By Sofia Smallstorm & Pure Momentum Network

In this interview, Sofia Smallstorm speaks with former school administrator Paul Preston about his life as an educator and his analysis of the Sandy Hook school shooting.  Mr. Preston spent 41 years in the California public school system, going all the way from custodian to district superintendent.  He was a teacher, coach, vice-principal and principal before retiring in 2012 as superintendent of two charter schools. 

Preston is also highly trained in school safety issues, having organized drills of many kinds, including active-shooter drills.  His website is, which he created to alert listeners to the real nature of the United Nations Agenda 21 programs for global sustainability.

Hour 1 covers the aspects of the shooting that led Paul to conclude that Sandy Hook was none other than a staged drill – and sloppy, at that. (See also the March 2, 2014 interview conducted with Sofia by American Free Press‘s Dave Gahary that covers similar ground.)

Hour 2 (available via subscription at Pure Momentum Network) gets into the “Potemkin village” aspects of Newtown as a model/platform for implementation and demonstration of Agenda 21 societal control.

“For those of us who have been in the field of education and have been a part of the lives of the children we have touched, it’s an honor hard to describe,” Preston remarks. 

When children are threatened or harmed and you, as a professional, are responsible for their safety, the world changes.  You become a different person.  For the rest of your life, a new sense is there that screams from an inner instinct of protection.  When I saw the events of Sandy Hook unfold, that instinct was instantly triggered, yet the story that was being portrayed did not add up.  I must pause at this point to let you know where I come from on school issues.  I served 41 years in public schools in California working from custodian to superintendent.  I was a teacher, coach, vice principal , principal and superintendent.  As an administrator, I have seen the best and worst of humanity. I have been involved in a range of school safety issues from shootings, drugs and gangs to child sex-trafficking, and much more. I have advised and been an expert witness in court on gangs and drugs.  I have organized and conducted numerous school drills (e.g., active-shooter, earthquakes) in Northern and Southern California.  I was even questioned by detectives investigating the Columbine shooting on the subject of the Trench Coat Mafia and Neo-Nazi hate groups. So when I watched the news footage of what occurred on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, using my own keen eye developed from 41 years of witnessing actual tragedies and staged exercises in schools, I knew immediately that Sandy Hook was not a real event.”

About Your Host

Sofia Smallstorm began her journey into the momentum of Waking Up and Seeing with 9/11.  While digging into that subject, she discovered artificial clouds and chemtrails, and from this was inspired to recognize the presence of a synthetic biology agenda in the activities around us.

Her “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life” talks (Part 1 and Part 2) take us from synthetic biology to radiation biology, the territory of our current addiction to wireless communication.  Her 2013 talk “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions” is a different view on the use of staged events to shape society as they move us all into a post-human world.

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  1. Do you think they are going to keep this drill under wraps for all of eternity? what would the implications be if it all came out, well its out now but officials still stick to the story, Its so ‘ in your face” now with people in the know… MSM need to ”out” this, but I can’t see any way that will happen. Paul Preston had some very interesting points. Thankyou for this, just reinforces what I have thought all along. I can’t get over it!

    1. If Sandy Hook Blows(I pray) it could start a revolution. OKC, 911, SHS and Boston just to mention the few flase flags our elected ones have let fall on us. I talked to a person and he said if SHE blows we may have a huge problem. Let the chips fall where they they will as we watch 30 year veterans of the House and Senate SQUIRM

    2. Poppy, my guess is “yes”, they will NEVER admit to anything. Whether anyone agrees or not, things are not as most seem to think they are.

      There has been a lot of criticism directed at being critical of those who want to be “leaders” of the “opposition”, etc.. This is understandable if one believes that things are essentially as advertised. In other words, “if we just got the information out there the ‘authorities’ will rush in and take care of this problem”.

      Listening to the gentleman being interviewed by Smallstorm it is apparent to me that he probably believes that he inhabits a much scarier world in school settings than it used to be. Just like cops are busy filling people full of holes at the drop of a hat because “it’s dangerous out there”.

      We have spent a lot of time in various ways discussing why we seem to see so many “shooters” and such these days. Could it be because that is all in the script? Or do you believe that there are “terrorists” lurking around every corner because they hate us for our freedom?

      Whether you regard this as terribly complex or really quite simple, it is all a form of manipulation. I’m sure that Mr. Preston is well meaning and works hard to do his part to counter this imagined threat. I’m equally certain that if the manipulators were gone there would be no threat.

      So, they use their expertise to stage events that lead to less freedom and more “security”. It is simply a way to get the eaters to feel good about paying for their enslavement. None of this is “natural”.

      So, my point is that I (and some others) are less likely to be impressed by “experts” at security or superficial politics than others. I would be much more impressed by someone saying “I’ve spent forty years being involved with a myth”, than I would someone saying “I am at the tip of the spear in the great fight against……(you fill in the blank).

      So, do I think we need more security, more cops, more legislation, more drills, more alphabet soup spy agencies, more repression? No, I do not. If our schools are being attacked at a regular pace you can rest assured it isn’t by “lone nut shooters”. It is because the script calls for that.

      Whatever the solution to that may be it certainly does not involve playing along and acting like it’s real. It doesn’t involve going to the perpetrators and asking them to fix it. It doesn’t involve more repressive legislation, and they certainly are not going to admit that they are behind these productions.

  2. This introduction of Mr. Preston sounds exactly like how Wolfgang was brought to us. Huge background in education, school safety, ran a school for troubled kids, and, like Wolf, was contacted by authorities investigating Columbine.

    It is stated Mr. Preston retired as superintendent of 2 charter schools in 2012 – this link shows that he shut down one of his schools in 2011 after many allegations were lobbed at it re: not paying teachers, inflating student enrollment numbers, etc. Mr. Preston does respond to some of the posts and the allegations made. I won’t presume to know the facts surrounding this – but it personally doesn’t sit well with me.

    The fact that this charter school chose a bookless environment and instead passed out I-pads is as Orwellian as it gets. I don’t care about technology, when the books go so does history.

    1. Good find iseelies! Okay, either Wolfgang CAN spell and does have command of the English language, well at least as of October, 2012, he has schizophrenia/multiple personalities.or he’s a fraud. His response on TIME was as eloquent and articulate as you can get. Now he’s playing the bumbling idiot. Are you saying WH lifted this response from another writer?

    2. Not so sure whether Mr. Preston is vying for the limelight. After all, he has interviewed Halbig on his program and did not pursue this interview featured here. And while I am equally skeptical of a majority of today’s schooling practices and the techno fetishes of some educators, it looks to me as if Preston ably addressed the concerns of his critics on the Indybay forum cited above. Are we too quick to cast aspersion, particularly right out of the gate?

      That is not to say that we should be uncritical. Yet one thing this *does* do (and it won’t be the first time here or elsewhere) is direct the thread toward a largely unproductive discussion.

      1. At this point, anyone involved in a school shooting is suspect to me. Thank you for keeping our discussions on course. It’s very easy to go on to new subjects, once we start the dialogue. I am surprised though that he (Preston) was not better investigated before making him subject to our scrutiny. I appreciate Sofia’s gesture and keeping our conversations going, but why do we check everyone out before we take them seriously? Because no one else does! We’ve learned the hard way especially through Sandy Hook.

        1. Absolutely! If we are skeptical, it’s only fair to be skeptical of both the left and right. However, I do see the need to go beyond just an intellectual conversation and somehow plant these burning seeds of discontent into the mainstream. The only way to do this, is to predict future false flags before they actually happen, actions based on what we are seeing being done both on a local and national level. Look for the key words, be alert and aware in your own backyard.

      2. I found these discussions far more informative and interesting when the focus was on the message, without all of the cruel and often irresponsible dissections of the messenger.

        1. I agree, I am concerned about this, it smacks of divide and conquer, which is what the MSM seems to be obsessed with lately, (in addition to the plane.) Its hard to know who to believe in, but I subscribe to the Lemony Snickett theory, which holds that people are chef salads, and made up of many seemingly contradictory motives and ingredients. There is no perfect spokesperson. Ad Hominem attacks are classic propaganda.

