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By James F. Tracy and MHB Guest Contributors

The following overview of articles addressing the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing aids in developing a broader understanding of how the event transpired and was presented by corporate and alternative news media. The US public was given a storyline largely constructed by federal law enforcement authorities and channeled through major media to promote the eventual theory that Dzokhar and Tamarlan Tsarnaev were the sole culprits in the bombing.

[Image Credit: Wikicommons]

The official narrative has become an established reality through the major news media’s faithful and pronounced repetition of the story’s many seemingly related facets. The Tsarnaevs’ culpability is reinforced by the prejudiced cultural inclination to correlate non-Western and/or Muslim individuals with terrorism. This proposed scenario of deviant Muslim terrorists has also tended to obscure the possibility that the Tsarnaev brothers may have been manipulated and at the hands of federal and state law officials. Moreover, the April 18-19 search for Dzokhar Tsarnaev involved the removal of constitutional protections and enactment of full-throttled martial law throughout the Boston area.

The collection of posts written by James Tracy and MHB guest authors over the past year addresses the various subtle and more blatant inconsistencies of what has been slated as America’s greatest terrorist attack since 9/11. Whether authentic or at least a partially constructed reality, the Boston Marathon bombing incident holds major significance going forward, particularly in terms of the country’s continued “war on terror,” which increasingly appears to be a selectively waged war of terror on the world’s population.-JFT

Hard Questions Posed on Boston Bombing
April 18, 2013
At an April 15th press conference on the Boston Marathon bombing reporters from corporate media outlets arrived to play their typical roles as “stenographers to power,” throwing routine softball questions to federal, state and local authorities, including Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event
April 22, 2013
“For the most part we do not first see, and then define,” Walter Lippmann observed in 1921, “we define first and then see. In the great blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture.”

A founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Lippmann looked with suspicion to the potential dangers the hopelessly uninformed public posed in the unfolding “Great Society.”

Carlos-Arredondo.jpgThe Unlikely Antics of Boston’s Cowboy Hero
April 26, 2013
Carlos Arredondo has been widely praised by an array of corporate news media as among the most valorous figures of the Boston Marathon bombing. He was “heralded as a true American hero,” the International Business Times gushes, having allegedly “risked his life to help the victims of the two explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon.”

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]

Video Analysis: Boston Marathon Bombing Injuries
May 2, 2013
Arrangement and analysis of still photos from the aftermath of the initial Boston Marathon bombing blast reveals incongruities in the appearances of injuries, absence of wounds where wounds should be readily observable vis-à-vis punctured and torn clothing, and possible application and donning of makeup by figures present.

Anomalies Emerge in Photos of Second Bomb Site
May 4, 2013
This detailed set of observations was submitted as a lengthy comment and addresses unusual elements of the far-less-photographed second bombing site. Given its especially important points I have requested the author’s permission to present the commentary as a guest post, to which she agreed provided her anonymity is preserved.

Bloodless Femoral Arteries
May 6, 2013
A chief narrative of the Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB) is that Jeff Bauman was tragically maimed when the first “pressure cooker bomb” detonated at the finish line. The charge blew both of Bauman’s legs clear off, leaving him with the disturbing remains of apparently exposed tissue and bone.

More Photographic Evidence Suggests Boston Bmobing Was Training Exercise
May 8, 2013
The Boston Marathon bombings have a lot of features that can only be reconciled as being a mock training exercise, and the recent history of using the Boston Marathon for bomb training exercises makes that comparison even more compelling. The Boston Herald reports that emergency drills were conducted at the 2012 Boston Marathon in which maneuvers included training for “bombs at the finish line”. Further, an experienced athlete and eyewitnesses at this year’s Boston Marathon, Alastair Stevenson, also testifies “there were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives and, and, we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned, it was just a drill”.

Cellphone Video of Initial Blast Aftermath / Additional BMB Videos
May 10, 2013
This cellphone video captures the immediate seconds following the first blast of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing. Taken several meters away from where the bomb was detonated, the footage documents a number of apparent figures who subsequently appear in media coverage as purportedly injured from the ordnance.

Along these lines, an overarching feature of the video is the visual and aural absence of the bomb’s fallout in terms of traumatic and injurious effects alongside property damage that would likely attend detonation and the broad dispersal of variously-shaped shrapnel. For instance, the photo to the right shows the Lenscrafters retail outlet’s front windows burst asunder. However, in the cellphone video the very same windows are thoroughly intact for a considerable time following the first blast.

[Photo Credit: Aaron Tang/Wikicommons]

The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Inflated Injury Tallies
May 11, 2013
Exactly how many people were injured as a result of the April 15 Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB)? An official tally from the Boston Public Health Commission puts the number at an incredible 282 injured and four killed, including MIT police officer Sean Collier. “Only two patients wounded in the Boston Marathon bombings remained in critical condition” on April 22, the Boston Globe reported, “but the count of injured people who were treated in area hospitals has risen sharply to 282, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. That is far higher than the initial estimate of 170.”

Obama’s FEMA Director Planned Boston Mass Casualty Event in 2008
May 21, 2013
Authored in 2008 by Richard Serino, then-Director of Boston’s Emergency Medical Services, Marathons – A Tale of Two Cities and the Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event (PDF) provides a detailed and fully operationalized plan for carrying out a mass casualty drill uncannily similar to what transpired at the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013.

In 2009 Serino retired from his post at Boston EMS after being appointed Deputy Administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Administration by President Barack Obama.

Boston’s Custom Designed Terror: Operation Urban Shield
August 3, 2013
On  June 6, 2013 “Operation Urban Shield Boston” published videos via its YouTube Channel highlighting the so-named 2011 and 2012 law enforcement and emergency response drills that bore a remarkable resemblance to the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing allegedly carried out by Tamarlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev.

Two days after the videos were distributed the Boston Globe reported that the entire April 15 Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath indeed played out almost in identical fashion to the Department of Homeland Security-sponsored terrorist drill scheduled for June of 2013.

CNN Tapped Fledgling Media Personality as Boston Bombing “Eyewitness”
August 12, 2013
At 4:18PM on April 15 while CNN ominously reports that two are dead and more than 110 injured as a result of the Boston Marathon bombing, anchorwoman Erin Burnett conducts a telephone interview with a young woman claiming to be an eyewitness to the explosions occurring 90 minutes earlier. (Quinn Brettler also appeared on MSNBC and CBS, but no footage of these interviews can be identified online.) “Joining me on the phone right now is Cassidy Quinn Brettler,” Burnett begins. “She was 30 feet away when the explosions happened. [She] was watching her coworker cross the finish line.” 

