By James F. Tracy

The course of action Wolfgang W. Halbig proposes to address unanswered questions concerning the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and a foremost reason for the funding drive he is spearheading, involves civil litigation to compel testimony from pertinent officials and parties.

Parties close to have recently consulted a proficient attorney to discuss the effectiveness of filing suit in situations involving potential state crime, such as Sandy Hook. 

An operative term the plaintiff must concern him/herself with is LEGAL STANDING – whether one is a proper plaintiff.  In other words, are you the real party in interest? What are your damages?

Many lawsuits are thrown out of court simply because the plaintiff has no such standing. In other words, if the plaintiff cannot prove s/he has been harmed and cannot assert what damages they have sustained, s/he is not a plaintiff in good standing. The courts do not render collective relief – they render relief based on how one is found to have been harmed. Mr. Halbig and/or other out-of-state parties will not be able to prove how they have personally been harmed by the Sandy Hook event. Such individuals are considered “outsiders.” Mr. Halbig cannot bring a claim for something that has not harmed him personally and directly.

Wolfgang Halbig’s grounds for a lawsuit might well be good, however. GROUNDS have to do with the nature of your claim. Even if Mr. Halbig can prove every single thing in his Complaint (the initial legal filing), Wolfgang Halbig himself has not been harmed. In short, Wolfgang Halbig cannot bring the claim for damages or harm caused by the Sandy Hook event.  Only someone “closer” could do that – e.g., the parents or relatives of the alleged victims. When Wolfgang Halbig or other parties file a lawsuit, the court will ask the question: Does he have any standing to assert those grounds?

The most likely result of such a lawsuit would be a Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Standing. This is quick and easy, and will eliminate the need for any discovery and depositions. The idea that Wolfgang posed in one of his early interviews – to “get some of these people and depose them” – is not even possible given his compromised position.

On the other hand, a class action lawsuit is even a more complex and large-scale project. Even $100,000 (Wolfgang Halbig’s present donation goal) would not come close to paying for a class action suit (if he were to allege harm in the way of terror/fear/anxiety caused to the American people from a fictitious event that never took place, for instance). Class action lawsuits are extremely expensive.

Wolfgang Halbig’s desire to get to the bottom of the event transpiring in Newtown on December 14, 2012 are shared by many throughout the US and world. At the same time, however, parties interested in donating to Sandy Hook Justice should be aware of the very real circumstances that prohibit straightforwardly resolving this important matter in a court of law.

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  1. This makes sense, I’m surprised it has not come up sooner. Now that we know Wolfgang dodged the question yesterday (in the interview with the SHH admin) on the other fund he tried to raise 100k in and in conjunction with this article, to me I can’t see a way forward funding him, based on his current platform.

    We need to continue to brainstorm the best way forward and keep waking people up, but I still hope there is some method, some way, that a tipping point can be reached and we can unveil this entire Sandy Hook official story for the entire American people.

    1. Yeah, why has this not come up sooner? Like about a thousand comments ago.

      I actually remember a lawyer saying that he couldn’t file a civil suit; it was ignored.

      1. Oh. But to be fair this article has been the most active in Memory Hole history as far as I cant tell. Not many have commented on my Facebook conversation with Thomas Lapp either though it isn’t as weighty a matter.

        1. I suppose that’s why this hasn’t come up sooner:) Like the first time a civil suit was mentioned by him.

          I’m sure some of you, though, must remember dinophile mentioning that Halbig was in no position to file a civil suit some time ago.

  2. I would like to hear a suggestion of a course of action to bring about justice and disclosure. Are we going to have just continue exposing the lies until someone in a position of authority becomes willing to challenge the Official Story ? That may never happen !

    1. Tony, you said you would like to hear a suggestion of a course of action to bring about justice and disclosure.

      (I am not licensed as an attorney in CT, as others have pointed out. I still have a First Amendment right to publish my personal opinion, which I am doing here, although some may not like it.)

      One course of action for justice and disclosure is to file an action for declaratory relief asking a court to declare the whole thing was a hoax. Another course of action is to convince Congress to do an investigation. Another course of action is for people who donated to the town and to families to bring suit on the grounds that they were defrauded. You would have to find some good Ct. attorneys for lawsuits in Ct. Another course of action is to convince a U.S. Attorney to convene a grand jury to do an investigation.

      Non-legal courses of action include: Continue to post thought-provoking youtube videos with solid evidence and tell others about the videos, convene a researchers’ conference, write books, do a bus tour to raise public awareness, go to Newtown and ask questions, and / or make a film about Sandy Hook or a film that shows how such a hoax could be carried out.

      These are my personal suggestions. They are not all my original ideas. I am sharing what I have. When you run a relay race, you take someone else’s baton, you run as hard as you can during your part of it, and you hand off the baton to someone else. If you win, the whole team gets the glory. No one can do all the work in this matter. Many people (Prof. Tracy, for example) have done good work on Sandy Hook, and I have learned a lot from them. I would name names, but I don’t want to offend anyone by leaving out an important name, so I will let it go at that. If others have good ideas, and I’m sure they do, I hope that they share them.

      1. Dayw777, those are good suggestions. Under “normal” circumstances there could be a slim chance of success with the “declaratory relief” gambit. In this case, having “top-down” federal involvement and cooperation from the state, it is unlikely to happen. It would be “suicide” for the judge.

        Videos and exposure are very good. We’ve all been trying in our own ways to do just that.

        What this has done for a lot of people is to make them aware that what they assumed to be true about the nature of the world we live in is not as advertised. Neither the antecedent or the “cure” is as most were taught to believe.

        I have seen this first-hand for many years and have grown cynical. That doesn’t mean “unconcerned”, just realistic. If we were all living in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, we’d have justice galore. We aren’t.

        1. “I have seen this first-hand for many years and have grown cynical. That doesn’t mean “unconcerned”, just realistic.”

          You mentioned this before, lophatt, and it is worth repeating. It’s so obvious that I’m frankly amazed at the optimism so many have expressed in the last few days around here, that this crime can be expected to be revealed and admitted to. Were these people not around for Hillary’s murdering Vince Foster? Mena airport? Whitewater? Waco? Oklahoma City? 911?

          We have been through this repeatedly, for decades. Great books, great conferences, great movies, airtight proof of a conspiracy and coverup. Great hopes that THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT. It is a sucker’s game.

          I study these things because I like to know the truth; the chief object of education is to learn to know when you are being lied to. I’m pretty good at that by now; I can smell a rat very early on, and pay close attention from the start. But I have learned not to expect that the culprits will be caught and punished.

          My advice is obviously worth what the reader is paying for it. It is this: don’t get your hopes up that Wolf or anyone else is going to get the government to fess up. That has not happened since before WWII, and conditions grow steadily worse. That’s not to say that this research is unimportant; it is of the most vital importance. We need to know the truth. It is good for us to know when we are being lied to. But we live in a time of pervasive deceit. It is an utterly shameless time. The IRS is used as a political tool, quite openly, and the corrupt president, absolutely shamelessly, tells Ted Baxter on national television–Superbowl Sunday, so everyone will see it–there’s not a spec of corruption in the IRS. Everyone knows he lies every time he opens his mouth, so we all just yawn.

          I can’t remember the end of Mr. Smith (I suspect that his histrionics did not end up changing the corruption), but I DO remember the rest of the movie: an idealist finds out the press and the federal government are hopelessly corrupt, and work together to perpetuate the system. Outsiders need not apply.

        2. It would seem that exposure of corruption can only happen on a small scale. The large scale things are too well supported and funded (if I continue to harp on the Boston Marathon, it is because, while it is literally close to home for me, and occurred in a place which is very familiar – knowable and small, it has such overwhelming support at every level of power).

          I think what I bring away from it is this: the people I once thought were grown-ups in the society never bothered to examine the improbability, even if they had training in engineering and science, and would have understood that a “pressure cooker bomb” as described would have created other sorts of injuries, and even if they understood that the Marathon was already over (except for unwatched stragglers) when the alleged injuries occurred.

          When you have a few rich people controlling the message, funding it within even venerable institutions, then you have the potential for people to learn the gentle art of looking the other way, because they feel it is expedient since they have no stake in the immediate event.

          There is a distinct difference between ignorant reactions to the events however, and those of people who in a healthy society would ordinarily expose the hoax. The ignorant react emotionally and are played like a “mighty Wurlitzer” by the media. But that includes the younger generation, who will be brought up on the falsehoods and thus become loyal to their false protectors. The people who, if they paid more attention, would know for certain that it was a hoax, have no obligation but some of them actually give lip service to the lie, repeating phrases like “Boston Strong” (though without the moist-eyed fervor of the vulgar).
          The majority of those who should know do not discuss this among each other. At a further remove from the scene, some take this event as an example of something – terrorism on home soil, for instance.

          And some are perhaps literally fearful for their lives and that of their family if they move in too close to the truth and state it too publicly.
          So they cultivate a look of neutrality and attempt to go about their business.

          When I asked a person who said s/he was an ear witness to the noise of shots that supposedly killed Officer Sean Collier, and whether anyone had called them into court to testify against Dzokhar Tsarnaev, as well as whether the building next to the event had been secured or searched for suspects when the policeman came through afterwards (it was not, although steps from the event — instead they made up a temporary story of a carjacking right in the neighborhood, which, after it stopped wondering, was transferred more than a mile across town) — s/he told me a word which we will all remember if we saw Chinatown, a perennial watchword about official corruption (“It’s, it’s — Bo Xilai” — or as the cop says to detective Jake Gittes at the end — “Jake, Jake, come home. It’s Chinatown”). So when this event occurred, the kid could only utter (as a watchword of corruption, even in Boston): “Forget about it lady, it’s Bo Xilai.”) S/he did not mean it literally I think. But who knows?

          So rather than re-writing a false history, are we actually reduced to this pictogram approach — “Forget about it lady, it’s – it’s BMB.” Is this the trend? Or will some revolutionary concept replace it with the squares in some parts of the world named for dates of revolt? “Remember it lady, it’s — Eighteenth of April Square”? I don’ t know which way it will go. So far, it isn’t looking good unless more exposure happens that cannot be covered up. But life is short.

        3. “There is a distinct difference between ignorant reactions to the events however, and those of people who in a healthy society would ordinarily expose the hoax.”

          Michelle’s Mirror yesterday wonderfully (as always) poked fun at the world where Sharyl Attkisson can’t be tolerated (

          She quotes Matt Drudge:

          “One common theme during conversations with national news reporters,” is that “critical investigative journalism is all but dead,” tweeted Drudge. Drudge damned the Department of Justice (DOJ) headed by Eric Holder as the reason investigative stories under the Obama administration had all but ceased. He inferred the prevailing fear that the DOJ was tracking reporter’s sources had effectively killed the information flow.

          You’re right, musings. If I had thought of the Chinatown reference, I’d have used it. Sums things up perfectly. Bummer about the nose, Jake. You didn’t think you could actually break up the party, did you? What were you thinking?

        4. What I have been thinking lately is that the more “serious” we address these thugs antics, the more powerful they feel. In other words, in a way we encourage them.

          That is why, whenever possible it seems better to laugh at them. Between that and turning our backs to them they tend to shrink. For example, the odious A. Cooper can bloviate night and day but, if no one pays any attention to him its sort of a wasted effort. If it were not effective he would be forced to find his true calling, whatever that is.

          Recently Obongo gave a speech in Europe and, at the end, silence. It was beautiful. He stood there saying “thank you” and holding up his hands as if to quell the applause. The problem was, there wasn’t any.

          Whey we go the “authorities” and “beg” them to take action, what we are doing is empowering them. We’re saying “I can do nothing without your permission”. Instead of swelling with power these mutts should be looking over their shoulders and forming little puddles wherever they stand.

  3. Great article. The perpetrators of this scam realize that bringing them to justice will be pretty close to impossible. I think Mr. Halbig would be wise to use any money collected to keep informing as many people as possible and once critical mass is achieved those responsible for these staged shootings and false flags will at least be outed to the point that the deluded masses will no longer fall for their lies. I would love to see the scum imprisoned for their dirty deeds but I would settle for people just being made aware of them so that they lose all power over us. And it should occur to people that when these people are exposed, why aren’t THEY filing lawsuits if the information is false. That should be a huge red flag that they ARE guilty.

    1. If you oppose the official story and collect money to disseminate your views, I would worry that you are putting a handy noose around your neck for authorities to yank if they decide you are the one who should be prosecuted for fraud. They may collect money under false premises, but I believe that in something like the Boston One Fund, it has been cleverly disguised as a charity which can be given out to other needs. And as we know, officially sanctioned charities have permitted very large salaries and expenditures for the those managing them, so they get off scot-free. But a charity aimed at exposing corruption may fare worse, and then if there is a prosecution, the entire movement can be held up to public scorn as a ruse and rip-off. So whoever runs something like this should indemnify himself somehow, and be very careful not to violate the law.

  4. Really appreciate the effort of Professor Tracy..and only further substantiates the ignorance of this man Halbig that says in one breath he is in after the cops came to his house and then says but I am not in it for Halbig when asked about Sandy Hook..he is reckless,and dangerous to the group in my thought about him inviting James Tracy and Tony and others to meet up in April to take on the school board..are you kidding me? Even if he has that fancy will all be in the same geographic area at one time,with a man you have never seen in real life.

  5. If this is proved to be a hoax-James what about the emotional impact on US citizens having to watch the trauma since it’s been forced upon us in every media, daily, the monies collected, fear of our children’s safety at school, changes made to school disaster plans have been directly related to this hoax, and what about the direct impact this has on our rights as US citizens, having our 2nd amendment rights violated since the changes in CT law will now be considered precedent in other states? I believe the federal courts accept class action suits. Maybe involve the insurance commissioner in CT and federally, because of all claims? Maybe I’m shooting for the stars.

  6. Due to this SH crap, my child’s middle school has now been staffed by a full time police officer, funded in half by our school district and one half funded by our city. It’s terrible. We didn’t need him and don’t. He is not a welcome presence. Our middle school has never had problems, but due to SH, our kids now have to walk the halls with a scrawny police officer equipped with a taser on one hip and a frickin pistol in the other. Like HE is going to keep the peace there? It causes problems that didn’t exist in the first place. He uses his presence to get kids to talk about what their parents do at home…he wouldn’t be there if the SH show didn’t air.

    1. @SamanthaCaine- Thank you so much for your comments here. And I’m with you–I think we need to file something before the laws change. I honestly want to see us somehow move this off the internet and into action of some sort. I’m not a lawyer, so I honestly don’t know what direction we should go in, but I definitely think we have to move things forward. It seems like we all have standing in some way b/c Sandy Hook has been already been used to change gun laws in some states (and this just the beginning), and it’s been used to affect policies at the school level. Plus, it’s being used to affect mental health measures–I don’t have any details off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure something was passed in Colorado concerning mental health soon after the event. What I’d like to get more information on is what’s going on with the people of CT–are they waking up to this being a hoax?? It seems as though getting them on board with this would be a critical piece of moving things forward, especially since the hoax of Sandy Hook had a direct impact on their gun rights. I know that Fetzer recently did a show w/a CT cop, Mark Mann, who immediately came out and questioned Sandy Hook. I’ve got to believe that if he saw through it, then other CT cops have to be onto it as well. And I do know that about 250 CT police officers recently signed a statement saying that they would not participate in gun confiscation, If anyone from CT reads this blog, I’d really appreciate hearing from them about whether the people up there are waking up to this. It seems as though CT residents should at least be aware that others are questioning the event b/c I’ve watched video clips of CT news on the FOIA issue, where the newscaster refers to the “conspiracy theories” on the internet, so the idea is getting out there.

      1. Samantha, what you said about the 250 CT police officers signing a statement that they would NOT go along with gun confiscation was like a big gust of fresh air to me. Do you have a link to that story, as I have not seen it anywhere. If this is true, then we still have a large contingent of LEO’s who will live up to the oaths they took to uphold the Constitution and protect it from enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, of which it seems hoardes of have been crawling out of their holes carrying megaphones lately.

      2. Amanda, thank you for including the mental health aspect of this. This issue is very important. The pharma companies and many the middlemen are continuing to benefit and acquire life long consumers. I am not an attorney either. I do agree that a lawsuit is appropriate. The case may make a little progress in the way of information gathering.In the least, it will make a few more aware of the truth, it will cause a few defendants uncomfortable, embarrassed and it will be costly to hire attorneys to defend the action. I know that a federal lawsuit will not fix this mess, it may only open a second can of worms. As far as I am concerned, I won’t give up until someone starts spilling the truth. This is what I feel WH is trying to do. He wants a few questions answered and to get this party started.

  7. Very good article, James, and i cannot see how one of these three (?) attorneys Halbig have been in contact with have told him this. They might very well know this is the blind alley they are leading him down, and this should make him rethink who he have in his “team”. Im guessing he will keep doing what hes doing, raise funds for this trip, and it will end up with nothing, it will be interesting to see how Halbig and Fetzer respond.

  8. Sorry to keep talking, but this is important to me. It looks to me like this is the type of case where we would file in federal kind of like product liability or civil, you don’t have to be a reside in the state where the offense occurred. Say Trader Joes, in Monrovia CA sold tainted two buck Chuck in Oregon, we would sue the corporation TJ
    s civilly in CA. If TJ’s intentionally tainted the wine, the prosecutor in my area would file criminal charges and bring them to my state. If they sold wine all around the country killing and injuring people in the process, a federal suit should be filed. We have a right to sue another state for misconduct, but we do need to convince the federal court upon filing that there is a case. This is how I see it. Let’s start the dialogue.

  9. Wolfgang Halbig needs legal assistance from a Ct. attorney to push for public records. Since anyone can ask for public records, and the public officials in Ct. have denied his requests, he has standing in that regard to file a lawsuit asking the public officials to comply with the law and turn over the public records.

  10. Samantha you are spot on on about the reasons we have of due harm to the American citizens.And it is true there are a group of gun owners from Ct ,recently saw they are planning a rally in April..but you most likely know that the key to getting into the Sandy Hook community? Perhaps. I agree we should move forward with out or with Mr Halbig somehow.

  11. I have a CT Civil Rights Attorney who is going to handle all of our FOIA requests as a first logical step right Tracey something you have not done.

    While in Newtwown we are going to inspect the non-profits financial records to see who donated the $29 million dollars and how it was spend.

    I have not see you take action in such an effort. why?

    All you do is critize me for doing at least something.

    You lack the courage by refusing to go with us to Sandy Hook when I would pay for all your expenses.

    Your just talk without action, I cannot believe people actually listen to you.

    1. Mr. Halbig,

      This does not seem very productive. Let’s discuss the facts without resorting to personal attacks. Presumably, we are all on the same side here.

    2. I think James Tracy should take up Halbig’s offer to go to Sandy Hook. In fact a larger group of investigators would be more effective and less likely to suffer from harassment or intimidation. (btw – I would go if I could but I’m in Canada and have too many responsibilities).
      Wolfgang (I’m assuming that’s really you) – you might want to slow down a little bit and solidify your approach. If the lawsuit is dismissed then it would be counter-productive for exposing the truth. I think your heart is in the right place, I’m not sure about the people you’re working with (if they are the same that Tracy dealt with during the Greenberg affair). Perhaps we could arrange to have a group talk on the matters – so that people’s concerns can be dealt with and a solid plan of action can be hammered out – I would be happy to host it.
      Anyway, I’d like to see people work together and support one another. I’m 100% behind uncovering the truth – but it’s not going to be easy!

      1. “I think James Tracy should take up Halbig’s offer to go to Sandy Hook”

        This would be a declaration on Dr. Tracy’s part that his role has radically shifted, and I highly doubt that is his intent. He has scrupulously refused, so far as I can tell, to carry torches (with the possible exception of when he lent his name to Fetzer’s 10 reasons article).

        Why is this not noticed? His role is to question and probe press coverage of these events. He never proclaims them hoaxes; he always allows the possibility that the official story has truth in it. This maddens many, who want him to be a crusader. This distinguishes him from Fetzer on a fundamental level.

        This is why I find Wolf’s bizarre post just now so false. He has expectations of James Tracy that I do not believe are warranted. He thinks the reporter (James) is obliged to “take action.” Well, then he’s stop being a reporter, wouldn’t he?

        Wolf says Tracy is criticizing him. I’ve seen no evidence of that. All I see is articles presenting new developments in an ongoing, decentralized, investigation. He allows us to talk about these things, and we are allowed to believe anything we want about them. Do you EVER see him weighing in, saying “that speculation of yours is correct, here’s how…”? Nope. People can develop many different theories here, many contradicting one another. James never steps in and favors one or another.

        His official position is, and has always been, that whatever happened that day, it could not be the way the official story portrays it. That’s it.

        You are asking him to throw away years of credibility, by joining a crowd that is declaring the thing to be a hoax. What you are asking him to do, in other words, is to say that he is no longer an impartial reporter. I, for one would find that a great tragedy.

        There are plenty of opinionated websites that exist to further a crusade of one sort or another. I’d hate to see this one blend into that mass.

        When Wolf says “Your[sic] just talk without action, I cannot believe people actually listen to you,” he’s missing the point. His JOB is to talk, not act. His role is to provide a forum for discussion, that’s all. Wolf obviously does not like it that Dr. Tracy posts reports that expose the ongoing saga of Wolf’s public persona. He demonstrates that he has a thin skin, when he conflates the opinions of commenters replying to those reports with those of the author. He went public, and does not like what he finds that public people have to endure. Well, that’s not Jame’s Tracy’s fault.

        Incidentally, James is not immune to the nasty aspects of public presence. Just by reporting, asking questions that point to official falsehoods, he has been viciously attacked. He’s done nothing deserving of that, and he does not whimper and whine about it. People routinely say, falsely, that he holds to specific theories, when all he has done is point out things that may or may not indicate that specific theories are correct. Again, that just comes with the turf.

        If Wolf’s feelings are so easily hurt, perhaps it would be best for him to quietly withdraw, and go back to obscurity.

    3. Wolfgang Halbig:

      Let’s all agree to be civil and honest; and that honesty includes holding you to the same standards of disclosure that we desire to receive from Connecticut officials.

      First, it should be noted that it would not be you that would be paying for Professor Tracy to travel to Sandy Hook, it would be paid for by the funds that people have donated to your alleged investigation.

      Speaking of funds and donations, why is it that in your first interview on the Sandy Hook incident, which you did with American Free Press, that you laid the foundation for your plea for public donations? In that interview you answered “I want to raise a lot of money” when asked directly what his next step was and what he wanted to do.

      More importantly all of us would be more inclined to donate to your efforts and view you as legitimate if you might provide us with full disclosure about your July 24, 2012 appeal for $100,000 to investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide which he promised to do be “provide to parents technology defender for any student who is having to suffer through this type of fail torture.”

      My Three Questions For You:
      1. What did you, Wolfgang Halbig, do with the funds he raised through that effort?
      2. Has this technology defender you purported come to fruition?
      3. Are you, Wolfgang Halbig, no longer concerned about “saving children from committing suicide or have you solved that problem?
      4. What other heart wrenching incidents have you made similar pleas for public donations to you and what have been the accomplishments of your efforts?

      Thank you for your feedback. All of us that care about full disclosure about Sandy Hook look forward to you answering the above questions honestly and thoroughly.



    4. Wolfgang, glad to hear from you here. What is it that the rest of us can do, collectively, to help you? If there are people who support you and want to help without making a monetary donation, what can they do? There is information that there is nothing registered in Florida for fund raising under your name which has caused some people concern. Is Mr. Williams the civil rights attorney that you’re referring to? Not everyone took Mr. Tracy’s comments as criticisms, at least I haven’t. It has opened a dialogue somewhere other than youtube. If you can stay posted with us occasionally and let us know what if anything is needed or something we can do, it will keep most assumptions at bay. Should we all file FOIA requests? Thank you for your hard work and efforts and is Day Williams your attorney for the FOIA requests? I need to know whether or not he is credible. Take care.

    5. Mr Halbig-

      If I read correctly,you claim to have been involved with schools in your career,and even a principal at one point-am I correct? If so,let me point out that your grammar,spelling and general syntax are suspect.And as other posters here have asked,why do you not have any on camera interviews(at least that I’m aware of),only by phone or audio…

    6. I would personally advise Mr. Tracy to stear clear of Mr. Halbig. If Mr. Tracy were to go to Newtown, I think it best for him to do it on his own and make it clear he is not associated with Mr. Halbig at all.

    7. Who posted this comment? Was it Wolfbad in the flesh? Or was it any number of his known handlers? Mysteriously, there was not one spelling error or grammatical mistake.
      So, I would also like to know: Does Wolfbag now use spell-check and proof-read his ramblings? Or did his handler post and break character?

      ps- Don’t duck my question like every other question posed to Wolfbang. I want an answer, and I am sure everyone else does also.

      1. Actually, sorry. Yes the grammatical mistakes were there, but no spelling errors.

        And Wolfdong, you offered to fly and pay for James Tracy’s hotel and meals while in CT with YOUR OWN MONEY?

        Or, did you mean the donated money you previously had promised to account for, down to each dollar, with complete transparency?


        Answer that one too, please, Wolfgang.

        1. Surprisingly many are giving him a pass on this other fundraising red flag even though it insults their own intelligence and makes them look willing to be a rube in someone else’s equation.

        2. Actually,not to nitpick(you brought it up)but there are 2 spelling errors-Newtown and criticize…just sayin’…..

        3. oh dude, you crack me up. Wolf gang bad bag dong bang. We seem to have the same sense of humor… If I was convinced he is an operative I would join in…

    8. Yeah, that would be grand. Lets have Dr. Tracy go with you to newtown and look like a total stooge. “Well, here we are. Let’s chant. The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching! OK what now? Lets go get pizza…”

    9. You don’t have to go to Newtown to inspect 501c3’s–you can do that from your laptop. All those charities, if they are playing by the rules, have to submit a 990 to the IRS. When they file, you can request a copy, directly from them and they are obliged to send. That doesn’t mean they will in a timely manner. If this case gets cracked, it will be because of methodical, patient slogging through documents and collecting ancillary data, from whence sound conclusions can be drawn.
      A media circus might be a bad idea, it can go against you. Here is a tidbit…the total of all government and private donations that have been reported since 12/14/12 is in the neighborhood of:


      One hundred eight million, five-hundred fifty-seven thousand, three-hundred and nineteen dollars.

      Let that sink in for a moment.

      This sum does not include many of the scholarship funds, 5ks, etc etc set up by particular families. I can’t find info on the Emily Parker fund, as one example. I’m still looking though, I pretend I’m picking daisies in a spring meadow.

      1. Excellent post susan. I too agree the devil is in the details and ive done a ton of slogging. Good job with the totals. I personally think the grand total generated is over a billion.

        1. A billion!? You know, I have not considered the $$ that has been pitched in by Bloomberg and his cronies. Mayors against gun violence or whatever that thing was. I guess you could include the PAC money – but it gets complicated, some of these charities overlap, some of them have made substantial collections and turned the funds over to a larger related charity. The Fairfield county community foundation administers the Grace McDonnell and Mary Sherlach funds. Then you have these crazy opportunistic businesses selling bulletproof backpacks! It seems endless. It’s not though.

        1. You’re welcome Amanda-I am going to go over my #’s again to be sure. I think I made a mistake with the amounts of the govt grants…
          Dept justice: 2.5 mil
          Dept Ed: 1.9 mil and 1.3 mil
          State of CT 50 mil (demolish & rebuild school)=
          I originally had the govt grants at 71.5 mil.

          It is incredible that the State of CT would shell out for a new school when they were trying to decide which one would close the previous year.

    1. Larry why do you think he dodged the question about the other 100k fundraiser yesterday? Wouldn’t you like to first see full disclosure on this issue before fully supporting him financially? I agree I don’t think he is controlled opposition. But is it possible he had bad motives on the last fundraiser and has mixed motives on this one? I’m just theorizing.

      1. Who are you? All of a sudden theres all these people commenting negatively on halbig that ive never seen on here before. Seem kinda weird to me.

        1. I’ve been commenting on Dr. Tracy’s post since he started covering Sandy Hook. I live in a North Dallas suburb & work in sales.

          My grandfather (Pepe Sainz) was a leading Spanish politician in the Spanish Civil war and was approached by a high ranking state official in the US government around 1950 to help the US try and start dissension with the Pemex oil company to which he replied, ‘no I won’t help the US government take over the Pemex oil company, go find another rube’.

          Let’s just say I have a natural inclination for these types of events. if you have any questions.

    2. Larry, you made some really good points in your video. I totally agree with much of what you said. I think for me it never was that ol’ wolf is cointell it was that he was shoved down my throat and when I took a step back there was this instant s*&tstorm from tons of commenters directed towards those of us that failed to jump. The whole spectacle of the alt. press seems to reek of an operation. you need haters and promoters to create this kind of spectacle. Why all this hubub? If he wants to go to a school board meeting in newtown, great grab a f*^kin camera, buy a ticket and go – there is no need for all of this or all the fundraising. The video from that meeting may contribute to the cause. As for the legal angle, I’m sorry for being a pessimist but this seems like the whackiest thing in the world to me. If the Annenberg foundation can release a forged birth certificate for obama and no one in the country can get standing with any court then why in the world would anyone think the courts will see any case related to this? If he’s gonna go then go and lets see what happens. Piss or get off the pot. When the guy talks he seems genuine enough but this seems to be more about division than about a trip to newtown.

      You are damn right that the monikers posting about the towers and planes are trolls, is it to get us all fighting or is it because there are many new people to the freedom movement here and they want to keep them walking in circles? Both, I suspect, and I try not to bite but I also feel like I ought to pipe in when friggin judy space nukes reynolds gets plastered all over the place. A lot of people fall for that crap. I guess I never really have expected any sort of closure with this sandy hook stuff, I just view it as a new gateway to the freedom movement so I occasionally try to influence inquiring minds in a direction they may not stumble for a long time. Plus I like to fight trolls. I need to stop that though because it is counter productive and is easy to misidentify.

  12. I have generally supported Mr. Halbig’s efforts but some of the information found on this site is quite concerning. If a :handler” is indeed involved one would think ham-handed posts such as Mr. Halbig’s recent one would be reigned in. Grammar aside, what in blue blazes would a “CT civil rights” attorney necessarily know about FOIA requests or investigation of charitable organizations? I applaud an effort to act, but one must act intelligently. People need to know what attorneys are being engaged for what purpose before they donate money to an expensive fool’s errand.

  13. If Mr. Halbig could continue to do national interviews, it would still get the word out get more of the nation to wake up. Whether or not legal action is taken, more minds are aware of the cover up. We still need Halbig to make the trip there and to ask questions of the locals, the newspaper, the police department, etc. This will be a start to stir up enough of a hornet’s for others to come forward.

  14. Let’s maybe start at the end of the story.

    Let’s say all kinds of officials and citizens are implicated in some nefarious activities such as pretending people are dead when they’re not. Isn’t that just a public mischief charge? – and there would be so many co-accused – so spreading the allegations out amongst many with stories of “I thought it was a movie set”, etcetera – you can imagine the stories put forward by the best lawyers in the country. And I suggest that the group behind the hoax has the funds for the best.

    So I’m sure you can see the minimal outcome there.

    Other outcome – public awareness. Are we kidding ourselves in that respect, as well, because I think we know the media is highly controlled – and with implications leading all the way to the White House, do we really think it’s going to make the evening news?

    Open for comments, but that’s what I’m thinking.

  15. Halbig should have no trouble finding a plaintiff with direct interest. Win or loose in court, the suit is a huge win for bringing this thing out of the shadows, and he needs all the support (Fetzer/Tracy/Smallstorm) he can get.

    Yes, the first press will be negative, up until they discover just how much people care about the truth of this staged obscenity, and how many people don’t believe the official story.

    All he needs to do is get on the air – and people will “get it.”

    Time for a road trip!

