FreelandWe welcome Elana Freeland to Checkin’ It Out. Freeland is the author of Chemtrails, HAARP, and Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (Feral House, 2014).

From the publisher: “Freeland’s startling book sifts through the confusion surrounding chemtrails-versus-contrails and how extreme weather is being “geo-engineered” to enrich disaster capitalists and intimidate nations. A deconstruction of Bernard J. Eastlund’s HAARP patent points to other covert agendas, such as a global Smart Grid infrastructure that enables access to every body and brain on Earth, a future that erases lines between human and machine, and Nanobiological hybrids that infest and harm human bodies.”

Over the years, Elana Freeland has been a Waldorf school pioneer, storyteller, lecturer, and writer. She has written for alternative publications all her adult life, her dedication being to give non-mainstream issues a voice.


For the past two decades, Freeland has ghostwritten several books on diverse topics and edited the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA and ritual abuse. She is the author of her own Sub Rosa America series, a fictional history of the United States since John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

In 1996, Freeland was awarded a Master of Arts in Great Books from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, including honors for her thesis in historiography. She intends to write a second volume on the geoengineering/HAARP phenomenon addressing how HAARP, chemtrails, and Smart Grid technology relate to neuroscience and remote mind control.

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29 thought on “Elana Freeland on the Chemtrail/ Geoengineering Agenda”
  1. I have not yet listened to the interview (I will be doing so immediately), but I wanted to note that the Waldorf philosophy is based upon the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner called “anthroposophy” and is closely linked to a system of esoteric philosophy known as Theosophy.

    Since Ms. Freeland is a “pioneer” in the field, it must necessarily affect her worldview.

  2. Thank you Ms. Freeland & Dr. Tracy for this critical information, however ominous it is, we have a critical need for a grand awakening!

    Here’s hoping your book hits the number one best seller list for a record time, but suspect if it does, the news will be suppressed.

    Have been diligently reporting chem. trail reports for awhile now, and yes, they have changed their methods recently, the unnatural harp clouds are being obviously created by means other than trails.

    Have not been successful in soliciting any response from my representatives on this issue, they always readily respond to all others. Will try a different approach and inquire why there is no oversight on the Pentagon spending billions on a green agenda, with no particular line items on the subject.

    Here we have a report of the Pentagon spending billions on the green agenda, which is the code word for climate change.

    “There is no exact budget line for climate change. The Government Accountability Office in 2011 documented a big increase in federal spending, from $4.6 billion in 2003 to nearly $9 billion in 2010.”

    Why? “Climate change is the new weapon of mass destruction!”

  3. Yesterday, unlike many days in or near NYC, there were no chem-trails over Belmont Park. West Point already participating, showed up to play some brass instruments and sing so for the big race. It looks like the authorities ordered a blue sky for the Belmont Stakes and got it.

  4. I’m over on the west coast in LA for the past week, there have been maybe 1 small chemtrail. The air has never been cleaner. Hope is it lasts! In the past, I’ve monitored the more unusual chemtrails. I actually took a picture of a black chemtrail going straight up with white chemtrails circling it. I posted it on You Tube under quemo24 along with a UFO pic. From my 3rd floor balcony I have an awesome view.

  5. Thank you Dr. T for all you do…. You will like this 🙂 Last year while celebrating a girlfriends B-day at a well known restaurant Conchy Joe’s, here in Jensen Beach, FL, in walks Mike Lyons, our celebrity weatherman! On his way back to his table from the bathroom I stopped him and said I have a question, all smiles he says yes? I said how do you hide the chemtrails on the doppler? His first words without think he says, oh we have ways. I said you realize this is detrimental to humans and to the enviroment, he sure scurried off fast! He knows!

  6. Dr. Tracy, So glad to hear you bring up Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine in your interview. That book, more than any other, had me look at history in a new light. Elana Freeland connects Klein’s theory to recent weather disasters but I have always thought of 9-11 as the beginning (or most obvious) of disaster capitalism in the US.