Boston Marathon Bombing Timeline
August 14, 2013
The following timeline of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three and injured many more provides a platform to better understand how the event was publicly presented by corporate and alternative news media. The chronological assemblage of coverage is not comprehensive of all reports published on the incident but is an ongoing project that also seeks to explain how the storyline was largely constructed by federal and state law enforcement, medical authorities and major media around the eventual theory that Dzokhar and Tamarlan Tsarnaev were the sole instigators of the bombing.File:2013 Boston Marathon aftermath people.jpg

[Photo Credit: Aaron Tang/Wikicommons]


Convicted on Wikipedia
October 6, 2013

“Let’s convict the son-of-a-bitch in the press. That’s the way it’s done.”-President Richard Nixon

We are familiar with conviction in the press, one sub-category of the lying and propagandizing featured on a daily basis in the mainstream print and electronic media. But in this age of transparency and equal opportunity, we now find conviction on Wikipedia—and anyone can do it. Especially anyone with a huge government or military or corporate budget and hundreds of paid employees who use pen names to write their Wikipedia articles—and to vigilantly monitor them so that their views will stay posted. And we all use Wikipedia, although we know that we can’t trust it. But we use it anyway, and the things we read there, especially if well articulated and effectively illustrated, stick in our heads and become part of our reality. Most topically, we have wiki-convictions in two recent shootings in Washington, D.C.

Video: Boston Marathon Bomb Simulators Exposed
January 16, 2014

Photos and Eyewitnesses Confirm BOTH Boston Marathon Bombs Were Fake

This brief (9:47) video presents a compelling argument and set of video and photographic evidence concerning the incendiary devices detonated shortly before 3:00PM on April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon finish line.

“One Fund Boston” and the Boston Mass Casualty Event
January 17, 2014
An integral and by now much-anticipated element of a spectacle such as the Boston Mass Casualty Event (BMCE) of April 15, 2013 involves establishment of charities through which the incident may gain legitimacy in the public mind. Such entities provide fiscal channels by which event participants may be compensated and are also vital for public participation via charitable offerings.

Here, perhaps predictably, one find the unusually swift development of “The One Fund Boston,” a now celebrated aid organization whose very name oddly resonates with the new agey themes of “resilience” and “unity” promoted by mass grief and woe maven John Woodall. “We are one Boston. We are one community,” Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is quoted as saying on “One Fund’s” website. “As always, we will come together to help those most in need. And in the end, we will all be better for it.”

The Legacy of Oklahoma City
February 1, 2014
The correspondence below, received over one month ago from a former Oklahoma City resident, is especially timely given recent developments in the Boston Marathon bombing case. On January 30 the US Department of Justice announced that it will pursue the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the Boston bombing. (See BMB Timeline.) This is the most high-profile death penalty case pursued by the federal government since it sought to execute Timothy McVeigh for his alleged role in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building.

Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston and Kiev: Connecting the Dots
March 16, 2014
With the ‘Anti-firearms’ moves that started in the 1980’s a young American woman moved to Australia.  Rebecca Peters studied law for two years and then quit. She became employed by ‘The Australian Broadcasting Commission’ (ABC), and then started ‘The National Coalition for Gun Control’.  At the time she also coyly joked about the rumours that her father was ‘CIA’.

The ‘National Coalition for Gun Control’ was considered a political lobby group, but after Rebecca Peters founded the ‘International Action Network on Small Arms’ (IANSA) in the United Kingdom, which again was considered as a ‘political lobby group’, it appeared that both of these bodies were in fact NGOs that is ‘Non-Government organisations’.

File:Boston Marathon Bomber Caught, Town Celebrates.jpg

[Photo Credit: Wikicommons]

The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Constructed Reality
April 11, 2014

“The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event … For it is clear enough that under certain conditions men respond as powerfully to fictions as they do to realities.” Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 1922.

The careful coordination of information and visual representations governs the mass mind. The conditions for such are accentuated in times of perceived crisis. For a relatively brief period following the Boston Marathon bombing two sets of photographs emerged that actually depicted what appeared to have taken place at “ground zero,” where the first explosive device detonated. Each series of photos strongly suggests the execution of a mass casualty exercise.

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82 thought on “The Boston Marathon Bombing: A Compendium of Research and Analysis”
  1. We see to be subjected to a steady trick of BMarathon stories of late…guess w/the anniversary and all. One yesterday in the Daily Mail and another today:

    “In an emotional interview Bill Richard said that he told his family: ‘We should go’ when they heard the first of the two bombs go off.”

    Hmmm…I’m thinking my words would’ve been a whole lot more “urgent”.

    The story goes on, “The Richards have said that they have not yet decided if they will go to this year’s marathon, which falls on Bill’s birthday.”

    Seriously? They must be dedicated fans. Dragging my children back there would seem akin to putting them in a school that was an exact replica of their old school where they survived a mass shooting.

    These stories…they are all just so “odd”. Of course, they have formed a non-profit foundation, too – and they have an avenue for media contacts. It’s like a set of requirements when you enter this “club”, it seems:

    1. Indeed they must think the public is absolutely ignorant to keep believing the ridiculous lies. Have you noticed the video evidence is disappearing as the truth is coming out? If they are telling the truth there should be nothing to hide right?

  2. I almost threw up when I read an article about Boston’s 911 memorial ceremony on Sept. 11, 2014… Carlos Arredondo was on the stage next to a friend’s relative. That person had lost their child. For real.

    Apparently the day was designated to also recognize the “heroes” and “victims” of the Boston Marathon “bombing.”

    You’re being played Boston.

    I know Arredondo will go to hell unless he repents for his lies. Jesus didn’t like liars.

    Seriously, how evil can you get? Posing as a hero and standing next to someone who lost their kid?

  3. More propaganda. This BMB victim walked off the set of meet the press because they did not comply with her demand to not say the names of the Tsarnaev brothers in her presence. Thus killing two birds with one stone a) rehashing the hoax b) reaffirming princess like behavior to millions of other young American girls that are completely disconnected from reality.

  4. No trained medical professional would put a bleeding amputee victim upright in a wheelchair. If this was real life, Mr. Bauman would have immediately “bled out” and his family would have sued for millions.

    Professor Tracy, do we have a new April hoax to examine? In Overland Kansas today, speaking in front of a packed temple, “I am the daughter of the gentleman who was shot today and I am the mother of the son who was killed. It means so much that you are here today.” My kid loses a tooth after coming home from Disney World and I’m an emotional wreck. This lady, after only hours, says this with calmness and composure, just hours after losing her son and father?

    1. Yes, there does appear to be a rush of crazy people stories in the news. It was reported the killer was asking if people were Jewish and ended up killing 3 Christians. The very strong mother/daughter gave a news conference today and was strong because of her faith and the fact that her son sang “you’ll miss me when I am gone,’ the last moment she saw him alive.

      There is also a women in UT, arrested for seven dead babies in boxes in her garage that her ex-husband found while cleaning it. She had 9 babies in 10 years, and no one ever knew she was pregnant.

      Listened to a few seconds of NPR until I realized it was Jeff Bauman wondering where was the love with the Boston Bombers!

      And of course, the crazy ranchers in UT who don’t pay their grazing fees to the Fed, somehow a tortoise that lives 100 years and eats cow poop is involved and Harry Reid has close ties to all of it…

      1. ” the crazy ranchers in UT who don’t pay their grazing fees to the Fed”

        Well, the way I understand it, the guy owes nothing to the federal interlopers. He paid fees to the county all along. His rights go back to the Lincoln regime, and the BLM claims it has the power to abrogate those rights. I despise the tyrant, Lincoln, and also the genocide his generals committed against the Indians, which made this rancher’s claims possible, but that’s the history.

