By James F. Tracy

The letter below was sent to Florida Power and Light Chairman/CEO James L. Robo this week upon reviewing FPL’s policy to “opt out” of Smart Meter technology for an “enrollment fee” and subsequent monthly payments. Such payments amount to mob-style extortion that utility customers are forced to pay, simply to remain free from potential harassment or harm.

James L. Robo
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Next Era Energy / Florida Power and Light
700 Universe Boulevard
Juno Beach, Florida 33408

Dear Mr. James L. Robo,

I am writing with regard to the “Smart Meter” appliance that your company, Next Era Energy / Florida Power and Light (NEE/FPL; NYSE: NEE) placed on my home and households throughout my Boca Raton neighborhood in April 2011, and your present bid for my family to “opt out” of exposure to such technology. As you are likely aware, after doing extensive research on the device and its implications for privacy and human health, in addition to conducting periodic measurements with my HF35-C RF Analyzer, I discovered how your Smart Meter apparatus was discharging microwave radiation on my family (which includes small children) in excess of 10,000 microwatts per square meter every thirty-to-ninety seconds. I requested that NEE/FPL remove the meter. NEE/FPL complied only after being repeatedly telephoned and furnished with my own observations delivered via certified mail and accompanied by copious scientific research that such “Smart Meter” technology poses a serious health hazard and privacy-related concerns (here, here, here, and here).

Yet Mr. Robo, as you are aware, even with this knowledge you have consciously chosen to act in a grossly irresponsible fashion by maintaining that the meters in question are safe, and have proceeded to keep them on millions of NEE/FPL customers’ homes throughout Florida without their awareness or express consent. This flagrant act demonstrated to such a manifold degree arguably constitutes fraud, negligence, and reckless endangerment on a truly astounding scale.

An important interview with Take Back Your Power documentary producer Josh Del Sol:

In your most recent paraphernalia to customers you disingenuously assert that there are “no credible studies” concluding that “Smart Meter” radiation is dangerous to human health. As you are well aware, the body of research on the negative health effects of microwave RF dates to the 1960s and consists of several thousand military and scholarly scientific studies. In fact, the only studies that lack credibility and defy basic scientific standards are those commissioned by NEE/FPL and its peer utilities throughout North America to avert public concern over such risks.

Mr. Robo, as a Harvard Man twice over one might conclude that you hold scientific inquiry and proof thereof in high regard. Your irresponsible conduct in this matter suggests that any such intellectual training is not only placed in abeyance but wholly betrayed. Moreover, your most recent proposition to allow families to “opt out” for a fee of what is essentially a gigantic scientific experiment is tantamount to mob-style extortion.

I will appreciate the opportunity of meeting and conversing with you in person so that you may explain to me whether you have a “Smart Meter” attached to your office, living room, or bedroom wall, as so many of your customers’ families do. I am also interested to know how you are able to proceed with a clear conscience given that you are presiding over such a dangerous health-related trial that will almost certainly cause countless health problems and an overall deteriorating quality of life on unsuspecting millions.

An honest Fourth Estate vigorously airing the perils of the technology you have unilaterally mandated for every single Florida resident might result in a far more circumspect if not hostile citizenry. Such inattention by the press has allowed you to successfully bamboozle the Florida Public Utility Commission into approving the widescale deployment of this dangerous system and the uncertain effort to allow customers to “opt out.”

If the “Smart Meter” technology you stipulate were really safe and beneficial, your customer base would be clamoring to pay the $95.00 initiation and $13.00 monthly fee to “opt in” to the “Smart Grid.” Yet because the technology is unproven, hazardous, and perhaps even useless you must foist it on your customers without their knowledge and then proceed to confuse them, even as you disingenuously offer the option to say, “No.”

Mr. Robo, I once again offer you my emphatic “No!” “No!” to the fraud, “No!” to the guile, “No!” to the invasion of privacy, and “No!” to the assault on my family’s health that your outrageous and unfounded technology poses.


James F. Tracy

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24 thought on “An Open Letter to Florida Power and Light CEO James L. Robo”
    1. Hilarious video. Where is the part where we get under our desk to avoid the nuclear bomb? Although the meter is not truly “smart”, the info it sends back to HQ will be. Every product that plugs into a wall runs on a different Hz cycle. That signature could tell someone what appliance you are using, what brand, how much you use it, and whether it is operating correctly. What appliance you are using could denote what room you are in(since most people don’t shave in the garage, or operate a bench grinder in the loo), and could be useful for marketing products or tracking of personal habits.

  1. Thank you James! Wrote all over the opt out FPL just sent, pretty much along the same lines of what you have said. This is criminal, and they should be sued!

