tin-foil-hatBy Patrick Murphy

Those of us who are interested in getting to the bottom of conspiracies have been presented with new challenges as spectacular national atrocity events have become increasingly frequent.  In an article published here more than a year ago I speculated that this stepped-up pace points to a looming denouement.  It looks to me like a pattern.  While each dramatic event stands alone as its own special stage play, it is also likely that each of them is a mere “act” in a much larger production, unfolding over the course of decades, and although I believe that the plot is approaching its culmination, I can’t know what that will look like, or exactly when it will happen.  How many more of these traumas will we be subjected to, before whole story is played out?

I’m no fan of Don Rumsfeld, but he was falsely mocked when he mentioned that there are “known unknowns,” things we know we don’t know.  The conspiracies discussed at the Memory Hole Blog are full of known unknowns, which is why we gather here—we want to find out what we don’t know about a thing we know is going on.

How do we respond, when artificial events are triggered, and the whole country is swept up in Main Stream Media-driven emotional heartache?  What is the skeptic to do?

A friend—who does not share my interest in conspiracies—called me on the afternoon of the 911 event; I remember telling him that while I had no idea what was going on, my advice was that he try to remember everything he sees about it on television in the first days, as most of it will very soon be sent down the Memory Hole—because that’s exactly what happened with Waco and Oklahoma City.  When we know something is going on, but we don’t know what it is, we need to be patient.  And persistent.  Which takes time.  Not action.  We need to watch what the perpetrators do, and think about it, and detect patterns.

It can be hard for someone who knows he is being lied to to be patient.  When we see the whole country, indeed the world, being hoodwinked, it can make us angry, and anxious to get the word widely spread, as fast as possible.  Patience does not come naturally; it is a learned skill.  Unfortunately, when acting rashly, we can derail our quest to reveal dark truths. When we look into conspiracies perpetrated by very powerful, hidden, entities who have control of the media almost everyone gets their information from, we must always keep in mind the power of propaganda to destroy the reputation of truth-seekers: conspirator-hunting is a very dangerous game.

Memory Hole Blog is a wonderful forum for the slow, gradual, sifting through the evidence these traumatic spectacles leave in their aftermath.  The job of the truth seeker is to find out what evidence is fake and planted; what “leads” are actually just rabbit trails intentionally laid out to cause good researchers to waste lots of time; and how to prioritize the legitimate facts that might point to the truth.

Sandy Hook took place in the days leading up to Christmas, and the official story was so traumatic that it ruined the holiday for many.  Other people instantly smelled a rat.  Dr. James Tracy, in his professional role as media critic, instinctively picked up on glaring problems with the reportage, and spoke openly about them.  The storm of vituperation directed against him was shocking in its suddenness and intensity.  Even though all he was doing was critiquing the reporting, he was painted as a heartless monster attacking the victims of an atrocity.  Why?

As a society, we have gotten used to being led by the popular press through emotional manipulation.  People who don’t allow themselves to be manipulated emotionally are outliers, and in truth pose a grave threat to the system; they function much as heretics did in Europe centuries ago, when witch trials were in vogue.  The secular priesthood of OUR day attempted to place Dr. Tracy in stocks in the public square,—perhaps it was fortunate that they chose the lowest level joke of a “priest, “Anderson Cooper, to chastise him, as opposed to, say, Bill O’Reilly, who actually has an audience and could do him real damage.  Still, it must have hurt just as bad, while it was going on.

Anyway, the storm passed, and his Memory Hole Blog chugged along, attracting patient, interested, sometimes obsessively enthusiastic researchers, who really whittled down what we know and what we don’t know and what is likely the truth and what is likely a waste of time.  Anyone writing the book on the subject in the future will  have to rely heavily on the work done here in those months.

Meanwhile, another South Florida resident, called Wolfgang Halbig, was taking an interest in the subject.  Since Sandy Hook was purportedly a school shooting, and since he had a background in advising schools as to how to cope with such tragedies, he observed the strangeness in the way Sandy Hook supposedly was dealt with.  He started asking many of the obvious questions many Sandy Hook researchers had been asking, and everyone was glad to have him on board.

But soon something strange happened; like an avalanche, Mr. Halbig suddenly became the center of a huge controversy, and a great source of division in the Sandy Hook conspiracy investigation.


When she was little, I made a point of asking my daughter: “What is the chief object of education?”  She quickly learned to reply with the correct answer: “To be able to know when you are being lied to.”  A corollary principle is this: One aspect of wisdom is to be able to sense when you are being led into a trap.

Some of us felt a strangeness when the Halbig element quickly veered out of the happy knowledge that a guy “in the business” was on board, and into an unnaturally intense expectation that we join up with him.  People suddenly felt very strongly about this.  How is it that ANYONE could expect all the rest of us to regard this unknown man as the representative of the entire investigation?  Certainly he did not have what one thinks of when a charismatic leader is imagined; he was bumbling, and his writings in support of his position were, let us say, very weak, if not embarrassing.  Why should anyone care about this guy’s interest in the matter, any more than they would of anyone else?  As I wrote here more than once, the whole thing seemed to me a boring sideshow—but each time it became the topic of conversation it generated more vituperation and acrimony than anything else, ever, at MHB.  Why?

Halbig quickly started to promote a plan to confront the Newtown school board with specific questions about the emergency response on the day of the event, some months down the road; many curious investigators used that time to dig into what was known about the man, with an eye to determining whether he was worthy of support.  Many concluded that he was not, and some were quite uncharitable about it.  This was not the Memory Hole Blog’s finest hour—he was sometimes made sport of—not entirely without basis, though.

While some thought a trip to Newtown was a very bad idea, others were enthusiastic about the prospect, thinking it a great way to force the truth about the Sandy Hook Hoax into public awareness.  Those who followed the comments here after the trip had happened were treated to a sort of tennis match between the two points of view, with me on one side of the court.  To quote myself, in a comment, speaking to one of the participants in the trip to Newtown,

First, you chose the most ridiculous forum imaginable to present your case. The board you were addressing has nothing to do with the questions you and Wolf raised, and is absolutely certain not to try to find a way to expand their sphere to address any one of them. Second, you knew that each of you would have only a couple of minutes to speak, and the board would not respond. Third, you publicized your plan widely, so that plants were certain to be there to at best dilute your heartfelt message, and at worst turn the whole thing into a travesty.

People in my camp expected the unknown entities that perpetrated the Sandy Hook event would use that effort against all who wish to see the truth be known, by turning it into a circus, and, having control of the press, ensuring that it would never be reported on fairly, if at all.  People who cheered for Halbig’s quixotic quest, who felt that we must DO SOMETHING!  We must ACT!, called the episode a triumph.

It is my opinion that Sandy Hook was a vast experiment in social engineering, and that it is ongoing.  Its architects have been very keen to monitor all aspects of public reaction to it, and were delighted to have a faction of opponents make a public display, in essence entering the production by writing their own coda to it, and becoming walk-on players in the production.  The pageant-masters could, of course, improvise upon that, like a cat toying with a mouse.

The question we must ask ourselves in the aftermath of the school board scene is this: What is the correct way of responding to these outrageous affronts to free society, these engineered, fake, tragedies?  Is there ever a way to force the media to honestly report their own malfeasance?  Is there a way to outwit that system?

To quote myself again, from another comment on this blog, “Sometimes, there is nothing that can be done, and other times, it takes a long time to find out that something can actually be done. And lots of times, when almost all action will be counterproductive, waiting is the best thing to do.”

I contend that when emotion is high in the camp, it is rarely wise to act boldly, especially when doing so is in defiance of the counsel  of a preponderance of deliberative researchers who sense it to be a trap.  High emotion, in my opinion, is evidence that something is not right, and should be investigated; it is a signal of a trap.  The entities behind these events are very patient, and they are observing us all the time.  We can easily play into their hands.  Sometimes we find that there is something we can do about it.  Sometimes, not so much. We need to be able to tell the difference.

We need to learn how to wait.

Patrick Murphy, a frequent participant in the conversation at the Memory Hole Blog, runs a small (very small) business in Indianapolis, and is the author of the books How the West Was Lost and The Stairway to Heaven, information about which can be found at Stairwaybook.com.

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  1. “We will have achieved our goal when everything Americans beLIEve is a LIE” as NOW in the NWO?

  2. The questions raised about the scene on the day of the so-called Sandy Hook massacre, the missing children, the lack of overt emergency response, the Christmas trees already lined up behind the school building, the school building destroyed in a way certain to arouse suspicion just as ground zero for 9/11 was immediately dismantled, everything carted away before anyone could investigate… and in the strange aftermath of Sandy Hook, townspeople closing themselves off: In truth this has all the marks of a Stephen King horror tale. One doesn’t have to wade too far into this controversy to immediately sense that there is something grossly amiss. So… I’m not sure what more is added by the counsel given here to be patient, to wait, etc. Assuredly, we can’t do much else, but how could it not be OK to have an opinion and to point that out to others who may have never questioned Sandy Hook after the event, or who have continued doubts? I think we are being hoodwinked again and again and again. And I think it would be very helpful were someone to stray into the gray areas now, the swamp outside the schoolyard, offer possible scenarios to meta-questions about Why? we are being hoodwinked, who is behind this, what’s to be gained? I would also like to hear suppositions regarding the mentality of so-called parents who would engage in this kind of duplicitous behavior. What reasonable, loving, caring parent would participate in something for which the word “evil” slips quickly into view? There are so many questions out on the periphery of this fraud begging for recognition. School board meetings now being shown on the internet where officials preside silently over gatherings, questions without answers… Is this a new pattern for the conduct of school board meetings? I’ve never heard of this idea that school officials are not obligated, indeed are restricted (by what regulations?) as to what they can say as if they are already under legal restraints not to incriminate themselves. We will not have any way of understanding this new world until some brave people venture out into as yet unexplored areas and suggest, if only hypothetically, why this is happening.

    1. Yes it is like a Stephen King novel alright, and I think that is something that will be the plotters downfall. Everyone loves a good story, especially if it is from reality. This thing will continue to grow. For most it is a bit to scary to have a peek at just yet. The general public has been told to feel guilt and shame for taking interest in this. But that will wear off, and this will grow, slow and steady. This will be “Conspiracy 101” for the masses. Good times ahead!

      This was a psy-ops that went bad. Badly organized and hijacked by people who wanted to make a buck. It was quickly exposed by some intelligent observers. Now all that needs to be done is to sit back and watch Newtown hang themselves with to much rope. They should have taken the noose around the neck a year ago and the hanging would have been more swift comfortable, when the rope was shorter.

      Left over rope wil be handed to the MSM and public officials. If I were in their shoes, I too would be acting very scared at the moment. This will NOT go away!

    2. Well put. What kind of so-called parents would engage in such duplicitous behavior? The sociopathic kind. These people are sociopaths. There are entire families involved in these grim theatrical productions.

      “They” (whoever the hell they are) either completely lack morals or they are pursuing a higher objective, which remains to be seen in its entirety, although we have glimpses of the agenda and it is ugly. That agenda includes disarming us and squeezing every last dime out of our pockets. And then they can do anything they want to us, because they have the guns. We all know how that story ends (Hitler).

