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Tragic publicized events provide the basis for major fundraising efforts with the purported rationale of assisting those immediately impacted. In the case of the Sandy Hook School massacre charities have sprung up to take in tens of millions for wide array of “healing” and preventative initiatives.

This article originally appeared at Insanemedia on March 23, 2014 (link here), and is republished with permission. This is the fourth installment in a series examining the reported donations and government revenue taken in by Newtown/Sandy Hook charities and related entities in the wake of the December 14, 2012 event.-JFT

Now that the dust has settled a bit,  it’s time to take another look at the donation totals for Sandy Hook.  There are several articles that have been published over the past 15 months with varying degrees of relevance.  Some of them gleaned information from CT Attorney General George Jepson’s survey,  but at the time of publication,  not all respondents had filed their reports.  This includes my previous article, Follow the Money Part 3.  At the time of that writing,  it was impossible to arrive at an accurate total of the charities’ collections.

Since that time, there have been Federal grants made to Newtown, and one very large grant from the state of Connecticut, but we’ll get to that shortly.  I would first like to cover the CT Attorney General survey,  although out of date at this point,  it seems a good place to begin.

By clicking through each report,  the totals of money raised by spring of last year can be found.  Of the 62 unique charities reporting, the whole dollar sum of all donations amounts to

$22, 277, 070.00

Twenty-two million, two-hundred seventy-seven thousand, seventy dollars.

As I mentioned, this total is inaccurate.  It is less than what has actually  been raised.  How much less we can estimate based on later reporting.

In an article dated 12/14/13, NBC news stated that Sandy Hook Promise had raised 2.3 million dollars.  That is $2,262,000.00 more that the $1,238,000.00 they reported in June of 2013 to the CT Attorney General.  Let’s add that to our total:  $22,277,070 + 2,262,000 =

$24,539, 070.00

Also mentioned in the NBC article was the Sandy Hook-Newtown Community Foundation as having raised “over 12 million”.  That is one million+  more than reported originally.  Let’s add again:


Newtown Youth and Family Services originally reported 1 million raised, but by the end of the year they claimed 1.2 million.

$25, 739, 070.00

The NBC reporter included a few smaller charities that I did not find listed on the Jepson and Friends survey.  I am attempting to get at the most accurate, conservative total.  The 27 million claimed by NBC may well be close to the truth.

What the article in question did not cover were the Federal and State grants awarded to Newtown in the interim.  Let’s take a look at those, shall we?

From the Department of Justice, Newtown received 2.5 million dollars, for officer overtime and what-not.

“Grants will be awarded to the Connecticut State Police ($663,444), Town of Newtown ($602,293), Town of Monroe ($882,812), and other partner agencies ($296,836), which include 34 surrounding Connecticut jurisdictions.”


The Department of Education provided two School Emergency Response to Violence, or SERV grants of 1.3 million in May of 2013,  and 1.9 million in January of this year.

“We will do whatever we can to continue assisting and supporting the healing and recovery of Newtown,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. “This additional grant will help students, teachers, families, school district and community move forward after such an unimaginable tragedy.”


The State of Connecticut pledged to award Newtown  an additional 50 million dollars to demolish Sandy Hook School, and build a new and improved one on the very same site.

Newtown will not have to pay a penny for a new Sandy Hook Elementary School — state officials are making sure of that.

In the waning hours of the General Assembly session this week, legislators voted to approve as much as $50 million for a new school in Newtown.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, at a Capitol news conference Thursday afternoon, said he had made it clear to Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra within days after the Dec. 14 shootings at the school that it would be up to the town to decide the future of the building.  ( June 6, 2013)

Let’s add again:


That about does it for Government funding.

Let’s now add in the very generous donation made by General Electric of 15 million dollars.

“More than 150 employees of Fairfield-based GE live in Newtown. GE CEO Jeff Immelt said that over the last year, GE employees who live in Newtown also identified a community center as among the town’s greatest needs.

The town said it will use $10 million to build the center and $5 million for operating costs, including hiring staff, over five years. The center will be owned and operated by the town.”

$96, 439, 070.00

That’s Ninety-six million, four-hundred thirty-nine thousand, seventy dollars.

No conflict of interest there.  I report, you draw outrageous conclusions.

There are dozens more charities to look into.  The smaller, child/victim associated funds that serve as scholarships in the child’s name for example.  The Catherine Hubbard fund raised 250k for an animal sanctuary.  This was included in the Attorney General report.  The Fairfield County Community Foundation collects for Mary Sherlach and Grace McDonnell.  The 62,000 raised by the Ct Yankee council Boy Scout Pack 170 was divvied up between the Hockley, Hubbard, Kowalski, Previdi and Wheeler families, all of which have their own fund raising vehicles.  You may recognize the difficulty in figuring out what went where and when.

Since all 501(c)3 organizations must file a 990 or 990EZ with the IRS, we might reasonably expect to have access to these filings when they are available.

I was able to locate a few funds that openly displayed the total raised on the donation page:  Ben’s Lighthouse: $40,646, and Race 4 Chase (Kowalski)$ 67,807.  Since they both received the gift from the Boy Scouts,  do these totals include the 12,400 that would have been their share?  Only the shadow knows.

I will continue to gather the information on these smaller funds and provide you with my findings.  I had been feeling a little guilty for not following up with another article for so long, but as it happens,  the information available now is more accurate than what it would have been six months ago.  My guilt is assuaged.  Thank you for your continued interest in “Follow the Money”.

Just as an aside,  a few researchers have made arguments regarding the actual population of Newtown being under 2,000 people.  This seems plausible to me only because we have heard so very little from this community of “28,000″ .    I have seen reports from people driving through the area, and they describe it as being very deserted.  While this anecdotal evidence may not be proof of anything, consider the city-data report from 2012 which states that the population of Newtown is:


938 males, 1035 females.

For what it’s worth.


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175 thought on “Sandy Hook Charity Industry: Follow the Money”
    1. I don’t know of anyone, but you can bet anyone mentally deprived enough to donate to the United Way (and its nondescript causes) would have donated. Just think of all those people that work for NGOs nowadays. There’s quite a few of them. They would donate themselves, never mind their urging of others.

    2. I don’t know anyone who saw the Cincinnati Reds play last year, but they played all over the country in front of millions of people.


      It’s not all about you.

  1. Is it not true that once this is done..

    Since all 501(c)3 organizations must file a 990 or 990EZ with the IRS, we might reasonably expect to have access to these filings when they are available.

    That these people can held accountable for fraud?

    1. Rosanne, take a look at this link…these people are doing the real heavy lifting regarding accountability …

      I think this may be one of the best ways to approach the subject. The IRS is not above being used for political purposes, but how else can we get access to the information that would answer the question “where is all that money going?”

      If that city data web site is correct, it blows up this whole charade. I looked at my little city on that site and the info was correct! Take a look at your city or town and see if it is accurate. They go into extreme detail demographically about race and income distribution. The median income in Newtown is many percentage points higher than the state average.

  2. Surely the name brand charities have contributed? In which case is this not an avenue for legal action as donators to these funds do so with the implied agreement and intent of not supporting fraudulent causes.

    1. BWT, on that thought- from the Western CT United Way website
      •On March 6, 2013, United Way of Western Connecticut began transferring the SHSSF to the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation. To date, $11.6 million has been transferred to the Foundation.
      •On April 24, 2013, after research on multiple communities who had been through mass tragedies, the Foundation allocated $7.7 million to the 40 families most affected by the elementary school shooting. This group of beneficiaries includes the 26 families who lost loved ones, the 12 families of children who survived but were in the classrooms where other children and educators were killed, and two individuals who were injured but survived the tragedy.
      ……other details follow.

      Annual Report of CT United Way 2013. No mention of SHE and budget was flat between FY 2012 and FY 2013.
      The United Way Fund collection and reporting seem to be geographically separate based on the two data points above.

  3. Pilot,
    Thank you so very much for the countless hours of time and effort you put into gathering this data and presenting it in a lucid and informative presentation. Fantastic work!

  4. Pilot:

    Thanks so much for your research. Got me into an investigative mood re: city-data. I went to and started looking at years 2003 and forward – they had nothing prior to 2003 for Newtown. Here’s the link and below that I have summarized the information they reported to make it more concise. I left out income and some other info.*/

    Reported Years: 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013
    Population (year 2000): Between 1,813 and 1,973
    Land area: 2.3 square miles

    Reported Years: 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007
    Population (year 2000): 25,031
    Males: 12,814 (51.2%), Females: 12,217 (48.8%)

    *After 2007 they begin referring to the previous year’s population number. Prior to 2007 they used the number from 2000.

    From the year they began listing school info, Sandy Hook is not mentioned EVER. In 2010 the only HS listed is Garner Correctional Facility – this is interesting:

    10th Grade Enrollment : 4
    11th Grade Enrollment : 8
    12th Grade Enrollment : 9

    Comments left by viewers (or gov’t trolls):
    Newtown High School….. Has 1800 added by Cate
    You have Garner Correctional Institute listed as a school for grades 3-12. GARNER IS A LEVEL STATE PRISON!
    Sandy Hook Elementary School and Newtown High School are missing from the list of schools.

    Read more:

    There are some forums that city data has for Newtown CT beginning around 2007. I found this post by a supposed realtor. What makes this interesting, is that throughout the data, Newtown is always listed as being 2.3 square miles – this realtor claims 60! That would support all of the commerce, schools, etc they claim exist in that city.

    “Newtown is a semi-rural/suburban town in eastern Fairfield county CT. It does have a small town sort of feel, despite a population of about 25,000 over about a 60 square mile area. The town has some horse farms, a few small commerical centers (grocery store, bank and few other businesses) so most people drive about 15 minutes into Danbury to most of their shopping (clothes, electronics, cars, etc). ”

    Also, found this school listed in the data for a few years – listed as a public school:

    Homebound School – Grades PK – 12
    11 Queen Street (2005 and prior address)
    4 Fairfield Circle South (2006 address)

    1. Wow, interesting finds! It is not possible for a town to have that increase in population over a reasonable amount of time, nevermind within one year! Thank you for posting this info.

  5. Thanks for the article pilot. That is a lot of money!

    I have been looking into the population of Newtown as well. I have seen it listed as less then 2,000 in some places and more then 20,000 in others. One thing that I found was that Newtown is listed both as a town encompassing many different boroughs, one being a borough called Newtown. The others just list it as a town. The less then 2,000 number is supposed to be just for the borough but I find it strange that the rest of the boroughs are never listed by population as they are just a part of Newtown. I am honestly confused by it all but thought I’d share it here in case anyone else has info regarding it.

    1. I am the one who drove thru there on 2/28/14 at 1 pm on a Fri afternoon. The only open gas station was Sunoco and had just one other car getting gas there. I drove throughout the area (Newtown proper) for about 30 mins and did not see any Newtown PD vehicles, passed one state trooper and a total of 10-15 cars at 1 PM on a Fri afternoon under good weather conditions.