    3. Good find Isee. I agree, a bit too slick. I am always leery of anyone who starts a conversation with some version of “I’ve spent forty years doing………..”. Presumably what that means is “I know more about this than you”.

      I am absolutely sure that what’s needed in education is not some “New Age” substitute for a love of learning and simple skills. Frankly, I’ve done my rant before about “experts”and “credentials”. Why that is so impressive to some is beyond me.

      I do agree that, for most, I suppose they are willing to listen to and be lead by an “expert” than they are to actually listen to what someone is saying and reason for themselves.

    1. Try reddit. There is a bunch of junk but also it helps you find the real stories. I find local news stations & papers are a plethora of information. Then see if you can back it up with a source or two. Remember not all local stations alike either. Its not as easy, but the crap spewed out by MSM is designed to rot your brain so at least you’ve broke the chain!

  3. I do not possess the same credentials as our new school safety expert, but I as well knew the moment this occurred that it didn’t happen. Does this make me someone special? No we are all on the same playing field. It doesn’t take a “keen eye” to have known this was a farce, it takes an open eye.

      1. To be honest I couldn’t even finish that article; it made me sick after “our checks bounced”, and I agree with you, we don’t need more people telling us what we already know, we need leaders.

        1. with all due respect Samantha, this interview wasn’t created for you – or me or anyone in the congregation. I believe these are created in the hopes that they will reach the uninitiated and influence their perspective on things.

          I understand that wolfschmuck has everyone all riled up but what is the point of undue scrutiny of people with the same aims as ours? The interview was great, he was articulate and used his real life experience to describe what we all saw with sandy hook in a way that was very easy to understand. He isn’t trying to be the bulldog of sandy hook, he isn’t trying to milk old people of their savings and poison the well of sandy hook research with some bumbling cretin act, he and sophia actually created something that can actually have an effect. I don’t want to join the fight but I agree with kathy on this. If we want to gossip about wolfie’s crotch grabbing antics I think its fine to do so over on the other thread where the comments are 700 strong. it’s part researching aspersions part comedic relief and I see no harm with that because if anyone disinterested still reads that after 700 comments they must be a serious voyeur, on the boat or a troll but I think the trolls have finally realized there are greener pastures than the wolfgang thread.

          Like I said I’m not trying to fight but I think it’s easy to lose perspective and it’s also easy to step back for a second and regain it. I have to do it every day.

        2. ” I don’t want to join the fight but I agree with kathy on this.”

          sam, I actually want to reword my comment so not to offend. you guys got some weird catfight thing going on that I don’t want to weigh in on so that was a poor choice of words on my part. I mean I’ve read all the banter but I’m not sure how it started.
          anyway, Doc has pretty much given us free rein on the wolfgang thread and it has been all over the place which is great but I am concerned that if that spreads over to other articles it might have the effect of turning away a lot of people who aren’t interested in our gossip about him. I don’t want to turn this blog into something Dr. Tracy never intended, nor do I wan’t our water cooler over on the wolfgang thread closed so I am suggesting that we try to limit our talk of wolfgang, unless it’s directly related, to the other threads. I’m not trying to be a hall monitor, and I’m really not one to talk but those are my reasons for the comment.

      2. Well Fish, that may be true but there is some value in showing the “uninitiated” that they must be critical of “titles” and “experts”. This is especially true when someone represents themselves as having expertise by virtue of their training and experience.

        I for one, do not want to encourage people to think “gee, I can’t fool him, he’s an expert”. “I am so unworthy, I don’t deserve an opinion”.

        Speaking for myself, I would be much less likely to be critical if someone comes along and says “here’s what I think”, and then tells me why, even if I don’t agree. When someone, be it W.H. or the new one, says, “I have the credentials, all of this is real”, it automatically causes me to analyze that premise.

        The relative value of what someone says depends on the plausibility of it based on their reasoning and evidence. Not on “who” they claim to be. But, everyone’s free to “follow their bliss”. I have a hard time listening to people who have been that engaged in a contrived “reality” and not come to realize it yet. What could they possibly offer other than excuses for the myth?

        1. lophatt, I totaly agree with what you are saying. while I don’t even understand how one can even be an expert on school safety, I chose not to reflect on all of the things I don’t like about schooling and these drills and such stuff because I didn’t think that would reflect on the important parts of the interview. What I thought was important was that paul had organized and planned drills many times in the past and he recognized SH as being one of these drills.
          I think this term “school safety expert” has been thrown around way too much recently and it seems to be revered by some but would sit better with me if he was simply introduced as a career school administrator so I get what you are saying. I don’t like expert being thrown around for many reasons, one reason being that in most fields one wouldn’t know if another was an expert unless they themselves were an expert. Regardless, I didn’t really perceive paul fancying himself up except to let the audience know his familiarity with active shooter drills.

          I wholeheartedly agree that if one were to remove the controllers from this world we would learn that there is no threat.

      3. Preston admitted to playing a part in creating these scenarios and planning drills. The drills are used to scare kids, among the other more “safety” related reasons. The Sandy Hoax has given educators and cops a bad rep to those in the know. I think it’s part of the plan. I think they want an uprising. people in this country are too lazy and distracted to revolt. all those guys who showed up at Bundy ranch have been counted. They got off their butts and did something. Now they are on a list.

      4. Fish, I hear ya’. I’m glad he recognized it for what it was. We did too (although we aren’t “experts”). I guess that means it doesn’t count.

        I agree, it’s interesting. I guess my point would be that she could have interviewed any of us and we would have said the same thing. I guess it all comes down to whether one is impressed by “credentials” or facts.

        I keep studying this, just like The 9-11 Movie, but I don’t need anymore convincing. I have no lingering doubts, at least that make any difference.

        Take my word for it, they lie to us. Somehow, at this stage in life, I am utterly not surprised by that fact.

        So, I wasn’t attacking the latest “expert” to be introduced lest we try to discern things for ourselves. I suppose I was hoping for some “insider insights” from a “player” or something. The fact that he still participates in these drills is disturbing. Because of that alone how could you trust anything he says?

        So, unless he’s a “true believer” who sees “terrorists” everywhere and participates because of that, or an “agent” who knows better but is putting out disinfo because…..who knows?, what have we learned? In the first instance he would be too naive to listen to and in the second he would have an agenda and who needs that?

        So, having recognized SHES for what it was, a drill, what is his response? Has he forsaken the “security biz” and gotten an honest job? He has a radio program and he has apparently made new friends with the California Justice Department. His communication skills are certainly superior, however, so I guess we’re making “progress”.

      5. lophatt – to your remarks April 30, 9:28 – I seem to remember Preston talking about not just active shooter drills, but, since he worked in California, earthquake preparedness. It’s my experience from having spent all my public school years in California that generally the buildings look very different than in the east, so that you can run out easily – when my kids went back on a couple of sabbaticals, I saw the same thing in the Bay Area. The design is to facilitate rapid exits. However you can imagine that might create what these fortress-style schools would regard as vulnerabilities.

        How can there be any national standard anyway? A fortress style would disadvantage kids in an earthquake, but some might push for it to “protect” from the active shooter scenario.

        Anyway, I suppose there is enough real stuff (earthquakes and the occasional real assailant with some weapon) that duck and cover drills (totally useless too) of our past have morphed into something else, but in my opinion there cannot be one federal standard for how to do it because conditions are not uniform throughout the country. For instance, the more fortress arrangements work in the very cold climates, but could be death traps in some really bad earthquakes.

        I don’t assume Preston is automatically a bad guy for doing drills. He’s a public school guy, that’s all, and they have to do these things in a top-down system. He claims this allowed him to see the reality that Sandy Hook was a hoax. I think that’s a valuable insight no matter who he is.

        I generally expect bureaucrats today to pay more attention to the popular fears than to reality, and when one of them discounts them, it’s news.

      6. Musings, I never said he was a “bad guy”. And yes, there are “real” events, such as earthquakes. In my opinion, the likelihood of an actual shooter that isn’t orchestrated, or possibly drugged and taking his cues from the drill examples, is minimal. Certainly not something I would waste a lot of time on if I were in that position.