    1. I’d direct you to Webster Tarpley’s Left Forum presentation of 2013. He very effectively takes down the humanitarian veil the war rationalizing left hides behind (Amy Goodman, Code Pink, Chomsky—all are cheer squads for death squads, a fact you had better deal with if you want to go on saying you oppose mass murder).

      If you missed Tarpley’s talks at the left forum you are probably still dangerously dependent on foundation funded leftism, or, what we may more accurately deem”distractivism”. Klein, who has some seriously troubling connections to international steering councils (notably the RIIA clone, the CIC, in Canada), produces works that consistently divert from reality. Her “shock doctrine” is an ass-backwards telling of every major event I can think of. She sustains this illusion that ambulance chaser types show up at a disaster scene to make a profit. They’re war profiteers, disaster profiteers, and that’s about it. There’s no such thing as coordinated, highly disciplined intelligence operation, nor a cultural manager. Theodore Adorno was only ever some cantankerous theorist from Germany. Yeah right! Just a little bit of digging tells us how horrid and dishonest her claims are. Part of this blog’s purpose, I assume, is to stay out of memory holes the depth for which Klein shares responsibility.

      I can hardly express how dangerous and wasteful it is to use the completely typical and un-shocking of leftist disinformation, “the shock doctrine”, as a springboard for critical analysis. The little this stupid call center employee has uncovered on the prized and precious Klein is far more shocking than any of her “big ideas”, actually.

  7. …Not to mention the “depressive” factor of constant chemtrails overhead. It’s depressing for the soul to have this constant low hanging cloud coverage. In my area of Florida, we’ve barely had a day since last fall without this “odd” low-hanging thick white “cloud” coverage. This has changed from the “usual” chemtrailing in that in the past we could see the planes criss-crossing the skies, with the small “puffs” exuding from the trail that would eventually “drip” down. Now it seems as if they come to us en-masse, already formed into a huge suffocating layer of “clouds” or a front that simply hangs here all day – often for several days. This is not unlike the Pacific NW where that was their typical fall/winter/spring.

    But this is Florida, where in spring and summer we usually get blue skies (well, blue from memory) and then the afternoon rain storm would come through from the west on its way to the east and then skies would go back to (what passes for) blue skies. This pattern hasn’t happened for several years now, but it is the pattern of 30 years/20 years ago when we actually did have blue skies and no discernible chemtrailing. Not any more.

    As I listened to your guest, I sat here and watched our skies go from (bland) blue with a few clouds to watching a slow moving mass come up from the south. It’s now hoovering over us like a thick white shroud, blotting out the entire sky. Often times, this discourages in some way the predicted afternoon rains (whose patterns have changed). Indeed, we have rain predicted this afternoon, but my guess is, it won’t happen with this white shroud covering us since it has discouraged the rain previously.

    I first noticed “chemtrails” around 2002 as not being contrails, and as I traveled across the country a year later I saw them on the west coast and in the Pacific NW. But this past year, back in Florida for several years now, the chemtrailing has gotten more progressive, oppressive – and depressing.

    1. I totally relate to the depressive factor of chemtrails. Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s hard to get the sun as it is. Spraying is off and on, but much more “on” lately. I am so tired of the white sky, and what adds to the depressing nature of it, I think, is that it seems no one else notices or cares.

  8. Ms. Freeland hints that her book has suggestions on detoxifying our bodies, just for that and out of principle, we should all buy the book!

    The folks up north are well aware of the winter doldrums, and many have suggested buying artificial sunlight. Perhaps we should stock up, before the shelves are bare.

    Hopefully, you have access to medical care and can get your thyroid level checked. Have been on a high dosage of thyroid replacement for awhile and in the last year it was bumped up even more. They do not manufacture my dose, and have to purchase two prescriptions. Walmart makes this inexpensive for me and have to do it as the ultimate result of untreated thyroid disease is insanity, among many other maladies.

