gut-feelingBy Duke Reichert

In 2011, researchers at the University of California tested the hypothesis that the balance of bacteria in our body plays a larger role in regulating our emotions and behaviors than was previously thought. What goes on in our gut, as it turns out, is extremely important. The American Psychiatric Association says “gut bacteria manufacture about 95 percent of the body’s supply of serotonin, which influences both mood and GI activity”. Looks like our gut feelings are regulating our emotions. In this study, mice that were timid and shy were given a specific cocktail of certain antibiotics and the outcome was that they became energetic and adventurous, taking risks they wouldn’t typically take.

According to Psychology Today, a “gut feeling is sudden, strong judgments whose origin we can’t immediately explain.” It served man in the pre-historic ages when we had to fight off other tribes, and animals. Today, it can help us make healthy choices, and avoid toxic individuals and dangerous situations. Scientists, biologists and psychologists continue to research the impact that our ‘gut’ has on the body and mind.

Why am I talking about your gut; the part of your abdomen you’re used to sucking in, Spanxxing in, and otherwise pretending isn’t there? Because when I read about a doctor by a similar name, my gut turned. I felt the churning pang of achy nausea that tends to come over me when my primal senses are telling me, ‘Something here is wrong’. Interestingly, this feeling is prompted examination of one Dr. Alejandro Isgut.

In 1975, Alejandro Isgut and his wife Doraliza moved to Newtown, Connecticut. A young couple, they were ready to start a life together. Dr. Isgut and his wife are from Argentina. The doctor graduated from Cordoba University in 1967. From there, he was accepted for a rotatory internship at Grace Hospital, Winnipeg, Canada. In 1971, Isgut became a pediatric resident at the Hospital of St. Raphael’s at Yale University in New Haven. By 1975, Isgut was offered a full time permanent position at Danbury Hospital.

That year, the woman publicly known as Nancy Lanza was just a 15 years old in Kingston, New Hampshire. Nancy was Nancy Champion–“Beanie” to her friends. She had no idea what lay before her, and how one day her path would cross with this South American doctor.

In 1980, Dr. Isgut opened his own practice in Newtown–a pediatric group on Church Hill Road. The offices are conveniently located at the center of a town consisting of hundreds of families with young children, ready to be paged by middle-of-the-night calls from weary parents with croup coughing babies, and the busy bustle of back-to-school physicals for the town’s school athletes.

By that year, Dr. Isgut and wife Dora owned several properties in Newtown, one on Great Hill Road and another on Birch Hill Road. They decided to buy yet another property on Tanglewood Road. Three years later, in 1983, Dr. Isgut and a man named William Colbert purchased another property on Church Hill Road which would become the Newtown Pediatric Medical offices–Family Health Care Center. The Isguts have kept their language, and even some property in Argentina. They are a part of a home exchange program, similar to a time share program, where families can stay at their terracotta piece of heaven south of the Equator.

On real estate documents in Kingston, NH, the Isguts list a Post Office Box 752 in Newtown as a mailing address. According to phone records, the home is being lived in by Maria Zullo aka Maria Buttafocco aka Maria Isgut– the Connecticut doctor’s daughter.

In addition to working at a practice with a few other pediatricians, Dr. Isgut has admitting privileges at Danbury Hospital. One of the staff at his family pediatric practice is a women by the name of Maureen Engel. This is noteworthy, since later you will see him quoted as mentioning his patient, victim Olivia Rose Engel, with no mention of any relation to his professional associate, and Olivia’s mother, Maureen. Dr Isgut is also cited on his website as being an adjunct professor at Quinnipiac College in Hamden, Connecticut.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, Dr Isgut completes dozens of real estate transactions including new mortgages, liens, and foreclosures. In 1997, Dr. Isgut foreclosed on a property with Bruce D. and Kathleen E. Martin, as well as Jeffrey R. and Laurie J. Picerno et al.

In any event, as the years went on Dr. Isgut found himself in a pot of hot water. In 1999 a patient of his committed suicide. The 20 year old man was being prescribed excessive amounts of the ADHD drug Ritalin, and the doctor was not supervising the dosage correctly. In fact, several times he prescribed the drug he had not even seen the patient and prescribed over the phone.

This can be done, of course, but in the case of this controlled substance in particular there are regulations about how the prescribing doctor needs to treat the patient, especially where Ritalin- whose effects can mimic speed in some patients and have addictive properties- has the potential for misuse and abuse. For example, college students crush pills up and snort them to pull all-nighters; ‘poor man’s cocaine’ they call it.

In 1999, that young man killed himself, and in a case that spans New York and Connecticut—since it appears the suicide occurred in New York state–Dr. Isgut was investigated. He lost his medical license in New York, and was reprimanded by the Board in Connecticut. Dr. Isgut’s checkered past, though concerning, did not cause him to lose his license in CONNECTICUT, and he continues to practice medicine.


Figure 1

On 5/10/2004, Dr. Isgut and his wife quit claim two of their properties into both of their names, and into her name only, respectively. Later that year, on October 25, 2004, Dr. Alex Isgut and Doraliza Isgut sign power of attorney to Newtown lawyer Michael Nahoum.

It is important to note is that the power of attorney being signed is not common. If you’re reading this, you’re probably an adult, and you’ve probably heard about power of attorney before, especially if you’ve ever cared for an elderly family member, or been witness to a person’s incapacitation, and all of the paperwork and planning that accompanies it. However, according to a lawyer I consulted specializing in civil law—divorce/custody, real estate, and estate planning—it is not common for relatively young, healthy individuals to do this. There are some circumstances in which this may be useful, however.

For example, if a husband and wife are planning on making a large purchase- such as a home- which will require signatures of both parties, legal documents, financial paperwork, and the husband plans on being out of state for an extended time, and there are a lot of documents to sign, giving the wife the power of attorney will allow her to sign for her husband and facilitate smoother business.

Power of attorney is most commonly granted to a family member in the situation of a very sick individual, or an elderly person, so that in the event of that person’s death, or incapacitation, the individual can manage that person’s estate. This attorney went on to indicate that power of attorney is a document which can make identity theft possible, enabling the power-holder to make important decisions and sign binding documents on behalf of the other party. Unless otherwise indicated, divorce and death are the two circumstances under which those documents are null and void.

I raise this point because the Isgut power of attorney signing is strange, but not criminal. Interesting, but not indicative of much. Maybe they were sick. They aren’t extremely old, but surely they are nearing retirement in their 60s. Maybe they planned on traveling and needed Attorney Nahoum to act in their stead. Attorney Nahoum, like Isgut, does not have a clean past—he has a reprimand on his record.[IMAGE 2]


Figure 2

Certainly, this cannot be related to the event at Sandy Hook, right? Perhaps. Yet where else have I seen Power of Attorney documents?

  •  In July 1998, Peter Lanza signs power of attorney to Nancy Lanza.
  • On August 1, 2005 Matthew Hubbard signs power of attorney to Jennifer Hubbard.
  • On January 5, 2010 Robert Manfredonia, of 16 Yogananda St., signs power of attorney to wife Jeanette Manfredonia. Robert is brother to Bill (former Newtown Principal) and brother to Chris (‘accidentally’ arrested at Sandy Hook that morning, was running away from the school and said he was there to build gingerbread houses with his daughter that morning). Jeanette is a teacher in Newtown.
  • On June 28, 1996, Cheryl Lafferty (Dawn Hochsprung’s mother) signed power of attorney to husband Ronald Lafferty.

These names and facts are what I had available to me from the documents I collected at a trip to Newtown Town Hall. I did a cursory search of the names “involved” in this event, and saved the information. Unfortunately, this data is not available online, I do not live within a convenient proximity to Newtown to pop in and out of the Town Hall offices, and each document has to be searched one by one, by name and/or address. It makes finding and documenting information very tedious. However, I feel this merits a closer look, and some exposure, so that together we can continue to sift through the facts that we have.

There was no way that the Iguts knew that they might somehow be intertwined in the Sandy Hook School massacre. They had–in 1998–bought the Lanza home in Kingston, thus securing a tragic fate for the Lanza family in Newtown … Right?


Maybe the Lanzas thought they would stay in New Hampshire. Kingston, New Hampshire is a 21 square mile town of about 6, 000 people, considerably smaller than the vast and rural expanses boasted by Newtown. It would seem the perfect place to raise a young family; town festivals, family friendly car shows, carnivals, Bingo Nights, and religious events- everything a young couple with 2 small boys could ask for.