        I stand by my opinion that if you got rid of the manipulators you’d get rid of the “terrorists” as well. Everyone is free to have their own opinions. In truth I place no more stock in someone who participates in these mind control operations than anyone else unless they have had an epiphany and have some “insider” information. The rest is plain to see.

        But, in either event, I didn’t say he was a bad man. He is simply a man. If there are real dangers out there, other than those we all faced, there isn’t anything mystical about it. There isn’t anything “natural” about it either.

  4. One thing that Preston and Halbig have in common is their personal experience and involvement in the Columbine school shooting investigation. This got me wondering about the details of this earlier school shooting, one that I had always assumed was real. It turns out that there are a lot of questions surrounding this event as well. While the official story held that the “lunchtime rampage” lasted 45 minutes, local reporters on the scene stated that ” the bloody rampage lasted four hours….shots still rang out at 3:45.” In addition dozens of witnesses reported seeing from five to eight gunmen.
    Dave McGowan has a pretty concise piece on the Columbine shooting at his Center For an Informed America titled “An anatomy of a school shooting”.
    Always in the background of these recent high profile skeptics of the Sandy Hook School shooting narrative is the unquestioned specter of Columbine. I think that its time to take a closer look at this event as well.

    1. Christo, this is how we get to the heart of things. I, like you, had always accepted the truth about Columbine. Wolfgang had always used the fact he was there to investigate to get creds. Honestly, I don’t think I can handle looking into Columbine now. I am up to my ears in Sandy’s Hook. We have trusted our media this whole time for the truth, this is why we are in need of a different kind of information gatherer and reporter.

    2. William Zabel says that Columbine actually started THE DAY BEFORE, on April 19th instead of April 20th, and that the school was a hostage situation overnight. The FBI report for the Columbine event in fact lists the date as April 19th. Also, rigor mortis had already LEFT the bodies by the time they were examined, suggesting they had been dead at least 72 hours, placing their deaths at latest on April 19th. Listen to Zabel’s interview here:

      Zabel also states that a lot of the cops involved at Columbine seem to have been mind controlled. Many of them had absolutely no recollection of what had happened afterwards.

      1. Nope! Actually not, but I see you’re going to great lengths to point things out. On this one, you’re wrong again. But yeah, I really appreciate that someone’s got this board covered! Your incorrect assumptions about who I am talking to, the words I choose and the subject matter really shouldn’t cause you so much concern.

        1. Will simply repeat our very tolerant hosts words, just a few comments above.

          “Yet one thing this *does* do (and it won’t be the first time here or elsewhere) is direct the thread toward a largely unproductive discussion”.

        2. Maybe you’re not already aware that the very same host to which you refer also states under his Fair Use and Disclaimer:

          ‘Memory Hole Blog is a forum for criticism and commentary on sociopolitical issues and phenomena overlooked or misreported by mainstream media. Such neglected concerns are likewise often omitted from or distorted in popular consciousness and memory. The site is authored and maintained by James F. Tracy PhD.’

          Your last three jabs now have taken me completely off track in my discussions with people that I am currently having a critical commentary re something overlooked by the media. You are not James Tracy, you are not the site author nor the host. The only way I know how to handle people like you, who’ve been given a second chance and blew it, is to ignore you.

        3. We normally enjoy intelligent conversations here relating to the subject matter.

          Was simply pointing out your comment of “Anyone still want Wolfie on board after all of this?” was not part of this subject matter and the host had politely asked those participating not to go off into unrelated tangents.

          Please do remind of my previous ‘3 jabs’, as I am not aware of them.

        4. Kathy it doesn’t appear as you’ve had any conversation here for days. I guess I’m not the only one trying to ignore you. Please, unless you have something constructive to add, stop quoting rules and interpreting what I am saying as off subject. It is not your call.

        5. Just saw that, someone who was given a second chance and then blew it, hahahaha where the he!! did that come from? Didn’t get the check in the mail is it coming? lol

        6. Guess we have proof, Samantha is a machine,. we have a conversation within hours and ‘it’ declares we have not heard from me it days…

    1. Paul Preston is an excellent speaker, and an obviously intelligent man, who has impressive school Incident Command credentials. Wolfgang actually has a tighter hold on the details, which is understandable since he is the ONE person who plans to confront Newtown et al on this event. Halbig has raised $16,000 which is not enough to pay his team and make the journey. But, he is doing it anyway at great personal cost, and potential arrest. I wish Paul could join Halbig’s team.

      Wolf deserves not just our support, but our respect. Wolfang Halbig is a great American – do not underestimate him.

      1. A commenter here some time ago referenced the movie “In the Mouth of Madness,” as a way of thinking about Newtown, so I put it at the top of my Netflix queue and watched it a couple of days later. It’s not a particularly good movie, but I suggest you look it up. When you say “he is the ONE person who plans to confront Newtown et al on this event,” even if he’s not the complete fraud he appears to be–and I say this with all due respect (that is, not much)–it is more likely the creepy satanists who are the denizens of Newtown will do to him what the movie’s townspeople do to Sam Neill, than, how did you put it?, “potential arrest.” “Great personal cost,” indeed.

        Gene Rosen could have been in that movie. Enough to scare the hell out of anyone.

        I would not recommend anyone join Wolf, but I’d like to know if Wolf DOES go, he’ll look up Gene.

        This thing is so dirty, so occult, pushing your face into it is asking to be Breitbarted, if you ask me. And if Wolfie actually goes there (which I doubt he will do) and does not end up like Andrew, it is going to be even more evidence that he’s playing for the other team. Who knows? He might even stay at Gene Rosen’s lovely home.

        1. Patrick, he or no one else of any stature will ever go to Newtown. I have suggested to all posters who live within driving distance or plan a trip where I-84 in New England is part of the route to check it out for themselves. When I did two months ago, there was nobody home. The town was probably overpopulated during Oct-Dec of 2012 when the filming was ongoing. Since the derelict school was taken down, there really isn’t much going on in that area.

          I have never taken the occult angle on this SHES production. I have always believed it to be nothing more of a movie set (very poor quality at that) and now everyone has packed up and moved out of Dry Gulch.

      2. Patrick, I’m with you. It is ABSOLUTELY “occult”. Sure, it’s a drill, but that doesn’t mean, at a deeper level, that its occult. I can’t think of a better example of the mindset who engage in these things.

        You can dress it up, wring it out, whatever, but, at the end of the day it is pure malevolent evil. You can parse it as to who involved know this, etc., but, does it matter? If one is self-serving enough to participate in this they’ve “signed their contract”.

        Good observation, my friend. We must keep the simple choices in life at the forefront of our awareness if we are to survive intact.

      3. Patrick, not to let the “occult” aspect drift away:

        Some have trouble recognizing the significance of this. Personally, I don’t believe one can truly understand the breadth of this without a study of these techniques. After all, no matter what label one attaches to it, at the end of the day that is what we’re dealing with.

        For researchers, once you begin to understand how this is used it becomes easier to not be misdirected. Just like a magic show. If you want to understand the trick never allow the magician to direct where to look. It is the stuff that is not seen that’s important.

        For some I think the problem is that they do not want to acknowledge that there may be power in any of this. Truly, they don’t have to in order to understand its use. It is enough to understand that THEY believe in occult power.

        As the article so wisely says, we are dealing with “sorcerers”. This is one of the reasons that these things have such an “other worldly” feel. That is entirely intentional. It is in that same state of consciousness when we are dreaming that these techniques are most effective. In watching these productions we are being shown a “waking dream”. It is related to hypnotism but not the same.

        To “see” these things for what they are requires knowledge of how to break the spell. The more we know of these practices the easier it is to defend against them.

      4. Patrick, that’s a great site. I’m going to visit every day. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who’s talking about this.

      1. Speaking of which, the pubescent back-and-forth doesn’t add anything to the threads either. It has, for example, contributed to a general deterioration of the commentary critiquing Mr. Halbig’s approach which I don’t believe any individual or self-respecting blog deserves.