      Lots of real estate for sale signs on homes with no cars in the driveway. To me, it looked like the population was maybe 200-700 tops. That is my two cents. One would have to take a trip through town themselves and find out first hand what is what there. In my opinion, the place was sparsely populated, and I have been to many places in my USA travels over the past 40 years. Lots of land area, big home lots, very few people.

        1. If there are 696 homes officially, and an official population of 28,000, then we can do some simple math; 696 houses x 40 people per house = a population of 28,000. That would make Mexico City very proud! Trulia and list about 396 homes for sale in that area. The majority look empty per the real estate for sale pics that are attached to each individual listing.

          Like I have said many times on this blog, if there are 28,000 people living there as stated in wiki and other places, where are they??? Are they counting the squirrel population?

        2. You are heard John, The significant and new employer in Newtown is Advanced Fusion Systems. They are EMP experts and produce protection devices and EMP sources. EMP sources that fit in a panel truck are discussed on YouTube, Dr. Bill Joyce. Energy levels are staggering.

        3. JL, Regarding your welcomed and dogged theme of the under reported Newtown population, for which I was hoping others would chime in with quantitative reasoning. With a published Newtown budget of 39 million and a City-data population of 1814 the expenditure per household is $21,500. That figure seems unbelievably high by an order of magnitude. So if we move the decimal point on the population to 18,000 (close to the dubious wiki figure) the expenditure per household is of course a realistic $2,150.
          So my initial conclusion is that a simple falsification of Wiki Newtown population data by a factor of 10 goes along way in propping up the synthetic surroundings of the fable of “SHE Massacre” (also on Wiki).
          Any other opinions?

      1. John
        Appreciate you boots on the ground so to speak! Trying to remember who kept arguing with you that it was populated, guess it does not matter now.

        By comparison, with the latest links provided to real estate today, my town is comparably in population. We have 3 gas stations and 6 restaurants on the main street, there may be more in areas I have not traveled.

        Zillow indicates 235 homes are for sale or in foreclosure in Newtown, my town has 49.

    2. This is what I’m finding regarding Newtown’s population and size discrepancies. There is a town called Newtown and within the town, there is apparently a borough called Newtown Borough.,_Connecticut,_Connecticut

      This is the first time I have heard of the borough and the CD site does show the info for the borough but not the town, which is weird. They don’t show info for any of the other boroughs that make up Newtown such as “Sandy Hook” and others. Anyone from the area know anything about this apparent Borough of Newtown called, Newtown?

  6. Interesting. John Luv has been on this for a long time.

    I noticed that on one of the 911 calls, the caller had to repeat the name of the school, because the dispatcher didn’t recognize it. The dispatch operator even asked if she was referring to a different school. The callers were prepared with the address of the school, lol.

    Dispatch then sent out the Keystone Cops who drove up and down the road looking for it!

  7. Good work Pilot!

    City is very interesting and yes is very close to the estimate I had my small town.
    It also agrees exactly with the US Census for the county of Fairfield.

    When I searched for my small town in the US Census, it was not there as it is too small, same with Newtown. My neighboring larger town is.

    Newtown is actually found in the category of towns with between 1 to 6000 persons in citi data.

    Suppose someone should update wiki!

        1. Those are very interesting statistics indeed, especially the murder rate of 496, 10x the state average. If they are counting the “27” murdered in their figures, that would indicate an extremely low population number to have an extremely high murder rate number….just simple math…

      1. Exactly. Even if someone needed help with funeral expenses the cash flow ends there. What have they tapped into to get these donors to go beyond the customary amount of help extended in these circumstances.

  8. Even if Sandy Hook wasn’t a hoax and people were actually killed, why would anyone donate money to a family whose child or family member had died? What would be the point? I can see maybe sending flowers or a sympathy card, but loads of cash? Money could never erase the terrible grief and emotional burden from such a loss. And for parents to even consider soliciting money from the public is just bizarre.

    1. Exactly. That never made any sense to me either, and I’m actually very surprised that more people in the general public have not questioned it. Just as bizarre is their tactic for trying to justify the donations; you see a lot of,” The money will be used for the siblings’ college funds” or “a trust fund for the surviving siblings.” Umm…I don’t mean to sound callous, but why on earth would the loss of a child create a need for other child’s college costs to be paid for by donations from strangers? Am I missing something here? Is it just “Something very tragic allegedly happened to this person, therefore, we need to financially support them for years to come.” It’s beyond absurd.

    1. I wonder if there is a claim that a portion of the book proceeds go to “help the victims”. If so, is the author or the publishing company entering into a contract with the buyer of the book that has legal implications? It is fantasy to believe that author/publisher are not aware that the MSM story line is hogwash.

      1. How can money “help” the victims. They’re supposedly dead. Since so many of them have been seen walking, smiling and singing after their “deaths,” perhaps there will be an attempt to “resurrect” them – to set the stage for yet another TV psyop – to promote robotic transhumanism.

        1. You are reinforcing my argument GMO, authors and publishers are repackaging the MSM illusory propaganda of SHE. What is the accountability, if any? I would like to see bookstores and book clubs discuss one of these….a chance for awakening!

      2. Checking three of the new books, I found Random House as publisher of one and Scarlett Lewis as author of another one. Part of the proceeds are going to the charity funds, so here we have another indirect scam going. Ms. Lewis is all over the state promoting her book with a huge poster picturing Jesse behind her and not a dry eye in the audience.


        All proceeds are going to the Newtown Lions Club’s Sandy Hook Elementary Fund in participation with the Connecticut Counseling Association to raise funds for counseling services for the next decade. In Newtown, the book is available at: Everything Newtown, Butcher’s Best, UPS Store Queen Street Gifts, Newtown Library, Wishing Well, and Dodgingtown Market.

        “A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. To learn more about the foundation or to make a donation, go to”

        “In honor of the community of Sandy Hook and Newtown, Random House, the publisher of Snowflakes Fall, has made a donation to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.”

    1. Thanks. That is a concise compilation!

      Three cheers Larry, really appreciate your passion with the quest to get this scandal outed.

      You and I are on the same plane with how to describe our current outrage, but perhaps we can take lessons from Dr. Tracy.

      Keep with the facts and speak as if your mother was listening.

      Do not mean to be judgmental and certainly do not know how your mother spoke, but know as soon as the first f bomb goes off, you loose a lot of listeners. You are giving advise on how we could move forward and I agree, we need the publics attention.

      In my house, if a friend said something as innocent as sh!t, my mother would gasp and immediately an apology to the Mrs of the house was offered… That is just as it was, and hopefully still is.

  9. Fast forward a few years (after everyone’s minds are totally fried from decades of TV psyops and fake news reports) and solicitations like the one below might be considered completely normal.

    “As parents, we’ve suffered immense financial loss from little Johnny’s untimely death at Sandy Hook. We had planned on either selling him to the highest bidder during a satanic snuff ritual, or cashing in his $5 million life insurance after a Grand Canyon falling accident. We loved and had such great plans for our son’s future; please send your generous donation to help compensate for our loss.”

  10. First, let me assert that I agree completely that Sandy Hook was a theatrical production. Smiling ‘parents’ alone convinced me it was a hoax on the day of the Happening itself.

    But I don’t see the particular relevance of this article about ‘donations’ nor the outpouring of comments on it. We can never prove what did happen; we can only offer proof that refutes the official story of what ‘happened’. Laughing, smiling ‘parents’–parents without grief proves the official story false. Wolfgang Halbig in a thousand ways has proved the story false.

    What importance is the charitable donation issue to proving Sandy Hook was a fraud? If it was a fraud, it was a government sponsored and funded fraud. For the government, money grows on trees.

    As to the ‘population’ of Sandy Hook, one look at Google Earth proves the point: ain’t nothing there, certainly nothing that looks like much of a town.

    I’m a lawyer by trade. In a defense mode don’t have to prove what DID happen. All I have to do is to prove that the official story is false. For example, that Lee Oswald had no powder burns on his hands and that he was seen 90 seconds after Kennedy’s killing calmly drinking a Coca-Cola in the second floor snack bar, proves what didn’t happen: Lee didn’t shoot JFK. That WTC Building 7 fell at the rate of gravity proves what didn’t happen: airplanes didn’t collapse the buildings.

    While we have our strong suspicions about what happened in this case, in those cases and in a thousand other cases, we can’t prove them. We’ll never be able to prove them! On the issue of proof, what is the relevance of the ‘charities’ raising funds for the ‘families’ of ‘victims’ of Sandy Hook?

    (Pardon all the parentheses. Since little is what it seems, NOT using parentheses seems to validate the authenticity of fraudulent entities and fraudulent activities.)

    1. It is in the authority and territory of the Postal Inspector to investigate and prosecute wire fraud which applies to anyone who was duped into donating money to any Sandy Hoax Elementary School charity.

      1. John, the postal inspector works for the government. He isn’t going to risk his job security or his career. To believe otherwise is to live in fantasy.

        1. We can’t use the “What difference does it make” argument that the secretary of state used on Benghazi. We can’t get apathetic which is the point of your post. It does make a difference and is much bigger than what a judge will rule in a court of law.

    2. MR, thank you for your unique perspective. I believe many of us have been pondering- is there a productive legal path to move the perpetrators of illusion into defense mode ? Would you have a sense of satisfaction from dampening this diabolical agenda of creating a responsive flock of citizen sheep.

      1. If this gladio b – like production includes law enforcement, town officials, the US Attorney General, the President, etc, what court are you going to rely on ?? A show trial might ensue, but probably not. Getting people hip to this is the point. Authorities are not going to save the day. Please. They are running the show, we are pointing out their corruption and people are getting it.

        1. Susan, thank you for your response. Martin Sheen was once asked during an interview if he thought the public demonstrations he had been in had made a difference in the world. He replied that he had no idea if they had made a change in the world, but they certainly had made a change in him. With that in mind, I applaud your efforts.

          Will your efforts make a change in the world, in the truth of Sandy Hook being revealed? I think not. The powers that be (whatever name you wish to give them or whoever their constituents happen to be) will prevail–THE OFFICIAL STORY WILL PREVAIL–and the “official” story of Sandy Hook will be the one that makes the history books.

          Personally, I think that Wolfgang Halbig holds all the aces in disproving the official lie. Personally, I think that everyone should work in the direction he is going.

          As for other avenues, I believe that tracking the biographies and histories of the ‘parents’ of the ‘dead children’ could be another fruitful avenue of attack, though one that will run into many brick walls.

          Your efforts will not change the world, but they will–DO–change you.

          Since the official story will prevail, I believe there is one other good reason for what Sandy Hook investigators are doing: they are creating a record. It will not help truth to prevail in the short run, but the writing of history is long and at some future time historians can use the record you’re creating as part of sorting out truth from lie.

          That time will not come any time soon. But it is an important function. At some future date dispassionate historians will be able to put the official story of the JFK assassination against the numerous brilliantly researched and written books showing other forces at play rather than a “lone nut-case” , patsy Lee Oswald. Or the courageous 9-11 truth movement! Same thing. Document a case that proves the official story to be false.

          What the Sandy Hook truth movement will do is similar. Any hopes that truth will win out within your lifetime, however, is fantasy. Proving your case satisfactorily is it’s own reward. It’s what changes YOU!