    1. @Sandy- I completely agree!! Wolfgang needs all the support he can get. And though the controlled press will of course be negative, the alternative media is most certainly behind him. And I do believe the power of the alternative media and internet radio is growing by the day. From what I’ve heard CNN and MSNBC have lost 50% of their audience from last year (don’t ask me for a link, I’ll never find it, but I definitely heard/read it somewhere). I greatly appreciate all the time and energy Wolfgang has put into going on alternative radio to talk about Sandy Hook. And I think his message really resonates with people. His way of presenting his questions in a simple, straightforward manner is easy for people to wrap their heads around.

      1. If they lost 50% of their audience; where did they go? Are they actually seeking the truth, or did they just switch to another MSM propaganda outlet? Maybe they shut the TV off and canceled the cable like me. Now that statistic would get us somewhere eh? Nothing on there worth paying for any way eh? Especially news.

        1. I’ve been trying to think of where I heard that info-it might have been from Mike Rivero b/c he constantly talks about how people are moving away from MSM to the alternative media. He seems quite optimistic about the direction things are going for the independent news and radio shows –I think this might be b/c his numbers are growing. Even if people never find the alternative media, if they just cancel their cable and stop listening to the constant propaganda, we would be better off.

  16. The American Citizens have been harmed with a rough shod government that ignores laws that the congress has passed, rules by fiat of executive orders and illegal laws passed in secrecy in the dark of night.

    While Colorado was successful in recalling their senators who passed illegal gun laws, other states such as CT & NY have made felons out of law abiding citizens. Our 2nd Amendment rights are being negated.

    The Attorney General has on many occasions expressed his desire to remove the citizens’ guns.

    He, along with the ATF and FBI have also stone walled congresses’ investigations into many scandals, including Fast & Furious and Operation Fearless Distributing which were clearly designed to make it appear there was a gun running problem in the US. The government was distributing these high power weapons to criminals, and indeed lost track of thousands of them.

    Eric Holder was in CT two weeks before Sandy Hook promoting Project Longevity and arranged for millions to be sent there after the event.

    The Sandy Hook Commission appointed by the Governor, complains all the secrecy has hampered their investigation.,0,3491606.column

    If our government is bold enough to give high powered weapons to known criminals, they are bold enough to stage a fake shooting event at an abandoned school to push gun control on us.

    The information Wolfgang Halbig seeks should be made available and in no way would harm the victims and their families, unless of course it is another scam to criminalize all gun owners.

    1. This appears to be the most compelling evidence of all. After a long court battle, the judge issued a court order that the 911 calls should be released. After much fan fare, and public displays of huge piles of cd’s for the media, and headlines that declared the gruesome phone calls were released, it was all a big lie.

      There were 5 phone calls, maybe 7 if you consider the all important janitor was probably disconnected and had to call back.

      The team of 2, received national recognition and awards for their stellar job of answering over 150 calls per hour.

      Is disobeying a judge’s order a crime?

    2. Good idea to consider the possibilities for legal action. Does Halbig’s current work or service as an educator and consultant requiring up-to-date, prevailing knowledge of school safety have any bearing?
      If not, there’s a good chance Halbig will find a suitable plaintiff in Connecticut to work with. The Libertarian party comes to mind.

  17. “Parties close to”

    “Shortly after this flurry of attention certain parties contacted me and essentially proposed that they become my handlers…”

    Why don’t you name these parties professor? Why don’t you debate me regarding the Boston bombing hoax too? I look forward to disproving your position with evidence.

    1. AJ – You have a remarkable resemblance to Carlos the Cowboy hero who pinched off Jeff Bauman;s arteries with his fingers and managed not to get any blood on himself. Would you kindly quit harassing the professor? There is no debate to be had on the fake blood hoax, many of us, unfortunately, know the true color of blood once it hits the air.

      Clearly, the professor should not name the parties publicly for legal reasons. If you read the comments, it appears they outed themselves.

      Move along now….

        1. Nothing coming out right away. In a year, look out for “Tales of the Inconceivable” – a series I’m writing with to shoot this year (up to 23 episodes?).

        1. Thanks for posting that link to the bombing victim. I had to shake my head when I saw that. There is no way that is the same guy.

          I couldn’t stop myself yesterday from going back and comparing pictures of the guy in the media against the amputee in the bombing event and the purported actor.

          Does anyone look at the dark and straight-hair guy in the press (this update on his progress) and believe it is the same guy on the ground in the photos with the kinky hair that is lighter and parted on the other side? I have a son with hair that isn’t nearly of that texture and a part if pretty hard to make, much less change. The facial structure is off. There is just no way…I know, I know, you all know this – but I just had to write this.

        1. Tammie and bewisetoday — glad you liked it. Hat tip to Red Pill Revolution on youtube where I discovered the link in the description to the Carlos video by Betsy McGee. She should do a Sandy Hoax video, because she really knows how to get the message across in both an entertaining and informative way. And she knows how to dig into in-depth research. Very impressive. As I said before, I don’t know how anyone could watch this and not be convinced. She even ties together the immigration angle — why Carlos was chosen. Masterful.

          Here’s the Red Pill Revolution video which is also quite good:

    2. “Why don’t you debate me regarding the Boston bombing hoax too?”

      Why would he do that? Do you know what position he holds on that topic? I don’t. How would you prepare to debate him? How can you “look forward to disproving your position with evidence” when he has not disclosed what his position is?

      Please provide me with evidence that indicates how you know what Dr. Tracy believes happened that day.

  18. Whether Wolfgang is legit or not (or even real or not…can we PLEASE get some webcam or video chat of this man speaking in person with video? It is ridiculous this has not happened yet. No photo taken of the man since his rise to Truther Stardom either), he is NOT the man to be leading this crusade.

    Wolfgang loses his temper mightily and gets off track easily.

    Wolfgang has displayed awful judgement in multiple instances so far (his handlers, the fake donation facebook page, the insanely bad spelling errors and grammar mistakes, just to name some.)

    Wolfgang is not a good interview. He dodges direct questions, and answers questions not posed to him.

    Arguably Wolfgang’s biggest strength vis-a-vis his Curriculum Vitae is (was) his role in the Children’s Safety Institute. Now that he has been “fired” from the C.S.I. (his own words, not mine), and the C.S.I. no longer even exists, then what good is Wolfgang, compared to any other random person?

    Wolfgang has, through multiple interviews now, shown he is not the brightest and sharpest mind. Slow, plodding responses and an avoidance/hesitancy to bring up more salient points regarding the Sandy Hook event, combined with the points listed above easily show us that Wolfgang should NOT be spear-heading any charge.

    And, please do not reply with a “Well, you think you would be better for the job?”

    Whether I would or not, matters not. Wolfgang is going to do more damage than good if he faces any national or mainstream media figure.

    Do you really think Wolfgang could hold his own in a segment with Anderson Cooper or even Al Sharpton? He would get embarrassed and ultimately would give fodder for the controlled national media to say, “See? THIS man is the LEADER of the ‘Conspiracy Crowd.'”

    Wolfgang, you seem keen on installing yourself as Pope of the Truth Movement. You seriously are trying to knock Professor Tracy as doing less than you for Sandy Hook truth? It is nonsensical comments like that which show your lust for power and recognition, and a dismissal of all the work which was done for 14 months before you arrived on the scene.

    Why not use your name and the C.S.I.’s name to try and prevent the school from being demolished?
    Why not stop collecting donations, and dip into your own pocket if you want to go on a 2 or 3 day trip to CT?

    You know how much a flight to Bradley Airport in Hartford, a car rental, and a hotel for two nights should cost, even figuring in meals and gas and incidentals?

    A thousand bucks. $1500 at the most.

    If you truly care about The Truth (capital letters), please sit back and realize you are acting like a Wolfbull in a China shop.

    1. Peace, I agree. This is not a job for a “narcissist”, it is a job for someone who doesn’t have any self-interest. We could all help someone who has a viable plan and a good public image. That’s why “Peter” has “Errol”.

      This is too much “Alex with the bullhorn” and not enough “Inspector Perot”. I’d like to shout at them too, but would it get us anywhere? I also didn’t like the evasiveness with Fetzer. I guess I wish him well but I’m not a convert.

      1. When Alex said on the show while he interviewed Wolfgang that maybe he should go to Sandy Hook with him, and I thought to myself, oh no, we don’t need that muddying the water shenanigans stuff messing it up for the rest of us, or the quietly on the front lines ‘Inspector Perot’ you refer to,

    2. Seems the Big Wolf has a lot of experience creating corporations and soliciting donations from unsuspecting dupes – and when those efforts fail, he simply abandons the projects. Perhaps the Wolf feels he’ll finally hit the jackpot with the Sandy Hook Hoax – as he presents himself as being on the side of truth.

      1. What you said here resonates, and the attention too, not just the money, hence the run for political office in 2010. Maybe a portion of the motives is passion for the truth with the larger over reaching motives being money, power, and ego. Just speculating.

    3. Judgement and spelling areas are not the same. Don’t put them in the same sentence. What is the name of the fake Facebook donation page? The story about his handlers remains to be seen.

      “just to name some” — can you give us better ones, because your points are quite weak.

      The jury is still out with Halbig, but you have already convicted him in your own mind. You have no idea from your computer wherever you are.

      You are pathetic.

      1. Bill the jury may still be out, but with him dodging the question about the details and fruition of what happened with the other 100k fund aren’t we really delaying the inevitable in not coming to certain conclusions? He has sought to raise the exact same amount previously and won’t talk about it, I am hitting the floor in plumb astonishment as I see so many not demand more answers to this issue.

        1. Do you know if he actually raised the funds for the other endeavor? I think it was a program to stop child abuse or something.

          Look, I want answers too. I know the truth movement is stacked full of frauds, shills, trolls and dis-info agents. I just think we need to be very careful in attacking Halbig before we have all the facts.

        2. Bill, nothing was ever raised for that other endeavor, it was just a post to try see if there was any interest.

        3. Are you saying that because Halbig did not answer the question then it is conclusive proof that nothing came of his past fundraiser?

        4. zem, I wouldn’t call it a fundraiser. He inquired on some article about seeing if there was interest.

      2. Sandy Hook Justice Fund. It is still on Facebook with 25 likes and reporting around 3500 in received funds though that figure may just be a front to solicit more donations. The story of the page is not over yet.

        1. Kyle, that fraud page now seems to have been deleted. It is gone, but yes, I think it was around $3,500 someone made.

  19. In my opinion before anyone starts to collect donations for a cause they should have a clear cut and precise plan. Just to say ” I am going to hire an attorney and have people start raising their right hand to give testimony ” is not enough. I can go around saying that.

    Wolf should have known BEFORE he starting collecting funds what their legal plan of attack was. What avenues they were going to take, who were they going to sue? and for what reason and on what grounds?. Attorney consultations prior to collecting donations should have explored strategies and weaknesses of the potential defendants. An attorney should have told Halbig something to the effect of ” ” Wolf I think we can sue them for this or for negligence or denial of civil rights etc etc” and the attorney should have an estimate on what it is going to take in terms of hours, monies needed, hurdles etc. etc..
    I see everything being done willy nilly by Wolf…..his plan is vague, has an attorney been retained.? Who is he? What are his qualifications to try these cases? What does he believe is a possible avenue for success and chances of this matter?? Do people who are contributing have a right to know if the chances are good that they may prevail? Otherwise maybe money( your hard earned money not mine} would be better spent in some other way to help the cause.

    What would be a definition of victory anyway? Wouldnt a definition of victory be an awakening of the masses, an awakening of the American people that our very own govt is purpetrating these types of hoaxes on the American people to take away our rights?? What as truthers do we really want to see happen from our efforts? Maybe as truthers collectively we need to define our goals in this cause….because collectively is where we have all the power…we dont need to follow any one man or two…….

    An excellent example of this is the 9/11 families that came together to press for an independent investigation into 9/11…..They worked intelligently, cleverly and collectively to find a platform to get their message across and succeeded in their quest for a new investigation into 9/11

  20. “Other outcome – public awareness. Are we kidding ourselves in that respect, as well, because I think we know the media is highly controlled – and with implications leading all the way to the White House, do we really think it’s going to make the evening news?”

    ..exactly ..and if people want to support this man who I think is reckless and strangely impulsive at this point,that is their decision.

    I also am of the belief at this point in time to feel it is not safe for people to involve themselves too much with this man.

    Questions I have not asked..because they are just questions floating through my mind and may have no bearing on Mr Halbig..One thing that comes to mind that is little explored is how does he stand on the right to bear arms and registration etc.Where does he stand on children being tested for mental disease in schools and prescribed medications?

    1. Rosanne, wise words. This is not supposed to be an election and, as far as I know, he is not running for office.

      On the other hand, if he is well-meaning and is simply stumbling a bit trying to do something positive, I don’t want to discredit him. I must say, however, that if one decides to take on the state of Connecticut and the U.S. Dept. of Justice, it would be wise to have a plan.

      “Exuberance” is not a substitute for acumen. I admit to not knowing much about Mr. Halbig other than his advertised credentials. Being suspicious by nature of people who rely too much on bonafides I may not be as “impressed” as someone else.

      This doesn’t seem like a job for a State Trooper or a “school safety expert”. This seems like a job for a professional investigator and/or an attorney. Flailing about wildly, no matter how loudly, will not win the day here.

  21. First, I am not, and have no connection, to the “Larry” that posted the video comment above.

    I analyze Sandy Hook from a law enforcement officer’s (LEO) perspective, as I am a former LEO, as Wolfgang is.

    At present, I have NO ties with any principal party, or any ‘group’, in all of the Sandy Hook arena of discovering truth, other than simply being on their members list on FB.

    Personally, I supported Wolf beginning approx ~3 weeks ago, when I first noticed his presence on FB & media. I based my support on a good ‘gut-feeling’ and satisfaction with his prior experiences, all being very related and relevant to schools, school/child safety, and the Sandy Hook ‘incident’. I have never questioned (and still don’t) Wolf’s honesty, integrity, or intentions. But I do worry, (unsure if I’m justified or not), if Wolf’s direction and actions would be the same as mine, as to what I’d see as ‘the correct way’, or if I’d consider his path detrimental to the case.

    I am, however, very concerned that he may be moving far too fast with the monetary collection actions, as I had really hoped to first learn far more ‘proof’ about Wolf’s competence as far as investigative, organizational, and specific course(s) of action, PRIOR to him creating a huge nestegg/fund. I felt the competence aspect was not fully proven yet, as I have seen many mistakes in his information and analysis that do make me question it.

    I hear talk about the very basic 16 questions and legal/FOIA aspect of his plan, but I know nothing of his abilities and skills to competently and skillfully handle the investigative aspects of this complex case. I had really hoped for more interaction and communication of the ‘substance’ of his investigation, evidence, and direction. The biggest thing that bothers me about the fund, is that it seems to be solely used at one sole man’s discretion, justly or wrongly, with no oversight or ability for us to consider each large expenditure truly spent in the right direction. I feel that before anything is spent, it should have to meet basic levels of justified (similar to valid probable cause, as is needed for warrants).

    Highly detailed case knowledge, investigative accuracy, and correct direction is vital, and cannot ever be compromised or underestimated in importance. No one man is a perfect investigator or ‘decider’ where funds should be used. I believe the investigative and follow-up actions require a ‘team’ of highly skilled and proven LE experienced experts. I am NOT suggesting myself, in any means, as tho I consider my work meticulously accurate, I will be the first to tell you “I’m NO expert”. But I DO know the vital importance and value of proven competent investigators.

    1. I share most of your concerns. There are hundreds (if not thousands), of possible leads to follow up on based on the published account of this tale. Virtually NONE of them proven. As some (including me) have said, that seems to be precisely the aim. Getting people to accept a wild, implausible tale with no proof.

      There are people with very good skills and experience in drilling down into details and verifying their truth. This is difficult in this case as most of the public records have been sealed. There are still many other ways to verify the accounts that have been presented.

      My thinking is that, if a person or group prepared a report based on their findings regarding all of these alleged characters and events, it would be fairly hard to ignore. This could be a daunting task. There are certainly other examples of people trying to get to the bottom of events such as this running into “difficulties”.

      My sense is that it would be a rewarding effort. Those of us who have tried to find useful information have done fairly well. It is the type of information that may not lend itself to the internet that is missing. Just as the internet is wonderful as a tool for research, it is also useful as a way to hide information and track those who are searching for it.

      What is needed is some good, old-fashioned “boots on the ground” detective work. Nobody lives without creating a history, even the characters of Sandy Hook. If they turn out to have no history that would be a discovery in itself.

  22. Kathy I agree..Happy to see you bring up Holder,

    I think what we may have to remember is that this Sandy Hook Hoax,Scam,Psychological thriller etc..goes all the way to the top..and that is what I keep in mind when we press ahead to decide how we feel about our support for one man who has garnered our attention.Many of you on this thread have made some really good suggestions and I am hearing more people say slow down instead of speed up,rightly so ..only because they too are seeing the direction it may lead,less freedoms,video’s and bogs being taken down,more laws passed to keep us away from any evidence if it backfires.

  23. In 2013, the CT state legislature—specifically in response to Sandy Hook–amended its FOIA law to exempt from disclosure precisely the types of records that are sought by Halbig. Straight from the horse’s mouth:

    “Public Act 13-311… amends the state Freedom of Information Act to exempt from disclosure a photograph, film, video, digital, or other visual image depicting a homicide victim, to the extent that the record could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of the victim or surviving family members’ personal privacy.”

    Moreover, “[T]he law also exempts from disclosure under FOIA, (1) law enforcement records, compiled in detecting or investigating a crime, that would disclose the identity of minor witnesses and (2) the portion of a recording or audio tape that describes a homicide victim’s condition. The audio recording exemption (1) does not extend to 9-1-1 or other calls for assistance made by a
    member of the public to a law enforcement agency and (2) expires on May 7, 2014.”

    As for the topic of the post (standing), generally speaking, members of the public have standing in an FOIA case even when proceeding under the laws of a state that’s not their state of residence.

    Yves Smith, a financial blogger from New York, has a pending FOIA case in California seeking to obtain records about the state’s retirement plan system (CALPERS). The state has stonewalled Yves to no end.

    See, e.g.:

    What’s particularly egregious about CA’s conduct is that Yves tailored her FOIA request to seek records THAT CALPERS ALREADY DISCLOSED TO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC (from the UK, no less). Under CA state law, any FOIA protection of previously-disclosed information goes out the window the minute it’s disclosed the first time. And yet CA has dug in its heels for six months.

    In other words, CA is refusing to disclose information that is, without a shadow of any legal doubt, covered by its FOIA law. In CT, by stark contrast, much of the sought-after information is expressly exempt from disclosure. The odds are next to zero that a CT FOIA suit bears fruit.

    A federal FOIA case might be a different story; there is no Sandy Hook exemption, for starters. But based on Halbig’s post above, that’s apparently not in the cards.

      1. Wasn’t Adam Lanza “actually” killed by police, according to the official report released a few months ago? I know that contradicts the previous “official story” but, so far I haven’t seen an official explanation of the discrepancy. So many “official this and that” so little time. Anyway, just had to interject that little nugget. Carry on.

        1. “Wasn’t Adam Lanza ‘actually’ killed by police, according to the official report released a few months ago?”


          From Part I, Book 8, #71, p. 4:

          “Male walked into an elementary school and shot kids & faculty member. Male was fatally wounded by police on scene.”

        2. Oh yeah, Kate Slate to the rescue! I do remember her coverage of this. One of my favorite youtube researchers on Sandy Hoax. Ta!

    1. If the feds were “disinterested” parties that could be a viable avenue. In this case it is abundantly clear that they are active participants and, therefore, will resist any effort at disclosure.

      I encounter this type of stonewalling continually. I can’t say I’ll ever get used to it (it’s my upbringing), but it is more common than not. There is a huge difference between law in theory and law in practice.

      If those in positions that are obliged to follow the law refuse to do so, and those in positions to compel compliance don’t, there isn’t much one can do. It’s comforting to know “the law is on our side”. In practice that doesn’t happen in certain circumstances.

      1. “If those in positions that are obliged to follow the law refuse to do so, and those in positions to compel compliance don’t, there isn’t much one can do.”

        Not so. In fact, one reason to bring a federal case to begin with is that the federal appeals court overseeing Connecticut (the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals) has previously ruled against officials who refused to answer FOIA requests.

        In particular, the Federal Reserve itself refused to answer FOIA requests pertaining to its backdoor bank bailouts submitted by Bloomberg reporter Mark Pittman. Pittman filed suit in the Southern District of New York and won. Chief Judge Loretta Preska ordered the Fed to hand over the documents sought by Pittman. The 2nd Circuit affirmed her decision on appeal.

        The case demonstrated that some members of the federal judiciary are willing to overrule the most powerful cartel in the U.S. and order it to comply with the law. Given what we’ve seen from Connecticut officials to date, I seriously doubt that a state court case would produce a like result–particularly when they can hide behind a new statute specifically designed to conceal what happened at Sandy Hook.

        1. Good luck with that. I don’t have any argument with that “in theory”. In “practice” however, who ya’ gonna call? Did I mention that Holder is a frequent visitor to Connecticut? Is anyone aware of any other “issues” regarding the Just-Us Dept. refusing to prosecute?

          My comments are based on observed reality, not theory. In theory we are all “free” and the police and courts simply do their jobs and are free from influence. Do you believe that?

          Judges and prosecutors don’t get their positions by being non-conformist. They look “left” and “right” and check their bank balances before making any decisions.

          I’m not pleased by this fact. But, as a reasonable person I should be aware of it. If one is going to spend time, money and effort to achieve a goal it is best spent in a manner more likely to achieve success.

          Sadly, I think the SHES event will end up like the “JFK event” and the “9-11 event”, et al, and no matter what the level of outrage becomes it will be ignored (at least officially). If one is in a position to bring legal action and doesn’t, what are we to do about it?

          There is still room to shine light on this. That may have the benefit of making it more difficult to propagandize and manipulate. That would be a good thing. It also may open the door for some to be more critical of what they are told. It may also have the benefit of showing these mutts for what they are capable of. All of that is worthwhile and possible.

          Expecting a system that refuses to take action on a long list of blatantly illegal acts that the country is clearly aware of to respond to SHES is naive. The whole point of this is to show us how brazen they can be and get away with it.

        2. “Is anyone aware of any other ‘issues’ regarding the Just-Us Dept. refusing to prosecute?”

          Of course. Any fraud perpetrated by a TBTF bank will serve as an example. The Goldman Sachs Abacus/Timberwolf case was a glaring failure in that regard. HSBC’s admittedly criminal money-laundering enterprise is also an outstanding example.

          While you are correct that Eric Holder is a corrupt and wholesale failure as Attorney General, the DOJ is an executive branch (Article 2) institution. Article 3 courts are another matter, as I showed.

          “My comments are based on observed reality, not theory. In theory we are all ‘free’ and the police and courts simply do their jobs and are free from influence. Do you believe that?”

          Reality? I cited a case were a federal FOIA case achieved its goal against the most entrenched and corrupt power (the Federal Reserve) in the nation. It’s not unique. Here’s some additional reality, a more recent case concerning the FBI’s refusal to answer FOIA requests about its involvement in a plot to assassinate protesters:

 (“On March 12, 2014, U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary M. Collyer issued her order in the case, along with an accompanying memo, saying that the FBI needed to explain why the agency cited ‘law enforcement exemption’ as its reason for denying Shapiro access to the other 12 pages.”)

          These two real-world lawsuits undercut your breezy defeatism, which you don’t back up with any contravening cases.

          “Judges and prosecutors don’t get their positions by being non-conformist.”

          Oh? Tell that to Bank of America and Citigroup, who’ve borne the brunt of Judge Jed Rakoff’s withering pen repeatedly. Hell, Rakoff was so incensed by the complicity between the S.E.C. and Citigroup that they JOINED HANDS in a mandamus action before the Second Circuit, where Rakoff took on the co-conspirators AS A PARTY represented by publicly appointed counsel.

          There are nearly 1000 members of the federal judiciary. For someone who complains about theory, your own theory that all of them are corrupt is just ridiculous–and flatly refuted by the facts.

        3. Well my friend, you can call it “breezy defeatism” if you like. I deal with federal authorities on a daily basis. The decisions you cite would be notable “by exception”. Trust me, I’d love to be a true believer. My experience informs me that it just isn’t so.

          I wasn’t trying to burst anybody’s bubble. If they want to believe that all that’s needed is the right combination of evidence and outrage to assist one of these noble champions of justice to leap to their aid, fine. I’ll watch. I’ll eat my hat when it happens (gladly).

  24. Kyle Sainz said:
    we want a detailed answer about the other 100k fund Halbig was involved in and I think it is odd that more are not demanding an answer when he clearly dodged the question yesterday

    Thomas Lapp said:
    The problem is we keep answering it, but i happens through random posts and I don’t think people see them all the time. When we set up the GoFundMe, it was me and Dave on a GotoMeeting. He literally picked 100,000 out of thin air, it was basically a guess. He chose it and said “I’m pretty sure this thing is going to cost over a million dollars in legal fees, but let’s just put 100,000 as a start”. The fact that he was involved in any fundraising before really had nothing to do with this now. I think people are taking something that is not suspicious, and making it seem as if it should be suspicious. He has had a career in education, and a heart for children’s safety. It would be completely normal to know that he had been involved with other fundraising ventures. That particular one was about getting a program started to help children have access to a better means of reporting incidents involving bullying. I literally remember years ago hearing one of the ideas, which was to have a mobile app that kids could use to snap photos or video of incidents and have them sent to a school administrator as proof.

    Kyle Sainz said:
    but he never explained how much he raised or what came of it and it seemed like he didnt want to talk about it yesterday with Tony

    Follow up from myself to readers of this blog:

    I am alarmed that this is somehow not an issue that he had this other venture and still no detailed answer of what came of it and if any money was raised and if so how much. I want a detailed answer and I think we need to keep pressing for it.

      1. people want to know about the handler, well this is the words of the one that remains.. the other one, David Weiss, said he was stepping down last night due to the drama, more or less.

      2. This has all the hallmarks of a psyop. Sorry, I can’t help but notice. Think about it. Would “your” lawyer post attorney-client privileged information about you? If he did, would he still be your lawyer?

        Could this be a “subtle” way to discredit Halbig? What “legal costs” are we talking about? As James’ article (correctly) states, one needs “standing” to sue. Any attorney worth his salt would have told him that.

        So, if a suit isn’t the plan, what other legal costs are we talking about?

        I would be interested to know if he has a habit of setting up funds. As we’ve seen in SHES its’ a “growth” industry. Apparently people send money with no idea of how it is to be used.

        Now, if he said “I’m setting up a fund to hire investigators…..and I estimate that to cost $1M…..”, at least we’d know what the money was for.

        Anyway, I’m getting more suspicious of this by the day. I hate to think that’s because of the tactics being used. It doesn’t make sense to discredit your own client.

        1. “People send money with no idea of how it is being used”

          Yes, this happens a lot. They call it income tax.

        2. I am puzzled, and more than a little miffed, because I made these exact points in comments a couple of weeks ago: that Halbig did not have standing to sue for damages, because he had suffered no personal injury; and that the only kind of suit he would be able to bring would be under the CT Open Records Act.

          Curiously, I cannot find my comment now. I’m also not finding other comments I made and that I know were posted.

          “Memory Hole,” indeed!

        3. Sorry dino, I didn’t see them. This is as basic as it gets. “Annoyance” is not compensable.

  25. The Prof should probably stay out of Newtown. The MSM would probably be laying in wait with some kind of trap to try and discredit him. And as for Hailbigs question, what have you done? I would say this blog has done a lot. Some of the information, and video that has been dug up and posted on here is amazing and getting better. I bring information to the sleepers from here all the time. People are really learning to pick up on the BS early, and its going to take time, but this blog is important and I don’t think it would be a good idea to risk all that he has built so far. I think he already risked a good deal by almost losing his job… a commodity not easy to come by these days. Besides, Hailbigs style is not Tracys style. Let each do their own thing.

  26. This is what I’ve been trying to say about this in several different ways. It isn’t enough (legally) to be angry or claim to be effected. In order for a judge to find that you have “standing” you must show how some action on the respondent’s part “harmed” you.

    I would agree that we are ALL harmed by these actions. The judge will not. That is one of the reasons I kept pointing to the fact that, other than the one “alleged” lawsuit to date, none of the “victims” (who have standing) have filed.

    So, how do you get this in court? Consider that this is a sanctioned drill from the top to the bottom. If Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. isn’t bringing criminal charges (for obvious reasons), that leaves a tort action. That brings the “standing” issue to the fore.

    So, if Mr. Halbig devoted his attention to finding a “victim” (a pretty tall order in this case!), he might be able to use their action as a bully pulpit. When there are no victims, how do you get one to file suit?

    Without the ability to compel testimony, and subpoena records, how do you advance your case? Many here have cited “treason” and other “crimes”. I understand the sentiment, but it is doubtful that that has actually happened.

    There was a ruling sometime back that basically said the “press” can lie their heads off. They are not compelled to tell the truth. Now public officials COULD be tried for various crimes and abuses of their respective offices. The problem is, who is going to do that?

    So, you can’t get the records (even though they should be readily available), and you can’t make anyone talk. Pretty slick, huh?

    As we know here, there aren’t any victims in the classic sense of the word. There may be, however, people who’s businesses, etc., were affected by the hoopla. If it could be shown that the state caused any of the claimed damage they could ASK for permission to sue. Figure the odds.

    There are probably ways a person could approach this. My guess is that having more notoriety would be a help. If there were a huge public outcry over this they might allow some “monkey trial” to take place. As it stands, there doesn’t seem to be enough support publicly for that.

    So, let’s assume Mr. Halbig descends on Newtown and has a sufficient entourage to avoid arrest. Any “media” coverage will be of the standard “nutter” variety. Independent coverage will likely not be allowed. I think there is some promise in doing that if he has sufficient support at the site and coverage. Personally, I think they would pull out all the stops to prevent that from happening.

    As a tactic, having a counter-donation campaign aimed at debunking their tale is a good one. I’m not sure where that could lead but it would definitely make them nervous. When people get nervous they make mistakes.

    Another good use of donated funds would be to hire a “good” private investigator (or several) to look into this. I have read Mr. Halbig’s CV but I think this sort of thing requires more specialized skills. We’ve done a fine job with the information we’ve been able to unearth. There is doubtless more out there for someone with the right skill set to find.

  27. I understand that a person to have standing to sue in court must have been personally affected, to have a claim on which relief can be granted by the court. The court is not there to simply look at evidence and determine whether or not it is true, in this kind of civil case, if there is no injury to the plaintiff. I am not talking about a criminal complaint with a prosecutor, but a civil action.

    However, it may be possible to bring one in the Boston Marathon case. As a result of what was a movie being shot over a one week period in Boston (at two ends of the week, two very convenient long weekends), businesses were asked to voluntarily shut down and people were asked to remain voluntarily in their homes, As a result, those who voluntarily wanted to do business (and had perhaps flown all the way to Boston to do so) were prevented by the voluntary actions of Bostonians from transacting that business, literally being shut out of businesses and institutions of higher learning to go along with the whole 6 city farce.

    Now can you say there were damages in that case? Was it really a case of martial law on false premises?

    I believe that the state protected itself by declaring that everything was voluntary, and that if anyone had a loss it would be between the two parties to some transaction (for example, real estate or some other business).

    So you can see the state made very sure to cover itself, and probably there are memos of advice from some city and state legal departments which should be discoverable not in a case of law, necessarily (although one might imagine a breach of contract where they might be brought in), but through a FOIA request, under the old and creaky Freedom of Information Act, to determine what was said to make the state of Massachusetts come off as so careful about its own interests when the word went out that everything you did in response to the Tsarnaev chase story and the fugitive brother was voluntary.

    There is a smoking gun somewhere in the form of these internal memos which proves the state of mind was to deceive the public, and simply to have asked for internal legal advice about how to proceed in phrasing a request for everyone to remain indoors (literally!) is very likely to have happened, and might be found with or without some case, simply through the FOIA process. The reply that there should be no order, but only a request of the public, without penalty (only the implication, very strong I think, that one might be shot down), would be very interesting to read.