  2. As a public utility, this company is privileged to be providing their services and should accept the inherent responsibility to safeguard their customers and themselves from harm and undue risk. A combination of lowering their degree of liability over the years and the march of progress phenomenon that smart-grid “initiatives” amount to encourage utilities to look away from the potential harm to customers.

    From what I’ve gathered, there doesn’t appear to be any single company or conglomerate forecasting any significant benefit to themselves or their customers. “Time-of-use” pricing, remote service disconnections, remote metering; nothing adds up to a significant revenue source for the utility, and no apparent benefit or savings to the customer.

    When the Electric Power Research Institute did a study of the service, almost nobody lowered their usage during peak times. A Illinois Attorney General said in response to the report, “It’s devastating to their plan…” In other words, even their own report couldn’t down-play the uselessness.

    It simply doesn’t make economic sense, even if I factor in the likelihood that the customers will bear the cost of implementation. Surely, the ability to cut service to customers at a mere keystroke isn’t enough to justify the enormity of this project.

    I’m left with speculating on what this technological grid might be capable of that hasn’t been published. Assuming this network will be made freely available to agencies of government, what information might they be interested in? Does this technology somehow provide a picture of activity inside our homes? Can it hear what’s being said? I guess the question I’d like answered is, to what degree is the NSA involved in the overall smart-grid “initiative?”

    1. good questions. I can tell you from personal experience one thing that they for sure do is rip you off. they add about an extra 50% to your killowatt hours. Most people don’t notice but when all devices are on timers and amperage checked it’s kinda hard not to notice.

  3. Thanks, Dr. Tracy, for this strongly worded letter to FPL and your own research into this control grab. I am also about to do battle with them, having just received their little extortion letter. I would not let them put a “Smart meter” on my house, but expected they would try another way to get their “network” up and running. I read that the smart meter itself costs $444.00. The fact that all my neighbors have them is of concern too. Since this project began, I have had constant ringing and hissing in my ears, sometimes it is quite loud and interferes with sleep and concentration. I will be writing a strongly worded letter today also.

  4. Most excellent, Dr. Tracy ! My husband just sent a similar, but far less technical, letter of the same nature ! KUDOS once again for bringing to the general public items they won’t see on MSM. I’m getting the “warm & fuzzies” that we are not fighting alone….lol

  5. Anyone thinking we need “tinfoil hats”, do your own research & stop expecting everything to be spoon fed to you. There are dozens of sites on the internet proving this. Not some jerk w/ a hand-held camera, but Harvard-educated medical doctors, engineers, public works technicians….

  6. When the public are being penalizes for not wanting to be submitted to possibly dangerous radiation and invasion of their privacy, it may be an option, at less cost to the consumer, to install a separate power shed on their property to distance their families from the harmful radiation, but not their privacy.

  7. Thank you Dr. Tracy.
    There were 36K customers who were aware of these FP&L smart meters and refused them and went on the postpone list or locked their gates and barricaded their meters. FP&L stated in the filing, through these fees, they will dwindle the number of resistors down to 12K. Everyone needs to hang tough and continue to refuse them.

    The myth about smart meters providing useful information about your energy usage to help you save money is just that, a myth. FP&L finished the deployment in early 2013, ahead of schedule. Their just filed “smart meter annual progress report” supports that this info is useless. In the whole year of 2013, 4.5 million customers accessed the Energy Dashboard a total of 1.9 million times (most of these hits were probably “prompted” hits). That equates to .42 hits per customer. Lots of money being spent collecting useless data that nobody needs. See

    Smart meters do NOT prevent power outages. Power goes down due to weather related storms or failures at transformers, substations, etc., not at your meter. The sensors on these transformers may have prevented an outage but not your smart meter.

    There are also NO net savings for this project included in your current FP&L bills. In the 2009 rate case they told the Commission that in the year 2013 there would be a net O&M savings of $20 million. In their follow up rate case in 2012, for test year 2013, that savings disappeared – they reported a net COST of $3 million. They may have fired your neighbor who was a meter reader but they are spending those savings plus more to manage this dangerous wireless Neighborhood Area Network and report on all this Big data. the $3 million does not include the unemployment checks and food stamps for those workers that were laid off.

    Please note that citizens are fighting this effort (see filings here You can do your part by filing a formal complaint with the Florida Public Service Commission at this link

  8. I don’t think that technically FPL is a “public” utility. It is owned by investors, and by a holding company called “NextEra Energy Company, CEO James L Robo, and is traded in the stock market. Robo used to be a CEO of a division of GE Capital. Prior to joining GE Robo was chairman and CEO of Strategic Planning Associates. Will check around more on his background. The company received 200 million in stimulus funds from Obama. Smart Meters are made by General Electric. Government wants this done! Fight on everyone!!