However, it was not that different in Newtown, and when Peter’s job allegedly called for a move, the family had to trek across a few states to Connecticut. They were not just leaving behind an idyllic community named “One of the Best Family Towns” by Coldwell Banker. They were also leaving behind a family member, their neighbor- James “Jim” Champion, Nancy’s brother, lived at 46 Depot Road.

The Lanzas were going to be leaving 44 Depot Road. The house in Newtown was underway. The new home was a spacious colonial, sitting atop the rolling hill that is Yogananda Street, in the new development in Bresson Farm- a large, rural neighborhood flowing with soft elm and evergreen trees, and a view of the entire town. Perhaps the most sought after and topographically elevated new neighborhood, lots were purchased quickly.

When the home was complete, they moved to Newtown–at 36 Yogananda St. It was 1998. Maybe Nancy and Peter thought they were getting a fresh start. We do not have much to go on to determine what the Lanzas were like as a family. There are no family photos that have been released, and crime scene photos of the Lanza home hardly show any personal effects at all.

Some of the details and circumstances surrounding Sandy Hook are so improbably and bizarre that they are farcical. When unraveling this web of lies, I feel like Clark Griswold in Christmas vacation with his iconic mess of tiny lights and wires; I am holding a ball of illumination whose light is being blocked from view by its own entanglement.

It was while reading about Newtown that I came across an article and became familiar with Isgut. In an article appearing in the Washington Post just a few days after the Sandy Hook massacre, Igut basically bashes Nancy Lanza (“In Newtown, Nancy Lanza a Subject of Sympathy for Some, Anger for Others,” December 19, 2012). Setting aside one’s view on gun control, a little personified voice grew in my gut and this little voice thought, “This feels wrong, to talk poorly about a murder victim, a mother, newly deceased.”

Dr. Isgut told the Washington Post reporters that he was victim Olivia Rose Engel’s doctor, and that he was “disgusted” with Nancy Lanza; adding “though I had never met her or Adam”. He went on to say , “If you have an arsenal, you must be responsible for it.” Isgut told The Post: “My daughter called me for other reasons that Friday morning, and I told her there has been a massacre here.

“At that time, the name Ryan Lanza [Adam’s brother] came on TV, and I told her, and she said, ‘Oh, my God, that’s the people I bought the house from.”

“My wife, she started to cry. She thought, “What would have happened if he got the [firearm] and decided to go back to his original home and kill everybody there?”

Isgut said his daughter bought the property in 1998 from the boys’ mom, Nancy Lanza, whom Adam killed in the rampage. Nancy’s brother — Adam’s uncle James Lanza — still lives next door.

When I asked the Washington Post for an information about how the quotes were obtained, I received a reply from the article’s author, Kevin Sullivan:

I honestly couldn’t remember, so I checked around. My colleague Tim Craig, who is now based in Pakistan, had the answer. Tim interviewed the doctor at his office. Tim had just returned from a couple of days of reporting in Kingston, NH, where Nancy Lanza’s family was from. Someone up there told Tim about Dr. Isgut, so he stopped at his office when he returned to Newtown. Tim supplied the reporting about Isgut that appeared in the story, which is why he had the credit at the end of the piece.

There are a number of holes in Isgut’s remarks, however. First, he bought the home, not his daughter. Second, if his daughter called him “for other reasons that morning”, when he told her what had occurred, he would have known who the Lanzas were. The secrecy is concerning, and is enough to raise an eyebrow. Doraliza’s response is interesting. It seems, on its face, to be a bizarre statement, slightly out of place. That is how this all feels, nothing too overt, just misplaced.

Have you ever loaned your car to someone, and you get it back from them, and it is in perfect condition? No issues, they even topped off your gas tank, but when you finally sit down the seat is an inch further back than you keep it, and your mirrors are askew blocking your rear and side views. Nothing is broken, but it is uncomfortable; everything feels it needs adjusting. That is how this event and the players’ responses feel- uncomfortable. Let us remember; based on thousands of years of evolution and experience, our gut feelings are always right.

What does this all mean? The Lanza home in Kingston, NH is purchased by a Newtown doctor, and he does not live there, but his daughter does. He is quoted by the press as saying that he never met the Lanzas, and that his daughter bought the home. Small discrepancies, but strange nevertheless. Then, searches on Alexander Isgut and Police Officer James Champion- Nancy’s brother- return ANOTHER common location. It seems that both Dr. Isgut and Nancy’s brother – Jim Champion- have past addresses in Summertown, Tennessee. Summertown Tennessee? I had never heard of it. And, if you haven’t that’s probably OK since most Tennesseans haven’t either.

Summertown, TN is what is known as “an intentional community”- basically, a commune. To reside there, you must be brought in by a member of the group, and the group votes and decides if you can stay. The community does its own farming and in co-op style they attempt to barter and trade goods and services when they can to keep to themselves as much as possible.

A couple decades ago at the height of free love and flower children, Summertown TN had over 2000 people – “members”. Today, it is barely thriving at 800 with the last of the members hanging on to the good old days. What on earth were Jim Champion and Dr. Isgut doing there? What are their ties to a commune down south, and how do these threads all Connecticut?

Where are they leading?

What is YOUR gut feeling?


In Isgut v. State of Conn. Med. Examining Bd. ,[307] Dr. Isgut was assessed a $4,500 civil penalty “for failing to meet the standard of care required of physicians in Connecticut with respect to the care and treatment of a patient that he had prescribed [R]italin for and failed to monitor properly.”[308] In 1997, the 21-year-old patient “complained to [Dr. Isgut] that he was having difficulty with reading, studying, organizing and finishing his work.”[309] Dr. Isgut diagnosed the patient with ADD and prescribed a fourteen day trial of Ritalin; the patient came in for a follow-up visit approximately two weeks later and reported improvement.[310] For the next nineteen months Dr. Isgut continued to issue the patient new Ritalin prescriptions after speaking with him on the phone.[311] In March 1999, Dr. Isgut saw the patient in person, “noticed [he] looked tired, but failed to see any signs of drug abuse,” and continued to issue the patient Ritalin prescriptions.[312] On June 8, 1999, the patient committed suicide.[313]
The Board blamed Dr. Isgut, not for the patient’s suicide,[314] but for failing to see a patient for which he had prescribed Ritalin at least every six to twelve months and for not conferring with a health care professional at the patient’s college.[315] The Connecticut Superior Court upheld its decision, affirming the Board’s position that, based on its own expertise, it had the authority to decide the standard of care for a licensed physician treating a patient with Ritalin.[316]

Maureen Engel, APRN*

Maureen Engel, MS, APRN is a Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner. She graduated with a BS Degree in Nursing from Fairfield University. She worked as an RN in the field of Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City; Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston before joining the Family Health Care Center in 1989. Maureen returned to Graduate School at Western Conn State University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Nursing in 1999.

Maureen has been on staff at Family Health Care Center for over 18 years and made the transition from RN to Adult APRN within our Practice. She is certified to diagnose, treat and prescribe for patients 12 years of age and older.

Maureen has lived with her husband and three children in Sandy Hook since 1985. She enjoys stitching, antiquing, gardening and reading.

*Note: APRN Maureen Engel is of unique interest here due to the fact that Dr. Isgut makes it a point to tell the media he was victim Olivia Rose Engel’s pediatrician: so yet again, another coincidence. According to State Docs Engel is APRN Lic.#: 2237

Newtown Doctors’ Vein Institute ribbon cutting ceremony. Maureen Engel in center. To Engel’s left are Dr. Alejandro Isgut and Newtown First Selectwoman Pat Llodra.


Duke Reichert attended a highly esteemed university in New England and has had a fruitful career in both business and government. A natural skeptic, he applies logic to illogical and puzzling circumstances in an effort to sift out fact from fiction. Due to the nature of this topic, and its highly controversial content, Reichert has been writing under this nom de plume and looks forward to the day when truth is championed and he no longer has to do so.

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  1. Intention community is a leitmotif of the Columbine shooting. I can’t recommend enough listening to a seminal interview on the subject because it sheds interesting light on how so many people can collectively agree to hide the reality of a shooting event. You will not be disappointed if you put an hour or so into listening to this fascinating interview on the types of communities that can be roped into synthetic events through a combination of methods.

      1. I can’t even find him on IMBD!? He is no where on the Internet!

        Perhaps Dr. Tracy can find him and put him on his radio show?!

  2. Those are some big coincidences, and they don’t appear to be just random associations. I hope this will not be spun much looser, adding on irrelevancies, with a lower threshold for connecting people, to obscure the simple skeletal structure around the guts of Isgut’s plot with his co-conspirators, if this story pans out. The man offering the story is writing under a pen name. We cannot directly question him.