    1. Musings, yes, that’s what I meant above. “Theoretically” you could claim that your business was impacted by inappropriate acts and you suffered a loss of revenue.

      The problems are that first, you would have to show that it was a hoax. Then you would have to show that some measurable damage occurred. Lastly (maybe firstly!), you would have to ask permission (if you were suing the state). Of course you could go after the media I suppose but I don’t think that would be successful. After all, they are just “doing their jobs”.

      The reason these things work is that they are in positions that allow them to control the situation. It would be much more difficult and risky if they had to contend with the actual possibility of prosecution. They know that they have it all in the bag.

  28. Dr. Tracy, I find it quite concerning that your recent blog postings have led to such vicious attacks on Mr. Halbig. I have seen a lot of the information why people are questioning him – spelling, handlers, past organizations, asking for money, no video interviews, etc.

    But there has been absolutely nothing presented that incriminates Mr. Halbig in any wrongdoing. Yet you allow your message boards to fill up with hatred and personal attacks against Mr. Halbig.

    I’ve seen no responses from you on your “bad company” posting. I think you should settle some of this before moving forward. Mr. Halbig’s reputation is getting slammed pretty hard right now.

    1. @Bill Fred–Thank you and I completely agree.

      Also, I noticed that Professor Tracy has a link on the left side of page to a site selling Sofia’s Sandy Hook video–it doesn’t seem like that’s going to get us any justice on Sandy Hook either, but I guess that doesn’t bother him (he’s certainly not discouraging people from purchasing it). Since he’s so concerned about whether truther donations lead to something productive, in this case Wolfgang’s attempt to take legal action, I’d like to see him do a post on how the purchase of truther garbage (DVDs, t-shirts, etc.) from people like his buddy AJ over at infowars also doesn’t get us anywhere.

  29. Interesting that Sofia Shafquat aka smallstorm has somewhat turned on Halbig but in Halbig’s most recent bloviation of an interview he has stated that Fetzer, Shafquat and Halbig will all be in Newtown for a school board meeting on April 6 of this year, to make a three minute statement.

    Firstly it will be interesting to see how many of them turn up, and secondly it will be interesting to see what transpires if any of them do. My prediction would be for attention-addicted Fetzer to be there, mainly to talk in extraneities eg 9/11 etc. I doubt Shafquat will go – no profit. And it would raise again the pesky issue of her own military intelligence family background. Halbig I am imagining will be a no show. He isn’t ready for prime time and he knows it.

    1. April 6 may be a typo. According to the Board of Education the next meeting is on April 1st – irony not lost.

      • Our next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for April 1, 2014
      • Introduction to the Budget Season – A Letter From Our Board Members
      • Video/Audio Tapes of Board of Education Meetings
      • Scheduled Board Meetings for 2014
      • Click here to visit our Board of Education Page..
      • Board of Education Budgets
      • Contacting Newtown Board of Education Members
      It’s easy! Just click here to email the entire Board.

    2. @Flyingtigercomics- Interesting comment on Sofia Shafquat–so are you basically suggesting that she’s not interesting in going to Newtown b/c there’s no monetary profit in it for her??Just curious, I haven’t heard that about her before. Though I did notice that Professor Tracy has a link on the left side of page to a site selling her SH video–it doesn’t seem like that’s going to get us any justice on SH either, but I guess that doesn’t bother him. I’d like to see him do a post on how purchasing truther garbage from people like his buddy AJ over at info wars also doesn’t get us anywhere.

      1. This whole situation reminds me of the late 1960s and how there were some genuine counter culture people leading real movements- but that was hijacked by “fake hippies” selling beads or preaching violence or turning a positive movement into an irrational ‘anti-war’ movement and so on.

        And the people who hijacked the counter-culture were all without exception from military-industrial backgrounds. No poor farmer’s sons or daughters in the mix all the fake leadership had a secret agenda and came from a very different place.

        1. Interesting comment (if I’m reading you right), and I have heard about certain individuals coming from families connected to the military industrial complex.

        2. Amanda, that other comments was not at you, it was replied to flying tiger. He’s weak.

        3. You folks attacking people within the truth movement are quite pathetic. Focus on getting people to watch Smallstorm’s excellent vid on Sandy Hook, not attacks on her.

          Comparing the hippie movement to a truth movement is laughable. Publicly stating that Sandy Hook was a hoax or 9/11 was an inside job can be quite damaging to one’s profile, reputation, standing in the community – and even one’s life. Just look at former FBI Special Agent in charge of LA Ted Gunderson or 9/11 author Phillip Marshall.

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for money, as long as the motive are pure. You expect these people to work for free? I’ve spent countless hours researching 9/11 and Sandy Hook but I should be spending more time with my family or making more money.

          But these people are taking on hard costs, travel, video production, vehicle maintenance, hotels, attorneys, etc. – and less time with their jobs or regular lives.

          How many truther websites have paid ads? Most or all? Attack them too.

        4. @Bill Fred–Chill out, I was just asking a question b/c I had never heard anyone say something like that before. It was just a question. It seems like it’s fair game here to attack Wolfgang, but I can’t ask for clarification about a comment?? Please, give me a break. And the reason I was asking is that I don’t know much about her except that she recently contacted a youtuber who made a hit video on Wolfgang and basically told him he was doing a very good job and offered to give him more info on Wolfgang. The video is here and you can see the comment from the maker of the video. And, the only reason I brought up others in the truth movement selling truther garbage is b/c I don’t see them getting attacked for doing so, but when Wolfgang says he’s trying to raise a mere 100k to hire lawyers and private investigators, all I see are endless attacks on him.

        5. Gunderson is another clown- he jumped on bandwagon after bandwagon uncritically repeating what other proper researchers had found but distorting it in the process. As for the taking on of hard costs etc. – prove it. They seem pretty comfortable on a talk show circuit of the so called alternative media.

          This is a new age, and we don’t need middlemen or cause hijackers. People can do it for themselves and get their own facts, as the best of the youtube researchers do every week.

        6. Amanda, The truther movement is full of people who do not take things at face value. It is filled with people who tend to question things when things don’t add up. There are questions as to Wolfgang’s background and when those questions are coupled with his immediate requests for funding it strikes many people as suspicious. Instead of taking the time to answer people’s questions and be transparent with his fundraising, he has instead chosen to surround himself with people to speak for him. I have looked at his Facebook page and it is a divisive place. There is a lot of hostility directed at anyone who dares question his background, his goals, or his fundraising. It doesn’t need to be that way. If anyone is creating discord among truthers, it’s Wolfgang (and his team). James Tracey has raised some of these important questions here, questions that many have had on their mind. I respect the fact that he allows for free speech on this site (for the most part) and allows for people to express and share concerns in an open format. I don’t see people attacking Wolfgang per se, but rather trying to figure out if he is in fact who he says he is.

  30. Wolfgang Halbig:

    Since you simply dodged my questions yesterday (the same behavior that you are so outraged that Connecticut officials are doing to your questions), I’m posting them again because until the answers are provided I would advise people against giving you one penny towards your efforts because at this point your “investigation” looks shady to say the least.

    Let’s all agree to be civil and honest; and that honesty includes holding you to the same standards of disclosure that we desire to receive from Connecticut officials.

    First, it should be noted that it would not be you that would be paying for Professor Tracy to travel to Sandy Hook, it would be paid for by the funds that people have donated to your alleged investigation.

    Speaking of funds and donations, why is it that in your first interview on the Sandy Hook incident, which you did with American Free Press, that you laid the foundation for your plea for public donations? In that interview you answered “I want to raise a lot of money” when asked directly what his next step was and what he wanted to do.

    More importantly all of us would be more inclined to donate to your efforts and view you as legitimate if you might provide us with full disclosure about your July 24, 2012 appeal for $100,000 to investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide which he promised to do be “provide to parents technology defender for any student who is having to suffer through this type of fail torture.”

    My Questions For Wolfgang Halbig:
    1. What did you, Wolfgang Halbig, do with the funds he raised through that effort?
    2. Has this technology defender you purported come to fruition?
    3. Are you, Wolfgang Halbig, no longer concerned about “saving children from committing suicide or have you solved that problem?
    4. What other heart wrenching incidents have you made similar pleas for public donations to you and what have been the accomplishments of your efforts?

    Thank you for your feedback. All of us that care about full disclosure about Sandy Hook look forward to you answering the above questions honestly and thoroughly.



    1. His website builder Thomas Lapp won’t answer it either, not that he has full disclosure necessarily, but essentially Thomas says it does not matter anymore, that it is in the past, old news, etc.

      Below is a Facebook convo from last night with his website person aka ‘alleged handler’.

      Kyle> but he never explained how much he raised or what came of it and it seemed like he didnt want to talk about it yesterday with Tony

      Thomas > I don’t think anything got raised, he was just taking a shot in the dark online. The man does not know that much about computers. Without the help of me and David there is no way he would even have a GoFundMe or a fan page at all. I can’t figure out why people are straining a gnat and swallowing a camel. Don’t you want to know where millions of dollars for all of these fundraisers in CT have gone, seems nobody can answer that question. We all pay taxes and we don’t even get to see where that money goes.

      1. Now THAT is an interesting question; “don’t you want to know where millions of dollars for all these fundraisers in CT have gone,…”? There may be someone in that group with “standing”. Of course, that would come later, after the hoax was proved.

        I have been asking that question, off and on, since this began. Presumably, when someone donates to a cause, they have a right to know how their money was spent. Of course, if the fund is “clever” they will not state how the money is to be used. More likely, they will use “weasel words” like “the funds will be spend to benefit the community…”. That could be anything.

        There is no shortage of opportunists in the world as we all know. Ever been to a funeral? You see relatives you didn’t know you had!

      2. Kyle:

        Appreciate all of your work trying to extract information about Halbig; your efforts have provided great insights to all of us. Keep up the good work.

        I might suggest that the reason Halbig or anyone associated with Halbig refuse to answer these critically important questions is that they are simply following the modus operandi of the carny trying to con the rubes out of their hard earned money. When the deception of the carny is exposed the carny uses a distraction to change the subject or moves his operation to another town or game.

        His refusal to acknowledge and answer these questions paint Halbig as a carny and those who donate to his “investigation” as the rubes.

        Keep up the good work Kyle!


        1. Thanks. I found this page that previews of of the qualifications and basic info on the Chidrens Safety Institute. I wonder if we could settle the Wolfgang mystery once and for all by simply vetting these references and info on this link. One of the references died in 2011.
          They took down the CSI website but it has some other links with their pertinent info that are still up.

        2. It may be but the info is real and linked from his website and it will be followed up on. Every single person will be contacted that can be found.

  31. Question: Could we not all claim “standing” based on the federal (our) tax dollars that went into the payoffs?

    Could we, the People, claim “standing” based on the distress we suffered and continue to suffer in witnessing the contradictions and lies surrounding Sandy Hook that now make us doubt and even fear our federal and local governments as well as police force(s) and humankind in general? (just throwin’ it out there…)

  32. Wow, am really sorry to see this site turn into an “attack on Halbig” site.

    I can’t even skim through the comments anymore without feeling like I’m wasting precious time. + I think much of what is being posted is immature and hurtful. Too bad.

    1. It’s not doing that, Tammie. It’s just that a couple of new articles attracted a huge number of commenters, unfamiliar to the regulars here.

      Dr. Tracy is just doing what he’s always done: posting items of interest. He’s not taking sides, just reporting. So be calm. The storm will pass. Most of these commenters will be gone with the wind.

      Wolf, soon, not be a topic of conversation here. James has no reason to convert the site to such a thing. Cheer up.

      1. Questioning something is not an “attack”. He is free to do whatever he likes. To me its like Alex Jones, if something good comes of it, fine. I don’t like his “style”.

        Stating the obvious, that the PTB have a lock on “justice”, is just that. If someone wants to charge off and do something unlikely to succeed, they can do that. If they ask me to give them my blessing (or money), and in doing so affiliate myself with them, I would have to examine that a little more closely.

        I have my thoughts on Halbig. I have not “attacked” him. Conversely I have not become an apostle either. James has just put the information out there and allowed comment on it.

        We all have our opinions and perspectives. I would have the same comments if it were Lord Farquat doing the “leader” thing. I don’t think its necessary to “commit” to anyone. I would feel better about “helping” someone if I believed their approach had a chance at success.

      2. Patrick, I agree with Tammie. This is not good for the truth movement. We should not be jumping on him so hard, many regulars within the truther movement are slamming him, like over at Youtube.

    2. Tammie, thanks for speaking out. I’ve been quite vocal about the unsupported attacks on Halbig. We need more time to see what Halbig is up to.

      I’m quite disappointed that Dr. Tracy has allowed his site to turn into an “attack on Halbig” site. I don’t know what he could do about it, but he has been quiet as a mouse over the past several days.

      1. two of the references on his CSI site are dead and the rest along with the endorsements, all remaining 14 persons (at least though for which contact info can be found) will be reached out to this week.

        Also the former attorney general for Florida, Bob Butterworth, is listed as current on his endorsements but though I’ve not verified this yet, I don’t think CSI was around back then. He left office in 2002.

        1. weird that you would be upset by what you perceive as the divisive nature of the comments here, yet you are thrilled by dmhenne’s article that does nothing but rip people apart for questioning Halbig.

        2. Zem, I support people questioning Halbig, and that is great….the items quoted in the article just expose the ones going after him “maliciously” after he had already been vetted.

        3. With all due respect, I don’t believe that Halbig has been vetted and that is where the questions and concerns are coming from.

        1. very good, thanks. Also keep in mind that the fraud proceedings concerning the paypal account of one Erik Pearson (founder of the Facebook Group Page, Sandy Hook Hoax) is moving alone nicely. We are now in the belly of the beast…

  33. Halbig should understand that the atmosphere surrounding any discussion of this kind is always poisoned by cognitive infiltrators. People have a right to be suspicious and withhold money until any investigator has proven his credibility beyond doubt. If he is legit, he should let the aspersions roll off his back and move forward to demonstrate his efficacy in getting to the bottom of the government fraud known as the Sandy Hook School Shooting.
    As far as ‘standing to sue’ goes , what about the people who have donated to charities in the name of the victims? Haven’t they been defrauded of their money? I think that someone mentioned this before, but isn’t it a viable approach?

    1. Christo, that’s a good point. The problem, however, is that FIRST you’d have to “prove” it was a hoax before you could show that you were mislead to contribute.

      1. Exactly, LoPhatt. The courts will not award damages for something that was not a crime (as far as they are concerned). Proving through the courts that Sandy Hook was a hoax seems like an impossible feat considering that “the system” was on it from the get go. I wish we lived in such a world where we could trust that the people in power would be honest and do the right thing for the people they are supposed to represent but the realist in me knows that is simply not the case. Expecting the wrongs of Sandy Hook to be righted by the courts does not seem even remotely realistic.

      2. If the time line of the United Way posting the Sandy Hook School event 3 days before it happened can not be debunked, you/we would have far more than reasonable doubt for anything but a deliberately staged event,
        regardless of the actual number in the dead body count.

        Getting this issue before the courts is without doubt, the only/best way to proceed.

        Proof of fraud exists in abundance.

        Getting the proof that exists before a judge is the ultimate goal.

        1. Even if it does go before a seems like there are too many “bought and paid for” judges in our legal system.

        2. I don’t think the legal route can be closed. Many may dismiss what Halbig is doing, and may find that he is indeed under manipulation or perhaps a manipulator. However, we also know that, despite the confidence with which the legal community speaks, the system of law, their system, has broken down (as far as the readers of this site can tell). In such times, assertions are philosophical and not, in faith, legal; they cannot be. Why would legal mores and procedures determine an outcome if they are being reviewed and perhaps re-interpreted. Those in power engage in this all the time. Suddenly, it’s America’s duty to support fascist and neo-Nazi mobs in the Ukraine, for example. We of little power are likewise able to begin a re-interpretation operation; it just has to start out smaller have have little hope of infiltrating the public conscience.

          Maybe it’s best we see these problems with our eyes open. Lophatt suggested a contributor to a sandy hoax scam would need to prove the event was fictitious before claiming to have been conned. Why not take that as a starting point rather than a stumbling block? Has anyone come across someone who feels they were conned into donating? Imagine that you donated a dollar, maybe even a peso, and now feel you have been conned. Carry out a drama from this and this alone. Why not? Why not suppose a lawsuit was more an ongoing consideration than a fact, at least until momentum has been captured. There are a lot of different ways to play this. It’s important to know that some angle would have to be played. We’re dealing with psychopaths. You can’t simply win an argument in this circumstance. You may wish to find the truth, but you will find the psychopath only wishes to destroy you and the truth. Just look at how many 9/11 debates went absolutely nowhere.

        3. Per my prior post (yesterday) I’m still thinking it should start with a FOIA enforcement…but geez, who knows how much has been shredded to date. Probably as much as possible.

        4. At least “I” am not “closing” the legal avenue. I have simply been trying to deal with reality here. It seems that some believe that we have courts who are just salivating to get their hands on matters such as this so they can ride in on a white charger to bring justice to the oppressed.

          I hate to rain on anyone’s picnic but it just doesn’t work that way. FOIA requests are just that, REQUESTS. All it takes is for some official to say “we have no such records” and its all over. In order to get someone else to look into that assertion you need a judge to issue an order. Good luck with that.

          I agree that FOIA is the probable starting point. That or an investigation leading to something irrefutable. In order to “get to court” you have to show that a fraud was perpetrated. It isn’t enough for us to “know” that.

          The courts have ruled that the media and the cops are free to lie at will. That pretty much leaves the politicians and the fund raisers. Now, I know its hard to imagine a lying politician, but it happens. Not much chance of success there. Now, if it can be shown that this is fraudulent, and that the fund-raisers knew that, you may have a case. That’s a pretty steep hill to climb.

          I think the more realistic approach is to expose this in the hope that it will cause others to be skeptical of their handlers. Losing their ability to manipulate is more important than embarrassing a psychopath. By the way, they don’t get embarrassed.

          If some legal action comes of the exposure, great. I’d love to be more optimistic. I’m afraid I’m not.

      1. Kyle, there is the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, and far, far too many other criminal activities screaming for “legal” action. Who visits Connecticut? Why, none other than Eric Holder. Who says “we have to brainwash the masses”?

        You have the Governor, all the local elites and their respective toadies all over SHES. You have the top propaganda specialists, including the disturbingly weird A. Cooper. Just what judge are you thinking of?

        You must mean the “ex-judge”, that would be the one run out of office or the one who “got depressed”. Then, of course, the “evidence” would suddenly “disappear” and the witnesses………ugh!

        My legal advice here is…..don’t. I know, I know, I want to do something too. This isn’t it. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to be done. There’s an old adage; “If you’re gonna challenge the King, you’d better kill him”. They say that for a reason.

        1. Lophatt, I’m still chuckling about the hog-tied nasty cop story (thanks for sharing that)!

          I am sad to say that the legal system in this case is going to be stacked waaaayyyyy high against any challengers. That house of cards has got to be taken down from within somehow.

  34. This is off topic but related to Connecticut. It seems Lt. J. Paul Vance has a son who has some control in Connecticut. The woman who had her faced ripped off by a chimp wants to sue Connecticut and so far has been denied:
    “She asked lawmakers to pass legislation overruling a June decision by state Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance Jr. denying her request to waive Connecticut’s sovereign immunity from lawsuits.”

    Jr. is in state government too. It is just one of those *now isn’t that interesting* moments.

  35. Perhaps we could organize groups of people from our interested parties in each state,city..and fund raise to get projectors that can project on buildings showing video of this hoax,or other statements flashed across the buildings leading people here or other sites to expose this..

  36. I’m not a lawyer but how about this: suppose someone donated money to, say Emily Parker’s fund, never questioning her death, but assuming that at some point proof would be provided. Then they noticed that the fund had been set up on the day of her death and that no death certificate had ever been shown to the public. Maybe they then noticed the picture of Obama and Emily together after she was supposed to have died. Wouldn’t they at least have the right to see the death certificate as proof that they had not been defrauded? Isn’t the state of CT enabling and endorsing the fraud by not providing the certificates? In other words, wouldn’t a giver to a charity have standing to sue the state of CT over their right to see the death certificates?

    1. Christo – IMHO, since the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, I’d think you’d have to do down the FOIA road first – to get the copy of the death certificate before you could file the lawsuit against the family’s fund.

      1. Beth, I couldn’t reply to your other comment about me continuously sticking up for Halbig. I’m not on his side, or asking someone to take his side. I ask for neutrality. I support full research vetting and disclosure of our leaders within the truth community.

        Here’s some of the comments or words used in various blogs including this one:

        Trying to grab 15 minutes of fame.
        Wolfgang the Titanic.
        Separating the truthers.
        Pure fraud.

        This is not questioning, its attacking. And until I see some hard proof that Halbig is any of these things, I’ll continue to stick up for him.

        1. I agree Bill. I too think Wolfgang Halbig is one of the only ones that is willing and able to get to the bottom of things. Up till now it’s been all talk/no action on anyone’s part. Some people have nothing better to do than sit behind their computer and talk s*&t.

        2. Really?

          Well, if that’s not a fine example of talking sh*t, I don’t know what is.

          You have no idea what most of us are all about. While I can’t speak for the other regulars, to me, I believe all people (here and otherwise) deserve respect for speaking out and digging for the truth in whatever capacity they feel they can do it.

          Like me, I believe they spread the word outside this blog (as they often admit being beaten up for it, but are relentless in their beliefs and concerns). They continue efforts to persuade others to question vocally.

          Often this slow and steady war to convert the general public’s opinion (or lack of caring) will bring victory…vs. the bull in the china shop approach.

        3. The reason why Dr. Tracey & Mr. Halbig are so important Beth, is that they offer up both intellectual hope, and loose cannon potential for Main Stream Media coverage of the unanswered questions that haunt the Sandy Hook School tragedy.

          On May 5th, it is my understanding that Mr. Halbig will be accompanied by a very high profile lawyer, so you/we can count on them to speak well, for all of us.

          Hopefully the advance press releases (if they have a budget to bring out gallery spectators with shop posters & newspaper adds, so much the better!) will attract the attention of the MSM in such a way that they will be compelled to cover this controversial, and potentially volatile event.

          The slant or portrayal taken by the MSM need not be fair or accurate.

          It will not matter. The MSM does not have to be fair or accurate. Even if Halbig is attacked and ridiculed viciously, any MSM coverage at all, will be seen as a great victory to me.

          Lets all hope Beth, that this is just the first of many public challenges to the institutions that must be held accountable for providing us with real answers to these reasonable and justifiable questions.

        4. Understood Bill Fred. Attacks are not okay…but it is surely okay to use “May be” ahead of some labels (“may be a fraud”). Luckily the moderator does a great job of keeping nasty folks from commenting…as for other blogs, I’ve visited a few and some people can be brutal, for sure.

        5. Once again, we find ourselves in solid agreement on this issue Bill Fred.

          I will cheer if Wolfgang can get any kind of recognition/mention from the MSM in May. There are so many unanswered questions that will not go away and, deserve to be openly and properly addressed.

          Any mention at all will be seen by me as a major victory!

          Mr. Halbig is among the first to take action and openly confront those with a responsibility to satisfy the public questions and concerns about Sandy Hook School tragedy.

          He should be commended for his initiative.

          I hope this can inspire his critics to demonstrate their own initiatives and take action……any action.

    2. All Sandy Hook School related charities are vulnerable to challenges of wrongfully benefitting from what (we think) can be proved to be a deliberately staged event.

      It is the Main Stream Media outlets and charities like the United Way, that are known to have posted information about the event, and the victims involved well before the event ever occurred, that are the most vulnerable to legal accountability.

      If I have missed the official explanations that successfully debunks all of the documented appearances of on line foreknowledge, please expose me to those new facts, and I’ll update my score cards on this project.

  37. Phillip J. Berg brouight a suit against Barack Obama for fraudulent birth certificate and fake military selective service card…judge ruled he didn’t have ‘standing.’ Who doesn’t have standing if not an American citizen affected by Obama’s incompetence; don’t we live under his decrees, edicts and signed laws? Unbelievable.

    Another point, recall the case of German immigrant Christian Gerhartsreiter? He made a home in the US under various fake IDs–Chris Chesterton (English noble line) and then turned up in NYC as
    Craig Clark and last took the nom de pume of Clark Rockefeller.

    He even managed to obtain a job as a bond salesman with a Wall Street firm as a Rockefeller heir–though no one bothered to check as the name carried such cache. After three decades, he was brought to justice for the murder of a California man, whose mother had befriended him.The man’s body was unearthed in the back yard of the small house he rented; the man’s wife also disappeared though no trace of her living or dead was ever found.

    When asked how he duped so many sophisticated people for so long he replied, “Vanity, vanity, vanity.” He played to their need for self-esteem and the need to ‘fit in.’ He never seemed to lack for money.

    Certainly not putting Halbig into the category of German cum American, Gerhartsreiter, just considering how easy it is to get hornswaggled
    by charm and/or a carefully crafted spiel. Gerhartsreiter has no remorse for any of his actions; simply denies and continues to play the role of an elite. That is the demeanor or a typical psychopath. Most people will accept others, not questioning motives. In this day and age, pehaps we should. Just saying….

    1. The Phillip Berg story was like a man on a mission. A mission destined to fail. But its all about publicity. How many more people became aware of the birth certificate story because of this case? It seems to me that any sort of legal endeavor against Sandy Hook would result in more public awareness of the staged hoax false flag, even if the mission is destined to fail.

      If you are going to be a money-fraud, I could think of a much better choice than the Sandy Hook shooting. How about fake Hermes bags or money laundering? How about guns into Mexico? How many people are going to publicly support some wack that says the government killed 20 kids, or that no one died? Wake up moron. Last I saw on his site, it was about 300 people who donated. It is extremely highly impossible that someone would do this for the money. I can’t believe I have to waste my time telling you this.

    2. That’s a great example of how someone can just move along and manipulate – the Clark Rockefeller case – because, like the tailors in the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” he plays on vanity (the tailors told people that their cloth was so fine, only a discerning eye could see it, and if you could not see it, it proved you were unworthy and of low taste). Hope I did not mangle it too much, but basically the idea is you do not look to motives, you simply try to belong and go along to get along, and are never the first to cry foul when you know something does not add up (lest you be considered too compulsive and hence nerdy aka vulgar and undiscerning).

      If someone declares that “Boston Strong” is the watchword of the hour, you use it at every opportunity to show your affiliation. I was disappointed to see that Senator Elizabeth Warren jumped on the bandwagon there almost immediately. To say something like that is basically to endorse the official history of the BMB, because the phrase rose directly from it and suddenly was on posters and banners all over the town, even while rational people would have been sure huge questions existed about the event and the fund-raising. But then fund-raising is so often about vanity.

  38. Copied this from comments on Tony’s interview with Wolfgang Halbig…

    “I got worked up when he first came on the scene simply because he threatened legal action against these pricks… but now that I’ve heard him speak many times, I can’t help but think that this man is much too simple, tedious, repetitive, annoying and uneducated to ever “represent” me and my beliefs! Sorry, but he’s an embarrassment folks..and his “questions” are beyond poorly-written and have also been torn to shreds! He’s just NOT my “main man” and will NOT be taken seriously!”

      1. ————————————–

        Thanks for this link, dm. I must say the debate is hot and heavy and that begs the question as to why. Like one soul pointed out,
        Halbig presents a very big bone of contention. I have always felt
        there is method in the madness. Who would be more advantaged by this split than those who want to see the whole issue disappear? Divide and conquer.

        Nice to see so many comments from MHB making the roster. Good job, people!

        1. It became obvious when day after day, Wolfgang Halbig would post his resume…and then his background and the even pictures of him at the jobs he claimed he worked at…..all to prove he’s got nothing to hide, and the Heyenas came out in full force STILL looking to overturn that rock that shows something negative about him, as if he is running for political office. They are out, NOT to question his background, but to railroad his efforts altogether and send him to the gallows. The word I like to use, is Bloodthirsty. They are waiting to him to fail….at anything…When you see behavior like this it really raises a red flag to the rest of us.

        2. Nothing wrong with a little due diligence. Anyone who thrusts themselves into the spotlight gets to endure it. Not fun, most of the time – but it is what happens. People do want to know who they can trust and background is often all they have to go on.

        3. Beth, when you say that Halbig “thrust himself into the spotlight”…how do you mean that? Following the “American Free Press” interview went quasi-viral, yes he became popular, but I believe that impact of that interview even surprised him. Shortly after, he started receiving calls for additional interviews. So, in my mind, he didn’t “Thrust himself into the spotlight.” Your comment reminds me of another person who used this in an article, “The newest Sandy Hook warrior rode in on his white horse” by Rob Craig. This may be some people’s version of the events, but to those following this story, it all evolved over a period of 4-7 days when Halbig became a household name in the SH group.

        4. Seriously? What the heck kind of argument are you starting in taking me to task for using the phrase, “When he thrust himself into the limelight?”

          Are you saying he put himself out to the public involuntarily?

          Is he a victim? Did he actually get thrust into the limelight voluntarily?
          Will he be suing for slander/libel because he didn’t want publicity?

          Oh wait, he was raising funds – and that requires that one “thrust themselves into the limelight”…at least a little.

          When he posts information about his efforts and requests funds in multiple locations (“I want to raise a lot of money”) – he is putting himself out there voluntarily, yes?

          If his handlers are doing it and he is not stopping it – is he not allowing it voluntarily?

          When on a fundraising site he states, “I will not let you down” – in efforts to raise money from the public – is he not making these promises publicly?

          So, I think most of my peers here on MHB would agree: He’s voluntarily put himself in the public eye. Further -he wants the people to know what he’s up to. He even gives updates to this effect on his sites. Those updates also help him get cash raised.

          I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck — he’s puttin’ it out there, baby.

          So, just as a movie star can’t sue a critic for a negative review of their performance – it is what it is.


        5. Beth, Beth, Beth….if you followed the story, as it happened….it was certainly not a planned Media blitz that he had scheduled. I don’t even know how he got on the American Free Press interview…..but the other interviews ONLY came after the success of the first one. Halbig didn’t have a powerpoint presentation put together with his marketing department for this whole “Announcement”…..he did an interview, and it took off, like I stated almost as in going “viral”….then, these interviews fell into his lap, and he had to respond. Eventually, afterwards even creating a paypal account to handle the amount of interest of supporters. He did say during the end of that first interview, that he would like to raise some money and “do this thing right”….but it was, by no means something he figured would have the blowback it did.

        6. Dm, Dm, Dm…it was all voluntary pub.
          However it happened.
          It doesn’t even matter – so no need to spin it.

        7. @DmHennen, in response to your comment at 5:44, it’s my understanding that the first interview Wolfgang did was with Fetzer posted here At around this time, Fetzer was engaged in a couple of AFP debates on Sandy Hook, which is what put him in contact with Dave Gahary. If I’m not mistaken, it was Fetzer who put Gahary in contact with Wolfgang. And you’re correct, it was that AFP Gahary/Wolfgang interview that went viral and led to other internet radio hosts being interested in talking with him.

        8. dmhennen, good words. We need more people standing up for Halbig right now. From what I’ve seen Dr. Tracy has been silent about all the attacks on Halbig.

          The jury is still out on Halbig, why have so many already convicted him already? Because he is asking for donations?

        9. Bill Fred —

          Understand your in that corner and I respect your tenacity and hope. I really do. I would love to see this guy do awesome things in the name of the SHook conspiracy. That being said –

          Aren’t you a little concerned that the money being donated isn’t even being handled correctly? This is a most basic task in collecting donations and this supposed trust fund doesn’t seem to exist because those who claim to be near the guy will not give the formation state of the “fund”.

          I will cross my fingers for you and the other Halbig followers and I mean that most sincerely. I hope he finds or makes a chink in the armor.