      2. And yet, this blog attracts truly passionate thinkers, which I treasure. i share everyone’s frustration and anger, but i feel that some of the egos here detract from meaningful debate and, hopefully, clearly-needed mutual action. I feel all of us can strive to communicate more effectively. Else, what are we doing here?

      3. Yeah i took a break from this blog for awhile and was hoping when i returned the commenters would have graduated from junior high but i guess not. Sad.

  5. Our spate of bombings has escalated by initially Oklahama asking others to imagine that NPK fertiliser would bring down steel-girded buildings.

    Has the same expertise allowed Sofia Smallstorm’s –‘to be erudite’ about EMF and Chemtrails (given they use NPK logic to mount their claims):

    eg:How do artificial clouds form? As power plants belch vast quantities of steam skyward, aerosol particulates sprayed through the atmosphere cause the vapor to nucleate around them into white haze, which can then be concentrated into man-made clouds.

    Industry particulates– actually do the opposite–clouds cannot not form.

    The Hebrew University has been releasing maps of the continents and areas experiencing drought or in a drought-shadow– by industry proximity etc. Given their country’s exposure to petro-chemical southern Europe– the phenomenon of drought may have more obvious causes than–” synthetic biology” is the cause of intelligence (and consciousness)??

    regards WeatherWar101–being able to identifying and explain– “the reverse phenomenon”: .

    We only need to note that ‘Nexad/Doppler technology’ may be used to establish –the safety of Corexit and fracking chemicals– before we recognise that ‘above the sky’ are not disclosing that Nexad/Doppler technolgies– all assume that ” we already know”– how NPK etc perform”.

    They could not identify variation (without the fixed reaction assumptions) otherwise.

    Despite the always apartheid ‘consciousness of Israel’ and her allies expressed pursuit of peace and truth– we still should note “that a 747 always leaves a sedan car sized hole” — strangely reminiscent of how “above the sky” would have us confirm their alerts and regard the significance.

    hope well.

      1. dear fish and patrick

        IF we realise that NASA has the sole purpose of claiming that Depleted Uranium is safe–we then instead see that the role of NASA involves rocketry– that significantly hasnt unless we are in cuckoo-land changed since 1950.

        Explosively or exposurely we are to then imagine that NASA’s ‘command of such physics’ –has established “we are poisoning the sky”.

        Such a delineation only occurs when we imagine that NASA ‘experts’ supply actual rather than deliberately misleading pseudo-physics.

        In consequence we dont establish the supposed realities of geo-engineering by applying 1950 propaganda.

  6. Good interview Sophia & Preston. Have a new source of real news, creating the Agenda21 website demonstrates a man who puts his fear of truth behind his quest for the truth. God Speed!

  7. I think that it is a little surprising that Preston saw red flags at Sandy Hook but none at Columbine. Perhaps he simply failed to mention any anomalies he might have noticed in this Smallstorm interview. Nevertheless, if he was really there at Columbine, he should be aware that there are many unanswered questions surrounding that investigation. A large number of witnesses there saw gunmen other than Harris and Klebold, people that they recognized as classmate and named. Why weren’t these people apprehended and prosecuted?

    While no one questioned the deaths at Columbine, and there were lawsuits brought by the parents against the police for their slow response, it was not at all clear what really happened. Why is Preston’s skepticism reserved for Sandy Hook and not Columbine?

    Here is an in depth look at the evidence by one Evan Long:

    1. From what I understood, Paul Preston was not called to the Columbine scene, but merely questioned afterwards. Here is what he says (from above): “I was even questioned by detectives investigating the Columbine shooting on the subject of the Trench Coat Mafia and Neo-Nazi hate groups.” I believe he said at some point in the interview that as a school administrator, one has to know what’s going on in the neighborhood. It is possible that “detectives questioning Columbine” contacted many school administrators all over the country to see if the groups implicated in Columbine were active elsewhere. Remember also that there are many levels of official inquiry into these events, some levels involving officials who are much less informed as to the Big Picture. Also, Columbine occurred quite a while ago (1999); these events become “falser and falser” as time progresses, as Winnie the Pooh might say.

  8. I just watched the Preston Halbig discussion on agenda 21 radio and I have to say that Halbig sounds a little more credible here. In the second part Preston does refer to the unanswered questions surrounding Columbine’s multiple shooters, an observation that was missing from his Smallstorm interview. This does give me some hope that the pair are for real. Consequently, I for one, am willing to backpedal my skepticism on these two, and let them generate whatever interest they can in this very important story.

  9. I would urge people to listen to Hour 2, which does require a subscription to the Pure Momentum Network, and can be done for a mere $14 (three months). As a host on this fledgling network, and as one who was immediately drawn by the producers’ desire to do a “different kind of radio” (no commercials, no callers, no trolls), I really hope to create a deeper discussion of subjects I am learning about in these interviews. Paul Preston actually contacted me for an interview on his radio network and when he said it was because he had watched my talk on Sandy Hook and I had “nailed it” as to Agenda 21, I asked to interview him instead. So that discussion (Newtown & Agenda 21) is in the second hour of our interview, which most people will likely miss, as the PMN YouTube channel (still very new) will only feature Hour 1 of its shows. All archives are available once you subscribe; otherwise only the weekly range of shows (Hour 1) is available on, this selection being constantly updated with the newest shows from each host. Just letting you know how it works, and my thanks to all who have listened!

  10. The Smallstorm interview with Paul Prston touches nicely upon major facets of the SHS and it is good to know another sound mind has also entered the fray to expose a major hoax. Hard to debunk his credentials.

    I also want to know what happened to the Obama expose which I read earler today on MHB re the President’s {sic} mystical rise to power.

    The most extensive, thoroughly sourced expose ever–though I find it difficult to pin all this background info on the Communist philosophy. Seems the true character of the beast is much more complex than the elite’s would have us believe. Just as the right/left paradigm is no longer valid in national politics, the old Communist/capitalist schism no longer
    applies in geopolitics. Sets up the easily delineated game of Putin vs. Obama. What we see playing out in the Ukraine is a perfect example.
    These events are choreographed down to minutia.

    We have the bad guys and the good guys duking it out on a global stage. It makes for entertaining tee vee but shows how morally bankrupt are the PTB, who would practice brinkmanship with such visceral delight.

    I found this epistolary from a noted Russian scholar to be worth the long read–an open letter the American people. (First found on Infowars)Educate yourself and think about what he is trying to impart to a slumbering population:

    1. “I also want to know what happened to the Obama expose which I read earler today on MHB re the President’s {sic} mystical rise to power.”
      Does anyone know what article on MHB Marilyn is referring to?
      I don’t remember this article.

      1. It may be Dinesh D’Souza documentary ‘Obama’s America 2016″ which was mentioned in the comments, which had the 4th highest sales for a documentary.

        He is due to make an update and was arrested for ‘illegal’ campaign contributions to a republican friend who had zero chance of winning.

        While I had already seen it free on the internet, went ahead and bought a copy on principal.

        1. Thanks Kathy, but they said they read a blog here earlier and thought I might have missed it or it was taken/ordered down…
          By the way, I agree with you the Geo Chem skies and GMO’s should be a topic way high on everyones list of concerns. Where’s the eco-terrorists on this one? Oh yea, they only get paid to promote Global Tax Warming and Climate Tax Change….

        2. Pretty sure our gracious host steers clear of all things currently political and for good reason, as in maintaining your current employment if you like it.

          Participate on a fb site that daily reports on visual sittings of weather engineering, and this latest deadly storm is clearly man made and may be the biggest false flag to end all that was once our prosperous great country.

          Crops, beef, pork are being decimated, and probably poultry will be next. Let’s not forget, the fucashima nuclear disaster in Japan has already made seafood probably a questionable option.

          Anyone who does the food shopping for the family, will attest to the fact that costs are skyrocketing and there are folks swearing all day long, oh my Lord, how can they charge that?