        The federal government “owns” 85% of Nevada, and a similar percentage of the rest of the western states that were “won” through genocide. Of course, as I’ve argued here before, the federal government has no business owning any land outside the District of Columbia, so since the federal government owes its existence to the Constitution, it really doesn’t “own” those lands to begin with. Yet, they say, possession is nine tenths of the law, and the feds possess a lot of weapons with which to defend their claim. Constitution? We don’t need no stink in’ Constitution!

        What I find immensely troubling is that it appears to be a case of White people being subjected to the same treatment the Indians have experienced, forever, when the Great Chief in Washington solemnly swore that the treaties he makes with them will be in force until the Sun no longer rises and the wind no longer blows, and all the rest. Only to be ignored the next day. Agencies like the BLM should not exist, of course, but when they do, they should not be allowed to pretend to have the right to impose fees and restrictions on property owners whose rights precede the creation of the agency by a century. Those bureaucrats need a fateful of hearty laughter, not respect.

        It turns out, the stinking majority leader of the Senate did this because his developer pals want that rancher’s water rights. It has nothing to do with turtles. It is to do with golf courses.

        1. That’s “face-full”, not “fateful”, as in humiliate the stinking bureaucrats, make them cry, slink home, and hopefully inspire them to try and find honest work. Pumping out septic tanks would make those stinkers feel clean, by comparison, if they were made to see how they have betrayed the country they claim to serve.

        2. “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it.

          -Harry Reid

          So says the guy who violates the Constitution with every breath he takes.

        3. It might be helpful to know that he and his son “Rory” (why do these mutt’s kids have names like “Trig” and “Thud”?), are up to their oh so holy butts in a Chinese “solar-green” project planned for the very land that is currently occupied by Bundy’s cows.

          Yes, its true. Harry and “Rory” want those cows moved pronto to make room for their partners from the Communist Far East. All perfectly wholesome, you understand. The man didn’t pay his grazing fees.

          On top of that, they played a subtle trick recently. The land in question was formerly “Federal Land”. It was changed to “Public Land” and the fees came with it. This is also tied to A-21 of course. Can’t have “independent minded individuals” in the New Obedient (and dependent) World Order.

          And don’t think for a minute that Bundy “won”. They’ll be back, bigger and badder than ever. No Harry, the lifelong civil servant millionaire, will not let a business opportunity slip so easily from his sticky fingers. And “Rory” (or Trig, Track, or Thud) has spent many days in China firming this up.

          Remember, their owners let them run their scams. It’s part of their reward for faithful service. That’s how under-paid civil servants become millionaires. They care no more for this rancher than they do when they swat a fly. If he lives long enough his future will be a 500 sq. ft. “stack and pack” in Las Vegas.

        4. What you don’t seem to know is that the grazing rights when ranchers do pay them are absurdly low, and hardly any income at all to the Feds. It’s tax payer subsidized grazing. The cattle grazing on public lands are also a gift in some areas and are used to knock off wild horses who have been mandated land actually under an act crafted by Nixon. In the Bundy case he’s definitely in the right but elsewhere the story is murkier.

        5. I can’t see it that way, at all. When Lincoln’s generals murdered the Indians and put the survivors in concentration camps (where their descendants languish to this day), millions of buffalo wandered those lands. No one paid anything for the privilege. White people killed all the buffalo, and replaced them with cattle, and the land went from a commons to private ownership. The federal government has no constitutional right to own any of that land, so any fees it imposes, on anyone, are illegitimate. I find it difficult to justify the states owning the land–it should be privately held–but that should be the choice of the people in those states to decide.

          So if the federal government gets “absurdly low” prices for leasing out land it does not honestly own, it’s kind of like someone stealing cars and then renting them in competition with Avis, at a steep discount.

          The whole arrangement, in my view is false; the idea of “public lands” is communistic; the idea that the use of them is somehow “a gift” is absurd.

          We have tolerated the growth of the federal government into a thing so far outside what the Constitution allows it to be that most of what it does now is lawless.

        6. As one who lives in the American west and takes every chance to lose himself in the vast lonely expanses of public land out here, I’m going to have to disagree. Even though I am at odds with how the Feds police and mismanage these places, There is no way that making it private is the answer. I would like to see the states take over. The federal government is too large and needs to hand it over before they kick the rest of us off it. But if it is sold off to the wealthy, they would fence it off and lock us out forever. I live for the chance to go into these places and not see people period sometimes. I see how the wealthy are with their land and believe you me, if they could have you arrested for looking at it, they would. I’m sorry what happened to the Indians, but they are not getting the land back out here any more than the Iroquois are getting back New York, and I am not going to loathe myself for it. I find their reservations pretty hellish, but there are no locked gates on the exits. If the people who conquered this country stayed home, someone else would most certainly have come and done it, and maybe even worse. There are three kinds of people in this world(Lindsay Buckingham was wrong), winners, losers, and the rest in between(I consider myself in between, and darn lucky for it, ok maybe a little more toward the winner side). This land out here is for Americans far and wide to come and experience. I suggest you do it before its too late. The laws of the universe(among other things) clearly state that this world cannot last forever.

        7. Patrick, here’s the latest coverage on grazing fees and it mentions the wild horses. The BLM refuses to keep the horses on the range and use inexpensive birth control. Instead the BLM cooperates with both cattle ranchers and big business – oil and gas and mining to name a few, who want the horses removed completely. The BLM would like to euthanize the 50,000 horses they have removed and put in pens where they are in terrible condition.

        8. Thanks for that, Marzi.

          When I replied to you earlier this morning, I was unaware of Mark Steyn’s remarks of yesterday: . He and I are on the same page. It’s a great article.

          The federal government is entirely corrupt. It is evil. As I have argued many times, big is bad. A continent ruled by a city is insane. Radical decentralization is the only decent chance for human-scale decision making. Why, if we follow this line, is western Colorado ruled by a city on the other side of the Rockies, even? What do they have in common? How much more so western lands being ruled by a mid-atlantic city thousands of miles to the east?

          They shoot horses, don’t they? Well, the movie’s not about that, but it is the same thing. The situation is insane, and impossibly cruel, and we can do nothing to change it. I’m glad one rancher is standing up, but Dirty Harry and the land of Mordor-on-the-Potomac will not allow truth, dignity, and the independence of the common man to be restored. They will slaughter horses, and turtles, and eagles, and not feel the slightest twinge of guilt about it. It’s all about the money, and the power. Solar “farms,” wind “farms,” water rights, Chinese business partners–insider deals trump all.

        9. France would be a good place to send wild horse populations. In fact they would probably pay for the shipping.

        10. Rich, I agree with your desire to ensure that those vast lands are accessible to everyone. But this does not preclude private ownership; it is a matter of law. In England, anyone can walk across private lands; it is the right of every Englishman to do so, and it always has been. You can go there and take walking tours that last for days.

          So it can be done. The question is, has America become so corrupt that such a law/tradition could not be hoped for? I’m afraid so. Thus, those lands should be transferred to ownership by individual states, and the Department of the Interior abolished. It may be difficult to clean up corruption in a given state, but it is at least possible.