          To quote George Orwell: In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

          Please forgive my references to ancient history, JFK and 9-11. I’ve been in this fight for over 50 years. The lie itself goes back to at least 1607 when some English came ashore in Virginia and claimed they only wanted to be friends with the local folks.

        2. “Personally, I think that Wolfgang Halbig holds all the aces in disproving the official lie. Personally, I think that everyone should work in the direction he is going.”

          That is a very interesting statement. Have you donated yet? It’s clear that Halbig has caused nothing but discord among research groups and individuals since he appeared on the scene. But he holds all the aces…

          There is no harm in examining the finances of these charities, eventually a story will emerge. We might find out more definitive, non-subjective information and it’s all good. I’m glad you are confident in Halbig and wish you the best of luck in your support of his efforts.


        3. MR said,

          “I believe there is one other good reason for what Sandy Hook investigators are doing: they are creating a record. It will not help truth to prevail in the short run, but the writing of history is long and at some future time historians can use the record you’re creating as part of sorting out truth from lie.”

          Yes…. And this is the reason we spend hours cataloguing, referencing, indexing, recording, evaluating the events as they unfold before us.

          “We’re going to meet a lot of lonely people in the next week and the next month and the next year. And when they ask us what we’re doing, you can say, We’re remembering. That’s where we’ll win out in the long run. And some day we’ll remember so much that we’ll build the biggest goddamn steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in and cover it up. Come on now, we’re going to build a mirror factory first and put out nothing but mirrors for the next year and take a long look in them.”

          Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury

        4. I wonder about a group of non-citizens who donated (maybe a lot, cumulatively), felt duped and they filed a class action in say, the U.K. 🙂

      2. FV, you ask if I would have a “sense of satisfaction from dampening this diabolical agenda”. I would be ecstatic!

        But the agenda isn’t to create a responsive flock of citizen sheep (and by the way, the term “citizen sheep” is an oxymoron). The sheep are already the sheep and will so remain. Neither you nor I will turn them into fighting rams or wild mountain goats.

        Was it Barnum who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”? Or did he say, “You can fool all of the people some of the time and and some of the people all of the time.”? I forget. But even the most casual reading of history proves both statements true.

        As to a legal path, I’ve stated that I’m a retired lawyer. I’m also an expatriate retired lawyer living outside the United States. Trust me on this: the judicial system is rigged.

        Not all of it; I have known some very honorable policemen, investigators, lawyers, judges and jailers. But when matters arise that affect the credibility of the government or matters of deep politics or even matters that may affect the next election, even the honorable ones yield.

        It’s a stacked deck. Loyalty, ambition, fear of ostracism or even fear for life and limb trump all other considerations. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I once received very credible death threats for my personal non-compliance with the “official story”. And my non-compliance disappeared like the merest wisp of smoke. I knew they were serious.

        1. MR, Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the ugly side of reality. In talking to supporters of the PTB and the unaware public, it is satisfying to my personal truth in calling out the illusionary practices and fraudulent MSM. Seeing truth conquer manipulation in my town government warms my soul.

        2. VF, by all means keep it up. Affect the local government if you can. But if you have no effect on it, do not be discouraged. If you have had an effect on you, you have achieved a victory that few can ever achieve.

          Years ago I read a comment by Friedrich Nietzsche. He asked, “How much truth can you stand? How much truth can you bear?” I took it as a personal challenge.

          Several years ago a young Australian friend came to visit me. He asked me how I was doing.

          I replied, “I’m very happy because I’m so depressed.”

          “How can you be happy AND be depressed?”

          “Easy! I consider depression to be a condition that occurs when your world view conflicts with new knowledge that will change that world view. Once I have ordered my world view to accommodate the new knowledge, the depression will lift and I will be a wiser person. That I will be wiser makes me very happy.”

          As it stands now I consider there are four types of persons in the world: villains, collaborators and opportunists, fools and cowards. Villains create the problems. Collaborators and opportunists find ways to benefit from the acts of villains. Fools stumble through life from day to day without a thought. And cowards are those with intellects capable of understanding the truth but who refuse to do so.

          If you are not among these four categories, you are a real human being. If they slur you with being a “conspiracy theorist”, wear the label as a badge of honor.

          Look! The whole world’s a series of conspiracies. McDonalds is a conspiracy to take your money by waving hamburgers in your face. McDonalds exists, not to make hamburgers, but to take your money. Every corporation is a conspiracy. Mom & Pop is a conspiracy to take your money. Do they give you something in return? Burgers? TV shows? Cool clothes to wear? Sure they do. It’s called bait. Ask any fisherman.

        3. MC, thanks for your catalytic thoughts. So it would appear United Way is conspiring to raise funds via SHE theatre. I just got an email from my local Seacoast United Way (in New Hampshire) saying they have collected $5,000 for the Sandy Hook fund. The total raise as managed by Western CT United Way was stated as $22 million. Where lies the accountable for due diligence on the bona fides of the ultimate receiving party? Has United Way ever defended a suit for false representation and misappropriations? How can United Way prove this is legitimate charity when the records are sealed?

        4. Mr. Richardson,

          This time, things are different. Sandy Hook can and will be broken. Why do I feel such optimism?

          1. We have Wolfgang.

          2. We have law enforcement officers and military people who see right through this are openly stating that they refuse to register their own weapons or confiscate guns.

          3. Video evidence is overwhelmingly in support of a drill, and very little video supports the lie.

          4. Alternative media is alive and well – network news ratings are crashing..

          5. The CT privacy laws created just prior to and immediately after SH are in complete violation of our constitutional FOI, they will face challenges by AP and other news services and lose. (ex: Ct recently created new legislation to make it a class D felony to make a photo-copy of any document related to a crime victim.)

          6. It’s easy to look at all these middle-aged “spokes-parents” and know that they do not look like the age-group, or typical socioeconomic hodgepodge you would find in a real elementary school.

          7. They have tried, but have been completely unsuccessful in establishing a motive.

          This one is so far out of bounds, I am optimistic that it is our greatest hope in getting to the truth.

        5. Sandy, I think and hope you’re right. I think this time the people staging these hoaxes went too far and got too sloppy. When this falls and/or the Boston Marathon Bombing hoax falls, it could be the impetus for a lot of others to crumble. Maybe, just maybe, the public will open their eyes and put logic before baseless faith in a corrupt government.

  11. Newtown, CT officially has about 28,000 residents on almost 60 square miles. Seems several posters here are confused about the numbers.
    Newtown comprises of the incorporated Borough of Newtown and eight other unincorporated neighborhoods – also referred to as villages and hamlets.

    THE BOROUGH is basically the center of town in Newtown near the flagpole. Homes in the Borough pay an extra tax (the Borough Tax) and many residents have public water and sewers. Newtown operates under a Charter adopted in 1961.
    Borough population in 2012: 1,973 Land area: 2.31 square miles.

    The rest of the residents are spread out here on the remaining square miles:
    Botsford – located adjacent to Huntingtown on the east side of Route 25
    Cedarhurst – a water community located along Lake Zoar.
    Dodgingtown – located along Route 302 and borders Bethel
    Hattertown – located in the Southwest section of Newtown
    Hawleyville – located near Exit 9 off I-84
    Huntingtown – located in southern Newtown close to Monroe and to the west of Route 25
    Sandy Hook – a large section of Newtown near Exit 10 off I-84
    Taunton – located south of Hawleyville

    1. Where are the 28k?? City data doesn’t list the population of Botsford or Hattertown, I can’t see why Newtown proper has a population listing, and none of these other neighborhoods or sections have their individual populations listed as well. If you say they are sections of Newtown, then the Newtown population should be higher that 1,973.

      How can this be explained?

      1. Susan A – Borough of Newtown (Newtown proper) is the one that is listed with a population of 1973 as of 2012. This area is incorporated. The rest of Newtown (eight villages and hamlets) are not incorporated. I can see the confusion when the higher number is listed and for some reason the villages and hamlets are not listed as included, but with separate individual resident numbers. It’s all lumped together in the larger number. This may be the norm when it comes to unincorporated areas belonging to an incorporated one. I don’t know for sure.

        I lived in this part of Connecticut for many years. I worked in Newtown, my daughter went to school in Newtown, specifically Dodgingtown. I have been on most of the “low roads and high roads” there. Breezing through town for 30 minutes and giving opinions from faraway places relying on Google maps and such does not give a true picture of the area.

        The Sandy Hook event was a fraud, a hoax, an illusion or whatever the proper description may be. But I do know the area first hand and when voices from faraway places claim they know better, most likely never having been there, I thought someone should chime in again, despite snide remarks from a certain party claiming to live in SC.

        I would never claim to know about a town I’ve never been to or only driven through on the main road. I would rely on information from people who live or have lived there. Sometimes even the Internet gives correct information.

        1. I wrote:
          “I can see the confusion when the higher number is listed and for some reason the villages and hamlets are not listed as included, but with separate individual resident numbers.”

          It’s better to say:
          “I can see the confusion when the higher number is listed and for some reason the villages and hamlets are not listed as included, or with separate resident numbers.

        2. It’s the same here. All the surrounding areas are called by the town’s name. They are physically outside the established city limits, but they are part of the town. I live 1/4 mile within the city limits. Right down the street the county regulations apply. Nobody considers themselves to not be part of the town, however.

        3. I think I get it-the city data has interactive maps and you can click on neighborhoods adjacent to the section labeled as Newtown, a box with a population appears. Adding up 8 of the sections closest to Newtown totals out at 15,779.

          Do you know about the Uranium in Newtown well water? I asked in another comment but it’s being moderated.

        4. Anne, city-data does not support your statements. If you type most of these towns you listed into Google, you get not the town listing, but Newtown. Their numbers therefore seem to be incorporated into the population of the borough of Newtown. Two of the areas you mentioned – Cedarhurst and Hattertown – do not come up at all, even under Newtown. And when you type in Huntington, CT you get Shelton, CT, with a population of 40,261. So out of the eight villages and hamlets you listed, 5 come up in the search as being part of Newtown, population 1,973. Two do not come up at all, and one comes up under a different town, Shelton. If you have some other kind of proof that the population is actually over 28,000 other than “having lived there,” please provide it. Otherwise I am sticking to the official census data.

      1. Susan A – concerns about well water is constant in that region due to most homes relying on private wells. Testing should be done every five years at least. Topics have been brought up about closed gravel mines and quarries in the area, but there’s also naturally occurring uranium in the bedrock. We never had a problem with our well water in Brookfield. Real estate values depend on these wells producing good water. Here is some interesting information on land use in Newtown:

        “Town population in 1990 was 20,779 persons, a modest increase of 8.8% over the ten years since 1980.”

        “By the early 1990’s, agriculture had declined to the extent that only four or five farms remained, with less than 450 acres of land in active agricultural production, although some pasture land was being used for horses and equestrian activities. More than 30 small industrial firms could be counted, and retail and service businesses, and professional offices, were substantially concentrated in the Borough and south-central areas. Gravel mining was greatly reduced in scope.”

        1. Anne – I owe you an apology! For some reason I confused you with Beth who was the shooter of those insults towards myself, I am very sorry for that.