          Our buddy dutchsince does a good job of explaining weather engineering …

        3. Oh I understand all about this and curse the sky everyday and wonder why no one is screaming and also wall street even places bets on crop failure they cause and collect more insurance IF it fails. This is serious business but I don’t think this blog avoids it. But as I said, our air, food and using weather as a weapon and for profit is just insane.

      2. Ric, the article was posted here day before yesterday and if I recall under the name of Fredrick something…It ran on for pages and pages and I tracked the career of Obama. since his early appearance upon the political stage. with open-mouthed wonder at the tireless investigative methods of the author.

        I wanted to go back and bookmark it, perhaps find the piece on another site to scope out the source and author. But it seems to have disappeared off the map. Read like a who’s who of crony, nefarious Democratic politics with emphasis on their Communist connections, especially in Chicago. I was surprised that it was given so much space on MHB, but there it was.

        hmmmm…I am bitten by the curiosity bug….

        Maybe it was put out by the National Republican Association ahead of the coming midterm elections. (smiling)

      3. Marilyn – We are all curious now!

        When you click on internet explorer favorites – notice to the right there is a history tab. Perhaps if you review your history it might jump out at you, you can click on the address to get to the article.

  11. Preston seems very believable to me in his experience and sources. I have to say that Sofia’s surprise at how amateurish the whole thing was shows the blind spot which can develop if you have dropped out from paying attention to the MSM. She hangs out with a different group of the enlightened or something.

    If you know how this kind of thing works, it seems to rely not on evidence like what Preston saw through his expert eyes, on the absence of evidence that is, but on trust in media for the average person. That person will see the talking points, will experience Sandy Hook as short-hand for a massacre of little children by a nut with a gun.

    They will not decide if Sandy Hook was real, they will assume it was, because of authority having told them it was. Their particular trusted authorities will run the gamut from Fox News to the New Yorker, from their local Congressman to the President, but as with anything else, they are sold the sizzle rather than the steak.

    Getting them to look at the evidence is well-nigh hopeless. So it CAN be a sloppy drill, it can have plot holes galore like a bad movie or tv series. The people who ran it did not care that it did. They did not even try to make it last for the ages. They want something of their agenda to come from this promotional ad. It’s not unlike a political campaign, but it has another feature, which is that it becomes one more story of false history, one more nail in the coffin of a nation which Jefferson said could not be both ignorant and free. Ignorance abounds in this and many other events. The problem is that those most likely to accept it as a false flag tend to accept other things which are dubious, but they almost reflexively reject these things. I like the basis on which Preston has made his judgment. I consider him informed rather than ignorant, and yet I assume he has a political interest in tracing this back to the White House. I would hope that he would be bipartisan about such events, including 9/11, but I do not know. In any case, he definitely is the expert here.

    1. I agree with your reasoning here, musings. It occurs to me that the very sloppiness helps to identify the purpose of these events. As you say, “they did not even try to make it last for the ages,” because it is only supposed to wash over us, to be experienced–not thought about. This explains Anderson Cooper’s conniption fit when he learned that a media professor was probing the reporting, and people were listening to him. This cannot be tolerated, because the event is meant to simply wash over us, to simply be emotionally experienced, like a contact high at a pot party.

      That is, we are supposed to simply float through these things in a low-grade state of shock, never really recovering from the ones that came before, but never noticing that we are being manipulated. To return to the drug reference, they never want us to “go off our meds,” but they don’t want us asking what the drugs actually are. These events are mind-altering drugs, because they actually exist within the media, which is to say, television, and television is hypnosis.

      So the purpose is to keep us semi-asleep, and with a vague sense of dread that causes instinctive willingness to allow our technocrat betters to reshape the world to protect us from the thing we vaguely dread. If the object of that dread is too specific, we will probe it, and perhaps discover it’s not real, and see the men behind the curtain. Can’t have that.

      1. Yes, can’t have an individual feeling strong and whole even for a moment. The reality of life is that we are all mortal, but since we don’t fret about that too much in our so-far convenient and accommodating world (the middle class that is), someone has to supply the memento mori moments to involve us. Your description of a miasma supplied by television (with periodic episodes of artificial excitement while viewers remain in a hypnotic state) seems to fill the bill.

        The hoax episode throws the organism into distress, after which the media to which one turns slowly brings the audience back down to a kind of resolution through its “probing” and interviewing, etc.

        In that sense, the amputee victims of the BMB can be seen as spectators themselves (of the event), who have been subjected to the shocking assault on their bodies and senses, but who emerge (through mediation with interviewers and medical personnel) as resilient survivors who go on to pursue trivial things like “Dancing with the Stars” in their return to “normal” status, much as we vicariously do as we follow them on their “journey” to wellness. Suddenly (when they turn off the endless reminders in the news) it becomes possible to forget for a day or two and think of other things. Time goes by, and then something else takes over.

        In reality, things are not arranged this way. You have the grumpy amputee who says “Life sucks” or the parent who cannot stop crying about his or her lost child, in a most uncooperative way.

    1. Interesting about Obama’s being entitled to dual citizenship. However the idea that this meant split loyalties is a heap of suppositions.
      You are not a dual citizen today unless your parent registers you, which is optional not shoved on you without your consent.

      The idea that he is not a natural-born citizen is a nativist concept which I reject as a lie, not just a misinterpretation of the constitution. It’s “Tic tock the game is locked and nobody else can play, If you do we’ll take a shoe and beat you till you’re black and blue.” Uuuugly!

      I have other issues with Obama, but the notion that anyone born in America who has the right of dual citizenship has dual loyalties and is not envisioned by the Constitution as entitled to run for President is an evil vicious falsehood. I stopped reading after that because I think the author is a fool.

      1. Musings, you said “The idea that he (obama) is not a natural-born citizen is a nativist concept which I reject as a lie, not just a misinterpretation of the constitution.”

        I really don’t want to get into this Obama natural born issue but I would like you to consider why the Constitution stated “Natural Born” and not just “Born” a United States Citizen.

        Under your logic and many others who argue for Obama, anyone 35 years old that had at least One “Natural Born” parent could qualify to be the POTUS. The Framers did not want the British to be able to have their children (Royalty) be able to qualify for POTUS in just 35 years by merely marrying an American Citizen.

        This would mean that as of today 2014, the children of about 15 million illegal aliens, all races and Visa violators included, from any foreign country whose Mother or Father had a child with a “Natural Born” American Citizen and that are now 35 yrs old (born in 1979) can be POTUS.
        As for McCain, both his parents were “Natural Born” enlisted military persons and he was born on a US Military Base in Panama which is considered sovereign US Territory.
        Also, likewise if 2 “Natural Born” Americans have a child in the UK while on vacation that child is a US citizen and UK nor almost any country including Mexico would NOT recognize that child as a citizen of their country.

        Ted Cruz and Marc Rubio do not qualify to be POTUS either. And it upset me when Cruz was asked that question instead of stepping up to the plate he said “we’ll let the courts decide that”, because running for POTUS is more important to him.

        Anyway, I am not trying to start a row about Obama. I just would like you to see why I and many others feel those words in Constitution mean something and were put there for a reason.

        I really didn’t even want to respond but I did. No rows, no riffs just my opinion.

        • Article 2 of the Constitution of the United States of America outlines the qualifications for becoming president. To even qualify to run for office, a candidate must be 35 years or older. The candidate must also be a natural born United States citizen. Amendment enforced the maximum of two terms,…/WHHA_...
        White House Historical Association

      2. My dear Ric, if you look at qualifications for dual citizenship in the countries of Europe, for starters, you would see how some countries reach very far back, in order to attract back people of their “blood.” Would this disqualify the grandchildren and children of immigrants? The framers had no idea of doing that, because that would disqualify many of them. My children would be disqualified because of their options due to their father’s having been born in Central Europe. They could have a European Union passport. Does that mean that the very qualification for it in itself, as opposed to their choosing such an option (which they have not) would make it impossible for them to be President? I hope you understand what a crazy idea that is. They are natural born American citizens. I would even extend it to some Chinese girl who was adopted as an infant by American parents, but that’s just me. In every way except her conception and birth in a foreign country she’d be an American. But you would undoubtedly draw the line far up the line from that. You’d want to squeeze out my children too and make them somehow subject to the whims of nativists. Sorry, not having it.