        10. Beth, I confirmed with Dave Gahary from American Free Press, that at the time of the Halbig interview on 2/11, Halbig had nothing else scheduled (Halbig had only done the Fetzer interview on 1/24 at the time)….but and after it went viral, people came out of the woodwork to get an interview with him. Wasn’t planned that way, and essentially took him by surprise. He did want the publicity though, as Halbig’s facebook wall posts since February, 2013 clearly indicate, but, but no one would listen.

        11. 2/11 – now, then?
          Are we seriously debating whether Wolfgang “thrust himself into the public eye”? Nope, well – at least I am not.

          Still waiting (for days now) on that trust formation state info. Let’s see what kind of entity those donations are going into. So far, no entity has been proven to exist.

        12. @Bill Fred to your comment from March 25, 2014 at 11:58 pm – Thank you and I completely agree.

        13. Long ago, I made the point on this blog that the only/right/best way to proceed, is to get this issue before the courts.

          The Halbig court challenge is to be commended as one man’s leadership and initiative. He and those that choose to help him, will be doing their part to raise public awareness, expose the perpetrators, and seek justice.

          This should not be seen in isolation.

          This should be seen as an example of what is the right/only/best way to proceed.

          This story has several strong legal challenges that can be put forward on their own individual legal merit, and they should be.

          Nothing would be better for commanding the public attention through of the use of the MSM, than for multiple independent court and legislative challenges to be launched.

          Think about that.

          The Halbig group’s challenge should be commended for being among the “first”, not for being the best, or even most likely to succeed.

          Personally, I think the United Way is the weakest link to challenge with a good/better chance of success. They have an international reputation for open governance within an umbrella organisation for legitimate and deserving charities.

          Locally, I have helped to raise many thousands of dollars for the United Way, and I would be happy to work with like minded activists, on a project to examine exactly how and why the United Way is involved, and if this can be developed into another court challenge, so much the better for the greater good.

          On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 12:01 PM, Memory Ho

        14. dude what have you dipped your canadian grass in? United way only pays like 3% to charity and that charity is really some other ngo’s that are pushing their agenda. If you want to see 97% go in to some scumbags pockets and have your other 3% go to letting boys use the girls bathrooms in schools then give to the united way.

        15. The 990 return that the United Way will file for 2013 is due by May 15. That and the indication of foreknowledge revealed by the SH webpage does make the United Way of Western CT a weak link. They originally were in possession of the 11 million, but later turned the money over to another org created specifically to manage those funds, called “Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation”

          Look at their ex-officio board members at the bottom of the page!
          I don’t see that they are 501(c)3…uh oh

        16. The United Way is one of the major players in the Sandy Hook lie. The United Way is definitely one organization that has shown itself to be just as criminal as the rest of the charities involved. I think FOIA requests should be sent their way and looked into by the local, state and federal authorities. They were one of the facebook pages and websites that were set up BEFORE December 14, 2012. Think twice when you hear someone ask for anything for the United Way.

        17. We are in agreement Samantha.

          With their international reputation as an umbrella group for so many truly deserving charities, the United Way now has a lot at stake, and an awful lot of explaining to do.

          We should be able to get the names and stories of the creators and researchers of the web pages, as well as the administrators that authorized their creation.

          If there is an explanation for the illusion/appearance of foreknowledge,
          I say that we are entitled to hear it directly from those that are directly involved,…… and responsible.

          For my part, I will enquire about Canadian contributions to Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing victims, and respectfully challenge their due diligence. An interagency inquiry and report could prove interesting.

          Feel free to message me directly through Face Book if you are so inclined.

        18. I used to be involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters locally and have organized work related fund raisers, things like that in the past. No more will my time, effort and money go to the United Way after 12/14/12. Your post is not clear to me Terry Conspiracy. Are you pro or con United Way? Because fund raising is a major criminal component of the these false flag events, namely The Sandy Hook Elementary School event/extravaganza.

        19. Beth, you’ve “arrived”! You made the “hyena list”! It must be all that sports exposure. Somebody shows up and everybody runs off to choose “sides”. I rather suspect “the bone” comes with a price tag.

        20. I saw that. It really says a lot about Halbig’s true role in all of this. He was brought in to divide, create chaos, doubt and division among people searching for truth.

        21. Hi Lophatt, I’m a hyena? Ouch…no, I’m not 🙂

          In my work, we weed out the bullsh*t much of the time…so, I prefer to think of myself as a bullsh*t harvester than a hyena.

          Cheers friend,

        22. Beth, it’s OK. A “hyena” is a much more noble critter than the jackass who wrote that article!

        23. Thanks Lophatt — It’s OK – Nothing you say could offend me. You’re a good one 🙂

      2. DM your article is lacking a category. What about the group of people that vociferously push Wolfpuck on your category #2 claiming they KNOW that wolfie is for real, kinda like they know that kids did/didn’t die at SH or they know there were no planes hitting the towers? These were the comments that really made me step back and start to think this is “Operation Halbig.” I think that may be a contributing factor in many of the people’s viewpoints that you singled out. I am pretty sure I watched a video of Tony interviewing Wolfskin on his Iphone and it seemed his conclusion was that Halbie was actually a genuine guy despite the way has seemed.
        correct me if I am wrong. I cant waste another half hour watching the interview again.

  39. Another comment about Tony’s interview..

    es. Nice upload. So, at 23:30 Wolfgang Halbig ( we went to the bank today to pay legal fees) 3 tellers , and a bank assistant manager were asked by Halbig, do you think children died at Sandy Hook, why in the world would you think children died that day? ‘ because we heard it on the news! Well, I don’t know about Any of you, but when I’m in a Bank, opening an account for a very clandestine operation/investigation, I would Always ask the bank assistant manager some weirdo questions about if kids really died at Sandy Hook. Surely , that would not get my account flagged as a terrorist nut.
    Either the dude is stupid to the point of insanity , or I cannot imagine what else. What did he say here, 3 tellers and a bank assistant manager? Because when you are going to discuss the in’s and outs of Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, you always open up with your Bank Teller’s First. While your’re opening an account, it’s good practice to let them know exactly where you are putting this money.
    I like to let cops, banks, and my creditors know right where my political leanings are, up front, as well as my landlord and anyone else that might easily ruin my existence and flag me as a domestic terrorist. 

  40. Ok last one ..a comment from Tony’s interview with Halbig..

    There is a thing in police investigations as the Moment when the perp provides too much information, which implicates them. Who? Goes into a bank to open an account on a shady thing like Sandy Hook and interviews the bank staff on their viewpoint of a nationally publicized account of dead kids? I’ll tell you , No One. An imbecile perhaps. What happened here is Halbig got too confident and f*^ked it up. He elaborates off topic, appeals to emotion and filibusters anyway, all the time, I will admit , feeling kinda real, but we must read between the lines. 

  41. So this article pretty much says don’t waste your time going to court. Sad. Memoryholeblog has gone down the tubes over the past several days.

    1. Please explain, Bill Fred…how has MHB discredited the holy Halbig narrative? To inquire is a legit form of debate. When you lash out on a personal level, it generally indicates you are losing the argument….

      1. I’m not taking a side so there is nothing for me to win or lose. I’m waiting for more information. If Halbig is a fraud, it will come out in time.

        Research and vetting are good. Attacks are not.

      1. Oops, my comment went to the wrong place. My “yup, that’s kind of how I see things” was intended as a reply to Bill Fred from March 23 7:17

  42. Reporters (well, their bosses) file FOIA administrative complaints pretty frequently and I would imagine, lawsuits. I would think the legal standing is simple: The law is being violated and the information should be viewable by the public. There are likely no monetary damages one seeks except attorneys fees – just a guess.

    There are certain steps to go through before one files litigation. Obviously no one wants to go through the expense, time and effort only to have a judge toss out the case for failure to follow procedure. Good advice is: Everything one does in an effort to get a FOIA request met – makes the court record – so Mr. Halbig needs to be very professional in his communications and conduct. If he’s legit…hopefully he now has professional assistance.

    1. Hi Beth D! They Associated Press went through these channels. Anyone can watch the video of these proceedings where Sedensky represents the state of CT and gets away with lying to the Commissioner, on the record, and has not suffered the consequences yet. There was never a response to the AP’s 12/14/12 request, Nothing was ever turned over until the actual hearing, June 2013, two pieces of paper were handed over from Sedensky as to fulfill the request. Sedensky Continues to lie his way through the hearing about why they have nothing to turn over. Then at the last minute, claiming there was an on going criminal investigation that related to child abuse and therefore the state could not turn anything over. It was lie after lie and they’ve gotten away with it. If the state of CT can get away with this with the AP, what do we think we are going to get with someone like Day Williams on a second shot? The Commissioner appeared to be on the up and up and handled the hearing fairly, but was clearly frustrated with Sedensky’s talking out the side of his mouth. It took 5 attorneys, Captain Kehoe and a few other side show attractions to show up at a hearing 6 months later against one attorney from the AP, just to turn over two pieces of paper and stall the proceedings further with lies. I really don’t see how it can be any more just the second time around.

  43. Any one who thinks that Halbig sees this as some kind of opportunity – isn’t really thinking clearly. Yes, he’s real, and undaunted – I have been in contact with him. Unlike Newtown, this gutsy guy, with old-fashioned values, is as open, and transparent as it gets.

    He is planning to build a solid basis of incontrovertible evidence, focusing on school and medical protocols, and wants all the help he can get. Please pass on anything you have found to support his legal challenge.

  44. Quick question. If someone donates to one of the SH fundraisers such as Sandy Hook Promise, would they have standing? If so, maybe Halbig should donate in order to give him the court standing he needs.


    • Asheville Public Schools, Asheville NC. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Dr. Robert Logan, School Superintendent. Phone: 828-255-5064.
    >>>>>> # not working

    • Indian River School District, Vero Beach FL. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Melinda Gielow, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 772-564-4863
    >>>>>>> # not working

    • Lee County Schools, Raleigh/Sanford NC. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Dr. Gloria Lunsford, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 919-774-6226
    >>>>>>> DEAD

    • Mountain Home Schools, Mountain Home ID. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Mr. Ray Lamb, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 208-587-2580
    >>>>>>> Retired 5-6 years ago the secretary said

    • Millard Public Schools, Omaha, NE. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Dr. Roger Farr, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 402-895-8200
    >>>>>>> # not working

    • Harlem Public Schools, Chicago IL. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Mrs. Michele Tegland, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 815-654-450
    >>>>>> DEAD

    1. Kyle, I wanted to acknowledge your passion. You, and many other regulars here, have renewed my hope for our children’s future and our home called Earth.

      Please take a step back from your recent research efforts and give Wolf an honest chance to actualize whatever he is trying to prove to himself. I have learned that people are born with issues. We make bad mistakes sometimes. But that doesn’t mean all of us are inherently evil and selfish.

      Grant Halbig his next defining moment. Maybe, just maybe, he will surprise us. If not, par for the course, right?

    2. Kyle, maybe you should go back to your Nickelodeon blog and have conversations with some six graders, because that about the level of intellect you bring to the table.

      Not being able to reach people is all the evidence you need to convict this guy? It is incredible and very sad the mentality of our youth.

  46. Any person who donated to the fraudulent Sandy Hook Hoax charities has standing to sue such charities. Wolfgang should locate such people and file lawsuits. Rob Parker, the laughing “father” should be one of the first defendants. The sociopath was asking for money even before his “daughter Emily” was officially “dead.” Gene Rosen is another repulsive character I would like to see sued, but I am not sure if he got involved in any fundraising.

  47. Wolfgang has been fired from his School safety job and threatened with Federal arrest for attempting to get public information. This gives him standing. There can be many plaintiffs added with standing – People who sent gifts and money, Federal and CT state taxpayers whose money has been funneled into Newtown, the NRA, people with Autism and Asperger’s, Ron Paul, and all the new CT felons who refuse to register their guns.

    My favorite choice for plaintiff:

    “He did fine until Sandy Hook, where all the children were killed,” Mendoza explained. “After that, he just went off the deep end. He got depressed because that guy that did that had Asperger’s, too. And Robert felt that this was going to be a reflection on him. And so he felt he needed to see the doctor. And so we went and saw the doctor, and then he just never got any better. Mental health and everything, he just had a horrible time. And before that he was just doing wonderful.”

      1. Amanda4321, Mr. Halbig was self-fired. That won’t be a standing. It was stated that his partner didn’t agree with his efforts or fundraising. So, the business was to be dissolved. It isn’t as if a independent employer axed him for his beliefs/activities outside of the job.

    1. Sandy – Wolfgang was “fired” – his partner bailed on their business because he didn’t like what Mr. Halbig was doing and apparently was uncomfortable with the fund-raising. Why Halbig chose the “fired” line to describe that his partner distanced himself by existing their business.

      No standing.

      The cops are going to likely say they were sent to Halbig’s door because his repetitive and rather bazaar emails were perceived as threatening. Unless those police acted pretty inappropriately, I’d say the judge will throw that claim out. Just guessin’

    2. Sandy, I like the angle with the “story” from the Missoulian. This is where I am coming from. Federally we all have standing due to the ripple effect, not ripples, waves.

  48. I’m going to try to say a few things here, hopefully without incurring the rancor of the “true believers” or those who apparently still have “faith in the system”, despite what we’ve been studying here for over a year re: SHES.

    Just speaking for myself, I’m not looking for a “hero”. Actually, I don’t have any. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate people’s efforts and courage. We are all free to make our own decisions and pursue whatever path we choose.

    For those who think its important to have a “leader”, and they see that in Mr. Halbig, great. They should do whatever they wish to do in that regard.

    For those who believe that the judicial system is honest and a viable option, they should file away. I have my opinions on this one, based on many years of experience. But, hey, that’s OK. Some people have to find out the hard way.

    For those who find Mr. Halbig’s credentials impressive. That too is fine. I personally find it hard to see what any of that has to do with the situation at hand. If you think ex-cops are above reproach, fine.

    Nothing that has been discussed before the advent of Halbig or after, is in any way changed by this diversion. I think the way forward is more diligent and structured investigation. That should lead to a report. If nothing else, that report could be “released” on the internet. If it is a good report I suspect the public awareness level will rise.

    This shouldn’t be about Halbig. If you “like” him that’s OK. If not, that’s OK too. If he pursues this further, great. I’ve been accused of “breezy defeatism”, (catchy phrase!). I call it realism. There are people who continue to gamble in a rigged game. They call them “chumps”.

    Anyone who believes that authorities can be “forced” to do their jobs has not had much experience with that. I think this is a job best done by those who don’t depend on others. While I think there is a basis for a tort action I don’t hold out much hope in that happening. It is also a criminal matter. I don’t hold out much hope of anything coming from that quarter either.

    There was a lot of clamor for a 9-11 inquiry. Eventually they relented and provided a whitewash sideshow. This does not have the same “panache” with most so, unless some very dramatic evidence of wrongdoing was condensed into something attention grabbing, it is a simple matter for them to stonewall until it goes away. They have all the time in the world.

    1. Lophatt, I read all your posts on Lynn’s site (is she OK?, why did she take her blog down?), and I always seriously consider your position.

      My wife still thinks we are all lunatics, and I have grown accustomed to contemplating these truths with no support from family or friends.

      I don’t regard Halbig as my leader, but I do recognize that his mission represents a transition from an academic to a practical approach. Am I confident with his plan? Seems one-dimensional and probably won’t play in Peoria.

      But nonetheless, a new direction.

      If he succeeds, in any way, shape, or form, I will fund his expenses and encourage him to do more. Likewise, I will do the same for any other endeavor.

      We are at the cusp of how our future generations will conduct their lives. As you have alluded to, the folks who have rigged our reality will not go silently into the night.

      1. O. Man, as far as I can tell she just tired of the whole thing. It wasn’t her primary interest. She was interested in false convictions and other court corruption.

        1. That leads to the topic of corruption in Connecticut courts. The Dunblane School shooting trial records were sealed for 100 years, but at least it went to trial even with the gunman shooting and killing himself more than once.

        2. Wow! Anne – I have to go look that story up for some late night reading. That sounds pretty crazy! Thanks for sharing that.

        3. Yes, they actually got them to release some of the records as well. It seems that there was a lot of Masonic involvement. The shooter was buggering kids at the school and allegedly providing them for the use of some of the local nobility. Due to the Masonic involvement the police and courts turned a blind eye.

          There is much more to this story than the shootings and “lone nut” narrative. The shooter was active in setting up summer camps for kids. This ties to the recent investigations in the UK called “Yew Tree”.

          This has been going on as long as recorded history. It DOES tie to SHES in that it shows what can be done when all the “enforcers” are in on it.

    2. Lophatt, not only do they have all of the time, they have a limitless budget to tie up a citizen or citizens’ group in court for a long, long time…and a few judges in their pocket.

    3. Well said. Awakening people is something that gets done one person at a time. Its hard work. Any cover up that is exposed with the help of the courts, or press would most likely be approved by the big money and power that owns them, because they created the hoax and cover up in the first place. If it doesn’t achieve an end for them, it just isn’t going to happen. I just can’t see them letting anyone use their own system against them. Court can only settle a dispute fairly if the decision holds no consequences for the system it is designed to protect, or the judge.

      1. O. Man, Beth, Rich, thank you. I’m not suggesting that anyone not do anything. I’m trying to be realistic. I salute anyone who wants to soldier forth and do battle with TPTB. Trust me, no one would like better than I if that were successful.

        I don’t tell others what to do. I have learned that “discretion is the better part of valor” when it comes to certain situations. Call that “cowardice” if you will, or common sense if not.

        Martyrs are much better on film than they are in real life. If someone wants to martyr themselves to no avail I don’t call that useful. A person can stand and bang a gong all day but, eventually they tire or the police come and take them away. The reason for the noise remains.

        Frankly, I’m not a bit worried about what Mr. Halbig does or doesn’t do. I have thoughts about the likelihood of success with such a “direct” approach. I think that outsmarting them is better than confronting them.

        Given the lengths that they’ve gone to in order to set this up and pull it off, I would indeed be surprised to see them back pedal. As long as it is confined to a single point of entry, i.e. a court, it can be controlled. Knocking the props out from under this one leg at a time seems more likely to make the structure wobble.

        I think we’re doing what we can with what we have available. It would please me to no end if this thing came toppling down. I just don’t see it happening. Just like with all the other “events”. We KNOW what’s going on. They know that we know. They don’t care because they also know that nothing is going to happen to them.

        I would love to cheerlead everyone and try to convince them that all it takes is bringing this to the “right people”. If I believed that, I would do so. That is not the world we live in. It should be, but it isn’t.

        That doesn’t mean stop trying. Who knows, with all this brain power and skill something “irrefutable” may turn up of sufficient magnitude to tip the scales. I think its out there. Somehow I don’t think we’ll find it on the internet.

        Fact checking all these “characters” and their alleged stories would be a start. There are people who are very good at such things. It is tedious, time-consuming work. The better ones have “access” to people and records that aren’t generally available. They could not have pulled this drill off without leaving trails. With that sort of information we could take the “opinion” out of it.

        1. Hi Lophatt, You always bring some sanity to the discussions where others may try to lead us astray.

          I like to think that there are chat warriors among us – you included – who plant the seed of doubt with intelligent discussion (here and outside of MHB)…and many others benefit from this – they’re awakening. I think we are hearing of more folks than ever who are doubting the SHook episode happened the way it was reported….as well as other events.

          We each play a part in getting others to question…whether they agree with us or not…it gets them talking. In their own discussions, suddenly it seems many are finding that the math is adding up.

          But, that’s just my view on the slow awakening of many 🙂 I’m just glad you and our long-time regulars continue to come here and share in the discussions.

        2. Remember Scott Getzinger from Sandy Hook? The well known Hollywood prop master (The Dark Knight Rises) who was killed in a car crash on April 6, 2012. His wife addressed the Newtown BOE on October 4, 2011 about a school bus issue she had. It was a heated meeting. They gave her 2 minutes:

          Mrs. Getzinger has since been very active in local issues and last year testified at a Children Committee hearing in Hartford mentioning Adam Lanza several times. I don’t think she buys into the official story.

        3. I remember her Anne B. I watched her in action. Her husband’s death was bazaar – supposedly non-life threatening injuries…possibly under-diagnosed, well, guess that’s obvious…it happens, sadly – but…

          I even thought it might be interesting, after a respectful time period to reach out to her. I’ll have to poke around and see what she has been up to of late (when busy time ends at work).

        4. Thank you Beth and Samantha, that was very kind. Trust me, I appreciate you as much. This can be frustrating stuff. I think its a sign of health if we find it frustrating. It would be frightening if we weren’t outraged.

  49. Wolfgang owes all us full disclosure regarding who he is and his credentials. He has described himself in interviews as a “consultant” to hundreds if not thousands of schools. As a consultant who wants our trust, he has the obligation to give some details about his resume. I really find it hard to believe that a man who relies so heavily on his background, has not posted a single photograph on his web pages depicting him a state trooper, a school administrator, or a person who is hired as a consultant. All of these professions have lots of photo ops. We also need to know whom he’s worked for. That cannot be confidential information. All consultants are expected to provide references. Now that I’ve heard his story, I want him to prove to me who he is and what he is. Only bare minimum due diligence, I’d call it.

    1. Check out his post (or his handler’s post…):

      So, he was a trooper for one year or less…interesting because he has apparently embellished his trooper experiences. He supposedly saw so much “action” but as a one year or less rookie?

      Some have tried to check out his references and to no avail.
      Info list as current is not.

      Looks like in recent days, his handlers (or he) have used some of the donated money to get his search results in Google adjusted so all the positive links are in everyone’s face.

      I honestly don’t care much about him other than I hope he isn’t scamming people.

      You’ll probably get a lot of angry posts because of your desire for information. Those folks should not take such great offense towards those requesting more information so they can do proper due diligence.

      You’re going to hear the “he doesn’t owe you anything” chatter…well, he doesn’t owe “me” and perhaps “Joel” anything, of course – but if he is taking money from people, he owes them fair dealing.

      I hope he proves me wrong..I really do. But I think he will fade out of the public eye when the donations dwindle in the face of little action on his part. Wonder when that trip to Newtown is scheduled up?

      1. Halbig is going before the school board, set for May 2nd or 3rd I believe. He is also going at another time, unannounced, for public information. To all you naysayers, those who want the truth, you can certainly try to uncover this on your own, with your own finances and time. I’m standing behind Halbig and his efforts to uncover the truth! Much better than sitting on ones ass, hoping someone else will do it.

        1. Having intimate knowledge of school boards – I can tell you that his going before the school board will have do nothing. He isn’t even a constituent…but what does he expect to gain from berating the school board or questioning them in a public forum? Just press. I don’t think he’ll gain much else.

        2. He wants to look them square in the eye when he asks his questions.

          Look, you can stack a deck on anyone – and make them look like a saint or a devil. He has had business success and failures. We all have. He is 67 and will not be intimidated or deterred. Fighting this battle won’t be cheap, especially since he has to travel up the coast and pay for his legal team. Why in the world is it suspect for him to raise money?

          I have great respect for his determination to ACT!

        3. I am in complete agreement with your comment Sandy, & I am looking forward to the “official” reaction to this first of many direct confrontations.

          Will the MSM cover, or ignore the event?

          Time will tell.

        4. What isn’t being understood by some here, it seems is that Halbig’s apparent first effort: Addressing the school board…means “beans”.

          Although there is no absolute right for citizens to speak during meetings of public bodies, some state statutes specifically grant the public the right to speak at school board meetings. Hopefully he has checked the statutes. Even if he is allowed to speak, he will be granted very limited time AND THE BOARD is not compelled to respond.

          My bet is: He shows up and there will be law enforcement at the meeting. He will be deemed out of order – because he’s been gearing up the whole plane ride for this meeting. He will be removed from the meeting. He will hopefully be smart enough not to resist OR he will resist and he makes the press…which is his goal.

          But ultimately, going before the school board will have no positive impact and it serves no purpose other than for the “press” of it.

        5. The press is exactly what im hoping for. They do not have to respond, but they do have a public commentary portion at the start of each meeting. You can watch them going back to 2010 on the newtown website.

        6. OK…so it is more of a press pump – is what I think you’re saying.

          But, the School Board can agree to give him his 5 mins. They will all sit there during the public time and they will not respond. They are not required to respond. They will say “thank you” and he will sit down.

          Hopefully he will remind his donors and supporters that this event will matter not one iota.

        7. So do you have any suggestions as to tactics to move things forward? Or should we all just give up?

        8. Hi Larry, my point was – if he happens to be in the neighborhood and wants to be heard during the Board’s public comment time, that’s fine but it will do nothing. You can bet they’ll have law enforcement there in case he gets out of order (in light of how some of his communications to Newtown officials has been received). Getting physically thrown out or arrested will not reflect positively.

          I get the distinct feeling, as other posters have mention, that Halbig has not studied the police reports and related documentation. Some of his remarks appear to show his failure to be appropriately armed with that knowledge (he needs to become an expert on the contents in order to artfully debate it). Perhaps he can accomplish this with some of his professional peers’ assistance and input.

          He has requested information that he feels is vital to his investigation and his requests have not been fulfilled. So, he may have a FOIA case to begin things with. I believe that was the route that was discussed but have heard nothing more on this to date. It will take a while, surely, to locate a CT licensed attorney to take it on to go after the State and an appropriate attorney (if another) to attempt a federal FOIA case.

          Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a few various teams who could tackle this project from umpteen different angles? Some private investigators, etc.

          What would be your suggestion? How would you start? It seems FOIA first then refute evidence. But those are my thoughts, thanks for asking.

        9. I just posted a comment here that vanished. Maybe it will appear later somewhere. I’ll repost now without naming names and the link. A well known person in the entertainment industry from sh was killed in a car crash in April 2012. His wife addressed a certain boe in October 2011. It was a heated presentation and they gave her two minutes. She has since been very active in local issues. I don’t think she buys into the official story.

        10. IMO…Halbig is only planning this Sandyhook trip to keep donations flowing for the next 30-40 days…..its the “illusion” of effective action being taken that draws people in to keep donating I have this gut feeling that something will happen( an excuse ) before he actually travels to SH and will need to postpone the trip another 45 days….

          Mainstream Media is complicit in this hoax…its has been proven already with the St Rose of Lima footage , Anderson Cooper interviews etc…so why on earth would they give Halbig or the Sandyhook truthers favorable coverage if any at all?? The Sandyhook School Board will tell Halbig do go pound sand.

          I take this opportunity to ask Halbig personally to show himself publicly….I still have not seen any recent photos, videos, or has he made any public appearances….IMO he is way to forthcoming in giving out his address and phone number almost like trying to cover for his lack of public appearances……still…all we have is his voice and some old dated photos of him…..

        11. Frederick – right on!
          Or…he shows up to the board meeting and gets arrested because I’m sorry, I don’t think he can manage this unless his “handlers” have him in a room 24/7 coaching him. He will get out of order and boom – arrested. BUT…alas, even greater publicity – because like the cop visit he received (for possible threatening communications to officials), he will spin it that he was really arrested for asking questions in person — and thus, another push for donations….

        1. Zem,

          Halbig is no Peter Lanza. He has posted a recent picture, hasalso posted his e-mail address, along with his Florida HOME PHONE NUMBER (asks to be contacted between 9 to 5 or his wife will fire him!)

          I’m sure if you knocked on his door, he would invite you in.

          I think his School Safety Consulting work is a kind of cottage industry to Public School Administration – and since the government is outsourcing everything these days, he found a way to make a living out of his respect for education, his civic interest and abilities as a public speaker.

          Those kinds of contracting businesses, which depend on state or federal grants, are everywhere now, but are only a couple of decades old. I’m sure it took a lot of initiative and creativity to find a paycheck in there somewhere.

          Good for him. Remember, English is a second language for him, and he does very well. Please, give this guy a break! He doesn’t deserve to get the Mark Fuhrman treatment. Even Fuhrman didn’t deserve it.

        2. I could post my home phone number and my e-mail address online and claim to be Ronald McDonald. 🙂 Those kinds of things are not exactly evidence that he is who he says he is.

          If you or anyone else has a link to a recent photo of him (something from 2014) that would go a long way in helping to prove that he is who he says he is. So far I’ve only seen older photos.

          Since his main goal is to raise money, I think it’s pretty normal for people to want more information on him. The information that people are asking for sounds pretty reasonable from what I’ve seen.

  50. Tracy- Be Careful endorsing Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Halbig is EXTREMELY suspect:

    This is from BEFORE Sandy Hook attempting to raise (you guessed it 100,000 dollars):

    Wolfgang W Halbig

    I need financial help in fighting for children that are Harassed, Threatened, Intimidated, Assaulted, Racially and Now Gender Discriminated against. I am trying to provide to parents technology defender for any student who is having to suffer through this type of fail torture.

    We through the proper use of technology as a means will stop these vultures form preying on our most vulnerable.

    Please donate and investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide.

    I need $100,000 thousand dollars and probably pay it back once the company is up and running.


    So, Wolfgang Halbig was attempting to raise 100,000 dollars before this Sandy Hook event, with a different cause: Gender and racial discrimination..

    This guy is sketchy as heck.

    1. I am wondering if anyone has even seen a recent photo or video of him? None of his references can be verified. Is he even who he says he is?

      1. The more I am looking into this guy- the more he seems like an enormous money-hungry fraud. I was very surprised he was given so much attention so fast by multiple media outlets including the Alex Jones show etc. etc. and he gets interviewed on so many radio programs after coming out of nowhere- constantly asking for money.

        When people keep asking for money- and large, round numbers especially you have to step back and check them out more- and the video above really brings up some serious issues with his “background” which isn’t what he says it is.

        1. None of his references can be verified and no one has seen him in the flesh or has recent video footage or photographs. He could be as real as any of the characters created for the Sandy Hook Hoax for all we know. And just like the Sandy Hook victims, he is asking for money. Red flags everywhere.

        2. Apparently Wolfgang Halbig, Security Expert….suffered a very embarrassing security breach in the past (sort of cringe-worthy, the fella failed to secure his own weapon…but it is our mistakes that often teach us the most, right? Chuckle):

          Police: Teen Sold Stolen Gun To Student

          February 21, 1997|By Sharon McBreen of “The Sentinel” Staff

          LONGWOOD — A gun stolen from the director of security at Seminole County schools has made its way into the hands of a high school student, deputy sheriffs said.

          The irony is not lost on Wolfgang Halbig, whose Whisperwood home was burglarized last week.

          ”My big concern is the firearms and shells (that were stolen),” Halbig said. ”I didn’t want anybody getting hurt. I mean, gosh, I’m the director of security.”

          Seminole deputy sheriffs arrested a 15-year-old Lake Brantley High School student after finding a box of Halbig’s stolen belongings in the boy’s home.

          A 30-30 rifle and ammunition were missing. The teenager told deputies he sold the gun to a fellow student.

          Justin DeLaura, 181 W. Sabal Park Place, Longwood, was charged with armed burglary, grand theft of a firearm and criminal mischief. DeLaura was taken to the Seminole Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

          Thursday morning, a deputy was called to investigate a suspicious box on the fairway of the Sabal Point golf course, said sheriff’s spokesman Ed McDonough. The box was gone, but the deputy followed bicycle tracks to DeLaura’s home, McDonough said.

          After getting permission to search the house, the deputy found the box.

          Halbig said he did not know the suspect.

        3. Ha, ha! Reminds me of that FBI agent, Richard Miller, who kept leaving his weapon and classified papers in restaurants. Finally got set up by a Russian hooker (turned out to be a spy).

          Growing up, we had a “rent-a-cop” who patrolled businesses and liked to hassle all the kids. One day they found him hog-tied and stuffed in his trunk. He never got his weapon back either.

          Security doctor, heal thyself.

        4. PaulstalService, on 2/19 Halbig created a trust fund called “Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund.” in hopes to raise money to host “a conference in Orlando, FL” in order to hire attorneys and file civil lawsuits. He listed his home address and gave requested people send checks through the mail….His friends quickly suggested to use a paypal account instead of using snail mail….so he set one up the next day….a few days later he was urged to create a GoFundMe site, but that requires the person to set a “goal”, so he selected 100K. Just a number to shoot for….nothing is based on reaching that particular number. He’s not to tech-savvy, so he’s got someone to manage that page. Beginning in February of 2013, he began raising questions about Sandy Hook, and the started asking for funds a year later.