          Just curious, how long ago did you live there and what were the reasons you left?

          It is possible a large number of people left for the same reasons and more and the PR folks are downplaying the exodus in order to fill the vacant expensive properties and tax roles. What better way to entice young couples to the area than a state of the art 50 million dollar grade school and a 15 million dollar community center!.

        2. Kathy, you do not owe me an apology. I did shoot some insults too. Regret that very much and as Rodney King so famously said “People, I just want to say, can we all get along? Can we get along?”

          I lived in the area for many years – in Danbury, Redding, Bethel and Brookfield. My daughter was born at the Danbury Hospital. Through work in the elder care business I travelled all throughout the region, including Newtown. Left in 2005 to move to California since my daughter lives here. Next year I plan to go back for an extended stay and the fall colors.

          I liked the area for the large lots and the privacy it gave. It is also very green with an abundance of lakes and rivers. People there are hit or miss. Some you form lasting friendships with and others you wish you had never met. Unless you can show a pedigree from the Mayflower you are suspect. So it makes me wonder how all the newcomers to Sandy Hook/Newtown were embraced by the locals. Something tells me they were not and were an enclave to themselves.

          There was an elder abuse case I discovered and it was covered up by the state. The Danbury Rag Times was complicit by not reporting on it. Over thirty people had been interviewed in this case and it was all set to go to print exposing the abuse. Boom, it was pulled just before publication. Someone played golf with someone at the Rag and pulled the strings. So corruption is not unknown to the area. There was another case where someone filed a complaint about a local dentist with the health department in Hartford. They just sent the dentist a letter naming the person with the complaint and took no action. Soon thereafter the same dentist was appointed to their oversight board. ‘Little’ things like that. The dentist informed all his friends and acquaintances, and the person filing the complaint (me) basically was treated as pariah in town after that. I do miss the privacy with large lots and the beautiful fall colors, but nothing else.

          About Newtown and Sandy Hook, I got to know that particular area real well through a very elderly couple – long gone now. This couple had moved up from NYC way back when there were mostly farms in the area. Ever so slowly progress came to town – there as everywhere else. This childless couple became very wealthy through a real estate business they started. The gentleman was the one who formed a planning and zoning commission in Newtown as he did not care for the changes. They had their office directly across from the flag pole on Main Street.

          This couple lived in a 200+ year old large house on forty acres. In their old age they wanted to reminisce of the Newtown they once knew, and two or three times a week their chauffeur/handyman would get the Lincoln out of the garage for a sightseeing trip. I often went along on these trips and thus got to know Newtown and all the surrounding areas. There were roads and houses you would never guess existed unless someone took you there. So over a year I got the grand tour(s) of all of Newtown, cemeteries too. Each trip ended with a meal at a coffee shop on Church Hill Road.

          This has nothing to do with anything, just a funny anecdote this couple told. When Marilyn Monroe was married to Arthur Miller, Mr. Miller had a home in nearby Roxbury. But Marilyn liked Newtown and the real estate couple was asked to find a place for them there. Marilyn had one request however, they had to guarantee that no plane ever flew over their new place. Needless to say, Marilyn never moved to Newtown.

          Almost all parents of my daughter’s friends back there still live in the area. That generation seems to stay put. The younger ones not so much. The previous governor lived in Brookfield and I believe they could not have pulled this off with her in office. She is a good person. They waited for the current one. The Newtown School Superintendent, who since departed that job, lived just down the street from me in Brookfield. How could she not know? Something happened in Connecticut and I for one would never consider living there again.

        3. Anne – Thanks for painting such a vivid picture of the area! It is very special you got the opportunity for personal tours with the old couple who had such passion for the pristine beauty of the land.

          CT is known to be a favorite retirement place for retired NYC officers and such, and we all know what kind of organizations run the big apple. You are either with them, or you are against them.

          Lived in lovely upstate NY, while the rolling mountains, many waterways and great folks are missed, there is no way the miserable cold would ever entice me back! [Not to mention the ridiculous taxes!]

        4. Kathy, guess what – I lived in upstate NY too – in Rochester. That was after living in NYC where I lasted all of three months. The crime there was too close for comfort. I fell in love with the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes region and the vast green spaces, forests and lakes all throughout upstate and ‘west state’.

          The Hudson River Valley is of special fondness. I have a friend who lives in the Catskills, another beautiful area with historical buildings intact. But the taxes and the cost of heating fuel is becoming a bigger burden each year. After 9/11 some moved out of NYC to the area where she lives, bought older buildings for restoration and opened businesses for local artists, authors and others to display their wares. The small hamlets there have the appearance of a picture postcard from days gone by.

        5. Back in Sept I was in the Roxbury/Margaretville area of the Catskills. It really is lovely there.

        6. Technically, its not the upstate, but unless you say that most folks think it is all NYC. We may have crossed paths! It is beautiful, but unless you do cold weather things, the months to enjoy it, are limited and seem to be getting less.

        7. They tell me this winter was a real humdinger back there. People in NYC refer to the Catskills as upstate, but Kathy is right, technically it is not. More like mid state and not even that, about 100 miles from the city. My friend lives in Stone Ridge not far from the reservoir that supplies NYC with water. There are some great hiking facilities right there. We once took a daytrip to Margaretville in late fall, had lunch at a cozy place and drove back.

          If anyone is familiar with Frank Serpico, he lives in the Catskills and gives lectures at local libraries and such. Gerald Celente also lives there in Kingston.

          This is the reservoir. Before 9/11 you could drive across. Afterwards they put up boulders to prevent cars from entering. Still great for walking and biking.

        8. Anne B. said:

          “People there [in Newtown] are hit or miss. Some you form lasting friendships with and others you wish you had never met. Unless you can show a pedigree from the Mayflower you are suspect.”

          Makes me think of this:

          “The “Mayflower” – connect that to the esoteric symbolism surrounding May. The first day of May (May Day) is one of the most sacred days in the occult. Sacrificial and sexual rites are carried out by various secret societies and groups.

          Notice, also, how so many people involved in deep aspects of this longstanding, systemic conspiracy can trace their bloodlines to the Mayflower, to the founding of the colonies, or to the founding fathers. For example, Michael Paine was a mysterious man who, with his wife Ruth, was one of the main handlers of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. Michael’s brother worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) – a CIA front – in Washington, as did Ruth’s father (who was considered for CIA use in Vietnam). Michael’s father was a Trotskyist leader (George Lyman Paine) who secretly worked for the CIA with James Burnham, a colleague in the same radical party who worked as a CIA consultant and a close associate of E. Howard Hunt. Michael’s stepfather was Arthur Young, inventor of Bell Helicopter (a major military-industrial company). Young was involved in a secret governmental occult circle known as the Nine, which believed they had established contact with beings from the spirit realm. Michael, himself, worked for his stepfather’s defense contractor (Bell Helicopter) and his direct supervisor there was Gen. Walter Dornberger, a Nazi general brought into the U.S. by the CIA. At work on November 22, 1963, he opened discussion with his co-workers about, of all things, political assassinations. After the assassination occurred and it was announced that Oswald was arrested with a revolver. He said: “He was not even supposed to have a gun.” He was later heard remarking “You and I both know who was behind this.” to someone on the phone. He and his wife produced most of the bogus “evidence” against Oswald. Paternally, he can be directly traced to the Freemason and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Robert Treat Paine. Maternally, he can be directly traced to the Mayflower.”


    2. Well then, believe you have called me rude, pathetic, uninformed, sad and snidely, who knows what else, I choose not to go backwards in time.

      Ok then, we have 3 internet sites that conclude the town of Newtown is ~ 2000 people, and let us not forget the US Census does not recognize it, as a number as it is too insignificant for their purposes.

      You listed a number of townships that should have been including in the tally. They too, do not register, but often refer to their mother ship – NEWTOWN.

      My personal favorite is: “Huntingtown has not been included in past Census counts, so there is no population information for this community.”

      Call me whatever names you like, I am seeking the truth and you are not going to keep us down!

      1. Kathy, how can I keep you down up there on your high horse? Why don’t you go to Newtown and take a tally for yourself since you’re seeking the truth? Only way to find out. Motherships are leaving every hour on the hour.

      2. Kathy– the little sections around the Newtown area have populations of a thousand or two each. 8 sections adjacent to Newtown add up to 15,779. That came from city-data…look at the map with the red box outline and click on it. A yellow line appears outlining an area and a box pops up with a number of inhabitants.

        It is still a small population that can’t reasonably warrant 96 million + dollars to “heal” with. imo.

        1. Susan A – I emailed Newtown last night about the population and had a prompt answer this morning:

          I have no explanation as to why websites managed by other sources state what they state. Maybe the smaller number is for the Borough alone, I don’t know. The CT State Register and Manual for 2012, from the Office of the Secretary of the State has Newtown with a population of 27,605.

          Sue Marcinek
          Executive Assistant
          Office of the First Selectman
          3 Primrose Street
          Newtown, CT 06470

          (203) 270-4203
          (203) 270-4205 FAX

        2. This is my last foray into Newtown and the number of residents there. When I mentioned the villages and hamlets previously, I forgot to include the small enclaves of Berkshire and Riverside. But that is not all, I forgot to specify Newtown itself minus the Borough, thought that was understood. So what we have is the Borough of Newtown, the remainder of Newtown itself and then the various hamlets and villages, be they included in the Census Data or not.

          “The town of Newtown has one political body, but consists of multiple geographic subdivisions.”

          When Wolfgang Halbig arrives on May 6th he’ll encounter more than 1973 hostile residents.

        3. AnneB, your data was worth the path. It suggests to me that Sandy Hook was very isolated from the other hamlets within Newtown and an ideal finite setting for performing the staged SHE event. The relatively small population of residents and Firefighters within Sandy Hook were no doubt pre and post paid for their confidentiality. The Newtown officials are reaping ongoing financial benefits no doubt as well. So would the hush fund be creeping higher as uncompensated residents realize they have evidence to bring forward, especially with alternative media buzz.
          So if we multiple the average cost for a lifetime settlement of confidentiality by the number of required settlements. Is the total north of 50 million? We can see the need for creative financing!

        4. So Anne B. , does their “official word” translate to a house count ~ 10,000? Within the 60 square miles there is ~170 houses per square mile. They are sticking to their story and we ask if we have found a boundary of truth.

        5. fv-
          Did you try that trick with the interactive map on city-data? I counted all overlapping and adjacent neighborhoods with the borough of Newtown and it was 15,779. If you were to add two more neighborhoods with similar populations it’s still under 20k. So many official lies coming out of that area, I am of the mind that nothing can be relied upon to be accurate, but I don’t KNOW anything. I am not arguing with anyone about what’s true or not because I don’t know. Under the circumstances, I think any of us who reserve judgement on any data set ought to be forgiven our skepticism.

        6. fvpatterson – long before the town went rouge and had no apparent reason to manufacture numbers:

          “Town population in 1990 was 20,779 persons, a modest increase of 8.8% over the ten years since 1980.”

        7. Anne B:

          There is no such place as Berkshire, CT.
          Riverside, CT is located in the town of Greenwich, CT, and is 45 miles from Newtown, CT.

