Checkin’ It Out is the weekly interview program hosted by James Tracy and produced here at Memory Hole Blog. Each weekend we’ll be joined by notable authors, journalists, filmmakers, and other public figures to discuss their latest projects and activities.

This weekend’s guest is Islamic Studies scholar, journalist, and pioneer 9/11 Truth activist Kevin Barrett. Barrett holds a doctorate in Arabic Studies from The University of Wisconsin. He is the author and editor of numerous books, including Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (Progressive 2006) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (Khadir, 2009).

Barrett is also a regular columnist at Iran’s Press TV, an editor at Veterans Today, and the host of Truth Jihad Radio, available at No Lies Radio.

In this debut edition of Checkin’ It Out, Barrett and Tracy discuss an array of topics, including academic freedom, the attempted psychologization of “conspiracy theorists,” the wide epidemic of conspiraphobia afflicting the intelligentsia, in addition to American imperialism, 9/11, and the so-called “war on terror.”

[Note: There is unusual intermittent yet minor background noise in the track that neither Tracy or his guest were producing. This sound was only audible by Tracy as the show taped and cannot be readily explained. Perhaps this is yet another technical default of Skype.]

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27 thought on “Checkin’ It Out with Kevin Barrett”
  1. Thank you James, Great interview. I admit that I get a little irritated with Dr. B.’s aspersions on atheists like me, but I still love his courage and work. Keep on truckin, Infidel

  2. Great job Dr.Tracy! Mr. Garrett is a breath of fresh air and a great first guest.Many of us eagerly look forward to more. IMO Chomski knows that certain subjects are taboo.. off limits… if he wants to continue being the spokesperson for the so called left. I thought he was above that… but I get it and will leave it there.
    Keep fighting for the truth… wherever and whatever road that leads us down.

  3. Wow! What a fascinating beginning. Kevin states in defense of the “closet” John Nichols… “They’re not to going to jeopardize their careers or their jobs…” but isn’t that why we’re stuck in the swamp? Because unlike the few, Tracy, Barrett, et al, so many others have decided not to stick their necks out? Chris Hedges wrote about this in the Death of the Liberal Class, but Hedges is another enigma along with Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill (I think) — and because some of these, i.e., Hedges, Scahill, have spent considerable time in the mid eastern war zone and refuse to second what Kevin says here “that the Islamic community knows that 9/11 was an inside job…” what conclusions are we to draw? I’m mystified by the lack of consensus on what seems so obvious. The Pentagon, for example. Or Building 7. I watched a couple of videos on Amazon Prime last week, Dark Legacy, about the Kennedy assassination and then the assassination of John John which traces the distorted and malignant history of the United States, from the 1960s on, to the Bush family. I wish someone would do and/or suggest quality research into George HW Bush’s association with the CIA — because it is suggested in the aforementioned video that he was in Dallas on November 22, 1963, that he was a CIA operative at that time — though he later denied it. But of course: He’s not THAT stupid. I’ve also heard that the CFR ultimately runs this country which, if true, explains why that speaker in the 1990s seemed to know what we were looking at at the far end of the telescope. I was at UCLA in the 1980s, remember distinctly comments on what was the meaning behind Reagan’s decision to raise tuition at the university campuses, i.e., “The end of the University as we know it.” Which is not too far from the truth. There’s no luxury today on university campuses for people who want to go to classes and just try to figure out what’s going on. They DEFINITELY don’t want us to know what’s going on. And that’s been for a long time. The end of the idea of the West and the US as leader of the world movement toward unending progress, that idea was ending/had ended in the 80s when postmodernism began to appear and PC — the nascent move to curb free and open expression, was rearing its ugly head everywhere. Possibly explanation: None Dare Call It Conspiracy — that’s the book that came out in early 1970s and spells it out in the first chapter: That if it looks like it came about by chance, well, look again… Finally, Kevin, that guy K. Katzman that you had to put up with in a presentation on Ehud Barak. AIYOO! Those kinds of behaviors speak so loudly that how could anyone think anything other than GUILTY!!! I’m sure he must be a bigwig in the Israel Lobby. THANKS FOR THIS. It was great!