          Obviously this is all theoretical. Bundy may be philosophically right, but the fact of empire makes his argument moot. Consolidation of all power in the hands of Washington has progressed too far to be reversed. They will make an example out of him. Then they will auction off his water rights to Reid’s billionaire partners. I’ll bet the proud rancher ends up with nothing.

        11. Patrick,
          Yes, I remember the footpaths of England. It was a point of contention with the local Nuke activists when I was stationed there. We go a bit further than walking footpaths out here, LOL. I remember when BLM meant “public land” and no one ever saw ‘them”, it was a place, not a force. Now, however it means police with bullet proof vests and gun belts tracking you down to your house and writing tickets because your tent was touching the high water line on the river, and tossing your campsite while you are away, looking for contraband. The police state has come to the mountains, rivers, and desert, and its not going away. If we were the same people who ran onto those beaches at Normandy, Bundy would be surrounded by a 100,000 armed civilians by now. We are slaves too worried about our jobs, health insurance, and home equity to risk helping. Bundy is screwed, Even though this is a battle we could win. Like me, most people have slaved to long and are not willing to come home from the fight jobless and homeless. We lose.

        12. Get a load of this map:

          I am absolutely certain that the Constitution would not be ratified if there existed a time machine, and brought this one back as evidence of what would happen to the country if the Articles of Confederation were scrapped. The Constitutional Convention would never have even happened. The people who grew off the “bondage” of George III are inconsolable in the afterlife.

        13. Watching the footage of the Bundy confrontation with the BLM Rangers, I am concerned about the tazing of Bundy’s son. How I saw him supposedly pulling the tazer needles out and continuing to advance toward the rangers, but I never heard the telltale clicking of the device when a shock is being administered? Granted, he is a big boy, but why didn’t he go down? To be fair there was some strange sounds at the beginning of the video but the camera was pointing down and very shaky. When it finally does come up you see a crowd around a body on the ground, but It does not appear to be Bundy’s son. I believe it was supposed to be the woman who was knocked down and roughed up(not very roughed up when she gets in front of the camera to speak if you ask me). Why wasn’t she tazed? These rangers also seem too calm. And they are right in the crowd of angry people, but they seem quite assured that no one is going to get physical.

          I also saw a Fox video dated 4/16 showing the “destruction” of the infrastructure. However all I saw was a dead cow, an ancient rusty water tank that was falling apart because it was rusted beyond recognition, and an old pen they showed that was made of ancient wood, so old it was more like the ruins of an old west scene, not anything that would have been used in the last 50 years at least. Could it be this whole thing is being orchestrated to change or do away with our model of western ranching as we know it? Some of the laws as of late regarding small time farming, vegetable and fruit stands, raw milk, show big foods disdain of the non corporate food scene. There is a chance we are being had again.

        14. Are the Bundy’s for real? Rich asked the question, and I think that we are not coming up with an answer either way at the moment. There were said to be regular payments from them for grazing to the county and not the BLM, in some protest to the Feds, but which were never cashed. Not only does it seem odd, but untraceable. The latest US census data publicly available is for 1940. If they have been on the land that long, it might show them. The elder Mr. Bundy is too young to appear however. I would imagine there would be other info publicly available – marriages, land transfers.

          You know a ranch isn’t really a thing – it is a collection of separate parcels, as I learned when we sold off our dad’s estate. There are parcels acquired at different times. The county has those records.

          Normally, the ranchers look upon snail darters, spotted owls and box tortoises as nuisances in the way of their sovereignty over their land. On the other hand, they rely heavily on the pest control people in the federal and state government to keep their crops safe, and other people from other agencies. Controlling livestock disease is another concern. The idea that they don’t go hand-in-glove with the feds (and county) is what outsiders might think. The same blowhard barstool nonsense settles down when there is a road to be built or some dam that could benefit you. I refer you to a book I have kept around just to outrage some of my relatives (not carefully read I admit, but the coffee-table size and outrageous title on the spine was worth the price: “Welfare Ranching”). It well may be that the Bundy’s favor Clark Co. over the feds for some special reasons other than BLM, or there may be a history with the acquisition of the BLM lands in the first place that got them so many supporters.

          Mr. Bundy’s taste in clothing and furniture looks like my dad to a “T”. But unlike him (unless he too is an act), my dad was born in Brooklyn and took money from his LA plastics factory to buy his ranch (in parcels, be it known). He played his role perfectly, though, and became more rancher-ly than a Hollywood movie star. It was total “method” acting, total immersion, and it made his years from 62-77 absolutely great. He was the darling of the auction house, where his perfect steers fetched top dollar. Some of the locals accorded him respect, but I believe they felt he was Little Lord Fauntleroy.

          I read something cute in the newspaper – NY Times? – while he was living up in Alturas (bordering NV and OR) – some New Yorkers were riding their bikes across the country and marveling at the fact that they were actually in Modoc County where they had to be the only city slickers for miles around, the only people who had ever ventured into Times Square. I got a real laugh from that one. We all live on a big stage set, don’t we, thinking we are surrounded by strangers. How odd to realize THAT is our big illusion.

        15. I like your thinking, Rich. I hope this community takes this one as seriously as it has the Back East ones. Something is definitely fishy about the whole thing, and what all these things have in common is the reporting. We are always being lied to and misled, and we must question the assumptions that underly everything we are told. What is so beneficial about MHB is the intrepid investigators who gather here, and dig away at the lies like archeologists with dental tools and brushes uncovering bones thousands of years old. James just sets the table.

          This one, out West, stinks. Dirty Harry is deep inside it, along with his stinking son.

        16. Patrick
          I was being sarcastic. It is difficult to find an article that doesn’t say the rancher refuses to pay his grazing fees.

          It would be crazy not to pay taxes just because you thought they were unjust, they would incarcerate you.

          It appears the real story is the BLM has declared the area he has historically grazed his cattle to be illegal now based on the falsity that the cows are harming the turtle and the public.

        17. “I was being sarcastic.”

          I knew that, Kathy, only because I remember the positions you have taken here before. Still, and as I have discovered more than once, sarcasm is hard to express properly in internet conversations. It comes out flat, harsh, and unfunny. What we hear in our minds as we write it might be just like what our friends hear when we are in conversation in life. Here, not so much.

          So while I knew you were joking, I thought it a good opportunity to make the point I did. This situation is emblematic. I don’t know if this situation fits with James Tracy’s raison d’etre here, and I’m not one to prod him to expand his scope, but I’d like to think it does.

          By this I mean that the good Doctor has made clear that he started out a man of the Left, and his honesty in reporting has lost him lots of many lefty friends. Now, for me, supporting the guy who defends the rights the tyrant Lincoln conferred upon him by murdering the Indians en masse, is easy to do: he’s got those rights, just like the people in, say, Boston today who have inherited their property truly own it, even though Indians had it taken from them way back when. Certainly, William the conqueror took over England, and there’s no going back to the status quo ante (how I wish that were possible!). And didn’t Julius Ceasar conquer Gaul? Should France be given back to the gauls?

          That is, James, given the romantic memory of his leftish past, might think that exploring the range war of late is a bridge too far. Who knows? He’s a tough guy, at least intellectually, and I for one would like him to explore the reporting on this one.