    3. I did a search on Google maps, which reveals the following:

      Botsford, CT is located inside of the borough of Newtown, CT.
      There is no such place as Cedarhurst, CT. There is a Cedarhurst School located in Hamden, CT, 30 miles away from Newtown.
      There is no such place as Dodgington, CT. There is a Dodgington Road in Newtown, CT.
      There is no such place as Hatterton, CT. There is a Hatterton Road and a Hatterton Pond located 6 miles from Newtown, CT.
      Hawleyville, CT is located inside of the borough of Newtown, CT.
      Huntingtown is located in Shelton, 15 1/2 miles from Newtown, CT.
      Sandy Hook, CT is located within the borough of Newtown, CT.
      There is no such place as Taunton, CT. There is a Taunton Hill Road and a Taunton Lake Road located within the borough of Newtown, CT.

      There goes your inflation of 1,973 residents of Newtown up to over 28,000 residents.

      1. To pbutterfly2000 – you probably know this – CT has cities, towns, villages, hamlets, neighborhoods, communities and boroughs among other descriptions. That is why it’s often confusing when someone there says I live in Riverside or Berkshire – not to be confused with the Riverside neighborhood of Greenwich, CT, the hamlet of Riverside in NY or the Berkshires in MA.

        So Newtown in 1990 had a population of around 20,000 but now it has been reduced to 1973. That number is for the borough of Newtown. Good work, keep on digging.

        1. Google maps lists all areas that exist and are named. Riverside exists on the map as a neighborhood in Greenwich, but it does not list it as existing anywhere else in CT. If you want to prove that there is such a place as Riverside anywhere else in CT then please post that link. Berkshire does not show up at all in CT.

          Newtown is not both a borough and some other unnamed quantity that is much larger and encompasses outlying areas. It is a borough only, with a population of 1,973. Some of the places that you list are inside of the borough of Newtown, some are outside of it, and some are not neighborhoods at all but only the names of roads.

        2. All right, I clicked on the link you provided and I can see that Riverside and Berkshire are listed as neighborhoods in Newtown. But they are combined with other areas you already listed: as Botsford/Berkshire, and Cedarhust/ Riverside.

          However if you look at the shape of the map, it’s the same as the shape of the map of Newtown on Google maps which includes all of those areas. The distinct areas are not acknowledged – such as Newtown Town Center, Dodgington/ Hattertown, Cedarhurst/ Riverside, etc. It’s all just the borough of Newtown, and its population is 1,973. So either there is an egregious error on Google maps and also all of the census data, or else there is an egregious error on the neighborhood scout site.

        3. Think we solved this issue awhile back,can’t remember who used citydata to come up with 15,000 something. and this was posted on 3/25

          Found this site, which lists Newtown with a pop of 16,003 in 2010, residential mailboxes at 5670 and 37 sq miles, very interesting.

          Still a far cry from the bigger number reported, guess the folks selling those mansions might want to keep it a secret that a lot of folks got out of town!

          This total is in line with what a previous poster calculated from citydata maps.

        4. From

          Newtown was established in 1711 and is comprised of the Borough, Sandy Hook, Hawleyville, Botsford and Dodgingtown “neighborhoods”. * (City-data lists these parts of Newtown as “Botsford, Newtown, CT,” “Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT,” etc. The 1,973 population of Newtown on city-data includes these boroughs.)
          The Borough of Newtown, located in the central area of Newtown encompasses an area of approximately 1,252 acres or one square mile. The Borough was incorporated in 1824 by an act of the Connecticut General Assembly. It is a unique self-governing municipal unit, one of only nine Boroughs located in the State of Connecticut.

          Wikipedia states that a a “self-governing municipal unit” is synonymous with a “municipal corporation.”

          From the legal dictionary (

          “A municipal corporation is a city, town, village, or borough that has governmental powers. A municipality is a city, town, village, or, in some states, a borough…Home rule gives municipalities the power to determine their own goals without interference from the state legislature or state agencies. It gives municipalities room to experiment with new approaches to government without first seeking approval from the state. It also allows municipalities to act more quickly on issues of local concern because they do not have to seek approval for their actions from the state legislature…The governmental authority most commonly exercised by municipalities is the Police Power. The term police power does not refer to the authority to create police departments, although it does include that power. Police power is the power of state and local governments to enact laws governing health, safety, morals, and general public welfare…Municipal corporations are an important feature of the political structure of the United States. Incorporating a municipality gives it the freedom to form a society that is distinct from other localities in the state and around the country.”

          Thus, the unprecedented laws that Newtown has been able to pass concerning sealing of crime scene evidence and classifying FBI records.

        5. Interesting find, PButterfly!

          Prompted by your great post, I located a brochure created by VT Secty of State in 2009 and found it interesting – it may not apply exactly in CT but was eye-opening to me, all the same so would like to share it if anyone is interested:

          One might think this type of local government has the potential to be seriously corrupt in a small town…but having seen a few corruption issues in non-municipal-law small towns, it may not be the case (one hopes for appropriate checks and balances). But PButterfly – this opens our eyes about researching a town’s government before a relocation. Yikes! Stuff one should know!

          I would think in matters involving FOIA and most every federal law – no city is sovereign so these laws are just as applicable. A state can overturn – such as with the NDAA, but not a city.

          Thanks again for this helpful info!

        6. Beth D.,

          That is a very informative link you provided about municipal law. And interesting quote:

          “Governance charters contain provisions that differ from the general state law. When this happens the courts will usually find that the charter language takes precedence for that particular municipality. The Vermont Supreme Court has held that “whether the legislatively-adopted town charter or the statute is controlling is a matter of statutory construction,” and that “where two statutes deal with the same subject matter and one is general and the other specific, the more specific statue controls.” The charter will supersede state law since a charter is law that is more specific to a particular town.”


          But it also states this:
          “Almost everything in this publication may vary for municipalities with a charter – so before relying on any statement about the general law, you must check your governance charter – if you have one!”

          (The Newtown charter of 1961 claims rights and privileges it enjoyed in 1711, the very moment the town was established, and before there even was a United States)!

          And this is a particularly interesting quote:

          “Sovereign immunity. The doctrine of sovereign immunity protects the state and its subdivisions – including municipalities – from lawsuits except when the immunity has been expressly waived by statute.

          The doctrine of sovereign immunity is generally seen as outdated – based on the feudal system where the king was the law and therefore could do no wrong. For that reason courts have worked to limit the application of sovereign immunity.”

          Could THIS be a reason Wolfgang would not be able to bring a lawsuit to Newtown? An expert on municipal law should check into this!

          As for the confusing census numbers, I found this under the WIkipedia entry for “New England Town”:

          Census-designated places[edit]
          To fill in some of the “place” data, the Census Bureau sometimes recognizes census-designated places (CDPs) within New England towns…There are numerous instances where the Census Bureau recognizes the built-up area around a town center as a CDP, resulting in a CDP that bears the same name as the town. In these cases, data for the CDP is, in general, meaningless to local residents, who seldom draw any particular distinction between the built-up area around the town center and outlying areas of the town. A local source citing data for such a community will almost always use the data for the entire town, not the CDP…At the same time, not all built-up places of significant population are recognized as CDPs. The Census Bureau has historically recognized relatively few CDPs within urbanized areas in particular. Many towns located in such areas do not contain any recognized CDPs, and will thus be completely absent from Census materials presenting population of “places”. Greenwich, Connecticut is one prominent example. While the Town of Greenwich appears in MCD materials, the Census Bureau does not recognize Greenwich as a “place”.

          (Why would the census bureau not recognize Greenwich as a place)???

          Main article: Administrative divisions of Connecticut
          Connecticut contains 169 incorporated towns. Put into terms that are equivalent to the other New England states, 20 are cities/boroughs and 149 are towns. (As discussed in the Cities section of Other types of municipalities in New England above, the relationship between towns and cities in Connecticut is different from the other New England states, at least on paper; thus, in the technical sense, all 169 of the above municipalities are really towns, with 20 overlaid by a coextensive city or borough of the same name.)[14] Together, these 169 municipalities cover the entire state. There is no unincorporated territory, but, as in all New England states, there are a fair number of unincorporated, named communities that lie within the incorporated territory of a municipality.

          From Wikipedia article “Administrative divisions of Connecticut:

          “New England towns, particularly in Connecticut, have broad home rule, and have powers comparable to those that a city in other states would normally have. There are advantages and disadvantages to this system: residents have a greater voice in the decision-making process over local issues. On the other hand, the state’s delegation of broad powers to the towns sometimes results in bitter rivalries between towns stemming from projects and programs that encompass multiple towns, as town residents and officials have historically placed local interests ahead of the interests of the region or state as a whole.

          Connecticut is divided geographically into eight counties, but these counties do not have any associated government structure. The Connecticut General Assembly abolished all county governments on October 1, 1960.[2] The counties continued to have sheriffs until 2000, when the sheriffs’ offices were abolished and replaced with state marshals through a ballot measure attached to the 2000 presidential election.

          The dissolution of county governments in 1960 created a vacuum of power at the regional level, which created problems when it came to land use and infrastructure planning. Because the power once reserved for county governments was now in the hands of municipal administrations, major land use, environmental, and infrastructure issues often pitted one town against another, resulting in little or no progress. Complicating this, the state constitution delegates a large portion of the state’s authority to the towns.”

          (The Newtown charter was established in 1961, right after this vacuum of power. Great time for military/industrial complex to swoop in an establish itself there, especially since Nazi forces were already going strong in Fairfield Hills State Hospital and Fairfield University MK Ultra experiments and contracts with the Pentagon).

          And this article, “History of Connecticut” Wikipedia is interesting:

          Some quotes:

          in the 21st century it is known for jet engines, nuclear submarines, and advanced pharmaceuticals.

          Connecticut built the first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) and other essential weapons for The Pentagon. The increased job market gave the state the highest per capita income at the beginning of the 1960s.

          Fairfield County, Connecticut’s Gold Coast, was a favorite residence of many executives who work in New York City. It attracted scores of corporate headquarters from New York especially in the 1970s, when Connecticut had no state income tax.

          Connecticut workers were very well-paid, many of them in defense industries building nuclear submarines at Electric Boat shipyards, helicopters at Sikorsky , and jet engines at Pratt & Whitney.

          The Republican Party was mildly liberal, typified by Senator Prescott Bush, a wealthy Yankee whose son and grandson both became president from their new conservative base in Texas.

          In the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, 65 state residents were killed. The vast majority were Fairfield County residents who were working in the World Trade Center. Greenwich lost 12 residents, Stamford and Norwalk each lost nine and Darien lost six.[56] A state memorial was later set up at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport. The New York City skyline can be seen from the park.

          (People area blaming Obama for a gun control agenda at Sandy Hook, but look at how every conspiracy eventually connects back to Prescott Bush and family!!!)

        7. PButterfly – I know! It’s like one would be living in a crazy HOA that controls everything (worse than usual). Your original post was invaluable to me and should be a standard alert for those looking to move to other places (esp. perhaps in the eastern states). Wow! Some incredible control there.

