn’t exclusively about gun confiscation. It was about “modeling”. Just like Boston. It was getting the eaters used to seeing the “authorities” take charge and make up the rules as they go. It was about obedience.

        They always have multiple goals. Now, having said that, it is quite clear that Obongo has his orders. They will keep running these psyops and worse, until he gets his way.

        They have already bought up most of the ammunition and I suspect that they are paying the manufacturers to keep it off the shelves. This is obviously NOT about “crime”, it is about parasite safety.

        All of the armed thugs and APC’s in the streets are there for a reason. They know these types of actions will be “unpopular”, they are prepared for that eventuality.

        I have to say that, even for those who still think they have a working government and all this is on the up and up, how do they dismiss this bunch’s behavior? Utter contempt for the Constitution and laws in general. Complete disregard for the wishes of the citizenry. It is impossible to ignore. It is not subtle.

  13. How many white American citizen terrorist attacks on our soil have happened or been prevented since 1995?

    ONE. The attempt to blow up the 2008 GOP convention by four leftwing Democrats

    How many by Muslim-American citizens?


    1. Stormfront. org is that way! just follow sue’s links and you will get there eventually.

      I’m getting really sick of all the race baiting. It’s weird the title has splc in it and all of a sudden a bunch of race comments are posted. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a connection?

      1. I don’t pay attention to links on Stormfront for the most part, sorry to disappoint. Which isn’t to say there might not be legitimate information conveyed on there, but don’t claim to speak for my views, if that’s what you’re trying to do, thanks. I’m not the one who’s race-baiting either. I mean, do you really read a thread under an article about the SPLC and think it won’t touch on ‘race?’

      2. And to add there, fishandroaches, are you under the impression there isn’t a race war going on in America and Europe? Or that what we study on here somehow has nothing to do with that?


      3. It is very obvious that any discussion of “race” is being declared “off limits” by TPTB. That ball club owner (can’t even remember his name), got skewered for saying “The ‘N’ Word”. Since when did adults say things like The “N” word? Since when did that become criminal?

        While I don’t make it a practice to insult people because of their race, I do make it a practice to say anything I feel needs to be said. I don’t need anyone’s permission or blessing to do that.

        More and more we are being exposed to the concept of “permissible thought and speech”. If people are so frightened of discussing race in any context they are willfully ignoring important information.

        While some people’s arguments are tiresome because they attribute ALL observed behavior to race, it is impossible to ignore that it has implications that should be discussed. Being afraid to discuss them is effectively a “ban” on speech.

        I have no plans to allow an individual or group to decide what I am allowed to think or discuss. I am offended by many things every day. I do not seek to control the offenders. They are free to say idiotic things at will. My pet peeve is that, somehow, they have been successful at arrogating to themselves the power to decide what is “appropriate”. By what authority? This is the stuff of the SPLC.

  14. Sue, the race issue is blown out of proportion, I’m not saying there are no racists …I think there is a fanning of the flames, and I for one will not be manipulated. It’s just another divide and conquer strategy, to keep people fighting with each other so they won’t see the real enemy, the oligarchy. I don’t care what color you are.

  15. I think heritage racism is too deeply entrenched in the American people to confront directly, for which I thank James and some of the commenters for exhibiting. It stems from American history when White European immigrants establish an American polity based on the ethnic cleansing of American Indians and the slavery of African Americans.

    The current racist hysteria has two historical sources: 1. the majority of babies born in the USA currently are non-White, turning the USA into a majority non-White country.

    2. The White Western countries are losing power to the non-White countries and peoples, about 90% of the earth’s persons being non-White.

    I think the most effective ideological use of the false flags, which are mostly done against White people, is to oppose homicide, not racism, although the political homicide conducted historically by American power had been directed against non-White people. The American people are deeply homicidal politically as well as racist, supporting the killing of literally millions of non-White people since world war 2.

    The anti-war movements have not been very effective; perhaps their generalization to an anti-homicide movement, which must be international, would be more so. Included in such a movement would be the homicidal false flags, which American power has used to manipulate the opinion of the American people.

  16. Here we have reports that border patrol agents are silenced and threatened with charges if they speak of the grave travesties thousands of illegal immigrants are experiencing everyday.

    Some of our representatives where allowed to visit a pre-arranged site and told they are not allowed to take pictures, pictures will be provided.

    Where are all the faux supporters of human rights when you need them?

    1. Kathy have you talked to Natasha McShane about this? Or how about to the scores of white people killed by these invaders every year, and to the masses who lose their jobs and homes to fund their invasion?