      We are just cows for them to milk, or chickens to slaughter. I have no idea how human beings can live and thrive as sociopaths, but of course, those who rise to the top whether in politics or industry or finance tend to exhibit sociopathic behavior. A number of these people have lied, stolen or killed their way to the top of the heap. And they are the last people who should be there.

      Some have suggested a Zionist agenda, and it is possible this charade was orchestrated and executed with the help of our old pal, Israel. I don’t know – yet.

      Others suggest at least one family of generational Satanists, and again anything is possible, but the old man throwing the horns in the pic of Carlee Soto could be there just to distract us from our goal, which is to discover the truth. This is often the function of Satanism and uFO stories in the media.

  3. I find it amazing how keen my sense of something being “off” is now that I’m awake. I only woke up due to Sandy Hook. I try not to be hard on people who are still asleep because everyone must awaken in their own way on their own terms.

    2 years ago I probably would have been here calling people tin foil hat wearers – with regard to 9/11. Even though I knew the media was 100% biased towards the liberal agenda, I never once considered that the news I read was false.

    I tried to stay open-minded about Wolf, but once I realized what I believed to be his purpose I found it hard to not speak up about him to try and warn others. When people (i.e. Wolf and his supporters) are asked logical, reasonable questions and they are dismissed as not being loyal, are called names, etc. that’s all I need. I’m not here to play games and I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.

    What I find most chilling about this Wolf aspect and all those surrounding him is the amount of people in this country who are going along with this and who pretend they’re after the truth.

    Thank you Patrick.

    1. Right. Always, the difficult thing is finding the right way to react to such things. We need to avoid being drawn in, whereupon we can lose control of the situation. When we remain objective observers, and resist the temptation to “call out” suspicious characters, we often find that we dodged a bullet; when we jump into the fray, we often regret it.

      No one knows what is really going on with Wolf. I suspect the best thing for us is to feel sorry for the guy, because whatever the whole story ends up being, he got in way over his head. The REAL “real deal,” ultimately, is US. Each of us has a choice in how we respond to curve balls, unexpected strangeness. Obviously, I advise caution. I don’t think it is wise to rush in, and engage the weirdness. You never know what’s really behind it.

      This is probably as good a time as any to mention that some ways of “acting” are organic, naturally flowing out of one’s true vocation. An obvious example is Sophia Smallstorm, who is wonderfully gifted in assembling narrative outlines that put these manipulative events in perspective. Her presentation at the Conspiracy Conference last year, that Dr. Tracy made a topic of conversation here, is a fantastic example.

      Now, think about that. She was preaching to the choir: it was a CONSPIRACY conference. Yet the presentation went on to be widely seen by lots of people who are not already interested in conspiracies, and I’ll bet it persuaded countless people to reject the official story. She “acted” by expressing her creativity, and allowing the presence of her art in the world to work its magic. She didn’t try to force the Main Stream Media to pay attention.

      Was there any intense emotion here, at MHB, when her work was the topic? Not at all. The atmosphere here was pure, and calm, and deliberative; her formulation, the “dimensions” of the manipulation, stretched minds, and we talked about it, and learned from it.

      Another example is the guy who calls himself the “Paulstal Service,” who “acted” by investigating, deeply, the true identity of a woman who probably pretended to be Nancy Lanza. He presented his case in Youtube videos that he posted here. The only emotion that came with that “action” was his–his disappointment that not enough attention was paid to his fine work. No one can control such things. Still, I believe that we all benefited from his effort.

      I could mention lots of others, but you get the idea. I don’t think we can force the MSM to tell the truth about any of these events, but I DO think various actions can be very effective. Certainly James is acting wonderfully effectively, just by providing this forum.

      1. I acknowledge your purpose in submitting your well-written position paper. I visit here because 95% of the contributors are awake and exceed expectations when sharing what they have seen down the rabbit hole. But, the last week of comments here have been very disappointing and frustrating to read.

        Clearly, the integrity of this site to true researchers like yourself must be maintained. I have learned a lot from others here and I would predict that we would lose the diversity and talent of many contributors if this chat area were tarnished, hijacked, or controlled. I don’t want that to happen.

        The source of conflict that has been brewing in the last several weeks has all centered around Wolf. Let me assure you that I do not view him or Fetzer as savior. But I am glad as heck that they went to Newtown. Even the Cap’n. Because it adds to raising public awareness. The more people who begin to notice that something isn’t quite right in the good ‘ole US of A, the better. I am tired of witnessing people cheat. I am tired of the deceptions, the lies, and the MSM reveals. I believe we, as a species, should be aiming a lot higher than using each other, raping the earth, and then seeking entertainment.

        Everyone who showed up at the school board should be respected for putting their boots on the ground, their reputations in public crosshairs, and their family security at risk. Like it or not, face to face confrontation is an essential part of transforming reality. That’s why there are politicians and salespeople and lawyers.

        You may not think of them as your “A” team, but no one else showed up.

        I don’t think it is in their make-up to stop trying (nor is it in yours), so maybe “R&D” guys like yourself can give them better ammunition in the battles ahead.

        Even with all of the videos, radio clips, and articles I have shared over the last seven months, my wife still thinks I am a loon. I therefore remain highly motivated in my desire to support any action that leads to a breakthrough in changing this greed-driven, cabal-managed, script.

        Thank you for your insights, and your well-written contributions.

  4. Thank you Patrick, all very well considered and presented. I appreciate the ethical tone as well, because at the bottom of all of this, we are obliged as truth-seekers to retain our sense of proportion and justice. I suppose it is from the notion that he who would seek equity must do equity and retain clean hands. Our sense that something is wrong comes from discernment that we have cultivated as ethical beings, and that is why we came here in the first place.

    1. You are most welcome, friend. And indeed, we are fortunate that James created this place, where these virtues can be practiced.

      All of us feel the cringe when the ethical tone that normally prevails here is breached, and boorishness starts roiling the lovely waters. Fortunately, it rarely lasts long, and we get back to normalcy. These virtues are fun to practice. You are altogether correct.

  5. “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” – Basil King

    Our search for the truth has resulted in recent support from an unexpected source. Halbig announced this yesterday on his Sandy Hook Justice Blog:

    “Just received a phone call from someone in New York that has a group that is putting up $500,000 thousand dollars in a trust for the arrest and conviction of anyone that is part of this Homeland and FEMA Fraud conducted at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012.”

    Maybe we shouldn’t give up actively seeking the truth just yet, Patrick, even though I admit that I have thrown in my own towel several times. We certainly shouldn’t give up on Wolfgang. I’ve never seen anything so gloriously gutsy in my life as his trip last week to the Sandy Hook Firehouse, the offices of the United Way and the Newtown School Board Meeting. Foolish optimism? Perhaps, but I haven’t completely lost my faith in mankind. Another great quote for those of us still here:

    We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of
    All our exploring will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.

    -T.S. Eliot

    1. Sandy, I have been careful about this from the start. I was never on the beat-up-on-Wolf bandwagon. Still, this sounds very strange. I have a hard time believing it.

      Forgive me if it sounds like I have “thrown in the towel.” Read my reply to Iseelies; I have plenty of optimism–it’s just that I think we need to be careful. Always. Optimism in the things that can be reasonably expected to work. Caution in the things we can’t reasonably trust.

  6. I agree with your opinion that this is part of a social engineering experiment. However, I feel we need to support all efforts to further the truth, regardless of any individual hang-ups or shortcomings. To put it another way: in LOTR it took many races, putting their differences aside, to defeat Sauron. So stop undermining the cause by bashing the dwarves (Halbig) or the elves (Infowars) because we are trying to take down all of Mordor here.

    1. I agree, Rick. What on earth can any good come from all the bashing and belittling of Halbig. This artilce adds absolutely no value to anything. Look at the guys past including a state trooper. Wolf is a very intelligent, couragous person for doing what he is doing.

      I really work hard at not throwing stones at anybody like this article clearly does at Halbig but in this case it is very difficult. I am deleting my link to this blog. Goodbye.

  7. Excellent and thoughtful remarks. Thank you, Mr Murphy. The social engineering angle ranks right up there as a key to the understanding of the “Sandy Hook Event”. Sofia Smallstorm was the first to alert me to this “dimension” that runs a mite deeper than “It’s just a ploy to take away our guns” – although not to discount that one by any means. There is the social engineering of “model communities” that seek to shape the collective response to tragic events – acquiescence and acceptance – and then there is what Patrick Murphy is talking abt. We citizen skeptics are watching such events as reported in the media very carefully. And “they” are watching us back through our assorted responses. There could even be some kind of bizarre symbiosis between “them” and “us” such that as we get closer to the truth by following the Yogi Berra dictum, “You can observe a lot just by looking”, they are able to clean up their act, at least able to avoid the rookie errors. We become the anvil on which they forge their “Method”. Oy.

    There are more than a few resisters of the official version who think just the opposite, of course. They think engineers of mass trauma events actually push the envelope of sloppy, as in “just how obvious can we be as a test of just how pacified and anesthetized the mass population has become?”. There is a limit here, however. At least I hope there is. I hope there is an act of deception so egregiously obvious as to bring even Rachel Maddow to her senses. (Or do we just assume that all Rhodes scholars are CIA and beyond redemption?)

  8. Patrick, thank you for an excellent article. The even-handed nature of this board is one of it’s strongest selling points. I appreciate efforts to keep it on track.

    As an aside, I’m frequently in the Indy area. Would love to buy you a cup of coffee sometime and have a chat, if you’re open to that.

      1. Will do. I’ll be there briefly this weekend, but it will probably be sometime in June before I will be there with time to spare. I will get in touch.

  9. Patrick
    Very well stated and thank you for taking the time.

    Many were unduly, verbally attacked and indeed it is a human instinct to defend oneself, especially when the offender is clearly lying or just miss-informed.

    It will be interesting to see if trolls return with the keyword being Halbig being mentioned again, that seemed to attract them like flies on cow pies.

    Have to disagree that we should do nothing at this time, they surely want us all to disappear. Do we have a willing financial expert amongst us who can analyze charitable organizations? Clearly, the CT Attorney General has no interest in exposing the fraud.

    The SH United Way claimed their records are all on line, all I see is they received $12 million and gave or transferred it all away to SH, that is not financial reporting as required by law.

    Found this site interesting on CT PTAs financial reports. It indicates your ip address is being recorded, wonder why that is necessary?

    Sandy Hook indicates that since 2008, $545,000 was collected, yet if you add the numbers available in the bar chart for revenue, the amount is much less than half that. This is not the case in the other reports. That amount is phenomenal compared to most other schools of that size.

    Most districts have several sources of income, which may be an indication of a more active PTA, or better accountants, SH has one – fundraising.

    The year 2008 is missing from most reports. That was the year of the housing bubble burst, wonder what else happened in CT.


    1. “Have to disagree that we should do nothing at this time, they surely want us all to disappear. Do we have a willing financial expert amongst us who can analyze charitable organizations? Clearly, the CT Attorney General has no interest in exposing the fraud.”

      You misunderstand me. I do not advise doing nothing; I advise not doing reckless things that are hot, emotional, and unlikely to turn out well–just because somehow it might force the MSM to start telling the truth. Independent investigations of the sort you mention are none of those things. They are excellent “actions” and I see no reason not to engage in them.

      1. There is another K-4 public school in SH – Head OMeadow Elementary school. They have a very active website with newsletters and fundraisers, and activities one would expect at a school. In contrast, SH and the high school seem to be devoid of activity.