        5. This is the first update I’ve looked at this morning, dm – but hope you have responded as to entity state of formation.

          The Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund does not exist in FL (his state of residence), NV or DE (two common states to form entities).

          Looking forward to this update….still.

        6. Beth D. – I’ll try to make this as simple as can be. A trust fund was set up, like a bank account. Probably set up in the state of Florida. No one said anything of anybody “forming an entity”. There is no company if that is what you are referring to. You won’t find it if you do an internet search. Please, put your background and skills to better use than wasting our time. Focus on Sandy Hook!

        7. DM…So, the short answer is you don’t know. Thanks for trying to break that down for simple old me (it makes my response so much easier).

          I am not sorry to “waste your time” as noted in your reply. I have never begged you to read, much less respond to my posts.

          I MIGHT suggest that you stop wasting our time with attacking those questioning Halbig’ background, etc.? See, I would NEVER actually tell you to do that – because that’s not how I ROLL.

          But, if you or anyone else chooses to read on … (beware, you may feel you are wasting time…)

          The fact of the matter is, Sir, there are banking rules and regulations as well as tax implications of trust accounts for donations. You don’t just walk into the bank and say, “I’m getting donations and want to set up this “trust” account to deposit all of these checks so I can draw on them later to meet my cause’s expenditures”.

          Additionally, bankers’ have processes of their own so the financial institution is able to hopefully avoid becoming the unwitting accomplice of a con artist who wants to set up a bogus fundraising account. On top of rules -there is liability – those who make donations will assume that the financial institution where the account is housed has done appropriate due diligence before accepting the account. Of course, most donation funds are set up by legitimate folks. But, there are steps to follow to ensure all is established in a proper manner.

          Is there any kind of written trust agreement or other instrument that governs the use of the contributions? [Reference the IRS’ T.I.N. issuance policy if you are so inclined.]

          What happens to the fund if Halbig keels over, God forbid, from the stress he will surely be/is under?

          So, are you suggesting Halbig set this account up in his own name? That is unusual — so this indicates he is personally benefiting from the funds received – so will have some IRS implications, if this is the case. Otherwise, the fund needs a tax id number and now you have to have an entity and documentation via a trust document before you get a tax id number.

          In light of Customer Identification Program requirements, financial institutions must tread carefully to ensure that the account is established with the proper customer/TIN relationship, and that the existence of any trust is appropriately verified.

          Are you still reading? Goodness, you must have some time to waste today, Sir. But, I am curious as to why you are so defensive about the simple questions pertaining to Halbig’s background + the handling of thousands of dollars Halbig is collecting from people? You obviously have played many here so they think you’re a Halbig insider or at least have access about his info – yet your response is “he probably” set up an account in FL – and you advise interested parties to never mind – just focus on Sandy Hook.

          Well, in terms of due diligence before forming my own opinion of anyone – being told to “never mind” or look away from the subject matter of my inquiry — makes me more determined to scratch at veneer.

        8. Beth all I can say is “you go girl”. That was the best lashing I’ve read in a long time. I am boggled down in a deadline and keep peeking over here to see what’s going on. That comment made my day. Keep hammering away at the fundraising issue. I don’t want WH representing us “truthers” as a genre if he’s not on the up and up, playing by the rules. Wow, if it weren’t for you continuing this line of questioning, this issue would be swept aside.

        9. Shucks, Samantha…you made my afternoon! Thanks for taking the time to write that note – it meant a lot.

          Some people, huh? “Look away, nothing to see here”…especially coming from those who are cheerleaders for people or issues they know little about….sometimes as dangerous as those who know what’s going on because of the disinformation they spread.

          That comment just really set me off, as you can imagine. I am not always a smart person and have my own set of flaws, that’s why I try to be cautious in slamming other posters…but every once in a while I have to yank somebody’s chain when I feel they are outta line 🙂

          I am also swamped with a deadline…it is that time of year for some of us 🙂 Best wishes for a smooth day today!

        10. Yes, I must say I’m not too happy with Brendan Hunt’s video either. Some of the questions he discusses in dismissive ways are more indicative of his personal belief (apparently) than those here who have come to regard this as a drill.

          Nonetheless, I have a hard time believing that people regard Halbig as “representing them” as Hunt suggests. No one here could, or should, attempt to control what anyone says or does. I agree that his grammar is poor and his style leaves something to be desired. But, he is certainly NOT representing me.

          There are hucksters everywhere. There are obviously those who fall for their schemes or they wouldn’t exist. I think its important to make a distinction between “support” for those who champion a cause or idea, and those who ask for money. When you ask for money you should be prepared for a certain measure of scrutiny.

          If you had a child in school and your “assistant principle” wrote a note to you that read like the examples above, would you be concerned? On the other hand, I have to admit, I have taught people with graduate degrees in engineering who wrote this poorly. Their professors should suffer for this.

          The most kindly thing I can say about this is that it is, indeed, suspicious. I’m also struggling with the idea of going to the school board for answers to his questions. Other than the alleged missing annual reports on asbestos and lead paint, what are they going to have to say about FBI procedure or emergency response?

          Lastly, Brendan Hunt seems to think that the death pronouncements are “routine”. What’s up with that? I think that the supposed behavior in the face of what they want us all to believe happened is one of the most solid pieces of evidence. It wouldn’t happen. Not now, not ever.

        11. I agree, I don’t think Brendan Hunt’s rebuttals are the best, Wolfgang brings up a number of good points- but most of the good points he brought up have been brought up by people before him who are now getting no credit.

          The only really “new” thing he brings up, which I haven’t heard covered are the helicopters, which I haven’t heard before.

          He doesn’t mention the START Triage colors being completely wrong.. The START Triage tarps being empty (except for one lady sitting in a chari) and the START Triage regular protocol used all over the country not being followed- which in my opinion is one of if not the most obvious red-flags of this event. THERE ISN’T EVEN A BLACK START TRIAGE TARP!!!

          You know which colors the tarps are supposed to be for START Triage?
          In order of severity and importance for treatment:

          Black – Deceased
          Red – Immediate
          Yellow – Delayed
          Green – Minor

          All Tarps are supposed to be right next to each-other, not in other areas.

          During Sandy Hook we were shown 2 different START Triage areas, and one of them had a Blue tarp- That’s not even used during START Triage, EVER!

          Sandy Hook we saw:

          Blue -? (Not even a START color!!)

          No Black (Don’t want that tarp completely empty, that would look bad)

          The points Halbig brings up have been covered thoroughly already by people like myself and others- WHY IS HE BEING THROWN INTO THE FORE AS THE MAN TO REPRESENT US ALL ALL OF A SUDDEN?

          Where did this guy come from?, and why is he suddenly getting so much air-time and his voice heard so much? He’s all over the place. His background apparently is mostly a lie as well.

          I have been covering this event from day one, I like to think that I have brought some ground-breaking information to light, I have worked hundreds of hours researching and assembling videos. I put together SandyHoaxed which took me weeks of work.

          You know how many times I have been invited to go on a radio show or podcast? Zero.

          Ray was caught asking for a smooth 100 Grand for bogus reason which he would “probably pay back”- and now again he’s asking for 100 Grand for Sandy Hook- it’s just too obvious this guy is a con-artist who is miking well-meaning researchers into this event and will lead them NOWHERE- mark my words on that. Just like Alex Jones who milks his listeners.

          You know how much money I have asked for in my paypal accounts, etc? ZERO DOLLARS EVER I don’t even have a paypal account to pathetically beg for donations- Even if you wanted to give me money you can’t because I don’t have a method of giving it to me, I work my day job, and I don’t beg for money and try to milk people and I don’t monetize my videos-

          Whenever someone is asking for money- especially a BIG ROUND number like ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS which they have previously asked for for a bogus cause “Gender Inequality”- you had better realize you’re being played, it’s really that simple.

        12. Hey ThePaul, interesting on the tarp color issues…I am have not studied such things but obviously you have made a most interesting catch!

          There are posters here and elsewhere that, like you, have spent a ton of hours away from family, work, leisure hours, etc. in their own research and in putting “it” out there…for no pay…just to get the public to wake-up, to question….I applaud you and all those like you (us).

          You’re no couch sitter spewing sh*t, as was suggested by a previous poster today/last night. Geez, that stuff is aggravating. The ol’, ‘If you’re not with Halbig, you’re a troll, you’re not doing anything like he is…”. Damn straight we’re not doing things like he is…I’ll give her that 🙂

        13. PaulstalService, you bring up some good points, most of them are addressed here (Link:–Halbigs-Hyenas)….When you bring up things like “getting credit” and “getting attention”….it comes off as jealousy, whether you intend it or not. The real truthers want officials from that day to answer these questions and to us it doesn’t matter who gets the job done. Also Halbig isn’t our leader, and never claimed to be one. I have researched exposing this event since day one, and am not interested in who gets credit for exposing it, I just want it exposed.

        14. Paul, yes, I agree. We’ve been over all his questions and many more for a long time. On another site we systematically dissected just about every aspect of this, triage tarps included.

          I don’t know Brendan Hunt. I’ve visited his site a couple times and watched his videos. I can’t understand what he’s trying to do with them. I found one useful in getting a feel for the place. I was especially interested in the proximity of the houses to the rear of the school.

          Beyond that, I have no idea what he thinks about all of this and don’t particularly care. I have exactly the same sentiments as you when it comes to WH “assuming the mantle” of “representative”. That’s quite a stretch.

          I’ve said many times, even before the advent of WH what I think of “credential worship”. In WH’s case, I don’t even see those as significant. This whole controversy has been a lesson in human nature.

          I appreciate all you and most of the others do. I’m sure that if one of us needed help with some aspect of this it would be given freely. When I contribute money to something I like to be sure it’s on the “up and up”. That’s not because I’m “tight”, it’s because I don’t want to be a chump.

          One last thing: the helicopters. WH makes much of that. I wouldn’t but for the fact that they “news” choppers were there. Where I live they often land a chopper at the high school that is only a couple of blocks from my house. The ambulances transport injured over there and they fly them to the hospital.

          We know they were doing a drill. That’s why they had the tarps. If they were actually using them they would have brought them out and sent the living ones in critical condition via helicopter in all likelihood. If not, there would have been many ambulances racing them to the hospital.

          Even the dead would have been transported. I personally don’t believe a word of their story here. Hunt’s assertion that cops do pronouncements all the time is bunk. They may know someone’s dead, but they still make the trip.

          Maybe this thing is such a huge leap for some that they just can’t bring themselves to believe they’d do such a thing. I can’t understand how anyone could believe they’d leave 20 dead kids lying on the floor. Once you wrap your mind around that the rest is sort of frosting.

        15. Lophatt – you are so correct that this situation has provided an excellent study in human nature. It (and other events) has also provided a lesson about what can be accomplished under a veil…and how much wool can be pulled over the public’s eye.

        16. Not only that, but if I knew my child was inside the school alive or dead, no one could stop me from tearing down doors to get inside. I sure as heck would not be posing for photos outside the fire station. I am leaning towards the school being empty that day and years prior. They may already have settled in at the Chalk Hill School in Monroe long before that day. It would explain all the stuff lined up against the windows at SHES, things they had no need for at the new location. The feel good tale about creating identical classrooms – the little tykes may have been attending Chalk Hill School all along. The people on Crestwood Drive behind SHES would know if they heard children on a daily basis. They are not talking – yet. The location was ideal for such drill. Only one way in and out, and easily controlled.

        17. Then there is the interesting lack of discussions about Sandy Hook Elementary in historical school board meetings, as well. I kept looking for the facilities committee to discuss the sad shape of Sandy Hook Elementary…

        18. Beth D – below is a link to Newtown BOE meetings prior to 2011. During a very quick scan I found two references to Sandy Hook from the meeting on September 7, 2010. Portables at Sandy Hook were painted over the summer and the PTA replaced fencing. I do not recall seeing any portable classrooms on 12/14/12, if classrooms are being referred to. Did anyone else spot portable classrooms? Are they referring to a school named Sandy Hook located in Sandy Hook or located elsewhere? We’ve been told they have a Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Monroe now.

          Mr. Faiella reviewed some of the work done over the summer. At Hawley the phone system has been updated, the Café was completed and the boiler replaced. At Sandy Hook the portables were painted and the PTA replaced fencing. At Head O’Meadow work was done to move the principal back into the main office. At the middle school new HVAC was installed in the data center and there were code updates in the nurse’s office.

          Regarding activities for students on those Wednesdays, Education Connection will extend its program and also run a program at Reed for those not part of a program. Enrichment activities will be offered also. The cost is $15 for pick up by 4:00 p.m. and $25 for pick up by 6:00 p.m. Newtown Youth Academy is also setting up activities. Hawley and Reed would cost $15 and Sandy Hook, Middle Gate and Head O’Meadow would cost $10 on an as-needed basis. Each principal will send out the options. We will provide transportation at no additional cost.

        19. It’s becoming harder to post, the comments won’t ‘stick’. Trying again.

          Beth D – below is a link to Newtown BOE meetings prior to 2011. During a very quick scan I found two references to Sandy Hook from the meeting on September 7, 2010. Portables at Sandy Hook were painted over the summer and the PTA replaced fencing. I do not recall seeing any portable classrooms on 12/14/12, if classrooms are being referred to. Did anyone else spot portable classrooms? Are they referring to a school named Sandy Hook located in Sandy Hook or located elsewhere? We’ve been told they have a Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Monroe now.

          Mr. Faiella reviewed some of the work done over the summer. At Hawley the phone system has been updated, the Café was completed and the boiler replaced. At Sandy Hook the portables were painted and the PTA replaced fencing. At Head O’Meadow work was done to move the principal back into the main office. At the middle school new HVAC was installed in the data center and there were code updates in the nurse’s office.

          Regarding activities for students on those Wednesdays, Education Connection will extend its program and also run a program at Reed for those not part of a program. Enrichment activities will be offered also. The cost is $15 for pick up by 4:00 p.m. and $25 for pick up by 6:00 p.m. Newtown Youth Academy is also setting up activities. Hawley and Reed would cost $15 and Sandy Hook, Middle Gate and Head O’Meadow would cost $10 on an as-needed basis. Each principal will send out the options. We will provide transportation at no additional cost.

        20. Beth and Anne, I believe I noticed one or two portable (plywood, modular) classrooms in Brendan Hunt’s videos. It is one of the reasons I’m reluctant to categorically say that the school was not in use. I’m actually not persuaded either way.

          It wouldn’t take much to move to another position on this, I just haven’t seen it yet. I certainly agree that they’d have to shoot me to keep me from my kid. I think that whole scene was more “modeling”. This is what Good Global Citizens do when in the presence of “authority”.

          It was a perfect location for the drill. No question about it. Every aspect of it was right out of the HSEEP playbook.

          I think we tend to lose sight of how controlled this was. We have “images” and “narrative”. Outside of that, nothing. If you asked one of the “extras” at the firehouse what they were doing you’d likely get; “they paid me to wander around aimlessly in and out of doorways”. All they know is they had a drill and they participated…..somehow.

          Anybody in town would just know that they had a drill, or what they saw on TEE VEE. All the rest was “pure hollywood”. It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. The Boston extravaganza was the same. It’s just taking “reality TV” live.

      1. “…it was over a year ago…”

        Doesn’t matter that Halbig was trying to raise money for another pursuit a year ago. It was done — and that causes suspicion for some people. Like, maybe a Sandy Hook justice fund is just his new flavor for the year for raising money.

        You and others who seem to be in touch with Halbig have ever responded here to the question: Does he have an established entity for this fundraising or is he receiving checks in his name? The latter is also highly suspect. I found no entity for this pursuit registered in FL.

        It would be great if you or whoever is in touch with him or handling him would post info on that. Thank you!

        1. He created the Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund on 2/19/14. This isn’t for him to collect some quick cash.

        2. What is the formation state?
          I tried FL (Halbig’s resident state, of course), DE (a common formation state, of course) and NV. No such entities exist. Interesting I found the Sandy Hook Promise fund in DE.

          So, if you would be so kind since you provided name and formation month – please provide the state.

          Thank you!

        3. Thanks Zem…I’ve been asking it for says on this blog thread and the prior — but these Halbig supports / handlers on with us, just won’t share it…as of yet.

        4. @ Beth D.

          We must all follow Halbig, and get behind him- Even though his accent really doesn’t sound German at all – Why do you have a problem with that? He’s our new leader like Alex Jones has been, who has lead us great places so far!!!..

          Halbig needs a “money bomb” of 100,000 dollars and all our dreams will come true! Justice will be had! We just need to get that money to him ASAP!

          Sure he’s asked for 100,000 dollars previously in a rather suspicious “gender/race inequality solving” scheme, but this time it’s different! This time he’s going to help us solve Sandy Hook and bring Justice!!!

          Wait a second.. What’s that sound? Hold on everybody…

          Oh my gosh! I have some police officers pulling up my driveway, as I’m typing this, I need to stop typing this! Quick! Send some money to Ray Halbig!!!!!!!

        5. ThePaul…Thanks for that chuckle.

          Isn’t it extremely scary how so many people will jump on a bandwagon? It reminds us of how easy it is for the gubbermint to capture minds, too.

        6. License #
          Corporate Name
          Trade Name
          Expiration Date
          First Name
          Last Name

          400214000060 SANDY HOOK PROMISE FOUNDATION SANDY HOOK PROMISE 2015-10-31 Charitable Solicitation 14 CHURCH HILL RD – NEWTOWN CT 06470

          14 Church Hill Rd
          Wheeler Shopping Center, Newtown, CT 06470

        7. I apologize if this double posts – 1st time I posted I wasn’t logged into WordPress.

          Yesterday mid-day C.O.N.C.O.R.D. the Ct SOS site was down for a few hours. When I went back in search results had changed. I searched for any Sandy Hook companies and got no results. Tried Sandy Hook Promise Foundation and got this result:

          The interesting thing on this is the Agent Name: Secretary Of The State and it lists an actual SOS office in Hartford. This is a foreign corp created in Delaware, does not indicate if it’s profit on non-profit.

          I also found a combo Sandy Hook-Columbine charity in Colorado:

          I haven’t gotten around to checking out all 50 states, but I’ve found some in Arizona, Michigan, DC, and Oklahoma so far. They are spreading their wings all across the fruited plain.

        8. I tried that – just for beans, but the site was not cooperating again. Interesting how many filing across the U.S. Great research! Of the exact same name?

          If you can and it is of interest, please let us know if in your 50-state search if you find the Sandy Hook Justice Fund that Halbig supposedly set up (doubtful) to collect monies.

        9. The Poseys may have a hand in this Columbine/Sandy Hook scam. Mrs. Posey was out having fun with her friends on 12/14/12 and then the family moved from Newtown to Colorado within a couple of days.

          So now we have the Posey family in Colorado and the Parkers in Washington state. The Pozner woman was moving to Washington state as well. Sandy Hookers are spreading their wings for new adventures.

        10. Anne B, interesting find! Well, their Shook-Columbine cooperative is working on safety, readiness, etc. Wonder why they haven’t hired Wolfie as a consultant 🙂

          You bring up a very, VERY interesting item – the moving of the SHookers. Not just the moving out — but so many of those folks – like a bazaar % of them have moved to SHook between 18-28 months before the event. It would be interesting to try to research these folks’ whereabouts prior to their move to Newtown.

          These are the times when I wish the crew of us could sit around a coffee / cocktail and split up research ideas and report back to each other 🙂

          I noticed in that article you linked how Ms. Posey mentioned shielding her son from anything having to do with the event (which of course, any Mom would want to do) — wonder what she thought about the supposed exact replica of SHook Elementary at thesupposed Chalk School locale? Talk about crazy…

        11. Beth D – she may be shielding him because perhaps he did not see anything, and heaven forbid should he say something to that effect in their new locale if the subject came up. The further these ‘traumatized’ children are removed from Sandy Hook the better the chances are of not spilling any beans.

          I have thought the same, if the time allows, to trace the families of the 20 children and the 6 adults we’ve been told were killed by Adam Lanza. The ‘survivors’ as well. We have more information on the alleged Lanza family than we have on the others.

        12. That’s for sure. The fact that so many of those families relocated to Sandy Hook within that aforementioned time frame just goes against the law of averages…this from me, someone who has moved a lot in my lifetime 🙂

          As a former resident of the area, what did you think of the revitalization that Newtown went through…supposedly just prior to this influx of new residents? There were stories (I’d just re-read two cases from 2010) of long-time business leases that were abruptly terminated via a certified letter from a landlord’s attorney (which was not the usual mode of communication these businesses were used to — as when renewal time came, they met personally w/their landlords).

          Some of these stories seem to imply that something funky was going on. The landlords/their reps wouldn’t comment when asked, of course.

          It is sort of freaky the barbershop was forced to leave for a new salon called “Shh…” (for Sandy Hook Hair Co) with some crazy hand print (that looks bloody) on their logo + sign. Website is under construction or maybe they’re gone:

        13. Beth D – to answer your question:

          This is close to Exit 10 off the interstate – “A Trumbull firm has gained Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) approval to construct a gas station/convenience store, including a food service area, at 67 Church Hill Road, at that street’s western corner with Edmond Road.”

          “The Borough Zoning Commission (BZC) this week unanimously approved a major commercial redevelopment project for a 6.3-acre site at 30-32 Church Hill Road, known as The Villages at Lexington Gardens. Following a September 19 public hearing on the application submitted by owner Newtown Savings Bank, BZC members approved a special zoning permit, a Village District zoning permit, and a site development plan for the project. The site is on the south side of Church Hill Road, across Church Hill Road from The Boulevard. The plans approved by the BZC call for adding 60,500 square feet of new commercial space at 32 Church Hill Road in the form of four two-story buildings — one 28,000-square-foot structure, two 13,000-square-foot buildings, and one 6,500-square-foot structure. Each building would have retail space at ground level and office space on the second story. To make way for that new construction, the former Lexington Gardens plant nursery and garden shop would be demolished. Also, an existing flat-roofed, two-story, red-brick 16,000-square-foot commercial building at 30 Church Hill Road would receive a variety of external improvements to enhance its appearance, making it visually complementary to the proposed new construction at 32 Church Hill Road.”

          Another large project is scheduled to start spring 2014 construction:

          There is a new shopping center on 14-18 Church Hill Road named Wheeler Shopping Center. 14 Church Hill Road is also the address for Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.

          The EOC is fairly new: “Town officials dedicate new Emergency Operations Center to town Fire Marshal and Sandy Hook Fire Chief Bill Halstead.”

          Then there is the new elementary school coming soon.

          It seems they want to leave the area on Main Street around the flag pole intact. It is quaint and picture post card like. But the rest of the town is open for new business now. Sandy Hook Center has always been a quiet place, now being beautified. They probably want only certain businesses to occupy the existing facilities – something to compliment the new SHES. The guy who claimed to have cut Adams’s hair had to leave town. He may have had a few too large holes in his sieve.
          There are also plans for all sorts of new developments on the old Fairfield Hills grounds. So Newtown will indeed live up to its name.

          Then we have “The Newtowner” sure to rub it all in:
          THE NEWTOWNER is a one-of-a-kind arts and literary magazine showcasing the work of emerging and established literary, visual, and performing artists from our local area and across the nation.The Newtowner derives its name from Newtown, CT where we are based and from its residents who make this town so special.

        14. Wow! Good to have all the gov money rolling in to Newtown, aye?!! Thanks for all that info!

          I was especially interested in the 2010 or late 2009 development. It is tougher to find info about that on-line now – whereas I recall locating it easily in early 2013. It’s like it has been wiped away – unless I need to play with search terms a little hard. I suppose I could comb through local meeting minutes for some hints, etc.

          So many people had been questioning the “face lift” the Newtown area received that seemed to come just before all of these new folks moved to town in 2010.

          I recall one person chuckling about it in a story – saying it was if it was a facade to make the town look so much nicer….but for what?

          This thought was re-sparked in my brain as the idea came up today of digging a little deeper into some of the Sandy Hook Players.

        15. Am I to understand that you are a resident of Newtown Anne B.?

          If you are, do you know of the Lewis family in Newtown?

          Is there any sign at all, of local concern about the Sandy Hook School tragedy being a staged event?

          Do they show any sign at all, of being aware of “our” concerns?

          What is your opinion of Mr. Halbig’s 16 questions, and his May 5th planned school board appearance?

          Will you be planning to attend?

          Do you think there is any chance of coverage by the Newtown Bee or any other form of local media?

        16. TC, in answer to your questions :

          I used to live in that area for many years and worked in and around Newtown. I live in California for the time being. Like Beth D, I have moved a lot.

          Do you mean Scarlett Lewis of SH fame? No, I do not. Scarlett Lewis lives in a home purchased for zero dollars on 12/25/09. Her roots are not from Newtown, but elsewhere in CT. Her full time job now is a charity foundation and writing about a son named Jesse.

          I still have friends in that area. I can’t even bring up the subject of SH. All SH material I have sent by regular mail have been met with deafening silence – learned to pick my fights now. Of course there are those who’ve claimed they know someone who had relatives at SH, but I can’t get a straight answer if these relatives are among the living or dead. It’s a subject that seems to be taboo. Danbury News Times have had comments from readers stating they are fed up with the constant articles about Newtown. But none have called it a hoax that I’m aware of. If someone did, it was most likely deleted.

          First of all I don’t think the school board will be forthcoming, or any other boards or commissions in Newtown. Connecticut does not have county government, so it’s either town/city or state government that need to be addressed. But I wish Halbig all the luck in the world. Personally I would focus on finding out if the school was in operation that day, or if it was closed for a drill. I believe I’ve read that Halbig is traveling to Newtown on May 5th to attend a May 6th school board meeting.

          I would not miss this meeting for the world if I still lived in CT.

          If the Danbury News Times, the Newtown Bee, local radio or TV from lager cities around CT attend, they will not report favorably on an out of towner spoiling their global image as victims and perhaps ruin the many fundraisers planned for the future. There may be some lesser news outlets there, but I do not have much hope for those either. They would not risk becoming outcasts in a small state. There is an independent radio broadcaster close by in NY state who had Halbig on his program and he said he would be in Newtown for support. I had some hopes for The Waterbury Observer and its publisher, and independent outlet that took on an intriguing missing person case and exposed the state for what it is. But he has jumped on the SH bandwagon too, sorry to say.

        17. Thanks for the reply Anne B.,

          I too would like to see it go down live, and I’m certain that we will all be watching the You Tube viral videos, if anything happens there at all.

          Attack journalism is to be expected.

          My biggest concern would be no MSM coverage at all.

          Many of Mr.Halbig’s questions, if/when he can get answers to them, will have the power to expose the school as a empty building used as a set for a staged False Flag event, as we all suspect, or the scene of a truly tragic horror story.

          Its the questions in a public forum that I support, the man is almost irrelevant in comparison to the importance of real answers to those important questions.

          The proof is out there.

          That is why I am so troubled by the comments of your friend Beth D.

          She is so active and knowledgeable, yet so determined to discourage Direct (legal) Action in the real world, by anyone. It’s disheartening.

          I am not expecting success from this first real world public request for real answers, but I am expecting many more challenges to follow.

          If the current elected officials refuse to co-operate, I will expect political activists to put this issue on their agenda,………….. one way or another!

        18. Beth D – you’re welcome. I too have found that information on the Internet is not as readily available as it once was. It used to be a breeze to look up things.

        19. TC – Judging from a previous Newtown BOE meeting, where a local resident addressing issues she had with the school bus route and was almost manhandled by someone in attendance, I am anxious to see how Halbig will be treated. I’m sure the BOE knows what’s planned for May 6th and preparations are under way to save the day. The News Times, the Bee and NPD will get their instructions from up above. They’re all in cahoots.

        20. You ask “Why?” Mr. Fish&roaches?

          The primary purpose for this “public” request for information is to raise public awareness. I am hoping for advance advertising and Spontaneous Demonstrations!

          We truthers, want to wake the people up.

          Don’t you?

        21. Fish – that was my thought, too. The announcement was made to help raise money, no doubt. If that is what is needed – it had to be done, I suppose.

          Members of the public may address the board on any item not on the meeting’s agenda during the public comment portion of the meeting – but of course discussion of personnel issues is not permitted. You normally get 5 mins per person and typically 20 mins per subject matter total.

          I’ve seen these go way over – with the board giving those who wish to be heard an opportunity. It is just good politics, in most cases – since your job is to serve the students and those voters. But, being this is one person or a group of non-residents, they’ll get the cut-off, no doubt).

          So, Wolfie will need to be short and sweet and cut to the chase with just the school board-relevant questions out of his list of 16.

          But I’d be willing to bet there have been some very interesting meetings (and more scheduled) to discuss how to handle this visitor to Newtown and his legal team (or whoever is coming with him).

          Having had some experience with such things, I can tell you they will be ready and they’ll have at least one uniformed person there if they need to hook him under the collar to haul him out. Otherwise, the board Pres will likely give him his few minutes, cut him off if he goes over (to which he will comply or be removed), then will thank him for his comment and move on. Done. Hopefully he will be very professional and respectful and make the most of his 5 mins in the limelight 🙂 I also hope no one hurts him…some people can be crazy-passionate.

        22. Yikes, I was looking at some other CT schools and the public comment limit is 2 and 10. How much can a person say in 2 mins? That’s not right, IMHO.

        23. Right you are, Anne B.!

          We both see that It is the Main Stream Media that is our greatest threat, and our most dangerous enemy.

          We would have every reason to be totally disheartened by the hypnotic power that the MSM holds over so much of the planet’s population, but there are still sound reasons for optimism today.

          The best example I can offer is the Guardian’s decision to publish the Greenwald/Snowden evidence of a Globalist plot to build a technological Prison Planet around us, leaving future generations without hope of privacy of freedom.

          The evidence that proves this to be true, is solidly in the public domain now. That threat is real!

          The undisputable evidence behind this Grand Conspiracy can no longer be successfully debunked.

          We know!

          Obama is now rolling back on the Global surveillance agenda. That to me, is as miraculous a milestone as our continued ability to discuss these issues on the internet today.

          Keeping in mind that the Five Eyes/NSA is still storing every one of our key strokes, I do believe we may have hit the tipping point where we can see strong resistance forming, because of these MSM revelations.

          The flock is stirring.

          Sheeple everywhere are waking up to just how untrustworthy the MSM really is.


        24. “Obama is now rolling back on the Global surveillance agenda. That to me, is as miraculous a milestone as our continued ability to discuss these issues on the internet today.”

          Who believes this?

        25. Obama can say what he wants, the intelligence community doesn’t answer to him anyway. It has continuity, as in it was there before him, and will be there long after he is gone. There are people working that gig with security clearances way above the President. You can’t give the whole story to a guy who couldn’t even pass a background check for a job mowing lawns at the White House. The Machine is in place and will continue to grow. They are not going to give up ground they have already won, or rather stolen, and paid for with your income tax.

        26. Fish… Really! That line from the Prez is right up there with “You can keep you doctor….”

    2. Paul, is that a direct quote “…to provide parents technology defender for….”?

      Seems I distinctly remember from the radio interview about all the “scenes of carnage”, etc., he was exposed to during his long career as a state trooper.

      What was it P.T. Barnum said?

      1. Yes Lophatt! That was exactly the quote I was looking for from Halbig — about all that carnage he saw as a trooper. Turns out he was a trooper one year or less. But, writing tickets can get ugly at times….me thinks he likes to puff up that resume.

        1. Yes there are lots of issues with his resume and supposed background. Wasn’t he initially passing himself off as a retired law enforcement officer? Then I read on his resume that he worked as one in the 70’s for three years. Now it’s down to one. Who is this guy?

        2. Hey, Zem…apparently he is whoever people want him to be 🙂 He’ll rewrite his resume to suit the job. Well, the “retired ex-police officer” was either a flub by someone introducing him via an interview OR he is technically “retired” perhaps and an “ex police officer”.