      Here’s a start:

      And don’t bother with Natasha; the ‘rich white b***h’ can’t speak anymore, even to her own parents, courtesy of those ‘hardworking’ usurpers.

      1. It would be negligent to ignore or repress discussion of race in a forum devoted to exposing government hoaxes and the motivations and sociopolitical mechanisms they service. So I have zero intention of obliging naysayers who choose to deny the destruction of my people, which is the design and vehicle of the hoaxers. That said, it’s not clear to me how on earth Kathy’s above post relates to the subject matter of memoryhole.

      2. This post was about silencing Americans, the article I posted was about silencing the border patrol regarding the flooding of our country with illegal immigrants, they are so overwhelmed with mostly children, they cannot stop the criminals.

        Yes their goal is to totally overwhelm our welfare system that will collapse and thus impose martial law and they are very close to declaring success.

        Still, I feel compassion for the poor children who have been dumped by their parents, who were encouraged .by our ‘leader’ to send them to the land of milk and honey and disregard all laws.

        If you are against racism, you should be against it especially when this once great nation is herding children like cattle, only worse.

      3. I don’t think it matters that the victims are white just that people are killed and illegals are a protected class. That story is big around here. here is a comment from that article.

        “Jack Smith Feb 1, 2014

        According to Saturday’s Oregonian, a 28 year old white male was sentenced yesterday to 30 days in jail, $675 in restitution, 3 years probation, 3 years suspended license to drive for leaving the scene of a July 28 accident where a 9 year old girl on a bicycle racing on the sidewalk suddenly rode her bicycle into the street where he hit her. The girl ran off toward her home, and the man asked her little brother if she was ok and saw others helping her prior to leaving for work because he didn’t want to be late and possibly lose his job. The girl sustained tissue damage, bruises, and road rash on her back. But she lived…

        And this girl killed 2 young girls and drove off and washed off the evidence and she got probation…

        Tell me again white citizens are not held to a higher standard and punished more harshly…”

        I tend to agree with much of the comment but it isn’t really about skin color, a wealthy white person could get away with what she did but a middle class one would be hung. A poor black would be hung as well whereas a black college athlete or professional athlete would barely get a slap on a wrist. It is true the illegals are a protected class but is it because of ethnicity or something more complicated?

        here is an interesting interview that I heard today dealing with such issues.

  17. If an anti-homicide campaign is to be effective, it must involve the consideration of gender oppression, males oppressing females, as well as class and racial oppression. In the United States, killing people, especially when done by uniformed Heroes, is extolled as masculine, macho, effective, and realistic by the American population. The historian Walter Hixson, in THE MYTH OF AMERICAN DIPLOMACY, maintains, plausibly, that the political culture in the American myth of killing people is largely responsible for the enormous slaughter by American imperialism throughout its history. Unfortunately the book is written in an academic style that limits its influence.

    Merlin Stone, in the brilliant WHEN GOD WAS A WOMAN, maintains that the transformation to a male god was the result of a war culture that imposed patriarchy on modern society. In the original agricultural communities fertility was a main consideration, in the earth’s produce and in people, so people worship a Mother Goddess to ensure a good harvest, and enough children to carry on the group. This view was also expressed in academic form by the archeologist Marija Gimbutus in an enormous book that contained pictures of the relics of different civilizations.

    The agricultural communities, however, were conquered by the northern raiders who were herders and worshiped male gods, who were Heroic in combat. Gimbutus calls those that came from what is now south Russia Kursans. Over the centuries and millennia the northern herders conquered the southern agriculturalists, stealing their food and property, and changing their religion to a male god. The Mongols or Tatars were the last of the herder armies in the 12th-14th centuries. The need for efficient homicide in war was essential in subjecting women to inferior status, as well as men restricting women sexually to assure paternity of their children.

    We still suffer from this oppression, not least sexually. So an anti-homicide campaign, which would reveal the homicidal false flags conducted by American power, could include a broader agenda of liberating women, who nowadays are more oppressed in Muslim societies than Western societies. What must be fought is the notion that killing people is manly, common in gangs and in uniformed gunmen.

    In the USA this will be difficult because Americans have been indoctrinated with a lynch mentality, and a majority, unique among developed countries, are in favor of executing unarmed prisoners. But the US has an enormous number of nuclear weapons and delivery systems, so fighting the macho ideology of homicide in our political culture may help assure our very survival, and help us develop less infantile forms of power.

  18. Don’t know where to post this, but I’ll do it here:

    I’ve discussed the dynamic whereby the media both totally represses the truth about what is really a racial war being waged against whites by ‘Diversity’ every day in this country (with the enthusiastic help of the police and justice system) and also fabricates or distorts stories to camouflage the reality that my ethnic group/race is the main target of this violence.