        Their very detailed financial statement on the Head OMeadow PTA is what would seem to be required by law, but apparently there are no laws in Corrupticut.


      2. How many people have to wake up to Sandy Hook before we reach a tipping point? How many tens of millions of Americans? Is that a viable strategy that we can work towards? Hyper posting of SH documentaries in main stream pages? Just thinking out loud.

    2. Yes Kathy, there are accountant types looking into the 990’s and financial statements of all the charities. It’s not something that can be done very quickly because there are many to look through, and some of the returns have only been made recently available online. The United Way of W CT has their 990 posted and the total receipts for the fiscal year 7/12-6/13 is claimed to be $6,000,930.00. It has yet to be determined where the record of the 11 million that they raised is located. People are digging.

      With regard to the school, this guy has found something pretty amazing:

      cut him some slack, he seems kind of new to screencasting…

      1. Thank you Susan, will send a special prayer every day that the diggers into the truth will find the strength to expose the farce for what it is.

        Can appreciate the video makers outrage and for sure there is something amiss in the Newtown – Monroe connection.

        Was curious why their schools do not appear in the PTA reports previously sited, and lol and behold they belong to the PTO organization, that keeps all their fundraising to their selves!

      2. Good video Susan – thanks for posting. They have created quite a bit of confusion with regard to these schools and who went where when.The information about the new SH URL is very interesting.

        I always wonder after watching videos like this, that if indeed this is the situation – kids would know about this not being the case. They would know they were going to Chalk Hill already and not the closed SH. Kids are on the web and have access to too much info – regardless of how hard a parent tries to control it. With that said, I’d have to say maybe there aren’t any kids to have to worry about. I’m not saying they’re aren’t any kids going to any of the schools there – just the ones involved in this hoax.

        I’ve looked at Newtown HS’s blog over the past year and there are NEVER any comments on it by students or anyone else for that matter. It is put out by the principal supposedly. What is the point of a high school blog if the students aren’t commenting – just something to make it look real.

        The stories are odd. I’ve checked some names used in some of them and I get strange results. Not saying they aren’t real – just that everything that you try and verify in this little town always has something odd connected to it. If I check the same thing in my town, I get normal, anticipated results.

        Taking a look at both 345 & 375 Fan Hill Road I wonder why they like to build their schools with only one main access road – ala SH. Makes one think they want to control the flow of traffic to schools when a “tragedy” occurs.

  10. “God,please grant us the Serenity to accept the things we cannot change,the Courage to change the things we can…and the Wisdom to know the difference.” Oh,and don’t forget that “Love is an Action Verb.” In the main,I tend to agree with Patrick;however,remarks by “Oldman” deserve careful consideration as well. I,for one am extremely grateful for this blog and for each and every thoughtful comment presented here. Thank you all.

  11. Thanks Patrick, for this even-handed approach to the Halbig topic. His being in some leadership position, whether sought or unsought, has not put a dent in the other researchers determination to continue the work to find an irrefutable data point that brings down the Sandy Hook house of cards. I know it’s out there. For many of us, the train wreck, also known as the final police report, is the smoking gun, among so many other anomalies.

    Sadly, it seems the only people interested in the affair are the protectors of the lie, and the truth seekers. Everyone else has forgotten. Since this story was being deconstructed virtually as it happened, I still have optimism that we won’t have to wait as long for the notion that this was a lie to filter into the disinterested consciousness of the public, eventually a generally accepted fact, losing it’s power in the process.

  12. “What is the chief object of education? To be able to know when you are being lied to.”

    A profound and original thought, astonishing that it came from Patrick. However this is only from the perspective of the student, the truthee. From the perspective of the power system that controls the truth institution, whether it is the school, university, church, media or Entertainment venue, the chief object is to PREVENT you from knowing when you are being lied to.

    The melancholy truth is that overwhelmingly, the power system wins. The truth that we know is merely a small island in a vast sea of deception. But maybe our children, and Patrick’s daughter will know better.

    I hope business picks up.

    1. You are precisely correct Mark; we need to take captive the process, and reverse it, by conscious effort. Indoctrination camps that we are trapped within can only serve us positively if we understand what is being done to us, and question all the assumptions–and it’s best if we learn to do that at an early age. Parents who trust these institutions to do the best by their children are generally people who never learned this lesson themselves. Sad.

  13. There are many valid points in this article, thank you. I would add that working on denouncing some staged nasty event is interesting and may be important, but is usually not essential. Essential would be to think before acting, perhaps starting by realizing that Sandy Hook did not happen in a vacuum, but is one of many events that lend themselves to allegations of disinformation, continuing by wondering if those events could be traced to some common enabling factor, perhaps some mother conspiracy, by moving on by analyzing this conspiracy, and ending by devising effective actions against this conspiracy.

    In short, people who want less to set the record straight on Sandy Hook than to lead humanity out of this silly war system and into an era where joy, harmony and prosperity are commodities, may want to go through a process similar to http://www.global-Platonic-theater.com.


  14. Very nicely done Patrick. I completely agree. You’ve captured the heart of it. It is very difficult to make oneself understood by some. Sometimes this forum is not conducive to doing that. In some cases it takes a conversation.

    I’ve been thinking about this much more lately than is healthy. It has actually been depressing me. Not the event, the reactions. I realize that basic human nature is just that, basic, but it is more disturbing somehow to find it so alive in some participants who otherwise should know better.

    The disturbing part is that progress can’t be made unless these tactics are recognized and overcome. I think most would agree that the efficacy of these operations rely on emotion. They rely on “reaction”, not thought. They play on the human desire to belong.

    I have been saying lately that this event was not particularly serious. That may rile some, but my meaning is that I don’t think anyone actually died in it. The others had actual victims (besides those of us in the audience). Of course I’m as insulted as anyone else by this, but, when compared to Gordon Caul, Ruby Ridge, Waco, JFK, 9-11, Columbine, et al, it really is noteworthy because of the emotionally charged script.

    It is precisely because of those others, as you’ve mentioned many times, that it should be obvious that “exposure” doesn’t bring justice. I would like to see justice for the lies as much as anyone else. I just have to be mature enough to realize that I don’t always get what I want.

    So, what is a realistic goal? I think a realistic goal would be to expose as much of the manipulation and techniques used as possible. If more and more people come to recognize these manipulations they will be more likely to spot them from the beginning and come to disregard their attempts.

    I’ve mentioned a number of times that the reaction from the “press” is all out of proportion to the reality. You said it here with regard to Dr. Tracey’s public skewering at the hands of the disturbingly weird A. Cooper.

    Can we learn from that? Is there a clue in there somewhere? What “obligation” do we as citizens have to “believe”? It seems pretty apparent that the “news” is more than information sharing. Maybe it’s “information shaping”.

    The greatest contribution we could make is to expose and educate. As you said about your daughter, that is the purpose of education. As the great philosopher P.T. Barnum once said; “never wise up a chump”. Indeed, THAT seems to be our goal. Wising up the chumps.

    We’ve all been played for “chumps” for a very long time. The beauty of this is that it is doable. Once a “chump” realizes how badly they’ve been manipulated there is a built in reaction. Nobody likes to be made a fool.

    The more information we aggregate, the more logic we inject, the clearer the message is. It is sufficient that people understand that it couldn’t happen as described. That means they have been lied to. If they have been lied to here, what about over there?

    Excellent work Patrick, much understanding and wisdom went into your piece. That is precisely what we need, wisdom.

  15. Both comments and this editorial it is well written and exactly what I have been trying to articulate. It seems that we can take babysteps to point out the possibility of manipulation in the media, especially when it is so blatent and obvious. Just asking common sense questions on news blogs can be enough to get people to start to think for themselves. Another, is to try and anticipate and disrupt if possible, pending actions with commentary BEFORE they happen. This is probably the most potent weapon we have.

  16. I had the opportunity to listen to a local newscaster in our area who retired talk about her career, and was reminded that mainstream TV stations before they were syndicated, like newspapers used to have a very vigorous editorial section, where ordinary folks were allowed to publicly comment about different issues on the air. Do you all remember this as well?

    1. Bewise, I remember quite well when “news” was more akin to news. Alas, those days are gone. That is another bi-product of corporatism (fascism). I remember quite well when one of the Government’s functions was to ensure independence of the “media”.

      We must never forget that those who are bringing this vision of world control to fruition are not stupid. Evil perhaps, but not stupid. The stage has been set carefully. It is entirely deliberate, not accidental.

  17. When you say “First, you chose the most ridiculous forum imaginable to present your case.” I am not sure what you are getting at.

    Here is a guy, Halbig, that has given a tremendous amount of his time and taken a lot of criticism. Let him be free to handle this thing the way he sees fit. If you have another plan by all means take it, nothing personal.

    How much more wait is needed, how long has it been? You also say in a post you feel “sorry for the guy” meaning Wolf. My goodness, I look up to this guy for what he is doing and am sure he can handle himself just fine.

    I just don’t agree at all with this article or opinion.

  18. James–if this convenient and un-demonstrable patter isnt both manipulative –and the epitome of social engineering:

    (a) “People growing up today don’t have that cultural-genetic memory: they have been born into a different civilization, as different from the West as the West was from Rome in the year AD 400.


    (b)this book, The Stairway to Heaven, is the antidote to the troubling implications of such a sad prospect.”

    could we invite Jim Fetzer back –just to clarify if John Kerry ‘really’ went to Vietnam ?

    Otherwise ‘our authority’ seems sadly type-cast with his deduced logic of caution :

    “Although both science and philosophy may assume the probability of God by their reason and logic, only the personal religious experience of a spirit-led man can affirm the certainty of such a supreme and personal Deity.

    By the technique of such an incarnation of living truth the philosophic hypothesis of the probability of God becomes a religious reality.

    The confusion about the experience of the certainty of God arises out of the dissimilar interpretations and relations of that experience by separate individuals and by different races of men.

    The experiencing of God may be wholly valid, but the discourse about God, being intellectual and philosophical, is divergent and oftentimes confusingly fallacious.

    A good and noble man may be consummately in love with his wife but utterly unable to pass a satisfactory written examination on the psychology of marital love.

    Another man, having little or no love for his spouse, might pass such an examination most acceptably.

    The imperfection of the lover’s insight into the true nature of the beloved does not in the least invalidate either the reality or sincerity of his love.

    If you truly believe in God–by faith know him and love him–do not permit the reality of such an experience to be in any way lessened or detracted from by the doubting insinuations of science, the caviling of logic, the postulates of philosophy, or the clever suggestions of well-meaning souls who would create a religion without God.

    The certainty of the God-knowing religionist should not be disturbed by the uncertainty of the doubting materialist; rather should the uncertainty of the unbeliever be mightily challenged by the profound faith and unshakable certainty of the experiential believer.”.

    “While personal religion precedes the evolution of human morals, it is regretfully recorded that institutional religion has invariably lagged behind the slowly changing mores of the human races.”

    Organized religion has proved to be conservatively tardy.

    The prophets have usually led the people in religious development; the theologians have usually held them back.