          I know that I am an outlier. I think the United States should never have grown; it should have split into at least four countries early in the 19th century. Hell, I’m an antifederalist. And I despise Lincoln, and everything that happened after he was selected. I don’t expect James Tracy to join me in any of this. I don’t expect anyone to do.

          Still, this is an important conversation to have, and this is the best place to have it. Should the federal government own any of that land, to begin with? I don’t like the Constitution, but it is a fact, and guess what? It does not authorize the federal government to tell a rancher in Nevada where his cows can eat grass, much less charge him money for the for the privilege.

        18. It has been said that we all start out as lefties and think it is great the government gives out all that money, until we start making real money ourselves and want them to quit taking it.

          It appears the Bundy’s have been sending their grazing fees to the county as they believe that is where the money should go, not to the fed. The county refuses to cash the checks.

          Interesting how the press totally neglects the truth of who the real crooks are. Ironically, the precious tortoise is dependent on cow dung and without it will parish in the desert.

          Wish some good environmental lawyers would get involved, representing yourself against the goons will never work.

          Just like climate change, green energy is all a scam to redistribute our tax dollars to the elite.

        19. Thanks for posting that, Kathy. However, the Endangered Species Act doesn’t play any role in the court’s order, although Bundy pled that it was being used as an excuse to drive him off the land. Instead, the court enjoined Bundy simply based on the fact that this is federal land and he’s grazing there without a permit. (It says Bundy’s main contention is that this is NOT federal land; however, all of Nevada was ceded to the United States via the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848, which ended the Mexican-American War.)

          Appears Bundy does not have a legal leg to stand on,although it is possible the court order mischaracterizes his claims. And the cattle were rounded up pursuant to this court order, which issued in July 2013. Those facts do not change the frightening thuggery of the feds (dressed as storm troopers–the BLM!!), or the conflict of Harry Reid. But it appears Bundy may have sown the seeds of his own demise by refusing to pay grazing fees. While Reid may have pulled strings to have Bundy targeted–maybe even influenced the selection of the federal judge–it may also be the case he was just logically focusing on that land, since he would be “next in line” to get a permit.

          Mulling this over, I think the grazing use does not necessarily conflict with use of the land for solar. They could both be permitted at the same time. The tortoise comes first, though.

        1. Thanks. Had no idea the BLM even existed before this news event. Seems they are deeply involved in the green energy scam that has made some folks very rich with our tax dollars and resulted in a minimal amount of electricity produced, not to mention the decimation of wildlife.

      2. I second the thought that we may have our latest “hoax crime” here with the Glenn Miller shooting at the Jewish Center.

        They aren’t even using his name, but supposed aliases of “Fraizer Glenn Miller” or “Fraizer Cross”. True, he was a rabid anti-semite for many decades and totally open about it, but this in itself leads one to doubt the official story. Miller has been interviewed by people like Howard Stern and David Pacman in recent years, as well as even run for public office (Missouri senate, if I remember correctly). He has also given countless interviews on white nationalist programs and ran his own website. Like I said, he made no secret of his anti-semitic beliefs, but he didn’t come across as someone that would do something as stupid and obvious as the crime he is being accused of. People that espouse very non-politically correct views that put themselves in the public eye aren’t normally inclined to do extreme things that will only hurt their cause, which this act most definitely did. They may do extreme things, but there will be a point to it. At the very least, if he were to commit such a crime, he didn’t seem to be the type at all that would have bungled it so badly. This guy was an ex-green beret and involved in militant white nationalist groups for many years, even doing time for his activities. Now the media would have us believe that this same guy, at 73 years old, went to a Jewish center and shot three people who weren’t even Jewish, and then seems to have been apprehended immediately with no attempt at fleeing, no struggle, nothing. The last part I am assuming as I don’t think anything has even been released about this aspect. It seems the story is that he went to the Jewish center and shot three people and then was grabbed by the police….end of story. I mean, did he just sit down on the sidewalk and wait to be apprehended? A hard core, militant, racist, anti-semite that at one time was even involved in trying to overthrow the federal government that didn’t even try to have a shoot-out with the police to save himself, or make coherent plan against his “so-called enemies” in the act itself ( as I said, he didn’t even shoot any Jews), or kill himself after the fact, or at least try to escape capture?

        Of course maybe he just snapped and did something stupid….

        1. In Boston several years ago, there was a “neo-Nazi” who attacked the Holocaust memorial near city hall or was planning to do so, and similar outrages. Then it turned out when he was arrested he was actually a guy who looked somewhat white but also had one black parent. It was kind of a weird story at the time. I think the guy who did or did not actually shoot people is someone who spent a long time either as a self-hating ethnic of some type or someone who was primarily an informant. There’s a whole subculture of these types of people who play-act, either because their minds are unbalanced, because they are used as informants or both. It would be nice to sort of map our society these days where we understand that there is this whole bureaucracy dedicated to acting out social problems and using them as lessons for the public – you know, like propaganda. I am too far from the Missouri event to have an idea, except that my ex-brother-in-law came from Shawnee Mission, and repelled me with his constant racist drivel. Glad my sister dumped him. I know that area was hotly contested in the run-up to the civil war and afterwards was a nursery of western outlaws. So yeah, they’d have a KKK and also all the narcs following it. Must be a better way to spend your time for both sides.

        2. I found the man’s name in the skinhead plans to blow up stuff in Boston – it was in spring, 2001, and the name of the character is “Leo Felton” with a curious past of institutionalization at an early age. But here’s something else, which if true, bears consideration. In looking for his name after I discovered it at ADL’s website, I see that he is doing time presently for all his plotting. I believe his plotting was a violation of parole, so naturally there never had to be a trial or his appearance in court for very long. Okay, off he goes, and when the BMB happens, they decide it was a racist attack (remember the initial reports? after all, Africans have been winning for years which might tend to stir people up who thought along the lines of white supremacy) – well they report that the suspect is Rolo Tomassi – no, not him – Leo Felton. Then they remembered he went to prison. Cute, huh? Think about it. They were going with another scenario, and then they dropped it because they flubbed up – or it was just a finger in the wind to see if the public was interested in that particular path for the adventure to take. Who originally reported that name? Was it just a mistake? I imagine someone else decided that Chechens would be useful for playing games with Russia instead. Maybe someone on high told Homeland Security they needed to run with a different set of perps. Whatever.

          You know, newsprint can be used for many different things, and a tv screen can be decorated with spray paint.

        3. OK, is it me, or is anyone else noticing that long revered and famous names are being used in the media as well, maybe to obliterate the past, and replace with something else? For example, the Glen Miller story above or how about the screenwriter named Steve McQueen that one the Oscar this year? There’s a couple more, but can’t seem to remember right now.

        4. @bewisetoday: I’ve noticed that for sure, names of suspects and victims. They do all sorts of strange and clever things with them

        5. I read your comment early this morning and am coming back to it now after a YouTube user named “Perrfection” just made a video saying the same thing. YouTube is getting flooded with new users rapidly uploading hundreds of conspiracy-related videos and they have names like “Bing Crosby,” “Gary Cooper”, “James Stuart” (sic) and many other old time actors and entertainers.