          PButterfly, I recall there was an attorney who tried to sue in Newtown for the Sandy Hook event. I had to go look around for that info – I recall that it seemed like he was run out of town (maybe with torches), basically. Ah, found it (link below) — I have always been dying to know what the “new evidence” was (I can only imagine): Do you remember this one – on behalf of a survivor —

          So, when Halbig questions “Why hasn’t anyone sued?” I think the answer lies somewhere with this attorney —

        8. I just starting looking at Newtown’s town charter, available on Newtown’s website. It begins like this:

          “We, the proprietors and inhabitants of the town of Newtown, being duly qualified electors of the state of connecticut, and in the exercise of those privileges, liberties and powers which we have enjoyed since the eleventh day of october, 1711, in order to preserve and protect the property and personal well-being and to promote the individual and general welfare of all our citizens, do hereby declare that this charter shall constitute our form of government.”

          Interesting that this is how the charter still reads, when it was established before the existence of the United States Constitution!

  12. $50 mil seems like a damned lot of money to bud an elementary school. I wonder if one of Malloy’s cronies will be getting the contract to build it.

    1. It does seem like a lot of money, but I live in a New England town where there was a high school built for about $200 million, funded by a bond issue, which residents will have to pay back in increased property taxes over the years. The price doubled during construction. Although the community is somewhat affluent (not universally so), the project itself has been criticized in the financial press. Indeed in such a relatively wealthy community, many children in the upper grades have already transferred out to private schools, and religious families have had them in the private sectarian schools all along.

      Considering the lack of residents of Newtown, this kind of expenditure seems very disproportionate. At least my town is real and full of people, however extravagant, or they would not have gone ahead because they could never have raised the property taxes to service the debt.

      “Follow the money,” I guess is as good advice as any.

  13. Thanks Pilot, good work. That’s a lot of money by anybody’s standard. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a similar show of largesse even in big disasters. I guess it pays to be on the “right” side of a government scam.

    1. The 3 other highly publicized shootings, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Aurora raised donations too you know. The combined dollar amount for all three of those total : $20,361,400.00.

      Those shootings involved 71 people killed or injured. Only $836,532.00 was disbursed to them and/or their families.

      Sandy Hook sticks out like a sore thumb in this regard.

      1. Funny. In the comments, other commenters are equating the first commenter (Charity starts at home, and should end there) with a sociopath. In other words, If you don’t think people should donate a lot of money to the victims (wether you think they really are victims or not) you are a sociopath. That’s the spirit we want to foster…

        1. Theresa, what I see is this: I can see helping someone in need. I could see donating for burial services, or to assist when the breadwinner is suddenly gone. Neither of those two events happened here and, even if they did, why would people continue to send money?

          I suspect that there is not really so much “donated” money as there is “laundered” money. Sure, they’ll take anything you’re crazy enough to send, but why would anyone do that?

          If I want to pull off some scam that requires financing, this is a great way to tap into available funds that might be suspicious otherwise. It also serves a purpose in programming the zombies out there that sending money is the “proper” response.

          Think of all the useful things that sort of money could be spent on. While I don’t think its the ONLY suspicious thing about SHES, it ranks right up there.

          If you made a western movie of this it would go; desperado comes to town, guns down part of the populace. Survivors take up a collection and it never happens again. Sounds like a hit to me, how ’bout you?

      2. ======================

        Quite simply, the millions of dollars are hush monies. Sandy Hook, due to the young ages of victims garnered unique press. It was a strategic plan. One of the first words out of a reporter the day of the event was to emphasize the tender ages; then the gun-control tactic was off and running. These federal spooks make a living readjusting reality, which depends upon public naivete.

        That’s what WE PAY THEM TO DO. All for “national security,” of course. Peaceful citizens with legal guns invoking their Second Amendment rights are now tagged with the taint of ‘domestic terrorists.’ The police state quickens its grip on society.

  14. One wonders where certain things have been going all along. Is the charity money actually obtained from donations? Perhaps. Maybe it is money-laundering disguised as charity donations? As so many have posted, what would be the point in accepting huge donations if you are a family with this kind of bad fortune? Why would you not openly and actively give it to someone or something else once you had made your expenses and perhaps set up scholarships in your child’s name? Why would you want to profit? How could you ever enjoy such riches? But then I doubt that crisis actors get the big pay-offs anyway, unless they have an interest in the “firm” for which they are working.

    On a slightly other topic, BBC reports at its website that there is a big demonstration in Beijing today (rare in China, but with posters and all kinds of anger) outside the Malaysian embassy there by “families” of the missing presumed dead of the MH370 flight. The anti-Malaysian sentiments being expressed seem disproportionate to everything that was said to have happened, nor does the demonstration look spontaneous or unfunded. Perhaps it is a demonstration of something else. Perhaps it is an attempt to move masses of people to do certain things or to study how big things might be done?

    1. Perhaps the upset families of the airplane travellers have been urged on by agents spreading dissent and lies to cause upheaval? How would benefit from tensions between China and Malaysia? Does all of this surround Russia in some way?

      1. Yep, foment anger toward the Malaysian government and destabilize it. Malaysia is key for resources and politically strategic.

        All it takes: (1) a flight that did not exist (so no radar anywhere); (2) misleading info from “helpful” foreign governments. That’s it –Malaysian gov will look like fools no matter what they do. Then, (3) find some luggage/wreckage/message-in-a-bottle somewhere opposite of the govenment’s official crash area, and all hell will break loose. Everyone will clamor for the west to step in and take control of Malaysian airspace (at least).

        1. Do you mean the plane never existed? How do we know that? Or at least suspect. I haven’t heard that theory before. I don’t really see anything stopping “them” from taking remote control of the aeroplane, taking it up above max height, decompress it to kill off the personnel and then lower it under radar and hide it somewhere (Diego Garcia?). But I might be way off…

        2. I don’t know what happened obviously — just pointing out that nefarious organizations could “lose” a plane/flight to make the originating country’s government look really bad. Throw in some paid protesters and you’ve started the ball rolling toward an uprising.

        3. You are right, of course. But the purpose was at least dual. There was something with a patent pending held by the 20 engineers on board as well as the lithium batteries in the cargo. They can also try to extort just how much information nations in the area have from their radars and other surveillance systems, too. Good-to-have knowledge. And those who supply the info saying that the plane is in the south indian ocean is a private UK company… Man, it smells…

        4. ======================

          A retired military advisor said the Malaysian plane did not crash in the South Indian Ocean. Rather it made a ‘shadow flight’ around the tip of India and headed for a base in Pakistan where the plane could be used in a terror attack.

          Obama made a speech in the Hague today saying
          that he was fearful of a possible nuke attack on New York City. Connecting dots, that is a scenario I don’t want to even contemplate. Alex Jones was at a fever pitch today homing in on that possibility. He thinks such a maneuver could trigger martial law. Love him or hate him, Jones has his fingers on the pulse of current events. All conjecture?

          I dearly pray so. A nuke in Manhattan would certainly end America as we know it.

        5. I still have not seen any proof that the plane did in fact take off. After Sandy Hoax Elementary School, it sure seems that most news stories are invented works of fiction.

          The only way to know for sure if an attack is coming to NYC is to watch for big wigs to suddenly leave town all at once….including the Yankees team, The Nets, High Profile financiers, etc. If very few important people are in town, then I guess its a go?

        6. I hope you realize you are taking the propaganda bait, Marilyn JA. If you believe a plane exists and the whereabouts is known then knowledge of subsequent movement of that plane is guaranteed. Additionally, a nuke hidden and shielded in an ocean going vessel is more probable than a nuke in a plane.

        7. Marilyn–would we really benefit from discovering that a nuke attack –has not been a military scenario– for many decades?

          I, Alex Jones tantrum and hysterics and retired realists (sic) doubt it.

          presumably those deemed FROM ON HIGH -prefer that we dearly consider– that we are actually sufficient– to sort our problems out:

          Colonel Ross Dedrickson: US Air Force/Atomic Energy Commission (ret.):

          “After retiring from the Air Force I joined the Boeing company and was responsible for accounting for all of the nuclear fleet of Minuteman missiles.
          In this incident they actually photographed the UFO following the missile as it climbed into space and, shining a beam on it, neutralized the missile.
          I also learned of a number of incidents which happened, a couple of nuclear weapons sent into space were destroyed by the extraterrestrials.
          Our government sent a nuclear weapon for explosion on the moon’s surface[And] the ETs destroyed the weapon as it went toward the moon.

          [Apparently] the idea of any explosion in space by any Earth government was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials, and that has been demonstrated over and over.”

        8. The very first photo that appeared of a hysterical woman on her cell phone at an airport in Beijing was clearly staged. It was a giveaway for the big hoax to follow.

        9. Regardless of how the plane disappeared, pulverized or otherwise vanished, it is still difficult to explain how, after being fueled for about a three hour flight, it could supposedly end up such a distance part way around the world in the southern India Ocean where often debris collets. No jetliner can glide that far.

      2. Another possible reason is that this event makes almost everyone a “conspiracy theorist” if they ever need that label for you. Who didn’t chat/text/phone or otherwise discuss their pet theory on what occured?

        1. ————————————-

          To all regard missing Malaysian plane. Another theory on what actually happened by a retired military general. His explanation made sense but the picture is so muddled by official plotlines, who can follow? (However, anytime the Brits and Americans hatch a scenario together, prepare to suspend your disbelief. They are masters at sleight of hand.)

          This is another ‘deep’ event known only to God and the perps. We are just standing outside looking in.

          I am not convinced, but curious. And each day it gets curiouser and curiouser, no?

    2. I think it looks like money laundering or black budget funding musings. Some of the charities raised several thousand, and that seems legit, what would be raised by a sympathetic public. The funds that got really big, really fast are suspicious.

      Bloomberg’s Mayors against illegal guns initially raised $4,750,000.00.
      Some of that surely made its way into the coffers of Sandy Hook Promise.

      1. Susan, I’d agree with that. In Afghanistan, where the poppies grow…how you gonna hide that cash? In all these “conflicts” where billions are “missing”, how do you access that?

        When the Bushes and Clintons were running guns and drugs in and out of Mena, does anyone think you just take your bag of loot down to the local bank and fill out a deposit slip?

        These guys are awash in all the money WE don’t have. It costs money to perform their functions for their bosses. Actors aren’t free and silence isn’t cheap. We all know what the “world’s oldest profession” is. Just because some of them don’t shave their legs doesn’t mean they aren’t professionals.

  15. Musings – There definitely is a money laundering scam going on.

    Found this site, which lists Newtown with a pop of 16,003 in 2010, residential mailboxes at 5670 and 37 sq miles, very interesting.

    This total is in line with what a previous poster calculated from citydata maps.

    It also explains why the towns detailed from Anne show 0 population in the census data – they are included in Newtown area.

    Later she mentions she forgot Riverside. The only one found has a population of 8,246, but it is located on the big water, which Newtown clearly is not. Consult the all reliable wiki, and yes indeed this waterfront area is also in the same county of Fairfield..

    Why would they bother to report an inflated population? More money from the fed? For sure schools are reimbursed for the number of students attending. More gov workers for non-existent citizens? Perhaps to convince people it is a nice place to live and not a deserted ghost town with over priced real estate.