    Religion, being a matter of inner or personal experience, can never develop very far in advance of the intellectual evolution of the races.”

    hope well

  19. It is utterly amazing that that Boston is being ignored here, while there is ongoing news to analyze about how the media is portraying this phony event, and now court cases. In Sandy Hook the so called shooter was “killed” which meant golden silence. With Boston, the gang that could not shoot straight spent over 200 bullets and the alleged bomber is still alive to say he is innocent – a problem for the news services. Take the Daily Mail today – is this the same newspaper that did an investigative series on the late Dr. David Kelly? Cannot be. Even the photo shows no one injured after the smoke bomb went off – all standing around or running through.



  20. The media, take the story Ukraine as latest, is losing it. CNN, with covering a missing plane for weeks, got the first prize. For their end report. A plane is missing. Thy, the media, battling to gain control, are using ridicule, especial online, with some susses. The manner is all over the globe the same. It is pathetic how thy classify honest critics of their articles as trolls. Or limiting it by numbers. The way newspapers did in the old days. This Sandy Hook, in the old days, explain wars like Vietnam. And the unbelievers.

  21. This post has the appearance of reasoned thought, yet in reality it is quite divisive, which I believe was the underlying intention of the author. If Mr. Murphy disagreed with the approach employed by Mr. Halbig, why not contact him directly and tell him so? However, instead of using a private approach, the author chooses to expose his disagreement publicly in this forum. I find that contradictory, especially when the author implies he would like to reduce the divisiveness that has materialized with Mr. Halbig’s involvement in examining the Sandy Hook event.

    I also find Mr. Murphy’s point of waiting to be poorly supported in his post, he cites no examples of how this has worked in previous cases or how it might work to unravel the Sandy Hook event. As such, I would conclude that the purpose of his post is to “stir the pot”, which I believe he has accomplished.

    I am not a trained investigator but I do know enough to say that I should not expect to accomplish much unless I go to the scene of the event. That is what Mr. Halbig did, and since he had nothing to hide, he was up front with everyone that he wished to speak with during his visit. I’m sure he had no delusions about being stonewalled, in fact, that is probably what he expected. The key thing to understand about this stage in the investigation is not that he did not get any information from the school board; rather, it was to formally request a response. Until you actually confront them with questions in a publicly recorded forum, they are not forced to act. Now they are on record and at a minimum, if they take their duties seriously, should provide a response. If they choose not to respond, thereby violating their obligation to the public, it only confirms the skepticism expressed by the public to be warranted and the next stage in the investigation can begin.

    Finally, I’m sure Mr. Halbig learned a lot just by meeting them face to face, even if nothing was said. There is no substitute for face to face meetings, especially if one party has something to hide, their “answers” come through loud and clear.

    1. There are few things to say about this. First, Over the last few threads, I have made my position on this issue quite clear: the Wolf thing is a highly polarizing development, and I make no bones about which side I’m on. The purpose of the essay is to put the whole thing into perspective, drained of the emotional charge that has made it difficult to discuss rationally. I didn’t create the dividing line, I’m just pointing it out. Incidentally, when you say ” the author implies he would like to reduce the divisiveness that has materialized with Mr. Halbig’s involvement,” I profess no such hope. I am a pessimist. I don’t expect there is anything I can do. My task here was to demonstrate the polarization, and advise that the best course is to observe it, and not get caught up in what seems to me an artificial emotionalism. One can’t help but take sides, because it’s an either/or proposition. Just be rational about it, THINK about it, not FEEL about it.

      Second, this business about “contacting Wolf directly” was a MASSIVE conversation here that went on for months. If you go back and read through it all, you’ll know why it’s not so simple as you make it sound.

      Third, your point about waiting, and my lack of addressing the idea as regards other, similar, events–I would have liked to do that, but I was working under pretty tight space constraints. I had to be concise, which means leaving lots of helpful material out. Sorry if that made it sound like I am passive-aggressively “stirring the pot”; it’s not what I was doing, I assure you.

      As for going to the scene and all the rest, we have argued these ideas here to a fare-thee-well. Again, because to space restraints (as well as not to bore the regulars) I had to assume the reader here knows the context. I have no objection to the choice to believe the trip to Newtown was a good idea. It’s none of my business what other people choose to believe; and to be honest, I don’t particularly care what the other side thinks about MY choice, so long as they allow me to make it.

      All that said, I appreciate your thoughts.

      1. Thank you for your response, it gives me more perspective on your original post. I agree that each of us may have a different approach as to how Sandy Hook might be best investigated; however, it’s my view that waiting will not accomplish anything unless you are formulating a strategy for action in the meantime.

        It may not be your approach but I believe our opponent(s) must be engaged so we can understand their strengths and weaknesses, thereby fine-tuning our strategy. It’s doubly challenging when we not only have perpetrators but also disinformation agents and shills to deal with. I fully agree that charging ahead with a ill-formed strategy is not going to be productive, in fact, it may be counter-productive unless we know who and what we are dealing with. Fortunately, I do not believe any such misstep has been committed.

        What is truly sad is that there are so few (are there any?) public officials that are willing to stand up and be counted as people seeking a full explanation of what occurred at Sandy Hook. A cursory review of the official story is replete with holes and inconsistencies, yet who is willing to step forward and demand answers? I am grateful for people like Wolfgang Halbig, who have the courage to seek answers from our officials, reminding them of their duties and responsibilities. Regardless of the outcome, no one should ever apologize for taking their civic duty seriously and demanding accountability from our public officials.

    2. Thank you, “Don1″… This post by Patrick left me totally baffled….
      The Pionts that Halbig is raising are the absolutely most logical, non-offensive, technically correct Questions to come forth Publicly to ANY Board in the State of Connecticut! And Patrick has a “problem” with this?? I am REALLY losing faith in the commenters on this site… not Prof. Tracy, but the folks who sit on the sidelines in an intellectual conundrum, leading to…..what? Nit-picking each other’s fur?

      1. You’re welcome Martha. As I said in my original post, Mr. Murphy seems to contradict himself in his original post and then does so again in his response to me. If he truly believes we are entitled to our own position and does not “particularly care” what anyone else thinks, why write a post about it? If anyone appears to be displaying undue emotion, it would seem he is as guilty as anyone, which strikes me as quite ironic.

        I’m sure he will correct my impression of his position if I have misrepresented it and that is his prerogative. However, when there is positive movement in shifting the balance of power away from the official story and putting them on the defensive, that is not the time to “wait”. To me, that just allows them to wiggle off the hook. I do agree with him that we need to be especially observant but we also need to be ready to respond with the next round. Waiting only allows them to re-group.

      2. “Waiting only allows them to re-group.” Well, regrouping means the enemy has been thrown into confusion by an action of ours. This has never happened with the Sandy Hook situation. The bad guys remain unknown, in fact. Their henchmen, who run interference for them, are not budging. No one is telling the truth about it in Newtown. The press is unified in absolutely refusing to report on doubts about the official story.

        The question with the Wolf business is not the quality of his questions, nor those that Dr. Fetzer raised. As I have said repeatedly, they are excellent items, that everyone in the world should be aware of. And if there is a way to get the world to listen to them, I’m all for it.

        I am in the camp that says that, because none of these questions have anything to do with the school board, it was not going to accomplish any such objective. If you go to the Post Office to contest a parking ticket, the clerk is just going to stare at you, and wonder when he should call someone to take you away from the counter.

        One dream of those who went to Newtown that day was that coin so would somehow force the press to report on it. This was, in my opinion, the a most astounding form of optimism. As I say, anyone is entitled be optimistic about this if they like, but I can’t join them in it. To say “this will not work” is not an attack on the person holding that hope, though, and however offended one might be by wet-blanketism, it remains entirely bland and unemotional.

        In other words, people like me said, fine, knock yourself out, let’s hope you are right, and the whole world is awakened by the gesture: I’d LOVE to be wrong about this. Then, Cap’n Crunch showed up, along with an incomprehensible Alex Jones drone and a mental patient. The bad guys, predictably, hijacked it–and the national press did not report what Wolf and Fetzer said. They will in the future, though, I have predicted a few times over the last week or so–but when they do it will not be favorable to us.

        This is why I argue that it is better to wait than to take action that has a high likelihood of having an outcome opposite of what we want. Sometimes, it has to be a long wait, because the opponent is so well positioned–as I believe is the case here. These are very dark spiritual forces that are trying to reshape our society. They are extremely powerful, and well-resourced. I believe it is naive to believe that bold gestures can drag them into the light.

        In Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise was not attempting to pull down the Illuminati; he just wanted to crash one of their secret ceremonies. He came close to losing his life of it (one of their SRA/DID slaves volunteered to die in his place, which they allowed).

        In The Paralax View, Warren Beatty investigates one branch of the dark forces we are talking about. He infiltrates it, naively, completely unaware that they are on to him, and he ends up in a frame, a patsy for the next political murder they commit.

        What Connecticut has going on, in other words, is very old, and very evil, and Sandy Hook is just the surface. Scratching it reveals terrible, dark, powerful forces–just a little. DIGGING there is very dangerous. A couple of times now, I have mentioned a comment made here what seems a long time ago, comparing Sandy Hook to the New England town in the Sam Neill movie In the Mouth of Madness. He had no idea the danger he was stumbling into.

        Lest anyone misunderstand, I don’t mean that simply showing up at a school board meeting to state the case against the official story was to jeopardize one’s life. What I AM doing is pointing out a core principle of warfare: know your enemy, and never underestimate him. In this situation, I’m afraid, this advise is largely being ignored, by very well-intentioned people.

        I understand the frustration. Honestly, I do. But the truth is that the people who murdered John Kennedy got away with it: no matter how much proof is developed, the official story never changes, and the press always reports it that way; there is no sense expecting that to change. What’s that we’ve heard a million times, about being granted the serenity to know what evils we have the power to change?

  22. Marzi, Boston isn’t being “ignored”, it just wasn’t the subject. I could have easily added it to the list of other “events”, but the list is already long and illustrative.

    It is also illustrative of what I tried to convey about the relative importance of SHES. In terms of which should generate the most outrage it is hard to say. Both are pure emotional exercises. I suppose those whose buttons are pushed harder by one than the other would disagree.

    Both are emblematic of what I suggest needs to be done. It is the “how” of it that needs exposure. Regardless of the subject matter the techniques are similar. When we look at these we should look at them as though we are reviewing a film. After all, that IS what we are doing.

    1. I think SH is a more popular topic because the official story has more holes and we all I assume believe it is the one false flag that is so blatantly obvious, it might just be able to come ‘crashing down on their heads later’.

    2. An innocent man is about to get a kangaroo trial and seemingly he gets ignored here. There isn’t the equivalent at SH, the amount of injustice, which makes Boston a far more disgusting event. SH is false flag light by comparison.

      1. Marzi, from time to time we have discussed the Boston hoax. You make a good point in that they have a designated victim who is on trial. Boston deserves, and has received, attention. Most here started out at this site talking about SHES. We are still talking about it.

        That doesn’t mean that nobody cares about Boston. I actually made what I thought was the same point as you did. SHES is “light weight” in terms of crime. The courts have already held that media can lie to us, so there’s no “crime” there. We generally believe that no one was killed so that’s out.

        There are probably tons of fund-raising and political offenses, but, if felonies are how we measure these it’s hard to say. I could be an interesting debate topic that would depend on what one believed happened.