    What we see described here is a conspiracy, with official sanction, in which people who are perhaps professionally negligent sometimes, but imagine themselves to be good guys, have decided to take on what they view as a wicked system prevailing in the US. This sounds like a counter-cultural morality play hatched to bring about social change. It’s professionalized street theater. The people who launched it do not see themselves as bad, they see themselves as reformers acting upon a sullen mass audience, one needing to be guided in a certain direction. At some point, it intersects with the BMB and with various sports team owners, I would think, but that is for now a looser association (although the Newtown families really got around after the main event).

    I am taking this report at face value. It looks okay, but as we know, things are not always as they appear. One can project onto any of the characters – but always the question is whether they are real or cut-outs of something else. I think on a certain level, it is a battle to define civilization and what liberty actually is. That’s big.

  3. … Otherwise a snafu like that will allow debunkers to totally thrash this entire article / concept! Please correct! (Also, less important a typo in the 3rd paragraph about Summertown, TN—1st sentence… the word “member” should be plural. Otherwise…..great piece of work! This information and the author’s manner of presenting it made it sink & stick in my subconscious as it is rather alarming… it will stay with me as I continue to search for information in an effort to make the SH shooting seem more realistic. Thank you.

  4. Okay, let’s get very YA here. That is, Young Adult, a genre of fiction in which the Hungers Games series (Suzanne Collins, Newtown author) and the works of another writer, Madeleine L’Engle (the late Litchfield, Ct. writer, 1918-2007) belong. YA stories are recommended by teachers and teacher guides to help shape the young person’s morality. They are morality tales. I find this name coincidence kind of cute (in the Irish sense of mischievously smart), since the little victim has the same name of a beloved departed YA writer whom Suzanne Collins would definitely have known.

    This is a real “explication de texte” mystery, deeply textual.

    1. I understand that the above article originally inaccurately stated the name of one of the alleged victims, Olivia Rose. This is corrected. I therefore find my own comment on YA fiction names is irrelevant for now, although the spirit of teaching morality is not.

    1. I think it’s worth mentioning that this issue is also central in the James Holmes, Batman theater shooting case. In a mirror of this scenario, Jana Winter was also refusing to reveal her source of the “killer’s notebook” information to which the defense team for Holmes put the issue to the Supreme Court.

      Personally, I don’t believe any notebook existed. Which does make the whole thing puzzling because I can’t imagine what the defense team hopes to achieve. What are they up to? Who’s side are they on?

      I have a personal acquaintance that has attended every Holmes hearing and will continue to. That person feels strongly that the defense team is legitimately interested in James and in winning their case. I had previously thought otherwise. Very interesting things are going on.

  5. I have a few of bones to pick with Duke Reichart. Firstly, I believe Dr. Isgut was “para-qouting” his daughter when he was quoted as saying, ““At that time, the name Ryan Lanza [Adam’s brother] came on TV, and I told her, and she said, ‘Oh, my God, that’s the people I bought the house from.” I think he probably meant, “Oh, my God, that’s the people YOU bought the house from.” A common occurrence, in my opinion, when people are quoting someone else. I seriously doubt there was an attempt at “secrecy” If so why bring it up at all? Secondly, Dr. Isgut was never ” quoted by the press as saying that he never met the Lanzas” He said “I had never met her or Adam”. HER or ADAM. I am of the opinion one could by a home from a family (that is moving to another state) and never meet the child(ren) or one of the two spouses. Perhaps they (Nancy and Adam) were already out of state.

    Finally, a quick Wikipedia search of Summertown, Tenn. will tell you it is not, in fact an “intentional community” but that there is a section of the town called “The Farm” that is a so called “intentional community”. It is not the whole of the town.

    Summertown, Tenn. :
    Population (2010)[2]
    • Total
    866 • Density
    430/sq mi (170/km2)
    Area[1]• Total
    2.011 sq mi (5.21 km2)

    The Farm: Today the Farm’s population has leveled off at about 175 residents.

    This is my first time posting here – I felt compelled to after reading this article. I truly appreciate Dr. Tracy and the forum provided here. But this article is weak on several key points. Crucial points.

  6. The quote reference, “He is quoted by the press as saying that he never met the Lanzas,” appears in close subsequent proximity to the block quote excerpted from the Post article clearly pointing to the parties Isgut references–Nancy and Adam Lanza.

    1. James says:

      June 3, 2014 at 2:59 pm

      The quote reference, “He is quoted by the press as saying that he never met the Lanzas,” appears in close subsequent proximity to the block quote excerpted from the Post article clearly pointing to the parties Isgut references–Nancy and Adam Lanza.

      So why would the author of this article make the claim ” “He is quoted by the press as saying that he never met the Lanzas,” It feels misleading. That quote is not contained in the (Post) article and it is an overstatement in my opinion. As are several other statements made by the author of this article.

    2. Dr. Tracy, I have noticed in print media that often times a quote from an official will, at times, be followed up with a quote from someone else (cited by their last name only-as is the norm in print journalism) that is, in my opinion, purposely put there to draw the reader to a conclusion that may or may have been drawn by said reader if the quote had been placed somewhere else in the article. I hope you know what I am referring to. If not, my explanation is lacking.

  7. This guy obviously put a great deal of effort into this research. Coupled with the work of others, it’s starting to become pretty obvious that people can be easily manipulated into doing many things. I remember in Junior High School, arguing the “end justifying of the means”. I was surprised at how many believed it did. My thinking was that if I’m the collateral damage, I don’t care whether we win the war or not. Why would anyone take that position. What good is a dead hero? I’m currently reading “For Good and Evil; the impact of taxes on the course of civilization” by Charles Adams. We’ve perhaps slightly less barbaric but not really. We don’t have to do it physically with our own hands anymore, we just drop bombs but the results are even worse. What’s the difference between getting eaten by a Lion or ripped apart by a bomb? It’s easy to justify the means if you don’t think your the one that going to take the fall. FYI; from reading the book if all about taxes.

  8. A friend of mine from TN has heard of Summertown, and describes it as having a “cultish” vibe, he even said “Mansonesque”. I think it is highly suspect that Champion and Dr Isgut have ties to it. Thank you for the article Duke, very interesting. Other comments from my friend on the subject of Agenda 21 indicate that communities in TN are on board and participating in it’s implementation, in Nashville and elsewhere. For what its worth. Let’s not forget Robbie Bruce and that operative for the Soto’s, Ryan Graney, are there.

  9. Have always had a gut feeling something is very wrong in Newtown. Rich people do not normally have fund raisers for their dead children, let alone keep them active years later.

    We are aware of the satanic practices in the area. Is it possible, most normal folks have left the area and there is a huge scam by those remaining, to keep the image up of a successful, quaint town where all the rich yuppies should come to raise their families, but in fact it is mostly deserted?

    A quick review in reveals a huge number of properties in foreclosure and many overpriced homes for sale, compared to other towns.

    There was a real estate broker who turned up missing, several months after the event. He left all his personal belongings behind, including his two pair of shoes. How many folks have only two pair of shoes? His wife was out of the country at the time arriving the next day, after spending 17 days in Turkey.

    These pictures of the family are bizarre, some even show them laughing. There are 11 pictures of the adult children and wife, and only 3 strange photos of the missing man at the end of the montage.

    1. Yeah Kathy, most everyone here on MHB has that same gut feeling @ Newtown. I routinely receive emails from The Rocky Hill Patch, a small rag printing in Connecticut. I received a story recently regarding the unveiling of the architects plans for the new Sandy Hook Elementary School. There were a number of disturbing details within the article. I attempted twice to post a comment regarding that article and was unsuccessful. I am fairly certain the posts are being censored.

      So let me post here what I couldn’t post on The Rocky Hill Patch. The link for the story is below, and I encourage all here to read, as you will see the gut feeling here about Newtown is well deserved. Here is my comment to that story:

      “This is the place where 20 children and 6 educators were murdered, and only SIXTY people showed up at the public forum to see the new school design? And the $50 mil price tag is a joke. When all is said and done, the cost will be doubled. This new school is going to have state of the art security? Like the “state of the art” surveillance system that was in place at the old school on 12-14-12, and recorded nothing? This is the scene of the worst school shooting in the history of our nation, and whose victims (and relatives) names have been seared into our consciences, and there are no plans for a memorial? There are no plans for a memorial because there are no victims to remember. Sorry people, you haven’t fooled everyone.”


  10. Robert Hoagland was a real estate appraiser not a broker. Did he appraise those properties sold for 0 dollars on 12-25-09? Why would he need to if a bank wasn’t involved? Perhaps he was asking inconvenient questions about the valuations. I certainly agree that his disappearance is very odd. Like a Nathaniel Hawthorn story, only with a dark twist.