    2. When I met Jeff Bauman last week at a book signing, he told me he did have a doctor and medic attend to him and showed me a photo in his book of them with him and Carlos. Only problem is this photo was not near the smoke bomb site where Carlos emerged with him alone. Jeff also told me the heat from the blast cuaterized his arteries, and he had debree in them. Would that this were possible. The blast if it was so hot would have melted his plastic arteries. Check out my post in the previous article for more and photo links.

    3. I saw that women also. I thought the same exact thing. She looses 2 loved ones…sees them laying there dead and acting like she just got a mani/pedi.

  5. As we approach the anniversary of the BMB tomorrow (4-15-14), we are regaled with heavy-handed propaganda in support of the outlandish scenario produced by the MSM – a scenario that is being augmented and elaborated with gruesome and heart-rending details so as not to lose our attention.

    Today’s New York Times featured an incredible human-interest story of the brothers Norden, both “strapping construction workers in their prime,” each of whom supposedly lost a leg. These once-vital young men, their grieving mother, and their steadfast girlfriends have been through untold agony, as reported in the Times, mitigated only slightly by the $1.2 million each received through One Fund Boston, supplemented by the “Unstoppable Mom” prize of $100,000 won by their mother. The Norden brothers have a new book out, “Twice as Strong,” which they are now promoting, and their nurse is running in this year’s marathon to raise more money for the boyz.

    Pulitzer prizes were awarded today, two for coverage of the BMB. One went to the Boston Globe for its superb coverage of the “event” and one to the New York Times for their “images of the painstaking recovery of a Boston Marathon bombing survivor.”

    And then there’s the upcoming trial of “suspect” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a trial Mrs. Norden is looking forward to in November. According to the Times, “she hopes he is sentenced to death.”

    The “formal observance” will last until April 21.

    1. I guess it’s time to turn off our addiction to tv and to the belief that Pulitzer prizes (or Nobel prizes for that matter) are anything but political.
      My only quest is to discover what the game is, if there’s a pattern to it that makes any kind of sense for the powerful. I can only come back to what a commentator in London once said: “It is to make us discourse in lies.” But they cannot make us speak lies against our will. I also think about that wonderful line from Isaiah: “I shall not be confounded, I have set my face like flint.” And its companion in the New Testament is: “He is near that justifieth me, who will contend with me, let him come near.”

      I think that what we have all forgotten (mostly) is to relate what we do to our own traditions. It just so happens that when we are asked to tell a lie, to validate a lie through the rumor that is our news, to use it in daily speech, even sensing that it is wrong, we not only should not do so, we are actively in the wrong if we do so. It is immoral to do so. It is a sin.

      In continuing to speak in my own faith tradition, I have determined that listening to our news broadcasts is “an occasion of sin” like an alcoholic wandering into a bar or anyone with an addiction hanging out with people shooting up. It inevitably leads where they want you to be, dependent and helpless, flattered into the belief that you are informed, dealing in their counterfeit coinage of communication.

      So – be a “flintstone” and reject the news in favor of other activities which have a chance of being genuine. Such opportunities abound.

      1. I have determined that listening to our news broadcasts is “an occasion of sin”

        I feel the same. Yet I would go one step further in saying that voting in elections where the choice of Liar A vs. Liar B is a similar “occasion”. We all know that they are in it for themselves and no matter who we elect, we will continue sliding in the same direction. There may be that 1 in 10,000 candidate who we think can slow the slide down for a while, but we are only delaying the inevitable. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.

        1. ————————————–
          That Ray Bradbury quote is riviting. And one more reason we must strive to preserve language in its pure form–not the twisted jargon of propagandists or those who trade in invented illusion. There was no way the man who invented film could have foreseen its facility for human oppression: art as mind manipulation.

      2. musings, this comment is so true. My husband and I have not watched TV in over 10 years (none whatsoever). Your point about not conversing in lies has even caused me to stop reading many other political/social blogs as their premise for a particular post is based on belief that certain events we’ve seen are true or in keeping with Rich’s comment that there is a political party or politician who is going to make a difference. Like you, I keep track of these things to try and figure out what the game is (as if!). The god of this world is running the show, but my dependence upon Yashua Christ has caused the delusions we marinate in to be peeled away.

        Anyway, I really liked your comment and wanted to thank you for it.

  6. It’s almost gratuitous to comment anymore on BMB. But here’s one anyway, a radio interview with a person who claims to be both a runner “giving back to the community” on every Marathon Day, and also a male nurse at Tufts Medical Center.

    He was changed forever by attending Krystle Campbell as she took her last breaths – no pulse, but a heart rhythm, declared dead at the scene.

    Vanity, celebrity medicine, eh? How many dying patients in all his years of nursing did he ever attend? Why would this one make him see his mission differently and the experience, so unlike any other, ever leave him? Was he born again as a real nurse on that day? Were all the other patients he ever attended just chopped liver? And yet, he is unemotional as he delivers his lines on WGBH radio to Megna Chakrabarti.

    My sister attended a dying patient recently, a little girl. My sister has been a nurse for twenty years, and the child she attended was blind, had multiple organ abnormalities, and in the end succumbed to infection. Six years old. You can not talk to my sister about her little patient without her breaking into tears, and for weeks afterwards she was practically inconsolable.

    I don’t know for sure, but I think that death was life-changing for her.

    But this guy – he’s an opportunist and should be driven out of medicine. I can only imagine his career will be guided by powerful people and he will never want for cover when he screws up. He’s a golden boy.

  7. Here is something I just came across while looking up the history of the marathon on wikipedia:

    Before they left the city, the Athenian generals sent off a message to Sparta. The messenger was an Athenian named Pheidippides, a professional long-distance runner. According to the account he gave the Athenians on his return, Pheidippides met the god Pan on Mount Parthenium, above Tegea. Pan, he said, called him by name and told him to ask the Athenians why they paid him no attention, in spite of his friendliness towards them and the fact that he had often been useful to them in the past, and would be so again in the future. The Athenians believed Pheidippides’s story, and when their affairs were once more in a prosperous state, they built a shrine to Pan under the Acropolis, and from the time his message was received they held an annual ceremony, with a torch-race and sacrifices, to court his protection.

    The significance of this story is only understood in the light of the legend that the god Pan returned the favor by fighting with the Athenian troops and against the Persians at Marathon. This was important because Pan, in addition to his other powers, had the capacity to instill the most extreme sort of fear, an irrational, blind fear that paralysed the mind and suspended all sense of judgment – panic.

    The word panic derives from the Greek πανικός, “pertaining to shepherd god Pan”, who took amusement from frightening herds of goats and sheep into sudden bursts of uncontrollable fear. The ancient Greeks credited the battle of Marathon’s victory to Pan, using his name for the frenzied, frantic fear exhibited by the fleeing enemy soldiers.

    1. Thank you. As for Boston taking the Marathon from the Greeks, perhaps they forgot about Greeks bearing gifts. Perhaps a pressure cooker qualifies as a Pan.