        Having said that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care. All of these events damage us. The manipulation allows more damage to occur. As you say, if the patsy is found guilty (which he most certainly will be), his demise will be on their heads as well.

        I haven’t really given a lot of thought to some scale of seriousness. It seems obvious that, in terms of life, the others that I mentioned were “more serious”. Maybe the criteria is simply that lies and manipulation are intolerable.

      2. I totally thought the boston thing would make everyone forget about sandy hook, same with that Cleveland fiasco. But it didnt. I guess its good we didnt “wait”

      3. Marzi – there are some who have reported – and I cannot at this time verify what they said but if someone here knows I would like them to come forward – that the trial itself is not marked up the way ordinary trials seem to be, even though the defendant Tsarnaev did not plead guilty and is therefore entitled to a trial. Speedy trial? I think not.

        At the time of his appearance in court, some Cambridge Rindge and Latin High former students who knew him showed up and denied that the defendant was the same person they knew, for the main reason that their contact had no accent (when you arrive in the US before puberty and start speaking English, you will be able to do so without an accent – one possible reason most American schools start students on foreign language electives when they have already crossed the threshold of puberty – they will never speak like natives and perhaps that is the point, given the history of actually banning some language learning). I think this is a telling point. If the witness in some show trial sounds just like a regular American kid, then demonizing him, the point of the exercise, is far more difficult. There was also a language issue with his so-called roommates, who threw out “evidence” – apparently even though they are college students in Boston, their command of English is poor enough that they may not be able to give evidence (another rabbit hole which one can pursue through the fictional funny papers of Boston).

        So I am not one of those who worries about the actor in the dock – it’s far too important to control every aspect of this farce, so I don’t think innocent people are being roped in. But that is simply my prejudice in the matter, and indeed there may be victims, but I think they are the public who believes this, not the players.

  23. I support both Jim and Wolf’s initiative in traveling to Newtown for answers to simple questions. Confronting the school board was a good start. If they won’t answer Wolf’s simple and non-accusatorial questions, forget about the tougher ones. The stone faced school board silence spoke louder than any words they could have uttered.The man dressed in colonial period attire does not help further the quest for truth. The engineer lady admitting she suffers from mental illness makes it easy to lump the credible people like Jim and Wolf in with her and the colonial dressed man. The casual observer is prone to dismissing the whole affair as not worthy of their consideration when they hear mentally ill people are part of the inquiry. All that’s necessary to discredit the movement is planting a few people that appear to be on the margins of reality and then let some others come on their own. Then let the guilt by whack job association kick in for 50% of the viewers of the school board meeting. I applaud Jim and Wolf. Jim Fetzer’s series on Sandy Hook at Veterans Today now holds the top 3 most read stories on their site. That shows this story is growing wings like a condor!

  24. I suspect that all of us here can all point to a moment in our lives when we first became aware of the scale of the deceit to which we as Americans have been subjected to over the last several decades. For myself, though I had always suspected that the JFK assassination was an inside job, it wasn’t until 911 that I started to look carefully at these and other lingering mysteries that litter recent American history.

    Before then, I wasn’t sure that all these events were still relevant to what was happening today, and was disinclined to see them all as related. I was more or less content to let these seemingly separate events tumble down the memory hole, to be studied by historians someday, but not by people trying to understand current events. After 911( and after viewing Sofie Smallstorm’s 911 Mysteries) all that changed.

    So began my period of waiting; waiting and searching for the big truth, which could explain how these things were connected, who was doing them, and most of all, why they were doing them. No longer was it possible to take media accounts of any new event at face value. It became obvious that the media was wholly complicit in sustaining the lies that made all these events seem accidental and unrelated.

    To me, the fact of media complicity in covering up these lies was just as shocking as the government sponsored criminality itself. In short what really woke me up was the discovery that all these lies were orchestrated by the mainstream and alternative media, the realization that one has to act to uncover the real narrative for one’s self, or be left in a state of manipulated confusion and ignorance. Seeing a lie, an enormous lie, starkly exposed is a powerful motivator. Even chumps, especially chumps, hate being lied to.

    So when it comes to the question of what to do about an event like The Sandy Hook Shooting, I think that the answer is to expose the lie in the starkest terms possible, so that it can’t be doubted or equivocated into something less evil. Give it a shape that doesn’t fit down the memory hole. Show how it fits into the larger history of contrived mass shootings like Aurora and Columbine, and even Dunblane and Port Aurthur. Expose the lies as rationally as possible, and you will wake the beast, the beast of middle American anger that hates being lied to. And if the first thing the beast sees when it wakes is rationality and not an ass, perhaps it too will fall in love with that rationality and seek real answers to these real questions.

    1. Well said. If people want to act, that is their right. But the list of similar events over the past 5 decades + seems to point to the fact that action rarely leads to a change in the official stance. Oswald still shot Kennedy. 19 hijackers still did all of that damage on 911.

      In my opinion, you start with your center of influence and spread out from there. Today, 1/3 of Americans think the CIA killed Kennedy. Think about that. People don’t trust the U.S. government, but sometimes it is simply too soon for them to look at a situation rationally.

      1. Kyle Sainz,

        I think Lophatt said it well in a comment below. “Exposure, education…”

        We can all wake up those around us one person at a time. Through venues such as this blog, Youtube, etc., more people can be reached.

        Just because I doubt that TPTB will ever yield their position or admit to their lies, doesn’t mean that more and more people can’t be let in on it. The more people who see the current MSM modus operandi as a farce, the better. Actually, at this point, I would be far more concerned if TPTB did come out and admit a big lie.

        Just for the record, it doesn’t matter to me one way or another if people go to SH or not. People should do whatever they want to do. If nothing else, it gives us something else to observe from several angles. We are watching them watching us watching…you get the point.

    2. Christo, yes, I think that’s what I was trying to say earlier. Not everyone has come to the conclusion that we are dealing with a government that doesn’t work for us. I’m not happy with that conclusion, but I can’t ignore it either.

      We are on our own. Exposure, education, refusing to cooperate are all things that don’t require permission or outside assistance. Some of us have been at this long enough to know that help is not coming. For those who haven’t processed that yet it can be a disheartening thought.

      Whether “the beast” awakes, or simply becomes more astute at spotting manipulation remains to be seen. What is beyond question is that exposure can only help. No one is harmed by coming to know the truth. It may be uncomfortable, but few things worthwhile are easy.

      1. I think the plan is to discover the patterns of deception and out them as soon as possible, in advance if possible. Once people see that these are “plays” meant to manipulate us, they will be less and less potent. The reason why is really immaterial, if no one believes them.

  25. Thank you Patrick Murphy. I’m glad to see you get some time to address these concerns and get things back on track. It was getting a little tense in some of the threads. When I start to drop California patois words like gnarly and stoked, it is often in an attempt to diffuse tempers, call it the Keanu Reeves school of diplomacy I guess. My husband thinks that questioning Sandy Hook is wrong but he recently read Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America by Annie Jacobsen. He got his mind blown by just how much the former Nazi scientists were allowed to continue working in the US after WWII. For me it connected a lot of dots as to why things are the way they are. I truly think the best way for people to understand where we are as a country is to wake up and discover it for themselves. But I love it when brave smart people ask questions. I’m not sure what to do in response to all the propaganda and lies, but I try hard to teach my children values like truthfulness and egalitarianism. Both my kids want to be chefs when they grow up. I have a fine arts degree and am often trying to express in my paintings an emotional response to lies like Sandy Hook. Everyone has to work against this social engineering juggernaut in their own ways and we all have freewill . Memory Hole blog reminds me of the great wide-ranging art discussions I participated in at school. I had a great teacher and I know how powerful it is when people openly discuss ideas. Once again, thank you Dr. Tracy for your thoughtful articles, (that last one was so right on BTW, perfect!) and all the writers and researchers here, who make this place so lively and interesting. Let’s keep it real and civil.

  26. Gimme a break. “Wait”? “Emotional”? I dont even know where to start. You keep on waiting, the rest of us will do actual research and present it while you twiddle your thumbs and get “emotional” about how people are reacting to the event instead of looking at the actual event itself. Which one do you think the perpetrators want more? Have fun running around in circles.

    1. Thanks, Larry. I am not formally trained in philosophy or theology or history, or any of the rest of the things I’m interested in. My degree is in Computer Science, and I don’t use it; the reason I did that is because I’m interested in pretty much everything, and had to finally settle on SOMETHING.

      So I read lots of books, and think (I “wait” a lot), and over time the threads come together in ways that are original–because I don’t care how “experts” do it, and because these ideas I come up with bleed across the lines that separate academic specialties. Categories don’t interest me much, which probably means no one will ever ask me to teach college, no matter how many interesting books I write, but the good news is, I don’t care about that, either. These original ideas may be wrong, of course, but they’re mine, and I don’t mind catching flack from experts who say I’m “doing it wrong.” For me, exploring the world is fun, and that’s why I do it. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Dave McGowan; his story is pretty similar. I’m not alone in any of this.

      Oh, and allow me to compliment YOU, Larry; you, too, are “real,” in a way that displays your feelings about these events, in video, for all to see. It is almost like a diary, sometimes, and it is helpful to the rest of us to know what people like yourself are thinking, and how you feel about it. We can agree with you or not, but enjoy your efforts either way.

      1. Thanx pat. I totally agree with what you said here, especially about the reliance on experts and not our own experience. Its hard to articulate that and you did it quite well in that one paragraph. Im still going to call you out, but i think you and i have alot more in common than i would have thought before. I think it would be productive if we concentrated on those similarities and built on them. What you said about education and your daughter, really hits home and kind of helps me with some stuff ive been mulling over as far as how to talk to my own daughter. Imwill say ive been slipping into negativity lately and im going to work on it. Thanx again

      2. Call me out all you wish, Larry; that’s what we’re here for.

        One great thing about the potential of the internet is that we can have conversations over time. If we allow ourselves to be known, we can make real headway; anonymity is a choice I choose not to make, and never have done, because I think my presence on the internet is just as real as anywhere else. Turn back the clock a hundred years, and cast your mind to London (it’s easy to do; push The Importance of Being Earnest–or Howard’s End, for that matter–to the top of your Netflix queue). You will recall that if you posted a note in the morning to someone else in London, they would receive it before lunch, and you could have their reply hand-delivered before dinner. Until the internet came along, this has sounded like a fantasy to people in our era.

        But we can now do that dozens of times in a day, with people anywhere in the world. Or we can wait, and think, and compose our thoughts, and the conversation, while very slow, can be fantastically enlightening, and over a long time–however long it takes.

        Anonymity, I have learned, means you are not really real to those with whom you are conversing. Although I have never hidden my identity here, everyone pretty much assumes most of us are anonymous. So Mark, for instance, now that he knows who I am, reports that he has a grudging respect for me that he did not have before. You, too, Larry.

        That’s to say, that no matter how well we articulate our thoughts in fora like this, as long as we are just abstract “posters” on a forum, people will “read in” assumptions about who we are. I’m not complaining about that, just observing human behavior.

        So your reply to me is particularly poignant, and I thank you for making it. Certainly, when you disagree with me in the future, you will know that you are not talking to an abstraction, and that’s all to the good.