    As for Dr. Isgut, he states that he was “disgusted” with Nancy Lanza for not being “responsible for her arsenal”, even though he had never met her or Adam. What about Peter? Did not the Dr. pay for the house that his daughter bought from the Lanzas? Why single out Nancy when the last he knew of them they were a family? Didn’t Peter pay for the gun that Adam supposedly used? Why pretend that his daughter bought the house when he paid for it? Something is very “off” here.

    It would be useful to know whether Nancy’s brother and Isgut were both members of “The Farm” in Summertown Tenn.

  11. From “dinophile,” who like others is having trouble posting comments at MHB.


    In April 2013, Anne Berg posted the information about Isgut’s earlier ownership of the “Lanza home” in New Hampshire; his practice in Newtown; and the fact that he worked with someone named Engel, which coincidentally was the name of one of the victims, on the Sandy Hook Truth site (since discontinued). I copied her information and verified it myself, through deeds. That Maureen Engel is, in fact, “Madeline’s” mother–and there is this connection to Summertown–are new facts, and very important ones.

    I have a blog post in draft form on my own blog, which I will try to finish soon, containing links to the source documents, as well as connecting two other psychotherapists whose business is counseling victims of “mass trauma” to properties owned in both Sandy Hook, CT and New Hampshire, and connecting them to the “emergency response coordinator” for Newtown, Maureen Will. (I note that, in doing this research, my computer was continually interfered with. Also, I tried to post this comment four times, under my normal moniker “dinophile” as well as other email addresses and monikers, and it would not post.)

    What I would like to know is whether anyone can come up with a membership list for Summertown. I would also like to know if, because he was prescribing Ritalin, Alejandro Isgut can be called a “psychotherapist,” since that could be a key fact here.

      1. Just glancing over it looks like great stuff, and perusing the site I get the sense you have some compelling stories to tell! Great to see you taking it to ’em!

      2. Oops–it is actually entitled “Sandy Hookers”!

        And a couple links are already broken. I will try to fix those tonight.

      3. Yes, it is a stretch to assume that all those “dots” are coincidence, especially the “commune” in Tennessee. At one point there was talk of Nancy having a “rural upbringing”.

        With regard to targeting groups for “special” events, this would fit the bill. Of course we don’t have all the little details of how certain people met the others, etc., but going to common threads, i.e. the commune, is a great lead.

        It is uncommon for the sort who usually frequent communes to be “successful” in business or the professions. Not unheard of, but unusual. Having a cop and a doctor both affiliated with an “invitation only” community is strange.

        Of course the whole town is strange. It DOES have that sense of having been “assembled”. Also, real estate transactions are notorious vehicles for laundering money, either personal or “black ops”. A review of Obongo’s grandparents activities in Hawaii would be instructive.

        More of this type of work is needed. The author mentions how tedious it is. There are many “bits” of seemingly random information floating around related to SHES. My opinion is that, at a certain point the “old town” received a visitation. Lots of real estate exchanged hands and various players began arriving. This may be one thread for one of the sources of “talent” for the event to come.

        As Mr. Frith mentions, it isn’t especially difficult to manipulate some personality types. If you were planning a complex event and needed participants, you would do well to search for them in certain places.

        I suspect that “uneasy gut feeling” is due to the fact that many of us realize that something is “unnatural” about all this. Being curious people we want to know just how and why they did this in the manner that they did. The Christmas lights analogy is a good one. There are bits of light shining through all over the place but trying to make it all form a continuous string is problematic.

      4. I like lophatt’s idea. We long ago concluded that this operation was years in the planning, and that the fake parents were moved to Sandy Hook to create what spooks call “a legacy,” but that the long-time residents would not be likely to have any association with these newcomers, and would thus be clueless about the plot.

        Here, with this article, lophatt is guessing, we might be seeing the possibility that the whole town was emptied and replaced, for a purpose, and it involved washing a lot of money through real estate transactions, so no one noticed anything unusual.

        Well, taking this a step further, perhaps the “massacre” was only for show, to cover for a much larger scheme, part of a magician’s trick–the hand we are directed to look at, while the REAL business was being done by the other hand. The fake mischief the whole world was traumatized by was a way to hide the real plot, which no one will notice because the ongoing show is such a spectacle.

        We have counted the enormous inflow of hundreds of millions in “charity” in the aftermath of the event; we have noticed all the $0 house “sale” transactions on Christmas day, years ahead. And we have looked at the unbelievable projected cost of the replacement school building, which some of us have speculated will in fact be a secret, deep underground facility, with a school on top, for cover.

        We have also pondered all the tunnels connecting to the old mental hospital nearby, and the possibility that they connected to the demolished school building, which could have something to do with all the secrecy surrounding the demolition.

        Gut Feeling?

        If some huge federal/secret government facility was planned for that place, its construction would be noticed. So how do you get it built with no one noticing? After a couple of years worth of discrediting those who question what happened at Sandy Hook, accusing us of not respecting the “victims’ ” families’ privacy, any pointed questioning of the building of whatever replaces the old school building will be treated with faux outrage–especially after the Wolfie/Fetzer dog-and-pony-show, with its attendant “heated confrontations.”

        If the construction that will be going on seems inordinate for a mere grammar school, or if the building site is heavily guarded and made impossible to observe because of excessive security, any citizen investigation will be ignored/discredited/infiltrated/made into a circus/denounced by Anderson Cooper, et. al. as heartless and outrageous.

        If this wild speculation of mine is true, I predict that lots of other building projects will soon be announced near by, and they will all be connected by tunnels, just like the Deep Underground Military Bases out west; they will look small on the surface, New Englandy, but big down below.

        Who Knows?

      5. Patrick, yes. That’s essentially what I’m saying with a couple of “tweaks”. I said that I have a habit of reading just about anything, “credible” or not, and sometimes there are little useful bits of information. Sometimes the conclusions are wrong, but the bits remain.

        I had a few links (long since disappeared), early on from a guy professing to be a local. He made a few videos on the town and how it had changed over time. His last video he seemed visibly scared and admitted he was afraid to continue.

        He didn’t have the insight that you display in your comment. He saw it as “strangers” with money coming in and buying up everything in sight. As a result the very nature of the place changed. As you say, they didn’t socialize with the newcomers and regarded them as aloof.

        When you couple the gas pipeline “eminent domain” takings with the subsequent development, factor in the Fairfield Hills closure and past history of covert ops, and what I know of textbook CIA money laundering techniques, it smells.

        As to the “plot”, in a way I think you’re right to say that SHES was not the whole deal. I do think that the function of the drill was an exercise in modeling and creating situations for use as a backdrop for advancing an agenda or two. I don’t think “the drill” is over yet.

        I also think the new “school” is just too much to simply be a school. The location seems to be favorable to them as a sort of “center”, maybe for future planned operations. I don’t think this is the only one.

        I would hesitate to hazard a guess as to what the ultimate goal is here. This article is intriguing in the sense of possibly recruiting (developing?) characters for their plans. I was struck early on by the “Up With People” and the Satanic involvement. There has been a lot written on mind control and developing different “products” for different needs. It appears that they may have tapped into some of those assets to pull off the drill.

        While gun confiscation and “mental health” figure large in SHES, I doubt that is the real purpose of so intense an effort. We continue to see sequels to this almost daily. They are easy to spot. Apparently the feeling is that the eaters passed the gullibility test with SHES.

        While we’re talking of “gut feelings”, mine tells me that this is perhaps even more evil than I judged it to be. It has a ritual feel to it that goes beyond simple manipulation. I try to caution people that just because one doesn’t believe in the efficacy of occult activities doesn’t mean the participants agree. Those who participate in these things are very dangerous, with or without demonic help.

        At some point we lost focus on determining whether this place seems to be winding down. With the advent of the school it appears they’ve made a rather permanent investment. However that develops its a safe bet to assume that access to that facility will be difficult. What they do in there, tunnels or not, will deserve some scrutiny from time to time.

      6. Patrick wrote “If this wild speculation of mine is true, I predict that lots of other building projects will soon be announced nearby, and they will all be connected by tunnels, just like the Deep Underground Military Bases out west; they will look small on the surface, New Englandy, but big down below.”

        You may be on to something. They would need a more substantial exit off the Interstate into Sandy Hook – would they not? According to this little article work is in progress around exit 10 off I-84 in Sandy Hook:

        “Part of the work in this area will include a state redesign of the intersection off the Interstate 84 highway in 2016.”