      3. Oh and Ric – Rubio was born in Florida. He’s a natural born American. Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada, and he is not. It does not matter who your parents are, get it? This is America!

        But while we’re on the subject, my children are also Mayflower descendants, as am I. But their father is a naturalized citizen who served in the Air Force and became a Captain before their birth. If you try and disqualify such a range of people, you are going to get your tit stuck in a wringer.

      4. wow Muse, I was trying to very nice. I can disqualify ALL of your arguments but I won’t because you take this on a personal level and it would just distract from the blog. I’m not from the “Mayflower” but my families have been here since the 1700’s from Europe.
        Nobody is any less an American and have any less rights if your here legally it is just you can’t be President. I’m not some kind of bigot trying to steal rights away from good people.
        I think we should just leave it at that

      5. I’m sorry but getting a little PO’d here because you say Rubio is qualified but not Cruz? Cruz’s mother was/is an american citizen and Cruz is just as much an American Citizen as Obama yet you say Obama is qualified and Cruz is not. Niether are qualified nor Rubio..Period

      6. Here is an article with details on what natural born citizen means. Basically if you are born in the US, you are, if you have one parent who is a citizen and you are born abroad, you are.

        “The term birther was used as a pejorative as part of a deliberate Obama campaign strategy to shut down debate on his issues, and then expanded outward as a general Democratic talking point as a synonym for racist.”

        There are many questions on why there is so much secrecy: long delay in providing a birth certificate, CT social security number, no school records or classmates that remember him, a book review that claims he is from Kenya, mysterious death of the woman who finally produced the questionable document, etc.

        I personally have had to provide my birth certificate on many occasions. It was only when applying for a passport, it was rejected as not being properly certified. It was challenging getting the state to produce the certified copy.

    2. Danabelle: no, that is not the same piece, though it is certainly compelling in it’s research. The ‘Federick” article centered on Obama’s ties to organized politics in Chicago that promoted a balllistic rise to power unheard of in history. The connections from shady crime figure, Tonyl Rezko, to Jeremiah Wright to Valerie Jerrett to Bill Ayers are all cemented in fact; the research traced the money trails, as well. Money clues are essential when ferreting out dirty business. Of course, there were always minor players who were useful idiots. Fascinating in its brievity of exposition. The main thread revolved about their Communist leanings.

      I will keep looking…

  12. Wasn’t John McCain born in Panama? The birth cert controversy would never get any play once the guy is in office, so it seemed to me like a manufactured little drama for people to waste time on. Same with Bush Jr’s non participation in his National Guard champagne unit during the Vietnam war. Oooooh lying about your service!! The outrage!! 30 yrs later no one cares. Those who do look like cranks.

    1. Exactly. There are many things Obama is doing which need to be held up to scrutiny. Not his right to be President, but what he does as President.

    1. It sounds very fishy and it also indicates that you can have a corrupt school district and corrupt local police who cannot submit to scrutiny by an outside auditor nor can they release their records, because it would implicate them, most likely. It seems that his wife”s “delicate condition” allowed the situation where he was cremated. A lot of people would be so devastated at their loss, they would simply go along with authorities about what was “best” (such as burying all the stuff that might lead to prosecution).

      I would say that Sandy Hook with its probably fake graves could use a good going over. But considering that money is involved, it might end up badly for the investigator who wanted to be thorough, unless he or she had a lot of reliable back-up.

      1. This is for certain. Unless their was an entire crew that never left each others’ sides…a lone investigator might get taken for a walk in the woods.

        I thought it was interesting in the story that I posted – that the former school (supervisor? I forget his title) had retired but then went to a job in Connecticut, of all places.

        I have wondered so often about the missing realtor who worked for that certain attorney. I still have a feeling that fellow saw something or wanted “out”.

      2. Indeed. I can’t shake the feeling that the general manner in which things are done in Connecticut are reminiscent of the entire Obongo administration. After all, THAT is the future.

        At least for the moment the area has become “Psyop-Central”. But this is a mobile roadshow. Obongo just represents his owners. The senior magi’s don’t show themselves. They trot out this Disney production and revel in the fact that they are untouchable. And they are!

        As the old saying goes, “in for a penny, in for a pound”. Those who helped are now “owned” as well. Mortal sin is like that. You can’t be a “little pregnant”. If they had full knowledge and consent of the will, well…….!

        I love the investigator idea but they would have to be “good”. It would be extremely dangerous. That isn’t because they fear exposure, they hate insubordination. Much could be learned without being in Newtown. That would be desirable, but it would be difficult. It is also possible that at a later date, after the circus leaves town, that it might be safer.

        There are people who are extremely good at this sort of thing. If it were done masterfully and thoughtfully it could lead to a type of exposure that would be impossible to ignore. I still don’t think it would result in any “justice”, just embarrassment. The internet might be abuzz with it but you would never see it on TEE VEE.

      3. Lophatt,
        I can’t reply directly to you because there’s no reply button as many here have said before..Dr. Tracy..fix it. Anyways as I said in another channel here I think Connecticut is being singled out because it’s the Constitution State and so many old Gun manufactures have been there forever so this was the state to attack to destroy the minds of the many. “Psyop-Central” as you say. And it’s close to DC too..haha. I freaked when they brought it to me here for the first time with the Fake Santa Monica School Shooting. I heard DHS was having a drill here but….really? A shooting right down the street?And to top it off Obama was here on his fundraising crap to boot, so they could say he was in danger and he could check it out himself and gloat. Anyways nowhere is safe any more from these psycho freaks. But none of this is really happening, I’m crazy and I need to get some meds and stay in a hospital bed for a while….

      4. Ric, the reason you don’t have a button is because I was responding to Musings. You only get a button when you start a new thread.

        I’m not sure about the choice of Connecticut, although there is a rather long history of mind control cooperation, including Fairfield Hills, it is hard to know for certain. Newtown has all the elements necessary. Satanists, New Agers, “World Government” advocates, etc., plus an unhealthy deposit of tax-payer funds for A-21 and FEMA projects.

        It is true that elements of it are everywhere. Once you begin to see it, you see it. It’s all pushing buttons and pulling strings. Control’s the goal. So, whether its Hollywood or the Palace on the Potomac, it makes no real difference. It’s all over Europe as well.

  13. Plowing on in pursuit of justice and the American way (little more than a cliche at this point)…ran across this timely article where Dave Emory (Spitfirelist) and Robert Parry (consortiumnews) team up to expose the true nature of the Ukarainian crisis–and it isn’t the whitewash our MSM is putting our for public consumption. We go way back to find new tendrils embedded in old attitudes of racism and nationalism. As I always like to repeat–nothing evolves in a vacuum…

    1. Oh? I would beg to differ. We are interested in the truth. I can tell you for certain that there is trouble brewing Europe and that old things are coming out of their crypts at the moment. The old notion of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” that people in the State Department and Pentagon have pursued is not compatible with an ethical state.

      I you think this site is a pro-fascist site, you are quite mistaken. It is about finding out the truth without fear or favor. If you want knee-jerk attitudes, you should find a nice cozy place to settle in where good information gets mixed with obsession – nodisinfo, for instance.

    2. \
      Fish, are you referring to my post on the EU’s/US arming Western Ukrainians to attack pro-Russians in the Eastern part of their country?
      That is hardly a matter to be ignored by thinking, responsible Amercans.
      We are standing on the precipice of nuclear war with the Russians. All other issues may become moot if that possibility comes to pass. It may be hyped up for publicity but we don’t know that.

      If I misread your comment, sorry. But it seems the logical conclusion as no other post touches on my subject within this space. (Though Musings seems to disagree.) Please follow up and read the text on Spitfirelist; it won’t take long and might expand your horizons.


      1. I apologize for misreading fish’s comment. I was attempting to support MJA after perusing the site, and I share her concerns. I am glad you do not discount them in the cavalier manner I accused you of doing.