    1. From the Hartford Courant:

      There is madness abroad in the land. Martha Dean is running for the Republican nomination for governor.,0,6838061.column

      One of the comments:
      • Sheila Matthews-Gallo • Co-founder at Ablechild
      As the Cofounder of, I certainly do not endorse candidates, but want to point out that the Hartford Courant printed information from the Sandy Hook mass murder suicide that did not appear in the final State Police investigative report, i.e. Adam Lanza’s ER trip to Danbury Hospital. How did the paper know that information, but not the State police?

      In addition, the Hartford Courant claimed that the toxicology report was released; but it was never released. The toxicology coversheet without lab reports was released.

      Everyone should questioned that sloppy State investigation and State police report. It lacks critical evidence for citizens to make informed decisions regarding legislation!

      This article on this candidate is pretty close to slander. The Hartford Courant should be reporting the news not controlling the news or slandering candidates willing to run for political office. A free press, makes for free people.

      1. Very interesting. Couldn’t resist adding my own comment –

        The Sandy Hook Commission appointed by the Gov to determine the root cause of the incident has complained that all the secrecy, missing and redacted documents makes it impossible to do their job adequately. Does that make them disgusting and despicable too?

      2. It appears we may be in the midst of a coup occurring. Isn’t it rare that the FBI would arrest politicians of the current ruling party? This week, a state senator in CA, a mayor in Charlotte and a NY assemblyman, all Democrats, were arrested for fraud, along with their co-conspirators. The anti-gun Mr. Yee, from CA is very interesting with additional charges of gun running!

        1. I see…well in that case she has a pile of evidence to sift through, and everything that has come out since then only reinforces whatever doubts she initially had. Maybe there are more people in CT than we think questioning the official story. Good.

  16. Architects Unveil Design for New Sandy Hook School. Sounds like Shannon Hicks is upset about out of town media coverage of this new prison.

    • Shannon Hicks • Top Commenter
    I’m still waiting to find out why so many news outlets jumped on last night’s meeting. Svigals + Partners started showing off these design plans at public meetings LAST MONTH, not last night. Is NBC-CT, et al, going to start covering every town meeting now?

  17. The Boston perspective today is interesting. It seems a real tragedy occurred yesterday when one of the antique Back Bay row houses went up in flames on Beacon Street (a fire which happened in genuinely windy conditions, which were even experienced in a suburb 8-10 miles away like mine, so I know it wasn’t hyped). The event began in a basement, and just moved up, as into a four story chimney. Thanks to the hard work of real firefighters, it was contained so that it did not spread all over the neighborhood and take out a whole block. The flames appeared real from the otherwise highly corrupted news sources in the area.

    It didn’t take long for piggy-backing of this event, fatal to 2 firefighters if one believes that real humans might have been trapped in a basement fighting something they were trying to prevent from taking out an important district of Boston heritage architecture. I have no reason to think this was fake. But wouldn’t you know – the genuine event is being tarnished in its real heroism by a reminder that Engine Company 33 is on the same street (Boylston) as the end of the Marathon (yeah, several blocks away). And of course one more person “died” on Marathon Day, though I haven’t heard that injected. However sharing the front page of the Boston Globe with the unhyped story of real courage under fire is a picture of what I thought at first glance was some old one of Sean Collier (deceased MIT cop) in front of the White House. He and his companion are wearing summer clothing. They are juxtaposed with the firefighter story. But no, it isn’t Sean — though a total dead ringer for him – ears, hairline, everything – but his cop brother Andrew. And the words, set next to a real story – “Collier Strong” — and a whole lot of “Boston Strong” bandied about associated with these brave firefighters who lost their live-in a horrible moment.

    So the myth has been consciously and deliberately associated with real tragedy, and it seems to substitute itself for the reality.

    But I’m glad for that picture of Andrew Collier anyway. He’s so much like Sean, they could be identical twins.

    1. Error: I described Andrew Collier as a cop, but apparently he is a race car mechanic, and he lives in North Carolina. Spitting image, though. See cover Boston Globe, March 27, 2014.

      1. Thanks for flipping up those cards Musings. The “photo” of the two alleged brothers standing atop Mt Washington (as kids) seems an all too convenient story telling ploy. Sean and Andrew Collier- background check needed.
        The 3/27/14 blog story in the Globe by the Obnoxious Boston Fan, Bill Speros, has the same putrid and artificial flavor as all the other Boston Strong vignettes. Unfortunately it received my “click”

        1. I looked at today’s paper Globe, and it has other pictures. But online, at, there is a picture of the newly engaged Andrew and his fiancee with the White House in the background. It is that picture which looks alarmingly like Sean – “twin-like”. That could explain a lot.

          The Mt. Washington photo is not as convincing to me about anything. Random, as far as I can tell. I’d rather not go down that rabbit hole. But the look-alike brothers – hm.

          The funny thing is that group photo of the Collier family is just like mine when my younger siblings were little – in the 70’s. That would make Sean not in his 20’s but in his late 40’s or early 50’s. Don’t know if the White House photo is really old too – it could be. But when you make something up like this, you can cast it as you will.

        2. Sorry – the group photo of the Collier family I refer to is one released just after the “murder”. I haven’t seen it lately.

          By the way, another comment on real tragedy. I think that in Boston, the firefighters’ families, the really bereaved, are not giving interviews and there aren’t too many cute stories out yet. Who knows? The public might get wise to the fact that real tragedy is different than fake.

    1. Wolfgang Halbig settled a worker’s compensation claim with the school where he was assistant principal – looks like for $11,750 for an injury claim from 2004.

      This settlement came after he was no longer employed there. I wonder why he left (?). He sure wasn’t in his position too long? I am looking at a school agenda that shows his start-date as 7/21/04 as assist. principal of Sanford Middle School.

    2. You are clearly obsessed with proving that WH is a criminal. A workman’s compensation claim for 2004 for $11,000 really??

      I was hurt at work once, and because it happened there, went thru hell to get my medical bills paid, even though my normal plan would of covered me totally if it did not happen there..

      You need to give it up and have a life please. The subject of this post has nothing to do with WG, but guess you felt no one was paying attention to your hundreds of posts elsewhere.

      By all means go to Sandy Hook and break the case, we, the truth seekers would support you.

      1. You likely hit your head. Post is titled, “Follow the Money”….

        “Get a life”. That’s rich. You need to find another hobby. You haven’t contributed a single piece of information to date.

        OK, you know him so well – you are so smart – so please tell us all about Wolfe’s biz and taking it public as a pink sheet stock. Tell me all about those who invested in it and how much money they lost.

        I can’t wait to hear what you have to tell us while in the “Follow the Money” thread. Thank you!

  18. Tonight’s 11 PM news in Boston has stitched together a real event (so far it seems real) – the death of firefighters – with the 9/11 story (a shot of a hockey player’s hat, with 9/11/01 stitched to it, apropos of nothing) and some of the tributes to a firefighter broadcast from a permanently painted Finish Line for the Boston Marathon, talking about the dead man having planned to run the Marathon in tribute to those killed and maimed on that day. Of course that is what the Marathon will always be said to be from here on out. Thus is fake terror mixed with life’s brutal and sudden losses to create some sort of ersatz meaning, without which people might feel truly perplexed. The bottom would drop out of their lives if they questioned what authorities had told them

    As of today, the Massachusetts legislature has approved license plates to commemorate the BMB. I’m not sure who gets them. Anyone associated with the event? For an extra fee (thus falling into the category of fund-raising)?

    So now, anyone who would question the truth of these things — could be accused of great impiety, since all power has bent in the same direction, all in conformity with one vision and no investigation. Boston One, Boston Strong.

    The problem is, the more they take the time away from the event of the fire itself and share it with the story of the Marathon, diminishing the more recent story, the more one can even doubt that one, as though they are all the same, have the same weight in the eyes of the reporters.

    Is every car crash, every murder to be six degrees of separation from the BMB? Another commercial for it? If you drop dead in the Back Bay, will they measure how many feet from the finish line of the Marathon you were?

  19. OK, the heart will often lie to you, but the gut never will. It is advice I have given to my sons…My gut tells me that Mr. Halbig chases money and has for a while –

    Halbig’s company: National Institute for School & Workplace Safety, Inc. at 120 International Prky, Suite 220, Heathrow, FL was formed in 2001. Now inactive.

    According to FL pub. records, Wolfie & the entity were slapped with a vacate in 2002. So, probably moved from that locale to the last known address (noted above). BUT..things happen. What is of great interest to me:

    Interestingly, Halbig’s TINY company went public (stock) for like a year or so. It was pink sheet stock (small entity – often a much riskier investment to buy their stock,). Listing Initials: “NIFW”: Here’s the current status (obviously a dead company) from the pink sheet listing:

    You can click on the tabs and look at company history (at OTC link above).

    In 2003, this wee company announces a stock split:

    So, why does a rinky-dink little firm do a 2 for 1 stock split? Often it’s to increase the stock’s liquidity which increases the # of outstanding shares.

    Splitting the stock also gives existing shareholders the feeling that they suddenly have more shares than they did before. But, it has no effect on worth for the investor. Interesting…then the company goes “boom”.

    I’m going to venture what sounds like a WILD guess (but I’ve seen it before). I would bet any of you regulars here a cocktail, that this company was privately offered (private sales of stock) FIRST…with the sales pitch that it would be taken public.

    A private offering is easy to do – registration exemptions available, even in Florida (depending on number of sales, etc.). You just need to write an offering document (hopefully with a securities attorney). Some serious funds can be raised w/this process. If this was the case, Halbig raises money…then takes it public as a pink sheet (probably w/great hope)….then closes the company down, investors lose their money. Very sad for them. But…how much did Halbig pocket from this deal? That’s part of those 3 houses he has, perhaps?

    Company dying and he’s shutting it down. Then Halbig gets a VERY short job as asst. principal of Sanford Middle School (2004). In 2004, he makes a workers comp claim and it is settled by the school for nearly $12k while he was an assistant principal (per school board minutes link in a prior post tonite) – I wonder why such a short tenure? Fired perhaps?


    2011: County School board minutes list that Wolfgang Halbig is ok’d as a temporary teacher, as needed – effective 1/18/11.(THIS is not on his resume – he’s still doing the consulting biz, supposedly under a different name now).

    2012: Halbig’s business venture with another fellow – “Child Safety Institute”, was formed using an address that turns out to be a UPS store. Halbig tried using that old address recently by giving it to an interviewer who calls him on it – to which he responds that he doesn’t need an office so contact him at home. BUT the address of the company was changed by the managing member BEFORE then – to that gentleman’s residential address – which is of course common for small consulting firms.

    Now, that managing member biz partner who Halbig says “fired him” – he’s probably the real deal – he owned a fine security biz for 20+ years (believe is Sonitrol in Orlando) and sold it. He probably did very well. So, he’s a fellow with a knowledge of security & Halbig perhaps sees this fellow as some deep pockets to start a new biz with. This guy dumps his as* like a hot potato when things start smelling funny.