        Dinophile, great work on your blog!

      7. Anne, “economic development corridor”? They say that the town leaders have plans. So, if you build all the infrastructure, the thing it supports will show up, eventually?

        Maybe the $50M “school” needs its own off ramp. There’s no shortage of cash there, if that’s what they decide to do with it. Maybe I’m just cynical but I have a hard time believing all that money was “donated”. It would be a lovely vehicle to explain needed “development”, however.

      8. Dino, I second Anne’s kudos. Nice work on your blog. There certainly does seem to be a “theme” there. It looks rather like an onion. The Harvard, mental health, A-21 connection is unmistakable. It is also a cinch that these people did not just up and decide to do this of their own volition.

        There’s so much pixie dust its hard to see. It’s getting clearer though.

      9. Lophatt, the new and improved school is just a couple of hops and skips from the soon to be new and improved exit 10, and will have striking features, light, space and love according to the latest.

        Quote from Mr. Svigals: “Kids, like flowers, need love, attention, light and air to thrive,”

        Yes, clean air – not air clogged with poisons.

        The Danbury News Times just ran an article about low morale among teachers in Newtown:
        NEWTOWN — Leaders of the Newtown teachers union recently told school board members that teachers perceive a lack of respect for their contributions.

        “We are disillusioned and saddened by what has transpired in our district,” Thomas Kuroski, union president, told the board at its May 20 meeting. “Teacher morale is at an all-time low and frustration is high.”

        Janet Vollmer of Sandy Hook fame had this to say:
        “Dec. 14, 2012, is a day that changed all of our lives forever,” said Sandy Hook teacher and union representative Janet Vollmer. “We continue to heal and move forward, but we need additional support for staff and students.”

      10. I agree dinophile great blog. The word heroine comes to mind. I was just looking at the plans for the new Sandy Hook school and wondering what kind of indoctrination batcave center they are building. They are apparently focusing on Pre K-4th grade. If you have a chance it is an interesting read. On the design: “Several compelling themes surfaced amidst discussions of the qualities of Newtown and Sandy Hook”(I vote creepy and surreal BTW).” One was the view of the Town from a distance, buildings and spires appearing above an undulating horizon of trees. The other was how the geology of water courses created the “sandy hook” after which the area was named.
        As students from grades Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth grade arrive at school, they will be embraced by the curving plan of the school reaching out across the site as arms in a welcoming gesture.”
        Here is the link
        (thanks Insanemedia)
        As you can imagine this is nothing like my kid’s school. The kids love their school though, and meet lots of friends. I feel it is a good place for them to be. Their principal will be leaving to take an IT position next year. I assume this has something to do with all the data points the Obama Administrations Common Core Standards will allow them to collect. I’m not sure how they got around the privacy laws that are supposed to protect young people’s privacy.There are 400 data points on each student.
        They are listed here on the Dept. of Educations website:
        The new Sandy Hook school can be seen as a center for operations for A 21,and also as a kind of sorting hat as in Harry Potter where the students are read by data points about their abilities and aptitudes to decide their future direction and intervened with if necessary. A place to beta test student control, or something even more sinister perhaps,complete with tunnels and underground spaces and perhaps psychiatrists, brain chipping and medication to produce the resilient young citizens of the Brave New World.

        1. Calimom: I was checking out the Final Design site you posted and noticed the use of the term “re-imagining”. Funny enough, the city I live in is “re-imagining” its downtown area (such as it is). Though no one is saying so, anyone who knows anything about Agenda 21 should be able to see that that’s what it is (in my town, certainly). Has anyone else heard this term before, and if so, in what capacity? I think it sounds kind of Disney-esque. Come to think of it, much of the redevelopment under Agenda 21 has a kind of Disney flavor…

      11. This is dinophile. Thanks to all for your supportive comments about my blog. (Love the “batcave” reference, too.)

        Did you see that, in real time while I was adding the links to it yesterday morning, the “I” page (with “Isgut” on it) suddenly disappeared from the listing of deeds, on the Rockingham County registry of deeds website? It was surreal. I had taken the screenshots I needed, though (although still have to add them to the post. I will also link to this article in Memory Hole blog.)

        There are lots of very interesting leads to follow now, with Duke Reichert’s explosive information about the prior relationship of James Champion and Alejandro Isgut at this “intentional community” in Summertown.

    1. I’m confused about the name “Madeline.” Weren’t we told that the Engel girl was named Olivia, not Madeline? After reading the post I wondered if maybe her middle name was Madeline, but it’s Rose, according to the “official narrative.”

      1. Nevermind. Just read musings comments and learned that “Madeline” was just a typo. I thought I read all the comments before posting, but I missed that one. Sorry about that.

  12. ISGUT Genealogy

    The vast majority of Argentine Jews are descended from immigrants who arrived from Europe. These ashkenazic Jews migrated from small towns or shtetels of Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Romania or Ukraine, leaving behind most of their Jewish relatives. After two or three generations, those Jewish families lost track of their relatives, having been saved from the war, emigrated to other countries like USA, England or Australia.

  13. Maybe whoever is orchestrating these events have people “in place” . They look for people who have $ problems, drug problems etc. And then like in the movies, you are activated.

  14. Over the years, Alan Watt @ has mentioned another ‘community’ in Oneida NY which was promoting ‘free love’ in the early part of the 1900s. I think there have been many such communities. Also, the work of Dave McGowan may interest readers of this site. He’s written a few books (available through his site) on the connection between the military (industrial-pharma) complex and wars & the drug ‘culture’ as it became a “happening” in the 1960s through the 1980s, as well as the connection between those in politics to child abuse rings, the occult, & serial murderers. His site is Center for an Informed America: It’s starting to seem as though Sandy Hook may be another ‘community’ with a mission. I’m not sure what the mission may be..

    1. The mission could be ushering in the NWO. It’s obvious that’s what Obama, the FBI, the CIA, MSM are doing. Soro’s generous $Billions in Dimocrat & Obama campaign funds & monetary support only for left-wing propaganda machines & websites is a big clue. He wants China to head the NWO. MSM ownership…see the RED areas of MSM ownership as of 2013… Predominantly Jewish … We’re living in a very disappointing era, they’ve been working on NWO w/ the United Nations for years behind the scenes & we’re seeing their plans come to fruition. (ENLARGE by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard & push the scroll wheel forward).

    2. Yes, there is also a connection to “The Process Church” (which is a Satanic outfit) near Newtown. It sprang from another “experimental” community.

      It’s hard to say for certain, but various groups either come into being by direction, or are used by discovery. The fact that they aggregate as groups is telling to those who would manipulate them. They are easily infiltrated and used.

      It is also true that those “in trouble” are malleable. Fear is a powerful motivator. And, of course, that old favorite, greed, plays a part as well. It may be surprising to some that those who most consider “successful” are often vulnerable. Sometimes those who are “over achievers” are that way because they are filled with self-interest and are easy to entrap.

      After all, one adjective you wouldn’t use to describe Sandy Hook is “balanced”. It comes across as several groups of zealots being directed toward a common goal. That doesn’t happen by accident.

    3. Many of Dave McGowan’s ideas are wrong-headed. He thinks that because a lot of rock stars lived in Laurel Canyon in L.A. in the 1960s, and many of them had military fathers (especially officers), and because these rock stars used or promoted drugs, that there was some sort of connection between the CIA and widespread recreational drug use. This is nonsense.
      Many if not most of the white men between ages 18-25 coming of age during WWII and the Korean War ended up in the military. Very often they stayed on, because being in the military (especially if you were an officer) was a good career in 40s, 50s and early 60s. A lot of the officers were talented and intelligent. Vietnam changed that.
      If you were growing up in the early 60s and you didn’t get along with your military fathers, you would rebel by going into something like rock music or surfing and taking drugs. And because people like Joplin, Crosby and Morrison had talented parents, they became talented and successful musicians. There was no CIA-agenda here. Morrison rarely if ever talked to his father after the Doors started. The Establishment knew that young people taking drugs would oppose their agenda, and that’s exactly what they did. The establishment would have much preferred passive, sober 1950’s young people.
      (By the way, I have looked at many of McGowan’s pages on Marathon bombing and found them to be an enormous stretch. I would take anything he says with an enormous dose of salt. Sorry, Dave.)