        Peace indeed … all around.

    3. “I(f) you think this site is a pro-fascist site, you are quite mistaken.”??
      Really? I just got my as% reamed for my interpetation of the Constitution I was taught my entire life which now has changed in the last 5 years. If we can’t “talk” and exchange ideas without attacks this blog is dead and “they” win. Debating someone elses ideas is a good thing and can open either one to at least see the otherside of the debate and maybe even change minds. I’m sure my words are pointless and look forward to being talked at and not to…

  14. I had to visit this website after viewing the latest “chicago Fire drama- a Dark Day” for a reality check. First the writers had to hit me with something like ” its a car bombing like in Oklahoma” and then of course I had to read the comments to see how awake the viewers were to that lie.

    Not one viewer was awake. No one referenced “a noble lie” and instead everyone who commented brought up the Boston Marathon(BM) as an actual non-governmental terrorist act and how this drama was a memorial to the BM and it was too soon.

    Frightening and Depressing, I’m an old girl. Yes, I wasn’t always awake, but I’m always shocked that the young people I speak to are still under.

  15. The police report, in all its unwieldiness, is continuing to reveal problems with the official story:

    1. An FBI witness statement is redacted down to a few pronouns and occasional transitional words – and looks ridiculous.

    2. A 911 call, not included in the original Sedensky report, is unmistakably the voice of Robbie Parker, complete with his signature dramatic hyperventilation, and it’s a trainwreck. First he says he’s in his daughter’s school and hears shooting outside. The 911 operator asks him if he is in a room where it’s safe. Quickly he revises it to being outside – and can’t get in. (Doesn’t seem to notice the gaping hole next to the door.) The 911 operator, Jen, is ordered to hang up on him by her boss – “Jen! I need you to get off that phone now!” Robbie’s big speech the next night contradicted his location during the shooting when he stated that he couldn’t get to the school right away, because he was in lockdown at the Danbury Hospital, where he works as a PA. Dress code is pretty casual apparently. Worn jeans, blue tee and faded sneakers that day. He should have stayed at work. According to one officer’s statement, two children were still alive. (One was presumably Parker’s) They were reported to have been carried out across the parking lot, apparently still living, and put in the cargo area of a black CSPD SUV. Both children were then transferred to another vehicle, presumably an ambulance, at the fire station, but the officer doesn’t remember who he gave them to.

    3. The single shot from the suicide weapon was fired in classroom ten, but was found in the ceiling of classroom 8. A first responder found Adam on his side, in a fetal position, with his hands in handcuffs.

    4.Another piece of the ever expanding puzzle is not in the report. A ten month old FOIA request has just yielded a New Hampshire funeral director death record for Adam Lanza. It looks legitimate. Date of death is 12/13/12.

    1. Do you really believe any of that stuff? It seems like pure distraction designed to portray this as a real event. I’m glad his death certificate seems legitimate, it seems to be the only evidence that he ever existed.

      I suggest you listen to this interview with william zabel on colombine posted here by pfly and see how different a real event seems in it’s aftermath. It is one of the best interviews I have ever heard as is the follow up three years later.

      even in a spook community like Littleton there is so much evidence in a real event that I can see why they switched to fake false flags.

      1. Thank you for the link. I don’t need to be persuaded that Sandy Hook was a manufactured event. Certainly, reality sounds different. However most people do believe the official story without question because it involves our most precious commodity, children.

        They broke a unique taboo with this one, and with the unrelenting pressure of alternative media, it seems to be within reach of solving for all the world to see. If we keep bringing the Sandy Hook lies out into the open, and out of the memory hole, it will come crashing down eventually, and will take Boston and the others down.

        Maybe, just maybe, Sandy Hook will stop the insanity.

    2. Do not doubt the ‘false flag’ here; but it is confusing; if not bothersome, to include details that ‘seemingly’ could have logical explanation. These ‘factoids’ make it easier to discredit; rather to ‘credit’ the false flag. Anyone who has ‘googled’ their ‘white pages’ info, for a phone number; will almost ‘always’; find more than a few others, who share the same name; and often with other similarities per locations; or names associated with; and in different States. So info re an ‘Adam Lanza’ death certificate, does not help; unless accompanied by more info that gives relevance here. Or perhaps, I missed Adam’s New Hampshire connection. . .and could have; as other may have as well.

      Am wondering too; given Mr. Preston’s interview; and given his occupation; if anyone has the info as to whether SH Elementary did ’emergency prep’ for students. . .and are these on record; and if so; who were these professionals like Preston, who taught such? Were there questions as to ‘if’ – and why – seemingly established protocols, were NOT followed? Particularly interesting, that the emergency vehicles were not parked in appropriate place, for this emergency. Have Responders given reason for such? And the cars in Parking lot. . .any former pics taken ini SH school parking lot; that show; a more normal assemblance of vehicles; before this day?

      (Wish there were pics of the SH school parking lot; to compare the car ‘details’/MO’s per those in parking lot, that would/could/should belong to those, and who were there every day. Can anyone confirm that this was a fully functioning school – or not?)

      Also, interesting; but yet to have official verification; as to ‘where’ the children were; irrespective of those ‘killed’. Also; know the parents were denied access to ‘dead’ children; but did they,ever – EVER formerly– get that access; whereby they ‘officially’ confirmed the identity of their children?

      And if these folks/children were actors; why were they locating themselves – per their establishment as SH parents – in homes ‘purchased’; rather than just rentals. To deal with aftermath for the long haul? That somehow; seems ‘strange’. They would have ‘good reason’ to move on; and apparently; more than a few have. . .(Did families sell the ‘just purchased’ homes or ‘what’?) Were all their homes; in fact; ‘just purchased’? Or is there some confusion here. . if only, just mine.

      Between false flags that continue to fly, per the most heinous of ‘unfoldings’ and as well, the more basic ‘realities’ of Global Warming; even the now, ‘geo-engineering’ of our food and weather; and having a ‘google eye’ follow us 24/7; and our computer. . . thought our world ‘makings’ found a familiar resonance in ‘The Truman Show’, when it first hit the theaters. Now; there is little left; that seems untouched by such a ‘false – artificially created reality’ . . .not unlike that expressed in TTS; below. . .

      We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented, it’s as simple as that.

      It’s all true. It’s all real. Nothing here is fake. Nothing you see on this show is fake. It’s merely controlled.


      (To which per ‘fakery’ vs ‘control’. . .do wonder; per Sandy Hook’; was it ALL fake. . or did some reality manifest or ‘just happen’ or was it planned to happen? Does the plan; depend exclusively, on the Director? We know with certainty; from other false MO’s; that those who plan such; are not concerned with ‘protecting’ life. . .as these ‘people’ are no more than mega ‘Utilitarians’/Engineers, enjoying the power of their ‘labors’. . .and evil labors; without a doubt.)

  16. To ‘Fish’ and others who followed up on the Sp;itfire/Consortiumnews post, appreciate your comments and desire to keep this forum
    available to sensible dialogue of high quality.

    Keep it going!

    1. Marilyn, I had a hard time reading that with any zeal. “Left wing,” “right wing,” sounds like the same bird to me.
      I think Webster Tarpley was right though, the geopolitical machinations of the Obama regime have been all about Russia from its onset. Who knows where this will lead.

      1. It’s the “same bird” alright. It returns to the same nest. Obongo is a Brezinski (sp?) protege. No surprise there. Putin represents the possibility of a “multi-polar” world. They aren’t buying that. They’ll kill us all before they allow that to happen.

    1. Larry
      Let’s keep it civil alright? Your next posting at 3:07 on this thread, indicates you took a break from this blog hoping the commenters have graduated from junior high. Seems they have left, but as Momma always said, it you do not have something positive or constructive to add, keep your mouth shut.