    Halbig then tries telling the public that he was “fired” for speaking out. Alternate info comes out that it is more to do with raising of funds. Maybe not just SHook Justice…maybe Halbig wanted to do another private offering to sell stock in that company, too.

    I’m sorry, but this fella just sets off alarms in my gut.

  20. It looks like we have a new plot hatching from the usual suspects on this GM recall on ignition switches:

    GM hires head of 9/11 compensation fund to consider ‘options’ for crash victims

    What is going on here? This Mary Barra keeps talking up the “Today’s GM” about civic responsibility, etc. It sounds like they are going to throw this recall at the taxpayers somehow making us responsible for this because we bailed them out.

    I’m sure this will be a cozy exchange:

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who will be among those questioning Barra Wednesday, said he welcomed GM’s appointment of Feinberg.

    “My hope is that GM’s first step shows that it is serious about facing its moral responsibility, and that it will be followed by much bigger, necessary steps,” Blumenthal said in a statement. “Picking an expert is a positive sign but no substitute for real action — and full, fair compensation for victims. I welcome the indication that GM is taking seriously their obligation to compensate innocent victims of concealed defects — especially in light of the blanket shield from legal responsibility they were afforded by their 2009 bankruptcy proceeding.”

    What, praytell, are those “much bigger, necessary steps” – hmmm?

    They should start rolling out the “vicsims” in 3, 2, 1….

  21. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    Just as an aside, a few researchers have made arguments regarding the actual population of Newtown being under 2,000 people. This seems plausible to me only because we have heard so very little from this community of “28,000″ . I have seen reports from people driving through the area, and they describe it as being very deserted. While this anecdotal evidence may not be proof of anything, consider the city-data report from 2012 which states that the population of Newtown is:


    938 males, 1035 females.

    1. I am still seeking newspaper evidence that the school was closed for good way back in 1980. I found several digital articles concerning the time capsule that was “buried in 1980” yet m.i.a. as of the demolition date. I believe these articles to be a huge clue. A time capsule would have been buried in 1956 during the opening, and dug up by the closing. I believe that the time capsule was dug up in 1980 during the closing, and not buried at all.

      Plus, looking at the roof, physical plant, and parking lot, that place was neglected for several decades.

      1. Thank you John for continuing to seek evidence and the time capsule angle is a good point. I think for me the cincher, abeit a petty one, was the complete absence of any Christmas or even “winter holiday” art on the school windows. Where there are children it seems art will also be. This was so strange to me that it seemed even the most naive observer would begin to question, but sadly most are quite content to have the media tell them what to think. Just like the events of 9/11, I suspect mountains of evidence will never convince the populace of the truth. Still, I choose to know.

        1. Choose2know – I also thought the lack of holiday decorations and art was really weird.

          Do you think the school (if in operation) was doing the anti-holiday thing?

          I heard on the radio a few weeks ago some school was contemplating re-naming their holiday break period (they must’ve referenced it as Christmas or Holiday break). Give me a break…

        2. 10-4 on your beliefs, choose2know. I spoke with a long time friend, School Superintendent local to Boston the other day during an accidental (coincidental) meeting. She said she had no idea SHE was a contrived event! Her common sense has guided her not to bend to parent demands for armed guards in her schools. She is now absorbing the reality of what did not occur as reported by the MSM.
          Spread the “choose to know philosophy” all! For example- “As a courtesy I thought I would let you know where you can find out what did not occur, as this info may put your mind at ease….if you choose to know”

        3. I ran across an article the other day that discussed the “neighbors” angry comments when the school district sought funding for asbestos abatement and roof work for SHES. That was about two years prior to “the event”. Their comments were basically, “the school’s been closed for years, we don’t want to spend money on it”.

          It didn’t say “when” it was closed. It did, indeed, indicate that it was closed at the time of the alleged massacre. The absence of decoration was a pretty strong piece of evidence as well.

          I still think the neighbors abutting the rear of the school that show up in Brendan Hunt’s videos are important witnesses. They would certainly know if anyone were using the school.

        4. Good find Lophatt, If the Bee or other paper was reporting on the need for abatement of contamination of SHE long before 12-14-12, then that would be further satisfaction upon the dozens of reasons this was a theatrical confabulation. For the record, my inquiries to the Bee for clarification on their inconsistencies with other aspects of this event did not receive a response.
          Also, the abutters to the SHE are no doubt also among the many in the witness/truth protection program (WTPP). To the naïve reader, If you feel children were somehow killed during this event (despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary) be sure to up your donations to cover the costly and likely escalating expenses involved with WTPP.

        5. Indeed.

          Here is a news article about Newtown’s possible school closures from early 2012 – A commenter does mention possibly closing Sandy Hook (as one of his/her preferences).

          So, at least one person believes it to be operational for something, if not a full-time elementary school:

          Here’s a crazy thought. What is the building we know from the news as Sandy Hook School was not actually Sandy Hook School? I know this is nuts…a crazy theory – but bear with me a second…and recall that the interior looked like it was being used for storage. Also consider – if the reports are true that no internet activity was occurring there.

          I had run across and saved a 2002 Newtown Development Update (report) on the buildings and other facilities. Anyway, I saved it because it discusses the town’s school and project enrollments and such.

          Some things struck me while reading it – While looking over the section on student enrollment projections, my mind went back to all of the school board meeting minutes and news articles I’d gone over and how Sandy Hook never seemed to get any attention in terms of facilities management. The Hawley school is discussed often (it is a town-owned historical building).

          Anyway, in the prepper of the report, (I assume was a consultant hired) inserts pictures of the area’s schools. However, 2 pictures are identified as Sandy Hook Elementary. I kept scrolling thru the pdf document thinking, “funny typo” but then I scrolled back and thought, “maybe not”.

          I’ve linked the report above (it is a pdf). I know this is probably nothing at all… But, think of Rod Serling’s voiceover sayiing:

          “It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.” -Rod Serling

        6. I haven’t yet examined your references Beth D. but I had the same thought about the likely shifting and convenient definition (educational context) of Sandy Hook . Is it the body of students, a school district, a specific building, a generic building…? Certainly any of the above can be transiently real or imaginary for staged theatrical purposes.
          In that theme, since ~12-14-12 we allegedly have Sandy Hook students at Chalk Hill School in nearby Monroe, CT. in a facility that the School Superintendent publically and proudly stated was a visual recreation of what he wanted us to believe was the previous location of the students. That previous location being the now demolished single floor Sandy Hook Elementary School building on Dickenson Drive. As previously stated, the “recreation” theme is one of my top twenty obvious reasons for believing that this a staged creation that did not involve loss of elementary school children and faculty.
          If you look at the plot plan surrounding SHE Dickenson Drive it is evident that only ~12 plots share lot lines with the school building propery. A very manageable group of abutters to place in the truth protection plan!

        7. Here’s one link. I posted another on one of the other subject lines here (can’t remember which). If I try to post two it will likely be held up.

          The other link has different information but the same conclusion. Of all the various elements we’ve talked about this still seems the easiest to prove. How hard could it be to get concrete evidence of a school closure?

          This may be “out there” but I thought the other day about the missing sign on SHES. What if they had renamed Chalk Hill much earlier and moved the sign over there. Then they manufactured the tale about reconstructing the school and used shots of the before and after sign removal out of sequence? When anyone asked about “Sandy Hook” the local authorities, being accustomed to the “new” Sandy Hook, would naturally think that was the school in question.

          Just a thought. I completely realize that the most logical thing would be for the school to be closed. It just seems hard to believe that the district and all those associated with it would not say anything about it.

          I’ll look for the other link.

        8. I see Fetzer quotes me in the VT piece, a comment of mine from some time back, about the handicapped parking places. I’m glad it made an impression on him. For my money, it is one of the most damning clues of all. That, and the Sherriquestionseverything video showing all the mold and moss growing on the brick, and evidence of un-dealt-with water intrusion. The building was a dump, and no rich yuppies would be caught dead sending their children there.

        9. Well, this is a town that admitted that the Hawley School was not ADA compliant…and if closed and re-opened, it would cause an issue – as it couldn’t be re-opened without ADA updates. But I agree 110% that most well-to-do parents would shun SHE…I’d walk in and walk back out again.

        10. Well, don’t forget the hype about how people moved there from NYC because of the quality of the schools. I agree that the pictures look like the place was more suitable for raising mushrooms.

          Like I keep saying, whether or not the school was open is a major piece of evidence that just doesn’t seem that hard to prove. Their whole story sort of implodes if that happens.

          But, like you say, I can’t imagine those people in the McMansions sending little Buffy or Winston to that dump. It beggars belief.

          I know what the consensus opinion is. I’m not arguing with that. I just don’t think it’s “proof”. If someone had definitive proof that on Dec. 14, 2012 that school was closed, that would be BIG.

          Besides the teachers (actors?), there would have to be drivers, maintenance people, janitors, garbage collectors, vendors. All of the hourly people would be submitting time sheets. There would be payroll records, utility payments, vendor payments for supplies, etc..

          Where did all those records go? How would one get to see them? Was this a “brown bag” school? Did they order food? If so, how much? Who inspected the kitchen? Who inspected the fire suppression? What sort of fire marshall lets them stack all that paper in piles everywhere?

          What would be the excuse for refusing to share that information? What about insurance companies? Would some of that data be of interest to them? I know where I work I fill out a “risk assessment” that’s over fifty pages long each year. There is scarcely a month that goes by without a visit from one regulator or another.

          Is this a Connecticut phenomenon, or could we access other schools records? I’m assuming its all paid for with taxes.

  22. Looks like we must honor fallen educators, errrr heroes, as we do police and firemen now. They are inducting all of the Sandy Hook teachers and principal into this new memorial in Kansas. Check out the design they are using on the shirts, mugs, etc. – sharpshooter towers which they have quite a few of in the new Sandy Hook School drawings – 26 to be exact.

    The t-shirt looks very ominous – small sharpshooter tower in the middle of a completely gray shirt. How does that tower represent “education”? Another money-pit no doubt. What about the numerous other professions where people are heroes – bus drivers, taxi drivers, secretaries, janitors, etc…!

    In case anybody wants to keep up on the New (and improved) SHE:

    One of the comments regarding the the new school and the safety of it was:

    The new school will have large windows and a great deal of open space (A-21 reference). Walkways and nature will be incorporated into the layout, and will be stocked with new security features “without it being apparent,” according to WFSB. Without it being apparent? Will there be cameras in the bathroom stalls too?

    The grounds of the old school, where 20 students and six educators were fatally shot by 20-year-old Adam Lanza in December 2012, will be left untouched.

    “You notice the incident area is not being touched,” said Robert Mitchell, chairman of the Public Building and Site Commission. “That was a deal breaker. No building or driveway. Something will be built there, not right now, but something important.”

    Wonder what that “something important” will be? Maybe a tank parked out front?

    Its really sickening to know that all of the security being built into this model of the “school of the future” is all based on non-existent shootings, incidents, etc. Hard to tell how much violence REALLY occurs in schools these days. Far, far less than we are told to believe no doubt.

    1. Isee, For certain – the proposed school design is likely the model of the prison-like facilities we can all “look forward” to in the future.

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