      1. I would not be so quick to dismiss the connection between the military and the drug scene in the late 60’s. The connection between LSD, Timothy Leary, and experiments on unwitting government employees to determine how better to do interrogations is known (Project MKUltra). Although it is anecdotal of course, in high school I briefly dated a military brat whose father was a general later famous for his exploits in Vietnam. The kid was about fifteen and he had credit cards and a fancy car, and we frequented Hollywood (one notable event was visiting my grandfather, a Democratic party boss, and being able to order drinks at fifteen at the Beverly Hills Hotel on one of his visits – no problem). His father wanted him to play the field because of a break-up with a girlfriend that had almost turned him suicidal, and had her accusing him of stalking her, so I and other girls were welcomed, wined and dined, on daddy’s dime, if only to avoid a greater scandal. But the point is – his 21-year-old sister was making the scene at Haight-Ashbury, at the very beginning of its fame, and he told me about her dropping acid (something which should at the very least have rung alarm bells with a normal parent). Our stereotypical notions of military parents being uncool and against all such acting out or whatever it was, may not be accurate. The kind of oedipal struggle of a Jim Morrison – not always true. What was really going on? I don’t claim to know.

        I would not regard Dave McGowan as a perfect reporter of the facts, but he is excellent at drawing attention to inconsistencies rhetorically (the moon landings are a highlight – once you see the pattern, you see that what you were told was a lie).

      2. Musings seems to have it about the same way as I do. I lived through that period, although I was in the San Francisco area at the time. I was familiar with “the LA scene”.

        I also have a lifetime of exposure to military types. While my personal experience was as a draftee during the Viet Nam era, my father served in the Army in WWII. As Musings says, that was entirely typical. Just like virtually every male of my age was either joining to avoid the Army or in danger of the draft, few escaped unscathed.

        I worked for the Government for over thirty years before retiring. I have more than the average guys experience with the military. I don’t have a high regard for them for various reasons. I have a hard time buying Dave McGowan’s theories of the military successfully pulling off something as involved as the psychedelic movement.

        I rather think it is more like we’ve been discussing here with SHES. They were “involved” (just like the rest of us), not “in charge”. I do not have any problem believing the CIA would “use” or “direct” a phenomenon that they found useful.

        It is no great discovery that we are all manipulated. I suppose I sort of resent the speculation by those who didn’t live through that, that somehow we were all ignorant and unaware. I would hazard that we were probably the most aware group of our peers. I don’t see that period as a waste in any way.

        I have met military families at the time who were “cool”. I haven’t met one in many years. That whole dynamic has changed with time as well. I notice that people without a lot of personal experience seem to project a lot of “secret knowledge” to the military. There may be some of that but it is extremely limited and directed by others.

        I really don’t think that “the military” orchestrated the whole hippy movement. It may be true that elements of it could have used the opportunity for their own ends. So did the music industry. Even so, I can’t even begin to compare the quality of music from that time to the dross produced now.

        It is true that the experiments happened. Who was using who is in doubt. We have better access to information now than we did then. The manipulation is not new. We are simply more aware of it now.

      3. I think it can be imagined that the Military/Government were responsible in large part for the movements of the hippies and psychedelic era very easily if we add the media to that mix.

        For example, Life magazine ran a cover story article about psychedelic mushrooms. I can’t recall which year or issue at the moment, but I came across it recently. Suddenly, in the couple months to follow mushrooms became easily available and even commonplace throughout the US.

        If you dig into the origins of Life Magazine, the New York Times, CBS, RCA etc., you see military intelligence operation all over it. It’s even possible that they were brought into existence for the primary purpose of manipulating the American mindset. Of course, you’d agree that the hippie movement was an interesting project no matter how much of it can be attributed to intent by TPTB.

        I was watching an interview of Frank Zappa from the mid 1980s. My ears perked up when he declined to elaborate on the origins of “The Mothers of Invension.” Might his first successful band been given a push by a group who couldn’t have cared less about the music? I love Zappa’
        s lyrics, BTW. “We are dumb all over.”

      4. Well Tyranny, as I tried to say, I doubt it. I said that they may have used it to some extent. I also said that we have always been manipulated, not just the “hippy movement”.

        Having lived and participated in that it might be instructive to know that “the LA Scene” was not the birthplace of this movement. In fact, among those I knew it was regarded as being somewhat phony.

        That was a “California Thing”. LA is notorious for being faddish. All show and no substance. Still, the discussion was more about whether “the military” created/controlled it. I don’t believe that the military does much of anything on its own volition. That’s the way it is set up.

        Could this have been part of MK Ultra? Sure. Right along with Satanists, orphanages, prisoners, etc.. Just because there were “hippies” out and about doesn’t mean the full gamut of scammers and opportunists went on vacation.

        I know for a fact (and through personal experience), that those who didn’t live through this era or participate in it see it entirely different from what it was. They also tend to see it as all the same and one dimensional. It wasn’t.

        There was no common meme universally believed by all with leaders who had their minions marching in lock step. Frankly, the alternatives to this new way of living were pretty ugly. Not as ugly as the present, but it seemed so at the time.

    1. From website: (About the Farm Today)

      The Farm Community Today – Model for a New Century:

      Currently The Farm Community, related organizations and affiliated individuals own and control over 4000 contiguous acres.

      With thousands of acres of hardwood forest surrounding the community being clear-cut in recent years, these ecosystems stand as an island for countless species and protects the watershed for future generations.

      That is an awful lot of acreage in a very nice location…sounds like part of ICLEI/Agenda 21.

    2. Oh yes, Al Gore the climate/weather/carbon tsar. He joined the Tennessean in 1971 and was sent to The Farm the following year to do some investigative reporting. He may have made consequent trips there.

      From Wikipedia:
      “Gore also began to work the night shift for The Tennessean as an investigative reporter in 1971.[42] His investigations of corruption among members of Nashville’s Metro Council resulted in the arrest and prosecution of two councilmen for separate offenses.[37]

      He took a leave of absence from The Tennessean to attend Vanderbilt University Law School in 1974. His decision to become an attorney was a partial result of his time as a journalist, as he realized that while he could expose corruption, he could not change it.”

      He could not change it so he joined it.

      1. Ha, ha, good one! It must have been jealousy. So, after graduating law school, he of course, became an “environmental scientist” and carbon tax huckster. Busy guy!

      2. Lophatt, Al Gore did not finish law school, but saw a loftier future ahead. He was taken to a backroom and promised women, wine, roses and gazillions. Throw in a Nobel Peace Prize as well. He had (maybe still does) a substantial house in Nashville near where Minnie Pearl resided. She could have offered him a hat or two of hers with the dangling price tags. All Albert had to do was add a few zeros to the $ 1.98 tags.

        “Gore did not complete law school, deciding abruptly in 1976 to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives when he found out that his father’s former seat in the House was about to be vacated.[2][43]”

      3. Thanks Anne, I didn’t know that. So he’s a “legacy representative”? So he was bloviating long before his “scientific work”. We inhabit a strange world.

        Minnie Pearl would have made a better representative. I doubt she has a hat large enough for Fat Albert. My methane intolerance forbids me from reading his book. I’m sure Nobel is spinning in his grave.

      4. Minnie Pearl once said that “The price tag on my hat seems to be symbolic of all human frailty.” She had class and she was funny. Albert Arnold Gore Jr. has no class and he is not funny.

        From Arizona Skywatch on the Los Angeles opening of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” —
        When we attended the rally at City Hall in Los Angeles for the opening of “An Inconvenient Truth”, we brought our own signs pointing to the unmentioned weather geo-engineering projects that are impacting our atmosphere, using HAARP electromagnetic transmissions into the metal plasma that our atmosphere has become, due to aerosol spraying. Many of the people attending the rally wanted to find out more about what we were saying, but the organizers of the rally tried to have us arrested, showing that they want to keep this information covered up. Thankfully, the City Hall police knew that this is still America, so we could freely speak in a public place, and they refused to arrest us.

  15. Not to throw cold water, but since the Maureen Engel pic shows a woman w/ such a long face & I particularly remember Olivia’s extremely wide cheeks & chin & distinctive, slightly ‘off’ bite when she smiled I compared her face to this woman’s & found that Olivia looks nothing like this woman. In the family pic (link below), look at the cheeks of the mom & dad…Olivia’s were more extreme, however, much more like theirs than the long-faced Maureen above. Just sayin. Not to assault the work done here, but it’s hard to fathom that Maureen would be her mother. FYI, I couldn’t find pics of Olivia’s grandparents: Christine & Richard Engel, & Jeffery (deceased) and Suanne Merlino.

    1. Shannon Engel is the name of Olivia’s mom. Here is a photo of the parents from,,20656736_20688675_21304344,00.html#21304344

      Since everyone seems to be connected in Sandy Hook/Newtown, it is safe to assume that Maureen A. Engel has a family connection to Brian Engel, Olivia’s dad. She is actually married to Richard Engel who is related to Brian Engel. They all reside in Sandy Hook.