          On his FBook page – he hangs it out there — State of Florida
          State Trooper, 1974-1975

          • State Trooper-graduated from academy in Tallahassee, FL
          • Assigned Miami, FL duty station
          • Assigned presidential details Key Biscayne-President Nixon

          Yeah, he was there doing something but the “rookie” wasn’t assigned to guarding the then-President, I’m sure. He probably meant to say he did some traffic control – like when the President went to the airport, etc.

          Maybe I should send a note to this guy and see if he recalls Mr. Halbig (he has an extension resume but was a state cop in ’74 …lots of years, actually)

        3. I found this quote from Halbig in on of his letters to the school board:

          “I have spend a lifetime as a Florida State Trooper In Miami, Florida from 1974 through 1977 and then realizing that I’m in the wrong profession.”

          How does a person confuse one year with three? Or a lifetime for that matter? The letter can be found on this blog.

        4. Hi Zem…Great find. Ramblers who embellish have to be extra careful. Turns out he has modified his resume, it seems, to indicate he was a trooper for 1 year (or less…since months are not indicated). Some jobs can be pretty bad – and a year or three CAN seem like a lifetime 🙂 But, this guy seems to be pretty full of “beans”, if you ask me.

        5. Maybe him and Nixon were “a match made in heaven”. If he met him he certainly was exposed to the “gruesome” side of life!

        6. Funny 🙂 A rookie with less than one year’s experience in a year that Nixon resigned likely had traffic duty around the area. That was his “detail”.

          It is kind of like Day Williams’ reference to representing Sirhan Sirhan. Well, on the team of helpers..certainly not the lead. A fact made known by a poster here but was not given a response (by that fella).

        7. Miami is a wild city Beth D..

          It would be easy to imagine Wolfgang Halbig as a rookie, seeing more than enough violence and death in his first year, to decide that it was time for him to return to school, and pursue a career in education, then later, security.

          Why do you continue to attack him for his past career choices?

          I am expecting to see you attempt to assassinate the Straw Man in everyone that attempts to take these issues off the blogs, and into the public arena from this point on.

          That is the role Gate Keepers play.

          If I am right, your role here is to encourage us to keep talking on the blogs, but at the same time, discourage everyone from taking part in
          or supporting real action.

          You are critical of the man.

          You are critical of the questions he wants answered.

          You are critical of the (first) public forum he has chosen to bring public awareness to the reality FOIA requests being ignored by the government agencies that he has petitioned for answers to his 16 questions.

          My advice,…….Keep your long knives sharp Beth D.

          If Mr.Halbig has any impact at all on the 5th of May, there will be others.

          Lots of them.

          Even our Dr. Tracy, who obviously supports Mr. Halbigs initiatives, still has the ability (if not a responsibility), and the right to take real world actions beyond this blog.

          Think about that.

          I do.

        8. YOU SAID: Miami is a wild city Beth D..
          It would be easy to imagine Wolfgang Halbig as a rookie, seeing more than enough violence and death in his first year, to decide that it was time for him to return to school, and pursue a career in education, then later, security.

          I had said: He was a rookie. He spent less than a year on the job. One in that role gets a lot of traffic duty. Did you know that? He puffs up his career in law enforcement as if he spent decades at the job and this is false. HE WASN’T ON MIAMI VICE, just so you know.

          YOU SAID: Why do you continue to attack him for his past career choices?

          I had said: Nothing of the sort. I have questioned the accuracy of his resume and how one business was operated.

          YOU SAID: I am expecting to see you attempt to assassinate the Straw Man in everyone that attempts to take these issues off the blogs, and into the public arena from this point on. That is the role Gate Keepers play.

          I have to say: Geez, you are definitely off your meds.

          YOU SAID: If I am right, your role here is to encourage us to keep talking on the blogs, but at the same time, discourage everyone from taking part in or supporting real action.

          I have to say: I really wish you would stop chatting here because you never have anything relevant to bring to the conversations. You’re the attacker, here. Remember that, couch warrior.

          YOU SAID: You are critical of the man.

          I have to say: Oh yes I am.

          YOU SAID: You are critical of the questions he wants answered.

          I say: OK, for the THIRD time, Einstein, I am not. But you sure do enjoy harping on to that delusion. What is it with you? You must be stuck on stupid.

          YOU SAID: You are critical of the (first) public forum he has chosen to bring public awareness to the reality FOIA requests being ignored by the government agencies that he has petitioned for answers to his 16 questions.

          I say: Yes I am with the exception of 2 or so questions that are actually ones the school board could respond to, if that is their protocol during public comment. I SAID, for the other questions, the school board is not the proper venue.

          Of course you are the delusional person who said today you hope he advertises his events and puts posters in store windows in Newtown to get people to come. You must be daft, sir. Are you certain that Newtown residents are going to throw down the red carpet for your man? Most of the residents will ignore him, line up and heckle him or will just show up for the sideshow it promises to be.

          YOU SAID: My advice,…….Keep your long knives sharp Beth D.

          I say: What are you? 14 years old? Don’t threaten me. It is not very sporting to threaten someone in a blog…especially one like this. But when one can’t come a debate with reason and logic, I guess that is what they resort to. Man up and grow up. It is inappropriate.

        9. That would be my Guinness & Jameson’s power diet there Beth D..

          FYI, I have a black belt in Gandhido, so please read all of my lines to you again.

          When you do, you will see that your perception of “threats” and “orders” from me to you, are just not there.

          That is not my style in the real world, or here on this blog.

          I suspect you may well suffering from a classic case Gate Keepers Remorse (from being exposed) that is causing you to feel threatened.


          I did “challenge” you to list your important unanswered questions that deserve official answers, so that “we” could make proper FOIA requests to the appropriate government agencies.

          You refused.

          I did advise you to keep “your” (metaphorical) long knives sharp, because of all the up and coming eviscerating and character assassinations you will be working on, when the next wave of real world Sandy Hook truthers and activists stop blogging, and start doing.

          What are you going to do when VIP’s like Dr. Tracy (who obviously supports the Halbig initiative) make real world appearances that will be guaranteed to get the attention of the public through the MSM? Advise him to reconsider and retreat back to blog commentaries instead?

          I am certain that you will be doing just that.

          This is the kind of issue that will not go away till we all get proper answers to all of our reasonable questions Beth D., with or without your help.

          This is the kind of issue that some politicians dread, while other political activists will gladly include in their platform and run for political to get the unanswered questions onto the public agenda.

          Think about that.

          All I want is the truth.

          Justice will follow.

        10. Keep in mind that Mr. Halbig saw death “on a daily basis” in Miami working as a homicide detective. I believe Beth D. assumes he was writing traffic tickets.

        11. oh now he was a homicide detective, this is getting rich. straight from the academy to homicide detective, teen-wolf halbig is on the case. Him and styles, roof surfing a laundry van to the scene of the crime, our hero uses his keen olfactory senses to sniff out the perpetrators. our hero!

        12. Fishandroaches…thanks for making me smile this afternoon. It is amazing how much he accomplished in less than a year as a trooper…I guess.

        13. State of Florida
          State Trooper, 1974-1975

          Actually I wasn’t the first one that discussed writing traffic tickets. I merely concurred w/humor.

          I’m confused as to which it is – In his less than one year stint as a rookie he was either assigned to Nixon’s security detail (per his resume) or he was a homicide detective. Imagine making the high rank of “Detective” in such a short time. Could’ve been a stellar officer and bumped up…but probation period before consideration for a detective rank can be 3 years…or longer. I hope that’s the case.

          I still can’t help but wonder why a stellar rookie who made a detective rank so quickly would not have shredded the police reports easily. He’s devised these 16 questions but he has even mixed up some of the issues in the police reports. I know he’s an older fellow, so I’m certainly willing to give him a break. But, just wanted to express those curiosities.

          Kind regards.

        14. Beth and Fish…sorry about the “Homicide Detective” bit…..I did chuckle when I read that just now……My bad on writing that.. Teen-Wolf was a good comment, I do admit.

        15. That’s okay, Dm.

          Sometimes I spout off, too. I’m sure I’ve made factual errors and sometimes I do get my blood pressure up. If I have offended, I apologize, too.

          You are passionate in your beliefs and I for one, respect that – You are awake. We might not agree on some things but anyone who rejects the loads of b.s. that are dumped on the masses is okay in my book.

          Thanks for your note – that was a cool thing to do.

  51. The “16 Questions” that Mr. Halbig proposes to ask the Newtown School Board are addressed below. Now, my input on Halbig’s approach has not been requested and probably isn’t desired – but Larry asked me earlier today, “What would you do?”

    Well, let’s take a look first (what I’d do) at what Halbig plans to do at the May school board meeting. He says he will appear at the May school board meeting and will present, during public comment his 16 questions.

    All but 2 of “The 16 Questions” draft by Halbig don’t even apply to board business. If he runs through these questions to the board at this public meeting, I feel his credibility and his “expertise” will come into question and he’ll look like he’s harassing the board. But it is his to do as he wishes, of course. Larry, I’d tell him not to do this at the board meeting. Without further adieu —

    1. Who on 14 December 2012 was the Incident Commander as required by the Federal Emergency Management Administration in directing the Mass Casualty Shooting Incident at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

    To Halbig: It is my understanding that this Incident Commander is a required position if the school ONLY wishes to be certified as FEMA compliant IS-100.SCA Thus, compliance is mandatory for the certification but is not otherwise. Is this not true? Was such certification mandated by the State of CT? I think not. Things may have changed post 12/2012 or in the process of changing…but this question is moot. I hope you know the rules and regs on this before throwing an accusation as to 2012 policies and procedures of the school. Have you FOIA’d the policies and procedures in place at the time?

    Other than to get them to admit information about their internal security program as of 2012, which they will not, it’s all a dog and pony show. They generally don’t discuss issues arising in a public comment.

    2. Who and Why did they not request the Life Star Helicopters knowing that children and school staff are seriously injured and clinging to life?

    To Halbig: How is this a School Board question? Staff calls 9-1-1 in an emergency. The emergency professionals determine who to dispatch.

    3. and 4, To Halbig: These are more law enforcement questions. Not for a school board.

    5. Who was the Certified Environmental Bio-Hazard Decontamination company contracted by the Newtown Public Schools to remove gallons of blood, skull fragments, brain tissues, bodily fluids, blood soaked carpets and decontaminate areas inside the Sandy Hook School?

    Halbig: If Halbig had read the police reports, law enforcement took over the crime scene obviously and they used their regular sub-contractor. This is moot as far as the school board goes.

    6. Why does an off duty Lieutenant from the Newtown Police Department refuse to leave his off duty work assignment at a construction site on 14 December 2012 after hearing that shots have been fired at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

    To Halbig: So, how is this a school board question? The guy received a reprimand but he was off duty. He was supposed to keep his radio on him in case his service was needed and he failed – and THAT’S why he was reprimanded.

    7. Who at the Newtown Public Schools notified all of the parents in writing (as required by CT law) that had children attending the Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as every school staff member every school year of all the potential life threatening chemical hazards? [NOTE: The school had high levels of lead paint throughout the entire school, Asbestos in the ceiling tiles and floor tiles, asbestos in the insulation and, most of all, the school had a very high levels of PCB. Check out what PCB is and it should scare any parent.]

    To Halbig: Halbig should’ve requested to receive the school system’s Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) data and the name of the Designated Person, “DP”. The data is also to be filed with the CT Dept. of Public Health – as well as the annual notices to parents and staff. Did he make his request for data from either of these sources? Probably not…but the board will make him aware of where to get the report, I’m sure. This data is no secret, I’m sure and has no bearing on the SHook matter other than was relevant to the decision to tear down the school vs. remodel it. It obviously was of the age where such pollutants existed, so I don’t think you’re catching them at wanting to tear down a viable building (viable in terms of easily remodeled).

    8.-16: To save the readers additional pain: THEY ARE ALL law enforcement and emergency medical service provider questions. NO school board business here.

    So, I’ve got 2 questions out of the 16 he plans to ask that are applicable to school board business but can be obtained without a trip to Newtown. So, hopefully this isn’t the sole purpose of his trip. I hope those other questions will be withheld during the board meeting and he will reserve them to for the relevant parties.

    So, Larry is probably rolling his eyes and is sorry he asked what I’d do (or not do). Sorry for the length. Was unsure how many readers analyzed Halbig’s “16 questions”.

    1. Since Wolf will only have 3 minutes to speak in front of the board,. he probably wouldn’t get to ask more than 2 questions. And I think that the 2 questions that Beth mentioned ARE the ones to ask. I also support the suggestion that Wolf get the reports as suggested before leaving for SH. I am sure that Wolf has been getting some good advice from his lawyers and others now involved, but even though Beth doesn’t support Wolf, she did bring up some important issues. That’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.

      1. Hey Theresa, I just want to say thank you. I also want to say that honestly want to support Mr. Halbig. I just have some big concerns about him…and I think his handlers, too.

        He just has a different style and I wouldn’t have done or said much of what he has done or said. I only have been vocal (maybe a little too much here) about this because I’m concerned for how he proceeds and don’t want to damage the overall “cause”. He has some “kahunas”, I give him that…but some of the statements he made in emails and in interviews – well, they are a concern to me…but that’s just me.

        But — that’s the beauty of freedom – we each get to do what we want.

        So many people are quick to label us “nuts”. We just don’t need to feed them any unnecessary stories.

        I think Halbig is an easy target – he’s likely going to be set up to look like a crazy person – using some of his prior public statements against him and his announcement he used – as if it was a vendetta.

        I’m concerned about his background and who he says he is. I’m concerned he has had associates in business who have ties to the homeland security – but I’ll try to keep an open mind. I am also concerned about his efforts to raise monies, past and present years – not just with this particular crusade.

        His safety may be an issue – especially when we see some things that militarized or just plan power-hungry cops can do. Also, there are some passionate but crazy people out there. Goodness, I can only imagine that there will be Newtown residents who will be pissed. Some will be waiting for him.

        Halbig’s business is his own, of course – but as one of those who has been very vocal about SHook being a farce, I will cringe if it gets super ugly because of missteps by the first person to “go in”.

        Yes, he deserve kudos and respect for being the first soldier to fall on the sword…but…


      2. Presenting the school board with all 16 unanswered questions is “not” at all the time sensitive issue that Beth D. is making it out to be Theresa.

        Typically, the questions, and all the supporting background information that Mr. Halbig and his attorney wish to present to the board for “public” consideration, will be tabled for reading a week or two before the scheduled meeting.

        The 3 to 10 minute speaking time allotment, is simply the standard courtesy preamble before the question period.

        Once that starts, discussion times tend to be open ended and subject to the will of the board and its chair.

        If the board wishes to lower the profile of Mr. Halbig’s presentation they will ask no question, but, everything that Mr. Halbig presents in writing or video format, will forever be part of the official Newtown school board records.

        If there is an advance team working with Mr. Halbig, their goal will be to pack the public gallery to the rafters with spectators.

        There are no guarantees, but larger turn outs will tend to encourage more questions and talking point opportunities for Mr. Halbig.

        If anyone knows people living in the Newtown area, please take the time to contact them, to encourage their presence at the live meeting.

        1. I believe what Terry C is trying to explain is that Halbig may be opting to request the Board to place the item on their agenda vs. limiting his participation to the public comment. If so, this is interesting. Since Terry seems to know Halbig and/or has inside info on Halbig”:

          1. Perhaps he can confirm that the school board has accepted Halbig’s request to add his “presentation” to the Board’s Agenda.

          2. Has Halbig/his legal counsel filed his FOIA complaint with CT’s Freedom of Information Commission for review yet? Do you have the date this formal process filed? If it hasn’t been done, why?

        2. Beth, D, because of your “intimate” knowledge of School Boards and your long history in law, would you object if Wolfgang Halbig approached you with an invite to help him out in May at the upcoming meeting? He will need assistance, and you would be a perfect candidate to help out the cause. This could be the positive “push” we need to get this done right.

        3. Sure!

          However, I wouldn’t want to infringe on his CT attorney. You know who is his, yes? You bring news often so assume so. I’m sure this fellow has it all in hand in terms of FOIA complaints (bringing it to a complaint level) + the very easy task of requesting an agenda item. It is easy to ask, but they won’t put it on the agenda. He may get public comment and I hope they give him more than 3 or 5 mins. I don’t know that their policy is – saw one school in CT was trying to limit it to 2 mins which is just outrageous.

        4. Beth…I love reading your posts…..for some reason my posts sometimes appear as Federico and sometimes Frederick..I have no idea why.

          Regarding the 16 questions and the school board…I still think this trip is an “illusion” of effective action being taken to keep donation money flowing…

          What I dont understand is what the school board can actually do about any of these questions assuming he actually makes it to Newtown?? Is Wolfie doing this with the sole purpose of generating publicity for the Sandhook hoax?? or does he realistically expect a positive response from the Newtown School Board members? In other words what is the expected outcome of this Newtown visit? In my opinion this school board meeting presentation of the 16 questions is just so obviously misguided. He is taking an attorney to a school board meeting where the attorney has no more standing in the meeting than any other citizen of Newtown or possibly even less standing as he is not even a resident or have any vested interest in the affairs of any Newtown school.although Its a nice windfall for the attorney in terms of billable hours . IMO some on here are so desperate for any action to be taken that they will support almost anyone …even a semi literate, unintelligent bumbling man with a shady background who proposes any course of action because in their minds any action being taken is good action….Really?

          I am still bothered by the lack of any present day videos , pics or public apprearences by Wolfie…IMO the standard of proof of existence for a guy who has come to the forefront of a truth movement who is also collecting funds is really low. I have noticed time and again People on His FB justice page asking him to do a simple IPHONE video of himself and post it but it still has not happened. Why Not?…This continues to boggle my mind.

        5. Hi Fred! Thanks for a fabulous note and gosh, you made my week after the beatings I’ve taken from a certain person who posts here (I almost said “contributor” -hah!). I don’t know why I wasted so much time trying to convey some sense…but I did and it’s done. It is the contributors here, like you, who make this blog interesting and informative. What a cool way to hang out and share thoughts on such a perplexing bunch of issues.

          Your email beautifully lays out some real issues. Something is certainly “off” with this fellow…and while I want to believe his heart is in the right place…his (or his handlers’) mouth/typing fingers sure veer off course. As I often say, “the heart will often lie to you, but your gut never will.”

          Someone got their panties in a buddle over Halbig in the last 24 or so hours. Can’t blame her —

          Check out Martha Dean’s page – is an attorney running for Gov…she called out Halbig yesterday — Her ANGRY POSTS WHICH I HAVE PASTED BELOW:

          TODAY’S HUCKSTER ALERT: BEWARE OF A MAN CALLED “WOLFGANG HALBIG”. I have received word that he is making a career out of calling Newtown a hoax and he is now claiming that he spoke with me and I agree!THIS IS NOT TRUE. I have never spoken to this man — EXCEPT for accidentally answering my cell phone yesterday when a call came in from an unrecognized number. He was on the line. I told him I could NOT talk to him. He was quite assertive and nervous. I have not called him back and, based on his misrepresentations, I will not return his call even as a courtesy. We have a long list of serious issues that must be dealt with in Connecticut. Newtown is not on my list — personally or in my race for Governor. TAKE NOTE: HUKSTERS WILL BE SHOWN NO QUARTER BY ME NOW OR AS GOVERNOR.

          NEXT ONE: (After response from Halbig or his “handler[s]):

          Now this Wolfgang fellow is attacking me on his FB page. This is the note I wrote there: “Dear Wolfgang, I am not scared of the Sandy Hook issue. But I do not take kindly to being misrepresented. You said only that you wanted to talk with me yesterday when you called. You did not ask me what I believe or whether anything that Kevin Rennie wrote is true (it is not). I will say this: 1) If I had been Governor during Newtown there would have been a very different investigation; and 2) I applaud all sincere and professional/skillful efforts to fully investigate the facts of Newtown. But I do not endorse any conspiracy theories and I cannot sit idly by while I am depicted as having endorsed them, or as having told you I believe something that I do not believe and where I never shared any beliefs at all with you. In short, my problem is not with efforts to get to the truth but with efforts to distort the truth about my views — all for particular ends. Good luck to you. – Martha Dean”

    2. Terry, thanks for all of the attention but feel free to stop any time.

      You continue to twist the facts. Is it just to try to wrangle a response? Sure seems like it. Well, let’s see if I can help you ONE more time.

      YOU said:
      “Well, I would like to think that a rather large number of regular MHB readers of this blog, will take the time to analyze your advice to Mr. Halbig.Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong in any way.”

      I say:
      The regulars here are independently minded people who are more than capable of formulating their own opinions.

      YOU say:
      First, you are advising Mr. Halbig to cancel his plans to appear before the Newtown school board altogether. You would like him to look
      for the answers to the (only) 2 school board related (your opinion) questions from away.

      I say:
      I don’t advise Halbig.and never said he should cancel the plans altogether. This is now the 4th time I’ve said this – it’s getting old now.

      YOU said::
      Second, If Mr. Halbig does not heed your advice, and chooses instead to appear before the Newtown school board, it would be your wish that the 14 other questions “will be withheld during the board meeting and he will reserve them for the relevant parties.”;

      I say:
      Yes. He’ll be lucky if he even has enough time to ask the 2-3 that are relevant to the school board. If he attempts (and if they entertain) his 16 questions, most of which don’t apply to the school board, he will look like an old fool. :But it is HIS show.
      YOU said:
      You are fully aware of the fact that several of those 14 unanswered questions relate directly the failures in emergency protocol and logic that directly relate to school staff and student safety, yet show no interest in seeing the Newtown school board address those issues.

      I say:
      Because I know for a fact those are issues that the school board were not involved in and the school board has no jurisdiction. I’ve said this at to you at least 4 questions now.

      Why don’t you use this opportunity to support your “case” and share your vast knowledge of school board authority.

      YOU said:
      You are also fully aware of the fact that proper answers to several of
      those 14 unanswered questions would allow “us” to determine whether
      the Sandy Hook school was a vacant building that was used to stage an elaborate hoax, or the real life scene of a very tragic horror story.

      I say:
      I would love to see those answers as well. The school board does not have most of them as a board.

      So, now that this is the 4th time I’ve tried to explain this – hopefully you understand this alternative view point.

      1. Beth, feeding them only encourages them. It’s becoming a rerun of Apo-Ho-Ho. I think a duet at the school board might be better received. They can vouch for each other.

    1. Just because you see some comments as negative does not mean they are trolls. Trolls argue about your stance, trolls don’t ask for transparency. Trolls don’t support the truthers. All truthers don’t support WH, this doesn’t make them trolls.

      1. Samantha Caine,

        When you say “All truthers don’t support WH, this doesn’t make them trolls.” I agree with you.

        Some of them are just plain childish.

        That would be the ones that are getting territorial over publicly shared information and speculations.

        Some of them are Gate Keepers, acting with intent, to keep us talking down here on the blogs, and at the very same time discouraging and attacking anyone who is taking, or advocating for real world actions.

        Real truthers don’t use Straw Man attacks on the messengers.

        Real truth seekers want real world answers and genuine accountability.

        Real truthers want real world Justice.

        Real truthers recognise that Mr. Halbig has a right to get proper answers to his completely valid unanswered questions, for all of us.

        Real Gate Keepers have another far more diabolical agenda.

        The man is not the issue here Samantha, It is the unanswered questions and an enlightened population that we should be focused on.

        Think about that.

        1. @Terry- thanks for your comment. This part of what you said is what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately:

          “Some of them are Gate Keepers, acting with intent, to keep us talking down here on the blogs, and at the very same time discouraging and attacking anyone who is taking, or advocating for real world actions.”

        2. What some of we others have been thinking about is–

          Intelligent and very well crafted attempts at action vs. sloppy efforts.

        3. I am learning all about the opposition and am tiring of expending energy on what WH will or will not do. I do think his initial intentions were admiral, but now that we’ve had time to discuss what he may or may not do, and he’s still done nothing, I am on the fence. I really don’t believe that any one person can make a change, get to the bottom of this nor be a leader in our quest for truth at Sandy Hook. I don’t give up hope, but I don’t think WH’s the ONE. I live close in proximity to Oso, WA where the mudslide occurred. I am already noticing the same b.s. that happened in Sandy Hook, happening here. I feel the need to start gathering info on these “witnesses” and performing the same “surgery” that SH got. These “witnesses” already have ties to the witnesses at SH. It’s sick, disgusting and it’s now happening in my backyard. One of the first witnesses, who claims he heard a baby cry, has already lied and has ties to Newtown CT. This is a traveling effing gypsy caravan of liars, thiefs and people who garner money from our emotions. They may not have caused the landslide, but they are already gearing to profit from it. This is an emotional rape of America, once we stop giving money instead of our time, they will go away. They set themselves up in places where disasters WILL occur and if it doesn’t happen soon enough, they make it happen, so they can profit.

        4. Samantha…Holy crap…seriously? That is some wild stuff. Thanks for sharing that tidbit.

    2. So, you’re calling me a troll for pointing out Halbig previously asked for 100,000 dollars for a very bogus cause? Not to sound like a bitter grape- but hopefully you understand why this entire research community is EXTREMELY skeptical of people asking for One Hundred Thousand Dollars to SAVE US ALL AND “GET THE TRUTH”!! and “Get to the bottom of this” who have previously asked for One Hundred Thousand dollars for another cause – A man who has multiple homes and should be able to fund this en devour all with his own money- 100,000 is nothing to Mr. Halbig- the guy is extremely wealthy. Do not kid yourself. Why always the round number.. 100,000 dollars?

      Excuse me for being skeptical of our new messiah! A man interviewed maybe 15+ times already on “alternative” media- when there have been many much better researchers on this subject including Review Manify and myself- People who will clearly state the obvious: Adam Lanza does not exist- I am the only person in this research community who stands behind the Annie Haddad being Nancy Lanza aspect of the hoax as well, but nobody wants to talk to me, that’s for sure.

      The interesting thing is- people stating the obvious, from day one, who have really put in the research hours never get asked on podcasts or radio programs to speak their minds- Halbig was almost instantly invited on the Alex Jones show mostly regurgitating other people’s research- If you have been following the “reality of the situation” Alex Jones is a controlled opposition figurehead who lead 9/11 Truth absolutely nowhere.

      Remember when Alex Jones used to go and actually do “truth action” stuff? Like the Geraldo stunt? If he actually wanted to mobilize his army of “infowarriors” he would have a 9/11 sticker competition to see who can put up the most 9/11 inside job stickers- Notice how he doesn’t do that kind of thing? He wants everybody sitting at home, listening to his program, putting their faith in him, sending him money, doing absolutely nothing.

      Ray Halbig is the same controlled opposition type figure- Send him money! He’s going to blaze the trail to Sandy Hook and get everything figured out, just make sure to send him your money!

      while I have never once been asked to go on a radio program- I have put the time researching in- and now this guy shows up and is suddenly the person we are all supposed to get behind.. Sorry, not falling for it.

      1. Paulstal, sounds like you need to join this page and their 17 other friends who are asking the same questions. The reason no one wants to talk to you is that you are stating publicly that Adam and Nancy don’t exist. We can always play that card down the road, but need to focus on the illegal/criminal aspects of this case first to wake people up and to gain exposure.

        1. I agree dmhennen. I don’t think the reason Wolfgang got asked to do so many radio interviews has much to do with how thoroughly he researched every angle of every detail of the SH hoax, but more with the fact that he was filing so many FOIA requests and following up with emails when they were ignored, and then had cops show up at his home specifically for the purpose of telling him he would be charged with harassment if he continued trying to seek answers. That threat, coupled with the fact that he made it clear that he wanted to take direct action by hiring lawyers to investigate the questions he wanted answered, is what I believe got him all the attention he received. Extensive research into all the inconsistencies and bizarre aspects of the hoax is valuable and important, but I think it was his desire to take that kind of action that set him apart. I don’t think it’s fair that he is judged on how others responded to him. Yes, the fact that he was trying to raise money for another cause a couple of years back could be seen as suspicious by some, but then again, he could have been genuinely interested in raising money for the reason he stated. I personally think it’s great that he’s calling so much attention to this grand illusion. To me, the obvious benefit of drawing a wider audience’s attention to the questions surround the hoax outweighs the risk that he *might* just be trying to scam a little money. Just my opinion.

        2. Hi Michelle, I understand where you’re coming from – I agree with the need to get the info out in the open…and it is a battle that will wage on and on…

          I think you and perhaps others are under a misguided notion that Mr. Halbig was threatened for asking questions. If I understand correctly, Mr. Halbig did not get a law enforcement “visit” because he was trying to “get to the truth” as you’ve inferred. He was visited because his communications were growing agitated and possibly threatening to the receivers. That could be a felony. I can’t speak for what the receivers shoud’ve felt…but it was their right to presume a threat. He does come off as a bit kookie, I have to say.

          But this statement you had written, “To me, the obvious benefit of drawing a wider audience’s attention to the questions surround the hoax outweighs the risk that he *might* just be trying to scam a little money.” It troubles.

          You realize that people are giving him hard-earned funds – some that admit they have no more to give…and those fundraising efforts could be quite significant? As of this afternoon that figure is now at nearly $15k. That’s not “a little money” to me and many others. If you’re willing to turn a blind eye to that, I respect your right to do so. For others and myself, I also respect the right to question where that money is (nearly one week now with no answers on that) and if it is in a legit account.

          In addition to the above – if it is a hoax, the attention drawn to the “truther” community will be extremely negative. Suddenly the public will be “told” by news, etc. that there was yet another truther crazy person out there only this time he took a bunch of other truthers’ donations.
          So, it does matter — to ask questions and know, esp. if you, your family and your peers are doing so. I wonder how many Grandmothers have given him some of their food or prescription money thus far. Just sayin’

        3. Here are the things that has set Halbig aside from the other Sandy Hook truthers: (and in no way am I saying this is right or wrong)…just the facts….

          February, 28, 2013 – Publicly states on his Facebook page that he’s “willing to turn in my legal citizen status” if I’m wrong.

          March, 2013 – Reaches out to Dr. James Tracy to discuss getting this in the public arena. (Tracy is busy and doesn’t respond until later.)

          September 9, 2013 – Uses Facebook to call out to parents of loved ones at SHES to “call me personally, and includes his cell phone number.”

          October 17, 2013 – comments on Facebook that he had to change his password, because he was hacked.

          October 31, 2013 – sends a mass email addressed to members of the media at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, 60 Minutes and also the FBI asking why there has been no response from the 21 FOIA requests he sent to the State of Connecticut in early 2013.

          November 17, 2013 – comments on Facebook that his Twitter account has been suspended because he’s been asking too many questions about Sandy Hook.

          November 27, 2013 – Publicly states on his Facebook wall, that he is “willing to go to jail” for his efforts.

          December 17, 2014 – Two homicide detectives in plain clothes visit him in his home regarding his constant questioning of CT officials. Threaten felony charges if he doesn’t stop asking questions.

          February 18, 2014 – Two uniformed officers arrive at his home during an interview) to ask him when he’s going to Newtown, CT and if he owns a handgun.

          Now there are lots of people researching things and posting videos and doing podcasts…. but that means nothing if you don’t take a step outside of your comfort zone to really go after something. And Halbig has done all this at the expense of losing friends and family support and potentially ruining his marriage…..all for the sake of justice. I think THAT is why people are commending him. His isn’t “taking over” and “kicking everyone else aside”, he is no messiah….I just think that other than a handful of people filing FOIA requests and three people that I know who went up there, (George Mason, Brendan Hunt and Scott DeLarm) no one is doing anything on the level that Halbig has. Personally, I’d rather not listen to people bitch about Halbig unless they have personally done some of the things he has done. The point is this, if you don’t like him, don’t follow his work…..don’t donate….It doesn’t do anyone any good to bash the dude…

          If you focus on simple questions, and pound away at having law enforcement officials answer them, sooner or later you’ll reach the tipping point. Then, and only then will you able to bring up actors, etc. People outside our group will think you’re nuts for bringing that stuff up first…..example: Mr. Lapp met with a FBI Special Agent and showed him a CD of his compiled work on all the “actors” in this case. The agent walked away not interested.