      I have another story about two rival Greek men at MIT, but I shall save it for another time. Suffice to say that one was good but flawed, the other was probably just as evil as the former believed before his untimely death.

    1. Beth I don’t see it as either of your alternatives. In fact this town has a history of being easily panicked. I can think of two innocent examples where pandemonium broke loose, but this one of course was a deliberate mockery by someone who also disbelieves as we do.

      1. I have just sat through the 11 o’clock news with my husband who has never examined the evidence, and is thus a perfect target no matter his education level. They really lay it on thick in Boston, sentimentalizing the amputees (the Norden brothers) and tweaking the details about their walk today from Hopkinton to Finish Line – first saying it was 26.2 miles, then correcting that it was more like a Stations of the Cross (Good Friday is coming!) where they would drive and then stop at special places near Heartbreak Hill at a fire station in Newton, etc. totaling seven miles walk at most. The whole thing is a great big religious event which requires belief. It’s like the Spanish Inquisition has come to town. Anyone questioning it will meet with an angry mob. I have never seen such evil unfold in my life. Thank goodness I can take it – I grew up 2 miles from Disneyland, so fantasy is second nature to me. That’s probably my best defense. But I worry for young people who are trying to connect with reality, who in fact come to Boston to go to college from all over the country. What a massive disappointment this place must be if they expected rational people to stand up to this stuff. They are learning about cowardice on a grand scale, once they decode the place.

  8. These acts of aggression towards the people are essential in propagating the idea that we need to be ‘protected’. It is these ‘protectors’ who are the most likely to benefit from the shaping of our collective consciousness.
    That includes police, firefighters, EMT, first responders, emergency management, and especially the Military which now includes Homeland Security.
    Indoctrination into these agencies includes rigorous physical and mental ‘training’. Peer pressure and insistence on conformity resemble a form of brain washing, especially in the Military. These people are taught to hate and to fear. They are taught that they are responsible for the protection and safety of the World. They are loyal to each other only, and not morally obligated to respect a Society that is viewed as chaotic, ignorant and dangerous.
    The illusion of a dangerous world must be continually propagated to justify the funneling of Trillions of dollars into the hands of Private Contractors in the Industrial Military Complex.
    This same illusion is being perpetrated upon the children in our schools. They will come to accept having a ‘security presence’ almost everywhere in general as they become conditioned to the fact that random acts of violence occur frequently at any time, anywhere.
    The dependence upon ‘Big Brother’ is cultivated at an early age and the justification of the ‘Police State’ will not only be welcomed, but cheered— just as they cheered the implementation of Martial Law in Boston.

    1. Yes, a protection racket. And the flip side of it is always that they are scared we might have arms and bust in on them at any time they are up to something. It gives them such nightmares they have to devise hoaxes like Sandy Hook to justify taking them away. But two sides of the same coin: force applied is characterized as protection (the six town lockdown last Patriots Day in Boston), while deciding that in order to be part of a great big beautiful structure without local sovereignty, we must do as the other subjects do and repeal the second amendment so we can be just like the rest of the English-speaking world, upon which the sun still doesn’t set.

  9. Very perceptive that other commenters have perceived there is something fishy about the Bundyville rancher story out west.

    Seems there is a problem with those armed, right winged ‘militia’ types that will need to be dealt with.

    A wealthy rancher who thought he had a chance in court representing himself and not paying taxes for 20 years? Yah right, they sent me a bill for $40 dollars in fines as I did not prepay my state taxes sufficiently last year.

  10. Now when some Corporation of USSA made for media “crisis” event occurs I just wait a few days then plug into YouTube (love Youtube contributers) and type in to the search engine the name of the media “crisis” event followed by the word HOAX for a reality check.

    There was a great/hilarious close up a YouTube video of Carlos Arredondo pushing double amputee paid crisis actor/ victim Jeff Bauman while trying to prevent his prosthesis (Bone BOY) from falling off.

    So sick and sad of living in this world of lies/mind control/domination. I’m grateful for the people that are awake and have helped me to awaken to the truth, but what’s next?

    1. Don’t be sick of the world PJ. It’s perhaps a comedy to those who think, though a tragedy to those who feel, but if you let these hoaxes get to you, then you are playing into their hands. I’m sure those who perpetrate them in their little board rooms understand a certain percentage will disbelieve, and they probably take this into consideration because they need their “villains”. They want you to feel abandoned, misunderstood, alienated, frustrated. It’s their little box of crummy cereal with a cheap toy. Don’t buy it. It’s like looking at the Gorgon of the Medusa – sometimes just better to look away and realize it’s a better world than you temporarily thought. You can sleep at night – but they must maintain their lies with a great deal of energy.

  11. I just noticed something that likely didn’t register last time I posted on this site…ESPN was doing a human interest story concerning one of the kids that was hurt and recovered at the BMB. They showed a picture of the alleged bag drop by Dzokar (sp?) near the postal drop box. But this was NOT the (finish line) site where Baumann saw Dzokar and laterf ID’d him as the guy that dropped the bag. Anyone else notice this or am I missing something?

    1. They made a big deal of Dzokar’s going to the finish with the brother. As they walk there is a woman walking with them with a bunch of yellow balloons. At the moment the first explosion happens at the finish line, she releases the balloons and the next explosion soon happens. It was a signal that they had reached their destination and the other one had gone off, something people who were thinking it was real would surely note, but because this was staged, they’d want to forget about her role in sending the signals down the line that the boys had arrived and that the little smoke bomb (which could probably not reliably be heard or seen as far away as Forum) had done its thing.

      1. The narrative still makes no sense to me….Dzohkar dropped a bag at the forum, then doubled back to the finish line to engage with Bauman? I see your point about the signal, but I can’t reconcile how a prosecutor is going to address Dzohkar’s omnipresence. (The pic on espn looked p-shopped, but its hard to tell on hdtv.)

        1. Even if you had the intention to scare someone to death by saying “Boo!” or you had dropped off a bag you thought contained weapons (but actually had feathers in it), the most they should charge you with might be some sort of attempt.

          The elements of criminal attempt mean the failure of the intended act. The underlying reality of the instrument itself is unnecessary. Imagine a sting in which someone sells what he thinks are drugs (though harmless) for a suitcase full of Monopoly money – he’d still be charged with attempt, if not more, such as conspiracy.

          Still even the bags with fireworks (if they had them) did not blow up, and in fact the smoke bombs were both ignited in metal cans, the most the kid should be charged with is attempt, if his intention was to place a bomb (even if it was a sting). I’m not even sure he’s the same kid from Rindge and Latin, since his classmates said the defendant in the dock spoke with an accent, and the real Dzhokhar did not (having come to the US early enough to lose his). They thought it was someone else.

          No, I don’t think the yellow balloons were photoshopped – they were not saying they were a signal but I am.

    1. Thank you for posting this. It is an incredibly valuable article, and I hope everyone around here reads it. In fact, I’d like to see James write something about it, to ensure it does not fall between the cracks, and not go viral.