  27. People are after this story now! A researcher by the name of Jennifer Taylor, found an article about a Sandy Hook program for third and forth graders from 2011. She sent it to Wolf, who posted it on his Sandy Hook Justice page just today. Two of the ‘victims’, Charlotte Bacon and Ben Wheeler are on it, so must have actually been in the forth or fifth grade in 2012.

    Student Volunteers Give Back to the Community
    Sandy Hook school has started a new community service effort for third and fourth graders and their families.
    Posted by Hoa Nguyen, December 17, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    (Submitted by Jennifer Taylor)

    Project Eagle is a new Sandy Hook School community service effort designed for third and fourth graders who want to make a difference in the community. Family and friends also are invited to participate.

    Student volunteers worked with artists at All About Art in Monroe to create four works of art that will brighten the halls of Danbury Hospital.

    Led by Rashi Kumar, the Project Eagle team was comprised of Jamie Davis, Emmi DeSousa, Alison Fernand, Matthew Fernand, JJ Haddick, Michael Haddick, Hannah Jojo, Caroline Malin, Kenny Malin, Kyle Malin, Karl Miller, Brian Pendergast, Amyla Posey, Kaia Posey, Pierce Posey, Regan Posey, Saahil Ray, Shilin Ray, Andrew Sposato, Luke Sposato, Josh Taylor, Nate Taylor, Henry Terifay, Kelly Terifay, Ben Wheeler, Nate Wheeler, and Garrett Wolf.

    Student volunteers also teamed with the the Pole Bridge Trail Development team to help clear the path for a new trail at the Pole Bridge Preserve. Led by Rashi Kumar, the Project Eagle team was Crissy Berke, Ella Berke, Alison Fernand, Matthew Fernand, Daniel Jaeger, Karl Miller, and Shilin Ray.

    A third project was to fill shoe boxes with small items, such as toys, books, home/school supplies, for Operation Christmas Child to help brighten a child’s holiday. Led by JoAnn Bacon, the Project Eagle team was Charlotte Bacon, Guy Bacon, Kieran Coffey, Rowan Coffey, Mathew DeMott, Sean DeMott, Saahil Ray, Shilin Ray, and Garrett Wolf.

    1. I wonder what Ben wheeler’s parents will have to say about this, and Charlotte Bacon’s, two of the families who were prominent in sharing with us the events as they happened and continued afterwards..

    2. Sandy I must ask. Is the article an internet article or can it be found in hard copy in black and white, unclipped from it’s original publication? I am skeptical of anything concerning SHES unless it is uncompromised and exactly where it belongs. That means the article should be in close proximity to ads for year end sales for the 2011 Toyota Corolla at your local dealership, etc.

      I strongly believe that the closing of SHES exists in an intact newspaper and it is out there. This should be light years easier to find than a 1909 s VDB Lincoln cent in uncirculated condition.

      1. John,

        There’s a pdf file you can download off Wolf’s Sandy Hook site. It is a genuine school newsletter. Find it in the comments.

        Not sure if it proves anything because the reported school projects contain multiple members of the same family. And guests were allowed to participate.

        However, there are lots of names and email addresses of parental volunteers and educators. New names. I wonder what the world-class researchers here will do with such a list?

        Thanks to Sandy for the heads-up. There is a lot of activity going on. People are active and roiling their positions in this matter. Heated, for sure.

    1. Surfing is fun IMO, and does not qualify as doing nothing. And there is that mystical quality to it that is pretty great.True it does nothing to help figure out if the school was operational or Robbie Parker’s true identity.

  28. Here’s something interesting I ran across. My apologies if this has been discussed in the past, but it is a new detail to me.


    According to the above linked Sydney Morning Herald article from a day after the event:

    “Hampered by a gunshot wound in the leg, the vice-principal Anthony Salvatore crawled back inside the school office, frantically urging colleagues to phone 911.”


    Here’s a link from November of 2012 indicating that Dr. Salvatore was at the Middle School by this time – not SHE.


    So how did he manage to get himself shot in the leg at SHE as their vice-principal, while simultaneously being the Assistant Principal at the Middle School? I admit that it isn’t as confounding as Dawn Hochsprung’s posthumous interview, but it is a head scratcher. More fog of war reporting?

    Here’s another article about what Dr. Salvatore was doing immediately after the event (worth a read, imo):


    And here’s a story about his pet project being funded by donations following the event. He wonders aloud if this might have been prevented had his plans been implemented sooner (seriously):


    Like I said, sorry if this has been discussed ad nauseum and I missed it. Figure it would be new info to many like it was for me. Interesting guy.

    1. Maestro, I don’t recall these ever coming up. I certainly never heard anything about him being wounded. Was that in the report?

      He sounds like the “man for the job”. All that talk of “global societies” and such. Another A-21 Change Agent.

      He mentioned his program of “K-4” for elementary school. I’ve never heard of that before this event. Depending on the source the population of the school varied wildly. I usually use the lowest number I’ve heard, about 400. That’s still a lot of kids, especially if he’s saying it only went to the fourth grade.

      I suppose that means the “middle school” gets the fifth graders? He is reportedly at the middle school. These little “human interest” stories seem to crop up continually.

      I know I can’t answer your questions. “How did he get shot in the leg?”.
      How would they NOT have interviewed him? According to the story he’s a hero for shouting “call 9-11”. His story about wondering what was in “Adam’s” head and having conversations……, fits the mold completely. Group think, psychological intervention, global society,

      Yesiree, if everyone stops resisting and just becomes absorbed by the Entity, there will be no more shootings. Happy, smiling global citizens all.

      1. If it’s in the report, I’m unaware. I was digging last night, came across his name and followed the trail.

        I found another link, which I didn’t post, that said he recently retired from (or at least left) the Middle School. Wonder what he’s up to now?

        By the way, someone who knows how may want to archive that Sydney Morning Herald article. I was sort of shocked to find that unaltered. Those are exactly the type of details that usually seem go down the memory hole.

      2. Maestro, as far as I know I saved it. That’s a lesson I should have learned from “The 9-11 Movie”. Much that appeared in the first days disappeared later.

        The report mentioned “wounded”, but not him. Of course “the report” isn’t worth the paper (or memory bytes), it’s written on. We’ve gone over all this. Just imagine having an assignment at work, working on it for a year, and turning in a product that looks like that.

        Just imagine having a story about you being wounded end up in an Australian paper and the local “press” doesn’t even interview you. Good catch. The lying continues unabated.

  29. Marzi
    Can’t imagine what it would be like to live in Boston and being aware of the fraud, really hope all those enlightened leave those cities already taken over by the police state. We left NY and their high taxes and terrible weather, while it was sad to leave family and good friends, hoping someday, they might all awaken. Life is much easier in the southern states, and of course you need your guns, most folks in this small town in SC are sick and tired of the government over reach.

    SH has so many flaws, it should be easier to expose, in a short time. JFK and 911 have been exposed, but so much time has elapsed, Americans have become so blasé, ok now we know the alphabet soup government agencies did it, that is just how they roll.

    BMB had a higher budget than SH and showed blood and guts that the
    SH truthers were questioning why there was none. Problem is most folks do not want to see blood and guts, and turned the other way when shown. They did not see the fakery with the bloodless dangling artery and more, and in fact did not notice that blood and guts are not allowed to be displayed in the media, lest the distraught family members will sue you for the further pain & suffering it caused.

    As the whole bogus BMB event transpired, I was flipping out as the FBI said they had video of the brothers placing the bombs and never showed it. My loving husband assured me he saw that nonexistent video, understand he does not want his usually calm partner upset.

    So how does the saying go, clip the low lying fruit first, expose those lowlifes and reveal the whole dam tree needs to be taking down.

  30. Excellent catch there Maestro. It seems that the Sidney Morning Herald never got the update that Antony Salvatore had been transformed into Natalie Hammond in the ever evolving narrative back here in the States. There must be a lot of internet cable between here and Australia. She is the only teacher said to have been wounded, also in the leg. Some fact checker must have realized that he couldn’t have been in two places at once.

    1. Christo,

      It sort of blew my mind because I’ve followed this story pretty closely and never remember hearing this. Looking into Dr. Salvatore’s background was equally enlightening.

      It continues to amaze how many details surrounding this event simply don’t add up. Or in some ways add up too well.

      1. Maestro, from the little we can glean about him he seems a perfect match. “Global society”, psychobabble, perfect candidate to “rent a barn and put on a play”. Probably enabled him to quit the administrator biz and concentrate full time on ruining young minds, globally.

      2. About Antony Salvatore, in the beginning, a story circulated about a male teacher who I think was named Tony, who was said to have escaped out of a window of a classroom, and then went on to perform some minor bit of heroics…but he was never interviewed and the story died. I don’t recall him being mentioned since. I will have to find that info, we had pictures of him with his class.

      3. Susan A, I remember reading one of those “puff pieces” about a YOUNG male teacher who escaped out a window. I don’t remember if his name was Tony. I remember that he liked to dress formally with a tie and they said people kidded him about it.

        The story was that he and some kids made it out a window. It had a picture of him (dressed in a yellow tie). The story said that Hochsprung had just had her morning meeting and she had remarked on his tie.

        After that piece I never saw it mentioned again. Now our Dr. Salvatore is quite a bit older. Personally, I don’t waste too much time trying to figure out how they get these things so screwed up. I think its deliberate. They just throw junk out there.

        When you try to shoehorn these bits into the main narrative, they simply don’t fit. I too thought of the WTC 7 report on BBC when Maestro drew attention to this. They have the initial releases all “in the can” and ready to go when they do one of these.

        We’ve said before that the purpose is gaging belief. It may also be to measure disbelief. How can they measure how well the psyop work has taken if they don’t throw nonsense out there and see what happens?

        It’s all one big magical show. There are those who think it “real” and those who know better.

  31. The Boston Globe, reports a weird accident early Sunday morning in which a bus is said to dangle over the turnpike. Lots of parked emergency vehicles shown around it, and eight injuries reported.

    Funny little thing happened the Saturday evening before (still light – around 5:30) which I happened to witness. I’m buying some tomato plants (’tis the season) across the Charles River at the Home Depot in Watertown, and I see a huge Army helicopter like a troop transport or something fly overhead. I go on with my purchases but kind of wonder what VIP is in town (lots of graduations).

    Then we drive home but there is a situation at a big rotary over the Mass pike. Looking down at people trying to use the off-ramp, they are backed up for miles. I see some flashing police lights in front of the Crown Plaza hotel on the rotary over the Massachusetts Turnpike at the Newton exit. We figure this nasty little rotary has had an accident and feel worried that it was a bad one, with all the cops, etc. But no news about it later.

    Oddly, that is the very scene of the alleged bus accident the next morning, which is photographed at a time when there is no traffic whatsoever.

    One can make of this what one will. The spot is kind of a unique one, and one must remember that compared with sunbelt sprawl, Boston and its environs is horse-and-buggy small, traversable on foot from the center of Boston to the ring-road around it in a day or less. So all the stuff that happens catches people up in it. The bus crash story apparently is having a district attorney looking to lay charges on a driver. What’s that all about? Eight injured? How many amputations?

    I don’t know why I am not simply dismissing this as a coincidence, as one might. But it was in exactly the same area, and there were lots of emergency vehicles both times. I don’t need more trouble to think about, but there you are. You see something, say something.