          If someone else wants go up there and hire people and raise money, by all means do it. No one is stopping you. If Halbig fails, we’ll get someone else to step up.

        4. Just out of curiosity dm, what is your connection with him. You’ve been a staunch advocate, providing details about him. Just for full disclosure and all…

        5. Yeah, it’s a big coincidence a woman whose nickname is Nancy, who has 7 aliases and who’s married to a Peter worked at St. Rose of Lima School (where “Adam” supposedly attended), has a house less than a mile away from Yogananda and would leave the neighborhood using the same roads happens to look exactly like Nancy Lanza and was ON THE SANDY HOOK PTA a few months before this event happened –

          I’m way out there for pointing that out!

          I am so “out there” for pointing this out! I mean give me a break, I am so wrong for pointing out a woman who looks exactly like the “Nancy Lanza” character we were shown (who doesn’t have any pictures with her “kids”) Is on the Sandy Hook PTA!!!!!, supposedly sitting next to Dawn Hochsprung, Natalie Hammond, Sue Shortt, Beth Hegarty, Carly Posey, Georgeann Manfredonia,and other famous names involved in this hoax. I am OUT THERE!!

          Forgive me for being so “out there” pointing this out- I certainly wouldn’t want to listen to someone explaining the mindlblowing odds of something like this happening on a podcast- Heck no! instead I want to hear about some guy’s overtly obvious money-milking pitch for 100,000 dollars sounding like a late night infomercial combined with a Nigerian E-mail scam.

          Oh, and Re: Nobody wants to interview me because of my Annie Haddad expose- I wasn’t getting any e-mails or people contacting me BEFORE the Annie Haddad expose either.. So that’s not it.

        6. The Paulstal Service is one of the best places to get updated on Sandy Hook. I support The Paulstal Service more than Wolfgang.

        7. The Paul and Samantha – Let us not forget those alias names of Peter Lanza. What the heck is up with that?

        8. Beth, most all the SH players have many aliases and their homes were paid off 12/25/09

        9. Like Beth said: Thanks, but no thanks on the Facebook links..

          Oh, and you’re saying we should ignore the flesh and blood woman who has been busted playing the Nancy Lanza who is alive and could potentially be questioned aspect, and instead “focus on the illegal/criminal aspects of this case” minutia most Americans couldn’t give less of an F about? We should go that route- a route no “regular” people eating Doritos and slamming Big Gulps are even interested in?

          Here’s a news flash: The only thing you should have to show people regarding this scam to get them interested are the empty START triage tarps with no blood or bodies on them, and no ambulances whisking children to the hospital. If people don’t understand it’s a hoax after seeing that they are:

          A. Too stupid and or have too short an attention span to ever figure it out from “criminal/legal aspects” or..

          B. Too in denial and blindly patriotic and trusting of the system to ever believe it was a hoax and they never will change their minds EVER.

          So, you’re effectively waisting your time attempting whitewash/clean up the reality of this situation in order to convert people who still don’t understand this was a hoax by showing them a lot of legal protocol which they aren’t going to look into and couldn’t give less of a crap about anyway.

          Oh, and regarding your assertion that “people don’t want to hear my assertions regarding the “Nancies” connection the Haddad fiasco- That’s not what the extremely positive feedback on my latest videos would indicate on the subject:

          Haddad is Nancy Lanza (part 1) received 98.7% positive feedback
          Haddad is Nancy Lanza (part 2) received 97% positive feedback.

          Those are extremely high levels of positive feedback, so the subject isn’t apparently as Taboo and untouchable you would like us all to believe.

          So, apparently people very much agree with my conclusions on that particular subject-

          Try this Experiment; I printed out the two images of “Peter Lanza” and put them side by side, on a piece of paper with the two images of “Nancy and Anne” on the same piece of paper and I told people: One of these groups of two people is the same person, and the other is images of two different people..

          Guess what the results were: 9/9 people I have asked so far have chosen the Anne/Nancy person as being the same person, and said that the images of Peter were two different people! What does that tell you?

          So, people with no background on this subject from my non scientific experiment (granted with a low N count) have so far overwhelmingly chosen the images of the “Nancys” as the same person- Not the images of Peter. Very interesting.

          Either we gain a complete understanding of this hoax, wherever that leads us- or we just say “Nancy Lanza died” to make the morons happy “so they will listen to us” which is just not true.

          if it means Adam in fact was just a Photoshopped derivative of Ryan SO BE IT if that’s the truth- don’t gloss it over.

        10. I agree with Paul, dumbing things down for people who cannot or will not give the evidence available an honest look is a bad idea. That said, I do think presenting non-subjective data points to newcomers to the investigation is a good way to start the ball rolling.

          My favorite is the Peter Lanza found dead in Hoboken story that was retracted…If you ask someone, “How is it possible that a ‘senior law enforcement official’ could make a mistake like that”? it gets them angry because they can’t answer it.

        11. The Haddad – Lanza dual personality theory should be left on the table. I think there’s some validity.

          But I think you are confusing the Halbig and Haddad stories. Why talk about both in the same conversation?

          There still isn’t enough evidence to convict this guy. Lets be skeptical, lets vet Halbig, and lets ask lots of questions.

          But I don’t understand how people can be 100% convinced this guy is a fraud with the information available. The attacks and name calling are good at all, makes all us truthers look bad.

        12. @ Bill Fred – You think I’m “mixing up” Annie Haddad and Wolfgang Halbig? No.

          The reason I brought up Haddad was because in a previous comment someone said the “reason I was never interviewed on any sort of podcast or radio program like Halbig had been was because of my stance on Nancy/Annie Haddad” Because that view was “so out there” and would scare away new people from looking into it.

          The irony is- To a vast majority of the population if you say “Sandy Hook was a hoax” in any sense they regard that view as completely out-there.

          People who have realized it is a hoax want to understand how the hoax was pulled off- that’s where my research digging deeper and actually finding the woman who was playing the Nancy Lanza role comes in, or pointing out Adam was simply Ryan who had changed his name (hence the dis-congruency ripple when they were forced to have “Adam” go to college after his Sophomore year in high school).

          The people making sure nobody gets to the bottom of the hoax do not want me speaking on the subject of who actually played Nancy Lanza- a revelation nobody else has made, because that opens a huge bag of worms for them, exposes the main “victim” and secondary player in the crime as still alive and the hoax is essentially blown wide open.

          Re: Halbig being our new Messiah

          I was just saying it was very suspicious how much attention this man got in such a short period of time- when others have been researching and putting out great information and have never been invited on a podcast or radio show to explain their research and thinking. Whenever someone is held up as being a “leader” in whatever part of the truth movement, their background needs to be thoroughly analyzed.

          What is even more bizarre and alarming is: Nobody seemed to Vet Halbig and his alleged background at all (or very few people did)- even though he has a history of attempting to raise 100,000 dollars for other causes like “gender discrimination” and much of his resume appears to be BS and put together to sway people to donate money to him.

      2. Exactly, Paul. Hopefully my other comment shows up (replied to you). If not, I’ll have to write it again…Google Chrome is acting up today.

        Isn’t amazing how easy it is for some perceived messiah of truth can get folks to follow him? Imagine how much easier it is when the gubbermint tells these people what to do/believe.

        1. It’s more than “amazing”, it’s scary. I agree with Paul. The things he mentioned were staring us in the face when we started looking at this. We saw them and commented on them, and said “what’s wrong with this picture?”.

          Some seem to approach this like we’re making up the evidence. All we’re doing is pointing to the obvious implausibility of it all. I agree that, for some, it is SO important to hold on to ridiculous preconceived notions that they’d rather swear allegiance to a lie than give up their sense of belonging.

          A lady lawyer worked for me once who was fond of saying that some people had “waffle-brains”. More and more that is proving to be true. “Waffle-brains” are those who see the world as a bunch of totally unconnected events. Each event lives in a pocket on the waffle. There is no connection between any of them.

          For others, EVERYTHING is connected. For the “waffles” you can make yourselves insane trying to get them to see the obvious. They can’t. What seems obvious to us is a total mystery to them. I think she was totally correct about this.

        2. When I start to feel paranoid I’ll remember these words:

          “The real meaning of the word paranoia is— a man or person who has the ability to link events that seemingly are not connected.”—John Coleman [Video] Committee of 300

        3. Hi Lophatt! “Waffle brains” is an interesting concept. Thanks for sharing that one. I’ll have to borrow that one 🙂

        4. lophatt, your comment is wonderful. I have a friend with whom I have had a regular, biweekly, breakfast appointment for 20 years. I have given up trying to persuade him of the truth of various conspiracies, and it’s possible that I stopped around the time that he shared an epiphany about how he suddenly realized that he has “compartments” in his mind, and only so many of them, and they are only so large, and additional information often can’t fit any longer in some of them. He could have said he’s a “waffle-brain.”

          I DID mention the obviousness of Sandy Hook to him, although without trying to persuade him. Incredulous, he asked for proof. I asked him why they left the dying tots in situ, presumably to have them to crawl around amongst the blood and corpses of their dead playmates all day long until they bled out themselves, whereupon Dr. Frankenstein Carver, Igor fashion, absconded with the wee corpses in the dead of night? Well, he was incredulous. He demanded to know how I would say such a thing. I said that it is not I who is saying that, I’m just a reporter. It’s the official story. No EMTs were allowed in. No hospital. No morgue. They autopsied the tikes in the parking lot, in the wee small hours, after they were all certainly good and dead. No urgency at all.

          Well, he was stunned. He had never noticed that aspect of the official story. One would be a fool to get one’s hopes up that this fellow was shocked out of “waffle-brain,” the compartment walls breached, and the syrup flow commencing to detect connections. But months have passed, and he’s never brought it up.

          There was an airplane crash in northwest Indiana in the early 1990s, and the Indianapolis Star, had it on the front page, with a large photograph of the scene. We happened to be meeting for breakfast that morning, and I handed over the paper, asking what is wrong with this picture? Notice anything missing? There was no plane, no wreckage, no bodies, no luggage. It was a prefiguring of Shanksville. Well, a couple of years ago, he brought that up, triumphantly, to “prove” that my initial instincts about official lies are not always correct. Interesting you mention that, Bill, I said, because my brother works at O’hare, and his best friend is a pilot there, who happened at the time to be a Union rep who was part of the investigation of that crash. He said the real pictures were so horrific that none of them were released. Inside proof of a conspiracy to deceive the public, “for their own good.”

          Even THAT could not cure his case of “waffle-brain.”

        5. Patrick – love your new handle – and Lophatt,,
          Some people fight it (like those “waffle brains”), I think, because the prospective truth is scary and potentially damages their “safe reality”.

        6. Perhaps the increase in unbelievably violent high profile events that were unheard of 30 years ago helped to create waffle -brain. I have read that traumatization can create compartmentalization and split personality in subjects, and is used in mind control, although I am not an expert. Mass school shootings, 911, Oklahoma city, Waco, constant war, fear of nuclear annihilation(a big on for anyone who grew up in the cold war), Youtube video of people getting beat up, car wrecks, splattered by mini-guns on fleer vision(see Iraq war), and it goes on. Under hypnosis some minds are more open to suggestion than others. It takes me back to an 80’s movie called “they live”. There is a scene when one of the bad guys speaks into his watch and says; “I got one that can see”.

        7. Thanks, Beth. I’m glad it’s not an embarrassment. When I created a blog with WordPress for my new book, it wouldn’t allow “Patrick,” so I had to come up with something on the spot. Sometimes, WordPress defaults me to the new name.

          Rich, if you read my little history of my pal Bill, and his life-long history of refusal to face reality, I believe you would rethink your theory that it is the acceleration of these traumatic events that accounts for “waffle-brain.”

          I am 54; he is 68. I, of course, had no idea there was a person called John Kennedy until perhaps 1972. I was too busy riding my bike and listening to music on the radio to find out what the world was like when I was a toddler. He, on the other hand, is a Baby Boomer. He’s one of those people who remember where they were when the president was killed. Now, I, who might not have yet learned to ride a tricycle by then, have endeavored to learn the truth about that event, yet my pal, who lived through it, has insisted for all the time I’ve known him that while the official story is probably true we’ll never know. No matter how much excellent work has been done to prove that position wrong over the last half century, no matter how much of that I have presented to him, it is all like water off a duck when it comes to him.

          People don’t want to face reality. We are outliers. There is no trauma that accounts for that. It is rare and amazing when “waffle-brains” let the syrup flow between the compartments. But they are not “waffle-brains” because they have been traumatized by recent events. They are all George Babbitt. That book is a century old. I’ll bet the same story was told in ancient Rome.

        8. Patrick,
          Point well taken. The resiliency of the human mind is sometimes underestimated, and it is easily forgotten, even by me, that we are not merely a conglomeration of chemicals and electrical impulses. Its been 24 years since graduating college, and their poison is still in me. There is a war going on, and the prize is our soul. However, I have no doubt the soul can get damaged in a world like this, and lead to a kind of blindness. By the way, “How the West was Lost” is a great read. Still only halfway through, but glad you mentioned it on here or I never would have found it.

        9. Gosh Rich, when I read your email, I was reminded of watching that train show that is set in Alaska – don’t know if you’ve ever watched it. I couldn’t sleep last night and caught it (it had been a while). There often profile these folks that are in the “bush” and off the grid – and they depend upon the train to get supplies, etc.

          Well, they profiled these two brothers who lived about a mile apart and how they worked together. The older brother remarked about how it is good to be away from the rest of the world and its troubles – when he catches the news – and if it troubles him – he goes outside and lets the wind blow in one ear and blow it out the other.

          Ah, to live so blissfully. It is tempting. If I didn’t have kids….(but then, I might feel guilty for not standing up). So, alas…for the rest of us – it is not to be. I guess in our own little ways, we are the warriors. Sadly, things have gotten really ugly out there. We’ll never give ’em our soul and we when push comes to shove…whenever that will be…we will not “comply”.

        10. Sorry Beth, I don’t know the show, I shut the satellite off years ago. I catch a little TV in the hotel room occasionally. I can relate to trains though, because I drive the big ones almost every day.

        11. The baby boomers are probably the most perfectly brainwashed group of people to ever walk the earth. I like to call them the “sensitive generation”

        12. Hey Larry – I am a tail-end boomer. I must be in the “rebel” category.
          I’m more worried about the late 20 year old and Millennials. While there are some awesome kids out there who are “aware” -thanks to their parents…so many others are…well, they worry me… a lot.

      3. Paulstal, if it wasn’t for people like you, I would have stayed on the Halbig train. You continue to provide information that is not easily accessible to those of us who don’t have time to dig around to answer every question. We all have spent so much of our own personal time just to get where we are, it sounds so refreshing to have someone like Wolfgang take over and find the answers, but he represent us, to the public that is still sleeping. Wolfgang is not that man. Sorry Wolfie, gave you plenty of opps to prove me wrong. You can’t let us know which state your fund raising account is registered in, you want people to sit back and let you and your wacko attorney do your thing and all of us sit back and accept it?

        1. To me it’s just obvious having seen so many of these types of people- Alex Jones, Mark Dice etc.. the ones who are good at getting “conspiracy” people’s money.

          Listen to how Halbig ends his interviews every time for the coup-de-grace: “We can’t get this done without money!!.. Give me your Money!!! Halbig is starting to sound like a Money Robot.” It’s so transparent- Just like Alex Jones of “Money-Bomb” fame Halbig is set up to milk well-meaning researchers dry of their discretionary spending and leave them more impotent financially than they were previously.

          Oh, and also, does anybody really think Halbig’s accent sounds German? I mean, forgive me for pointing out the extremely obvious, but extending the O’s in Schoooool doesn’t a German accent make. I’ve heard a lot of people with a German accent and have had a number of friends who were German and Halbigs “accent” is clearly NOT that of a native German speaker who has learned English.

          Halbig always talks about how proud he is of his becoming an American.. he’s supposedly from Germany However, Halbig’s speech patterns and intonations have none of the telltale signs typically associated with a native German speaker who has learned English- please listen to any German speaker who has learned English and compare it to Halbigs “accent.”

        2. I spent over two years in Germany. I agree. More like “Rudy Dekkars”. He’s Dutch. Who knows?

        3. Samantha, can you please provide what ‘information’ Paul has provided that got you off the ‘Halbig train?’

          Please be specific.

        4. Bill Fred, it’s not what The Paustal Service provided, it’s my own interactions with Halbig and my own research. Mainly the fact that WH’s “gone missing” so to speak. He and I have been in communication since early February. We’ve exchanged information, phone numbers, ideas, etc. He will not return calls, emails, phone messages etc. From what I see now he’s got some nut case attorney and is taking donations but not being upfront about where the fund is registered. He’s coming off as flaky to me and I am using my own judgment by backing off from any hopes of him making any progress. The Paustal Service and other channels on YouTube make great strides in their research. There are some great channels out there and The Paustal Service is definitely one of them.

        5. So, Samantha, I asked you to state exactly why, and your only example is your own personal interaction with him. So now you are changing your story… Whatever, I’m not even going there.

          I’ve followed Paul’s YT channel for some time now and he has some great stuff, I agree.

      4. TPS, please visit and listen to our 2nd and 3rd Blogradio broadcasts dealing with the Sandy Hook charade. We are ready to do our 4th show on the subject (maybe our 5th..SH fatigue..). We are currently critiquing Stephen Sedensky’s 44 page Sandy Hook report (and my notes are streaming off the pages..). There are 2 email addresses on our website. If you want to be interviewed just leave a brief synopsis of your position on Sandy Hook. We will be in touch.

    3. Oh dear Kathy, putting her faith in an antisemitic drunk and a guy who loves to use tragedies to add a zero or two to his bank account balance. Your post is as predictable as Jim Fetzer being drunk by 11am on any day that ends in the letter y. Please don’t get all teary eyed when that money you donated to Halbig’s “investigation” results in disappointment.

      1. For the most part, Nick202,

        The people that do not see it your way, are not actual supporters of Mr. Halbig. most of us know nothing about him.

        They are supporters of his right to request answers to his 16 questions from those with the power and responsibility to get those answers, not just for him, but for all of us.

        We are not cheering for this “man”.

        In reality, we are cheering for this man’s initiative to be among the first to put “our” concerns about all of the important yet unanswered questions about the Sandy Hook School tragedy that deserve answers.

        I don’t think that you should have a problem with any of his actual questions or his right to get official answers.

        Do you?

        Have we found Common Ground on that? I hope so.

        It is my understanding that Mr. Halbig has raised enough money to ensure that he will be able to appear in Newtown with his attorney.

        I’m looking forward to that.

        Hopefully, he will also have some sort of a budget to advertise the event in the Newtown paper and poster the shops in the area, to maximize local public awareness and interest.

        Wolfgang Halbig may not be the best, or the brightest, or even the most honest person in the show, but he has a right to request and receive, answers to his reasonable questions.

        Can we agree to that much? I hope so, we will all benefit.

        I am only asking you to agree with me that “we” all deserve to get reasonable answers to all of “our” reasonable questions about Sandy Hook.

        All I want is the truth.

        Justice will follow.

  52. I am looking into the community access programming station in my area. All states should have access to a tv channel where we can promote our ideas. Why don’t we arrange a podcast for a community access tv station? This is how Elvira got her big start! Seriously though. Once other general public members start to see faces with our “conspiracy theorist” labels, and hear what we have to say. I see people actually coming round. Many converts to be had.

    1. Hi Samantha, an interesting idea. Rather than multiple people engaging – as with YouTube, etc. — wonder if there is a way to take a select group video then air it via the locals. I’m sure there must be.

      Personally…While my family and friends who love me may dispute this – I tend to have a face for radio 🙂

      1. Right. Our researchers are good. We need now somewhere to come together and localize and present our findings in a way that is palpable to the rest of the public. Come out of the closet, so to speak.

    2. Elvira got her start on a local los angeles tv station. Khj channel 9 if memory serves me correctly. It wasnt community access, im not sure if that existed at the time. I know i sound like a stickler, but she was one of my first crushes.

      1. Where I live, they showed her on a community access station, that’s where I first saw her. I knew I wasn’t entirely correct, it’s been over 30 yr ago now!

      2. Larry – you are so funny…you and just about every other adolescent boy (or older) who got his first “legal” view of giant cleavage. I was impressed, as a gal 🙂 She was a crack-up, too.

        1. She definitely wasnt just tits and ass, she was really funny, plus i love creepy stuff.

  53. Yes, here in a state north of CA, we’ve had community access forever. I used to work at ours in the early 80’s. We covered serious events like local parades, car shows and fairs.

  54. So the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing is about to cross the $15,000 mark with his FundMeRubes effort.

    Which begs the question: Has the amount Wolfgang Halbig’s raised with his shady Sandy Hook donation pitch surpassed the amount raised by Wolfgang Halbig’s promise to end teen suicides?

    Let us not forget that Wolfgang Halbig refuses to provide any disclosure regarding his July 24, 2012 appeal for $100,000 to fund his investigation to determine what can been done to prevent children from committing suicide. Wolfgang Halbig has not commented on the status of his promise to “provide to parents technology defender for any student who is having to suffer through this type of fail torture.”

    Questions Wolfgang Halbig Refuses to Answer:
    (1) What did you, Wolfgang Halbig, do with the funds he raised through that effort?

    (2) Has this technology defender you purported come to fruition?

    (3) Are you, Wolfgang Halbig, no longer concerned about “saving children from committing suicide or have you solved that problem?

    (4) What other heart wrenching incidents have you made similar pleas for public donations to you and what have been the accomplishments of your efforts?

    I trust that all of us that care about full disclosure about Sandy Hook would appreciate Wolfgang Halbig disclosing answers to the above questions.

    1. Nick – see the post I just made this eve about Halbig’s company – National Institute…was taken public as a pink sheet stock, then shut down. I’d bet he raised monies from investors in a private placement offering with the promise he was taking it public…those people would’ve lost their investments.

      1. Beth —

        That’s a good find but are you sure it’s accurate?

        I cannot believe that luminaries such as noted wife beater Kevin Barrett and that antisemitic alcoholic Jim Fetzer would continue to support someone whose ethics are as questionable as Wolfgang Halbig…maybe those “truth tellers” are right and we’re all wrong about Halbig who’s first response to a tragedy is “How much can I make off of this?”



        1. It would appear to be the same entity (address match).
          Halbig reports he was “the executive director of the National Institute of School and Workplace Safety”

          I found this news release…directors’ name matches.

          Nick – in the last link above…please note the “private securities” disclosure in the press release. So the company was a private offering before it was a pink sheet stock…which is something I’d noted late last night.


          NISWS had a SPOOK w/direct ties to Dept. of Homeland Security as Executive VP: James E. Parker, If you’d like, please:

          Mr. Parker’s new entity has an expertise in the homeland security market. He didn’t think his NISWS experience was worthy of a notation in his resume at this other company site (under “Leadership”) – he may or may not still be at this entity, of course:

          So, Halbig’s prior entity – had a spook-homeland security association I find that very interesting.

        2. Beth, yes indeed. This may be old news, but still…..

          Mr. James E. Parker is currently employed at National Institute for School and Workplace Safety in the position of Executive Vice President. Mr. Parker has been a consultant to the Company since October 2004. Prior to joining NISWS, Mr. Parker spent 25 years as a Special Agent of the United States Secret Service. During his tenure, his responsibilities ranged from the renowned front line duties to training, investigative, coordination, planning, intelligence and leadership positions. While in the Presidential Protective Division, he served Presidents Carter and Reagan in the White House. After retiring from the Secret Service, Mr. Parker was a project manager and a program manager for Lockheed Martin Systems Management in Washington D.C. While at Lockheed Martin, he fulfilled a yearlong post as the subject matter expert on Security to the Department of Homeland Security. In this capacity, he served as a key contributor to Secretary Ridge’s Headquarters Operational Integration Staff, which was established to integrate all the components of the Department of Homeland Security.

        3. Thanks Anne…how about that?
          Most interesting. Could just be the guy was helping to get their biz off the ground and then quickly departed…w/a fee for services.

          I guess what I was trying to infer, without actually coming out with it, is that WH might have a background with raising venture capital that he is applying to this venture…getting money from people to start businesses…and at least one year was a fairly big deal (private offering then pink stock)…and failed. So, he’s used to asking for $ to fund ventures….and is used to losing that money as well. Just a caution –

          But, upon further digging – as you have found and beautifully pointed out – he has some ‘splainin’ to do perhaps to his followers about those Spook and Homeland Security ties….as he may have an “in” or he may be rogue.

          PS: Your visual writing yesterday took my brain on a mini-scenic tour during a stressful, busy time of year…and I just wanted to “thank you” for that…and the pic you posted.

        4. Yeah, interesting. As you say, it could just be a “buddy” trying to help out (or help himself). The “interesting” part is the phrase ” security business.

          The only “growth industries” any longer are prisons, drills and “law enforcement/security”. If you are helping to eliminate or jail the eaters there’s a career for you.

          For the rest it’s wrapping burgers and hawking cheap Chinese merchandise. WH seems to fit a pattern of behavior I’m familiar with. He doesn’t seem to have the sophistication necessary to be an agent. More “opportunist” than “agent”.

          Anybody can set themselves up as an “expert”. A visit to Kinkos and an uncheckable resume should do it. It’s like those “certifiers” for ISO or L.E.E.D or business theory of the month salesmen. “For a nominal fee we’ll make you ‘Boston Strong”. It’s the twenty-first century version of “step right up and win a kewpie doll”.

          It should be interesting when they get to the point of them all filming each other. There’s so much “security” no one can move. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

        5. Hi Lophatt, true all that 🙂

          WH might be a good “talker” and salesman to some. I noticed in one of his other entities (never took off apparently – haven’t delved in too much), he got a big-wig school board fella on the entity ownership (as a member or director). Well, that guy was smart enough to feel it out, probably and thought it didn’t smell quite right. Anyway, didn’t seem to work out (their relationship) as it doesn’t appear the biz took off.

          So, I think WH is quite the salesperson when it comes to trying to make some $ — and I don’t fault him for that…but when he’s “all hat and no cattle” as they say here in the South…that’s when there is a problem.


        6. Fetzer seems to me to be a professional instigator. He’s been writing nasty stuff about anyone who questions Halbig, casting doubts on their character as possible shills etc and now apparently is ‘done’ with Sofia Smallstorm over Halbig. Now, Fetzer is really late on the scene for you tubers , but suddenly he’s commenting on Y/t channels talking about what a great guy Is Halbig, and splintering the movement. He did this with 911 Truth as well, and it seems he’s found a way to do it again with Mr. Halbig. Now, wtf does Fetzer care what we think of Halbig all of a sudden to start meddling in the SH truth movement? And how does he
          ‘ know for certain’ Halbig is the real deal. But he’s been very vocal about this with researchers. For me , who’s been onto SH since the early days, this recent meddling, being cast as a possible shill for being cautious and voicing an opinion, and the sudden splintering of the movement is anoying to say the least, and to me seems to be where Jim Fetzer gets his rocks off. I dont like it one bit, because i feel very close to Sandy Hook researchers, and now suddenly people are fighting over Wolfgang Halbig, who I dont think has a leg to stand on.
          Sour Grapes? As some blog put it. No. We just dont want some bumblehead f**cking it up.

        7. Sonja – agree – it is interesting. I don’t follow Fetzer. I get a vibe from him – do not trust him and I’ve not cared for a few attacks he’s launched. He seems to try so hard to come across as so educated and above reproach.

        8. I have a lot of respect for Fetzer. I don’t approach things in the same way that he does, but its a big world. He is certainly courageous. It seems sometimes he goes “all in” with something before he thoroughly investigates it.

          All the infighting is strange to me. Why should anybody care if someone either wants to follow Halbig or not? I’m not looking for a leader. I don’t think others should be either.

          It isn’t necessary to “side” with somebody or something. People do this until the one they’re “following” says or does something they don’t approve of. Then, all bets are off because they “let them down”.

          I don’t go to someone’s site because I want to be their friend. If that happens, fine. I go their to read other’s ideas and exchange information.

          In my humble opinion there isn’t a “movement”. There are just truth and lies. The hope is that the more information there is out there the more people will become aware. If some site “captures” an audience the hope is that it is because of the quality of the dialog there, not because of the personal beliefs or charisma of the editor.

          I always advise people to read everything. You don’t have to believe what you read. Sometimes there are gems in amongst the dross. Truth be known I’ve learned more from following up on little bits contained in otherwise poorly thought out pieces than I have from some of the carefully presented ones.

          If we worry more about people’s quirks and personalities than we do what they say we’re in trouble. We would also be in trouble if everyone agreed all the time.

  55. Hi Beth. It wouldn’t let me reply to your comment directly, so hopefully you will see it here. I understand and respect your feelings of skepticism, and obviously everyone has the right to question everything–as I believe we should. I was just giving my opinion as to whether or not his actions have merit, regardless of whether his legal avenues are successful or not. It’s just my personal belief that drawing attention to the questions of Sandy Hook can only be a good thing. You may have to give the public more credit in being able to discern whether or not Halbig really is just a “crazy truther”, (therefore, potentially doing damage to truth seekers as a whole) or if his questions make sense, regardless of the media’s spin. I agree that if he for some reason, once in Newtown, he decides to suddenly just break from the straight-forward, “no-nonsense” approach that I’ve seen from him so far, and acts like a raving lunatic, then yes, I agree that could do damage. But nothing that I’ve seen from him so far leads me to believe that will happen, which is why I made the comment about potential benefits outweighing the risk in this situation (the risk being the *possibility* that he really does not care about bullied children or exposing the truth of Sandy Hook, and is merely a scam-artist out to make a quick buck.) Yes, some of his emails were a bit aggressive in parts, and his frustration at the whole situation does show through at times, but I haven’t seen someone who is out of control and should be perceived as a threat, or someone who will not be able to maintain enough composure to the point where he would be viewed by the public simply as an irrational “kook.” However, this is just my take on it, from what I’ve seen so far, and don’t expect others to agree with me.

    Also, I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that thousands of dollars is insignificant–I just used the term “a little money” to express my point that I felt that the idea of him being nothing more than a scam-artist was unlikely in my opinion. It would seem like a heck of a big risk for him personally, and it just doesn’t seem logical that someone would go to the lengths he is going to only for the possibility of gaining 100k. Obviously, I could be completely wrong and he really is just THAT money-hungry and desperate that he is willing to risk so much and go to such lengths for that amount of money. Anything is possible. But I just don’t see it. That is just my opinion, as I said, and I think it would be crazy to donate to someone if you doubted their motives. I’m not suggesting that anyone should or shouldn’t. I just think that some of the comments towards Wolfgang have been less about a genuine vetting, and more about ego and a “jumping on the bandwagon,” sort of thing, and the more excessive ones seem to possibly even have murkier motives. Those are the comments that I feel are unfair. Genuine concerns and questions are a different matter entirely, and are always a good thing.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for your reply – I enjoyed reading it. I agree that some of the questions and such posed about WH have been seemingly without merit. Some bring to the table some very interesting questions and concerns. Your message was heartfelt and sincere and I too, hope that is his going to follow-through. I also am realistic and I’m sorry to say, I lean toward suspicion when someone has a track record that doesn’t add up. He could be a wonderful guy who just doesn’t show up well on paper when one starts connecting the dots. I will keep my fingers, arms, etc. crossed and hope that he launches a break-through.
      Warm regards, B

    2. We are seeing this issue moving in the same direction Michelle.

      Were you following this blog when these same MHB active “dis”sidents swarmed, attacked, and chased away a former resident (I personally checked his background to confirm that his many claims of first hand knowledge had merit, and that his family still lives in Newtown. We are still in personal contact.) willing to share what he knows about the town of Newtown, and some of the people directly entering into our discussions at that time?

      There are some very active minds here in the Memory Hole, that would appear to be working overtime to keep this story active on the blogs, but off the pages of the Main Stream Media, at the very same time.