    2. I appreciate the technical information. Unfortunately the guy seems to have broken down psychologically after he tried to get out the truth, having some sort of infection (clostridium difficile aka “c. diff”) which could also be caused by using an antibiotic for something else that kills all the intestinal flora and causes intense diarrhea. If he were actually poisoned, he should be able to run down what it was with a trusted physician. He has to be scrupulously honest with himself about whether his infection (which can be life-threatening in the elderly or otherwise immune-compromised) came because of a normal sequence of events or out of the blue. Even soon, it would be rash to suggest “they” are out to get him. Consider that what they say is already backed up by everyone powerful in Massachusetts, very respectable. He would only supply a mosquito bite, unless he had all the evidence handed to him on a silver platter including pay stubs. “They” aren’t going to let the evidence lead back to them for someone’s expert opinion being published. That doesn’t happen. It didn’t happen in 9/11. It would only screw up the false flaggers.

      But as he was expounding this, he seems to want to assume a leadership role. He has a prior relationship with Carlos and he’s basically calling him out, which seems serious enough to warrant a possible response from Carlos. However if Carlos says anything, it is going to be that yeah, he knew him, and he’s an out-of-money producer no one will give money to anymore, something like that. Hollywood is a cruel place.
      Even Mel Gibson has to pass the hat among “civilians” these days, as I personally know.

      He’s right about something hinky on internet searches about the BMB. For instance, on or about the beginning of the weekend preceding the (Easter) Monday marathon – i.e. Good Friday, there was an incident in downtown Boston where a so-called “performance artist” with “mental problems” was arrested for a backpack with a “hoax device” after he was stopped for yelling “Boston Strong” several times. When you afterwards went to the internet to find websites questioning the bombing you found pages of stories about him because he was now defined as the “Boston Bombing Hoax” for Google searches. As for the guy, forget about seeing him arraigned in court. He was allegedly sent to Bridgewater State Medical Facility to be “held for observation” and his “mother” called in that he was “mentally ill with bipolar disorder.” So he disappeared of course, and not because he was some vicim of oppression but because he was a provocateur with an agenda of 1) suppressing organization of a protest by online means, and 2) a lesson about what happens to you if you protest. It wasn’t very subtle performance art.

      But his first lines about Green Screen go a long way to explain things, as well as the media used which was retro and thus easier to make cuts. He’s on to something I suppose, but the white vans and all that crap really don’t work for me and definitely will attract the wrong element to his movement. He may be more interested in self-preservation than in insider revelations. Sad.

        1. Musing, something that caught my ear when Nathan Folks was talking about Green Screens was he said parts of these scenes appeared to be on another street. I think it was you who said something a while back like “you live near the area and you said the sidewalks don’t look right. There’re not as long/wide as the pictures depict”

        2. That’s right. Walking past Forum, for instance, I could not imagine how they would have so much space for outdoor dining AND the crowd on the sidewalk. I walked by on a weekend, and the sidewalk was crowded by a newly-planted tree and other pedestrians, even without having put out the tables yet for dining. I was surprised to put it mildly. Then as I walked to the subway station (Hynes) it occurred to me that people coming from Fenway as it was alleged they did, just dropping by after the game, would have had to go on foot, more than a mile, because the roads in the area were shut down for the Marathon, and they would have had to walk through the area where it was said runners were still racing (they were held for the charade however, and then allowed to finish on a side street – Commonwealth I think. But you couldn’t just casually drop by Forum after you were at a game at Fenway. Plus, Fenway has plenty of eateries right near by. It makes no sense to someone with a sense of what is plausible here.

          Oh, and by the way, a spectacle a few months after the Marathon allowed runners to do that mile on Boylston that they supposedly missed out on because they ran on Commonwealth – ridiculous, but it continued to spiritualize the whole lie with a noble gesture, very much a parody of religion.

          Anyway, yes, the green screen might explain things, but Folks is still kind of a strange vessel to be bearing the truth (he represents Lindsay Lohan in some way I believe). I’d say he is to Boston as Charlie Sheen is to 9/11 – easy to discredit because of other things about them. They are allowed to speak because they are more jesters than potential kings. But as we know, the jester was allowed to speak the truth no one else could.

        3. Unless those people going to Forum took the subway – but it would have been crowded with people who’d finished the race and were going home – any sensible person would have stuck around Fenway, so maybe it isn’t impossible, but impractical.

      1. I share your speculation. Several red flags went up for me, the first being his connection to a “change agency”. Whenever a group for something starts the deception begins.

        It’s certainly not my hope to unleash a storm of disinformation for the sake of a little interesting analysis. I’m not Alex Jones! Susan A may be right saying Folks is in the thick of it. Unfortunately, the truth always tends to come out of a heap of BS when you’re looking into this stuff (as I have found, after being tricked several times). You have to prod through it. Everyone has an angle. Many have an angle and are completely insincere confidence tricksters. The task is to find a grain of truth here and there. These operations are done in secret, even when they’re in the open. There are 500 year-old secrets we’re living with. Much older than that. All we can do is piece together things with bits retrieved from here and there.

        Folks, whoever he is, wherever he’s from, provided some useful insight and echoed some of my suspicions—one of those being that the scene and pictures we’re viewing may, in part, have come from a filming done on an occasion prior to the big event.

        A part of this event he and others don’t grasp is that the filming was less designed to be realistic and more to trigger emotions—it was a psyop. I don’t think they messed up or did slip-shod work at all. Every day I look up at the sky and see it chemtrail smeared. It’s completely flagrant. But people have no words to put to it, even when they do see it. When you control the media, you use it for your own purposes. You aren’t likely to feel threatened over a little truth here and there because it’s difficult for those interested in facts to find enough interlocutors to change the conversation to something truth related. When we do it can be analyzed and manipulated too. And it is. That’s why we’re always thinking it is; not because we’re paranoid. I can cite examples of cognitive infiltration on every issue you can think of. It’s always there.

        1. I think it was Dave McGowan’s analysis of the photographic evidence that came to the conclusion that the scene had to be reenacted at least three times, for those photos to exist. (If it wasn’t him, it was someone else, and can’t remember who.)

          When I examined that theory, what bothered me was how they could get away with it. We DO have that video of the guy who documents how the police forcibly removed any curious medics and press who wanted to help out/film what was going on, if they were not accredited actors in the play, who thought it was real. Still, there are tall buildings around there and people could see out windows (that’s after all where many of the pictures Dave analyzes came from), and they would find it odd that the event was done-over twice.

          So this fellow Folks provides the perfect answer. It was only done once on the street, but as many times as the producers needed, in the studio. That would explain, for example the jumbotron being at the finish line in some pictures and not there in others.

          Of course, the guy could be yet another complication to an already convoluted story, intentionally planted by the producers of the hoax, giving us valid clues but having a larger, poisonous, objective. We can’t trust anyone in these situations.

        2. There was another story circulating in Boston at the time we heard about the bombings. A Catholic priest asked to be allowed into the area to administer the last rites to the dying. He was refused. I went to Mass on the day before this year’s Marathon, and I liked what I did not hear from the Jesuit. He was absolutely silent about the upcoming event. He talked about Easter, period. But he used none of the talking points that have blasted this town since it “happened.” In fact I never heard a peep from the familiar pulpit that I know. Why would that be in a place like Boston? A certain dog did not bark, apparently. Thank God someone still has integrity.

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