    1. It might help to put dates to this: Accident of bus alleged to have occurred 8 AM Sunday, May 18, 2014. My personal view of emergency vehicles in same area 5:30-6PM, approx. (daylight) Saturday, May 17.

      1. The article says eight injured, seven of which sustained non-life threatening injuries. So what about the eighth? The accident certainly didn’t look life threatening. The best news is that the morning commute won’t be disrupted? Where do they find these human vegetables that report the news? Not to make light of the Boston morning commute, it is as crazy as any city I have been in. And what about that witness? Good thing they didn’t use the non English speaking sister, a brilliant synopsis. That was the best witness they could find? What is with all these bus wrecks?

    2. This site I found over the weekend has a great deal of bus incidents documented (school buses), as well as school gun incidents: http://truthernews.wordpress.com/
      I never remember hearing about so many before. My husband calls it “empty house”, by which he means everything is chaotic because no one is taking responsibility for anything. I just have that feeling I get when things are off and lies are being told, I will try to document this more because feelings are not facts, and therefore not helpful…But man, there is lots of strangeness about. Sometimes I think the Sandy Hook incident is unraveling and other times I think how could it possibly because it would lead to so many crimes and so many ramifications…

      1. As I have said before, the levels of deception most likely run so deep that no one could even guess the outcome. If Sandy Hook does unravel, the storyline has already been decided by the architects of the future hell on earth they have planned for us. This post western insanity we live in(New Civ as Patrick calls it in his book) in my opinion is an interim state for the purpose of housing all of these insane events(911, BMB, Sandy Hook to name a few). Eventually the “unraveling” will most likely snowball from one event to another and we will win, or at least think we have won. Thus setting ourselves up for the big correction in government, finance, and “equality” that most will be screaming for. Americans are still the biggest obstacle to the new world order, no matter how asleep they may be. They will have to jump in willingly.

  32. ‘What Connecticut has going on, in other words, is very old, and very evil, and Sandy Hook is just the surface. Scratching it reveals terrible, dark, powerful forces–just a little.’

    I have never commented on this site before, however; it seems to me that the above writer is attempting to suggest the non-rational and non-logical nature of the ‘false flag’.

    It is obvious that the forces behind SH want The People to realise that they are being lied to.

    It is obvious that the performances of actors involved are designed to raise suspicions. (As with that peculiar giggling Coroner.)

    It is obvious that contradictory stories promulgated by the American State-Media Complex contradict each other.

    So, for example…..

    Kyle Sainz says:
    May 16, 2014 at 1:21 pm
    I think SH is a more popular topic because the official story has more holes and we all I assume believe it is the one false flag that is so blatantly obvious, it might just be able to come ‘crashing down on their heads later’.

    ….is unfortunately wrong.

    There simply is no weight of ‘moral power’ exerting any downward pressure, that could cause such a ‘crashing down’.

    The objective of the SH operation is spiritual. It is an attempt to determine the depths of moral complicity that Americans will descend to. Or not descend to.

    Rather like the fabled Nigerian internet scams; you need to be very greedy to be conned. well, you have to be prepared to accept ANYTHING that the TV says to believe the SH narrative.

    No amount of ‘evidence of deception’ will save those who choose to ‘accept’ the lies as the State Media Complex did not present any ‘evidence’ for it’s story in the first place. No blood. No bodies. No postmort….well you all know.

    Thus, the SH project is most easily understood as an (Evil) occult exercise in power manipulation of the complicit masses. A preparation that can be rejected by the morally aware.

    For example: why not simply trigger (another) real mass slaughter of children; if the object is to remove your American’s means of self defence?

    Why not digitise blood stains etc etc?

    Why allow the data regarding property sales & lottery ‘wins’ to remain public?

    What purpose is served by leaving so much evidence to be revealed?

    So that the evidence IS revealed and we then reveal ourselves by our complicit acceptance of bizarre lies…..or not.

    John Richardson

    1. John Richardson,
      I agree with your comments. The people who commit these false flags have a common purpose and a strong belief in something that most people don’t really believe in anymore. I think humanity has been tricked into only believing what the five senses can pick up. After all, to believe in more would not be rational or logical according to the dupes this cabal promotes.

      Your comments express exactly why I become suspicious of anyone who claims their body of evidence is going to blow something wide open. It already is wide open, and nothing happened. I think that anyone who even visits this blog has exposed themselves to grave danger. We have revealed our inability to accept the bizarre lies as you say. Nonetheless I still look forward to all the great information people post here. The fact that you all have destroyed the official story and the MSM still ignores it reinforces my own personal beliefs.

      1. Thanks for the response.

        ‘The people who commit these false flags have a common purpose and a strong belief in something that most people don’t really believe in anymore.’

        Yes, indeed.
        This probably explains the appearance of ‘dead’ children at American’s biggest (neo-pagan) festival; the Superbowl.
        You want ‘evidence’?
        The children are over there!
        Singing their hearts out in front of millions!

        The false flags, further; have the effect of stripping away any Christian delusions about the great mass of our fellow men & women.
        Invade a country & slaughter it’s people?
        No problem.
        Conive in pretending you do not know evil is in High Office?
        Look the other way while the elderly & infirm are ‘removed’ from Hospital waiting lists (with real sadistic crueltyhere in England)?
        Act shocked when the evil men who run the children’s homes and Social Services are exposed after their deaths?
        Yes indeed, anything for a quiet life………

        Regards Rich.

      2. I am so glad that you chose to finally comment here, John. You clearly understand the context we are living in, and your contribution is welcome. (Incidentally, you could have added that the BBC has been chock full of paedophiles for decades, all protected from exposure.)

        Rich, you are quite right when you say “anyone who claims their body of evidence is going to blow something wide open. It already is wide open, and nothing happened.”

        Gary North recently wrote an article saying much the same thing (http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/05/gary-north/the-mob-is-sickening%E2%80%A8/). A sample:

        “It has been a year since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA.

        “I appreciate what Snowden did. His decision to leak the stolen documents has done the conservative movement an enormous favor. It has blown to smithereens the greatest single myth of conservatism: “If the American people knew about this, there would be an uprising.” No, there wouldn’t….I have heard variants of these arguments for 50 years. Conservatives don’t learn. They think that by exposing the Bad Guys, they will defeat the Bad Guys. They’re wrong.

        “Snowden has proven, as no one in my era has better proved, that exposure of the Bad Guys in government has no negative effect on them.”

        Read it all.

      3. patrickchatsamiably says:
        May 20, 2014 at 6:45 am

        ‘(Incidentally, you could have added that the BBC has been chock full of paedophiles for decades, all protected from exposure.)’

        Thanks for your kind words Mr Murphy.
        As regards the BBC….they are truly reflective of the current state of most Western Government institutions.

        Perhaps it’s the Elementary (Primary over here) Teacher in me that regards stealing prizes from small children as wicked.
        What swine? What parasites as those who view any television show in the UK pay them a fee? Not me. No television.
        Still the BBC pose as moral arbitrators…and in a desiccated secular society;perhaps they are?

        The child rapists at the BBC?
        Not strange that only the dead ones are exposed.
        Jimmy Saville WAS Mr BBC for years.
        An outrageous pervert who hardly attempted to cover his tracks.
        For example, he even attacked children in their hospital beds when on official visits.
        Everyone knew; nurses would tell children to pretend to be asleep.
        He was always at No.10 for Christmas dinner as an honored guest.
        His brother said in a radio interview;’I was shouting the truth from the rooftops for twenty years!’
        Close friend of Royalty, especially Prince Charles….yet none of the testimony or evidence or near confessions on his part made any difference.
        Another was Rolf Harris. Always on children’s tv shows. Painted the Queen. Every ‘Honor’ you can imagine.
        In 1997 a friend at the time told me this.
        He explained criminal contacts of his in London had tried to blackmail Harris over his attacks on children.
        Harris had faced them down. He told them; ‘Do what you like. Tell whoever you want. But wherever you go on Earth you will be dead within days and no-one in the media will touch it.’
        So they backed off.
        That’s the story I was told and now it seems less fanciful. My friend at the time was not ‘a man of character’ and, as I say; inclined to crime.
        However, he took all this VERY seriously and the manner in which he told the story impressed me.

        What a terrible revelation, the truth about our current situation is.

        kind regards

    2. Are you guys (Patrick, John and Rich) resigned about the evil behind the things we see on the surface of news events? I certainly hope not. These are great ideas you are discussing. When you talk about the occult pedophile PTB, I’m flashing back to this great review I read of the HBO series TrueDetective.http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/deeper-meaning-true-detective-season-one/
      Its a good read if you have time, about two detectives investigating a series of ritual satanic murders in Louisiana. When I check in with my gut, and say is it possible evil forces rule this earth, why is there a part of me that knows that we are more powerful? I guess this is faith. I guess I really believe there is something much more powerful than evil.

      I also think of Hannah Arendt’s book, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. Reporting on the trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann. “Arendt’s book introduced the expression and concept “the banality of evil”.[Quoting Wikipedia 1] Her thesis is that Eichmann was not a fanatic or sociopath, but an extremely stupid person who relied on cliché rather than thinking for himself and was motivated by professional promotion rather than ideology. Banality, in this sense, is not that Eichmann’s actions were ordinary, or that there is a potential Eichmann in all of us, but that his actions were motivated by a sort of stupidity which was wholly unexceptional.[2]” That’s what I see at Sandy Hook, I see greed, stupidity and the desire to advance careers, not so much evil. I know the evil is there hidden, pulling strings, making things happen I get overwhelmed by it and scared.

      But I go back to my reading…” But they have everything. They have the organization and the control and the communication and the army and the police and the secret police. They have the big machines. They have the law and drugs and jails and courts and judges and prisons. They are so huge. We are so small.”
      Dinosaurs. Cast-iron dinosaurs. They ain’t got a fu%^ing chance against us……Bonnie do you think we’re alone? I’ll bet right this very minute there’s guys out in the dark doing the same kind of work we’re doing. All over the country, little bunches of guys in twos and threes fighting back” Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang. Find a way, fight back, remain committed to non-violent resistance, point out lies wherever you find them, don’t wait.

      1. Calimom says:
        May 20, 2014 at 12:43 pm

        ‘Are you guys (Patrick, John and Rich) resigned about the evil behind the things we see on the surface of news events?’

        Speaking for myself of course…..
        A great question and one probably demanded by the tenor of my post.
        I am a religious Christian (and sinner….).
        Evil cannot win and it knows it.
        To despair is a sin in itself.
        We cannot ‘give up’ as that would mean that we desert the innocent, those as yet uncorrupted and uninfected by The world.
        Worse, we would delight the diabolic Evil that exists both independent of, and deep within the hearts of those who serve the system.*

        I certainly hope not. These are great ideas you are discussing. When you talk about the occult pedophile PTB, I’m flashing back to this great review I read of the HBO series TrueDetective.http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/deeper-meaning-true-detective-season-one/
        Its a good read if you have time, about two detectives investigating a series of ritual satanic murders in Louisiana. When I check in with my gut, and say is it possible evil forces rule this earth, why is there a part of me that knows that we are more powerful? I guess this is faith. I guess I really believe there is something much more powerful than evil.

        Any system that functions as a vehicle for evil. Bolshevism, Nazism, Global Corporatism all fit the bill. Probably missed a few but this isn’t a list……

        ……right….sorry…just took a long phone call 7 now I must eat but I’ll hit enter & return later……….