    1. Dear “nonamesrs,”

      It would be helpful for you to develop and present your ideas and contributions in proper form, in other words sentences and paragraphs that are intelligible to those you may wish to solicit a response from, including the original author(s).

      1. HI James, Sorry! I was bowled over by the content of this and sat down and wrote a sort of free association of ideas based on what I had just heard, and what I remembered from my own experience… Assuredly, what I’ve presented here is too much all at once: So let me start with a central idea that’s begun to agitate me lately and that is the Bush family and their long-term contribution to the state of America today. I’ve been reading a lot on the Kennedy assassination, am reading a book called JFK: The Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James Douglass. And then I started watching lots of videos on the assassination and related issues. The Dark Legacy two part documentary by Tanley? (I’ll check that name but it’s available on Amazon Prime for free.) Wilkerson who was interviewed on TRNN recently suggested Jeb Bush as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. I was more disgusted than horrified. Haven’t we had enough of the Bush Family? When Kevin mentioned the CFR person in the 1990s who predicted the decimation of the American middle class… my thought was this is why Poppy Bush can be so optimistic about his New world Order… they’ve had the steps for this planned out for a long time, haven’t they? Maybe since the 1960’s and before… another thought in explanation of my initial response which is like a runaway train. I’m not sure at all what is allowable in terms of commentary such as this (I don’t do a lot of it… have followed the Memory Hole for several months). Because I don’t know, I’m afraid to come right out and say what I really think… although I have written very pointed letters to my representatives. I.e., I think we know enough about 9/11 and what probably brought those buildings down. So if we’re bogged down in the swamp, is it a swamp of our own choosing? Can’t we be doing more?

    2. Nonamesrs,
      Please try to construct your posts in a more coherent manner if you want to post something. At least separate your thoughts into some kind of paragraph form.

      If you’re interested in knowing about HW Bush’s connection to the CIA and his role in the JFK assassination, I would suggest reading Family of Secrets by Russ Baker which goes into that in great, scholarly detail. You can read the section on Bush-JFK at his website

      Good luck.

      1. Tracy/Barrett discusion a good use of interview techiques and a lesson in critical thinking.

        For further study in the Bush family cronicles see: Webster Tarpley’s “George Bush” an unauthoried biom and a more comprehensive take, Robert Parry’s, “Secrecy and Privalege the Rise of fhe Bush Dynasyfrom Watergate to Iraq.”

        So anothe Bush brother wants to ascend the national stage to bid for the White House and proclaim he is fit to lead. Are we stupid enough to buy it–again?

        May God direct and guide us.

  4. Great situation analysis between host Tracy and guest Barrett. Script covers gamut of reality that needs to be “checked out”.

    You chose a great first guest to launch the concept. I related well to Barrett’s life experience and communication style over the “radio”.

    I am curious to know your marketing plans with this innovative format. Are you targeting those who have already sought truth, or are you also trying to ultimately lead more people into the memory hole? If so, I would like to discuss further.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  5. Great program – I really enjoy listening to your off the cuff thoughts James, and Kevin is always so generous with his seemingly limitless knowledge. Really looking forward to this being a weekly treat – thanks so much for the time and effort you give so freely –

  6. Good stuff! Took some time to heat up and get really interesting, but it was nice to learn some more background on this fascinating character! Kevin Barrett is one of my heroes, and he can be very funny as well.

  7. It was great to listen to two intelligent people speaking, and actually listening to each other, about some very difficult subject matters. Too often, it seems, these podcasts reflect poorly on the subjects they are discussing..

    We don’t need to resort to hysterics if we have the “most accurate and well reasoned point of view”. i would say “the Truth”, but that seems like such a metaphysical category and I hope that more skeptical people will move away from those types of loaded words.

    Looking forward to more episodes.