    Really hate to complain at my checkups, but mentioned muscle spasms. The blood test revealed a vitamin D deficiency. Normally, we get this from sunshine and can assure you many hours are spent in the garden. 2000 btus of D3 supplement, have made a huge difference.

    We cannot let them win, we still get to choose everyday what attitude we have!

    1. I’ve been into detoxifying the body for awhile now; cut out all processed foods/fast foods; plant-based diet; don’t drink the city water, etc. I also take iodine/potassium iodide supplement, D3, Vit C. Not particularly “depressed” clinically and per se, just pointing out another angle as to how chemtrails can affect our entire being.

      Currently, I’m still watching this huge layer of white crap edging farther north today. I hadn’t noticed but from my back window there was still a sliver of “blue,” but that is slooowly being overtaken by this layer, horizon to horizon, which is definitely a large, heavy, opaque chemtrail layer (you can see the edges of it, very nasty, as it edges northward) – just like all the other days since last fall. There’s something different going on here in how they cover us now, or at least in my neck of the woods. Completely out of “character” for this time of year, and well, ever, and I’ve lived in this particular region of Florida for many years (with a brief sojourn out west). We’ve had more of these than the “usual” chemtrails.

      1. They have definitely ramped it up in SC also. Would still encourage you to find a doctor you can trust, and evaluate what the blood tests reveal. Just speaking from experience after dealing with it for many decades, being high or low on thyroid, will make you feel crazy, as the thyroid regulates all body functions…

    2. Hi, Kathy, thank you, but all due respect, I don’t feel “crazy” at all, LOL, I am aware of hypothyroidism; hence, the Iodoral. Also avoid bromided flours, which is used in almost everything commercially produced. Bromide replaces iodine in our systems, and our thyroid needs iodine.

  9. I haven’t followed HARP or chemtrails research in awhile, say five or six years… I saw them as independent events, not related…. The way Elana put these two together blows my mind… and in my mind makes perfect sense… It’s “out there” for sure… I’ve always suspected that the Deep State’s technological capabilities is way beyond anything the public might know. It used to be said that the Pentagon’s tech was twenty years ahead of the consumer market, now I’m thinking more like a hundred years with long range plans on the table… With a multi-trillion dollar black budget they seem to bring Science Fiction to life… Creepy… An enhanced human being… No Thanks…

    Fascinating interview, talk about material to write about!



    1. Good work Paulstal! We had a sneak preview when another commenter posted your links.

      Always loved the CO2 big lie. most of us learned in grade school that plants need it and we exhale it. Would not be surprised if they come up with a breathing tax based on your body weight!

  10. Here’s a thought about the propaganda leaked out in the last year or so, claiming the government is experimenting in cloud seeding, as it is a chance to make billions of dollars.

    Since when has the government ever created a single red cent? The first report from NPR claimed that cloud seeding will create more hydro electric power and the last from Huff Poo and Harry Reid claims we could enter the billion market of selling rain to other countries, really?

    Tying into the entertainment’s industry’s connection to the corruption, last year seemed to have an astounding number of rain delays in Nascar and PGA tournaments. Rain delays usually mean, the crowds leave, the Sunday coverage is cancelled, and Monday finishes are a huge revenue loss. And there was the Superbowl game in the NE, what would of happened if there was a blizzard?

    The US Open just occurred in an area constantly blasted with man made wet weather, but the skies were crystal clear for this event. What are the chances, the promoters are charged a hefty fee for clear skies?

  11. Excellent research, Ms. Freeland in your book, Chemtrails, HAARP, and Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (Feral House, 2014).

    Have always found the science behind HAARP very intimidating and the timeline from Telza to Gates, explains these weapons in a manner the layman can understand.

    If there still are doubters out there, the book probably has hundreds of cross references you can check out to verify this conspiracy playing out right before our very eyes.

    It seems ironic, the SHH awoke me to these global criminals, often wonder if that was intentional.

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