SmallstormSofia Smallstorm discusses her research on the Sandy Hook School massacre, her recent visit to Newtown, and the psychic and biological foundations of the imminent post-human world.

Sofia began researching complex subject matter as a result of 9/11. She has since interrogated atmospheric-related projects, and from this has drawn a compelling hypothesis suggesting the presence of a synthetic biology agenda pervading the everyday terrains we inhabit. Her “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life” lectures (Part 1 and Part 2) examine this theory from synthetic biology to radiation biology–the territory of our current addiction to wireless technology.


In early 2013 Sofia became immersed in investigating the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Her 2013 talk “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions” provides a different take on the possible use of staged events to shape public policy and broader forms of socio-biological control.

Video adaptation of Sofia’s “My Sandy Hook Adventure,” by Peter Klein.

Her websites are and Sofia also hosts her own interview program at Pure Momentum Network.

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15 thought on “Checkin’ It Out 3: Sofia Smallstorm”
  1. Is there anything Sophia does not do well? Even this little narrative she made interesting and her photography was excellent. I really enjoyed seeing all the photos. Thanks Sophia!

  2. Thank you Sophia for the excellent video on your short visit to SH.

    Believe all these distractions are intended to keep us from noticing the bigger threats to society, namely the weather engineering and folks awareness of it are ramping up.

  3. I am pleasantly surprised at how cordial SHFD was in giving you a tour. It was almost as if you had called in advance and arranged one. Perhaps through a local fire department in your area?

  4. 35 chemtrails and counting, today. The “liberty movement” wants me to focus on Al Gore; the enviro-hypnotists want me angry at idling cars. I don’t know which is the bigger distraction from reality but both are flagrant in effect. What are they spraying me with? If you can’t begin on that question you’re assisting delusion.

  5. Having a teenage son, I listened with interest to Sofia’s comments and theories about video game playing. I agree with most of what she said, however, I couldn’t help but think about the roles public schooling and the over-scheduling of kids today play in relation to video gaming. Video gaming, I believe, is commonly used to self-soothe or as an escape. I think that this kind of initially adaptive behavior, like many others (mild alcohol use, exercise, TV watching, nail biting, etc.), can easily become compulsive, especially when one’s life activities are primarily out of one’s own control, like life is for most kids today. But it’s the situation that’s being escaped that’s pathological, not necessarily the responding behavior. Perhaps it has to do with perception and definitions, but one does not see the same kind of “video game addiction”…even with heavy gamers…in the unschooling world, for example.

    My 16 year old son is both homeschooled (unschooled, though he attended school until the 7th grade) and a long-time gamer. His video game playing has fluctuated over the years, vacillating between periods of intense playing and almost no playing at all. I’ve always viewed it as a mostly-social activity, much like a game of pick-up ball in days past. He has maintained both close and casual, long-term and temporary, friendships with kids he’s met online. One young man came and stayed with us for two weeks; though he and my son are no longer friends, it was a very positive experience by all accounts. I have not seen any indication of an inability to judge reality or interact in person. What I have seen that seems out of the ordinary is that my son has experienced lucid dreaming to a far greater degree than I think is common. I think it happened the most during puberty and young adolescence. Though it may be related to genetic or biological factors (since he was a tiny toddler, he has suffered night terrors, sleep walking and talking, and insomnia…all possibly related to Wifi? The connection in his room is TERRIBLE, but it’s possible), I have attributed the lucid dreaming, at least, to his gaming. It concerned me, as it seemed to indicate that the games are, in fact, affecting him neurologically. If it can spur lucid dreaming, what else can it do?

    I had thought that the audio portion of this was a replay of her wonderful “From Chemtrails to Psuedo-life” lectures, and I was thrilled to find out it was actually an interview with Dr. Tracy.

  6. Problem/Reaction/Solution is the only trick the bastards know.

    We currently get oxygen for free, courtesy of our myriad plant life. Someone must think that it’s a bloody shame that air can’t be made a commodity.

  7. In the interview, Ms Smallstorm makes the claim that the act of gaming irradiates the players’ gonads, presumably causing harm

    To be academically valid an “independent researcher” would need to cite primary research in support of such claim

    1. Should I cite “primary research” in every interview for every comment or thought? Hmmm … you try that and let me know how it goes!

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