    I think this report on the white slaver of women down in Florida is likely fake – a means of camouflaging the fact that it is has been hispanic men who have been caught enslaving women, both white and hispanic, in the last year or so. Not one victim or ‘witness’ is named, which is unusual. The story itself doesn’t make much sense; since when does trading sex for cocaine and rent equate to ‘enslavement?’

    The female cop in the video is rather unconvincing:

    But at least we now have ‘proof’ that white men and the (by unfounded implication white) upper middle class is just as guilty of slaving women or being complicit somehow in ignoring when neighbors are doing it.

    1. I should add, according to this narrative white men are worse, because ‘Deegan’ made a profit off of the sexual enslavement of his three female captives, while Castro worked a modest job and lived ‘within his means’ in comparison. This BS report also implicates not just the neighbors (who we are told had more evidence of malfeasance than the beaners living around Castro’s house of horrors in spite of boarded up windows and enough extra food to feed four people going in and out of it) but also the alleged stream of presumably white male johns and consumers of the illicitly produced porn.

      1. Jane Velez-Mitchell unearths the truth, which is that sometimes a sleaze is just a sleaze, and a slut a slut:

        One of Deegan’s ‘victims’ has stated that her participation in his house of harlotry was completely consensual. So this is a case where the governmedia seems to be attempting to spin and embellish this case into something it clearly isn’t, so as to equate and even unfavorably compare white men to the Ariel Castros.

        Then we have the White Male ex-lover gone psycho meme, which can be mixed in with the White Male ex-soldier gone psycho meme, or any variety of White Male gone psycho profiles that TPTB love to warn us about:

        I’m not certain about this story, released two days ago, but it sorta smells funny. While gun rights people could argue that it proves armed civilians can prevent ‘mass shootings,’ it more powerfully suggests that innocent martyred white women would be better taken care of by the benevolent trained and armed agents of The State, whose heroic representative in this mini-drama remains anonymous. The reports brag about 100 eyewitnesses yet names not one that I’ve been able to find.

        There is a war being waged on our psyches as well as our bodies. We as white women must submit ourselves and our children wholly to the loving guidance of Big Brother, who has no agenda other than to defend us from mean, exploitative misogynist white-woman-murdering White Males aka Oppressors of the World.

        Someone needs to tell that to Pam Gentry, Kristin Warneke (raped and lynched by black men aka ‘home invaded’ whose motive the police and judge insisted in court was only to ‘rob’ them) and to so many other white women victims. Just days ago blonde Jordan Monasmith’s black assailant was acquitted after the cops purposely tampered with the evidence upon his arrest:

        She is incredibly lucky compared to most white women thus targeted, which just goes to show how dire and tragic the situation is for white people generally.

  19. Sue says:
    “That said, it’s not clear to me how on earth Kathy’s above post relates to the subject matter of memoryhole.”

    Kathy posted on this blog relating to gov silencing of those opposing it
    {Our borders are being over run by immigrants, mostly un-supervised children and the agents in charge are forbidden to speak of it.

    Sue continues:
    “I’ve discussed the dynamic whereby the media both totally represses the truth about what is really a racial war being waged against whites by ‘Diversity’ every day in this country (with the enthusiastic help of the police and justice system) and also fabricates or distorts stories to camouflage the reality that my ethnic group/race is the main target of this violence”

    “But at least we now have ‘proof’ that white men and the (by unfounded implication white) upper middle class is just as guilty of slaving women or being complicit somehow in ignoring when neighbors are doing it.”

    “I should add, according to this narrative white men are worse, because ‘Deegan’ made a profit off of the sexual enslavement of his three female captives, while Castro worked a modest job and lived ‘within his means’ in comparison.”

    Thanks for finding proof of your stance on the huffpro and nydaily.

    Our borders are being flooded with illegal immigrants, mostly children, many criminals. Our government has released more than 100 thousand illegal immigrants imprisoned for crimes.

    This is a great travesty and if you think crime is bad already, just wait until those airplanes or busloads of illegal immigrants are dropped off in a town near you, expecting to be taken care of by empty promises..

      1. In this upscale New York town is a place for immigrant boys. It is named Lincoln Hall. It was not always a sanctuary for such boys, instead a home for “native” juvenile boys.

        It reminded me of a tragic murder there back in the early eighties. I lived not far away in Connecticut at the time and the news were considered local. This atrocity was committed by two boys from Lincoln Hall.

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