      On the topic of names in Sandy Hook, it no longer should be a mystery why real estate appraiser Robert Hoagland had to disappear.

      1. And what of the mysterious Mr. Hoagland? Does the family remain? Near as I can tell there hasn’t been a peep. Given the good doctor’s interest in real estate they would have known each other.

      2. Lophatt, Lori Hoagland is still listed as culinary teacher at Newtown High School.

        I see the link did not post correctly above, so I’ll try again. It may not take this time either, even though it should. The face of Shannon Engel here is somewhat different from the face she has in the link above posted by thisalias. Perhaps it is the stern look.,,20656736_20688675_21304344,00.html

      3. Anne, Sharon Engel has “left the building”. Her link is broken. I get the sense that if I sat on a bench in the middle of town eventually every character associated with every contrived event in the last several years would walk by.

        So I would have to presume that the primary income earner’s disappearance did little to alter their lifestyle? Real estate must have been on a downswing.

        I’m sure you’ve noticed that they seem to be churning these productions out, sometimes two a week, lately. Nothing spectacular, just bang, bang, prepared narrative, and on to the next. If you knew absolutely nothing about this you’d have to wonder at the sheer volume the and the likelihood.

      4. Isnt the lynch pin the father in camo who was there with his daughter? What father in class with his kid runs off without her in an active shooter situation?

    2. There are a couple issues here- I believe I referred to Olivia as Madeline in this article and that was a huge oversight on my part. Researching these names and identities ad nauseum gets me “tongue tied” sometimes.

      However, I did not mean to infer that the Engel APRN was her mother.

      I just felt it was worth mentioning – I wanted to note that she was the victim that was referenced by the dr as being a patient there, and she (coincidentally?) shares a last name with one of the members of the medical group.

      1. Tks for the explanation! It makes sense that APRN Maureen Engel may be a relative, but not-so-much the mother. I too, flounder w/ the kids’ names occasionally. Perhaps you used Madeline because, subconsciously, you’re curious about Madeleine Hsu, whom we know, basically, NOTHING about! Her parents weren’t even named in her Obituary!! Nothing is know about her & that one picture w/ the Photoshopped scary hand in the background STILL perplexes me! Wasn’t there something strange w/ her parent’s home rent/lease/deed in the beginning of all this? Seems like the online information showed another man’s name on it or something? Sorry, I’m not a great researcher, just remember something odd about it & the fact that the ONLY thing we know about Madeleine Hsu is what the neighbor, Karen Dyer had to say … which was all that was posted in her obituary, BTW. It was a private funeral, no announcement, so no family names were ever released.

        Sorry, I digress…. yes, it would be good to delve deeper into the connection w/ Dr. Isgut’s Maureen Engel & Olivia’s family…and his coincidental connection to the Champion/Lanza families!

  16. I think the author has mischaracterized Summertown Tennessee as some sort of “cult”. I read the wikipage description, and from that it is clear that it was a San Francisco Bay Area “hippy – alternative lifestyle” community and evolved from there. A bunch of hippy-types picked and moved to some nice cheap farm land in the country where they could live with other like-minded people and do their thing. That was a fairly common occurrence in the early 70s – there were lots of “communes” or “co-ops” of ex-urban liberals in California, who pooled their resources, lived and cooked together, built geodesic domes, and tried to live off the land. Of course, most of these fell apart because of money problems. (If you want a peak into the zeitgeist of the times, go look at the Whole Earth Catalogs and the “back-to-the-earth” stuff they listed.) There was one in the hills above Palo Alto, which included Joan Baez and had connections to the Grateful Dead.
    These alternative-lifestylers, or hippies, or liberal urbanites, or whatever you want to call them, were generally nice people, well-intentioned and usually well-educated. This may come as shock to some readers, but idealism and hope for a better future was still possible in the 70s. According to the Wikipage, many of the ex-Summertowners later went into medicine, probably because they want to help society.
    So you can probably guess that Isergut and Jim Champion had “hippy” leanings in their youth and may have found their way to Summertown. Maybe Champion just liked to smoke pot. Isergut had the disadvantage of graduating from a foreign medical school, so maybe he had to go wherever he could find a place (for the same reason he probably became a rural pediatrician rather than specialist). Maybe they knew one another, or maybe they had common friends who later on mentioned that Newtown was a nice place to live.
    I don’t see anything particularly strange about the Isergut-Lanza house link, either. Isergut, as a pediatrician probably met most of the parents in town, and would have heard all sorts of things, including the fact that Police Officer Jim Champion’s sister needed to sell her house.

    I agree that Sandy Hook was a strange and creepy place, with lots of unnatural connections. But I think research time could be more profitably spent on addressing main issues, such as: was Sandy Hook Elementary open or not? Was it operational or was it closed years before? There must have been several hundred kids at that school (or another). Had they been going to SHES over the past several years? Were they there on the day of the shooting? That’s at least 300-400 parents.

    1. Bob – who are hippies? That’s the question, isn’t it? I know some, and from my experience, they were very elite people. My brother definitely moved in their circles. Picture if you will a California hot springs destination, back to the land if you will, but on the weekend, coming up from the Bay Area are these BMW’s, Mercedes and Corvette’s, with a lot of shrinks and other fancy types wanting just to hang out. These people did not drop out. They knew themselves to be trend-setters, with more in common with the population of Manhattan than rural America. Were they also working for the secret US government? Some probably were, but such a government is not and never has been a monolith. There are also sorts of factions, all sorts of agendas.

    2. I disagree. Research into a possible past connection between Nancy Lanza’s police officer brother and a prominent local physician at a small southern hippy community is well worth our time.

      All of the questions you raised are also worth exploring. However big picture, any plot had to be hatched somewhere. There have to be roots. Tracing those roots will be the key to bringing this all into focus.

      I’m reminded of the movie, “The Village” SPOILER ALERT…..

      Throughout the movie we see life in what looks like a typical 1800s cultish community. We see life and death, an aversion to the color red, and a creature in the forest plaguing the villagers. Lots of tantalizing details.

      However, the big reveal is that the story is set in modern times. A group of families, troubled by our violent society, decided to drop out with the help of a wealthy member.

      So even though the details are tantalizing and tell a story, you have to understand the group’s origins to “get” the movie. Once you learn the truth, nothing else matters much.

      Also of note is that only the adults in this movie know the truth. The children have been raised from birth to believe certain lies, and they do. To a point, normal is how you are raised.

      1. The sale of the Lanza home in Kingston, N.H. to the Isguts occurred in 1998. Do you really think TPTB started planning the Sandy Hook Incident as early as 1997 or 1998? I find that highly unlikely.

        The Sandy Hook plan probably stated in the early and mid 2000s, after Homeland Security was started and TPTB went around looking for mentally defective people they could use as dupes. How did they find Adam Lanza? I don’t know, but maybe through a series of doctor-informants or school psychologists, or maybe they caught Peter Lanza doing some financial shenanigans and blackmailed him. Or maybe Peter Lanza willingly helped. After all he was one of the biggest winners in the whole scheme – no more $500k alimony and no retarded son to worry about any more.
        After they identified Adam Lanza, they brought in the surrounding players or bought them off.

      2. I’m not sure it is relevant whether or not they were planning SH back in 1998. The idea that some of the players might have ties that go back many years, and that they may share interesting backgrounds is a compelling nugget.

        The actors in this production didn’t fall from the sky. Personally, I think who they are, where they came from, and why they did it is most important. I don’t feel an overwhelming need to explore questions of how many kids were there, etc. Not saying I don’t care – just that I’m satisfied that it didn’t happen as presented. The details are interesting, but little more than sleight of hand for a magic trick at this point.

      3. Bob, identified Adam Lanza? If I cannot be certain he was a real person then nothing else in this story has ANY degree of credibility. Find us some hard evidence he really existed. As I have been asking on blogtalk radio, where was he the week prior to 12-14-12? The month prior? The year prior? When can this “Adam Lanza” be verified either electronically or by substantive witness? Can someone produce a valid, non photo-shopped copy (not that I have even seen one of those) of Adams Ct. St. drivers liscence, as Connecticut states attorney for the judicial district of Danbury Stephen J. Sedensky states
        in his report Adam obtained in July 2010? How difficult is that? How about educational documentation that can be verified from either grammar, middle, high school or Western Ct. St. University?

        The further away we wander from the foundational, the easier it becomes to entangle ourselves in any given present web of deception.

        Lets go back to the beginning, and get a firm grasp of what first raised our eyebrows. There are simply too many counter offensives (albeit impotent) occurring to carelessly forge on unawares.