      1. Sorry people but I have got to tell you this,
        I was sitting in my backyard and almost fell off my chair when an Commercial Airliner flew over my house with a HUGE very long cord attached to it as the below article claims Obama is doing. I see planes everyday pass overhead all the time but only since this article came out have they actually been doing it here in LAX.
        It’s a very long cord with what looks like a rudder/wing type thing at the very end. This thing is so long they must have it attached to the bottom of the plane using a winch type motor to retract it to land.
        What I also find interesting about this article is they use the word Nano Fiber to get that in your mind. Weren’t a lot of people claiming that the chemtrails contained nano fibers?
        Excerpt from article
        “Through a process that remains top secret, the Navy and Air Force tied one end of the bungee-like nano-fiber cords to commercial jets and the other to the jet stream and then used the jets’ trajectory to pull that baby southward to form the polar vortex”
        This article in the Huffington Post was put there so “they” can say “Yea, we’re Geoengineering” “Obama signed an E.O.” So stop whining about those “chem.-trails” anymore, yea, that’s us, case closed. Even though this program pre-dates Obama
        U.S. Takes the Geoengineering Jump

        Key to the program were apparently specially designed flexible cords made out of nanofibers (basically high-tech bungee cords) and a personnel team from the Navy, Air Force, and U.S. Weather Service. Unwitting participants included: the airline industry and anyone who took a transcontinental flight this winter. NSA expert James Winkywinc explained that the program exemplified the spirit of military/civilian partnership even if the partnership was a secret to the public participants.

        Through a process that remains top secret, the Navy and Air Force tied one end of the bungee-like cords to commercial jets and the other to the jet stream and then used the jets’ trajectory to pull that baby southward to form the polar vortex

        Here is link if anyone missed the last posting here on another channel

      2. Ric
        That was supposed to be an April fools joke by the huffpro and most of the commenters do not think it was funny at all.

        In light of the recent last storms that caused so much death and damage, believe a lot of folks are waking up.

        Clever how they managed to turn the MSM into an attack troll, would add my comment but can’t even give them the benefit of my time!

      3. Always wonder why CA seems to be getting the worst of this controlled weather with all their droughts. Perhaps the Chinese have already purchased it with the requirement that all the unworthy subjects need to be evacuated.

        Here’s a good article on why they are doing this massive destruction.

      4. IN response to that article about the nanofiber thingie to lasso that arctic vortex – reminds me of something out of a Tall Tale – Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill (neither apparently real folktales but inventions of guys writing for the Eastern magazines who wanted to promote expansion).

        It IS true that seeding clouds has gone on, but the complexity of climate (as opposed to weather) is so huge that prediction of what one variable will do to the rest is never certain. You can make it rain but you cannot make the climate humid. It doesn’t work that way.

      5. Kathy, Are you serious Thats was an April Fools joke about Obama and the tethered things causeing a vortex? It did seem strange they said one side was attached to the plane and the otherside was attached to Jetstream.
        But, Why did I see, with my own eyes, Southwest Airlines flying over my house with a huge tether thing attached to the plane? I’m not crazy, I saw it. Wow is this some Pysop’s mind F*c%. But I really did see it. Pls give opinion(s). Thanks Muse and Kathy for your input But I DID see the tether….I don’t know what else to say, honest to God truth. I didn’t have enough time for a pic but I will now. Everybody in the flight paths need to look out for this camera ready. Like I said, I think this whole scam is to discredit any mention of Chemtrails and weather modification. I saw what I saw and if you knew me you would know I’m telling the truth.

      6. Ric – Have you tried to ask someone what it was? It isn’t necessarily sinister, and there might be some explanation. Look it up? Call around?

      7. Ric – I just immediately found something – experimental and maybe not applicable here – but the idea of using a plane to connect with another object in flight – even a satellite – is talked of. Of course in-flight fueling has also happened. Who knows? Anyway, just because you saw Southwest livery doesn’t make it what it seems. So. California is full of experimental stuff with military (or was when I grew up there).

        I’m sure there are tons of things out there – not totally secret but just not discussed in our idiotic media designed for imbecilic peasants – which you might be able to find.

        Not that I endorse this, but there you are, your tax dollars at work…and only a tiny example of the myriad toys which are paid for by a giant military budget.

        If this turns out to be stupid, I apologize.

      8. People get real…I saw the the TETHER…PERIOD. I alredy described it. There is something really wrong here here and I think we find out who is who. This is a small blog of 20 or so that come here because we think people here are above average intellect…I saw a plane with a huge TETHER attached to it and it scared the crap out of me. I don’t believe in little greys and take the illuminati and all those things with a grain salt. Don’t stare too long in the abyss lest it stares back I get it. I saw a tethered plane and that article stated that but now a joke? Why can’t I get the link to the joke?

      9. “maybe it had towed a glider to altitude and released it.”
        Fish , Really? Some NASA experiment with Sothwest Airlines and paying customers aboard hoping to land at Burbank Airport safely?
        This is getting weird. I never thought anyone woud not believe me, I feel like the people who say they were abducted by aliens. Only problem is it was 4:30pm in Los Angeles and clear skies dead sober. I can’t be the only one in the USA who have seen this. My Wife is worried for me now and she saw it too. Anyways on a good note:

        Fish, I went to your site..HAHA. I love it. “What do my Genitals have to do with National Security”? ” it’s not meat but it’s good” HAHA Taco Bell

        1. yeah, I guess if it was a passenger plane with a tether that is weird. I have seen crazy chemtrail stuff, I mean black beams that appear to be some sort of guidance system(probably 10 times or so) and once a beam shooting from the plane, I mean I guess, I suppose it could have been ground based but it appeared to shoot out from the plane towards Eugene and I can only describe it as a charcoal colored beam – it looked like static but in a cylinder shooting from the plane to the ground. I dunno. I had just become aware of chemtrails months earlier and had pointed them out to a friend and was pointing the tanker out to another friend when that happened. we all practically jumped and said woooa as we all looked at each other in disbelief. I think my one friend believed me but tried to shut it out of his head until all three of us witnessed the particle beam or whatever it was.
          so I don’t discount what you saw, I was just throwing an idea out there. I’m sure there is even crazier stuff going on now that I have been less conscious of it.

          thanks for checking out the site- its a bit dated but maybe this year I’ll work more on that stuff.

      10. Fish, thanks for the response. You said “I have seen crazy chemtrail stuff, I mean black beams that appear to be some sort of guidance system(probably 10 times or so) and once a beam shooting from the plane”.

        So have I several times and thought the same thing..some sort of guidance system so your not seeing things it’s real those black lines.

        I read where some guy tried to explain it but it didn’t make sense it was way too far out in the weeds for me.

        Anyways all I can do is wait to see if it happens again and try to get a pic.

        PS: at the end of the Huff article they do say “prank” it should have said “psyop”..haha

        1. “So have I several times and thought the same thing..some sort of guidance system so your not seeing things it’s real those black lines.”

          yeah! isn’t that crazy! they never keep them turned on for more than 20 or 30 seconds, usually less but you can see all the flight paths the chemtrailers will be following if you follow thew lines. I’m glad someone else has seen them. Usually people will just see a shadow from a fresh chemtrail over an older one and it will appear next to the plane but end when the clouds end. the guidance beams go all the way to an airforce base I presume. here they seem to come from southern oregon, more easternly than bend, maybe even nevada.

  17. How did you find out about the hoax beside the obvious with tethering to the jet stream and Lt Winkwinc and why can’t you provide me with the link? Are we just to be so stupid that the liberals get it and the joke that is on those “people” who claim they are spraying us? Really?

    1. Here is a serious article about nanotubes. Don’t know if it is related to what you saw but it is interesting none-the-less. This sounds like a ridiculous idea, but it seems to be a long-running project that could suck millions of dollars out of our hands. It’s a little dated – from 2009. For what it’s worth Ric, I believe you saw what you say you saw.

  18. Preston’s claim is backed up with zero evidence or confirmation. Hearsay. Anyone can do this, and equally badly………. I too have many sources that know as to what’s going on with regards to the whos and the wherefores and the doings with all the whatsits and oojiflips in Obamas government, and they ALL say Sandy Hook really happened. I’m not prepared to reveal these sources or any evidence to support my claim, but as “truthers” seem prepared to believe any old crap…. I really don’t need to.

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