        Cheers, JR

      2. I appreciate the depth of your thought here, Cali, and your wish to get to the bottom of it all.

        I go to the vigilant citizen site every morning, hoping for something new, even though he only posts something new every week or so–so I saw that article right away, and think everyone should read it. It is long, but incredibly valuable–and truer than anyone might want to believe. (I also always find my way to the bottom of each new post, and sometimes notice a link to an old article I have not read before, which is always valuable.)

        Ah. Resignation to the state of things. To cave or not to cave: the knowledgeable observer’s dilemma.

        You say, by way of a pause, “I know the evil is there hidden, pulling strings, making things happen I get overwhelmed by it and scared.” I say: this is not a bad instinct to have. Conditions are indeed scary.

        What you are asking is a question far too large to answer here. Still, I will say some small thing which will hopeful be of help.

        I can only speak for myself, of course. I believe the Bible describes the future history of the world, so in that sense I am resigned to our collective fate in the long term. But at the same time I believe that our individual actions are efficacious. I don’t stop studying, ever (just as you, as well, do not do–I can tell). I am always endeavoring to come to a more accurate understanding of the world I live in–because there is always a good chance a new insight will be of service in improving the world I live in. Additionally, I love to interact with people who disagree with me–because I hate being wrong, and long to learn where I am wrong, which only opponents can reveal to me.

        That is to say, I believe that although there is an arc of long-term history that is inevitable, within our micro-environment, our actions are really REAL, and can be incredibly powerful; individuals can bend the gravitational pull of history. Any of us can do that.

        If you read the biography of Steve Jobs, for instance, you learned one of the most astonishing facts I know of in contemporary history. He sort-of dropped out of college–one of the most expensive schools in the world, incidentally, which his middle-class parents were willing to pay for but could by no means afford. He decided to stick around, crashing in his pals’ pads for a year or so while auditing courses that struck his fancy–classes he’d never have taken if he cared about gaining academic credit. One of those happened to be a specialty of the school–calligraphy. Because of that semester, he became obsessed with fonts, and even more, the spaces between written characters: what the eye ball doesn’t even know it perceives.

        Because of that hare-brained youthful behavior, years down the road, when he was designing the Macintosh version of his personal computer line, he insisted that the machine accommodate a vast selection of fonts. And because Windows was nothing but a Mac rip-off, Microsoft had no choice but to offer the same range of options. Thus, everyone in the whole world was gifted with the opportunity to bless the world with beauty, every minute of every day–and it never would have happened if one moronic youth had simply stayed in college like every kid is expected to do.

        Think about that.

        Steve was certain that if it was not for that class he took for no credit, having sort-of dropped out of that boutique college, personal computers would never have cared a rip about beauty.

        I believe that’s true.

        Was Steve Jobs a good man? No.

        Did he bless the world as powerfully as anyone else we know about, or even can imagine? Yes.

        We can act. Our actions can be incredibly potent. They may powerfully bend the arc of history, even if they can’t change its direction–but think about all the individual lives that are sheltered inside that bent arc, whose opportunities would not otherwise have existed.

        I hope that helps answer your question, a little, from my perspective.

      3. Rereading this, Cali, I want to make certain I was understood when I said “I don’t stop studying, ever (just as you, as well, do not do–I can tell)”: I was saying that I can tell that you never stop studying, just like me. It is so easy in blog conversations to not be careful enough in the was we state things, especially when we’re in a rush.

      4. Thanks for the link to that review Calimom.

        I’ve just read it and I have several immediate response.
        First, to mention Ted Gunderrson (may God Rest His Soul).I presume both yourself and Patrick will be aware of his ‘Youtube’ presentation ‘Satanism and The CIA’?

        Now, I understand why you suggested I read this particular review. As P. Murphy writes below, it’s relevance and import is; ‘…truer than anyone might want to believe.’

        I do not know if any electronic communication is ‘appropriate’ when discussing this phenomena of organised, powerful self conscious Evil in the world.
        Not because of any limitations in the technicalities of our exchange. Yes, it is challenging to approach such complex issues with these short missives. However, I found P. Murphy’s below effort both enlightening and optimistic. It can be done as he demonstrates.

        The real tricky issue regarding this topic is this. From my own direct personal experience of life, there exists the direct certainty that the issues we are discussing are NOT simply attempts (on our part as ‘Conspiracy Observers’) to extract meaning from a confusing and frightening world.
        Are we ‘onto something?’ Maybe, maybe not. Who knows for sure?’
        No. That is not what’s going on.
        Instead, I know with certainty these extreme possibilities, by which I mean even the most extreme possibilities adumbrated by our exchange; are in fact the true form and substance of the world in which we live. The actual power structure of contemporary human society; certainly in the Anglo-American realm. I cannot guess at the rest of this planet.

        I stumbled backward from this/my dark ‘revelation’ (commencing October ’97 9:08am) and only then gradually over time found these notions of ‘the collective unconscious’ or of ‘trigger physical architecture’ or of ‘supressed memories’ or all of the rest of the ‘secondary’ or ‘circumstantial’ evidence that our world is politically ruled, now, by people with personal intimate communion with intelligent and Evil non-human entities. I know, you see.

        Now the tricky element. Time and again, over the years, my experience is identical. Whenever, and it is rare, whenever this subject is discussed by me the conversation is interrupted. Sometimes by serious illness (my own) sudden and deliberating. Sometimes by curious coincidence or happenstance but always the same. Always.
        Though on Earth we do have the protection of the Holy Spirit we also have the knowledge that the Almighty will reveal to us exactly what it is that we need to see.
        Most of us certainly ‘cannot handle the truth’. I do not want to ‘know’ much more any more than I want to see the micro-scopic creatures I know live under my nails.

        ‘They’ do these things because THEY WORK.

        This is a question. Our flesh cloaks the bones and sinews and pumping heart within our bodies. Stripped of this flesh we would see the ‘truth’. The reality. We would see ‘our true selves’. We would recoil. We would hate ourselves and be afraid.

        Do you want the ‘hypocritical deceptive’ flesh removed? Why.

        I wish I had a gun to shoot down the bad guys behind SH.
        I’ll follow the story all my life.
        But the answer was always in courage and prayer we should never turn away.
        Anything else and we better be darn sure of ourselves.
        Thanks again for the review.

        God bless.

      5. ‘….why is there a part of me that knows that we are more powerful? I guess this is faith.’

        Amen to that.
        I can’t tell you anything Calimom.
        I look forward to reading your comments in future.


      6. Cali, I read the article. As to the fallen state of this world:
        Resigned, yeah, pretty much. Hopeless, I don’t want to be. The drive to see it through to the end, now that is a gift from my Creator. I can’t give up, I have too many wrongs to right in my life before I go.

        Nonetheless, we cannot un-know what we know. And thus knowing, will we be held to a higher accountability? In this life? Maybe. In the next? I know I will be. Not an entirely original thought, but one I have known to be true for a long time, and was recently reminded of.

  33. The more I think about that Sydney Morning Herald article, the more it seems like a very good piece of hard evidence that the SHS event had to be scripted long before it happened. How else did this newspaper in Australia get the name of the former vice principal of the Sandy Hook School? How could it be that the only newspaper that got it wrong was in Australia? I couldn’t find any other reference online to Antony Salvatore being involved in the shooting except in this one article in the SMH.

    Salvatore seems to have changed jobs in June or July and moved to the middle school. Did he get cold feet at the thought of having to lie to the press about being wounded in a fake shooting? Had the press release about the shooting already already gone out to english speaking newspapers in Australia by July? I can’t think of any other explanation for how they got his name when it wasn’t in any other account of the shooting that I can find in the American media. It reminds me a little of the BBC reporting on the collapse of building 7 before it happened.

    1. Yes. It’s a bizarre detail to get wrong. At first glance, It isn’t quite as strange as the Newtown Bee interviewing Dawn Hochsprung after her death, but in some ways it may be more strange.

      With Dawn Hochsprung, the argument could be made that the reporter thought he/she was talking to the Principal, but was mistaken. I don’t buy it, but I understand the argument.

      This Tony Salvatore story is a very specific account of an act of heroism. Certainly one that you would expect to be covered to an extreme by the main stream media. But the story disappeared.

      Let’s suppose that an Australian reporter heard about this act of heroism by someone at the school named Tony. He researched, found a newsletter from the previous school year, and found the name Tony Salvatore. The reporter runs with it.

      Again, this is being extremely loose with any kind of journalistic principles. However, if you run with this flimsy excuse, you still have to ask the question…what happened to the story? Where’s this hero Tony, if it wasn’t Dr. Salvatore?

      Also, based on post event interviews, Anthony Salvatore certainly seems to be a player in these events. I agree that it isn’t much of a logical leap to suppose that “Hero Tony Salvatore” was part of an early script that didn’t pan out. Right there with the kindergarten teacher mom, and original killer Ryan Lanza.

      Biggest difference is that the mom is dead and Ryan is dead silent, wherever he may be. Dr. Salvatore has had a lot to say.

  34. While the scattering of factual inconsistencies throughout the news coverage of this event was clearly deliberate, I don’t see the Tony Salvatore gaff as one of these.

    Pulling off an operation the size of the Sandy Hook shooting required a great deal of thought and planning on someone’s part. There are bound to be loose ends and details overlooked. Planting information early on that is obviously false helps create a fog of confusion which discourages us from paying attention to any one glaring anomaly. This helps cover real problems in the narrative which the planners might have overlooked and gives the whole a chaotic realism.

    However, all anomalies are not created equal, and real anomalies are not created at all, but happen by accident. These stand out. Robbie Parker’s on camera chuckle was one. Coroner Carver’s “crashing down on their heads ” comment was another. Also real was Sgt. Vance’s confusion at the question of biohazard clean up. The absence of fire alarms in a ‘gun smoke filled’ school is yet another, as is the impossible coincidence of multiple lottery winners among the ‘bereaved’ parents.

    I see the Tony Salvatore heroism story as one of the latter, an unplanned and incriminating anomaly. Yes it is true, as Maestro points out for the sake of argument, that the SMH might have innocently confused some other Tony with Mr. Salvatore by finding his name in an old newsletter, but in fact the most readily obtained index of school staff members is found at the Sandy Hook school website, which would not have listed Antony Salvatore as vice principal on 12-14-2012. And as Maestro also points out, what happened to the other Tony? The fact that Salvatore’s replacement, Natalie Hammond, was shot in the foot instead as per the original script, clinches it.

    1. Christo,

      We’re in agreement. I simply try to play devil’s advocate to see if there’s anyway to make the “facts” fit as presented. Consistently, with this event, there is not.

  35. Déjà vu
    The newest victim here resembles a younger version of Gabby Giffords.

    “Thank you all for coming and for showing support for me and my family. Stay strong.”

    (Boston Strong – Newtown Strong)

    “Cassidy said she drew strength from the Harry Potter series of books and films. In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Dumbledore says: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

    (This was repeated many times in the Sandy Hook aftermath and others – about coming out of the dark and into the light. It was discussed at MHB).

    A young girl like that does not utter such slogans unless she is put up to it. It is a message. She is shot in the head and then calls her other relatives to warn them off that he coming for them too. Then we have victory parades and a fundraiser site set up one day after the event.



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