  9. Professor Tracy,

    Thank you for sharing your compelling letter. I will forward this far and wide, as it deserves to be read by the growing number of people throughout Florida and the U.S. who are wisely REFUSING the so-called “smart” meter, aka, the hazardous, pulsed-radiation surveillance device.

    It is increasingly rare to encounter intellectual elites who remain conscious, moral, and courageous enough to even be capable of feeling and/or expressing the type of grounded, fully justified, righteous outrage that should indeed be triggered by the “color-of-law,” thoroughly illegal and brazen corporate/government assaults (embodied by the “smart” meters/grid) that are being launched against us on a daily basis.

    One thing I value most about your blog is your thoughtful readership and commenters. I urge each of them to read the two separate, 60-page legal Petitions filed in February, 2014, with the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC), each a] demanding that the FPSC overturn FPL’s “Tariff” which wrongly authorizes FPL’s coercive, unlawful, and extortionate fees to those who REFUSE the “smart” meter, b] defending the fundamental RIGHT TO REFUSE, and c] demanding full and proper Hearings on the matter of the so-called “smart meters/grid.”

    The Petitions are posted here:

    Nicholas Jones (Attorney) Petition:

    Jones’ Response to FPL Motion to Dismiss:

    Jones’ Response re: Coercive Fees Prejudicing the Proceedings:

    See also,
    M. Martin Petition:

    Martin’s Response to FPL Motion to Dismiss:

    (Updates to the docket are added here: )

    The good news is that the Petitions, grassroots in nature, have already uncovered rank dereliction of duty and fraud by the utility and its FPSC enablers. With proper grassroots (and financial support to maintain attorney assistance) from the more than 36,000 FPL customers that FPL itself acknowledges have refused its hazardous devices, these Petitions actually have a strong chance to prevail legally, and in so doing, to remind the “Powers that Be” that there are still some transgressions that The People will NOT tolerate.

    Lastly, re: the hack industry/public relations video (“Separating Facts from Fiction…”) posted by another commenter, here is a decent (but not sufficiently thorough) rebuttal to it:

    A devastating legal filing from Northeast Utilities, shredding the purported economic basis for mandating “smart” meters, can be read here:

    Josh Hart, a California leader against “smart” meters, currently being targeted with a shutdown of his own home’s electric service, will speak in Stuart, Florida on April 5th:

    Finally, your readers will find ongoing updates re: Floridians’ fight against “smart” meters at:

    Thank you again.

  10. One of the biggest arguments used by the energy industry and utilities about RF radiation is that since there is no known mechanism of harm, RF radiation can’t cause harm. Dr. Martin Pall’s (Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University) work has laid this issue to rest. The mechanism of harm is now known. The FCC guidelines for RF radiation exposure do NOT protect human health. You can read his paper here for free:

    The energy industry and utilities need to own up to the truth, stop lying to the public and the government, and stop conducting an illegal medical experiment on the population of the world. No one ever obtained informed consent permission from anyone. The bodies are already starting to pile up.

  11. I can’t help but think the information gleaned from each home via smart meter is going to be used for marketing. The information will be staggering when compiled from the millions of homes. The perfect tool to sell us more junk we don’t need from a country we don’t like.

  12. […] The Memory Hole blog published an open letter by James F. Tracy to James Robo, CEO of FP&L concerning its push to install smart meters on all of the homes of its customers. Memory Hole reports, “The letter below was sent to Florida Power and Light Chairman/CEO James L. Robo this week upon reviewing FPL’s policy to ‘opt out’ of Smart Meter technology for an ‘enrollment fee’ and subsequent monthly payments. Such payments amount to mob-style extortion that utility customers are forced to pay, simply to remain free from potential harassment or harm.” […]

    1. Yup. Now, any electrical engineers out there want to come up with an appliance that can be plugged in, draw minimal electricity, have no ill effects, and can scramble the electrical information being collected by the smart meter, or create random false use patterns, from circuit to circuit throughout the house? I may invest in that technology, or just plain buy one. This Smart meter scam is just another version of the club card you have to swipe at the supermarket.

  13. The time to act is before a smart meter is installed; once that happens it’s nearly impossible to get your analog meter back. Believe me, I know. I’ve already been on that merry-go-round.

    We’re selling our home over this – in the meantime, we’ve chosen to at least block the radiation.

    Here’s the link for anyone interested in the same solution:

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