  17. Since I can’t respond directly to patrickchatsamiably’s comment, as it is too deep in the thread I’ll just post a fresh comment here.

    Patrick poses the question, was SH just a smoke screen for some other event/crime? I think this needs to be considered. Hell, I think this possibility needs to be looked at in all of these “hot potato” events like 9/11 for instance. Perhaps some legal or procedural requirements were relaxed as a result of the SH event? Relaxation of this type occurred as a result of 9/11 which allowed some large transactions to be completed without identifying the transactors.

    Joe Lieberman. Joe announced in early 2011 that he would retire from the senate when his term ended. So, the SH even happened in Dec 2012 and Lieberman was out in Jan 2013.

    So, one of my theories is that with Lieberman exiting, that may have led some of his lower cohorts to get nervous that their crimes could be exposed absent his protection. I sometimes think of the US as a national protection racket. That would apply on the state level as well.

    Also interesting is Lieberman’s total history in Connecticut going back to his birth. He was integral to the founding of the DHS. Sure, he’s big on gun control but how realistic is that attitude when CT is a huge center for gun manufacturing and sales? I doubt his security detail shares his “anti-gun” views.

    1. Joe Lieberman is one – Chris Dodd is another. Both “represented” Connecticut for decades. Upon retiring from public office Dodd almost immediately became chairman and CEO of Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in March 2011. What was his qualifications for such a position? Being a politician. Here we have a direct line between Connecticut and Hollywood on the highest level. Just another curious dot.

      Hollywood film producer and talent manager Nathan Folks was recently interviewed by Michael Rivera on the latter’s program. Mr. Folks said he recognized some of the players in the Sandy Hook production from when they were looking for work in Hollywood. In his words, actors have three levels of accomplishments; highest being in the movies, second are reality shows and third and at the bottom we find crisis actors. He did not mention where porn actors fit in.

      1. I imagine the “porn actors” phase is when they are involved in “public service”.

        That progression is perfectly logical. After all, that’s what they do. They “catapult the propaganda”. I have watched these guys stand there and bloviate contradicting themselves without missing a beat. It’s amazing. I couldn’t do it.

        It’s really a form of prostitution. They’ll do anything they pay them to do. Totally shameless and soulless. I suppose they DO see it as role playing. Just like the disturbingly strange A. Cooper, they are paid to lie.

        Hey, it goes both ways. Didn’t we have Ronnie Ray-Gun?

    2. Liebermann put himself full court center, right at the get go, assuring America he would monitor all the charities and make sure the Sandy Hook fundraisers were all abiding by the laws.

      Can’t find it now, but am sure in my comments you will find the link, where shortly after the event, he obtained a high priced lawyers job, where he was in charge of disbursing multi millions of the Sandy Hook fund that he brought to the job….

      1. If my findings are correct, Lee Higgins works for The Journal News headquartered in White Plains, NY and not far from Newtown, CT.

        The ones here on Memory Hole Blog who participated in Lynne B’s “Sandy Hook Truth” probably recall the intensive investigation into the alleged gun shop that sold guns to the alleged Nancy Lanza. The corporate media complex and its sources and stories were not relied on for this investigation.

        The Journal News came about when several local papers merged into one. Here is a gun story directly involving the paper – from Wikipedia –
        that curiously started on December 22, 2012:

        Pistol permit map controversy[edit]
        On December 22, 2012 The Journal News published an interactive map showing the names, addresses and home locations of all pistol permit holders licensed in Westchester and Rockland counties, New York.[4]
        The following day, blogger Christopher Fountain published the names and addresses of the staffers of The Journal News.[5][6][7] The newspaper and some of its staff responded by hiring armed security. [8][9][10]
        Rockland County law enforcement officers condemned the map, saying that it endangered lives, including those of corrections officers.[11] Several news papers also published reports of victims of domestic violence, rape, or other violent crimes who reported that their attackers now had possession of their addresses as their names were published online. [12]
        Newsday has reported that police are investigating if the Journal News pistol permit map played a role in a burglary in White Plains, New York. According to police, at least two burglars broke into a home on January 12, 2013 but were unsuccessful in an attempt to open a gun safe, which contained legally owned weapons. Police are investigating what role, if any, the Journal News database played in the burglars’ decision to target the home.[4][dated info]
        The Daily Mail has reported that a burglary has occurred in a similarly mapped home in New City, New York, on January 16, 2013. Burglars pried escaped with two handguns, two pistol permits, cash, savings bonds and jewelry. The firearms were in the stolen safe.[13]
        On January 19, 2013, the newspaper removed the interactive map,[14] although the information it contained was subsequently leaked on the Internet.[15]

  18. The secret state (CIA, NSA, etc.,) operates in the interstices between sanity and insanity, profiting immensely from the essential cover sanity’s lacunae uniquely provide.

  19. As I looked through all of Adam Lanza’s photographs online, I’ve noticed there were no pictures of him wearing glasses. I should’ve researched more to see if he wore or used any type of glasses or contacts…..including reading glasses. The reason behind this is because I notice TWO pairs of glasses in a photograph of his desk where an ID. I’ve also noticed his brother DOES wear glasses and in many pictures, the same frame style. This is just some food for thought.

  20. From Danbury News Times:
    Danbury Hospital back to normal after morning threat hoax
    Posted on June 12, 2014 | By Carolyn Mueller
    UPDATE: Lt. Christian Carroccio of the Danbury Police Department clarified the reason for this morning’s lockdown at Danbury Hospital. He said that at approximately 8:45 a.m., a call was received at Newtown Center for Pediatrics from a male who mentioned the word “hospital” and said he was going to “shoot the place up.”
    Because of the Center’s relationship to Danbury Hospital, a voluntary lockdown of the hospital was instituted just as a precaution, until Danbury police were able to determine that the facility was secure.
    Since the call was made to the Newtown Center for Pediatrics, further investigation is now in the hands of the Newtown Police Department, according to Lt. Carroccio………………

    The owner of Newtown Center for Pediatrics is Laura Nowacki, MD (We Are Newtown Strong). You can read her Sandy Hook story here at American Academy of Pediatrics official newsmagazine:

    1. From that article that discusses what happened at Sandy Hook:

      Her daughter safe [at the firehouse], Dr. Nowacki made her way to the door of the school, where she found Raul Arguello, M.D., FAAP, chief of pediatrics at Danbury Hospital and parent of a second-grader and a fourth-grader.

      So no EMTs/ambulances allowed, but two parents can wander all the way to the DOORS of the school, no problem?

      1. The good doctor says she saw all these kids squished in a little room at the firehouse. It could not possibly contain the hundreds of students in attendance that day, allegedly, so where were the rest except for the crowd at Eugene Rosen’s house? And if was safe for her to walk up to the door of the school where she found another doctor outside. No one stopped them? Many more questions than answers.

        “So I went in there first, and my daughter stood out among all these kids squished in this little room, and I just hugged her.”

        1. That’s great critical reading Anne B.! Most ppl tend to glaze over passages such as that, hit the high points & let their minds fill in the gaps w/ what their minds conjure up & the way they assume things would be. A LOT of the newscasts & testimonials of this & other news deserves repeated analysis & critical review to catch the nuances and anomalies that show subterfuge & hidden . . Good catch, thanks for sharing!

      2. Yes Anne, it makes me wonder if the doctor had to write her own material or if she was just a reader? Is there a need for fame or money that drives this behavior? I suppose she was so overcome with worry that she didn’t consider checking on the dead kids.

        Hundreds of invisible children CAN be distracting. They hid them so well that the mysterious bus drive totally missed them and dropped some at Gene’s (which abuts the firehouse).

        Acceptance of this story should be grounds for their hoped-for mental health evaluations. Only a “waffle brain” could process this.

      3. As the two pediatricians were standing by the school’s front door, did they notice the glass shot out to gain access by the alleged Adam Lanza? No mention of it. If they were there to render help they could have climbed through the opening in the glass since they both were fearless. Then again, perhaps there was no shot out glass. Later on we were told that police, not Adam, shot out the glass to enter the school.

        These two doctors are standing there outside the front door of SHES having a conversation and she does not mention hearing gunshots. Perhaps “Adam” had already killed himself. We were told that he committed suicide inside the school. However, the police beat him to it because we are also told that police shot him to death.

        Why did police not ask for help from these two doctors right there on the scene of the “crime”? The least they could have done is declare the “victims” dead.

        What is left out of this little story by the pediatrician tells a much bigger story. One that the Newtown Bee right up the road from her practice will never print.

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