  8. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of Zionists. The Bible confirms that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. Having said that,
    The Jews should not try to gain the land using tactics that are not
    biblical. True Zionists need to allow God to settle the issue.

  9. Great interview, for those wondering how so many souls could of been bought for a price, the answer is perfectly clear
    Perhaps we are entering a grand awakening, with more and more esteemed individuals publically resigning and not holding back the reasons why. Professor Lennart Bengtsson, the world’s top climate scientist and Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative reporter from CBS, who was monitored by the government and her detailed investigations were shelved by her former employer. are two that come to mind.

    Found this report on what happens to the world’s new cars that get destroyed as there is no market for them and it is impossible to shut down the plants, quite compelling. Have actually seen such a parking lot at a port and wondered how the drivers exited the cars as they were crammed in so tightly.

    It very well could be all those corrupted have been brainwashed to believe you cannot shut any part of the evil machine down, or the whole house of cards will come crashing in.

    1. Wow Kathy – thanks for that link.

      It’s funny, my husband and I drive past RV lots and comment – who buys these things (because the lots always seem full with brand new ones), especially when the economy is in the dumper. These car lots are unbelievable. I’ve always had a hard time reconciling the amount of cars they pump out daily vs. the amount of people who are of age to drive and it just didn’t make sense.

      One has to wonder if these cars will serve some purpose in the future.

  10. Here is another gem, a retired commercial pilot, who has a lot of insights into what is not right in river city. We have a problem with normalsy bias, we want to believe everything is honky dory, and if CNN does not report it, it must not be true.

    This radio show is long, but short in all there is to be discussed. Two professors from Michigan are creating ethics courses on weather engineering.

    They figured out it was cheaper to add chemicals to normal jet traffic, to “manage” the weather, than to run private planes.

    Airline workers are not allowed to speak of their air sickness that is directly related to high exposure to barium and aluminum..

    The lady from Iceland is hard to understand, but it is refreshing to hear from souls all across the globe that are united in one cause….

    1. Kathy: Thank you for posting this radio interview. I am a bit of a chemtrails activist and have been waiting with baited breath for another pilot to speak up. Like the SH deniers, the chemtrail-deniers are emotionally invested in their cause, and more than willing to use any tactic necessary to shut down any conversation on the issue. Cheers to you!

    2. Kathy–we hardly need ethics or two professors to begin to discover that every parameter of science (and hopefully common-sense) should be insisting that irreversible climates are impossible.

      for example consider:

      if every human alive was turned into a power station (and then allowed to jet stream generate ANY SUBSTANCE accompanied with or without UHF excitations of the ionosphere) the result is still NOT the scenarios our alerts assume.


      1: when geo-chemists wax lyrical upon climactic events and not disclose that they were never present to record any of those events– the probability is excessive towards fiction.

      2. when we are inveigled to assume ‘non-present’ omniscience allows valid and reliable reliable models of climate etc. we are instead fawning at the feet of archaic superstition
      paralleled only by the faith attached to a wrathful God of Mt.Sinai.

      THIS comparison has been carefully chosen–because that is the measure of the inroads –that the freedoms of deliberate ambiguity created by the nuclear lobby and more recently NASAonics –now allows us to be popularly entertained.

      The suggestion (should be instead) that even when we oppose climate-engineering etc– we are opposing what are literally green cheese alone in substance.

      The atmosphere WHICH we inhabit from the ozone level downward is able to restrict even the most toxic of chemical upheavals.

      1. In the universe there are one hundred octaves of wave energy.

      2. of these one hundred groups of energy manifestations, sixty-four are wholly or partially recognized.

      3. the sun’s rays constitute four octaves in the universe scale ( with the visible rays embrace a single octave).


  11. Zionism scares the hell out of me.

    Professor Barrett explains the causation perfectly – the Holocaust and the mantra “Never Again. Never Again” justifies evil acts to protect and further the goals of the state of Israel.

    Barrett dares call these people exactly what they are – a Zionist Crime Syndicate. Imagine the power to turn a guy like Chomsky. The only in these very interesting times is “What’s next?”

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