      Think about that.

      (Some of these same characters have expressed their genuine concerns for the “reputations” of Conspiracy Theorists, and are becoming blatantly territorial about publically shared information
      and speculations. It’s ridiculo”us”!)

      1. I call “bull” for 99.9% of the regulars here. Opinions always welcome, of course….at least from me. It is in the disagreements that we often learn. If someone feels “chased away” – something must be up with them. Or, the person was just offensive enough.

    3. I am going to speak for myself on this..but the multiple concerns I have with Halbig are the following. Halbig does not come off to me as a clever man, he is not an articulate nor a man capable of thinking on his feet, He seems very scripted and his apparent knowledge of the whole Sandyhook hoax is very limited. The reason men like Richard Gage of A&E for 9/11 truth or David Ray Griffin( just a few that come to mind) representing some of the 9/11 truthers are effective is because they are well spoken, intelligent men who are able to clearly and concisely explain the anomalies of 9/11….something Halbig has not been able to do. They were able to bring attention to 9/11 to a wider audience not because they went to ground zero to rattle cages or bring forth lawsuits but because they were able to put a clear and concise presentation together and effectively communicate their ideas to people in a way that could be easily understood and bring more awareness to 9/11. They too are credentialed like Halbig but their credentials translate into specialized and more inside knowledge or understanding of the event. Halbig’s credentials have not translated into any specialized knowledge of Sandyhook, he has not brought forth any new insight into the hoax….in short he knows far less about Sandyhook that your average truther that has been researching this event since day one.

      I disagree with those who say any press or coverage of Sandyhook is good for us all. The mainstream media is complicit in this hoax, They are going to do everything possible to discredit Halbig the minute they see he could reach a wider audience….discrediting which we know could be done very easily with Halbigs background. This in turn discredits the truth movement to an already skeptical public Maybe I am a skeptic but I see very limited upside and ample downside to this

      Our real victory comes when the masses realize these are staged events purpetrated by our own Govt….and can no longer be used to manipulate us.

      Still only a voice…no public appearances…..hmmmmm

      1. Nicely said federico!

        I agree that even just the bull in the china shop approach as opposed to a level-headed, intelligent, articulate, “Please help me to understand…..” and “Now, I would also like to understand why my FOIA requests have not been complied with.”

        I would love to see those FOIA’s – I honestly don’t know that they have been made public, do you?

        I’d be willing to bet they are rambling data-mining expeditions…It will look far better to fight a FOIA violation where the request(s) were concise and well done, of course.

        1. Re WH’s FOIA requests: I have not seen the requests but have seen a follow up letter re not receiving them. I believe I still have it if you’re interested.

        2. Thanks Samantha! You’re so kind. I think I’ve seen most or all of WH’s follow-up email communications to the FOIA (cringe-worthy). You’d think he’d want to put that original FOIA request on his FBook page or Fund Raising Page for all to see that initial effort. If it was compliant and I was proud of it – that’s what I’d do 🙂 Based on the emails that are posted on a prior MHB post – I wonder if some of his “FOIA’s” weren’t all email communications…he’s got some out there (emails) from December (which would seem to post-date some original FOIA request) but he seems to be asking for first-time data…e.g., janitor training.

          I’ll keep poking around but it seems a copy of a formal, original (first-time) FOIA request is elusive. Normally I’d send something like this certified mail and keep copy w/the signed delivery confirm. Hmmmm….

        3. The follow up email is the only thing I’ve actually seen that’s been done so far. Ever get any information about his fund raiser, which state it’s registered in? Just curious. Has he literally just shut off all communication? This is exactly why I don’t trust him like I did.

        4. Hey Samantha,

          In case you hadn’t seen it…here are some of those emails:

          I wish on the MHB, when new stories posted, we’d get notices. I can request to get notice of follow-up comments or new posts…but never get notices of new stories – so just have to be more diligent about checking the MHB home page 🙂

          Geez, I was just thinking about his one request that the public “flood” CT with FOIA requests. Yeah, great, bud, just great. Very telling..if he really has “hired” that legal team – I hope they’re coaching the crap out of him (sorry about that noun). I hope they are telling him to run his messages to his followers by them – as he might whip up the ire of a few thousand vigilantes and that won’t go over well for anyone, IMHO.

          Looks like his fundraising has slowed down – only added $100 today. That must mean it is time to say something / release some info…he needs some more PR to campaign for those bucks.

          He’s been pumping the stories a bit – including “I’m being attacked and I don’t understand why” (again) on his FBook page. He mentions MHB specifically.

          On another post of 6 hours ago…looks like he did not write it — but doubtful it was an attorney. This line was funny -“Go ask a personal injury lawyer…why the Sandy Hook families didn’t file wrongful death lawsuits.” OK, hang on, I’m going through the yellow pages right now – (chuckle)

          On another – post of 10 hours ago he posted an Interview he “stole” without giving credit. One of the commenters was reading him the riot act on etiquette in swiping articles and not even giving credit –and of course that person is getting chewed up by the “followers of Halbig” (which I think I shall now call the more rabid ones).

          On the fund question: Nope! No response from people who supposedly “know” or “think they know” or are “in touch” with Halbig since my request a few hours shy of a week ago for info on the “trust” where donated funds are held. Haha, if he put the account in his name – he’s going to have a nice time with the IRS as he uses the cash if he has no entity. No large donors are going to be writing off their donation. Maybe that “crack legal team” of his isn’t so grand, eh? Or, maybe he’ll be on a beach in Fiji thumbing the dollars and won’t care. Ah, I shouldn’t be so skeptical…

        5. as far as the irs he is probably ok. One can be gifted up to 11,000 dollars per year per gifter and you don’t have to claim anything at all. If it is payment for political action then it probably gets very complicated very fast. I don’t think he is trying to pass legislation though so they are probably just considered gifts to him.

        6. Hi Fish,

          The IRS’ gift tax rules apply to a single gift of up to $14k – such as if your parents want to give you some funds to buy a house or just to reduce their cash (can do more if tuition or to pay medical expenses). I’m not a tax expert – just a layperson w/a wee bit of exp. w/ qualified non-profit fundraising.

          The IRS (grrrrr…) gets kind of funny about collecting money from the public for a cause and then spending it. That’s why most people collecting funds for family’s in need (medical expenses, disaster, etc.) will ensure the accounts are set up in the family’s name (in trust for), etc. – and these funds are tax free (“appeal funds”). In larger cases, like, well, the Sandy Hook Promise fund, it is a trust or non-profit organization filed w/a state and donations are tax deductible, they give receipts for donations, etc., etc.

          No one from WH’s camp will respond as to whether or not he has set up a non-profit organization with a bank account in it’s name. His entity name is not set up in FL, NV or even DE. I was trying to find out if Wolfie has a qualified charitable organization. But, mum’s the word on the funds — except the suggestions that 1) he’s deposited them “in trust” and 2) now never mind. If he didn’t set up an entity – curious as to what he’s told the bank. So, if it isn’t set up correctly, he uses the funds to buy that plane ticket to CT, and it is likely the first of a string if taxable events. Hopefully he doesn’t collect oodles more and get on a plane to places unknown. Unlikely in this economy, but you never know – there are a lot of people who feel passionately about the SHook “event”.

        7. Beth is correct with regard to a “trust”. The name implies that the funds are held in such a way that only those appointed to manage it have control. Any taxing entity would have a keen interest in one. They hate it when people find ways to shelter funds from their sticky little fingers.

          This is what politicians do when they take office. They establish a “blind trust”. In this version they are not supposed to have any influence in how the funds are invested, etc.. Anyone who leaves quarters for the tooth fairy knows this is true.

          As far as I know there is nothing to prevent anyone from setting up an address to accept donations. Of course, those would be taxable income. As said above, if they are for political action that could get very complicated. If they are for some humanitarian purpose, it would be easier. There would have to be records to show where the funds were spent and to support the donors exemptions.

          I’m not going to accuse anyone of anything. The thought expressed regarding it being better to “do something” offsetting the financial questions has no appeal for me. It could just be that the publicity generated could lend itself to the fund raising effort.

          Nobody here is stopping anyone from meeting with anyone they like or filing requests for information. It isn’t necessary to have funds to do either of those two things. We’ve already discussed the legal avenues. If he and his counsel wish to pursue those and someone wishes to contribute to that effort, fine.

          I suppose he can say or do anything he likes. If you want to support that, in a sense, he is representing you. If he does it on his own it means he is doing it on his own. My neighbor bough vinyl siding. He’s happy with it and I’m happy for him. Me? I hung up and finished my dinner.

        8. Beth D., I really wish your cleek of chatters could get behind the importance of the public’s right to know the “answers” to the questions Mr. Halbig has put forward for “our” benefit.

          That school board has a responsibility to student safety. It should be that publically elected board’s duty to do the due diligence work for us, and get the answers to why standard emergency protocol (and common sense/logic!) was “not” followed on that day.

          The public has a right to know that it in FACT was “not” followed on that day, and why!!!

          You all seem to be challenging the relevance of the majority of Mr. Halbig’s FOIA list of 16 unanswered questions.


          Fine, let me challenge your group to create your own list of important unanswered questions that deserve official answers from government agencies.

          Publish them here on the MHB for public review and discussion.

          Then we can take Mr. Halbig’s advice and get the public’s attention, by flooding the appropriate government agencies with properly filed FOIA requests for answers to the best questions on “your” list. OK?

          I want is the truth, and I want you to help me get it.

        9. Terry, Terry, Terry…(sigh) –

          You said: “Beth D., I really wish your cleek of chatters could get behind the importance of the public’s right to know the “answers” to the questions Mr. Halbig has put forward for “our” benefit.”

          A1: “Cleek” is not being used appropriately in that statement…not even in the “urban” sense.

          A2: Halbig does not represent me. I can’t speak for anyone else. II am not one of “The Wolfies”. I’m hoping he has a good heart and good intentions, but he is not the guy for this job. But, I do wish him all the luck in the world.The public has a right to know that it in FACT was “not” followed on that day, and why!!!

          You said: That school board has a responsibility to student safety. It should be that publically elected board’s duty to do the due diligence work for us, and get the answers to why standard emergency protocol (and common sense/logic!) was “not” followed on that day.

          A1: The School Board does have a responsibility to the constituents of the county, the students and the school’s personnel (and to ensure the personnel serve the students appropriately). Unlike many other states, CT school board members are not paid for their service.

          A2: School board members are NOT involved in the day-to-day operations of the schools.

          A3: School board members have NO authority other than their votes at school board meetings.

          A4: The school board will not have answers to most of Halbig’s questions because it is not their bailiwick. I’m not sure why this is so hard to understand. Per my prior post, I have listed the 2 or 3 areas that the board can respond to (outside of public comment). One-two of these are the Hazmat questions. This info is sent to parents annually and filed with the health department. Did Halbig FOIA the health department for this data – they should have ALL historical records for this going back for years. They monitor the compliance.

          You said: You all seem to be challenging the relevance of the majority of Mr. Halbig’s FOIA list of 16 unanswered questions. Why?

          A: Geez, if you have read any post, you’ll see that I AM NOT challenging the “16 questions” – I am challenging who is directing them to. Why is that so hard to understand? The school board does not direct the emergency ops of a city, county or state. He looks like an as* posing these questions to them…and someone with a supposed history as an assistant principal (for less than a year, actually), should have some inkling of where to direct which questions.

          So, me thinks the “16 questions” posed to the school board – that mostly do not apply to the school board – are being posed because it is the only public forum Halbig can muster. He can show up to a school board meeting because practically anyone can. BUT it isn’t going to get the answers.

          WHY, PLEASE isn’t he showing up at a county board meeting? Eh? If he is SO smart – why is he not going into the most appropriate forum for a public comment?

          You said: Fine, let me challenge your group to create your own list of important unanswered questions that deserve official answers from government agencies. Publish them here on the MHB for public review and discussion. Then we can take Mr. Halbig’s advice and get the public’s attention, by flooding the appropriate government agencies with properly filed FOIA requests for answers to the best questions on “your” list. OK? I want is the truth, and I want you to help me get it.

          A1: This is not “my” group. We regulars are here a lot but we are independent souls who collaborate – not all agree but we are respectful of those with alternative views.

          A2: I do not take orders. I don’t think the others do either – but they can express their opinion on your order giving.

          A3: I have spent hours pouring over the reports and my own research. Others here have, too. YOU need to do your own or get someone else to help you.

          A4: Flooding government agencies with FOIA requests is a sad abuse and one of the most irresponsible things Halbig ever directed his followers to do. It is a shameful abuse of a public information system – especially when honorable people are attempting to obtain information in an appropriate manner be it for their own investigation OR for completely different matters – such as legal counsel and individuals/families/companies who need access to FOIA data for legitimate reasons – these people take away from others in need of unrelated FOIA data just to harass the state/county/city personnel and I cannot and will not condone that kind of conduct.

          Peace be with you, in your quest for the truth.

        10. So, after reading all that,……. “No” is your firm and final answer to the “list your important unanswered questions that deserve official answers” challenge Beth D.? Really?


          (But not too surprising, I seen it coming.)

        11. You said, “I seen it coming”.

          I seen it? Well, you obviously attempted to read through the responses I prepared for you in good faith. I thought through each of those to try to help you.

          After several posts in which I’ve responded that I do not take issue with WH’s questions themselves… you still don’t understand that.

          I tried. All done troll feeding. You have your agenda and you have to follow it. May you find what you need.

        12. Beth, none of this stuff is my expertise, so I haven’t weighed in, but I want you to know that I appreciate all the effort you’re putting into this.

          When this Wolf business first started dominating MHB I was bored by it, and surprised at the intensity of the interest. Your take, and your persistence, awakened my interest. I read every comment here (the only web site I have ever done so, for a protracted period). I have not spoken to your work on this subject, even after gaining interest, because I have nothing to add. Except this appreciation.

          As an aside, I’ve called out a few trolls here, as you know doubt remember, and I think I helped drive them away. It always seems harsh, and I avoid doing it, and they DO lash back, but at a certain point I lose patience. I think you are abundantly patient. And entirely rational.

        13. “As an aside, I’ve called out a few trolls here, as you know doubt remember, and I think I helped drive them away. It always seems harsh, and I avoid doing it, and they DO lash back, but at a certain point I lose patience.”

          Patrick it sounds like your “white privilege” coming through. W/o Mark here you’re free to run amuk! Ha,ha.

        14. Patrick, I am touched by your very kind note. I sincerely appreciate you, too…and most of the regulars here. It’s my “go to” spot to have intelligent conversation with mostly like-minded people. Thank you so very much for making my day – your timing is impeccable 🙂

          Regardless of what the “trollers” might think, I have absolutely no vested interested other than a bit of an obsessive curiosity as a mom, citizen and a bit because of my work (just because of my field, not direct work).

          My husband is so kind because he entertains my discussions about these matters and will engage in some meaningful debate but it is always so wonderful to listen to other like-minded researchers. He looks at this whole business as my other “hobby”.

          I’ve tried to be patient with some of these folks you mention – because lowering myself to their level not only hurts me…it hurts the good people who might be good enough to read what I may have attempted to contribute to the discussion. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few times I’ve been ready to unload on some chucklehead…but don’t want to get banned by the good professor. 🙂

          Thanks again very kindly, Sir.

        15. Beth I too am here to have intelligent discussions with like minded people. I needed to get out of the Youtube community and get a breath of fresh air because of the trolls and the controlled opposition. I notice we all have intelligent things to say, but what else are we doing? What else can we do other than talk about this til we’re blue in the face? We all need to STOP SENDING MONETARY DONATIONS, for one thing. Using my very astute intuition, I see that we are being “emotionally and financially raped” by the perpetrators of these scams/hoaxes/RICO offenders. I just watched a live press review from Oso, WA, the IDIOTS running this are embarrassing. They said outright, the ONLY help they want is money and donations. Well, that’s all I needed to hear, once I started investigating, why low and behold we’ve got one of the first hero witnesses having ties to Newtown, CT. Imagine this! Robbie and Alyssa Parker move to the NW and we have a helicopter fall into a busy Seattle street now the mudslide and all it’s attention and money grabbing. It’s sick twisted and it all needs to stop. We’ve got 179 missing, 18 dead and 8 injured, yet this whole town only comprised of a population of 169, hmmmmm, I am no mathematician but….

        16. samantha, I had heard stories on the radio here in oregon about the landslide but had never looked into it until I read your post. Holy crap crisis actors! I can’t friggin believe it! more fake crying and posing this is ridiculous. the clean up crew passing little twigs along like an old fashioned water bucket line for a fire at an 1850’s saloon. did you catch the fake helicopter rescue of the four year old who wasn’t even muddy or scared? the air crew supposedly saved 8 people but we won’t see any of the other footage from the fixed video camera on the chopper. besides the man fake crying at a press conference did anyone catch the police officer who supposedly lost his sister and was relieved to find her dead body because he now knows that she didn’t suffer? he claims he hasn’t cried that much since he was 2 1/2 years old but he isn’t upset at all and even acted out a couple of scenes for various cameras with his boston bombing muddied pants he powerfully and resiliently walks along the road going nowhere for the cameras. he is part marlboro man part ford tough and his police training helped him deal with the tragedy. I would be willing to bet they triggered the slide with dynamite.
          here is oso’s carlos the cowboy

        17. fishandroaches, thank you for confirming what I see. There is of course, so much more that I’ve discovered. . A sixteen year old in high school watched an interview with one of the “first witnesses” Paulo Falcao (mmhmm), and even she saw right through the fake accent and the b.s. story that he had “tree to figh seconds to stop my car from dee flood”. Watch the press releases, a bunch of Newtown first responder clones running the show. Highway 530 is still closed, why? I do not know. This might sound crazy, but I said on a youtube channel or two that because the Parker family has moved to the northwest, all hell will probably break loose. The KOMO 4 News helicopter crash then this landslide with more people missing and dead than the town originally had living there?? Hello?? and HELP!! This is happening less than 50 miles from me and in the county I live in. Good Lord, what’s next? Dare I pose that rhetorical question.

        18. Re; Sex Change.
          Ah, okay – had to visit the MHB site as there was no video link when this arrived in my email. Hence my confusion. Odd, that has never happened before that I know of. OK, gotta watch it. Thanks!

      2. Frederick, just so. You can stand outside the gate and roar and they won’t report a thing that you said, just that there was a crazy man roaring.

        In my opinion the most anyone can expect from any action regarding these activities is public awareness. That could lead to disbelief in the propaganda and a lessening in the effectiveness of the manipulation.

        Nobody is going to jail. No one is going to confess. At best they should become laughing stock because no one believes them. This isn’t some group of enterprising pranksters. It’s the government. They don’t have to indict themselves and they won’t.

        Nigel Farrage makes a better “spokesman” than Alex Jones. If you want to have people pay attention to what you are saying you can’t chase them off with your behavior.

        1. Nope. All Comments are gone. I’m amazed how no one seems to notice almost all articles today either don’t allow comments anymore or you MUST sign up to a company called DISQUS which now in less than a year has taken over 95% of all comments and puts them in one nice little tracking basket for DHS,NSA, ect. And no, its not because its cheaper to out source your comments section.

        2. Nigel Farrage! Now that’s entertainment! Mr. Barrosso, did you get a free bowl of soup with that haircut? Love that guy.

        3. Let’s turn our attention to an ACTUAL LEGAL CASE associated with Newtown fund raising. Jonathan Farmer, of Jones Hawkins & Farmer in Nashville, is representing Robbie Bruce, the man who allegedly “stole” 70k in donations from the 26 4 26 foundation. Look at Farmer’s expertise:

          That last article on the subject:

          Did Robbie Bruce go to Newtown to deliver a check for 30k and smell a rat while he was there?? That’s what I’m wondering. Why else would someone ruin their reputation for 70k? People are calling for his head on a stick! What if he knows it’s a scam and decided to withhold the remaining funds? Or use it to buy paddle boards or whatever?

          He is going to have his day in court. Will those proceedings be hidden from the public?

        4. Susan, I believe the article said that he lived in Tennessee. The purchases mentioned were small and the “T-Shirts” could have even been part of his fund raising effort.

          From the lawyer’s web page it looks like he’s the right man for the job. As you say, I doubt if they would want him poking around. Of course his efforts would probably be concentrated in Tennessee rather than Connecticut.

          That’s an interesting question though. Maybe he thought this was real and made a trip there. Who knows? They probably weren’t used to getting money without opium stains all over it.


          A Donna Fagan Soto made a comment here this month. Wants to know what the holdup is. She’s got her finger in that pie too. This is one case that should be interesting to follow. Perhaps Bruce is less of an outlaw and more afraid for his life.

        6. Yeah Anne, that’s how I’m reading it. Would you want this pack of zombies after you? I guess people will pay to belong.

          What a scam! All schmaltz and “dough” (lotsa dough). Legions of mindless followers. These are the ones they’ll unleash when the time is right. Talk about “zombi apocalypse”. They get pretty testy when they think someone’s stealing “their” money.

        7. Lophatt

          Robbie Bruce did go to CT and presented one of the charities with a giant check that read $30,000.00, I think it was Newtown Youth Academy.

        8. I think Susan may be on to something. Maybe they were so shocked that somebody who actually believed in what he was doing tried to give them money. Maybe he saw this for what it is and left disillusioned. Now he’s “on the run”.

          The article said he bought a bicycle and t-shirts. Doesn’t sound too dramatic to me. Maybe he was going to raffle the bike and sell the shirts, who knows?

          The posters in the comments section sound like they’d like him filleted. That’s a scary bunch there. Ever notice how some will send money anywhere but home? The same group probably wouldn’t give a starving man a dollar right in their own neighborhood.

          If he gave them $30K out of approximately $100K he’s doing a lot better than all the others there combined. How did they come to the conclusion that he committed a crime? Did he go there and start to talk? I didn’t know there was a time limit on how often a fund made distributions.

        9. As in the words of the Who…”Won’t get fooled again…NO NO!” to open eyes and to wake people up from their blissfully ignorant “strong, resilient” slumber.

  56. The only thing Halbig is doing that no one else has done is to take action. All of the blogging, investigating and YouTube video making has gotten us absolutely nowhere. Halbig is the next logical step- because he’s been the only one with the balls to take it !

    1. You are right, and on the money Tony.

      Mr. Halbig’s initiative/leadership in directly challenging the school board to provide us with answers for his questions, is the right thing for him to do, for all the right reasons.

      Those that are in positions of professional responsibility for the Sandy Hook tragedy everywhere up and down the line, will finally feel the presence of those of us that are aware of the logistical problems with the official version of this story, are willing and able to take Direct (legal) Action against them as well.

      I suspect that the long standing armchair activists that disagree, will play
      diminished roles of influence here, after the 5th of May.

      1. “I suspect that the long standing armchair activists that disagree, will play diminished roles of influence here, after the 5th of May.”

        (Chuckle) We shall see….we shall see.

        1. remember terry was the moniker that was constantly pushing how adam lanza was real and trying to get people to focus on the fictitious minutia of the sandy hook police report as if it was real, you all must know adam lanza was shot in the back of the head…, claims that he knows that sandy hook fire has always has christmas tree sales, always defends and brings up his other moniker that was ran out of here for trolling(he even remembers his name, only the person behind that obscure moniker would remember that), and when pressed about his misdirection was totally absent for a couple of months and it seems appolonian was assigned to MHB. Now abalony is gone and terry is back pushing wolfpay and begging the system to govern itself. Go figure.

        2. Wolfpay! You crack me up fish. There was a Callahan that pushed an agenda too. The guy living in Brazil from Sandy Hook…I can’t remember his name but I looked him up on linkedin and there was another American guy living in Brazil with the exact same name who worked for the Am. Embassy, but in another city. It was odd. Carl, don’t for get Carl. Same as Callahan

        3. yeah, I thought wolfpay was funny too but in retrospect it was poorly scripted. From now on I am calling him Youpay Halbig. It was his old nickname from college!

        4. Unlike you Mr. Fish&roaches, I keep an open mind (even for what you have to say) and think scientifically.

          My knowledge of what did and did not happen in Sandy Hook school, will be based on provable facts and logic.

          As new information comes to light, I will continue to adjust my knowledge base accordingly.

          Your speculation is not proof of anything.

          There are far too many unanswered questions, and far too much redacted evidentiary information for any one of us to really “know” what happened there, and that my friend is a solid FACT.

          We have a right to know exactly what happened, why, and how.

          We have a right to expect reasonable answers from our democratically elected representatives to our reasonable questions without threats of intimidation or retaliation.

          Do you disagree?

          I am certain that Mr. Halbig’s Direct (legal) Actions and school board appearance is the correct way to proceed at this time, and wish him well.

          He is among the first, but he will certainly not be the last, regardless of the results.


        5. “Your speculation is not proof of anything.”

          You’re right, it’s not. Your comments have just struck me as being misdirected quite often, and the things you get passionate about seem to be inconsequential. Maybe that’s just how you are, sometimes I agree with your position. I’m going to try to stop calling people trolls.

        6. I respect your willingness to examine and reconsider/retract your own statements Mr. fish&roaches.

          Clearly, that is a positive quality to have.

          Your admission that there are actually times that you have found yourself in agreement with me……. Well, that is an admission that
          I did not expect, and certainly do appreciate!

          Thank you!

        7. Seems a mite “suspicious” eh, fish? Ever ask yourself why someone with opinions (allegedly) like that would persist at a site where nobody agrees?

          It’s like trying to have a conversation in a swarm of fruit flies. You keep talking but have to keep swatting at them. Maybe they come when its too rainy to poison pigeons in the park.

        8. That one..and ones like him/her: Like fruit flies sometimes but more like no-seeums.

        9. “After the 5th of May…..”, sound ominous, doesn’t it? “Beware the Ides of March….”. Makes me want to rush off to join the Bolshi’s, (sigh!). Born too late again.

          I guess when you mix my “breezy indifference” with his “youthful enthusiasm” you get “wait and see”. This visit to the school board has taken on the mystique of storming the Bastille. “I demand that you tell me why you failed to file that asbestos report!”. “What do you mean you know nothing about FBI procedure?”.

          Now, if you want “action”, how ’bout taking on Lt. Vance? Aaargh, now there’s a worthy opponent. Just imagine, Vance fixing you in his steely gaze while his hot breath washes over you. Its enough to make you unaware of Gene gnawing your ankles.

          Better still, you could march right up to that Llorda woman. She could kill lice with her eyes. She has the “Babs Bush” ultimate haughty demeanor. All she has to do is give the word and you’re found floating in a vat of pachouli oil down at the Baha’i compound.

          Somehow the “full frontal assault” technique is probably about as conducive to success as it was for George Armstrong Custer.

        10. Agree Lopatt! Yeah, I loved that “just wait and see after May 5” comment. To which I could only reply, “we shall see”. Other than the question about “where is the annual letter about hazardous” materials in the school and the one other question – those 16 questions are not even applicable. The guy is a nut job if he poses those questions to a SCHOOL board.

          Saw a comment on WH’s Facebook page about knowing he has a phone, etc.- so request WH post a short YouTube video of himself talking about this. Suspect some people are having some doubts about him. Good for them.

        11. Oh My God Lophatt, that rant was so funny. I’d like to see Lt Vance’s bank accounts/assets/investments for the last 2 yrs. He was the star of the show so I assume was paid as a lead actor would be. There’s at least 50 million on the table

        1. Hahahahah…Don’t you have something to sell somewhere besides here? Just sayin’

          All comments to the contrary are welcome by the regulars here, so long as they are respectful. They also provide a good lesson in human psychology and at times have entertainment value.

      2. Halbig still hasnt challenged anybody to do anything yet…..he has only collected funds and has STATED what he is GOING to the comments about all he has done until after he has actually accomplished something….for all the staunch Halbig supporters…Have any of you met him personally?? have any of you seen a recent picture or video of him?? The picture of him on his SH Justice FB page is about 15 years old and looks nothing like the video of him in 2010. Why?.. Have you seen where he has made a public appearance somewhere?? if So provide details or links here.. Why that does not concern people is way beyond me..You Halbig supporters are backing someone you cannot even prove exists except for his voice….

        1. Stop with the Straw Man attacks already federicomarco.

          The “man” is not relevant.

          It is the unanswered questions that he is officially requesting answers for that are indeed relevant.

          It is this man’s initiative to put these key questions before the public and the elected officials with the power and responsibility to get those answers for “us” that you see support for, not the “man”.

          Think about that.

        2. Yeah, the school board is going to have or get all those answers.
          You keep donating to that poop parade and hope all that goes well for you.

          Why not a city or county board? Hmmm? Why in the bajeebers does he plan to go to the school board? That is ridiculous. Guess it is the only place he can get his 5 min public comment.

          He only knows how to speak before school boards, perhaps – as he tries selling them on the services he has tried pumping out to them for years on end. How about if he steps outside of the box and talks to the city/county boards? While he’s in town, surely he can run over and do that too. But I’m not holding my breath.

        3. After carefully reading your last two comments Beth D.,

          I now suspect that we will not have to wait for the 5th of May to see your influence on the MHB diminished.

          You have exposed yourself.

          I am putting you up on my Gate Keeper shelf with my old Noam Chomsky text, books, and my near complete collection of Talking Bobble Heads of the Main Stream Media.

          End of story.

        4. That’s rich – albeit sadly weak.

          If I’m a “gatekeeper” as you have charged, then you are a troll. You can’t even reply with a reasonably educated argument – or even some snappy repartee…you just come back “swinging”. Soooo typical. Change the subject, divert OR just attack. Folks like you can’t seem to step out of the box.

          Gotcha, I guess. It’s okay though. I’m sure you’ll be here after the school board meeting with your special interpretation of the event or you’ll slink away.

        5. Beth D – CT does not have county government. Newtown has a list of boards and commissions. Perhaps the police commission or the board of selectmen would have been a better choice.

          “Unlike all but one other state (Rhode Island), Connecticut does not have county government. Connecticut county governments were mostly eliminated in 1960, with the exception of sheriffs elected in each county.[81] In 2000, the county sheriff was abolished and replaced with the state marshal system, which has districts that follow the old county territories. The judicial system is divided, at the trial court level, into judicial districts which largely follow the old county lines.[82] The eight counties are still widely used for purely geographical and statistical purposes, such as weather reports, and census reporting.

          Connecticut shares with the rest of New England a governmental institution called the New England town. The state is divided into 169 towns, which serve as the fundamental political jurisdictions.”

        6. Duly noted, Anne B. Thanks for that valuable info!
          Well, in any event…any venue besides the school board for all but a couple of those infamous “16 questions”. 🙂

        7. Federicomarco — Yes!

          Had to chuckle when I saw someone post on his Fbook page that they knew he had a phone, heard it ring during an interview and was trying to instruct him to make a YouTube video because apparently they were having doubts about not actually “seeing” him in video…and the pics posted on his site are all so old (he is even using his cop photo more than once…you know, from when he was a cop once for less than a year).

        8. In my early, initial communications with Halbig, I set him up with a gmail account and a youtube so he can at least see what’s happening on youtube and communicate. He’s done nothing with it. Everytime we spoke, he said the same things, the 16 questions, the money, the trip. I have seen him do nothing other than hear him on radio interviews. I have lost hope in him.

        9. Hi Samantha! Interesting – and I can see this being an issue if one is busy and not too much of a “techie’ – but he has some guys working on his Fbook…some even responding to comments w/Halbig’s avatar.

          I think people are wanting to hear from Halbig himself in the stories and the comments. He can’t be that busy now – have learned of no new interviews he is doing (or at least they aren’t “out there” yet). His handlers might have him in a dark room for 24/7 coaching, perhaps. But, seems “off” to me.

          Anyway, these Fbookers for Halbig are still posting these same old 3 pictures, apparently.

          I notice some commenters are confused by the FBook page posts of Columbine…including today’s post. So now he’s helping the mother of one of the Columbine victims.

          Maybe he’s great at helping causes…but seems a little “ADD” with the majority of his present Fbook followers having all eyes on Sandy Hook right now.